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John SpllllnoU's Murderous Attack
on His Wifo.
With N Hope for Ilor Kocovory-llo
i'lucefl a Ilcvolvor hi Ills
Mouth and lOucN His Own
Aloniilo ( ] < l Murder nnil Sulclilf.
Mrs. Kitto Devlno was In her eoltnRO on
Murtlm Btrcct between Thlrtounth and Four
teenth nhont 5 o'clock yestcrdiiy afternoon ,
ininlstcriii | > to tlio wants of n llttlo child ,
when she was startled by the shrieks ot a
woman piercing thonlr in tones ot ngonj
nnd terror. Hushing out of the house , she
nn\v the next door neighbor , Mrs. John
SpilhiL-k , hanging by onu foot from the front
window of her own house. The window wai
eight feet from the ground and the s tsh had
fallen oter the shoo , the too of which had
caught In tlio sill. The dangling woman
cried and groaned and shrieked and writhed
with thu excruciating Intensity of abject feat
and torturing pain.
As Mrs. Dovlno ran to the prisoner she
was Joined by Mrs. Mutza , anothoi
nclghlKir who had been attracted
by llifl fearful outcry. Mrs
Splllnck in Q largo woman , and the two
neighbors were barely able to lift her weight
When they had succeeded the prisoner
turned her foot , ( reed the too from the all !
nnd fell heavily to the ground , landing In
confused heap.
It wits then that the rescuers discovered
Mrs. SpiUuok's clothing to bo smeared with
blood , and realized that a murder had beet
attempted. A crowd of neighbors had gain
orod by ihh time , mid the wounded woman
was curried into the house of Thomas Hudcn
next dear.
Thu men rushed into the Spillnek home
nnd found iU owner in the front room do.ul
Ho lay upon his back with his head turned
slightly to one side , and blood oo/cd from til'
lips , ills head was resting on u strip ol
brusselrt ciirjict , that served as a rug , and tin
blood coagulated so quickly that instead ol
spreading it piled up in u clotted muss n hall
inch deep ,
John bpilinuk had tried to murder his wifi
nnd then hilled himself. Their humble honu
is Hot ujxjn a high basement with thoeiitrancc
nl the rear. Thu upper llcor has two rooms
each about twclvo leet square. In thu front
one was a bed , u stand and a wardrobe. On
the walls were colored portraits ami tin
picture of a distinguished foreigner in uni
form. The rear room was useu as a kitchen
but it also had a bed piled up with n bit
feather tick , and there was also a big old
country trunk covered with oil cloth as
though it weio used for a t.ihlo. The floor ;
were bare of carpet save the rug nlreadj
Mrs. Hpilinek was unable to speak and
could throw no light upon the affair. Tin
old mother of the dead man at ; i neigh
lior'n , and an adopted daughter was ou' '
playing with- other children. They wore ,
thoioforc , no witnesses to the tragedy bill
the participants , but the attending circum
stances toll the story of the cruel deed.
Splllnck had for seine months had an In
nano fear that attempts were being muih
Ux | > n his life , nnd frequently clmruod his
wlfu with trying to poison his food. Hi
probably luui 0110 ot his insane ills yesterday
mid engaged In 1111 altercation. Such scene-
were frequent and noisy , but too common tc
inako an impression on tlio neighbors. On
this occasion Splllnck had n , revolver , and it
thunwful vcnueiulncss of his dcmnntia he
inatlo it the instrument of his horribly tils
ordered Imaginution.
Ho shot his wife three times. She was
facing him when the two bullets won
flrcd , receiving ono in the lolt shoulder and
the other between the breasts. They were
in the front room , and the wife turned tc
Jump out of the open wiudow. Ai
she did so it third bullet went er.ish
lug into her buck In the loft side
She staggered and pitched headlong out o
the window , striking the sash In her plungi
and bringing it down upon the ono foot a :
already described. In falling she struck the
building with such force us to causu a wounc
upon the right side.
As his wifu disappeared , screaming in ai
agony of pain and fear , Splllnck , who hai
been so fearful of his II to before , may hav <
bad a ( lash nf reason and realized the tor
riblcness of his act. Ho placed the muzzli
of the revolver In his mouth and pulled tin
fatal trigger. The avenging bullet ton
away thu soft paluto in its liight of death
cut the artcricH at the back of the throat am
to uiako Its mission swift and sura probabl. '
struck the spinal chord. The man tried t <
'flro another shot , but the linger was pulsic <
before it could complete tlio effort , and tin
half-raised hammer fell in mutu acquiescence
Its duty had been dono. Justice necdci
not mutilation to make its execution mor
awful. Tbo hammci loft its man ; upon th
cartridge , but fell too lightly to wing its itc
stroylng messenger. The bullet lodged 1
the back of the throat or neck , nnd loft th
body without outward sign oC n wound.
Drs. Halph and Kosowater were called , an
made Mrs. Spiline-k as comfortable as poss
bio. The wounds in the front of the bed
were prtbeit but without result. The bulk
which eitured at the breast picrcod the ape
of the lungs , surcharging that organ wit
blood , and passed nearly through the boj ;
With only Umso two wounds the wonia
would have a fair chancu of recovering , bi
it was feared from the evidences of hen
orrhago that the bullet entering the bac
bad reached n vital spot. The surgoous wet
of the pinion last night that the patlui
would not uvo twenty-four hours.
Coroner Drexel was notified short !
after the shootbg occurred , an
held nn inquest on the dead ma :
U'ho Jury found that ho had committed su
cldo in a tcni | > orary fit of Insanity. The boil
was prepared for burial , and Mr.
J3anhanor took charge of it for the night o
behalf of the Dohcmian Benevolent ussoui :
In addition to the crazy notion that a
tomptH were being made to poison his fooi
Spillnek had ft morbid fear ot burglars , 'i'l
night before the tragedy ho imagined 1
hoard some ono trying to get into thn housi
Ho got ip and barricaded the back door wit
chairs bud a sack of Hour. Then ho s :
down ul the front window and watched tint
nearly daylight. Onu of his. notions was '
ulghtlr lo lc a shed enclosing his well to pr <
vent the poisoning ot the water. IIo hii
frequently accused his mother of deslgi
upon bis Ufa , nnd had threatened to kill hi
BO often that she paid no attention to h
murderous talk. Hi ) had had these spol
Curing u period nf six months.
Spilinck was it Bohemian about IHty-tlm
yearn UI. Ills wife was considerably younge
and they had no children of their own. Tl
ndoptcd daughter is about ten years ol
Spliliuh was a tailor , but had not worked i
his trade for five months preceding his deat
llohad accumulated somu means. In additlc
to his ow homo ho owned the cottage oce
pled by Mrs. Devino itnd also the groin
upon whUh thn linden house was built. Mr
Uevlao bad been a neighbor but a few weoli
Her building hud been occupied for n year 1
Mrs. Mutzu , who moved out bccausu ot tl
frequent disturbances In the Spilmuk horn
Wro. IMncR , of Ablngdon , la. , wi
cured ol ancar cf the eye by Dr. Jonc
lied Cl cr Tonic , which cures all bloc
disorders and discuses of thu stomac
liver SLiid kidneys. The bust tonic HI
appQtiacr known. 51) ) conts. Goodim
DrugO * .
Riul Mon -y.
Teller Marler , ol the sub-trcasui
ofllco , Now York , says that "n corta
vrny to tell good paper motioy from b :
IB by moans of two email blue si
threads , which run through the got
1)111 tavgtkwiso and which nmy 1
plainly seen by holding the note to tl
light. These nro woven into the pap <
Ly a secret process and have never y
boou Buccesstully couutorloltod , the u
ual imltstigti bolng by n mark Urnv
ncross the paper. "
Corzcna Hotel.
At the Coixons hotel you can got a
the comforts of high prfooil hotels nn
Kn\ save from 81 to $ i per day. KuV
Deduced to 41.60 and 92.00 per duy.
The .loiiffl County Cnlf CrtHO Comps
to the Biiffrtcn Again.
W.vTnm.oo1 , la. , Sept Irt. fSpeclnl Tele-
grain to Tun Htn : ] The celebrated Jones
ountyc < tlf case Is bo f orb Judge Lynhnn
his week. It Is a ease with a history. It
md its origin fourteen years ngo , has been
rled in several district courts , been heard
n the supreme court two or three times , and
low comes up for adjudication once more.
In 1871 the case was started In Jones
county by n farmers' society. A man by
ho name of Potter of Grcono county trav-
led through that sootlon buying young
lock. Among the rest , five c.ilvcs wuro
jought of n man named Johnson , who has
icen the prominent Ilguro in the litigation
vhlch has consumed fro much time. The
calvea which were sold were afterwards
den tilled an- belonging to farmers
n the vicinity. At a meeting
of the Jones county nnti-horso
thief society , held shortly afterwards , It was
determined to charge Johnson with the theft
of the animals , and suit was accordingly CIT-
cred. In December , 1871 , ho Indicted
> y the grand Jury In session In Jones county ,
nit the court , sot the indictment aside In
? obruur.v of the following year ho was again
ndictwl by the grand Jurv.und on this Indict-
nent ho was twlco tried , taking change of
entio to adjoining counties. In the first trial
ho Jury disagreed , ono man remaining firm
n favor of conriction ; but In the second
rial , which ocean cd in 157(1 ( , ho wu.s ao
Soon after his acquittal ho began suit
against farmers by the names of Miller nnd
foreman and six other prominent members
of the society , claiming $10,000 for
malicious prosecution. This case was
taken up on a , change of venue from
Jones county to Clinton. There it
was twice tried and then removed to Honton
county on a change of venuo. In each of these
trials the Jury returned a verdict In favor of
Johnxon for amounts ranging from $3OJU to
7,000 , nnd each tlmo the Judge set the ver
dict asldo on account of alleged errors.
The case was next taken to Hlnck Hawk
connty , In 1SS ) , on another change of venue ,
and there tried. A verdict of $5,100 was run-
ierccl by the Jury nnd Judgment entered.
: 'Yom this , however , an appeal was taken to
.bo supreme court , thu decision reversed ,
nnd the case was remanded back for trial in
8S1. In 18MJ the case was once more
tried in Hlack Hawk county and
again a decision was rendered In favor of
tohnson for $7,030. This was again appealed
o the supreme court , and once more the
verdict ivus set asidu und the case was sent
lack for trial In 1SS7. and now the sixth of the case will take phico In this city
after fourteen years of litigation.
This litigation has been under the consid
eration ot thirty grand Jurors and eighty-
'our petit Jurors. It been presented to
line different trial Judges and has twlco
jccn before the supreme court. Five Judges
sat upon the beach each time. The court
costs alone amount to moru than $5OJO
md the attorneys' fees uro much moro
.ban that amount. All of the eighty-four
urors have decided in fai'or of Johnson , but
ho courts have uniformly set nsido the ver
dicts on legal grounds because of the close
questions an to whether there was probably a
case on the part of the members of the soci
ety for starting prosecution. The largo part
of a llfo tlmo has been spent In litigation over
a few animals , the entire value of which was
nbont $43. A number of the farmers en
gaged in the suit have bccoino hopelessly
uined , but still Johnson comes smilingly be
fore the court , begins his suit , and readily
> ays for thorn , though ho is fast sinking into
nsolvcncy and Is already nn old i an.
Children of various ages who testified when
.he litigation first began now lead into court
their own children , who nro nearly as old as
were their p.irunts at the time they made
their lirU bows to the courts. The farmers
nro growing old , their money lias leaked
tw.iy through the various legal crevices and
'ound its way into other hands. Homes have
icon broken up , n community muJo poorer
n everyway , and still the case is dragged
through the tedious channels ot the law ,
with but little more chaneo of settlement
than there was fourteen years ago. Testl
many will bo nil in and a decision tiled bj
the middle of nes.t week.
! Complexion Powder is uni
versally known and everywhere cs-
/coined as the only Powder that will
inprovo the complexion , orndicato tan.
freckles , uml all skin diseases.
\Vun ImiiR'a Flute.
Macon ( Ga. ) Telegraph : Wan Lung IE
, ho Ghiiuimtin at Sam Loo's laundry
whoshuvea his htiir two octaves highoi
; lmn hid brother wadhaos and curld his
cue on the top of his head so as to fit hit
Mollciin hat.For a few ihiys past tin
washces huvo either kept ahead of theii
work or business has fallen oft , asVuri
Lung hns found time to exercise twc
lungs on n lluto. Ho hns been trying U
play "Johnny got your hair cut" foi
forty-six hours on a ( loud level.Vhj
ho should soleut that tune out of p (
many Melican tunes is only aceountor
for in the fact that Lull's barber shop ii
in the next collar.
The lluto upon which the Chinaman
is endeavoring to got Johnnie's luiii
cut is not of American make. It ha ;
the appearance of a. long life , and Hi
possible that it is a , life. Wun Lung
who is persevering , cet3 behind tht
counter tuid sits there with his lips
glued to the instrument , blowing nil
into it nnd trying to bring out the tune
which the negro boys wliistlo in front
of the laundry. Ho gets us far as tin
first bar , but there ho sticks , nnd the
noise he makes is a sort of ! i cross between
tweon Uio hoot of un owl nnd a pig under
dor u gate. Ho evidently imagine
Johnnie to bo seated in the chair will
tlio burlier hovering around him will
scissors in hand waiting for the iuspiru
tion. Lung s > ees Johnnie waiting and ii
desirous of bringing out the sontr , bu
the Unto will not respond. It goes ol
at a tangent on some Chinese air , nnd ii
spite of all ho can do ho can not Unto tin
tune to got out the order for the hair t
gut cut. It is Johnnie's impationc <
that worries Lung , and he blows nm
blows , hut the tune docs not come.
Tlio other Chinamen go on with thoi
work , apparently butisliod with Uio pro
gress Lung is making , now und thci
passing a compliment in choice lingo
which Lung booms to appreciate , be
cause ho takes time to take the Hut
away from his mouth and grin. 11
grins in pure Chinese.
Last night ho was still at work on th
tune. Ho snyb he'll got Johnnie's hai
cut on the llute or die in the attempt.
Causes Its victims to ho miserable , hopeless ,
confused , nnd depressed In mind , very Irrita
ble , languid , and drowsy. U is a disease
width docs not get well 01 Itself. It reqiilies
careful , persistent attention , and a remedy to
throw off the causes and tone up tlio diges
tive organs till they pciform their duties
willingly. Hood's Sarsaparilla has proven
Just the rcinilrod remedy in hundreds of coses.
" I have taUcn Hood's Snrsnparilla for dys
pepsia , from which I have suileicd t\\o years.
I tried many other medicines , but none proved
so satisfactory as Hood's Sarsapavllla. "
THOMAS COOK , Urush Uectrlo Light Co. ,
Kow York City.
Sick Headache
" For tlio past two years I have been
nnllcted with severe headaches and dyspep
sia. I was induced to try Hood's Sarsapa-
rllla , ami have found great relief. I cheer-
lully recommend It to nil. " Jlio. K. lf.
ArcrAULE , New Haven , Conn.
Mrs. Maty C. Smith , Carabrldgcpott , Mass. ,
and sick head
\vas a sufferer from dyspepsia
ache. She took Hood's Sarsaparllla and
found U the test remedy she over used.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold by all druggists. II5 six for S. MaJo
wily by a I. HOOD l CO. , Lowell , Mass.
IOO Dose * One Dollar.
rr'.ifA'VfiMfn [ a . itn'iftfl
DOS Molnoa Wins tlio Firot of Yos-
tordny's Qttmos.
A Postponed Game to ho Ptnycil
Afternoon ICmiMni City Takes
Two Moro ( iitmc-4 From the
Sioux Cltys.
Western Association Standing.
Following Is the ofllcial st-iailliiff of the
Western nsioclatlon totnis up to nnd Includ
ing yesterday's games :
1'lnvna Won Lost Pr Ct
Des Mollies OS (14 ( 31 . :
.St. Paul Ml 01 83 .015
KansasUity 100 Ot ) 40 . ( XX )
Omaha 101 C'J ' 43 .f.34
Milwaukee 10S fit G7 .Bin
Sioux City .V. ) 21 87 . ! i7a
Chle.uro l-i ( ) 40 OS .SMI
Davenport 03 2'J 01 .31 ! )
DCH Mollies il , Oinntiii 1.
The Omaha and Des Moines teams played
two games at Association park yesterday in
the presence of a largo and enthusiastic con
It was a cold day and naturally enough
Omaha got left.
This , however , was duo to that uncertain
clement , luck , in n great measure , for in the
first gnmo the local team outplayed the vis
itors nt all points at the , In the field and
botwccn the lines.
The score will substantiate the statement.
When a hit was needed Omaha couldn't
make it. while under similar circumstances
the Prohibitionists got there every time.
After kalsomlning the Omahus In the first ,
the DCS Moines team catno In and knocked
out an earned run.
The agile Holllday made a hit and stole
second. Ho wont to third on Pnpa Shaffer's
safe drive , but was caught at the plate tryIng -
Ing to score on the hit.
Danny Stearns then came up nnd whanged
a two-bugger out to loft , and of course the
rollo of Queen Anne's ' war scored.
In the fourth they tallied again. Stearns
made ills second hit. went to second on Ma-
cullar's out , to tllird on a half passed ball ,
und scored on Alvord's drive.
Again in the lifth did they got in a run.
Ilollidiiy got his base on n wild throw by
Tcbcau. Ho was forced to second on
Shaffer's base on balls and crossed the plate
on Stearns' third safe Int.
That ended the visitors' run gcttlnir.
Tlio Omahas managed to save themselves
from a whitewash in the ninth.
Hilly Annis got his base on an error of
Pholan's , stole second , and came homo
amidst a burst of enthusiasm on Tcbcau'a '
drive to loft for a single.
Following iu the ofllcial scoru :
Totals 3. ) 1 n 0 'J4 IS 1
Omntm 0 0000000 1 1
DCS Moines 1 0011000 * ! ]
Huns earnod-r-Dcs Moines 2 , Two-baso
hits Trott , Lovctt. Hases on , halls Oft"
Lovott 1 , Gushmnn ! ) . Struck out Lovctt 5 ,
Cushman 'J. Passed balls Trott 1. Time-
IMS. Umpire Hawaii.
The Scconil Game n Tie.
The second game should have boon n cinch
for Omaha , ns again they fairly outplayed
their opponents , but again luck entered
largely into tno result.
As in the first gamp , Dos Moines , nftor re
tiring the homo teum with a geese egg , madt
a run.
Shaffer mndo a beautiful three sucker and
scored on Stearns' out.
In the tllird , Omaha by some fair hitting
nnd a brace of errors by Pholau , piled up nc
loss than four runs , as many as both team-
mndo in the opening gauio , und yet they couli !
not win.
In their halt the Prohibitionists cami
within ono of tying the score on two singles ,
a base on balls and a doublo.
Inthollfth , Omaha added another run tc
her score , ou it base on balls , nn out and E
hit , but oven this was not sufUciont lo hrint
In the sixth , DCS Moines pot in a run nmJ
in the seventh another , and the game was
The eighth was uneventful for both sides ,
nnd ns the shades of night were falling fast
the umpire called the game.
The oDluial score :
Huns earned Omaha 1 , Des Moiiics 1
Three-base hits Shaffer , liases on balls-
OtT Smith 4 , off IConnudy 1. Struck out-
JConnedy 8 , Smith 3. Passed balls Tranio ;
1. Time 1:40. : Umpire Hasan.
A Game To-Dny.
Jt hns been decided to play off yesterday *
tie gumo between Des Moines and Omnh
this afternoon. The game will bu called a
3:45 : and it will bo for blood. TKoTaifaou
pitcher , ilutchinson , will occupy the box fo
the visitors , which will ho his llrst appeal
unco in Omahit. A great many people wer
disappointed In not seeing him pitch yestei
day , but when ho signed the express agret
ment was intulo that ho slioula not bocallc
upon for Sunday games.
Kansas City H , filou.v City 7.
Sioux CITY , la. , Sept. 10V-Spcelal [ Teh
gram to Tnu UKI : . ] ICansoa Uity won th
two games to-day with the homo dub. . Th
homo club ouht to have won the llrst game
but they fell down in the sovonUi Inuin
\vhen the visitors began to bat vigorously
Uy the close of the ninth innlnt : they hu
made the six runs nece ; xry to tlo the gam (
The tenth Inning netted Sioux City nnthliif
nnd the visitors made the winning rut
LUUK'H remarkable jump to catch Gcnln's 11
In the sixth Inning was the feature of th
gnnio. The score :
Sioux City..4 -
KnnsasCity. . . ! -
Eurncd runs Sioux City 3 , Kansas City .
Two-basohlts Hecclus , Urartlcy. Three-has
hits Curtwrlght. Double phtya Krolg an
CartwriKht , Lang nnd Cartwrlght. Hasos o
balls Snood , Roiuiius , Munning. Struck ot
put By Wells 7 , by NIcUobj 3. Passed ball
° rhl' ' ll.nci-ht \ I 'ff on b.isos SI. , ix City
7 , Kansas C.l- ; [ u Tluio 2 10. Umpire -
IV.ssondon. ,
Ctty o , rtiont City 2.
Siorx Cur , Sept. 1C. [ Special Tolojrrnm
to Tun HccTlttJ ] second g.iino between
Sioux City and Jftinsas City was a pitchers'
fMino. The homtj clnb was balllod by
S\vartvel's curves. The few hits they niade
wuro not bunched , . ( The visitors played tlio
better pimo untl von easily. The score :
Sioux City . , n 1 2
Kansas City . .0 .1 * 1
Karned runs S16ix ( Cit.v 2. ICnnsas Cit4. , .
Two-base hits t 'nrtwright ( J ) , Lanp. Key-
nnlilx. Threc-baso' ' 'hits ' Itvi'dua. Double
plays Nicholas inul'l'owoll. liases on b.tlls
tinceil , Powell , llrosnan , Vctrli , Mnnnlng ,
Cartwrl ht. Struck out Hy Wlebi-1 3. by
Swartzoll , Passed balls Koynolds 1. Left
on bines Sioux City 10 , ICnnsas City 8.
Time 1 ; 3o. Umpire Fcssrtideti.
Yesterday's Wlnnurs In Hie Ainorlcnn
AHsoulittlnn OontostH.
IUOOKIVX ? , Sept. ' lO.-Kosutt of to-day's
gnmo :
llrooltlyn . 1 * 8
Athletics . 0 0
ST. Louis , Sept. ItS. Ueiiilt of to-day's
game :
St. Louis . 1 4
Cincinnati . I 0000000 1 2
K NSVS Ctrv , Sept. 10. Hosult of to-day's
game :
Kansas City. . . . 0 1
Louisville . 0 * G
Union 1'aclllcn 11 , Hnrtllns H.
GR\ND NI\NI > , Neb. , Sept. 10. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Ur.H.J The much-talkcd-of
game between the Hardins , of Omaha , and
the Union Pacific ? , of this city , for a purse
of $1,000 , was played hero to-day , resulting In
n victory for the Union Pacifies. The at
tendance was over three thousand , excur
sions being run on every road leading hero.
In the ninth the Grand Island boys hit Flynn
hard nnd scored seven runs. Considerable
money changed hands on the result. The
game was charactcrued by chronic kicking
on the part of the Hardins and poor out-
Holding by the Pacifies. In the second in
ning the umpire was changca to satisfy the
Hardins. The score :
Union Pacifies..0 7 U
Hardins 0 01213010-8
Hatlcrics Hardins. Flynn nnd Wilson ;
Pacifies , Moffett and Campbell. Maso hits
Hardins r. , Pacifies 11. Krrors Hardins 14 ,
Pacifies 10. Struck out Uy Moffett I , by
Flynn 7.
Ijr ( ; nn 4 , Missouri Valley 1.
LodAX , In. , Sept. 10. [ Special to Tin :
linn. ] Another great game of ball was the
result of yesterday's contest between the
Logan nnd Missouri Valley clubs. Last
Tuesday the Lognn hoys shut the Missouri
Valley team out by a score ot i ) to U and
without a safe hit. To-day they were de
termined to win , but narrowly escaped a
second scorching. Neither pitcher was
batted hard , out Sconian , Logan's pitcher ,
had the best of the battle. Mclvi'lvey , of
Omaha , did good work for the Missouri
Valley team. The .score :
Logan 0. t 0 3 0 0 0 1 * 1
Missouri Valley..U i U 000001 0 1
llaso hits Logan 3 , Missouri Valley 2.
Struck out Soonmrt 15 , McKolvo.v G. Um
pire Uutler , of Woodbine.
Neol.i id.jPniinm.-i 2.
PAXAMV , la. , Sept. JO. [ Special Telegram
uiTin : UEI : . ] P.iniuna and Noola. for the
second time crosnc/l , bats to-day , resulting in
a score of 10 to 2 in.fnVor of Noola.
fiot Yoin-Uiillroad Tickets
and secure your bleoiiii | berths at
1M2 [ i'firiiiiinSt. ,
Union Pucitio Ticket ollico ,
City Ticket iiRont.
Sun Francisco Call : A bonutifiil sun
shiny August day. Not u cloud iii the
sky , but there was ono on the face of a
young girl who stood on the shady
pin/.x'v of a pretty white farm-houso
nestled among many pines.
And why was that usually oheorful
fnco clouded on this bright morning : '
Ask the sunhuaniH which played at hide
and seek among the branches of the-
pines , and they would whisper the
secret to you , which none save they and
Florence Cloightoii know , for she
whispered it to them as she stood there.
It was almost two months since she
bade good-bye to hercity home and
came to this quiet country in boarch ot
rest , after the ceaseless round of gayety
in the city. Rest and quiet she did
lind , in hotly , if not in mind. For her
mind woulu revert to a certain hand
some gentleman , who had boon a fre
quent visitor to her father's house for
some time.
Irving Handau was of tall , stately np-
pearanco , fine dark eyes , u massive
forehead and curly brown hair ; alto
gether what the world would call u line
looking man. Florence almost knew
that , before her departure , ho had boon
on the eve of asking her a very important -
ant question , one which would affect her
whole after life. And it was partly to
avoid this question that she had refused
to accompany a party of friends to a
fashionable summer resort. No one ,
save her own family , icnowof her where
abouts , nor could they find out.
Florence was pretty , a favorite among
her friends and , moro than all , her
father was a millionaire. No wonder ,
then , that society often asked during
thoao months , "Whore has MissCleigh-
ton gonoi" '
And Irving Randau , vas determined
to find out. IJut for a long time all
search and inquiry proved unavailing.
At last , when ho had almost given ui ]
in despair , it was revealed to him in u
most unexpected manner. Ho was
walking down the street when his
quick eye caught sight of a letter in
tno middle of the olrcnt. Something
prompted him to pick it up. It proved
to be a letter healed and directed to Mi&s
Florence Cloighton. Pinewood Farm
Blankvillo , N. Y. T.ho long bought-foi
information was found at last !
Ho hastened to. the poitolllco and
mailed the letter , which probably hud
boon dropped by some one n 111011)0111 )
before. 'I hen ho hns U > neil homo and
wrotu to Florence , asking that question ,
and saying ho would bo lit Pinewood
farm the next evening for his answer.
The receiptof this lollop was the
cause of the cloud on Florence brow
thh beautiful morning.
Mr. Hiuuliui , In addition to being
handsome , was rich and talented ; ono
that few young ladies would have ob
jected tons lover or hubiind. Hut for
all this Florence hesitated. Hho had
thought on this subject during the sum
mer , and now that the time for decision
hnd come she Know not what to do.
That she cared for him more than for
any one olto was evident. Dtil would
ho make a good luiftbanu"/ was the ques
tion she asked herself many a lime.
Florence was a sensible girl , and did
not wish to give np maidenly freedom
for one wlio would not tenderly cherish
"If I could only test him in borne
way , " she said.
At dinner-time Mr. Plntt , her host ,
announced his IntontonUun ot making
a business trip to S. , twenty miles dis
"You and Miss Cloighton will not bo
afraid to bu alone one night ? " he said
to liis wife.
"Certainly not , " she answered.
The Plaits were elderly people , living
independent , of servants , so when Uio
old gentleman was away his wife milked
their ono cow. When milking-timo
came Florence said :
"You are tired , Mrs. Plait lot mo
milk for you. "
' 'I'm afraid you could not do much
with these hands of yours , " laughed
Mrs. Plall.
"Indeed I can , " said Florence ; "I
have milked the cow bovoral times for
Mr. Platt. It is great fun. Please say
yes. "
"You may if you wish to. But why
you should is moro than I can toll. I
think I will tro over to boo sister Mary
a few minutes , if you have no objec
tions. "
"None in the least , " ronlied Florence.
"You need not hurry back ; I'll btrain
Uio milk. May I put on your milking
"No need to ask thai , " replied the old
lady , leaving the room and starting on
her walk.
Sister Mary lived loss than a quarter
of a mile away , on the oilier side of the
hill , out of sight of the house.
Lo't to herself , Florence immedialcly
donned Mrs. Plait's milking suit , whicii
consisted of n blue and green striped
skirt , with a long saquo to match , a
huge plaid sun bonnet , and last , but not
least , a piece of white mosquito netting
tied over her face , as the Hies anil mos
quitoes were very thick at milking
Arrayed in this picturesque ntlire ,
Florence surveyed horbolf in the mirror.
"Uow do do , stranger ? " nho said , in
exact imitation of Mir.-i. Plait.
Away she wont nerrH-i the Holds to the
pasture , where old Brindle was quietly
grazing. She drove the cow homo with
a merry twinkle in her eyes. Arrived
there , it was not long before bho was
seativi on the milking-slool.
"Hallo , old woman ! Is this Pinc-
wood farm ? " said ti voice behind her.
"And what is that to you ? " said
Florence , stopping the milking and
turning round on the stool to biirvoy
the stranger.
"I was told that I could got/something
to oat at Pinowood. "
"When I have finished I will got you
something to eat , " and Florence re
sumed her work.
The elegant stranger seated himself
on the fence , with his aristocratic no o
in the air. Soon the pail was filled
with foaming milk , and Hie "old wo
man" carried it to the bars , lot them
down , and turned the cow out to return
to the pasture at its own sweet will.
Turning to the stranger , she said :
"Now , stranger , wo will go lo the
house , whore you will bo provided with
something to eat. "
"Sue led the way , tlio stranger fol
lowing without o ( To ring to carry the
pail of milk.
When the stranger was saato 1 at the
table ho turned lo Iho * Id woman , "
who still had on her milking suit , and
said : "Is there a young lady hero , old
woman , by the name of Cloighton Miss
Florence Cloighlon ? "
' ' be , " she replied.
"Toll her Irving Itandau wishes t
sco her , " ho said , in a commandino
"Thoro is no necessity you have tel
her yourself. "
As she spoke Florence removed Iho
BUnbonnot mid veil , thus revealing her
face to the man who stood before her.
"Florence Crolghlon , " ho cried , mov
ing toward her.
"Tlio bamo , bho replied , with a low
bow."I thought or or it\ho stammered.
"Wits my hostess , Mrs. Platt. " said
Florence , "finishing the sentence for
"Upon my honor. I did , " ho said.
"Hxcuso me for my rudeness , please ,
Florence. "
"Miss Croighton , if you please , " she
said , with dignity.
"But Floi M'iss Croighton , didn't
get letter ? "
you my
"I didX
"I surely have a right to call yon by
your first name. "
"You have not , and never will have ,
sir. "
Mr. Randan was astonished. Thai
any girl lo whom ho might offer him
self would rofitho him had never on-
lorcd his head. Besides , ho really
loved Florence.
lie loft Pinewood that evening , and
Florence saw him no moro till the fol
lowing winlor in society , when she
merely recognized him with a bow. In
cxplaing it all to her mother , Florence
said :
"You see , mamma , I only wanted lo
lest him. I know if he would not be
respectful to an old woman milking her
cow , why , I could not expect him to
make a very kind husband. I was q'lito
( Ustiolntod | ) | ) in him nt llrst , but I nm
tlmnkful I found it uut before it wns too
kite. "
"My dear daughter IH rlffht. If n mini
could not bo roHpuctful to Uio ujjed , bo
they rich or iioor , uovor trust your hup-
hapiilnoss to him. "
A Notnlilo
Now York Sun : Tlioro I * oln lo bo
a nmrritifro , it is said , betwuoii tlio
brolhorof an illustrious mimlu ( iticoti
and tlio dattuhtur of u celebrated klii { , '
of protoiino. The bride will bo u
daughter of Lstwronoo Hitrrott , Irnpo-
dian. and the bridegroom the brother
of Mary Anderson. The wudding will
oppur next autumn. Joseph Andoram
dejiartod from thia country \vith hitt
beautiful alstor three years tijo. ( Ilo
was then very tall and very Ihln , boitif , '
eonstruetod on the stuiio family plan us
the lovely Mary , but the Bcllomo had
not yet resulted so favorably in a mnseu-
liuo caso. Llusldo.4 ho seemed to have
an idea that the brother of a tragedy
queen should bo theatric , and were a
slouch hat and a loose overcoat of the
antibuatod regal pattorn. But lie
had a handsome face , und no
doubt three years have changed
him greatly for the bettor. I infer
that it is so , beeauso his atllanccd wife
is a sensible , matter-of-fact girl , wlu
has boon most carefully reared and edu
cated , and lias boon kept by her father
sedulously removed from the ordinary
iiilluences of the stage. It is not trott
as I once read , that the daughters of
Lawrence Harrott never saw a dramatic
performance. They go to the theater
frequently , but always as a part of the
audience , and I doubt if either of them
bus been a do/on times in her life be
hind the scenes. Joseph Anderson and
Gertrude Harrott mot in London las
year , and I am told that the wooing was
no more romantic or eventful than if
tlio pair were not so closely connected
with stage exaggeration of sentiment.
The young man did have histrionic
aspirations himself , but they have not
been encouragedand ho now entertains
the idea of becoming a physician.
Whether his enriched sister is going to
do anything for him in the endowment
line I do not know , but his wife will bean
an heiress , for Lawrence Harrott is ac
cumulating wealth rapidly.
Louisiana State Lottery Company ,
liifoi poralad liy tlio U-Klslatnro of IMi- * , for lid- and Olmrltnhlo purposes , and its fian-
chNo niacli ) n purl nf thi' tir" oat State Constitu
tion , in 1H71' ' , liy nn tncrwhrlinlnt ; iioiniliir voto.
lt8 ( > lAN'l)1.VI'lAiUUINAItV : IltA\VINJS
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in the year , and aru all ilriiwn In iiuhllr , at thu
Acatlomy tf Music , Ntnv Oriciuila. .
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arrangement ) tor nil the Monthly and Seinl-An-
nnal IHawliiKS of 'Ilie l.oul.siitua Statu Lottoiy
C'ompany , nnd in ) ) < > rson nmnutt' anil coiuiol
tlio IJi'iiwIngs theinsi'lves , and that the sumo
nro conducted \\lth honesty , fairness , nnd In
Rood faith tnwaiil all parties , nnd wo niithnrlzu
the I'ompnny to use this toililk ite , with
Himlle.s of our signatures attached , In Its adver
tisements. "
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i I'Hixr. oi' ' ' BO/OHS . rome
1 VltlXK Ol' 2 > . tlls . . ' . -.OHO
a IMI1XKSOK 10.WO are . BiUJ )
nn > . --VW
10) ) I'lilX.nsOF BHinru . r > 0m , ( )
2.11 I'lt'/h-UM' ' ' JiUI nro . liM.OtXI
CO. ) I'KI/.LSOr 2 0 uro . 100.100
AI'IMlOXIMA'llOIi I'lll/K ? .
1011'rlzes ' of J.VJJ uro . lif.OOO
100 do lUlnro . iWjtm
1UO do 200 nro . ! .V'OJ '
TKKM1NAI , l-ltlXUS.
raa do lOOiire . li'MOl
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lltlo I to tprmlnul prices.
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Address Reglsteridletlers to
KuwOrirans , ! .
T7\n Il That tlm | irern of Gen-
lliiM OlVIX i-nilt lleunrcRiiril inid
i : rly. ho aru luvli ir uot tin * il.uxlnus. l < u Kiiar-
anU'i ! of uiiaolulo liurnusa mil In'uolty. tlin
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luivf u t tried
makes n test , und bco if you regie t It.
Ii4ll.crrtui i
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orf nltlna and drllllnK < iarclilni ; C'lutii.
A , 0. SPALQrftB & CRGS , ,
- - - - - . .
' -an nr < .ini n
i Mi\V
(0 CAJUI ,
Lawyers ,
lloom < CH ami 400 l'
Telephone t-w.
Teaclier of tlio Spanish Mandoline ,
With Max Mt\vcr A ( V.
22O Fnrnnm Street.
OPKICI : Hot'iis : R to'iillfin ' in , nnd 1 toil , nnrt
T to 8 p. m. Telephone No. 27J , Onmlm , Nob.
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Special attention to diseases of children
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Homeopathic PhysiclaiiH.
Diseases of Women und Children n specialty.
KM Northjitlt Street. Telephone i'iw.
Physician and Surgeon ,
llesldi-nce. No. I'.iujCiipltol.Xvo. Omrc.Wtthncll
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Dli. ItOSEWATKlt ,
Physician - ; - and - : - Surgeon ,
Oinca-ltoom II nnd 4 , r ntlm > ntnl Illock , N. H.
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O. S. HOFFMAN , M. J ) . ,
Physician - : - and - : - Surgeon ,
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_ phone , 4lV > jrc ldenco tulophon . 4Ji. _
111 North tfnout.
( Sncro'--ors to ,1 } m ( ! , .lacubf. )
Undertakers and Embalmers
At the old Htaml , Hi" , rsirnnin St. tlrdernby
telegraph Ei > ll Iteil iiad promptly attcmlod.
Tultphono to No. . ' .
Frauil , M my name anil ( lie prlco nro
. on the Ixiilnm of nil m > ailtcrlUid hi iocs
bcforulcivlnB Ilic Jaclory , which prulict HiowparorB
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IH'.r.K f ll bollliiB tirof. 81o ; 4 IbH chuck
. .
HJ I IU I l/i in\j-tifnt , 'V.uiv < * .iviJt " '
lio'oirnn hansnKe.ale ; l'i Ibs liuttcr.'JSc.
I'UHK " . ruast iHirk , airs 's choiw.iMos 311)8 )
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