Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 16, 1888, Part I, Page 5, Image 5

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-A. G-ieantie Sale
If the People wish to buy good goods at away , down prices , our store is the place to visit next week. Special inducements are offered in every
- x -L Don't -pass us if vou wish to save nionev.
100 Ladies'all wool black and white
Btripo Jackotb. This jacket is nicely
mudo , perfect lltting and very Hlylisb ,
' '
and nt this price they will not'lnnl'lnnf * .
remember Ihu price , $ 'U)0 ) ; worth $0.00.
200 Ladies' all wool gray and brown
olrlpo Jackets. Tills jacket is tnilor-
miulo and would bo peed value at $5.00.
1'or one week you can buy them at the
lOJV price of $ ! UM ) each.
Plush Jackets ,
CO Ladies' Seal Plush Jackets , nicely
made , light lilting , satin lined. This
garment will bo very stylish this fall ,
and at this price all can buy. Como in
and bee it.
250 Ladies' Seal Plush Saeques , 40
inches long , weal ornaments , quilted
satin lined , chamois skin pockets. This
garment would bo good value at $2o.OO.
For ono weelc our price , $1H.OO.
150 Ladies' Seal Plush Sacques , 42
inches long , line quality quilted satin
lining , 4 .sealskin ornaments , chamois
akin pockets. This is one of the best
values ever offered in our cloak depart
ment. This parinont will compare with
nny garment bold in this cfty at $85 to
$10. For one week our sale price$23.
Plush Sacques ,
78 Ladies' Seal Plush Sacques , 42
incited long , quilted satin lined , four
sealskin ornaments , chamois-skin pock
ets. This garment is without doubt one
of the finest over shown at this price ,
and would bo cheap at $40. For ono
week our sale price , $30 each.
COO Pin Cushions , all sizes , nil colors ,
all prices from lOo up to &J.OO each.
Now is tlio time to buy your cushions.
Wo will Bull thorn chcapor than you can
inalio thorn. Ask to sco them.
Ladies' Aprons ,
50 do/en Ladies' White Aprons ,
stumped , and all made ready to wear ,
only liilc each.
f > 0 pieces fine silk finish Henriettas ,
42 inches wide , all the now shades , and
an dopant cloth , wortli $1.00. You can
buy tliis at C'Jc yard ,
70 pieces all wool Dress Goods , 42
inches wide , in fancy Plaids ; Stripes ,
Serges , Diagonals , &e. , all colors.
They are .worth up to 31.00. Your
choice Monday 5Sc yard.
AN1 > -
Wc ninth1 nn oxfriionlinnry nnr-
rluiMHf Ingrain Cnrpctx and Oil
CloHr , and shall ull'cr them at
sjc'ial prices for 10 iliijs. A
splendid Ingrain at 5ir ! yard ( lie
patte rns are s'liiply ( Hum ) . 10
pieces I'loor Oil Cloths Mild e's -
nhere av SOc , our price for 10
dij.s K ! " > ( jnrtl. Special bar
gains In Wiltons , Moiiicttts | ,
HodjHiud Tapestrjs. Don't for
get we male anil lay carpets.
Loino } ( ur orders for rofiU'it ? old
ci r , , ( s. We nre nlTcrlng special
indiieeiiients on Mlrulcs. We nre
lieniliii nvlers on goods.
Don't buy a ( 'nrpet or n Shade mi
ll jon see our stock and get ( U.-
prices. Tiiinl floor InKe eleui-
Wo will place on sale Monday 40 pairs
fine Chenille Portiere Curtains. Those
. .amo curtainn are sold in Omaha at $20
pair , and our customerscan , feel assured
that thov are a great bargain at the
price quoted , $9.80 pair. They will not
last long at this price. So come in early.
60 dozen Gents' " \VbitoMorino Under
shirts and Draworw. Come and get
them Monday , t-'oc each.
All Wool Underwear
100 dozen Gents' All Wool Scarlet
UndcrtihirlH and Drawers on bale Mon
day , 45c each ; wortli 7oo.
60 do/en Ladies' Scarlet All Wool
Vests and Pants , such as usually retails
at $1.00. Our price for a few days is COo
Camel's ' Hair Vests ,
20 dozen Ladies' fine Camel's HUK-
Vests and 1'ants , clieap at $1.25. Ono
day only you can buy them at ! )8c ) each.
fiS dozen Lndios' Brilliant Lisle
Gloves , in Tans , Drowns , Hlaclts nntl
Ciroys. Sold nil buason at 25o , :55c : mill
GUo. Your choice Monday , 15e niiir.
Lisle Gloves ,
1(1 ( do/en Ladies' Lisle Gloves , in
nhicksand Colors ; wortli "oe. On sale
Monday to close , So pair.
100 dozen Ladies' Prime Kid Gloves ,
in Tans , Drowns , Grovs and Hlacks.
Our own importation. Would be clieap
at 81.75. Come and got them for one
week , $1.18 pair.
Children's Hose ,
CO do/.en Children's Jersey Ribbed
Cotton IIo-iO , full regular made , sizes Cl
to 7i , in blacks and colors ; wortli double
the price wo ask. Monday , only 20o
fin Grain Si
Monday wo will place on pale f > pioco.i
of a superior quality Ulaclc ( Jroa Grain
Silks , every yard warranted. Tills alllc
would bo clieap at $ l. " > .r ) . You can buy
thorn for one week at $1.00 yard.
fi pieces Black Gros Grain Silk ,
every yard warranted. This is the best
quality of silk ever otTorod in Omaha at
any such price. Hoincmbur , wo will
sell them for one week only at this
price. $1.10nrd. . .
Bl'k ' Satin Rhadama
Tliis is is a hummer. There is only fi
pieces and would bo cheap at $1.25 yard.
This is a lot wo bought at low figure.
To close wo will give you n benolit on
same. The price is 7'Jc yard for ono
Silk Plushes ,
Another lot just arrived. All good
staple colors. 10 inches wide. Como
in and see them. Only 49o yard.
" " ! " "P T T"TI " * *
I OFT"1 .tr ± , .tLi JrC
A Remarkable Document Fllod by
Secretary of State Laws
Ono of the Hotels tlio Soono of a
llloody How Supreme Court
Hecords Capital Olty
1029 P STKKKT , }
LINCOLN. Sept. 15. 1
It is iiRaln evident that the wounded bird
flutters. Secretary Law.s Hies tlio following
rcmurkiible jmpor upon the protest of Attor
ney General Leoso against the majority no
tion of the Htuto board of transportation on
the roductlon order , Tlio reader will do well
to remember tbreo facts in considering its
contents :
First The Union Paclflo case was dis
missed at the request of the attorney general
to prevent its bohnr hung In the n up re mo
court of the Un itcd .States for two or three
years , and UIU.H dohiy the reduction of rates
on that road. AH the matter now stands ac
tion In the Htatu courts can bu bad on the
question In two or thrco months.
Second Action Is pending In the
HUprcmo court now to compel the
Missouri Pacific and all other roads to
iucoi potato under tlm laws of the
State , mid will lie heard at tlio next session
Of that court , which commences September
ISth , Information In quo warranto having
been llti-d by the attorney general.
Third The case now pending , and which
lias been on record before the supra mo court
for moro than u your , roforiod to by the sco-
rotnry of state , Is that of the State ex rcl
Hoard of Transportation vs The Fremont ,
Hlkhorn it Missouri 1'acltlc railroad com
pany , AVhilo this U a test case the reason
that thi ) attorney genural lias not pushed It to
trial is because assurance has been given
that tlio board would ivduco rates on all
roads. Neither the attorney general and
no other fair minded citizen wishes to have
ono railroad company operating under lower
rates than the other roads. This would
clearly bo an act of Injustice.
To the Honnl of Transportation. Gcr.tlo-
inen : After adjournment of Its meeting , ono
member of this board has adopted the unusual -
usual procedure of tiling "stump speeches , "
which ho calls "protests" against the action
of Its majority , wherein ho Impugns the
motives of lu members , and makes state
ments not warranted by the facts. I therefore -
fore r.ik leave to Ilia and have recorded with
this mombcr'H last "protest , " this :
The cost of all the railroads of this atato ,
excluding slocks , watered or otherwise , as
furnished this board by the railroads , for
1837 , nggreratM 81Cull > i > ,074.51.
Furnished by the umo authority , and for
the sama period , the aggregate earnings are
shown to bo $17i'WS'J-l , < 4 , and the aggregate
expenses are shown to bo J'J,7M.iU.4i ' and
the aggregate tiet earnings t7,47GG03. ( > 3 ,
which the latter Item 1s 4 1-5 per cent on the
capital invested.
Certainly If this sworn statement of the
cost of the railroads , as published by this
board , U true , tlio Income to the stockhold
er * ( a not unreasonably high. If this a worn
statement Is not true , then this board ought
to adopt some method to IIml out the actual
worth ot all tlio railroads In the state , and I
know of no method better than the one pro
posed tn the resolution referred to.
nlf the protesting member of the board bo-
fie cs t'.ioso sworn statements of cost to bo
true , ho can not consibtontly , under his pro
test , urge n reduction ot rates , and bo ought
not In nny case to lead tlio ) > eoplotobolcvo !
that ha thinks thcso statements true , and
then act on the board as though he did not
think them true.
In a late letter to Erlclc Johnson , this mem
ber Maud for the Information of the pconlo
that the not oarniuirs of the II. & M , railroad
were , according to the auditor's ro | > ort , over
$13,000 | T mlle for the year 1S37. He after-
wants corrected this statement , said that ho
wrote hastily , and that he reform ! only to
the main I Ina nl the U. & M. railroad. A
rofvrcuco to the auditor's report uiuT to the
returns made to this board fails to verify
either statement.
The Union I'aclrlc railway enjoined this
board from iixlng rates over that road. An
able brief was prepared by C. O. Whedon
and all legal technicalities settled , and a de
cision on that vexed question might have
been had before now had not this protestor ,
as ho claimed , by threatening litigation on
other matters against this road , Induced Its
general attorney to withdraw the suit.
Yet this member complains of the action
of the majority of this board on
the recent order , because ho was not permit
ted to get into court to try the Identical ques
tion raised by the Injunction , and which was
taken out of court , as was claimed , by his
If the Union Pacific railway company was
then and is now holding from two to thrco
million dollars worth of property contrary to
"our constitution null laws , " it would appear
that no consideration t > o trilling as the with
drawal of a suit which ought to have been
tried , would induce un olllcial to permit this
great corporation to enjoy uninterruptedly
Us illegal acquisitions. Hut ho has also re
fused to bring action against tlm Missouri
1'acitic railway company to compel that road
to incorporate under the laws of this state ,
till , as I suppose , it "got ready. " The action
of a railroad cfllclal in the late state conven
tion may account for this apathy , and the
considerations may have been mutually help
ful , but in no case pecuniary.
No wont of fault ought to bo
found as to the manner In
which this member bus discharged the
duties of the oulce to which ho was elected ,
and 1 offer nono. Ho has been zealous and
faithful , His friends may regret that after
four years of usefulness to the people ho has
felt called upon to mibllsli In the newspapers
of the state , and toll it on the streets of Lin
coln , that ho is virtuous.
If this rate matter is urged it is very evident -
dent that the highest tribunal in the state
will bo called upon to decide what Is a rea
sonable rate. In the ruse now under consid
eration it is a matter of doubt at least
whether the suprumo court may not sustain
some of the legal technicalities urged bv the
railroads and dismiss the case. Hut there Is
a c.iso now pending uoforo that court , and
has been so pending for moro than a year ,
in which all technicalities have been passed
upon by the court ; a case over which this
board has no control , mid ono wholly under
the control of the attorney general. A de
cision in this long delayed case would settle
the entire question as to the .reasonableness
of rates In this utato , uvccpt as to the Union
I'adllo railway , and congress will soon pass
a law declaring the rate question on this road
subject to state control , '
Gentlemen , capability Is the basis of duty ,
and conscience the measure of Its fulfilment ;
and when the conduct of n majority of this
board Is "beyond the comprehension11 of any
momuor , such member la very Justly excusa
ble from an exhaustive effort In that direc
tion. Very respectfully , O. L. LAWS.
A bloody row commenced in the bar room
of the St. Charles hotel lost evening about
0 o'clock , between a parly of scab engineers
and some thieves and tnngs , and for a tluio
it seemed that murder would result , Shoot
ing irons were diawn , luiives flourished and
other weapons worn used with bloody re-
salts. The thugs wore the nggressivo parties
nnd commenced the row by assaulting C. W.
Hue , who was badly usnd up , and had not
some of his friends coino to his reseuo ho
would probably have been killed. A Hot
was Imminent for some timo.
Hut the police force got wind of
the racket nnd wcro soon at the
scene , and a running life-lit tools place from
the St. Charles to the Hurllngton deixjt ,
where the police force succeeded in arresting
P. MoCarty , 1' . J. I'rlnty , James Kelly ,
Charles Martin , Mllco Kyan nnd John Gor
man , about half of the participants of the
fray. C. W , Hue Hlod complaint against this
Itarty for assault with Intent to kill , and the
trial took place at ! ) o'clock to-day. Of the
pkrty Kelly IH n notorious crook , and ho may
have to do duty at the state pen for bis cus
sed ness.
The police court has boon buay all
day trying a largo grist of va
grants , thieves , prostitutes , plain drunks
uud disorderly characters ROiioraUy , Aboul
sixty arrests have been made during the past
two days , and a number of them will pas ;
Sunday at the expense of tbo city. It wll
bo Impossible for Judge Houston to grind out
the gnat and bestow hh premiums.
During the week an unpleasantness arosa
between Editor Hoed , ol the Wct > lciu ICe
sources , and O. M. Druso , master of trans-
lortation of the state fair. The difficulty
vas suppressed at the timo. Mr. Ucod was
taken before the board of managers , and
'rced to meet them on the 13th , but having
'ailed to do so , at a meeting hold yesterday
evening , the following resolutions wore
unanimously passed. It is only necessary to
dd that Mr. Druso refused to let Mr.s. Ueed ,
wife of the erratic editor , pass Into the fair
grounds without transportation , and for this
10 was assaulted by him :
WIIKIIKAS , On thi ) 12th day of September ,
1SSS , ono H. S. Uced , unwarrantably assault
ed an olllcer of the Nebraska state board of
agriculture while In the discharge of his
duty , on the grounds of said society , and
WIIUIIBAS , the said II. S. Ueed was brought
joforo the board of managers , at which time
he promised to moot the board of managers
at their ofllco at I ) a. m. September lit , 1883 ,
and has utterly failed to fulfill his promise
and failed to moot said board , therefore bo It
Ucsolvcd. That II. S. Reed bo hereafter ex
cluded from all the privileges of the grounds ,
both in person and oy representatives of his
paper , until ho makes proper nnd full apology
to the board of managers for his discourteous
treatment to said board ; and further , apolo
gize in a public way to thoofllcor assaulted.
IJy order of the board of managers.
KOIIT , W. FUUNAS , Secretary.
suniEMi : COUUT iir.coKUt.
The following nro the late cases filed in
the supreme court by Deputy Clerk Wheeler :
Dallas Roach vs Nils Hawklnson ; error
from Chase county.
Omaha Holt Railway Company vs Minnie
McDennott ; error from Douglas county.
John T. Uressier vs The County \Vayno ;
error from Wayne county.
Harry Fester ct al vs Solomon & Nathan ;
error from Cass county.
The students of the state university are
again getting down to hard work. It is said
that the matriculants will all bo on hand the
first of next week. The attendance for the
fall term promises to bo unusually largo.
Governor Thayer loft Columbus , O , , yes
terday for Cincinnati , and from that place ,
to-day , loft for homo and will arrive to
Judge W. E. Stewart went to So ward
to-day on legal business.
Attorney General Lceso wont to Seward
ycstcruay to attend a republican polo raising.
Ho will return to Lincoln on the morning
train to-morrow.
With this Issue of the Capital City Courier
Mr. Dobbins stops down and out nnd Mr. Ij.
Wessel , the founder of the paper , reassumes
solo proprietorship , and will manipulate the
scissors nnd pastepot alono. Mr.Vessol Is
a bright writer and thoroughly understands
the management of newspaper work. Ho
hits always been the general business man
ager of the 11 nil , and did tlio principal writ
ing. Ho will still succeed In supplying the
social circles of the Capital city with the
choicest gams of news. AH an editorial par-
agraphcr Mr. Dobbins was a success.
Kev. G , S. Alexander , of the Syracuse
Journal , and Editor Swartz , of the Tcuum-
soli Chieftain , wcro In Lincoln to-day and
whllo hero visited TUB lieu headquarters.
Attorney Slmoral'n Opinion on Pay Tor
City I'rlrioncra' fionril.
Couuty Attorney Snneral yesterday sub
mitted to iho county commissioners his
opinion on tbo following question :
"Is not the city directly responsible to the
Bhcritf for the board of city prisoners , and
may ho not present his bill for such board
directly to the city , instead of looking first
to the county I"
Mr. Sliueral says : "Thero Is no provision
of law making U obligatory upon the county
to keep the city prisoners. They should bo
treated , therefore , the same as United States
prisoners , or prisoners from ether counties ,
and the sheriff must look to the city for his
pay for their custody and keeping. "
Mr , Sliueral was also of the opin
ion that the fee of 50 cents
charged by the sheriff for committing
each city prisoner to the county Jull should
bo collected by him of tlio city , and the
county should have nothing to do with it.
The county attorney submitted an opinion
on the resolution directing the county clerk
to advertise for proposals for UiO or more
acre * of land for a | wor fi nn. Aftorquotlng
several sections ol tlm law , Mr , Slineral con
cludes ! "H therefore follows that before
you can expend , for a poor farm , more lhan
< 2OD , ! you must submit It to a vote of the
> eople. Especially would this bo the case if
you contemplate using any of the money ul-
ready derived from the previous sale of a
) ortlon of the present poor farm , for the rea
son that the vote of the people authorizing
said sale limited the use of the money de
rived thufufrom to thubuildingof a hospital. "
County Attorney Slmeral presented the
following bill to the county : "To twenty
month's rent of 'ofllco for county attorney
from January 1 , 18-5T. to September 1 , 18SS ,
at ? 15 per month fiJJO. " The claim was re
ferred to the committee on liiiance.
J. J. Points submitted his report on the ex
amination of Sheriff Coburn's report for the
first six months of 1833. Ho found omissions
to the amount of $17.85. Ho found 1S'J.5'J '
duo from the > sheriff to the county arising
from fees collected for bcrviccs done In the
sheriff's first term of offlco. Ho found
$3"l.r > o of sheriff's fees yet in the hands of
ex-County Judge J. H. McCulloch , exclusive
ot mileage , and suggested that the commis
sioners inquire into the matter. Under the
opinion of the county attorney that the
sheriff should not charge mileage for as
sistants * when taking insane pa
tients tn the state hospital , Mr.
Points reported f-OH as t'no amount of
such charges Included In the sheriff's ac
count. Mr. Points made up a bill of 81,212 23
against the sheriff. It Includes WJS.fiO for
tlio court bill of the September (18b7) ( ) term
of court. The report went to the committee
on finance.
The following resolution by Mr. Anderson
was adopted :
ResolvedThat from this date court bailiffs'
fees will only bo paid at the end of each
month and Juror and witness fees after the
discharge of the Jury at each term of the dis
trict court.
Instruments JMnoeil on Hocoril Dur-
ini * Yesterday.
C I' Kalis to John McN'oo , lots 1 and - , blk
blk IKi , Month Omaha , w d $2,500
J M DaiiKherty to II I ) Mcndlmber. lot 4 ,
blk : i , Ulovortlalo. w d 700
I , W Hill to J O A I'leharty. lot 17 , blk M ,
Omaha View , ex , w il 1,300
I S Hawaii to 1'iuil Sonf , lot - and Him
lot.l , llascall'saub , \ \ d 2,000
A flood and husband to J O Chrlsttmson ,
u ! i lot 1.1 , blu n , Lincoln place , w d COO
County commfsilouers to II II U Wood ,
trustee , lots 4 , fi. 0 , IS , 13and II. bile 1 ,
Douglas' i Ul. < 1 D,7uO
II MJ-cmnldt to H siimmson , lota ID , It
and n. blk C , llcminirton , w il 1-tOO
I ) 0 1'atterson and wlto to John Oarvey.
lot n , blk H , I'utterson park , wd 703
Vf I' Stevens to 11 and 1 Wiclcworth , lot
2rt. blk I , Steven's plnce , wil COO
Jl K McOoy amlhnsbanrt toj Story , und
U lot 7. blk 17. Orchard 11111 , w < l 1
J htory to William .1 McUor , und U lot 7.
blk 17. orchard 11111. < i c d 1
r.T Dnko. trustee , to S II MrClellnml , lots
SI und J , blk I. Sd add. Hertford , P g . . . 1'JOO
South Omaha Land Co to A M lludclm , lot
10. l > lk 7 , South Omaha , w < 1 600
0 J llulcom and wlfu tn U It Wheeler , Intn
U.1U.W , 21 , U amiJ , North Side mid ,
wd 4,000
J 11 Kennedy and wife to 0 J llalcom. lots
75. 71 , n and 7J. North 81doadil. , w d . . . . 4,000
William J Albright and wire toV 0 Noon ,
mib lot 17 or lot U. Capital add , w d . . . . 37,500
Henry Ambler et al to WJ Ulair , and IJ
a n M of o i { , blk 8. Ambler place , wd . . 400
Ii O Hallou et al to W J Jllalr , und Vi s n Her
or o H. blk ] II , Ambler place , wd 400
1' und M U'uaek to J aud A jlronn , 37 and
1452-10 it , 3I-1.V13 e , blk 3 , Ambler place ,
wd . . .i 1,375
So Omaha Land company , to William K
Hpeon. s ) rt of lot 10 and n 1U ft of lot
P. blk7 . SoOmaliH , wd K 4,300
O Itippert and wife tn J J , linker , let 0 ,
blk.Omaha ( / View. wd. . . 1,800
L S Andrews nnd wife to William Cobnrn ,
o it. lot U and n ( i lot li , blk K , Kouutzo
& Ituth's mid , am ) n 22 ft lot It. lilk 173 ,
Omaha , lota , blk 7. Hlitnu'n 2dadd , lota
7 , H. Unnd 15 , Foreman's sub , d 1
II U Ilnldrirlge to W A Freeman , w y ot
lot 4 , blk 3. Kckennan njacs. w d 1,100
N Hhelton to Joba-Morrell , lot 4 , blk 8 ,
Bweesy'sadrt.tfod *
I , W Hill to II J Kennedy , lot 5 , blk 7 ,
Omaha Viawvwd. (3.UH ( ) 3.000
T II I'ntton and wlfa to IIT J Joslln , 8i
lot 1 , blk 3. roster's add , wd. . . , , 8.750
Twanty-alx tramitera. . Ki,7TO
1st premium to Union sowing machine.
An extensive campmectlng under the aus
pices of the African Methodist Eplscopa
church ofVabash , Ind. , closed recently ut
North Manchester. An unusual feature was
the representation one afternoon of the re
turn of tlu prodigal uon , utter whloU allpres-
ent partook of too lileral fatted calf. There
wcro other striking .and original feature * .
What Prominent Oraaba Oitizons
Bay as to Its Future.
Its Wonderful llcsoitroes Climate
UnsurpnBs.-'U Coal , OH , Iron ,
Water mid Gypsum in Un.
limited Quantities.
Unusual reports having reached this
otlleo as to the advantages of the above
named city in the Black Hills , and as
this paper has always been in advance
of others in its position on the develop
ment of Unit country , a BKK reporter
was detailed to interview such citizens
as could bo found and could vouch for
the statements made by the company
who are interested in IJessomor.
Mr. Sam'l E. Rogers , vice-president
of the Merchant's national bank was
seen in the bank parlors and made the
following statement :
There are four distinct oil basins in
central Wyoming , Bessemer being the
eastern boundry and the Pope Agio the
western. The basin of the Pope Agio is
known as the Shoshone oil basin. Wo
have three oil wells hero with a capa
city of 000 bills , per day. Next east 35
miles is the Beaver basin. In the local
ity just named wo have engine and all
other machinery ready to iftnmoi\o
operations. Thirty miles to the east of
Beaver is Rattlesnake and fourth is
Seminole basin , in which basin Bosso-
inor is located.
There are millions of tons of soda 80
par cent pure between Independence
Rock and Bessemer. Tins deposit lias ,
I believe , never boon given the prom
inence in the reports that it deserves ,
and will , when developed , provo ono of
the many great industries of Wyoming.
As to the coal deposits , I can say that
hey lay all along the great oil bolt just
described and it is also found in largo
quantities to the north.
Six miles north of the Shoshone basin
mines have been opened and the coal
iH used exclusively as a fuel by the
rnnchcrd and bottlomonts. This coal is
of the finest quality and iy much super
ior to the ordinary soft coal.
At another point which I shall not
name a mine was opened by the advice
of Geologist Aughoy , and the remark
able discovery was mudo of throe stratas
of the finest coal , bhowing a total thicic-
ness of forty-thrco foot.
Irrigation will produce remarkable
rosulls In that country. I have bought
oats.up Ihoro that will run forty-two
pounds to the bushel. With the Platte
river running throucrh that country
as a water supply and the great
table lands and valley , I
predict that the agricultural
robourcos of Wyoming will take rank
with many of the others. Irrigation
alone is needed to make the apparently
barren country provo as prolific as our
own state and it h very likely to excel
it. As to the city of Bessemer and its
prospects , I must say they are Indeed
promising. With railways centering
there , with oil as I bollovo under the
town site , with an ample water supply
fromthu Platle river , and mineral and
agricultural advantages around it that
are unequalled , Bessemer , vlth fair
management byita projectors ought to
make a city of considerable promi
DO. C. Clark , of the firm of Strang ft
Clark , Bloam healing company , lower
Farimm at. , says : There ian't any
doubt in my mind that Wyoming In the
vicinity of Bessemer has all the advan
tages claimed , and it only lacks railway
communication which it will so/u have ,
to show to all remarkable and va
ried rcaourcos of the counlry. Besse
mer has the unusual advantage of hav
ing an amply water supply that
will provo a powerful inducement to
manufacturers as a favorable point for
location of blast furnaces , pipe lines ,
etc. . etc.
Mr. Dan Burr who was found in his
ofllco in the Paxton block , wild : "The
well upon which wo are working is
within throe miles of Bosscnor. Wo
nro now down about 1,200 feet ; from the
extremely favorable reports I have wo
will strike oil at 1,500. There is plenty
of coal on the west side of Oil Mountain ,
building , stone , timber and gypnum in
that locality to furnish material to build
a second Now York. I predict that in
five years or loss that that will bo the
busiest and wealthiest section of the
country in the United States.
Oil will no doubt bo the future fuel of
the Hills , and owing to its cheapness
mines that are valueless to-day will bo
worked with a profit.
Mr. LW. . Molchcr , room No. 0 , Ex
position building , said : I have boon
through the oil fields of Pennsylvania
and last season through Wyoming. Too
much cannot bo said in favor of Wy
oming. Our party made their head
quarters at Bessemer , and it is indeed
a beautiful spot for a city. With a
elimalo that is unsurpassed'with coal ,
oil , iron , water and gypsum in unlim
ited quantities , and the great cattle
ranges and agricultural lands lying
west and northwest , I can bo quoted
as saying that I consider investments
up there as the best I havo.
I cannot say too much In favor of Wy
oming. Its remarkable rcbourecs are
indeed wonderful. "
Mr. Stephen J. Brodoriok , 141G South
18th st. , was found at his store made the
following statement : "Was up in that
country two months. It is my firm opin
ion that Bessemer is to bo the city. I
have made investments in that country
and am going to hang on to all I have
and all 1 can got. Plenty of building
btono. Lots of oil , gypsum , ote. , etc.
Certainly presents extraordinary in
ducements to investors. Am going up
tliero again Boon and- will probably
make a moro oxtondcd stay. ' '
Mr. P. Ullrich was soon at ills rcsi-
donee and made the following state
ment :
"I have boon up in that country , and
the story of its wonderful advantages as
a place for investment has not boon half
told : I go to Decatur , III. , and will re
turn west to Bessemer. Have invested
in property there and will put up sev
eral brick buildings as soon as Crick is
burned. I can say that I have a firm
faith in the future of Bessemer. It has
the advantage of an unlimited supply of
water , two great hills of cypsum , oil of
the finest quality , and will bo at the
junction of two. and perhaps moro lines
of railway. Yes , sir , Bessemer is all
right , and my Illinois , as well as Ne
braska friends , will be urged by mo to
got hold of Bessemer property as soon
aa tlioy can. "
Alfred A. Soldon , genl. Bupt. of the
Omaha and Wyoming Coal Co. , who
was found in his olllco in the Rain go
building , said :
Bessemer , Wyoming , is certainly the
point for n great city , the future city of
all that great country. I can pledge
both myself and my company's support
in favor of Bessemer. It has every
known advantage , including coal , iron ,
oil , gypsum , building stone , lumber and
un ample supply of water. My company
has two veins of coal seven foot in thick
ness up there , utvd will commence to
mine the same very soon. I cuncHUly
bblievo that Bessemer lias great ad
vantages over nny other point , either
now or hereafter , as the metropolis and
manufacturing conler of Wyoming. .
Gen. W. W , Lowe was found in his
olTlco , 1515 Parnani st. , and In answer
to the reporter's questions , said :
Bessemer is in a line locality for a
There is plenty of oil in that country
to supply the world. ThiSj together
with tin , mica , plumbago , iron , soda ,
coal and many other minerals which
have a permanent commercial value
will make the settlement of Wyoming iv
matter of a few years and it w'ill bo ono
of the richest countries in the union , if
not in the world. I have large inter
ests up there ; do not want to sell anv ,
and have simply been compelled to lie
still until the railways provjdo trans
State Treasurer Willard was soon and
said : I made n trip over that country
ono year ago last Juno. Oil will ho the
leading industry of that country and
next will bo the iron.
During fifteen years residence in the
iron regions of Pennsylvania I am com
pelled to yield that the iron deposits of
Wyoming in the vicinity of Bessemer
oxcoll those of any other point in both
quality and quantity. The iron ere
near Bessemer has this advantage that
in its vicinity lies all the materials for
the successful manufacture of Bessoinor
stool. You will understand the partic
ular advantage this is to manufacturers
when 1 say that in all other iron locali
ties Bomo of the material has to bo im-
por.ted. Tliis will provo an unanswera
ble argument in favor of Bessemer nn
the point for the location of iron com
Ono of the agents of the company was
soon at their ollico , (125 ( Paxton building ,
and made the following statement :
Yes , wo nro introducing Bessemer
property to Omaha people. The com
pany do not run excursion trains , hire
brass bands or soil their property at
auction. Our plan is to appoint re
sponsible local agents in the principal
cities lor the Bale of lots.
Then wo have other agents traveling
through the east setting forth the ad
vantages of Bessemer as a point favorable -
blo for manufacturers to locato. They
are mooting with the greatest success.
The company who have the matter in
charge are prominent and responsible
citizens of ymir own Btato , and I fool
safe In saying that wo will have the
future city and metropolis of Wyoming.
1st premium to Union bowing machine.
The following building purmlU were Is.
sued yesterday :
August Pool , cottaRo , Twenty-seventh
utreotnnd MoolwortU avnnuu 11,600
llyron Hoed , cottngs.'fl'yi'C ' ntrcet , near
track * "
ff 400
w. A. ItoKs. ilwellliifJ 'iort , near
'flilrty-tlrnt utroot- 0,000
John I.ludHoy , laundry building , l/.ard
anil TwHiuy.tlilrd turrets 1,030
AiiKUftt llalon , cottnge. Van lluren
helghta 50
M. ! ' . runkteiiser. dwellinf.Twonty-Hlxth
and Dodge Htruett 5 tOO
0.V. . Ames. liuprovomenV ) , Twenty-
ninth avenue uiulilt-son street 0,010
iBtpruininm to Union oowing tnaohino ,
Mnrrlnti ) Ijlcenncs.
Tlio following marriage Hocuses wcro Is
sued yesterday by Judge Shields :
Name and residence. Aco.
Olof A. Kenstrom , Omaha yj
Amanda Larson , Omaha 23
Albert Salahuk , Omaha aa
Acnes Kgyed , Omaha 27
Wllholm Hilbert , Omaha ,2S
Louisa Hteiihan , Omaha ,18
Anton P. Turynolt , OJimhn , 20
Mary Dunnrt , Omaha 25
lalproinlum to Union sowing machine.
DIolioltl Hafc- ? .
Call anil sen the largo Block of B\fo ;
and vault doors carried by Moaghor St
Whltwore at 410 S. ICtk Btroot Omah * .