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P vyvw J-"I"MWP ' 1 , % * JjP" t" > rJwr l5Jf yT ! ' w l " ' .Wp"'iT m g 7" WJ [ IV
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The Mihvaukooa Outplayed In Their
Last Omaha Qamo.
Kennedy Hold * Them Down to One
lilt , "Which Snven the Visitors
From iv Shut Out DCS
Holncs Still Winning.
Western AsHOclntlon Standing.
Following Is the oillcial standing of the
Western association teams up to and Includ
ing yesterday's ' games ;
Plnyoa Won Lost Pr Ct
DCS Molncs 04 tit ! 13 .GI3
St. Paul 07 00 ! 17 .018
Omaha 7 53 ! i9 .r > S
Kansas City St4 51 40 .f > 74
Milwaukee 103 48 G7 .457
Sioux City 53 2'J 31 .415
Chlcatro 103 119 ( VI . S-j
UavcniHjrt b'J 23 01 .813
Omnha 7 , Milwaukee 1.
Right after their humiliating defeat of
Sunday , the Omahos went out to the ball
park yesterday and whalloppcd the Mil-
traukccs us cosy an could be.
In fact they didn't experience ) a bit of
trouble , and when the game was called at
the end of the seventh inning In order that
the visitors might catch the ilrst train home ,
the emerald sward was covered with the
mangled and mutilated remains of thu guy
and festive Beer Jcrkcrs.
Ted Kennedy was in the box for the homo
team , and the same fellows who smashed
Tommy Lovctt the day before for twelve
hits , were only able to got one safe one oil
Ho was too much fur them every way , and
acquitted himself with great eclat.
Cooncy did the backstopplng for him , and
say , you should have seen thu little fellow
His game was simply perfection , nnd the
crowd uttt'stcd to thulr appreciation of his
work uy frciiuont hursti oTupplausc.
However , the entire team did finely , uiul
lioro Is how they did it :
In the Ilrst iunlnRS it was ono , two , three
for Omuha and one , two , three for Milwau
That was tit for tat.
Hut in the second O'Conncll led off with
an cxipiisilc hit to right , and on Oliver To-
beau's duplicate , P. O. reached third. Then
Annis and Miller were extinguished , but on
nn error of Jakoy Strauss both base runners
came homo.
. Kennedy ended the game.
Again it was one , two , three for Milwau <
In the third , after the Poet had struck out ,
Chlppey got iirst on an error by Hawcs. He
Htole second and third , in spite of Crosalcy'u
frantic efforts to catch him.
The cherubic .lack Crooks took iwssesslon
of n bap on balls , and as Cnnslcy vainly
attempted to retire him in his effort to steal
second , McGurr skated homo. O'Connell
and Tebcau'a outs spoiled any chance foi
further runs.
For the third time tlio Milwaukeos retired
" as fast as they could stop up to the plate.
The fourth was b.irren of results on either
side , us wus the llfth also for Umahu , but in
their half the visitors made their only tally.
Huwcs got his basu on halls , stele second ,
and came homo after Strauss' long lly haJ
sullied within the Chippoy's little hands. .
In the sixth the homo team scored twice.
Crooks hit for a double , but was caught
napping ut second. O'Counoll went out , but
Tubeau , Annis nnd Miller followed will :
Kufo hits , and the result was the Ilrst twc
In the seventh , Just to clinch their victory ,
they scored twice again.
The Poet pot his base on a fumble bi
Walsh. McGarr laced out a safe one , Hums
going to third. Crooks then got In hii sec
oud safe drive and Hums and the Pool
crossed the plate.
And that was all.
The Milwaukee * are not hops nnd thoj
know they had enough , so umpire Quest
called the game. Hclow is the oiUcml score
Totals , 1 21 12
Omnhu . 0
Milwaukee . 0 000100
Earned runs Omahn n. Two-base hits-
Crooks. liases on balls Off Kennedy
Wilson 1. Hit by pitcher Hy Kennedy 1
Struck out Uy Kennedy 'J , Wilson 3. Tim
125. : ! Umpire Quest.
ICh Molncs AVIns Two.
DES MOINKS , In. , Sept. 10. [ Special Toll
gram to TUB Huu. ] The Chicago teat
appeared against the DCS Molncs for tw
Kamcs this afternoon. The ilr-st game wa
taken by the locals with hands down , th
visitors getting but ono hit. Outside of th
heavy batting of the homo team , there WOT
no special features , though the game xvn
well playotl in the field by both sides
Sproguo started to pitch but Scott was pn
in for the balance of the game , and Holllda
pitched for Des Moines after the thlr
inning. Hhclms und Van Dyke made phi
no mo nil catches la left Hold. The sccon
game was moro uloiely contested until th
ninth Innlntr , when the homo loam pounde
Sprague for n total of six bases and got ft v
runs. Firat game , seven Innings tlia score
JC8 Moines . 0
Chicago . ( I 000000
Earned run * Den Moines 8. Three b.u
hits Pholao , Hollltlay. Struck out Cual
wan 1. liases on bulls lly Sprague 1 , I :
Scott 5. Basts by being hit by pitcher H
Scott 1. Time 1 ' 'JO. Umpire t'csscndci
The score of thu bocoiul guinti :
Dos Monies . U 0 0 1 o 0 3 0 5- :
Chicago .
Eiirneil runs Ues Molucs 7 , Chicago 1
Two base hits Alvora , Shufcr , Hough
Thrao base , Holllday (2 (
Homo runs Hiinrnlmn. Struck out 1 !
Cushman S , by SprtiuiiQ 3. liases on calle
li&lls Uy 1 , by Spruguo a. I'oaso
tills Trafllcy 1 , lloovur 1 , Dugdalo 1. Wll
pitches Cushinan 1. Time 1:33. : Uinplro-
Yeaterttny' * Winners la Iho Nntlont
litiaxnu Contests.
PITTSBUKO , Sept. 10. Ucsult of tin
I'ittaburff . 0 00100000
l'uih.dolpbm. . . . < > 00000000
fltohers Morris nnd Uufllntou. Base hi
r-I i sbur t 3 , Philadelphia ! l. Krrors Pitt
burg 0 , Phlludelphla 3. Umplro Kelly ,
Result of second puma :
PitUburg . 0 00000000-
X'lill delpbla..O 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Pitohera ( la'.vln and Builders. Base hll
Pfttsburg 4 , Philadelphia 0. Errors
PuUburg. } , PhllndclphUO. Umpire Koll ;
DBTUOIT , Sept. 10. Result of to-day
panic :
iK-troU . a 00010301
Vrt-shington . 0 00000120
I'ltcliers Qelicln nnd Kccfo. Base hits-
Pctrolt 11 , Washington 0. Errors Detroit
Washington 4. Umpire Lynch.
INDUXITOXIS , Sept. 10. llcsult of to-day1
patue :
Indianapolis , . . ,4 0000000 *
Wevv Yorl ? : . . . . < 0 00000210
UurOIclc and Keofo. Base hit
7 , jfew YorH 9.ErroM -
mllunnpolls 1 , New York 3. Umpires
) unlcls and Valentino.
CHICAGO. Sept. 10. Hcsult of to-day's
gnmo :
Jhicngo . 2 00400300-8
Joston . 0 3
Pitchers Krock nnd Sowdors. Uaso hits
Chicago 10 , Boston Vi. Errors Chicago i ! , Uos-
on 3. Umplro Powers.
Ci.EVEi.AXD , ScpU 10. Hosult of to-
Iny'tt game :
Cleveland . 0 00010000 1
Brooklyn . I 2
CINCINNATI , Sept. 10. Hosult of to-day's
panic :
Cincinnati . 0 00030000 2
Cnnsas Clty..O 3
I'niiAiiuMtiA : , Sept. 10. Kosult of to-day's
game :
Atnlctios . 0 00003022 7
Jultlruoro . 0 00000000-0
Elkliorn O. MoArdlovlllc 4.
A game between the Elkhorns and Me-
Ardlevlllcs , on the grounds of the latter ,
Sunday , resulted in a victory for the visit-
irs by a score of fl to 4. Barrett nml Cal-
ely were the battery for the McArdlcvilles ,
nnd Baldwin and Urlctfeildor for the Elk-
Snninmry of Testcrclny'H Ilnces at
AViinhlnetiMi Park.
CHICAGO , Sept. 10. The weather was
cloudy , the track fair and the attendance
First race Pink Cottage won , Wiuonn
second , Bcacouslleld thlrtl. Time 1:50. :
Second race Von Trouip won , Aloha second
end , Koundubout third. Time 1 : ir > K.
Third nujo Galen won , Lama Stone sec-
ocd , Hindoo Craft third. Time 1:01 y .
Fourth race Birthday won , Bonnlo King
second , Doubt third. Time 1:43.
Fifth race Bouita won , Hornpipe second ,
Lizzie U. third. Time 1:55 : > .
Brighton BeitDli llrtces.
BHKIIITOX UF.AOII , Sopt. 10. The tenth
season of the Brighton Buach association
losed to-day. Heavy rains made the truck
very muddy.
Three-quarters of u milo Lemon Blossom
; von in 1:20 : , Gunshot second , Allahren
Ono nnd ono-slxtocnth miles Blue Line
won in 1:5 : % Kichliou second , MacGrogor
One and one-eighth miles Plush won in
J.01 , Play Palo second , Norwood third.
Ono nnd one-fourth miles Ernest won in
2H.f : } , Brown Duke second , Troy third.
One-eighth of milo Hxmont won In
1:31'i. : ' Sam Harper second , Harry Kusscll
Ono and one-eignth miles King Idle won
in 3:03 : , Orungo Girl socond. Subaltern
Closing Kvnnts of the World's Uloyclo
HurpAi.0 , Sept. 10. The closing events of
thn world's ' bicycle tournament took place
to-day. The ton-milo amateur bicycle nice ,
3r > 0 yards limit , was won by A. Edumsdon ol
Chicago. Time IW:15. The ono milo ntini-
teur tendon bicycle race was won by O. C.
und W. D. Banker of Pittsburg. Time 2:17. :
Stennislilp Arrivals.
At New York The steamer Peter dc
Coninck from Antwerp.
At Hamburg Tlio Gillcrt from Now York.
At Philadelphia The British Princess
from Liverpool.
At Itottcrdain The Albaul from Balti
At Hull The Martello from Now York.
At Havre Tno Viotu from B.iltimoro.
At Glasgow The Phoenician from New
At Boston The Palestine from Liverpool ,
At Baltimore The Moreen from Antwerp.
At Now York , the Eider , from Bremen ;
the Ethiopia , from Glasgow.
A Painful Acoidcnt-
PLATTSMOUTII , Neb. , Sopt. 10. [ Special
Telegram to THIS Unc.j--Kov. Futhor Carnoj
of the Catholic church , mot with a danger
ous accident to-day. While pulling up a car
pet a tack struck him in the eye , inflicting E
painful if not serious injury.
Married Her Skipper.
Ityas developed that tlocidodly ro
mantic features attach to the brio'f an
nouncement a few days asjo of the mar-
ringo utNoonuh , Wis. , of Mrs. Kate E
Porter , of Chicago , and a Mr. John P
Roberts. Mrs. Porter is ono of the
wealthiest ladies in the northwest , having -
ing an income of $25,01)0 ) a year. Fred
erick C. Porter , of the well-known fruit
linn ot Porter Uros. , was her first hus
band. Three years ngo ho died , pos
sessed of unimcuinberod real estate tc
the value of very nearly $500,000 , which
is managed by his brother , Washing
ton Porter. In this real estate there
are included valuable business block :
on South "Water , Lake and Dcarboi
streets , Chicago , and the handsome
apartment house known as the Bolvi-
doro , corner Thirty-first street and Cottage
tago Grove avenue , wh'ch cost ovoi
$160,000 , By the careful and judicious
management pf.Washington Porter nni
the natural increase of values In Chicago
cage real estate this property has ho
come worth nearly $700,000 and in los-
than ton years at the present rtito ol
increase will bo worth over $1,000,000 ,
Uy his will the late Fro.loriok . C. Porter
ter gave to his wife the entire income
of this estate during her lifetime. One-
third of the property she can dispose ol
after death. Kato E. Evans was Mrs ,
Porter's maiden name. As Miss Evans
she was a charming brunette. It was
while on a visit in Chicago in 1S72 that
she mot Frederick C. Porter. She had
plenty of admirers nt that time , but slit
reciprocated the love of Mr. Portoi
und they were married during the sura
inor of that year. They lived happily
together until Mr. Porter's death. Dur
ing their wedded life ono child wai
born to them , but it died in infancy
After her husband's death Mrs. Portoi
wont to Ncolmn to live a quiet and so
eluded life. She purchased a mnall
schooner yacht , and as she was vori
fond of fishing this formed her mnlf
amusement on the beautiful Lake
Wlnnobago during the summer am
Three years ago bho first engaged Mr
Roberts , to whom she is now married
to take charge of her craft. Ho wa :
then a boy of eighteen , not oxaytly 111
looking , but ho was not what might b <
termed handsome.
Mrs. Porter was twenty-four when she
married in 1872 and la now forty year
old. The beautiful black tresses of hoi
youth are interspersed with gray , uu
Bho is still very handsome , and her coal
black'eyes are as snapping as over. Tin
husband is short and slender , and then
IB just the faintest ves > tlgo of a mous
tucho commencing to assort itself on hi
upper llw. Nevertheless , ho is said t <
bo a bravo nnd manlv fellow , who wil
make a good and faithful hiibbnnd.
Before Mrs. Porter married her pros
out husband shu oxnocted to moot oppo
sition from Mr. Washington Porter , ho
brothcr-ln-law , but that gentlomai
thought she knew her own business bob
in this regard and made no objections
IIo simply wished her much joy am
happiness. Mrs. Porter was not mucl
known in Chicago society , because slu
Is of a domestic dlspoaition and drosbo
very plainly.
O '
A Cioort Business per Sale ,
on corner of Mason and S. IRth sts. Thi
saahj door , blinds nnd building material
or will soil lease and buildings withou
stock. G. p. LYMAK.
D. D. Smcatonexclusively South Oma
ha real estate , Barker block , Omuha.
Romington typewriter , 1607 Fnrnan
Straneors.vislt Hospo's art store ,
Several UnfortuimtoB Moot With
Various Accidents.
Another IJurleil lly a Landslide nnd
Fatally Injured An Accidental
Shoot Inn A Knnaway and
Other Casualties.
A Chapter nt Ancldcnti.
Kr.oKt'K , In. , Sept. 10. [ Special Telegram
to Tni : Hue. ] The Hock Island passenger
train this afternoon struck n man named F.
Kuboy nt u point where the Atchlson crosses
the Hock Island , a short distance from this
city. The Atchison croislug is umdo above
the grade of the Uoek Island , and Hubey was
watching n train parsing overhead and paid
no heed to the signals of the engineer of the
approaching tr.ilu. The injured man wat
taken on the train and brought to the city ,
but died before surgical aid could bo ob
tained. Ilubey lived near Hclfast. Ho wus
discharged from the Fort Madison peni
tentiary last February , being sent from thin
city for arson.
V , la. , Sept. 10. [ Special Tele-
dram to TIIK HRK.J Lightning played sad
havoc In this section during the storm early
this morning. The largo Methodist church
utNora Springs , valued atll,0)0 ! ) , Insured for
Jl,000 , was struck and burned to the ground.
Thu largo stock barn , together with an im
mense quantity of liny , grain , machinery ,
horses and cattle , belonging to G. H , Hock-
well , of Kockwoll , was llred in the same
manner and all was consumed. The total
loss is $0,000. Eli Johuson's barn at Elling
ton , with hay , grain , etc. , was likewise
linrlcil lly a
Sioux Cmla. . , Sept. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to THU Hue. | John Welch , n laborer ,
was buried tills afternoon by a landslide nt
Sawyer Bluff under four car lo.ids of dirt.
lie was dug out nnd found to have a broken
leg and arm , gashed head , and Interim ! in
juries. He cannot live.
AF.ital Ilniiawny.
DtmuQUn. In. , Sept. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : HUB. ] Ycstordnv , while Mr.
Frank Court , a farmer living four miles
from Dyorsvillc , was driving his family to
church , the team ran away , pitching tlio poo-
pie to the ground. Mrs. Court was Instantly
killed and the others were more or loss in-
lured. _
A Boy and a Gun.
DAVEXPOUT , la. , Sept. 10. [ Social Tele
gram to TIIK Hm : , ] Adolph Levison , aged
fifteen , was killed this morning by the acci
dental discharge of a guu. lie threw it
under a table , the hammer striking ono of
the legs , discharging the contents of the guu
into his side.
Supreme Court DcclMioim.
DKS MOIXKS , la. , Sept. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Hnc.l The supreme court filed
the following opinions to-day :
George Sehultz , appellant , vs Chicago ,
Rock Island & Pacific railroad company ;
from. Mahaska county ; D. Hyan , judge.
State of Iowa vs Charles Jacobs , appellant ;
from Franklin county ; D. D. Miracle , Judge ;
The State of Iowa vs Henry Stone , ap
pellant ; from Cass county ; A. H. Thornoll ,
judge. Heverseil.
Crouowig&Schoontgen vs D. Kuswarm ,
appellant ; from Pottawnttamlo county. Un
A. L. Henderson , appellant , vs W. II. Mc-
Mahicl aud William Prostmau , garnishee ;
from Page county ; A. 13. ThornelL , Judge.
A dinned.
A. Mitchell , appelant , vsHugo H. Kepler ;
L. O. Hatch. Judge. Affirmed.
Patrieic Connors , nnpellant , vs A. C. Mes-
crvey , from Webster county ; John L. Ste
vens , Judge. Afllrmcd.
First National bank of Nevada vs E. D.
Fesm and J. A. Kingheim.intorvcnors ; Story
county ; S. M. Weaver Judge. Afllrmcd.
E. G. Fisher vs. the District Court of Casa
county ; C. F. Loufbourow , Judge ; affirmed.
N. C. Messenger vs. H. L. Votnn , appel
lant ; Marshall county ; J. L. Stevens , Judge ;
State vs. John Webber , appellant ; Polk
county ; Joseph Giyen , Judge ; affirmed.
Mary J. Potter vs. E. S. Potter , appellant ;
Johnson county ; S. II. Farrci , Judge ,
Jane Cochrnn ct nl. vs. Charles Breekcn-
ridge , appellant ; Audubon county ; H. E.
Ueenier , judge ; ntllrmcd.
George E. Fuller vs. MlKo McDonnell ct
nl. , appellants ; Palo Alto county ; George H.
Carr , Judge ; afllrmed.
Mary Myland vs. L. D. Frost ; Shelby
county ; A. B. Thornoll , judge ; affirmed.
James B. Martya vs. H. C. Lamar , et al. ,
appellants ; Hucim Vista county ; Lot
Thomas. Judge ; affirmed.
W. J. Snyder vs. James Snyder et al , ap
pellants : Des Moines county ; Charles H.
Pholps. judge ; affirmed.
Sarah J. Cooke , administratrix , appellant ,
vs. W. C. ftlontgomery , sheriff , ut al ; War
ren county : O. H. Ayers , Jude ; affirmed.
M. O. Griffin , appellant , vs. Mary S. Tur
ner etal ; Clay county ; George H. Carr ,
Judge ; affirmed.
Barnes Bros. , appellants , vs. W. S. Mo-
Crou & Co. ot nl ; Boone county ; L. G.
Kinno , judge ; ufllrmcd.
Board of Supervisors of Mitchell county
vs. W. E. Horton et al , appellants ; Mitchell
county ; J. B. Clelond , Judge ; afHrmed.
Kinzey El wood vs. H. C. Price , appellant ;
Howard county ; C. T. Granger , judge ;
Forced to Confess.
WATCIILOO , la. , Sept. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bin. : | Burglars last night entered
tered the general store of O. Tuttle ut Hazel
ton , BucUanan county. They \voro surprised
while nt work by parties who had discov
ered them. Three of the fellows sprang out
of the front door and escaped. The other
two attempted tlio roar entrance and wore
captured. Hopes wore placed about their
necks and a confession speedily extorted.
Their plan was to rob the store and return tc
Oolwein , sto.U a hand car nnd come tc
Waterloo. No tr.ico of the three who es'
caiied has yet been found.
Burglaries ut Allison.
WATRIII.OO. la. , Sept 10 , [ Special Tele
gram to THE HEB.J The hardware store and
postoflleo of 1. 1C. Wlnsott , at Allison , was
entered by burglars Saturday morning. Two
hundred and eighty-one dollars In mone.\
and stamps was taken. The grocery store ol
E. McMillan was also entered and the saft
opened , but no money found.
The Burlington Shipper * .
DBS MOIXES , la. , Sept. 10. Burlington
shippers , forty in number , mudo application
to-day to the railroad commission to appoint
a hearing of their complaint against the
local railroads for alleged unjust rates , anil
make them now rates. Thu commissioner *
fixed the hearing for Burlington ou Septcui
bor W.
_ _
An Important CUKO Continued.
Lour CITV , Nob. , Sept. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun HEB.J The case of Torbush vs
the Barker estate , which involves thu title ol
a considerable part of Loup City , has beer
continued till the February term of court.
HarriH Will
New YOIIK , Sept. 10 President Harris , ol
the Northern Pacific railroad , suya that he
will resign the presidency in favor of T. F ,
Ames , but will remain as chairman of Uu
board of directors.
Another Trestle Fnlln.
CIXCIXXATI , Sept. 10. A trestle on th (
Huntlngton railroad , now In course of con
structlon , a short distance from Newport
ICy. . fell this morning , instantly killing out
of the workmen nnd fatally injuring ( mother ,
Drink Malto , 25 contoii bottlo.
Augusta , Oa. , ' Itnpldly BrlilR Con-
Yoi-ioil lilton Wntory Waste.
AuntNTt , Gu. , .isopt. 10. The Savannah
river has Hooded this city. The river Is ut
Its highest regMcl : since IStO. The water
rose rapidly ami rit d o'clock p. in. Is still
rising. The ) l ods have stopped cotton
factories In the wontcru end of the city , and
transformed the business and residence | wr-
tlon Into islumK Broad street , four miles
long , Is In a fnlf'lkmtlnp condition. Currents
nru running through the cross streets from
Broad street tpt ( Jreen street. Stores nrc
Hooded from onu to two f < HJt , but merchants
generally have moved their goods to shrives
nnd counters. Ono man Is reported dead
from fright and n old colored fishmonger
was drowned to day on Ellis street.
In Transit Hatoi.
Cnicvoo , Sept. 10. There is n hitch in the
proposed arrangement for an advance in
grain rate * from Chicago to Interior points in
tlio territory of the Central Traffic associa
tion , It was projwhcd to put the advance
rates into effect September in , but this can
not now bo done , owing to the refusal of the
Baltimore A : Ohio and Nlcklo Plate to be
come parties to the agreement. These roads
object to restrictions In mllliitir In transit
privileges , it having boon decided by the
Chicago freight cbtninittua that no road
should apply thn milling in transit rates to
liohits not actually on its own tracks. A
meeting of thu committee has been culled for
to-morrow to further consider the question.
The Weather Indication * ) .
For Nebraska and Dakota : Fair , cooler
with northerly winds.
For Iowa : Llirht rains , followed by
warmer weather , cooler southerly winds
shifting to northerly.
Sonic Well Known Characters U'hoGo
Through lilfc With u Couiiterprrt.
Chicago Tribune : Tlio nssortion that
each poi'BOii has u double ha * , acquired
the fctundiiijr of u respcfctotl provorb.
It has boon repeated so often HO often
proved true MB to fairly entitle it to
plure ainpnj , ' the wise saww garnorcd up
by experience nnd observation. Nearly
every man runs against seine othur fol
low somewhere in his life who looks so
much like him thnt ho is almost puzzled
to know which in which.
The resemblances between womou
arts oven more frequent and strildnu
than thee betwcon men. This is moro
especially marked amonjr blondes , par
ticularly of the y-skiiiiiod plump
type. Women who have never behold
each other will bo found to even have
the wuiie. tricUH of manner and speech.
There will bo similarity in the poses of
the head , the lift of the chin and the
droop of the eyus. There will bo fcuuh
perploxiiif * rohomhlancu in the Bessie
ot to-day to the Katharine of the past
that even the fondest sweetheart has
been known lo ponder over the possi
bility that the.y were one and tlio same ,
or , at least , lwiji § .
Singular east1.of ) , mistaken identity
are continually coming to light. None
of recent date us more curious than that
which oceiii-reAl 'recently when the body
of a man was rluimod at the morgue by
wife and children , carried to their homo
and prepared for burial. In the midst
of the funeral vitain walkeJ the miss
ing head of tin.1 family well , strong and
very much ashaliicd of himself.
Mirny promlji'cS'jjt men have found to
their umiiMiinciil or annoyance , as cir
cumstances warranted , that they were
possessory of 'doubles , whom ail their
friends mistook for themselves. These
sac-simile specirhons of the Creator's
noblest work s'o'ujolinies have u deal of
fun out of their similarity. Again it is
the occasion of grave misunderstand
ings. Even thoi magnetic man from
Maine is declared to have his physical
prototype iu Colonel William i\
Shnfor , well known in Now York as a
political worker. Colonel J. S. Clark-
son , the gentleman who represents
Iowa on the national republican com
mittee , and that genial ex-coiigrcssnmii ,
J. Halo Swplior , are said to look no
much alike thnt their dearest friends
wouldn't know them apart if they got
mixed up in a collision.
Judge Maurice , f. Powers is tlio leader
of the county democracy in Now Yorlc.
lie is a pretty active innn in politics.
Ex-Senator Stephen W. Durooy , who is
rather out of the line just now , is his
very imago. About every day some ono
from the outer circle of Powers' clique
stumbles over Dorsoy and proceeds at
once to give the lay of the democratic
wires in his ward. Each of these gen
tlemen could make it lively for the
other , if ho would , for Dorsoy has his
hands on several schemes , and his co
terie are eternally breaking bounds nnd
whispering secrets into Powers' ears
through a mistake of personality.
Senator .lohn D. Jacobs , who is dis
tinguished as having missed the nomi
nation for governor a few years back ,
and Amos J. Cuuimings , who is now in
congress , could pass easily for twin
brothers and have no questions asked.
Moro than once has some individual
boon discovered with the physiognomy
of Jay Gould. His most perfect doulilo
is R. * .r. Fra/ior , u man of distinction in
Memphis. Whenever Mr. Frnzior goes
to New York ho is always mistaken for
the many times millionaire. General
Grant and Colonel /eb Ward , the fa
mous warden , who has boon in charge
of nearly every penitentiary in the
south , were so near alike in iippcaranco
that once when a reception was
given Grant at Little Kock Colonel
Ward relieved , him of the labor of
hand-shaking _ for a timo. Ho carried
out the deeoiition successfully uhliljquJ
of his old colored servants cried outi. Vj
"Hi , yah I Yud's can't fool dis VPtiJ
chilo. Yud's not the ginoral by tv-\6 \ > fS
sight. Yud's jus' my niassnZlbA\Vaj :
Chauncoy M. Depow claims that ho
looks so much like Adam Foropaugh
that ho didn't have to get any litho
graphs made for the republican conven
tion. Ho suys that these scattered
everywhere in Chicago during that
conglomerated fiasco were Home ho bor
rowed from MivForopaugh.
Colonel Thotimspchiltroa never found
out until rocontlytliat ho had u double.
Ho was oxccedujgjy gratified when ho
got the iiiformiUon } , , and wont right
down to the Now Jersey summer resort ,
whore the iniuu'kcops a drug store , to
got a look at hi'nr. ' Ono of the Studc-
bakcr boys looks sb much like George
Floyd , the theatrical manager , that he's
bored half to deiUu with people asking
him for pns-cs.iCoJonel James T. Spark-
man gets mlritiikdii for A. M. Palmer
live days out of'tli6 seven by people who
have manuscript inlays for sale. Lottu's
big brother , J < / MCrabtree , and Am
brose J. HutlerJJHtbliuhorof the Buffalo
News , don't dnrq'lo stay in the suino
town a week at .a 'timo for fear their
best girls will got them inextricably
General A. L. Plorson , of Pittsburg ,
used to be so often taken for General
Sheridan that ho almost felt like a
fraud. A patent medicine hawker in
Missouri several years ugo , took great
delight in passing himself elf for Sen
ator Vest. Moro than ont-o ho lot him-
eolf bo got hold of by reporters who
supposed him the famous senator and
electrified them by talking absurdities.
Ho excelled in the enactinont of his de
ception , and nothing made Vest madder
than to say "patent medicine" to him.
The Seventh ward democratic club
will meet Wednesday evening at the
Park house.
Attorney Crane has gone to Chicago.
> Twonty-Socontl Annual Enonmp-
niont of the Q. A. R.
The City Ooi'KciuMly Decorated In
nnnor of the Kvcnt T.ioits-
nulls o ( Veterans on
I lie Scene.
Tlio flrnnd Army Kncnntpincnf.
Coi.UMiirs , O. , Sept. 10. The week of the
twenty second mutual encampment of the
Grand Army of Mio Republic has arrived.
For many weeks preparations have been
actively underway , and the immense crowds
that nru pouring Into the city on every train
and from every part of the country lind flags ,
streamers , arches , Grand Army and other
veteran organization emblems on every hand.
Stores mid dwellings arc handsomely deco
rated , and a do/en handsome arches span the
streets. Grand Army posts 1m vo been arriv
ing every little while. Quarters have been pro
vided for something Hlto onu hundred thousand -
and more than Imvo yut announced their
purpose of attending , and there is no dangur
of o/orcrowdlng. Thn veterans are in four
camps , the main one being known as Camp
Nell , located east of the Union depot. Camp
Uunnlson Is located in Northwest Columbus.
Camp Haydcn is on liust Uroud street. Jn
all these camps , including South Camp Neil ,
ample sleeping and dining arrangements
have been made , and tuts veterans announce
themselves well pleased with the outlook
for the week.
The reports from Chicago and many other
l > olnts are to the effect that the trains are
packed almost to suffocation , and that the
crowds have increased so greatly that the
sale of tickets had to be temporarily discon
tinued. Ohio posts nro arriving ut all oours
in great numbers. The Davenport , la. , hosts
have arrived and worn followed by a post
from Newport , ICy. Early this morning do-
purtuiciiu from Colorado , Missouri , Iowa.
ICnnsiis , Wisconsin , Minnesota and Maryland
arrived. At HI o'clock delegates from Now
Hampshire , Mnssaehnetts and Khodo Island
arrived In eleven Blcepcis and two pas
senger coaches. A great ninny delegate * * to
the National Woman's Uollof corps are nrriv-
ing mid being cared for at the headquarters
of that organization Now York Bent the larg
est delegation. Heprosptitatives are also
present from Missouri , Kansas and Pennsyl
vania. Three delegates arc prciont from Tex-
arkana. Ark. The ladles will hold their
convention \\Vdnesduy. .
Aside from the reception of the incoming
delegations there was nothing going on dur-
the day , but to-night the Sons of Veterans
will have a reception and camp lire. General
Sherman arrived fioni Lancaster at noon
and is the guest of his Bister , who lives in
this city.
During the afternoon Miss Nolllo Sheri
dan , of Somerset , O. . who is a niece of the
Into General Sheridan , presented to the
Sheridan battalion of Perry county , Ohio , n
beautiful silk Hag which had been made ex
pressly for them by the aged mother of gal
lant "Little Phil. "
The council of administration met during
the afternoon and transacted routine busi
ness , among other things approving the
bringing of children from the soldiers' ' and
sailors' orphans' homo at Xenla , O. , on a
hpcoinl train to see the parade to-morrow ,
and completing arrangements for the parade ,
which promises to be wonderfully largo. At
a late estimate there uro close to L'OO.lXKl
strangers in the city to-night. The streets
are brilliantly lighted , and in every direction
is heard the sound of lift ! and drum.
A light has already begun for the holding
of the next encampment , and Indianapolis
and Milwaukee are presenting their rcspoc-
tive claims. Among these who have been
already mentioned as candidates for coin-
mandcr-in-chief are Judge Veasc'i , Vermont ;
General John Palmer , New" York ; General
William Warner , Missouri ; lion. John ( . ' .
Linchaii , Now Hampshire ; General M. M.
Curtis , Now York ; Governor Alger , Michi
gan ; Colonel Sexton. Illinois , and General
Gobbin , Pennsylvania.
Three long trains to-night brought in posts ,
delegations and visitors from California ,
Oregon and Washington Territory , the parties
having enjoyed a long but pleasant journey.
Colorado. Dakota , Minnesota , Iowa , Mis-
Bouri , Wisconsin , Michigan. Illinois , in fact
all the western and northwestern states and
territories , are already well represented ,
while the eastern and southern states in
some cases have their largest ixjrtion oi
members yet to report.
Many Ships Sunk and a Iiarcc IJOHS ol
Ijifo Reported.
KEY Wisr : , Fla. , Sept. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun tJr.u.l From Havana reports
nro coming in from the cities along the north
side of Cuba which show that the storm
passed there , doing irreater damage than
hero. In , forty miles from here ,
the Spanish gunboat Lclatad , with a crc-.v ol
fifteen men all tolu , broke anchor and was
sunk. All hands were lost. Forty-three
bodies have been washed on the bcaeli at
Balubimo. Every vessel in the port waa
sunk. The loss of life will be considerable.
The city of Mntaiuns suffered the loss of
several tug-boats. A number of houses
were also blown down , witli great loss of
life. All wlmrvcs nro damaged , and vessels
ut anchor wore sunk. The city of Cardenas
is in u fearful condition. Even stone build
ings were demolished. The river robe six
feet. In some parts of the e'ty ' the inhab
itants had to flco for their lives , the water
washing their furniture through the streets.
The Htcumer Enrique , tied up at the wharf ,
was uKosunk. Tim total loss in Cardenas Is
over $1,000. The loss of life cannot be cat ! '
mated , but will bo largo.
l-ilnl Collision In Town ,
C.uiuou , , la. Sept. 10. A rear end col
Jisiou on the northern Iowa division of twc
special freight trains occurred Saturday
night about 0 o'clock. The first special , Coir
ductor Merrill , came down from Moville , rcg
( storing at Wall Lake junction and goini ; eaht ,
e second special , from Sioux City , did not
p-nt tlio junction to examine the register ,
. lug Conductor Lrsher's lirst trip. The
ngmo of the lirst special broke down at
Auburn and all hands were working on it ,
when the second special dashfd into the teat
end of the train. The eugino of tliu second
special went through three t-urH anil plunged
into the depot , knocking the building ( > 1T ol
Us foundation. The engine lay in the midst
of the building. The engineer , Kellar , wan
roastcJ slowly under the III o box , his body
not being recovered until Sunduv evening.
The lircman , George Trusty , had both logs
cut off and tiled at midnight. A
brukeman. name unknown , was fatally
Injured. No ouo on thu first special was in
U'ullnclt'ri KuiiRral.
' Nuw YOIIK , Sept. 10.Tho funeral services
over the remains of the late Lester Wallnck
were held at the Church of the Transfigura
tion to-day. The church was crowded with
members of the theatrical profession , among
whom were many leading lights. After thu
services , which were conducted by Uov. Dr.
Hough ton and Kov. Mr. Bos worth , the re
mains were take.ii to Woodlawn cemetery.
A Forger fJlvon IllmsolfUp.
LYO.V , Mass. , Sept. 10 , .1. Colby Drew
this morning gave himself uu as a forger.
Ho Imd charge of the mmnvlul matters of W.
F. Monroe , n grocer , and has secured notes
iu blank slgncu by Alonron mill obtained
money amounting to about Mt , OJO.
Hlmlccn Up l.y HnrtlHiiiiikeH.
ATIICX * , Sept. 10. Two earthquake shocks
have occurred at Vostlr/a , on the Corinthian
gulf , doing great damage. A supply of tents
has been sent for the homeless , and a supply
of provisions for Iho destitute.
Fli'cd Flvo Hliots.
A man giving the name of George F , Jor
dan tried to burglarize the house of William
Donnelly , the saloon keeper , on Seventeenth
street , near Hurt. The follow was discov
ered In the act , and Donnelly flred live shots
at him. Ofllccr Shouu lives Iu that neighbor
hood and captured the would-be burglar.
Drink Malto it is pleasant.
Sept. 10. In the senate to *
day the house amendments to the senate bill
to pension the widow of Gonornl Kllpatrlck
( reducing the amount from $100 to $75 per
month ) was non-concurred in , and n commit
tee of conference ordered.
Mr. Morgan Introduced nbill appropriating
fJUl.llHl to be paid to the Chinese minister at
Washington as full Indemnity for all losses
and Injuries sustained by Chlncso subjects
who have been "In remote and unsettled re
gions of the United States victims of Injuries
in their persons aud property at thu hands of
lawless men , " and proceeded to address the
sonata In explanation and advocacy , and on
the subject of the pointing bill for thu abso
lute prohibition of Chinese immigration. A
sharp colloquy followed between the speaker
nnd Mr. Mitchell. After the debate Mr.
Mitchell , In a short speech , repelled Mr.
Morgan's insinuations agnlnst his character
and closed his remarks by exclaiming :
"Whatever I may have done since 1 have
been n incinbcror , this body , I have never
come into the senate chamber full of whisky ,
disgracing myself nnd disgracing the sen
ate. "
At the close of Mr. Morgan's speech his
bill was referred to the committee on foreign
The conference report on the army appro
priation bill was presented and ngrood to.
The house retaliation bill was then pre
sented and referred to the committee on for
eign relations.
Mr. Stewart asked unanimous consent to
have the Chinese exclusion bill taken up ,
but Mr. Sherman objected.
Mr. Stewart then mudo a motion to that
effect , and It was carried and tlio bill
taken up.
Mr. Sherman addressed the sonata In
favor of Mr. Blair's motion to reconsider the
vote by which the bill was passed.
Mr. Gcorio declared that If it had notbecn
for the pending presidential election such nn
unseemly contest between the two sides of
thu chamber to get ahead In the race would
would not have occurred.
Mr. Kvarts insisted that the bill should bo
referred to the committee on foreign rela
Mr. Wilson of Iowa said that when the bill
was put on its passage last Friday there
wore three votes cast against it.
Without action on the Chinese bill the sen
ate adjourned. _
lion so.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 10. In the house Mr.
Sayres of Texas presented the conference
report on the fortification bill and it was
Among the bills Introduced was one by
Mr. Anderson of Illinois to make Qulncy a
port of entry.
The house then resumed consideration of
the confcronco report on the sundry civil ap
propriation bill. The pending motion was
that made by Mr. Hrcckcnrldee of Kentucky
to concur in the amendment reserving from
sale and entry , until otherwise provided , all
lands made susceptible of irrigation.
Mr. Itucon of Now York took advantage of
the debate that followed to deliver a speech
on the subject of trusts , but as his time was
limited lie had merely an opportunity to
touch brielly upon th cotton bagging trust.
Consideration of the bill was' interrupted
long enough to allow Mr. Marsh of Pennsyl
vania to present the conference report on the
army appropriation bill , it was nirrood to.
The sundry civil appropriation" bill was
then again taken up , and after a discussion
of the arid land amendment , and without
action , the house adjourned.
Nebraska anil Iowa. Pensions.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 10. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BEI : . ] Pension granted Nobrasicuus :
Original invalid Henry Schwetgcr , Kocii ;
William D. Porsoll , Hloommgton ; Jewctt
Barnes , Upland. Restoration and increase
Jacob W. Mumford. Freeman. Increase-
George Miller , Omaha ; Alexander Hogg ,
Williamsburg ; Cephos Mears , Mcntorville ;
Nicholas Holmes , Ainsworth. Heissue
Joro M. Cremor , Klmwood. Original ,
willows , etc. Delia Caroline , St. Martin ,
former widow of James Moore , IJcynolda.
Mexican survivors Hiiain G. W. Spencer ,
Pensions for lownns : Original Invalid
John Peck , Whltnoyvillo ; William L. Burrcs ,
Hampton ; Thomas Dnnkle , Eddyville ; John
T. Kiddle , Frederick ; Thomas G. Pilgrim ,
Grinnell ; William Brawd.v , Zero : William
Armstrong Washington ; Joseph W. Kiddie ,
Moullou ; Abraham Sells , Murray. Increase
John A. lirown , Marciuo : Alonr.o II. Dun-
forth , Calamus ; Evans 11. Buchanan , Ot-
tumwu. Hoissuc Abraham btowart , Mar-
smalltown ; John Wolfe , Washington. He-
issue and increase Benjamin W. Varda-
man , Mount Ayr. Mexican widows Ue-
becca , widow of Itlclmrd Conquest , Loon.
Wusliltmlon Brevities.
The heavy puroLiiso of United States bonds
last week caused a marked decline in the
treasury surplus , which fell from SI 10.000,000
last Monday to S103U30HX ) , as stated in the
treasurer's report yesterday.
A call for a democratic caucus , to bo held
on Thursday , is being cii ciliated. The ob.
jcct is to secure uniformity of action upon
pending business , to give expression to tlio
wishes of the majority relative to final ad
journment or recess , and to discuss the ex
pediency of attacking trusts us proposed by
bills introduced by Mr. Breckonridg-c of
Arkansas. Meanwhile it is improbable that
a meeting of the ways and means commltteo
will be called until the caucus has outlined
thu wishes ot the democratic side of the
Knew Him by Sljht.
Snn Francisco Chronicle : "I'm from
Tucson , " said the stranger , us ho saun
tered up to n dreamy , long-haired nuiii
at the end of the bur , ' 'nnd I've been
looking at the nights. "
' I'vo lcon ) in Tucson , myself , " re
plied the di'cniny man , as they clinked
gins-tea. "Glad to see a man from
there. "
"That so ? Know Mansfield ? "
"No. "
"Know XabroubkiV
"No. "
"Doii'tV Know Leiu KopklnsV"
"Can't MIV I do. I wasn't there a
{ Trent while1 ' and the dreamy mini pon-
hivoly drained his glass : "but do you
know Hoetor Sorvidau ? "
"No. "
"Know Mart Chtuzlowltb"
"N-no/ '
"Don't1-1 Know old Don Quixote ? "
"Fo ; 'less he was the Mexican that
ken' the saloon.-
' Niiwl That wa 'n't him. You don't
f > ecm very well acquainted. Did you
know Dante , Bill Nye or Dan Do-
" d-doii'-t think ? "
"N-iio , - - BO
' 'Look-a-lioro , young feller , you don't
boom to know any prominent citizens.
I don't heliovo you'rn from Tucson. I'll
give you ono more * Hhoxv. I never saw a
mtin from Tucon that didn't know ono
mun , nn' if you don't know him take
kcer , my friend , take kecr ! Do you
know Clivc NowconibV' '
Y-.vcu , " stammi-red the stranger
from Tucson , as ho slid toward the
door : "that is , I know him by night , "
and ho lied through the door.
No Alarm.
Detroit Free Press : "IJosi , " he asked
of one of tlio patrolmen on the market ,
' how long after a punson are bitten by
a dog kin hu run inudV"
"If the dog was mtul ho will probably
fool it in n few weeks. "
"Ho will in a year , anyhow ? "
' Yes. Have you boon bittenr1"
" 1 hov. Ji t fo'ty yearn ugo to-day.
Itcckon I needn't feel anxius ? "
"Not a bit. "
"f'an'tbo no danger now ? "
"No. "
"Much obleegod. I didn't reckon
dcro wits , but I thought it biifor to go to
do police. I hain't ono of dose yero
ntunk up nusboua who thinks ho knows
it nil , nnd I ain't to proad to stop nnd
talk wld u policeman. No danger , oh ?
Much oblcogod ugin. "
The message boxes ot TUB DKK are
proving a great convenience to the
I7ic Oi'lyln ami Invention of flit
Jiot'otoglcal Machine *
The ) Htnnnr < l nfTlnlo Adopted In tb
UnlitMt Nlnton I'onr Hours Dif
ference llrtwnon I lie At-
liuulo MtiU I'nulllc.
All measurement of tltnn l < wholly nrbltary
nits clmrnrtcr , bornuso th nctuiil uiul thnt
four clocks ngri'o only as to local time on four
duyn ! u the yrur. April Jo , Juno 14 , August III
nml December 21. This applies pqunlly to all
local stamlimlft usttl In this country. Tim
trouble to piactlcnl men WIIA tno fart thnt theru
wus four Hours dln > runce between Sun Francis ,
co iiud the eastern portion of Maine. Tlio nilop-
tlou or both Washington nml New-Orleans tlma
us a Hlnglu Ktniuliiril was opnn to the HIUIIU ob
jection. Tint Krt'Ht rli iiuo that would Imvo to
bit in ml n to makr it U ! o'clock , noon. In all pnrttf
of thu country at the tsamu tlmu Mould various *
ly interfere with nn I rlmnco nil old customs
nnituxiiK < M. In I87CI'rof. . Abbey sn KOsted tha
adoption tif four time bclu fur uin lu this coun
try , bmcd on the 7. " > , to. liv > ml UiilfKrc ( of
longitude. There wiis to bo Just one hours dlf-
teicuceln clock time between cnch t o of thosn
points. 'Iho clmiif'o caused lint unimportant
dlrft-rence.s anywhere. MIVO In plncos whore two
belts meet , find then In pusxtiiK from ona belt
to ( mother , there la just one hours dltfereuco In
time. Tlio plan Is the simplest and most con
venient that cnn bo devised.
Thu early history of clocks and watches Is en
veloped In sn much obscurity thnt It would be
almost liiiDoi.siblo to point out any Individual
who could with propriety bocallod the Inventor.
BtrlKltiK clocks were known In Italy as early an
the latter part of the Unit or the lipelnnttiK of
the 14th century. The middle of the lith cen
tury seems to bo the time which affords the
co-unit ! evldonco of thu exlntencn of what w ould
bo now called n clock or regulated hornloRlcal
mnchlnu. The Ilrst clock at liologim VVIIH llxecl
nplnVViG. ( "ouiadlis Uiisypodlus elves an nc-
ctiunt of a clock irocU'd ut StrusliurK. about
i : l. l.ehimuiu iiiformna us that theru was a
clock at Splro In Ufiti. Venice had ono In IIP" .
The conclusion to bo drawn from the ovldenco
hero adduced IM that u well regulated horolotfl-
cal miichlno Is neither of KO ancient a dntoas
Homo wrltorH mtpposo. nor net the morn recent
Invention of the Lint two contnruu and thai the
Inventor Is not certainly known. So numerous
have been the novelties In the clock tind watch
mnnnfa-turo within the last few years that the
bare enumeration of tlio imtuoH of thu Inventors
would occupy a comldcrublo spare .
jMnniiK the many o\pert watchmaher.s In
Omaha Is ono , Mr. P. M. Itoyer , who n hen Interviewed -
viewed winked at his business at the jewelry
sloio No lid South lil'h street. Mr. lloycr Is u
native ot Denmaik , and came to this city from
tlu'io about three yearn ajjo , ho :
"t llrnt noticed there Has xometliltiKthn mat
ter with me when I wan ubont 15 yearn old , nnd
It continued to irow worse until It became al
most unbearable. My head ached mo and I
had tMo most everuclntlnji piilns over my eye !
my eyes were watery nnd imwln > > weak ; my
no-,0 w.ta continually stopped up , ilrst one Hide ,
then the other , and in the mornlm ; 1 could blow
dry. hard bcabs Irom It. 1 had a continual
dioppl'iK In HHI back | ) att of my throat , which
caused an haw kliiK and splttlUKand
caused my thnfut to lie unite mini most of the
time ; my imiBS worn i-oro and 1 hud HII awful
tightness mi my chest , making It diltlcult for
mo to breathe itt time" , particularly was this
noticeably at ulnht when 1 would retire : 1
would often have to Ket tip and Nit In a chair so
astobuablu to bieatlia : this of course \\ould
cause me to Ket but llttlo Hleop and make mo
limit for autlxo work the next day. I was both *
ered considerably with my tttonweh , too , and to
maku u loni ; slory xliint 1 was about as mist r-
able n BUtluiitr fiom CHturrh as can bo found. I
read Iho advertisements of Dr. C M. Jordan
inllio dally p.ipcrs and found the hjmDtom.s
tliero described to lit my case HO well that I
called on him and Wrfs examined , ami ho told
mo that it was catarrh and that I had Rome
polypus tumors urowitm in my nose that would
lm\atobe. removed. He removed them , and
the treatment ho gave me. .soon brought mo out
a w ell limn. I treated for three months and my
no .e and head Is clenr. No moro headaches , no
moro pain over the ryes , no more sere throat
nor hawiclnn and spitting , and when 1 retlra at
night It is tea good and refreshing sleep , and I
do not have lo get up to bo able to ho. What
bothers me now la that theioaroso many poo-
piu In this city , onu BJI-.S them every dav on the
htreetw , who can not say they have heard their
natural voice for a long time , who have not had
a good night's rest for mouths , aud who are In
peipstual misery , all owing to a chronic cuso of
calmih , but there Is no necessity for Much
things as long as there Is a dojtor who
can and will cure It , and tlo It cheaply , too , I
was surprised at the cost of his treatment. I
had supposed that It would cost quite a Mini ot
money und that 1 would have to lay off from
work , but I was agreeably disappointed as It
cost but a nominal num. and 1 did not logo n
dav from my usual occupitlon.
The following are Iho symptoms read by Mr.
Dnycr and which convinced htm that ho had en *
tarrh. Head them , it so , then you too have ca
The KfRinnlng itntl I'mcre n ofn DlH-
citHO ai > Common in thin Climate.
A Few Symptoms of Disease That
May 1'i-ovo Serious lo You.
Do you have frequent Ills of mental depression
sionDo you experience ringing or buzzing noises
Do u feel as though you must MiHocato
when lying down ? , , , . . .
Aiejon troubled with a InuJUIni ; cough and
general debility/
A i e j o'.ir eyes generally weak and watery and
fmiuuntly intlaiuodir
Does your volco h.ive a husk , thick sound and
anas.ilhort of twang ?
Is yon breath frequently ollouslvo from some
uniti countable cause if
Have you a dull , oppressive headache , gener
ally located over the eycay
Do you have to hawic nml cough friMjuuntly In
the eilort to clear your throat/
Are you losing your sense of smell and is
yourhunseof taste becoming dnlludf
Does your nose alw.iyo feel stopped up , fore-
Imr you to iiroatlm through your month/
Do you frequently feel tiu/.y , p.u-llcularly
when sioopliiu to pick anvthlug oil the Hour ?
Doe ? every little draft ot t\r \ and every slight
change of tumperaturo give yon u coldV
Are you annoyed by a constant doslru to hawk
nplt out an endless quantity of phlegm I
Do you rise from bed an tired atid weak as you
weic the light before aud 1'cel as though you
wanted to lie there forever ?
Is yourttiroat ( Illed with phlegm In thu morn
ing , which cun only bo dUch.nged alter violent
touulilng and huw Icing and spitting ?
Do you occasionally wako from a troubled
sleep wit ha start and feel an if yon had Just
escaped n horrlnlodoath by ihoklng ?
Have you lost all ititeroit In yoir c.illlu or
business or former pleasnrenall ambition gonw ,
and do yon feel liuinrrrcnt whuther to-muiruw
lludM vou alive or dead/
Aro'yon troubled with a discharge fiorn tin
head Into throat , hometliiKM winery and oxtes-
hlvu , hometimm mucus , thick , hticklna to what-
nverlt toiichos , S'imclliiies bloody , and nearly
always putrid and olfenslvu ?
Thtialiovu are homo of the many symptom
of catarrh and thu be lntilngof lung tioiibles.
will huvu all of tin-in
Not onu canu lu u himdied ,
but every one airecti-il will have n few or many
of them. The creator or moro suilous your
HViniitoins. the more dangerous your condition.
TnlschibH of dlseasals truat d veryHUcceisfnlly
by Dr. Mcl'oy or his asuoclatos. The many
cases reported through thu columns of the dully
puiiers proves this , aud each Htutemtint pub-
llnliud U BUbstuntlally the s.imo as given by the
patient cm ml. Dr. Mcl'oy and his associates
use no secret noitrums. but c.uro disease by
thulr skillful combination of thn best known ,
remeJIerf. applied lu the most approved mun-
tier , and by using the lutoit and most Highly
lerommondud appliances known to the profes
sion. Tliov thus producu results that xpealc
for Ihomsolves in the many p.itlouts cured , ami
wi-asin-o our readers that these eminent phy.
Hiclans havn achieved a sicc ; ? s lu curing dln-
casu tvhlrli tew or no othur doctors c. u dupll.
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Sncooi-dcd bj'
rilAltl.KS M. JOHUAN.
( LntnoCtho I'nivei .ity ot Now York c'lty and
Ihiumd 1'ulverslty , Washington , D , U.
I1A9 OlTll'1-.H
No. 01O and 311 Ramtro BulldlnK
Corner llfUentb and Ilarney ut , , Omaha. Neb. ,
where all ctirublo cat > e-i ar-j trvatud
Note Dr. Charles M , Jordan has bisen iiwl-
( lent physician for Dr. McCoy , In Omuha , foi
thu pat > t year and is thu physician who luu
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