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OFFIUK , So. 12 rn.vuij STIIUKT
Delivered by Cnrrler In Any 1'nrt of the City nt
Twmty Ccuta 1'er Week.
II. W. TJI.TON. . : . . MANAUKH.
cr. No. 41.
MIXOlt ai
N. Y. Plumbing company.
Tlio low rate Klvcn by the Northwestern
rend Ims cnunoil quite mi extensive exodus of
citizens wlio ileslro to visit old homes iilul
friends in the cast.
City Clerk liurko is to build n One real-
dcnco next to the one lie now occupies. Thu
cxcnviitlon be mi yustcrdny nnd work will bo
pushed rlKlit along.
J. M. 1'nlmer lim moved Into the Marshall
residence , corner of Ninth street mid Fourth
nvcnuc. He has nrndu souio marked Im
provements in the property.
When district court convened yesterday
morning , none of the casiM assigned for the
day were ready fur trinl , and an adjournment
wan taken until this morning.
There was a large attendance at the meet ,
last evening. It
jni' of the republican club
was decided to attend the rally at Malvorn
next Frldnv evening. There will bo a large
delegation from this city In attendance.
ii nnd Mrs. Kobcrt Mullis cclcurntcd
uielr first wedding anniversary last evening
bv inviting a few relatives and Intimate
friends to a pleasant tea. The occasion was
a jo.vous one , with true hospitality in all its
Mlfes Georgia Brewer died yesterday mornIng -
Ing of consumption at her tiomo in this city
tit the ago of twenty years. The deceased
was a woll-Unowii young colored lady , and
hud suffered for the past six years from cou-
bU 111 I it foil.
Captain D. .1. Clnrlr. who has been attend
ing the state fair nt bcs Moincs , returned
yesterday. Ho brings in the train vote ns :
Harrison 107 , Cleveland , Fisl : 13. The
Indies nlco voted and they stood t5 ! for Harrison
risen and ! W for Cleveland.
Messrs. Hudio & Scars arc Using up the
Manhattan temperance cigar store and
billiard parlor in elegant style for the winter
Reason. The decorating is very line indeed ,
and the place will be without n rival in this
part of the country.
The Macedonia hall team will play the
homo club Sunday and Monday aiternoons
for the entire gale receipts. The visiting
team has not been defeated this season , aim
is ono of the lineal in this part of the state.
Some Interesting games may bo cxpcetcd.
Mr. E. Hosencranz , late of this city hut
now located in California , is remembering
his old friends hero by elegant souvenirs
of the Odd Fellows' grand convocation which
takes place on the ! 3ith ( inst. He is running
a hotel which ho bus named the ' Iowa Villa
hotel. "
The foundation for the Mcrrlatn blocls is
completed. Nearly COO.OOO bricKs were re
quired for Its construction. The walls of the
lirst Jloor will bo almost entirely of iron and
plate glass. The iron is furnished by the
Ogdcn iron works of this city. The greater
part of it is already llnUhcU , and there will
be no delay in the work.
Several of our citizens who participated in
the rendition of "The Ucestrict Skule , " some
time ago wil visit Omaha this evening to ren
der some advlco nnd assistance to the mem
bers of the Hillside Congregational church ,
who are preparing to present this laughable
A pair of horses attached to ono of Mul-
holland's ice wagons indulged In an exciting
runaway on Tenth avenue nnd Main street
yesterday morning. The runaways collided
with n buggy belonging to Theodore Uray.
The horses were stopped , but the collision
was fatal to the buggy. No one was In
Fruit of nil kinds tit Fcaron's.
Oospel Meetings.
Will bo held In the Scandinavian Baptist
church this evening at7:4f : . and every night
this week. The evangelist , Ucv. A. Jacobs ,
Is hero and will conduct the meetings. A
cordial Invitation Is extended to all.
II. A. HciciiBXiiAcii , Pastor.
Ef II. Shcnfo loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
con lido 11 tul. Olllco 600 Broadway , cor
ner Main btrcot , up-staira.
The Mannerchor society will have a
picnic at Lake Mamuvu to-morrow.
Kapp's Lauding has been secured for
the exclusive use of the society and
those who attend as its guests. The so
ciety never docs things by halves , and
nil who attend to-morrow may bo as
sured ot a good time.
1'crnonnl Paragraphs.
Charlie Mitchell end mother left last night
tor eastern points.
I. N , Fllcklngcr went to Logan yesterday
on legal business.
Mr. Ed Wright nnd wife started last even
ing for Columbus , O.
Jerry O. Mayer leaves to-day for his okl
homo in Wcaversville , Pcnn.
Mr , W. O. Wort , wife and children went
over the Northwestern last evening.
Ezra Sprague of Maryvlllo , Mo. , who
travels In the Interest of an agricultural
machinery house , was yesterday the guest ol
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Fllcklngcr.
P. H. Farley of Sloan , la. , the first sub
scriber Tin : DAILY Bun had In that place ,
was In the city yesterday. Ho has been tak
ing m the week's attractions over the river.
Mrs. H. H. Glover returned yesterday
from an extended trip to Boston , Narragan-
sett Beach , Washington and other eastern
points , and is stopping for a few days with
her sister , Mrs , T. E. Cavin , ISO Park avo-
T. C. Fllcklnger , a brother of the attor
ney's , has returned from an extended stay at
Bessemer , Wyo. . a town which is belnj ,
boomed much of late. Ho says the reports
wo greatly exaggerated and little or nothing
Is doing there. Mr. Fliekiiiger returned to
his homo near Independence , la. , yesterday
Michigan poaches , finest in the luiiJ
fet Fearon's.
Boots. Shoes ; Kiunohan's , 320 Broad
Of Council Hind's Lots At Auction
I will offer for sale and sell without
reserve to the highest bidder one-hal
of all the lots in Cochran's addition to
Council BlulTs.
Ono lot of every other pair through
out the whole addition will bo eoul will
the privilege to the purchaser of there
uialiiing lot at the sumo price. The
ground on which the addition is laid is
known as the old fair ground forty ,
north of the Union Pacific depot , and
Eouth of Broadway. The number ol
lots arc 100 , or four to the acre.
Ton per cent of the purchase money
cash iu hand. The balance in nine
equal annual payments to bo evidenced
by notes bearing interest at 5 per cent
per annum , secured by mortgage. The
property purchasers will got warrantee
deeds , title perfect.
I will also sell on the same terms and
nt the same Bale 100 lots in Central sub
division and Street's addi
tion on grounds joining on the
north. Some of these lots are situated
on Broadway.
L it The place of sale will be on the
grounds on Wednesday , the 12th ol
September , 18S8 , and continue from day
to day till all is sold.
The lots and blocks will bo numbered
on stakes and maps furnished bidden
on day ol sale. Other particulars on
day of rale. A. CocilUAX.
A. A. Clark & Co. negotiate loans on
ft * farm and city property.
! For bargains in real estate see 12. II.
Bheafo Si Co. , Broadway and Main
street , upstairs.
Her Love Betrayed , Her Property
Taken , nnd Her Mind Dnsocl.
Tlie Klcctflc Motor The New Inter-
Jstnto lilnc Hwcet Charity Wanted
Kick AKuliiNt u Jnnltor
The County Boa rein.
Search for n fiislor.
Another sad case of over confidence of
womnii nnd Its abuse by man has just come
to light , nnd because the latest acts In the
drama , which nuiy develop Into a tragedy ,
were performed In this city and county , the
recital will ho of Interest to the readers of
Tin : lir.i : . The Mory as told by the various
lorsons Interested Is substantially as follows :
Until about six weeks ago there was In a
itllo village near Webster City tin unpre
tentious millinery establishment presided
over by Miss Kate Clnzy. 'J ho money , by
which her business was established , came
from the estate of the father , who died re
cently. She also hud a small farm , and was ,
to till appearances , getting along well In her
business. She was twenty-four years of age ,
singularly modest and of a retir-
ng disposition , keeping company with
10 man and seeking few friends beyond
the limits of her business transactions.
About the time mentioned the lady disap-
icared Irom her place of business , and In a
lay or two the stock was taken possession of
> y various creditors.
At the time she left that place she made a
hort visit to her mother , who lives and still
ivcs , some miles from there. Hero she got
icr mother to indorse a note for jK.O , pre
sumably to help her over a little ihmneial
strait. She then disappeared , and the lirst
iitlmation that she was-not nt her place ot
business came some days later. Then the
nether began Inquiring , but no clue to the
vhercnbolits of the daughter could bo so-
urcd. Fearing , she knew not what , she
vrote to her son Theodore , who is engaged
n the stock and grain business in a town
ibout forty miles east of Sioux City. Then
ho brother begun n search for the
est sister. No one had seen her
eave her home , and fearing cither
lisgraco or suicide or both he left his broken
icarted mother , unit with no eluo to aid him
10 started to llnd the lost one. Friends of
he family living nt various places In both
his state and Nebraska were visited , but
vithout result. Three or four weeks wore
thus spent in n fruitless search , when ho
caught a clue tit Sioux City. She had been
Hero ; had acted strangely while there , and
md left without giving any Intimation as to
icr destination. The brother then came to
Council Bluffs , and after searching two or
lirco days without accomplishing anything ,
10 engaged tlio services of Constable A. F.
3hatterbucic. That officer began working on
ho case last Tuesday. Various places about
ho city and near town were visited. Uccoy
otters wore sent , but they were not taken
Irom the ofllcc. Various "clues" were fol-
owed to the end but ended in nothing. Thurs
day afternoon the oftlccr thought ho had
found out the whereabouts of the missing
me , and yesterday morning he and the
jrother of the lady started out on the last
winter. They drove about llvo miles into
the country , in the Garner settlement , and
-hero learned that n strange lady was nt the
house of ono Mrs. Dillon. The oftlcer then
saw that lady and when the description of
Miss Clasz was given , she said the lady was
there , said she rode out from the Blufls
with u neighbor about the 20th of August ,
that she had made her homo beneath her
roof since then , but had tried to earn her liv
ing by working out nmonir the farmers. She
said the young lady would filvo no account of
ucrself , her family or previous history , and
at times acted so strangely as to cause grave
fears as to her sanity.
The young lady herself was then called
hi anil introduced to the oflicer. His
business with her was explained , and she
was asked if she would sco her brother.
She appeared somewhat indifferent but
said she would sco him , whereupon the
brother came In. The meeting was affec
tionate on his part , Indifferent upon hers , so
unlike her usual , normal self that thcro was
no question but that she was deranged.
When asked If she would go homo to her
mother she said she would , but a moment
afterward became violent when nskcit to get
ready to leave. Entreaties were used and
she linally put her hat on and came away
with the ofllcor nnd her brother leaving her
effects to bo sent on later.
Now come the sensational features of the
story. Mrs. Dillon says that in n conversa
tion with her the young lady told hcrshohad
kept company with n young Catholic priest ,
and that she had expected to marry him ;
that the clergyman had "gone back on
her" and she would never trust
another man as long as she lived.
Another man Is also charged by the family
with being largely responsible for her la
mentable condition. She explained the llnan-
cial break in her business by charging that
certain drummers , representing DCS Molncs
nnd St. Louis houses , had "raised" her
orders , and had sent her"a lot of unsala
ble goods ; that having hud little business ex
perience tills course of procedure was very
easy. A certain cattle man , whoso name
may hereafter figure prominently In this
same connection , Is also charged with having
gained her confidence , got her to put her
money into his hands 'for investment and
then heat her out ol the pile.
The brother herein mentioned swears that
ho will hunt the man down who Is responsi
ble for his sister's lamentable condition'and
visit upon him sucti punishment as ho do
Both ho and his sister left last evening foi
ttio mother's home , after which , said th (
young man , "I will not rest day or night
until 1 have unearthed the villain and make
him pay dearly for what ho has done. "
Homo grown celery at Fearon's.
If you have property for sale at a bar
gain list it with us and wo will ndvcr
tiso it free of charge. A. A. Clark < S
Co. , corner Broadway and Main , ovei
American express.
S. \Vudsworth & Co. loan money.
AVIwt the Motor Will Ho.
The work of completing and equipping tin
electric motor is steadily going on , and tin
time for the opening nnd practical operatioi
of the road is rapidly drawing near , yet ver ;
few of our citizens have any Idea how th
cars arc to bo run , what they will look like
or , in fact , anything connected with It , n
electric motor lines are by no means commoi
in this part of the country , and the brldg
company has been too busy to devote an ;
time to anything but to the countless ina'.tcr
in connection with the building of the bridg
nnd the motor line. The company hn
had many obstacles to overcome , bu
they have all been successfully couibattec
About ono mile of track is already laid am
spiked on Avenue A from Fourteenth strec
west. The track will bo paved on pave
streets , of course , nnd also on curves , wher
bracing Is needed to prevent spreading. Th
Iron is what Is known ns the T and glrdc
rail , and is laid on heavy oak sleepers. Tti
speed to Lo obtained on straight broad street
will bo fifteen miles an hour , and greate
speed could bo obtained If necessary.
The cars are of the most approved style
being among the llnest productions of th
famous Pullman Palaeo cur works
They are tastefully furnlsheJ , bet
inside and out , and are one
furnished with live incandescent lights , thro
upon ttio Inside and ono nt each end , whlc
render ample light and give the cars u bri'
llant appearance at night. The orcrhca
electric system furnishes the method of opci
ation. It was applied for the lirst time enlarge
large scale to the road at Hlchmoud , Ya
after which Oils road Is patterned.
The electric current comes from tbo dym
inos at the central power station thrnug
wire above the tracks to motors beneath th
cars. The current Is taken from the ovui
head wire to the motor by means of a roi
"under trolley " whin
trlvanno Known as an ,
Is fixed on a flexible arm projecting up fixit
the roof of each car. On each side ot th
street Is a line of poles , set 100 feet npari
Which are connected , two by two , by wire
UMihif ? across the street at right angles .to
ho tracks' . At n hcight'pf twenty < * . ?
Urceily above tho1 middle of the track , Is
lunp the "workltiB comhiitor,1' it * the wire
H called , on which the. trolley runs. 1 ho
Ini-hcn In dlain-
rollcy is u wheel about eight
tcr and deeply grooved , which , by thopress-
ire of the flexible arm which supports it , Is
tept In contact continually with the under
Mirt of the "working conductor , " which Is a
copper wire three-eighths of an Inch In dl-
It 110 t.C I *
The trolley runs n little back of the cen
ter of the car , and a small rope running from
ho end of the arm over the rear hood " { the
car irlvet the conductor means of controlling
the trolley , so that hi ! can shift It around
when ho reaches the end of the route and
wishes to start on the return trip.
The method ol swltchlnuby reason of its
Ingenuity , deserves special noto. At each
switch an automatic switch plate Is attached
to the wire , so timtno attention has to bo
mid to either the wire or rails , as a little
spring attached to a swinging pluto does the
whole business , simply , fcufcly and very of-
fectually. . , . . , ,
Two motors are placed beneath each ear ,
one on each axle. They are of the well-
known Thomson-Houston pattern , being so
compact in build that they can bo put on any
street car without a change In the construc
tion of the car , except a strengthening of the
loor. An observer would not notice any-
hing more than the usual running gear , un-
ens he looked sharply , in 90 small a compass
ire the motors contained. Kadi represents
en horsu power and each nets independently
hough coutiolled by the same switch. In
his way the passengers and the car
; ive their full weight in tractive value ,
ilnco each pair of wheels is enabled to use
ts full tractive power. These motors are
jearcd by toothed wheels to the axle In such
i way that for every revolution of the axle
line revolutions of the armature of the motor
ire made. Each motouis supported by bcur-
ngs on the nxlc. With such n support each
notor swings from its axle , and the swaying
md Joltinir of the car does not affect It. In
iscendinp a steep hill or going around a
sharp curve the motor makes n buzzing
sound , but ordinarily it makes no noise at all.
Control of the car is had by common
irakes at each end of the car and the speed
s regulated by n system of electrical switches
contained In a cylinder about three feet high ,
vhieh rests against the dasher. By an arm
nnd indicator on the top of the cylinder the
current islcton or shut off , reversed or regu-
ateil. The motors may by this means , with
out the use of the brake , bo reversed aim the
car brought to u standstill almost immcdi *
The power house is situated , Just west of
Twenty-eighth street and south of First , ave-
me , adjoining the Northwestern track , so
that coal can be received without any trouble ,
t will contain two Wcstinghousc engines of
150-horFO power each. Each will drive two
argo Thomson-Houston dynamos. One of
ho dynamos will furnish electric light , for
the bridge. On the bridge alone , independ
ent of the approaches , will ho placed twenty
2,000-candlc-powor arc llghs. : They will be
) laced 100 feet apart , and will illuminate the
itrtieturo at night in n most brilliant and
jeautiful manner. The approaches will also
jo abundantly lighted.
This system has always proven a success.
The plant being established hero will give
ibundant power for forty cars. There will
) o but twenty-six put on at present , which
will give ono car each way every six
minutes. Closed cars will be put on when
ho road is opened for the winter ,
but open cars will bo put on during the stun
ner. All that is necessary is to change the
joxes , as the construction is so simple that
ho removal of a few bolts is all that is neces
sary. The time now set for the grand open-
ng is October 20 , and it is hoped that all will
ho in readiness by that time.
Turkish prunes , 5c per pound , at Fca-
" ou's.
Buy a Stewart or n Radiant Homo
icator this fall and save $ : iO in your
coal bill. Cole & Cole , 41 Main st.
Good dwellings and lots for sale on
monthly payments by 10. II. Sheafc &
"o. , corner Broadway and Main sts. , up
Had Change of Janitors.
The school board Is being subjected to some
very severe criticisms Just , at present for its
action in appointing a certain party as jani
tor of one of the city school buildings for the
ensuing year. It is claimed that tlio now ap-
xilnteo has but very little of which to boast
, n the way of a moral record , being an ox-tin-
lorn gambler and his female associates being
not of the best. It Is said that he was for
merly a janitor of one of the city schools , nnd
at that time gave good satisfaction. This is
given by some of the members of the board
as a reason for his appointment , while others
of that body urge his ill health as a recom
mendation for such consideration at their
hands. However , neither or these excuses
seems to satisfy the public , and the
residents of the locality in the vicinity of the
school building are inclined to rebel very
strongly against the removal of a reliable ,
competent nnd in every way deserving man
to make room for ono whoso career has been
so checkered and whose reputation Is very
far from being above reproach. It is urged
that his Inlluenco upon the tender minds of
the hundreds of children with whom he
would bo daily associated would bo most per
nicious , and parents very naturally object to
trying such n dangerous experiment. One
member of the board says that if the new
man does anything objoctlonab'e , off will
como his head , but that is very poor consola
tion to parents and guardians who dread re
sults past all remedy from the school board ,
The mutter should bo attended to at once.
Travelorsl Stop at the Bechtcle.
Fresh country eggs , 15c to-day , at
Picked Up Ky the Police.
The police arrested a suspicious charactci
Thursday evening who gave his name as
George Williams. Two new pockctbook :
were found upon him , of which ho could giv <
no satisfactory account. The property was
identilicd yesterday by Mr. A. D. Foster
and was doubtlcss > stolen from his store
Williams has not yet had a hearing , but wil
probably bn accommodated to-day.
Henry Schwab was lined W.10 for n glori
ous spree.
Mrs. Trotter , n crazy woman , was gath
ercd in by the police and taken to the count :
Jail. Her ease will soon bo Investigated b ;
the Insanity commissioners.
Tomatoes to put up at Fearon's.
Dr. C. C. Ilnzon's dental parlors an
at room 0 , Opera hoiibo block.
The County Hoard.
The county commissioners met again yes
tcrday morning to continue their labors aftc
a day of sightseeing and pleasure at th
Omaha fair. The business transacted wa
mostly of a routine nature. A few petition
for reduced assessments were granted on ai
count of clerical errors. The bond of W. S
Wllkins for fl.Ol'O , as Janitor of the cour
house , was accepted and ho entered at one
upon the discharge of his duties. C. B. Wait
and Auditor Hcndricks were appointed
committee to purchase supplies for the cour
house. The afternoon was occupied in ex
aminlng and allowing bills.
Loans made on city business and resi
donee property. Notes bought. Kim
ball-Champ Investment company.
Artists prefer the Hallott & Davii
piano , at C. B. Music Co. , 224 Broadway
Fruit for tlio Sick.
Those who are handling fruit nnd gooi
housewives who are preserving for the win
tcr , should bear In mind the needs of the W
C. A. hospital. Nothing Is more acccptabl
than fruit. F.very bed In the hospital Is nov
taken , and the ladles are doing so nobly ii
caring for the sick and distressed that the !
appeals should not bo passed lightly hy.
For Salo.
Ton acres in Council BlulTs. oft th >
eu&t cud of the Bullard 80. Will mak <
72 lots , sumo as the Omaha add. , whicl
it joiimoii the south. Ninth ave. drive
way to U. P. bridge passes through th
tract. Title clear. One-third down
balance ono and two yearn. Eight pc
cent , A. V.
Just Mmiu for the Coin-
in ; ; Year.
The following nrcjho mimes of the teach
ers of the public schools for the coming term
with tlio schools to which they are assigned :
High School Homer 1' . Luwls , principal ;
Aldii/oN. Hciisha\v , assistant principal ; S.
D. H Heal < , Irwtn Luvisten , LouisI. lllnko ,
Albert M. Humann , Mary U. Harris , S.imun-
tlm K. Davis , Mary E. Quuckonbtish , Villa
H. Sinppey , Jennie E. Koysor , Hello H.
Lewis , Dccle A. Johnston , Anna L. Wcin-
lingen , Stncin Crowlcy , Faiinio Arnold ,
Myron \V. Hlchardson , Elizabeth P. Good-
BO n.
Ambler School Jennie C. Salmon , princi-
Hancrot School Emma H. Hlco , iirlnctpnl ;
Katie A. Wolcott , Mrs. A. Cornish , Emma
Soncrgun , Mrs. Alleo H. Hodge.
Class School Grace II. Wilbur , principals
Mary B. Siiiiiiionds , assistant principal ;
Nolle ncnnott , Hiutio C. I'r.itt , Susan B.
Evclcth , Emily .1. Hoblnsnn , Mary A. Frit-
zier , Hattie D. Kay , Hello Doyle , Hattie B.
Slmmoiuls , Mattie L. Husscy.
Castellar School Marv H. Newton , prin
cipal ; Lucy.I. Hoys. Lizzie L. Hanker , Mar-
paret Galbniith , F. Hurtlia Nugl , Amelia S.
Cranston , Uortenso Smith , Ellen L. Stoll ,
.lennle H. Hugh , .lennic Owens , Hannah
Center School Jennie L. Hedllcld , princi
pal ; Amelia S. Slmt'uiek , Mary L. Hedge ,
Margaret Vincent , Clarn E. HutmakerMyra
La Hue. Emma 1 locker.
Central School Prances M. Briggs , prin
cipal ; Panniu Maxwell , Alice L. Harper , Ida
E. Muck , Clara Schleslngcr.
Central Park School Elllo Heed , princi
pal ; Emily Wood ,
Dodge School Jennie McKoon , principal ,
Li/zlc H. Nccdham , assistant principal ;
Hattie M. Allen , Emma J , Godso. Allie B.
Bonn , Moselle Eddy , Annie l.-Gillis.
Dupont School Mary W. Hay. principal ;
Emma L. Newcomb , Dollic A. Church ,
Laura J. Hrailford , Lottie M. Hurch.
Davenport School Anna Noon.
Parnam School Anna P. Trulund , principal -
pal ; Lottie L. Cassette , Minnie H. Wilson ,
Clara H. Mason , Nora O'Connor ' , M.
Florence Littletlclcl. Emma Whoatloy , Lida
A. Kelly , Mary E. Thompson , Margaret
Hogan , Emma Watts.
' ' 'orc t School Mary E. Kent , principal ;
Mary Mikan , Virginia II. Ptttlers-on.
Franklin School Mnrgaret J. Lntey , prin
cipal ; Emily Dorn.
Hurtman School Ellen M. White , princi
pal ; Emma ,1. Carney assistant ;
Mary L. Alter , Ada Armstrong , Ella Thorn-
gate , Dora A. Lillic , Jennie Koucrts , Ida
Dysart , Kettle E. Kccd , Martha W , Chris-
taincy , Esther Heston. Eolia Nichols.
Hickory School Pannio M. Nevius , prin
cipal ; Carrie M Hicks , Kato , T. Brown.
Izard School Anna Pees , principal ; Co-
bclla E. Schaller , assistant principal ; Sadie
Hunker , Ida K. Wilson , Minnie S. Dyo. Jen
nie Stull , Stella M. Champlin , Pannio C.
Fernnld , Camilla Elliott , Holla M. Wilson
Marv P. Crane , Catherine- Fees , Cassandra
P. Schaller , Bum K. Hugh , Mctta DcCou.
Long School Sarah M. McCheane , Princi
pal ; Helen L. W.yokoff , Gertrude C. Ellis ,
Virginia , H. Victor , Harriet S. Eddy , E. Vir
ginia Kennedy. Htildah P. Isaacson , Jennie
Woodward , Ada C. Jones , Elizabeth Atkin
son , Clara P. Cooper , Helen M. Nave , Grace
E. Macauley , Phcb'o D. Perkins , Amelia
Hllimve , Mary E. Jordan.
Omaha View School Sarah E. Thompson ,
principal ; Julia E. Ufcmiie , Alice M. Avery ,
Matilda Evans , Fannie Hlanehard.
Lnlio School Emiim Whitmoro , prin
cipal ; Charlotte C. Bdgen , Artie D. Webb ,
Evangcllno C. Slbloy , Lizzie M. Elcoclc ,
Harbara E , Hosteller , Lizzie II. Witmun ,
Harriet II. Ilickox , Alice E. Hitte , Georgia
Valentine , Penelope Smith , Mary E. Wol
cott , Edttli M. Goodspeed , Etta Powers.
Lcavcnwortli School Minnie J. Wood ,
principal , Agnes McDonald , assistant prin
cipal ; Ida 1C. Greenlco , Mary D. Hallantyne ,
Ida M. Johnston , Flora Lelghton , Margaret
II. Kead , Olive Hubbard , Lida Hanna ,
Mary Lucas , Ellen M. H. White , Priscilla A.
Ward , Esther Jacobs.
Lothrop School Nora H , Lemon , princi
pal ; A. Uello Pcnniman.
Pacillc School Mnrgaret McCarthy , prin
cipal ; Mary H. Goodman , assistant principal ;
Lily M. Hruner , Clara H. Duvall , Hcrtha A.
Hirkett , Margaret F. Goss , Ida M. Good
man , Jessie Lazcar , Kato Powers , Clara E.
Elder. Daisy Wood , Kate Hungerford.
Park School-Lillian A. Littlelield. prin
cipal ; M. Elizabeth Allen , Dora Harney ,
Emma D. Littlelield , Lyde A. MeCool , Fun-
nio B. Hurlbut , Margaret O'Neill , Kato E.
Crane. AdaM. Alexander , Dora Coburn.
Paul School Carrie M. Hartley , princi
pal ; Hosallo C. Eddy , Kato Hutmaker ,
Nancy L. Lewis.
Pleasant School Mary A. Fitch , princi
pal ; Martha Parrott , Julia A. Newcomb ,
Emma Fitch , Florence Baker.
Saratoga School James II. Paris , princi
pal ; Minnie E. Hendr.vx ; Mary P. Starr.
Vinton School Lida Shallenbergcr , prin
cipal ; Nellie Ireland , Kose Fitch.
Walnut Hill School-Kcne E. Hamilton ,
principal ; Julia A. Carter , Louisa H. Mann ,
Kathcrino M. Stilwell , Georgia Harrington.
Webster School Sadie P. Pittmau , prin
cipal ; Mattie C. Ellis , Mary H. Meyer , Alta
L. Peacock.
AVest Omaha School Jcsslo C. Scott.
West Side School James L. Alvison.
Special Touchers Kate M. Ball , Lucia A.
Rogers , Henry Kummcrow.
Substitute teachers Maltlo L. Powell ,
Kato M. Kean.
Possibly after the school opens other
teachers may bo required , and in case too
many have been appointed , fiomo of them will
have to wait , the latest appointments being
the Hist to bo re-called.
Drink Malto for the nerves.
Their Arrival In Omaha and thcAVork
to Bo Done.
To these who are interested In foreign
missions the coming of such workers ns Hov.
J. Hudson Taylor and Mr. George B. Studd ,
of London , England , as announced , will
give cspecUl pleasure. The former gentle
man is the founder of the China inland mis
sion , organized in IS'JS. ' This mission Is re
markable Doth for the principles upon which
it is carried on and the success which has at
tended its missionaries. The mission is un
denominational In Its membership , has
no assured income from any
source and offers its candidates no salaries
for their services. Upon arrival in China ,
they ubsumo the dress , queue and mode of
living of the inhabitants , and endeavor In
this wav to strengthen the bond of sympathy
between themselves and the natives. The
missionaries rely upon prayer for the supply
of their wants and It Is claimed their needs
have been well supplied. During 1887 10-
IKH ) more than was needed was contributed
by various parties for the current expenses ,
and 10J new missionaries were added to their
Mr. Stuild Is oho of the band of young
men from Cambridge university who were
converted during the visit of evangelist
Moody , who immediately gave their large
fortunes to this society and entered the
work themselves. Tneir voyage to China
and their work since it Is said seems more
like n romance than actual fact.
These two gentlemen are en route for
China , and on the , way have visited several
of the principal cities of the country , hold
ing conference ami giving blblo readings.
They desire to meet the people of Omaha to
talk over this work , in the Kountzo Memor
ial Evangelical Lutheran church , Saturday ,
at 10:80 : a. m. , ! i0 : ! ! and 8 p. m. The Sunday
meetings will be announced tomorrow.
A Jehu and n I'lutruer Get Themselves
In Trouble.
A daring case of daylight high way robbery
occurred Thursday afternoon. H. Pracht ,
who works for the Midland Guarantee com ,
pany , was enjoying n holiday Thursday. Dur
ing the afternoon ho was somewhat over
come with the heat and sat down in front ol
the Derby hotel , where ho sank Into a stu
por. When In that condition cab No. 11
drlvct. by Henry Christian drove up. Chrls
tlan and his "plugccr" dropped down from
the box and lifted Mr. Pracht Into the cab
They then drove rapidly off. It transpires
that Mr. Pracht was taken to Twnnty-sixtl :
and Douglas streets where he was lifted by the
driver and his ' 'pjuggcr" ' from the cab ant !
carried into the tall weeds. This is n some
what loocly place and well calculated to hldi
it crime , \vhilo Christian held the unfor
tunate man up the "plugyer" wnut through
his pockcti. They secured a cola watch and
phalli and n sum of money , which Mr..Pracht
foulrt not exacely determine. They then
placed him on the ground and drove off. The
robbery was witnessed by John Campbell , n
volorcd coachman , Who drives for Mr. Shc.1-
ton. Campbell followed them In hlacarriage
and Raw Christian put the "pluirgcr" off at
Seventeenth and Dodge streets. Ho then ic-
uirtcd the affair to. the police. Mr. Pracht
was found and removed to his home.
Yesterday Christian was arrested and
dcntllk'd by the colored coachman as being
; he mini who had helped to rob Mr. Pracht.
Christian acknowledged going through
Prticht's clothes , hut said ho was only after
ils fare , which had not been paid. Jim Ste-
ihcnson said that the man Chilstlan had
worked for him for a few days , during which
time ho had robbed him. Mr. Stephenson
swore out n warrant yesterday for Christian
for embezzlement. The "plunger" is being
searched for by the police , and will probably
be apprehended before long as ho Is known.
E. II. Shcafo & Co. , mtiko long or
short time loans on real estate , in minis
: o suit , at lowest rate of interest. .Olllco
Broadway and Main street , upstairs.
Full line of Hhoot music at Council
BlulTs Music Co. . BiM Broadway.
Money loaned on furniture , piano ? ,
llamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value , at low rates of interest. No
mblicltv ; fair and honorable dealing.
A. A. Clark & Co. , olllce cor. Broadway
uid Main , ever American express.
J. G. Tipton has bargains in real estate.
Money loaned at L. B. Crafts & Co.'s
( inn oflico , on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , per.-onal property of all kinds ,
md all other articles of value without
omoval. All business strictly conll-
A. A. Clark & Co. , real estate brok
ers , have a list of choice inside properly
on their books. Nothing but bargains
ijrKC'l ALadvertisements , suchns Lost , round ,
J To Loan , For Sali > . To Kent. Wants , Hoard-
ng , etc. , will UP Inverted In tills column at the
o\v into of TUM HINTS 1'Mlt MNM lor the lirst
tiBcitlon nnd l'ivo Coins 1'or l.lnu for each sub-
heiment Insertion. Leave advertisements at
our oflico. No. 12 I'oarl Street , near Urondway ,
Council lllull's Iowa.
\17ANTKD Good girl for general housework ;
_ > > .Mrs. Ulllon , llu Fourth nt.
FOH SAM ? or trade , for city lot , Hurst
matched finally team In state. No. VSSi
Wo&t liroaduay.
"filOUND Came Into my onclosura hist Wedncs-
J-1 dny , a bay hois > u ubimt ten years old.
weight 1.100 Ibs. Apply to 15. Stocktrt , Council
Hl'ills Carpet Co.
FOH HKNT Seven-room linusi * . modern Im
provements , goods-table. H. 0. Cory , Connell -
ell Hlulls. _ _ _ _
FOH SAI.K Jly entire stock of cook and
heating stoves ; al o n full Hue of furniture
at bottom rock prices , flood * sold on pay
ments. A , J. Mandel , M and S ! , ' > Urondway ,
WANTKIJ 1'osltton as assistant bookkci-por
or copyist by n young lady who has hail
olllce experience. Heferences furnished. Ad
dress II. A. 11. , llco olllce. Council lllulls.
\\7ANTKU Wood turner at onco. Steady
employment to good man. J. F. Cody ,
Sll Washlngtonnve. , Council Illuifs , la.
FOH HKNT A largo number of good dwell
ings. Call and i-xamluo list. K. II. Sheate
A : Co. , Hroadwny and Main St. , up stairs.
1T10H HKN'T-Nlcely furnished , a suite of
- irooms , also a single room , ouo block from
y , Ki Olenn avo.
1710 H PAI.K My new eight-room cottage
J- Second nve. W. C. James.
FOH SALK nurbor hhop nt ISO llrondwny.
Council lllnlls ; good trade ; satisfactory
reasons for helling ; bargain for the right man.
"T710H KXCHANOK-A line , well assorted M.fOO
JL1 stock of stationery , fancy goods , jewelry ,
etc. , In n thriving town for resldenco in South
Omnlui. Ii. T. Hrynut & Co. , (23 IJroadwny ,
Council Illulls , In.
OUSES for rent. Johnston i Van 1'ntten ,
a. ) Mnln st.
A KO-ncro small fruit fnrm very cheap. Just
-A. outside city limits , or will divide Into ! 0
ncro tracts to suit uurchnser. 11 T Hrynnt & Co
Stocks of merchnmllso to ex-
WANTED for city property In Council IJIuirs ,
Omnlui , or western Innd or chattels of any kind.
\Vo iiiuke exchanging a specially. It. T. liryaut
& Co. , CM Urondway.
The Choicest Ground For Residence
In the Western Part of the City.
Tsnowplntted Into Itcautlful , I.nrRCf/ots.
About ten minutes ride on the motor to Doug
lass Street , Omaha.
They lie on n level but elevated M rip of ground.
About UCO yards from the new motor line to
Less than 1 ! { miles from the Council llluffs
Nearly twice ns Inrge in size as most of the
newly platted lots.
Good public schools near by.
The proposed Iloulevard bounds It on the
TITLES : Pertect.
A11STHACT : Printed Abstract nnd Wnr-
runty Deed with ench Lot.
GRADE : .Exnmlne tliese Lots with reference
to the Rr.ido l > fore buyliiR a Lot.
The ordinary price of a Lot Is Mivcd
on grade alone. If yon buy one of
these Lots.
To n good class of purchasers a limited num
ber of Lots will tie hold for 1-10 down ;
balance In monthly pnymenta
J. J. Ilrown llldg. , llfil'enrlBt. , Council Illuirn ,
Overcoating nil opposition. 1111 the cemeteries
with newly iniiile graves , lenvlne the once
happy home with nothliiu but memen
toes of loved ones lout. Where
Is used'It is universally found to be
The value of a EliiKlo bottle for use In any of
the above named diseases Is ivnlly Incalculable.
Money could not Induce these v.'ho have thor
oughly tried It to bo without It.The market H
mil of remedies for u similar purpose , nnd all
have merit In some cuses. but with it IH n
fatubboru fuct that thet > e are In many pli'-ea the
of the country. With thin medicine they are
Tills medicine has now been used In this country
Has no equal on earth , fold by drugging every
where. HARUE , HAAS. & CO. ,
Wholesale AB ats , Council Illutts. Iowa.
New Styles. ,
New Goods Throughout.
New Curtains , Shades , Etc.
New Tapestry and Hangings
New Rugs , Mats , Etc
No. 405 Broadway.
Smith's Bakery.
Wholesale Bread & Coke *
To close out the remaining Iot3 in Squiro's addition to Council Bluffs , I
\vill sell the finest located lots in tlio city for $ .r > 0 cash payment , nnd long
time on balance , to parsons who dcsiro to Boouro homes , nnd I will make liberal -
oral loans to those who desire aid in building houses. Call at once and sea
mo at Masonic Temple , Council BlulTs , Iowa.
C. J. COLBY , Sole Agent.
CO. ,
Adapted fOI
POWER , Mills and Elevators ,
Specifications and estimate ! ) furnished for complete steam nUnti. Hegnlatlim , Dur.iblllty Guar
anteed. Can show letters from users wheie fuel Kconomyls equal with Cot-lisa Nou-Coudenshu ; ,
IIOUSi : , CHJ\C1I , ItMJl'I-S , IO\VA.
Send for Catalogue , E. C. HARRIS , Manager.
uiCE $15.
I ; equal to
niiy High
TbeEJIton .Mimeograph , Ilia boil pp rnlu for
nianlfuldliiK , uutouiaphlo Hnd typo nrltlnt woik.
3.UUU copies can bo tukeu.
The Ercilslor C : . , Council Bluffs , la.
Hides. Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
620 nod K2 Uilu Street , Council B luffs , Uvr * .
OFFICER & mil.
tOOIJroadirsy Council II In Us , [ cm. .
Uougliu fit. , Oiuuba , Nab