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ItWlllBotho FinoBt Exhibition of
the Kind Ever Hold.
Bjienlal Effort * to Ho Miulo to Cnll
Attention to the Probabilities
of the "Undeveloped
West. "
1029 1 HTIIEST ,
LINCOLN , Sept. 4.
Btato fnlr BUCCCSSCI will bo crowned this
year by Nebraska. It Is now reasonably cer
tain that the greatest fair ever bold In tlio
tate Is at hand. Secretary Furnai and his
largo corps of able assistants hnvo no doubt
of this fact. They nro working day nnd
night to provide ways and means to properly
care for the attractions that will bo put on
exhibition. More extensive nrrnngcmnnts
nro demanded than ever before , nnd every
energy Is bending to provide them. Six
large ( iiiartermnsters1 tents have been or
dered from Chicago , and Governor Tlmyer
bns promised three that belong to the state ,
all of which will be crowded with Ne
braska wonders , so nrrangod as
to display their attractions to the
best posslbload vantage. Skillful bands steer
the ship , and nothing is neglected that prom
ises to Bcore a single point.
Agricultural products will bo on exhibition
from over forty counties In the state. In this
line , especially , the "undeveloped west" will
be represented , nnd such nn exhibition is
promised and assured us has never be.foro
ueeu seen In any state of the union. Fifty-six
car loads of products nro already on the
ground. This alone Is without a parallel. At
V o'clock the records showed over three hun
dred entries for the day.
The state Industrial school will rnnkc n
special exhibit. Superintendent Mnllnlieu
will attend with thirty urchins , charges of
the state , nnd their handiwork will add u new
feature to the great exhibition. Superintend
ent Chose , of the United States indus
trial school , will also olTor at
tractions , prepared nnd made by Indian
bands , nnd their productions will compete
for some of tliu prizes unil awards offered ,
nnd not without prob.tblo success before the
close of the great fair. Delegates uro In
DCS Monies and Omaha to-day for live stock
and speed exhibition , und word came from
Messrs. Kent nnd Grlnnoll tnat their trip
would not prove a vain one.
Hy the way , Dus Alulncs Is already repre
sented. In the textile f.ibrle department 1'JS
cntres have boon made. Others are as
sured. Kansas and Colorado will exhibit
in the special departments , and will try com
petition with Nebraska for some of the
honors nud awards. Four counties
of those states will exhibit agri
cultural products , and others
Will bo represented by live stock nnd in the
speeding. Such general Interest bus nuvcr
before been taken In any fair held in the
state. The management has been forced to
build now stalls for horses that will bo on
exhibition. All the pens prepared for hogs
have been tulicn. Hut the promise for sheep
exhibits Is not so great this year ns last. The
cattle display will bo greater. Indeed , the
Biimo thing can bo said of every other live
i.toek department. There will bo no dearth
in the attractions offered.
The display of thoroughbred stock will be
especially line and gratifying. Great effort
lias been made to have the stuto do herself
Justice in this rcgatd. The best herds of cut-
tlo of the state will bo represented. Kansn.1
will also exhibit some of her best
strains of Polled Animus blood. Uut
nothing In this llnu has boon
neglected and some arrivals are already
noted. To-morrow will bo a busy day ut thu
lair grounds. It will bo a busy time from now
until thu finish.
Tlio Guarantee Investment comp.iny , of
Atchison , Knn. , has olTcrcd a special pro-
premium of $100 for tbo best exhibit of agri
cultural products raised between the 10'Jth '
nnd the KUd meridians. Perkins county has
erected n Bed housn on the grounds that will
bo-in line with the general ccccntiicltics of
that county. Hut It is said tlmt the display
will be up to a high standard.
The agricultural machinery exhibits will bo
unusually large. Some of the tent
accommodations will hnvo to bo
used to provide them with required
quarters. Uut as with this , so it will bo In
most nil other respects , and it is no idle
statement to say that Nebraska Is on the cvo
of the grandest public exhibition she has over
Notwithstanding the remonstrance re
cently tiled from Grand Island against the
action of the state board of transportation
in reducing freight rates , a largo majority of
the citizens nud business men of that city
lionrtily endorse- the action of the
state board. The remonstrances that
liuvo been filed agnlnst the re
duction ' prove. to bo misleading In
nlmost every Instance. They represent the
favored class and voice their sentiments
ulono. The following paper received and
lllcd by Clerk Waring to-day goes a long way
toward proving this fact :
GIIANII ISLAND , Nob. , August 111. 18SS. To
the Honorable State Hoard of Transporta
tion : We , tbo undersigned citizens of Grand
Island , respectfully state :
First Wo believe that you have innila n
thorough Investigation in regard to what the
not earnings of the railroads nro In the stato.
Second \Vo bcliovo that you were honest
when you said by your action that the freight
rates were too high nnd tlio railroads were
taking more money Irom tbo people than
they ought to ; nnd when you ordurod n re
duction of about 15 per cent on the local rates
you did It because you Unow that it was right
und Just between man and man ,
Third \Vo do not bcliovo that you were
dishonest when you ordered the reduction of
freight rates , and that you wanted to , or
would do anything , under any circumstances
whatever , that would cripple , injure or ro-
tnrd the railroad industry of this state.
Fourth Uut , sirs , wo do believe that yon
ordered the reduction of freight rates In the
Intelest of nil the people of this state ; you
did it In the Interest of our manufacturers ;
you did It In the interest of our Jobbers ; you
did It in thu interest of our farmers ; you did
it to protect the people of the state against
railroad extortion and greed ; therefore , we ,
the undersigned , do heartily endorse your
action nnd the prayer of your petitioners Is
that you may have the courage to stand by
what you know is Just and right.
Tlio forogoinc paper was signed by sixty of
Grand Island's businessmen , representatives
of every class of business transacted In that
city , am ) It tears the rwnonstraneo Hied from
that place Into shreds. There Is nothing
loft of It.
Than Nebraska no state In the union lias
creator reason to bo proud of her woman.
They bob up serenely from every quarter of
the stuto ; they have entered thourcna of pro
fessional Ufa Hide by side with exacting man.
They have drmonstrutcd their ability to
got thcro. Not natislled with standing
still , they again make n move on the checker
board of life , and four of Hartley's fair
daughters will operate a live mercantile
ngenuy in Hod Willow county. They pro-
peso to buy and sell real estate and tran
sact a general auxiliary business , and for
this purpose have formed a Joint stcok com-
' Hartley , wheio they have established -
lished their principal place of buainrsg , au
thorizing a capital stock of $ 15,000 , of which
? 7,5'JO was t.ald In hand May 1 , 1SS8 , and
from that duto business continuance w.w or
dered for n period of twenty long , weari
years. H Is presumed that offers of innr-
rmgo nro eschewed unless , perchance , the
llcgo lord and master shall give u
good bond that will rock the
iTiidlo nnd attend to all of the duties of this
. The Hartley Mercantile company filed nr
tlclcs of Incorporation with the secretary o
ntuto to-day. This is the onlyconipnny opcr
utea by ladles alone , doing business In the
Btato , having records at the state house. The
jiu'orporntors are : Ursela Hartley , Churitj
Alloy , Else Alloy and -A. Wiley.
WILL AXHWKH rou ma ciiiMns.
Sheriff Moss of Laredu , Kan. , was in the
city yesterday on the lookout for A. A. Patterson
torson , n young man wanted at Lureda fo
divers forgeries , Patterson was hero fo
boino time , but having got wind of the foe
that officers of the law were on his track h
"lit out" for other parts , but was cnpturoi
last evening at Seward by Sheriff Smile }
of that place , whence Moss went to-day
to take him to the ceuo of hU crimes
Patterson was evidently 'a cold bloode <
villulu. It U reported thut two or three
weeks prior to 1U skipping from Lnrcda ho
narried n young and innocent girl , a daugh-
cr of ono of the most highly ruspecttxl film-
lies of the place , nnd loft her Inthccntanclo-
nents of his cusscdncss. The young wife's
mrents nnd friends loft no stone unturned
o effect his capture , and the criminal's np-
irehnnslon nnd nrrest is largely due to their
fforls. It is said that his forgeries will
Bgrcirato about $ luui ) , and that several
lurtles were systematically \vorked forsmall
mounts ,
CITV : : r.\vs AJ.M SOTKS.
Hon. A. H. Gr.ihum , of Wlsnor , was In
jlncoln to-day on a business visit. Ho ex-
iresses the utmost confidence In the election
f both the state nnd national ticket.
C. .1. ICnsIgn and wife , of Pleasant Dale ,
mrled their twin baby girls to-day ut 3
'clock. They died yesterday afternoon ,
'ho little girls , Alice and Ruthwere U years ,
months nnd 10 days old.
Samuel P. Putnam , the eloquent champion
of " 1rco thought , " will address the citizens
r i/l coln .Sunday , September Oth , nt Ho-
inumn's im'J , Uuth lalheuflcrnouu and even-
Humor has it that the Salvation nnro' will
term the city during the fair. The advnncc
-iiard will reach hero Thursduv and more
Vlll follow as soon ns arrangements can bo
undo for them. Thu ccmiinu army nro com-
ng and they will handle the pure goods , all
vool and n yard wide.
Governor Tliayer announces that nil trains
via stop at Wnhoo , both ways , during thu
ntire time of thotnillthi encampment ut thut
ilace. All wishing to visit the encampment
an govern themselves accordingly.
The IJItlni ; Tongue.
Slander attack * us from behind. The blto
s rarely felt unless it Is malignant nml pcr-
istent. Disease , too , often steals upon us
hrough u vital channel. Thu air wo breathe
ITccts the lungs If it bo malarious it enters
ho blood , if a change too quickly in the tern-
lerattire It produces disease of the throat ,
sto. Whether Hosteller's Stomach Hitters
s taken to prevent or to remedy the various
onus of disease produced by miasma , such
is intermittent fever , dumb ague , ague cake
rhlllious remittent , It Is and over has proved
to bo an effective and thorough remedy ono
vliich does nut only ameliorate the symp-
omsoftlio maladies of this type , but eradi
cates llieir cause. Dyspepsia , liver com-
ilnint , rheumatism , bladder and kidney
roubles are nmong the humanity allictlng
roubles which it promptly relieves nnd ul-
Imately removes.
Klnli for Norili Nebraska.
The special car of the United States fish
: pminsson ! ! arrived over the Chicago and
Northwestern road nnd will nt once ho sent
out over the Fremont , Klkhorn and Missouri
/alloy to stock the sti earns in that section ,
t was in charge of Agent Donnegan , who
reports his finney charges as being in ex
cellent shape after their trip overland.
Do you suitor n-oin scrofula , salt
heum , or ollioi- humors ? Tuko Hood's
Siirtmpurllhi , the prosit blood jmriliof.
00 doses ono dollar.
Kvmlinir the haw.
Slnco Chief Seavey has so rigidly enforced
the law , culling upon nil saloonkeepers to
close tlmir places of business at midnight ,
there have been numerous attempts made to
evade ft. Many unlicensed dealOrs liuvo en
deavored to profit by it , and
iinong the principal offenders were
lie all night rcstnurjiit-kecpers. Dotuctlvu
Onnshy was detailed to work the matter up ,
ind this morning ho had M. Maker , \V.
Hr.idy , C. A. Hughes and J. Price , behind
, ho bars. The two former run the Palace on
Japitol avenue , und the two latter ,
the Heo restaurant on Dodge
street , near * Twelfth. As soon us
ludgo Berlin gets through with them they
will bo lurned over to the United States
court , where the penalty is u heavy one.
Sl'ither and Hrudv were released on SJOO
xmds to appear Wednesday morning , but
Hughes und Price nro still in limbo.
Louisiana State Lottery Company ,
Incorporated by the icslslatnio In 1SW , forlM-
ncatlonul and Charitable purposes , and Its frnn-
clilsc made n part of the present Stnte Constitu
tion. In Ih7t ! , Dy nn overwhelming popular vote.
take place Scinl-Ainitially , ( June and Dt-oomhcr )
nnd Us ( litAND SINH\\1 \ M'.Mlinit 1)IIA\V-
1NIS take phiconn each of theothnrten months
In the year , and nro nil drawn In public , nt the
Academy of Music , New Orleans , l.a.
' \Ve do hereby certify that we supervise the
nrrnnKemeutslor nil the Monthly nnd Scml-An-
mini Drawings of The Louisiana btato Ixitteiy
Comtmny. and in person manage * nml control
the Drawing themselves , nnd that the s.tine
nre conducted with honesty , fairness , und In
od faith toward nil parties , and wo authorize
the company to UBO this certificate , with rue-
similes of our signatures nttachod , In Its mlvei-
< lbement.s. "
Wo thn undersigned Hanks and Hankers will
my all Prizai drawn in The Louisiana Stuto
Lotteries which may bo presented at our conn-
It. M. WALMSliBV. 1'rci. Louisiana Nat. Hit.
I'lIHllti : LANAUX , I'res. State Nnfl Ilk.
A. IIALDWIN , I'res. NewOileuns Nat'l Ilk.
UAIIL KO1IN. 1'res. Union Hunk.
In tin Acntlciny of Music , Now Orleans -
leans , Tiu-s < lny , Sept. 11 , 18SH.
CAPITAL PRIZE , $300,000.
100,000 Tickets at Tvronty Dollars each.
Halves $10 ; Quarters $5 ; Tenths $2 ; Twcn-
ieths $1.
1 V1U7.K OK . U * 200OX )
1 l'lll/.K OK lOO.UX ) Is 100 , ( A )
i 1'itr/K OK r.n.ojo u .
i f'Kiy.K OK a > .ww is : ru0
S I'ltl'/.US OK 10,00,1 nre ISt.ODJ
fi Pltl/.KSOK 6,000 nre s.\vU
25 I'Kl/.KHOF J.OUU nre -AOOO
ix iMiixrsor BOJ are CU.UM
tXW I'Kf/KS OK W aie llW.WX )
HX ) Prize * of tf'X ) nro
100 do IWJ are
100 do M nro iW.UOO
W do 1UI are
IWJ do 100 are
9,111 Prizes , amounting tn . I1,05ISOO
NOTE. Tlckcti drawing Capital 1'iUcs nro not on-
lilleil tu trrmlual Prlrt .
fiTKoii CLUII HATES , or MIT further Information
ilttvlroil , wrltu Irulliljr tntliuiindor lune < lcle.irlr nut-
Inn jruurrontdcncc , wlili btuto , Conntjr , Mroot un'l
Number. More rapid return mall delivervtlll be n--
nuri'il br Tour cnclo lnic uu envelope buxrlui ! ) 'uur
full niUiroft * .
Honrt 1MSTAL NOTKS , Express Mcmor Onion , of
Nuw York KxcUansu In onllnurx Julter , Currono/ & /
flxpteftn ( at our ( expense ) uddrc nud
or M. A.IurJl'lllN.
\Vmbluston , 1).C.
Address RegistereTletters to
New Orkaut , IA ,
17T7TVn7lTVTliT71) Thsttha presence of Gen-
IVll/llll'vlU Ol'jlV eruU Ueauri-K < tnl > nd I'.ivr-
ly , who r In i-linrju of tli Orawlnu > . U iiuaruutiio
n ( absolute fairness and Intrvurlljr , tbui IbucUnnci'i
nro nil equal , anil tual no ono can posilulr dUtno
lint number will draw npriie.
'HKMKMIiliR.ulso. tlutltho payment of I'rlipsls
Naw Ui leans , and the Tlcki-U are signed by tbo 1'rol-
dmil of an Institution , whose chartered rights uiu
rucoiiultctl In tliu liluhost ( Jourtsi tlierefum , Luwuro
of am Imitations or nnonrmons tchomet. "
VoeoH , from which th * excess of
Oil has bc n rimovwi. HhsslAr
timti iht itrmgth of COCOA mlied
Ilh SUrch , Arrowroot or Sugar ,
and Is thorsforo fat moro aconorcl-
cal , ccitiny leu MJII on rent a
tup. It Is dtUclous , nourUhln ; ,
Admirably luliptcd for ln > lUs u
well ss for personsjn hralth.
Sold bjr Grocers crtrjnlatre ,
BAKER & CO , DorcWr , Mass ,
Brilliant !
Durable !
Economical !
Diamond Dyes excel nil others in Strength , Purity , and Fastness. None other are
just as good. Ilcwarc of imitations , because they are made of chenp nnd infciior materials
and KIVC i > oor , weak , crocky colors. To be sure of success use only Ihe DIAMOND DVES
for coloring Da-sses , Stockings , Yams , Carpets , Feathers , Ribbons , &c. , &c. We warrant
them to color more goods , package for package , than any other dyes ever made , and to give
more brilliant and durable colors. Ask for the DIAMOND , and take no other.
Send postal for Uye liook , Sample CarJ , dirccllons lor colorm ? Photos. , maUng the finest Ink or lilulng
{ io cents a quart ) , etc. Sold ly Ijruggists. Address
WELLS , RICHARDSON & CO. , Burlington , Vt.
tMorBiinl'iirkinenrChlcuifn ) . Hoarding ja'
! * rli nl for UlrlK ntul Vniinir l/idlos. Vdi'tji
'cntiiloir'ifliiddroMf ; 'IM/VHIl Mi. I ) , ts"
E-in Turk. 111. , or > ,7 Madison birutt , ciUcaiio , 111.
Who is WEAK , IVERVOUK. I > tUIMTA : <
TJKl > I N ZtA.'r ;
ban TUtEFi.Klt nway lila VUiOR of ti'l > Y ,
rtrnltn upon the t'UlINTAIXH of i ,
KKAltAT.KK , HAOKAi'IIK , Dreadful
Drr&mc. WE&B(9T S < t of Mcmnry , UJ.tKS-
the FA ! K. and all the. KPFiXiTH
EAKI.Y KCAY nrt perhsps VO
Vf. tl or INNANIt Y. should consult nt once
Ihe ELEIIKA.TF.n Dr. Clarke , Ertabllihrc !
1 )1. Hr Clsrke hit made NEHVOt'N ! > :
BIMTY. I'llKOXK ! and till Diseases of
Uio flENITO I7KI.VAUY Orp n > A Life
Hind jr. It r * Jiflerenco WHAT you
inre taken or WHO has failed to cure voii.
pFEM AIiKM sullorlng from disease * pccU'
liar to their rex cen consult with the nsturanco
f tpeedy relief and cure. 2 cents poitnso
tor works on your diseases.
* S ! lend 4 cents postage for Cclcirntr < l
workn on Chronic , K T\OIII nnd lloll >
r4 ti ) Discuses. Consultation , perkonal'y or by
utter , frrr. Consult the olil l > rtor.
Vlionmmdn cnri > < l. OB rrnand itnrlom
prJvtMo. * lrThw cotituinplatint ; Morriara
oann for l > r. Clarkc'B cc'tobrntcd cnldo
Male and Female , cucli 15c. , both ' . ! 5c.
tstamrn ) . Hpfoie connOinc your cusc. consult
r. ( L'LAKKK. A friendly letter or cnll miiy
we future suflerlngnnd slmnie , nnd odd roldcn
j-cars to life.Book " J.lf - ' ( Secret ) i > -
joruCOe. . ( sUimpj , ) . Bledlrine and wrllliiKS
sent cveryTThare , jecnra from < * x ] > ut > iirc.
nourc , 8 to R : Sundays , 'i to 12. Address ,
, S1. D. CLARKE , M. D.
86 so. oinrb as. . < SIIOAGO , ILL.
Al'i'opnotary ILU.UIHO time ncmVi but u trial
to prove ltd worth.
Callender's ' Left Livef Gitieis ,
Tne only nistllled Hitters IQ the Unltod
Btntes. Tlie only Hitters recopilzcd by the
United Stntei Internal rovontto laws as u Proprietary -
prietary Medicine , linwfully Patented. No. of
Patent 14-R.573. Contains no fusil
essential oils , no forelKii Etilistniicn oriluinas-
Ing ilrucB , A perfectly pure medicine , com
pounded from Pure Hoot Herbs nnd Old Peach :
plonsant to tlio taste , quiet nnd dwiilvo In Its
etfeet. Cures Dyspepsia or Yellow .Inundlce In
five days. Itrgiilateb the IIowelH , Invlcorntes
Inactive Uver. Cures Illserise'l ' Ltver , lltivivos
the ICidnej-B , Improves the Appetite Quickly ,
Itesulutei the wnolo system. New Life to the
whole system.
I.oK I.lvcr llittcra nro soM In Omuliii , Nnlin bjr the
Jo lowing UruKKlstji Itlclinnlson I'rin : Co. , tfporlal
\\lioltsiile , lor thortriiK interest of Nebraska. UB-
tiillerii its Uillows
( inoilmiMi DrntiCo.V. . J AVIiltehoine , T.V . Spaf-
tnnl , MIIU 11. V'arnt orlliclirotcr Phuriimcy ,
KiilinA : Co , John ( ilmlKli , M. 1'arr , J. A. Vnllor it
I'd.V.J. . litulK" ! , .lohn It. Conte , ( ! . .1. Frlre. M..I.
I'nvvbll , t' . 11. ( iontucli , John R llullsky , .Murri-U'a
I'liLirmucjrJames KomrtU , 11. C. Hell , Dr.J. J. Siivllle ,
C. .M. t'nsscy , K Clnuiiiler , llnlm's Phnnnucy , Uur-
A IMyV. J.C. Kluic.J.V C.iirkc. J U , Schmidt ,
nnil Lett Liver Ulttura.
Certified Checks , Payable at Sight on the
Pugct Sound National Bank Given as
Security lor Money Invested.
TotliusedolrouicflmrUiK property on time , wo
oner tliu tollimliin : Wo will allow irora 3 monthu
to 5 ( cars time , nci'ordlnK to tlio land you selects
ive cliuMc neither iiremlum nor Interest on time.
lurmtMits , anil will KVH ! you a warranty deed.Vu
have lot tit UU nml t-J5 ( bat uro within B mdlu
ol tire ami a half miles of the postoillcc , w
quire only 10 per cent , as an carnont money and wo
will Klrc certified chock forthe full amount of each
ndefrrj lubJdquonj payment. TlioclieckUdruwn
br tUo I u et Sound National bank aiicllsruuilopay.
abl at ljlitanilyoiicaii draw your money at any
tlmethoiik-hbysoclolnif you forfeit yourrlclitsto
purclia oland. XlaUo your Income , no matter how
smull.rtrn somsthlnir. Transctintlnentulrallroads
iiieUrsdlnif for Seattle , and uisiiulaelurlnulitlour-
I'UIn , ' . Uoneral rmimierce Isln a ttateof sulntan-
lal pre re lon. The dally papeii are lilled with
account * of nn < r viilarprlsea. Tallin earn and hnrnu
car > circle bvattlo. AdilrvM COOK A .
Htio tare the LAUdKbT I'UOl'KllTV l.IbT la
; . . . „ „ . . ,
ij nml ptiercoilo ladr caimmers ruflldinx In thu
or other tovrn * . .Vocnpltnt necessary. CIioils
r.vL"'I T"1-r"1"11' Holnre rnrpqiilrpil. Aililri-ss
n 'iil.A(1UNTS ' ( > ai"'IM'Y co' " rm" A' -
At tlio beginning o tlio Autumn Scnson wo oiler our greetings to our friends nml customers with the
nlensiug conviction , tlmt Ilicy will give nromly nttrntion nnd kind reception to our oiTuritig.
Our patrons know Unit our ndvertisemonts nro nl\vays \ well worth reading , in fact that it pays to road
them carefully.Yo never advertise or promise impossibilities. We don't. Iry to humbug people as is done in
many clothing advertisements ; we appeal only to sound judgment and rai'on. Wo adhere in our advertisement
strictly to the truth , and whenever wo do announce some special bargain the people are always sure that it is
something extraordinary , and no every day affair.
We nre now ready for the new season with n new stock. We have made every effort to the selection of
n stock , which , in all respect should have no superior ; not oven nn equal in this part of the country and wo
think that in this we have succeeded. When we say tlmt it is without exception the largest display of goods for
Men's wear , ever exhibited in any one establishment oulsido of New York or Philadelphia , we mean exactly
what we say. Our trade is constantly increasing and we have prepared this fall for a larger increase than ever.
Though wo have only recently added considerable simcc , we hnvo again not room enough to display this sea
sons stojk properly. Every table on our three immense lloors is fairly groaning under its weight of goods.
The clothing for all ages which now lies upon our counters is the best proof of the well directed efforts
wo have made to win and deserve your patronage.
And not only in clothing do we make such adisplayovery department of our large establishment is equally well
stocked. Our Hat Department contains more hats than any two of the largest exclusive Hat stores together.
Our Underwear , Hosiery , Glove and every other department is crowded with new goods.
About prices wo only have this much to say. COMI : AXD SKI : now ouu noons AUE MAUKED. Old cus
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list will give you an idea of the principle upon which we do business ,
Spring Suits , Correct Styles , Elegantly Made and Trimmed
„ . , . . . . Siutntur S'tde Suit , which w u ina'lo to order for ,
J1.3O lniu.ui One liulton Sack Suit which man made to order for $22.
J" . 'S ona Strtilijlit-cat Sad ; Suit , which w is made to order for $ 4S. / > HJ/S a ildllrtniil finch finlt. which wn made to order for $ . 'W. but/it a I < 'aur Hnltnn Cutaway Stilt , which wits made tit order for $4O. in/H a Onr Jin ( on Cit'airau Suit , which wtn tnnde to or tier for $ fiO.
V.5Wfcjf/y jrt nttiiiioo.t.nrti Cheviot , Sack or Frank , which WIIH marie tit order for i
, ' { ( > .OH bni/fi a Crepe ll'omled , ( Imp. ) 4-ISutton Cutatuui/ , which wits made to order for $6 > > .
) R ! ir Finish
an j ,
JJ.fiO buns n Cam ! mere Vrlncs Albert Suit itrfilr.h w fs made lo order for $37.
Ifi.UO IHII/S a Cher lot Prtncc Albert Suit which wrm mndn io order for ' -/7.
23.QO Inij/s a Coi-Jm-nw J'rince Albert Snit which was inttdr to order for $ SO ,
fi. f.OO btiit * < t * < bbtI'ln Chech : lii/ht color , which tuns made t > ornerfor $60.
itn.OO hiiyi ail Intporte'l Woratc I , < atlti linr.d , wlilch inrt-i inatla tn order for $7O. Iniya a Clty ll'ornlcd , sills line I , which wan m < i l"tt order for $ SO.
A Nobby and Complete lh\e of Pantdloons $2.7 > toIO. All alterations to Improve a flt done free of chnrurf
1119 EARN AM STREET. 1119
Three Doors Eastofi2th Street.
Omaha , Neb. Mail Orders Promptly Attended to
For Catnlomiu address ,
1'rent. W < OyltOllriltTS. I.ako Forest , 111.
For circulars address II. UOOTII , Chicago , 111.
Bettie Stuart InstltolB Ka,1 ! , ,
\V1II couiuiunce U 2l t yeurSupteinbcr 12th , 1WS. Ail
vantages uuiuruaisi'J. Homo comforts : curefu
tralntiiL' . A | > plr to Mrs. M. McKrr HOMES , Principal
South \VllIlamstowti , Ilerkslilre county ,
Mas * . Aprlvate cehool for boys. Prepare for
college. KcieiUIUo aeliool or business. Korty-sev-
eutli year begins Thursday. September ! 3tU.
For catalogue address ( lliO. V. MII.I.8.
J 1'rlnolpal.
Morgan Park Military Academy
Tas Heat Hoys' Hoarding School In the West.
Sixteenth year tipgliiH Bent. 10th. H nd for cata
logue to CAIT. ED. N. KlHK. TALCOTi' , Supt. ,
MOKQAH 1'AUK , COOK CO. , J&1. ,
reeksklli.on.Hud ou , N , V , Bend tor Cata
logue. JtiO. M
or TUB
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y ' ,
Tbo Ilcst Route from Omalia and Council
niuffo to
Clilcngo , AND Mllwankoe ,
St. Paul , Mlnin polls , Cedar Rapids ,
Itock Island , Frocport , llockford ,
Clinton , Diibmruc , Davenport ,
Madison , Janestille ,
licloit , La Crosse ,
And all othsr Important points East , Northeast and
l"or through tickets on tbi ticket agent at 1U1
farnam street , la arker Ulock , or at Union I'ACldo
IVillaiaD Slcapers and tb * finest Dining Cars In tbi
worlil uri the.DHln . lluu of the
wauk a A Nt. lvaui"ili"irwa7 . "anJ emi'ttiiucToriTi
patd to passiDguri br cuun OU | tffiplon.Yc.JUj
.G Dt > l Manager.
Lh AnTitant Uuncral Hanasir.
UrKMTKU , Genera I lassngir and
tin1 tab
Under the Direction of the Religious of the Sacred Heart.
ST. '
Opens Wodnesdiiy , Soplombor 6th , 1888
Opens Monday , Sept. ad.
TKHMS-Hoarrt. Waslilni , ' . 'I'uitlou In EnglUh
nud French , liiatruirientul Mualo and use of
Uooks , per seeBlon of live rnontlm , il'At.W , THHMS-Acconllngto Grades of Similes.
1'alntlne , Drawing , Shorthand , Oermrin , Italian. Vocal Music , Harp , Violin , etc. . nre extra
niderence of rellKlon i no obstacle to the udnilfes'lon of yount' latlles. J'or further Informa-
oSJahu'olfaHk ' ' KI Bulwrlor01"1 of "owilliiR Acadamy , 1'urk I'lttce.
MADAME L. liU 'MONT , Buperloress of Day Academy , Bt. Mary's Avo. , Omaha , Neb.
jtCPyAabla for pqwprfill irmp > .
th'elle tone , yllabie netlon and ub-
iolute Uurablllty. 9J years' record.
th best guarantee of th rce > .
jence of tne Instrument ! ! .
sal eatlslactlon In the
cure of Qonorrhaa And
Olct't. IprcscrlUoltcna
feel safe In recommend
ing It to all sufferers.
A. J. STONUB , If .D. ,
Daeaiur. Ill ,
riucn , 01.00.
Tr 4 Bold .
by DruteUts.
Pg ' , Pnnl aod C PT rukt protctlioa tZ
cured. Good work , good reference * . mn1 > .
ath'gs. _ SciMlforrasiBhUt. R , B ;
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