Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 03, 1888, Page 7, Image 7

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Advertisement * under this bend 10 rents per
line for the llrst Insertion , 7 cents for CM h sul )
lUHiunnt liiHertlon , and II. M a line tier month.
No udvcrtlhc merit taken for less than 25 cents
tlin llr t Insertion , Sovcliworda will be counted
to the line ; they must run consecutively and
must bu paid In ADVANCII. All ftdvertlsc-
mcnts must bo handed In before J2w : : o'clock p.
in , and under no circumstances will they Uu
taken or discontinued by telephone.
Parties advertising In tin-He columns nnd hav-
IIIB their answer * auilrcsuwl in care of Tit K HER
vrll\ \ please ack for n check to enable thum to get
their leltiTS , as nnne will 1m delivered except on
presentation of rheck. All answers to nuver
tlKcmentH should bo enclosed lu envelopes ,
All advertisements In these columns arc pub
lished In both morning and evening editions of
TIIK HKK , the circulation of which acKrcKates
more than IH.rwj papers dally , and elves the ad
vertisers the bcn lit. not only of the city circu
lation of TIIK llin : , but also of Council Ilium ,
Lincoln nnd other cities and towns throughout
this section of the country. _
Advertising for these column * will Retaken
on thi > above conditions , ut th following busi-
ni'S housed , wlio are authorized agents for Til K
Ilr.i ; bpeclul notices , anil will quote the saiuo
rules us can 1m bed at tliu mnlu office.
" *
0 HNW. llKIili , Pharmacist , 820 South Tenth
/1HASK & KDpV. Stationers and 1'rlntcrs , 113
' South IBtli Street.
SII. FAHN8WOHTH , Pharmacist. 2115 Cum-
. lug Street.
J. HUGIIK8 , Pharmacist , 021 Noith Kith
i Street.
GIX ) . W. PA Hit , riinriuaclst , IWJ St. Mary's
V\'ANTKD Ity o girl a place In a nlco family
T to work for board und ua to school , 2220
B ITth HI. U2S 1' '
TXrANTED Hy Sept. Int. position by compo-
t tent Htvuogrupher. Address for 3 da ] s.lijU5
Fnrmim. 25U 5t
"VV/ANTKD A good ranrarpot weaver. Steady
ciiiploynieiit the voar round. Address
Nebraska Carpet Mills , ith and O sts , Lincoln ,
Neb. 454 _ _
W ANTKD-Shlpplng clerk. Inquire Molchlor
llros. , 1110 Farnam at. 373 1J
" \ATANTUD Ilnrbcrs , three uood men nt th
T > .Merchant's nliavInK faloon .I'lirnani nnd
Fifteenth sts , S. P. iminel. : IIIUMJ
ANTKD Dry goods dork at once , Gcr-
manprefuircu , at C. .1. Weber'.s , next to
\\7ANTKD 15 white coal miners ; ship Mon
ti day ; good pay ; vein averages 4'i ft ; no
trouble Whatever , except wunt of men. ! l J N.
liitli ! IJ
\\r ANTKD 'I wo city milesmen.salaryorcom
T > mission ; relcrence , G , P. O. box 75' . ' , city.
W \NTKD Man with J20) ) cash for position of
trust , paying upwuids of } | im tier mouth ;
irood leferunces lemilrcd and given. Monroe
Co. . l.ii Crosfio , Wls. 313
. flan "wTtlT fife foirol\7hg ra pi7uT ,
energy undublllty to neil "U'lilch'Piotec -
tlon or Fr o Trade. " The ablest arguments lor
and against by tno Inadnr.s In both parties.
Sample copy 12 j-ost paid. For terms uddicss
C H Hlliey , Omaha , Neb. 897-S *
WANTKD Heglstered pharmacist for posi
tion In city. .Must bo first class man und
have best of references. Call In person. N. W.
IDruggistN agency , room 40li , Paxton block. 435-4J
\\7ANTKD T ullora ; coat makers , v < * t mat
i i rs , pants inaker.sbuslielmcn. NIcoll tno
U'allDi , , 140i ! , Douglas at , , Oiuuhu. 407-3
" \\T ANTKO A live , energetic young man with
T i n few hundred dollais to take u half inter
est In and assume thn business management of
u wholesale and retail bak''v In Omalm ; busi
ness-we.ll established ; lent * low. Addies-s for
particulars 1' . O. llox 4fW.
\ \ TANTKDVoung man to assist In taking
it cui oof school rooms for tuition. Valen
tine's Shoit-nand Institute. 317
WANTKD Agents to represent us In every
city and town In Nebraska and Iowa. Per
manent Position. J , M. McClavo \ Co. , loom 00 ,
Iliuker lllk , Omiihu , Nob. | J,8 ( 7 *
> Kxpwrloncc'd hBfn salesman. Art-
i i dross with lefoience Mosler , llahmaun "
Co. , Cliicliinatl. O. 30U a _
T\rANTKD Flfluen .stonccuttcr.s to cut curbIng -
> Ing at lleutrlce. Neb. Apply on work 01
nt room 422 , First National Hunk building ,
'Jinaliu , Noll. 311 8
\7ANT13D-Mllker. 4115 Saunders.
WANTED-Good life Insurance Mtllcltors
with bank references are wanted by tha
Union Life at 4U1 Mcichunta National bank
building.Omaha. sea il
J ANTKD 20 men ut once forconcrote work
I nt Northwestern Luborugency , 215 S. loth
Bt , J , Muldocm & Co. 250
" \\r'AN"Tlffi = 'rwelvo or lltteen inlHwrightYund
' curpunturti at once , to work on the H.
3eckman ! Hour mill nt Oakdule , Nub. II. C.
Blcnker. 2I5J
\ArANTKD-.Mfii for railroad work in WashIngton -
> Ington to-iilory. ) Teamsters , pick and
eliovel men , Rx-tnen and rock men , big wages
and long , sttudy job , At Albright' Labor
AKoncy , 1120 Faniiim bt. 12i ;
"IX/'ANTHD / A boy or young man to curry a
T foot route ou Dully Kveulng Heo ; also boy
Vlth pony to carry homo route. Call ut Hoe
WJQfTKO-A llrst-clas.s oxnurleuccil window
dre.ssur. Juiinlroat the Fair. 6 ? : * _
SOLiri'lOHS wanted for a large manufactur
ing company ; references required. Artdross
Jtex ui7niulia _ , B07 Sjo
\VTANTKD Immcdlatnly , two boys , one lady
to Instruct lu book keeping ; good cltua-
tloim In tjuptoniber , J. 11. fcmlth , room [ > ( > * ,
blocic. _ tell 8'
* V\7 ANTKIl Knergotlc nif n and women every-
VT wh n > for u itenteel money-making busi
ness. { 10 weekly pi oUt guaranteed HIT | than
* fl monthly otherwise , Kxpertence absolutely
unuiicesbary. I'rimaueiit position tiud exclu
sive tarrltoiy itnaured. J3 biimples free. Write
for ' purllcularrt. Address , with Btnmii , JJnrrlll
. Chlcuno. _ 'li7Bl'i ! ' *
AOUNT8 > \rANT15D-t7u a month and ox-
. PI-IIBCS paid any active person to fccll our
poods. No cuiiltuf renulied. Salary paid
monthly , ox pauses In advance , 1'ull naitlcuKirs
free. Siaudaj-d Sllvemuie company , Huston ,
SlM t , , TOSlip
B OYtv-Am. Dlst. Tul. Co. , 13041
ACOOKa nd also a nurse ror child rcn' , ' A iijiry
Satiinlay aftvrnoon nnd evening. > lrs.
Wurieii Swll'/.Iern. w. comer 2tltli uud St Mary's
n\e Ul'J 1
\rANTKD Jllddlo aped \\niimnas conipan-
i > ton to un old couplulnTi-\uK , Goodhomo.
Nowajjcs. Compi'tunt girl for famllv of three
In Wyoming , ( fl. Ouo for Hiawatha , Kan ; ouo
for IM Plata , il , ; fuiej paid. Now places uvorv '
iluy. > Irn. Hrc all4iif ) 15th t. 3.U1-
\ \ T ANTED- Good girl to wult ou table for her
_ > * loom and board , 117 N. llth. _ 233 J _
W girl ; good wages ; call nt
once. 8112 Douglua. aw 1
A\7 ANTKD fW ladlt-a to have their photo-
T > uraiilM taUen at the Star gallery , 1500
Douglas fct.r cabinets Sl.W per doz. for 15 dava
only ; furmerptleu Jt.OO per do4 , H. A. Olson ,
i Nuieu f Irlj 2115 Bt. Mary's avo.
t I >
ANTKI > Girl for irenenil houcwrrk. . In-
qnlre 13th > uul Vlnton. John U Hill. 405 i
"V\rANTiF : ) A ao jd cogk. Mrs. Wm. Proston.
> tuis2isti\o. ao yj
r.rt Bill. 1K3 Davi-niiortT
U. 71
WANTKD Gli ) forgoneral house work , ll.W
_ S Utii 1. 1 ? Nunujm t go < id oUo. J.JU _
T'ANTKD - A good girl for ucnenil houso-
i > work. ( looii wagrts pnld. Knmilre at 2011
Bt. '
\\r A"aijcnt for " jHKirb " and
bustle combed ; nlu "H" hose biipport-
fti. Our Gulttdburg. 111. , agent cleared HIM in 10
d.BW , . Iadc | > 4' bupply Co. , 287 W. Wushingtou
\ T"ANTKD ( Slrl for conornl lioiiiewoik. Iii
} 'r lB09 Douglas. S3J IK
\\rANTKIl- A thoroughly roinpclrnt girl fet
' gvncriil housework : inferences reciuircki ,
Apply at No , U70 North 2ttU und IncUana nvc ,
Sir , Hlmerul. SUi
' class cootT
VxrANTKD-GIrl for itiuVrariiii ; owork , iiTf
> t9Uve < "
wm - ( ? . . dlshtvaslv
er. y/JN. lottiat. jas
GIHL for cenern ! homework , similt family ,
Gurmuu pivftirrcd , UVl Fninam , Mi
\\rANTED-Mldulo ncrd l iiy wlth'g'ood ref
TI cieuceu an livu km'per nud takecaruol
two ilitli * ciill'lr-en : will kt > [ i t-'rl foi eecuud
M'orl ; ; too ; ! wwfii.inud ik tOvU U/jiue. Apply f-i
8118 , rub. L-j\ \
W ANTP.O JcnVho ( have bectn succp.ssf ul In
selling farm machinery , sowing ma
chine ? , etc. , etc. . to call , ami work for us. Hie
pay. .Midland Manufacturing Co. Olllc , 2nd
iloor Itoscnbery's factory , cor. 8. ISlhandMarcy
els. , Omalm. Neb. _ 457-VJ
WANTKD A good team of light roadhofses.
harness and buugy. Vt 111 glvo a good triulo
on Houth Omaha property. The K. K. Satiborn
company. 170.1 St. Mary's HYC. _ "M 1
ANTKD-Good , steady , family her e
must bo very cheap. Will p y cash If
nulled. No fancy her e * ut fancy prices wanted.
H 17. lice. ! ST 1 *
" \\rAN'JKD Washing by the day or house-
> > cleaning. ApplyJHS S IMh. _ 2CO 6
MKNIMNG and darnTng of Kcntlenien'.s cloTin
Ing nnd cleaning of suits neatly donu at
1.10 Caas st. _ 421 Ht
W ANTrtD Pour persons to.morrow to keep
books. J. II. timlth. room 51Himgo lllk.
231) ) !
\\TANTKD A tractor acreage proiicrty , 10 < )
T > to 'I'm ' acres , near Omaha or South Omaha.
flee A. 1C. Itlloy , 151'J Karnum. 41IM
ANTKDPlcture agents to send for prlco
list. First-class Inks and water colors tor
the tradn at bottom prices. A , Waage , 113 > lsUth
st. , Omaha. 437-OJ
WANTKD Some ono to adopt an orphan
girl seven years old. of American parent
age. Address , 1J20 N. Ifcth st. 178 4'
\\TAN1KD-IIor.scs to board , Huckeye Stables -
> > bles , lllth between Harnoy and St. Mary rt
ave ; llrst class accommodations ; best box stalls
In the city ; terms reasonable ; telephone , t > 4l.
90S h2tf
ENGAOKMKNTS to do dressmaking In fam
ilies solicited. Miss Sturdy , 2017 I.euven-
worth st. U02j 24 *
WANTKD If you have nny lands , lots , or
houses and lots to sell or exchange for
othrr propeity , call on me or write , lean find
you ac.uttomer. C. C. Bpotswood , 30JJJ S. liltn.
U1- *
WANTED The public to make good use of
The lleu's mestage boxes throughout the
City , Id )
"V\T ANTKD-Ton good men who know n good
thing when they see It , to visit the ( Iruut
Ten Dollar South Omaha lot Hale , commencing
Monday morning at 310 South 15tlt St. , to buy
the only lull block of lots left nt the low prlcu
of $10 each. 5wi
W ANTKD More Houses to rent. Jlosworth
& .lopllu , Darker block. WO
Kmployment ollice. No , III" N.
ItHli ht , Mulu and fumalo help bUpplled.
iTlvnto tamllles a specialty , 4JJ-KJ
M A IH or female help furnlslixd In or out of
cltv. prlvato families a specialty. H. II.
Wnndelf. IUS N Illth St. . i-'d Iloor. ! 1
GANADIAN employment ofllce. Mrs. Ilrepi ,
II Id S IDth. Helerence Omaha National bank
BUI s7 !
" \ y"ANTIDItoom ! by week at present by
'i joilUKinau , buokkei par ; no obiec tlons to
roommate with ruforencesi. AUdress , HtuUimr
price , lie : ! lieu. : IM ; tj
WASTKI-To rent , by man Tiud wife , I orfi
loonw ainvuiili.'iit to Htroot cur. .1. II.
IK'iirickson , ill I Hoiith luth bt. , Atlantic hotel.
* 4M-IJ
\\7ANTJJl ) Tlneo rooms furnished forlljjht
V bousekuupIliK. LocationImlween Donjslas
and I.eavenworth trom lith to-'Uth t > t. Address
with terms. Hill lieu. 44UMJ _
AWANTKD To rent liouso oFn rooiuslnliTli ?
clrablo location ; homo with modern con
veniences preferred. Address room ( I , IT. S.
Nat 1 bank. M > II
W IANTIJO I liavn H or 10 jiaitlen who Avant
to rent SIO to " 0 houses centrally located ,
by Sept. intli. Submit what you huvo. C. 1' .
Harrison , I In S. 16th st. : fr.i
UKNT 5 loom house , IffU S Mb st.
iriOH HUNT room house : \\f\l \ , clstom. In
V imlie lllthand Vlntou. John l < . Hill. 1U14T
4-KOOM house , W n month , 2Jd nnd popplcton
ave. C. Mudsen. 411-1 *
FOIt HKNTNlc froonftioiibJ 11 il N 17th s7.
liuiulru 2IBJ513th ht. 132
171OH HKNT Fhe ipom cottage , east fiont
.L fit ) a luth st. Inquire room 15 , ; M n 15th st.
FOH HKNT Nice 7-room house , 1131 North
' "
17th bt.
HOUS1W of six rooms , corner 37th und DoUgo
sts , one block from pavement nud cars ,
and near proposed cable line. Lots 1)0 ) , 40 anil
50x127. buy and dormer window ? , hard oil finish ,
sink , closets , pantry , poich on iront und rear ,
pump on sink to cistern , pump on well , cellar
under house , laundry , electric bolls , coal and
outhouw ) , sidewalks , fcinco , etc , ; In fact , win ot
finest , most comfortable and best built houses
In the city for the money. Will soil nt from
$2MH ) to W.700 , at your own terms. Win. .1. Paul ,
1000 Faiiiam st. 3'J3-1
9 GOOD boarding houses-houses for lent and-
furnlturn for saloprlre ; from { IfO to J-l.loD.Co ,
Operative Lund and Lot Co. , 2c)5 ) N.JOth st. 41 "
tiO HOOM liotol. rent Jifl. fiirnUure , K.IKM on
4 time Seven bouses for rent centrally lo
cated , with the fiiinltnro for wile , Co-operutlvo
Land und I < ot Co. , SIB N. PJth t , rwi 3
THOU HKNT Nice 4-room cottage , li)3 ) N , 33nd
Jbt , , two blocks oil car lino. Apply I < . I
Thomas , Kelly Stlgor i : Co. , ihoe department ,
FOIl JtKNT I liavn uboilt a dozen houses
rauglug fiom three to thirteen roonm that
can bu leiited at living prices. If you want to
rent n hounc. . call and .sou inc. George J. Sterns
dorlf , room 0 , opp , P , u , ! tJ
POU HKNT A 4-room hous soutliea-jt cor ,
lllth and Paclllc. Imiulru 1107 H lOUl. IW1 3 !
' | ? OU Rl'NT 10 small ranglm ; lu ( nice
JU from 10 to 15 dollars. Given & Williams , Is *
Nat. H'k U'd'g. | ! i76 4
FOIl HKNT Eight-room bouse , also 3 rooms
_ ] lujulre RSI 8 4.M st. _ ISM at
T7HH ) HUNT New two-stor > feven loom housr ,
JU cvllnr. large nttic. cjsteni , well , coal house
und btable ; all new and well fenced , on Military
road In Clllton Hill , -Vi miles from postolllce , ui
only Ji' ; > pur month. A. P. Tukey , S. W. cor. l.ltl
ST Klght room house , ab-o'tliieo
rooms. Inquire S-J South 22wl street.
I71OH HKNT Cottage , four largo rooms , 101 ,
J-1 South Mtli-Ht. ! ll
I"pott HKNT-Nuw five-room cott Kt' , Sit blocks
oil Furnum cur Hue. Iniiuire , 314 S IKh bt.
_ _ _
"IOH HUNT Two now 1000111 > houses , al
JU inoilern Improvements itth and draco ,
lllock and u half from cable line , f 10 } > er mo
Apply on premises or ! ' . It. McCoiinell. Pux
block. _ _ : 4-i
HKNT Neat " -room house on Davenport
ft.iiear high school , rent JlO a month. Hrcu-
nan & Co. . Clumber of Com mo rce. _ 1st _
FOIt HKNT-or Sale-New cottage , liedford
Place , on easy payments. Kiuiufro M. L ,
Hoeder , room 4K1 Paxton blncic. ein
"ITlOlt HKNT Ten-room now house , with gas
JL ; water , sewer , furnace , \c , , Ae. ; , by 3-'d and
Hainey. rIO per mouth Dexter I , . Thomas , nt.
Nebraska Savings bank. 10th and Kurnum. 140
TjVllt HKNT At very low rates , residences of
-i.1 it ) to 13 rooms In new brick row on Cuss and
21th sts. , ouItH etix'ul cur line. All modern
Improvements. Apply H , T. Clarke , 25th und
Cuss or at t'nlon Triibt Co. ir."J
IJ10H HKNT Cottage. 5 rooms , very desirable.
J.1 1212 2ith bt. , near ( toward st. Imiulro HOG
Capital live. l-l
T710H HKNT An u'.egaut 7-room Hat. Inquire
JL ; at The 1'alr. tii
TTIOH KENT Neat J-1) ) cottage. Apply at once.
JL1 C. P. Harrison , 41SS. 15th st. Til
FOIt HKNT New S-room house on Cumlni ?
st , near l.owc ave. Terms reasonable. Apply -
ply uulck. ( jpotHWood. a > 5'/j B IDlh. 723
1710H HKNT Klegaiit brick house , ull modern
JL' convonli'iices , live minutes' walk from P , O. ,
2 J N null , linuulre at 21U N 19th. utn
EOll JtKNTKlegant 10-ioom modem house ,
near Illuh bchool , CD. G. K. Thompson ,
Sheely block , 15th and Howard. 701
TTiOlt HKNT S-room house , sewer , gaa , hot
JL1 nnd cold water , baih room , now and com
plete , * IO per month , ready Sept. 1. Apply nt
° CO < ° ' " " " " < " ' . < ' " ' > * *
1T1O11 HK.NT-10 room modern house VQ.W. 0
J- room ditto. ( jj.Oi ) . 7 room ditto. g.Vi.OQ. Other
atores and otllces. ( i. K. Thompson.
Foil tKNT 6-ro.iui cottaga centrally located.
Mend I : Jnhilion , UU p. litli. 30
li'Olt ilKNT-Slx-rooiu"cottace. : 1515 Hamey
J0ji > . , ja per month. DM
FH UKNT When you wUu to r nt a house.
More or olllco call on us. U. K. Cole , room
0 Coiitlnuntal block. 4 7
A SIX room' house for rent. Inquire ut CuO so
li-tli bt. 7J7-a
771011 ItKNT-Amio 10-room brick home with
-L' all mpitom tinprovcinentii , fine location oa
strict car line. it. M. ( icntun , UU3 U0uc1i. st.
T710U HKNT Kewly nnd nicely fnrnl hed
JL rooms ; nrst-class table board ; 1721 Daven-
jiort. UlO-lJ
_ _
l OIl HKNT-Nlcely furnished room wltli
JL1 modem conveniences. Apply 2103 St. Mary's
ave. _ , _ ! 104 1
1 JOOMS and board. ' 4.W , Day board , M.rfl per
JV week ; 1019 North 23d st. 45.V5J
"filOH HKNT A large plcasaiit front room ,
J-1 17W Chicago st. 344
TJIUUJflSH El ) room , block from P. 0. . fair
JL1 week to parties with retort-nee- , P. O. box
7J2 , city. _ 807 It
"imblt HKNT Weil furnished largo front room
JL1 with alcove. Hoard If required. Modern
conveniences , I5U1 Hartley. 333 1
Foil HKNT-1'ront room funiUtied , ground
Iloor. Inquire at 2W Dodge st. 217 U
" 1710 It HKNT Two largo unfurnished rooms
X1 for light housekeeping , 2520 Douglas st ,
42il It
FOH HKNT One small and one large fur-
Mlshcdi oom. 1133 N. Ittli st. 427 4
171OH HKNT A handsome room with alcove at
JPaiilUSt. JUry'gave. 417
Foil HKNT Newly furnished , clean rooms.
all modern conveniences. ; 1 block from P ,
O. 1I13-1U16 ! Capitol ave . 424 tit
1710 It HKNT lloom suitable for two gentle-
JL ? men ; also one single room with board In
private family ; terms reasonable 1U7 Park
ave. 422 4 ?
171OH HKNT nirnlshed rooms , by the day or
JJ week. 1121 Douglas st. 41KI'
T710H HIINTrjargo front room NK.oor 17th
JU and Cumlng sts. , cheap. Kverythlng new.
Call any time. ; w.i-8
ITIUHNISIIKD room with closet , J7
ipOH HKNT Nicely furnished room , J ! ) per
1 mouth , 1.110 Harney 44V4J
rO\l \ HKNT Furnished Iwd room with use
1 of parlor , S10XO per month , 1511 California st.
NICIiliY funilflied rooms , also flvn rooms for
housekeeping , grand location. 1201 Howard.
; IM ; 3
FOIt HUNT Nuwly and nicely furnished
room" , with tlrst cla 5s table boaid Also
board by daj or w.eck If desired. 1JI Daven
port. JIS ) 7 *
1POH HUNT Nicely furnished front room ,
-L1 cheap lit I'.Ul Douglasat 3H7 : if
T furnished looms , llioi rurniim bt.
NICKLV furnished room , 1718 Dodge.
171OH HKNT--MCO front room , well furnished ,
JL Miltablu lor young int-n ; price reasonable.
Call ut t-'lO Capital ave. iiwi 3 ?
A NICK , large front room , fuml-hed , suita
ble for two. Call at two-story buck on Dor-
ens , near ith ; ) bt. ; .7o 4 ;
KK furnished looms 013 b
- ! lt,7 H
I neil KKNT Suite of rooms furnished oriin-
1 fuinlsliPd. 1MI St. Mary's a\o. 375 3j
" 171O11 HUNT Furnished sleeping rooms , flip-
J- wards , payable wceclv ' or monthly. Kl'l ' How-
"rilst ! _ _ 3"iS 3.1
| 7Ull HKNT Furnished rooms in Groumg blk
JL' cor. 13th nnd Dodge sts. Inquire of Geo. It , ,
Jiu ) is. Mlllurd hotel blllutrd room , tKU
ITiOll HKNTKlegantly funiUhcd rooms with
J. board. Imiulro 10Ul ! Doiulas. ilsl 5
1/H'KNISIIKD loom for rout. 117 S. 17th.
177-1 *
.l ) rooms , linssuth.
1710 U HUNT Front room , largo anil nlcoly
-L1 furnl-hod , located near the High scnool. 111
the hlithost and coolest suction of tlio city ;
( able line and horse cars p'ns thd door. in- :
_ tli H ) . _ NX-
"IJOOMS Including bmrd lu the Young U'o-
Jt men's home lull ) Dodge st. Hufeiences ro-
quired. IMJ
K' K'liljY fiirtiHlied rooms' f I per week or 1.50
per montli,5u : . ' , Wlaudi'iOi S. IMh si.
fill ! H 17 *
T7UJUN1SII ' Kl ) rooms , WlO.Dodgp.
-L' 5sj |
TilUHNISIIKtJ rooms fortent , Kill Capitolave.
Ju 2ol U
JTH'IINISHKD looms with or without board ,
1 1X14 S. 13th ft. . 2d Iloor. 'J2I-I *
1 > OUM and boaid , 1812 Chicago s-t.
IV | K7 9 | :
17OH HUNT I'lirnlshed loom , inodfin con
veniences. A , Hospo , ISC ! UntiKlax. 171
DKHUtAIHV ftirnthhed looms , sliik'le ami
doublo. Uentlt'iiicii preferred. 1M Capitol
avo. -K.KJ
, AIU ( ( : and sniHll room gultable ( or gent 1 -
-J luuu , with or without board , Ibli Doih'u ,
TTIOIC HrNT--T < ) Uiifurnlslipd and one fur
J. nlslied loom with all modem couvonleiipes.
17M Cass at. M ) .U
TTNrrUNlSHI-D-SiiItablofoThouf.fkeopln : :
L I TlireeC ! ) rooms , 10.S North-l t st. .811 IH
Three M ) rooms. 1110 ! S. 7 h s > t II W
Tlirco ( ! H room cottaire-l t nnd 1'aui st 1 w
Threu CD rooms , 701 ( j 1'acllli-st 11 ( X )
'I hrno r. ! | rooms , lliMNorth'ilBt st II ( JO
' / h.-eo ( U ) rooms , 7117 I'acllic kt KM
Three CD rooms , 171U Webster ht 1.1 iVi
Threii i ; rooms lri ( North i-'uthst 11 3i
Tineo ( ! l ) rooms 707'j 1'aellle st II ( K )
1'our i4t rooms , 4'Jl South Uith nt . . " 0 y >
Apply to .ludKO Heutlnir Afnjnny , ller.ilil
bulldliit' , S. W. corner of 15th uiid llanievHt
l/IOII HKNT Two htorus und mit Tcoi'lier wfi
JU nnd Dodge fct * . Potter Cobb- -
rriOH HKNT-Stoio , gOMl place fpr grocery , S
L' W. cor. building Idtli aud Lvuvviiworth.
2-J74 *
F'oit HKNTStoic , No. 100 % I'mnnmM. : font
Hours ; biiltuble for a wholesale business. A.
J. Popplclon , 314 , First Natlonul li-aL. 112 3P
171011 HKNTNicely furnished ollice.
X1 floor , halt of ilfiys inth ht , opposite Clmmbei
of Coinmorci ) . M. A'I'pton Company. IKrli
OFI'H'KSund bahPiiients for rent , eniiier I'll !
and JacKsonMP. Jlis. K. Lunjjo. MM.
"I71OH HKNT r.tore-ioom under oinnlin Hank-
J1 lug Co. , < or. 15th and Harney. suitable lor
money loaning or real i-stato business , Paulsor
\ Co. , No. l..ll , loom f , Furniimst. UV !
I OH HKNT Flno retail Btoro loom with
huge basement , HM per month. C. F. liar-
ll80U , 413 S. luth bt. 48.1
rpWO choice htorc rooms In the Her building ,
X between Howard ami Jackson his. ApiiU
Haymer .V Her btoie. 621 S IKth st. 473 nl.i
TflOH HKNT Double stoio room , btiliubld for
JLA clothing , ijrocorles , dry goods , etc. , location
tlist class. Aildnw Xill Heoolllie. 1O !
rpWO htoiB , 22x.V ) , Just completed , with Hats
1. of seven rooms ubove , with water und gas ,
llrst-class tlulsli , tlth and Pacific sts. . low rent.
Apply to Ktllnger Hros. , U12 S. luth St. , Omaha.
Q'lOlti : for rent , llli 1'arnam htreet. Inquire
Oof Nathan Shclton , ut 1505 Farimm itrei't
TTIOH UiNT-Onice : suite K5 month , S
JL1 offices Hir > each , all fiontliiK Ulth St. , llusii
man block , N. n. Cor. li'.th ana Douglas.V. . il
liushman , 1311 Jeavfuworlh. . ' & , '
1T10U 11HNT Storprooin , No.UU 8. HtU st. Ap
-1 ? ply at 1110 HouardBt. U77
TOIli : for rent , fila N. Jfith. Inaulro "of
Henry OMholf , jr.ia California st. KM
p , VKl Chicago sC Mi"
GU01M1K J. BTKUNSDOItlT. room 0 , opp. P
( > . , will hereafter give special attention to
rentlUK houses , stores und tints. It you wan
your property rented without delay and to rell
uble tenants , do not full to list tno same wltl
him. 3H >
T7Hlt quick rental und food tenants list you
-I-1 houses with H. 11. Wand-ill , 40i N. l th &t ,
2nd Iloor. ! * . ' !
ri K.T110MPSONShi > cly blk , 15tn K Howard
VT _ _ 15'5 '
* \(71i | { lve special attention to routine and co'
> i Ircllng runts. Hit > \HU us , H. i : . Cole , room
C , Continental block. 487
IV YOU w ntyour uonse rrnted place them
with Ileuawa & Co. , 10th , opposite postolllce
MAHY STHONG. M. D. . rooms 3 and 4 Jacobs
block , cor. Capliol ave. und 15th st.
I 413-O-lt
JAMES Do not fall to meet me at the great
Ball Lake City ( f20) ) lot sale every day for
the next thirty day.-j ut 310 S. 10th st. Mary.
X V you want to buy. Hell , rent or excnang
rail on or addrtxs George J. Sterusdoill
Main b , opposite ft a Sll
Ii If yonliftToa personal Item , or
L nny communication , drop U tn ont of 'Ilia
lee's me ag boxes. 103
moil SAI.B-CheRp , tilklni parrot ; putty
L1 leaving elty ; tlO 7U1.H lofli st. 447 HJ
K llest and mo t reliable family
- . - ' liors , safe for any child or lady to ride or
drlvo.llttl , llee. 4I8-4J
TjSoH SALK Allorpartof furnltitrflof a tlm-
JU class boarding house full ot boarders. IJ
65 , Heo. 3tM 7 *
17HH SAIiK A Snyder make open buggy ,
JU cheap for cash , or wilt trade for top buggy.
Gco. J. Stcrnsdortr , room il , opposite P. 0.
TTOH PAliK llluck mare ; perfectly gentle
JU also phaeton , 1017 N. gird st. il64 lit
T7KH SALK Planing mill machinery. Call at
JJ 1408 Davenport suJJimilm. 310
FOH SATiK-Ico lu car loU. Gilbert llros.
Council lllutrs 340-JJ
1710H BALK Ameteur printing outllt , good as
4 ? new , worth t'-- > , will sell ut a bargain. Ad
dress J. M. Henderson. 1722 Cuss st. 203 3t
, 1 ui.i for t > ala. A few thousand ; good ,
fj aged , well wooled , western feeding wethers.
Address J. A. Odbert , 1MB K. Street , Lincoln ,
Neb. P52-4J
"ITlOll BALK All kinds of home grown trees ,
JD suitable for this climate , U. 0. Howard &
Co. , Omaha. 'Mi 328
A span of horses , harness and wagon for f ale
on the Installment plan or otherwise ; will
trade for real estate or commercial paper , or
will runt same to the right party , Sloman , room
40.1 Paxton block UMI
FOH 8AI.K-A tow choice milk cows. C. F.
Harrison. 418 S. 15th. ti22a5
IpOH SALK Cheap tor cash , n good roadster
' 7-year-old and almost new Columbus top
buggy uud harness ; If you want , a line looking
rig It will pay you to Investigate. George J.
Kternsdorff , lloom 0 , opp. I1. O. Wi.1
GAS fixtures for sale cheap. Have a largoHf ?
sortinent of the latest designs In gas fixtures
which I will nellat cost. M. K. Free , successor
to .1. C. Klllott , agent , 151 Ui Faruam st. 278
" 171011 SALK h'lirnlturo nearlv new ; house I )
JL rooms ; terms reasonable. 1704 Douglas. J ,
i , . Chamberlain. 151
171OII SAIiK A now0 scat Hockuway carriage
JO at tc Nichols' livery Ijarn , Twonty-elghtli
ind lieaveuworth. Telephone bli ) , 417
"IflOH SAIilv I'lio lease ( if u ten room fl'itand
JL1 fuinituio , which Is uuurly new. Address
L'.fi" . euro llt-e. 070
rpltOTTlNG bred horses : f-tandardbrod mares
JL In foul to lashlouably bred stallions ; u few
cholcu young mines and guldlngs , broken to
uirness and aultablu for truck or road. John
W. Watt. MoorelielU , Neb. 78-I S7t
" 171011 SAI < K Klccant carriage horse , now
J- phaeton and liarnesd. liuiulro room 10 ,
Darker block. 411
HTHAVED Hed cow without horns ; reward
for return to 812 So. flth bt. 227 1 *
IIIAVK u < > ii ft lot on Farnam street between
2Mh umli : Mil bts , u splendid location fora
Ihery burn , wnlch 1 will cheap und build
tob lit lessee If desired. Geoigo J. Sternsdoitl ,
Itoom O , opp. 1' . O. 3tO
SKI.KCTschool for htuall boys and girls will
bo opened September 3 , by Mis. F , It. F.dgar.
History uml literature classes for young ladles.
Inquire utfiHN.J.'d st. , 223-3 *
llH banjo taught as aii art by Geo.F. Gellen-
_ beck. ttiu lUrnuyxt. 1S2
AHK you n trailer , u speculator , a merchant ,
01 a monkey If the latter sit down on your ,
money and wait for It to glow. If not go to 310
S. 1'itli st. , and buy u Suit Lake City lot for $20
It will make you Immlrtjil.-i. 203.
F LI.OW the lush to Utiih. K verybody Is
buying u t-alt Lake City * -W town lot ut 310
l.'th t. 'Jo early for choice. 213
/ * i l.OltliK J. StrriibilortrfrVxim , opposite P O.
' naH toniH v cry di'sirabliMots lu various parts
> ftliocit\ that tan be leased on reasonable
terms. Will build to sulf lessee. 1NJ
IJAH'IIDS having leal eMat they wliTh to sell ,
or huuseb they wlsli to imit will Und ready
customers by culllug ou Sloman , loom 405 , Pax-
tou blocic. IUO
H OL'ST. for rent ; furniture for salu or trade.
Hil.'i Dixlgo. WJ
SliNIl your orders for pne funilly anil gentle
men h washing and Ironing to U Ing Slug , mill
North l''th bt. ; will call for clothes In any part
of the i ity and make terms on application. CM
W OMAN'S Kxchange , K.17 Faruam st. l.uurh
dally , hiippur Saturday nights. UW
Al'l TION and Storage \Vo are pr paied to
receive consignments of furniture und other
goods tur Mile ut auction at our large salesroom
No. ll.'l I'nrnam st. C.ish advances made. We
have alsothe best of storage facilities. Outside
wiles attended. Omaha Auction \ Storage Co. ,
WW Sli _
HOMK for Deatllute Women and Children ,
ans Hurt i st. VIO
IF you nare nytnlng ui trade cab on or ad
dress George J. Sternsdortr. lloom u , oppo
site podtolllco Ib7
G13. THOMPSON Uooiii JlTsheely bloc"
. I'M '
TOIiAGK at low rates In new building , nil
rimith r.'th otruct. wxi i ao
JTOHAGI2 Safe , dry and clean at low rates ,
itldilell A : Ulddell , 11 f ! Howard. lO-'s.1.11
AUCTION and Storage \Vo \ are prepared to
lecelve conslgnmeiits of furniture and other
goods lor sal or htorage. at our warehouse , ll-l
1 nrnam st. Outside unction bales attended.
Omaha Auction \ Storage Co. ir.7 B < )
rilltAl'KAOK , storage , lowest rates. W. M
X HuHhman , 1 HI l.oavenworth. 1C7
\\7ANTKO-A large fiinilturo wagon und
team of liniheH or mules. Oliiuha Auction
and Storngu Co. , 11-1 I'arnam st. 371 3
" \\rANTKD -1 have one party vlio wants to
buv ImitFH and lot In Knuntzo place for
ubmit un oifcr If you want to be.ll. C.
IlarrUon , 418 S. ISlliM. 809
\\r.\NTKD 1 have 3prtU's who want to buy
house and lot worth $ ttljO to 15,00con ) -
tially loiittud , tvm to Jl.tMu , balance
mouthlj. Mibmlt an ollor. C. i < ° . Hurrl
ton , 4lh n , 15th st. 3./J
SPOT cash for becoud-haud fnriilturi * , stoves
und carputs Anything fiom u bedstead tea
a house uud lot. Ortt \ Cx > . , 117 N. inth st.
Kill , S. 3
\v T ANTKD To nny or irado for a good build-
' lug that can bu moved. Please call on
or addles George J.StemsdorlT , room 0 , oppo
site P. O. ail
\\TANTKD-Household furniture , etc. , Oma-
T > ha Auction iV Storage Co. , lt'1 Farnam bt.
SPOT ca--li for t-econd-liand furniture nt A.
W. Cowuu'n , 41W N. Kith t , Wl SO
IF you hava Improved business or residence
propel ty that you wish to hell. caU nnd see
me. George J. bterusUorir , i oem 0 , opposite
poitot'ico. 231
' \STILLbuyfurnltureofn House or Hat cenT -
T T trally located. Co-op , L. & L , Co VU5 N. 16th
VAI.KNTINK'H Shortlmiuf and Typtnvrltini ,
Institute is the largest aud lst l e < mlppecl
BhortlMiid hchool In the wet. . Graduates all oc
cupy good paying situations. Students can vn
ter at any time. Send for circular. New Paxton -
ton building , Omaha. MtiS , 3
D It. NANN1K V. Warwn. clairvoyant. Mod
leal , business and test medium. Diagnosis
fr . Female diseases a specialty. 119 N. 16th
t..Hooms 243 Tel. 44 A 1UJ
* "
TVf IDfiANnGuuranteo mVl Trust Co. . l.Wi l-nr
JiLnam Complete ubstrwt fnrnlshod , & titles
to leal estate examined , iifrfectoil & guarantBud
_ _ _ _ _ _
BKNSONOAHMICHAKfi furnish complete
aud guaranteed ubstracta of title .to nuy
leal estate In Omaha nnd Douglas county upoi
Bhoit notice. The most complete set of abstrac
booKslntheclty. No , IKH rarnam st. BSJ
B UlLUINOloans. Elhalian tt Mahoney .
rnillj Omaha ,
-L llarker block , touttuvest corner of Far
uam and 15th ats.
M l akei a specialty of short-time collateral and
real cstato loans.
Money always on hand In mnns of 1100 and up
wards to any amount , to loan oa upprorcd -
gecu'red notes bouEht. sold or archanced.
Cl r real estate and cash to
exchange for
CA-V-'U0 lulr
peed nrst or second mortgages.
Loana made upon laud contracts , stocks
bonds , trust deeds , firet or second mortsuce aa
curlty , > rlthout publicity , delay or red tape.
Financial business of any kind transacted
Promptly , quietly and fairly , llooin 15 , llarker
bock ] Corbett , ilanagtr. (23
IOANS on Omaha city property nr Improvei
-i farms nt lowest ratfl-j. Central Loan and
. , Ull 1'arnwa sU 8J1 f
MONKV to loan In any amount , either for
building or otherwise , nt lowest rates of
nterost and on short notice. I ) . V. Sholps , room
10 , First Nnt'l bank , cor , 13th nnd Fnrnuiu. int.
Hll. 1HKV jAmnxi tol-jan on city property
and Improved farm laud , Frenzer block
_ _
MONKYTo loan lly the undersigned , who
has the only property organized loan agency
nOm&liA. IxmiiHottIO to flOJmade on limit-
lire , pianos , organs , horne * , wagonsmachlnery ,
tc. , without romoval. No delays. All business
trlctly coulldentlal. Ixians so made that any
> ftrt cnu be pahl at anr time , rah payment ro-
luclUK the cost pro rata. Advances made on
flue wntches ami diamonds. Persons should
arefully consider who they ate dealing with , as
nany new concerns me dally coming Into exls-
ence. Should you need mon" } " call and see me.
V. H. Croft , Itoom 4 , Wlthnoll bulldlng.l&th and
tarney. _ CM
SiiWOtM to loan on business property at an ex
tra low rate. For particulars ceo W. M ,
larrls , room 20 , Frenzer block opp , P. O.
_ _ _
JI.OMAN , room 40' > . Paxton blllldliiK , loans
-7inoncty on city property and farms. Parties
wishing to build w 111 do well to see him. Mo-
man , room 405 , Paxlon block. inio
"J PKHCKNT money to loan casn on hand W.
UM. Harris , room iS ) , Frenlzor block , opp. p. o.
Tl/fONKY / Good commercial paper and short
JLTJLtlme mortgages bought. Heal estate loan *
negotiated. H. A , Sloman , 13th and Farnam.
nilATTKli LOANS made ou any available so-
\J curlty. Heal estate loans made on Omaha
city property. Secured notes bought. All bus-
nes.s done promptly , quietly and fairly at the
Imttel ft Heal Estate Ix > an Agency , Itoom 7 ,
Hedrlck block , l&w Furuaui St. , up stair
Archer A Hobblns. 7iU
Jil',000 to loan on Inside property. Some
D llrst mortgages for sale. Nutlian Sbelton ,
&a' > Fainam > < t. 754
IOANS made on real estate and mortgages
bought. I.ewU S. lleml i Co. , 1521 Farnam.
GOOD city and furm loans wanted by A. K ,
Hlley , I51II Fnrnam. _ _ MS
$ riOOK10 to loan at II percent. Mnahan 7v Ma
honey , Itoom 50il Puxton block. L > I3
C'-OMAN ' , room 405 , Paxton building , will
r7iniiki ) loans In any amount , for t-hort or long
line. Shoit tlmo collateral loans a specialty ,
[ .onus made on real cMute. Commercial and
1st mortgage paper bought and sold. All
less strictly confidential. Come uud nee me ,
Sloman , room 4 ( ) ' > , l-axton blocK. WO
loaned at C. F. Heed & Co.'s Loan
ortlce , on furniture , pianos , horses , wagons ,
personal property of all kinds , and all other
articles of value without removal , U13U. 13th.
All business strictly confidential ftVl
MONKV to loan ou fuinlturr , horses , wagons ,
etc. , or on nuy improved security. J. W. Hob *
bins , H. 20K Sheoly blk , 15th and Howard. 049
D ION'T fall to sco A.IC. Hlloy about your loan ,
at 151U rarnam. H12
ST mortgage loans promptly plucod. A.
. Hlley , lull * Farnam. H12
LOANS made on Improved mitt unimproved
city property at lowest lutes of Interest ,
special mtoa enl I'.ryu loans on lusldu property.
Odell llros. JB Co. S. 16th st. ti7
MONKV to loan , l.onn time. George J. Paul.
100U Farnam st , l > 52
MONKV to loan. O , ! ' . D.iyls Co. , estate
and loan agents , law l-'nrham st. 032
TTVON'T b ow money on furniture , horses ,
\J wagons , etc. . until you huve been C. H.
Jacobs , room 410 , First National b&nk bull-line ,
cor. 13th and Farnam 055
MONKV to loan ; largo und small sums ut low
rates , for short time , on real estate or
chattel .security : second notes bought ; nil 11 nan-
clal business strictly confidential. People's Fi
nancial KxchanL-e , ( ) . llouscaren manager ; room
M'4 Darker block , 15th and Farnam , f > 07
dJSOO.lOJto loan on Omaha city property at
J'ler cent. ( J. W. Day. so cor Ux. bid. IJ3J
MONKV to loan on furniture wagons , etc. ,
without lemoval or on collateral security.
Business stilctly conllduntlal , A. K. Greenwood
& Co. , It 1 , Cunningham block , cor 13 & Jackson.
G.IT )
rv you are figuring on u loan go and talk with
LA. K Hllev , 151'J ' rarunni. 812
MONKV to loan oiiiioruus , turnlturo and other
personal property or collateral. Hates mod
erate ; business confidential. Ollice H. W. cor
ner 15th and Douglas sts. Untranco on IMhst.
The t'lilrbiink Investment Co. Kit
MONl'.Yto oan ; cash on hand ; no delay. J.
Vi. 8iulre , U'l'J rarnam St. , First National
bank building. HI
I ? KAJj estate loans , lowest rates. Odcll llros.
& Co. . JUS H. 16th St. KS4
Kl.MIIAI.L , Champ land Ityan make loans
on city property ut lowest latos , optional
payments , cash on hand , no delay. Mortgaged
bought. Itoom U , U. 8. National bank , .
EABTEHN money cheap. City and country.
Olllco Philadelphia Mortgage and I'rust ; Co. ,
room W , Hoard of Trade Goo. w. P. Coatcs 765
WE kenp on hand money to loan on Inside
property In Omaha and South Omaha In
sums from } 500 to $5,000 , aud as we do our own
valuatlng. mane all papers , etc. , wo can com
plete a loan any day you wlsli aud pay you the
monoy. Hates , Smith & Co. , Hoom 203 , Hamgo
building. 04
CHATrKL a rnl loans , M. E. InvK
111 S , 13th Ht. Hoom 27. 701
to loan on Omaha and South Omaha
property. C , 1' . Harrison 418 s. 15th st. 311
, - per cont. Money to loan on mpro-
$ veil farms or city property. James A. Wood
man , at the old fire insurance ollico of Murphy
tc liovett , 220 H. 13th st. 054
T71OH SA1.K llarbershopand bath rooms. In-
J.1 riulre Melchlor Ilios. , llli ! Karnaiu Bt. 372 Ij
1/VJK SAI.K General mercnaiutlso store in
JL' the thriving town of llnwoodllutlercountv.
Good buslneis and llrst-ulass location. T rms
e < it-y. Good rua"ons for selling. Address box
fi7. North Hond , Nob. 1 ! 1
FOIt SAIK A good ) iimbcicoalralagrlcuUu
Implcmeht unci live .stock buslnobsess. Addr
Hedge Hros. , Yutuu , Neb. 7U1 8 1
V\rK IIA VT for Mile hlx good restaurants , well
T > located , four confectionery btou-g , ouo
confectionery , bakery and lunch counter ; stock
ot hardware and other business chances. Co
operative I.und te I at Co , , OK N. Iflth St. ! ! 3
FOIt SAM ! or exchange The stock of a char
tered i number holding the choicest oil lands
luHattlu.siialio district , Wjouilng. Addreos II
B7 , llei ) olllco. ,88 21 *
FOH HAIiE Salt Luke lots J.'O each , at 310 S ,
15th St. 4ii !
\\7ANTI5D Partner to take charge of n busl-
' T nchs. Small capital reoulred.'all room 24 ,
Darker block. i7l ! ) 7 +
\\MNTKD ActTvo parEief"wiiir i ) ; ran
> > makeover JUKI per month Cull Monday
siiruon "Andrews. " Hotel Darker. I33-3J
BO yon speculate'/ Would you own u line lot ?
If so , do not fall to go to 310 S 15th Ht und
buy ono ot those 20 S.ilt J.ako City loth ; bale w 111
last 30 days ; come curly for choice. Chas. P.
llcnjamln und Thomas Hlley , solo agents. 4Jj
1 | OH SAI.K-Tho well-known Java Colluo
JL house , best paying chop lion no In city ; also ,
household furniture , Apply , 1118 Douglas st.
2t > 4 Ii *
T7IOH SALK At n bargain , a stock of general
merchandise In a live town. Address Lock
llox It , Noitli llund , Neb. 315s'XJ *
ITIOlt SALK In good location , a small slock
Jof Ural-class general merchandise , with or
without building. For particulars call on or ad
dress , Fred Gonradt , Spring Hunch , Clay Co. ,
Neb , no 4 *
"OAHTIKS wishing to purchase real twtato
Jor seeking Investments of any kind will do
well to calloii blonmii , loom 400 Puxton block.
TTIOH BALK or trade A valuable invention.
JWill soil bamechc'ap for cash , or will trade
for good real estate or real estate paper , rcuion
tor soiling , my time being occupied with other
matters to give this attention. The right party
can make money out of this. Investigate ,
blomun. room lUI Paxton block. tt&i
17IOHSALK A well-established wholesale and
JL1 retail tobacco nnd clgur business , enjoying
a good Jobbing trade In city mid country ; busl-
nes \ Is locutod on one of the principal business
streets In th city. Good reasons for selling.
For particulars address X 55 , Heo ollice , M2
tyiOJl SALK-Cheun for cash , N. V. Hotel and
Ju' Hcstuurunt , 'ua N. Kill bt. ; good business ;
desirable location , reason for selling , have
other business to attend to. Cull on or ail dress
K A.Marsh , UOiN. Kith ft , Omalm. Kit
FOH BALK-At Kearnej' . Neb. , ths furniture
and lease ot Gland Central hotel. The. btc-
end bust house In the city , aud the best loc.itftd ,
being opposite depots , Doing a paying buil-
nnss. Prlco * I.HW. Inqulro T 0. llruhmrd ,
Midway hotel , Kearney , Nob. 274
"IT'OH ' SALK Or trade , for scod pioductlv *
J-1 propcrtv , onoof the bast notais In Omatia.
Addrebs. XDi llte ollice , 171 sS
ITIOlt SALK A first class bakery , Jce cream ,
JL' fruit oud confectionery business lu Fre
mont ; splendid location , good reasons for sell-
Ing. Address Oeo. Hauler. Fremont , Neb. 683
" " "
1JHH ) SALK-Abstract books "of""bmaha anil
JL1 Douglas county , This U an established ,
rapidly lucrcusint' , busluosu , paying n
large Interest on the Investment. For books
ana eood will of the business. Ouialrn ual estate -
tate or ( secured paper with a fair cash payment
* 111 be taken , Ueorc * W.Ames. 1507 I'nrnam.
( U
TMlt'G .storo. established ? 0 jrs , thlsclty.t2W < 1
Jcash , rare bargain ; address X 63 Heo. L'15-xU *
rpOH HALK Llrory ( table , stock and Uxtttrcs
JL1 complete , nil nearly new , rent reasonable1 ,
centrally located. Addtess A 14 , HOP ollice.
- - . _ _ _
FOIl SAI.K A go < Kl grocery , ftabllnhed four
years , good location , doing a good business.
Good reasons for selling. * ; , ( capital , and will
takiuiothllig but cash. T20. llee Olllco ( H l
HUVKUAIi grocery stocks , 3 for sate and a for
trade. 1 Is M.ini ; will mo > e goods and thtow
In worthies stock and discount tlxturc" , wag
ons , tp.fi0 per cent Cooperative l.anci A Uit
Co. . SU'iN. UU st. 413-3
P11 ( TFoilltAPH gullerr. post nllicn outllt.
X stock of Inuilware , tiircu t-tocks of drugM ,
two saloon- * , lands and city property , ( tall on
or address Co-opeiatlvu Lund and fxt Co , , 205
N. Ibth ht. ! i8i | 3
IIIAVK real and persoi.ul property of all
kinds for trade. Call and sue me , Gooige J ,
Slernsdorir , room 0 , opp. P. O. ; tto
rpo KXCIlANaU-Lots for lands. PaiiT 180U
JL rarnam. 3M 9
\\71IAT luive you to ollor for 1'AO acres of
T T timber lancll n West Virginia , clear of In-
cumbrancp , perfect tltl , George J. SternvlorlT ,
HiKim ft. oppoMto P. O. Sll
AHOTKIi and saloon centally located to
trade for city property or farm laud. Gt < o ,
J , Bti' B , opposite P O. "PO
rilO Tit AUK Lands and farms for horses and
-i. carriage , horae and buggy and work horses ,
I.luuhan A Mahoney , Itoom 509 Paxton block.
WANTKD-llrlck for clear lots. C. lf. Harri
son , 418 S. intlibt. W
WHAT have you to trade for 80 acres or land
unlucumbered In .luiioan county , \VU. ,
a miles from county seat. 0. J , Stenisdcirff.roora
6 , opp PostofJlce. 167
171011 KXCIIANGK-rive room house and lot
JLA 50x175 feet , on South IMh st. Nlco home.
Want an fO acre farm. 0. K. Meagher. room 2 ,
over Itaymond's jewelry storo. VJO-I2J
irANTED Land for lots. Paul , 1G09 Farnnm.
i SM 8
GJ.STKHNsiioitFF , iioom u. opposite p ,
. O. , 1ms some choice furm land to trade
for city property. Will assume light Ineuui-
brances. ail
WANTKD A good f.orso , bugcy and harness
lu exchange for South Omaha lots. George
J.Stein.vlorir , room U. opp postotllce. aid
MFKANKUN formerly of 1,4.1 PaxitouHldg ?
will carry oti hli trading at 1511 raruaiu si.
Hedlck'N Hlock ut Paulson and Arneman's room
und will ulways have u good lint of property
to trade and exchange. 4UO
/pHADKS made In real estate and personal
"JL property. See exchange book. Co-oi ) . U
nnd L. Co. 201 N. 10th at. llj )
iniAT ha\e you to trade for bomo northwestern -
> western oil block ? Address 110 , Heo ollice.
Wllili Kive you n < ; oed traae lor an elKht or
ten room nouse and lot. tieorge J. titorna-
clorll , Itoom fi , opjmslto P. O 'ill
TTMGHTYIN ) ) acrci of nnd adjoIntiiR 1-ako
Jl < Mnnawa , Council , lilting. In. This tract
will maku 400 beautiful lots and Is free from
encumbrance. What nave.\ou to offer ? (1 oorge
J.Sternsdorlf room 0 , opp I' , O. 1(17 (
BHR'lv Wanted 100,000 bricks m oxchanBo
forjoo ( < l Inside Omaha property. S. A.
Sicilian room 2J und 23 Hcllman bide. nul
I7VH SAIiKJl acres of Improved land on North
JL1 llroiiil way , In Council Hlulls , Address I , , I ,
Heo ollice. Council HlutTs , la. 400II
"fjlOH 8 days only We oiler for sale about8 of
A1 the finest residence lots In this city , between
h'arnam and Davenport sts. , near the Yates and
-tone mansions , about ; t-'ml si , at from " 1 pur
cent to 40 per cent lower than any adjoining
> ropurty. These arr absolute facts , aud parties
desiring nn elegant slto tor u liomo bhould not
'all to call oius. . Martin CuUn & Co. , Heal lis-
tale , Nf.'l KarimniHt. iJ : ) 1
POlt SAIiK Houses of 11 vo and xlx rooms.
Your own terms. Paul , 1COU Fiirnuni st. Il'JG 0
Jffi01mys a full lot nndRood 4-room cottiipo
T'cnsy turms and i > ooil location. 1) ) . Y. Khole.s ,
oem S1U , first Nat 1 bank , cor. lath and I'at-
nuni. uo
"IjlOH HUNT A now dwolltnt ; IIOUKU on west
-L1 side of 25th , north of KranUIng St. , Parker
addition , conslstliiK of nine rooms , modern Im
provements , bath room , hard and soft water.
A tun-room hont-o on the alley rear of Mason ,
between 10th and llth nts. , convenient to the
Union 1'Hclllcand H. & M. depots , with hard
und soft water In yard , modern Improvements ,
well adapted for a boardtni ; house.
Six new ly furnished store roomx , with cellars
underneath , well lighted and heated. In thn Mil
ton block. 13th and Mason sts. Inqulie of John
Hamlln , 211 South llth st. 4111-11
BIO Thing U lots. 6 blocks N. K. of depot nt
Albright. South Omaha , that wore reserved
because of their sightly location , can bo hail If
taken this week nt onu-half their actual value ;
owner leaving cityM , A. Upton Compaiiy.
FOH 8AM' : $10 cash , $2 monthly , buys a Salt
j.atu city lot , gala now open at 310 8. st. 4r
FOH SAIill I will sell you n complete and
beautiful home forty (4J ( ) minutes by street
car and- ) minutes by horse nud buttity from
Iftth and Karnam for what you would nave to
pay lor a vacant 40-foot lot In Hanscom Place-
or equally Kood addition ; my horse and tar-
rhiKii nro at your service to show you this prop
erty. Como In to-morrow and boo mo about it.
U. ! > ' . Harrison , 418 S. 15th st. 181
HAV12 you ver been to Salt Lnkcy Jf so , wo
want you to como In and see where the lotn
wo nro selling ut J'.l ) each me located. You will
want one snro. Clias. P. Hfiijamln and Thomas
Hi ley , bolo agents , 1110 S 15tll st. 425
POH BA1K or trade BO acre farm near
Omaha ; good Improvements ; plenty ot
fruit ; terms icnsonahle. Heal liatuto Kx-
change. I'lXTJ N st. South Omaha. 448 15
rp\VO blocks from cnbloline , lot30x119 to alley
-L Nlco 5-room cottage , small barn , lot fenced ,
everything nlco , ; ,5oo , one-fourth cash , bal
ance easy. M. A. Upton company. 14H
"fiWH SAMI-Houses on lull lots from WOO to
X1 J.1,10) , on mothly payments. Now U your
time to get a home. In splendid locality. Como
an luvestlgao. K K. Darling , 16811'aruam.
IWIII < soil a limited number of lots In South
Omaha's II.M. . park addition for the low
prlco of * 10. Hemember n warranty deed given
with each lot. This Halo only continues a few
days. Call quick and get llrst choice , tiloman ,
loom 4U' > , Piixton block. trjo
" | \OH \ PAI.i ; hlcgaiithousn and lot in
X1 For place , owner non-rosldont who wants to
put his money elsewhere und will soil right. C.
K Harrison , 41H H. 15th ht. 30'J '
rplll ) richest \alley In America ,
J A wealth of natural resources.
The best cllmatn on earth.
And Halt lake lots helling at 8:50 : each , $10
down , balance * ; monthly at the bpuclnl Salt
l.ako lot bale , 310 S. 15th St. 425
$10. 610 , if 10 , (10 10down and J'a month for
$ live months will make you n Halt Lake City
property owner. Do not fall to visit this great
lot eale , now open at 310 S IMh Kt , Chua. P. Hun-
Jamln and Thos. Hlley. 310 8 bt. 4a !
rOO Salt Lake City town lots will be sold at fcM
'f each during the next thirty days ; J10cash ,
balance $ J per month , ut 319 8. 15th st. Don't
lull to attend the sale. Wl
"IOH SAMS 1'ull lot and largo K-story houss
-L1 of 7 largo rooms , good well , cellar , cistern In
the kitchen , good neighborhood , street cars ,
church , school and store close by. All now and
complete. l-.O'X ' ) . ( jmall cash payment , balance
monthly. Just the place lor a man of moderate
means and Urge family. Come and BOB me
about U. O , F. Harrison 4188. 15th Bt. 833
FOH SAM2 Or exchange. We have some
good Omaha ronl estate and Nebraska
farms , which we will sell cheap or trade for
stock of clothing , furnishing poods , dry goods ,
boots nnd shoos , grocerloi or hard ware , Bchlos-
inger llro014 H lOthjit _ < yo _ _
$ SO Salt Lake CHy lot sale ut310S16th st now
open. 4iC
/"lOUNCIIj Illuirs Tlie very choicest residence
Vslto In Council Hlulls , fronting three streets ,
six blocks from the postoillce , large plat of
ground , high elevation und mngnlllcent view.
Can oifcr this for u few days at u low price. Can
be bought only of us. M. A. Upton Jt Co.
_ _ 741
BUY a gait Luke City lot for twenty dollars
" ? lu 8outh 1&tu 8tre t : HO Ao\\ , balunco
I71OH sale or trade for good Inside real ostnto
Jor good secured real estito paper 5'JO ncrea
ofhuid. Nolncumbrance. A bout B miles fiom
Diihith , Mluu. . and about 4 miles from Superior
City. \ > ls , ; in s will bear close Investigation ;
u-member Duluth nnd Superior nro the two
coming cities. It will pay tp Investigate this.
Sicilian , room 4tn Paiton block. wo
fi 20 Salt l.aka lot Bale now open at 310 8 IBth at.
In eastern Nebraska imyB now ,
- - 'Jo those wanting to go on a farm w can
tell how to get good land with very little money.
THe day tlmttliu can b done will soon b
1 > soU. M. A. Upton Company. _ 807
FOHSAMJ-AbeautlfulresIdunce lotlnliaao
& Eeldvn'v nddltloa : if you want a bargain ,
investigate. Qeorgo J. aternsdorlT , lU > om a ,
opp. I * . O. li l
rn\VBNTY DOLLAUSIs not ranch to pay for
-L n lot , located in a country w her * the sun
khlnn mor days In the year thuu uuy country
knom u to man. vult th bait Lak * City tu lot
! at aiO SouUi UUt. it. Ci
Ga.STEllNSUOIU'P. roomfl otipoMt * poit
otllcc , will sell you a rood < -room lions *
on Iflth street , s blocks south of cur lluo , by pay-
loir t > M cnmi , b. lanr monthly paymuuts to
suit. This Is n cjiloudld opportunity for atir-
one wanting n chrap home , SUIT
IT IH NO I' necessary for you to bo a prophet to
piodlct u half million' i > < iMilntion | for Salt
l.nkti City within W years. llu > n K > t for fcA )
now nnd let It lay. Uivat sale at 310 So. Inth st.
for up.vt 30 days. 435
-imm H.U.r. Hy D x.t r I. . 'llioniM . 'at Ne
JL1 braska Savings HauV , KHh and 1'urnami
! H pur cent oif Milne.
10 full lots Ht grade fl block * from imntoHIc *
block , South Omaha , { .VW each , terms to Milt ;
who wants llr. < t choicer
Ii lots on raruain street , east of Dundee Place ,
north or south fronts , tl.MU eacli nnd lex * .
fi nicest full lots lu Hpdford I'liue.t-oiith fronts ,
choice J71HJ , terms easy.
10 nicest corner lots ami nd joining In l.lucoln
Place , \cry cheaji aud terms to suit.
fi and lOucrtttiiulMirttactaU miles from Omaha
P.O. , flltl per acre.
fHire tract * by I'loronco , can't be beat for
small fruit , J < JO per acre.
1 own the above as w ell as lots In vnrlons ad
ditions. Including 6 lots ou Wust llroadwuy ,
Council Illutls ,
Sen mo for a bargain.
Dexter Ii. Thomas , ut Nebraska Savings Hnk ,
Hoard of Trade building. WJ
SOUTH OMAHA -lrft 14 , block 77 , S. M. corner
ath and M streets , 6-room house , HO.UW , > i
Lot 14 , block 71. S. 12. corner Kith and M streets.
.ixni . Ucush. House on this runts ( in.
If these corners were on N street thuy would
sell for t.\W ( each. M will bu n butter street
tnau N In n year from to-day. Iach ! on of
these corners will mukesovon business lots. M.
ONLY a few lots left In II. & M. park nddltloa
to South Omaha. What have you tooDfir ?
George J. Sterusdorff , Itoom 6 , opp.V. : O. ! SU
IHAYP n few choice lots in Orchard Hill left
which 1 wilt sell cheap and on long tlmo.
Sloman , room 40 , ' > Paxton block. v. < 0
"VTIIIIHASKA f n'lns We liavu some good IIV )
X > aero farms up the Klkhorn valley with } 4iW
anil J.VH ) long time mortgnges against them
that fiom JAuoto i iociish will buy HIM equities ,
Now Is the tlmo to Invest In Nebraska farm
minis , although suiting cheap they uio valuable
nnd more productive than eastern land valued
nt four or live time ? our prlcu M A. Upton Co
BlUl'Tinn , fl.001 depot at Druid Hill on
belt line , 3'j lots near tilts depot at n tlgure
that will maku buyer handsome luturnsou ill-
\ustiiiout. M , A. I'ptou Company. ht > 7
1711)11 SAM ! Newf-room nouse , nil modem
JL1 linpi o\emenl.s , near corner Woolworth nnd
Virginia nvenue.s , lluuscom Place. tl.JOO. 0.
1' . llarrLson. 118 S. 1Mb st. 483
TAMugeut for como of the lines tresldeuce
lots In Hauscom Place ami can olfor them nt
tlguros It will p.iy you to Invostlgato. Hicks ,
Itoom 40. llarker block , _ 441 _
rplli ; Magic City. South Omaha South Omnlin ,
.L real estate , both east aud west , will bo ac >
tlvit Inslile of ucouplo of weeks. The bonds for
maEliig public Improvements have been \oleti ,
Klviiig the city .siiwcrago , grading , pavlnu. and
last , but not least , viaducts , which will allow
people to live across Hut tiackv without endan
gering thulrlhes , and Iho line Iron onn to bo
built Immediately on I , street will make a big
ger and a quicker advance on property , botll
ast and west of It , than has over been \perl- -
need In Hie Magic City. Cull on me , or bit mo
all on you , that you may learn of the bargains
I can oiler , owned by putties who must sell ;
nwnedby parties living out of the city , and
iwned by parties who wish to sell part to ini-
; iro\e the other part. Ideal In South Omaha
real estate exclusively. 1) . U , Smeutoii , llarker
Jllock , Omaha. W 2
DlMsnliitioti .Sotico ,
The linn heretofore doing business under the
lamuof II. C * . Ylrgo A : Co. , has this day been dis
solved. II. C. Ylrgowlll contlnuo the husluob *
at 1815 St. Mary'n Avc.
Allg.30 ] ! * ( ) " . s.ld.St.p
To Plumbers and Steam Heaters and Manufac
urers of liloctrlrul App.uatus.
Sealed pioiiosnls willbe received at the odlo
f County Clerk DoiiKhis County , Nebraska ,
until u n. m. , Saturday , September Hth IKKH , for
Steam lluatluir. Plumbing , ami etc. , for the new
'onnly Hospital Hulldlug. Plans and speclllca-
Ions can bo f-een at ollice of County Clerk.
Certllled check of & .W. ) to iw company each bid.
The board loservos the right to reject uuy und
ull bills.
M. I ) . HOCIIK , County Clerk ,
tt. ! J.l-mSe-tos. s.
Notice to Contractors.
SKAI.KU proposals will bo received nt tlin
olllco of lounty cloiK , Douglas county , until
Up. m. September 1st , I S ! < , for lemovlngKO.UUJ
yards , more or less , earth , around new county
hospital building.
Certlllud check of fc > MO to accompany eacli bid.
The board reserves the right to reject any and
nil bids. M. I ) . HOUIIK , County Clerk.
' '
Notice to Contractor ! * .
fiealed proposals will bo received at the of >
flci ) of county clerk. Douglas county , until 3 p.
m. , September 1st , law , for putting In bridge-
between sections 10 and IB , IB , 12 , county to fur
nish the lumber. Plans and specifications to bo
xcvn nt ollice of county clerk.
Certified check of K.vt.00 to accompany each bid.
The board reserves the right to reject uny null
all bids. M. I ) . HOUIIK ,
nugi.1id4t County Clerk.
Ijily nnd Hot * Lmvers.
Pioiieoi- Press : There ia iv now
chapter in tlio sentimental summer
Ferial story of Mrs. Langtry. Fred *
eric Gobhttrclt has a rivul in the
mum of Porter Abcho , the rich
California turfman. Such is reported
to bo the fact by those most familiar
with the strange Langtry-Gobhardt
household at Long Branch , and all tlio
appearances are corroborative. Ascho
is a somewhat famous sporting mun ,
with any amount of money with which
to seek pleasure. Mrs. Langtry made
his acquaintance in Sun Francisco , and
has renewed it in the warmest sort of
fashion at the Atlantis scashoro.
Abcho brought his race horbcs
across the continent , and has run
them at Shcopshcad Bay and Mon-
moulh park. Early in the season ho
presented to Mrs. Langtry a hantlBomo
silver trophy won by one of bis horses.
An elaborate dinner in his honor ensued -
sued at Mrs. Langtry's residence in
\VostTwonty-third street. Then she
and Gobhardt rented a handsome villa
for the summer at Long Brunch , and
about the satno time Ascho took quar
ters ut the "West End hotel , where Mrs.
Langtry spends a great deal of hoi ?
tlmo. The immorliato Langtry coterie
has hinco then consisted of the Baron
und Baroness Blanc , a notably hand
some and showy pair ; Mrs. Million , nn
intimate friend of the Lily , and several
bncli veteran rounders as T. Henry
French , Alf Claggot , Gunning S. Bedford -
ford , Jack Hurley and Berry Wull.
Porter Ascho soon bccamo n favorite
above all the rest. They were hull-fol-
low-woll-mot with her , while ho got
especial attention in public , and was
almost a daily visitor ut the villa.
For a while Audio and Gebhurdt
seemed like cronies , for they und
Mrs. Langtry made a trio at the race
course , on the drive , in the Burf and at
the hotel , ljut the fact is now well nlgi )
undeniable that the Lily is vacillating
from Freddy toward Porter. Stories of
quarrels in the triumvirate nro current ,
and while eomo of them are clearly ox-
nggorations , others huvo the earmarks
of reliable history. Ascho is hardly as
handsome as Gobhardt , although some
what more stalwart and decidedly of M.
more agreeable and genial manners , Ho *
goes walking and driving alone with
Mrs. Langtry , takes her to quiet din
ners at Pleasure Bay , they go yachting
together on the Shrewsbury , and the
look of it really ia that Gobhardt may
lose the beauty to his California rival.
Your correspondent has dollnito news
direct from the husband of Mrs. Lung-
try. A cousin of Ins is Hillary Langtry
Boll , an artist now residing in thiH
city. Ho says that all overtures on the
jmrl of Mrs. Langtry looking toward the
husband's consent to a divorce huvo
been repulsed anew. Langtry will not
consent to a legal separation , ' "J'horo
is a homo hero in England for my wife
whenever she cheeses to come to it , "
Langtry is Ills ciiusln us buy
ing , "although not HO good a ono as she
is able to maintain In Amurlcu , It was
her ambition to out a dash in the world
that separated us. She has no ground
on which to got a divorce from ma , not
oven that of noni'pport , and I will con
test uny proceeding which she inuy
bring. Nettbor Will I consent 'to 'u
proposition tiVt I myeolf obtain a divorce
vorco , whiolI could do , but vrhlph
would enable her to marry u tha
United Slates. Therefore. I do nut b'
Hove thut there will bo a divorce Of u'ny
j ift voi oint n. "