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    THE © MAHAi DAILY BEE : ifcii DAY ATTGTJS3J 27 18SS. ,
kBtorioB and News Notes of the
Pulse Feelers of Trado.
it. Woods Smith Tells of tlio I'ionrcr
Jnys In Nebraska The Uniforms
J-'nlr Day A Drummer's
Itlmlnc'NH Notes.
HUM One of the " UO.VB. "
.T. Woods Smith , who liui the honor of
boliiB called the ploncor Uminincr of the
Loiip Vnlloy , was Rented In tno ofllco of tno
] \illMr < l htitcl Init Sunday , talking with sdmo
gentlemen , Ho is ubout six feet tall unit
weighs about 2 10 pound's. Ho Is full f need ,
Ims n Rood-nlrc'l nocc , bright eyes and a stiff
lirowu inuslnclio. Ho woru u black 1'rlnco
Albert coat buttoned at the top , and spread-
Inp Knicofully at the bottom. A Kuntlenmnly
nfcinl sombrlno hat rested .slightly on the sldo
of his head as ho visited with his friends ,
Iln wus In the city to attend to somu privnto
business and Imd attended the drum-
HILTS' meeting the nl ht before -
fore , where , as the "pioneer drummer
ol thij Loup Valley , " bo made nil iiddruss to
the boys who objected to the fair day cos-
tunic in which ho mild In his plain but picas-
nnt way , "Hoys , If I wore u drummer In Nu-
brusku to-day , and could get Into this pro-
cession. 1 would wear thu samu uniform the
rent did and the onu tlio majority wanted if
it cost mo my Job. "
Ills remarks wore received with prolonged
"How does It como they call you th'o 'pio-
i\ccr uf Louit VnlloyV said n HEU ic | > ortcr
to Mr , Smith after the
He hesitated a moment before making a
reply and looking the repoi tor in the face ho
nald , "Wall , I'm pretty near as old as any of
them , I RUess Is the reason. That Is the
reason I am called the pioneer
I suppose , and when I loft the
road and settled down in the Loop
X'nllfey the boys nil think of mo us bouiR puo
Of the Hrst men in that part of the country ,
"Tliero , too , wo foil the boys on western
Nebraska beef up thcro one Fourth of July
nboilt three years ago , and as 1 was helping
in thu arrangements for the day the boys all
depended on mo to sco to their entertain-
zn cut.
"Thov nro nearly all children to me. I
can pick out some of the old Innd'marks , but
they arc gutting scarcer mid scarcer every
day ,
"You think I do not look old , " said Mr.
Smith in reply to the reporter's surprleo in
regard to his , age. "I traveled In , Nebraska
Just twcnty-ono yonrs , mid'for a'number of
those'yeurtt I sold about all of the sloven then
UHOU in the state I have boom off' of the
road over llvo years , so you can sco I was
lioru among the Jlrst of them. "
"I wiw for seven yours with the Excelsior
Charter Oak manufacturing company of St.
Louis. I was six yours with tuo H.W. Uooth
& Co. hardware company of Cincinnati ) O.
The last long pull I had with any linn was
With Cribbcii , Snxton ft Co. , stove manufac
turers. f was also on the road ono year for
Milton Rogers.-
"During those years I covered nearly
every stuto and territory west of the Missis-
Blpplf and was in both of the Mexico's.
"The boys now think they have hard trips
if they have to stage It a whllo ornmUo.n
chore , wagon trip. If you. just stop to think
of it , there Ims. been n great iloul of railroad
built in Nebraska and the wpst in the last
twenty years. During ono winter in this
Btnto I inado 1,500 miles with my own team.
"Tho trips then wcro longer , thau they nro
now , and the business was networked
Hourly us hard as they are working it at
present. And we sold moro goods too , owing
to the slight competition , than the boys do
now. I remember nna trip 1 mudu on which
I sold seventy-six car loads of stoves on the
1'nclllo coast alone. I thought It was u good
trip.for tho.houso and they aeomeu to think
it wns too , as 1. turned in a heavy oxpcnso uc-
count and tboro was not \vord.said. .
"Our oxpcnsott were fnr heavier then than
now and often used to uvcrngo $10 n day for.
a whole trip. You sea it wus a team and'
driver or two every day. It wns this that
made our trips so long.
"How did I como to leave the road ! "
"Well it was about this way. I was getting
a gond big salary and I found but few oppor
tunities to spend it. I dropped into n piece
of property hero and there and I
Dually found that it had increased
in vnluo so that I was a little better oft than
noino of the boys. I thought there was some
thing in store for.tho Loup valley , so I laid
out Loup City and helped to Retii railroad up
to It. It was the big JollllkMtion wo had thcro
three years ago that brought us , hi to prom
inence In the west. Wo had the governor
and slati ) ofliciols there , ran excursions to the
town for the day and had quito a tlmo. That
brought the eyes of the people onto us , and
to-day thcro is quito a town there and , it Is a
good live plnco.
"I saw about the same ohancq for some do-
YclopiuuiiU at Callawoy and I Ia4dthut plaoo
nut. Wo hnvo a nlco towii-ilisra nowj wltU
tbreo banks and two railroads graded
into it. As I own ono of' ' the banks
I think it a little moro comfortable to live
there with my family than bo on the road , so
1 am with the boys only in spirit.
"It does mo good to got buck hero with
them oncii in a while ami talk ovoc the old
rims. Jt nmkoa mo j oung again. "
Mr. Smith looks to bo about forty-five years
old , and Is of that Jovial disposition that un
less some accident bo-fulls him ho will meet
With the boys for the next twenty yours to
talk over the old days iu pioneer Nebraska.
Advloe to the "Hoys. "
OiuNi ) ISIASD , Nob. , August 19. To Edi
tor of Tim Hm : : for over two years I
have been n regular reader of your excellent
nowijppper. Among many pleasing features
Of .sour piogres < and acumen , I have been
j > le.utud with your column for commercial
tnuu. As I have been for years associated
with that class of the business public and
liefeel nn honorable and as I think
iury prldo in my follows I would llko to bo
n'.luuod ' to speak to them through your
What 1 have to say will doubtless bo taken
nioru as a criticism than otherwise , but virtue
mill manliness need no w.itchors.
For thirty years of public and business , llfo
I Uuvu noted with eager care the conduct of
men , and especially young wisjuosu wen.
U'liuso years of study and experioiico have
tuught me some things which I bellevo arc
Worth head inn. L'irsl : No public , or busi
ness man can uftord to bo ungonttomanly
\vhllo engaged with business involving the
jiroscnco of others. 1 have teen agents whllo
this uinplo.\cd mill especially if consciously
ciiimgcd with these whom they knew or bo-
llurcd wcro above vulgarity or trickery , use
the veriest hypocrisy and deception as to
luum.HOlvcs , and as soon us out of sight and
heaving , gloat to their fellows of their sup-
) > o > cd smartness. I am sorry to know that
bouiuof our "Uoih" defend this trickery and
meanness , and call It "an art or science m
trade. " I will not deny the argument
but I will denounce the villainy. Auulu
the same elusu demand that aut-
sida of business engagements no
onu has anything to do or siiy ubout the oc
cupancy of their time and cjcpcnso of uipnoy t
This Is u fallacy , and needs correction
by a much mora vigorous policy by muuagora
ul employe * . To cnforuo what I inoun I
muit give some facts coming under my no-
ticu iixuully. I reached u small town ono
Dvuiuug Itut wcok , whluh U the terminus of
it brunch railroad. Some half dozen or
juoro young commercial men landed with mu
nud stopped nt the gumo hostelry. I had
occasion to makh n driva of some fourteen
Inilcs to the country and return by night so
us to bo ready for the train onrly next morn
ing. Before leaving I lecrued of a dunoo to
bo given In n country barn some six miles
distant. On my return to the village at 10:30 :
11. m. the "" were all Keno but ouo , and
liu hud run his mouth too hard against the
. Uuughola of u barrel of "hard elder , " nud ho
couldn't go. . .U I a. m. next uiorniuif the o
\vbo "had n er.uul tlmo" came in lookiiu'
nnd doubtless fooling miserable. They had
luul the usual upset and wonderful escaim
\vith only bruUcs. Same of the "bills" to bo
nettled next morulug wcro not light and as
but ono tnilii per day was available , business
must ba loft out. Who is affoolod by such
ilub.uich I Are ouly these follow * hurVI la
only thulr bruins , and mouay , aud iutorcsU
nnd characters Involved Let the answer bo
filent. Hrs Si K.ut.
Pour travollug men who were going In
( ruin tucir Iowa run to their respective
houses In Chicago mrulo n Ufa long Impres
sion on n young society bcllo on the train by
their humane nets. . They were seated In the
middle of tin-car playing cards. A mother
\viu > on the train with her little boy who was
deathly sick. . The conductor and brake-man
picked up the little sinTcrer to carry him to
the roar end or the car whTo there was ono
vacant seal to lay him down , The young
lady In speaking of the sreno said ! "When
they nearcd the center of the car otio of four
men , looked up , iintl talcing In tlio .sit-
uatlon lit a Blanco said ; 'loot's vacate ,
boya. Hero Is u litllo chap who is suffering
terribly , and our Beats will Just about lit
him.1 They were nil up In almost no tlmo
nnd had cleared out their sample cases and
llxed the little cot across the two scats , and
were packing the mother's traps nway when
the train started. With the Hrst Jerk of the
train the little boy gave a groau and his face
took on tin expression of Intense pain , and
linally , unable to boar it longer , he cried out ,
'Oh , mammal omammat 1 cin't stand It.1
And the poor frail fratno seemed a bunch of
pain and misery. She stooped over and
Kissed Ins forehead and soothed him us best
she cnlild , but thu rocking motion of the
train appeared as If it would kill him.
Ono of the drummers proposed that
ho and his companions raisu the cot
from the scat and hold It in their hands.
The little woman said something about
bother , I couldn't hear exactly what , but the
traveling men carried Into effect the propiHi-
tion , nnd it eased tlio suHorer wonderfully.
They held him In the nislo In such u way that
the mother could slt and fan htm , and for
two solid bouts they .stood and held that cot ,
letting It down only at stations. They didn't
do it in u way that would make the mother
feel at all uncomfortable. Thev laughed and
joked nnd bought fruit for the little sufferer ,
and I didn't do anything but fcol good all the
wav over. They took him off at Jacksonville ,
and ono of the men changed cars there ; ono
of them got off at Springllold. 1 think hu is u
train dispatcher at the Wabash , and the
other two went on. Hut , I tell you , I have
moro faith in human nature since then , espe
cially in traveling men. "
Itnrrlsou nnd tlio "Hoys. "
When about n thousand drummers called
to shake hands with General Harrison a few
days ago at his homo in Indiana he received
them with a very pleasant little address. In
eulogizing them hu said :
"I have traveled somewhat In the wako of
the commercial men , and have observed that
they have the habit of getting the best of
everything wherever they go. [ Applause
nnd laughter. ] I am therefore quito ready
to credit thostatomont of the gentleman who
has spoken In your behalf when ho told mo
that the commercial travelers are all ropublU
cans. I should expect they would get the
best politics that were to bo found. [ Laugh
ter nnd applause. ] Your calling is an active
ono. You nro always on the move. You are
quick to discover the wants of local tradoj
You are porsuaslvo In speech and address *
You are honest and love integrity , and do
not forget that you must again face your
customer after tlio poods are ( lolivoredi
[ Laughter and applauso. ] The men who em.
Ijloy you have chosen you , picked you ouU
and they subject you to the weekly test of
success. You have been proved and not
found wanting. The wide intercourse you
have with your followmcn and the wide view
you got of our country must tend , to make
you/liberal and patriotic. "
The Fnir Day Uniform.
The arrangements In regard to the nnlform
to bo worn on drummers' day during fair
week seems to bo such a combination that it
Is impossible for all the boys to understand
what is to bo worn.
The uniform , as adopted by the committee ,
consists of a dark pair of pantaloons , suspen
ders or not , to suit a man's choice , a light
colored llunncl shirt , no coat or vest , u silk
tile hat nnd a Japanese umbrella.
By lightllanncl shirt is mount a white or
any light checkered , striped or light gray
The parasols are already on hand , and ono
will bo furnished each man who is in the pro
cession. The hats are being madu to order
In the east , and ail orders must bo in not
later tuah thu middle of this week.
A Dny for Church.
The Indies of the Christian church of Hast
ings , Nob. , will give a supper , musical and
literary especially for commercial travelers
and their Indies Saturday ovoninir , Septem
ber ! , 1833 , at the southeast- corner of Lin
coln avcniiu Fourth street. Every effort
will bo made by the ladies to make this a
most pleasant nnd ngreeabio entertainment
for the traveling men who will favor them
with their presence. On Sunday morning ,
September 2 , Elder Maupin , pastor of the
church , will deliver a discourse to the trav
eling men. Subject : "Not Slothful In Husl-
ness , Fervent in Spirit , Serving the Lord , "
to which services all traveling men are cor
dially invited.
Oinnhn'fl Gront Day.
The arrangements for drummers' day are
progressing so satisfactorily to everyone In
terested iu the commltteo work that a great
day is already assured. The ros | > oises are
coming In in elegant shnpo from the boys
and thgy will all bo in lino.
The trades display arrangements are also
piogresslng very well nnd that department
of the parade alone will extend a dlstauco of
o t . . hlooks nnd the
n.i.ry , turn-outs will be
magiiiflcont ludeod.
The fair grounds committee have had a
special complimentary card printed to give to
each drummer who takes part In the parade
during the forenoon. The passes have al
ready boon distributed among the uion.
Ilnw Abandoned the llond.
T. O. Craudnll , alias "Shorty , " a well
known western drug traveler , has seVered
his connection with Ulako , Uruco & Co. , nnd
Is now located at No. U10 South Fifteenth
street as western manager of the Chicago
Watch Club company , and also as a drug
broker. Ho sports diamonds as largo as an
egg and expects to bo a millionaire in u year
or so.
Good For'thc Ilutchore.
John O'Kcof , city salesman for Armour &
Cudahay Packing company , iiitormsTui : UEE
that all the wholesale and retail butchers
will eloso their markets on "drummers' day"
during the parade , and also take part In It us
a body of cavalry. A meeting will bo called
to ducido on a suitable uniform for the occa
Pair Dny Notes.
Send in your size for a hat. Ln t call.
Hustings sends word that she will turn
out strong ,
Parade starts at 10:30 : sharp from board of
trade corner.
The trades display will bo immense , over
two miles long.
Some of the boys already have their hats.
They are neauties.
Any light colored plaid , striped or spotted
flannel shirt will do.
The committee have plenty of < the Japanese
parasols on hand for all
Kobert Simons , of Lincoln , the xxxs man ,
will help swall the ranks.
There will bo MX ) traveling men in the
parndo on drummers' day.
Euxcno Hrndloy , of Nebraska City , writes ,
us to look out for him on that day.
The headquarters at the fair grounds will
bo a lively place Thursday afternoon ,
Everybody will attend the reception at the
Uoiird of Trade rooms iu the evening.
The "boys" at Grand Island say they will
bo down to n uian on drummers' day.
F. O , Lockwood , "tho silver tongued era
tor" from Graud Maud , will bo with us.
Send in your size for n hat. You cannot
got ono on that day unless ordered nt once.
Lincoln boys will undoubtedly send up a
good delegation. Council HlulT * will dp the
' Thcro will bo a drum corps of eight men
for the. bojt-s to keep step by. Also a band of
twenty pieces.
J. E. Corbott , with Gilmore & fiuhl , has
gonu cast on a visit , out left word to save
him a pluca iu thu ranks on "drummers'
day. "
n. F. Uowers , with the WclU Nollagor
hardware company , of Chicago , caught on tea
a nice opening order to go to St. Lubauy the
fore part of the week ,
O. J. Ivonyon , the wall paper man reprp-
seaUlng Houry LaUtuau , of Ouiaha , has ju t
returned from n nucoessfui trip iu western
Nebraska and Colorado.
The territory formerly worked by O. H.
Moshen , for the Uoctor Wllhelmy company ,
is now handled by Mr John 1'arrish , who is
inakln&hu tlr t trip over the. route.
Charley Morris , the portly , good-natured
emissary for Porefoy & Moore , Couucll
Hliiu"s. has been "doing them all up" on the
salo'of his popular brands of cigars on the
line of the Union Pacific the past week.
L. 131.VHU , a new man In the wostj was
among : the merchants of central Nebraska
the Pastwudk representing the S. Hpwsor
Oil Tank company , of Fort Wayne. Mr ,
Ulynn expresses himself ns Infatuated with
tlio country west of the Missouri.
"Tho Duck Urnrnl Uubbsr company , " of
Chicago , Is In the Held for trade , retireI
Rented , by A. Hlush , who Is enthusiastic over
the prospects for a goud trade. Mr. Hlush
is | n typical New Knulandor , and never knew
or ha 1 any conception of the Vast product-
Ivpncss of this country before , and says ho
will know how to advertise it if ho over
visits the cast again :
Ontnhn'M Siimlav Gtirttfl.
At the Mlllnrd F. II. Ketiro and H. M.
Heed , Chicago ; N. A. Hardso and Edward
C. Smith , St. Joseph ; A. Mutler and and S.
Fink , New York ; George M. Uabeock , Syra
cuse , N. Y. ; W. H. Johnson , and II C. Stlo-
phen , Chicago ; II. Hodenheimor and F. H.
Horton , New YorV ; W. II. Swift mid I1 , M.
Smith. Chicago : \\illiaii : fiorman , Detroit ;
.1. H. Watkins nnd I'eter Hanov , St. Paul , J.
K. Hobbv Spriiurteld , Moss. ; E.H.Trent-
Ion , San Fruneisco : S L Wilhird and A.
Haum , New York ; C. I' . Hrausluu , .Minne
apolis ; J. W. Hui'haimn and L. H. Lone , Chicago
cage ; 1 ! . Dodd , St. Paul ; Gporeo L.
Lovclt nud E II. Holtncs , New York ;
II. K. Freeman and O. W. Fredenburg , Chicago
cage ; Chailes F. Oriflln , Cincinnati ; G. H.
Atkms , Tinin , O ; G. M Delano and S. W.
Gianger , Chkago ; C.I. . Gilbert , Cleveland ;
J. 10. Hlair and T. Mayer , Chlfairo ; C. A.
Mock. Erie. Pa ; F. Jeffrey , Pniludelphia ; A.
P. Tcnney and W. A , Simpson , Kansas City ;
E. Katz and C. F. Wrlcht , New York ; J. 1C.
Dlllmim , Detroit ; L. H. llalloy , Kansas City ;
A. J. Walsh , Hock Island ; ,1. E. UatclllTe ,
Wheeling ; Marion G. Hryco , PIttsbfirg ; H.
C. Hlocon , Wlnonn ; C. I. Mnrkham , Syracuse ;
A , A. Whlpple , Kansas City.
At the Paxton D. G. Panconst , Phlladcl
phia ; Frank M. Paul and S. II. Gundor.Ncw
York ; H. L. Koilso , Cleveland ; F. J. Wnr-
ren , St. Joseph ; J. W. Clmppcll and E. C.
Holbrook , New York ; H. II. Kosenbladt and
A. P. Pcndleton , Now York ; W. P. Potter ,
Pitt.sburg ; 1 { . DallnioycrJeffersonCllv , Mo. ;
Max Noel and W. S. McCrca , Chicago ;
H. T. Stoffen , Newark ; S. W.
Harris nnd E H. Shorb , New York ;
J. T. Maddex and H. E. Lo Graw , New
York ; C. H. Hoffman nnd Julius Cole , Chicago
cage ; F M. Klclty and J. C. Tnlmage St.
Louis ; John Kox nnd Knlph It. Harris , Chicago
cage ; J. J , Monroe , Hoston ; John Stewart
and T. M. Fulton , Chicago ; F. N. Payne ,
Hoston ; A. A. Meyers nud W O. Frazer ,
Now York ; D. H. Bradley , Lexing
ton , Ky. ; C. C. White , St. Paul ; Wallace
Sherman and E. M. Williams , New York ;
E. H.Pratt , Frcdonia , N. Y. ; H. H. Scott
and Gus Man toy , Chicago ; Gcorgo M. Van
Schoador. St. Louis ; Iko Lenbrik and W. H.
Hcnton , Now York ; M. H. Strong , Knches-
tor ; G. C , Frascr and L. C. Spooner , Chicago
cage ; John H. Worman , Hoston ; John A.
Kloy and Ed F. Fassig , Chicago.
Free to AH.
The bcnutiful picture , "Will They
ConsontV" is a lurgo magnificent en
graving , printed upon a sheet 19 inches
wide by 24 inches long. It is an cxnct
copy ol an original painting by Kwall ,
which was sold for $ o,000.
This elegant picture represents a young
lady standing in u beautiful room , surround
ed by uil that Is luxurious , near a half-
open door , whllo the young man , her loveiys
seen in an adjolning oem asking tlio consent
of her uarcnts for their daughter iu marriage.
The line interior decorations , together , with
the graceful position of the beautiful girl is
iu keeping with the sentiment of the picture.
It must bo seen to bo appreciated.
This valuable picture is titling to adorn the
wall of any Indies' parlor , and in order to
offer an extraordinary Inducement to intro
duce our Wav Starch , this costly picture will
bo given away , free to every person purchas
ing a small box of Wav Staich.
This starch is something entirely new , and
is without a doubt the greatest starch inven
tion of the nineteenth century , ( at least every
body says so that have used it ) . It superccdes
everything heretofore used or known to
science in the laundry art Unlike anv other
starch , as it is coated with pure white
wax and chemically prepared upon scientific
principles by an expert in the laundry pro
fession who lias had years of practical exper
ience In fancy laumlrying. It U the Hrst and
only starch in the world that makes ironing
easy and restores old summer dresses to their
natural whiteness , and imparts to linen n
beautiful and Listing llnish.
Plcaso remember that tie ! present you ro-
r-civo with each box of Wax Starch , has
never been sold at retail for less than ono
dollar. This great offer is only good for six
weeks , after which the present will be omit
ted nnd the starcli sold rtt the usual price. "
Try it and bo convinced of the whole truth.
Ark your grocer for Wax Starch and ob
tain this beautiful and costly picture free.
Kcokuk , lova.
liaising ; Democratic Campaign Funds
in the Chicago 1'ostolUce.
Chicago Tribune : During the last
few days nearly everybody connected I
with the postolllco received a postal 1
card to this elToct ;
DearSir : Please call and see mo at your
early convenience on n matter of import
unce. E. H. K ncn ,
Hoom HS , Ashland Block.
Now what was the matter of iraport-
anco ? A young man started out to penetrate -
etrato the mv&tory. llo wont to room
; tS , Ashland block. Upon the door was
neatly printed :
; JUDU , iiiTcinu &
: Law Ofllce. :
* 4
"Judd , Ritchie ft Eshor , " mused the
young man. "Why , that is Postmaster
Jiidd'a law linn. That's funny. " Then
ho wont in and asked for Mr. Eshor.
"That is my name , " s > aid the gentle
man addrosbt'd , at the same time lay
ing down his newspaper. Motioning
the young mnn to a vacant chair ho in
quired the nature of his business- ; .
"I was told ydu wanted to see mo said
the now comer ; "my name is Holland. "
' Who told you ? " asked Mr. E&her ,
eyeing the innocent-looking stranger
bouiovvhat sufipicuously.
"Ed Hobiuton. "
"Who's Ed KobinsonV"
"Ho works over at the postolfice. "
"Do you work there , too ? "
"Yos , sir. "
"In what ' "
department'1 :
"Tho wesjtorn mail room. "
Mr. Eshor took out a roll of manu
script and appeared to bo searching for
the name of his visitor. Finding the
fcenrch tedious and fruitless , ho looked
up from his desk and eyed the stranger
in a muiincr that witnesses subjected to
the legal gentleman's cro. > a-o.\amina-
tion have had grout reason to dread.
"I don't lind your nuino hero , " ho
said abruptly. "Who is your suporior. "
"Mr. Wilbanks , " replied the young
man. growing bomowhat norvoun under
the inquisition.
"Whore's your card ? " demanded thp
attorney sharply.
"C.irdV" repeated the young mnn
blankly ; "I don't that i or I haven't
got auy printed cards I mean to say "
The attoriioy kindly came to the 114-
sistanco of his evidently embarrassed
visitor , and dropping his slorn , "nisi
prius" doinbunor , no assumed a look' in
which patronage and kindness seemed
to bubble forth from his every foaturo.
"Never mind. If you did not receive
a card a postal card , I mean you will
do so. Now that you are here , however -
ever , I may as well toll you what I
wanted you for. How much will you
subscribe toward the democratic na
tional campaign fund ? "
llo stamtnorod bomothing about not
being able to do much , but supposed ho
would have to como in with the rest.
"Lot mo sop ; what is your salary V"
Mr. E * > her inquired , perceiving the
young npan's hesitation.
"Only S75 a month , but 11
"Ah I see a good contribution , "
broke in Eshor , gleefully. Lot uio see
I $ .j slmlt wo Bay . $25 ? Yes , I think
. ? 2o will , about bo satisfactory for a
I young man in your position. "
| .At the Batno tlmo ho produced a book
wllorein a loig ) strihff of mimes of con-
i tributors were inscribed , against each
cif which was sot for the amount prim-
j ised. The majority had subscribed $10 ,
I but many hnd named 915 as their limit.
I I'crcolving that Holland was inspecting -
' ing the list somowlmt curiously , Mr.
i i Esther hastened to explain that none of
j the signatures on that list were in as
I good a position ns $75 a month.
"I must toll you Mr. Holland I think
you said that was your name that the
least you should giVe is &J5. "
"But I have a wife and family , " began
th young man , apologetically , "and
besides , ns I am just going to house
keeping , S2-3 is a big sum out , of ono
month's money. By the way , when has
this money to bo paid ? "
"It should bo paid the first of Septem
ber , but in your case I think wo may
call it the 10th ; and suppose wo say $ UO
instead pt Si3 , how will that suit ? "
Tlio vislty moclcly acknowledged the
condescension of his pseudo chief's
partner , and , appearing to become bold
iiy the graciousness ol the attorney ,
ventured to suggest $16 as the limit to
whi'jh his housekeeping land should bo
taxed for the benefit of the present ad
"All right , wo will call it $15 , but
don't toll any of the boys that you only
gave so littlo. Sign your name in this
book and just say , 'Payable by Septem
ber ! ( > . ' "
Thus requested , the young man ner
vously sei/ed the prollered pencil and
signed " . .I.1J. . Holland. Payable on or
before September 10. $15. "
"I remember your mime now1 said
Mr. Esther as ho took the pen. "I
recollect sending you a notice to como
and sec me. You'll get it all right. "
Then ho bade the young man good-day.
"As glares the tiger en his foes ,
Hemmed In by hunters , ( .pears and bows ,
And , ere ho bounds upon the ritig ,
Selects the object of his spring "
So disease , in myriad forms , fastens
its fangs upon the iunnrir race. Ladies
who oulTer from distressing ailments
peculiar to their sex , should use Dr.
Pierco's Favorite Prescription. It is a
positive euro for the most complicated
and most obstinate cases of leucorrhea ,
excessive ( lowing , painful menstruation ,
unnatural suppression ! ) , ptolapsas , or
falling of the womb , weak back , "fe
male weakness , " antcvcrsfon , retrovcr-
sion , bearing-down sensations , chronic ;
congestion , inllammation and ulcera-
lion of the womb , inllammation , pain
and tenderness in ovaries , accompanied
with "internal heat. "
A Mexican Hoy'H Pic.
I asked of a boy who was stuffing him
self with what I thought was pie if ho
had breakfasted well. Ho did not un
derstand my Spanish , but with that
generosity which gqems born with a
Mexican the little follow quickly di
vided his "pio" anfl'lgavo me a goodly
slice. Without vailing to see what the
"pio" was made of 1 took quito a largo
Into of it , and the nnxt moment I felt as
though I hnd swallowed a bunch of
needles with the red oiulof a hot poker.
The boj- , laughed l-nnd rolled on tlio
ground in his merriment ns the tears
came to my eyes , and I tried in vain to
gulp down the horrid stulT he had given
mo to cat.
And what do you think it was ?
Two thin slices of hot cukes , dipped
in a burning sauce made of hot red
popper. I never again tried to break
fast away from thoYAmcrican hotel , for
I soon learned that rod pepper was the
chief ingredient ofthe Mexican diet ,
and that even the boys and girls en
joyed their fiery breakfast fully as well
ns an American child enjoyed its cakes
and syrup.
Po/.zoni's Complexion Powder pro
duces a soft and beautiful skin ; it com
bines every element ot beauty and pur
Buffalo Crossing the Missouri.
Forest and Stream : The buffalo had
many forces to contend with. In the
spring , when they were weak , they ap
peared to have an insane desire to cross
the Missouri river. The shelving bar
of a Missouri river bottom is almost al
ways opposed on the oppos-e side , of the
river by a very high bank. The buffalo
coming in vast droves to cross the rivet-
would start from the low bar , swim di
rectly across and blindly endeavor lo
ascend the perpendicular bunk. The
river would bo animated with the
struggling , impulse-driven animals.
The strongest would crawl to the front ,
and with unreasoning pertinacity strive
to ascend the directly upright bank.
With an almost catlike climb they
might , reach half-way , then down they
would fall on their struggling compan
ions in Iho rjver below. With added
rage and oostinacy they would renew
the climb again and again , until after
hours of inflexible persistency they
would finally succeed in the seeming
impossibility of tearing a trail up the
wall-like bank. Hundreds pi the
weaker ones would succumb in this
struggle in the river , and their lloating
carcasses would collect inast numbers
in the river eddies.
The World Moves , "
Maintained O.ilileo , when his .tormentors
racked him for advocating the true system of
Copernicus , Certain follies hold out , how
ever , against the illumination of discover. *
and experience , There are hosts of people
who , because they have adopted certain prin
ciples , continue to swallow them to their
dyniffday in defiance of the laws of common
sense. Mercury , drastic purgatives , super-
potent narcotics and sedatives , tnougli they
huvo given Rtound before the irresistible
progress of liostutter s Stomach Hlttcis , a
national , palnlcs * rcmcd > for disoulcrs o !
the liver , the stomach nnd tlm bowels. t > til
continue to make ambulating apothecaries'
shops of many btomachs The symptoms 01
liver trouble are easily remediable without
any abdominal disturbance with this Lionel !
cent alterative. So also are constipation ,
sick headache , hcartbuiu und nn Inability u
digest satisfactorily. It cures fever line
ague , rheumatism and kidney trouble.
Oennral Shorldan'K War llnrjc.
General Sheridan's horse "lUenzi,1
or "Winchester , * ' utf ho was called li }
tlm general after the oattlo at that
place , died at Chicago , III. , in October
1878 , at the ago of 'twenty-one years
His remains were sent to a taxidermis
at Rochester , N. Y. , aud after holnfc
skilfully mounted .tore presented by the
general to tuo military institute for ex
hibition at their inuoeuiu at Governor's
Island , N. Y. Here the steed of tlm
memorable ride to Winchester can stil
be bccii , looking aa natural as life am
is the object of the greatest interest to
the daily visitor to the island. "Uionzi1
was presented to General Sheridan a
Rienzi , Miss. , on the occasion of his
promotion to the colonelcy of the See-
end Michigan cavalry , by the ollicors o
the regiment in the autumn of 1801
IIo continued to sorvu his master faith
fully and well , taking part in all the fa
mous battles , until a few years before
his death , when , out of considoratioi
for past services , ho was put on the pen
sion rolls , the general declining to per
mit him to bo used for any purpose
"llienzl" was raited in Michigan am
was of "Black Hawk" stock , as his
dark , shiny coat , white foot and largo
flowing mane and tail fully indicated
IIo was about 101 hands high.
Economy and strength are peculiar to
Hood'd Suriaimrilla. the only medicine
ol whiuh " 100 CoicaOuo Dollar" is true
* * m * * * * * > . v .iimn , mmjm
Clothing ouse
We have completed our scini-nnnual stock taking nnd have decided to devote the balance of this month to the closing
out of all broken lots , in each of tlio dopartmonts. All the lots remaining unsold Sopt. 1st. will bo taken from our tables to
make room for fall goods. Wo mention a few lots offered at this sale which are the best valucs over offered by the "Con
tinental. " Lot No. 1
Slock No. 1018.1010 aud 1050 2oO Imported Whipcord Stills , made in a four-button cutaway style only , in regular fllr.cs
! 55 to 1'J. These Hints wcro made in our own machine room during the last 00 days , and the cut and make of them is as cor
rect for dross purposes as it is possible to have thorn : nnd as the present month is the month of all the year when people nro
thinking about dress suits , we claim that this lotof Worsted Suits is ABSOLUTELY THE MOST DESIRABLE which it has
over been our privilege to offer to the public. This garment was made up to sell in our stock for $18.00 , but aa one of the load
ing bargains in our Men's Department for this sale , it irf offered at the ridiculously low prioo of $ li ! . WE UNHESITA
Men's Blue Assabet Suit. Price
. , $10.00.
We have left in this lot about Sf Men's Frock Suits , full Indigo , made from the celebrated Assabet Mills Flannol. No
bolter goods in the market. Guaranteed full Indigo , elegantly made and trimmed , at the extremely low price of $10.00.
Our price all through the season has been $15.00. If the buyer does not find the suit to bo worth $15.00 , it may bo returned
ind money refunded. Remember the prieo 310.00 in Frock Suits. Sizes M to 44. Lot No. 3
Men's Blue Pantaloons. Price
. , $2.50 ,
We find a surplus in our Men's Blue Flannel Pantaloons stock , and offer at the sale 150 pairs of Men's Indigo Blue
Pantaloons at SL'.GO per pair , the purchaser of over pair in this lot , makes a saving of at least Sl.CO on every pair pur
chased. Sizes up to 4U waist. Lot o. 4 '
Boys' Long Pants Suits. Price , $6.00.
We have consolidated four lots of Boys' Strictly All Wool Cassimcro Suits. Coat , pants and vest , for boys from 10 to 14
ears. The lowest price of any suit in this lot has boon $8.00. and some have sold as high as S10.00. Wo name $0.00 as the
irice for any suit in these four lots. Wo.guarantcc every suit in this lot to bo just as represented and every suit not satis-
ict orv may be returned nnd Iho money cheerfully refunded.
Boys' Short Pant Suits. Price , $2.50.
One of the cheapest lots of Children's Suits ever offered by the Continental is a lot embracing four , styles of Fancy
Cassimoro Suits , in sizes 4 to 1 1 , short pants , at the extraordinary low price of $2.50.
We wi h to inform our patrons that invoices of Fall and Winter Woolens have been received and by Sopt. Iflt our
stock in this department will bo complete and , will bo the largest variety of , foreign and domestic woolens shown by any
merchant tailoring establishment in the wost.
Thousands all through the west have taken advantage of our methods in this department and nave found it ontirolj
All ! ! goods sent C. O. D. with privilege of examination. Wo pay return charges for all amounts ever $10.00 andall
charges upon goods that arc not satisfactory.
OMAHA BOSTON Freeland , Loomis & Co.
DES MOINES Proprietors ;
Cor. IStli and Douglas Streets , Omaha , Nebraska.
A IJricle'N Dower Iiost With the Uelsor.
Philadelphia Press : Among the mer
chandise lost on the ill-fated Goiser
was $ ; 5,0fl ( ) worth of silverware , which
lias been stored in Newark forsix years ,
and was the property of. Mrs. L. Tho-
baud , formerly of MadisonN. J. , and
now of Stockholm. She sent for it , in
tending to give it to her daughter as a
dower. Some S2" > ,000 worth of furniture
and household otTeots belonging to the
same lot and shipped from Newark at
the same time could not bo stowed on
the Goisor , and is safe , in storatfo in Ho-
boken. The lost goods are insured.
Nothing Extraordinary.
"This , ladies an' gents , " vociferated
a menagerie orator in a small town in
Kentucky , "is the great Arabian drom
edary , witlutwo humps upon his back
instead of ono , but the extra hump will
cost you nothing. Ho is the Arabs'
beast of burden. Ho fetches an' car
ries , while the Arab sits'idly in thp
Eahu , aud [ impressively ] ho can go
eight days without , watorl"
"Only eight days ! " was the general
exclamation , and then the crowdmqved
on in search of something interesting.
Beware of worthless imitations of Dr.
Jones' Red Clover Tonic. The genuine
cures headache , piles , dyspepsia , ague ,
malaria , and is a pure tonic and blood
purifier. Price 50 cents. Goodman Drug
KapturoiiM Hugs anil Kisses.
New York Journal : There was a cu
rious kind of a wedding in the city
court of New York.
Judge Khrlioh performed the cere
mony William H. Walker , a colored
man" aged twonty-threo , of No. " 0(1 (
East Ninety-eighth street , was married
to Lina Solomon , a pretty brunette of
German parentage , whoso homo is at
No. II47 Kast Fift rst street. After
the ceremony , the couple on reaching
the hall rapturously Kissed and hugged
each other. Scores of people witnessed
the exhibition , and Sergeant Wood had
to disjHirno the crowd in order to pre
vent any unnecessary riot.
Its superior excellence proven In millions of
hornet for moro tnan n quarter of a century. It
In need by the United States Government. in- :
( lor.sml by tb heads of the great Universities ns
the strongest , purest and most healthful. Dr.
Price's I'rearu Halving Powder does not contain
ammonia , lime or alum. Sold nnlv In cans.
New York. Chicago. St. Louis ,
Ti % TOCMn / .
HbN'M > ' c/youlhfut rr.
I U i 111 fa II mr . f rlr l"y. . Init
( ninhuad , etc. I win xnu a < liuU * In atl > 'mtlnli
ronUUnlng full srtlcuUn for bouw cure , irv of
. .
Ci r Ari.Jfw * *
PROF. F. C. FOWLER. Moodui. Conn. ,
TMTPO w Obtained. Mvk ,
p I'rmt and Copyright protection te.
cured. Good workcoodreferences , modtr.
cb'jt. S ndforpainphltt. It G. OnBell
Under the Direction oftho Religious of the Sacred Heart.
Opens Wednesday , September 5th , 1888
Opens Monday , Sept. 3d.
TKUMS-floard , Washing , Tuition 111 KnRllsh
nnd Krcnch , Instrumental Music and use of
IJouks , per be.sMouot live months , J150.UO , TEHMS According to Grades of Studies.
1'alntlng , Drawing , Shorthand , German , Italian , Vocal Music , Harp , Violin , etc. , nro extra
Difference of religion Is no obstacle t the admission of young ladles. Tor further Informa
tion apply to MADAME M. J. DUNNE , SuperUness of Hoarding AcaiUmy , Park Place ,
Omaha. Nebraska. ,
JIAUAMi ; L. 1)U MONT , Superioress of Day Academy , St. Mary's Ave. , Omaha , Neb.
North 10th Street , Between Binnoy and Wirt Sts. , Omaha.
Siege of Sebastopol
Invented and produced by Pain & Sons , of London and New York. Thearle & Cooper
Managers , Realistic bombardment of forts , by boats , on an immense Artifi
cial Lake. Ttrrific Assault of Fortress by Allies.
Correctly costumed and excellently drilled as Russian Soldiers , Cossacks , French
and English troops and marines , Turks , Sardinians , etc.
By specially engaged artists , Russian athletes , Swordsmen , etc. The whole to
conclude with
Consisting of the latest novelticsMauhattan Hcach Aerial and Aquatic I'yrotichnics
Music by Sabastopol Military Band.
Admission 50c ; - - Reserved Seats , 75c
1888 THE GREAT 1888
Held September 3 to 8 , Inclusive.
Most Complete aud Best Arranged Fair Grounds in the West
The best accommodations for stock , which can bo unloaded from cars at the
grounds. Superior accommodations for agricultural exhibits. The be t and
fastest track in the country. Competition upon to the world. No entry fee ex
cept in racing pur&os.
Special Attraction Each Day.
GRAND AND MAGNIFICENT Pyrotobhnlcal Display every evening of th
SIEGE OF SEBASTOPOL. ifor premium lists , cirpularuaiid infoivma-
tion , address
J. H. McSHANE , Secretary , Omaha , Nebraska ,
Nos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-CO4.
Jansill's ' Punch Cigars
mer In our employ Nootbcr
l honso in the world can trutli-
Una agent ( dealer only )
wanted in each town.
R.V/.TANSILL&C0..55 / Stale SLChlcaoo.
Incomparably the
Hemarkable for powerful irmpa.
thftlc tone. pIluGlo'actloa aniTab-
oluie qurtbllUy. til years' ff cord ,
the bout guaramca of th eic t
lence otTliesa InalruiutnUi.
Farm Loans.
Heipou6lble representatives wanted. Call or
write us.