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ori'ICn , NO. 11 ! I KAllb STUIJiri1
Delivered by farrier In Anv J'nrt of the City nt
Twmty Outs I'er Week.
II.V. . TII/10N . ; . . . . MANAOKH.
riH < r.l'lONE3i ! Oi riCK. No. 41.
NimiT 1:1111011. : Xo.W.
N. Y , Plumbing company.
Hmtor , the tailor , HID Broadway , hna
received a full line of lluo fall cixxlb.
Tim Western house property on Up { cr
Broailwiiy luw boon bold to W. W. 1311-
yor for $0,000.
Mr. und Mrs. Charles Powers nro re-
joicinj ; ever the advent of iv thirteen
pound girl to their homo , bW ( Tenth
Gas connections arc Iwliip laid on
Fifth iivunuu t-o us to avoid future Uiar-
IIIL'S up of the pavement which in to bo
laid thiH fall.
The city dork Usiied building por-
mitH joitorduy to 12. L. Jacolw for two
JSIH ) cottages and A. J. Mandell for u
$700 residence.
The fire ItulH at No. 4 hose hous-o
secured four of the largo pictures ottered
an pri/.GM by DuUo & Sons for the largest
number of'cameo cigarette wrappers.
The remains of Oru , youngest child
of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Collins , wore for
warded to Cilenwood yesterday uiorning
for burial , Tlio deceived wits tweut > -
two months of ago.
Marriage liceiiseH wore issued yester
day to Kred II. McMillan and Mary A.
Jones , both of thin city , James 1' . Lar
son and Mary C'hristaiiihon , of Neoltt ,
and George Anderlcirlc and l tta Troop ,
of tills city.
Mifasos Georgia Bennett and Grace
Gleas-on entertained a pleasant party
Tuesday evening at the residence of
Mr. .Ioli n Honnett , on Willow avenue ,
in honor of Misses Mamie Oliver and
Minnie Wells. ' 1 here were about lif-
tcon couples present , and the occasion
was heartily enjoyed by all.
C. W. Dwinncll died at 12 o'clock
Tuesday night at his residence , ! 1H )
Benton street , after a long and painful
illness. lie was thirty years of ago
and n Hon-in-laiv of L. Sherwood. His
mother , two brothers and a sinter reside
at Stan wood , Cedar county , and have
been notified of hiu death. The funeral
will take place from the residence at U
o'clock this afternoon.
Money loaned at L. B. Crafts & Co.'s
loan ollico , on furniture. piaiuH , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
ana all other articles of value without
removal. All business strictly eonli-
dential. _
S. B. Wadsworth & Co. loan money.
I'erHonal 1'aranrapliH.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Loom is are vis
iting in Chicaco.
.7. W. Field , of Cleveland. O. , is in
the city looking after his real estate
lion. L. W. HO-.S . will deliver an ad
dress at the old settlors)1 ) icunion at Mal-
voru to-day.
Misa Mao Chapman starts to-day for
bonio , having spent a most enjoyable
season in Europe.
, Mr. George A. Webb , of Portland ,
Ore. , is visiting his daughter , Mrs. II.
Stevenson , in this city.
Hov. Father Adolph Wossolling re
turned last evening from a short visit at
Atchibon , Kan. , his old home.
Mrs. F. W. Olmstond is visiting at
her old home at Grand Rapids , Mich.
She will bo abaout several weeks.
Mrs. L. Simmons and daughter have
returned from an extended trip to Bos
ton and other cities on the Atlantic sea
Deputy United States Clerk P. M.
Hunter yesterday removed his ollico
from the court house to the now federal
building , whore lie may hereafter be
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Lyons , nee
Jennie Vraddcnburg , have gone to
Chicago , where bo will take a theolog
ical course preparatory to entering the
ministry in the Congregational church.
Tlis wife , while there , will lake a course
of musical instruction in ono of the in-
Htitutions with which Chicago is well
On Monday last Mr. J. J. Brown loft
for n brief visit at Denver. Tuesday
evening ho was notified by telcgrapu
that Mrs. Morris Brown , of Dubuque ,
had passed away from this life , and he
immediately stapled for homo. On his
arrival homo ho will immediately pro
ceed to Dubuque to attend the obsequies
of the deceased lady. Mrs. Brown pro
ceeded her husband to the borne of sorrow
row yesterday morning.
Wickluun Bros , began work yester
day afternoon on the foundations for
JlVO now six-room cottages to be creeled
. by A. II. Fitch , of Omaha , on the south
\ \ side of Avenue A , at the corner of
Twenty-ninth street. The carpoiner
work will be done by G. W. Lamborson.
Mr. Fitch expects to have them ready
for occupancy in about a month , anil
will then proceed with the erection of
live moro. The residences will bo situ
ated on the motor line , thus making
them readily accessible. It is probable
> that they will all bo leased before the
foundations are llnibhed.
Go to Fearon's for all kinds of teas
Und colTccs.
Mixed spices for mcklos and catsups
sold only at Fearon'a.
{ - Our Itrnvo PolVmlorh.
[ f The members of company A , Fifth
regiment. I. N. G. , wlio are attending
the regimental encampment ,
are :
A. W. Cowlos , captain ; W. E. Atchi-
ton , first lieutenant ; J. W. Dixon , see-
Ktf end lieutenant ; Walt McNcal , Rnv Bix-
If by , E. M. Tlnlcy , J. R. Barrett , F. M.
K Compton , J. Holder , T. A. Bergen , Walt
1 Spoouor , II. Driosbaob , J. M. Grav ' , 0.
II. Stinson , B. 13. Foster , P. McCu'llom ,
C. A. Williams , C. A. Stillman , James
Wallace , Ambrose Burke , I. U. Parsons ,
C. E. Pat-sons , C. E. Woodbury. II. W.
Patterson , J. O. Thomas , Fred Driver.
Musicians Louis Whitoand Lee Ben
On Friday Governor Lnrraboo , accom
panied by Adjutant General Alexander
and others , will visit and inspect .the
camp. _
Fresh celery and all kinds of vegeta
bles at Fearon'a.
All orders for groceries filled promptly
at Fcaron's.
AVlioro tlio Children Go.
Rooms nro being fitted up in the Hil
school building to accommodate th <
scholars who attend tho' Mill school
until the completion of the now build
ing. The larger scholars will be son
to the IIU1 sohool , and an offer has beoi
made to secure the Lindsay building
on North Main street , for the use of tin
'smaller scholars. The board meets thi
ovcnlns to appoint janitors for the on
euing year and to pass upon the actloi
of the teachers' committee in assignim
the tcacjiorb of the various schools fo
the next ycor.
jlttlo Attention IB Prtld to Its Own
IJi-IlK Solitude nt Mnnawn
How Ho Lost UN I'oiitliar
Docket and ( iraiul Jury
Not ( o uo Admired.
The city council should take steps
mmediately for the enforcement of the
mlinanco relating to dirt wagons. The
mlinance was passed s-omo time ago ,
jut is a dead letter so far as any benellt
'com it is loncerned. Tlio wagons daily
leposlt their usual amount of dirt on
Lho paved streets , and the street com
missioner is compelled to keep a force
busy cleaning up after them at a con-
itunt expense to taxpayers. Some of
Lho paved streets receive the greater
purl of their deposit from the dirt
WHshed down from tlio blurts by heavy
rains , but this is the ease only in a few
Instances. Streets that are nottifoctcd in
this way in the slightest degivo become
coated with mud to the depth of two
inches , which is the direct result of the
negligence of the city olllcials to enforce
the ordinance above referred to. This
is not the only particular in which the
otllcials exhibit indilVercnce. Yester
day afternoon a wagon loaded with corn
hus-ks from the canning factory , jjiled
high above the wagon box , was driven
along Main street and Broadway , a
quantity of the husks shaking out upon
the paving at every stop , but no ono in
terfered , although there was any
amount of kicking from citi/ens who
objected to having the principal streets
littered up until they closely resembled
a hog yard.
In the same way loads of ashes and
garbage are driven through the streets
and the utmost indillerenco exhibited
as to whether or not a part of it , is de
posited along tlio public thoroughfares.
A few parties ha\o been arrested , but
have pleaded ignorance of the ordinance
or that they wore "doing tlio _ same as
all the rest"and have been discharged.
What is needed is a strict enforcement
of the ordinance and a severe penally
for its infringement. A few good les
sons would prove very bonelieial , and it
would require but a bhort time to con
vince the careless npartics that the
council means what it says.
It is ono of the rights of
the taxpayers that tlio council
shall not needlessly inflict the extra ex
pense upon them. The streets were
paved to got rid of the mud , and not to
alTord a foundation upon which to deposit -
posit a lot of tilth and crude malaria.
If the council proposes to allow the mat
ter to continue as it is , it is folly to
think of doing any additional paving ,
as a very fair grade and depth of mud
can bo secured on the unpaved streets
for considerable less than $1.6U per
square foot. There nro now sevc-ral
miles of first-class paving in the city ,
and it certainly seems as if the council
could keep it clean at a less expense
than they now have. Prevention is
bettor than euro the lobs there is deposited -
posited , the less there is to be carried
E. II. Sheafo loans money on chattel
becurity of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
conlldontal. Otlico oOO Broadway , cor
ner Main street , up-stairs.
A. A. Clark & Co. negotiate loans on
farm and city property.
Travelers ! Stop at the Bechtolo.
Not the Grent Unwashed.
The sewer system of the city and its
condition has lately boon made the sub
ject of some newspaper comment and
criticism. The statement made that
insulllciont attention is paid to this
matter by the proper authorities , that
the sewers are clogged up and in a foul
condition , is disputed by the city en
gineer. That ollicial says that during the
heated term and until this date special
attention has been paid to this mattet
and all the main sewers have been kopl
as clean as it is possible to do. Some
complaint was recently made of both
the Fifth avenue and Ninth avenue
mains and they were given prompt at
tention. As to the other mains there
lias been no complaint.
Said the city engineer : "These state
ments are ill-advised and harmful in
the extreme , for a wrong impression
has gene out among the people whieli
materially interferes with the work we
have yet on hand to do. Of course I am
\\illiug to bo criticised for any failures
"n my oilice work , but a paper should 'yt '
careful and state only fautb't then tic
larm can result. "
Buy mantels , grates and hearth fur-
nibhings of the Now York plumbing Co.
E. II. Sheafo & Co. . make long 01
short lime loans on real estate , in sums
to suit , at lowest rate of interest. Olllci
Broadway and Main street , upstairs.
J. G. Tipton has bargains in real estate
Pacific flouso is open to the traveling :
public , notwithstanding to Ihc contrary
Charming Cupid.
There was a happy galhoring o
friends yesterday afternoon at the real
donee of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wallace
to witness the marriage of their daughter
tor , Miss Mabel Wallace , lo Mr. Jame
II. Wyman , of Dos Moincs. The room ;
were elaborately and tastefully deco
rated , and especially the parlor in whicl
the ceremony was performed. Th <
arcbcb beneath which the weddiiif
party was to stand wore wreathed ii
green and brightened byllowors , amoni
the designs being a largo horse shoo
Long white satin ribbons served a
guides , reserving the center of tlv
room for the bridal party , and making ;
clear passage way from the foot of tin
massive stairway. The guests boini
given their places , at the arrival of the
appointed hour , 3 : 0 , tlio music started
Prof. Lipfort at the piano rondorct
MondelbFohn's Hochzoit March , and th
bridal party descended the stnirwa
and onlored the parlor. The bride wa
leaning upon the arm of her father , an
the groom and Mrs. Wallace followoil
As they took their places , the Rov. Mi
Crofts , puitor of the Congregation ! !
church , began the service , which wn
in strict following of the Episcopal r\\ \ \
ual. The bride was dressed in pur
white , with veil , and her only jowolr ,
was a beautiful diamond brooch. Sh
carried a largo boquot , and her costum
was very rich , yet apparently simple
The service was followed by the usun
opportunity for the expression of cor
gratulations and well wishes.
The repast which followed was vor ;
nicely served. The dining room wr
temptingly adorned , there being in th
center a largo mound of all fruits , wit
boquots at tlio corners of the tabli
The bride and groom occupied a tab'
in the doorway , Hum honoring the
guests in both rooms.
There was a very largo number of re
membrances' in the wnv of gifts , varied
and elegant , novel und useful.
Artists prolor the Hallett ft Davis
piano , at C. B. Music Co. , 224 Broadway.
Full line of shoot music at Council
Bluffs Music Co. , 221 Broadway.
Snlltmlc nt Mnnnwa.
There is a great contrupt between
Manawa in the afternoon and evening
and in the forenoon. To see three or
four thousand jolly folks gathered there
on a gala evening , ono can hardly im
agine how dreary and lonesome the
scone is the next morning. Yesterday
forenoon n Bci : Investigator took a run
down to the lake. There were but two
passengers on the motor. On arriving
at the hotel there was a funeral luibli
everywhere about the house , drawn
curtains and deserted pi ax/us. Of all
the steamboats on tlio lake but ono was
bteamed up , and this made thu trip
across to the beach , carrying the two
lonesome tourists. But ono rowboat
was on tlio lake , and that \\as out sim
ply as an experiment. The navi
gators had fixed up a stern wheel and
borne sort of n device for hand propell
ing with a crank attachment. All else
was as lifeless as a painted ship upon a
painted ocean. At the beach there was
a little scrubbing of bath housed and
wringing of bathing suits preparatory
to the evening rush. The ice cream
booths were closed , the shooting gal
lery deserted and everything as dead as
the sand on tlio beach. Ono solitary
youngster had perched himself on the
end of the spring board and \\as drowsily
sily waiting for some sucker to nibble
his bait. It's a dreary ort of a place
when the crowd is scattered anil the
lake is left alone.
If you have property for sale at a bar
gain list it with us and wo will ntlvor-
tiso it free of charge. A. A. Clark &
Co. , corner Broadway and Main , over
American express.
For bargains in real estate boo E. H.
Sheafo & Co. , Broadway and Main
street , upstairs.
A. A. Clark & Co. , real estate brok
ers' , have a list of choice inside property
on their books. Nothing but bargains
How lie ljo .t Ilia Foot.
Henry Rohlings , the boy who lost a
foot in the "Q" yards Tuesday afternoon ,
is getting along as nicely as could bo ex
pected. His version of the affair is that
ho was on duty at the time , nna was
walking down the track to deliver a
message. Ho was between the trncke ,
and saw an engine and three cars com
ing toward him. Ho stopped ever to
the other track , and was walking back
ward watching the cars that hud passed ,
when his heel became caught in the
"frog , " and ho was hold there fast. A
switchman came to his rescue , but was
unable to release him , and pulled his
body outside the rails , so that ho might
escape with the loss of a foot. The
wheels passed ever the foot from the
point of the heel to the instep , tearing
the llosh up to the ankle. The injured
member was amputated by Drs. Lacey
and Green , at a point a fo winches above
the anklo. The boy stood the opera
tion splendidly , and will probably re
cover. Comparatively little blood was
lost during tlio operation , and the pa
tient was yestordav quite strong. Ilit
injury will keep him in the house foi
several weeks to come.
Of Council UlulTs Lots nt Aucil. n.
I will offer for sale and sell without
reserve to the highest bidder one-hall
of all the lots in Cochran's addition tc
Council Bluffs.
Ono lot of every other pair through
out the whole addition will be bold with
the privilege to the purchaser of the re
maining lot at the same price. The
ground on which the addition is laid is
known as the old fair ground forty ,
north of the Union Pacific depot , and
south of Broadway. The number ol
lots are 1GO , or four to the acre.
Ton per cent of the purchase mono.y
cash in hand. The balance in nine
equal annual payments to bo evidenced
by notes bearing interest at 6 per cent
per annum , secured by mortgage. The
pro.ort.y ] purchasers will got warrantee
deeds , title perfect.
I will also sell on the same terms and
at the same sale 100 lots in Central sub
division and Street's addi
tion on grounds joining on the
north. Some of these lots are situated
on Broadway.
DAY or SAW2 sr.rTKMiinti 12.
The place of sale will bo On the
grounds on Wednesday , the 12th o
September , 1888 , and continue from daj
to day till all is bold.
The lots and blocks will bo numborci
on stakes and maps furnished biddcri
on day of sale. Other particulars 01
day of salo. A. COUUUAN.
t'ropnrinjj for Trouble.
The bar docket for the August ti/nn o
the district court , which convenes nox
Tuesday , has been issued , and is one o
the largest for years. It contains 41 !
cases , and trial notices have been borvei
in ninety law and sixty-thrco cquit ;
causes of this number. There are als
tliirty-thrco criminal causes , mostl ;
liquor and gambling cases. Judge C. I1'
Loofbourow will bo upon the bench
Following are the names of the gram
jury : A. T. Whittleboy , Kane ; .7. II. C
Stuhi1 , Pleasant ; Thomas Leonard
IIa/.el Dell ; S. Dye , Macedonia ; N
Kiorch , Koir Crook ; II. Ilaywood , Garner
nor ; O. II. Dutrow , Crescent ; A. Hat
ris , Knox ; A. J. Taylor , Washington
S. V. Pratt , Norwalk , and James Rain
bow , Silver Creek.
Money loaned on furniture , piano'
diamonds , horses , buggies or anythini
of vnluo , at low rate of interest. N
publicity ; fair and honorable dealing
A. A. Clark & Co. , ollico cor. Broad wa ,
and Main , ever American Express.
A list of filty vacant dwollini. '
for rent can bo obtained at ollico of E
II. Sheafo & Co. , corner Broadway am
Main streets , up stairs.
ROUK > I on lints.
Four vags appeared in tlio police cout
yesterday morning , and were bout eve
the same road as others of their clasi
who have business with Judge Aylei
worth in his ollicial capacity. They wi
pose on the streets for the next te
days , as objects of public property.
Pat Murphy was relieved of 88.10 1
satisfy the claims of justice.Villlai
Smith , R. O. Boyco , Arthur Wisnoi
Bert Sorensen and Charles
figured in the role of "bleeds. " The
became very noisy on Upper Broadwni
and were run in for disturbing til
peaco. Their cases were continued.
Drink Malto for the nerves.
Patrons of the Pacific House ha\
none hut words of praise for the nttoi
tion given them.
f ' - " t - n r i
A Itousof I''or MntinMw.
The Count 11 BjulTs Houtng ii
tion Is making un effort to hold a grant
regatta at Lake Manawil about Septom
bar 0hl which hit the amateur rhftln
plon scullers and oarsmen of the Unltet
States and Canada will bo here , and i
Biiltlcient inducement is offered the ;
\\ill htop over and row for gold medals
They are on their way to Salt Lak <
City , Utah , to attend a regatta gottei
up by the rallrond companies to ndvor
tlce Salt Lake , ami only champion ere wi
and scullers were invited to attend.
The following entries can bo secured
for Council Hluflo :
Uoubto sculls Horf & Weinnnd , twict
champions of the world ; Muchmore <
King , of Minnoanolis : Kllby & Sehneck
of Ottumwa and Council Blufis.
Single pculls J. F. Corbet , champion
of the world ; J. E. Muchuioro , of Mlnno
apolls , and E. L. Kllby , champion o
Pair oared shells Gnstriek and Mai-
com , twice champions of the \\orld ; LiV'
ingston and Male , of the Sylvttns , ami
Council Binds.
Four-oared shells SylvaiiH.of Mollno ,
who have never been beaten ; Lurlines ,
of Minneapolis ; O-wash-tn-nongs , ol
Grand Rupids ; Fnrrnguls , of Chicago
and Council Blulls.
For fast and exciting races this re
gatta will bo equaled by rene ever hold
in the United States , and Council Blullsi
is very fortunate to have auopnortunity
to bid for it.
A nocting was hold last evening at
the olllce of Dr. Suybert to consider thu
matter , but owing to the small attend
ance it was postponed until to-morrow
evening , when everybody interested in
the matter is requested to meet at the
board of trade rooms at 8 o'clock.
Such a regatta us that proposed would
advertise Manawa and Council Blulls
very extensively , and the opportunity
should not bo allowed to pass. It would
bring thousands.of people to the city
from surrounding towns. The associa
tions will pass through this eityon tlieii
way westward next Sunday morning ,
and it is designed to hold the regatta
on their return. Tlio necessary purses
and medals for a two davs' regatta
would cost about $ )00 , and tlio citizen.
will bo called upon to subscribe thai
amount. Those interested 'at Manawa
can well afford to give the greater purl
of the amount , as iwouU
immediately return to their pocket'
increased by 100 per cent at least. Sucl
races woulil increase the business o
the motor line at least 8-500 a day , ii
fact it would bo unable to furnish trans
pprtation to all who would desire t <
visit the lake. Other interests wouli
bo bcnelittod in proportion. It certainly
tainly seems as if there would bo IK
dilllculty whatever in securing the desired
sired amount , and it is hoped that in
toroj-ted parties will not fail to hi
present at the meeting to-morrov
Baird has the most complete line o
fruits in the city1 , fresh and cheap. Soli
by the do/.on or box.
Missouri peaches by the basket vor ;
cheap at Parks & Sons' this morning
Call early. _
Full line of shbot music at Counc
Bluffs Music Co. , 224 Broadway.
Stop at the Pacific House. The mos
centrally located hotel in the city.
The New Pirst Header.
Detroit Free Press : Lesson I. "Lc
us go upon the street ear and take
long ride. Do you , see with what swift
ness they movoV"
"I do. Tlio motion almost takes in ,
Urcatli away. "
"You must hang on to your hat or yo
will lose it. Do you see the lady wit ]
pink strings on her bonnetV"
"Yes , I sec her. She is very pale am
nervous. Is she afraid that the car wil
run off the track ? "
"Not exactly. She is worried abou
the conductor. "
"Is bo not a good man ? "
"Ho is a noble follow , with n wife am
ton children to support ; but she i
afraid of his eyesight. Do you see tha
coin in her lingers':1" :
"Yes. It is a silver quarter. "
"No , my son ; it is a lead quarter on
she has been trying to got rid for ;
month. Now ho comes along and bh
hands it out and smiles and sweetly exclaims
'Tickets ! ' "
claims : , please
"And the conductor ? "
"Ho smiles sweetly but sadly. "
"And "
"And returns it with the remark tlia
she ought to have worked it off on cir
cus days. "
"And is she sorrowful ? "
"Oh , no. She is mad as a wet hen
and she takes the number of the ca
and will try to have the conducto
bounced foi1 incivility to passengers. "
Lesson II. "It is night , but if yo
liavo sharp eyes you can BOO a man ii
iho shadow of the trees across th
way. "
"Yes , I see him. lie soomb to bo spj
ing on the house. "
"So ho is. Some folks might jump t
the conclusion that ho is a burglar , bu
he is not. Ho is , on the contrary , on- -
of our most estimable citizens , and live
in that very house. "
"Why doe.s ho act so qucorly ? "
"They all do when out till this hit
hour , lie is talcing time to decide. "
"Must he decide something ? "
"Ho Ho must decide whothc
to walk in openly and boldly tell hi
wife that ho was detained at the olfic
on important business , or sneak in an
hope to find her asleep , and then vo
next morning that it was only 1
o'clock. "
"But wasn't ho detained at th
office ? "
"Oh , yes , but it's an old chestnut , yo
know. "
"Perhaps she is1 asleep. "
"Perhaps she isn't. That's her at tli
upper window , and she is watehin
him. Poor man ! How sad his lot ! Bi
such is life in a great city. "
Po-/.7.oni's Complexion Powder pri
ducos a soft and boitutiful skin ; it con
bines every clement of beauty and pui
ity' ' . - ,
"Watermelon .1 nice for thoComploxloi
St. Louis GlobQ-Domocrnt : Miss Carri
Townsend , South St. Louis , tolls tl :
following : "I Always have a fooling i
pity for girls who have llorid or sallo
complexions , or whoso faces are bespa
tercel with freckles , looking as if ihc
had been about when a bran bin hn
exploded. I feel sorry for thorn , m
because of any hai'm that the frockli
do , for really I think them nice , as the
are evidence of a pure , light an
healthy complexion , but because the r <
moval of them or the snllowncss is t
easy if they only knew how. I ace
dentally discovered a sovereign reined
a couple of years ago , which cost no :
to nothing.
"Ono day the plumber shut our wat <
off and I 'could got none in which '
wash my face. I was fearfully faoilei
and looking out of the window Just the
I say a friend approaching to call c
mo. Glancing about mo I noticed hn
of a watermelon from which the me
had been removed seine time before ,
was partly filled with juice and I habti
washed my face in it. The result was
soothing that I repeatedly washed n
face in that manner. Judge of my o
tonishmont , a few davs later , on seoii
that there was not a freckle left on n
- /J * _ -
NOKTII PLATTK , Nob. , August 22.To Council Blulta Carpet Co. Gentlemen : I have
just completed a two-story , nine room house. I want carpets as follows : 40 yards Mo-
quette , 50 yards HniBdels , 75 yards Ingrain , 35 yards Velvet. Also curtains as follows :
35 shades , 8 pairs Brussels lace curtains , 3 pairs Swiss lace curtains , 5 pairs Irish Point ,
2 pairs Turcoman Portieres , 1 pair Plush Portieres , with curtain loops , poles and all
necessary fixtures. Please send samples and prices.
Please reply by return mail. U. T. N.
aco. A number of my girl friends then
.ried it , and the result wnsagrcut benu-
ifying of countenances. No matter
vhat is wrong with the face , the juice
of the watermelon will rectify it and
u'oduco a clear pkin. "
O. Ij. S. C.
CiuurAiQtu , N. Y , August 'JJ. The sov-
nth anninil comtacncemtMit of ttio Chautnu-
un Literary und Sciontillo citrlo was hold
o-day , with i"OJ members of thu cluss of
CJl'lTIAIj nilvprtlspmi'iitSMirhat Io t , round ,
-j Tolo.uiror Snlp.'i'o Hunt\\unts. Itourdlnjr ,
itc , will l > Insi-rU'd in thin loliimn nt the low
aluofTI NTNTS IM'.K 1,1-NI , for tltn tlrst in-
: ertlcm unil I'vu Cents Per Ilnu for uucn HUbse-
iiii-nt insertion I.L'avo mlvurtlsumpiits til our
illlee. No. 12 1'eurl Street , near HrouQ\say ,
Council 11 111 Hi , Icmn.
for ront. Johnston .V Vnn Patten ,
TJVJH HKN'I' 1'otlr rooms for housfkecplnu ;
Jc nNo suite ot three , and two ulnnle rooms ,
O furnlthed room" . No. 15 North Mnln st.
S A t.K Harbor slioj ) and llxtnrcs nt 1W
FOIt , Council HlutTH ; need trudo ; unt-
: fnctory reasons for selling ! bargftlu for the
right man.
WANTKD A peed responsible pnity to take
charge of mid furnish n new three-story
l > rick hotel located la Hurvitrd , Neb. W. J.
i'urner , tieaturer.
F OUND-Atlno water spaniel. Call nt 1101
Seventh aoutie. .
A W-acre small fruit farm very cheap. Just
-cX outMldo city limits , or will divide into ! 0
aero tincts to suit purchaser. H T llrjnnt & Co
ANTIJD A Kood lrl for Kcneral house
work. No. KS ) Sixth ineinit ; .
LOST Or stolen A 12-year-old Krny inure.
Howard for leturu to Axel Oleson , 7-0
Washington nenuo. .
TT1OK SAI.i : The best small fruit und veReta-
J bio larm in Pottawattamio county , two
miles from Council lilulls postolllce , nt a price
that will sell it , on remarkably ea y terms.
Title perfect and property in yooil condition.
Possession given nt any time. Good rnason for
selling. It. T. llryant & Co. , OJ3 Hroadway ,
Council llluffs , la.
) Stocks of merchandise to ex
change for city propei tj' in Council HlulTH ,
Omaha , or westein laud or chattels of miy kind.
Wo make exchanging n specialty. K. T. llryunt
& Co. , ( SiS Hrondwny.
Stocks ot merchandise. Have
WANTKU and Council lllutrs city property ,
also w estern land to exchange for Koodi. Call
on or address .lohiiaoii Ac Christliiu , Koorn 33 ,
Chamber of Commerce. Omaha.
In accordance with numerous requests has de
cided to teach Taxidermy iu all its branches.
Mounting ulrdi , $ .V ) ; with mammals and other
Intricacies , $ luO. Would also like to receive
aiders lor laiKO or small case1 * . Order now to
K 't fall specimens. No. CIO Main St. , Council
M. B. SNYDER , A. M. . M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Disoiiflcsof Women und Children ,
SOT Hroatwur. Council Ululls.
WOHroadway Council IIluffs , Iowa. Estaulbhod
D. H. McDANELD & CO. ,
Hides. Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
tSO and R. Main StreetCouncil Illuffs.Iowa ,
PIUCE $15.
Is equal to
any High
Tlio Kdlson > llnicourali | , the best appumtus for
innnlfolillDKi autliOBmiihlo ana trpowrller wor * .
3OU ) copies ran to taken.
The Esiohlor Co. , Council Bluffs , la.
m. MCIS mm
Conducted by the Sisters of Charity ,
An excellent eclucatlonnl Institution. fmnhU-
cd with nil modern linprovcroonta for boiudlus
and day Bchool. The academic year consists of
two sessions , beginning on the llr t Monday In
September and February , respectfully.
Terms-Hoard and tuition pur session , S75.
For further particulars address Slsier Superior.
- Council Uluits , 1 .
Bt. I'-rsncls Academy ,
tinr- " >
From 15 to 25 Per Cent.
Nos. II & 13 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
DR. C. B. J U D D ,
No. 6O6 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
WANTED Good Salesmen on large commission or salary.
WAM'HO LOCAL , AXD TltAViil\ : < ; : : \TS OX
Smith's Bakery.
"Wholesale Bread & Cakes.
CO- ,
Especially Adapted fofl
25 TO 300
Mills and Elevators ,
Speclllcatloni and chtlmatos fiiniishud for complete steam plants. HcKuIutlon. Durability Guatv.
oiiU'cd , Can show lulurs liom iihorshere fuel Kronomy Is equal with Corliss Nou-C'ondunsini ; .
Send tor Catalogue E. C. HARRIS , Manager.
To eloso out the roiiiniiiing lots in Squiro'a addition to Council BlufTa , I
will soil' the lincst locult'il lots in the city for $50 cash payment , and longtime ,
homoa , and 1 will make lib-
, who dcsiro to fcocuro
time on bulniii'o to i > on = ons
oval lo'ins to these who desire aid in building houbca. Call ( it once mid. sen
mo at MRMHile Temple , Council lllulTb , Iowa.
C. J. COLBY , Sole Agent.