Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 23, 1888, Page 5, Image 5

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A Mother Potltlons for the Custody
of Her Olilld ,
Biijiilcinonnl | ( Ijlst of DflcijfUOH to tin ;
lfcp Witter Convention to
Jlc Jli'ltl nt Denver
LIKCOI.N IJniiuu OF Tun OMAHA nen , 1I 1
Ntt'J 1 SriuiT : : , I
LINCOLN , AiiKUnt3 . )
The following netltlon for writ of habeas
corpus was filed In thu county court tills
morning :
Your petitioner , Ktnrnii Sexton , icsppct-
ftllly if iirosiints to tins lionorubln court , unil
to Hon.V. . 10. Stt-'wnrt , juiljrc tin rrof :
1. Tlmt fiho is thu tiiolhcr of Dii'k Sexton ,
ninlnorof UioiiKoof three yenM , ntul that
who In entitled to the care , custody mid con
trol and education of mild Infant md : minor
2. That said minor and Infant child Is un
lawfully deprived of his liberty by William
Koxton , .lohn Livingston and Alexander Sexton -
ton , and ho haa liuon by said persons unlaw
fully and wrongfully tiikcn from his mother ,
your pptltioner.
Volir petitioner thrroforo prays that a writ
of habeas corpus may bo Issued out of this
honorable court , unil that Huid Dick Sexton
may be ( iinclmi-Kcd from said unlawful im
prisonment , and that he may bo restored to
your petit loner.
The writ was issued and the case will bo
tried as noon us a return can lit ) hud ,
The ainokn 1ms about cleared uway from
the contest over delegates to the eonfjres-
nlotiul convention with the outlook favorable
to Mr. Council. Ho will KO Into the conven
tion with n positive ) strength and iv force of
instructed doleKUtcs equal to the combined
force of hiH competitors , The Indications
now are ho will 1x3 nominated on the first
ballot. Without including Lancaster county ,
instructed for K. E. Hrown ; ( Jii'e ( county ,
Instructed for Ucneiiil Colby , or Richardson
county , Instructed for .tuiliru Kcavos , he will
receive on the llrst ballotnt ninety
votes , or eight moru than will bo required to
nominate. Should Lancaster county or
Oa o county drop their homo candidate the
veto for Mr. Conuell will bo largely in-
created , as many of the delegates from those
counties look upon him personally us their
eccond choice.
i .i.iruTKs rou i > ix\r.n.
The following is a supplemental list of
delegates appointed by Governor Thaycr to
the deep water convention to bo held nt Uon-
ver , Col. , on the itoth of August , 1SS3 : Frank
Sharp , -At'iinson , Holt county ; 1. 11. Alter ,
Grand Island ; 1'uul Schminko , Nebraska
City ; M. I. . . Hajwood , Nebmska City ;
Church Howe , Albion ; T. . I. Majors , Peru ;
.1. M. Leo , Oxford ; .1. W. Dolan , Indlanoln ;
Lornn Clnrk , Albion ; A.H.Connor , Kearney -
noy ; E. M. Coffin , Ord ; Henry C. Andrews ,
Ord ; George 1) . Moiklejohn , Fullerton ; II.
C. Cornell , Valentino ; G. W. Wilkinson ,
.Dakota City : .J. W. Dawcs , Crete ; M. A.
Dougherty , Crete ; A. 13. Slater , Wayne ;
Ezra Hrown , Harvard ; Vf. 11. C. Hico ,
Central City ; C ! . M. Lamburtson , Lincoln ;
K. P. Davidson. TecuniReh ; Ira Hrashcars ,
Sidney ; Harrison Hontwick , Hastingw ; C.
Uurch , Wyiuoro ; C. W. McNamara , Plum
General Vim AV'yck pasnod through the
city this morning on route homo from Carlton -
ton , where he addressed an old settlors' re
union yesterday.
C. E. Verity , of Sioux county , n former
north Nebraska newspaper man , represents
his county in the state convention. Ho is
for Lccso und all other candidates for the
The fanners of Wayne county tiled a peti
tion against the rescinding of freight rates
to-day. It was signed by thirty members of
the alianco and othur good citizens.
Henry Veith vs .lames McMurtry ot nl was
Joined in the supreme court this uiorn-
ang , on an appeal from the Lancaster district
and Vitality
Arc quickly given to every pnrt ot the
body by Hood's Snraitpimlla. Thi
tired feeling is entirely overcome. The
blood in purificclonrieliod and vitalized
und carries hunlth instcud of disease tc
every organ. The stomach is toned anil
strengthened , the appetite restored
The kidneys and liver are roused am'
invigorated. The brain is refreshed
the niiud made clear and ready for
work. Trv it.
Au Old-Time Steercr Discourses Upoi
* a Iloviving Art.
Saratogo Special to Philndolplii
Times : It has recently boon said tha
"bunko" is ono of tlio lost arts , bu
among the swells ol this cool and delightful
lightful resort is nu ox-bunko king wli
has acquired wealth , and under his nov
name is a successful broker in Wai
Btrect. Ho is tall and graceful in car
riugo , and keeps the linost tournou
that dashes pant the Grand Union hotu.1
Not one in a thousand knows that it is
not ton years since ho sola a ' 'gold
brick" to John \V. Garrett , the woll-ro-
luomborod president of the Baltimore &
Ohio railroad , for $10,000 , and eot away
with the money , The railroad presi
dent's "brick" was found to contain
gold to thu amount of 81 in the left-hand
corner thereof. Garrett never told the
Btory , but it leaked out through the
"chevalier , " who now occupies 0110 of
the best rooms at the United States
hotel , and whoso chock would bo good
in Saratoga for $100,000. ,
Engaging this man in conversation ,
I asked htm what wore the requisites
for a successful bunco operation. Ho re
plied :
"Three things are absolutely need
ful :
" 1. The bunco man imibt bo dressed
in the height of fashion.
" : i Ho must have unbounded faith in
the credulity and gullibility of man
" ! 1. Tie must bo of gontcol address
and ho must have subllmo audacity. "
"Tho rest is easy. I remember that
'Hungry Joe , ' who was finally 'sent up'
by Inspector Williams , of Now York ,
used to boast that lie sold a 'gold bride'
to ex-Senator Gordon , of Georgia , and
it is really astonishing the number of
victims a woll-drossed sharper can cor
ral onto in a your. "
TALKS or mrxco 31 KN.
A Philadelphia , gentleman , who sat
on the plami of the hotel , spoke up and'
eaid : "lean believe , sir , all you bay ,
for McColgan , who to long kept a pool
room iu Philadelphia , was bounced out
of & ? ,000 by a young man who met him
in Cincinnati , and played no newer
racket than the old ouo of being Mr.
Droxol's nephew. "
My handsome acquaintance , who
varied the monotony of his story by ti
visit to the long bar room ) where the
Roodcror was always cold , remarked
that ho "didn't think there was a 'pro
fessional' who would stoop to So small
an act as to boat McColgan out of $3,000
for a professional bunkoor always struck
for higher game. " Ho described with
minuteness the success whiah attended
a celebrated crook who called himself
Cyrus. W. Maltaland , or Henry Wost-
brook. Putting his foot on the plnzzu ,
and with n fiOc Flora dl Cuba between
his lips , ho told the story in those
words :
"Cyrus Maltaland wns the discarded
son of a great English manufacturer ,
who has twice boon n Member of Par
liament , and who supplied his eon's lux
urious tastes aslougos that was possible ,
Cyrus was born with , elegant deslros ,
which nothing less than Hothchild'f
wealth would gratify. Crookedness ol
lha crookodcst kind caused Cyrus to
seek American shores.
"His first field of operations was
Capo May , whpro lie got away with a
MU < )0 ) chock from a rich nuUitnoraan ,
who was so ashamed of being duped by
ono of his own , proti-ndcd , to\s'nsmen
that ho took care never to toll the talc
himself , But the Jersey authorities
did not take kindly to Maitahuul , or to
Ills heathen chinco games. T'lo ' police
force could not bo induced to 'stand in
with him , ' as the saying goes , and
ho was glad to got away from the
"Maitalund's favorite alias was Henry
Wustbrook. Ono cool morning in early
July the register of the Choptank house
bore on its pages in a bold , clear com
mercial hand the iiamo of 'Henry
Westbrook. ' lie brought loiters they
were in a good biiuinoss hand , for ho
hud written them him-olf from bomo
the loading people of Haltimoro. lie
hud the llticst drug , pulled at a " : 10 gait
on Atlantic avouue by the finest chest
nut coil in nil Atlantic county. For a
month Westbrook devoted himself to
the social graces only , and happy the
'Choptank' maiden that hud the after
noon 'call' for a drive behind the high-
stepping chestnut.
"Ill August wealth and fashion had
poured into the big city by the sou.
Tills was We&tbrook's time. Ho rode
less in the afternoon , saying ho was en
gaged in * hanging some valuable pic
tures liis unolo hud sent him from
Paris. ' His llrst victim was a Baptist
deacon , who was accosted by name , the
hotel register of the Mansion disclo-iing
ills identity. Ho examined Wostbrook's
'pictures' 'to his borrow , and Deacon
Rogers' llrht hour with Ills swell friend
cost him &J.OOO in cash and $1,000 in
checks , all of which ho paid rather than
bo brought out as a 'squealer' ' in the
public prints.
"Still Westbrook continued the idol
of tho'Choptank' maids and dowagcr.s ,
and a rich ironmonger fell into his not
and left behind $1,000 in cash and his
check for $5,000. The iron man lirst
took a hand at the game , at which the
greenhorn is allowed to win , with 'a
dead sure thing' that the next lime ho
puts up cash or check ho is sure to lose ,
A not infrequent trick of Westbrook 'a
was to profess to tear up n largo check
and accept a small ono , which always
ended in Mr. Bunko Man's keeping
both checks , which sooner or later
turned up against the victim's bank ac
count unless the user stopped the
"The iron man did not worry over his
81,000i0b3 , but the $ .5,000 check struck
him hard , and ho telegraphed his bank
in Philadelphia , one of the strongest
financial iiintitutlons in Iho city , to stop
payment. This brought the iron mon
arch's name into the papers , and \Vest-
brook , on Iho arrival of the 10 n. m.
train at Atlantic Oily , was named as the
somewhat celebrated bunko sharp of
Baltimore and Now York. The 'Chop-
tank' maidens straightway cuthitu dead ,
and the brightest of the fair bevy ol
beauty took an immediate train to Bal
"But bold as Numidian lion and
strange to say , entirely fearless of UK
city authorities. Wcbthropk determiner
to make a bold dash for big game before
the city by the sea got too hot to hold
him. At Iho bathing hour the quiet
but well dressed gentleman from Balti
more addressed Treasurer Homer , of
the P. , B. & W. railroad , saying ho was
an old friend of his sons. The treas
urer , a grand old man of bcvonty sum
mers , was delighted with the frankness
of his new made friend , and willingly
ccompnnjcd him to his picture gallery
n Atlantic avenue.
"By faomo subtle alchemy which the
oung exorcise over the old , the treas-
ror tried his luck , and wont out of the
picture' gallery leaving $200 cash in
Vestbrook's pocket and a check for
7M)0. ( )
"Tho treasurer's son got 'wind of it ,
topped the check , and after a lively
awsuit , in which Lawyer Page and
Thomas H. Diehl defended againbt the
heck , the bunko man gave up the light
uid gave up the check.
"Muituland drifted , like so many of
lis class to Now York , and falling into
bad streak of lucU , was found ono
norning at the Grand Central hotel
.vith the gas turned on and life's fitful
fever was o'er. "
The grand flourish of trumpets often
heralds the advent of an article which
'ails , when tried , to justify the noise
made in its behalf. The unassuming
merits of Van Duzor's Flavoring Ex
tracts , derived frojn choice fruits , of
standard purity , and elected over a
quarter of a century ago to the chief
iluco among flavors , are too well known
o need inoro than a general reminder.
Cheap competition of valueless articles
'loighton the popularity of those. All
? rocore.
Mr. CnnipbeU'H Air Ship America
Nearly Heady to Show AVIiat It Can Do.
Now York Sun : "I don't propose to
ross the Atlantic , or go to the North
Polo , or to conquer any cyclonisor ride
any blizzards. What I do intend is
simply to sail easily and gracefully , not
too high , but just high enough in the
upper air , in calm weather , from 0110
city to another , and that much I cer
tainly will do , probably within a
month. "
So says Peter C. Campbell , the in
ventor of an air ship now Hearing com
pletion. The ovoid form above the ear
is a balloon of silk forty-two foot long
and twenty-four feet in its greatest di
ameter , with a capacity of lb,000 cubic
foot , and will bo charged with hydro
gen gas. Connecting the balloon with
Iho arrow-like rod beneath is a keel of
the sumo material as that composing
the body of the balloon. Suspended
below that polo is a boat-shaped car ,
containing the machinery for propul
sion and direction , with a contra ! well-
like baskqt for passengers. This car is
thirty-six feet long and bovon foot wide
in the middle , with a depth of four
foot in the basket. The basket is
made of wicker work , with a bottom
tom of red cedar , very light , but
strong. ' The rest of the car is con
structed almost wholly of rattan , spruce
and silk. To avoid unnecessary weight ,
the putting together of its parts has
been done with boat builders' glue and
waxed linen thread , instead of nulls or
screws. On the sides are wings seven
teen feet long and seven feet in extreme -
tremo width , made of silk stretched to
rattan frames , which it is not intended
shall bo Happed , but sot at suoh var
iable untries as may bo required by the
direction of the wind , to give an otlcol
similar to that produced by the out
spread wings of faoma great birds , like
the albatross , that seem to Ily without
motion. Tills olTect will bo further en
hanced by two great pairs of wings , fore
and aft 'of the basket , that may bu
closed , opened and bet at will , as requis
ite to aid in elevating , depressing or
directing the structure.
It is not purposed by Mr. Campbell
that the balloon shall have vary much
moro lifting capacity than sulllciont to
neutralize the weight of the machine
its occupants and the necessary ballast
To ascend , it will bo necessary to em
ploy the force of a propeller whoo
eight feet in diamdtor , tha
lies horizontally boncath the has
kot. Professor Ritchel demonstrate !
that a iilMuch wheel BO employed
novlng with great velocity , would over
come a dead Height of fourli'on pounds
> ut upon an exactly ballaneed balloon.
An application of 'blcyclo treadles and
Multiplying gears rotates the propeller.
The btiniu power can also bo applied to
the rotation of another eight-foot pro
filer at the stern , or to ono or moro of
, hroo other propellers which are to steer
with. There is also a rudder made liKe
.ho wings at the bow inslcad of the
stern of the car , and worked by lines
from the banket. The roar propeller ,
instead of having blade * , will bo made
of steel rods and silk , curiously put to
gether , so that when in motion it will
throw it nlf inlo the form of a two-twin
screw. This is an invention of C'arl
Myers. Another attachment is a sort of
parachute arrangement thai , whom not
in use. lies up Hat against the swelling
sides of Ihe biiloon , but which cnu in an
instant be spread so as to moderate do-
Pcont in CU.--0 of accident.
The uciuht of the ontlro ship is only
RoD pounds , of whiih but soventy-llvo
pounds niv in the power producing ma
chinery. Keeping it down PO low permits
Iho carrying of ' ( oil lo ! > sO pounds of
passengers and ballast.
The car , with all its wings , propellers
and other attachments , except the
powrr , lias been completed , and is now
on exhibition at C'onov Island. John T.
Smith , of I-V. ) and Kit ) South street , who
built the car , is now liuiMiing the power
and its connections , which ho cx-
peels to have completed in about a
The balloon is being made by Ourl My
ers , husband of the aeronaut Carlotta ,
at Mohawk , llcrkimor county , N. Y. ,
and ho writes that it will bo finished in
two 01-at most three weeks. The bal
loon used by Carlotta is one of Mr. My
ers' mako. and is said lo be the lightest
of equal ofllcioncy in the world. It
woiglis but 55 pounds and carries up
SJI5 uoiinds easily. Carlotta has been
engaged to make the lirat trip in Mr.
Campbell's air fillip.
A stock company lias been formed to
build and exploit the Campbell airships.
This lirst ship will only have cost about
3:2,500 : , and her builders say that they
can duplicate her for ono half of that.
The president of the company is Daniel
B. Thompson and the treasurer , .lohn
'Burrill , both of Brooklyn.
Thoittmmls or Dollars
are spent every year by the people of thin
state for worthless medicines for the cure of
throat and lung diseases , when wo know that
if they would only Invest ? ! in SANTA AHII5
the new California discovery for consump
tion and kindred complaints they would In
ibis pleasant remedy find relief. It is rec
ommended by ministers , physicians and pul-
llcsponkurs of Uio Golden State. Sold and
guaranteed by Goodman Drug Co. nt 81 a
bottle. Three for f-.r.O.
The most stubborn case of catarrh will
speedily succumb to CALIFORNIA CAT-K-
Ct'UK. Six months' treatment forl. By
mull $1.10. _
Peculiar Klectricnl Phenomena.
Some very singular electrical phe
nomena , says the English Mechanic ,
wore observed on two very dry days at
a printing olllco in May once , when the
establishment seemed to bo converted
into a huge electrical battery. Electric
sparks several centimetres long could
lie drawn with the lingers from all parts
> f th'o printing machinery , iust as may
)0 done from a charged electric ma-
liine. The action of the sparks bo-
amo so pronounced that the laycrs-
011 and takors-od ( who , it bhould
) o remarked in Gorman print-
ng olllcos are mostly young
vomon ) refused to work , as burning
iparks were omitlod every time the ma-
ihines were touched with the hands.
LMip electrical phenomena wore most
striking in the machines used for litho
graphic printing. A strong1 paper made
) f cellulose was being printed at the
time , and the lakors-oll observed a
slight crackling as the sheets , when nd-
lorod pretty closely to the oil clolh cov
ering of the cylinder , wore being wilh-
irawn. Tliis crackling was finally de-
velopcd into a loud explosion , accom
panied by beautiful Hashes from ten
x > twelve centimetres ( from four
nehes to live inches ) in length.
The discharges are stated to
iiiyo been moro effective the moro
quickly the sheets loaded with eloc
-ricity wcro withdrawn. A small oircu-
.ar saw , mounted about four inches from
an iron column , discharged at intervals
of from twenty to thirty seconds , when
driven , powerful electric sparksaccom-
panicd by loud explosions , upon the col
umn. These phenomena wore observed
for hours , and continued for two days ,
when the printing ollice bocumo free
from electricity , and has remained so
since. The following explanation is
[ riven by Iron of the occurrence.
The outer walls of the building
in which the printing machinery is
placed are separated from the surround
ing soil by a thick layorof nsphaltoserv
ing to keep the moisture arising from
the soil from penetrating the walls. In
the present case the asphalto at the
same time served to isolate the electric
ity generated within. The floors of the
boyoral maohina rooms are also laid
thick in asphalto , and the machinery is
fixed direct to the llooring , so that it is
likewise perfectly isolated. There are
only a few iron columns having direct
connection with the earth. On the
morning of the day on which the start
ling phenomenon described was
llrst observed , all the machine bolts
had been greased with a mixture con
sisting of resin and linseed oil , serving
to increase the friction between the
bolts and the pulleys. As soon as the
machinery was set in motion each indi
vidual pulley was converted iulo an
oleclric machine on a largo scale , nega
tive electricity being formed on the
belt covered with rosin , and positive
electricity on the iron pulley. The
stored electricity , of course , was immo-
mcdialoly given olT whenever one of the
machines , which for the time being
were changed into accumulators or sec
ondary batteries , was "tapped. "
An Almnlitto Cure.
Is only put up in largo two ounce tin boxes ,
and Is uu absolute cure for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped hands , ami nil skin erup
tions. Will ponitlvely eaio all kinds of piles.
MENT. Sold b.v Goodman Drug Co. , at 'Jo
cents per box by mail ! JO cents.
Jolly OhiirlcH Crocker.
Sun : The lute Clmrlo.s Crocker out
side of business was as merry and full of
pranks as a boy. . At the Mary J. Mor
gan art t-alo , Mr. Crocker , jolly as llio
naughty boy of a class , sat directly in
front of the reporters , and to them ho
first whispered the pranks lie meant to
play. Each of the rich moil had homo
private sign to indicate his bids , while
the faces were impunotraVlcas n sphinx.
For the bids Mr. Crocker used to lay in
wait. By the time homo article had
mounted into good figure Mr. Crocker
had discovered who was after
It. . "Old Huntington wants that , "
ho would turn around and chuoklo
to thn newspaper people. Then ho
would begin bidding , utterly indifferent
as to figures , and ojthor carry it oil tri
umphantly or send it up into such round
figures that Mr. HuntSngton or Mr. John
L. Martin would have to pay roundly if
they wanted it. When Mr. Crocker was
not teasing Mr. Huntington and playing
the mischief .among the rich mon , ho
was casually buying in the more luxu
rious personal trillos for- ids daughter
Hattie , now Mrs. Alexander , who sat by
hit * nidi ) .
"Would you like it , dear'1" he would
say ns the bidding wns prospering for
eotiio rcspousso toilet mirror or rock
crystal jowl case.
"Why , yes , papa , if you don't mind. "
And ho would gayly KMH ! up some hun
dreds of dollars to bring down this
pretty trillo , like an ideal , indulgent
Drink Malto it is pleasant.
Itcinuins of llinldiiiifs Dltioloscd liy n
Oloiiilbui'.st ,
St. Louis Globe-Democrat ! The pro
priety of a bill introduced a day or two
ago by Chairman llolman , of the committee
mitteeon public lands , into the United
States hou--o of representatives to sot
apart a largo tract of land near C'ochito ,
on the Kio Grande , in New Mexico , us
a national reservation , on account of its
many arehu-'ologieal remains , was illus-
Iraled and confirmed bv Hon. Amanda
Chavez , ono of the leading citizens of
the territory , who lives not far from
that section of country , and who comes
occasionally to El Paso on business.
Ho discovered , a short time ago , ono
mile north of the little town of San
Mntoo. the ruins of an extensive city ,
the existence of which had never even
been suspected boforu. The action of
the winsliado covered the larger portion
of the ruins with sand and other de
tritus , and converted the whole inlo an
extensive mound , and it was only a severe
vere rainstorm and cloudburst , 'sweep
ing uway ono nnglo of this mound and
disclosing some heavy btono walls that
made this discovery possible. Mr.
Chavez has since uncovered one or two
of the ruins and obtained a number of
interesting relics. A skeleton was
found having throe strands of beads
around it.-t nock ono of lorquoiso , ono
of jet and Iho other of bono. There
wore also largo earrings of jet and tur
quoise with the skeleton , and remains of
liair , which was not black , but light
brown , besides ornamental pottery and
arrow-heads with a quantity of maize ,
partly carbonized.
Tlioskeloton , with the articles enum
erated , was found in a small chamber of
masonry built up witli very adhesive
cemenl. The excavations thus fur miulo
have discovered a largo building with
massive slono walls and a tower at oaoh
corner. It looks moro like the remains
of a citadel than an ordinary dwelling.
The masonry is of the best kind , aud
the interior 'chambers are plastered and
painted white. In the center of this
structure wius found a rooorvoir , from
which btono acqueducts led in many di
rections. A dim tradition among the
native Pueblo Indians located hero a
prehistoric city named Guato , which
was btill in existence at thu time of
Corloz's coming to America.
Stock Speculations Kuhi Her and She
IM N iv Destitute.
San Francisco Croniclo : Mrs. M. T ; .
Cody , aunt of William F. Cody ( "Buf-
'alo'Bill" ) , is living in strniloiicd cir-
jum&taucos at ( i03 Geary street. Mrs.
3ody , who was once in good circum-
ilanoes , told a Uhrouiolo reporter that
during the first rise in Sorru Nevada a
H'oniinonl manipulator of that stock
ave her an alleged pointer which she
dieted upon and which cost her $90,000.
She tried to regain her losses by a series
of in vestments in mining stock , but mot
ivith continued reverses , and last Satur
day , 87,000 , the last she. possessed , was
est in a deal.
Mrs. Cody is almost crazed by her
osses , and bus pawned all her trinkets
to purchase the necessaries of life. The
"list valuable in her possession , a gold
jard case , was pawned yesterday. She
has written and telegraphed to her
nephew for assistance , but has received
no answer. She attributes this to the
fact that there is a coolness existing be
tween thorn because she refused to recognize -
cognize his mistress , for whom ho forsook
seek his wife and children. Mrs. Cody
is anxious to return to her homo in Col
orado , where bho has friends , and could
manage to live comfortably.
Its Biipcrlnr excellence proven In millions of
homos fr.r morn limn n quarter of a century. It
is used bv I'm Tnllcd States fiovirntnont. T.n
cloriml liytlmhoadR nf tlio grout Universities a *
tlwstrongest purest nnd most healthful. Pr ,
I'rlco's Crnnm linking Powder does not contain
nmmonln. lime or nlum. Sold onlv In runs.
New Yort , Chicago , Bt.T.oulfi
Tor skin and wnlp troublee
such us Jlczemu , Tetter , King
Monn , Scaly Ilruptloin , ( Ironnd
Itch , Poison O.ik , Dandruff , Toll
Ing Hair.c. . , BKAIIIWV'H ilv
WORTH niiov tpimi AI < o vi" is Miiperloi
to nil other lorn ] r.-mcdle.s. It I *
n pnrn Medicated Soup entlrel )
THEIR tree from m Ids , nllcixlles orotlim
tnjurlotismntlcr. lleingsHec'llj
B < ent I'd 1 1 1i 1 pleasan t nnd refresh
WEIGHT ing for the toilet , Imth nnd nur
I or the general purposes of i
IN disinfectant , HKAIIIMIV'H Si i ,
runt OVNIIMX are highly esteemed
teemed by Physicians every-
GOLD where. Tliofo rnmlles nru nent
cleanly , m\lo. nnd convenient foi
disinfecting St ore ItooniH.flosetj
COIN Ollum , Sinks , Ships , Hunts , \c
InsnrnUfo Companies recom
mend them us n mite UUMUM o
cmploylug Sulphur.
Tim for uctes nnd Palus.
She Tried and Knows.
A IcadiiiR chemist of New York
B.iyB ; " Xo nlnstcre tif kiioli merit us
before been produced. " Tlmy nre
n novelty because they ore not made
simply to sell cheap , they nru the
licst thnt science , skill and money
cnu produce , nnd will do wlmt in
vlnimed for them. For tpruins ,
aches , weakness , luiuencss , etc. ,
they ure uucqualud.
4M ( Fultun fit. Rsnrlnrty.O , Nov.21 ' 87'
'llio AthU Jiorns J'lwlfr actwl like
. It lx the ! > " > I e > er trtnl and I
Euric. nwil iimny ktiuU. Our ilruKirl t
Ktld "I'lautcni aruall atmnt thn HAIIIO" hut
I don't think KO now , I rpralncd my nrm
and xhouldtr In .Inly , audit baa Iwen
I lnfnl Bluer , but It uo < net pain meat
AT * Bend C rents for the l > cantlful colored plo
ture , "iloorkliMaldin. "
North 10th Street , Hotwoon Hinncy nml Wlrl Sts. , Omnlin ,
Commencing THURSDAY EVE'NG. , AUG. 30
Invented and produced by 1'nin & Sons , of London nnd New York. Thcarle & Cooper
Manager ! , , Kualistic bombardment of forts , by boats , on an immense Aitili-
cial Lake. Tcrtific Assault of Portress by Allies.
Coircctly costumed and excellently drilled as Russian Soldiers , Cossacks , French
and English troops aud marines , Turks , Sardinians , etc.
By specially engaged at lists , Russian alh'etcs , Swordbincn , etc. The whole to
conclude witli
Consisting of the latest novelties.Mauhattan Heacb Aerial and Aquatic Pyrotichnica
Music by Sabastopol Military Band.
Admission 5Oc ; - - Reserved Seats , 75c
1888 THE GREAT 1888
Held September 3 to 8 , Inclusive.
Most Complete nud Best Arranged Fair Grounds in the West
The best accommodations for stock , which can bo unloaded from cars at the
grounds. Superior accommodations for agricultural exhibits. The best and
fastest track in the country. Competition open to the world. No entry foe ex
cept in racing purses.
Special Attraction Each Day.
GRAND AND MAGNIFICENT Pyrotoblinical Display every evening of th
SIEGH OF SKBASTOPOL. For premium lists , circulars and informa
tion , address
J. H. McSHANE , Secretary , Omaha , Nebraska ,
Monday , Au 1888
Kearney , the " .Minneapolis of Nebraska , " so-called on account of its unrivalled
Water Power , is now coming to the front as u railroad center. The bonds for the
Santa Fo have been voted , insuring us the greatest and best road in the world.
The Missouri Pacific will soon complete the remaining 23 miles , and the branch
up Wood River will be ironed this season. These now roads , together witli the
packing and canning plants now started , will give us a greater boom than any
other city In the west. Kearney only ncodR some wholesale houses to give us the
supremacy between Omaha and Denver. For the purpose of building a large job
bing house on the block soutli of the Midway Hotel , I will soil at auction on
Monday , August 27th , 1888 :
Kast of the Midway , now used for a lumber yard. This is tlio best corner for sale
in the city , and will soon be the center of business of 60,000 people , aud will bo
worth 10 times its present cost. I will also offer
Known as Swit/'s Sub-Division , being only 7 nloi'ks east of the main street , and 2
blocks from the street car lino. This if , the last opportunity to got good inside
property in Kearney at your own price.This tract lays as beautifully as the Garden
of Kdun , and is a half nearer business than any other tract now on the market.
For First Class Kcbidonco Property it is entirely free from the objection that can
bo mentioned about other parts of the city. By investing a few dollars to make
your llrst payment , you can soon double your money , and at the hiimo time assist
in starting the jobbing house above referred to. Parties commencing dwellings
of the value of 8500 and upwards on those lots within 80 days uftor the sale will bo
entitled to a donation of live per cent of the value of the name in dry goods , gro
ceries or clothing at my stores.
TI-jKMS Ob1 SAJjK One-fourth cash , balance in payments every three months ,
or five per cont. Discount on deferred payments for cash.
J. S. HARBING-TON , Kearney , Neb.
Electro-MapeliG Belts !
The Grandest Triumph ol Electric Science
' Scientifically Mude nnd Practically Applied.
Gentlemen's Belt Stl/intl/h /
n r ' In tli rtnek. Ulra , JToafl or Limbs ,
UL7II I < niHE3C ? ViTTIS ° Te I' "
El VWiluEa . 'OUrCEl YUU Itrr.ou , l > l > imy , I.umbagn , ( iunorul IXiblUtr , Ilheu-
mullln , I'aral A ! r l la , e latl < * , lN > ura of Klrtnry * . HplMll > Ur * vi , Torj.ld Llrer ,
. . . . . . - . . . . . .pilu , ConnlpoUi.n , Kryilpclat ,
Inillyrittoi , Weaknc * * , ImpoUnoTt t'alarrh ' , 1'llca , JCpll p > y. Dumb A Mf , llUbctoa , lljUroccIo ,
Uloud la JiutVuot 7 n Ucc4
te arplltd . _ . . . .
- | BU - cnimmr ollrk
\i nenulne ndotoclli7liermliJlon. NIITE tb following who hate baen
M-A. J. IIoaeUnd.H. B. J'arkrrMirtJ.M.lUslott , all on Hoard or Trade ,
-nd tuouKandi ofotberi.
Dfi HORHE'S ELECTRO MAGNETIC BELT rrVroiirons mirats ; , . , -d.-
Irei proilooei a contlnuoui enrrtnti coijTeya l triilty throuBh Ibe body on the nervea. I our t dlMia <
by gkneratlne a continued ! current of electricity ( IO or 19 bouri out of IM ] Ihrouuhout the human ijtteni
ailaylnialliierro nM lmine < llat lTu t producing a mw elroolalloa or Iha ur rorcoi tbe bloodIm
parttmrTlgor.itrwgtbenemy aiulb ltbb > uauotbertreatment > < aifall < ! . Tbe merit * of tblfiolen
line liult aralielna rw3orniinl anil Indoned by thomaqdi whom It bai onrud.
ItErEUENCKA.-Any bankeonimorolalayency or wboletale houie InObloagO ) vLoleialo druggists
Ban rrancUf o and Chicago. UT Band tunp for 11 page Illustrated pampblat.
3DXV. "W. JT * MCOUJdJ InTtntor andKanujacturcr , 1U1f bMb Ariaae Chl ajt > .
UNsausiTEDWRiTTtNTESTiuoHiALs . . . . 1 AND oveRrMulADIES - v no HAVC USID
Advertising ima nlirnjs joxivca
successful. Doforo placing any
Nowspnpor Advcrtlaltifr conatrti
U U t U * I U Utrert. CHICAGO.
Coio * , Ilunlon , eta
6top allj lu. hirer lallj to cun.
wiio u WKAK. WKnvorn. nrnti.iTA *
TKI > , who 111 bin FOIIY siul IUM n A WOK
rim TKinEI > awnr hU TIOOR of I1OHY ,
drnlni upon thn F pf'NTAlMfl ! of I.irr. .
IIIA ; i > A < t'n E , iiAi'HArni : , nrr/nma
Ircmi. WKAHTKSI ! of Wcinorr , HASH.
riTI.NENNln dOlUF.TT , l < IMII.F.NUt > on
111 * rACK. AtiUallth * KFl'Ktri'H lonllnr to
KAU1.Y nivO.l Y nml pethariCOSNlim .
'S1 H or INSANITY , ilipuM consult ftl once.
( ha CKI.EflMATr.ll Dr. Clatlio. Kclnt > lliiccl )
1M1. rr Clarke ha < mode NEUVOUN HE.
nil. ITT. : iin ! VH ) nn < t nil DlicatM of
Uis OKNITO UHLVAHT OrcMii a l.llo
r > uily. It inakM RO lirffrcnr WHAT jou
, \ Ti ! tnken or WHO has fell oil to euro you.
Kf FEH A I.EH jlllTcrltiK from dlieniti pcctl4
Uftr to their eex cnn roniult with the insurance
of ipoedy relief nnd euro. KenU 2 c uU poatngo
for works ou four dl nuf. < .
irPcnd 4 cenli | > o lnio ; for Colcbrntrrt
Wortxn on Clironir , MrrroiiH nnd Itcll *
nn"c Ui cri c . t'oninltntlon , jitrjonal.'y ' or by
totter , free. Consult the ultl Doctor.
Vtioiinntids rnrotl. onirmniul imrloiii
prTHo.Tho ( o coiiteinplntliip Murrlnge
fiend for Dr. Clnrkn'i celebrntrd culuo
Mnlr nnd Frmulo , cnrh I'M. , both - > c.
( ilamps ) . Hpfnio conrlrtlnc yonr ri e , conmiH
Mr. CI.AKKE. A friendly lotttror rail muy
inre future uflerlimnnd shiunc , nml ndd colilcu
y ra tn life.Book Hfr'w ( Secret ) Kr-
ror . " 50c. ( Utni' ) . Mmllrln * and wrltlnp )
rcut everywhere , crcuro from rxpovurc.
Ilourp , Btoii , sundayn , o to 12 Addrcn ,
F. D. OIjAAKaa , M. D.
J.fiQ Sex , ClnrU a. . . ( oaiCAUQ. ILL.
Arroprlotury Median" Unit nuodb but u trial
to provu Its worth.
Or , Cafader's ' Left Liver Bite I
The only Distilled Hitters In the United
Plates. Th only Hitters recognized by the
United State * Internal reyontie laws as Pro
prietary Mttdlclne. Lawfully Patented. No. ot
Talent 1 4-9.573. Contains no tusll oils , no
" - " 1,110 foreign milistance nrilninae-
tne tlrtits. A porfflctly iniro medicine , co
poundeil fmm 1'uru Hoot llerbs mid Old 1'rach ;
( ilcnaant to the tnslo , quiet Hliil decisive 111 Its
effect. Curoa DyspepMn or Yellow .Innnrtlce la
five iluys. Itcsulatcs tlio IlowoH Invigorates
Inactive Liver , C'lrns Disused Mvpr , Itflvlvoi
the Kidnoj-s , Improves tlia Appetite Quickly ,
Ilcgulates the wnole sybtura. Now Life to th
whole system.
J.eftI.lTOrIllUcrn nrc nM In Omnlin , Ni'b. , ttj no
lollOHlnit ilriiXKlitv. Hlclinrrtvm I'riiK Co. , Special
Wliolevuu , lor Hie drug tiilurvHor NebmskuItvlnll'
CHmdmanVnV.m Co. . W. J. WhlMiou.0. T. W ,
SpRirmcl. fenm 11. Purniwortli , Sclirotcr's 'linrnincy
KulinAOci. , John ( ihulltli , i. rarr , J. A. Pu.lor *
I' * ) . , W.J.llnulius , John II. Ciinte , C..I. t'r' ' " " . * ' >
Powell , V. 117 Oi-iilfrh , JohiiK. ilutr ky. Morrell'i ' !
rimrmuCT , .Innica Koriytli , II. < ! . Boll. Dr. J. J.
. . f. ( Jlmndlor. llu'in's 1'hiir-
ttoTlllo , C. SI. Crlvuy , ,
K.nn fll.p. . . . . . I 1 I I J , f , tfllll. .l.YV fll.rUM .1
H.ltt ! mua3Oll , l.fMiIVO uu jur , nuyu r i-iiurnmu/ .
A. Mcfrlinr , Howard Muyor . Frank Delimit ) & Cn ,
\\bulc9ulu ucalurs Iu LlKura u"d l.eltl.lvur Dltturs.
H NT , a guaranteed upoclnc for Hysteria , Ulzzl <
ness , Conrulslons , J Its , Nervous Neuralgia ,
HtddacQe. Nervous Prostration , caused by th
ese of alcohol or tobacco. Wakefulness , Mental
Depression. Softening of the Drain , resulting in
Inianttv , and leading to mlsorr. decay nud
death. Premature Old Age , Harrennoss , Loss el
Power In either sey. Involuntary l.otnes and
Bpermatorhtrft caused \ > y over-oxertlon of th
brain , self-abuie or orer-lndulgenco. Kaon bet
contains one month's treatment. (1.00 a box. or
Biz boxes for 15.00 , sent by mail prepaid on re
ceipt of price.
To cure any case. With each order received by
as for nix boxes , accompanied with 15.00 , w
will send the purchaser our written guarantor
to i ef und the money It the treatment does not
effect a euro. Guarantees Issued only byO. P.
OOODMAN , Dnintlst , Hole Agent , 1110 Farnam
Street. Omaua. Nel > .
Paid Up Capita ! $250,000
Surplus 50,000
II.V. . YATIS. : 1'ro.sldcnt.
Lnwis S. KKKII , Vlco President.
A. K. ToiJZAMN.nil Vlco President.
\V. II. f. Hum IKS , Cuslitcr.
11.V. . i'.mw , LKSVIH S. . HELII ,
A. E. Tl UHAtl5.
Tlnnklng OHIce-
Corner 12tli and Knrnnin Hts.
A General llunkiug UuslnusH Tran.sacted.
Kemnrtablo for powgrfuljymp
thelle tone , pliable action und ab-
aoluie qurablllty. iH years' record ,
the be t gunrantco ot the excel-
leace of'tnese itiiitruiuvntii.
Epps's Cocoa
"Ilr n tlioroucli knuwlurtito of llm nntiirul lawi
wnlcli KOvern the oin'rntloiis of dlxettton and nu
trition , ami by uonrohil uppllcmtlim or thonno iirnrw
ortk'sol noll-sulncleil Oocuii , Mr. Uppa liui protldud
our breakfast tn'ilus ' nlln ailPllcntclrtlaToruil bover-
BKO wliiuh limy eave us many heavy doctors' hllln. Ii
Is IIJT the judicious u e of uch nrllcles of illot Hint
ronntltutlon iiiujr bo Rruilimllr built tin until sironir
enciiiKli to rcsl.ii every tendency to ilUeii > o. Hun *
u red iot nubile iimhidlci uru lloiittnu u round us
ready to attack nhcrnver them Ii u wunk iiulnt.Vu
nmy etcune iimnir nfatnl iliull liy kecplnnuurjulvoi
well Inrtlllcd wlili pure blood anil a properly nuur-
UlwJ frnmo.-ClrllHcrrlcufJarotlo ,
Mniln pimply wllli bnllhiK wutcr or milk , HolJ only
Inliult pound tins by Orucern , lulieled thus :
( Successors to John O. Jacobs. ) 1 | |
Undertakers & Embalmers
At the old Btautl , IK/I Fnrnain.Bt. Orders by . , .
tolc rupli solicited anil jiromiilly attended 'II
Telephouo to.Nd. Hi
Hesponslble represcntutlvoi wanted. Call or
write UK.
" '
- -