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    Ml V
The Apostles Take Three QamoD
From Us "Just as Easy. "
DCS Molncq Crnivln Out of a Hole in
the Game With the ainroons
Sioux City Loses Two Yos-
tcidny to Milwaukee.
AYcNtorn Association Standing.
Following is the official standing of the
Western association teams up to and Incluu-
Ing j cstcrday's ' games :
Plaveu Won Lost Pr Ct
St-Pnul . 77 CO 27
Jc Moincs . 74 < ( ! 23 .G1M
Omaha . 70 45 HI .fi'j-J
Kansas City . 74 88 8U . & 13
Milwaukee . 8J ! W 45 .451
Bloux City . ! J3 IB SO .428
Chicago . 71) ) 3 40 .417
Minneapolis . . . .75 SO 48 , 40
St. Paul U , Omnhn 1.
ST. PAUL , August 17. [ Special Telegram
to THE Urn. ] The story of Omaha's third
defeat is told by a glance at the number of
mcu loft on bases. In but thrco of the nine
innings wcro the visitors retired in order.
In most of the other innings n hit would have
meant a run , but it was not forthcoming.
Carroll scored in the first Inning on a uaso
on balls , Morrlssey's single and a wild pitch.
In the second Omaha went to pieces. Kcilly
was giv on u life on Wilson's failure to stop
bis third strike. Corbctt hit to Chukc ,
\vho throw to Crooks , who was plaj ing be
tween Hist and second. Ciooks thicw
to Coonoj , who was covcung second ,
but he dropj > cd the ball. Btoughton then
lilt to center , but Anuis let the bail get by
him , while Kcilly and Corbctt scored , and
liroughton went to third , coming homo on
Dur.vea's single. bU Paul earned n run in
the fourth on two Mingles and two steals. In
the clghthouemorowusaddedonlwo singles ,
a steal and a wild pitch. Omaha's run was
made on Ciooks' Mingle , a passed ball and
Coonoy's twobaso drive. The story thut
AVilson had been released by Manager Soleo
pioves to bo untrue , although it wus made on
the authority of ono of the officers of the St.
1'uul elub. Thoseoio :
SI. I'lUL.
Totals JIJ 5 1 27 2J
St. Puul 1 il 0 0
Omaha 0 00010000 1
Huns eat ncdSt. . Paul 1. Two-base hit
Coonoy. Base on balls Carroll (2) ( ) , Bi ough-
ton , Aituis , Crookb , Toboau , Wilson , Claike.
Stiuck out Murphy , Cairoll , Picket , llirle ,
llollly (3) ( ) , Burns , Teboau , Miller , Clarke (2) ( ) .
Passed balls Brougbton (2) ( ) . Wild pitches
Clarke U. Left on bat > csSt. . Puul r > , Omaha
10. Fn st base on eriors St. Paul U , Omaha
! i. Tune 2.05. Umpire Quest.
KntiBnn City 7 , Mlnneni > olis (1.
Mix.ST.\ , August 17. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEE ] Manager Goodlng , sev
eral of his old players , and a number of
these recently loleased fiom St. Paul and
several other Western association clubs ,
liavo foi mod a co-operative association and
Will play out the schedule of the Minneapolis
club , piovidetl the league sanctions the
scheme nt its meeting in Chicago on Satur
day. Tlie arrangement is that uftor the ex
penses are deducted the proceeds will bo ill-
Dotwccn Mr. Goodlng and the players ,
tlio receipts will go as a guarantee to
} ho vtsiliug club , and in case that docs
faot reach the required S100 , the
balance will bo deducted from the Minne
apolis guarantee when that club plays away
from homo. In case n plaier gets u chunco
to better his condition by signing with some
Other club , ho is to give twenty-four hours
notice of his Intention. To-uaj 'a game netted
thoplajcrsei.SS each , after Kansas City's
Jinlf had boon deducted. The gome was w oil
played , requii ing ton innings to settle it ,
notwithstanding the fact that u majority of
thoMinneapolis team played outof thcirrcgu-
ikr positions. The team was composed of
Kreig , c. ; Anderson , p.Brynnnlb. ; ; fehafer ,
Cb. ; Biosnun.a a. ; Putton,3b. : Klopf.l.f. ; Me-
pulloui , c. f. , and Jevne , r. f. They expect
to put up ns good a game as the former Min
neapolis club was capable of. The score :
Minneapolis..0 000003210 0
80sCity..O 7
Batteries Anderson anil ' Kreig ,
rind Keynolds. Umpire Hawaii.
DCS Monies ( I , Maroons 5.
CHICAGO , August 17. [ Special Telegram
Co TUB BEB. ] L"ven with the aid of the urn-
jpiro it took ten innings for Dos Molnes to
Svin from the Maioons to day. In tlio eighth
Inning , with two men out , and with Hutchin-
ton aud Sage on second nnd third , Qumn
mint a bounding grounder Just a trlllo to the
iflsut of second baso. Hcnlo made the play
bi Ills life. Without stopping ho picked up
the ball and snapped it to tiist. Hroiched
the base ahead of tjuinn , and when Umplto
Fcssondcn allied Quiun safe thcro was a
fcowl of rage from the spoctatois Keoean
was so discouraged that ho let the visltoi s
buvo their lust canted runs in tlio eighth
* ud ninth innlngx , nnd the game went whoie
ilp many Muioou games have cone before.
The score :
JJesMomes.,0 0
( Maroons . 5 C
Base hits Dos Moincs 7 , Maroons 8 ,
prrors Dos Molnes 1 , Maroons 8. Pitchois
ir-Hutelitnson and Keogau. Umpire Fes >
Milwaukee 5 , Sioux City 4 ,
MIUVAUKEK , WIs. , August 17. [ Special
{ Telegram to Tim Bun.J Milwaukee nni
jSloux City wcio to liavo played two games
lo-Uay , but after the llrst gaino Managei
JJrynan of the Sioux City team took bis mcr
> fl Uio field , assigning an his reason thai
thuplra Cuslck was systematically robbing
Km of games. The umpire gave the game
Milwaukee by a score of 0 to 0. Scoiool
tfk lilwuukoe . 2 000001 !
Sioux City . 0 002200 -
Earned ruus Sioux City 2. rirst base ot
palls Off Winklornan 3. Struck out Huwos
McAlecr , Cnmloy , Phelan , Genius , Nichols
Two ba&o bits Ha\ves (2) ( ) , AlcAlocr. Doubh
alsh , MoAleer , Haw us. Passei
ichols 2. Umpho Cusiok. Time
Y cterdny'fl Winners in the Nntlonn
licitKiio Contest * .
THILADELPUIA , August 17. Kesult of to
flny'sgame :
Putladolplua..O 0110000 -
i > Jttsburtf. . . , , . , ,
„ PitcheH-Saiidcrs nnd Stalcy.
Bits Phlladcphia 12 , Pltteburg 4. I
ftiladeU > ala -t , Pi tU burg 6. Uiuplru-Pow
.WASJUNOION , August 17. Result of to
lay's catnei
JN'ashrugton..2 00033000 '
fcdlanapolii . o 0000104 * 1
Pitchers Whitney and Boyle. Base hlti
AYaahingtou 8 , Indianapolis 0. ( Krrors-
ushtnrtou . Indianapolis 5. Urupire-
YCRX , Aonuik 17. To day's
York and Detroit was callci
on account-of rnln. after the homo club had
scored two runs m 1U half of the second
inning. Tha visitors failed to score in the
I'rst. '
BOSTON , August 17. < The Boston-Chicago
game was postponed on account of lain. AHHocintlon.
CisciNNATi , August 17. The Cincinnati-
Athletic game was called nt the end of tbo
fourth inning on account of rain.
KANSsCiiv , August 17. Hesult of to-day's
game :
Kansas City..0 00001033 7
Brooklyn 0 01)2000 ) 1 1 4
ST. Louis , August 17. Hesult of to
day's game :
St. Louis..O 3
Baltimore.O 4
LOUISVIILK , August 17. The Loulsvlllo-
Clevclnud game w us culled at the end of the
fourth inning. Score ; Louisvilto 3 , Cleve
land 0.
Fats 45 , Leans HU.
PiATTS\iouTiiNeb.August 17. [ Special to
Tin : Br.K. ] The fat stockholders of the
base ball association wcro not satisfied with
the defeat they suffered n few weeks since ,
and played n return game with the loans
jcsterduy. Tbo score stood : Fats 45 , Leans
80 , in seven inning . The features wcio
base running and kicking on Dotlt sides und
heavy batting on the beavv side. In the
fourth Catcher Campbell , of the Leans ,
brake his thumb , and was succeeded bv
Wise. The battciioH were : Fats , Smith
and Mercer : Leans , Dovoy and Campbell
and Wise. Umpire , Chambers.
Kxctcr 8 , Sewnrd 5.
EXETFK , Neb , August 17. Special Tele-
gaam to Tim Bi'is. ] The Sew aid aud Exeter
nines crossed bats today en tlie foi liter's
grounds. The latter won. At the seventh
inning the gauio was called to allow l2\cter
to take a tiain. Thoseoie :
Lxetor 0 500120 8
Sewurd 1 000040 5
Bittenes Fowler und Shiidrock , Barnes ,
Brothers. _
TU11F I3Vl'XrS.
Last Day of Lincoln's Succcssrul
llnulnt ; Meeting.
LISCOIA , Neb , August 17. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Bti. ] 'Iho races were lai gely
attended to-day , but the last raeo only excited -
cited interest. Tlio summaries aio us fol
low a :
Fice-fornll , two-icarolds Majollu won ,
iving Foi oat distanced. Time 2 57.
1'ie'o for all , thrco year-olds Idavan won
n two straight heats , Chetwood second ,
Orphan Maid nud Hedvving distanced. Best
line 2:4U : > .
rreo-forull , stallions Talavcra won in
, hrco sti.light heats , Lccoutit second. Best
time 2.31Jj.
Ycstciilny's Itncet nt
SuiiTOcu , August 17. Haiing summaries ,
Thiee quntters of a uiilo Honisen won in
1UOJ4 , Tessa 1C second , Navigator thiid.
One uiilo Ten a Cotta won In 1 47)4 , Mai.i
second , 13ociauo thlid.
One and three sixteenth mlles Macbeth
ivon in D 07 , Joseph second , Ton Day third.
'llirco quarters of a mile .lames A won
n llb : % , Mint Bloom second , Dynamite
Tluee-quartcrs of a mile vVheoler T , won
11 1.18 , Jaubeit second , Petulancethlid. .
Thu o quarters of u mlle Volatile won In
. .ID'I , Miss MUUBU second , Krnest liaco
third. _
Man mouth Park Ilaces.
BitioiiTax UEAUI , August 17. Racing
summaries :
Thiec quarter ? of a uiilo Nina AV. won in
kltHf , KuiHtono second , Can't Tell thlid.
foeven oighthb of a mile Bilan Boru venn
n 1 "J % , Lemon Blossom second , Lida L.
One and oiio-sUteenth miles Trix won in
r > l' ' { , Kin * Btcond , Cardinal McClosliey
Thiec qiiattciK of u mile Hill Rrlin won
n 1 1714 , Drumstick second , 13ei tie W. ( colt )
Ono and ono quarter miles Wilfied won
in 'J:12J4 : , Tioy second. Uarnum thiul.
Ona mile Hajmond won in 1:16 : , Jim
! l.iro second , Subaltern third.
lloclicstcr llnucs.
UocnrsTuu , N. Y , August 17. The cir
cuit laces closed heio to day. Sumin.uies :
S.WclasH , trotting , $7,000 Eld.i H. won ,
Sprague Cioldnst second , Clean thltd , C > -
uess fourth. Hest tltno 3fiyf. :
" :3J : class , consolation stakes for horses
: bat did not sliaro money in the Flower City
stakes , purse * 4OCO Genovu S. w on , Trod
b"olci | ; second , Mulatto third , Star Moimrth
fourth. Uest tlmo 2:21 : } { .
2:17p. cing , under saddle , Sl.OOO Kinsman
won , Doctor M. second , Uroicr C. third ,
others distanced. Best tlmo 'J:1'J. :
General Snorting Notes.
At 0.30 p. m. to-day the Hordiu and Crane
base ball clubs w 111 try conclusions.
President Morton has called a meeting for
Chicago to deliberate again upon the admis
sion of Davenport.
Thcro me no two ways about It , Lovelt and
Nnglo constitute ono ot the greatest batteries
in the wnolo profession.
Kennedy's debut with the Oniahas In St.
Paul was not niaikcd by any especial bnl-
hancy. Ho was all but knocked out of the
Thrco straights lost to St Paul. Well ,
there is ono consolation , the Apostles haven't
won n game from Omaha ou the local
Spud Farrisb , manager of the C. E.
Maynes , has sold his pitcher , Hiu ry Salis
bury , to M'inagor Lallv , of the Ctauo Bios ,
club , the consideration being % 0.
John Hollorau and J. N. But ko , of South
Omaha , have accepted the challenge of P. J.
Kirby and M. Kilgallon for a game of hand
ball. The match will como off at Hat t ft
ICilgaDon's court , Twoltth and Chicago
streets , next Tuesday afternoon.
Catcher George Wilson , uccoiding to n
special telegram fiom Minneapolis , has been
releiibcd. This is funny , as no later than
two weeks ago Detroit asked fora price on
him. Nothing is known as yet whether
O'Conucll has been let out or not.
The saloon bosses und the cocktail mixers
will go out to the ball paik Monday aftoi-
noon and show the world how the great na
tion il game should bo played. A coat of
mail and an ax has been ordered for the um
pire ami a keg of beer will represent the base
bags. Tito proceeds will bo donated to St.
Joseph's hospital.
Lovett from this on out should bo pitched
about twice us often as he has been. Ho is
the star tvvii lor of the team , receives the
biggest salary , and ut this btagc
should be called uixm for a Httlu extra work.
Of course , his presence hoi o at this time is
for a justifiable cause , but when with the
team ho has u vciy soft thing of it.
Not an I > ror The Humior Is Out.
GLNEVA , Neb , August 15. To the Sport
ing Editor of TIIR Ben : If a batted ball
passes the short stop without his touching II
in any vvav , and has n base runner between
second and third , Is it scored ns an error foi
the short stop aud is the runner ouU
A SunscKiucu.
Tbo LlmlsajCranston Mill.
The cornlus mill betwceu Jimmy Lindsay
holder of tbo state middleweight champion
ship modal , and Billy Cranston , the con tic
manly and clover South Omaha professor ol
the manly art , is exciting a good deal of In
tcrcst. Cnmston wants it understood thn
ho circs nothing for the modal aud w ill nol
retain it if he wins. Ills solo object is ti
beat Llndsaywlioui ho feels confident he cat
best for scientific points , or otherwise. Bu
wo shall ECO what wo shall ECO.
The 1'ropoacd Coliseum.
Fifteen thousand dollars lias already bcei
subscribed tow ard building the Omaha Sport
ing Coliseum , which it Is estimated will cos
$ JjOUO. The projeetois of the enterprise an
hard at woik and are in hopes of having thi
structure completed by October 15.
A Uonblo Trmicdy.
REEDSfluno , Wis. , August 17. Nowa
reached hero to-day of a futal shooting nftruj
in the town of Woodland. Jennie Woolver ,
a domestic einplojea ou the farm of W
Slclzer , was shot and killed by Goorgi
Moon. Af tor the shooting Moon rushed tt
where Jennife lay , picked up the rovolyei
aud blow his brains out. It is supposed ton
ha killed the girl because she was soon ti
be married to ( mother man.
And Are Giving the Corporation
Crowd n Hard Fight.
The Vote OH the Submission Question
Found Oend In Ills Field Old
Settlers at .Somalia City
Stnto New a.
A VIolotiD Scr\nut's
AIII.IXOTOV , Xob , August 17. [ Special
Telegram to Tin ; Bu.j : Bofoio Justice
Cook today Henry MablmKcn , a joung
Get man , hud liis hearing on charges of as
sault with Intent to kill. It ap ) cars from
the evidence tliut Henry was during the
summer a farm hand at the farm of Peter
Logos , seven miles southeast of here. Tlio
family consists of Peter , the head of the
family , who is helpless fiom tlio offe'ots of
paralysis , ills wife , six children from thrco
to twelve years old , und Dora Logos , ancicc ,
who it seems Henry desired to marry. A
few weeks ago Henry was discharged for
souio reason and another hand hired , nnd ho
has been iniilo angry nt the fiunilv ever
since. On Wednesday last ho came to town
and got loaded with budge nnd at dusk pro
ceeded with staggering steps to th < } Loges
domicile. He climbed to an up story
window by the use of a
ladder and called Dora , who
occupied the room. She attempted
to shut the window and keep him out , but ho
forced his wuj in und followed the scream
ing gill down stalls where ho mot Mm. Logos
in the dark , and alter souio talk and blows ho
proceeded to shoot right and left until his
pistol was empty when Mrs. Logos disarmed
him. He then got a club und proceeded to
bicak all the windows of the lower slory. He
tin catcned to procuio another lovolvcr and
kill the whole family and bum the propcity.
A few boms later lie retuined to the house
and boirged forgiveness , but without avail.
The probocutlon was conducted by W. H.
Fai nswoi ill on behalf of the people , and the
pi isoncr was defended by Attorney Bell , of
Fremont. The justice bound him over to the
dlstiictcouitnnd lomandcd him to jail until
bonds aic famished.
United Workmen nt Stella.
STT.MA , Neb , August 17. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bi a ] The A. O. U. W. picnic
d hcio today was a inugniliccnt suc
cess in o\ cry particular. The mcmbeis of
the oulor turned out fiom Humboldt , Yei-
don , Falls City , Shubert uud other points ,
over two bundled strong. The piocesbiou was
fully one halt mile in length. Speeches
wcro delivered by Uov. .1. G. Tuto of Sbelton ,
Neb , nnd W. H. Waning of Lincoln , in the
'oienoon , and In the aftcinoon fully two
thousand people listened to an eloquent ad
dress bv Hon. Cluules Van W.Vek of Ne
braska City. The old wurilor was met ut
the depot and escorted to the giounds ,
where ho was met by Pi of. Thomas' glee
jlub and the Vordon and Stella bands. The
. eneial countb his fiicmla in this section of
thoeountiy bv the thousands and the an
nouncement that he is to speak alwujs diaws
u laigo ciowd. Tlio Order of Woikmcn Is a
stiong ono hero and still gaining. Nothing
tianspiied to mar the happmeis of the day.
Saline County Itcpulillc.ins.
Wn iipii , Neb , August 17. [ Special Tele
gram toTiinBF.c. ] At the republican county
convention to day J. B. Pope was nominated
for senator , and William Bolucek and James
Dunn for icpiesontatives Geoigo Il.istmgb
was nominated for county attoiney by ac
clamation. The convention was the largest
and mobt haunonious cvei held In the county.
\11 the precincts weio represented. The
thliteen delegates to the float convention
were instiucted for F. I.Foss and those to
the state convention for Senator Mantlet son.
A resolution wits passed demanding an un
qualified pledge ftom the candidates for tlio
legislatmo to support the slate boaul of
transportation. In the countv the vote on
the question of submission stood 2J7 for and
8411 against. The county ticket Is generally
icgardeu as a stiong one.
Fell Thtoiifih the Bridge.
JutMhNcb , August 17. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bic. ] The thicshing niachlno
engine of Hisrgtns & BnuiiKtitler hroko
tin ough a fifty-foot combination bridge span
ning Hock creek , two miles south of this
place , to day. nnginecr William Uiloy , of
of NobiaskaCity. hairowly escaped being
killed. Ho held to the throttle till ho i cached
the giound , falling with the engine probably
tw cntyflvo feet. Some parts of the engine
fell upon him holding him to the ground till
he was released. His leg was badly binned
and his hip and arm hui t considerably. The
bridge was ono of the heaviest on the stieam ,
but the eoiner btilngcr was rotten and gave
way , letting the engine down almost In
stantly. It will bo a difficult matter to got
the ingmo out of the stream.
Ho duo County KenuhllcaiiH ,
FiihitoNT , Neb , August 17. [ Special
Tolcciam to'fiinBEE. ] The Dodge county
republican convention was hold this after
noon in this city. Tim delegates to the state
convention aio supposed to bo favorable to
Graham for treasuter , Leoso for attorney
general and Benson for auditor , but no ex
pression wus had fiom the convention on any
of these candidates. They aio as follows :
L. D. Uichnids , S. B CoKon , B. F. French ,
George Marshall , C. Cusaek , C. N. Hyatt , J.
U. Canslin , B C. Bums , A. Frost , A. M.
Spooncr , B. W. Uoi nolds , A. P. Shephard.
So far as heard t tola submission has u ma
jority in Dodge county , though a very light
vote was polled at the primaries.
Hold Iiiipiof on tlio Sly.
GuiJdin.M , Neb , August 17. [ Special to
Tun Bnu.J Nearly a week n ago N. H. ICct-
terman , a painter , who lias been following
bis trade heio since last spring , pioouiod u
government license and began dispensing in
toxicating liquors it' wholesale quantities , oc
cupying a deboi ted blacksmith shop for his
saleroom. Yesterday a warrant was issued
for ills uriest , charging him with violating
the state lumor law , and Shoiiff Hamilton
took him to York last night wliero his trial
is being held to-day. The sentiment of the
community is strongly against the liquor
Old Settler * nt Nemnha City.
Ni'.MUiACrrv , Neb. , August 17. [ Special
to THE BEE. ] The old settlors' rSculo to day
is a grand success. J. Sterling Morton was
called cast and the people wcro disappointed ,
but Governor U. W. Furnas filled his place
and delivered an excellent address , full ol
interesting reminiscences of the days of 1650 ,
This Is the grandest meeting of the kind over
held in Ncmaha county. Colonel T. J ,
Majors is chairman. ( An old settlers' club is
now belug organized , Ihroo excursion trains
on the B. A , M. brought in many pcoplo from
a distance. _
A Break la the Engine .
NOHFOLK , Nob. , August 17. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Ben. ] Owing to a small breakage
ago ia the engine of the electric light work :
to-night the company will not bo nblo to II
lumlnata to-morrow night as anticipated , ant
the great uanquet'of the business men whlcl
had been arranged for that evening to celebrate
brato the inauguration of the eloetilo light !
and the water works , has been necessarily
postponed until some day nest week , as UK
parts to rcplaco those broken must bo pro
cured from the cast , where the engine wa :
Purchased Uy the Catholics.
Yens , Neb , Aufrust 17. [ Special to Tni
BEE. ] The Catholics now control the olc
Methodist college piopcrty in this city. Mr
Sayro closed tbo trade with Bishop Bonaouii
this morning. The purchase includes the
college building and furniture , the dormitory
ana furniture contained therein , and all o
the campus except SIS foot on the north side
which Mr. Sayre will soil for rcsldonci
property. The Catholics will build a nev
and elegant church on the campus , enlnrgi
thn building nnd conduct a first class donoml-
national college , TJipy take possession Sep
tember I.
Saittulern County Itcptihllcntm.
WAIIOO , Nob. , August 17. [ Special Tele-
Brain to Tun Hue ] Tills lifts been a red let
ter day In SuundcrH county republicanism ,
The county conventl6n was held to-day and
the following ticket nominated ; For state
senator , T. J. Picked , of Ashland ; for repre
sentatives , B. K. B * . Weber , of Vulpaialso ,
add G. W. ShepYirird ; for contingent repre
sentative , W. W. Hall ; for county at
torney , K. K. Good , of Wahoo ; for
county commissioner , William J. Lehr.
Twelve delegate 1p the state convention
were sclectctt and Instructed for John Steen
nnd twelve delegates to the congiesslonal
convention Instructed for W. J. Coiinoll.
Hi solutions were passed Inslructliitf the
nominees on the legislative ticket to vote for
Charles F. Manderson for state senator. W.
J. Connell was present and made an excellent
speech to the convention.
To-night the republicans held nn Immense
lutificntion uiocliuir. Two bundled toich-
beat cis fioui Ashland , 100 from Valparaiso ,
100 from Weston nnd a largo number from
Mead nnd other places besides the Wahoo
clubs weru in line nnd made n line display.
Speeches were made by I. W. Lansing of
Lincoln , Dave Mercer. W. J. Council und
John M. Thurston of Omaha. Over live
thousand people attended the ratification
A Chureh Scandal.
FALLS Crrr , Neb , August 17. [ Special
Tolognim to THE Bm. ] A very Interesting
case is now in progress at tlio Methodist
church In this city. Two loving old church
members have been Intimate , named Mrs. U.
C. Gilbert and Mr. Tajlor. A good sized
scandal started , but has been hushed up as
much ns possible. It will ( irobubly. result In
their expulsion fiom the church. An anxious
crowd awaits the result of the trial , and if
something is not not done by the church au
thorities it will probably bo doro by out
siders. The case will close to mot row.
"Washington County VotcrniiH.
CAiii.iNdfov , Neb. , August 17. [ Special
Telegiam to Tun Bi is. ] The county re
union of two itavs closed josterday evening
twelve miles northeast of here. Tlioso who
attended fioui here icpoit an unusually good
time. Among the many novelties was u
camp fire speech of Samuel Wright , a fanner
of this county , who during the war was a
private In the i cool arm v. He said ho w as w ith
the southoin people then , "but I am with
jou bajs now. "
Crops In Holt County.
O'Nui.r , , Nob. , August 17 [ Special Tolo-
giiim to THIS Bnr.j The statement in a Bni :
special this moining that theio is a fuiluroof
ciops in northwestern Nobiasku is incorrect ,
so far as the country in the vicinity of
O'Neill is concci nod. Ciops heio vveio never
better. Most of the small gi uin has been
cut and the jield is very luige. Theio is a
good pi aspect of sixt\ bushels of coin per
acio Hay is being put up in immense quanti
ties. _
liiovvn County Kepubllcmti'i.
AINSWOUTII , Nob. , August 17. [ Special
Tolegiam to TiiJJ Bi c.l Tlio republican
county convention , hold hero to-day nomi-
latcd I. Winters , ai { Long Pine , for icprc-
benUtivo ; W. B. Alallov , of Long Pine , for
county attoiney , uudjinstiiictca the delegates
for the senatorial cpnvention toMiiwoitC.
H. Coinell , of Yalcutlne , Neb , for btato sen
ator. '
ThcPrlnmries at Arlington.
AitLtMiTov , Nebj' August 17. [ Special
Telegiam to THE HISK.J At tbo icpubliean
[ iiimary to night ait , elution was pas cd fuv-
oiing Thaycr and Lease for renommatlon
ind also favoiing the nomination of Graham
nud Benson. L. C. AVebber heads the dclc-
catlonto tlio convention to moriow.
Found Dead in His Field.
PALMI.II , Neb. , August 17. ( Special to THE
Bi K. ] At noon to-day Lyman Clatk , an old
resident of Merrick county , wont to his
work in a field. Two hours later his wife
.allied him some water and found him lyiup
on his face , dead. A physician was called
imd found the cause of death to bo heart dis
ease. No inquest was held.
Will Blarry the Girl.
.LS Cirv , Neb. , August 17. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BnE. ] Last night the
sheriff of Nodaway county , Missouii , ar
rested a fellow workintr for the film of
Shock & Wylle , ou the charge of seduction
and took htm to Nodaway county. Ho will
miiiry the gill and ictuin to tills city.
Annual Election ol' Olllcers by the
National Commnndcry.
Wnni t\o , W. Va. . August 17. The Na
tional Commandery of Sons of Yetcr.ins ad
journed to-day after electing tlio following
ofllreis : Commandor-ln-chief of the United
States , General George B. Abbott , of Illi
nois , re-elected by a majoi ity of one over
Geneial Loland. J. Webb , of Kansas , and
Gcncial Fnuec. of Ohio , Webb being the
principal competitor ; lieutenant geneial , L1.
H. Miltram , of St. Paul , Minn. ; major ,
General John Hlnckloy , of Boston , Mass ;
council-m-chiof , G. Braitmrd Smith , of Con-
nectieut ; W. B. Bundy , of Cincinnati , O ;
Kudulph Leo Bcustein , of St. Joseph , Mo. :
C. B. Cook , of Ai llngton , Dak. The next
session will bo held ut Patterson , N. J. The
Ladles Aid socletv of the Sons of Veterans
re elected Mis. W. J. O'Brien , of Ohio , for
national piesldont.
Drink Malto , 25 contsabottlo.
The American Ilur Assoelntion.
Suurocu , August 17. At the meeting of
the American bar association this moining
the following officer * were elected : Presi
dent , David Dudley Field , of New Yoik ;
secretary , E. Otis Hinklov. of Marvland ;
treasuier , Francis Knvvlo , of Pouusjlvunia.
Among the gcnoial council elected was Ben
jamin Hurrisou , of Indiana ,
Drink Malto at soda fountain.
Washington Brevities.
Au amendment was proposea by Senator
Maudcrson to the deficiency bill to day to
uppiopiiato $10,000 to continue uud complete
the Hurvo s of the abandoned milltaiy re
A number of prominent democrats loft for
Pittsburg to-night to attend n meeting of the
general association of the Allegheny county
democracy , to bo hold to-morrow evening.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Combines , in a maunpr peculiar to itself , the
best blood-purlfylns and strengthening reme
dies ot the vccotablo Kingdom. You \\ill find
this wonderful remedy effective where other
medicines have failed. Try It now. It will
purify your Uoccj , regulate the digestion ,
and give new Ufa an < J"\ Igor to the entire body.
"Hood's Sarsaparilla did mo great good.
I was tired out from overwork , and it toned
mo np. " Mns. O. E. SIJIMOXS , Cohocs , N. Y.
"Idiffered thrco yVirs from blood poison.
I took Hood's Bsrtajiarllla and think I am
cured. " Mns. M. 'S. DAVIS , Brockport , N. Y.
Purifies the Hlood
Hood's Sarsaparilla is characterized !
three pccullorltle * : 1st , the combination ot
remedial agents ; 2d , the proportion- , the
process cf securing the nctlvo medicinal
qualities. The result Is a medicine of unusual
strength , cUcctlrg cures hitherto unlvuown.
Bend for book containing additional evidence.
"Hood's Barsararllla tones up my system ,
purities my blood , sharpens uiv amietlie , and
fceenis to m-tko me ov er. " J. v. THOJU-SON ,
Uegistcr ol Deeds , Lowell , Mass.
"Hood's Sarsaparilla beats all others , and
Is w ortli Its weight In cold. " I. BAimmGTOJf ,
ISO IJank Btreut , Now York City.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold l > r all druggists. l ; six for $9. M.Vo
only by C , I. IIOOD & CO. , Lowell , Mass.
IOO Dosef On . Dollar.
His Confrere Mr. Lee Says Ho Was
Silently Stolen Away.
Ami n Select Cotcrlo of North Omalm
Orators Gather Around Jim
CrolKhton anil Hold ix
Jolllllonttoii Meeting.
The MrclliiK linst
When the citv council vv.n cullcil to order
ast night the following member * woio pres
ent : Alexander , lleehol , Hoid , Hciiforil ,
Cuunsmnn , Cheney , Kitchen , , Kler-
stcad , Lowry , Leo , Mnnvlllo uiul Sn.v der
ID. Mr. Ford joined them later.
Mr. Lw arose und announced that one of
.ho counuilmcn ( Van Camp ) hod been stolen
bodilj by the enemies of the city hall ordi-
lance That action , ho declared Indignantly ,
lad defeated the city hull enterprise for this
j ear , and ho moved an adjournment.
The motion was earned , and the shout of
"avo" drowned the piping protest of Mr.
Councilman Van Camp was on the sidewalk
with his colleagues before the meeting come
to order , but \ \ hen the gavel fell ho h.ul dis-
Following is an abstract of the proposed
ordinance as amended , whith was to bo taken
up last night.
Section 1 uutlu > rl7C9 the erection of a city
lull to bo located on lots 5 and 0 in block 110 ,
which is on Fnrnnin street between Seven
teenth and Eighteenth. The cost is not to
exceed $500,000. The plans and specifications
are to be determined by the mn\or and coun
cil , and the work is to bo prosecuted as
s | > eedily us possible. A proviso requires the
building to bo not less than six. stories in
Height and 1- > feet siiu.ire. Another piovlso
requires "loom and suitable accommodations
for the public llbi.uj" in the building. It is
also pioided that the citi hall of this ordi
nance shall t.iko Hie place of the city hall
named in ordinance VIDO.
Section iautliotizcs the issue of $ .500,000
woi tli of bonds for the coiisti notion of tlio
citi hall. They aio to run twenty yeais ut
5 per cent intcicst , and bo pajablo at
the banking house of ICount/o Uios in
New York. It is if these
bonds ai o voted no more bands shall be issued
under oidinuuco ' .HO.
Section 3 in ovules the proposition for
issuing bonds shall be submitted to a vote at
a special election on September 17 , ofhich
election the major shall gi\o twenty dajs'
notice. If the proposition leteivo U\o thirds
of the \ otocast it shall bo c.u ricd
Then follow details as to the election and
the kind of ballots.
Among the spectators of the meeting wci o
J.unes Cielgliton , Joseph Uedmiui , Thomas
Hall and a few s\mpathuois , who sent up .1
howl of satisfaction wncn the council ad-
Aftoi watd they gathered in a llttlo knot on
the sid\\alk to air their grievances and con-
giatulato themselves. Their excited talk
drownciowd of twenty or thiitj bo s and
other idleis.
Crcighton's feelings boiled over and ho
shouted"Let'H haven mcetiug ! " Ho accepted
his own suggestion uud asked Thomas Hall
to mount the btepj of the alleged citj ball
and picaldo.
Citighton then moved a vote of thaulcs to
Councilman Van Cam ] ) , and the accommo
dating crowd acquiesced.
Thomas bwift moved a vote of ccnsuieon
the man who lied to his constituents two
mouths ago Jotl Ucdfoid. "
Ciclghtou followed with an incoherent
th ado , the substance of which was that Coun
cilman IScdford had said at a meeting in
North Omaha that ho would favor a piopo-
sition tint would give Jc'iTetsju Sijuuio u
charm to sccute the now city hall.
Councilman Ford wanted to sav "ono
word. " He told the crowd of his virtues as
u public olllcial and denounced the special
meeting as > "Uaik Untein" alTaii. Ho
eliaigcd Councilman Lce with being a mouth }
piece for Mr. Council , and uiged the ccnsui-
ing of Mr. Bedford.
Pat O. Hawcs asked for fair play lor Ued-
ford. There uio 10.000 voters in Omaha , and
it is notaight or , ho argued , for u few
pel sous to ccnbuio a man without giving him
a chance to be hoard.
Ho was intei rupted with shouts of "
do i ou know about it ? " Shut him off ! " and
"Question ! question 1" from Jo eph Hcdtnan ,
Creighton , Swift and n uuinbor of jouug
Redman wanted Hawca to understand that
"wo rcpiescnt the property in North Omaha
and wo uou't want to hear fiom jou. "
The answer was parsed , and Crcigliton got
in if vote of thauKjtocounciltneu and "oveii-
body else who woio not traitors. "
Cieighton it was pietty uiucli nil Cioigh-
tou wanted the crowd to put themsehes on
iccord as ID favor of a iOO.OOO or 5100,000 citv
hall , the location to ba decided by a vote
and the defeated party to take its modi-
Vine quietly. The good naturcd crowd hu
mored the old man with a whoop.
"Uoforo adjourning "it was Creighton
again "let us pledge ourselves w ith ono an
other to oppose the issue of bonds to the bit-
tur'oiid unless wo have a charm to place the
city hall in JelTei son squat o. "
Messrs. llulwjn , Ford and Swift "pledged"
thetuselv es , and the kids bent up a dciisivo
howl in unison.
Fold moved an adjournment with a propo
sition to go and take a drink with Vau Camp.
All Arrangement * ) Made l < or the Pic
nic To-Moriovr.
The Flambeau club has perfected the ar-
laugemcnts for their excursion and picnic to
Lake Mauawa on Sunday. The club has
chattered the boat M. F. llobicr to bo at the
disposal of its patrons during the day. Two
excuisiou trains will run from Omaha , ono
at 9:30 : a. m , and ono at 2.'JO p. in. The
trains wilt leturu at 3tO : : and 0 30 p. ui. The
lake ib doe | > cr by two foot than ut any other
period of the season. Theio will bo good
music , piominont orators , uUilctiu sports and
a grand pyrotechnic display on the boat in
the evening. Tickets are now on Bale at
Max Mulct's , Sixteenth audFarnam ; Conti-
ULUtnl Clothing Company. Fifteenth and
Douglas : Union 1'acilio ticket ottlco , Thir
teenth and Fainiim ; and Heiuy liolln ,
county couit houws. Hound trip tickets to
the lake , including bout and leturu , $1.00 ;
children half faro. It will bo a grand day
for enjoyment.
1112 SliTTJjED TUB QUAllllEh.
Itcv. Dr. Dowllnsof Cleveland ItcslKiis
IIin I'nstoiiUc.
Ci.RVKiANi ) , O. , August 17. Itov. Dr.
George Thomas Dow ling , for eleven jcars
pastor of the UucM Avcuuo Baptist church ,
0110 of the largest and ilehcst in the city ,
created considerable excitement some tlmo
ago by publicly inviting all Christians to par
take of the communion in his church. The
Baptist papers all ever the country took up
the question and discussed it at length. All
wcro agreed that Dr. Dowllnjr was no longer
a Baptist. To night at prayer meeting of
hiscongiegotion Dr. Dowllng unexpectedly
lead a long letter and piesented his resigna
tion as pastor , to toke effect in October.
The Obstinate Sioux.
DCADVVOOD , Dulc. , August 17. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BEE. ] Viom those Indians
and others who arrived hero from the Pine
Kidgo and Cheyenne agencies it was ascer
tained that the Indians there are opposed to
the opening of the Sioux reservation by the
present ti eaty. and they will not sign this
treaty at all unless it bo u few of the police
men who are in the employ of Undo Sam ,
who do BO from policy's sake. Tuo I ndluna
have hold several meetings and they have at
all times been almost unanimous in their
votes against the signing of any papers in
regard to the treaty , and those who have op
posed the wishes of the Indians uavoboon as.
Proceeding Against Law Breakers.
Puii.XDEi.rjui , August 17. The complaint
against the firm of Jones , Lees & Sons , that
they employed contract labor at their mills ,
took definite shape this afternoon by the Is
suance of two wrlU against the surviving
poUncr * of the firm to recover $1,000 penalty
provided by lu-v in such case * .
suu is A ruocunnss J
A Wnrrnnt Insnctl Kor the Arrest ut
Ditlinch , the Clairvoyant.
Mary Dubncli , n clairvoyant , who resides
at Gl'J South Fourteenth street , is behind the
ban. She was arrested jestcrday on a
warrant charging her with being a procuress.
At an early hour yesterday morning she was
arrested on the charge of being dlsoideily ,
which , on further development of the case ,
was changed as nbove.
Detective Ortnsby and OfuVcr Shields
were standing on the corner of Tout toenth
and Lcavenworth sheets when they were
stiu tied by the shrill blast of a police whistle
and screams. Hushing In the direction of
the disturbance they lound Mine. Dub toll
abusing her next door neighbor , W. F. Ho t.
And thcieby hangs u tiili : .
Bessie Halo , n prettv Bohemian girl was
induced to go into Mrs. Dubich's kitchen as a
servant git 1. She thought that Dubuch was a
lady and that the homo was all right. Bos.
hio'ssisior , who is nottl.o sauio kind of .1 girl
Besslo Is , had worked there befoio and told
her that it was a nice place. It was u sad
Bessie Halo has a voting friend named Ida
Ln Gross Smith. Dubuch induced Bessie to
get Ida to come thcro too. Ida was to do sow-
Ing. She wont , nnd then the brazen madam
began to got in her nefarious work. She told
the girls that all they had to do was to stay
with her that they would hnvo moro fun
than they had o\er known in their lives , and
inako moro money to boot , bho told them
they must iccelvo calleis ; that theio were
lots of nice gentlemen cuino to her house.
The llrst evening's soiree was sunieicnt.
Too lute , almost , the girls dlscoveied to
w hut USD they were to bo put. They re
belled , pleaded , wept aud implored , but all tone
no avail ; tlieUinty-heuttud muiium refused to
allow thorn to leave her don. felio had failed
to compass their full , but she hud them in
lior web und was determined on accomplish
ing her end.
Last night the two gills made their osenpo
and 1.111 into Mr. Hoj I'M liouso. They asked
if they could remain theio all night , in the
moinlng they would send for friends. They
were caied for.
About l' o'clock Mr. HOJ t was aroused bv
n knocking at his door Ho poked his head
out the window and saw four men congto-
gated about tlio door. He asked them what
they wanted. 'Jhov sain thov wanted to
come in. Ho asked what fori Thov told him
he knew. HoU then suspected what they
meant , und told thorn they had mistaken the
house. The\ said they had not , that Mrs.
Dubach told them that tliM could go in theio
and have a circus , that lie hud boinenew gills
Mi Hojt stated to n icportcr yostoidin
nftcinoon that the girls came to his vvlfn and
asued for piotection. That Diilneh had
foiicd them to cniciUin men , nnd that when
thc-i had piotested had thieatoned them
witli diioenpeanco. . TheHoits took them
in and icntcd them a loom , allowing ono of
tlio gills to do housewoik and the other sew
The case came up for trial yesterday after
noon , but Mine. Dubach not being able to get
her witnesses together , it was continued until
this af lei noon. The git is are not as Innocent
as then uppeauuco would indicate. They aio
known tomato men , and one of thorn , \\liilo
iopl\ing to u leporter , was a tnllo piofano.
The ease will bo given a thoiough ailing
before Judge Beikn , but fiom facts gathered
it looks us if Mine. Dubach is in u scilous
sci ape.
Ordered to Il.ij tian Waters.
WASMNOTOV , August 17 , Sectetary Whit
ney has ordeicd Admiral Luce , commanding
the south Atlantic squadron , to piocced
the Galena for Port au Prince , as tlio presence -
enco of an Amcilcuu man of-war is needed in
there on account of the stuto of minimi law
which exists. Hequests for a man of-wur
ramo from Consul General Thompson a (
Port nu Prince and Admiral I.xteo In ordered
to report to him and aid as far as iKmslblo in
protecting Amoilcan Interests In Haitian
waters and bringing about a solution of the
A PAitADisi ; rou xnauocs.
Thirteen of Them Killed ( \t Freetown ,
Nr.w OutVANi , August 17. A dispatch
from New Ibcrln nays : A certain class of
idle nud Immoral characters being ordered
away , many took tcftigo at Freetown , u s
\lllugo composed cntliulv of negro families.
Hero live to hundred mounted men con
gregated and armed themselves. Then the i
icsldonts and piopcrty owners of this section '
collected und llndtng a largo body of armrd
negroes ns repotted demanded the sunendor
of their aims A number accepted
those terms. Thursday morning
llftcen aimed negroes took possession
of a coloicd minister's house , lefuslugto
surrender. The whites hearing of this sent
n messigo with the command Unit they lay
down their weapons within twenty minutes.
Tlio negroes agalu i of used. At the explia-
tion of tlio time u volley was tired at them ,
whit , it noon became a general fusiludc , lust
ing ncaily an hour Finally F. P Smith , n
\\hlto man , was shot dead. The negroes bo-
rumo panic stricken and lied. Whan the
light was os or the bodies of eight negroes
weru found In tlio house nnd live others woio
found outsldo. It is i umorcd thut th roe or
four moro were killed.
The Tcnipcrntura Pnlln to JU )
nt Vincent , Minn.
ST. PA it i. , August 17. Observer Ljons re-
poits the occurrence of a "killing frost" nt
St. Vincent , Minn. , whore tlio temperature
felltoiJO0 before sunrlso this morning. The
frost extended southward to Moorehead nud
westwaid to Bismarck , but It was light at
these points. Though tending to retard the
maiming of ciops , it was not fatul. At Win
nipeg icports lm\o been received fiom all
over the wheat belt All agree in saying
that tlio immense wheat crop is uninjuicd by
last night's cold snap.
A Diiiu-o ol' Death.
OTTVW111. . , Aug. 17. The details of a
tcmble tiagodi at Pialiio Center icachcd
this place to daj A dance was given by a
number of Norwegians. Wlilsky llowcd
fteelj and all wcio moio or less intoxicated.
About midnight two > oung men got into a
light o\or a pittner fora dance nnd ono of
thorn was stabbed , The men piesenttook
sides and ic\ohois and knives weru used
ficeU Eight aio icpoitod either shot or
stabbed , four of whom may die.
The A\oMcrn Freight Ajrcnts.
CHIC u.o , August 17 , The freight agents
of the western roads , who liavo been in ses-
blon for over a week , completed their woik
to day and adjourned. They lm\o disposed
of a vast amount of detail in adjusting the
Illinois schedule on a higher scale and mak
ing the tales luuuioni/o with thosp on inter
state tiafllc to the satisfaction of allthoioiuUi
mtcicbtcd. The new lates will go into cf
feet September 0. .
* W'
Met the lturliiiKtou'8 Cut.
MIUN VDKFB , August 17 The general pas
senger agent of the Wisconsin Central rail
road to Jaj issued a circular authorising a
i eduction of lltst and second class immigrant
uitcs between Chicago and St Paul and Mln-
neaiMjlls to i 10 and $0t.'i , respectively , In
ictnliation for the cut made bi the Chicago ,
Burlington Quincy load.
Thin UcauUfullj Located Properly ou ( ho Menoinoiiro 1'her , adjoining tlio 1'aiions
Clly of Milwaukee , and containing llic CclcbnitoilOrinila Ki riiirs { , platted UK per
cut shown in ( his aduTlisenieiit , will he sold In lots ( o suit piirclmecrg ,
Au. 21. .
AT 7tlO B' . HI.
It Is Impoiatlve for anyone seeking
health ana litreitlou to Imvo quietude ,
puru air nud Inspiring snrroimdttiK * . Tills
the OrliuU Park cun Ro | In Iur cr ubuml-
ancu limn uny othci property of U tlze.
of the wntur.i of these lur famed hprln s :
Chloride of hoillum
Hulphato of Hoilu awia
lll-uirbonutoo : Kodu 1.MW1
Ill rurlioiuto of lime
Ill curbonato of magiKitla W.CCJ3
Hi cuibunalo of protunltu of iron .1763
Hlllcla . .7897
Organic matter
lotal tolUU In U. S. sals W..BSI
shotting no 01 gnnlc or anlmitllo matter of
any kind , but moiu Hnlldx tluin uuy other
ol the celebrated health KlvliiK bpilinsof
thin vicinity , or for that matttr the cutlro
Lnlteil fatatca.
cltlus und the malaria ilildon low lands of the
We vvant the people of Uie crowded eastern
South to punlmge Minima homos in this bmitlful ipot. vUitio HIM " ' " 'S' ' . ' HSil hoiiie. .
to lt
neither at the mercy of exorbitant hotel itttts or bu cumpelleJ o
All other information regarding this iiropcilj r conilltious of Iho sulo can be U
by natlrcssinu the OUINUA Sl'lllNOS COMPANY , 1 5 Mason Stieet , or
312-314 Grand Avenue , MILWAUKEE , WIS.
'VlM . i ii