Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 18, 1888, Page 8, Image 10

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The internal revenue collections ycs-
terduy amounted to $0,188.05.
Ycnterday wna the lightest Any 'of the
yenr In the olllco of the register of deeds.
But six transfers were lllcd.
A marriage license was issued yester
day to Peter Llndo , aged thirty-throo ,
nnd Miss Annlo Loyngcd twonty-sovon ,
both of Oiniihn.
In Justice Iloado'g court that undent
chestnut , the Hellmiui-Snowdon eject
ment case , was continued until next
Tuesday , when it will be given a jury
A bill of enlo was Hied with the county
clerk yesterday convoying from C. 13.
Ott & Co. , known as tlio Grand Union
Ton company , to Walter K. Duvnl , tlio
stock and fixtures nt 1111 Douglas street.
The consideration was $1,013.40.
The residence of J. II. llulbort. 601
Forest avenue , was entered curly on
Wednesday morning by burglars who
effected an entrance through a bath
room window. They were frightened
by Mr. Hulbort's little daughter , Bessie ,
who heard them.
Inquiry at the olllco of the Now York
Life Insurance company develops the
fact that so far as that association is
concerned the whereabouts of Hastings ,
their newly appointed agent from Lin
coln , is unknown. It is thought , how
ever , that ho is in Canada.
Tohn Cowio , who has been manager of
N. B. Falconer's dry goods store for
Borne years , is about to leave the city to
engage in business for himself in-Grand
Island. His associates have profited
him with a magnificent gold watch as a
token of the esteem in which they have
held him these many years.
Prank Kubovec , a baker on South
Thirteenth street , was lined $10 anil
costs for throwing mud on Joseph
Michael and a party of friends who were
standing in front of his residence. Tlio
nlTnir was the outcome of a spite which
Kubovec entertained toward Michael.
Ho accompanied his mud bombardment
with foul and abusive language and was
therefore run in.
Personal Paragraph1) ) .
N. S. Ilarwood , Lincoln , is nt the Paxton.
Tj. A. Garvcr , of DCS Molnes , is in the city.
C. F. Babcock , of McCoolc la at the P.ixJ
ton.W. . .T. Ilryan , of Lincoln , registered at the
J. U. Crawford , ofVest Point , is in
Mr. nml Mrs. G. O. Hazht , of O'Nell , are
in the city.
W. II. Craig , of the Dundee Place Land
company. Is nt the Paxton.
U. J. Kllpatrick , of Beatrice , nnd J. PJ
liecher , of. Columbus. Neb. , are in Omutin.
II. C. Stuart , U. E. Harris , N. C. Uuoudcs
nml George S. Cllnc , of les ) Molnus , are
Mil lard guests.
L. D. Fowler , of Sutton : E. M. Wester-
volt , of Lincoln ; C. H. Gardiner , o O'Neill ,
were Omaha visitors yesterday.
Hcnrv Cusslily , assistant general freight
ngont of the Fremont , Elkhorn & Missouri
Valley railroad , has returned from his trip
to St. Paul.
George F. Dickinson of Scward , J. L.
Baker of West Point , and N. S. Hnrwood
nnd J. G.Vhlto of Lincoln , were Omulm
visitors yesterday.
Not Worth aiontIonIIIR.
There Is not the slightest foundation in
fact for the statement that the projectors of
the new UEE building would convert itwhon ,
completed , into n hotel. The story , in every
particular , is purely the invention of a fake-
writer on an alleged newspaper.
Dr. Mlllcr'H Condition.
Word has been received that Dr. G. L.
Miller is recovering from his rocoint illness
as well as could be expected under the clr-
'cumstances , taking them in connection with
his recent bereavement. The doctor is now
in New York.
Notice to Traveling Men.
A meeting of all traveling men is caUed
for 8 o'clock Saturday evening ut the Arcade
parlors to perfect arrangements for ' 'Drum
jnors' Day" during the fair. This will prob
ably bo the last meeting and all committees
are specially requested to bo ready with their
reports. _
Democratic Ofllclnlsi.
Frank Gnlbralth , of Albion , the newly ap
pointed receiver in the land ofllcc at Neligh ,
Js in the city. Ho has not yet quallllcd for
his now position , it being necessary to have
fiis bond filled out. forwarded to Washing
ton for approval and then returned to tins
city. His prob.iblo successor , D. C. Kuva-
naugh , formerly of Columbus , now of Platte
Centre , Is also in the city.
You can find cool , well furnished
rooms at the Globe hotel , best located
house in Omaha.
Take the Union Pacific to and from
Sun Francisco and Portland.
How Platte Soldiers arc learning the
Art of War.
The departure of the Second Infantry Thurs
day for Its camp at Kearney , was the first
stop toward carrying out the summer man
oeuvres inaugurated some time ago for this de
The troops at all the posts but one will
picct In four encampments , nnd the whole of
September will bo taken up with work in the
jlold on a plan somowhnt similar to the au
tumn mnnoouvers of the Gorman army.
None of the posts has more than a regi
ment of men , nnd some of them but two or
tht'ce companies. The training of the troops
has consequently been limited to company
drills , and batallion and skirmish practice.
These meetings arc intended us schools to
instruct tile jioutiK oflleors , as well as the
privates , with the handling and operations
pf largo bodies of troops when In the I\eld for
action. Urlofly , theory will bo put into prac
In addition to the simple work HUe guard
and patrol duty there will bo short marches ,
the convoying of trains , the construction of
field fortifications , etc. For example , a com
pany may bo scat out to conceal itself. Later ,
another may DO sent out to convoy a wagon
train. The object of the flrst is to surprise
and capture the train , which Is to be de
fended by Its guard. The result IB a sham
battle lu which victory is decided by condi
tions agreed on.
There will bo a school near Kearney , nt
which Will meet the Second infantry from
Fort Omaha , the Twenty-flrst from Fort
Sidney and the Seventeenth from Fort Ru -
Somewhere near Chndron will bo the camp
of the Eighth infantry from Fort NIobrara
nd a part of the Ninth cavalry from Fort
At Caspar , W.vo. , will raeot the troops from
Fort Lararaio , who are a part of the Seventh
infantry ; thosoof Fort MoKlnnoy , parts of
the Seventh Infantry and Ninth cavalry , and
those of Fort Waslmklu. companies from the
Seventh Infantry and Ninth cavalry.
At Strawberry Valley , Utah , will bo the
troops from Fort Douglas , consisting of a
part of the Sixteenth Infantry , ami the
troops from Fort Du Chesno , which are the
Twenty-Orel Infantry and companies from
the Sixteenth infantry and Ninth cavalry.
Tha two companies ot the Seventh in
fantry that are stationed at Fort Pilot Uutto
yrlll not participate. On account of the Ghi-
lioso troubles they must remain at tholr post.
Six comjianlos of. Jho.Sfcona Infantry loft
Port Omaha Thursday for the Kearney
Bchool. General Whcaton will leave Satur
day with four companies to attend the G. A.
It. reunion at Norfolk , and will go thence to
Kearney. General Whcaton will have com
mand of all the troop * concentrated at that
These schools of instruction are peculiar to
( ho Department of the Platte , General How
ard convolved the idea throe years ago and
bad an encampment at Pine Bluffs , Wyo. It
comprised only troops from Forts Omaha ,
Russell and i nramle. It lasted but two
Weeks , was limited in its operations and was
rather experimental. This year practically
the whole department will take to the lleld ,
nnd army men will watch for the result * with
much Interest.
None of the departments of tlio army have
tried the experiment about to be made by the
Platto. The nearest approach has been in
the department of Arizona under the com
mand of General Miles. The troops nro
nostly cavalry. Companion have been sent
ut from one fort to attempt the surprise of
nether or to make a circuit of it without
elng captured. Thcso and other matioeu vcrs
vero by a different branch of the service
: ian tlio Infantry of the north , but they had
radically the same objects In view.
All the troops have loft the Uellevuo rlflo
atigo and tlio department team is on Us
vny to San Antonio. They are the best
wclvo shooters , with two alternates , out of
lie young army of contestants. At ban An-
onlo will bo the contest between the mem-
ers of four teams , one from each depart-
nent in the division of the Missouri.
The marksmen will strive for places in the
vision team , which also will consist of
wclvc men and two alternates. There are
Iso two medals to bo won.
Later the teams from the three divisions
f the artny , the Atlantic , the Missouri and
10 Pacific , will have a similar contest at
" "ort Niagara , New York , for places in the
rmy team. In this contest six moJuls are
warded. The successful marksmen have
lie honor of being the army team for one
ear , and may bo called on by the general In
omiimml of the army to defend the fair fume
nd expert skill of theservlco if challenged to
Inspecting the Militia.
General Whcaton has been ordered by tlio
var department to inspect the Iowa state
illitla ; consequently the four companies
vhlch form the Norfolk column will be com-
nanded by Major E. Butler. The band , rcgi-
ncntal officials nnd Surgeon Brown with his
ion-commissioned staff will accompany this
: olumn. General Whcaton will Join these
roops at Norfolk on the Hist Inst. and thence
> rocoed to Kearney , the camp of Instruc-
ion , and there assume command of both
VntI a Novice In tlio Matter of At
torney' * FCPH.
Mr. Charles J. Phillips will on Monday ,
> cforo Justice John ( J. Shea , ask of Mr.
{ otholtz ( real natno unknown ) damages In
.ho bum of $81.75.
Mr. Charles Phillips Is not an expeit buyer
of watches. Quito the reverse , and to this
'act may bo traced his present chapter of
misfortunes. On Juno 3 ho visited the cm-
> orium of Mr. Hotliolz , which Is distinguished
) .V three golden balls on lower Tenth street.
Yielding to the Blandishments of the loqua
cious vendor , ho was induced to in vest U of
: ds hard-earned savings in a ticker which ho
was assured was of the purest and most reIned -
[ Ined kind of refined gold , but which subse
quently proved to bo a delusive and base itn-
In the process of tlmo Mr. Phillips fell
upon hard times and "went broke. " Ho
again repaired to the establishment of Mr.
liotholz antt hypothecated his base imitation
for the sum of 57 , and now claims that when
10 would redeem the same lie was given an
other Imitation still moro delusive and base.
In this emergency ho applied to Mr. Alex
Green foradvico and assistance. Mr. Green
assured him that he felt quite capable of re
covering the SJ1 , but insinuated that his tlmo
was at the service of the public at the rate of
? 25 per diem in advance , but that in the pres
ent case ? 20 would be sufficient. Considering
$11 better than nothing , Mr. Phillips rustled
up the $20 fee.
In duo time the case came up for trial , but
Phillips' evil genius had landed him in the
Ity jail for vigorous methods in collecting a
debt.Upon motion of the plaintiff's attorney ,
Mr. Green , a non-suit was granted , though
Justice Shea states that ho would have been
perfectly satisfied to have granted a continu
ance.While Mr. Green was jingling the $20 fee
on the sidewalk , his client surged ui > under a
full head of steam , and remarked , "Well ! "
"Too late , you'ro non-suited , " responded
the impsrturbablo attorney , "but , " ho added
by way of consolation , "for a duplication of
the former modest fco I should be willing to
denote another of my $23 days to your ser
vice. "
Mr. Phillips performed a rapid mental cal
culation which convinced him that his profits
would bo a minus quantity oven reckoning in
the Indefinite item of "satisfaction , " and
limited up an attorney for whoso services
there was not such a general public clamor.
IJraiuliirilla For the Press Club Mes
cal a Drug In Market.
J. R. Manchester , claim agent for the
Union Pacific , recently returned from a trip
to Texas and Mexico. Aerocably to a prom
ise made to a representative of the Omaha
Press club , ho came back with a souvenir of
his trip In the shape of a pair of b.mdarllla ,
which fiad figured In a bull tight ho wit
nessed in Matainoras. These are among the
first contributions to the museum of the club
in question.
The gentleman presented n Bui : man with
n pint of Mexican Mescal. It was the first
introduced into Omaha , it was of the vint
age , weedago or the ragago of 1S70 , which
means that it was manufactured twelve
years ago , and that It may have been made
pf grapes , weeds or rags , according to the
taste of the man who is unfortunate enough
to sample the stuff.
Everybody know something about Mescal ,
mainly because the had read about how it
had done up Minister Manning. Those who
had read of that oltlcial's experience , as well
as those who had not , wanted to taste the
liquor. They wore accommodated. Twenty-
five people sampled it. but thoio
is still left enough in the
pint bottle to sicken a dozen more.
The last victim was a policeman. Ho took
a swallow and the by-standors laughed. The
officer's eyes glistened. His lips puckcied
as if drawn inward by persimmon contrac
tion. Ho wanted to expectorate , but ho
didn't dare to do so because ho had already
said the liquor looked like Irish whisky.
When the ofllcor got oft duty a pule , cast of
thought had supplanted his ruddy glow of
countenance. Ho evidently felt as ho
looked , sick. One of his associates said lie
appeared poorly enough to remain homo to
day. If ho doesn't remain it will bo dan
gerous for the next man wlio approaches
him with a bottle of mescal.
' You say that's the national drink of Mex
ice , " said a man who was splattering with
the earnestness of a Newfoundland which
has Just como out of the water.
"That's what they say of it down there , "
replied THE linn.
"Well. I'd rather live in than In Mex
ice , that's all I say. "
Mr. Manchester is not in the mescal busi
The Plattsiuouth Divorce Case Attor
ney Enjoined.
Judge Wakoloy has given his ruling in the
case of Sarah J. McMonomy against George
n. Ayers , Albert N. Sullivan and Mary Sul
livan , granting the plaintiff a temporary InJunction -
Junction against all of the defendants.
Mr. Sullivan is an attorney at law and re
sides at Plattsmouth. In 1SSO Mrs. MoMen-
omy employed him to prosecute a divorce
case for her in the courts.
Ho did so and procured a decree for her.
When she came to settle with him for his
services a trade of some Omaha property was
suggested as a moans of payment. Sullivan
negotiated the trade nnd offered In exchange
a nuartor section of land in Custor county.
ino trade was perfected and the transfer
of the property mndo.
The Omaha lot was sold later by Sullivan
to George B. Ayers for $3,000 , and soaio pay
ments made on it.
When Mrs. McMcnomy came to take pos
session of the Custor county farm she found
that she only had a Union Paclflo railroad
onlvr"aKl tsh ° lmid | ° n WhlcU SaUlvau haa
When she learned the kind of a trade her
trusted attorney had roped her mto she
brought suit la this court asking for an In-
lunation restraining Georco 11. Ayers from
making any more payments on the property
or cancelling the mortgages on it. and acaliiBt
his wife , enjoining them from any disposition
of the notes yet uubold or any transfer ol
the mortgages they hold oti the property.
The ruling oX tha court will rerntua la
'orce until Mrs. McMenomy is given a hoar-
DK lu court next term.
The following now cases have been bccuu.
Henry E. Koster against Mrs. llertlo Mann
for fllO.70 for labor performed : Charles Cor-
> elt against Emily C. and Albert Hose for
ho foreclosure of a mortgage for $470.
GeorKe M. Downing has begun foreclosure
irocecdlngs for n lot In Harbach's second
iddltion under a note for ( i , OJ , given by
Charles F. Patterson. Edmund I. Uaff is
made a party to the defense.
The grand flourish of trumpets often
lornlds the ndvent of an article which
'nils ' , when tried , to justify the noise
made in its behalf. The unassuming
norits of Van Duzcr'u Flavoring Ex
tracts , derived from choice fruits , of
standard purity , and elected over n
quarter of 11 century ago to the chief
[ ilnco among flavors , are too well known
to need moro than n general reminder ,
-heap competition of valueless articles
lieighten the popularity of these. All
Shoshone Falls , Iduhn , the poor of
Niagara Falls , can bo reached only by
the Union Pacific.
W. C. Uellly. of Sidney , Fleeced by n
Snldc Auction Shop.
iVmong the victims of Frank McConnell's '
snide auction shop , near Dewey & Stone's
warehouse on South Tenth street , yes
terday , was no less distinguished an In
dividual than W. C. Heilly , of Sidney ,
an attorney and prominent politician of
western Nebraska. Ho came to Omaha on
[ business , and while walking past
the auction shop mentioned ho was at
tracted by the glittering watch held in
the hands of the loud-mouthed crier.
A capper had worked the old racket of bid
ding $ J5 and then pretending not to have
enough money to pay for the watch. The
watch was again put up and Ueilly soelng In
it n bargain , bid $13 for it nnd it was knocked
down to him. Ho soon saw the worthlessness -
ness of the brass ticker and made a great ,
kick and finally the auctioneers returned him
part of his money for the watch , and Ueilly
departed on his way.
In another column of this issue will bo
found an entirely now and novel speci
men of attractive advertising. It is 0110
of the neatest over placed in our paper
and wo think our renders will be well
repaid for examining the bin'ro.sii >
display letters in the advertisement of
Prickly Ash Bitters.
Visitors to the city should try the
Globe hotel , KUU Douglas.
Instruments Placed on Hccord Dnr <
Ins * Yc-Htcrtlny.
J Odwarker nnd wife to V II Sullivan , n
y loti ) , blk 10 , South Omaha , w cl 1,000
N A Kiiliu , trustee , to V 11 Ollmore , lot M.
blkti. Creliihton Id'lKhlv , wd 600
J A Mcshnne to M Nelson , lot 3 , lilk 20 ,
1st add , bouth Omaha , w < 1 450
M Nelson to S ( "lioiley , lot J , blk 20 , 1st
add , South Omaha , w d 650
Union I'acltlcialrnny to City of Omaha ,
a : ) ft s sldo of government , lot 3 , 10-15-11
(1C < 1
I ) li Thomas nnil wife to U A MrPonnld ,
lor 18 , blk 8. HrlRK's pluon , w d . . . . 1,000
0 It Lceund wife to w It ase anil hus
band , lots 1,2 , ; i and I , blk ; i , Albrlghfti
AnnuK , u d ! , rG2
E.IVohier3 rial to r O'Hearnc , lot " ( ! ,
blk : . ' . Onto City Tark , wd 200
Klght transfers . $ 7.WJ
Rtillduii ; Penults.
The following building permits were is
sued yesterday :
O.W. J.lnlnter , Improvements , Davcnpoit
and KiKliteenth streets { 12,003
Ilnllou Itros. , Improvements , Mliunl ,
Thirty-fourth avonno COO
J.W. Iliunsdnll , live frame hoimed/l hlrty- " '
fourth and I.envomvorth I'.OOO
L. I' . Hammond , tnreo frumo houses ,
llilrty-slxtli and.lones streets 0,003
T. J' . Nelson , Improvement * , Twenty-
seventh and liurdette Htroeta 300
Five permits , aggregating. jk,500 : !
A peculiarity of Hood's Sai'saparillu is
that while it purifies the blood , it im
parts now vigor to every function of the
The Union Pacific is the short line
from Kansas City to Denver.
A solid vestibule train daily , with
dining ear attached , viutho Burlington
route , leaves from their own depot ,
Omaha , at 3:45 : p. m. , arriving at Chicago
cage 8 a. m. Tickets bold ana bleeping
car berths reserved at the city otlice ,
1223 Furnum street. Telephone 250.
And There Is Weeping and Availing at
"Weeping Water.
A communication from Weeping Water to
the chief of police , announces that Edward
Vundyno is a bold , bad man. Ho has been
obtaining money down there by false pre
tenses. Ho realized about $700 , but the pecu
liar character of his modus operandl is not
known. Down there the people think ho
came to Omaha in search of more dupes , and
they want the chief to catch him and hold
him until they can como after him.
Its superior excellence proven In millions of
homes tor moro than n quarter of a century. It
IH used by tlio United States Government. Kn
domed by th heads nt the Kreat Universities as
the strongest purest nnd most healthful. Dr.
I'rlce's Cream Making Powder does not contain
ammonia , lime or alum. Sold only In cans.
Now Yort , Chicago , St.Lonls
MtiST.inn Pi. tHTEiisin the house
during the Hummer months.that
there may be no delay In prompt
ly rulleriuf ; sudden attacks of
EVERY Cholera Jlorbus. Cramp , Colic ,
nnl otli5r\ljontpilriHresulting !
from ovfrlnrtulgonce in Giten
FAMILY rritlts. Htalo getablus. Icoil
IlrlnkH , Jca Cream , xc. Thcaa
Plaitt-rs are ready for Imiucdlato
SHOULD use : t hey represent the very best
finality of mustard , and never
full to act promptly. Sold by
HAVE .Druggists everywhere.
livery Intelligent Puyslclan
trios to Impress upon patrons
A the Importance ot Keeping the
Ir of the Kick room pure and un-
coutamluated. This can be donn
BOX by ournlng nviuiONAriiTiioi.
PASTiLr.KS , which will quickly
render the air pure , fresh and In-
vlgoratlnp , Ihitup tn neat tin
boxes and sold by Druggists at
S. " > cents , or sent post iiuld by
BKIUUUV & Jpn.NBoy. N. Y
L * - A M 1 M C . _ * - * * - - - * '
C5Sold on
circular ,
Santa Abie : and : Cat-R-Gure
For Sale by
Goodman Drug Co. u
Is entirely n rcgctablo reparation con
taining no Mercury , Potaih , Ancnlc , or othcf
poisonous lub'tnuccs.
Had cured hundred * of omc ot rplthcllo-
ma or Cancer of the Skin , thousands of cases
of Eczema , DIood Humoru and Skin Dlccaaes ,
nnd hundreds of thousauu * of cases of facrof-
ula , lilood Poison and Blood Taint.
Has relieved thoiuands of cn es of Sleren-
rial Poisoning , nhouuiatlsm nnd Stiffness ot
the Joints.
CHtFaoalLt f * JunoIT.IttS-SwIft'i
Bpecino Co. , AtUnUi , Oa.-OeutlemoM ; In the
parly part of the jiresunt year , a bad case of
.C. ? ole ° S PP ar ( | upuu me. I Ijtijan
Inking S.S. S.uudar advlca of another , uml
today I feel freatly Improved. I am Mill
taking 'the m dlome anil shall contlnuo to do
in until I am perfectly well. I bollere It 1U
effect a perfect euro. Youra truly ,
Doc. P. llowinp ,
111 Went Blxtu 86.
Coiciinu , S. a. July 7 , ! S8-Tho Swift
Specific Co. , Atlanta , Ou.-Oonllemcn : I was
n icrt nt suffeicr from muscular rheumatism
fnrtyo jenre. I could got uo permanent 10-
llpf from nny mc-dlcluo presc-lbud liy my
phynlclan. I tiwk over a dozi-n bottles or
your S S. S , and now I oin ua well oa I ever
WHS In my llfn. I nci sure jour niodlcluo
cured in , and I would recommend It tn any
oat 'Buffering from any blood disease. Your *
truly , o. E. Svaurs.
Conduutor C. * O. it R.
WACO. TEXAS , ! T y 9 , I * > S-aentlom n : Th
i , ? . , ° " , e.of T customers was turribly
envcted with n loathsome kln disease , thai
covered her whole body. She was cnnHned
to her bed for several ycnr by this affliction ,
and could not help herself at all. She ooulc
not sleep from a vrolent Itching i > ml stlrmlng
° t l e skin. The disease baffled the skill of
the Iihynlclans who treated It. Her husband
becau llnally glvluit bis wfo | SH Iffs SpoclHo ,
and she commenced to Improvn almost Im
mediately. and In a few weeks she was ap-
preutly well. She Is now a hcurty Rao-
lookine lady , with no trace of the affliction
left. . i very truly , J. K. SKAIIS.
W holesulo Druggist , Austin Avenue.
Trcitlso on Blood and Skin D ! ea es mailed
free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC Co. , Drawer 8 ,
Atlanta , Go. j Now York , 73fi Broad n-ay.
The beat and sorest Remedy for Care of
all diseases caused by any derangement ol
tbo Liver , Kidneys , Btomacli and Bowel * .
Dyspepsia , Sick Headache , Constipation ,
Billons Complaints and Halorlaof all kind )
yield readily to tlio benefltent Influence of
It is pleoMat to the taato , tones np tbo
system , restores and pretcrrei beAfe.
It U purely Vegetable , cod cannot ftU to
prove beaefltUl , both to old and young.
As a Blood Purieer it if gnperior to all
eifacH. Sold everywhere at $1.00 a bottle.
We still have lejt a
few odd suits from
our large stock of
Mummer Goodx , that
we want to dispose of
before the fall season
opens , prices $1O ,
$12 , 910. Remember
these arc strlctlji all
goods , wade in
both Sacks d ) Frocks.
Bit O hu given tintver
al latlifactton in tht
cor * ot Oonorrticca and
Oleet. I prucrlbe It and
'eel safe In recommend-
l ° t It to all luffcren.
l.J. STOXEB , M.D. ,
Docttur , III.
PIIICE , 01.00 ,
TrU. Sold' bf DlU 6l t3.
Burlington Burlingitif ,
Route Route
The Burlington lakes the lead.
It was in advance of all lines in developing Nebraska * "
It was in advance of all lines' in establishing dining-car
service between Missouri river points and Chicago.
It was in advance of all lines in giving the people of
Omaha and the West a fast mail service.
It was in advance of all lines In running its trains from
the East into Omaha proper.
It was in advance of all lines in reducing the time of
passenger trains between Omaha and Chicago.
It was in advance , and is the only line by which you can
feave Omaha in the morning and arrive In Denver the
evening of the same day.
It has been progressive in the past.
It will lead in the future.
Travel and ship via the Burlington.
Ticket Office , 1223 Farnam Street. Telephone 250.
Depot on Tenth Street.
C.B. 0RR :
bu TRIFLED away hll VIUOR of BODY ,
BSIIf D and MANHOOD , causing exhausting
drains upon tba FOUNTAIN ) * of LIFJC.
Dreami , WEAKNESS of Memory , RASH. in HOCIETY , PIHF-LEN upon
the FACE , and all the BFFECTM leading to
VfOti or IN8AKITY , should ooniult at onca
the CELEBRATED Dr. darlte , Established
1661. n. Clarke hu made NERVOUH DE-
JBII.ITT. CHROHIO and all DUeasts of
fee UENITO VKINARY Organi B Life
ftudy. It xkakea NO difference WHAT you
bare taken or WHO hu failed to cure you.
JO-FEW ALE8 sufierlng from dlieuei pecu
uar to their iex cum coniult with the assurance
of ipeodf relief and cure. Send 2 conU pottage
tor work * on jour dlieaies.
* i-iien4 4 cents postage for Celebrated
Work * oa Chronic , Marvouc and Dell *
ate Oiieuei. Coaiulutloo , penonally or by
totter , free. Coniult the old Doctor.
ThonnnndB cored. OiBees and pnrlom
prfT c- . 49-Thoe contemplptlng Marriage
vend for Dr. Clarke' * celebrated guide
Mule and Female , each 15c. , both U6e.
( Umpi ) , Hefoi conflAlnr your cue , consult
Dr. CLARKE. A friendly letter or call ma *
re future nuflerlugawd ibatne , and add goliltr
yeare to life. WBook " Life' * ( gecref ) Et
ron , " 50o. ( rtantpg ) . Medicine and writing *
( nt everywhere , leonre from expitKiire.
Hours , 8 to S : Sundayi , 9 to 12. Addrcts ,
S1. D. OLA&KE , M. D.
186 Sa. Clark SV aHICAQQ. ILL.
Your Left Liver
A Proprietary Modicum that needs but a trial
to prove Its urortli.
Dr , Calender's ' Left Liver Bitters ,
Tno only Dlntllled Hitters In the United
States. The only Hitters recognized by the
United States Inteiual rovtmuo IUWH aa a Fro-
nrletury Medicine. Lawfully Patented. No. ol
Patent 14R.873. Contains no fusil
essential oils , no forelrn substance or rlnniag.
Inc ilriiKS. A peifoctly pure medicine , com-
poumled from Pure /loot Herbs ami < JM i'racb ;
pleaiant to thR taste , quiet nnd decisive In 111
effect. Cures Dyspepsia or Yellow Jaundice In
five days. Kegulntes the Bowels. Invleoratoa
Inactive Liver , Cures Dlseased Liver , Jiovlvei
the Kidneys , Improves the Appetite Quickly ,
Uegulntes the wnolu nystaui. New Life to the
whole Bybtonu
er Hitters are sold In Omaha , Xob. , bjr the
lollDwtnif Uruimlsti : Hlchardson Drug Co ,
Whole le , for the drug Interest of Nebraska. Hctall.
Co. . W. J. Whltehou'O. T. W.
. bum U. Kamsworth. behrotcr's I'UHrniac
II. Schmidt , Max lleclit. J. 8. Clirlitea n. W. Jt.
Ijimberson , U.H.Cox. Mai Conrad , frank XV. logg ,
Il.ltasmusson , George Uoeder. , ora' l | larraaoy , 0.
A.SlBlcUer.lloward Meyers. VranV Dcllone * Co. .
wholesale dealers lu cigars ana Leltl.U er liltturs.
Paid Up Capital $400,000
Surplus. . . . . 50,000
U. W. YATES , President.
LEW1B8. IlEKD , Vlco President.
A.U. TOUZA&IN , 2nd Vice President ,
W. II. B. UUQUES , CusUler
II. W. YATfcS , I.EW 13 B. UEE1) ,
Ilanklng Olllco
Corner 12th and Farnam SW.
A General iluuklnb' UuslneaaTransacted.
tR t gyarit < fMth e c P
Kuee gt't&M ' * l trUiaenU.
Electro-Magnetic Belts !
The Grandest Triumph ol Electric Science
"Jest fWeltllfl Scientifically Made tnd Practically Applied.
atUm , ParalrmU , fKarolclB , 8el > tlr f Ulxurs of Uld > j > , Spl. l 1 UU H . Tor
; Enlulou , Astkns > , M rt IllMcw , Uj.jpop.In , Con t4f ullon , lrr ll > clf ,
. , Isn > teji 7 , O.t.rrb , I > U . Eplleptr. Bumk Ajntf , IHab * .
Dr r. ! * „ ( fact thl * belt U Just what ! n 4.
XltotHdtt Jnttanlfy ftltl Can be applied
toany part of the boSy. Whole family csn WHEN ALL FAILS. It U tlMtrlflw th blood and enres ww.F1"ir . * r * < * *
slrei proituoM a continuous eumgt | convoys electricity through the bodr on the n. It cures
by irmjerttli * * continuous current of electricity (10 ( or 1 hours oat of M ) throughout the human systsrn
aU ; rlaa all uanrotiinMS Immediately , and prodnclnganew circulation of the Ufa . fore s-tBy blood , Im
parfW vUror , ttreatrth , enerry and health , when all other treatment has failed , Tt miriU of this solen
tine B lt are being recognised aad Indorsed by thousands whom It haf cured. , . . . . .
RKFF.HINCMi-Anr bank , commercial enoy or wholesale hojl In Chicago ) wholesale druggists
Bn Fr2eUco nd Chic * tr Bend sttmpfor 111 page Illustrated pauphUt.
xuno. Inventor audllanufactunr , 1 1 Wabuh i Aveaie Chicago.
Pure , " Silver Gloss * & Corn Starch ,
North 10th Street , Between Binnoy nntl Wirt Sts. , Omahn.
Commencing THURSDAY EVE'NG. , AUG. 30
Siege of Sebastopol
In\cntcd and produced by Pain & Sons , of London and New York. Thcarlc & Cooper
Managers , Realistic bombardment of forts , by boats , on an immense Artifi
cial Lake. Tenific Assault of Fortress by Allies.
Correctly costumed and excellently drilled as Russian Soldiers , Cossacks , French
and English troops and marines , Turks , Sardinians , etc.
By specially engaged artists , Russian ath'ctcs ' , Swordsmen , etc. The whole to
conclude with
Consisting of the latest novclticb.Manliattan Beach Aerial and Aquatic Pjrotichnics
Music by Sabastopol Military Band.
Admission 5Oc ; - - Reserved Seats , 75c
1888 THE GREAT 1888
Held September 3 to 8 , Inclusive.
Most Complete and Best Arranged Fair Grounds in the West
The best accommodations for stock , which can bo unloaded from cars at thq
grounds. Superior accommodations for agricultural exhibits. The bunt arm
fastest track in the country. Competition open to the world. No entry fco jj
copt in racing purses.
Special Attraction Each. Day.
GRAND AND MAGNIFICENT Pyrotobhnical Display every evening of th
SIEGE OF SEBASTOPOL. For premium HsU , circulars and informa
tion , add roes
J. H. McSHANE , Secretary , Omaha , Nebraska.
TV A FEU 8 are
sucoesifullr IUM ( rtntitlily aj over 10,000
Iffectualand Pltatant
C . JitaBafe , f Jf Hlil Mitt * 4 ctui i )
1 per box by ruall.or at drURgints. SealtJ
-.torifcitlari Z ponUsii Btamps. Address
TUB Eualiu Cncutou , Oa , DaraoiT , MICLU
r ae a u ( t > y mall by Goodman
IJrua Co , , Omaha , Neb.
Ctao4 work , ( od r f icoccl , B < l
V- Send for MmoUlel. B. Q , OuB
,816 f \ftiMiiUii \ , D.Cl
( BucccMsors tn John U. Jacobs. )
Undertakers & Embalmers
At the old stand , UrJ7 I'srnuui St. Orders by
telezraph toliclted and promptly atteudav
Telephone to.No. 'U
ALSO Tobucco v ( DA
Liquor Habit Opium Labiu our < tf.
, No p r until trial *
neuluure Ueffect Wo hare falfi enouib tA u
rtmedy to inakt this on r. u can t > - glTtu wltkf ft
Wllliout th e tlii knoqjedve of IbB rerson raatac lb