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Lord Salisbury's Spcooh Occasions
Much DlEcueslon.
The Latest Rumors Concerning the
Bulgarian Muddlo.
Dowager Empress Augusta's Dovo-
tlon to the Flood Sufferer s.
Opening < > C thu Knad Between I'm1 In
and Constantinople Mailers in
Operatic and Dramatic
( JlrctCH.
A Much Discussed lOvcnt.
lf"oj/rfu/il ! | / ( iv , \i\i \ \ yew Yoilt\ \ > finlrtl l'ie * > . ]
Binil.iv , August 11. The most discussed
event of the week was Lord Salisbury's
speech at the lord mayor's banquet in Lon
don. The confident tone of the speech was
welcomed us confirming the National Xei-
tung's statement that Prince Bismarck be
lieved that the meeting between the emperor
and the c/nr would result in u long period of
peace. 'I ho only portion of Salisbury's
speech that is thought to bo open to criticism
is his reference to Bulgaria. Advices re
ceived from St. Petersburg to-day | n no way
tend to confirm the prime minister's optl
inlstlc remarks. On the other hand , it was
stated on reliable authority that Russia ad
heres to her original programme of ousting
Prince Ferdinand , excluding Prince Alex
ander nnd sending n Russian commissioner
to restore diplomatic relations without inter
fering with internal affairs , preliminary to
allowing the Bulgarians to elect any
prince they think lit , piovidcd ho bo
legally elected and n member of the orthodox
church. Salisuusy's speech met with greater
criticism in Vienna than elsewhere , his ap
parently improved feeling toward Russia
being unpalatable to the Austrians. The
cabinet nt Vienna has no intention to aban
don Prince Ferdinand , and continues to favor
a settlement to bo agreed upon by all the
The Massowuh incident Is here considered
definitely closcu by M. Goblet's note of pro-
Herr von Schloezer , the German represen
tative at the Vatican , who brought a letter
from Cardinal Hcmpolla , papal secretary of
state , has had several long interviews with
] 'rlnc'j Bismarck during the week. There
are rumors that the results of these confer
ences have caused a hcsistancy in completing
tlie plans for the kaiser's visit to Italy. The
Italian government is arranging a railway
excursion from all points of Italy in order to
bring together a largo concourse of people in
honor of the royal visitor.
The empress is feeling remarkably well.
She rose for a short time yesterday and to
day. The young prince is also progressing
favorably. Dowager Empress Augusta bus
sent , through the Dnchoss of Rutibor , 1,000
marks for the relief of the suffers by the
Hoods In the Hirschburg district. The em
peror In the autumn will lay the foundation
of the now palace of justice and supreme
court of the empire. The Duke of Cambridge
has arrived at Kcssinger , where ho will stay
w 'crnl weeks to tuko the water.
.Tlio King of Portugal will arrive in Berlin
to morrow ,
Tlio report that Germany is about to join n
n roufercnco on central African affairs is do-
rldi-cd to bo absolutely unfounded.
A iitenmur service from Hamburg to Aus
tralia has been arranged by the Dcutbcho
bank and other establishments , the gross
C' . ! . tal being already subscribed. Two
bto utters nro In thucoursoof construction ,
und it is expected that they will start runj
iiin ; ' nt the beginning of next year.
Bishop Strossmoycr is preparing a defense
of ! < s conduct in which he will contend that
tlo : net of becking to unite the Catholic and
( livoli churches ought to meet with the np-
jiiiiiitlon of the pope , und further , that he
dot1. ! not consider Ills Slav sympathies In
compatible with his duties as an Austrian
The train which inaugurated the direct
service between Paris and Constantinople
p.v-jyJ through I'esth to-day. It had on
buru'-la number of notable guests and jour
nal b X.
Hi-rr Sucher , conductor of the Berlin
nn. .i , has expressed a desire to resign his
n. It is probable thut his resignation
I bo accepted and that Herr Motto will bo
fi. IRCU to succeed him.
ij\-iu : Hrull has written a new opara en
titled ' 'Das Stelucrno Hew. " It will be pro
duced lu Vienna nnd Now York nc.\t season
by u Ciornwn opera company.
They Weary of the Methods of the
Bureaux do Placement.
' ( rj'jillit ) / / tSSSliyJamu ( Ionian llennttt. ]
l'mAugust 11. [ Now York Herald
Cubic "poelal to the BBK. ] The loading
ropubllcr.n papers congratulate Floquct on
Ms f let und energy. His determination not
to uppro - the obnoxious bureau do place-
lii"ut , uf which the barbers and waiters
cusiila'.n. causes less enthusiasm which is
mt sill-prising. Barbers and hair-dressers
a\\i \ Uio : ! ii > st loquacious people in the world.
Slnrc : ho Arabian Nights , since Oliver in
j ) . l'i , since the immortal Figaro , they
hire ) > ) a.1-0.1 the leading roles in history ,
the barbers strike or when they comb
I bruMi up political discord they are rovo-
ui. Due ! n Paris they certainly have
fl Rnt'VUKOo against thebureaux deplace-
ntcnt. The bureaux doplaccmmit have a list
of ; ' ! ! thbiMiii'curiiOf Paris. When a Rood
VOsffour tYiiuts n piiwo they won't havn any
thing 'J ) do with him because they
kro\v thitl ifoacu piacwl be will stay , but
whereas If n bad one bo placed ho will soon
lie displaced and bo on their list again. Thus
the bureaux do placement reaps a new com
mission for placing him again. Thobureax
do placement pass their time In playing bat
tledore and shuttlecock with the bud barbers.
All this tells heavily against good barbers ,
who now want to abolish the bureaux do
placement and replace them by u
barbers' syndicate , whcro n list
of all barbers out of work shall
be kept and from which patrons choo o their
workmen , untrammeled by the brokerage of
intelligence offices. The barbers are on the
right track and , it is hoped , will have their
way , but it Is a pity that good barbers do not
advertise In the papers us they do in Amcr-
ico. Then they would need no bureau do
placement and no syndicate , but the employer
and employed would bo put in communica
tion with each other without the interven
tion of costly middlemen.
SAUSS1RK UN DO ItS 121 > .
Paris Highly Pleased with Illy Treat
ment of the Mob.
fOipjryJit95i / | / James llnnlun Ilime'.1
PVHI.S , August 11--New York Herald
Cable Special to Tnu Hr.ii.J The political
atmosphere is much clearer since the linn
attitude of thn government that holds forty
thousand tioops , with Seboy repeaters in
hand , ready to crush in tlio bud any attempt
at revolution. General Siusslcr , the
governor of Paris , has won the
raise of all law-abiding French
men. This general has the quiet ,
dogged determination and strengtli of char-
tcter of General Grant. He has twlco saved
'aris ' from revolution , once during the pros-
dcntial election last autumn and again
during the past week of strikes and com
munist threats and swagger , nud to-day
iMicral Saussier is the moil papular man in
Franco. So long as ho or any man like him
commands hero Americans and their wives
and their children , aunts , cousins and their
omalo relatives may visit Paris with the
conlldenco and security that they would fool
n New York or London.
The Temps , the leading organ of respecta
ble republicanism , gives the premier unstlnt-
ng praise for his resolution. The Debats
: norc grudgingly remarks : "The govern
ment seems at last to have awakened to u
sense of its rights and duties. " The Rcpub-
, Iquo Francaiso says : "Tho pojplo have
: iow boon nblo to convince themselves that
.mdcr the republic , no matter whether
tho- ministry bo radical or moderate ,
order will bo equally maintained ;
revolt pitilessly repressed und public
order respected. " The Lanterno and other
so-called advanced papers arc less enthusi
astic , some clamoring for the dismissal of M.
Lozi , the prefect of police , whoso firm hand
calleil the rioters to order so strongly. The
Hommo Libre , once the organ of General
Endes , runs over with rage , denouncing the
police us brutes and cowards for assailing on
unarmed crowd a rather irrational tone to
take , seeing that the unarmed crowd threw
bombs and lired revolvers.
Some Better Weather New Bathing
Costumes PcrHonal AtovcmciitH.
iSSSbyJamci flonlmi isennctt.l
August II. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to THE BKU. ] A complete
climatic revolution has been achieved during
the past forty-eight hours. The torrents of
rain and Siberian blasts that continued with
out u break during June and July , and which
threatened to place every poor household
throughout Franco fnco to face with want
and starvation , and swell the rivers into de
stroying floods are over. The floods Imvo now
suddenly ceased , and the bright , blaring
sun reigns supreme from Calais
to Marseilles. At last the ideal
summer weather of Franco is with
us for good. All Paris that is not en
gicvo is Hitting off to the seaside resorts ,
The mania for La Tosc.x and Dircetoiro cos
tumes , which gave the keynote to Parisian
toilettes this spring , is now spreading to
bathing dresses. They are elaborately
trimmed with flowers , tulle and ribbons.
The tiiUion bathing dresses are most deliciously -
liciously captivating. They are of heliotrope
faille with artistic facings of violet colored
velvet. To see groups of Parisian
Naida splashing about in the
surf at Trouvlllo Dieppe attired
in these charmingly revised revelations U
worth a trip across the ocean. There are
fewer Americans at the Roche Noire and
Hotel do Paris at Troleville than previous
seasons , but this Is easily accounted for by
the weather.
Mrs. James Hrowa Potter has left already.
Minister MeLano has not arrived yet. Mr.
and Mrs. Calm , o ! Baltimore , Miss Lily Hall ,
of Now York , and several other strangers
from the United Status are at the Uocho
Noire this week.
I did not MOO the Princess de Sagau and the
Marquise Gallifot , but they will doubtless
illl their usual places in the grand staud dur
ing the Dcnvillo races.
A Weird Suioidi ! .
JSSS by James Ctonlnn lluinctt. ]
PAHIS , August II. | Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tin : Uiii. : ] The old
French superstition about the luck attached
to a rope on which a man or woman had been
hung has just been sadly bclici
in the case of a commissionaire living
in the Hue Bandcllquo at Mont Mar-
tro. Ho had for some time been the
liuppy possessor of a bit of the coveted ropo.
Much thinking of his treasure made him
morbid. Whenever ho looked at It ho re
membered the dreadful faoo of the young
girl whom lie had cut down In a neighbor's
house oue morning. At last this becatno
unbearable. Ho got his rope out , tied it to a
hook and hung himself.
The lllvcr nnd Harbor BUI.
WAFHIXOTUX , August U. Tha river and
Imrbor bill becomes .1 law without the presi
dent'approval. . The president states thut
while thi ) bill contained Items to which ho
could not sign bin approval , the great bulk o
the work provided U so important to the bcs
interests of the country that he is unwilling
to olv.iue * . It by a veto.
'nterostiug Gossip Concerning the
Members of Parliament.
Combatants in the House Diminish
ing in Numbers.
Goschon Wandering About Gloomy
and Dejected.
VII But a Few ( if the L < mln and DtikcB
12i\oyliii | ; ThcmsolvoH In the
Highlands or on the
Ocean Wave.
"Who ( Joos Homo ? "
[ O > pyjfit ( ; ? 1SSS till JamrHlnrtlun llcimrlt.\ \
LONDON- , August 11. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tnc Uiic.l The last day's '
session did not ebb away peacefully. Remains
of the warlike spirit are still visible , although
the combatants diminish rapidly in numbers.
Mr. Gladstone has gone , and Hnrcourt ap
pears to have followed him. Morley is no
more seen. Lord lltutington and Sir Henry
James still make themselves visible for a
little while , and Chamberlain returned for a
brief interval one day. Some keep an eye on
the liberal unionists or they would all vanish ,
but the Glndsloninns can bo trusted to hold
together even without their great leader. The
conservatives also continue to drag them
selves to the chamber reluctantly.
The Irish party are sticking to their
l > osts. Blggar is never absent. Some
of his colleagues wish that ho was , lor it
must be frankly confessed that when the
nationalists , get off the homo rule question
they will bo by no means united. Last night
and early this morning they fell out fre
quently. Blggar resisted the progress of
several bills which his Irish friends deem
necessary and desirable , and although Sex
ton appealed repeatedly to him ho refused to
give way. At List Sexton sncermgly de
clared that he could scarcely call Biggnr his
colleague again. When Dr. Tanner set off on
the warpath Sexton administered to him so
sharp a rebuke that Tanner seemed
on the point of shedding tears. Biggar is the
terror of his party when ho means to
have his own wuy. Ho will oppose a bill
even though ull his colleagues earnestly de
sire that it should pass.
We who look on cannot help coming to the
conclusion that it will not all be honey and
rose water on St. Stephen's green when the
Irish parliament is called together. The
members of the government arc bound to bo
hero at the opening nnd remain till the close.
Poor Mr. Smith looks utterly tired out , and
if ho is rash enough to undertake the leader
ship of the house of commons another session
he will forfeit all claim to sympathy. Tno
w oik , anxiety and responsibility are crush
ing him down. Ho has done his best , but ho
ought not to go on staggering under a burden
which is far too for him.
Balfour stands the racket a little better ,
but ho is absent many hours together and
gets plenty of rest , whereas Smith has to bo
eternally on the watch. If Balfour is tired
it only renders him a trifle more languid nnd
indifferent , and the people pity him and
praise his devotion to his country. Ho knows
how to economi7o his strength. The amount
of work ho does will never hurt him. In his
own room hero ho has a very comfortable
couch , and when ho is not reading novels he
is iiblecp. How Smith must envy him.
Goschen comoi wandering into the house
in his fldgity , restless , purblind way
feeling for his eyeglass , which
has generally worked its way around
to his back. The chancellor is gloomy nnd de
jected , for the session unquestionable prcssa-
gcs failui e so far as ho is concerned. His iiorso
tax , wheel tax and foreign securities tax all
are deeply resented by the classes effected ,
und the ona popular ido i that Goschen was a
financial genius is exploded forever. Last
session ho borrowed money to create a sur
plus. This year ho has revived or invented
a number of vexatious imposts
which the public scoff at. Even
at the Lord Mayor's dinner ho
was received in dead silenco.Tlio Goschen
boom Is over , and nobody is moro conscious
of It than the chancellor himself.
The house of lords always docs what it
likes. The larger number of members are
yachting or in Scotland getting ready for
next Monday's grouse , but the remnant of
the faithful remained till to-day to support
Lord Salisbury in his efforts to get the Par-
nellite commission bill safely through. The
premier made a perfunctory sort of speech
to a sleepy house. Poor old Bob Lowe ,
Lord Sherbrooke , came into the gallery with
ills wife , for of late ho never ventures upon
the floor of the house. Ho haunts the upper
regions like a phantcm.
Ono princess made her way into the gal
lery. The son of that lord chancellor who
wrote so many dull or spiteful lies , Lord
Campbell , sat fast asleep. Lord Grauvillo
und three or four other Gladstonlans tried
to keep awake. Near Lord Salisbury , by
way of keeping him In countenance , were
Lords Cross , Knutsford , that sublime
mediocrity , nnd Lord Ashbourno , who
managed public life so extremely well
for himself. A few speeches in the liouso of
commons , a fierce attack now and then upon
his brother Irishmen , brought him 10,000
a year , to say nothing of tlio opportunity
which ho bad , and did not neglect , of pro
viding tor all his family Irishmen , who knew
how to make themselves useful to the gov
ernment. Verily , they will get their re
ward. When the. tones go out Lord Ash-
bourne , once Milner Gibson , gets a pen
Bion of i'5,000 . .ayear. . When they are
in again lie KOPS back to his ofllco and 10,000
Who says that patriotism , of a certain kind ,
Iocs not pay I
With the local government grinding its way
slowly through the mills of the lower house ,
ind the Parnell commission bill being put
through the upper at railroad speed , wo wind
up this long and weary session. While the
ndlcs are on ttio lorrara below renti
ng themselves with tea or Ices , and
the lord advocate with his shiny
lutldhcad stands leaning over the parapet
Mtirtlng the gcntlo breo/cs , which tire
grafted up and down the Thames , happy
shall wo nil bo when on Monday , for the last
Llmo this summer , the quaint oltl cry rings
through the lobbies , "Who goes homo ! "
MUMIIlfll 01' P.UM.IAMl'.XT.
Genuine WorkliiKiniMi ct Public Sym
pathy Sonic llunioroii'4 Incidents.
l < 'iij > l/ifu/it / / IKStiyJamt * ( limlon llennctj
P.utis , August 11. [ New Vork Herald
Cable Special to Tin : Uini.1 The peace
ful work of the bona fldo woritmcn In the
Hades procession during the riots , has re
stored to them much of the public sympathy
they were losing. The navvies , wnggoneis
and masons now on a strike have a real
grievance which they would gladly have
righted without to violence , if the anarchists
and communists would let them. But hero ,
as elsewhere , there are always agitators on
watch hungry to bring quarrels to their own
advantage Qnnd snatch bad notoriety
from their neighbors troubles. Negotia
tions are now going on between the
men nnd the bosses which may end in the
point nt issue being settled by arbitration.
Unless foreign money bo , as sonio think , be
hind the agitators , it is hoped that the strikes
in the building trndo at least will soon be
A small book might bo filled with serio
comic anecdotes of these dreadful strlKes.
On Thursday , finding they could not gat into
their favorite meeting place , the Bourse do
Travail , a gang of several hundied navvies
formed in procession and started for a quiet
lounge down the Uuc Kivoll. A strong force
of police , almost as numerous , hastily
told off to watch them , joined the
cortege and tramped round about the
city with the strikers , wondering what
wild mischief was brewing. After a couple
of hours of this amusement the sergeant do
villo got tired of this amusement and asked
the navvies where they were going.
"LJlcssed if we know , " was the answer.
"Where arc you taking us ! "
While the Paris waiters were smashing
windows in the Rue do St. Honore the other
night a halt was made in .front of the Cafe
du Dancmark. A volley of stones demol
ished the windows and the mob were about
to complete its triumph by upsetting the
glasses of the harmless , citizens who were
enjoying their beer ontsldo when a well
known journalist calmly drew a loaded re
volver from his pocket , laid it on the table ,
besldo him , nnd told the aggressors they
might do as they chose with the windows ,
but if they dared lay n linger on his book , ho
would blow somebody's brains out. The
mob did not disturb the beer drinker further.
When the excitement about the strike was
at its height two policemen were patrolling
the Rue do Abro when ono suddenly fell to
the ground , exclaiming , "I am killed. "
His overthrow was produced by some
joker who had thrown an enormous slab of
ginger nt him and thu guardian of order hud
mistaken It for a paving stone.
As proof of the marvelous , buoyancy of
Paris amidst the most discouraging circum
stances , it is worthy of remark that at the
very moment the mob were lighting the
police nt the chateau d'cau on the bourse
( H1,000CO < ) francs were subscribed for a new
credit loan of ir > , ( )00,000. )
Boldness ol'a French Woman Clovi.H
Now Drama Produced.
1SSS tin Julius ( loidon llcnnctt. ' ]
PAHIK , August 11. [ Now York Herald
Cubic Special to Tun Bii.l : : Mile. Martha
Guillon , the pretty managrcss of the cafe
concert tit Boitiers , has just repeated an ex
ploit which made Mllo. Ghinassl famous in
Paris some years rgo. She won a wager tlio
other night by entering a lion's" cage in
Pezon's nienagario with a lady lion tamer
remaining with her while she put the ani
mals through their exercises. On making her
exit she was frantically cheered.
Clovis Hughe's live act drama in verso
"Lo Sommet do Dauton" was produced for
the llrst und last time this season at the
Opera Comiquo Wednesday. The plot is
laid in the time of the terrible tribute and
closes w ith Danton's execution. In spite of
the icpulsivc character of many of the inci
dents in the play und the fact that it was
played by a scratch company , tlio drama had a
cordial reception. The author , however ,
was so dissatisfied with the actor \vh played
the part of Danton that for a moment ho
vowed ho would act it himself. The point of
this joke will bo apparent to those familiar
with the physique of the shaggy and eccen
tric llttlo deputy.
Several grand marriages are al
ready announced in aristocratic nlti
tudes. Thus the Duo do Lorgcs
n nephew of Lo Comto Necolai , who is the
shining light of the French turf and who ,
like Lord Fnlmouth in England , always runs
his horses to win , is goingto marry Mllo.
do Brlssac , ono of' the most charm
ing flowers of the Faubourg.
The fifth daughter of the Duchesso
do Maillo is also about to be married to the
Comte da Henry. Mrs. Joseph Rigos is also
engaged to Prince Ruspolo , whoso brother
married a short time ago Miss Curtis , a sis
ter of the Murnuls de Talleyrand Porigord.
A French John Anderson.
[ Copuriulit 1SS8 Lu JoniM Gordon Jiennrtt. ]
PAKIB , August 11. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tun BEB. ] It is reported
from La Fosse , near Montargis , that a work
man has been buried-allve 1TO foot below the
the surlaco. Strenuous efforts are being
tniido to rescue him with but little hope of
reaching the victim before ho die * of thirst
and hunger.
LpT1JlH ? WFT W17F1
Gorman Papers Filled With Doleful
StorloB of Flood.
Fruits nud Small Grain Almost a
The Kaiser UntlrhiK In His Efforts
to Improve the Army.
The Kindly Feellnc Shown Toward *
General Sheridan By the ( icrinaii
I'rcss Americans Who Create
"Inn Wetter"
JSiSS/ij ; James Coition
Bum.iv , August 11. ( New York Herald
Cable Special to Tin : Bir.1 ; "Das Wct-
tei" is still the regular heading in tlio Her
man papers generally preceding a doleful
column of disastrous Hoods and destroyed
crops. Fortunately the Hooded districts are
gradually emerging from the water and arc
in no great danger of further overflow.
With crops thu case is different. Mnny a
small farmer who was Hooded last spring has
been under water again this summer , and
will suffer all winter for lack of the two
crops so lost. Even in the unllooded dis
tricts fruit and similar crops suffered se
verely from wind and rain. Apples , pears
and plums have , as a rule , been thrashed
from the trees by winds or rotted by rain.
One little incident tells the whole story of
the summer. A half frozen swallow family ,
attracted by the light and heat of an open ail-
swinging lamp , arranged a roosting place on
the cross piece above the lamp , nnd spent
each night swinging backward and forward
with the lamp , preferring the noise of the
peonlo below nnd the exit erne heat to taking
their chances elsewhere.
Notwithstanding the weather Kaiser Wil
liam continues his reviews and inspection of
troops. The autumn manouvres are to bo on
an almost unexampled scale , so arranged as
to test severely all the many army improve
ments introduced since the first emperor's
death. For instance , as showing the minute
care used in all military mutters , a new sad
dle 1ius been invented which was thought
worthy of introduction into the army. As
a flnal trial n squadron of fifty cavalrymen
are now taking u four weeks' ride through
Prussia under the personal command of n
general. They ride forty-live miles a day
under the same conditions which would pre
vail in actual warfare , und of course test
their saddles as they could bo tested in no
other way.
In addition to soldiering , the emperor found
tltno for showing his characteristic traits.
Ho dislikes the police , ana on Tues
day , when several important business streets
were closed to trafllc because of his expected
approach , ho showed his strong disapproval
by suddenly changing his route , leaving the
police stranded with no ono to protect.
Ho seems to believe , too , in all
the external signs of an empire , including
oven the colonies , so that his long interview
with Lieutenant Wissmann , the celebrated
African traveler , which was at llrst thought
to Indicate a Stanley rescue party , is now
taken as indicating some big move of annex
ation or improvement in Africa.
Americans have taken this week an unut > -
mil amount of space in the German papers.
General Sheridan is noticed in hundreds of
obituaries , always with the most kindly feel
ing for him as a man and a soldier. This ,
too , in spite of the bad feeling
ho created towards himseli in Ger
many by certain criticisms on Von
Moltko , That other famous general , Inspector
specter Byrnes , of New York , is also running
through the press , not in obituaries , but be
cause of the robbery in his summer house ,
which is regarded as a joke. This robbcryof
tlio detective chief seems to umnzo the average -
ago German editor almost as much as Mayor
Hewitt's ' ducal kissing did. Carl Schurz's ' ap
pearance at the dedication nt Metz of the
Kaiser William monument naturally makes
him more than ever prominent hero among
the small fry Americans.
Eloa Ellas , the seventeen-year-old daughter
of the late Now \ork brewer , Henry Ellas ,
created a local sensation in Cassoll by
her reported elopement with a waiter. She
had 1,000.000 marKs In her own right , nnd
was therefore regarded too high game for a
man who the day before had been thankfully
taking 2-cent tips. They were caught and
separated at Quconstown , but the cruel
mother may relent. It is said that two
young Americans , whoso names were suc
cessfully concealed , also had nn experience
In Berlin. They were seeing the German
elephant , nnd after a costly evening , paid
their bill in gold which had a bad ring.
They were arrested as counterfeiters. They
created much suspicion by showing check or
ders for 1,000 marks. Finally the gold was
tested and proved good , nnd they worn
kicked out of the station , so much subdued
by police attentions that they were glad to
get off at any price.
Among the small items is the nuicldo of a
shoemaker who sold his lottery ticket just
before drawing a prize , but this evil is coun
terbalanced by [ a distribution among many
poor people of several of the chief prizjs in
the recent drawing.
Consul General and Mrs. Ralno loft Bre
men on the Oth for Now York on a vacation.
Mrs. Raino expects to return in October.
Mrs. J. A. Harlun , of Washington , arrived
hero early In the week.
Hypnotism AKUII. | ,
lCop/r(0ht | ( 1SS8 by Jamet Gordon llennfUtl
PAIIIS , August 11. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tins Hre. ] The. hypnotic
, . - .
suggestion is once more making u stir in the
French scientific world. The last sitting of
the Academic de Medicine was largely occu
pied by a hot discussion of the marvelous ex
periment of Dr. Lugs , so stnitllng , so calcu
lated to upMJt all accepted notions
on the .subject of moral responsi
bility. Thatl learned body was mightily
perplexed but found n way out of
their difllculty by declining to admit the
good faith of the subjects experimented on.
During a storm at Puy do Forucho in the
Boulogne this week several hay makers took
shelter under a walnut tree. Ono happening
to say they were safer in the open the party
loft their shelter , but n girl who had , heard
the remarks suddenly ran back to the tree
nnd Hung her arms around it. Tlio next
moment n Hash of lightning struck her dead.
Tim noLiiAM ) Hoonvrv.
It IH Belnt ; Itoyalty Untcrinliird on
Iho Other Side ol * the Water.
[ Ojj/i ) fulit 1'KS , by James ( Tin Jon /IciinrC.l
AMMKIIIIVM , August 11. [ New York Her
ald Cable Special to Tin : Hii.l : The Amer
icans of Dutch descent , constituting the Hol
land bociuty , were , perhaps , the most on-
thusmstio iidmlreis of the laud of dykes ,
dimes and mills that ever entered Holland ,
when tlio good ship Amsterdam had brought
them this week mifcli through fogs nnd mists
to Rotterdam harbor. A steam yacht , con
taining the committee of reception and rep
resentatives of the Amsterdam and Rotter
dam press , met the New Yorkers. As they
sailed up cheer followed cheer. Amid the
Hags of all nations the st.irs and stripes were
the most cheered.
When the representatives of the Dutch
press came on board they were presented to
Rev. Dr. Guydun , of Jersey City ; Res' . Dr.
Elmer , Mayor Ellsworth , of Poughkecpsio ,
and a daughter of Deputy Surrogate Judith
Van Voorhccs , of Brooklyn ; Mr. Van Voor-
hces , of Rochester ; three other gentlemen of
the same name , of Schenectady , Washing
ton , D. C. , and New Brunswick ; Peter L.
Forte , of Scheucctady ; Giles T. Vandebo-
ger , of the same place ; the Kredcnburghs ,
of Freehold , N..T. ; the Van Husiins , of Al
bany ; Treasurer Hurbrcuck , of Phughkccp-
sio ; the Vandciberks , of Jersey City ; the
Van Sicklcns nnd Van Wicks of New York ,
Extraordinary honors were paid the
Holland society on their arrival. A
special train within two hours
afterwards took them in grand style to Am
sterdam , where the reception committee
placed twenty llvo landaus at the disposal of
the society. The committee was composed
of Amsterdam's most prominent citizens ,
among whom were F. A. Ankcrsmit , mer
chant ; C. D. Asscr , jr. , LL. D. , professor ;
I. M. C. Asscr , LL. D. . Charles Boisso-
vain , editor ; Algemccn Handclstud ; .T. M.
Vunbosse , underwriter ; II. Cayaux , Van
Stnphorst , C. E. Dutcht , a-ent of the IS'etli-
erland-American Steamship company ; J. II.
Van Eglin , banker ; W. Heybrook , jr. , Dr.
II. J. K. Hubrccht , manager of the Bell
Telephone company ; Rev. P. II. Hcigcnholtr ,
jr. ; B. R. II. Toelar , director of the Equit
able Life , of New York ; II. J. Demaroy ,
banker ; J. L. Pier3on , banker ; Aug Rapp ,
jr. , director of the New York Life Insurance
company ; A. Roolvink , banker ; N. Dcroovor ,
LL. D. ; Dr. II. C. Roggos , librarian of the
university ; II. Dover , editor ; A. C. Wert-
helm , banker ; D. G. F. Westerman , manager
of the Royal Zoological society , and Maitin
Wolff , merchant.
Under the auspices of such cmi-
ucnt gentlemen the Americans are being
feasted and entertained during their sojourn
Early in the morning loprcscntativcs of
both , the committee and the Holland society
agreed upon the following programme :
Friday , August 10-A visit to the city hall
at 3 p. in. , a grand dresa rcccptoon at the
Amstoll hotel nt 8:30 : p. m. , which was a
brilliant society affair.
Saturday , August 11 Zoo gardens.
Sunday Dutch royal museum and Dutch
Monday -Reception by the Association of
Tuesday Cruise along the Zuyderzco and
a visit to Market ! Hoorn and other places.
Wcdnusuay Xcccpilc : * . by Mix-ster I'.OOE-
vclt , who is a member of the Holland society ;
then dinner nt Schevcningcr , the fashionable
watering place.
Thursday Water excursion to Rotterdam
and dinner at the zoological garden.
Friday Visit to Utrecht.
Saturday On board the steamer Amster
dam , homeward bound to Now York.
New Arrivals of Americans at thu
Gay French Capital.
ICopi/i / tt/ht IMS by James Uonlon lltnnrtt. [
PAIIIS , August 11. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to THE BiiE.l Many familiar
American faces have llittcd past me on the
boulevards or in Bois this week. Richard 1C.
Fox was dining at the Cnfo do Paris lust
night , where he dropped in for
a dcml-tasso. Just before I had
caught u glimpse of Nordica nnd
Kellogg riding down the Avenue I1 Opora.
John Jacob Astor is hero looking about him
rather sadly I thought. Soon after I ran
into the arms of Augustln Daly , who had
como over to make llnal arrangements for
his coming to Purls. Henry E. Dlxoy
was at Hindu a few days since on
his return from n flying tour through
Italy nnd Switzerland. Adonic told
me he had gone through the entire- pro
gramme , churches and all , but regretted he
had no chance of favoring the pope with a
sacred song and dunce. Marie Roe is still
winning laurels on her tour through Franco.
No tribute she has received hits given her
greater pleasure than the modest salute she
had at Alx les Uaius from Mr. Toolo. The
great comedian kissed her on bath cheeks in
Gallic fashion , exclaiming us he did so ; "Ici
en parlo FrancaU. "
A t'rlzo American Painter.
MUNICH , August 11. The first-class
medal has boon awarded by the jury ni
art exhlnltlcu here to uu Amerli- " . " "
Gurimelcners. . . * .
. - . / „ , - . .
Mixu Ul I LlJJu 1 v )
Irish Cruieoi-8 Successfully Run the
The Enemy's Squadron Spreads
Ruin Along the Coast.
Incalculable Damage Done to the
Merchant Marine.
Liverpool lionihnrdcd and Forced td
1'ay an Knorntoiis Hansom ,
From a Technical
The Naval Maneuvers.
lCorffif ; > ; / / JSri till James ( limhin lltnint 1
LONMION , August 11. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to Tin : l\rr. \ J The naval
week closed with the Innings for England's
long blockaded enemy. By u clcvor man
euver , brilliantly executed , Admiral Tryon ,
succeeded . in forcing the blockade ;
of Buntry Bay In the darkness last Sunday
morning , when Admiral Haird awoke to the
fact that homo of the fastest cruis
ers of the licet were nt largo
and free to direct hostile operations
against the coasts. As the Calypso had al
ready escaped the vlgilanco of Admiral
Baird nnd was rapidly approaching the un-
ptotccted Scottish seaports , it became clear
that an attempt , to blockade them had failed
at every point , and there was nothing left for
the Biitish fleets but to follow up the hostile
bbcls , which in the meantime were work
ing their way along the coasts.
Greenroek was the tlrst point of importance
attacked. It was shelled und deslroycd on
Sunday. The same fate was shared by
several conspicuous marine residences in the
vale of Clyde. Adrossun was the next vis
ited and roughly hundied.
On the east coast matters were still worse.
On Tuesday morning Aberdeen was bom
barded by four lines of battle ships belong
ing to Admiral Fit/roy's squadron.
Proceeding south the hostile licet sailed up
the Firth of Forth to Forth bridge , which
they are considered technically to have do-
strnycd. They then put about and steamed
down St. George's channel nt a rapid rate.
Tynemouth and Sundorland wore the next
objects of attention by the hostile fleet , but
the foe appeared. Scarborough was then
shelled and laid iu aahcs. Tlio fast cruiser ,
Hand Fly , careering around Quconstown ,
captured two Cunurdcrs and an Inman ,
greatly to the astonishment of thu third-class
On Thursday Liverpool was bombarded
and only baved by paying 1,000,000 ransom.
Meanwhile Admiral Baird und Admiral
Rowley effected a junction to pursue the es
caped squadrons , and finally cnmo up with
them in time to prevent the supreme catas
trophe the capture of London.
So far it has been proven that , once nt
large , an enemy's cruisers , judiciously
handled , can fill the whole coast line with
alarm and inllict at certain points enormous
damage ami destruction to mercan
tile shipping. A catalogue of
the places which have been
shelled , bombarded , laid in ashes , or laid
under contribution , would bo well calculated.
to rouse patriotic anxiety in the most apa
thetic John Hull. Doubtless very soon aomfl
one will take pains to comput-j how much
damage has been done since Saturday
by the Heels of Admirals Tyroa
and Fitzroy. Tlio result , shown la
pounds , shillings and pence , would t > 6
exceedingly instructive. So lar , at any rate ,
the defending British fleets have been corn-
plotcly ballted , and it remains to be seek
whether the Thames and water approaches
to London can offer sufficient resistance , ferns
ns I write the hostile ships are already hover *
ing near.
I-'ranco Viewing Her Aggreiialon *
With a IKrCR of Complacency.
[ Co/r/'it | ) | / ( ; ' l&SSfiiJamet ( Ionian UenncUi.f
PAHIS , August H.-fNcw York Herald
Cable Special to Tins Bnu. ] Lens jealousy
lias been stirred up in Franco by the latci
Hritish annexation in South Africa than mlgh
have been expected. Every foot of ground
secured by England leaves so much less for
Germany to grab. The French have small
affection for the English , but the Gcrmank
they abhor.
The contents of Goblet's reply to Crispi'B
note iu regard to Massowah , now divulged ,
proves fur hotter in tone than were expected.
The 11 cry little minister of foreign affulrt
takes the Italian's arguments one by ono and
tears them to pieces. He flatly denies the right
of Italy to abolish capitulation ! without
even going through the courteous form o
discussing the point with France who w i
ready to make concessions. In couolunloa
ho hlntr. that Italy will be repaid la her own
coin nt thu llrst opportunity. Talking of
Italy u Itoman correspondent telegraphs m
that the lloraUl's r.r'ielos or. Italian Immi
grant n aio making a prodlgoua tlr In
the peninsula. Extracts are cabled
to all the leading papers and are glv
Ing their editors plenty to think about.
A Fatal Quarrel.
UALvrsTOx , To * . , August ll. Thin aft r > ,
noon John Lovujny , a prominent attorney , '
shot nnd Instantly killed Aaron Wlllianuca./ J.
The dimculty originated over an election-/ / ;
doU of 5T-0 ov.etl Williamson by Lovejojf *
ainco the full of 1SS5.
John U is Still Alive.
BOSTON , Angus 111. John L. Sullivan dlt *
tinguishcd himself to-night by getting drunk
nnd binasuini : up the turnout ho wu driving
at Urighton , Ho was tiriv , < H for druakeiM
% '
' an.d'alld. . '
> . ' . ' . * ' * * j *