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Blnpcular nnd Fntnl Accident Nonr
David City.
She Falls Into a Fifty-root Well nnd
- U'lleguucU Unhurt Hugo Hull-
stones Homo Thieves
nt Scwnril.
A Doctor Killed In n Hiinnwny.
DAVID CITV , Neb. , August 10. [ Special to
Tuc BF.H. ] About 8 o'cloeklast evening Drs.
.1. H. Calkins mid T. J. Murphy , of this
place , were called in consultation over n pa-
tlont residing about one mid a half miles
nouth. of this town. About two hours after
they started word was brought back that the
team had run away nnd Or. Murphy wns
hurt. Dr. Murphy was found lying In the
road with three of hli ribs broken end other
wise hurt about thu shoulder und breast.
About"'J o'clock Dr. Calkins was found lying
in the grass near the ro.ulsido dead , his neck
being broken. The evidence showed that ho
was klllod instantly lu his fall from the
buggy , lioth doctors wore old residents , of
this city. Dr. Murphy will doubtless to
cover. Dr. Calkins leaves a wife und ono
MyivnnlH Gets the County Seat.
HYANMH , Nob. , August 10. [ Special to
KBB. ] The official count gives Hyannls the
county scat of Gr.uit county , Instead of
"Whitman , an w , s previously reported. Tlio
following county ofllccrs were elected :
Judge , George W. Collins ; clerk , Sidney
Manning ; treasurer , James Forbes ; sheriff ,
It. Narou ; superintendent of schools , John
L. Hall ; surveyor , H. Strait ; attorney , O. P.
Warner ; coroner , George Hovey : T. K.
Lynch , G. W. Swlggart nnd P. Buchflnk
commissioners. Hynunis Is now on the
boom. A number of good buildings are lu
process of erection and contracted for. There
uro extra good opening hero for almost all
hinds ot buslnota mon. A lumber yard Is
DUO of the most pressing needs.
Tlio Methodist Camp :
FIIU.MOXT , Nob. , August 10. [ Spouial to
'Jin : 13r.ii.j--Tho Methodist camp meeting
liad a damp day of It to-day and the
brother ! ! are considering the project of chang
ing their faith to Baptists. The morning
prayer meeting was led by Kov. Barton , of
Ncligh. Preaching services at 8 a. in. and
10Min. : : m , were conducted by Hov. Harper ,
of West. Point , and Hov. D. Mimiuetto , of
North Bend. After these a bible reading
was conducted by Hov. Powers , of Colum
bus. The sermon at 2,0 : this afternoon was
delivered by Hov. J. B. l-iocdham , of Wood
lllver. Owing to the damp and cool weather
the attendance as yet is not so good as it is
hoped for within a day or two.
Horse Thieves at Howard.
SnwAiti ) , Neb , , August 10. [ Special to
Tins Uuu.J Scward county is again infested
with horse thieves. Last night about 9
o'clock a team of. horses nnd a buggy wore
stolen from the Methodist church nt Utica ,
but no clue to the thief has been obtained ,
The property consisted of ono bay horse ,
liino years old , weight 1,050 , star in forehead ,
small hole in loft side of nock ; ono light
brown mare , three years old , weight 1,050
with farcy boils ou inside of loft hind log.
The buggy had wine-colored running gears
with black polo nnd top , dashboard kicked in.
A reward of 8100 has been offered by Sheriff
Smiley. y > 0 for the arrest and conviction of
Jho thief and ill ) for the return of the
"KccUly WilHim" Behind the Burs.
GENEVA , Neb. , August 10. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEE. ] William Uohinson , of
Exeter , wns brought in to-day and put be
hind the bars. Ho is said to bo an old timer
ut burglary aud pocket picking. On the 8th
pf July ho burglarized three stores in Exeter ,
und last night fell into the onlcors' clutches.
HO' has considerable property which ho is
said to have stolen from different towns.
His names are many. IIo is known in
Omaha as "Reddy Wilson , " while he passed
here under , thq name of ' 'George Howard , "
und in Hastings as "Frank Wilsou. " Ho la
well educated aud is a sharp looking fellow.
Ho 1s charged with picking the pooket of the
ahootiug gallery uiau of this place , at Crete a
short time ago. His examination is set foi
next Monday.
Qvenlor Bros. Not Responsible.
Aunoiu , Nob. , Aug. 10. [ Spjcial to Tins
BEE. ] Qreniur Bros , circus showed hero
yesterday to immense business , aud lo t for
Miudqu ut 12 o'clock last night. Mr. George
N. Steele , agent for the snow. Is investigat
ing the report that a crowd of foot pads are
following thorn. IIo offers $1,000 a piece foi
the apprehension nnd conviction of the critnl
lials. Ho says that thqir depredations ir
Loup City and St. Paul were committed in
each cuso after the circus train had dcp.irtcd
umVthut the gang ilrst struck the show at
Loup City. Ho requests tlio authentic-
\ vhoroho show Is billed to assist Mr. Grenlei
In apprehending the gang should they follow
Prohibit Ionises m Vnwuue. City.
PA.WN.KB Cvrv , Nob. , August 10. [ Specia
Telegram to THIS BEE. ! The prohibitionist !
loduhold their- county convention for thi
purpose of nominating"ccunty oDlcora aui
fleeting delegates , to the state convention
By actual count over forty were out , beside
nany ladies. H. A. Gabby and Josiuh Nea
bit' were nominated for representatives
llotti are substantial farmers living in dil
foreiit parts of the comity. The delegates t
the state convention are : J. L. Clark , Kev
riper , G. W. Welder , Hov. William Hitchle
\V. T. Lloyd , Kov. Little , L. Davis , J. SHoed
Hood , William Johnston. Mrs. Milo Pool
Miss Melissa Hnys. L. H. Dean , Mrs. O. M
Bomiott , Mrs. M. K. Walker. This ovonlni
Kev. Graham is spe.iking to a crowded house
Only Wont to the Ulufl'H.
STHOMSUUUQ , Nob. , August 10. [ Specia
to the BKE. ] Sehult/ , the photographer , wh
was supposed to have boon drowned , has ri
turned , having been on a trip to Couuc
The only explanation of the strati ?
r , aa piv ° ' \ hy himself , Is that ho reuioii
bora nothing from the time ho loft hci
July 80 until he found himself In the Blufi
on the following Satuidny. The citizens get
erally arc willing to accept his statement an
jook ut thp affair charitably , as his qctlor
could only bo. explained ou tha ground c
temporary Insanity. His family seem sati :
lied , und of course the citizens must bo.
K at Central City.
CEX.TIUL CITV , Neb. , August 10. JSpccli
toTiin Hnn. ] Asovcio electric storm , m
companlcd by just u , ( .prinklo of rain , pnssc
over this city nt 7 o'clock this morning. Tl
bouse ot John Hays was struck by llghtuiii
nnd somewhat rattled. The family was ui
Injured , but their escipo wns rcmarkabl
One young mon was within , six feet of
chlmuoy down which the current passed , nr
a glr ) engaged In. getting breakfast was stain
lug over n cook steve that conducted tl
currant to the ground. A barn on the far
of N. Barnes , ono mile north of town , wi
struck nnd burned , The damage Is on
nominal ,
A City Marshal Horlously Injured.
GENEVA , Nob. , August 10. [ Special Tel
gram to TUB HUB ] ' ! ' . . T. -J-- ' . , sit7 mn
Bhal , of , this pln.ce , was seated In a wsy c
to-day together with soyer&l other me
jyhcu tb . Cus'ino cfinvj iioVn the track at
lively rote , nnd owing to the air brakes fa
ing to work , struck the car with full fore
throwing Mr. Jowoll out of his seat and I
Jurlng him seriously internally. His lifo
aid to be In danger.
The Dod County Fair.
FREMONT , Nob. , August 10. [ Special
WHK Bee. ] The directors of the Dod
County Agricultural society met last ovc
Ing and arranged the purses to bo offered t
pee4 at the coming fair , to bo held frc
, i October 2 to. 5 inclusive. The purses ncfi
I ; gate I3.SCW for trotting , pacing and ruuuu
much the Inrgost th6 society over
nlTercd nnd they will no doubt draw'n num
ber nf the best horsos. A purse of * J. > 0 I *
nlso olTorcd for the best base ball to m , the
contest being open to any nnintcur club In
Iti > ; iullicatiH nt Valparaiso.
VAM-AIIAHO , Neb. , August 10. [ apoclnl to
Tut' llii : ; . | Last evening the S o'clock trnln
from the cast , came in with two extra coaches
tilled with the republican clubs of Wahoo
nnd U'eston. They marched to the sound of
life and drum through the main part of town
to the city hall , where M , II. JOIIM mill
Coionol K. H. Moore hpoko on the subject of
the tariff , followed by Judge ViirpuiiliiR , of
Wahoo , nnd others. The room wns p.ickeil ,
many hnvinK to stnnd up nil the evening.
The specohoii wore all very InterestltiK ami
closely listened to. by the audience. Colonel
Moore. and Mr. Jones arc to address a mass
at Ceresco this evening.
Diitlcr Coiinty'M Wcnllh.
DAVID CITV , Nob. , August 10. FSpoclnl to
Tim HEK.J The assessed vnluntion of the
taxable property of Uutler county for 1S ! * $ , is
? - > , yil. , OTO.J5iccordllij ( ! { tolo compiled reports -
ports of tlio assessors. TUls represents ono-
lUtli of the actual valuation of the taxable
property pf the county. There werc-rgported
8I9 ' ) liorses , 2SS4'J ' cattle , 704 miles , 7 > 2
sheep and 19,521 hogs , uiakluK an aggre-
t'ato assessed value of taia.S'jr. This shows
u good per eent advance in the values ot the
county , nnd that the actual value of Uutler
county will now exceed 110,000,000 above Its
indebtedness. _
To IlrUlie the Pintle.
COI.UMIUM , Neb , August 10 , [ Special to
TUB Uii.J The board of trade , In conjunc
tion with the citizens , held n meeting last
evening at which it was dceided to nsk the
city to vote $8,000 lu bonds for the purpose of
bridging the Platte river. TUo old bridge
across the Platte has been In au impassable
condition for souio timo. The people on the
south side of the river express their willing
ness to assist in building the now bridge.
The city council , no doubt , will cull for an
election at oueo.
Another Fire at York.
YOIIK , Nob. , August 10. [ Special to THE
HKK.I Another tire of unknown origin oc
curred In the northern part of the city last
night iu the immediate vicinity ot the livery
stable blaze. It was u carpenter shop , and
was burned completely to the ground. Loss
nbout J."OU. No insurance. It was undoubt
edly the work of an Incendiary , and it is now
believed thp livery stable was also bet ou
lire. The entire block was only saved last
night by the excellent work of thu lire de
partment. _
An Oltl fjiuly Falls in a Well.
AIIUXGTO.V , Nob. , August 10. [ Special
Telegram to TUB HUE. ] Mrs.V. . It. Hamil
ton , aged over fifty years , fell into a well
Illty feet deep , nt her homo four miles north
of here , to day. She landed in two feet of
water on her feet , and was drawn out half
an hour later by u ropt/ , she doing the tying ,
apparently unhurt.
Hall ns Ijurico u > Walnuts.
\Vvviiii.v : , Neb. , August 10. [ Special Tel"
ogram to Tin : Hun 1 This place wns visited
by a very severe hail and rain storm this
evening at S'M. : Hail stones were picked up
the size of walnuts. Several windows were
broken nnd considerable damage to crops is
reported. This storm seems to have visited
only a small strip of country through this
His "Wife Driven to Insanity ry Imllf-
fercnoo nnd Neglect.
MixxKAroi.n , August 10. [ Special Tele
gram to. Tin : Bin : . ] A tall , well dressed
young woman walked nervously up and
down Nicollct avenue this morning a uum-
bor of times. She were n black silk bonuet ,
trimmed with blaek laee , a black plush dolman
man and n maroon colored dress. Her fsioo
was fair , but It bore upon it the lines of care
aud trouble. She was rccogufrcd by a gen
tleman as the. wife of George \V. Emdor , thu
book-keeper at the Pauly hnu&o , and a
woman with a touching history. Mrs.
Ember ia about twouty-llve years old , al
though in nppcarttuco much older. She
lived with her paieuls at Portage ,
Wis. , where tier family is well known and
respQoted. About u year ago last December
the newspaper * published accounts of u
mock marriage which occurred In Wisconsin ,
Mrs. Emdor waa.tho victim aud George W.
Euulor is the sou of the proprietor of the
Kinder bouse , ono ot the linost hotels in
Portage. His father is wealthy nad the
family aristocratic. Tlio couple lived to
gether only a short time when Mrs. Enider
became insane. Shortly after her husband
left her and cauio to tills city , where he was found unrt shadowed by luspeetoi
Hoy. Ho was subsequently arrested and the
marriage was , again performed iu Now Uiclv
mend , Wis. The wife returned to tlioit
home at Portage , Wis. , und has been ruisora-
bio over since. Kiodcr was engaged foralotif
time as night cleru in the 1'auloy house , nut
is , now the bookkeeper. Mrs. Euider has
visited her several tluiea with tlu
bopo of winning him back. Some time ugc
sue became insane while upon a visit , am
was. kept for weeks closely housed in a rooir
at the Pautoy house , She was always son i
homo , only to return after a short interval
Her latest arrival occurod to-day , when slu
filled to tliul her husband at thu hotel. Shi
fell iuto a swoon and was taken to tlio St
James hotol. She has since called upon hei
hysb.uid , but ho refuses to humor-tier wishc :
aud abe will return agaiitohor homo with i
heavy heart and a mind still further weak
eucd by her despair.
Four Bleu Burled liy Knlllng AVtilU a
Chattanooga , Tctin.
CIIATTAXOOOX , Tenu. , August 10. A fin
which broke out in the Grifflths-Caldwel
block , destroyed the entire business blocl ;
besides the building of iscltzor & Hrothei
thu Baltimore clothing house , und Spolto ;
& Howard's store. Tlio flro was undo
control at I'J : aO. A wall foil ou four me
after midnight , two of whom are still undo
the debris , J. li. McMillan , a promiiUMi
eilizun , was loat iu the tire , but thu named o
the other parties are not known. Two mu'i
worn gotten out probably fatally hurt.
Thu total 103S Is about S310.0JO ami the m
surunee about 3175,000. In the excitement o
the llm hundreds of uitUons rushed into th
buildings audoiideuvored to save their goous
Onc > buildiugiell lu when llfty persons wor
3 inside. At noon to-day live bodies hud beoi
Two moro bodies have been difoavorod bt
neuth the ruins , but thpy can not bo rouche
before night. It U believed that Ud Keuge
is nlso buried boueuth the ruics with six c
seven others. Thu totiillossof life is estimate
nt ten. aud four people are reported badl ,
Vor Murder.
ST. Johcvii , Mo , , August 10. [ Spocli
Telegram to Tuu lien ] Henry Soothuian ,
laborer In n brick yard , was arrested th !
afternoon for the murder of John Hi-own r
Lake Contrary two years ago. The men gi
Into a quarrel over a game of ca.rda at
Toothuuu deliberately drown revolver at
shot him. Ho then left the country , but r
turuud sover.d iAontha , ago. Ho , dculc
bulnj : the guilty mrti' , a"d will attempt , I
Prove tin alibi ,
A Notftro A\uvlpror Ouptnrotl.
SriuxovTci. ! ) , Mi August 10. P . ,
the negro who fntnllv .rounded
Palmer last W nicsa.iyvas captured t
isy. I'o was placed in the Springfield In
which is now feurrouudod bs n mob of U
inuii wuo threaten to lynch him. The uegi
Is so badly wounded , however , that , It
thought ho will die.
Children Cry for Pitcher's ' Castoria.
TVhcm Ilftbjr was sick , we gave her Castorli.
Wheu eho was ChlM , eho crlad for Cutorla ,
When she becAtne Mlal , she clUnt tp Cwtora | ,
The Milwaukoo3 nnd Minneapolis
Play the Only Garno.
Oinnlm Slf-tin Toil Kennedy , tlic DCS
Molnc.s I'llclior , null Goes Over
to Davenport to Piny
Throe Onines.
Wcttrrn Association Standing.
Following is the ofllclal standing of the
Western association learns up to and In-
cludlugyesterday's games :
Phtveit Won Tnstl'rCt
St. Paul 70 44 i-'l ) , r,23
DCS Moines ( i'J -HI 2it . LM
Omaha TO 4'J 'JS .000
Kansat Cl ty Oil X 31 Ml
Sioux City ! i'l ' 13 10US
Milwaukee T7 H4 43 .441
Chicago 7.1 ill 43 .4'Jl
Minneapolis 70 ' . ' 0 41 .b7l
Minneapolis 7 , .Mlhvankos U.
MILWAUKEE , August 10. [ Special Telegram
toTiiR Hun. ] A storm was threatened to
day , and there were only about llfty pcoplo
present during the Milwaukcc-MInnemmlls
game. Wliiklemau pitched a very effective
game for the visitors. Klopf's great catch of
a lly after a long run was the feature of the
game. Minneapolis won the game in the
fourth Inning when a streak of batting nnd a
combination of errors by thu homo men gave
her live runs. Thoscoro : viM
Milwaukee I 03000002 0
Minneapolis 0 10500010 7
Earned runs Milwaukee a , Minneapolis 3.
liases on balls Off Stevens 2 , off Winkle-
man 5. Struck out MoAleer , Fuller (3) ( ) ,
Hrosiinn , Ivroig , .lovne. Two-base hits
Strauss , Ilawes , Jevne , Klopf. Double plays
Klopf to Ilawes. Passed balls Crossley 1 ,
llroughton 3. Umpire Fessendcn. Time
-2:05. :
Games Postponed Kiiin.
The third Omaha-Dei Molncs gauio , which
was to have been played on the latter's
grounds yesterday , was postponed on account
of rain. The team loft for Davenport , In , ,
where the three games scheduled for Minne
apolis for Saturday , Sunday and Tuesday
will bo played , giving the Davenport people
mi opportunity to see the Minneapolis team ,
which they cauio so near purchasing , play
Unin also prevented the Kansas City-Sioux
City game on the hitter's grounds yester
day. _
Omaha Will Play at Davenport.
ST. PAvi. , August 10. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Hin. ' St.
: ] To-day's Paul-Chicago
Maroon game was postponed on account of
rain. The St. Paul club has sold Pitcher
Anderson to Minneapolis. The series of
games between the Minneapolis mid Omaha
elubs , scheduled to bo played nt Minneapolis
August 11 , 12 and 14 , will bo played at Dav
enport , In. , tlio change having boon made at
the request of the people of that city.
Kennedy Signed by Ohinha.
Dm Moixcs , August , 10. Just before the
DCS Molucs ball team started for Milwaukee
to-night Ted Kennedy , the pitcher , was re
leased from the Des Monies team and ut
once signed by Omaha.
Local Sporting \otc4.
There is nothinglii the story about Lovett's
being sold.
Frank Klusjo , St. Paul's second-baseman ,
is still in the city drunk.
There are to bo several special nnd match
races at the fair grounds this after
noon. There will bo a freo-for-all trot and
pace for a purse of $100 ; n match not for
: V0 a side , and a gentleman's road race ,
owners to drive , for a purse of $50.
oxaiu ; GAMHS.
Ycatcrtlny's "Winners in the National
Liea&ue Contests.
PiiiLADcu'itiA , August 1,0. Ucsult of to
day's ' game :
Detroit I 03000000 5
Philadelphia..2 0200010 * D
Pitchers. Grubcr and Sanders. IJasa hits
Philadelphia.8 , DetrolUO Errors-Philadel
phia 3 , Detroit 7. Uiupiro Lynch.
WASHINGTON , August 10. Result of to
day's game :
Washington I 10Q30040 S
Chicago 0 00401000
Pitchers Whitney for Washington , Uoi- '
chcrs and Vau'Haltren for Chicago. IJaso
hits Washington 11 , Chicago 0. Errors-
Washington 2 , Chicago 8. Umpire Powers.
Bo-iroN , August 10. Koault ol to-day's
game :
Uoston \ ;
Indianapolis. . . . . I I
Pitchers CUrkson and Shrovo. Base hits
Boston 11 , Indianapolis 0. Errors Uoston
1 , Indianapolis 2. Umpire Knight.
Nr\v YOKIC , August 10. Result of to-day's '
game :
New York 0 00003000 J
PiUsburg I 00000000 1
Pitcher * Kcefo and Staloy. Base hit-
Now York 4 , Pittsburg 4. Errors Now
York 3 , Pittsburg 3. Umpire Kelloy.
American Association.
CINCINNATI , August 10. Result of to-day's
game ;
Cincinnati 000300003 1
Uiooklyn 'i 00000000- !
KAX& Cm- , August 10. Result of to-day' ' :
game :
Kansas City..0 00411000 (
Cleveland ! l 01000000 .
LOUHVIH.E , August 10. Result of to-day' :
game :
Louisville 1 00100330
Baltimore 0 i
Sr. Louis , . \ugvst 10. Result of tc
da.V' gauio :
Athletics 0
St. Louis 0 00034002
The Second lvy'H : Shooting at th
HUU.EVUI : R\xou , Neb. , August 10.-
[ Spechil Telegram to Tnu Um.J : Thesei
end day's shootiug of the Department of th
Platte annual rifle competition came off tc
day , skirmishing being hold in the mornln
and kno\yn distances shooting , liOO and lit
yards , in the afternoon. Thu averages r
skirmishing were very good , the llrst boin
18 by Sergeant Olynu of the Seventeen !
infantry , and the highest known distance
25S , by Liouteuixnt Muir of the Seventeen !
infantry. The following are the , Urat twont
incii up to date ;
Win. IU.YIIII , sci'geaut 17th inf. . , . . . .20
Chas H. Muir , lieutenant 17th inf. . 23
John W. Mascr , music , 17th Inf . a ;
Bcuumu B. Buck , lieutenant ; Gth inf. " . . ' . 2-j
Juh.nCorrio , private 17tU mf . . . 21
August Scholia , sorgennt 7tli inf . SI
Reuben Jb. Kusco , private 71U inf . 21
Leonard Dietz , sergeant 17th inf. . . .21
Chas. M , Sncll , private 7th iuf . ' . ' 1
W. A. Mercer , lieutenant 8 Iuf
Chas , H. Riordou , private & Inf 24
Dauiyl MciConzie , private 17th ( u ( . . ' " ' o. .
II. U. Wright , Heutom\nt'Jt tv..r..a ,
, John W. Burns , sergeant Oth cav. 21
't OhcarT. MtCord , coriwrar.Minf.
Riehanl White , corporal Mh iuf
> - Ctuis. M. Sluicacn , scrgu.iut IVtli Inf.
I , I'o-iuorrow morning skirmish practice wl
0 ho held and in the Ubtanc
0p liriug , SUO and ( M yards. Thin will llnis
is the competition and ou Monday the prcsci
tatlon or prizes takes place.
Sunuiuxfy of Yosterdny'jJ Itaoai a
BrlKhtou Uonuh.
NEW YOUK , August 10. Summary i
lirlghion Beach races :
Five-eighths of n milo Marsh Rcdon wt
in 1:0 : % Diilimo second , Sweety third.
Hovcn-elghths of a uiilo Autulnn Lo ;
won lu -MX , Brynn Boru second , ICoyqtoi
One aud one-sixteenth miles Cardinal M
Clofekey won m lW : , .Youshiogheny tqcou
Alamo third ,
Three-fourths bt 'a ' mil"Salmia won In
1 Ifljf , .llm Chirp second , Oracle third. .
One and oneuaher miles Troy won in
2:10 : , Supervisor second , Wilfred third.
llnuln'i : nt Itlnlr.
Ut.viu , Neb. , August 10. [ Special to Tun
15nK. ] The raceh'at the Blair driving park
have so far been excellent , the weather good
and the truck lu .ffjtr condition. The ralu
to-day will ncccs'jjtto | | a postponement until
Saturday of to day's programme ,
In the 2:3icInsV : : trotted Wednesday , Frank
P. won In three' straight heats , Oraiiam's
Mi'iubrlno secoml , iRobblo Duiibar third.
Timo-2 : : ! ( ! .
In the 2:27 : class Kittle B , won , ICdward B.
second , Elwood third and Johu fourth.
1 hue 2U. : !
The running races have been very fast.
There were six starters lu the half milo
heats Wednesday. Billlo P. won In two
straight heats , lu the mile race Bay Billlo
won In the same order. The half mile heats
were run in 50'i ' and 51k. Mile heats in
llSandlCO. : :
Hnraloga Itnces.
SAIUTOOA , August 10. Summary of races :
Five-eighths of a mile Tessa 1C. won iu
lilU f , Blessing second , Retriever third.
Three-fourths of a milo Klnjc Crab won lu
lirW : , Prince Fortunatus second , Perkins
Ono and one-sixteenth miles Pasha won
In li.M.1 . Bessie .luuo second , Klinira third.
Five-eighths of a milo La Glair won In
IMCTVf , Lucky Jim second , Redstone third.
Steeplechase , two nnd olio-quarter miles-
Will Davis won in 4:2Stf : , Boechmoro second ,
Killaruey third.
15e.sult of Uc-cont lOxpoflnionts nt tbo
Chlcaco Htook Yards.
CHICAOO , August 10. A scries of test * was
naugurated at the stock yards some time
go for the purpose of determining whether
r not Texas fever Is contagious. To-day a
> ost-mortem examination was held on sev-
ral cattle which , on July in , were placed in
, pen with cattle from Texas which had the
'over. The disease , it Is thought , was soon
lommuuieutcd to tlio Illinois cattle , b.nt was
illowed to progress until to-day , when they
A'oro shititflitorcd. Unmistakable I'vidPiices
f fever wore apnrent. ) ) The invt'sti aiion
ivas comluct"d for the benefit of the Cattle
Growers' association.
Into ItnuuliiK Talc os a Jump.
ST , Lot-is , August 10. Another largo ad
vance has boon made in Jute lugging1 , the St.
Lnuis mills having n ojjvod instructions from
.lio east to increase their scale of prices.
I cheerfully rocoiiunoml Roil Clover
Tonic totlioaosull'pringfroin troubled o !
ho slomauli und liver. I tun now ou my
uoiid bottle , and il inukcsmo feel like
now miin. C. M. C'OXN'ott. Nashuu ,
In. For s = ale by C. V. Goodman.
g ij'iuDiu jtlvo Whlstlei .
Frank B.Taylor , of UrulgoiortConn. ,
the inventor of tko "faoeonhone , ' ' for
tniiihinitting inessig)3 ! or holding con
versation with the engineers while
under full apeed on their locomotives ,
hus juat patonlc l iv device which iio
calls a tootoniu4or. In reality it is : i
spocioa of phonujii'uph. Mr. Taylor wns
< j\ to believe thsit , some mechanical de-
Vit-'o could bo employed to settle the
oft-disputed question in regard to
whistling nt grade crossinc-s. There
uro a largo nut Ubr of grade crossings
upon which annually many lives are
lost. The relatives of those killed in-
varitibly claim that tlio locomotive
whistle \yiis not solmded in time to warn
the victims. The railroad companies ,
to protect , themselves against damages ,
dispute the point BO often taken. Mr.
Taylor now coiuq to tlio front with a
toll-tale whistling register , which takes
the bound from the whistle every time
it is blown and records it.
In order to otfphiin its workings the
run of any oiiginoHon the Nuw York and
Now Haven road may bo used for illus
tration. Say engine No. 120 draws the
7 o'clock morning train from Now
Ilnvon to Now York. The engine is
backed up in front of the depot and at
tached to the train. The engineer.
George Corbett , stops into the dispatch
er's ollico to got tlio time or set his
watch exactly with the standard time.
The dispatcher hands _ the engineer a
"tootomotor , " which is already sot for
Engineer Corbett's run. It is numbered
to correspond with the engine's number
and is dated and oUicially lockedsothal
it is impossible for any one to alter its
register of the whistle soundings. The
"tootomoter" is placed in a pocket
bracket on the front of the cab , just be
neath tlio whistle. Inside the ' 'tooto-
motor" is a long roU of tinfoil , upoi ;
which are stamped cross-linos repre
senting every grade crossing on the
road. The roll is unwound from one
axle to another by means of n small
clock attachment , so that oa h line rep
resenting a crossing will bo brought tc
the ' 'bounder opening" precisely at the
feaine moment that the locomotive speed *
aver the grade crossing. At the propci
distance before reaching the engineer
blows the standard signal , two long anil
two short blasts , - , 01
T o o , t o ot , too , too.
Those sounds are registered by the
"tootomotor. " Should the engineer fai
to sound his whistle the "tootomotor'
would show an oinpty blank.
And so the run is made to Now York
the "tootometer" rolling off its strip o
tinfoil in time and ur.ibon with tlu
movement of the engine. All tra'.iii
are run on exact tinjo on this voail , &c
there is very little clianco of the "toot
ometer" disagreeing with the tirm
grade crossings are reached. If oxtn
whistling is done to drive cows off tlu
track or blown for other purposes thai
grade crossings , the sounds are all rog
ifitored and an exact record taken o
the whistle's blasts , and the oxnct lo
cation of the engine on the rail
at the time of tlio blast is denoted fron
ono end of the road to the other. A
the completion of the trip the ' 'tooto
motor" is handed by tlio engineer ti
the proper otllcial , who removes tin
roll of sounds and prepares and adjUbt
the "tootomotor" for the return trip
The strips of tinfoil are carefully indexed
doxod and presorvojl for future reference
once , and the engineer credited o
charged with omission ot whistles.
In the oveut of' ' a person being killoi
on a grade crossing , the tpotometor wil
truthfully indicate the whistle blasts am
denote the dihtancq at which they wen
blown before the crossing was reached
The tinfoil stripsjcon bo produced at ai
inquest or in a court of justice in evidence
donco and dissipata the necessity ot m
immense amount o swearlupi0 th
fact of the whistln Vatving "sounded o
not. l , ' Running Vjo btrim through
itnonograph the o uct volume of souni
and the key of the whibtlo "an bo roprr
ducod. This uan-T > 4 done . ' any futur
and convenient { / " 'PMi' - Taylor , th
inventor , has assurances that his invoii
tion will go into Very general use ,
Mrs. Mauilo Marti wishes to announc
to her putrons that her drcssmukini
parlors will be closed during August
She is at present enjoying vacation litho
the mountains. Will reopen Sept. 1st
at her old stand , Jacobs' block , 10th an
Capitol avo. _
Dr. Hamilton Warren , mugnotlo phj
sician and surgeon , room , Croune
block , cor. lu'th and Ciiuitol avenue
Chronic and nervous diseases a &pet
ialty. TolcphQiio UU.
If you want a good carriage or bugg
cheap , go to
B. 1400 and 1411 Dodge at.
Go to Prica' lake for picnics. Flu
concert every Sunday.
AV. C. T. II.
Work -nL tlio Association nt It.s
Annual Meeting.
Thu annual mooting of the W.C.T.U.
was held at their headquarters yesterday. A
great deal of mUcallanooim and routine
worlc wii go no through with , and thu In
itiatory stop * taken toward the establishment
of tlio local homo for unfortunate women ,
mention of which was male a few
days ago In Tin : Bun. . At present the soci
ety has ou its hands live of those girls , ono
being only sKleou years old , all of whom
expect shortly to bocimo mothers. The
doors of houses of shame are open for them ,
and respectability gives them the cold shoul
der. The homo has become an Imperative
necessity. A number of the ladles present
ncrccd to bo responsible for $ . * > a mouth for
Us support , and an urgent appeal is nlso
made to the citizens to contribute to its sup
port as they may feel able. The union counts
on a rout of about fT.U . per month besides thu
cost of maintenance.
The reports of the various committees
showed that upwards of $1OD ! ! was raised for
the various charitable purposes during thu
year. The report of the committee on prisons
and jails was especially Interesting and satis
It decided to send a reiiuast to the
various societies of Christian Kudeavor , of
which there are fourteen in the city , to bo
present at the Sunday evening meetings and
assist with the singing.
Ofllcers for the ensuing year were elected
as follows : President , Mrs. W. B. Smith ;
vice president , Airs. W. V. Doolittlc ; corresponding
spending secretary , Mrs. Goorgu Clark , re
cording secretary , Mrs , \V. K. I'otlor ; treas
urer , Mrs. J. C. Denise.
Vice presidents from the various churches
were elected us follows :
First Congregational , Mrs. W. V. Doolittle ;
First Baptist. Mrs. J. O. McClure ; Wost-
mlnstor Presbyterian , Mrs. M. K. Oration ;
Walnut Hill Presbyterian , Mrs. J. K. Flem
ing : St. Mary's uvouue CongregatioualMrs.
K. T. Seavcr ; Dodge street Presbyterian ,
Mrs. J. C. Denise ; Third Congregational ,
Mrs. M. A. Elliott ; Hnnscom Park Method
ist , Mrs. K. P. D.ivls ; Tenth street Metnod-
Ut. Mrs. li. A. Pe.irs.ou.
The following superintendents ot depart
ments were chosen. Social purity and evan
gelical work , Mrs. George Clark ; J.iil and
prison , Mrs. K. A. Pearson ; Chinese , Mrs.
I ) . C. Bryant ; German work , Mrs. Aiitiio C.
Trustees Mesdames . Jardine , M. M.
Lanlry , Thomas McCaguc , W. J. Wei-
slums , A. M. Phelps.
Advisory Hoard W. N. McCuullish , John
Doll , William Fleming J. W. Harris , G. M.
It was loft with the advisory board to (111 (
An Absolute Cnro.
is only put up in largo two ouuco tin boxes ,
and is an absolute euro for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped bunds , and all skin erup
tions. Will positively care all kinds of piles.
Ask for the ORIGINAL AlUE'L'lNti OINT
MENT. Sold by Gooilman Drug Co. , at U3
cents per box by mail : ; 0 cents.
Til 10 OJ1A H A I-1 AI H.
Tlio I'art Our Traveling Men Will
Take In It.
The commercial travelers of Omaha are to
have a large tout at the fair grounds in.
which they will receive their acquaintances
and customers from all over the western
country , 'ihoy also will introduce a number
of amusing games which they well know
ho iv to conduct.
The management of the fair Is erecting
flvo buildings .21x100 feet in which it intends
to accommodate the displays of counties
which have heretofore , owing to too restricted
stricted quarters , been unable to make a
The following Is an extract from a note ad
dressed by Secretary W. L. Eastman to all
the travelling men :
The travelling men of Omaha are making
preparations for a grand parade on Septem
ber 0 , 1SSS , at 'JUO : a. m , which is to bo desig
nated a * "Drummers' Day" of fair week.
All traveling men who travel for Onialia
houses will bo asked to contribute $ - to do-
I'ray the expenses of the day. Thu secretary
has left a list with the cashier of your house ,
with your name thereon , and would a&k you
to kindly notify him to juiy the treasurer ,
Mr. C. O. Lobeck , 4'J us your subscription.
You will please send the secretary the size
of hat you wear , as it is expected that every
man In the parade will wear a black silk hat ,
which wo are goinc to buy in largo
quantities and get at factory prices.
Those hats will bo delivered to you any
day during fair week previous to the parade ,
and will cost in the neighborhood of ? y.
Please bo sure to send in your sUo. We houo
you will take an interest in tills affair and
put.your shoulder to the wheel with the rest
of the boys to thp amount of $3 to nmko It a
success. A cordial invitution is extended to
all traveling men who travel in Nebraska or
the west to bo present on that day and join
in the parade. Please giTO this your im
mediate attention. Uniforms adopted for the
day by the committee , light colored flannel
shirt , dark colored pants , blade silk hat ,
Japanese parasol , no coat or vest.
"Then let the moon usurp the rule of day ,
And winking tapers show the sun his way ;
For what my senses can perceive ,
I need no revelation to believe. "
Lndios suffering from any of the
weaknesses or ailments peculiar to their
fao.x , and who will use Dr. Pierco's Fa
vorite Prchoription according to direc
tions , will experience a genuine revolu
tion in the benefit they will receive.
It is a positive euro for tlio most com
plicate ! ! and obstinate cases of lou-
covrhca , excessive llowing , painful
menstruation , unnatural suppressions ,
prolapsus , or falling of the womb , weak
baok , "fomalo woiiknos.s , " aiitoversion ,
retro version , bearing-down sensations ,
chronic congestion , iiillaiiimation and
ulcorntion of the womb , inllnmnmUon ,
pain and tondornoab in ovaries , accom
panied with "internal hoat. "
Detectives on tlio C < > woatoior. )
Pinneo's detectives are still on guard at
different points along tlio 11. & M. , although
withdrawn from Omaha. Thursday nijjht
Mr. Pinueo himself cauio in on the casl
bound train accompanied by two men. Tlun
rode on the pilot ot the locomotive , and wore
urmcu with Winchester nllca. The two
took the bank track on tlio west bound train
the aamo night.
If you are about to make a pudding , a
jolly , n cnko or other arliclo of pastry
don't my dear madam , if you have a due
regard for your husbaud's , children's
or your own digestion , use any otlR-i
than Van Duzor's llavoring extracts.
They coutain no deleterious chomica
ingredients. Tlio sterling flavors
named are in every way worthy of voui
conlidcnco , since they are delicious
pure and highly concentrated. Grouera
everywhere bell them.
Tin ) llMiK Hml MUCH Stolon.
On complaint of Detective D ! ! > ( ; tntin
Charles Mirlu „ ' arrested yesterday for
tiaving in his possoafion a ring that Imd
been stolen. Mlrlo U very Indignant over
tlio affair , us ho s.iid ho bought the ring at n
pawn shop. When the owner discuvercc
thiit young Mlrlo was wearing it ho daimoil
It , and the ring was turned over to him ami
Mirlo was out of pocket what he had paid foi
it. The detective hearing of the uiattoi
caused Mirlu's arrest.
In tlioltiul.
la it not bettor to nip Consumption ,
the greatest bcourgo of humanity , in
tlio bud , than to try to stay Its progres ;
on the brink of the grave. A few uo , ;
of California's moht uioful production
SANTA AKII3 , the king of Consum , )
t'on , will relieve , and a thorough tro.U
inent will euro. Nasal Cn'.arrh , too often
ton the forerunner of consumption , car
bo cured by CALIFORNIA C'AT-K
CURE. These romudlfs are hold um
fully \varrantod by Goodman Drug Co.
at $1 , or three for $2.50.
Tlio Wenther Inillcntlonx.
For Nebraska : Local ruins , wanner , vnrU
bio winds.
For Iowa : Ualn , slightly wanner , southerly
For Duliota : Local raws , slightly wurtnc ;
easterly winds. . . .
The Bountiful Waterworks Bulldlnff
nt Ploronoo.
Tint Artistic Arrangement of the
( SrontulH and Hctlllnu Busing Des
cription ol' the I'ondcrotia
Pumping Machinery.
The new waterworks at Florence are boom
ng away with most encouraging vigor. The
vork upon the new building * is being pushed
ilong with great rapidity , und will bo com-
ilcted before the people have any idea of It.
L'hero ate about forty stonecutters engaged
it present upon the new main building , and
ibout twenty-live carpenters , while on the
basins and the trenches are 123 laborers , and
ou the whole Job about three hundred men.
The situ at Florence Is a beautiful ono ,
ilgh up from the river , and affording for the
nilldings a solid rock foundation ,
The main building or pumping stn-
Ion will bo u marvel of architectural
joauty. Ono of the most impressive fea
tures of the whole struoturo will bo a huge
tower , 111) ) feet in height , which will orna-
nontthe facoof the building , while at each
corner will bo an nrtisUo turret , giving the
juildlug the castellated air of the old feudal
days in Kngland. It is to bo of solid Mis
souri sandstone , perfectly lire-proof , being
Ined upon thu inside with Anderson pressed
jrlolf. Tito ideas of architectural beauty , as
well as constructive durability , are being
minutely carried out , ami It will bo a credit
: o the whole country roundabout. It requires ,
n thu building , much engineering skill , as
from the trusses that will hold up the steep
roof mid colling will bo suspended ponder
ous pumping machinery. The footings
of the tower and building proper
require the nicest nillustmeut to prevent un
equal settlement. The architect , however.
lias given the moat studious attention to all
these details , and thu structure will boa
paragon of excellence , symmetry and iui-
The big Gaskill engine has already been
put in and set up for the central or
citv service , costing on the foundation
$1MMXK ( > . Poi hups n brief deserip
tlon of this colossal piece of machinery will
not come amiss. It is a horizontal compound
condensing crank and lly-wheel pumping
engine , with two high-pressure cylinders 3. !
inches in diameter , two low-pressure cylin
ders IM inches in diameter , two double acting
nnd side-plunging pumps , . ' 1'J inches in diam
eter , with a stroke of 4S inches. This stu-
ncndous engine will pump 11,000,000 gallons
of water through the mains and Into the
oity per day against a pressure of 103 pounds
at a piston speed of l'J5 feet per minute. It
will dovelopu alao 1UOOIX,00) ) ) pounds duty ,
and weigh between six and seven hundred
tons. It is Illty feet in lemrth by thirty in
height , with the main shalf ton inchci in
diameter , and rocker or calm shaft twelve
inches. An averaged ai/.ed man can walk
erect insulo the steam pistons , and the lly
wheel is thirty-live foot In height. In addi
tion to tills there are two lower service en
gines , set up in a deep pit. They are c.ip-
able of pumping 14,000,000 gallons of water
dally into the low service basins. The
foundations of this buildlni ; nnd pit to the
water table will cost over $ 1,000.
The chimney , which is entirely separated
from the building proper , is lUo feet high ,
anil rests on a foundation of twenty-live feet of
solid cut htono.from tluslhisouptlioshaft will
bo constructed of bricLyatid will be octagonal
In shape
There are two thirty inch pipes from the
pumps to the river. The well that these
pipes enter is thirty-live feet in depth , and
rests on bed rock. From this well two four
foot pipes run out into thu river to its center ,
where there is to bo built a submerged pier
of masonry. This is for the purpose of
getting the water as clear and pure and f reo
from the mud and discoloration * of the
shores s possible.
Two temporary wooden buildings are now
being erected over the pumps in order that
they may boused before thu building itself
is completed.
Right south of the works , the company
owns three-quartern of a milo of river front ,
which will bo terraced , plated and laid out
into a beautiful park , almost in the center of
which will bo the immense settling basins ,
veritable lakes , high nl > eve the rolling rivor.
These basins are to be models In details and
nicety of construction , nnd can bo cleaned by
the gravitation of their own weight into the
stream below. Two of these reservoirs are
already nearly done , and others will bo built
hereafter commensurate with the consump
tion of water in the city. Between theao
minature hikes and the river , at a height of
eight-live feet above the stream ,
will bo laid a boulevard a la
Chumps D'Elyseo , seventy-live feet in
width , and which will afford a moat charm-
lug drive for visitors from the city. lilies
right along ou the cone of thujlijuffvitli the
turgid waters of the mad Missouri 'rushing
by below , and lUtecu miles of the sinuous
valley , with its lights and similes , nnd shim
mering reaches of water between , stretching
away to the diutanthnzuof the horizon. Back
to the north are the conical lulls , with their
baiks bristling with scrub oak , plum
ami hazel , yet withal forming a
picture c.Uculitted to entrance the
artists' oyo. In fuel the , new waterworks
at Florence , within a short time , will bo one
of the most attractive and pioturojiiuo points
about Oinulia.
The works themselves will , when com
pleted , bo among the mesA elUcient and llnost
in the whole country , and the people may
well congratulate themselves ou bein so
fully and thoroughly provided for , so fur as
this essential clement to safety , health and
happiness is concerned.
Mr. Frank Fiedler is the superintendent of
construction , but thu work in its entirety is
umlor the personal supervision of Mr. S. L.
e of Scrofula
ficrofu'a ' Is probably moro general thin any
other disease. It H lirmlloui in chnrnctcr ,
and manifests Itself In running gores , pustular
eruptions , bolls , swellings , cnlaigcd Joints ,
abscessessoioeyesetc. Hood'sSarsnparllla
t.xpcla nil Unco of scrofula from \\\o \ \ \ blood ,
leaving It pure , enriched , and healthy.
111 was sovcrelx anilctcdIth scrofula , nnd
over a year had two running soios on my neck.
Took flvo bottles Hooil'3 S.irsaparlll.i , and am
cured. " 0. U. LOVKJOY , Lov.ell , Mass.
0. A. Arnold , Arnold , Mo. , had Buofnlou *
sore ? for seven years , spitnjj anil fall , llood'd
Sarspp.tiilla cuicd him.
Sat ! ftheum
Isonc of the moat ilKigrccablo dlscises MIISCI !
bylmpurolilood. Hlsioaililyomedby Hood's
Sarsaparllla , the great blood purifier.
" \Vllliam Spies , Klyrla , 0. , sulfeicd greatly
from erysipelas ami salt ikcum , caused b >
handling tob-icco. At { ' .mis uti hands would
cr ck open ana bleed. IIo tried various prep
aration * without alii ; finally took Hood's Sjr.
a.ipnrllla , nnd now says : " I am entirely well. "
"My sou had salt rheum on his hands and
on the calves of his legs. IIo took Hood's
SaiKiparllla and Is entirely cured. " J. U.
Btnctou , lit. Vcrnon , Ohio.
Hood's SarsaparilSa
FoMVynUrtrucgUts. Sli lxforg5. Jladoonljr
by C. 1.1IOOI ) & CO.AvclHec.irlc3I.ciwclllUJ.
1OO Dos " - . Ono Dollar
" * * Obtnlnod ,
l\l 8 5i 'IraJc Matltl
l , I'nr.l anil Copytight prolcction e-
lured ( iwdwork.coodtctcrcncci , niQilcr.
aicch'K > . Srnjfurpjinuhld. (1. ( G , DllUoll
1 Ol 918 F St , Wajhlngton , D. C.
U IVIint
nuturt D
Your Left Liver
Al'rupilutary Mi > aicin that nooda but Uh4
to prova Its worth.
Dr , Callendei's ' Left liner Bitters ,
The only IHitlllod mttwr.t In the United
Status , 'the only Hitter * recouulzml by tliu
Unltru Suites Internal rareimn laws rn ii Pro
prietary Moiltrlno. Lawfully Vatontoil. No. of
1'atent 14-9,573 , Umuiu * no fusil
cssentlnl oils , no foreign substance onlumaK-
ln dniefl. A perfectly pure uucUrlne , com.
( loundod from Pure Hoot llorbs uuil OUt 1'eaah :
plomnnt to tha tnMo , QUlot and decisive tn Its
alTi-ct. Cures DyspopMa or Yellow Jaundice in
nvedays. Ki-gulates the Ilonelx. InvUrorntrs
luncttvo tavqr , Cures Ulseme.t Llvur , Hiwlveu
the Kiiluoys , Improves the Appetite Quickly.
noculatestliownoloHystom. Nuw Life to tb
whole nystom.
l.oUl.Ucr Ililtori KFU < > M 111 OniRlia , N l > . , \ > J tbe
lollowliiif ilruKKlvtiii Hk-Iiilnl-on Print Co. . Spoclnl
Wholoinlu , ( or the ilrui ; liilnrcst u ( Nubnukn. UulitlU
cm n lullimt :
i , . , lin , ,
It.ltu , ( ! lloeder. ' ' , ' .
> mu3i < m i ) rno Ilipyd't I'lnirmncy t'
A Miilclirr.llouiinl Moyurn. Krnnk Dvllnnn , V C" . ,
wliolc'ulu ilenlora lu CUnmtiiil I.elll.lvtT lllltor.i.
Industry , Science and Art ,
Open Until October. 1SS8.
Medical Congress .Moots August 7th ,
Round Trip Excursion Ticket ,
U-M ( and $7/5. /
For luforinntlon uiinly l
Agtd. , 5 Uroadway , Now York.
Sowar Proposals.
QKAIiRI ) proposals will bo recolveil bv thu
O umlersljiuiii up to 4 o'clock p. m. of Wod-
lUMiluy , Svptcinbi'rttti , 18-id , for furnishing the
inntuilul unit constructing stnvors arvoritlug to
pi iu.i unit Knocl Mentions ou 111' ) In the clerk's
ollico in the clt > ofOraud Mmnl , Hall Co. , Ny'i- '
'I'ho work vmbmcud in mild svwors
inntulv as follows :
MhO foot of lil-lnrh pipe.
HU.M ) foot of 13-lmli pipu.
" .I.UL'U fcotof 15-Inch plpo.
" 7(1 ( foot of 1-t-lnch plpi1.
l.tKfi foot of "t-liiL'h pipe.
l.,515 font -l-lucli plpo.
70 catch basins.
lOJ'lUHl Ibs. of cii&tlngi.
All bids shiUl DO nmile upon the printed bid.
nlnu lilunks which uccomptuiy tlio spoolltca-
tlont luniNhud by thu city upon application to
tlienmlerslKiiod. and no costs nru to bo tnxtd
UL'aliHt thu city In tiny event upon the * bids.
Knch bid , to bo coil tillered , must contain a cor *
tilled check upon u bank lu thu .sum of
( .VM.OO. payable to thu city of ( I mud Island n
forfeit inonuy In the mentthat the bidder Miall
fall to outer Into n contract with good und
Miilllclent bonds within ten days' notice of
The city reserves the rl ht to reject any or all
proposal * .
lllds to bu oncloseil In a sealed envelope with
omlorhcmont "Suwcr I'roposul" thureun and
adclre bed to the nnderslgneil.
lly order of the Mayor and City Council.
P.V. . HIIININOUII , City Clerk.
Qruud Inland , Hull Co , . Nebraska.
S , W , Cor , Farnam and 15th Sts.
raid in Cniiiltil $500,001) )
fjKO. K. IIAHKIIlt , 1'rofliUMit.
nit. Vie 1'ivslilent.
K. 11. JOHNSON , Caslilor.
Ii. 11. Wn.r.iAJis. 8. L. \ > II.KV.
. It , JOII.SMIN. J. M. M
WM. SIIIVKIIS. 1311S. . illif/ .
K. A. 1IKNKON. ( llIaTAVA.MIhllSO.S.
J. U Jllles.
Accounts of Hunkers , Murchanti and Individ
uuls rugulvud on Ihu moat fuvor blu terms.
PerfMt Hiding Buggies.
Breaking Carts.
rir.ollcpalrlnff ,
Bohanoii Carriaga Go , , 1Mcffi85ta
Send fur Cat jl
thi'iio.ttmtf. pllabld . .ft-ou aud ub-
BoluMururitblllly. Ui ycT.rj' record
tlio boM. Kiiuumlca of the ex ellen -
len < o of incj
] O IIM 5 ! vcn anlvet.
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