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Delivered by Carrier in Any Part of the City nt
Twnnty Cents 1'er Wrck.
it. w. Tir/roN. . ; . MANAGEH.
, No.
NICIIIT iiiTOH : ) , No.I. .
N. Y. Plumbing company.
The Ovcrton Good Templars lodge
will give tin ice cream sociable at their
hull Wednesday evening.
Johnson < fc Van Patten sold n lot in
Everett addition to a man in central
Iowa. Ho will Immediately build there
on u residence and as BOOH as it is com
pleted move to the BlulTn.
The BlulT City's and the Union Pacille
Brown's tried titled on tlio diamond at
Union park Sunday afternoon , and the
former club "wiped up the unrtli" with
their opponontw by a score of 22 to 0 ,
The BlulT City's were formerly known
as the Deuce Cameos.
The prevalence of certain forms of
diseases ought to cause the oily council
to take action in regard to the scaven
ger business. Streets and alleys need
attention , and there is no arrangement
made by which cleanliness can bo se
cured. An ordinance is needed , and
some system established.
Changes went into effect yesterday at
noon by which Olllcers Isonborgcr and
Boyle go on day duty and Oftlcors Aus
tin and Oleson will tram ] ) their boats in
the "lonely midnight watches. " Olllcer
Fowler resumed his place as patrol
man , after a week's illness , and Jerry
Mullen again pulls the tiller ropes on
the hoodlum wagon.
There should be a full attendance at
the board of trade meeting this evening.
It in high tlmo lliut the preliminaries
were being arranged for the coining
celebration tlio wedding of Omaha and
Council BlulTri by means of the new
Broadway bridge. The event is ono of
special interest , and a programme
should bo arranged whion will draw
thousands ot people hero to the wed
An enjoyable reunion took place in
Bayliss park yesterday. Kloven years
ago four school girls separated.and this
was Iho first time they had all been to
gether since then , although living but
ti few miles apart. They were Mrs. M.
B. Brown , Mrs. A. W. Cowlos and Mrs.
C. P. Harmon , of this city , and Mrs.
Cowles' sister , of Hamburg , Ta. They
are all marriedand each have two chil
dren. They passed a few very hapny
hours in tal'king over old times and tlio
events of the years since their last
Owen Bros. , grading contractors.havo
begun the worlc of grading up the Broad
way extension , between tlio west end of
tlio piling over the water works lake
and the eaot end of the bridge. It will
require about three weeks work to com
plete it , And it will bo paved as soon as
the gap in the paving below Twelfth
street is closed. It is understood that
arrangements have been made with a
Union Pacille man to lay the rails for
the motor line , and that ns soon as a
little moro grading is done in the vici
nity of tlio water works station this
brunch of work will bo pushed to com
Personal I'nrnffrnplis.
Gcorgo Keolino loft last evening for
Tom Ratcliffo left last evening for
St. Louis.
I. N. FHcktnger and family loft last
evening for Spirit Lake , intending to
bo absent a month or more.
Dr. M. J. Bellinger has gone to Lorenz -
renz , la. , whore he was called by the
dangerous illness of his father.
Mr. J. M. Hay , of Chicago , the
"Manawa boomer " is
, again inbthe city
looking afior bis real estate interests.
P. B. JCnine , president , and J. M.
Whitmoro , treasurer , of the National
Benevolent association , of Minneapolis ,
have boon in the city for two days past.
L. Wornstoin , of Burlington , ono o (
the trustees of the institution for the
deaf and dumb , arrived last evening to
attend to some business in connection
with the institution.
J. G. Tipton has bargains in real estate.
Wanted A Quorum.
The members of the board of trade
tire asked to note the fact that a propo
sition is in the hands of the secretary
from parties interested in n certain
business enterprise which is desirous ol
locating hero. This is important. The
answer of the board to the proposition ol
tlioso persons must bo given Wodncsdaj
morning. There must bo no delay. It
is apparent , then , that the board must
turn out nt this evening's meeting , else
do that or bhut up shop and advertise
the whole business for sale cheap and or
long time payments.
Travelers ! Stop at the Bochtolo.
Pacific House is open to the traveling
public , notwithstanding to the contrary !
Oliunco For Reform.
The county commissioners are strange
ly indifferent about fixing up the court
house grounds , and their condition it
fast getting to bo little less than a ( lib-
grace. A few scattering weeds have
bprung up hero and there , but aside
from that the grounds are perfectly
bare , gullied by the rains , and as unin
viting ns possible. At each heavy rail
n quantity of the loose dirt is washet
down upon the sidewalk , leaving aboir
two or three inches of soft mud foi
passers-by to wade through when pass
ing the county property.
The court House has boon complete !
for several months , but the grounds stil
remain unimproved and an eyesore t <
every one who has occasion to visit 01
puss the building. The shameful con
oition iu which the grounds tire allowee
to Ho detract greatly from the favorable
impression that the building makoi
upon n visitor , nnd it is time that i
change was inaugurated. If the com
missioners think they have complotei
their duty in merely getting the build
ing nmdy for occupancy , the publi <
would like to know it and make othei
nrrnngomonts for the continuance of ira
For bargains in real estate see E. H
Sheafo & Co. , Broadway and Mail
street , upstairs.
Danitijrca For Broken Ribs.
Last February R. T. Fair mot with ai
accident at the Benton street bridge , b ;
which ho'had several ribs broken. Tin
causes of the accident was a defect in tin
sidewalk , the approach having fallen
away nnd there being no railing to prevent
vent anyone from wnlking into tin
crook. Ho 1ms now commenced a sui
ngainst the city , claiming danmgoa a
810,000. Which , ns in most cases , Js prob
ably a larger uum than he expects ti
reulUc. _
Artists' -prefor the Hallott & Davl
piano , at 0. B.MiistoCp. , . MBroadway
8. B. Wad * < voath& Co , loan money.
Exciting Storm Incidents Witnessed
on Lake Mnimwn.
Arrcsicil For Stealing From a Di
vorce-el Wife The City Aakotl to
1'ay For lirnkcn Klus Police
Plck-Ups BrcvltleH.
'Iho Storm nt tlio hike.
The Sunday night storm was a wild
ono nt Lake Manawa. Since the ncci-
dent last year great caution is shown on
the part of most of those who frequent
, ho lake. When clouds appear , and a
storm is threatening , thu lake is almost
deserted. Occasionally some thought-
ess person will push out in a boat , but
, ho steamers refuse to go out when
there is any possibility of trouble.
Several row boats were caught out in
; hc Sunday night storm. Two of thcbo
joats had not been found last night ,
jut there were no i > or oris reported
missing , so it is supposed the par-
Lies having the boats had lauded and
.oft thoboats | to takocaro of themselves ,
[ t was reported that two young men
were missing from the hotel , and the
0. E. Mayno made a runabout the lake ,
limiting for thorn. After a prolonircd
search it was discovered that the pair
was quietly sleeping in their beds
nt the hotel. The hunt was a useless
ono , and although provoking , was ono
which resulted sntisUictorily to the boys
at least.
Shouts were heard as of some ono in
distress , but there was much dilllculty
in locating them , and at last the words
were heard "We're all right. " Some
Lime later in making the rounds of the
lake Mr. Clawson and Mr. Dudley , of
the C. E. Miiyuu Htoame.i , heard cries
again , and on investigating found a
young couple btrandud in the mouth of
Mosquito crcelc. The young man was
Joe Oilliland , telegraph operator at the
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul , and the
young lady Miss Stella Ellis , one of the
telephone operators. They were in a
row boat when the storm struck the
lake. Their boat was boon filled Mvith
water and became unmnnngoiiblo , bo
that all they could do was to hang to it ,
and lot the wind and waves carry them
at their will. They were driven into
the mouth of the Mosquito
creek , ono of the darkest and
drearii-bt places around the laico.
When the wind subsided , and the waters
receded , they were loft high but not
dry , on a mudbank in the willovs. The
young man had halloed until his lungs
could no longer do full work. The pair
were thoroughly drenched. Mud to the
depth of ton feet surrounded them , and
in the darKiiess there was no way of
their determining whore they wore.
When their two rescuers reached them
the couple were ready to be rescued. A
more grateful pair never welcomed the
prebenco and help of others. The boat
was pulled about a hundred yards
through the mud nnel reached water
just as the clocks in the city were strik
ing three. The young man had proved
himself quite ingenious. Ho had noth
ing with which to bale out the boat ,
and by a happy thought had boi/.od his
umbrella , and ubed that for baling the
boat. In this way ho had got it pretty
well relieved of water. The couple
reached the hotel in safety nnd were
soon made comfortable.
The Nellie Keller was about half way
across the lake when the gale struck
her with terrific force , blowing out all
lights , scattering floats in all directions
and almost lifting her out of the water.
The blast struck heron the quarterbut
the captain managed to keep her "head
on , " anel she was driven towards the
beach at a furious rate. At ono time it
scorned certain that she would go over ,
but the heroic exertions of the crow
averted the catastrophe , nnd the
staunch little vessel was finally hard on
shore whore she stuck fast. Yestordaj
morning a party wont over from this
side of the lake and got her oil. She
was not damaged to any great ox ton I
nnd was able to resume her rogulai
trips. A large number of floats wore
missing , but the majority of them will
bo picked up in the lake. The M. F ,
Rohror was fast at her dock , and ne
damage was done her.
Patrons of the Pacific House have
none but words of praise for the atten
tion given them.
E. II. Shoafo loans money on chatto'
bccurity of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business atrictlj
conlidontal. OlHco 500 Broadway , corner
nor Main street , up-stairs.
That Mule hake.
With its usual venom one of th <
Omaha papers goes out of its way to pok <
fun at the little lake placed in Fair
mount park. It is not completed , am
as Park Commissioner Graham says
"It is no Ube to lot children and fooli
boo anything until it is dono. " The lit
tie lake will bo a refreshing liltlo spo
when finished. It ib not large. Noom
ever claimed it would bo. It is no Lnki
Michigan as yet. Visitors to the parl
are gratified with it , however , and ii
view of the limited amount of mono ;
which the park commissioners havi
to expend , they are doing nobly in the
line of improvements. As soon ns possible
siblo the liltlo lake will bo fenced ani
other improvements made. The young
will thei
man-afraid-of-wator not
tumble into thu little pond , which bj
his own statement is bo small that m
one could drown. Commissioner Gra
ham was largely instrumental in seem
ing for this city , for a few hundred dollars
lars , the park which is now worth
many thousands and which is the pridi
of the city. Some then called it "Gra
ham's Fojly , " but tlmo has demon
stratcd to whom belonged the foolish
ness. It is no loss certain that timi
will demonstrate In regard to the littl
Inko that Graham's wisdom will bo ii
striking contrast to the "young-man
afraid-of-the-wator'a folly. "
Stop at the Pacific House. The mos
centrally located hotel In the city.
Money loaned at L. B. Crafts < fc Co. '
loan nfllco , on furniture , pianos , horses
wagons , personal property of all kinds
and all other articles of value withou
removal. All business strictly eon 11
Plucked liy the Police.
Business in police court opened n
auspiciously yesterday as is usual 01
Monday mornings. The anti-prohib
wore the first to Do called into the dock
nnd their slna were carefully considere
and penances inflicted with a colorit ;
that in only the result of long and continued
tinuod practice ,
Elijah Uunn , Gcorgo Curry and Join
Hughes were ach assessed 98.10 to pa
for the ice consumed 'in allaying th
fever tliat'was rioting in their swolloi
heads when first landed in the cooler.
John Dou was alsQi charged with guj
liiff too long and affectionaloly upon th
double distilled bug juice , but ho in
sisted that ho was lightning-proof , and
IH case was continued until ho could bo
subjected to the acid test.
J. W. Kelley was charged with in
sulting an olllcorand pleaded notguilty ,
jut considering the enormity of the
offense his case was continued until the
ollicor recovers sulllcicntly to appear In
court to testify against his hard-hearted
L. Constantine was locked up for
vagrancy , but the court hold that the
niblfc pocket could not stand the pres
sure and ordered him released.
Eli Hanoy , tho'lo-U boy from Omaha ,
iViis claimed by his stepfather , Ed
[ Jolliers , a well digger. Tlio youngster
is inclined to run away from home , and
on this occasion his whereabouts were
unknown until the notice of his dotcn-
ion hero was seen in yesterday's BKI : .
EIo was taken back home in a happy
'runic of mind.
E. H. Slu-afo ft Co. , make long or
short time loans on real estate , in sums
: o suit , at lowest rate of interest. Olllco
Broadway and Main street , upstairs.
Full line of sheet music at Counci
BlulTs Music Co. , ± 24 Broadway.
Tramp ! ) Must Work or Starve.
The city council met in regular ses
sion last evening. Present Mayor
Uihrer , Aldermen ICnophor , Lacy ,
Waterman , Weaver and Metcalf.
The mayor , by message , referred to
, ho tramp question. Ho rccommendcil
that they be cmple > yed upon the streets
of the city , to receive , upon fines , com-
loiit-ution from CO lo 76 cents per day ,
uid lhat ten days bo matle the time of
Ine , those objecting to work to bo
> ut upon public improvements in a
chain gang and fed upon bread and
water. After discussion , the recom-
nendation of the mayor was adopted
md the street commissioner instructed
to put the order into immediate effect.
A petilion to open up Litllo Curtis
itreot was referred. A communication
[ rom the odorless sanitary company
\vithrcgardtotho cleaning" cesspools ,
vaults , etc. , was referred to the health
committee. A petition of property ovvn-
jra for an adjustment of boundary lines
in .Tehiison's addition was referred.
J. F. Hartwoll and J. Lawson ask
lamages amounting to $160 for damages
by being thrown from their buggy on
Slutcsinan street. Referred to city at
Now water hydrants wore located as
Follows : At corner of Nineteenth and
Tostovin streets. Sixteenth street and
Third avenue , Fifteenth street and Second
end avenue , Seventeenth street and
Second avenue , Eighteenth street and
Second avenue.
Bonds amounting to $4,200.72 wore
ordered issued to the Milwaukee bridge
nnd iron works company , as per terms
of city contract.
Bill of P. Sweeney , $193.87 , was laid
on the table.
Resolution No. 88 , for grading , was
ordered published.
An ordinance was read and adopted ,
changing tlio grade of Broadway , be-
weon Twelfth and Thirteenth streets ,
so that the surface drains may discharge
Mio water into the Indian creek basin ,
thence into Broadway sower.
An ordinance providing for the man
ner in which sewer connections
may bo made and costs assessed
when property owners fail to make
such connections was reael a second and
third times and passed.
An ordinance governing the superin
tendent of markets in the matter of
selling wood , hay , etc. , upon the streets ,
was read ; passed.
A communication from Manager Bir-
kinbino relative to the location of the
water mains and sewer pipes on Sixth
street , between Eighth and Ninth ave
nues , was read ; referred to the commit
tee on streets and alleys and city en
gineer with power to act.
dMr. H. Judd , living at 551 Frank
street , appeared with a verbal protest.
Ho asked that the trees on Mrs. Wal
ters' place bo trimmed up so that his
property might not bo injured by the
condition of these trees. The city mar
shal was instructed to attend to the
matter. The trees on Mynstor anil
North Sixth streets were included in
this order.
The curbing bonds of James andO. P.
Wickhum and R. L. Williams were ac
cepted. Biets for work contemplated
were read. On motion of Alderman
Motcalf the contract was lot to Wick-
ham Bros. , Boroa sandstone to bo used ;
cobt , 00 cents per yard ,
Buy mantels , grates and hearth fur
nishings of the Now York plumbing Co.
Got HU Wife's Cnsli.
William Lawrence was taken before
'Squiro Schurz yesterday , charged with
stealing $4.50 of his divorced wife's
hard earnings. The defendant is-baid
to bo constantly hanging around the
woman's homo , and on Sunday morning
dibcovereda chance to make n little ap
propriation , and did so , but Mrs. Law-
rcnco "caught on" to the transaction
mid bworo out a warrant , and poor
"Billy" was landed in jail. The wo
man and her witnesses were not on
hand yesterday , and the c\so was con
tinued. In the meanwhile sweet Will
iam will languish in the county cylinder
in default of $100 bonds.
Very Near tlio Golden Stair.
A slight blaze at 020 First avenue
called out the department last evening.
It seems that Hannah Doyle , a domestic
in the otnuloy of Mrs. Stubbs , went out
to the barn about 9 o'clock to got some
gasoline. She lighted a match in order
to bee to pour it out of the can. Some
of the inllnmifmblo llulel was spilled on
the floor , and she throw the match down
into it. She then tried to tramp out
the blaze that sprang up and as n result
her limbs were severely burned. A col
ored man rushed in and throw the blaz
ing can out into 'the yard. A line ot
hose was laid , but the lire was extin
guished without turning on water.
The attention of the renders of this
paper is called to the announcement
' 'Educate Your Sons. "
Among the educational Institutions ol
the United States there are but few that
have advanced as rapidly us the Uni
versity of Notre Dame established
over forty-five years. It rapldly'pabsod
to the front rank nnd has each succeed
ing year kept pace with the demands of
the times. No bettor educational insti
tution can bo found anywhere , which
the large and increasing patronage it
enjoys from all sections of the country
testifies. Parents contemplating plac
ing their sons or wards at school will
obtain full information and catalogue bj
addressing Rev. T. E. Walsh , Pros ,
University , Notre Dnme , Ind.
Thirteen Ounces of Baby.
Chicago Times : A gnat could swal
low it without blinking. Labeled ru
miscellaneous matter 4 cents postage
would carry it to any part _ of the coun
try. A quart cup beside it looked like
a castle , and Gulliver would bwcar thai
his Lilliputians weireBrobdignagiunsir
comparison. It curls up in a roll ot cot
ton like a chrysalis In u cocoon. It will
b'o prettier utter awhile. At present il
is 113 red as u lobster and can Kick wilt
-DsTl ± i"W
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iho hilariousncss nnd abandon of a
It is a sweet , pink-checked , brown-
eyed , tiny girl buby that weighs but
thirteen ounces. It bolongH to Mr. and
Mrs. James Willis , of UliO Kiiizie street.
They were expecting a baby , but wore
ooking for feomothing tangible and that
could make u noibo.
"I know it is small , but it will grow , "
said the angel ot babyhood as ho weighed
.t on a pair of golden scalesand charged
ip thirteen ounces of cherub to Mr.
Willis. There was another member of
, hu family who was disappointed in the
size of tlio baby , and that was "Door-
Knobs. " Ho is a youngster who was
jorn two years ago , and was so small
jhathis parents nicknamed him "Door-
Knobs. " But ho is as big as any two-
year-old baby now , and ho relented the
idea of having thirteen ounces of hu
manity palmed off on him for u sister.
" /Cat ain't no baby , it's a wat , " tuid
"Door-Knobs' ' with disgust when ho
was given the lirst peep at his little sister -
tor , whoso head iB'covorod with : i coat
of thick dark hair.i "Door-Knobs" had
ii different idea of his sister yesterday
ind called her "Tommy , " after the
imaginary ghost l\lat \ was wont to bo
conjured up by his nuntio to frighten
liim into quietude whenever ho became
The 115-ouni'o infant is the fourth
child born to Mr. nnd Mrs. Willis. The
first two. who are elpad , weighed eight
nnd nine pounds respectively. The
third , "Door-Knobs , " weighed but four
pounds. But , though of shall begin
ning , ho has nourished , and is in the
best of health. The father , Mr. Wiilis ,
is five feet eleven inches tall , and
weighs 185 pounds. Mrs. Willis is of
medium height , Mid weighs 1--5 pounds.
The only precedent for diminutivoncBS
of the baby outside of that furnished by
"Door-knobs , " is the case of the mother.
She is the twin sister of Mrs. Robert
Willis , nnd both when born weighed
about three pounds. "Tommy" is in
the best of baby health , and the physi
cian says its chances for life are ns good
ns if he woighoel half a ton. The father
doesn't allow the lack of a few ounces
to interfere with his rejoicing over the
latest born , and takes ns much pride in
it as ho does in "Door-Knobs. " The
only apprehension felt is that u hungry
mosquito may slip in unawares and
make u meal of "Tommy" before being
If you are about to make a pudding , a
jelly , a cake or other article of pastry ,
don't my dear madam , if you have a duo
regard for your husband's , children's ,
or your own digestion , use any other
than Van Duzor's flavoring extracts.
They coutain no deleterious chemical
ingredients. The sterling flavors
named nro in every way worthy of your
confidence , since , they are delicious ,
pure nnd highly concentrated. Grocers
everywhere bell them.
The terrible poisoning of rivers nnd
streams , b.v dumping into them the gar
bage of cities and largo towns , has be
come so serious that some device is
bought to avoid the danger , and the
need of incurring the danger. Several
European cities h.vvo carried sewerage
and garbage to public fields , to bo uti
lized on a systematic plan. The latest
device Is to cremate the garbage in fur
naces specially constructed for that pur
pose. Chicago has inaugurated the
plan from dire necessity. England has
largely put the plan in practice , mil is
well satisfied. Forty-five English towns
are already using furnaces. Tlio Chicago
cage furnnco disposes of fiftv tons a
day. Dr. J. M. Keating , of Memphis ,
says : "There is no real safety hut by
cremation ; " and ho is sure that Yankee
ingenuity , now on the right track , will
furnish the best and cheapest furnace.
It is evident to casual observers that
our streams must not any longer biilTcr
polution. Epidemics of the worst sort
may bo expected from such a source.
The perfume of violets , the purity of
the lily , the glow ljo rose , nnd the flush
of Hobo combine in Pozzoni's wondrous
powder. , .
Drink Malto for the nerves.
Early this spring the sloop Alert o
Nowburypnrt was bought for ? 876 , contributed
tributod by Sunday school efhlldron al
over this country , and under the com
mand of Captain George W. Lane
began missionary work for the Congre
gational Sunday school society. Nine
years ago Captain-Lane , a Maine sailIng -
Ing master , gave" ' dp the foreign trade
and became u missionary on his own
hook. His work was to go from settle
ment to settlement organizing Sunday
schools , getting them in good running
order , and leaving them in the charge
of suitable persons to go to another
Hold. Now that ho is in charge ot the
Alert his field lies all along the const
troin North Carolina on the south to the
eastern limit of the United States at
Eastport , Me. , on the north. The entire
enrollment of Captain Lane's Sunday
schools along the Maine coast is over
1,600 scholars. For the whole coast to
tlio south of Huttcrns it is over 15,000. ,
Drink Mnlto ii Is pleasant.
" \nTcrfc a Notes nnd Queries is au
thority for the following interesting
and useless bit of information : Cleveland -
land is n corruption of Cliulund , BO
called from its situation in a steep ,
rocky locality. Thurman is from Thor ,
the Saxon god and man. Its figurative
meaning is emo Having the strength
and wUelom of Thor. Harrison means
' ' . It is ieten-
Honry'a son , or Harry's eon.
tical in meaning with Harris and Hor-
rics. Morton is a local name from the
parish of Merion in Nithsdalo , Dum-
frlshirc , Scotland. Mor , in the Gaelic ,
signifies big , great , and ton is from dun ,
a hill , Morton the big or great hill.
An Absolute Cure.
is only put up in Kirfe ; two ounce tin boxes ,
nnd Is an absolute cure for ohl sores , burns ,
wounds , uliuppud hands , mid till skin erup
tions. Will positively c.iro nil kinds of piles.
MKNT. Sold b.v Goodman Uruf Co. , at US
cents per box by mull ! ! 0 conti.
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olllce , No. 12 Peirl Street , near Bioadway ,
Council lllullM , Iowa.
T71OU 8ALK Improved ranch , 030 acres ; 1HO
JL1 cattln , 'Jhoisesj el-'ht ( miles south of Has-
sett , llio\\n Co. , Neb. A bargain. Address , O.
A. Illlherg , at llasiett , or G U , lieu Olllco , Coun
cil llluirs.
WANTKD A rood ulrl for general house
work at the Iv. C. house.
" 171011 SALK A bargain ; n lots on Avenue 0
J-1 and 1-th bt 1'or Information call at < U
FOH SAI.l : The best small fruit uiul vcROta-
ble farm In Potlawattamlo county , two
miles from Council Itluirs postolllce , at a pilco
Unit will sell It , on remarkably easy terms.
Title perfect and pioperty in i'uod condition.
Possession given at any tlmo. Good reason for
selling. It. T. Hryant & Co. , GJ3 : Hruadway ,
Council Illulfs , la. _
Teams nnd men to work on Lower
WANTED . For further information in-
qulje on wort. Owen Bros , , contractors.
"ITtTANTED Stocks of merchandise to exT -
T V chance for city property in Council lllutru ,
Omaha , ' or western land or chattels of any kind.
Wo make exchanging a specialty. It. T. llryiiut
A Co. , KM Broadway. _
TO HENT Immediately , for the summer , a
good furnished house , 10 rooms ; closet and
bathroom ; city water. Apply on premises , 813
6th ave. _
Stocks ot merchandise. Have
Omaha nnd Council BlulTs city property ,
albo western land to exchange for goods. Can
on or address Johnson & Christian , lloom 33 ,
Cnamber of Commerce. Umaha. _
THOU SALE At a bargain , 40 acres near stock
Jt ? yards , South Omalia , Nob. , Johnson Ac
Christian , lloom 33 , Chamber of Commerce ,
TRICE $15.
Is equal to
any High
The KillBon Mlncogrnpli. Iho best appnrlus for
nmnlfoldlnK. nuthOKruplilo and typewriter wort.
3.IXX1 copies can be taken.
Tha Ezcelsior Co. , Ccuncil Bluffs , la.
In accordance with numerous requests has de
cided to teach Tuxldcrmy in all Its branches.
Mounting birds , $ ; 0 ; with mammals and other
Intricacies , MIO. Would also like to receive
eiders lor birds to 1111 older book on trip south.
No. U10 Main St. , Council lilulla.
COH. BTH AVI ! AM ) 7T11 ST.
Conducted by the Sisters of Charity ,
An excellent educational Institution , furnish
ed with all modern Improvements tor boarding
nnd day school. The academic year consists of
two sessions , beginnlm ; on tlio nrst Monday In
September and February , respectfully.
Terms-Hoard and tuition per session , $7I > .
For further particulars address Slater Superior ,
St. Francis Academy , Council Iliumla. .
Nos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-6O4.
PA ION OUTFIT * , with constitution ,
drill tactlci and full Information about
jG SPAUiiUnkVRol' ,
Jir trUI . ck pra5c.Clrrul ri frey.
lllilll . l by iu ll | |
kTliuiaD KiBtUT ' " * UlVriora > t , U I UlCiUO. lib
ATENTS Trmde Obtained. M.tlc ,
PAXS Copyruh protection K.
cured. Good work , jooa reference ! , modcr *
atech'g * . Send * pamphlet. R. G. DuBoli
CO. ,
SIZES FROM Especially Adaj.ted for
POWER , Mills and Elevators ,
Specifications and estimates furnished for complete steam plants. liegntntlon. Durability Guar
anteed. Can show letters from users where fuel Economy Is equal with Corliss Non-Condenslnc.
Send for Catalogue , E. C. HARRIS , Manager.
H . Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineer. Plans , EstimalcB , '
i Specifications. Supcrvision'of Public Work. Brown
Building , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
riWI TV PI IPI F Attorney at Law , Second Floor Brown Building , 115
lllNLLY DUrmL" Pearl St. , Council BUUls , Iowa.
Justice ol the Peace. Ofllcc over American Express , No. 419
NCPUMD7 - Broadway , Council Blufls , Iowa.
QTHMC" S , QIMQ Attorneys at Law , Practice in the State and Fid era
OIUIlL QL OIIVlO" " Courts. Onice Rooms 7 and 8 , Shugart-Beno Block ,
Counci1 Bin Us , Iowa.
UA7irrVl Dentist. Corner Main Street and First Avenue , Counci
CP , nMZ.LIl" Bluffs , Iowa.
Call on MMmOIILICH , 53 § Broadway , where you will receive
tlio HlgliVHt Cu h I'ricc.
PUl From 15 to 25 Per Cent.
Nos. II & 13 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
DR. C. B. J U D D ,
No. 6OO Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
WANTED Good Salesmen on largo commission or snlnry.
Wrought and Cast IIIUIW ff lllil FOR
\Bull \ < llni/9t Automatic f" IIHI Lg IF O JUi/heat Economy ,
Repairs. Xew 0 % d Hand L11U i 11LU filmpllcltu and
Nos. 1100 to 1200 , Tenth Avenue , Council BlulT in. Tclophono 100.
M. B. SNYDEB , A. M. . M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Discuses of Women und Children ,
JUT 111 oat-war. Council UluifH.
D. H. McDANEU & 00. ,
Hides. Tallow , Pelts ,
\Vool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
Return . .
, B * nd KS Mala du tCuuacll UlutTk.Iowa.
Cmiucll HUtff * . Jorr . K uliUlii4
. USl.