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    SO i * < lt1jji MFM'-
They Win tv Pretty Qamo on a Very
iK. Oloso Blmvo.
The tiocftls Scorn thn Winning R n In
the Ninth Inning on Mllwnukeo'n
Only Krror Dei Mollies U'lns
From tlu iMnrooiiH.
'Western Ansoclntltm Standing.
Following is the ofllclal standing of the
Western nssociatlon teams up to nnd In
cluding yesterday's games :
Plnmt Won Lost Pr Cl
DCS Molnes . 00 41 2-ri .Oil
8t.Paul . 08 4 .017
Omaha . 07 40 U7 . ! > 91
KunsnsCity . 07 8.'l 31 .40' .
Sioux City . U7 13 14 .431
Chicago . 70 31 31) ) .41i
Milwaukee. . . . 7J ! 33 41 .4fc !
Minneapolis . . .07 S3 43 ,87 (
Omaha Q , Minneapolis 1.
Omaha had a close call yesterday nftcrnoor
and she can thank her lucky stars that she
escaped humbling herself to the Mllwaukcca
The attendance , as usual , was good nnt
wlulo there was but little enthusiast !
evinced , the struggle was of a most oxtraor
dlnarlly Interesting character. This was
simply on account of its extreme closeness
and the uncertainty which attended the out
come. It was neither team's ball until the
last man wns out.
Both Clarke ana Shenklo did their part
in the points , nnd in fact a ;
much cnn bo snid of every man in the twc
teams with the exception of Miller nnd Grlf
flth , the former's being excusable ones npor
hard hit grounders , but the latter's was ol
the yellowest lino.
Hiigan , of courso.umplred flnfily.
In the first innings after Burns' out , Chip-
jiey McGnrr tnndo a hit , nnd then without
further ceremony proceed to stcnl llrst , second
end nnd homo.
Of course this was nil accomplished
midst the most enthusiastic npplnuse. II
wns n font no other man In the team couli
have accomplished , or would ovei
attempt. Crooks nnd Miller , thereafter
quietly retired the side.
For the visitors MoAloer led off with r
corking two-bugger , wns ndvnncctl to Hurt
on Forster's ' baser , and tied the scot o on
Strauss' Sufo drive. The next three batter !
went out with delicious rapidity.
Alter this ono lively .innings , the game wa
nn uninterrupted successioh of goose eggs U |
to the ninth , when by sheerest luck , the
Omahas succeeded in lassoing the winning
rmii Griffith muffed Burns' long lly , am
the hatter mndo second bcforo ho couh
recover the ball. The vnliiml
Chippoy then came to the bat , but foi
once ho was unequal to the task , nnd died ot
a high ( pop-up 'to Fuller. Lucky Crooks
however , happened along past nt this crltica
juncture , und suavely throw himself Into the
breach. Ho lined n corker out to center , am :
the Poet dashed homo. Ho scored but b.s
the slimcst shave in the world. The snmllcsl
fraction of subdivided tlmo would hnvo beet
RUfllcicnt to have squelched the giddy High
Wilson put the side out by cleaving the
wind three times in rnpid succession.
In their final hull the Beer Jerkcrs , got r
man on base , but the subsequent muscle tc
bring him in wns lacking , und with ono loiu
drawn out , lingering groan , they gave up tlu
Full particulars will bo found in the ofllcin
Hero It Is :
Totals 84 1 5 3 37 15
Omaha 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1- !
Milwaukee. 00000000
Two-base hits MoAlcor. Bases on balls-
Oft Shonkel 1. Struck out By Clarke 8
Shenkel 3. Passed balls Wilson 1. Tlrao-
1:45. Umpire Hugan.
Den MolncR S , Chicago 1.
DBS Moixus , la. , August 0. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Hr.K.j The Chicago team wen
like pigmies in the hands of giants in tin
B mo against Dos Moines to-day , gottlnf
only three hits off Hutchlnson's delivery anil
I ton batters being struck out. Cody struct
out nine batters , though ton hits wore modi
off of him. among them four three baggers
two doubles ana n homo run. besides ilvt
bases on balls and a base bv hitting a battoi
with the ball. Morlarty mudo a diflloul
running catch in center Held. The score :
Dos Moines 3 11000031 1
Chicago.0 00001000
Uuns earned Des Molnes 7 , Chicago 1
Two baio hits Qulnn , Stearns. Three bas <
hits Shnfor , Stearns , Alvord. Homo runs
Stearns. Double plays Milton , Henglo nnt
Schoonlck. BJses on balls By Hutchlnsor
3 , by Coely 0. Bases given for hitting mat
with ball By Hutcliinson 1 , by Cody 1
Struck out By Hntchlnson 10 , by Codv 9
Passed balls Dugdnlo 3. Tlmo of gamo-
1:45. : Umpire Quest.
Kansan City H , Minneapolis S.
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , August 0. [ Spcola
Telegram to TIIC HBC.J The rains of tin
past three nights have made the grounds a
Exposition park very bad but not bad onougl
to account fully for the miserable field worl
of the Minneapolis team to-day. Winklomni
did excellent work but received poor support
The homo team won the game in the iirst in
ning without a hit on n lot of errors. Th <
homo team did excellent Hold work. Cusiol
was questionable m most of his decisions am
KUVO the visitors the worst of It. The score
Kansas City..4
Minneapolis . . .
Earned runs Minneapolis 1. Two-has
hits Manning , Hnwes. Double ploys Gun
son nnd Cartwrlght , Long , Ardnor nnd Carl
vrrlght. First base on errors Kansas Git
3. Minneapolis 2 , Struck out By Conway i
Winkloman 6. Passed balls Gunson 1
Broughton 1. Wild pitehos Winkloman 1
Tlmo 3:00. : Umpire Cuslck.
nnvcn.Er.i-r H.ieks Down.
DivcxroiiT , la. , August 0. The Daver
port Base Ball association to-night refuse *
to ratify the action of the committee wh
bought the Minneapolis franchise in th
Western association , owing to reports of 01
position in the Western directory.
At Sioux City.
Sioux CITY , la. , August 0. The Slou
Clty-St. Paul game was postponed on nccoun
ot wet grounds ,
Yesterday's 'Winners In the Natlonn
League CoutCbtH ,
New YOUK , August 0. Ref > ult ot to-day1
cftmo :
New York..0
IndionapoU * 1 00000100
Pitchers Keofo and Shrove. Base hit
Now York 10 , Indianapolis 7. Krrors-
New York 4 , Indionapolia 4. Umpire-
WAsniyoioN , August 0. Result of to-day1
fviuhington 1 -
Detroit. 1 Q 1 1 0 0 00 0-
Pitohars-O'Day and Qruber. . Base Ml
WMWoKton-T , Detroit 11. Errors-Wasl
lartoa 1 , Detroit 1. Umpire Powers.
, August 6. Rain 'caused
xistponcincnt of the two ball game * here to-
la.y. In the.Chleago-Phllndoljhla game two
linings were played , with the score 3 to 1 hi
Tnvor of Philadelphia. Four Innings wore
lilaycd In the Athlctlo-St. Louis game , with
the score 3 to 1 In favor of the Athletics.
BOSTON , August 0. The Hoston-Plttsburg
; amo was postponed on account of ruin.
American Association.
HUOOKI/ITJ ? , August 0. Hcsult of to-dny's
pnmc :
Brooklyn. . * 0 00000000 ( I
Loulsvlllo 0 00000030 'J
TURK 13V13XT3.
Summary of Yostcrdrty'H Races at
Rrlghtott Itcaoh.
Nr/iv YOMK , August 1) ) . Unces at Brighton :
Seven-eights of n mile Youghioirheni >
won In lil : % Albemnrlo second , ballio Hiir-
per third.
Three-fourths of' a mile Eatontown won
In 1:21 : , the Vanilla ( filly ) second , Gunshot
Seven-eighths of a mile Tcnstrlko won In
1:42C : , MacGoga second , Kismet third.
Seven-eighths df n milo Helax won In
1:32J : { , Pilot second , Henly third.
Ono nnd one-eighth miles Efllo Hnrdj
won In 3:00)1 : , GallusDan second , Lemon
The Opening Day of tlio Department
Kino Content.
The eighth annual competition of the De
partment of the Plittto opened at 8S30 yester
day mornlu ? nt Bellovuo. There are present
twenty-flV'L officers' nnd 171 enlisted uuon ,
Eleven of the former nnd ninety-two of the
latter will bo competitors who will contest fet
places In the dephrtment team of twelve
nnd for two medals. The most interesting
lirlng will bo the skirmishing of Tuesday ,
Wednesday , Friday nnd Saturday. On Mon
day morning , August 13 , the medals will be
presented , and nn address will bo made by
Colonel Morrow. The band of the Twentieth
infantry will go down to the range.
Colonel Henry has rhnrgo of the contest ,
nssisted by Captnin Coolldge nnd Lieuten
ants Van Leon , Bwoko , Pickering nnd
Hutcliinson ns n staff. The range ofllcors
nro Lieutenants Burns , Nnrring , Tyler ,
Dw.yor , Jones nnd Gregg. To witness the
firing is well worth a trip by our citizens ,
who con make a picnic of the visit , leaving
Omnhn by the B. & M. railroad nt U n. m.
and returning nt 5:30 p. in.
The preliminary practice began yesterday ,
the shooting being nt known distances. The
following are the names of the lirst twenty
competitors , with their scores :
Mulr , C. H. , Seventeenth infantry . 17C
Cox. Twentieth infantry . IOC
McKenzIo. Seventeenth Infantry . ICt
Walker. Ninth cavalry . IK
Deit7 , Seventeenth infantry . 1C-I
Mercer , Eighth infantry . 10 ;
Gcrbor , Twenty-llrst infantry . IK
Elwcll , Second Infantry . ICi
Huber , Sixteenth Infantry . ICi
Wnrnler , Twenty-first infantry . I0i !
Buck , Sixteenth in f nntry . IM
Mercler , Seventeenth infantry . 101
Saludin , Eighth in fantry . 101
Glynn , Seventeenth infantry . 15 :
Schollc , Seventh infantry . \K
Dressier. Seventh infantry . 15i
Davia , Sixteenth Infantry . I6t
Hart , Seventh infantry . 15S
Dorsey , Ninth cavalry . 15 :
Snuer , Second infantry . 15S
The programme for this morning is skir
mish firing , nnd this afternoon known dis
tuncc , ! iOO nnet 300 yards.
Lively Skirmish In tlio Kl hth The
Meeting JCmlH In Dlmmlcr.
Tlio Eighth Ward Hepublican club mol
last evening nt the corner of Twcnty-fourtI
nnd Cumlng streets with James Allen , president
ident of the club , in the chair.After some
preliminary "sparring" between Cadet Tay
lor , Councilman Kitchen , John B. Furay am
others , n motion was made to adjourn tlu
meeting and the republicans of the Eightl
ward go Into caucus to appoint delegates tc
the primaries. John T. Clark'o moved thai
Charles A. Collard bo appointed chairman
which wns carried amid howls. Mr. Clarke
then moved that the chair appoint n commit
tee of five to select delegates nnd alternate !
to report to the caucus which was also car
A division being called showed that n cor-
talti faction wanted .John B. Furay in the
chair , which seemed to glvo great dlssatii
faction , nnd after the howls had subsided C ,
E. Yost made a motion that the caucus be
adjournet' and the meeting broke up In great
disoidf. the lights were turned out and the
Furay men Hied out into the street.
The club again wont into convention will
fully ono hundred nnd fifty members present ,
the labor element being largely represented ,
James Allen was again in the chair and nftoi
some routine business had been transactor
n motion wns made and unanimously carried
that the club select n ticket to bo voted for al
the primaries. On the motion of Charles \
Collard the chair appointed a committee ol
seven who returned the following names ,
which wore unanimously endorsed :
Delegates C. E. Yost , James Allen , A. C
Kcar , James Hndflold , J , T. Clarke , Thomas
Doyle , Dr. Hostctter , E. L. Armstrong.
Alternates Guy C. Barton , A. H. Sander
Peter Peterson , W. T. Baker. S. B. Lake
John Groves , A. B. Balcombo , M. F. Single
A resolution was then mndo and carrlce
that the club use their utmost endeavors tc
aid C. E. Yost nt the county convention am
also to endorse Webster , which , pending uo
bate to adjourn , was lost.
Preparing Ibc War on England in
Three Years.
SAX Fiuxcisco , August C. fSpoclal Tele
gram to TUB Bnu.J Mull advices frou
Australia give n remarkable statement thai
the leading Chlnoso merchants of Dundlno
Now Zealand , have received n copy of nn 1m
porlal edict in which the action of the colonies
nies in trying to prohibit Chinese emigration
Is chnraetcrl/cd as a breach of treaty obliga
tions. The proclamation gees on to saj
that the Imperial nrmy numbers 13,000,00 (
mon , but they are not so well armed 01
drilled as thu troops of western nations
wlulo the navy is not sufficiently largo te
warrant the empire In taking aggresslvi
action. The government , however , Intend !
building moro ships and to Improve tlio army
This work of enabling China to oopo will
Great Britain will occupy three years. Bi
the edict the government commands ill
Chinese subjects in the Australian co Ionic :
to wind up tholr affairs within , the next throi
years and return to China.
A Resolution "Which Places the Indl
nun in an Awkward Position.
ST PAUL , Minn. , August 0. A Blsmarcl
special says that an inside mnn from Stand
ing Uock to-day nays that the Indians hav
resolved in secret council to kill the llrst In
ctlati that siens. This troublesome rtsolutioi
makes It rather awkward for the lirst Indlni
to sign. Ho credits the Indluns' firm posl
tlon to bad ndvlco of squaw men and hal
The Klin ; Haddock Fisher Caught.
ST. Axpuutts , N. B. , AugustO. A sousa
tlon was caused by the arrival hero of th
Dominion cruiser Dream , with an America ;
vessel In tow , Saturday. William Danburj
of Eastport , who Is commonly known ns th
hint : haddock fisherman of the Muluo coast
nnd Charles Black , set sail from Border
town on a flshing expedition in Canadiai
WAters and failed to provide themselves wit :
a license. They sailed ns far ns Campbell
and wore Just getting leady to flsh when th
commander of the cruiser caught sight o
them and soon after made them prisoners
The iUhory department was notified.
A Dondwood Street Car Kntbrprise.
DEUWOOD , Dak. , August 6. ISpccto
Telegram to THE BEE. ] J. 1C. P. Miller , o
this city , has asked to have a right of wa ,
given to him for his friends in New York t
build a city railroad through the streets o
Dcadwood for the purpose of connecting th
upper camps with this city , Mr. Miller liu
deposited JcO.SOO with 'the First Nntiona
bank of this city , snowing that the railroa
company i > not ono of paper. The road fret
Whltcnyood to Dcadwood has also bqen dc
We'd cm and build lug , will progress soon.
Physicians Say His WOund la Not
NocoDsdrlly Fatal.
An Unquiet Ghost Causing Consider
able lOteltcincnt. lit Cherry County
IlcportH From the lloucnt
Storm Other Stnto News.
Not l-'atnlly Wounded.
HASTJSOB , Nob. , August 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim Hr.B. ] The colored boy des
perado Was brought back this morning from
Falrflcld , Where ho was taken last night for
safe keeping. Ho waived examination before
Justlco Pierce , and was held in custody to
nwnlt the result of Bulcoinbe's Injury. The
latter Is resting dulotly , but there is llttlo
hope of his recovery. The boy , Nelson , Is
not fatally wounded , ns supposed. Oftlcors
are carefully guarding the prisoner. Should
Halcombo dlo it Is feared that an Attempt will
bo made to lynch the young rascal.
A Troublesome Spook.
VAI.EXTIXB , Nob. , August O. f Special Telegram -
gram to Tim Hcn.t Southwestern Cherry
county is all torn up over a ghost story.
Deputy Sheriff Clyno nnd others , who have
Just returned from there , state that the poo-
pie are wild with excitement , over twenty
persons beliig willing to swear that they have
seen the phost of Sheldon , who wns murdered
by Hoblnson some two months ago. In nil
probability it Is imagination produced by the
twltehlngs of conscience for permitting the
body of the murdered man to lie in the rain
nnd mud for twenty-four hours within twenty
Btcps of his homo and then rolling it in a two-
foot hole without shroud or coflln.
A Heavy Storm.
BROKEN- Bow , Nob. , August O.-tSpcclal
Telegram to Tin : Hnii.j Saturday night one
of the most terrific rnln and wind storms of
the season occurred at tnls place. Buildings
were upset nnd twisted out of shape , store
fronts suffered somewhat , and crops were
totally destroyed wherever the storm struck ,
The front doors of Graham Bros. ' store blew
open nnd a part of their dry goods were com
pletely soaked. The job printing rooms of
Trefrom it Mcscrnult were deluged nnd con
siderable stock spoiled. Dr. Sanders' place
suffered from hull. David Tappan lost his
crop , and small fields too numerous to men
tion nro destroyed.
fllorrlok County I'rohlhitionlstH.
CiXTiiAi , CITV. Neb. , August 0. [ Special
to Tun BI.E. ] The prohibitionists of Mcrrick
county met In convention ut the Grand opcrn
house in this city on Saturday and nominated
candidates for the offices of county commls.
sloner nnd representative and elected thirty-
six delegates to the congressional convention
nt Columbus. Thirteen delegates were
chosen to the senatorial convention nt CInrka
nnd twenty-seven delegates to the state con
vention , .and everything pacscd off pleas
antly nnd harmoniously. In the o veiling n
largo nudienco listened to n splendid lecture
by Mr. Mnillcy , of York , who is known hero
as the "Young Cyclone Orator of Nebraska. "
A How With Council.
Cor.UMiiua , Neb. , August B. [ Snoclal to
Tim Bcn.l The city of Columbus is without
n Jail In which to plnco the violators of its
laws. The city has never had n Jnil but has
always used the county Jail for its prisoners.
Last fall there was a change of administra
tion iu the sheriff's ofllco nnd the first bills
presented by the new sheriff to the city were
cut down fully one-half by the council. The
now sheriff claims that his bills were lower
than those of his predecessor , which wore al
lowed in full. Other bills wore presented
with the same result. The sheriff now ; re
fuses to allow city prisoners ( n the "county
Jail. The city council has ordered suit
against the sheriff.
A OntliolloOhnrnh Dedicated.
CKOAU ItAi-ins , Nob. , August 0. [ Special
to THE BEK. ] The Catholic church lately
erected at this plnco was dedicated y6 ter-
day with appropriate ceremonlos. A largo
congregation was present , many being unable -
able to obtain scats. High mass wns hold at
10:1)0 : ) n. in. and the dedicatory sermon was
preached by Bishop O'Connor , of Omaha.
Mr. W. J. Onahan , of Chicago , and Me-
Illduff , of O'Connor. Neb. , assisted in the
ceremony. The building cost about 61,100.
The Catholics of this vicinity now have u
nCut and attractive house in which to wor
ship of which they may well feel proud.
IMorrlck County Politics.
CnxTRU CITT , Neb. , August 0. [ Special
to THE Bun.l Q . S. Meiklojolm is ex
pected to speak before the Young Men's
Republican club at this place soon Senator
Mciklojohn is well known hero ns a good
speaker , and ho will rccclvo a warm wel
come. The political campaign bids fair to bo
a warm ono in this county this fall. The of-
Jlco of commissioner will bo especially looked
linproYcnientfi at Central City.
CnMiai , CITV , Nob. , August 0. [ Special
to Tan BKK. ] The city council 1ms ndvor-
tlsod for bids on the new system of water
works and expo-its to get stf.rtod to work
soon. This work will glvo employment tea
a good many men nnd make prosporoue
times. A movement is on foot to establish n
fountain In the square , near the Central
City bank , which would bo n flno ornament
to the city.
Coll'nx County Touchers.
Scnuu.En , Neb. , August ( J. [ Special Tele
gram to THKBEB. ] The Colfax county teach
ers' Institute opened nt this plnco to-day ,
with llfty-ono teachers in nttcndancc. H Is
under the supervision of County Superin
tendent L. O. Spnnclor , with Prof. W. W.
Drummond , of Plattsmouth , nnd A. B ,
Hughes , of the Sohuylcr schools , as In
stiuctors , _
Tnkon to the Penitentiary.
SIDXKV , Nob. , August 0. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEK ! Sheriff Eubnnk departed
to-day for Lincoln with the following prison
ers : Henry W. Elllsot , horse stealing , five
years ; Joseph Hoxtor , four years , burglary ;
Pat McICunc , Kichard Deluvy and William
Harding , eighteen months each for receiving
stolen goods , and L. P. A116n , nn insane prisoner -
oner , who says ho was a member of the salj
vat ion army nt Oumha.
An Acooinodntinir Judge.
NEIIIUSKI CITY , Nob. , August 0 [ Special
Telegram to TUB BEE. ] Judge Chapmnr
wns in the city to-day and upon request ol
Frank Emmerson , ouo of the "burglars ar
rested at Berlin , sentenced him to the pcnl
tcuMary for two years. Emmerson wanted
to begin serving his tlmo and did not want tc
wait for a trial In November.
Antelope County ProhlliltonlntH. |
OAKDM.R , Neb. , August 0. [ Special tc
Tun BBE. ] At a muss prohibition convcn
tlon hold here on the -Uh last. , , C. M. Hub
bant was nominated for representative anc
M. J. Putney for county attorney. In nddl
tion to the national prohlblttcfn platform t
1 evolution was passed taking strong ground :
against dangerous monopolies. ,
Crops Damaged By Ilnll. ,
PAXTOX , Neb. , August 0.- [ Special Tele
gram to Tiir. BEE. ] A hall storm visited" the
southern part of Keith and the northern par
of Perkins counties yesterday dotag grea'
damugo to crops. The storm was two mile ;
wide and ten long.
Kopubllcans at Broken Bow.
DIIOKEN Bo\v , Neb , , August 0. [ Specie
Telegram to TIIR BEB. ] Broken Bo\v \ has i
full-fledged jlambeau olub composed of stal
wart republicans. Uniforms have been or
dcrcd , and ) > efora another week the wilt
'west will hum with enthusiasts for HUrritoi
Knnsns City ( Ir'alu Hntos The Rock
lRlnrilCut ( Other Items.
Some of { ho buiinOss transacted at the re
cent meeting oT general freight agents In
this city hns been made public. Among
other things con' dcred wns the fact thai
nt St. Joe , Atculs.on nnd Kansas City the
various lines of i road , nnd principally UK
Chicago , Knnsi&'r. ' & Nebraska , refused tc
stop their shlittnSnts of grain nt the points
mentioned , for tysspsction , without rcbllllng ,
which action destroyed the through rnte ,
the sum of the t < vol locals being greater than
the through tarff { ! ! This applies of course to
grain bought by dealers nt the points ubovc
mentioned from dealers west of the river ,
nnd destined for shipment to Chicago. The
meeting ordered nil roads to hold theJr ship
ments nt these river points for inspection.
No CoiiunUHloiiB.
The lines In the Western States Passenger
association hnvo received n notice from
Chairman John M. Abbott stating that ii
ha < been suggested thnt no commissions b (
paid on tickets sold to the G , A. H. reunion
nt Columbus , Inasmuch as the rate 1 cclil
per intlo has been made so low. Ho asks n
vote on the proposition. From InformatlOr
gathered yesterday it is fair to presume
that the suggestion will bo concurred lu ,
Oh the Quiet.
Kansas City Is reaping a benefit nt prosenl
which Otnnhn does not enjoy. Chairman J
N. Abbott , of the Western States Passcngei
association , Is In Now York and the lines ho
twcen Kansas City and Chicago have opcnlj
made a rate of * S.50 , which Is $4 loss thai
regular passenger tariff. Consequently , the
Kansas City lines nro crowded with passon
gers. .
Chcan PnnsoiiRcr Kntes.
The Chicago & Hock Island recently made
a rate of W7.50 from the Missouri river tc
New York city and return lor nil person1
wishing to attend the Blame reception. The
other roads followed suit nnd the trafllc was
evenly divided. A number of Ncbrnsknn
nro said to have availed themselves of the
opportunity offered.
Hot Boxes.
Chairman Abbott , of the Western States
Passenger nssociatlonfhns notlllcd all general
oral passenger nnd ticket agents in his tcrrl
tory that In nil excursions from the Pacific
coast to Chicago the proportionate rnto casl
of Omaha to Chicago nnd return must not
exceed $10.
The business men of Edgar , Neb. , have
for some time Importuned the St. Joseph A
Grand Island to erect it new depot , which liac
brought forth promises nnd promises , but
nothing else. Now they notify the road that
until the depot is built they will ship and re
ceive goods only on the B. & M. Hence thu
Grand Island folks nro drawing plans nnd
Will build.
The Pullman campany Is providing all itc
cars with a now device , by which the occu
pants of upper berths are protected against
the possibility of being thrown out. It con
sists of a netting resembling a hammock ,
fastened to the upper edge of the berth and
con be adjusted at a moment's notice. The
cars on the "llyor" yesterday were all
provided with ths ) attachment.
It is stated that . .the associations which in
sure railroad men' against accidents have
within the last sixty days been called upon to
pay more benefits .than at any tlmo during
their history. Tlior last days of Juno and
July were prolific ! iti railroad accidents.
The passcngerinnd'frelght departments ol
the B. & M. have issued nn order to the
effect thnt baggagq must not bo checked for
transportation on freight trains , excepting
hand baggage. Heavy baggage may bo
checked and sent thead } or may bo sent on
next regular train.
The Union Pacific have not ceased theii
wholesale "firing of conductors , nnd yes
tcrdny twelve 'more ticket punches were
turned loose upon the world. From their
main line , Conductors Fnrbr.i ! s , Kecshnn ,
Morohouse , Blaliloy , Wenklcmnn , and Lul-
tor. On the Omaha & Hepublican Valley ,
Weismnnn , Cowin.'Nuthill ' , Flatts , Gordon
nnd Beckley werof decapitated. The cause
assigned for this * ' action is that "tho men
didn't suit. "
Colonel A. C. Dawes , general passenger
ngent of the Kansas City , St. Joseph &
Council Bluffs , with headquarters in St.
Joseph , is In the city.
J. Uussell Griftltts , for a long time chlcl
clerk in the general agent's ofllce of the B ,
& M. , has been promoted to general travel
Ing passenger and ticket ngent. Ho left this
morning for Denver. Arthur G. Smith , for
some tlmo chief clerk in Superintendent Cul
vert's office at Lincoln , succeeds him in the
position in Mr. Francis' oftlco.
T. C. Wells , passenger agent of the Ohio &
Mississippi , has arrived.
Ait American Defaulter Does Up Cana
dian i'coplo Very Badly.
MOSTIIRAI , , August 0. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEE ] William S. Heckman , who twc
years ago ran away from Boston to Canada nf
tor swindling the people of that city out of ? 40-
000 , Is again a fugitive from Justlco. This time
the Canadian ofllcers nro after him. His steal-
Ings nnd spoils amount to $ r > 0OCO. , A perfect
shower of warrants have been issnod for his
arrest , and the past few days half a dozen
ball ills hnvo done nothing else but watch his
rcsldcnco nnd scour the city and surrounding
towns. The manner in which ho mnnagod tc
work on the credulity und Innocence of othci
people is remarkable. Ho became a promin
ent promoter of a now Ice company , which
ho got up for the benefit of the butchers ol
this city and vicinity. Ho secured the slgnn
tures of butchers to contracts , which after
wards turned out to bo promissory notes
Ho was arrested , but ns ho was not commit
ted for forgery , ho wns released. Ho hns
lived very expensively and gambled nwny a
good deal of his cash. His notes went tc
protest and Judgment after Judgment was
entered ngainst him. Ho wns cnpturei !
Thursday , but on promise to appear in courl
was released. To-day ho Is non eat. It Is
supposed that ho hns gone to Philadelphia.
His total stealings hero figure up > 0ODO.
Miss Mueller Jlclnteti Her Version ol
thu Story.
Ernestine Mueller , the girl for when
Christopher Henscn , the soldier , suicided 01
Saturday last , was met yesterday nnd give ;
nn account of her late lover's wooing that I ;
somewhat in conflict with the story givoi
by him. She says she first met Honsen lasl
May while on n visit to this city , her home
being In Walnut , la , After a brier acquaint
nnco ho declared his passion to her and
nskx'd Jicito writ.ttlm. She refused , but he
continued to pay | ier his attentions. Aftei
she returned to her homo tlu
two krpt up a correspondence
and when she came back tr
Omaha two or throe weeks ago , he renewed
his suit , wanting her to wed him to-morrow ,
his twonty-ilrst birthday. She again refused ,
and to have him desist further attention , she
sent him n plcco of crape In a letter as a slgi :
that all correspondence and everything else
between them was at nn end. The rest ol
too tragic tale is known. At present Miss
Mueller Is visiting at , 11)13 Vinton street. Slit
is a very prepossessing young lady , but ex
presses annoyancerather than grlof will
the terrible termination of Hcnsen's suit.
The llrotir'iood | ' Mooting.
KVXHAS CITV , fiAUgust 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bnujlt ] Is at last settled that
the meeting of brotherhood engineers ant
firemen will bo held at St. Louis on the Oth
The headquarters of the executive committee
too of the federation , it is understood , wil
bo placed in this city.
Enck'n Comet Returning.
BosTON1 , August 0 , A cable message ro
colvcd to-day from the European union ol
astronomers announces the discovery o :
Enck's comet on Its proiont return at tin
royal observatory of the capo of Good Hope
on Friday evening.
Judice Duudy U 111.
An adjourned session of the United State :
court was to have been hold yesterday foi
the transaction of some unfinished bUslnc-t :
but owing to the illness of Jidgd | Duudy tin
adjournment had to bo continued. Saturday
evening his honor w&s taken sick suddenly
Ho is as yet unable to leave his homo.
It Allows n Number of 'Bills and
1'Mxes Hnlarlcs.
The selection of now teachers nnd the
salaries of old on.cs were the subjects wltli
which the board of education wrestled last
evening. The question ns to who Is the
proper pt-rsbti to tench German was also
debated. The only absentees from the meet
ing were tlio sanio ns nt the last meeting-
Messrs. Copolnnd , Folton nnd Goodman.
Mr. Standcvcn , who had been nppolntcd to
cxnmtne the boiler nt the St. Barnabas
school , reported that the necessary repairs
would cost $ . ' 00 , and n now boiler WOO. He
recommended the purchase of u now boiler ,
He f erred ,
The report of the treasurer to the board
showed the following figures :
Balance in general fund f 02,242.5 ! !
Balance in Hinktng fund 10,71'.If !
Situ nnd building fund 154V 80.H
A number of applications for the positions
of teachers nnd Janitors wore referred.
The committee on claims recommended the
payment to Arthur & Hurd , of t8VO ,2S for
construction on the Bancroft school. Ho for-
red to committee on buildings and property ,
it being thought too largo a bill by the
The following bills w6ro allowed ! John
H. Hart , construction Lnko school ,
Hocheford & Gould , Mason school ,
J. C. Gladden , Mnsoii school , IMS9,40.
On the presentation of Miss walker's nninc
for the position of teacher of German In the
high school , Mr. Morrison moved to Mnend
by substituting the name of Miss Nogl , 11
native German. Ho thought that a person
could tench his or her own tongue bettor
than a foreigner.
Mr. MilUrd said It was not a question
of German or. American. but one
of ability. The best toucher of German over
in the college ho attended wns nn American ,
An American well educated In the Gorman
tongue understood better than n Gohnnn the
diniculties that would uriso to a student ol
thnt Immuatro.
Mr. Wehrer said : "Every mnn to his own
trade. " Ho was a Gorman and would favor
the German girl.
On being put to vote It resulted in the fol
lowing ballot : Miss Wnlkor , 7 ; Miss Nngl ,
5 ; blank , 1. As it required eight votes to
elect , another ballot was taken resulting the
same as before. It was then decided to post
pone the election until another meeting.
The following teachers were elected : Mr.
Myron W. Uichnrdson , Miss Goodbon nnd
Mr. Grant Lilllc.
A motion by Mr. JSholes not to pay nny
teacher In the high school above Sl,4iO ( per
annum was defeated by n vote of five to six.
A motion by Mr. Wehrer to ralso-tho sal
ary of Mr. Heals from $1)00 : to $1,400 per
annum was defeated by the same vote.
The following teachers in the hli'h school
hud thulr salaries per annum fixed ns fol
lows :
? l)00 ! Mr. Lewiston , Mr. Blnko , Miss
Harris , Miss Davis und Mrs Koysor.
$ lnoO Mr , Beats , Miss Johnson and Mlsa
$1,20) ) Mrs. Wcinhugen nnd Mr. Burnam.
§ 1,100 Mr. Richardson and Miss Good-
SOOO-Mr. Grant Lilllo.
The following persons were reported ns
having passed the examination for Janitors :
Samuel Durnell , Michael McGrath , C. P.
Storrs , John Bailey , Otto Schnoidcionid ,
Juihes Shields , Moses Johnson , Peter Olson ,
Joseph Grace , T. W. Shay , Simon Hoblnsoli ,
Frank Uabor , William Payne , J. E. Upton.
Improvements were ordered for the Omahn
View school.
It was decided to move the school house in
Omaha View to Kount7O place.
It was decided to rent two rooms from E.
Stunt on Eleventh street near Mason for
school purposes , provided the rental docs not
cost more than $70 a month.
The following bills were allowed : G. An-
drecn , balance on fire escape. ? 2.7iO ; S. W.
Wilson SWo ; Uochoford .t Gould , work on
Wobbler street school , $727.87.
James Haj lies was elected superintendent
of buildings for the coining year. The only
prominent candidate ngainst him was F. M.
Wooloy. The veto stood 8 to 4 in favor oi
The board then adjourned to meet Friday
The Probable Motives of Those Kid-
napplnc Her.
No news hns yet been received of the
whereabouts of Dr. Vnndon Burg's ' nlno-
j car-old daughter who was kidnapped on
last Friday afternoon while playing in the
front yard of her homo. Ills still believed
thnt Dr. Vunden Burg's divorced wife was
one of the parties engaged In the bold act.
After being driven to Cordova It has since
been learned that the kidnappers could not
mnko connections on the railroad that thoj
wished nnd they then drove to Dorchester ,
where they purchased tickets for Lincoln ,
On arriving nt thnt city the man bought a
ticket for Omaha and the wonuin ono to
Peoria , 111. The cause of the abduction Is
supposed to bo duo to the fact that the child
is about to fall heir to 810,000 which the kid
nappers wish to got hold of. Telegrams
hnvo been sent by the anxious father to all
parts of the country.
Mothers Read.
The proprietors of SANTA ABIE
have nuthorlxoel Goodman Drug1 Co. ,
to refund your money if , after giving
this California King of Cough Cures : i
fair trial as directed , it fails to give sat
isfaction for the euro of Coughs , Croup ,
Whoopincr Cough and all throat and
Lung troubles. Whnn the disease
nlTocts the head , and assumes the form
of Catarrh , nothing is ao effective aa
preparations are without equals ns
household remedies. Sold at 81.00 n
package. TIu-co for $2.60.
The Lumber Dealers Will Not Herd in
fiouth Omaha.
Thcro has been a rumor in circulation on
the streets for several days that the whole
sale lumber dealers of Omaha weio going tc
move in a body to South Omaha and create
there a lumber district similar to that of Chi
cago. This rumor proves to bo without foun
dation. The K. S. Ncwcomb Lumber com
pany nro about to establish themselves there ,
nnd the Chicago Lumber company have no-
clued ground nnd nro grading. George A ,
Hoagland and Fred W. Gray botli disclaim
their intention of having anything but branch
yards nt South Omaha , nnd the other whole
salers nro in about thoflomo situation. They
nil unite in denying the truth of the rumor.
When yon need a friend , select a true
one. Dr. Jonos' Reel Clover Tonic is
the best friend mankind lias for all dis
eases of the stomachliver and kidneys.
The bestblooel puriltornnd tonic known.
50c. For sale by C. , F. Goodman.
Triio Wchtern Style.
S. T. Lord , a wild cowboy from th o woolly
west , came to the oily yesterday to squander
his earnings for the past year. A couple of
sharks , ono of whom was named John Green ,
got hold of him and attempted to work him
by getting him full first. They succeeded in
getting him drunk , very drunk , but Instead
of having u stupefying effect on him the
liquor nwoko nil the latent deviltry In his
foul. Pulling out about a yard of revolver
In n Tenth street saloon ho began brandish
ing it wildly , gave vent to a series of appalling -
ing Indian war whoops and threatened to
kill ovcry fellow in the saloon. Officer Sav-
ngo was culled nnd not In the least abashed
by the glittering revolver of the cowboy
gathered him in nnd sent him to Join the rest
of the sinners nt the central station. Gioon
was also arrested. The other shark escaped.
Blcio ol' Hulmtitopol.
The different persons connected with the
coming great "Siego of Sebastopol , " which
Is to entertain Omaha's guests during fair
week , are beginning to arrive in the city to
push forward the work. Among these are
Mr. C. Cunablo , press ugent ; W. S. Ma-
gulre , advertising agent , and Mr. Newman ,
direct from Pain's factory , In London , Eng
land. Work has already been commenced on
the amphitheatre , which Is to have a seating
capacity of 10,000 people.
Jloraford's Acid i'hosphate.
.Relieves ( ho Feeling or Iiaailtude
mid-summer land Impurts
BO common In - ,
1 .AJL. . * . A j t. j.ri. .
Qonornl Sheridan's Death An-
uouhood in Both Houses.
llrlof KuloRlcfi Dcllvcrrtl l > y
Itnwloy , Hooker , Otttulicon and
Others A Pension For
Mrs. Hliorldan.
WASIUXOTO.V , Augusl rt. As soon ns the
reading of the Journal wtw concluded in the
nuimto Mr. Kdiiuuuls rose nnd Bald : I nsk
. unnnlmous consunt to offer nl this tlmo rcso'
lutlons on a subject which every senator will
Hcsolvcd , That-tho sonnto has learned with
profound regret of thu death of 1'hllip II.
8horldnn , Into goncrul of the nrtny of the
United States.
Hesolvod , That tlio sonnto hereby expresses
Its grateful BOUSO of his grout nnd patriotic
Borvlees in the cnuso of his country , Its deep
sensibility of the loss which the nation hns
sustained In his death , nnd Its nympothy witn
Ills family in their bereavement ,
Hesolved , That n copy of thcso resolutions
bo forwarded to the family of the deceased.
Unanimous consent hnvItiKbecti given , Mr.
Edmunds snid : "It Is quite unncecsBnry for
nny senator to submit any observation in
support of those resolutions. The career of
General Shcridnn has been BO conspicuous ,
BO grand , so noble and so patriotic that nny
words which 1 could utter In respect of his
memory or in pralso of his career would bo
Ilka Kildlnp rcilnod pold or painting the Illy.
Therefore , for my part , leave them to the
Judgment of the scunto without nny further
observation. "
The resolutions wore ndoptocl unanimously.
Subsequently n bill was introduced by Mr.
Furwoll nnd referred to the committee on
pensions granting a pension of So.OOO n year
to Mrs. Sheridan.
Mr. Ulnir introduced n Joint resolution ,
which was referred to the committee on for
eign relations , requcstltiK the president to
open negotiations looking townrd n settle
ment , of nil differences between KiiKlnnd nnd
this country , nnd to n political union between
Canada and the United States.
Mr. Jones , of Arkansas , offered n resolu
tion Instructing the committee on flnanco to
inquire into the fact of the alleged combina
tion of producers of cotton bags. Lnld ovr
till to-moi row.
The senate then resumed consideration of
the ilsherles treaty In open executive session
nnd wns mldrcssod by Air. Vance in supiioit
of its ratification.
The ptesldont's messngo nnnoitncing the
denth of General Sheridan having been read ,
Mr. Hnwloy nroso nnd s.iid : "Nothing that
I can say is needed to fct forth the loss which
the country 1ms sustained by the decease of
that able , brilliant , umgnillcjnt soldier nnd
beloved general , Philip II , Sheiidan. I have
Just learned of the course taken by the house
mid I now send to the desk n resolution for
which I nsk immediate consideration. " The
resolution was us follows :
Uesolved , That the chair la requested to
appoint a committee of seven senators to
nttcnd the funeral servicesof the Into Gen
eral Sheridan. *
The resolution was adopted , nnd Messrs.
Hawley , Mnndorson , Cnllom , Stcwntt , Hamp
ton. Gibson and Gray were appointed.
The senate then adjourned.
WASHIXOTOX , August 0. Deforo any im
portant action wns taken In the house , the
proceedings were interrupted by n message
from the president announcing the death of
General P. II. Sheridan.
Mr. Wliooler , of Alabama , said that ho had
prepared resolutions nppropriato to the occa
sion , but wns Informed that the military
committee had agreed to n scries of resolu
tions and ho would refrain from offering His.
Mr. Hooker , of Mississippi , uskcd unnui-
inous consent to offer the following :
Hesolvcd , That the liouso hns learned with
profound grlof of the death of General P. H.
Sheridun , commander of the armies of the
United States ;
Hcsolvcd , That as a mark of respect to the
memory of the deceased this house do now
Hesolved , That the speaker of the house
bo directed to transmit to the widow of the
deceased a copy of these resolutions , and
assurance of the sympathy of the house in
the loss which she hus sustained , in common
with the people of the government.
Hesolved , That the speaker of this house
appoint a committee of seven members to
confer with a Hko couimltteo of the senate ,
nnd after consultation with the family of the
deceased to tnko such action as may bo ap
propriate in regard to the publlo obsequies of
General Sheridan.
Mr. Hoover then briefly addressed the
house In eulogy of the deceased soldier. Ho
said :
'The career of the distinguished military
man whom thcso resolutions were designed
to honor wns a mark of the singular fact that
in this country there was no position In civil
or in military llfo that was not within the
reach of the humblest citizen of the land.
General Sheridan inherited from his fnthor
the lire nnd spirit of that great Irish race
that had so successfully fought the battles of
all countries save his own. "
Mr. Cutchcon , of Michigan , on behalf of
the military committee , seconded the resolu
tion. Plump H. Shcridnn. ho said , entered
the voluntco'r service of the United States
as colonel of the Second Michigan cavalry ,
and Michigan had always claimed him lor her
own BO far as his military record in the vol
unteer service wns concerned. The black
steed , so famed in poetry nnd song , upon
which Sheridan rode into the frnyfiom Win.
Chester "twenty miles uwav , " the gift
of citizens of Michigan. This was not n time
to speak of Sheridan's gallantry ns n soldier ,
of his modesty as n man , of his loyalty to the
flag ho followed , or of his boundless fame.
Ho only desired now to express , on bchalt of
Michigan , her boundless grief that this man ,
of the last of that great brilliant galaxy of
generals , who matlo illustrious the epoch in
which they lived , had passed away.
The resolutions wore also seconded in be-
h.-.lf of the people of Ohio by Mr. Grosvenor.
His memory , ho said , is the common heritage
of the loyal people of the country , nnd will
rank ultimately In the peculiar line of war
ho adopted as in which ho made himself con-
splclous ns without n ilvnl , nnd his modest
misdemeanor since the war hns loft nn
American sense of comradeship and n love of
his memory which will over live in the ostl
million of thd people.
The resolutions were unanimously adopted
and the house accordingly adjourned ,
A Delimiter Givcri Jllinsrlf Up.
KAXHAS CITV , August 0. [ Special Tele
gram to Tnu I3uK. | A tall , dark complexioned -
ioned , middle ngod man of a very Intelligent
appearance occupied cell No. a at the central
police station to-day. Ho is of n retiring dis
position and docs not converse with nny of
the other prisoners , not oven with his cell
mate. His name is not on record at the sta
tion and to all the oftlcers except Captain
McGlnncs the mysterious prisoner is n
conundrum. Ho is William H. Moore , n defaulting -
faulting bank cashier of Socorro , N. M.
Moore used $10,000 of thu bank for his private
ends nnd the Institution wns compelled to
close its doora. Ho gave himself up to the
local authorities hero and will return without
u requisition.
Drink Multo , iiocontsabottlo.
Tlio "Weather Inillcnt long.
Nebraska Local rains , nearly stationary
temperature , winds generally northeasterly ,
Iowa Generally fair weather , stationary
temperature , variable winds.
Dakota Light rains , followed by fair ,
slightly cooler , variable winds Tuesday
night , generally westerly.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
Wken Bby was tick , we gare bar CutorU.
When the waa a Child , ihe cried tor CaatorU ,
Wiito aba be ine Hlaa , abe clung to Castorla ,
Wbrn abebad CUlUreo , aba CATO tbum Coatorla.
Thousand lollnr ) < Iinesiotl
by Iiocnl lliinluMs Mm *
Ihn SolRO or taatmiUaiiol Itrt Karly
RcitroHontatlnu In Oiimhn ! * nn AH-
MIII nil Knot Whom mid When
tlio 8lio\r Wtll lie Seen.
thftl Omaha Is to lm\o one of the greatest
attractions over orrercil west of New York Uty
Is now it settled fuel. lU'fnro tlio uxpltntlon ot
tlio throu days lu which tlio Kvntlomrn limn-
KurutliiK tlio schema wcru ghon to tlecldo defin
itely as to whether or not tlio contrnot should
heroine binding. a toK'nnun vrns soul to Now
York notifying t'nyno .V Son to at once begin
preparations for the removal from Manhattan
Itcncli to Oiimhn of tliu urcnt historic nnil
plcrtntlc inlllUry nuil spectacular play , 'Tho
SI-IRO of Hi'liitHtnnnl , "
On receipt of this word two men were sent
to Oimihn from Now York to superintend and
pet In rondlnpss all the mlu'or detiillH necessary
in-fore tlio arrival of the scenic effects , iiud to
tnko charge of thn different methods of adver
tising the event. ThCROuvntloniun ImVo not yet
mrlvod. but nro expected to reach here to-dny.
A rot deal of work Is necesinry to be nccom *
l > llshod by the committee hnvlmt the innttor In
rhnrgo. The agents of I'njno & Son will eutor
Into co-operiitlon with tliu Committee , and
nothing will bo loft undone to make the event
fl 1
n grand success. '
Too much ( ixmiot bo Bald of the enterprise of
the citizen i who hav * been Instrumental In pro
curing thla cri'iit purformnncrt for our city.
NothliiftRlmuM bo loft undone thnt will In nny
way assist In Its success.
Our reporter who whllo recently on a hunt for
nnttcm of interval to our readers met n llttlo
boy who ho know Imd for years been very dcnf ,
nnuscolnghlmnnsw'i'r his companions very renil.
lly nmrveled at the rhnngo and culled on the llt
tlo boys mother and InquUed as to tlm change.
Mr. V. T. Sliinroofc. the father of the boy It
miuiiiRorof thoUlenco Mills , nt lrard : And fclnl
streets. ami resides r.t No. KM \ \ lionton street ,
The writer met Mrs. Shlnrock nt homo anil to
him she told tlio following in regard to the boy ,
"Yes , Howard cnn us well ns von or 1 now ;
ho IH seven years old nnd has been duf for about
fouryenrs. I llrst nollieil thlstlcitfnossonuiUy
wlillu running thu sowing miichltie. ho looked n't
Itnwhllo and then naked mo why It did not
nmkb nny nolso , ho held his our nit Against the
machine out could not hear Its nofso at nil , In
ordinary coin eisntlon ho could not hear mm
word , I was considerably ii'utmed ' about It. but
concluded that It would come ullil ht , but It
did not. Wo sent him to school for n year , but
ho made no progress bocnnso ho could not near.
Ho would not cut Interested In any talk and nl *
moHt iil nj Tiacl nhe.ulichn and then could
scarcely hear when I would hollow to htm , ho
seemed to hiivu been born with a bad cold for
his nose \SIIH nlmost loiitliinnlly stopped npnml
when he was six months old , no would Biuezn
and run at the no o and eyes for sometimes
thii'o days , ho never could hear n watch or a
clock tick , and we had about undo up our minds
that he would ho hopelessly deaf for wo had
tried several doctors , but had found no rolluf
for him. 1 had read for sometime tliu adver
tisements of Dr. McCoy and at last wo made up
our mind we would try him : wo did. wo hud him
examined bv Dr. .Ionian , who at that time had
charge of Dr McCoy's onice , and the doctor told
us that ho had catarrh and his deafness was duo
to the catarrh or what w as known as cntarrlinl
deafness and that ho could cmohtm. Wo con-
eluded wt < would try him and wo did , nnd now
after u llttlo over two monthshu lienrit perfectly
and Is as bright us a cricket : his catarrh Is cm ed
too. after tlio first or second treatment at thn
doctor's olllce , lib heard the clock tick and
Immediately said , I lieur that rlock tick , and ho
continued to glow batter until now as I suy H
Is cured. "
Thu wr tor saw
who Is n bright and Imndsomo llttlo man , and
who certainly appreciates the clliferonco the
doctor has mudo in his hearing.
Mr. 1T Shtnrock , the father of Master How
ard , resides at No. Ml Wheaten street , and Is
willing to corroborate the above Interview with
his wife In regard to little Howard. To anyouo
doubting It wo can only say go BOO them.
" 1 Don't llollnvn It. "
No doubt this Is the remark mademany times
after reading our testimonials by skeptics
'They buy thulr cases. " Just consider , for ouo
moment , nro the people of tnls community so
grasniiiK for money that they In Kenernl our
cases are tnkon from the Keneral public would
ronnlvo for n paltry sum to hoodwink and
lloeco their fellow mon ? Not only that , could
wo nllarJ , In a monetary house , not to speak of
llndliiKtho person , to pay from ten to tlfty dollars
lars for the use of a man's name and his man
hood to cheat anil swindle poor unfortunates ?
No. Our testimonials are Klven voluntarily by
thaukf nl oatlunts whose names and addresses
nro given In full , wo do not glvo the Initials fol
lowed by u - , but the con c-ct natno and n d-
diess so that all can llnd them. Theroaio thous
ands of bkeptlis btlll in theclty who suffer from
stopped up noses , with mucuscollectlnc In their
tin oats , ma'JlUR their voices thick and hnskv
nnd with a nasal twanu , sillTerlnK from head
ache , ears rlnulng , coiiKhliiu. linwking nnd jlt-
tine contlmmllv , others with dUcharges from
their ears , moio or lo s deaf , a great unnoy-
ance to tlivtusnlvos and others , and why ? Win-
ply because they are skeptical ; they don't take
the trouble to look our cases up , and even If
they did , they oftentimes hui ; the flinall sum
that would makutthcm well until It k'ro.ins.
Hcaltll Is worth more tlmn money , and ut the
low prlco for which relief can bo obtained It la
a "blotch on his esuitchoon" to let the chance
Onn Oatiirrh Ho Cured ?
Tlio past ai'e might bo called a biipefstttlous
onp. 'Jhe pteseiit can moio inoperly bo called
an ago of HIII mines' , for many things oncn classed
amont ? the Impossibilities havti now botomo
ovui J day possibilities. 1 1 w mild bo superfluous
tomminerato them. Hut have wo reached thu
utmostllmlt ? Hnvowo ? I'hyslelans whorlalm
to make certain nllmt-nls tliu human body Is
subject to a special study , nnd claim to he nlila
touirrtsiichuKmso" , aio pronounced by other
self-sytlslled pructlt'o vrsapreRniiiptli < > tlHbut ;
does tholr sa ) Ing so maku It seTh mnn who
can i omo the nean-Ht to ovcrcomo the 8e iiiiliif (
ImposHlbllltles of others Is now all the rHK'.and
w oil does ho or they ileseivo the HUICCSH they
havuhiboied so hard to obtain Jlr. J.Crolap
McCoy or his nmoclates do not mnko claims to
anvthlng mniveloiiH. such as raising the dt ad
nnil glvliiK them now life ; neither do theyclalm
to ulva Night to tnu blind : lint by thulr notr and
hclentlllo method of treatliiK tatiirrh tiny liavo
cnied nnd do euro catarrh us wull as
bronchial nr > d throat troubles. Ihoy make
cutarrh a sueolalty.becnuselt Is one of the moit
prevalent and troiiblcsiiinu diseases that tliu
people of tliHcllinnioiirolu'lrtc ) . Hlnce Dr. Mc
Coy uiid his asHoclHtes have located In thlsolty
tht-v havu truUcd with success hundreds of
P ts9ns whom otncr physltlans have told their
disease wua classed umonu' the lur-nrablcs. Do
they not publish from week to week in thedally
papeiH testimonials from some of the many
grateful pi-.tlcnts patients , ctvlng in each case
tint full name and address of the persons mak-
Ini ; the state ment that the doubting , and skepti
cal mny cull any Interview thu said people prlur
to vliltlng the uoctor's olllco for toiiHiiItAtlon ,
The people nilvrtlsid us cured nro by no
means oo cure ornnkuown , but in thn majority
rf rases nro cltl/tns wull known by thu busi
ness lion il and community at luige , nnd It will
mom tlun reiny [ any one suirerlng with ca-
tarrhul atfettlon tovlsltthosowhose statements
are ) > ubllehid , or consult with the doctor or nt ;
issuclatus at his oitlie.
I > O ' 1'OU
( I ite of llellovue Hospltnl.NtiW YoiU. )
Bucceedpd by
[ I.atoof the I'nlverslty of New York CHy and
Howard University , Washington , 1) , 0.
No. 31O and 311 Rumtco Building
C < Jrncr Kilteentli HIH ! llarney sts. , Omaha. .Neb. ,
where all curable cases lire treated
wl'h success.
Note Ir. Charles M. Jordan has bseti rest-
nent physlcluu for lr. McCoy , in Omalm , for
thu past jear And is the phyiklmi who has
mudH the cures that Jmyu besu publUhed
weekly in
IX > NHLIWATION at olllco or by mail , tl.
Otllce hoilM-ti to U u. m , V to 4 p. in. , 7 to 8n.
in. . Kuntlay oillcft hours from U u. m. . to I p. in.
( orroijpondciice receives prompt nttentlnn.
.MtuivilUeiues ure treated successfully by Dr.
lordnn througn the mall i.und u U thus pos iul
for JhoH tumble to make a journey to oV.ulu
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