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* ' Coldlor Honeon'd Murdoraoua As-
eault and Dramatic Suloido.
Ho Attempt * to Shoot Her In A Thir
teenth Street Car nntl ICnilH Hln
Sorrow Hy Taking n
A Rolillcr Itnvre
"Harry , I'm done for. I'm good for llfo
In the pen. "
The speaker \vns Christopher Hcnson , n
linmUonic young soldier who Is a Hold mu-
ulcinn at Fort Omuhn. For sonic time ho
hao bccu engaged to a pretty and rcllned
uppcnrlng Otnnlin girl named Kunlco Mullcr
nnd their murrluga was to coino oil on next
Wednesday , Ills twenty-first birthday. This
morning ho received a letter from her and
when with throbbing pulse ho opened it ho
Vriw astounded to llml that It contained
From former conversations with bcr ho
knew that this was symbolic of im
end of tholr engagement. IIo rushed
to the depot near the fort
and took the first dummy for the city. On
the train ho happened to occupy the same
seat with Harry Hutlcr , son of Major Hutlor ,
of Fort Omaha , who Is engaged In the study
of law lu this city. The two parted at the
Webster street depot , young Hullcr little
dreaming of the tragedy that the day was to
develop lu which Hunson was the principal
actor , The young soldier half-craved started
for the home of his late ufll.mcod on Thir
teenth street. Near Thirteenth and Jones
ho spied her on the street car and ho Jumped
on board. Ho spoke to her twice hut re
ceived no answer Ho suddenly turned as
vvlHto as a sheet and drawing a revolver
from his pocket
Ilia agitation pnriilyred his strength
nnd ho was uuablo to pull the trig-
per. The persons in thu car were
horror-stricken and a number of gentle
men present jumped to their feet and wrested
the deadly weapon from the would-bo mur
derer. Ho jumped Irom the car and ran to
Harry Uu tier's office , room aa , Ware block.
1 11s exclamation on bursting into Harry's
oflico was as mentioned aboro that ho was
"dono for and for llfo In the pen. "
Ho. related the facts to young Butler and
appealed to him for help. The young legal
Bludcnt dressed the soldier in civilians
clothes so us to save him from arrest nnd
told him ho would as a friend go witn him
unil sec If ho could not effect some settle
ment with
„ TUB CAi'inoiors oinu
They happened to meet her on Fourteenth
nnd IJouglus , and she very willingly prom
ised to do what she could to suppress the
facts about the attempted murder in the car.
She said also that she was sorry she had
broken the news of her ciiaugc of mind to
htm in such a cruel manner. However , she
would not change her decision 'in regard to
her refusal to become Henscn's wife.
The soldier expressed his gratitude for her
leniency In not prosecuting him for his mur
derous act , but was still down-hearted over
her refusal to bccoino his wife. On their
way b.ick to Hutler's oftlce the soldier was
and charged with being tlio fellow who had
attempted to kill the young woman Inthocar.
Butler , however , was too quick wilted for
the officers nnd managed to throw them off
the track and shield his friend.
On teaching llutlcr's oflico , Hcnscn throw
himself down upon n sofu in an adjoining
room where it was supposed ho was taking a
nap. Uut a curious choking sound soon
brought Butler and another gentleman
named C.ipplngor Into that room. They saw
from his blue lips , inirplo linger nails and
general drowsiness that
On examining his loft hand they found In
thopnlmtho remnants of a powder. Dr.
Potts was called and ho pronounced It a casts
of poisoning. IIo applied ipecac and hypo
dermic injections but all to no purpose , i At
4 o'clock tha young soldier was dead. On
his person was found the following letter to
young Duller :
Dear Harriet I thank you very much for
your kindness , and hope you will never bo in
this fix. I have coino to the conclusion to do
nway with myself , for life Is not worth living
for. Do not let my mother know about my
troubles , but tell her that I died from heart
disease ; and , Harry , I ewe a good tea [ dcalj ,
but thcro Is money enough coming to mo that
will stlo [ settloj It all , ana plcaso sea that
it Is all paid. Soil my clothes and shoes
to the best advantage , " and BOO that
it ia done , and pay these accord [ Ing ] Iv.
Miur Meyer & Co. , SlNMO : Joehiofslit. 40 ;
M. Coady , S10 ; John Hlwcll , 5 ; Tlncoy
Stolhl , $10 ; James Ocor , * 2.7.ri. You will
find what Is coming to mo on a book that is
netting on the shelf at the barber film ) ) , ex
cept $33 that Mlko Shay owes mop and sco if
you can' straighten out the debts I made ,
and try and got the revolver , and you ceop
Jkoop ] it yourself. Say. I have some pic
tures getting taken at the first gallery on
Sixteenth street between Capitol avenue and
Davenport , street. Pleasn send them to my
mother. Her address Is Mrs. James
Henscn. Mcchamlcburg , Champaign county ,
Ohio. My last line , a good-byo to all my old
friends. Good-bye , Henry ,
The young student tearfully read the last
message from his late friend nnd carefully
laid it away. The body was turned over to
thu coroner and nil Inquest will bo held at 1U
o'clock this morning.
* A MoiiHtcr DcmoiiHtrntlon in tlio
Eighth Wnril.
A largo meeting of republicans was held at
Twenty-fourth nnd Cumlug streets last
nteht under the auspices of the Eighth
ward republican club. The Flambeau club
constituted n valuable addition to the affair
and their parade was u very prominent feat
ure of the occasion. The club , about ono
hundred strong , headed by the A. O. II.
band , loft Thirteenth and AVIlllams nnd
marched up Thirteenth to Farnam thence on
Farnam to Sixteenth nnd to Cumlug on Six
tccnth and thence to tbo placn of meeting.
The club carried several transparencies very
nleoly gotten up , two immense oil paintings
of Harrison and Morton illuminated , nnd lu
addition hail a representation of the
old log cabin of the days of 1SH ) .
President Allan opened the meeting by In-
troduclng Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Gurley , who mndo a very able speech in behalf -
half of the platform and the candidates , nnd
was followed by City Attorney Webster , who
dealt the democracy some sledgo-hunnnor
blows. Then W. J. Council did himself and
thojiarty ho represents great credit by a very
able oratorical effort. His speech concluded ,
the -Eighth V.'iird glee club sang the "Battlo
Hymn of the Republic , " after which Hon ,
John M. Thurston explained the political
situation to the audlcuco and vr ? repeatedly
cheered , ills remarks on thu tarilT iiut > stiou
being warmly received. Ills remarks con-
eluded , the meeting adjourned , and It Is saft )
to sur from enthusiasm manifested the Eighth
ward will roll up an unusually largo vote for
Harrison and Morton.
The club will hold a meeting on Monday
nlaht at Sohroedor's hall to select a primary
ticket for delegates to the county con veil-
Klxtli Ward Itepubl leans.
Thu .Sixth ward republican club hold the
largest meeting ever held In thu ward at the
corner of Twenty-sixth and Lake streets lust
evening for the purpose of electing officers
and perfecting the organization. The "Sixth"
now claims to have one of the best organized
club * In tint city. Next Saturday evening
the club will hold a ratification meeting , at
which n Harrison and Morton banner will bo
unfurled on n ovcnty-llvo > foot Hag polo. Thor
r eftlcurs ulretcd uro J. II. McCultougu , prcsl.
tdent ; W. A , Mcstluk , vice president ; O. H.-
KolMiy , secretary ; W. O. Shiver , treasurer.
Tbo club will bold moetlngs the tirfct cud
thin ) Saturday of each month during the
.t. * ; August 4. Charles Trepanier , a
ry feooUs dealer , madeun nsiguu.cut ' to-
y. UU liabilities nro (31,000.
Down tlio PrlooH for Monday.
August ( Itli i , 1883. All our best French
piitcons inI , 5 and ( I colorings , which
wore oold nt ! Wc , 40o and 45c per ynrd ,
roduuud to U8o per yard. They uro
mostly nil light toiiHonablo shades' , nnd
largo nnd Imiidsomo ilgUrcs , tlio latest
mtteniH introduced this season. A
Immlsomo Him ot plain colored natccns
reduced to JJ" c per yard , light und dark
Hhadca. BcHt Norton M'f'g Co.'s
crinkled seerauekors , extra widths , re
duced to 8e per yiml. to closo. Another
lot of plain Inilin linens just opened ,
and will ho tola at 60 per yard. A big
bargain. Box suits and fancy ombrold-
cred robes at about one-fourth iiinnufno-
luror's eost. Look over our odds nnd
ends in wash dress goods , on Monday ,
and yoli will Hud some among them to
interest you. Everything in this de
partment must bo sold.Vo don't want
to carry over a , single 10-iiieh
wide red or blue checked glass toweling
10 yards for $1.00. All linen browner
or bleached crash flo per yard. Wo
are offering special bargains in
Linen toweling at Oe , 7c , So and lOo a
yard. Checked and fancy bordered
doylies at oc each. Cream colored table
linen at loc and iMcayard. Turkey red
table linen at lite , ± > c , 'Joe , 2'o ) , Joc ! , 4Co
and Wcu yard. Largo bine white bed
spreads at 5o , 8Uo and $1 each. Fifty
largo six.o bed comfortables to clo-o at
$1 each , worth $1.60. Six foot window
shades , with fixtures complete , loc and
COc each. Fifty pieces -10-inch lace
stripe , scrim at oc a yard. Ju t re
ceived , ! 50 pieces of fancy llgured double
faced plushes at iijc a yard.
All our outing ilamiolb reduced to ! ( lc
a yard. Unbleached Canton llanacl Oc
a yard. Thirty-Mix inch wide brown
sheeting lie a , yard. A full line of
bleached muslin at oc , ( ! c , OJe , 7c , Tic ,
jije and lOo a yard. Remnants of shirt
ing and ginghams at less than cost.
Australian crepes and berires lOjc , re
duced from 18c.
French challics at lie , reduced from
French mohair chocks and stripes liic ,
reduced from T > c.
F. F. cashmeres , all shades. lc ! ) , re
duced fronioTjc.
French llaiiucl suitings ! ) c , reduced
from -\t \ > c.
! ! 8 in albatross , now shades , UOc , re
duced from < " > ! ) c.
18 ! in all wool bicgcH , now shades , 38c ,
reduced from fi8o.
41 in all wool biegos , now shades , oOc ,
reduced from 7lc. )
4 tin fancy French suitings , "oc , re
duced from $1.10.
2 in Ilouriotta , all shades , 98c , re
duced from Jl.W ,
in black Henrietta , silk warp , 07c ,
reduced from 91. "o.
41 in black Henriotta , silk warp , f 1.10 ,
reduced from $1.05.
D44 in black Henrietta , silk wnrp$1.4"i ,
reduced from $2.1.3.
44 in black Ilonrietta , all wool , 7oc , re
duced from $1.10.
21 in surah silks 6"c , reduced from
Silk plushes and velvets Me , reduced
from $1.0 j.
Best English kid llnishcd cambrics
Just opened a now lot of wall paper.
Dry Goods.
Knlui Ilros. Selling Out Their China
\Vo have decided to go out of the
crockery business and must do so in a
hurry. Anything and everything in
our store will bo sold at prices that will
make you buy. Wo will not quote
prices but will promise to save you from
$5 to $15 on dinner sots ; wo will selL
you tea sots from $2 to $8 below value ;
hanging and stand lamps cut from 25 to
40 per cent ; water sots below cost ; toilet -
lot sots , silverware , wedding presents
and everything in our store at prices
that will never again bo duplicated.
Don't take our word for it ; call urfd got
prices , thev will tell the story.
Corner Douglas and Sixteenth.
Triangle Lodge No.54 / K. of P. has
200 watermelons on cold storage for
their festival at WollPs hall , Twenty-
second and Ginning fstroots , Monday
night. Admission 21o , including sup
per and dancing.
Smoke Soidenborg's Figaro and got
the best 6-cont cigar in the world. Max
Mover & Co. , wholesale depot.
Tlio UNION PACIFIC carries the
United States Overland Mail.
C. Fallott , 11KJ8 Military avo. , Walnut
Hill , house mover.
Through Bleeping Car From Omiiliii
Kvory Day
limited train that leaves OMAHA at
3:15 : p. m.arrives , at Chicago atSo'clock
a. m. Ticket olllce , 1401 Farnam st.
General Western Agt.
Omaha is good enough for mo , and
Beautiful Clifton hill is the cream of
its suburban residence property and
now is the time to buy.
A. P. TUKKY. 15th and Douglas.
l UMjJIAX iuSX 1 A\ .
A Case of Interest to Traveling 5Ien
Other Ijnw SnltH.
The divorce csso of Dublin vs. Dublin was
heard before Judge Wakoloy of the district
court yesterday afternoon and a decree
grunted the husband.
Judge Doano decided the Pullman car com
pany to bo llablo for n coat stolen while la
the charge of n porter. The court hold that
the company had accepted the custody of the
coat through its employe. The suit was
brought by Fred H. Lowe , of this city.
William A. Guj'ar has begun a suit in the
county court against James MoVoy and Jef
ferson W. O'Neill. Guycr has a judgment
for $400 against MoVoy , and Is seeking to re
cover on a bond given by the defendants in
making nn appeal to the district court.
The will of William McCaskoll was pro
bated. It names the widow us the executor.
A $05OO lrf > T BOM ) .
liic ItccorUs Show It Hold liast Year
for $ lO.T.OO.
A warranty deed was filed with Register
Mcgcath yoEiflrday conveying lot 7 , in block
150 from John t . Bsy uud wlfo to Elbcrt II.
Cochran. The consideration is WO.OOO "in
hand paid , " und the buyer assumes two
mortgages , ono for 10,500 in favor of Ileury
D. IJrown and the other for fl-1,600 to
Franklin H. Whitney. The lot Is on Howard
btreet between Twelfth and Thirteenth. H
w s , ° , lti to Uliy , September . , 18S7 , for
foO.OOJ , ho assumed the Urown mortgatu for
10,600. The projwty advanced In prlco in
less than n year from flO.500 to * 05,0oo.
The U. P. band excursion and plcnio
will bo hold Saturday , August 11 , at
Cushman's park , Lincoln. The finest
grove west of Chicago. Train runs to
the grounds. All pomms desiring to
to visit insane asylum or penitentiary
eati do so without n pass between 2 nnd
oo clock on that day.
The funornl of"William Kayscr , of
Holloviio , Nob. , will take place on .Sun
day , August 5 , at 10 o'clock n. m.
You can find cool , well furnished
rpoms at the Globe hotel , best located
house in Onmlm.
Monday's Special Sale Bargans
That Boat Thorn All.
Another Great Hlnuglitcr of Undies'
Corset Covers nt One-fourth
the Money They Cost to
Wo will sell thcso corset covers Mon-
ilay in two lots.
Lot 1 at lOo each.
Lot2at ! ) ooach.
Ladies if you over expect to need a
corset cover , don't ' miss this chance of
otting a great bargain.
Hero is another ono for hot weather
trade. GO pieces French novelty stripe
dress goods in light grounds simply
mautlful goods and if bought in rogu-
ar way would retail at 2oc a yard , but
wo bought them cheap nnd you can take
ihorn away Monday at 7Jc a yard. Don't
rorgot Monday on 7ic a ynrd ; worth 25c.
Wo will place on sale Monday 100
ladies light colored parasols at the very
ow of 7oo each ; worth $2. CO
'nncy ' silk parasols , none worth less than
& 2.oU and up to $11.60. Your choice
Monday $1.59 each.
CO doV.on ladies superior quality gauze
and balhriggan vests , low nocks , no
sleeves , really worth ( 0c , on sale Mon
day , 2oo each. Ask to see them.
20 dozen ladies Swiss jersey ribbed
vests , low square neck , no sleeves ,
worth 7oc , on sale Monday IS'.lc each.
Ladies summer corsets , every ono
warranted , 75c each. Others ask $1.2" >
'or same grade.
CO dozen ladies fancy stripe lioso , 15c
pair , 2 pair for 2oc.
Idoon ! children's ribbed hose in
) lucks and colors , all sines 0 to 8 } , 2iic
; iair , worth double.
Monday last chance to buy a line fan
.heap. j'Mno feathered fan's 60c each ,
worth up to $4.00.
Monday only , 50 pieces India liuer.s ,
4Scyard. This beats anything yet of
fered. ,
100 pieces fine white goods worth up
to 25o yard , your choice Monday Oc
Another lot at 18c worth up to 50c.
[ 'ino satin damask towels , knotted
Tringe , 2"C each , really worth 50e.
Silk veiling , all colors , 5o yard.
Silk niching , in white and'cream , lOc
A good niching , in white , and cream ,
4tyard. .
A line niching , in black , red , pink ,
white and cream , 7c yard , worth 15c.
Special prices in embroideries , line
| louncings , dress g'oods , gout's furnish
ing goods , etc. Special prices in
curtains , opaque shades , etc. Don't
forget that you can buy summer goods
of us at the very lowest'ligures.
Mrs. J. Itciison.
Offers some splendid bargains before
movinir to her new store.
Every article in our htore will be of
fered at a reduced price from now until
we move. Our discount will bo from 10
per cent to 60 per cent off.
$2.25 kid gloves will bo sold at $ ! . ! ) . >
2.00 " " " " " 1.75
1.75 " " " " " 1.50
1.25 " " " " " .03
Some odd lots from 60 to 25 cents.
$3.00 joi-sets for $2.50
2.60 " " 2.00
1.25 " " l.Oi )
1.00 " " .85
.75 " ' .50
Black chantilly lajo reduced
from $5,50 to $ , ' ! .50
" $2.25 to $1.2-j
Boys' shirt waists , shopping bags and
HOIIIO other lines at about half price.
And remember even our choicest uoods
uro sold at a reduction , including a new
line of long bustles that have just
como in.
All our jewelry will be sold at 25 per
cent off.
A good line of gouts' half ho o that
will bo sold at cost.
An elegant line of hosiery , muslin and
knit underwear will bo sold at a great
Como and price our goods and you
will bo convinced wo are selling goods
waydown. _ You cannot pay the same
price for an article in our store that you
did ono month ago.
ago.MRS. . J. BKNSON.
Free Excursion Stooping Cars , via
Council Blulls and Los Angeles are run
daily. _
Watermelon Festival. K. of I * .
Triangle Lodge No. 54 K. of P. will
give a watermelon and ice cream socia
ble Monday evening , August ( ! , at
Wolff's hall , cor. 22d and Cuming sts.
Admission 25c including supper and
William Kaysor died at his homo in
Bolllevue , Neb. , at'4:50 : a. m. August
! ! , 1888 , aged (15 ( years , 7 mouths and 30
St. Louis papers pica&o copy.
Soda Springs , Idaho , excelling all the
Spas of the world , can he readied only
The Passenger Department of the
Union Pacific , "Tho Overland Route , "
has issued a neat little pamphlet , pocket -
ot si/o , entitled "National Platform
Book , " containing the democratic , Re
publican and Prohibition Platforms , to
gether with tlio addresses of acceptance
of Grover Cleveland , Benjamin Ilarri-
sion nnd Clinton 13. Fisk ; also tabulat
ed tables showing the plurality vototho
electoral vote and an analysis of the
vote as cast for Cleveland and Blainoiii
This book is just what is needed at this
time , and should bo in tlio hands of
every voter. It plainly sots forth what
each party has toolferand every reader
can draw his own comparisons. Sent to
anv ' address on application.
Address , J. S. TEBBETS ,
General Passenger Agent ,
Union Pacific Railway ,
Omaha , Nob.
If you have railway or other securi
ties call or address John Culloy , 2523 Far
nam , representing London capitalists.
The Internal revenue collections yesterday
amounted to $0,839.8:3. :
A prostltuto giving the unmo of Lizzie Aus
tin was arrested nnd fined $10 and costs yes
terday for beating nnd scratching a fellow
sinner named Ada St. Clalr.
Mr. nnd Mrs. LUnerom were tried before
Justice Wade yesterday afternoon on the
charge of breaking Into the homo of Mattlo
Tuckman nnd breaking nnd destroying
property. There being no evidence to con
vict , the case was dismissed.
Charles Liunarino and Emma Johnson ,
both of this city , were united In marriage by
Justice Anderson yesterday.
The BO-callcd Missouri Rlvor termin
als of the UNION PACIFICaro Omaha ,
Council Bluffs , St. Joseph , Leaven-
worth and Kansas City.
'Build your wife and children n homo In
Beautiful Clifton hill and got five years
time on your lot. A. P. TUKBY ,
16th and Douglas.
T O UNION PACIFIC was the first
Trans-Continental Line. .
Klfty Per Cent Off
Wo will cut the prices of the follow
ing goods in two for Mondny , taking ex
actly CO per cent off of' the regular
[ H-icos :
18 cent linen torchon locos nt 0 cents
per yard.
20 cent ladies' and gents' linen col
lars , all stylos. 10 cents.
Ono dollar kid gloves 60 cents.
Ono dollar silk gloves 60 cents.
16 cent Oriental lace 71 cents.
JI8 cent silk ruchlng 10 cents.
22 cent bustles 11 cents.
118 cent fancy towels 10 cents.
08 cent lisle hose 40 cents.
OS cent corsets 40 cents.
08 cent gents' underwear 40 cents.
2 ! ) cent white dress goods 14J cents.
20 cent pearl buttons 10 cents a dozen.
18 cent children's ribbed hose , ! ) cents.
75 com sklrtingombroidory , 37j cents.
45 cent ribbon , 221 cents.
Ono dollar dress goods , 50 cents.
Wo will offer besides the following
notions at from 1-2 to 1-5 price :
Black silk thread , 2 cents a spool.
Button hole twist , 1 cent a spool.
Best hasting thread , 1 cent a spool.
Needles , 1J cents a paper.
Slav-binding , H cents a roll.
Goff 's black braid , . ' ! cents.
Dress shields , 7 cents a pair.
Thimbles , 1 cent.
Pins , 1 cent a paper.
Hair pins , 3 papers for 1 cent.
White agate buttons , 12 dozen for 3
Best wash buttons , 2 cents a do/on.
Twelve yards cotton Jlannel for (19 (
Ten yards extra quality cotton flannel
for Oil cents , worth 15 cents a yard.
An elegant line of silk plushes in 42
colors , 50 cents per yard , worth fully $1.
200 sun hats worth up to $1 each , Mon
day at ! ) cents each.STONEHILL'S
1615 Douirlas.
Attention C. K. of A.
All memhor.H of the C. K. of A. arc
requested to bo present at the meeting
on Mondny. Aug. ( ! . The picture of Mr.
Bach will bo rallied at this meeting.
Gico. ,1. PA ft , ,
Rce. Secretary.
My daily invoices of choice fall pat-
torus in moquottes , Wiltons , body brus-
sels. etc. , now arriving are swelling o'ur
stock to iiuinent-o proportions and ailord
a Hue opportunity right now for making
I especially call your attention to low
prices this sea on ,
S. A , OltCUAUD.
Hank Clearings llcnl Kstato nil 1
15n 11 til n i ; IlL'vimnc Collections.
The clearing hoiiso report shows up again
ill right for th3 weak juat closed and an lu-
crease of 15.0 per cent is noted. The follow
ing is the tablet
Mondny ? Ti9fl'iT0.4S
Tuesday 47ltHi : > . ) :
Wednesday ' . . '
II'.M.'JIM ( H
Thursday , 5'jrr > s-S.iO :
Friday. . , r.Jl.lil.lT
Saturday fi'M5)72.YO.5
Total j.a : ; 10,5 \ . - >
\Vhilo this amount shows - un increase over
the corresponding six days lasl year , theio is
a dliTeronce hi favor of tlio lust six over that
of the preceding week of sJ5.5-l : ( > ! ! . " > . Al
though ttiu clearings for the week preceJing
the ono just closed were 10.0 per cent mora
t mm the corresponding period in IbsTand
those of last week onlv 15.0 per cent , the hrst
weolt in August , 1M7 , was an unusually
busy ono for the season und tlio lanro gain
dcncjed is more than gratifying to the busi
ness men of the city. This showing
cannot fail to uiijireosupou the
minds of outside people this lact that
Omaha's business is upon a good sound basis.
Keal estnto business lias increased remark
ably during the past six days ns compared
with the week previous , nnd the vnluo of
property changing hands shows nn increase
of * I04BS ( ever the preceding six days. The
following is u table of the amounts of sales
mndo during the week just ended :
Monday S " > 4,877
Tuesday 51,101
Wednesday : ! 7H : !
Thuisday h,8)4 ( ! ! )
Friday St.OSl
Saturday OS , ! ) 11
Total 1 32W4 ( ! (
The total amount of the sales for the w > ) ok
previous was 6 > 3oii : ! . Increase in favor of
week just clodo.l , . ? ! ( ) IOSS.
The building permits lor tlio wcok indicate
the fact that the carpoulora and bricklayers
of the city are not going to uo idle for the rci-
mainder of the season. The following is u
resume of tlu1 permits granted :
Monday , III permits * ! tf.40 ,
Tuesday , 7 permit 11,2-sO
Wednesday. S permits S.4.VJ
Tlwrsd.iv , lOpirmlt 24,050
Friday , 10 permits 8'iVJ
Saturday penults 1,700
Total * ffll.270
Incro iso over the previous weo'c , ilS.-l'O.
The internal revenue collections for the
week are us follows :
Monday ? 2lr.lHI ( )
Tuesday i ! l,0..l.27 ! '
Wednesday 7 , UMi Us
Thursday f. 12,807.O !
Friday 10.iV41.iH
Saturday il.W.l.H'i
Total - . . . . $ 4S.tKM.9u
The collection : ! last week were * J4,4 < > 0.04.
Increase this week , * -4,454.b7.
A rc&uiuo shows the total increase in these
branchi's of Omaha's business aa follows :
Hank clearings : r,51ll.r (
Heal estate NH.OiS.O )
Building penults 12-lVMU
Internal revenue collections 2M5l.'i7
Total increase ? UI5,5' 0.5 J
Buy a homo complete for your family
in Beautiful Clifton hill on monthly
payments. A. P. TITKKV ,
15th and Douglas.
Go to Pries' lake for picnics. Fine
concert every Sunday.
A drum ! Falliu ; October to liaise
! 'n nds.
The Hebrew benevolent Roclety , an insti
tution which has doled out charity for the
last eight or ton yc'iM , spending many thou
sands of dollars , will replenish its exchequer
by giving a fair the latter part of October.
To appreciate the extent of the work of this
association It Is only ucccsaary to state that
? SOO were expended In the four months end
ing July 1. The society Help * the needy
without distinction as to naUounlltyor creed.
The ofilcers , who are the moving spirits of
the organization , are Messrs. U. Newman.
Isauo Oborfolder , Meyer Hollmiin , Ferdinand
Adler nnd A. Heller. Those- gentlemen have
bcoa instructed to Bolcct committees nnd
make other arrangements for the proposed
fair. The latter will bo given on a largo
scalo. and every effort will bo exerted to In
sure its success.
Fire anil l > ollo < ; ,
At the mooting of the fire und police com
missioners last evening Chief Qallignn , of
the flro department , Theodore Grebe , cap
tain of No. 3 hose company , and George
Wiudhnm , captain of chemical No. 3 , were
each granted ten days' leave of absence to
attend the flro chiefs' convention nt Minno-
aiwlls. Oftk'cr John F. Hyrnes was granted
seven days' absence. Ofllcer James Brady
was lined two days' payer smoking u cigar
while on duty , onicor Charles Hloom was
lined two days' pay for sitting in front of u
saloon uud talking to a crowd of men.
Marriage Licenses.
The following marriugo licenses were Issued
sued yesterday by Judge Shields :
Name. Residence. Age ,
( Charles J. Poper , Omaha 25
\ Lucy Winn , Plattsmouth . . . . , 20
1 William M. Magee , Omaha 30
( Fenny V. Shutt , Oinaba , IS
We offer everything in the store at 20 per cent discount ,
Our goods are all marked in plain figures , and from these
prices , until the stock is sufficiently reduced , we take 20 per
cent off the foot of every bill.
We do this to reduce stock and our friends get the benefit.
Remember everything goes , SPOOL SILKS , all kinds o [
NOTIONS , all kinds of BUTTONS , all kinds of LACES , al
kinds of HANDKERCHIEFS , magnificent stock of SILKS ,
splendid stock of DRESS GOODS , a grand stock of BLACK
GOODS and MOURNING GOODS. spIeiulid stock of MUS
LIN UNDERWEAR , large assortment of Ladies' WHITE
DRESSES , complete slock of LINENS , large assortment of
LACE CURTAINS , fine assortment of SUMMER SHAWLS ,
complete assortment of UNDERWEAR , and a very large
stock of HOSIERY ; splendid stock of GENTS' FURNISH
ING GOODS , and a very large stock of DOMESTIC GOODS
Etc. , Etc.
Remember,2o per cent comes off all , and WILL BE TAKEN
This will entail some loss on us , but an old Scotch proverb
it is not lost what a friend gets , and our customers are our
. . .
The Business They Transacted , at
Yesterday's Meeting.
The CoiiimihHlonci-'s Tlilnk the Tnx
Payers Should Have a Share of
Some ol' tin ; rorqiiislles Coin-
IIIK MrColmrn's Way.
Thu Commissioner's Meeting.
The county commissioners yesterday ap
proved the action of County Clerk Kocho in
employing extra hulp on the assessment
books , but said ho mustn't do so any more.
Mr. D. L. Shane presented his resignation
as general superintendent of the now county
hospital. His letter stilted that his private
busiues3ho ( is a contractor and builder ) is in
creasing so that ho fcols that ho cannot do
justice to the tux payers. The resignation
was referred to the committee on construc
The committee- tluaiu-o reported In the
findings of Mr. J. J. Points. , who examined
the reports of the county ofilcors , and the
committees report was adopted.
They approve the financial statement of
the register of deeds except nn item of ? 100
iu February paid to S. S. Auuhmoedy. They
said arounable to the
they are justify employ
ment nnd the payment of two deputies at the
same time , " They recommended that the
register "bo authorized to employ tit n
monthly salary of not more tliim f(10 such
additional assistants as may bo deemed nec
essary to perform cltlciqntly such work us Is
not provided for. " They uro also of the
opinion that when thcro uro appropriations
for certified copies of records in the oflico of
the icgister , such copies should bo mndo by
the register or his assistants , that they
should bo charged for us provided by law
and that the foes should bo included In the
register's rciwrts.
The liudiugs in the county clerk's report
were approved , and in the matter of making
copies of records the same opinion was ex
pressed as in the cnsoof the register of deeds.
The committee advised important changes
in the conduct of the shcnll's ofllco , and u
brief rcbiimo of the situation will make the
import of their recommendations clear. The
sheriff's report indicated about f3,500 in fees
us on the books nnd uncolleeted. The sheriff
is allowed W u day by the stnto for convoy
ing charges to the penitentiary or reform
school , und ho has been taking such pay-
inontB us part of tha perquisites of the olllco.
llo lias rnudu a contract with Sarpy county ,
which has no juil of Its own , to board and
ledge that county's prisoners atflpor day
per man. Ho has an arrangement to hold
prisoners for the United States courts at 70
( PIUS per day , and for transient prisoners
jailed hero en route to other points ho
charges $1. For the cignt months ending
January , 1S8S , the sheriff received from
these sources nearly f > 3100 ! , and ho has treated
the inonoy ns ono of the perquisites
of the ofllco. The committee think ho
should pay something for the use of the
county Jail uud the services of Jailor nnd
guards. They want the sheriff to divide , and
their idea for the future Is that the contracts
for keeping such prisoners bo inatlo with the
county , which will make the sheriff an allow
ance for board. Ho is now allowed 35 cents
for feeding the county's prisoners , and as ho
gets 70 cents to # 1 for the other prisoners a
division of half and half is suggested. The
sheriff has been charging a mllengo of 10
cents per tnllo for taking persons to Lincoln ,
mid Examiner Points raised the question
whether ho was entitled to moro than Jlvo
cents per mllo. The law is vaeuo. saying
that ho shall charge the same as In other llko
cases *
The committee recommended that the
sheriff bo uotUlcd that In the future ho will
bo expected as far as practicable , to collect
ofilcial fees in advance , uud when that Is Im
possible , that ho must require security for
their payment ; also that ho will bo hold rc-
sponslblo for fees remaining uncolleeted nt
the close of his term. The recommendation
does not Include fees duo from the city or
the country. The committee think the
sheriff has no legal or moral right to i.Tiposo
upon the county the burden of paying
sheriff's coats In civil cases. The committee
nro also of the opinion that $ J per day paid
the sheriff by the slate for taking prisoners
to tha penitentiary and children to the re
form school are fees of the sheriff'sofllce and
should bo reported as such to the commls.
sloners. The committee recommend that for
1&50-7-8 up to date , tha MUnty charge the
sheriff fair proportion of the
amounts received by him for boarding *
lodging and guarding United States prisoners ,
Sarpy county prisoners , and tr.iusc'ont pris
oners , which proportion is to bo a 'crmined
by the board uud the sheriff. Such compen
sation is fur rent of juil uud Hxturcs , for ex-
pcnso of repairs and for salaries of Jailor and
guards. The committee recommend un "un
derstanding" with the sheriff whereby In the
future ho shall pay to the county n tlxod per
centage ( say oO ) of the gross amounts ho ro-
calves for the boarding uud lodging of the
three classes of prisoners specllicd. The
question of thu mileage belonging to the
sheriff and his assistants In conveying insane
patients to Lincoln being n question of law
is referred to the county attorney. The po-
llco judge of the city is requested to note on
each mittimus issued from his ofljeo whether
the prisoner was charged with violating n
city ordinance or a state law.
The committee recommended the payment
of $1,1133 CO to William H. Ijums for fees as
clerk tit the September term of the district
court. The committee cut the claim ? 7S " 0.
A resolution was passed allowing the
county clerk to certify to the quarterly
vouchers for United States pensioners with
out making a charge , If ho choose to do HO.
A resolution to gr.ido ono-half of Thirty-
sixth street from Leaveiiworth to Park and
also Poppleton avenue from Thirty-sixth to
the county hospital was referred.
The appropriation bill from the general
fund for July aggregated ? l-151 ; from the
road fund $ .3,7-11 ; ironi the hospital fund
Mr. D. L. Shane's resignation ns general
superintendent of construction of the county
hospital for Insane was accompanied by the
simple statement that on account of the in
crease of his private business ho felt ho
could not do justice to the taxpayers. Mr.
Shane was soon by a HIK : reporter , but re
fused to give any reasons for his coui > o
other limn that stated in his letter to the
county commissioners. The gentleman Is a
good Icucor , but while ho would not make
any allirinations ho negatively made admis
sions which conllrm the belief that thcro
were reasons for his resignation that are
kept from the public. Mr. Shane was
guarded In his statements , but in u lapse
of his watchfulness ho inado the
remark that hi * "chief" reason was given in
his letter. In another unguarded moment ho
said that his other reasons were known to
the commissioners , and a statement would
como with better grace from them than from
himself. At another time ho Intimated that
the commissioners might fully explain his
position after taking final action on his resig
nation. Questioned as to the construction of
the hospital , Mr. Slinno said that it was not
a Iirst class job but was fair work of Its
kind. Asked us to whether thu contractors
hud tried to ovudo his instructions us super
intendent. Mr. Shane said : "Not all of
them. " Ho said ho had accompanied the
commissioners to Detroit to discuss the mat
ter with the architect. Questioned
as to whether Mr. Moyors displayed any
opposition to his superintendence. Mr.
Shane evaded the query. When asked what
lie would do if the commissioners refused to
accept his resignation , ho r.nitl ho would take
the matter under consideration.
The inference from the cross-examination
of Mr. Sbano is that ho has been hurrassed
and criticised In his work ; that , as n man of
independence and self respect , ho resigned
rather than miller the nunoynnco nnd In
dignity , and looks to the commissioners for
vindication. Mr. Shane is receiving J100 a
mouth for visiting the now hospital every day
or two , inspecting the construction , and in-
structlnghlsussi-stunt , Charles Koss , upon the
details to bo watched by the latter. The
trip takes Mr. Shane thrco or four hours. As
a contractor ho Is employing forty or fifty
hands , nnd the time token from their man
agement is given as the ostensible rrasou for
his resignation.
Four Quart ! ) of lilood Taken From
I tin Abdomen.
Olof Pries , living near Pries lake , a few
miles out of the city , was accidentally shot
by his brother yesterday. The latter was
repairing u loaded rlllonnd It wns discharged
by accident.
Pries was dangerously wounded but has n
fighting chance to recover. The Burgeons
performed on him an operation of unusual
magnitude. Ho was suffering from internal
hemorrhage and threatened to bUcd : to
death. The doctors decided to resort to
heroic measures. Thny rondo an Incision In
his body Just below the breast bono nnd cut
uu opening downward through hii ubdiitiien
for a distance of eight inches. A second
opening was mndo across the right sldo ot
abdomen above the groin , and n third WHS
mudo In the lower p.irt of the back to alve
access to the kidney * . Four quarts of blood
were taken from the abdominal cavity nu
the liomorrago was stopped. The ballot had
pierced the liver and the lodnuys but was
not found. U will cau u no especial danger
by rein-xlnliiif and tha surgoeua thought best
not to lengthen the operation. I'rle * wan
sowed up again and the medical profession
will watch tils case with Interest.
Andersen If. Lee Of Waterloo , U at the
.Ml'Iurd ' ,
Ami AVnreliouso Kecolptu I'or Mcnla
Packed In Oinalm.
A desire having been expressed by the
packers ut South Omaha to have such com
mercial icgulutioiis mndo that they may
issue warehouse receipts on the meats stored
lit their big refrigerator buildings , a meeting
of the board of trade will soon bo hold to
issue the necessary'rcgulations. The plan
will bo to make bonded warehouses of the
storing places. Certificates will bo issued ,
which may bo bought and sold like other
warehouse receipts or used for collateral.
The Omaha Inspection of meats Is accepted
by certain dealers ns all-sulliclcnt , and the
establishment of a bonded warehouse system
will bo another Important stop In the com
mercial progress of the city.
An Actor's Present.
Mr. .1. F. O'Neill , the popular actor nt the
People's theater who Is filling n four months'
engagement , received from Prof. Ed. Miller ,
ono of his admirers , an elegant amethyst
ring and diamond shirt stud last evening , as
an oyidcnco of Mr. Miller's appreciation ot
the young artist's talent as a comedian.
MONDAY ) , i i n n n
TUKSDAV fAllff H 7 X
WKIHiKSDAY , ) fllg. ! Uj j I , 0.
The mystery of .TljMtcrlus.
Fpeclnl engiigonu'iit of the world fnmous pro-
inlorpiustldlpltntour. the original ouu und only
Assisted by Mine. Herrmann , uud the billllunt
In the , thrilling spectacle , the trrenteRt
i-eniiitlon of thu iige , called
The Mnrvol of the ITnlvcrfe , which hatt crowded.
the largest theatres everywhere. Amazing , Ho-
wlhlrrluR ami Mystifying , nil dealing u pel foot
t uroro ot wonder nnd appreciation. A host of
novoltlos nnd a rlmngo or progrnmniH nl/jlitly. /
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