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    I i : 8 . . . THui QMAFIA DATIJY B1' TUESDAY , .TULY 31. 1883. . . . . .
'i'ho lntcrnnl revenue co11cct1os ye
tordiy : amounted to 2UO1.6U. ,
. Tim 1o1iInson Notion conipatiy aru tie-
go1atLn for a lcttsu of tim Stntth hitilti-
ing , lIorthwe8t corner Twelfth utiti liur-
Cnpttiiii flu rnphrcyliyn Iluttt haM returned -
turned to Chicago tutU vfl1 rwIdo there
In future its inatinger of an olegatit saloon -
. loon recently IltteU up.
Omnita Is remarkably free from fires.
Numhe r 2 hose company lins tiot been
, called out In sixteen days , and itumbor
. B litis also had a long rest.
A lease was filed yesterday with the
c county clerk by a Mrs. MUct Statidish ,
. but it Is presUmoI ( site Is not the relict
0 of the doughty colonial warrior.
The garbage master says that all
garlutgo , manure 811(1 other 111th south
of l"iLrtuItn strcetvheii i'cinoved , should
be takoit to the dutnp at. Division
A ina.rringe license was granted yesterday -
torday to Mr. Charles Browi , , aged
twenty-eight , and Miss Annie Cross-
- math aged twetity-soven , and both of
. thh city.
, , Samuel Iutou , whose little son was
drowned in the river last week , titus
publicly thatiks the friends of the fatuity
for aid and sympathy extended iii the
hour of afihiction.
Last Sutidny a couple of italics , who
liyo in Couiicil Il1uIT , vero trying to
get on a Inovitig streetcar. One of them
. SLLS thrown ittiti btu1y bruised (1t the
face. Their IItUUCB could not he learned.
- .lustlce Anderson uIIitel in inatrimotty
yeI4tet'ltLy ( John Sholfstall , of this city ,
totiss iflfla.hhtItIttg. ) of Ceder county ,
, Iowa. I1St ) AlIIVOW Grant to Miss
Christina Erhinicior , both residents of
Omaha ,
- I'orsonhil Pnragraph.
. . Mr. M. I. Welch , of rhticoIti , Is In the city.
Mr. H. I' . Sitinnomids , of Chadron , Is at the
Ptixto ii.
, Mr. P. A. Fisher , of Lhticolu , is at the
Mr. F'rarik Sharpc. of Atkinson , is at the
, Millard.
Mr. W. II. I3artov , of Crate , Is a guest at
the l'nxtoti.
Mr.V. . H. liarrisoti , of Grand Island , Is a
l'axtoii t.uest.
. . ? Irs. B. F' . Lock , of Norfolk , was in the
city yesterday.
.1. A. ( ioilhtt and 0. U. Tyler , U. S. A. ,
are at the Paxton.
. Mr. F' . F. Meati , of York , was an Omaha
visitor 'estcrduy.
. . Mr. aiim ! Mm's. L D. Foubs , of Sutton , were
in tlte city yesterday.
Idr. Charle4 'I' . Iimklmmsomi , of Tclcmtrmimthi ,
was lit time city yesterday.
. Mr. C. S. Chant , of Nebrasha City , was an
Omaha visitor yesterday.
Messms . .1.V. . Deweeso anti Fl M. Wcstcr
, .
. veil , of Lincoln , were in Omaha yesterday.
. , Dirn. MeParlimi , United States army , timid
dmiitglitcrs , havcreturned from their eastern
111V4 Site Beau ICitittappoil ?
Mabel Ready , the grand.
daughter of Mrs. Osborne , 110 South Twelfth
street , mmiytcriousiy disappeared a week ago
last Saturday ammil her whereabouts is still
unktiowti. 11cr mimotlior vlmo was away at
the limo hmt4 since returned mind is irostrmtteml
with m.rief over the loss of tier child. Mabel
is a very bright lookIng girl , uris straight
flaxemi hair , blue eyes atiti is of slight build.
At the time of her disappearamico site had etta
a light seersucker dresi. No cause for the
- di'ialiiicarmumce is icnovmi of amid It. is feared
that alio has becti kidnapped. IIct father
anti imiother mire divorced , the former living
. in linmteapo1is , but Ito has never bothered
his vife iii any vay stnce their separation ,
amid it is not lrohablo tnmit ho lma'i takcn the
child. Time entire fatally are greatly con-
ccrucd over the loss of the household pet.
The UNION I'CIF'JC is the only
, rend iutmnitmg through I'ulltnmtn Cars
I between the Missouri River and Portland -
land , Oregon.
; , _ _ _ . -
'TIme ' right rlng of the Second infantry oc
celled its rival wing on the range this year ,
the latter qtmahif.vltim about forty sharp shoot.
ersumid thoright wing making a total of 73.
. 'l'lio captains of the st1ces3fnl coniltnte3 , A ,
B , C , E timid G nra respectively William
. Miles , Chmirle A. Dcmnp3ey , Hoary Catloy ,
Luther S. Attics amid Charles Ifollor.
. ¶ l'lio deceased child of Mrs. Lizzie Nixon ,
ivife of lirivato 1Ilwood Nixon , conipammy (1 ,
wits burled Sntmday afternoon at Forest
' Lavn cemetery. 'I'lto child tiled at 3 o'clock
oil Siturday. AIrs. Nixon is 1mm a vary eritl.
ciii condition , itiit the j.arrison doctors at.
tending tier now otitortama hopes of recovery.
Drink Malto it Is omtsamit.
, , Smoke Seidcnborg'8 Figaro and got
the best 3-ceut cigar in the world. Mmix
Mcvct & Co. , wholesale depot.
littrglavioii JiO'H.
. Jo0 Mills , JO111 ! Frohimig , Toni O'Day and
Prod Sessions , four boys ranging from
twelve to fourtcemm ycav3 , tire lying in the
- city pilsomi , charged with burglary. 'l'hoy
broke In the store imou'io mit the 'L'ivoli imat.
itormumn , corner Furmmummi amid I lath streets
mam night last week immiti stole 2iYJ , ( ) cigars.
Tlics4 they tlkposd ot to a lot of imuccmmiemi
at 10 cents a box. The Imackmacu vli1 like.
wise be run in.
Tue Sulphturons Gemitiettinti
neetloumdy doslgtiatad as "Old Nick" seems
tJ bo at the elbows of the people , 'iio day In
null day out tiamnngo their teeth with hurtful
footh luttcs , lowiiors and washes. Time
. . recoriietl ( 'xpermolicel of thirty dosig.
hates SOODONT ni the only real demsideru.
" Iiitttiiimr l'ztrfllyzetl ,
: Frank hllgby , a trvellng mann frommi New
, York City , cmtmio in on UnIon P.mcillo trahmi
No. 4 Sunday uftorimoomi , suffering ( rota
the effects of sutistroko. lie was takeim to
. St. 1cmsimli's hospital viiero medical mmlii s'as
tendered tutu. Yesterday lie
ImProveLl amid bids fair to got ve11.
TI11 S'l'AtjIjIOS P1tlZ1.
: One of tIme Big I"etitttreq of time Coma-
itg Omaha Fair.
The imrcvaiitions for the Omaha fair are
advancing immost encouragingly and the latH.
catlons both from the mipplicatiomis for space ,
and outside querIes are that thIs will lie time
most suecesful fair ever held in Otrmahimi.
Simi1cing of the speed features , Dntmtomm's
iimirlt the Turf says :
' .t'ito Omaha Fair amid ExhIbition nssocicm.
tion Is mis determuimicd as mcmi over are , to
: make Its incethmmg a grand success this ycam1
4 oven mole successful titan It tins been lmore
fomc. 'l'imo remmmlmmr will take miotico ttiat the
iroarnmmlmmmu Itmut bea ciiammged somewhat
sInce It was llrst givemi to time itublic. F'oi
exmimnitio , the freoor-auL stallions elmiEs Jmnq
. bccmi cimamiged to a gramul South Omaha
btock yards sitecimil stakes of five per
, temmt emmtramiia. 'I'li3ie hits att , boon addeil a
2. IEI maclng class so Ihimit time lmrogr.unmno n
' It tiow siatmit is about tim best thmmmt could be
tl mvtseth. 'I'hmo elthzons of Omaha immivo been
. decidedly liberal with time Ommiahia t"41r as
sociaticu , amid to bhow you a stcchmliemi of
their liberalitY , time stockyards n3sociatlon
tmtochmuWti nmm1 comnmnhsslomm men of South
' Onumhma , ubscribtdl,9 } ) for time gr.mul South :
Omnahma stockVartt stakes ha less thmamm two
imoimis. 'rhtorcmstiierOOrflnn lark of entcmimrls
In that second utiditiomi of Chicago , mmii that
. hmtstomy Is 1leIy to be he rd from In tb
future history of time turf.
c Thiert.t it ; , mnoroover , mm mnomith's contimmuoum
' tori busIness itt thmmt lummedhatu locality
, nmuuclyt Norfolk Nub. , Auittst 2 ? to 81 ,
, . ; 3 : u ) ; Outahmmi , cb , Seitcmnber.J to8,7JOO
io Mo. , Sojmteuitmor 10 to 15 , E4UO ( ; Limm
colti'N'cLi , , Sicmlor 10 to 15 , * utmou'ro
. 1Kkfl Kan. , Septettiber 17 to 20 , ,8tht ) ; imiu
smis thty Septetmihtw iT to 23 , I3UX1. bi ) yOi
, , Comm isCO kow It Is , " .vOii ttaya your mnonc'y you
ttitcs : yii choice. "
tiiInl , Iato lit SOUU Iountflin.
; , .
' : . . - .
Snimitici LiW4 Askq 'ritat IIIN Case ( leI
( I , the Ilstrlct Court.
Sanmuel Lowe was arraIgned In JustIce
Morrison's court yesterday on time cimmirgo
of mcrforzmmlng mmmi abortlemm on Miss Nm Dar-
rali. lIe valvcd an examinatIon and gave
bond 1mm tIme suma of 2OOO to appear 1mm time
district court miext Septeniber to nmiswct to
time charge. 11 .1. Dmrst was accepted as imIs
Miss I.irraum Is rather a good looking
brunette of about eighteen sears. The story
leadIng up to Lowe's arrest as told by her
amid other vartics vlmo have been in the cmmso
is mmbotmt as follows : Lowe is iii time saloon
bimsimiess in Tekanmmih Itt Imartimersilil ) ivitim
George itmiver. Ills victlmmi wmms mmmi irmtimnmite
frictmd of Mrs. Lowe , and fimially went
to work 1mm the fatuIty of Ibwor , Lowe's
imartimer. Sortie thunt last stmnimtmcr
Mt s. Lowe miamI her limmsbatmd hind sommme
troubio nail dlvorco proceedimigs were begmimi
by tue formncr. It. wmi agreed by time thrum
that they would start a branch saioomm mit ic.
verne , MIami. , whIch would be mumimmngcd by
flavor. Wimcn lie moved there ito took MIss
1)arrmmim alomig as mm douiestli : . Durlmmg her stay
with the Itavor fatally Lowe's uttemitlomis
were sufliclL'mit to win Imer aflcctiomi , timid last
September lie necommipllshed lice rulmi. Situ
stated titmit lie smilil lie wouhil mmmarry imer mis
soot ) its ito was given adivoree fromn hIs Pts-
emit vlfe. . F'rommi that timmio umithi early In tlm I
simmitmg timoy kept UI ) theIr immtlmmmacy , and
Lowe made several trips to Levormie to see
itemS. Alotmt four mimontims migo the girl dIscov-
emed 1mev conditiomm amid told Lowe of it.
lie has hicemi mmrrcstcd for ndmnltmlstorimmg
drugs to her. Vhemm this mittemulmt fulled time
girl vis : setit to Floremice to time imomime of
her sister Flory Mmiltoy.
Two 1mters were received by Miss Dmirrmih
whIte she was timero Imistructing lice how to
tremmt imersel f nmmd to remnmilmi llrmu mimiti true ummil
not give mimmytimimig away timid mill would lie
rglmt. TIme letters svero imot slgmmed by tiny
nimmimo , bitt the writer in each case said , "you
kmmoiv svimo I tim. " t tmote 1mm time satmie humid-
writin' timid him rcgmmrd to the s mme mmmmmttor is
slgtmcd "Samu.Vhcti time lrl
bccmimtmo so sick thmmt. a nhmysietmimi
hmutil to be called In she gave
ill ) the ommtiro history of time case , timid svllt be
the imrosecutimmg witmiess agmilmist Lowe. Although -
though site looks perfectly strommg timid
healthy , time doctor who was called to attcmmd
tier si's : she viIL miot ieover for mit lemist two
yeumrs. When asked lmow site cmime to give
Lowe up mmfter imis iiromtmises in the letters
to her , site saId simo mild mmot believe lie would
rcmmalmi trite to imcr , tutu thmmit sh found out
she dmd mmot cime : mis mmiueit for hum as site
used to. IIhss Dmirrumh's fmitimor mmmiii umotimer
both live imm Tekmimnaui. 11cr fmithier is a iimiy
Jmmhmorcr. Lowe imum becim mmmmmrried three times
tutu imas three eimhldrcmi , two by his first wife
timid one by ImIs second.
Thieve tire mutiny timings to be grateful
foi' , if we would but thuimk so , and amnomig
tImce is time introduction ofmamm Dimzor's
Fimivorimi g Extracts some whmmit less than
a third of mm. cemitury ago. If there is a
conic imi Amimorica , professionmil or other-
wisowhmo has not tested nail is miot remmdy
to mtvoitcli time excellemico of these well-
known it0h1timit10m15 , she oi. lie is woefully -
fully behmimid time age. No chemical or
other imIiiitmri ty con tamnimimites timomn.
Timu. ' ztte Simfllly miolicious.
The Jtmdgcs hlavelilttlo to do Iii tue
Coim rts.
. .ltmdgoVtmkoly and time attorneys in time
Motor and horse rallw.iys suit were occu
1110(1 III the dIstrict court .yesterdmmy 1mm draw-
hug UI ) a decree govcrmilmmg time use of Leaven.
worth street by time mimics of time two comimpa-
Storz & 11cr have asked time court to gmaut
thmemn a juuigmnent against lUcimarul amid \V. II.
Numimi for 5OO. Three hiumidreil of time tic-
count is for goods a'td time other $2O ) is for
time rent of a building on Sixteenth street
where the dofondamits kept a saloon. Time
two ilofemniamits Richnrd , wimo is a doctor and
\v. 11. time saloomm mmmii , left the city about
two weeks ago lo.ivimig miummicrous nmmxiotms
credItors to dh'lde up their abamniommed stock.
Stephen S. Folker immia sued the I'mmul
0. liummis Wino commipammy for 3OJO , daumiaos
for violatimig au agrecmncnt mimmil rephovemiImmg
a stock of goods bulomigimig to the plaintiffs in
this dammmago suit.
1mm , Jistlce , Auuietsomm'M Court.
L. 13. McC.wgor , mi Miammosota rnerchammt ,
was arraigned iii Justice Amidorson's court
this mifternoomi for obtmiiimlmmg goods under
( also liretemises. lie immircimaseti lOO worth
of fmirmimimmg iinphcmnctmts frommi 1'irlin , Oroum-
don Martimi mm a rcpre.semmted credit of
$7,000. On oxumnhmmntmon they found ho hmid
miotiming amid laid him arrested.
Time UNION PACIFIC is the only
line froni time 11issouri Itiycr itmmmmmimm'
direet to Og4cmm , Utaim , time Otcimara
City of \\Tahsatch Moimmitaimis.
e -
Caues Now Pemitliimg ilafoie ( lie Bureau
ol Clmmtrltle-m.
Mrs. Pearson , of time bur.ati of charities ,
report3 that there tire two bcggars in thmi
city who are not vortImy of assistammee. Omme
of timese is ii Mrs U. Neisoim who lives at
:131s : ThIrd street. Site elaimims to be Ill amid
tue claim is ivehl foumideti but she has boemi
otieted tmeatmmiommt by time county mit time imosimi-
titi tin ii 1mev hmuslimmmd : tins iicemm prommilsed relief
for imimmmsolf nmmmi fmimnlly wimilo his vif woulu
be iimmder trcmtmuent. : liotim otters have been
'l'lio other is the eric of ii wommian who
sitnhui3P asks for Immoacy , uiocllmmhtig mill offert of
food timid clothes. Site refuses to toll svim
she Is or whom site conme ( coma.
Mrs. Pearson In bmhmmif : of time same or-
gmtmlzatiomm : , aia for a stove for a deserving
widow who is without , such a mmoceasary umtt-
cia timid imoimem sonm charitable firma umay
imiimlto ii ilommatiomi of omiu Imnmcd1atciy. it
would be time immeans of eumubhimig ii wortimy
iiersomm to stmpioit herslf and fnmimily.
' \\Tm , hitch , Aimmmgdoml , Iowa , was
cured of cancer of the eye by lr.Jotics'
Ucd Clover 'l'onic , which mimes nil blood
disotdois amid diseases of time ittomnuch ,
liver timid Icidneys. 'J lie host tommie timid
itittetizet' tIiOlViI. 50 ccmmts. Goodmumni
Irug Co.
m1ist , Not ( radc.
Ucmiermil Coivln imas itied his opinIon 1mm
time mluttstlomi its to wlmether the coummty cotmi.
umisslommerum arc allowed to ime the mommoy in
time eommmmty m'omnl tmix Ic ad . in grail lug thu
bttCetS iii time city. lie holds timat umider time
law tlmoy eamm mioL
Drink Mmtlto.2.iccntsa bottle.
Stoic ii lfois' .
141st Saturday mmlgimt a Imorso belongIng to
Henry Thurimmiim : , mm farmer llvimmg near Fiftim
imntl iorcas , was stolen ( roam the barn of H.
ii. Raven , mimmd hmam imot slmmco been foummil.
Tlmurmmman suspects a certnlmm Party of time
robbery but has ito means of proving time
cimargo , because the umami has left towmi.
Halley % 'Lit ; ( oImig Ilommic.
Rob Smuack of Dummbir , In thIs state ,
writes that Halley , vimo was rccemmtly found
tiemid ha a box car emi iouglas street , lIved
with hlmmm two years , amid emi time 2ltii immt.
left to go to imIs hattie mimic Storm Lako. Ito
hmati at time tlmno ovci tlfl amid a sliver watch.
Two days later h ws fount ! dciii. 1mm time
imicami timmmo time watch amid nearly all time
: mmiommey imati dlsappearc1.
The UNION PACIFIC is the popular
t'ommte to the Ycltuwstotmo Nmmtiontil Park.
3 TIme Ifl'Or Will Not go to Comigius ,
Mayor Uroatcim Informed a rcportoryestcr.
t day ho tied hoard that In ditterent varts of
time dIstrict imis name hind boon ilroposctl at
a itidltitit for congress. Ho saW. lie wlsimeti
t it ellstimmutly utmmlcrstootl that imu was not ii
canmlltiato.Vhmlu It was hlattemitmg to euos
vanIty to ho niomithomieti as a possIble atmdi.
uiatu ( tw that position. still lie could eu nc
remisurm why hmshmotmld accept such a numbs
I Starch gco'c ; ; ; : vow-
ders ijavp a vulgar glaro. Puzz nt's is
thu emily Cotupiexhea Iowdor tit to uso.
\ _ I
. - - . _ . . . . . . . . -
A Cltizcn Objects to Timetti nntt Sag-
gest.R ft Iteitictly
OfAUA , Ji 2S.-'I'o time Editor of Tims
lhtr. : Time belt lIne submirbami tr in are
being run over the Missouri PticiU railwmmy
to Portal , where time pojnmlatIomi is spnrsennd
chmmrglng passenger rates cmitlrely too iigim
to ever become PoPular. For exattiple : Vai-
nut imihl , in a dIrect line frommi tim \Vcbster
street depot , Is only two tithes. Time fare for
sIngle ride Is l ! cents , or 8 cents mm rule emi
comnnmutnthon tickets of fifty rIdes. 'rho ro-
stilt of thIs I'oiIC1 is very little bushmicums ( or
time cotmmpmmtiy. In fmict , they are haulIng
( utility c.irs. Time Umiion PacIfic suberbami
traIns to Aibright , etc. , run hourly each way
( rein 0 mm. in. till 12 p. mum. , wIth four lmmssengcr ,
conches on cacti traIn heavIly laden wIth pas-
semigers mit till hours of time day. They chmmrgo ,
however , emily 10 ccmmts for mm sIngle ride to
South Omaumum timid Aibrigimt , timid emily 4 cents
to South Ormmmmhmm , immmml 5 cents to Alliright cmi
comnmmmuttitlomm tickets. Voimld it mmot be wis.
donm for time bolt Ibme coumipammy to ruim theIr
suiiuriiatm traltms to South Omnmmhitm , wimero
there Is busIness , anti tmmtko : theIr schedule of
passenger rates low enough to mimmike timemim
PoPitImir. 'rlmelr present policy , vimlcim is time of oum stmggcstmomm , if Itorslsted 1mm
would sewn tO justIfy time cluimmi mmow bolmi
mimmide , timat it tins miever bccmi time immtcmmthomm o
time comullliul.V : to liermuamlemitlY run time traIns ,
amid they viil simortly tmmko the trmmimm oft eu
time idea tiimit they do not irnY ; timut time trains
were only lmut oti to naclfv teniporarily time
cltizeims hivlmig along time lIne. I hmoite that
sucit is hot time case , ammd trust that time rail-
vmmy oflicimmis ha mmutimormty wIll sootm rmimko : time
necessary cimmmngcs timmit mire certaIn to result
fmivorabiy to the conijiammy timid its limit VOtmS.
. ( Cit.ruuimtui
Time rosy freshmiess timid a velvety soft-
miess Of time skiti is itivariably obtaimied
i ) . . tiioe who use Pozzotmi's Coinpioxiomi
Drink Maito.
A l'rutniuietmt t'ytiilnn.
Past Slilireme HelIresentatIvo John H.
Meccim , wmms born in the city of Albany , stmite
of New York , April 241 , IS-b , amid Is now mum
emiterjirislumg residetit of time city of Buffalo ,
of time same state. Iii timcatrlcal circles ,
hirobabby ( civ mmmcii are better ktiowmi or immoro
ummiversally respeetemi timaum Joimum H. Mcccii ;
Ito Is time inmimimiger of time Aemitiemny of MusIc.
Ito was initiated In the order of Kmmlghts of
Pytiilas Itt Eagle lodge , No. 6) ) , l3ulTalo , New
York , lJcccnilicr 27 , 1871 , amid three years
after ( July 8) ) , 1ST-I ) became Gr.mmid Chmimm-
cellor of time state by a ummaiihmnous vote ; me
tIring frommi thIs POsitioti ime was elected su-
remmie representatIve , attending the sessions
of thu suiiremne lodge at i'imilmidcipimin , Pemiii. ,
in ibTd. mind ( Jieveimitid , 0. , itt iSi7.
Bmothcr Mcccii hums mmlso becmm imomiorod 1mm
maimy other fr.mtcrnal orders mms evideitcemi by
the fact of his bcmiig grnud master of New
York 1mm time A. 0. U.V. . , ( ieputy grtmiid comn-
mnamider itt time Ammiericati Legion of Honor
11:1st : grand eimmtmcellor : in time order of UnIted
Fricmmds , Ilast exalted ruler ii. P. 0. Elks ,
past hrcskiemit Emnlilce Order of Mutual Aid ,
imast leader of ilommie Circle treasurer of
Select lCmtlgtmts. 1mm every PostiOml to wimlcim
lirotlmer tIcccim has beemi called ho huts liroved
Imimmisclt to he ii tuiumim of great executive abmi-
Ity , timid sliecinhly fitted for admmimnistering
the mmffalrs of fratertimit orgamilzatlomis.
Time UNION PACIFIC runs two ole-
gnat traitms daily ( coin Kmtnsmms City to
1)emmvcr-J3t ( ) inihc-atid is time sliomt himmo.
The 1)angers o1 Eveimimig hides With
Itowti Icy.
! Sunday night aboimtS:30 : o'clock a carriage
cotitulmtlng two inca and two youmig woumomm
was driven imito one of the rivIties hear Sprimmg
streOt , south of Clark , and soomi after loud
fenmimlo scrcaimis cammio frommi time place of con-
cemihmiment. The cries comitlmicd for some tIme ,
timid at length satisfied that time womneti were
being subcctcd to aim assault which timoy
were violemitly resistimm , sommie of the mmeighm.
bors at lcngtim rushcdto time rcscuotime leader
beimig .foimn H. Timomnpsomi. Time rowdIes smiw
their danger , amid lIfting thio women , who
vore almost exhausted , Into time carriagctoitt
time driver to diisim tiimead , which ime did until
time 1)artY was out of duiumger. Mr. Thompsomi ,
by way of parting , fired a simot 1mm time air ,
which mnmido time occupamits of tim emirriago
crouclm under cover.
Tmtke the UNION PACIFIC and its
ingoiiig to Alaska.
Commtmactor Bvowtm CamummutYorlc In
ltIs Extra Iromi BIll.
The report of time result of time county
conmmissloners' trip to Detroit svuil be officially
made at time meeting of that body to-day.
The comnimmitteo saw ArchItect Meyers of that
city anti Mr. Brown of Tmmiilammapohis , time contractor -
tractor for time iron work on time county imos-
pittil. IIr. Bromi , wlmemi In this city , about
tlmreo weeks ago , inmisted timat time Iron sill-
lorts of time roof were not sufficient , tmimd
that time eiqvatbonswommlmi have to be cimanged.
The cimamiges , Brown smmld , wouki imecessltato
mimi extra outlay for iron of about 9OOO.
Mr. Meyers imisistml ttmat tiio roof
was all right , but to satlsty the
inltids of the cominlsslomiors en LImo matter -
ter , ho laid .l. H. Brmmnden , tin expert
cmmgimmeer ot Detroit , tmmtiko mimi exmimmminmmtlon
of time hlians tiimtl his ropomt upon time roof was
that time mmmnoummt of Iromi wis sufficient but
it was not PrOPCLlY ulhstributod. Coma.
mumsslomior O'ICcefe , to satisfy imimuseif imiome
fully UlOfl ) time niatter , took the lluiiiS to .Joimmm
\Vagner , : i Cmlcmigo : mirc1iItct. Ito miniulo
atm cmaInmtion of thorn and his report was
time saute mis Mr. Hrm.mmm'lemms. ' Ho recoin-
nmommded time different dIstributIon of supports
amid mm slight chmimmgo in the rafters. Timis
sccommd opimilomi was suhhtciemit to satisfy the
comimmittee timut time worlc was all right mid
they vilt not ordem tue extra amminumit of Iron
recommended by Mr. Urowmi. The work atm
time buildIng vhtt be lnisiiod milong us ralmimily
as ho.siblu anti ( lie plans wh1l not be quemi-
tiommetI migalim but wIll be followed to the let- .
tei by time comitrnctors.
I'RIClL"i Ash BI'rrFits is an unuitil-
log cure fom- all diseases originmiting in
bulitiry dnraimgoniotits causol by time
miimthmiiiti : of nmiasnmatie countries. No
other medicine mmow on sale will so of-
foetumdly romnove time disturbiiig ole-
moats , timid at the imammie time teti up ( ho
svlmole mtystomn. It Is sure amid safe in its
p -
'l'hmo ApmortioumtimOtmt ot School I"mimtls
for Caunty DIstrIcts.
Coiimmty Smmporintcndont Brunor has just
conmpletotl time mmpporttommmnent of immotmoy In
time school fund for time various districts in
time coemity for time first half of time year. Time
following from hIs books stmows time anmoummt
of tnotmcy in time school fummil , and how It will
be disbursed : Frormi state nssussmnomits ,
2OO31.71 ; fromu special taxes , $ i2.8O ; ( rota
liquor lIcetise , miOi.25 ; from fines , 18S.CU ,
mnaklmig a totmil fetid of $30S3I.05. Time up-
lmortiommtnetit Per dIstrIct Is
The districts vItii their numumbors amid the
total umoutit allowed tlteimi are mis folloivs ;
No. 1 , l8OS9.83 ; No. 8 , 3G.1U ; No. 4 ,
$ i42.41 ; No. i , 923.9 ; No. fl , i3T.O3 ; No. 7 ,
Il8.OO ; No. 8 , l4l.43 ; No. Ii , . $ l3U.73 ;
No. 10 , ltt3.1O ; No. 11 , 2OO.53 ;
No. 12 ' fl21Iti ; No. 13 , l437 ; No. 14 ,
$10tu13' ; No. 15 , lli.OS ; No. Id , l.t83 ; No.
ii , lS9M-1 ; No. 1. tl7.41 ; No. 10 , $128,112 ;
No. 24) $ l'JitS ) ; No. $1 , t18U.tL ; No. 22 ,
182.3O ' No. 23 , 8131.33 ; No. 21 , $124.8 ? :
No. 2' $143.78 ; No. 24 , l23.95 No. 27 ,
$1S.3 No. t , fllS.70 : No. 2t1 I5.'S.9t ; No. .
: o e121.59 : No. 81. $137.03 ; iio. 82 , I87.i0 ;
N. 83 ' tOo.:3o : ; No. 81 , $131.85 : No. 8.5 ,
$18-i 118 ; No. 3d , * l2mi.tJO ; No. 83 LO.ti2 ; No.
L 80 .l2tI.lcH ( No. 40 , 13d.Om No. 41 , l2.I7
N. 42 , $77.07 ; No. 43 , $ t2d.O ; No. 41 , i23.t121
No. 45 , $131.62 ; Io. 411 , * 125.51 ; No. 47 ,
$13i.411 ; No. 4S , $12149 ; No. 40 , $ l2i.23 ; No
51 fl1Il.47 ; No. 59 , liS.7O ; No. 53 , $125.00 ;
Nt _ 51 , $ llO.47No. ; 15 , $ t21.4'J ; fractIonal , 2 ,
U.5.l8 ; fractional 11 , h5.i3.
The number of iulmmls In tia county Is 4J1- ,
12 ,
Dt1iiic MmiLto for L. 'u nerves.
The Longest Sohtonoo In tim Engllnh
A New Factory-Trommhple With Onmaita
Toimghms - A Wanilcrlig Boy
Episotie.-Notos About
tile City ,
The thrnrut orTrade.
DIrettors of time board of trade umet again
Saturdmmy evctmlng , ntmti mifter time imilmiutes
were reid , It wmis decided to elect a new
treasurer at tue mmext tiicctlmmg , J. C. Cmmrroil
Immivitig rcslgmmetl timtmt Posltloti. 'rime secrettiry
was Instructed to notify nmi'mmibers to that ef-
feet ummd then time follovlng resolutIon was
read and imclui over for ii. week :
lie it resolved , Tlmmit we us shippers , citlzemms
mind busltmess rnotm of South Otmimmima , feelIng ii
deep immtct-cst 1mm tue hrosilority of time whole
stmite of Nebraskmi , tmercliy imeirthi. : dccltro :
our dlsnpruvmil of ammy furtimer Interference
iii tIme mmmattcr of mcgmilmtimmg : freIght
rates oim time raIlroads of our stmmt ,
by the rmillwmiy commmtmmlssloncrs
of Nelirmiska mis tilmy such action mit time present -
ent time Is utmmmecessiry : timid unemmllod formmimd
wIll result detrinientmmlly to titti present timid
future Interests of time cotimmtmorchui , tummmufmic- :
turimmg mmiii mmgrlcmmlturnl eltisses. amid , hums-
mitucim mis rellrcscmmtmitlve sitibipers ( roam vtirl-
Otis hmmrts : of time stmite , recemitly commmvcncd mit
Llmmcoltm , where mm eommcremmce wmis imeld wIth
timecoammnlsslomm amid railroad officIals , mind time
fact. iielmmg developed tlmmit time simlpperut , as mi
cimiss , are lrett' vcil satlslhcml witii time good
treatment receIved mind tmiriff rates umow lure.
vaillmig it certaImmlyvouId lie itmupolltie timid Immjtm.
dicloims to stoptlme immvcsttmmemmt ofcastern emmIll.
tmil mind the buildIng of rmilirotids timrougii the
stmite which ovemyoimo so ummucim desires , by
immirtissitig mmmiii orb imphlmig vItiu unjust
riiiimmg arid (101mm Iimeerimm g tictions ii I'omi time Ilmirt
of our state board of railroad commiumlssion-
ers.After llstcimlng to time above , ivimicim clmiimns
tue riglmt to be the Iommgest scntcmmce hi time
Eimghlsh luiigtmage _ A. Simmmrpo , of Tmitimmi ,
lii. , was introduced , timid said ito was time
ltatcumtcc of a mmcv cultlvmmtor timmit immid rmmaui.v
good lioltmts. ITo visimed to feral a stock
Coilipammy for time inmriese of mmmnmmufmictuming
thmemim , timid timougimt 23,0OO would be a sufll
ciemmt titmioumit of emipitul to commmmmmcmmce vithi.
Time bommrmi acijourmmcti to immeet uigahum next
Saturday mmlgimt , witimout tnkltmg micthon on limo
cultIvator liroposltiomi.
Police Commit l'iciclmigs.
Judge Reutimer was kelit busy yesterday ,
amid bum tIred lookhtig prisoimcrs anxiously
uiwmiited time opetmitig of time court mit 11 a. in.
'rime first two were John Reilly mind C. M.
Coburim , who were cimmirged with cotimmmmgfromtm
Council Bluffs anti being suspicious cimmmrac-
ters. They got fifteen mimlmmutes to icave town ,
titmit timey loft. Charlie Call amiti Frank
Smmbhio were cimmrged : $ I mimmd costs for fast
mind for horse. ' . '
driving Ill-treatIng a .l'imoy
Pmid it and wemit to vork. Mmit Appel was
imot ommly drunk , butt disorderly , amid chuptl
iii h timid costs , while .llke Shea will work
out a 2 himme for sIeeIlitmg in time street.
Iicmmry MIller hums to settle a limme of
[ mmmiii costs fur beimmg drummk , timid
Pat \Vimltmmcy imam to work a dmiy 1mm tIme coils
to clear himself ( rota time cimtmrge of beimmg a
vmmgrmimmt. 13111 Hmiey : timid harry Dagamm were
run jim at imoomi for bcggimmg omm tIme stm-ects timid
will ho heard this tiltertmoon. It is mmllcred
that they emiforceml timelr demmmamids whim
threats nmid it wlii probably go imard with
Notes j'iOmit ( ito City.
At time South Omnmiima Gun climb shoot yes-
tcrdny A. V. MIliortoolc the medal.
Time South Omaiimv'rimimes hums severed comi
nectloti witim time l'mipilllon Timmies , amid wIll
1mm futmmro itirilce htsmippemirauice on Tuesday ,
immstead of Thmursday mis formerly.
Joimmi Smimith , ompioycmi at Armour's now
picltimig : Imouso , ( bit frommi ti scaffold yes.
terday and broke iils leg amid ribs. Dr.
Jclipntriok was calied In , and dressed time
Earl Piper , an emgimt.yoar oiml boy , 'as
burled by time ewing him of Corrigmmm's : samid
ilit yesterday. On boimig extricated it
was found thmmit hIs timigim was badly crushmeil
timid broken nmmd that lie had received severe
Internal imijuries. Dr. Easer was culled , ammd
advised his Itiinmedlate remnovmil to hIs imonrn
on .1. street , where ho now lies in a llrccarious
There Is ii movement on foot to establish mi
Catholic Hemmcvolutit tmssoclatiomm imi South
Omimmilma , timid Fattier litorlarty Is one of time
iinmo movers. 'rimose wisimimmg for iumformna-
thomi vhh1 receive it 0mm almplyitmg to imlmmm.
Nimmotentims of time troubio South Omaha
POiicemticmi immivo to contommd with comes frommi
Onmmilma. Summdmiy it was two
sPorts vimo were drivimmg a livery horse to
death. They were mirrcstcd amid time imorse
takemi care of imm Cmrpemiter's barmi. Timoy
gave time mmatmmcs of Jamimes Smith timid IUclmmmrd
There was a stampede of bronchmos Saturday -
day mmigimt. A dozemi oi mimore of timeni stood
Ott N street wmmitlmmg to be sold , but timey got
tired wmithmmg : mmmmd mmmdc a break. They broke
over E. Cuddltmgton , amid semmt imimmm imoirmo with
a bruIsed shoulder tmnd a siiralmmod tuiklo , miami
timomi they started ott ti horse timmit was at-
tichmed : to time buggy of L. Carpcmmter. It
succeeded iii smnasimitig time buggy before it
wtts captured , anti time oivtiets of time bromi.
cites settled all bills.
Miss Julia but Is imommme again after visIt.
lag friemids iii Llucohum.
C. M. Coinirti , of Council Bluffs , was
foummd lrowllttg urouttmd ii imouso of ihl-1mmnmo en
N street , and on iicitmg caught asked time Ito-
liceiratm on dtity to mircest hIs wife , ivlmo wmms
nti immmnato. his wife , imowovem , stated timtmt
site vmms timero mit ills imistigmttlomm tlmat
site was supporting two chIldren , dt lie
hind icft her to starve , nmmd that he hImself
wmmm3 mmmi Itmmmuite of time imouse timid asked for imer
arrest because simo would imot ima' him $3 a
week mis she mit one tIme : mgreed to do. Ito
was arrested , mmml as there vis tie law to
1mumilsut hlmu Ime got lifteeti mInutes to go baclc
to CouncIl BlulTs.
An HumiliOyO Wammts$100t ) Fem Per-
otmtiI 1jimi.les. ,
Mlcimuiol Welgand has sued time Arnmour-
Cudmiimy 1'miciclmmg comimimamiy for $ lO3 for liar-
somimil injuries sustmltiod while 1mm tIme dcfcmi-
dammt's emmmploy. lVoiglnmmd wis : atm tisslstant
to tIme cngmtmeer at the Ilaellmmg house ntmd ii
itrimmchiat duty ivms that of ohlimig mmiaeimiumer.s' .
Wimilt , so omigtmged on Februmiry 8 , 1888 , his
clotimlng was eamigimt omm a long simmft. mimid lie
received bomhliy imijurics. Thu jtiaitmtiff tmlleges
titmit whIle olllmig the mnmicimltmery ito hind to
stamul Oti Li tami.Inclm llimmk : massimig over tamuks
of boihlmmg-imot larmi. Ho mmitrlbutcs the tied-
demit to tIme iusufllelommcy of time hilamik.
: : . . :
, :
. . .
The Burlington takes the lead.
[ I. It was in advance of all lines in developing Nebraska.
It was in advance ofall lines in establishing dining-car
, service between Missouri river points and Chicago.
It was in advance of all lines in giving the people of
Omaha and the West a fast mail service.
. ; , mk . . . It was in advance f all inos in running its trains from
, the East into Omaha proper.
. t . .
It was in advance of all lines in reducing the time of
passenger trains between Omaha and Chicago.
. It was in advance , and is the only line by which you can
leave Omaha in the morning and arrive in Denver the
evening of the same day.
It has been progressive in the past.
. It will lead in the future.
- Travel and ship via the Burlington.
Ticket Office , 1223 Farnam Stroet. Telephone 250.
Depot on Tenth Street.
. . . - _
iL .
. .
Pertitment Facts atmitoplmmiomis on time
Caimses ot Icntlu.
Yesterday's immtemise heat made poor swol-
temimig imumnnmiity ( mike thought of tIme future.
The timcrtnomnetcrs registered from iOU to
101 , and time caloric was of that scorcimlng
quality wlmieh , wimcmm rcileetcd froii w.milcs timid
vaIls , strucic time ( mmcc with a buistcrimmg
breath. Already quite a number of sunstrokes -
strokes have beomm reported , two or three of
timetmi fmtml : : , timid It was vitim time imica of get-
tltmg immformnmmtiotm upomm time sunmmmier mortimlity
teat a Baa reporter called oum City l'hysicimimm
Dr. Riiph : confirmed the general opimilon
that time death rate Is itiucii imlgimer In June ,
July and August timami 1mm time cooler months.
itt June of Imist year time domitims wore 110 , in
July 130 , lii Augmmst 121 , amid iii Soptettiber ( JO.
The miummibet umimimcd to 115 in October , whicit
is ticcountcd for by atm epidetmime of tymiioid
fever ar.d diphtheria whicim raged in
that moimtim. Time record for June of this
year is 103 , a decrease from 1887 , which
mtiiiy have beau due to time cooler weather in
1sss. Of time 103 demtim : fourteen were ( rota
dlmirrlmo.ia auth forty-tvo were of chuldrctm
under live years of mmgo.
Of time 130 deaths 1mm July , ISST , fifty-six
were from dimirrlmwmi or cholera timid seventy-
( our were of clmildrcim ummder hive. Time recomd
for Jimly , ISSS , is imot yet commipletc , but It vil1
simow imiore deaths thamm last ycmr : , tIne , bum P.irt
mit leist , to tIme intetisely hot weather of this
Dr. Ralph ascribes time heat as time cimict
cause of time immcreiisctl mimortmihlty In summmmmmcr.
'rho large tier cent of deaths amimomig Infitmts : is
startllmmg. lie advises that cimildreum ho kept
itt time sirnde tiurluig time hot hours of time day
and tmken out imi time evcmmhmmg or the cirly
mmmormmitmg. Mmmcii smckness may be traced to
ovordrlmmicing , and time ooctor advises time use
of hydrant water in hircferemmce to timat ob-
tamed ( rout wells , immost of wlmicii Is liable to
be taimited. The catimmg of fruit
mummy accoummt for sommmo of time
diarrimrnn. 'l'imat for time Ornmiimi :
imiaritot is picked whIle imiimnaturc , and wimomi
iilietied It Is niimmost reatly to rot. 'rime san-
htarium coummiltioti of Omiimitmi : is bctter thmiti :
ever before , but it Is net icrfect. Much
sickmmcss may iie traced to our systemmi of
gradlimg. A himi top is cut off mmd dummmped
into a depression , oftcmm witim time effect of
immakitig ti cutcim basin for water , which becomes -
comes stuignauit amid dauigerous. It Is an
aimirimmltig ( mmcl timat there were mmimicty fatmml
cases of typhoId ( over Imist year. But time
. lmemmt , Dr. Ftmiilim tiiitmks , Is the great cause of
immcrcascd mmiortimllty imi stiummmner
Dr. LeIshmimmitig , aformner cltypiiysbclan , hail
just returmmcd frommi a vacation sietit eu the
Pacliic slope , ntmd could not speak ( room uer-
soimmil knowledge of timis yeam , but ito cor-
rohormited time mttmmtcmmment of ii greatly jim-
creased deatim rate durimmg time sumtmmmmer , lii-
eludtmig ii hiatt of June , the whole of July mind
the most of August. 'rIme hmmercased immortality
Is largely murmoimg Inftimmta under timree years of
age. An oblervmltiotm Of time years leads time
doctor to time ophmmiomi that time rate is doimbleti
him time sunm.ner. It imas also been observed
thnt time immcmeaso is miotimbly large In
time First , Secommd mimmil Timiril vards mimnommg
foretgmm familIes. Timis Is duo to tim lmcat amid
the ctirmditIonm of life. i\imimmy of time immotimers
1mm thmit liirt : of time city are actively at work
dmiring time day , mmjmml are commipehled to nurse
timeir clmhldremi wimlle imeited. Time food is
soured , caushuig immhhmmmmnntioti of time stomacim
ammil cholera hmmrnumtiutn. ? mlminy babes are hmmt
to suckle vomm bottles , time commteimts of wiileim
tire soomm soured. Aimotimer comitributimig
cause is time neglect 01 batimimmg. 1mm .Tumme
higimt clothing Is ) Oii rcstmltlmig 1mm tmmmimiy
colds. These causes arc largely rcslmomislbho
for time immcremised immortality In smtmimtnor.
EspecIal hams shioultl be tulccii to see hunt
clmildremm imive : wimelesomime food , amid cloamm-
hiness simouhti Do certaInly mmot boimlmtd good.
iltmess. Imifaumts imeed mtmoro careful attention
lii imot woatiier tioum 1mm time cold scasomm , amid
because they do not get it siclcemm and die.
- -
f )
. .4ti.,4. , Js.7J
\ dI.4. , . .
. .
p1 - ,
_ _ . .
- - - - - -
- -
--T--ia1TI ± _ _
- ' -p--- . - - - . . . . . . . . . . .
_ _ _ _ _ _
Mi ( I , autti
ttraw lImits , iOc
n Aim 11 anti l 1.Iglit
h-'f thim hats , tmow
Epps's Cocoa
'nT a thorpiugh ictmosIedgo of tito natural lawa
wtumctt govet n lit. , apul umtmon a ! dt2etIoiu ; 500 iuuutui
tint , , attI by careuut mptcttmotm , of ittu tills tlroperltes
( it wcIt sciect.d Coco , , iimr. Vppi liii rmdcd .3U1
breakiit tables wttmi a demu.ttumy tlavtred , LLcr.Igo
Wtttch mtiy lava U mtiftfly tueavy doctor's bitt ) . It Ia
by tto jutumimsu ! UO OX uictt timilelcu , of dit tiuti a
conutttttttott Wily ) U grautirimmy uJutti UP titittt lirong
enoucl , , to H"mst evury it nietucy to utettiu. Iluti.
OreiF' ot uibimumamutdmoa , tie mmoatmngantmntm llsrtatiy
to amtc wtieruver tmiera it a wam mniiut. Wo uuay
esespo mnaumy a ( tutt.i mturt : by kocptmig ouroivc , . writ
Iorittiei wtn : pure iJtOii aiim a iroperly uout-Ithcd
tuame.--Cmvmm &trvtce (1Ar..tte.
Ma Jo .Inipmy wilt , ittihlimug iator ot. milk. itold ouij
itt ttatt iout'm , ' illS by ( .rocors ittbemoo ilium :
TATE pt i.ippc 9 , flfl lloiimu.mopatlmlc Clmenhists
tuimbhto iii I Ii tk UU , . LeiwttN. 1flLANm , .
SI Wi Cur1 Farnarn and 15th SIs.
I'miltI Itt : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $
U io ii llA1UC111 , l'meslticnt.
I. I. . 1ilIltItOWIli. Vhio Prn.sltiomit.
F' . ii. JOIINSON , Cushier.
li ft. ' , S'mr.T.TAtS. 14 _ 1. . W tT.EY.
i. . It , .1 OtINl ( ) . .1. I I. tIcCtNN1n.
\\.m , i411vmmut4. : tmmAt. thurz.
At.r.i1' : . httCTOtt. : I ) . C'tNi.otm.t3t.
m. : . t. itm .Sti. ( I t1'rAv ANmmammsoN.
.1. r. . i
/ccotimlts of Iiankor , .1ercimants amid Imuilviti
umils received out time mumost favomablu torlims.
Nbillska Na1i iik.
if. s. EPOSlTOlW , OMAIIA , . 1'TE.
I'imlti Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ! , ( )
Stimpitus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .iOOJO (
ii.v. . Y.TEi. i'resittent.
Lmwmmi : 8. mtmtm. : , 'ico t'mosithent.
A. F 'Leuu.iI.ta , tith Vice l'rosltlittmt.
v. ii. I ; : . IIL'lImIs : , Ciamlmler.
mittmmcTomms :
5v _ V. Mttsfl , JottN S. Co1rumi ,
II.V. . Y.&ri:5 : , IEWlmi 13. itimt ,
A. } . TOV/AI.mN.
lianking Oit1c-
Corner 12th amid Varmmummtm hiti.
AGemmeral Ilaimkmimg iiushmieutumTrummmactetL
or UnIted States arid Canada.
tntor tito mumm.ptces o Anuurlcan.UUrOpefln 'l'ouri.t'a
14uuctmtiouuumi A..ociumt tutu , , , , um Atiguiti ( mm , . Ii5. 'ilie
josmn trtimuis of snmurb iteuptmimi mini dmtimtimz cmmm wmtm
cuivo ( 'tittummia ( or ii tummr of 1 , imays vtsttmiumt cmovomuumi m ,
ituiruilo. rIiommrut Futmmi , 'rorouitu h'itgotoii , tliroiIt
t.t. t.'twrcnco ittYor to 'ttumtmrou.h litittu ioumntitmn ,
) ' , rmtuin.l. ( ltd trc'miani itoath , tioMon , Ntv York ,
miummadcuuhma l'ittmlngtoui , cmncmnnml. Ia1mmatpoUi ,
reiurnltui to hIeuigt' .
4u Puinti Ut Interest yJstto.I elm Tommie.
18 Days for only $110
IncludIng bemth , meals , hmutuI , slgimt-seeitig ,
amimti.emncimtfl , sari-hart's , etc.
l'oriimurttcularut tufm.lrei. C' . F' . A. llIClChiItS ,
President. Ammmerinti-1mmmoPemimm Tommrlst's Iiimt.
ctittonl Asocittott. Iteottm Imil liatik of Coma-
meree Imulhiiimm&r , St. louis , Mo ,
For ulckiis. tutjitb IuuuitrueIOnt , etc. am.pTj at dm7
Ticirt Ofluec C , . St. .t t. t' . mm. ii. . Oiuulmti ,
lmcmnouuluer. , emily ZO tlikeL wtil bu tout : iii Omnaba.
U ALSO Tot.uteeo utii4
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I qior a i I No var mnutmm PUWti.
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Idustry Scioc aad An1
Opemm Ututil Octohiom' , 1888.
Metlicti Cotugress Meets August 7th ,
Round Trip Excursiomi 'Picket
Via Si ATE L1NJ ,
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