Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 28, 1888, Page 7, Image 7

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Advertisements under tills head 10 cents per
line for tlio llrct Insertion , 7 reut for > ncli aub-
Kcoucnt insertion , nnd < tifOn line per month.
No ndvcrtl < > ment taken for lc s tmuC'cents )
the tint Insertion. Pevon words will be counted
to the line ; they must run consecutively nnd
Jniut be paid In ADVANCE All niUcrtlso-
raents must lie linnded In before U.nn o'clocl : p ,
in. , nnil under no clrcnmslances will they betaken
taken or discontinued by telephone.
1'nrtlos advertising In iheio columns nnd nnv-
Ing the answer * nflurcwd In cnro of Trir. MrB
\Mll pHnso auk for n cluck tocnnblo them to Ret
their lett * > ri , OH none will be delivered except on
presentation of check. All answrs to adver
tisements fdiould bo enclosed In envelopes.
All ndv'rtliemonts In these columns nro pub
lished In both morning nnd livening editions of
Tun llEi. , the circulation of which iitrgrcgiite-i
more thnn iMtti iwipers dully , and given thn ad-
vortlHfrs the bcn m , not only of tie ! city circu
lation of THE HH % but nlso of Council Iiluirs ,
Lincoln nn'i ehsruics ! nnd tow ns throughout
thli section of the country.
Advertising for theao columns will betaken ,
on IhKiibove conditions , nt the following busi
ness houses , who lire nuthorlred agents foi TUB
H K , special notices , utid will < | tioto the same
rntea ns can bo bad at the main olllce.
JOHN W. DKLL , ThannacUt , Kfl South Tenth
CHASE & EDDY , StalloucH nnd 1'rlnters , 113
South ICth Street.
S II. FAUN8W011TH , Pharmacist. Slir , Cum-
ing Street.
W. . HUGHES , Tlmrmaclst , C24 North Iflth
. Street.
ICO. W. I'AItll , Pharmacist , 1N 8tr Mary's
WANTED Situation by a young manlnstoro
ofnnyklnd. Salary no object ! Can speak
English and llohemlnn , and can glvo good ref
erence" . Address , U 40. Dee olllce. 4472V ?
FIKS1-CLAS3 photographer wants situation :
can retouch. Address , U 4) ) , Ilfo. 4 > U 271
" 1X7ANTED Ily good stenoBrapher nnd tvpe-
TT writer , situation. Addres" , U41IlPO olllco ,
4b4 27t
WANTED-Sltnatlon In private family by an
English couple , wife is n good cook and
laundress , man u No. 1 coachman nnd stableman -
man years lu last place. Mrs. Drega'Jl4lj 811th.
4V > 2st
WAN'I nn Situation bv young married lady ,
for light work out of city. Address U U !
Xeoolllci ! . 417-27 ?
\\7"ANTED Situation as stenogiapher and
TT tyie ) rlterrefeiences ; given. U jy Deoolllco
4 ° Silt
by n llrst class bread
TI nnd pake baker ( Gcrniun ) . No objection
to go Into the country. Address U 37 , llto Olllce.
. 412-2) ) > j
WANTED A thoroughly competent stenog
rapher nnd typewriter operator desires
position , TA o years experience , nnd cnngUo
lioat of city references. AUdress , Stenographer.
uns nth st. asisat
KfIII1I DO t ; carpenters nnd ! )0 ) teamster w anted
tJvat the Northwcsstrn labor agency , 313 S.IOth
Street. 478
WANTED Carrltgo trimmers nnd pilntors
ut fdctory to day. Omaha Carriage As
Blelgh Co. , Albright . ; -
. > Mont nnd pastry cook for rnll-
. . road house. WO , only one train n day ; Hrd
cook and pan washer , tJO , fare paid. Mrs. lircga ,
OM ! jJ 15th. 4 > 4 23 *
* T\7ANTED At the Elkhorn Valley House. A
T f a good german took. Mrs. G. Wuotrich.
WANTED Manage * nt Dome. ' . Col. Will
control large stock of goods nnd handle
considerable money. Cash deposit ofSsoOie-
milred. Salary J..WX ) per j car. Kofercnccs. 30 ,
U. S. National Hang. 4Si 27t
WANTED One good canvasser to Introduce
n now nriiclc , snlaiy paid : also canvass
ers to cell on commlssiou , J. A , Duiko,221 N Uth
St. 3'1 27t
BAKDEK wanted Imniedlatfly , tnisty. sober
mnn can Inn o all ho can make lu 2-cnafr shop
to piy cheap rent , sickness being cause. W.
JJbron , Illalr , Neb. 408 27 *
W 'ANTED A good bread maker. 523 Main
st , Council muffs. 37828
WANTED-Agood bread baker , CSJ Main Bt
Council muffs. av)27 )
WANTED Two young men who understand
draughting to work under llrst-class pen
artist for photo engraving. 1) . C. Duubar & Co. ,
room 21 , U. 8. llank.12th and Farnam sts. 210
WANTED Energetic men nnd women every
where for a genteel , money-making busi
ness. t < K ) weekly prollt guaranteed easier than
KO monthly otherwise. Experience absolutely
unnecessary. 1'ermancnt position and exclu-
elve territory assured. 12.00 samples free. Write
for particulars. Address , with stamp , Merrill
M fg CO , . H Kl. Chicago. HjOjxLJ *
" A GKNTS To cnnvass for campaign books.
XX Harrison and Morton. Clu\ eland and
Thurman. Apply F. 11. Harris , room 411 , 1st
Nat , llank. vfA
" 1TTANTED Men for ths west. Albright's
TT Ji2U Farnam st. 514
DOY Am. Dlst. Tel. Co. , 1J04 Douglas.
WANTED A compelent girl for geueial
house work in a family of three. A good
l > lace for the right party. Inquire Mrs. Daven
port , ItJOU 8. llth st. 477.
WANTED Seamstresses at the Canflold Mfg
Co ; experienced hands preferred. 120 > ! and
1208 Douglas st. 4B7-2J
f\7"ANTED Woman cook for Council Hlulls
T $ Jft , 0 girls In private families in Council
Jlluirs , waitress for Vnlp-iialco , 2 for Noifolk , 2
( or Kearney , tt per week , tare paid ; 1 gill for
private family in Wyo. 2 for Elkhorn and m for
general housework. Mrs. Urega , 314j } Sth. .
WANTED Good flrl for general housework ,
mutt p n t and clean , ut V-J 1'arkjtye.
11UL for general housework , two In family
XtWl South 2bth street. 4" . sat
WANTED Good girl for general housework
at 203U Fnrnam st. 441 U7t
WANfED rtTrst-class gli N for family of il
in city , $1 and W : girl to do laundry nnd
chamber work in prhute family In Council
Illtiir * . { 4 ; S dining-room girls , 4 coofts f or i mm-
try lioti'l.H , S dining-room gills for Norfolk , ( IK ,
faro paid ; 2A gootl girls for general housework.
Mrs. Urega.lUI'i ' S. 15th. _ 4 1 #
-A Kill to take care of cliudien.
Nous but experienced need npply. Inquire
EoH Douglas Bt. 4iOa7t
WANTKD flood gill for general housework ;
must bo good washer and irouur. Apply
at 712 South - > th avenue. 4 1
rCTA TED A goo l alii for general hous0"
I work Sn family of tour , HX > Harnoy st.
W -ANTED-Gltl for general house work. 310 ;
California st. M"0 "
WANTED A Kin for gencial Housework , n\v
cor. M U and Len\enw ortli sts. 371
WANTKI-2tgirts general work , b tllulne
roomglrls , 4 dlshwa4hers , 3 cooks for ho
tcls. 2 pastry cooks , dining room girls for the
vest , lots of places for ulrls. Omahn Emp ,
llurcan.llON.lotlist. 3rJ
or female help furnished In or out 01
city , prlxnto families a specialty. H. H
Wnlidell. 408 Nlbth t , 2nd lloor. 437 aJ. >
O'l'ATE frmployiiient bnicora are pleashif
Oall. Glvo them n trial. Sue advertisements
Olllce Itoom 11,1417 Farnam st , upstairs.
* r\rANTKl > To meet demand for compotcn
TT boolckocpora I will give instructions even
Ings 7 to u , terms to sxilt nil. J. H. Smith , lloon
MH. llauiKO block. 4U30'
FAMILY of throe vklshns a months bo.-xrc
A within Uvo miles ot bome P. O. btate term
nnd rarticiilors. Address U 3fl Hen. 415-2U *
"WANTED Thorough Instruction in gnlta
TT imixlc. from either gentleman or lady. AO
flress U : lleo olllce. 4.'K'0 ' *
\VjTANTKI ) If jou have any lands , lotso
t T houses nud lots to tell or exchange fo
other property , call on mo or write. I can tltv
jou n customer. O. U. Spotswood , 303)1 ) SMotc
\V ANTED-To buy or trade jor a good bulli
T T lug that can bo moved. Please call 01
or address Uporgs 3. Stercsdorff , room 0 , oppo
eitrt p. o , sir
\\rANTED inirchMcr for nne largo nous
> now being built In Clifton Hill. Street car
and llelt Hallway station at band * Only u,0m
and monthly payments t that. Will ssll hous
nnd three iota If desired. A. P. Tukey , 15th an
\\TANTRD The publlo to ninkB good luo c
T ITis Uto's me&saga boxes throuRUout th
- c _ r. lee
\rANTRD-Moi-a houses to rent , food payln
tvnnnri , quick irnta liuurt l. il , II. Wai
flflllH081 { Ittth , cd uocr , * W a55
WANTED-100 table ) ) O rdfrs at the Globe
hotel , Douglas st bet 13h nnd 14th : best
In city. Sill a r.
W AMKD Table boarders. Iblj Dodge.Un
" \\rANTno To rent n house of about twelve
T t rooms , centrally located , to bo used for a
school house. Address U 33 , lice olllce. 410-27J
" \\7ANTED-To rent house1 of 3 rooms near
i > car line. Man nnd wife , no children.
Address I' iJU. Deo. a70-7
" \\fANTEO Cottage of 6 or 0 rooms within
IT 1't miles of postotllco. Address , KlMng
location nnd rent expected. Address S lu. Ilf .
FOU UENTroom rottngo near business ; } 2 , " >
per mouth , Sturgis , No. 0 Crelghton block.
4 > 1 29
TjiOlt UENT-tS dwelling 0 rooms each , hard
JU and soft water , bath , etc. , 1 block from
street cars , 2'ith and Franklin. Apply John
Hainlln. Ill 1 8.11th st , 414-2 *
C1OU UENT 4 room house. 28thnnd Howard
JD BtS. 414-23 *
OH llENT-ll-room Hat , m per month , 13th
and Howard , Inquire nt Tlio Fair. - )
HOUSES , stores nnil Hats to rent , all parts of
city. H. H. Wandell , 40i N lOlh. 2na lloor.
H OUSE for rent , all modern conveniences.
Inquire 210 N ll'th ' st. DM )
" 171 OH 11KNT 10-room house with bath-room
JL' closet lu every bed-room , china closet pan
try. laundry , nnd barn with two stalls. Apply
nt the house , 44th nnd Chicago. To the right
party thl * house will bo rented cheap for one or
two years. John D. Cowle. 37931
F HKNT A .1 room house 2020 Dorcas st.
1 Inquire Frank O. Olsen. * < 1-2OT
F OH KENT A new 5 room house with all
conveniences , 112 8.2sth st. 363-a 24 *
T71OK KENT Or sale , 4 B-room cottages at rea-
JL ; Konable llgures , on 3 jth near Leavenworth
st. Call at loom 07 Darker blk.lbth uud Farnam.
3502V *
Foil IlENT 1 of Kdson's nice houses. In
quire 1J3 Da\enport street. 811 nl
1710H HKNT-7 room house. No. 1017 BO. 20th
JL' st. $25 per month. Cnll quick. E. F. Hca-
\er. Koom 10 Darker block. 312
FOK KENT 10 room modern house $55.00 0
loom ditto , WUW. 7 room ditto , fji 00. Other
houses , ntoies and olllces. (1. E. Thompson.
Sheeleyblk , 15th nnd Howard sts. ! HI !
ri(1K ' KENT House 7 looms , with good barn ,
2540 Capitol uve. 2UO 27 *
TJ1OK KENT-Houso 1817 Da\enport street.
JL' Has gas. water and modem Improvements.
T71OK KENT 2 5-rooin cottages ; line location
X' lor railroad men , 2 blocks from U. I' , depot ,
rent & 5 u mouth. Mead lncstuient Co.,311 b. 15th
"I710U KENT Ilandfcomo new home , 10 rooms ,
JL ? all cotnenlencos , best neighborhood iind
w Ithln fle minutes' w alk of postolllcc. Nathan
fchelton , ID05 Farnam st. lilt
FOK KENT C-toom house , $18 , B. o. con llth
nnd Vlutou. 877
FOOK KENT Cottage of three looms ; alien
small store-loom adjoining nnd four acres of
land situated one half mlle north ot fort ; rent
reasonable to dcsliablo tenant. Apply 317 S.
llth street. 815
FOU KENT A 3-story brick building , 1HI7
Howard t. , store , basement nnd Hats. In
quire at I.oo Ac Nichols * 11ery barn , 28th and
I < enenn orth sts. Telephone ( MO. 7JB
TTIOK KENT A 7-room house , cor. 23th nnd
JL ; Davenport. All modern comenlctico. In-
quliont Jos. Kosenstein's , 217 8.12th st. 050
FOK KENT House 7 rooms , lirgc yard , on
2Uth and Harney. Small house $ . .50 I2th
and .tones. House und barn ! w'd and Howard
Bt. $10. i.iniihnu Ac Jlahouey , Koom uOi ) 1'nxton
block. 5-)0
TTlOIl KENT Sae car faro uy mooring in the
JL' "Her Hats , " lilted with all the most modern
convenlewes. 7 light rooms Including bath ,
pantries , cloeti > , Kti'um heat , gas nnd water ,
' 'also two nice stores" and basement. "Defer
ences required. " Apply to llnjmer Ac Her ,
hnrdwatc , ( M Eolith lutu st. 514n7
FOK KENT Modern single house of 0 rooms ,
bath room , hot and cold wnter , ou street car
line nnd paved street , ready for occupancy
Aug. 1 , 45 per month. Apply at once C. 1.
11 arrlson. 41H 8.13th st. 218
T71OK KENT-7-room hou e. No. 151H S6th St. ;
JL ? O-room cottage. No. B19 Win. St. ; B-ioom cot
tage. No. 2723 Charles st. Inquire 1408 Cap ave.
FOK KENT or Sals New cottage , Dedford
Place , on easy payments. Enquire M. L ,
Koeder , room 4U1 PaxtonblocE. V57
T71OK KENT A nne 10-room brick house with
JL' all modern Improvements , flno location on
street car line. K. M. Genius , 1408 Douglas st.
" 171OK SALE Two now , B-rooin houses In Or-
JU chard Hill and Poppleton I'ark. Will sell
cheap for cash , or will take good tlrst or second
mortgage paper. Any reasonable terms to hon
est parties. 0. C. Spotswood. 3U&K S. 16th. 441
I HAVE a four-room house on IBth street , two
blocks south of Vlnton , that I will rent to a
good tenant for 112 per month , everything in
good repair. George J. Btornsdorff , Itoom 6 ,
oppoalto I' . O. 331
TTIOll KENT A neat $20 cottage. Applv at
JU once. C. F. Harrison. 413 8 15th st. 131
T71OU IlENT Nicely furnished six-room cot-
JL1 tago. near cable line , to small family only.
Inferences required. C. II. Sllkworth , 1515 Far
nam St. 43a ! 2 ]
OU HENT Two very desirable furnished
front rooms , all modern convenience , on
same Boor , accommodations tor fanr geutle-
men. Apply , 1712 Capitol HYP. 419 8p
TjlOH 11KNT FnrnlJhed rooms. 1707 Cass at.
JD 472 - > 3
FOH HENT Furnished rooms and board by
the day or week , CO ! 8.13th st. 471 u go
FOH KENT Handsomely ofurnlshcd parlor
and bedroom , en suite , furnished single
room. 17" Capitol ave. 460 ia *
ri HHEE unfurnished rooms for light house-
X keeping , rooming or otflces , Hat 7 , 420 S. 15th.
445-27 *
C10R HENT Furnished rooms in Greunlg blk
JL' cor , ! and Dodge sts. Inquire ot Gee , U. .
Davis. Mlllard hotel billiard room. l.
F UHNISHElTrODin 1112 Howard. S92 27 ?
F 1011 HENT Furnished rooms largo and
small , very cheap , 113 ; ] N. 13th st. 371-30
TWO new nicely furnished rooms in center
of the basinets part ot the city with all mod
ern Improvements. Near 2 car lines. 2107
Douglas. 31J
T71OH KENT Front parlor bedroom. Suitable
JL1 for three gentlemen. 322 n 15th st. 35127 ?
NEU'LiY fiunUlioil rooms in good location to
transient or regular parties , single or en
suite ; Apply to Mrs. A. Ilussell , C07 S. 13th.
f ) NICELY finnlshed front rooms , 210(1 ( Far-
29128 ?
F HONT room for gentlemen. 323 N. 17th.
70820 *
NICE front loom , 1C1J Chicago st.
430 23 *
TjlOH IlENT llooms wltli or without board ,
JE 170U Dodge. 4-'Oal
"VTICKLY furnished front room , flrst-class
-L > Iraard , sultabla for two gentlemen.I'f.'l ' Far-
, , ni , JJ J JJ *
NICELY furnished fiont room , 2110 Harney.
305 i T
niOll HENT llooms. Inquire at 8. W. coruei
JU llth and Dodge , 4 > 23
T7IOH HENT A large , pleasant front room ,
J ? 17UO Chicago t > t. ' 212
TTlUltNliillEI ) room nt 830 B linh st.
JU 513 27t
OlKUltMSHKU rooms , light housekeeplng.alsc
-jouo single room. 2U20 ht. Mary's ave. 4C027 *
FOll KENT Furnished rooms , also 2 room :
for light housekeeping. 1017 Cass. 405 23
17XHI HENT-Furnlshcdroom , U04 Farnnra.
JJ 20727 *
r OlMtNlSHCU rooms , 1S02 Davenport st.
d J- SV7-57 *
TTIOH HL.-NX' - ruvnianca rooms , nit Cats. st.
JD 43ai "
\ CICELY furnished rooms , II per weelTor 3S
1\ mouth , 602 , U4 and UW B , lath at , UiU16
TpUllNiailED rooms and board , 1S1 , >
TI10H IIBST nirnlslied room , modern con
JU v nlence , ttper. nOnUi,12U N Uthfct Oi
two car lines. 3ia
I7Xll UHNT Front room , largu anrt nleal ]
V rnrijUQed , located near the high scnooU I'
the highest and cooloat aection ot tha city
cable rinu and Uone cars pass tU * door. En
qulro at taa Podge near tun si. ECO >
T/tOU KENT Furuliliod ixxiuj with board fo
JL1 two 8 ntlem n. KM St , Uary't ay * . W7AO
fTxOR HENT-Furnlshcd rooms. JU S. 30th at.
IJOOMS Including Imrd lu th Vpung Wo-
JLV men's home 1'JIO Dodge st. Inferences ro-
qillred. MO
FOU UENT 1 urulshed rooms , 1818 Dodge.
654 n U
ELEGANT parlor aild bedroom en suite ; nl o
sluglc room for gentleman , Including board ;
11)19 ) Dodge. 2H2itt !
A NEWLY furnished front room , cable nud
horse railway pass tne door. Hefcrences
required. Address U 32. lice olllce. 38327
FUUNlsTlED llooms with boaid , 2220 Hurt.
K-'l-n7 *
I710UU gentlemen can be accommodated with
JL' n nice sulto of rooms nnd first-class board at
2539 St. Mnry's ave. . Ornddy block. BO
I poll UENT Nicely furnished iront room for
gentleman. Modern coinculcnces. 1017 Cass.
LAIIGE and small room sultabla for gentle
man , w llh or w llhout boat d , 131Dodiro. .
TJ10U UENT Uoom and board , 100J Farnam.
J2 078 a 10 *
HENT A suite of unfurnished rooms at
5 ? Capitol avo. 4C8-2a
Ti unfurnished rooms , line location ; prl-
. [ vale family. 2024 Howard st. 4J1-2M
/.NE unfurnished room , now building , good
V/locatlon , Routhern exposure. Dr. Otten-
bourg , 10th and Harney sts. 377 2t > *
I10H HENT-B room . at 420 N. | 8th t. Furni
ture for sale or trade. Good location. On
lied Car line Call this w cek. ICO SO
TiWH KENT Four rooms In Mat , llrst lloor.
J-J southwest corner lith and 1'aclflcsts. En-
qnlre at lloom n , over drug store. 191
Four (4) ( ) rooms , 415 S. llltli st 22 60
Tlireo (3) ( ) rooms , 11U41J S. 7th st 11 (0 (
Three ( J ) rooms , 203' } Tactile st i 12 ffl
Three (3) ( ) rooms , 10)5 ) N. 20th st in no
Four (4) ( ) rooms , 1702 Webster st 1H 00
Four (4) ( ) rooms , 41,1 South 1'itnst ' 18 ( W
Four ( I ) rooms. 423 South 10th st 22 10
Tlireo (3) ( ) rooms , 1701 Webster st 11 BO
Three (3) ( ) rooms , 707 Tnclllc st 12 W
Two (2) ( ) rooms. 181M Howard st 1000
Four (4)rooms ( ) 1702 Webster st 22 BO
Four (4) ( ) rooms , 411)8. ) 19th st 18 a )
Apply to .ludgo HentliiK Agencv , Herald
building , S. W. corner of 15tU anil llarnovst
FOK KENT A new store room on N st , Smith
Omnhn , cheap. NVrlght A : Lasbury , 215 S.
llth st. Upstuhs. 41331
T7VU KENT Store In Kin 1 inch block , opposlt.
JL' Sheeley bl'dir. Just the location for gents
f mulshing good * . Cnll ou or address ntoncflO
F. Harrison. 418 H 15tll. 4fc5
FOH KENT Vlrst-cln s bn enicnt olllce. No.
141'l Farnam "t. , rent reasonable. Apply to
.1. W. Squlie , 1J1U Fiiinnm St. , First National
Dank building. 4U2
S'lOHE for rent , lilt Farnam street. Inquire
of Nathan SUeltou , at 1505 Fnrnam street
FOU UENT Olllce suite $25 month , 2 Blnglo
olllces tin each , all fronting ICth St. , liiisn-
Jiian block , N. E. Col. 10th ana Douglas. W. M.
llushman , 1311 Lenvcnworth. 331
OU UENT-Ptoreroom , No. 214 S. 14th st. An-
ply at 1110 How ard st. U77
OU UENT Half of 303 S. 10th st. opposite
Chamber of Commerce. M. A. Upton & Co.
TT1OII KENT- Small store on 11th between Fnr-
JU nam and Hnrnej * , large safe for sale. Apply
Itoom 411 1st Nat bank bldg. 431
TjUU ) KENTStoreroom , northwest cor.
JL1 and Vlnton. U72
TOIIK for rent. BID N. Ifith. Inquire of
Henry Osthoir. 151 i Cnllfomlit st. 453
TjHOIlqulcfc rental and good tenants list your
JU houses with II. II. Waudoll , 403 N Ifith Bt. 2nd
lloor. 4)7 ) n25
n O Insure quick rental list your property
JL w 1th J. II. Tairotts , 1000 Chicago. 24t a 21
F. " . SMITH ; 010 N. icth st. 301023
-1 E. THOMPSON , lloom lli Sheely blork.
jx iaj
Cr YOU want your house" ! rented place them
with lleuawn A. Co. , 15th , opposite postolllce.
"I OST Irish setter , scar on right rheek. Iib-
JLJeral row ard return to HlUmrd's restuarant ,
10171'arunm. 461 27
ANYONE knowing the whereabouts of Flor
ence Droun please Inform I.uella Drown ,
1414 Lucas Place , St. Louis , Mo. 45 < S 27 *
PERSONAL Will Jessie B. write II. K. . same
address. 423 yjf
PERSONAL If you dave u personal Item , or
any communication , drop It in one of The
Deo's message boxes. 100
IF you want to buy , sell , rent or exchange
call on or address George J. Sterusdoiff ,
room o. opposite P. O. 231
FOR SALE lr head of line fresh milch cows
at Military bridge bam , Cumlng st. Call
e\enlngs. E. 3. Jester. 418 28t
FOK SALE Good bido-bnr buggy and har-
ness , price $40 , 1507 N. 18th at. . IQiiaa-
TTIO R SALE Planing mill machinery. Call at
140aiaYeHVoTtst , Omaha. 310
TjlOK BALE Elegant carriage horse , now
JD phaeton and harness. Inquire room 40 ,
Ilarker block. 441
ITtOR BALE Clicap ; counters , shelving , scales ,
JU show cases , oil tanks , etc. , etc. , suitable for
furnishing a retail grocery complete ; also horse
and phaeton ; will give part time If necessary.
Address or Inquire II. C. Templar , 20IB Pierce st.
bi)4 2Bt
_ _ _
F OK SALE Cheap , ono 1st class bay carriage
- team. Inquire Geo. Hollraann's stable , 423
B. 18th St. 384-27 *
171011 BALE Amateur printing out tit , press.
JD typo. etc. Good as new. AVorth tav Will
ttikujloo. Must sell this week. A i are. chance.
Apply to J. M. Henderson , 2 03 Chailes st.
U73-27 *
T710H BALE All the furniture , including
JL ? stoves , carpets , sowing machine nnd n good
book case and books. House for rent 181) ) So.
Inth st. . near Dorcas. Albo u Itaclno canoe with
tuasts nnd snlls. 3r .
OH SALE Flnobt driving team In Omaha ,
cheap for cash. Inquire Jill Cumlng street.
0173 U
TJIOll BALE Fuinltmo for. three rooms , all
-IJ Hist class. Address U 5 , Dee olllce. ] Ul)2i ) *
TjlOKBAl.E Two full blood Scotch terrlors.
JD John Fleytheler , Norfolk , Neb. 324 29t
FOH SALE A tine family mare 4 years old ,
perfectly site ; also nn almost new Snji'cr
buirgy nnd harness. Inquire L. D. Durnett , cor.
13th and Farnnm at Helman's , C8J.
OH SALE A few cholca milch cows , C. r.
Harrison , 418 8. 15th st. 105jly28
POK BALE A family carriage nnd team , nt
Lee X Nlchol'a Hvery barn.1'elophono f 10.
POll SALIv iMtga nne carrintra horse , young
and gentle. W. U Selby , 15J1 Farnam st..VJ
"ITIOU BALE Flue single horse harness nnO
JU buggy. Charles. A , ( jobs , 418 S. 15th st.
TjlOll SALE Splendid tho'roughbrcd Kcntuckj
JU saddle mare ; bright bay. a years old , 'M
pounds ; very swift ; run slnglcfoot , canter , vrnll
under saddle , trots well In buggj' . 1' . O. Drawei
61. Lincoln. Neb. 41J-29J
TjlOU SALE Heavy younx team hoi-ses , smnl
JU paj nient down. C. M. Eaton , BIO N. 16th st.
BA11N to be moved I have 11 barn that wll
accommodate four horsej nud Is in yooi
repair that 1 will trade or sell very cheap. Ap
ply to O. llarth , proprietor Suundern streol
market , between Caldivull and Hamilton
rpAPEWOUMS removed In two hours orm
Jcharge. . Address E. Fuller , 1U 8 24tn Bt.
Omaha. 437al *
TJ1INE dressmaking done at parlors or In fam
JU il aaU ; > vork gunranteed.tttll at 1717 Cumin ]
rpllE banjo taught as nn.irt or GcoTF. Gellen
JLbeck , BU8 llarn y-gt ; 1M
_ _
* \ 7GMAN'B Exchange , 1617 Farnam st. Lund
If T dally , supper Saturday nighta. 940
" \1TANTED A good terse , buggy and names :
T T in exchange for South Omaha lots , G eorc <
J. Btetmadortt. room a. opp poatoflloe. S3Q
fTUlK8HF.lTON , 5th and Dodge streets
X First-class family hotel. Board anil room
single or en suits nt reasonable rates , liefer
caeca required. Mrs. M. Whlttaker. 018 a
nPHK KHM ot O'Nell and Boyla , artists , ha
Jl Clatolveil by mutual conieut , J.K.CVNei
conUaulng tU bu Uc4 * . BOWI
yon nave nnytnlrfft'W ' trndo call on or ad-
IF drcMOeorsoJ. StWWdorff , Uoom P , oppo
site poaUiaicg. jot
J. B.STEllNBDOllPF''room fl , opposite post-
olllccv 111 trade you n Rood farm or city
property fern horye. buggy and harness. 1J3
TTOlMEToTT > eIfiFuteMWo7iFen Tnd Children ,
-Ll-XTH Hurt St. jqt U10
ITOHAflE Fafe. dry anil clean nt low rates.
S Itlddell ft Ulddcll. IH/HoH ard. 4.la2j
TOUAGE-V. Itocco Jibs. A : CO. , 1103 Howard
S street at the lowoat Kites. KtJall
YEUV Clicap Storaeej-llran new building ;
live stories. hlevRtflt Mig Co. , HIS Howard.
rriUACKAOE , storage , lowest rates , W. M
JL llushman , intl Lcavenw ortli. 1C"
" ALF.NTLNE'8 Bhorthi iul TnsUtuTe IS tne
largest ftUd only exclusive , practical short
hand nnd typewriting school in tuo west , Under
the management of u. C. Vnleiitlno , olllclal court
reporter ot the Third judicial district of No-
iraska , nnd i'rof. H. 11. lloyles , n verbatim re-
ortcr ot largo experience and reputation , as-
luted by other experienced teachers. Our list
f graduates is the largest of any school in the
est ; all nro occupying first-class positions nnd
iving entire satisfaction. If you intend learn-
ig shorthand and typewriting attend n first-
lass school nnd bo sure of n peed Mutation ,
tudcnts can cuter at any time ; no summer va-
atlon. Pitman's , Munson's nnd Graham's sys-
ems taught. Instruction given on Hammond A
lemlngton Tjpewrlters both for same pilce.
'articular attention paid to spelling , punctua-
Ion business and legal forms , etc. For full par-
tcnlnrs send for circulars or call at Valentino's
horthand Institute , New Pnxton building ,
lnlah , Nob. 208 Jyll
ANTED Good second-hand buss. Address
. II. Tlndell. Atwood , ICas. 407 30J
" \XfANTED-A second-baud No. 2 Hcmlngtou
TT typenliter. Address Dox2.'i , Hastltigs.Nub.
W ANTED-Second hnnd roll-top ofllce desk.
H.C. Hoynton , 31JSllthst. 32J27 ?
WANTED Good house and lot in desirable
part of the city ; will pivo flrst-clnss bar
gain to anyone If suited. Geo. j. 8tt > ras'lorif ,
{ oomfl. Frenzor blk. 813
you have Improved buslnoss or residence
property that j ou wish to hell , call nnd see
me. George J. faterusdorir , room 0 , opposite
lostolllce. 231
IT ILL buy furniture of a housu or Hat cenT -
T trally located. Co-op. L. & L. Co G N. lUtu
VEKAL stole buildings or houses that can
be moTed. Will pay good price If bulled.
George J. Stornsdorif room U , opposite post-
olllco. 123
ATTENTION ALL Would know thy des-
xx tiny ? if HO consult the gifted destiny reader ;
: ells your life fiom the crudlo to the grn\ , re-
.mites the separated ; nil In tioublo will do well
: o call on this gifted seercss , Madnmo X.oo ;
locates diseases nnd cures them with massage
nd electric treatment. 417 S. llth st ; upNtalis.
2--J-2D *
DH. NANNIE V. Waircn , clalrvorant. Med
ical , business and test medium. Diagnosis
frao. Female diseases n Dpecl.ilty. 119 N. ICtU
Bt..Kooms 2 A3 Tel. 044. 1WJ
Omaha Financial' Exchange , lloom 1' ) ,
Darker block , touthwcst coiner of Far
nam nnd 15th sts. t- \
Makes a specialty of short-time collateral and
real estate loans.
Money always on hand In sums of J100 and up
wards to any amount , to loan on approved se
Seemed notes boughtJsold or exchanged.
Clear real estate and i cash to exchange for
good llibt or second mortgages.
Loans made upon land contracts , stocks ,
iioii'ls , trust deeds Hrst or second mortgage se
curity , without punllclty.'flolay or red tape.
Financial business ot nny kind transacted
promptly , quietly and fairly. Itoom 15 , Ilarker
block , Cpi belt. Manager , 179
MONEY To Loan DyUio undersigned , who
has the only propel tj-i organized loan agency
In Omaha. Loans of $1C | to { lOJniado on turni-
ture , , org.ias.horgea , wagons.mapnlnei-y ,
etc. , without removal. Nodelajs. All business
strictly confidential. Loins io made that any
iart can bo paid nt nnv1 tlliie , each payment ro-
: lucing the cost jiro rata.i Advances made on
line watches and diamonds. Tersons should
cai efully consider w ho they are dealing w 1th , as
many new concerns nro dally coming into exis
tence. Should you needinoii r call and see mo.
W. It. Croft , Koom 4 , Withaell bulldlng,15th and
Hnrnoy. 170
"jtrONEY to loan on Improved Omaha real
J-i-Lcstate.also building loaua at ordinary rates *
O , It. Nelson , CJOS 10th st. 461 21) )
ffiZ.fXX ) pilvnto money to loan at 8 per cent. Cnl
Pand get It quick. C. F. Han i3on,41SS. 15th
MONEY to loan ou real estate ; mortgages
bought and sold. Wallace , Crelghton block.
M ONKY to Loan On horses , mules , etc , II.
W. Huntress , 1417 Farnnra street. 317
T OANS made on city property low rates.
-1-Jf. Morton , 1117 Fnrnam , llooms U and 10.
JCJ7 n a
"RTONCY to loan onnorses , furniture nnd other
J-U-personal property or collateral. Hates mod
erate ; business confidential. Olllce S. W. Cor
ner 1Mb. and Douglas sts. Entrance on llth st.
The Falrbank Investment Co , 176
AMT3 Hepl EUsto Agency , money nlwnys on
hand for loans on Improved property. 1507
Fajcnmst. 17 23
MONEY to loan. O. F. Davis Co. , real nstato
and loan agents , 1COU Faruam st. 101
MONEY to loan on furniture wagons , etc. ,
without removal or on collateral Hecurlty.
Duslness stilctly conlldentlal. A. K. Greenwood
& Co. , U1 , Cunningham block , cor U Ic Jackson.
T OANS made ou real estate. Cash on hand ,
w. M , Harris , over 2.3) S 15th st. 187
LOANS made on Improved and unimproved
city property at lowest rates of interest ,
special rates on large loans on Inslda property.
Odell IJros. tx Co , 3U 8.16th st. IbJ
WE keep on hand money to loan on inside
property in Omaha nnd South Omaha in
sums from KOO to , and ns \ > o do our own
vnluatlng , make nil papers , etc. , wu can com
plete a loan any day you wish nnd pay you tne
money. Hates , Smith & Co. , UoomV ) , llamge
building. tot
CITY and f aim loans made at lowest rates.
No delay ; uo commission charged. J. W.
Hobbius , U. 300 , Sheely blk. , 15th and Howard.
MONEY to loan on bou cs and lots nt market
rates. Amos Heal Estate Agency , 1507 Far
nam st. 173 W
GI'EH CEN11 money to loan , Patterson & liar-
nard 314 S loth at 180
MONEY to loan : cash on hand ; no delay. J.
W. Squire , KID Farnam St. , First National
bank building. 141
KIMHALL , Champ & llyan
Loan money on improved property in
Omaha and principal additions , nl o oulldlng
loans , nt low rates , lloom 0 , U. 8. Nat bank.
812 alJ
EE Harris K E i : L Co. for loans , room 411
1st Nat Hank. ' 220
OMAIIA Chattel Loan Co. has money to loan
on chattel and collateral security , Itoom 1 ,
Omaha Nafl Uanic jM lil
MOTEY to loan : large and email sums at low
rates , for short Uuuon real estate or
chattel fcecurlty ; second notes bought ; all finan
cial business strictly confidential. People's Fl-
ntnrlnl Exchangn , O. Ilwmcaren managtr ; room
i Ilarker block , 15th and Fnrmm. 2
LOANS made to partlasirte'-.rlng to build. D.
V. Sholes. room 1. HaVk'er block. W3
$11,000 to loan on citi'iproporty , low rates.
II. C. lloynton , 313 S Hth st opp Paxton house
758 a U *
MONEY to loan on'diamonds , watches aud
jewelry ; all business strictly coutidentlal ;
can accommodate you wi&long or short loans ;
it will pay you to sco iftu. Hams Dlamoudu
Watch Loan Co. , 219 S 15th st. Uoyd's opera
house block. 4 , 77'Jull
HE. COLls loans inofloy on Improved city or
fann propsrty. Itoom C , Continental block ,
LOANS made on real estate and mortgages
bought. Lew is B. Heed Jf Co. , ID-'l Farnarn.
500,000 to loan at 0 per cent Llnanan & Mahoney -
honey , Uoom W , 1'mton block. 183
"M ONEY to loan on furniture , horset wagons ,
; " > etc. , or on umy unproved security. J. W. Uob
bins. H. 203 Sheely blk. 1Mb , aad How ard. 674
MONEY loaned at 0. F. Ileed It Co.'s Lear
olllce , on furniture , plnuoj , horses , wagons
i personal property of all kinds , and all othet
articles of value without removal , 81 8.13th
All busincaa strictly confldenttal. 170
BUILDING loans. Linahan 4 ; Mahoney.II
T\f ONKY to loan on Omaha and South Omahc
J.-pruperty. U. F. Harrison 41 . li > th st. 34 :
njJAyrEfean co aternlloans , M. B.Davis
$ WOCWto loan on Omaha city property at
per cent , O. W. Day , cur Ex. Did. lk
T71ASTE11N money cheap. OITleo Phlladelphlf.
JUJ MortRaro rtnd Tnist Co. . room IJ , Hoard of
Trade. Oeo. W. 1' . Oo t s , Itenresentutlve.
MONEY to loan. Lonu time. OoorKe J. 1'nul ,
1C03 Fnrnam gt. ao
MONEY Good commprclal paper nnd nhort
lime inortKanes boiiKht. lleal estate loans
negotiated , S. A , Blomau , 13th and Farnam.
. 40:1 :
Oiio ( t per cont. Money to loan on impro-
. veil farms or city property. James A. Wood
man , at tno old nro Insurance onico of Murphy
ALovett , 220 3.1 ith St. ml
DON'T borrow money on furniture , horses ,
wagon ? , etc. , until you ha e seen C. 11 ,
Jacob * , room 410 , First National bank building ,
cor. 13th and Fnrnam 180
H il. 1IIKY * iili,000 to loan on city property
aud Improved farm land. Frenzer block ,
MONEY to loan nt low rates on Omahn and
South Omaha pioperty , Improxed auduu-
liupro\ed. Chas , U. Woolley , 41b 8.15th t.
21K3 a 1
MONEY to loan in nny amount , cither for
building or otherwise , at lowest rales of In-
tcreit and on short notice. D , V. Sholos. room
1 , llnrkor block. WJ
T OANS made In all the principal additions to
JLJOtnnlm at lowest rates. D. V. Bholes , room 1 ,
Ilarker block B03
" \TIDLANDOuarftntce and Trust Co. . 1WW * ar-
J-U-nam Complete abstract * furiiHhed , V titles
to roul estate examlueil.perfectod St guaranteed ,
and giinrunteed abstracts of title ito nny
real cstnte In Omaha nnd Douglas county upon
short notice. 'Hie most complete set of abstract
booKi lu the city. No. 150 ! ) Farnam st. 6K >
TJIOlt SALE An established olllco business
-L pa ; ing M,0X ) per year. Oniaha lluslnesi Ex
change , H w cor. li'th niut Douglat. 4.V )
ALL the business cnancose m\e listed have
been thoroughly Investigated , ando gunr-
autue. Omaha liuslness Exchange , s w cor , l&th
and Douglas. 4.V )
FOU SALE Good pajing boirdlng house ,
good locality , 20 rooms ; reason for telling ,
ud health. Address , U 41 , Oniaha lioc.
470 3t
JOK SALE Good pajing restatirant on
Douglas st. ( good leasons for selling ) , and
Jinlng hull of a good hotel in city. Cull for
mrtlculars. Co-Operative Land A. hot Co. , 203
> f. Uth ! St. 438 28
WANTED A practical and experienced hole
man with KU ) or W.OUO capital to take
lock lu a $ n,00) hotel and to lease the same ,
load hotel town. Address J. A. Frawley ,
itromsburg. Nob. 4012s * j
[ 710K SALE Hestaurnnt , 1W ) Douglas st , on
L ? account of death of partner. Apply on prem-
,03. 315 ; | J
HALF Intoiest in ph"logrnph gallery , cen
trally located In Omaha. About tin uo lum-
lied dollars required. Address , box T- * . South
Omnhn 3D5-2U *
FOK SALF.-Cheap. hotel of XO rooms , dolngn
good business ; best stand in town ; opposite
lepot ; ill health rauso ol selling. 1' . O. Hot 15 : ! ,
'aclllc Junction , Iowa. 31J 27 *
AFI1IST-CLASS oppoitunlty for an cnergetla
biiNlncss niau in the hotel line in the house
u t completed at the coiner ot nnd T.iclllo
its. , 2 blocks Iroin the 11. A. M. and U. T. depots.
Vater nnd gas nllo\cr the house and nil modern -
ern iinprovements ; niso 2 stores in same build-
ng , 22\0 , with good cellars , suitable for any
mslneb" , ns thcie Is a dcnsulj populated neigh-
lorhood ni.d good trnlHc ; ren onuble. Apply to
iilllngcr Dros. , UU S. 10th St. , Omaha , Neb.
275 28
7VK ) SALE A news nnd cigar store , located
- on ono of Omaha's principal business
stipets ; will sell cheap ; good reason for selling.
Address UU , Dee olllco. 2712 ! ) *
( ) - ? . . will buy tlio best
horse ranch in central Nebraska , including
10 huad of well-hied yoiini ; horses nnd innres ,
building , fences , corrals , farm maclnneiy , good
supply of water , nnd l.WJ acres of land , pou-
rolling over 5hWucios ( of free range ; well lo
cated , only t miles from Union Tnclllc rallw ay ,
Clios C. 1'attcrson. North Tlatte , Neb. 107'"J
POU SALE Allr-t class bakery , ice cicam ,
fruit end confectionery business in Fie-
: nont ; splendid location , good reasons for sell
ing. Address Goo. Daslor. Fremont , Neb. bS3
FOK SALE A good grocery , establlsned four
years , good location , doing n good business.
Good reasons for selllug.VUJ capital , and w 111
take nothing but cash. T 20 , Dee Oltlco. UH )
"VXTE have for sale a longtime lease of the best
TT location for fancy retail business in the
city. Fearon. Cole & Kobertsou , 310 S. 15tn st.
T710K EXCHANQK I inds for lmpso\ed
-C Omaha property ut O. It. Nelson , 000 810th st
TO nxCHANOU-Houso and lot in Norn
Springs. la. worth 11,503 , bank building In
Bamu place ortli SAWO , and lot ) acres of land In
Hancock county , Ioa , vortli $ J,4U ) , all clenr ,
for business property or good residence lu
Omaha , w 111 pay r.,000 to JJ5UOO tosh additional.
Call nnd get full particulars. C. F. Harrison , 418
S IBth st. 40J
rpo KXCHANnn Good Broju houi-'J-snd lot
JL OJ\153 foj- good frEj ' or Sa. oniaha property.
U5C llee olllce. . 410-ifcs
VSTANTUn Building to do for 2 or 3 good ,
T T heny horses. Address IMS ) Castellar st.
FOH EXCHANGE Neb. farm or two South
Omahn lota for span of mareS'or mules W.
L. Bolby , lulil Farnam Bt. l.'t '
WHAT have you to trade for 80 acres ot innn
unlncumbered In Junenn co\inty. Wis , .
3 miles from county ssat. O. J. Sternsdorff.ioom
C opp Postolllco. 107
EIGHTY"(80) ( ) acres of nnd adjoining Lake
Manama , Council. Dlutls , la. 'ihls tract
Kill make 400 beautiful lots and ia free from
encumbrance. What have you to offer ? George
J. Sternsdorlf .room u , opp I * . O. 107
BltlCK Wanted 100,000 bricks in exchange
for good inside Omaha property. H. A.
Sloman room and-J Hellmau bldg. 191
NEW 2 seated carriage nnd new slnglo top
buggr to tr&de for long time real estate
mortgage. W. Li. Sel'jy 1M1 Farnam st. VJ1
TO 12XCHANG"E City lots. Will "trade for
horbo and buggy. Itoom 433 , new I'nxtou
block. VC8
WILL giro you a good trade for nn eight or
ten room house nnd lot. George J. Btorns-
dorlf , lloom 0 , opposite P. O. 231
O J. STKIlNSDOUFF , Itoom 0 , opposite P.
VJT. O. , has some cholco farm land to trndo
for city property. Will assume light incum-
brances. .ill
made in real eatnta and peruoaal
Jj > roperty. See exchange book. COOD. L.
and L. Co. M , N. ICth Kt. luj
" \\7HAThave you to olfer for J-n ncras of
TT tlmberlandl u West Virginia , clear of in-
cumbrancc , perfect title. George J. Sternsdorlf ,
Hoom ( I , oppos 11 e P. O. 11
"fi OK SAI.K Nice l-room ) residence ,
J nenr St. Mary's avo.j price $1,500. 0. K. Nel-
BOII , tOUSlOthst. 41)1 ) 1
\ \ 7HOillhear ray voice ? Hard up nnd must
T > ha\o money. lundeu Place Is selling lots
nt Jl.OOO each. Who will take20 lots lor SJ.GOO/
llelong to n party in the east. Addles ? N 31 , Duo
olllco. S.a A Ij
TJIOU SAIF. Improved business corner. South
X1 Omahu , $ I.IOJ ( ; rents at tiO per month ; this U
a bargain ; come quick. O. It , Nelson , u ) 8 10th
TAON'Tmlsa thla Lot 11 , Clarxe's addition ,
J-'Just north of St. Jlary'snvn. , Ot foot front ,
worth (0.400.VewlllnoIt for a short time for
M. A. Upton X Co. 351
FOU SAI.i : line resldenco site. laixlW , east
front corner , between Lea > enworth nud
Farnam , only two blocks from paved street ,
Koto the n\nt \ nnd location of this piece of
ground nnd then the low prlco , JI/jOO. M. A.
Upton & Co. iftfl
WHY PAY IlENT-I can offer you n beauti
ful residence lot in Westhtwu on Holt line
Hy. . close to nuw school house nnd station ou
the llelt linn Hy. , and only a few blocks fiom
I'ark street car lino. If you want to secure a
pleasant little homo close to school , llelt line
trains and street car line , and not run so deeply
in debt for It that you can never pay for It , cnll
nt my ollico nud let ino chow you what n a can
do for you lu this ndaltlon. Goo. N. Hicks ,
llooiii 40 , Uarser block. 411
" CTEIIY Cholco Hesldence Site 00 feet cast
T fronton U7th street , 150 feet south of Far-
nam. Iftth street Is being paved from Farnam tc
Leavenworth. There Is no location better than
this for line residence. Price , t'J.OOO. M. A. Up-
ton & Co. 183
T7 AST front lu Bhull's 2d add , three-quarters
Jit of a blk irom the route of cable ; lot 50xUT ,
& foul above grade ; l.HA ) If taVen quick , U. F ,
HarrUon. 418 3.15th. 111
FOIl BALE Manawa Hall , corner lot , Lake
Mauuwa , Council lilulTa , Iowa , One-third
cash , balance easy terms. Uoom as. Past on
block , Oniolia , Neb. 303-ai ,
EOU SALE Improved and unimproved land !
In eastern and central Nebraska on ten years
credit , at O. U. Nelson. CPU B 10th st. 461 CT
TtnOKSALB. Farms on long time. Co-Opar-
JC UTe Land and lx tCo a > SN,10tUbt ; VSl
T OT SI nnd SS. block. 4. Omahn View , must be
JLJ < old this oek ; no Incumbrance : maka nn
offer for these cither cnsh or part cash : any rea
sonable pricowlll bn accepted ; a great chance
to get ft bargain. JtT. K. Uarllug , 1C3I .Farnnm.
3ii > 7
"I7IOH S A LK-S blocks from aV d utreot , ono
JL1 block goiitn or Leavonworth. ( dxlJO , corner.
lies beautiful. Uradual slope front lots to
Ieaven orthst. | 1.4'0 : K50 cash. Is below
bed-rock for this , Note the slzo of thoJoti and
that It Is a double corner. M. A. Upton .V Co.
_ _ 2i < 3
TAM nsent for some of the llnost residence
lots In HanHcom I'laco and can offer them nt
figures It will pay you to Investigate , lllcks
Itooin 40. llarkcr block. 411
hero Is n bargain Mx1 10 on Turk nvo.
bctvt ccn Mnson nnd Tncinc sis , fJ.100 , nd-
K 40 feet sold for 1123 pur foot. M. A.
pton A Co. ( .70 .
T71OH BALK You ncetl uut wait to lm\c a
JL' liousn built for you. 1 have ono already built
that \ > 111 stilt you exactly. Hill lot and large
2-storv house of 7 rooms , good well and cistern ,
J-.dU to M.OOO. Small rash pnynient.then month
ly payments , the sntno as 3 ou now piy out for
rent. \ \ hy not own a home In the ueat city In
the west on these forms ? C. 1' . Harrison , 4 IM y.
15th U , Omaiia , Neb. 3JU
Cno,000 worth Inside lots nt last years prices.
P\Vest half lot 4 block 19J1S.NO. . l.B feet on
14th street , tour blocks south of Knrnam. Lot
n. block w. Kountro's 4th addition , ivm Halt
Interest In lot 1 , block KI HW cor. Hth nnd 1'n-
cinc , M.UiW. Iot 1J. II , ir , , block" . Hlllsdalo ad
dition No. 1 , nt f--nO each , worth il 000. Lot 15.
block a Ambler 1'lace , I-HW. Inquire of Dr.
1 amea 11. 1'cabody. ; m euiitll 151li stoet. 013 ! ! 0
"C10U 8ALK House nnd lot , I'WO ' ; equity In a
JL M.OOJ house inul lot , will sell cheap , make
meanolTcr. Address lock box .m UU 27 *
"IDAHOAIN Choice ten-acre tract In n tine
J Jstato of cultivation , especially desirable for
fruit and market garden , for nalont flguies that
make It a big bargain. Ueo. K. Hick * , ] { oom4U ,
Jliirkcr block , S. w. comer 15th and Farnam.
KUVKaiy Terms-I.ots 1 1 nud 14 , blocks.
Kllby 1'lace on 8ith between Dodge nnd
Davenport $1,700 each. If party 111 build n
house to cost not less than Jl.OUO , will soil lot
\\lttionlvllOO cash payment , balance 1 , "nnd3
5 ears. AI. A. Upton Sc Co. 1KJ
J.STKUXSUOIlfK , roomO opposite post-
* olllce , will sell you n good 4-room house
on 18th street , S blocks south of car line , by payIng -
Ing SAX ) cnsn. balance monthly payments to
suit. Tills Is a splendid opportunity for uny-
one wanting n clunp home. _ till
AIiL those desiring to go out and Inspect the
beauties of Sojmour park , nnd the advan
tages It oilers for homos , nru requested to call
at thoolllco of K. 1" . Seaver.Uoom 41) ) , Darker Illk.
HKHH. see thls-00-foot frontlet lnShinn' 2nd
addition , on I'ninkllu street east ot UOth , 5
room house , cellar , cistern , jouni ; trees , good
sldo alks etc. , etc. , W.OOJ. M , A. Upton \ Co.
AHQA1N Lot in , blocks , bummlt Tlaco nil-
dltlon , (8 feet on Parnimbv 1 , . Klmb.ill ,
Champ \ Hjuu , loom ( I , U. ti. Nat. bank.
811 n3 !
SOUTH OMAIIA All of block fi , except lot 0 ,
Is reserved by tlio Land Company. Lot U
must bo sold. Send uu sealed bids for It ; c.ish
orl c-lsh. The lot Is n oholco Boutli front , at
Summit depot , W1,0 > aiulwoith $ ] , 'XU. M. A
Upton 4 , Co. 277
VV U'l'bHlld a Jl.fiOO hciiBo on n $1,500 lot near
T > Lowe ao , and soil on W5 monthly iiuv-
ments. 1) . 0. J'litttrsou , Omaha Nut. B k ll'ld'y.
T710USALK tleOO for n neat 5-rooin cottage ,
JU am Oraco st.nko homo for a mechanic WOIK-
liiL'ln the north part of town. Kasy payments.
0. I' . Harrison , 41S South loth St. 811
ELEGANT resilience lots for bale In Hanscom
place by Hicks , Uoom 41) ) , Marker block.
BKAUTITUL little homo only ono mlle from
postolllto. T\vn paed streets unit t o lines
of sticot cars within two blocks. Nice sur
roundings. 'Hits Is one chance In a thousand to
get n home In n coed neighborhood , convenient
to business , at n low price J.'JOO , il , A. Upton
i. Co. 277
| 7KH SA LI' Improved farm of 80 acres ; good
JL1 01 chard , fences , house , barn , outbuildings
nnd living wnter ; llftcun miles fiom Oman i.
'J he best produce nnd live stock market In the
world. J45 per acie. 0.1' . Harrison. 418 S. 15th ,
Omahn. ' . ' . " > I
SO.MIVrillNO choice : Lot 4 , blo k 0. Hlllstdo
No. 1 , on Ducnport st opposite Yutes"
SoO.OOO mansion , only iJ.iJ'W. There's a nlco rosl-
denco situ for yea nt a low figure. M. A. Upton
& .Co. 1UJ
CALL nnd see the plat nnd prices of Soj mour
park. 13.1' . Seaer , Itooui 40 , Darker block.
FINK Kountze place residence , south front on
Kmmet t > t. , between2Jth nnd 21st , opposite
the re er > e , 10-room house , llnely furnished , nil
moilerncon\t'iilenccs except ftirnnce , pipes all
In for tliat , street car w Ithin half a block , J'.WX ) .
SiWH ) cash or good notes , balance easy. M. A.
Upton Sc Co. 10(1-28 (
FOR SALE Fine east front 7-roora house
Just OH Le enworth st on S. Sotft , ro. ,
$ . " > ,500 a great bnrgam. Apply nt once. C. F.
HatTlgon.41dtf.Hith st. 721
a few Us left Ifi'n. & M. pork addition
to BauTIi Omaha. What have you to oiler/
George J. Sterusdorff , Room 0 , opp.U * . 0. 231
YOU want a nice homo ? I have several of
tlto rtnoit lots In lluiibcoiu I'hice , perfect
grade , w ater and gas In Htrect and In splendid
neighborhood , upon which I can build houses
to milt purchasers. It will pay to Investigate
tills at oiico. Goo. N. Hicks , room 40 , Darker
block. 441
QOUT1I OMAHA Lot B , block CO. and lot 1 ,
O block 09 , W.OOJ each ; outhlrd cnsh , balance
n four semi-annual payments ; viaduct on L st
will make these lots very \ aluablo ; lot U , block
" 1 , W.OOO , M. A. Upton & Co. 070
SOUTH Omaha Hnrgaln 14-room hotel , now ;
lotaoxiw , on S-'ithat. , just south otN. Trice
S3,000 , which Includuu hotel furniture , Haloon
Uxtures , i.c. M. A. Upton If Co. UU
npWELVB per cent Investment For Sale
JL Three 2-story itnd basement brick houses , 10
rooms each , nil modern Improvements , on cable
line , $ JWW ! ; Hrx cash , balance 4 years ; will
take good clear lot for pan of cash payment.
M. A. Upton & Co. 986
Ofl.OOObuysn full lot nnd good 4-room cottage
Pin a good location V. V. Sholes , room 1 , Uar-
ker block 90J
FINI ! residence In Windsor I'lace , full easr
front lot , elegant ten-room house , bath , hot
nnd cold water , furnace , llrst-class uarn. A
choice home , $7.WJO. Trice Includes now carpets
nnd curtains. M. A. Upton & Co. 'J7U
"T3USINESS Northwest comer 27th anil FarO -
-O nain for M.OJO ; one third cash ; oh , you nro
missing It by not picking up some of these but-
gains. M. A. Upton i. Co. ( j7D
FINK building lot. No. B in block 1. DenUo ad
dition , three blocKB from cnblo line ; an ex
tra bargain at i.,2K > . M. A. Upton Ac Co. 070
FOH SALE Or exchange. Wo have Bomo
good Omaha real estate and Nebraska
farms , which we will Kell cheap or trade for
stock of clothing , furnishing goods , drv goods ,
boots nnd shoes , groceries or hardtt are. Schlca-
Inger llros. . 614 B. 10th at. 1W
TG1OH HALE COxllO , soutn and east front o
JL1 cor 6th and Dorcas ; nn elegant lot with Broom -
room houstt ( now ) for J5DOO ; $1,100 cash. Wo
hnvo exclusive sale of thin. M , A. Upton i. Co ,
'lids lot adjoins Goodman's line grounds. TUT
T710U SALE-VExlK feet on Ilrlstol street , be-
JL3 tweeu 24th and aoth , for JJ.WO. 31. A. Upton
A ; Co. OiJ
TTOll SALE Heautlful east iront lotluAr-
-U cade place on iifith nt. , just south of Leaven
woith , for Jl.SUO. This Is iVW below actual value
nnd will bo In the market n Hhort time only at
the price quoted , M. A. Upton Ac Co. 310
EOH BALK A nice cast front lot In Wlnd or
place , new U room house well , cistern , ce
mented cellar , etc. A line home , only M.70J ;
KOO cash , KU ) lu ono year , bal In three years ; we
bavotbe exclusive sale oftlil1) . M. A. Upton Ac
Co. 7W
FOK real estate call on Geo. j. i-aui , 1003 Furn
ffifOO buys n , full lot nnd good * -roora cottage ,
Pcasy terms and good location. U V.Sbole
room 1 , Darker b'oolc. . WJ
rpIIUKR good South Oraahn lots at n pnc
J. much below their value. Lot II , block U ,
Albright's Annex * just N. W. of depot , on main
county road. 1100. Lot J , block 3. Iltoiui I'ark ,
corner on 23d nnd "H'1 ( Ilrown ) street ,
Tx > t : l. block 24 , South Omaha , finest Inside lot ,
COxlM ) . east front. tWJ. M. A. Upton A : Co. U 1
I1IAVK severe choice. InBlde , full lots , upon
which I can build houses to suit purcuasora
upon their own selection of plans , and on terms
to eult. This will pay to Investigate. I ) . V ,
Bholea rooml Dai ker block. US
. - , ' Notion to Contrnotrrs.
Sealed bids will be received by the board o :
school district , No. one. ot Norton county. Kun
sas , for the election nnd completion ot a tw <
story eight room brick school building , accord
Ing to plans and specifications now on exhlbl
tlou at the clerk's olllce , In Norton , Norton conn
ty , Kansas , Also for placing a standard steau
heating apparatus , l-.ach bidder will be rr
quired to put up a certllled check for 200. a :
earnest money , and to tlio an approved bond ti
double the amount ot bis bid. Illds will be 7c
celvedupto 2 o'clock ou Aug. Cth , 15 * . llli
board reserving th right to r&ect any or al
bids. F. E. KJJNNEOY , CUrk.
- -
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
And Chicago ,
Tlio only roait to tnko for lie' Moltips , Mnrhsltoirn
CeJnr lupliln , Clinton , l > lun , ChlDgo , Mllwsiikoa
niut nil iMilnU l'a t. 'iotlici | n < nilanNobrn | kn Cole *
rmlo , W/omlnif , Utnli , Mnhn , Normln , Oregon , Wann *
Inittnn nml Oillfornlit , Hotter * superior mlranUitei
nut po"lblo l > y UMT oilier lino.
Amonir n few nf the nuniormii point * nf superiority
enjojreil by tlio patrons of this road between < ) mi n
unit CblPnuo , nro It * three lrnln 0 r of DAY
COACUKS. which nro Iho nnest that hmu n nrt and
Invenultrrancranto. lurAIjACBHI.KKIMNKCAMH ,
the etjuiil of which cannot lie found olsnwhpro , At
Coimrll HlurK the trnln of tlio Union Pacific lUII-
wiijr connect In union depot with these i > flh Cbl-
rniio .V Norllmp'lvm HrIn Chlcairo tlio trnlns nf
this llnemitlo elosa connootton with those ot Ml
other Kmtpni llnp .
Kor Itotmll , Columbus , ImtlsnnpotK , Cincinnati ,
Nlniiorn YnllnlTitlo. \ \ . 1'llMnirit , Toronto , Moiitroul ,
lloston New Aork , pnlUdcUtnl * , llHlllinore , W h
Iniilon , nnil nil polnti In tlio o t. Aik lor tlckoU tla
tb °
If 7011 wIMi the be't ccoiuniodntlou. All tlckot
* . P.
| | f ,
W. N. lUBCOrK. lion I Wo-lcrti Agont.
V. K. K1M1UI.U Ticket Aitont.
ti. K. WKbl , City 1'ajsouuur Agent ,
HGllimirm tt. . Cli il I. Mb.
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y. '
Tlio IJcst Route from Omnlm nnd Conncll
niulTs to
COUNCIL lll.Ul.t-S
CUlcngo , AND Milwaukee ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis , Codnr Rnplds ,
lloek Ibliind , rrccport , Rockfortl ,
Clinton , Dubuque ,
Elfcln , Madison , Janestlllc ,
JJcloIt , AVlnonn , La Grossc ,
And all other Important points Kait , Northeast anfl I
For throuah tickets call on the ticket appntnt JMl i
Farnaui strtut , In Darker lllock , or nt Union rociao
'flilfninn Sleepers and the llnest Dining Pars In th
worWnroriiuon tlio mnln line of the ClilesifO. Ulf
waukeo & St. I'anl llallwaT , nnd cvrry nttentlonlf
paid to pasicngers 117 courteous employes ol U *
K.M1M.FII , ( ieneral Manniior.
J. K , 1 UCh/Ul. / Assistant tleiH-ral Slanagor.
A. V. H. UAHl'KNTKK , llonerul i'u.vngar afld
* °
TaKoA UBAFFOnn. Assistant Gene
* JT.Oj ! : ilK&n0r.l ? 8m-.rtatea < l. t.
Its main lints and torancbet Include OHlOAOOr
and scorM of lotcnnedlata citle * . Obolc * ol
routei to and from th Poclflo Oont. All trans
fers In Union dope * * . T t trotiu of 7lB * Day
Ooachei. elegnnt Cluing Can. tnacnlflcflnt Full *
man Palace Sloepora , and ( between Chlcaio , It.
Joseph , AtchUon and Eoneao City ) Becllnlna
Chair Cars , Beoto Vroe , to boldtn of tbrouch
flnt-cl&M tickets.
Chicago , Kansas & Nebraska R'y
" Great Rock ( eland Route. "
Extends West and Southwest from KantaiOlty
BcdBt. Joeeph to NELSON. UOB.TOIT , . BELLE-
HUTCHIWBON , OALDWELL , and all points In
and beyond. Entire paeeoarar equipment of ti *
celebrated Pullman taanufactiire. All tnlttjf tff
pliancoo and modern improvement ! .
The Famous Albert Loa Route
la the favorite between Chicago , Bock Ielan *
AtcbUon , XanKW City and MlnneapoUo andBt ,
Paul. Its Watertowu branch tr v no th greM
of Northern Iowa , Bouthwoetern Kinn Beta , anA
East Central Dakota to 'Watertowu. Spirit X lu ,
Bloxiz Falls and many other towns and cities.
The Bhort Line via Beneca and TfHnVafcue offer !
uporior facllitloa to travel to and from Tndi n.
poll * . Cincinnati and other Southern point * .
ForTloketi. M ape , Fcldrr * . or desired InfDrma *
Uon , apply at any Coupon Ticket Office or uddrctf
( Successors to John 0. Jacobs. )
Undertakers & Embalmerf
At the old stand , HIT Fnrnam St , Orders W
telegraph solicited and promptly attend * *
Telephone to.No. 3J
Our now flATAI-OOVH OF CAM *
PAIUN OUTF1TM , with conitllutlon.
drill tactics and full Information nboul
organizing and drilling llarcnlna Clubs.
. - " - -
- - -
Is the Baby
n constant Joy , or are your days nnd nights flll >
cd with sleeplessness and anxiety ? Fed on.
children mo \ > oil nnd happy , Woolrlch&Co.ou
label ,
or issi ) .
Olllco of the U. B. Commission.
All poisons , il run or corporations who deslro to
raako exhibits lit tlio Abort ) unmod Kinoaltlon nro
lierebr notlllfd that Intormiitloii nnd bl nk for HP-
Iilltntlons forepuco will bo furnlilied tor the under *
tlgnc'1 upon application nt tlio ubora adareii.
\VM II. I llANKI.I.N , Com'r.Oencral.
BOMKHVII.I.I : i : TUCK , A 't. Coin'r. General.
Nos. 303-404-17O-6O4. \
miccwiafully lued monthly by over 10,000
re Safe. Effectual and fleottmt
.I . perboz by mftll.or at dniggiits. BtaUd
articular * S postage stamp * . Address
TUB Eottix * , CiunicAi. Co. , Oman , Mies.
For sale and Ity mail by Goodman.
Drug Co. , Omaha ,
Cn b qulcklr CURED tibom * bv nstnr
HOOD.flr , VI ( IT laalli trlAlp4CkAK4&Q.C1rcaUnlr
wouisu kiak&i ca. u > tu Mn ftmt , tttUM. iu
> , 7