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'omo ' of Thorn Asaumpd by General
Manager Klraball.
to n Complaint of Dlsorlinl-
iintlon A Lincoln Hotel Dnni *
aged IJy I'lrc Tlic Stipi-cino
Court Oilier Nutvs.
LINCOLN. July 27. )
The Union Pacific railroad company Insist
tlmt they have rights thnt nro not clearly defined -
fined by Btiitutu enactments. To prove this
Acting Manager Klmball tells ho\v the com
pany downs the 3 cent per mile clause entrain
train No. : i. Hoanswcis J. II , Jucobson's
coinplnlnt In an Ingenious rrmnnor , but
there Is a covoit threat beneath his ver
biage. The company's answer to the rofniest
of ttio ftntc board or transportation Is as fol
lows :
OMAHA , JulySrt. To the Honornblo Hoard
of Traimportntlon-Qontlotncii : I am In re
ceipt of n letter dated July HI , IMS , fr&m Mr.
II. M. Wilting1 , chief clerk , In regard to the
complaint of J. 11. Jacobson , nnd in which a
. request Is inado that I furnish uuthorltics
. upon the following proK ] > sillonsi
P First A through train consisting of Pull-
C man coaches , being u regular train Upon the
I line of your road. Is not any person entitled
Ij to ride thereon between palnU at which
li such train stop1 ? , upon paying the nmximum
It of 3 cents per inllu uuthorlzod by the
li statute 1
I Second Are you nuthorlrcd to charge the
I. full maximum faro upon n regular train nnd
I then Insist that all persons seeking to take
Ij passage upon said train snail , in addition to
li paying your charges for transportation , pay
[ 0 to some other person or company , on nddl-
m tional compensation.
51 The only train on the line of the
V Union Pacific to wlhch the corn
el plaint of Mr. Jncobson can pos-
H1 sibly ralato Is train No. II , running west from
ff | Council muffs. It is true that this train
8tj carries Pullman cars only for the nccommo-
5M datioti of passengers , and that bath iwrsoii Is
ffil required to pay tno usual Pullman rate for
ill berths or scuts In addition to the railroad
J faro. This train is run at a lilirli rate of
) Bpccd , and by this muans the tllno bcUvocn
I , Omaha and the Paclllo coast points haft been
considerably reduced. U Is Intended for the
| transjKirtatiou of through passengers ,
I nnd in order to accommodate
Buch passengers necessarily carries
lour Pullmnn cars , destined respectively for
Los Angolos. , Denver , Colo. , nnd Portland -
land , Ore. Hy the running of Pullnuui cars
P exclusively on such traili no hardship Is
worUod to the public , inasmuch as there me
\'fi \ running on the road of this company dully
( ( trains , In each direction , which carry doily
\f. \ coaches. There are now as many dally
Ipj trains of this character on the company's
r roud as there ever have been at any time ,
flf with the exception of a short period ,
\ | when train No. 3 also carnea a
day coach. No day coach Is carried
at the present time on train No. 3 for the rea
son thnt the nddltlon of such couch to the
other cars i ondcr the train so heavy that It
was impossible for it to make the schedule
time nnd the numerous connections of such
train 1th loasoimblo rogulaiity. In order
to accommodate through travel to local points
In Nebraska No. 3 makes Humorous stops :
In fact , more In proportion to the number of
miles inn , and the time made , than any other
train of its class in the country. This Com
pany has not , as other roads have done
in respect to similar trains , refused to
carry local passengers on No. H. As a neccs-
oary incident of such carriage , each person
who desires to tnko said train between local
points within the state of Nebraska is by
the Pullman company required to pay tU
usual rate for n berth or sent. It Is , I pio-
eumc , to the local travel between points
within the state of Nebraska that the Board
desires to call attention , since I suppose it is
conceded that the Nebraska maximum limit
not has no application to any other class of
. travel , on the ground that Ithas no extra ter
ritorial force , or because such a construction
would render it u regulation of intor-stato
commerce , and therefore unconstitutional.
With this explanation of the train srovico
of the company , I desire brlolly to notice the
propositions submitted by the board.
No similar question has ever been sub
mitted to the courts , but the right to run
trains limited as to the character of passen
gers , the nature of the service rendered nnd
the points at which stops are made Is con
ceded , practically nnd Judicially.
L. S. & M. S. U. U. Co. vs. Uosenwolg (20 (
American and English railroad cases , 490. )
It has also repeatedly boon hold that a rail
road company may make such regulations
concerning the carriage of passengers on
freight trains as may bo considered neces
sary ; and railroad companies have tbo un
doubted right to refuse to carry passengers ,
or a particular class of passen
gers , on any train , provided reasonable
accommodations nro paovidcd for the publio
generally. While it may bo true that the
unlimited first-class railroad faro charged by
the Union Pacific railway company , added to
the Pullman between points in Nebraska , is
greater in some Instances than 3 cents per
mile , yet the Union Pacific- railway company
makes no greater charge than 3 cents per
tnllo for railroad transportation for riding entrain
train No. 3 , and the fact that there are no
day coaches on this train Is announced by
posters and otherwise to every person pro
posing to ride thereon , The charge made for
riding in the Pullman cars Is no greater entrain
train No. 3 than on any ether train on this
company's rend which carries such cars : and
the complaint could ns Justly bo made of
every train 01 } this company's road which is
composed In part of Pullman cars. The
charge is for increased accommodations en
tirely distinct from the charge made for
railroad transportation. It is confidently
believed that the spirit of the maximum
limit act does uot and was not
Intended to cover such a case. By that act
the charge allowed to bo made by railroad
. companies in all cases for railroad transpor
tation is 3 cents par in lie , and docs not pro
hibit any other or furtnor charge made by a
_ _ palace car company for increased uccommo-
Any reduction of rates on train No. 3 , BO as
to make the combined railroad and Pullman
fare less than 3 cents per mile- would neces
sarily have to bo adopted as to all railroad
fares on all trains ; otherwise there would bo
discrimination acnlust Pullman passengers
on ether trains. It can hardly bo expected
that this company could , for the sake of fur-
hlshlng the publio with a bettor service ,
afford to reduce lt passenger rates through
out the state of Nebraska. Hence , if the
construction of the mileage limit act neces
sarily contended for by Mr. Jacobson should
bo adopted , this company would have either
to discontinue the running of train
No. 3 on its present time schedule ,
or refuse to carry local passengers
In this state. Either of those courses ,
it is conceded , would bo a greater inconven
ience and uniioyanco to the publio than the
ono complained of ; and the company would ,
if so compelled , adopt either with great re
luctance. THOMAS L. KIMMALL ,
Acting General Manager.
At 1 o'clock this morning the Howard
house was discovered to bo on flro and a
timely alarm was given , or to-day a rollo ot
Lincoln's pioneer days would bo in ashes.
A > it was , however , the building was badly
oorchod. but fully covered by Insurance.
The kitchen was almost wholly consumed 9.IS
the flro , and the whole building more or less
marked. The timely arrival of the fire com
panies saved tbo building and others adjoin
ing , yet the water pressure was scarcely suf
ficient for the demands , and would not have
boon had the flro been discovered fifteen
minutes later. The guests of the bouse ,
AS usual on t > ucu occasions , wora panic
stricken when they became conscious that
the house at which they were stopping wai
In a blare , and their antics wore more amus
ing than the fire was serious. 13ut the regu <
lor boarders and gueits all made their es
cape from tbo burning building without
Injury or loss ot life.
within twenty minutes after the fire de
partment arrived at the scene of the fire UK
last spark was extinguished and the onlj
thing to Indicate that there had been a fin
was the dense volume of smoke , men , womci
nud children who were standing by discuss
ing the narrow escape and the uncertainty of
human affairs. Joseph O. Oayll&s Is tin
preson' proprietor of the houso. His good !
and effects were fully covered by Insurance
and the Icssco escapes bsaa * well as the
THE sui'itEME counr CASES.
Tha following cases were filed In. the IU-
prcuio court tu-day.
Alexander Tourtlnttvs J. n. Pierce5 op-
peal from Otoo county.
James W , Williams vs Jnmcs 0. Eikon-
bury ; inrror frmn Cftis county.
J.-H. Trygnrt vs John H. Dahal ; appeal
from Otoo county.
Cltr NBW8 ANT ) XOTC1.
Governor Thnycr to-day issued n warrant
upon requisition papers nnd Eton P. Hllss
was tnken from Hoca to Council Grove , Knn. ,
where ho Is wanted on the charge of obtain *
Ing money under false pretenses. , , ,
lion.V. . J. Connell , of Omaha , is In Lin
coln to day.
Jnmcs McClnry , ot Norfolk , nnd Hpnry
Grosshans , of Sutton , nro in the city to-day
feeling for the i > pulse. McClnry
wants to be ttato treasurer nnd Grosshans
expects to ride Into the state auditor's ofllco
over the mortal frame of Colonel Thomas
Herbert Honton.
Ex-Surveyor General Stevenson , of Rich
ardson county , and Colonel Thomas J. Ma
jors , of Noniaha. who has n whole hornet's
nest buzzing under his hat in a congressional
wfty , nro in the city.
The annual meeting of the Nebraska
Trotters' ' association takes plnco at the fair
grounds In this city on the 10th , ICth nnd 17th
of August. A great many entries have already
been inado , nnd the drive promises to bo one
of the moat interesting ever hold in the
In answer to caudal question ,
How easy and truthful to toll it's
A euro for the worst indigestion ,
To take rieico's Purgative Pellets.
A llCHoliitlon of Thanks to Mra. O. SI
\Vo < Mlwnnl or the W. O. T. U.
To the Editor of TIIK HUB : On the last
evening of the Chautauqun at Long Pine the
following resolution was ordered nnd signed
by innhy of the representative people of
north west Nebraska :
Whereas , In view of the tlroloss energy ,
the ceaseless Inborn by night nnd by day , tno
sacrifice of time and money in order to organ
ize the temperance forces of northwest Ne
braska , and especially cognisant of the fact
that the beautiful W.C. T. U. building recently
erected upon the Long Pine Chautauqun
grounds Is almost wholly auo to the consecrated
crated labors of Mrs. C. M. Woodward ,
Kosolved , Thnt the most devout thanks and
the highest appreciation of the W. C. T. U.
of Nebraska , and of the members of the Long
Pine Chnutnuqun , nnd of thu people generally
bo nnd are hereby extended to our sister ,
Mrs. Woodward , earnestly praying that God
innv preserve her health , nnd bless her more
and inoro in her arduous toll.
DDo you suitor irom Bcrofula , salt
rheum , or ether humors ? Take Hood'u
Sarsnpnrilln , the grout blood puriilor.
100 ilobcs ono dollar.
In JiiHtico to Mr. Millie.
Sunday morning's Bms contained a special
telegram from Do Witt , NOD. , giving the
particulars of an accident that occurred near
thnt pluco.Thd telegram did an injustlco tea
a worthy business man of Do Witt , and the
following statement received faom the party
who sent it is published in Justice to Mr.
Milllo ;
DK WITT , Nob. , July 2fl. To the Editor of
TIIK : In mv dispatch concerning the
accidental death of Hawcs in Sunday's BEK
there seems to bo n spirit of injustice nnd
harm doing to Harry Mlllio nnd the family
of the deceased. From Tun HEB headlines ,
"Was It Murder or Suicide 1" it may bo in
ferred that Mlllio was directly or indirectly
the cause of the death. All know It to bo n
pure accident , happening two miles from
Mlllio. The frequency Of Millie's name in
the latter part of the article endangers his
business and moral standing. Business men
nro earnestly assured that ho is all a business
man should bo. Your correspondent is
blamablc , but no malice was intended. Lack
of wisdom nnd ovcrzcal for news is offered
ns tha excuse. JOHN L. MOHUISO.V.
An AbsoluteCure. .
Is only put up In largo two ounce tin boxes ,
and is an absolute cure for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped hands , nnd all skin erup
tions. Will positively care all kinds of piles.
MENT. Sold by Goodman Drug Co. , at 125
cents per box by mall 80 cents.
The County's School Fund.
The apportionment of money for county
schools for the coming year has been mndo ,
nnd is as follows : From the state , $20,034.71
fines nnd licenses from the county , $797.24.
making a total of $20,831-95. The money
will bo divided among the districts as fol
lows : Omahn , 13,03933 ; South Omnhn ,
$ 0.19 ; Florence , $223 82 ; Waterloo , $200.13
Elkhorn , $193.10 ; Valley , $190.89. The schoo
enumeration for the county is 23,139.
Hail a bilious attack and ono of those
indescribable cases of constant wonri-
noss. Took quinine and ether romo-
dlos without rcliof. Took Dr. Jonoa1
Rod Clever Tonic , am strong and well.
ASA TiioairsoN , Logan. O. Goodman
Drug Co.
On n Whirl.
T. Foley , n saloon keeper , swore out n war
rant in Justice Reed's court for the arrest of
James Stowo , on the charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses. Foley claims
Stowo owes him $00 for board nnd borrowed
money ; that ho borrowed the money by mak
ing extravagant promises to him while par
tially intoxicated and refuses now to make
his promises good. The case was on trial
yesterday. _
Starch grows sticky common powders -
dors have a vulgar glare. Pozzoni's is
the only Complexion Powder lit to use.
Knocked Down lor Ten Cents.
John Roe was knocked down by Riohara
Roe on tbo corner of Ninth and Jackson
streets Thursday night ana robbed of ton
cents. Richard got two beers with the swag
and then got in jail.
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liomei for more than a quarter of a century. It
la used by the United States Government. Kn
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- _ for Curn , liualoiu , M.
Wops all pala. IitTcrfaltoto * .
Impurltln In tb blood produce dbeasca.
odllr and mi-nUl health -depend upon
healthy condition ot tlio blood. The Wood ,
particularly la tha iprlnf and doting the hoi
nmln r mofiths , becomes clogged wllli Im
purities , which poison It and generate dl .
me. A barmlrftt blood purllleri without a
particle of mineral potion In It , uch M taicr-
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mind and body. The b it purifier and totila
known to the world It Swift's Specific ( S S S.V
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tonlopowenire ilve a few testimonials M
followi t
Mr. Wm. A. Slebold , with Deo. P. Rowell ACe
Co , 10 Sprnce Street , New York , writes March
tOth , 1SS31 " I feel It mjr duty , for the benefit
ef others who mny bo afflicted aslwai , to
write you this letter , which joucnn uteal
tny testimony In any way you choose. I will
miner any Inquiry from others In relation
to the fact * herewith tinted. In February
lost I suffered great pain and Inconvenience
from bolls , nil orer my netlct I could not torn
my head without aeule pain and my blood
was In poor condition. After trjlnitall the
tuuat remedies In such ctw , and flndlngno
relief , by the persuasion of Mr. J. W. Fears ,
Manager of yonr New York Office , I med one
bottle 8. 8 , S , and t Improved rapidly and
Ycry soon I Wfti entirely relieved of my
" Job's Comforters. " Kow not a ilgn of my
fnictlmi can bo ( ton. I feel strong ami cheer
ful. 8. B. S. Is a fine tonic as proved In my
e -e. I deep soundly and my appetite Is good.
Dr. J. N. Cb nry , a well known physician
writes from Xllavllle , Georgia t " I use B. S. S.
In Convalescent fever caiei with tha b it re-
lulls. It will. In my judgment , prevent sum.
rner dyitentery , If one will take a few bottles
In the tprl&ir , thus preparing the bowels for
the strains of summer. "
Mrs. Scott Lliton , 119 Zane street ( IslandX
Wheeling , West Virginia , v rites I "Hnvlni
used S. S. B. for the blood , I cnn safely eay
thrvt Itlientn anything I VinToU'eil to 61eansi
the blood and make a new bulug out of 6 p i >
ton. "
Hr.M. S. mmlln. Winston , N. C. , writes !
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up , glilnif me nppetltn and digestion , and
enabling mo to aland the lot ; , trying , cner-
rating hot summer daj t. Onuilng It I soon
become strong of body nnd oaiy of mind. "
TreatLiO on DIood and Skin Diseases mailed
TUB Swin Brtcmc CO..Drawers.
n man for groaning vhcn he has
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KEV. B. II. TIlOYfitt , New Atbanr. Ind.
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ucatlonul and Charitable purpose" , anil its ft an
chlso mndo n part of the present Stnto Constltu
lion , InlSTB , by an overwhelming popular vote
take place Seml-Annuallr. ( June nntl December
1N08 take place on each of the other ten month *
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Academy of Music , New Orleans , La.
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ftiocompany to use this certificate , with fac
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nil inizes drawn In The Louisiana State
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Farm Loans
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Mranccra visiting thu city. Those pretenders usually disappear la
few weeks. Beware or them or their runners ornjicuts. 1 ho Omnhn
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We Manufacture Surgical Braces for Deformities , Trusses ,
Supporters , Electrical Batteries , and can supply physicians or patients any appliance , remedy or instrument known. Call and consult ns , or write for circulars upon all tub-
ects , with list of questions for patients to answer. Thousands treated successfully by correspondence. We have superior advantages and facilities for treating diseases , per
forming surgical operations and nursing patients , which combined with .our acknowl edged ability , experience , responsibility and reputation , should make the Omaha Medica
and Surgical Institute the flrft choice.
The Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute is conducted upon strict business and scientific principles , and patients here receive every advantage that art , skill science
and human ingenuity , can bring to bear on their cases. Their comfort and convenience willalways be taken into consideration.
Should you conclude to visit us for treatment or correspond with us , you will find that these statements of our position , location and facilities arc not overdrawn
in any particular , but are plain unvarnished facts.
Only Reliable Medical Institute Making a Specialty of PRIVATE DISEASES ,
All Blood Diseases successfully treated. Syphilitic Poison removed from the system without mercury. New testorative treatment for loss of Vital Power. Persons
unable to visit us be treated at home correspondence. All communications confidential Medicines instruments
may by or sent by mail or express , securely packed , no marks to la-
dicatc contents or sender. One personal interview preferred. Call and consult us or send history of your case , and we will send in plain wrapper our
Upon Private , Special or Nervous Diseases , Impotency , Syphilis , Gleet and Varicocele , with question list.
, My Reason for Writing u Book Upon Private , Special and Nervous Diseases.
the subject , consequently I receive an
if such persons , I have written a book ,
giving a _ . - . . , , have a clearer idea of their condition and
can write me more intelligently and to the point It will therefore be seen that our object In writing these pages is not to furnish 0 reading matter to a class 01 persons who read out of
mere Idle curiosity , but for the benefit of the many who are suffering to a greater or les degree from diseases , or the effect * of disea es or abuses , of the sexual or urinary organs.
Not a day passes but we rective many calls or letters from persons suffering from this class of diseases , or their sequel. Many of them are ignorant of the cause of the difficulty
that has wrecked thUr constitutions , thrown a cloud over their bright prospects and is shortening their days.
Surgicul operations for the cure of Hare Lip , Club Feet , Tumork , Cancers , Fistula , Cataract , Strabismus ( Cross Eyes ) Varicocele , Inverted Nails , Wens and Defer
mities of the Human Jody } performed in the most scientific manner.
We treat'Chronic Diseases of the Lungs , Heart , Head , Blood , Skin , Scalp , Stomach , Liver , Kidneys , Bladder , Nerves , Bones , etc. , as Paralysis , Epilepsy , ( FiUr )
Scrofula , n right's Disease , Tape Worm , Ulcers or Fever Sores. Dyspepsia or Gastritis. Baldness. Eczema , etc.
3D X S S .A. S IS 3 O3F "WOlb/EISiT , O'REA.I'BIJ
Carefullyj skillfully and scientifically by the latest and mo t approved methods. WRITE FOR BOOK ON DISEASES OF WOMEN , FREE.
Dr. McMenamy has for years devoted a large portion of his time to the study and treatment ot this class of diseases , and has spared neither time nor money to perfect himself , and
is fully supplied with every instrument , appliance and remedy of value in this department of Medicine and Surgery.
We claim superiority over any oculist or aurist in the west , and the thomand * whom we have cured , after others have failed , substantiate our claims. To those afflicted
ment with Eye and cure. and Ear Diseases , we imply ay , call and coniult ui , get a scientific opinion , then vl lt whom you like , and if you are an Intelligent person you will return to u for treat
cure.Our book , describing the Eye and Ear and their diseases , in plain language , with numerous Illustration * , are written for the benefit of patients and physicians who
TJ2.rearo | ? cascs : l > y reat3i"S thcm CI refuHy physician and patient will have a clear understanding and can deicribe cases to us more intelligently. WRITE FOR BOQft
Address all letters to
DR. J. W. McMENAMY , N. W. Corner 13th and Dodge Streets , Omaha , Neb.
I IfflllAI * fflAnlw Opium habits cured.
kllfUWI IIC1UII ) No pur until perma
nent cure Is effected. We hare faith enough In our
rtmedr to make this offer. U rau be given with or
without tha the knowledge of tlm person taking It.
WtaTXim Ujuuux Co , Lot WW , Omaha , Nob.
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Surgeon and Physician.
Office N. W Corner lUh and UouclaH Bt. Offlci
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