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, . , . F . . . . ? V 1 . . . . . . . . .
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. 2 . . . ThE OIAHA DAILY BEE : I'RtDAY , , JTJ1iY 27 , i8SS .
- -
' The CUy ,
: The plumbers stIko b iniiciI.
Southern eIoper5 lIcalIrlg ( for Oinaba.
An 8IPCfll ) IUIUIC for suffering Sweden.
t 'rho fnadequncy of garbage duindng facill.
Dewey & Stone robbcd of thousands by
lccoipts of hogs at South Omaha , ,1O3 ;
, cittlc , 800.
The cable-horse car suit goc to the su.
reliie court.
The ltcgan contract discovered in Mayor
Control of the ThornpsonIioUston works
goes to Boston.
'r r , F1rnImll says the Union Pacific is not
. . in the grain business.
James Callahan loses a foot by uinping on
. a Union I'aclllc train.
Iteal estate transfeN aggregate I9,0O ;
building IcrInit1 B7,425.
'rho IL & M. runs it first vestibule train
froiii Denver to Chicago ,
Leo Connors is sluggeil and robbed by a
newly ncqtiirctl acquaintance.
'ritree 1oysJacob helm , Samuel Dusten
and Vi1iiaxn Andcr.wn-aro dt'ovzicd In the
, river while bathing.
A tivcnilo retiublicanclub lia beeti formed
Ut Schuyicr.
Thu Perkins county teachers' institute Is in
essioii at Grunt.
Burglars IIHLlC ( un unsuccessful attempt to
blow open a safe at Greenwood.
Mrs. lavid 11. 'Figard and her daughter
% were seriously hurt in a runas'ay ut Seward.
The ProlIilitioIlIMts of the First district
- omiiiatcd lhw. Grahaut of Omaha for con
, . Fremont Eminolis fatally stabbed Bertha
I Shuitz at Puwnee City because lie refused
to niarry hi in.
Six men svcro smothered by the derailing
L' of a cur of corn la which they were stealing
5 % ride , ijear Yutan.
Tiio senate takes up the fisheries treaty.
' l'rosident Cievelaiid goes to New York.
EiiiperorVilliarn has arried at Stock-
' 1iolin.
A big sash and blind factory iii Chicago
Three porons vcro roasted alive at May-
- nard , 0.
'J'lio house took UI ) and discus3od the OkIa-
linnia blil
' "Swipes the newsboy" is knocked out by
Jack lelancy.
f 1uro testimony Is taken in the iiinnigra.
tion investigation.
A delegation of miners visited General
harrison yesterday.
An unsuccessful effert was ixiado to rob the
. , Concord ( N. II. ) bank.
S 'cond ilay's proceedings of the colored
democratic convelition.
'J'wo Indiana white cap are wounded by
. friends of girls whoni they had wiiiopcd.
- Au interesting decision was rendered by
the Inter-state coiniiierco commissioners.
.Judgo Brewer lia' ordered a temporary in-
, Unctioii against the Iowa railrmul coininis-
Vice Consul Monaco testifies before the
cotigressional innnigrntion investigation coin-
Zn ittee.
Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll delivers a fu-
iieral oration over the remains of Cortland
San Francisco trade unionists demand the
lmienc'hrneut ) of two federal judges , Sawyer
: The 000th anniversary of the introduction
, , of Christianity into ittissia was celebrated
, cstorday.
Tim cases against tlio Iowa railroad ooiii-
ulissioners were taken up before .Judgo Fair-
all at Iowa City.
Itobert henderson a Silver City , Idaho ,
. millionaire , wa founi in a Chicago tiotcl ni-
21ost suffocated by gas.
Western Association gaines : St. I'.ul 10 ,
Kaiisas City 13 ; Minneapolts2 , DesMoines 1 ;
, Iiiwaulceo 6 , St. l'aul 1.
: Z'iiial A tioz * II ) lioi'Likcu By the Na-
i tiotial Brotherhood Convention.
I ICANS.ts CITY , July 0.-Special [ Telegram
to Titu 13Ee. iC.V. . Robertson , chaIrman 01
the local grievance committee of the brother-
, . iood of engineers , saki this inoralug : "Tue
trlklng engineers were sustained by the ac-
Lion of the St. Joseph meeting , but all the
: Jropositlons lertnlnllig to thu strike nod
, neasurcs for bringing it to an end were iiot
kteiinitely settled. These questions will he
/ , taken tip and settled at the grand national
neeting of the brotherhood , which will ho
' 1ioJd in this city witliiii one or tvo weeks. It
'as determIned yesterday to hold this meet-
lug , hut the time will be act by the chief.
.At this meetIng every lodge and order front
' . every Part of the United States and Citnaila
viIl be rQprcsonted. Thu situation will be
. thorougidy discussed , and whatever aetioti is
. taken will ho final.
lingo itiitl tttVIll' Itetitru.
Cnic.tuo , July ' 0.-CiiaLrmeii liege and
Tduriliy ) , of the Burlington strikers , returned
to-day fron their western trip. 'ruiccoil -
liria the riort that the strikers at-c viactl-
cally unanimous agaInst accepting the liropo-
: idtions of the Burlington oiflclals. Chair-
1111111 llogo reported that the mcii are live.
, laircd to continue thu striao Indefinitely.
. , ,
The Judges Will Not W'orlc Till Sat.
: Judge Ilopowell said the judges had dc
, ' , cided not to transact any business before
Saturday , and that lie would only tilake the
. rullins in the matters which were ircscntetl
1. to liitit Tuesday nod would take Up 00 UCS
: Iii the case of Thomas against Pugh , ii
vhich a motion for a new trial had beeti ar
) "tied on the grounds of the court's l'l5truc
. ( bus to the itiry 10t boliig In accoidaiie
% Vitil the evidence , and soiiio admission oi
vidcnce at the thuD of the trial , the mo
tion to reopen was overruled.
TIme other case was to set aside the con
tempt proceedings in the e.mse of CassadI
pgninst S. L. Andrews & Co. lt started b.
ttndrews garnishing Cassady's wages in ni
own court. Alt upplleatioti Y.IS tiled iter
y Cassady asking foe Rh injunction restrain
ng the idaintift In time garnl'dico case lieu
cginnlimg any such procet'tliogs on tl
rotind that the defendant was a iumarrie
iian and lila wages were exempt. This cony
riintet1 a temporary injunction iuumil Antlrev
titan sold the uecount to Ovid Veint , of Coon
dl Bluffs , vIio began the proceedings agatns
Cassady to collect the same. Ancirews va
brought into court for contempt. Alter Heal
tog the arguments out the motion to distumls
lie case the court ruled that there had bee
10 COflteiUIlt amid set aside the uidgnwuit I
und dIssolved the temporary injuimctio
Bgalnst Ant1t e\s ,
Mathew L. BuseS began dIvorce iirccet
lags against his ife Jcnnie N. linaey ,
% viuom he was married the 23(1 of Outoboi
, sua. Site left hini in ISSO and has not boo
eeu by luhn Itico. lIe bases hIs UjllICatIO
bu the ground of desertion.
Victor (1. raiutry asks D0 damages from
) V. Fred parker for the tearing away of
barb wire fence from around it lot of wide
each party clattils the ownership. 'l'iie ' groUn
in dispute is outlet 215 of tue city of Flo :
Cassie Annie Small has begun dIvorce pr
ecodings against her husband'Joseph Sinai
n her petition she acts forth that she wi
narrled to the cicendaumt ! November Ii , 1ST
In Highland county. Ohio. Site charges tli
tlcfendant with havIng ( 'ommnitted ndulteu
v1th a woman named liaiunker , in a itout
fin Qulimoy atreet , bctwccit Nlnctccittit au
Wsventetlt streets , curing the months
iluno and July of thIs year , and also wit
IorId Overinait anti ninny other womoi
t'luo second charge Is that of desertion. 'L'l
tlcfcndant loft his home at No. 1714 Saut
tIers street In September , ISST , anti lots iii
cturncd since. The lainhl further itsi
I or the custody of their one child , a ix
twelve yeara old , and titat bile be glvt
iImony to support herself attd tim chIld.
An Indignant Wnltor. ,
Ait overfresh person at the CasIno Ia
evcnIuguse some insultIng language to
'Waiter audwas jromptly brotiglit to torn
% ey having a bottle sitiasited ovtr hIs ,
Omaha Pinyora I-lava Fun With the
, Council Bluffs Toam.
The l4cnlIers nun ) the Iliuies 1)evolo
'I'Iireo ioiirM * If ) 'iukItig : Fi'i'ors-
1i IuiuienlohiM Viitq Fvniii 1)es
1tiiIC $ 4gaIn.
Oiumalia I 0 , Cuiuiteil iliuiliM 7.
The game at Lake Manawut yostoitlay
iifternoon between Omaha and the Council
Bluffs city lenguc thain attracted a crowd of
about six iiundrctl people. Tiio game was
not vortiy ) of the minnie of base ball , the
Omaha teuni madulgiiig in a hot of hurso plulY
that was neither Intorcstiiig or aniusing.
They ditl not try to bat , run bases or ztuiy-
thing else. When they tiid make a hit , they
did nothing uimore tItan s-uilk around the
hues. hart , of the Jotter .S Young cits
heutguc tenuim , hitched for the Otnuitas , aimd
did quIto vehi. litut the seven hits were made
oft of huitut tiiitl ho struck out nina moui , lie
Is the only PlaYer that deserves the slightest
mention iii the hoiume te.uu. Of the Council
I Iluffs toutuut it may ho said they dIdn't iuiuiy
the game they are capable of , and the
Ouiuuuiuns did as they pleased with them.
Strock , the catchier , made an attempt at liii-
Ituttlng our own Incomparable Crooks , and
got beautifully guyed for his effort.
Foliowiimg is the score of the gutune
by iiuuuings :
Oimiah'u. . . . . . . . . . I 0 2 4 0 0 0 3 * fi
Council I3luiffs .0 1 2 0 (1 ( 0 1 0 87
} arned runs-0. Passed bails-Strock 0 ,
Cooiiey 2.Vlid pitchies-Stciltensoit , Hart
1. UmpIre-Flynn.
4ftei the garmue the boys had supper at
hotel Iuumiasvtt , then went across the lake ,
anti spent the evening disporting iii the
linqiuit waters. They returned to Oniuhia on
titt 12 : 10 dummy , trove fatigued and vorit
out tiutti they vould have been had they
llLtYed ) two icguuiar chtimluisluip gullies.
A Rocky ( nmiua lictvccit ( lie 14catlcrs
uimith iCnuiqa City.
KA NSAS Cuiv , .J uty 20-Spccial [ Tolegraumi
to ' [ 'iii : IIECj-One of thin rankest gaumies of
l)1OfeSsi0im1l ) ! bail ever witnessed In thIs city
was tue twelve inning game to-day betivecmt
Kansas City ituiti St. I'.iuh. Jt took thm'eo
houi ; atuil twenty nuimmutes to iday it. The
errors were not only numerous but InOxcusa-
lila an(1 ( costly. Even though the uumipuru
favored Kaimsas City , time liltics could not
viut , 'l'hero was no bt'iiliant luluzyiuig what-
ever. Tue score :
St. l'aul..0 ii 8 1 2 1 0 Li 0 0 1) ) 8-10
Earned runs-St. l'uul r. Two base hits-
Br.nhloy Artiner , Gunson , l'iclcctt , Patton
(2) ( ) , Farie. 'I'iireo hatso hits-Carroll. Struck
out-By Nichols 7 by iwyer 4. Passed
btthis-Cuosoui 1 , I.arIo 8. WIld iiitches-
Nichols 1 , iuryca 1. hit by pitcher-By
Nichols , ly Duryen 2. hits-Kansas City
18 , St. Paul I. Errors -Kansas City S , St.
I'aul 19. Bases on balls-Off Nichols 1 , off
1)uryca 'l. First base on et'rors-lCansas
City 11 , St. Paul 7. liatteries-Nichols utitd
( iwison , Dut'.vea , Eeuiimnlr : tuiii Jaric. Tiiuie
of gaine-3 :20. : Utmuplre-Fessemiden.
Mtmmmmeapolls 2 , 1)c Moines 1.
Dus Moi.'cs , July 2d.-FSpeci.uh Teleeram
to To m : 11 mn.A ] very clo'e giutno was wit-
utessed by 500 lCOI'l' ' ' at the ball iuarlc to-duty.
It wa largely a pitcher's battle , the crack
tivirlers for both teams being in the hmox.
Time first ruit of tim gaumme was made by
Nlinneapolis iii the sixth InnIng by a base on
bails to Ilowcs amid cu-revs o Quinn and
Stearuts. In the seventh inuiuig Iiollkiuy
iumade a double , amid in runulmug front first to
seconti was tripped by Ilawes atiti fell yb-
leittiy to the ground. Ilogot up and i-cuicited
second. umpon wimielt lie fell , and it was soy-
cml iuminutes befero lie recovered suiflicuently
to liroceeti. lie scored on ut passed ball by
Broughiton. In time itintht inning the visitors
got a mu by a base en balls to l3rosiiati amid
a long hilt by Itowo. Thu score :
Des Moines..Ii 0 0 ii I ) 0 1 0 0-1
Minneapolis..1 0 0 (1 ( 0 1 0 1) 1-2
Two base hits-Holliday (2) ( ) . Double
plays-Alvord , ( ) uinn amid Stearns ; ttcul- :
iitt- , Stearns umul Alvorti. Bases on balls-
By llutchinwn 2 , by Winkleunuin 8. l3uuso
giveut for hitting with Pitched ball-By
\Viimidcinan 1. Struck out-Ily Ilutchlnson
8 , by Winklenian 4. Passed balls-lJroughmton
t , \ViId iuitehes-Ilutcltlnsun 1. Timo-2:10. :
Milwaukee ( I. Sioux City 1.
Sioux CITY , .1 umly 20.-Speeial [ Telegram
to Tim m : limn-The ] gammie botiveemiIiIvaulcec
tinti Sioux City , which was deferred on tic-
ceUtut of the rutimu , was llatyo to-day. Iml
waukee Intl aim eusy victory. Sioux City was
imaucticaImped by the illness of both its catch.
- and Bat'uies amateur beitimit ]
el-s , nut , was put
tue bat. ( .eist , time Omaha pitcher , did umot
sustain himself as tu ImitcilOntOiloit. Milwaukee
batted hint witenever it iiecdett to. Tluouighu
few oirors wcro made time g1uuite was spirit.
less , amid the home climb was outplayed at
every Point. Time score :
SiouxCity..0 1 0,0 00000-1
Milivaukec..9 0 0 8 0 0 1 0 0-
Humis earned-Sioux City 1 , Milwaukee 4
Two base iuits-Lovc 'rhreo base hits-
I\IcAlcer Stt-tuss. Buses bmtlls-Siou
\ , : on - :
City 1 , Milwauicce 2. Streak out-Ocist ,
Ciriflith 1. Pnsseui bails-lint-nc's 1 , MIlls I
Wild imitelies-Geist 1 , GrililtIt 1. Tinic-
1 : & . Uuupire-Cusick.
_ .sot1atIomi Stnmudit.
Following is the oiilciuil standing of tin
L WeMteruu association tcutas UI ) to and lu
r eluding yestet-duty's gaines.
Pli.roaVoii : Lost l'xC
. ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 21 .6.
1)05 ,3oimies. . . . . . . . &G :1 : 28 .6)
Omaha.7 'dl ti
81. 32 .45
iCatisas . . . . . . . . . 27 80 .4
r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2S 33 .46
Stou. ' Cit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 .3S
Minmicapolis..b5 23 83
; OTILfllt
c Yesterday's % V 1mm mters iii time Nat lemma
a I.eetme Comutests.
New Yoiti , July 21.-ltcsult of to-day'
: i
gutino :
a NcwYorlc . . . . . .4 1 0 8 0 I ) 0 0 0-
Phmuluidclphii. : . . .0 0 0 0 0 0 (1 0 1-
t Pitt-luers\Velcht for Now York. Case
S for I'iilkuuieiphia. I luts hits-Now York II :
L Pimiladclxiitia 2. Errors-New York2 , I'Imllu
t U ci Piiimt 4. Umumpire--Dan lels.
JiosroN , July 20.-Result of to-day'
gamEte :
S Boston . . . . . . . . .1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0-
ii Wnslmlngton. . . .0 0 0 1 (1 ( 1 1 2 -
ml l'itciicrs-Hadbourn for Boston , Whltne ,
a ( or WashIngton. B.tse ljlts-Bostomt
Wutshingtoit 8. Errors-Boston 0 , \S ash
tt.m 0. Umpire-Powers.
? Cimmc.too , July 20-lcsult of to-day
game :
Chicago 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-
a Detroit . . . . . . . . .1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0-
1'Itciiers-l3tidviit for ChIcago , ( Tietzei
for DetroIt. Base iuItz-Chicumo 4 , Dotro
; - . Errers-Chtucage I , Detroit 1. Umplu'
U -Lynch.
rPVVTSmIUII0 , July 0.1lesult of to-day'
game :
) - Pittmthurg..1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0-
. . . 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-
Is Pitchers-Morris for Pittsburg , Healy f
Itmdiaminmolls. l3usn imit.s-Pittsburg 8 , F
0 dianapolis 0. Briors-Plttsburg 2 , Iudiuti
-y apolis 3. Umlie-Eolly.
Time Amncrletmt A'tsoelntlomt
-it ; July 20.-IlestIlt of to-day
It gutne :
ti , Iialtlmnore..0 0 0 0 (1 0 0 0 1--
mc St. LouIs..2 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 1-
1Cm.avmz..tNn , July 2G.-Result of to-day
) t gauto :
Cs Cleveland..0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0-
) Y Louisville . . . . . . 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 9 0-
II 13uuoOJIX , July 20.-Rebuilt of to-day
game ' .
Brooklyn . . . . . . . . . . .l 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2-
lcutmiasC1ty..0 0'l 8 3 o 0 0 U ( .1 ' . - .
St PiiIi.ADELr1IIA , July 2G-Tesu1t of to.aa
a gaute : ' '
is' .thIottcs..8 0 ' 30 0 0 0 1 0-
CimicIuiltl : . . . . . .U Q 0 0 0 0 0 2 0-
- , - ' - - - - - - - - - - - -
TJrfll3etteq I ) , Ii-emimouut Grays 8.
The Lafttycttcs , time colom-od ball club
which is doing ttp nil the amateur ball tettrms ,
itthtlcti mtnotlier scahim to Its bolt yesteiday
itt F'rcmmiommt. Time score wws : Lafutyettes I ) ,
Frcmonts S.
Base -Latnyottos I f , Ormtys 10.
1rrom-s-Lnfutyettcs 0 , Grays S.
hittteries-Simuith : nut ] Brewer for time ra-
fayetttts ; 1"&triiuer and Lmtughlimt for the
0 rutys.
Tiit fifuiyette. anti ilat-ulitus will ; mlay at
Lake Mutnawit next \'cdnesday , August 1 ,
umiu ilgaiuu 4t1Ust 4.
The Gaumme Wa Cnhletl.
\rA1T.TINr , Neb. , .luIy 20.-Spccmal [ 'role-
gruummi to Tom' Bes-1'lo ] mmmcli tallied of Intil
gumimu between the Clmadioim tulume atmd the
luomume toatum took Place to-day for a imrso of
: l00. 'l'iue game was c.uiied in tIme seventh In-
1111mg owing to time rank decisions of time tmmmt-
Pire. Time imurse % .mts wltludraivut and all bets
declareti ' ' - Dowd otmti
off. 'I'l143 batteries wcu-c
Coouis for ( 'hadron , unit the Pattereout litos ,
for Vuiientitie ' [ 'ne Cimadroum club 111a3 Long
Plume to-morrow uttuti Aticinsout Saturday.
York 18 , Osceohn ifi.
EOIIK , Nub. , Juiy 21.-Special [ Telegrata
to 'I'um m urE-'rite ) gamuio lucre to-day between
Osceohu and York resulted as follows :
Osceola. . . . . . . . . 0 0 II I 5 1 1 4 0-15
York.I 1 4 U U I 10 2 * _ IS
Summary oI Yestet-dmty's fleces at
' .loi mmioiithi t'ark.
M0NM0UTII l'.tum , July 20.-Sunummmry :
Three-fourths of a umile-Giluimnlttl won ,
Shiotover second , Fitzroy thumd. 'rime-
Three-fourths of a mile-Groomsmnan womi ,
Clarissa secomutl , Bill 1ltritcs third. Time-
1:1t13 : ( .
Omio mitmd omme-eighth mniles-Defmtulter ven ,
Little , limmi socommd , Minority Colt thIrd. Time
_ 1:514. :
One timid one-half tmiiies-Comimmomuiama von ,
Firtmmmzi secommml , Eurus third. Tiimme-2 :8334. :
Ommo mmmllo-Gcorgo Lee won , 'relic Doe
second , Strideutway third. 'l'imumelk23'4. : .
Sevemi-oighmths of ii mile-Gremutiiicr : won ,
Malaria second , ltuwlammd thin-ti. 'riutc-1:2J. :
Smiratogn Ittices.
S.uu-rooA , .luiy 20.-Time races vere con.
tinumid to-day.
Flush stakes for one-half
, two-ycar-olds , -
umtile-I'rinccss Bowling svomt by a nct'k ,
St-i-via sccomtd , : tuid Diithlo third. 'l'inme-SOJ (
Purse of 5u(1 ( , siecial weights , ommo amid
three-slxtecnthms umu iies-Oarsmumtut : womu by it
half length , I Iesiu .lumuio second , : tmmd Brown
Duke tim lm-tL 't'uutme-2 :03. :
Culifomimiut stakes , for mull ages one mile-
1'Ingstomm , Climax muidtl.titte hiutisimetl iii tim
order mourned. 'J'immue-l :14 :
Three-fourths of a mnlle-h3tulgo : won imt
1 :10 : , Lelex second , Clay Stockton timim-ti.
One imuiio mimmd seventy yards-I lutmijoVOfl in
1 :4(1 : ( , Lottie'nll second , Jcmmmmmu lcFttrlaumd
I'OStIHmmctl II ) Ilalu.
InTmmomT , .Iuly til-Omi account of raIn
to-dmty's races were postPomcd until to-mimor.
Commics Ioivn 1"roimiI'reiimomut. aitd , Gets
Nicely Iomte Up.
A hicreumleaui slugger mmmcd Camnpboll ,
wlmose 1mestofiico address Is Fremommt , cammie
dovtt ftommi that haimilet yestem-day to lay out
Baby Barnes in a glove commtcst at time Pee-
gb's timcatre last evenimig. Uuifortuimatoly
litrmuos : is laud up ivithu a rummnummg sore out Imis
rlghtt. leg , ututul svas umnmtblo to appear In the
bloody prize rimig. Canmimbehi mitTected to be
grtiitly tllsahmpoimttet h over I lub.i's 110mm-aim-
pemurtumice , amid whtimm the tiumte nrui-ed in the
urograumumte timat thud matclt was set
louCamopheil stenped forward amid
lit a swaggering , braggadocio style
belittled JJam-mmcs by immsinuatiumg timut that
pugihist immighut have beomi pt-csemtt if lie elmoso.
Cammmpboll ivts : also loud jut lammiummtitmg that
timere svere no other Iugiists in Ommiauma who
dated uutce hmlmmm. Little Chancy Gmites , wimo
hind just flmmistueil a timtcc-roumnd cormtest with
Limmdsay , was omt tIme stage itt the tiumic , still
Perspirimmi. amid pamuting front time emmcounter
just entled. Carnibeil's ' withering rcnmam-ks
miettied 111mm ) : tmiti lie stopImed forward aumd told
the Fremomut slugger that he would ti-y to
tight htimmi although he wuts outly a lighmtwcigiut
Sliarror. Campbell tried to dodge tIme
acceptance of tiuls clmallcmmgc , but
time hisses of tIm audience soon brought
liimii to tinio. Time two advanced
to time middle of the ring and shook itaumds ,
when , in utter disregard of all rules of time
Prize rimmg , Caumipboll struck thu light-weight
ml heavy blow eu the right cheek. Gates
looked at hint in astonishmmient and asked the
teft'i'eo to give the Fretmuoumt slugger some in-
sti'uctiomts in the mules of the prize m-ing. It
WEtS decided that tim mnatelt should be nut
easy ome : foi poimmts only but Campbell
struck ( Jatos a lick cit time jasv that caused
lmmimm considerable ttoubho to shut hmis inoutlu
for several minutes. Gumtes then let loose
nmmd gave his lte.tvy adversary seine luretty
ScVelt ) httnisimuient. At the emmd of the first
round imoth contestants were warumed that
no sluggimmg was allowed , but despite
this , at the bcgbmmmming of time sccoumd
L i-otmitd Cmimpell icsuiiumed his old tactics ,
whmen Gates again let out out iimumm lie
: stmuck the iueavyvoighmt a stunnimmg blow
in the f.tee ammo followed It with oumo in time
bread-basket tlmat lemtocked himit immto time
: commmer , niummost helpless. One more blow
woumld have kmmoeked huluim cenmlmletely out of
time rmng , whmomi Detective Ormasby iuimipcd UI )
amud Put U stop to tue mtiTttir. Gates was ten-
tIered a hat-feet ovation by the audience.
; TIlE L'ltIZfl lUNG.
: S-les , time Nev'.lcumoekel Omit By
IL l'mipil ot lemmmpsoy.
Nw Yoimm , .luhy 26.-lSlmccinl Tclcgranm te
Time iiti-'J'Iium'c was sonme hmmird tlghtimm
m imcar l'olimanmVcitcimester county , yesterday ,
between "Swmpes , tlio Newsboy , " otherwise
lemmowmi as Tom \\'hitc , meal Jack Delummiccy , ol
lirookiyim , 'hto is said to be a pupIl of Juchu
Icmnpsuy. "Svipes' ' did all time figbtimmg umi :
I' to the thirtcemmtit round , but uifter that
3 Iclammeey played eu the smaller mummi's fmte
2 with sad effeeL 1mm the ixtecmttlt m-oumtd
3 'Swipcs" V.liS kno-ked cleami cit his plums
'S \Vlwmu I imo was cutilcil for the twenmy-thmirtl
m-oummd ' ' ' ' could uimmit lie
(1 ( 'Swiimcs' ito lommger see ,
LI it-as btoppcd from mrocoodimmg furtimet. Thus
1)ehummecy won the victory.
- -S
'ut'4lmIImgtomt lirevitles.
'rho vrosldemtt yesterday vetoed the ad
gmammting a iighmt of wmty to time Fort SumiIthi
S I'aris & l.iideumello mailromti commmpany to comm
struct tint ojmernte it ratiroad , telegraph ant
S telepimono immmo front Fort Simmltli timroumgh Iii
diami territory to Baxter Springs , Kan.
V TIme house immus Imasse(1 the bill , witlt amend
ntents , periumittiagVyomumummg territory to so
loot , Protect mumd lease its school and univer
sity lands amid the senuto Imas concurred ii
S time uzmiemtihncnts.
Secretary Fairchild to-duty awarded tin
eummtt-aut for extoumding time Brooklyn host
1) ofluu'o to 1. 1.Gobel , of Chicago , at hIs bId
) , riuo stnte ilepartmnent was to-day lmiforimiei
of time establishinment of toicgramlmlc c.iom
munidation 1)ctweemi time imutcli colony o
'S ' Curacea anti North Atuuciieti.
'Flint Sitimmoset iltimmumer.
8 t time meeting of the Sanmoset ussociatlni
last evenIng urraugeumments were made In
J the lmrcsemmtut.ioui of the new binmicr by Coil
tatn John l' l3oyti to the association on Fr
s day evening at tile I'axtoim. All time imieuui
bero and a iargo nummubem- other dcmnocrmmt
8 have lmcen invited to be nut hummmtl. A hitmi
wIll be scent-ed and refreslmmemits wilt U
) r
' 5 For Stablemen Stopkmen ,
TuOaEATiTlmEEny meow : roim iton
7 u ) cATTI.ut iiisu.u.
2 Cut , Rwhhiumgi , 1irmmI.r , Spm-rhmmR , Gall , ,
q ttraii , , , Limut. , . . , . .SttITisc , , , ( Jr&uktid
Iliei , . St-rstt-Ici , . ( linmtrivtIui , l'hm'iiii
. , s oumi , , Strlmmgiiait , tiore ' , t' ,
.lIstuuiip-r ; ( uilc Viiitlow. i'cdl
, 0 Et-hI. 11.tmmiimi Ttmmor , . Splint , itiuig-
, .7 boui , ' , , , , , ' ' * In Its rumriy .tso , .
AJ'PiY St. Jutob tII In uceoriianco
"S wmti tim , , directlun , tyitti eat-li botUor
19 , g4 j Prug1aa and Iet/cIe i'verywhere.
' 3 iicCImarIuiA.Vuchor Co. , UaItu.M4
' L.114 \ , - , .
It i InscribOd With the Names of
HnrrEpri alici Morton.
A barge lehqgntioui ) of Iiutilitmma W'ork-
lmmgmimeut htithh ) siommmmtl I lie Ito.
imitihlciiit : Stmtmuilaril Iit'iti-i--
Othmer'i'4hiIcaI News.
i'ttlumers Solil linri'lsoui ,
Isnu' , July 20.-Over two thtoums.
amid strnimgei-s ltid ; their respects nimul shook
imammtis withi Gemmeral llnrrlsomm to-day. Tim
hmriumcilmal dehegatiout caine frommt Clity coummmty ,
lumditmmmum , motel viclmmity mutt vmis . 'oummposed of
coat umulumers amuti otimci citiicmms. Coutspicuetms
1mm tIme delegation were 100 negro mumimuors , it
vas the mmuost mnlpo4lng demmionstratiomi that
hmmiu ; bcemm mmmmdo : by mummy outslule iiclegntiomm ,
amid wits lmumdor time ItUsiulees of ' "i'hmo Ilmtm'ri-
soul ilners' Club of lir.tzih , ' ' nmmti Partoohc
lmtrgely of it labor ticmmtonstratioim. It reiiuired
four traiims to bring thommt to time cIty. Amnoumg
the inscribed bammimers curried iii the parade
froum the depot vero : "Aimiermetium immdustrics
immUst be lmrotccted ; ' ' ' "mVc domt't wummt ammy
British democracy lit ours , we arc for
4liit'ViCit. ' ' 0mw bttnmmer bore time outlines of
mm large ummlmtcm-'s iiclc on which were the
words , "Our iilek is liarrisomi. "
imhmijorVliiiamum Carter delivered a coum-
gmuitUimttory miuidress , to which Getmem-mil llmti-
rismm rcspoumded mm foilows :
I 'Gemutiomnemi mmmiii friemmtls : I thmmumtk you for
thils cmmthttmsimustit' tieummommstratiomm of your in-
tetest. 'I'hiis ( hemmtonstrttiomm : humus relation , I
nun . sure , rather to primuciPles tluttmt to muon.
\.ou coumutt , its I imumiierstmtumd , fromim all ptmr-
sumits , to ticciuim-e thumit 1mm yoUr oiminlomm you i
tumtetcsts as farnuors , as mmmimmers as mumocimanics ,
mts tmitdesimituum , lIlt ) itlemmtiiled vIth them mum tlumte-
uluuice of thmo tlo'trimmo of hmrotectioul to Ammmer-
ictimi imtdtmsti'ics , : muid tlmo lrcservmitlomm of the
American uuuirket : for Aunerit :1mm imroihulcts.
Sommmo resort to statistics to simow that time
coumtiitiomm of time Aimmericaim vomlemuteum is better
tiimmtm tittut mf time vorkmneut of itimy othmcr
cotmmmtry. I do mmot care mmow to di'mml with sta-
tistics. Otto fmict is ommoim ghi Joy miuc.
'J'ite I Itlo of iummnigrittloui frommi mthl
time Europcmimm coummtries is tomiitl
otum shtmros. 'Flue gates of Castle ( hit-tioum
sivimmg immivtmd. ; 'l'imey do mmot swimmg otmtwmtrtl
to mummy Ammmem-icamm lniorei seekimmg a better
commmitrV thunum tim is. Ily cotmumtr.vmmicmi , t imo mmtemt
viio have timuheil mit wages iii oIlier imtuuds hunt
hameiy sustaimmeml life amid opemmed mio mtVttuiUO
of proummise to thme'mmm or their clmildremu lumow
time good lumttl of hope its vell us the swallow
knovs the haiti ! of stmmmmummor. 'I'hie. ' testify
tlmutt hero thiero mum-n better couiditions , mitmit
wkher ituiel mumore hopeful prospects for time
vorleummcim thummu iii : tmmy other luau.
' "I'Imo next sumggestiomt I hmitvo to umimtice is
timis : 'I'imat time immure vork there is to ulo lit
tlmms coummmtry , the higher svages will be
11:11(1 : for the doimtiz of it. I speak to macmm vhio
kmmow that vhemm time iumodmict of their toil Is iii
demnammd imi tue mmmmtrket , viieui bmmyers : uie
seeking It , wmiges uudvmtuuco with tue
dermmamtuh , huit vhmemi the ummutricet foi your imro-
duet is deprcsseii , . tmmmd time uuutmnufuctum'er is
beggiumg for'timen wages go down. Is
it mmet clear , theum , 'tLiitt that policy whticii so-
ctmrcs time lut-gest miuiotummt of work to be done
at hioumm is the i.oijc wlumcii will secure to
our iaborimmg mmmii uiteady eumuploymnommt at the
best wagest A ok'y which will tm-auisfer
worhc from oui ummititis amid our factories to
foreigm : mimics nmmtt oroIgn fuictories luevit-
ahul. ' temiuls to tim depression of vumges here.
' 1'htest are tiuthu lptt do not requIre mu'o-
foumm&l stumdy. Ilavimg ! hmt'te it humid thittt thm-ovs
abotmt time iverieinmmmoum speemmul conditions
immure favoranlo tam are found eiseivhmei'o if
vc can lireservo ttJst , ) mom-c favorable iuitius
tminl commditions , vujhmmll : sc-cure the higimest
iuitciests of our vou-kiumg classes.'hut ,
alter till , is tue lmet evitlemice of umatiomiutl
irosicmit amid the best guuutramuty of social
omtlcr , if It is not mm imitchiigeumt , thrifty , comu-
temmted worleimug classi Ctmi : we hook for
comitemitunent if the workmmuan is oumly able to
suiily ) his dmtiiy necessities i ) , ' hmis damhy toil ,
but Is umot able in the vlgmu of youthm to lay up
a store agmtinst old ago ? AA commthitiomm of
thmmmmgs timmit compels the laborer to contemmm-
imlitte vaumt , as in imicidemmt of sickumess or mIls-
ability , Is one that buds to sot-humus disorder.
Comicludo for yourselves what policy , as to
our tmtriti legislmutioim , wihl best subserve your
interests , the iumterests of your fmmmhlies , amid
tIm greatness mmd glory of the mimttlomt of
wimicim yeti are citizeums.
"My colored friends who are lucre to-day ,
thic emmuammelliatiout of time stave rouumevod from
timis country thmat wimhcht teimdetl to degrade
labor. Noui mure now mill free. You am-c
thrown upon yotmr owmi resotirces. The
avenues of mntelhlgenco timid of busitmess sue.
cttsi ; are opemu to mill. I itotico timat thue
lartY to wimichm wtm beioumg immus heemi receumtly
rejuroacited I ) , ' , ' the suggestiomt that we have
riot thmoreimghmiy lmmotectcd time colomed immamm 1mm
the south. 'fimis has been urged mis a reason
vlu. ' time colored pcoimlo should jeimi tue tiemno-
cratle party. I beg time genthonuon wimo urge
timmtt idea to auumnver this uiuestiomm : Against
wimomii is It that tie rcnublitamu : lumirty hums beemt
unable. as you say , to irotect your i-acei
'rimummmiciimg you agitimi for t hIs dexmmommstrntiomm
mmmiii for your fmlemmtlh.v eximressiomms , 1 will take
my Clay commmmty friends by time lmmtmmd. "
I Gmemtt clmoerumig.1
Time Clay county veouule Imad not finished
himakilig hmminds with thm gemmeral whuemu the
.lolmmm Jt Logan club votormtns of Bloommulmig-
tomm , lii. , arrived. I'rof. Atlammis , forummerly
hresitiemmt. of time Jihimtois 1Vesioyamm Umilver-
sity , lmmtrotluct'ti time dolegmitinmm amid made ami
mtdtiress , to which General harrison , reply-
immg , said :
"I thmaumk you for the Interest wimicit time
) ) of your state immtve inmimmifested , aunt fem
. % 'our coimilmil fellowship with iimdiaumu. I will
not discuss tIme issmmcs of tue camnpaign , Let
us mill coumsidcr time history mmd decharatiomum
of time great ltmties : ammtl thoughtfully ccii
clinic wimlchm is the mmioro likely to prommioU
thmo general interests of otmr peoPle. Time
him-itishi ptrllamuieumt : themes itot legisitite 'uvith ii
t view to advance the immtorests of tue Ummited
SUites. The.y have imi vuew the Immtercsts 01
time emnlmirtu rmvom w'hilch'ictomia momgmus
Should wtm not also , as Amorietums , iii otmu
legislmttiomm commsimier lIt-st time iittem'ests of oum
looimleiVo immvite tIme time thoughtful : tttea
tioui of those vhmo hmave imithet-to diftcrc
with us n to these ( juestlomms.
TilF COijOitEl )
TIme Sceommd Iay's Proceotlimmgs a TrIll. .
Iess 'iuieuit.
IxmIANAm'OIus , .ltily 20.-'I'hmo democr.itic
negro umatiemmnl confercmico m-eassomnbioui thu
mnorumlrmg withm Profcssom Clark as pcrmuincumt
cimaimmnaum. Ciiaiiimaui Clark opened thio pro
- ccedimmgs with a scholarly addmess , givlimg timi
rctsoims : why tIme negro should becommue a damn
- oerat. lIe said , in pIrt :
" 4' carefiml sttmd' , of the in-mmmciphes set fom-ti
iii time democratic mmmiii relnmhllen :
m hilatformums vflt comuy mmce ammy ummami that timu
contest for time jmrsidency is to be carrioml om
3 timis your hum lines of thought micw to this gemi
cratlomi. Tue m-epi4bllpamms tieclaro ma favor o
fi-oc baihot timid us fair couimt , but know ful
well thmit thme , evil of vhicl
they commuplutiui is omie that enmimmo
hue eoimtiolied 'p by federal act iou
'J'imcu decisiouts of the suimtomium court howe re
heatCtllY hiiuwiu tiiutt fact. Ommu wommdermm s-im
tutu rcjuubhio.mmis do mot follow time imatit s
It iiuilmmiY jointotl out by the events c
thuti Past twotuty , , years , ziumtl why the ,
r do not i-eu.ort I to btit ( , nuzitutio
t. for time estnblisluutiut.of ammy rights timmit : mr
umow tlenmed themum. ' , 't'ie ] trutim is that fev o
Lthe cvii's of wimmeittmutulimhaitmt is amade art pc
S lmtlcal in mutture , nilti mtet mutiny cami 1)0 cure
by iohitical mititloum. uJ'luo lmolIc of denuncit
e tiomu amud butte has been fully tried. Let u
tm.v time oimposmto cOUmSe. "
Time ehmnlmmmiamm's undress was fi-equentl
1)eicgato Timonas Fortummo , of New Yori ]
alludltmg to time reports that wet
iii circuhatiomi about a lmwk of hiarmomm
coiled upomu J. Mlltoum Tmmrnor , to say hun'
much tmimtlt thmcro Wits iii ( Ito report. 'J'mmrn (
rcspommdod lit loumgth , ammul saul that lie hum
hitteum Imeatemi 1mm Itu 01)011 fight and ito accepte
his defeat witIm the utnmoht satisfactIon. Ii
paid his resimects to the local reoubhica
imress , tuid saId : "rho republIcans thin
timis immovoumleot. is a o1ec. Iii iog
semmso it certalmihy Is , . ut if is
luretty scrious _ ke , as will
shown umext . r veummbcr. ' iio chose
by doctaa'ing that "in the .roliubllcan timere
zor meutis for greasing } , e .wimeels for t
titan there is imu thu dentetratio arty. N
doors yere besheged ia rmighmt by rcpvbi
cans. " . .
Turncrmovcd the.njpoimituucqt of a
j. . . : : . - - : . ( . . . "
- .
muitte 0mm t-esoltmtlomms itmiti address , and time
chmiir muimioloteml , a t-ommmimmitteo of temu , with
'rimounas Fortune , of Now Yorle , as cimimirmuitmi ,
'I'hme commtummlttee reported resoltmtiomms re.
vuowiuig time Poilticuli comuthitloums iuircotliug the
mmt'gro tumid time jrommmlsi's umiadU by E'reskiommt
Cleveiaumd lotmt'Imiumg time fumil emmjovmiient of
their rights , of which time following s ii stmmmm
mum mtry :
ife'solvemi , That we endorse thu imositinum
taiccmt by thie St. Louis eoumvemmtiomt cmi the
tam-lit questiomm.
Hosolveti , 'J'htat time commforamico of colored
Ammmem-lcmtmm t'itlzemms plethge tiiemumselves amid
timeir best efforts to the success of tue demo-
erotic imarty.
'l'ime omuly objectloum caummo frommm 1)olcgate
Stimmsomu of l'emmmumuylvummmia , vhmo tleeluiretl thmuit
hue t-otilti uiot emuherso ( time resolutiomms. nmmd tie'-
mmutmmtted : thmat imis umammue be stricken froimt time
roil of imieuimimems.
At tlmo mtrk'rmmoon sessloum a mmuitlommmil coin-
mumitteo wmts mitmumotimiceel.
'flue coumferemmee miulourumcd sIne tue.
'l'ime umatiommal commmmmuittoo imeitl mu ummeotlng to-
mmlghmt amid i'hectetlViillammi S. Scott , of Cairo ,
hI. , chiutlrmmmamu. 'l'ime fohlowiumg executive
coummmnittee vis : ciuoseum : J. tiltomm 'l'mmrmmum ,
ilIssourl , chmnlruiiutmm : Ii. .1 . Leivis , ticimigitmm
Fm-mumk lloyd C. 11. Plimmumuumemmlutssaeini -
sotts , mmci 1 { . 13. Hebinsoum , District of
Colummubiim ,
Katustis ItemumtIlcan Commvetmtlon.
'l'mi'OKA , ICmimm. , July 20.-TIme reimubllcami
state coutventiomi convouietl thus ummornhmug itt 1) )
o'clock. Time commmmiuitteo on pcrmnammemit or-
gaimlzuitiomm reported Captmmhmm lIomiry Booth of
Lmtrtmed for chimmirimmmtmu. After tIme mei'orts of
time comimmitteos omm credemmtiutls , lluttforumm tumul
resolutiouis , rules mimmil orulem of bimsimmess immith
boon adopted , the commvcuitiomm iroccouled to
umomimimmate it th'ltet. V' ' . ' . A. .Tohmtmsomu was tmoumm-
immmited b.v mmcclnmnatiomu as cuitthitlutto for mtsso-
chute umsticc. 'l'ivo tmmmsuccessful ballots for
govem-umor wore thmeim takemm , after wimichi titi-
joummmimmeimt was takemu umntml this aftermmoomm.
'rite commvcntiomi reasseuumbled at 2 o'clock
p. mum , , amud on tue third ballot r4. 'V. Iltumim-
liim'OY ) , of lntiepemmdemmco , was mmnummiumutteci for
goverumom. Time ticket was couuipheted its follows -
lows : Liemmtemutmut-ovtirimor : , A. J. Felt ;
sceretaiy of state , \ \ ihlinmn I Iiggmuts ; uuttitoi- ,
T. .1. MeCam-timy ; treasumretGeoige Ilautllton ;
utttoitiey-gcmmetutl , Cimitries Kellogg.
llALljltOikl ) CISStFlCtT1ONS.
An Interesting iecmMlomm By the Iumtei--
Stat e Coi.iimmlsslom. . ,
W'Asmm I tiTON , .1 uly 2-Tue immtcr-stttte
commtimmcm'ce counmmimssioii hitt decidctl tue cases
of Fu-ammk L. Iltmrlbimmt : tgmtiumst the Lmke
Shore imIiciulgamm Southiormt ituiti time Pemimi.
s3lvammia mmiiroad : comumimanies , ' , l'ime cimiiimlaimmt
was that hiub blocks werem imut lit time 111th
class of u-eight. These , the clefemmduimmtu.
clutiummeti , shuotmid go imito time class vitht ' 'vmtgon
mmmmtt eu-mi , im mm ilmtisheui , ' ' miumul mm ot lvi t ii ' 'In mum-
hem. " 'l'ime couummmiission tiecidcd that tlmey mire
mumicasomiL'tl mut' mmtatcrial 0mm time vumy to the
himimiets of the mnaumumfactum-er , nmmtl mmimmst , there-
fot'e , be t-ouisiticreul as iroimcriy classed with
1mm ummboi. I mm spca Id mmg of t i i o classillcttmomm : iii
use by the raili-oatls , the comummissmomm smys
that it is supposed to hue expressed 1mm ImImlium
tetmmis , SI ) thmimt an nmti immum-y : busimmess ummami cmmm
mm ultlemst1immd It , mmii , lit c-omiumectiomi vitim mate
shmeets , cutmi uiotei-immiime for hmiiutself vitat ime
cami hue liiwfnilv charged for tu-amtsliom'tatmomm
amid that time eomimimmittc'e s'luo jurejuat'e the
chassuhicatioiu , mifter they 11:1-i : ) giveum it to time
public , hmtvc : umo : mtero atmtiiority to c-oumstm-mme
its immenmiiumg thami mumyhouh.s' else , but timey umust
leave time docummiont to simeale let' itself.
I4OCAIJ liAlijitOAD NE\'S.
The It. & jU. VettiIuuuie 'I'raium ArrIves
Fiommm Jeuiver.
Yestem'diy : : mfterumooum the first contideto yes-
tlbmmie traium ever rumi vcst of time mIissotmri
riyerarm-iveul li-omit iemivei forClmicago via tIm
1i. cc M. It ' : is uemfo4 iii cveiy u-eslmoct ammd
commsistetl of a ummail amid baggage car , express
car , tvo coaches , tue l'ullimmamt sleepei-s
Ehys'ma , Akromt : uiitt imceluuiiii ] , anti time dimmimmg
cti : Icmmver. Mm0. . F. Wood , superiuitcimi- ]
emit of thmu commmummisstr : , % ' departmumemmt of the
Clmieumge , lltiiliimgtout & Qumiimcy , was in cimutrge
of Clue latter ammo imu-ovimied 'I'mue 11cm : u-oprcsemi-
tative with one of tIme fammmotms dimmers for
which time dimming car service of thIs conm-
iany is imoted. 'I'Iuo unoumu wmts as fellows :
Soft shell ttmttio.
Fresh mmmteleetel : , wine sauce.
limb omuis of beef with bmewumed Imetatocs.
Sirloin of beef. Smmimmg clmicleeuu stutied.
Italinmt salad.
Baked iork and beans.
Fillett of beef stmmfteil.
New corn. Green peas. Tomatoes.
Now boiled amid mashed potatoes.
Blueberry amitt apple jde.
Blackberry roll , lmnrd souco.
Fruit. Assorted cake. Ice cream.
Tea. Coffco.
Cheese. Crackers.
liounamm Pummcim.
Moot antI Cittundon.
Thus train 'ut-ill imcrcmmfter run clear through
from Chicago to Jomiver TIme c-ommmptimy : wIll
immit 0mm aumotiior to-mmeri-ow , which will muuake
two solid vestIbule traimis lm'onm Chicago to
That Elevator i'.l at I Pr.
The Liimcoln Bureau of 'L'uus himu yesterday
furnisbeti time imiforumiatmout thmat the Platte
Ceumter Elevator commmmammy lund Ihied
coumplamnt agaimist tlmo UuiIomi i'acilie
road , before tue state board of tuansporta-
tmomt to the effect that the tmimtautgcmtmemmt of the
road iiuiti heeui misleeul to hi-ovmuio for a site
UOli ) whuichi to build mmn elevator mit
Platte Cemmtcr. Ttme reason of tbis do-
mmml oum time imart of the ruilmood coimlltny :
ilium beeum asertimed to time fuict that time Ummiout
Puicilhe crouitl mtmtd the Umilomm Eievmitor commi.
t pumny , or Humnebutugim & mIc'rrimumn owmt ami cIa-
vmitou- itt Phttte Cemiter in wimichu the fom'muter
lois a commtroiling interest. General ITutnmgei- :
Kiutball omiimlmmmtic.hiy : stated timmit such is-us
m muot the case , and thmmit lie wits glad thmechitmrge
lund beemi irefcrred as it. womild atforti time
Ummiemi Pac'illc mimi omportummitv of liro'immg thmuit
all talk i-oluitivo to the mmmatter umiado hicu-ete-
fore was imumtrne. Lie mtssortcd that time ihir-
L ties mmuutieimmg time comimplmttimt vommltI imuve me vcn'y
himmo tiumutu jut jmmovirmg their stittemmmtiutt. 'I'lme
Uimiomm i'uiciii i'as itot iii nay lSti luttetesteti
lii time grout hui4iuiess. As m-cgards the site
for umnotimer elevator itt time poimit iumdlcatcd ,
MiiCimnimall knew comparatively mmothuimig of
of ammy request ummmmdo for the Puirchmuise of
groiuiutl , mmiuc-im loss uimmy direct i-ofusal nit time
putt. tof timi' rouiii to sell giotutud upon which to
erect ii bulldummg lurovided tim lmmieo could be
agreed upomm.
Ijimk mmmii l'huis.
1)cpot-inastem Ilaimes of tue Ummion Pacific
Is commihuted to his re3hdemtco on Faruani sti-cet
very ill.
Col. A. C. Iawes , general iassemmgcr agent
of tlme Kimmisas City , St. Jose1uhi & Council
l3luffs t-oad Is ium the city.
, - -
- Nebra-ika ( mmmii I4)iVui l'euuiilutms.
\Vtsmmi : ' ; noN , July -Specumtl [ 'Folt'grutmn
to Tutu : 11cm : . -Peimsioums J gu-aumtetl Nehrumskamts ;
it Origimial imivaiid-Speciul ( mtct ) I I. 11. 'l'ummg-
3 hey , lied ClemmdVutmtor ; J. Fishu , l'awiieo
City ; Jeremoinim Lomug , Madisoim ; .lacob lice-
L- hole , Columbus. Ifeissue-Jaimmes A. Gar-
toui , W'ilbur. Origumual widows , otc.-lticiiuiid
" 1. , father of Charles A. Ilmimit , Ilmmmnptoo.
\\'Idow mitmears - liturriet 11. , widow ol
t 'I'iiomas 1" .Me C'llumtoctr , lcarmmuy ; Elienbethm
m _ lii. , 'n-ittow of , lauimes L. tmtciioli , Nolrasha
tCity ; immmIhy , widow of I. A. A'mgehi , Olmiatiti ;
y Jermmslimi Awiilow of Atvlmm Hyatt , \'estorum.
0 l'ensiomms foi lowamus : Origumitil iumvauids-
If , lohmn O'l lrmnmm , Nuwimrk , - 1)ivhl ; F. Sivick ,
V Creston ; Jmivob KmtTurd , Oxford. lncm'case -
it 1)aumlcl fl.ttes , Coon itmuimids : rdichtael l. .Juick
' 0 SOil , Ottuimtw.i P. Swtniiei , Kvo.
f leule. lfei4iut' - Johum S. Lnfavrt ,
m'J'hmiyer ; I ) .viul h. Jlmtmmnuih , Oait
ii Smrimugs ; immimioy Stlc'leems , ( iresitamum
tVidows um rreuurs-Susan , wilow o I Mmirion
:5 : lIoiton , Conesviiio ; 'Umrmo , wimlow \Viihmmiumi
I ) . Mon-as' , Keokuk ; Vimizomuzia , widow ol
_ s. George Voimiiutt , Muiriofl ; Mary J. . svido
of tVilimuun N. linker , \Viuttt Chiecu ; Virginii
: , 4\ . , widow of icorgo V. Allemm , Lonox ; 1iir- :
' l'reuitis I. 'I'onmiimmoum
'O rIot 4'd. , widow of
lfeiumiiacic Ludia i1. , widow of Satuiuel 1) ,
iv Lntmmb , Ceiimr Fuills ; ! dmiry wltiow of Lui :
ur Stallnrth , 1)cs Moiutes Maria , widow of Rob'
ii crt shodfoumt , I"ort lomigo ; hiuiriara , ts-o- ,
el ofViliiani 'P. Ikulton , dur..i ; Joannr
0 A. , viiioV ofthaOl llmtm-vey , Ic
, mi Moincs in'gglo E. , widow o
k inczuir W. Brady , Mouumt Pheasant ; iaumrui
10 F. , widow of Joseph L. lieu , Des Moines :
a jumna , vltlow of iiartmnaa Angota , Davemi
10 lmorY Nanumlo J. , widow of Charles If
Reader \'ooaIand wIdow ol
-I , \ Margaret ,
is 'l'tiomas Fruizier , Lniomi ; Susan , vidow o :
mt Jacob Wai-etleld , Fayette ; Amanda , yido
y of , Iohimi Merritt , I'riiumruse ; Miuicrva , w1do
i. of , Ioimn S.'ehuonu , Ottumwa ; Lorimmtn S. .
ivid tv of Steven Vita Fleet , Iavenp'rt '
. Stiaim , widoiv of Sitneou V. Lateb , Corydoiu
. .
h ' : , . . - - ' .
A London Papor'o clominont on tim
Aloiit time OmitI'zmmmit to lie Iumtmmul
'ltim time l'i-oteet is-n 'I'ai-ltI'
Is 'l'hmat. It is Still
Too Iligim.
iuiginmm.l amid I hue Tai-IfT
( Cojqirfelm I IS&5 li , Ii umrs GoaImu , lIulI , umeU.1
Looo , .luly 20-New [ "ioric liar-
aid Cmmble-Specimtl to 'l'mim : liim-'l'lmc : : ) Daily
Ncs.s contalims time followlmmg edItorial'
'l'hme liils tariff luihi , vimiehi has 3ust beomi
imassed by time 4nmerictmm : hiotmse of i-elmrosemmt-
uitives , luy 161 votes amatlmtst I $9 $ , dearly me-
iiiovos ( lie tariff Issumo in the states ( vomit
stage m-imetoric nimmi abstract imlatitude nail
boltiiy ihmtcos before time voters ii comimphoted
mmmcasuiro umpomi wimichi will uc takemi issime 1mm
time cuimimhaigit. lint it himis beemi tIme imahlt of
m-eptmblicaums to deritie every attempt of time
tiotmmoerats at rofom-mmi of the tuiriuT its a free
trade mmmeastmre. It Is their way of giving
the dog ii bail mmmiimte. Timey hmmwe eimmploycd
thto imtost spurious imloauiimmg to comiviimco time
vorkimugtmmcit timmit time ium-esldoumt its veil its
me ummajority of coiugross , led by Mr.
Illils , have nttemmmpted a reformum 1mm
time iumtomcst of ili-itisim traders , minti
timat , thuo imill mummdor consideratioum , if imasseui ,
vouitI sivmimmqm time immthustiie of tue stttos :
'rho New You-k 'l'rlbmmne , tue orguimm of time
imrotectloimits par excoiheulce , oumhy recemttly
saiti iii oume of its lemitling coimmummums : ' 'As a
British cummmdidmitc uiumd uts ii repm-esemmtative of
time ilritisim mmiamuufacttmrimug immterests , iIr.
Clovehmiumul Is adumuirtible , " etc.
'l'ime true issumo vmis Veuy lmiutimmiY stated by
Cleveimimid lit his fammioums mmmessago to coimgress
last 1)ecemuiber. MiClevelummud tmrged it ie-
titmetiomu of time surlmiims by i-emnoviumg time dmm-
ties eu rutw wool utmmd other raw mmimitcmiuiis
mm000ssutry ut uumammmmfmicturimmg , amid time tiut ics
tmpoui ummammufactutres mid mmeeessummies of lifti
bmseui : mmii these milteroul ceuidmtmomis. Thu lmm-esi-
demit iiis : , lmovcvcm , ommiphiatietmihy pm-otested
imgn I lust iiny att eummlmt t 0 h ritumul those vi mc sc1c
to comrcct the evIls of time cxistimmg systcmmi of
rabid lmotoCtioitismim mis ' 'freo trailers amid
emmeumies of our wou-kimmgmmtcmi amid immtltmstrial
\Vimetimer English trailers : iumd umitumumfiuc-
tuirers have ieasomt to coumgrattmluite timemim-
solves or exiect ) aim incmcascd tr.uiio withm tim
stites : lremmm time tmhtiunmito emitctmuuemmt : of time
Iiills bill is a mitiestiomi of gmuivo doubt. Aim
oxummmiumtthmmt : of time bill seems to shmev tiutt ,
if ammytimluig , vlimio i-eulucimmg timotitxttiomm : , it is
utmoro iotectioimist tiiamm tim law which it is
immteumdcd to simpem'sodu.
.flit' lurosetit Aummei-icuimm ttiilt : is ii vnr tariff ,
and it was b.ised nit the necessity of
taximig mill numul every coimmuiodity timat
vosslbly could ho tmmxcti. Mummy
of its llOVisiOmmS ) am-c t'iuii to
time fact that immimtmmd dumtles iumtl : to be commi-
veumsatetl by ouivaiemmt : iuimpomt duties. 'I'iieso
iuiiiiumtl tiutics imave bug ia'emm remmioveil , viiile
al 1 cqmmivaicmit I ii ) iiot-t titi tieii ave m-uummuttmmeti.
Tints 1mm hoimtt of fumet , time tuitiiT , imesides being
lliicticaliY hiighmer mmoi' tiiamm itt its imighiot
befouc , is : ibsolumtely immtrcased : imu its hire-
tective features by thmi rcunoval tuf equivut-
lout imilammd tiimtmes. Tue bill mmov before time
scmmnte commtonmpiuitcs loi-em'immg tue Possitilu
cost of iuroductioii by a memtovil : : of duties ,
whIle leavimug mill the dutie' omm mniutufimcturos
iiluuioi,4t imtttict. Time tariff on wool , for
iimstummiee , is 10 eemtts per lmoimmmdl
Ott gieasy wool , uiumcl on woollcmm
elotim umitde of titis class of wool it is 85 coats
inur imoutud amud 33 imer cent ad vtmhorommm. It
takes frommi three to fommr imommumtls of greasy
wool to mmmuieo a lOUfld of tlmmisimcti clothm , with
addItional freight amid oxpommso , dmue to time
fact thuat almost all colonial wools mire
shipped to time states frommi Londoit and Liver-
hoot. Time Amnericna wool immamiufacturer haste
to ia froumi ii to 124 cemuts mmiorem for imis\
wool thmami Ida British coampetitor. Jim
ciothi tins aumoumits to as immucit as
li-omit 83 to 45 cents more thmauu
time English cost. Whatever it costs over
amid above 83 cemmts to got wool to time
Aumiericami mnmtmiufmtcturer has to be mumaulo good
by mimi ad vuiioremii duty of 33 pci' ccitt. 'l'imis
is froqmmcmitly time case In a mmumnber of commi-
petimmg imnpomtatiouts of forcigmi woolemms , amid
It exphuiims time large imulmorts mmumtler thu pmcs-
emit Anioricamu tarIff of fou-cigum mnuido woolen
goods. Now the Mills bill gives time Auner-
icutit umianufnctum'or free wool , mimil either free
or largely reduced chemicals mumul dye attmlTs ,
: imti ( iliccs : tue lu-otectlve timity mit it ) luau- comiC
ad vmiloiemn-a clear u-aisiug of tue imm-otectivo
imrovislon of fremmi one-tlmitil to omme-iimilf
its imcscult iato. Ilesides thii3 , ivhmilo imm
worstetis time tititios wet-c gradeul , : ic-
cot-ding to vtitmo : , fi-ommi 20 cents ier
pommimd to 40 c-cults pci imouuid , tue iuiil
makes time dutmes out all woollcms amid worstemls
equally -10 ceiits. Iui cottomis very slight
cimalmgtts are macdo , and time reduction in time
limuemi schedule is imiso bthiimmccd : imy freomumg
tile may mmmutcuial , vltmcim , si mimmgo : to say , iiuimi
to pay duties lioumm 74 to 1i 11cr tout , uml-
thiotugit hun-ti ly ii liOU imtl 0 1 1 lax is gressui 1mm
time states for time uiiioscs of umitiumuftttittmro.
'l'iie wools used ium mmuamtufacturimig mum-u liii-
liouted. 'limo hlmix gmoivmm is iaiscd for time
seeds amud miot let' time llbre. 'J'hio metal
scimedule shows unnail cliuingcs only , except
iut steel i-ails , where the thmty of $17 per
toui is jeduced to $ i I ver toum , but eveim
uie- , under time jmroscimt tariff , tue ililforeumee
betwct'ui tue 1muico of i-ails iii Livempool aumd
l'imiliidepiuiu ! is not umioic thmami $ S om 9 , timid
timis umi fuice of time fa-t that time lmig iron aumd
smicgel used ut a toim of rutmls costs tile \mfleIu-
can mamutifacturem' at least ? ummoro timuilt tim
Iimmgiishm rail iurotlUcors Have to )013- ) .
Mr. SclmoorhmotT , time Amucrkiamm commstmi ii
Ttiimstuiil , has lately immatlo iuiqmilrlcs lnt
the cost of hmrothuctiomm 1mm Bog-
imimmtl routi America. 'J'lmo rotmu Ito
of his InquIries are umow boimug hmiibllsiiemi by
time ticlmmirtumioumt of stuite. If mmtiy iwoofs core
mmeetcti ] to coim'iumc'e the worlti of the ahuuhity
of time Aitmericaum mmmnmmufmmcturer to tmtko ctmto
of hmiiumself , If on aim equal feotimig so fur n
immaterial is commcerncmh , Mr. Scimoerhmoit's ' care-
fmmlly seleeteti tiittui vomui&l stmmmiy tlmemmm.
- - - - -
' 1'ilitBii 1t0Y4 I ) ltO'NEl )
Ymumit ii I'umh Oummutimitha iiemI"imnl ft
'at'rtirmuvi' .
Ahiotit 2 o'eloehc yestettlum3 mmfternooum Jacob
11dm , Simnomel ltmtsommVmiiiumum 4mmuhem-soui
mtmmit Oscut r I hum mmmpst eu-berg tveum t I mm svi ummuim mum g
iii time ' 'emut otT" of time lissoumm-t rlvomumst
cast of time watervorks bmmilthimmg. 'l'Jieme tvims
it sioiv cmimremmt totvnrtl the ummirthu , tumumi the
boys ehiummbei-immg ommto a hog timmit wits dilftummg
t-ithi time cmmrrcumt , lioumted dow-mi tim str'ummum ,
.sM timoy impmt-oumi'hicil thmo mm m mu I mm cimtmmm mmcl o C time
river , they feimmmd tue oem-remit lmocemniumg mimoro
u-uipid : tmmti fearing thmc'y vouhd be swept ommt
limb tie ien river , time three first mmmcumtiomietl
isds jummmpctl off time imug mimmil t neil to svimim to
tii 0 siioto , 'i'ii civ e ito i-ts hurt ) vt'th 'milmm mmmmd nil
three vcie , iitmwimett wltimimi a few ! eet frtimmm
time shm ore. 'rim e iuiii m-cuimmtimm lug cmi time hog wmis
sut'ed Imy ii mmtmuumber of mmmcmi s-imo Imuid liciurd
his cries for help. Scmmrchi ( or time bemlic's
% _ tts bt'gmmmi mit aim co , mtmmml by 7 o't'iock iutst
evommimug tivo of timeumu humid hs'i'ut r'o-e'meti ,
'I'iie hodv of .Tacoim ileiumm is still tim thu wmtter ,
I t is it siid itmmd si mmgmm liii- fact t hunt I a cacti
case' tiuti ii u-mnvlm i'd boyiis the ( mmmiy mumnie
aim ilti a f tim o fuimum thy. Smtmum mimy 1km I scum , umgemi
foiirtcemu , t-iis t hi a son ci' Sammmmmcl lmmtsomi mm
hihutcicsmui it I t iii the tim iumm I 'aciiit , shops , viuu
hive's mit 9it iavtuimiuou-t stu.'ot'illie Aimuhuir.
SOit ilvemiithi hits stcpfatiiem hear time coruier
of Nimmtim mimmml Cuss street' . Imoav , I leimmi's
fmitlmeu is mm hlmu'ks mum utim , mi iso I mm t hue t'mm kmmm I 'tt-
ciiic' shicmims , nmimh iive nui limvemmpuit street , be-
tiveemm N imith mimmul 'l't'imtlm.
Sl'fll ) F1IOM lhtO'NlNO.
Tue hlci-olo ActImmf lilt t Ic Ciiti-hey
v om ) ( i.
Ciutriey : B.'ood , tue timimiceut ycar-oimi
semi of (2utptmtiui'ood ( diii a ummost. heroic' deeti
, ' , 'esteiiitiy thuuii. simveml time lives of two yomummg
boys. 'Lime iad4 were ( leougie ihmmchmummome mmmiii
hlcumry Ciemmmems : , vimo veimt 1mm mmtvimmmmumiumi yes.
terdim.v mitt ouumooim I mm time tli'clm imool utt 'I'tvemm I y
imiuit I i amid Cii imitoi imvt'ummuc. 'i'hio boys iiip :
ptiui'i to get icyoummi ) timt'iimlimthm : tmmtl omme of
t hmc'iim , I len mC icumicums ucuts smum kmum g fo r time
sictuttl timumi' . Veummmg'imol wits puissimmg itt
tim is Li iii o imm me buggy , mmmi ii m-c-li : uzi img ( lie ii um mm
1'c juulul hued fiommt time % -t'ii ii-lt t 0 i-c-Clue t hit )
1 movum iumg boys. I mm mi iumomneii t lit' vits imalted
mmli ml iim the vmmte' i. I I e simoived vomnheu-fmi 1
discretioum fmmmoiie io vcmmmmmg , amid sumuumg time
ii i-mmivmm iii g hay by time hunt r ii em hromm gut it i tim
safely tim mini. i i cm itiso 1 mci I tot t tie cut 1mev iid :
out. 4ftCi rescuimumg the yommimg'ooil
lull C emu H is t' otiiet liii ml mimi ictl.v d iove iff , I itth em
itutu I i.i ii g t hunt ito ii mid doime a miobie tiecil timat
ruiuiitcti iuitmt its mm hicmo.
oFiciit : GICBC.G'S CASE.
A t'tet' CmnistmmmmlutciIumiI'ut lay ( lie l'ios.
Ij mm t I Cli I ) m' . h lnl
Time Orcgg-Kr.mme cumse comtsmmuimcul limo gmeatei-
lmttt-t of the imftem-mmooim 1mm time police coimrt yes-
teid1m3' , ammti into last evemiimmgvums 1y muttmtumnl
commsommt tirumplicul. 0mm 'i'mlesihity OflicemGmc'gg
arrested .itiiiut Katie for beimug uirmmok nail tbs-
omtlcmly. hcmimm ( ) m-ofmiseti to go with time of-
lhccu mmmii ] chiumciictl yitii iuimum. A sculilo emusueil
amid ( , u-egg imu I liii Ott t ii i S cimmim mmmiii St mtucic
lCmtmto vitim I t a uimmmmmier o 1 1 immies , au ghmtly ml is-
ligti u-hag ii is fmiec. 'I'iuo commu Imimmi mit a o I ii mmmmmic
ii im ii d iso iii emhy mmmi ii resist i ii g mmmi ofllcem , vcmti
lotiged mmguiiumst Rain' , timid ime retallatid by
ciimm rgmumg t lie oflicei vit im itssaumit aumth battomy.
hlotlm t-itsos wem-o tm-led at oumi'e by jemm-y yes.
tt'i-mlumy. I'oimt 5 o'c'iot'k time jiury veuit out
mind milLer scvemuil iieurs' almseumco fmtllctl to me-
tumi-it it vtirdmc-t. umot heimmg mmbie to commuo to mmmi
mtgroemnemmt. 'l'imc jmury ivas thisclmuirgcd nmumi
at time cimuiest : re'mhuest of Kmimme's friemmds tim
case was mntmttmuiliy dropteui.
A Nen Fommumil FilemnI Gari-oteus aim Ac-
uilultimit lumce.
Last evcmmimmg Leo Comummcus , a pahmmtor , amuui
forimierly of Valley , Nob. , vts ; walking in time
vicluiity of time ( lom'muei of Jutcksoa amid Eight
streets with a Iclltuw that lmitd worimmoti hmimmi
self into Comimmer's commlidcnco by eliimmimmg ac-
'iumiimmtmmneo with somume of time imittor's ftlends
bum Valley. 1VImon muildway hetweeum lmickson
aumd .Immmios stucets timi , strtmmgor : suddommly mms-
sutumitduil Conmuem's. mimmml foiled hmimum t time
gretiiuuLVimomm tie mettmrmmed to comisciomisumess
Coummic'rs limit bcemm relieved of his watcim , ii
goiti miuig , : imiml i5. lie iouumd hits wmty to Of-
licor Suivmuge mutt told his stouy , but ito trumecs
of time lmeiietm'atOm of time ymllutiumous deed
coultl be Ieummti.
Am-mumy Omuicr.
'V.otmm uxoTox , J mmhy 20.LSPoOimil Tole-
grutium to ' ] 'uum : hiur. : . I-Acting 4ssistammt Stir-
gcomi L. C. ' , l'oumov viil nrococd fm-omit Omuuumhma
to Los Amigeles : imitl mcpiri. tim vorsomm to tim
commmiuiimimulhumg geaemtti , 1)opuu'tmmmcmmt of Art-
zoumi : , for missiguuuneumt to dmmty.
Sc't'emmul lic'uteutmmt : F'm'ctorielc 'r 'Taum riew ,
Secommth immfammtmy , is mietmuilcil itt Imi-ofossor of
uuiiiitury scli'mmce itmmmi tactics at time 1tchiIgamt
mimihitary micuttleiny , Orchard Ltkc : , iliehm. , to
tithe effcct SeiitcuumlCl' 8 , and xviii meport tim
em'intommtieuit thioicof roiiev- -
miorsoum to time miu1 > ,
lug i'iist Liemitemmuim t l'rcdericic S. Strong ,
Fourthu nm-tuiiaiy , vimo will timea imrocaed to
101mm his lmiittcry.
'rite tiiscimamgo of First Sergouimmt .Toiun C.
I Immummmnrumd , Coumipammy I ) , First iowa cavumiry
'oliiiutuicit4 , i'obrmmmiry 15 , lSt'.0 , is tummiauimlod , to
take ofcct May 21 , islie ; ; is iuiustert'd
into service its second ileumtonant , sumac couum
iuamiy mtmtml megiummeimt to tmmto : i umy : J lSt.i
mu uistercil out utuici imoumem'abiy ti mschttrgc1 ui'm
secomitl I iautemmnui t , i'ctrluti.Y , ; I 3 , 1 blil , , mind lie
45 umiustot-oti f' ) i' PY I ii itititi gmuueio tl ii u-lu g tiu ii
item-lcd oummbiaccti between tim afomcsmmul :
Ntu iVitll'iiP ( ' 'l'aknn.
1)ms : MoiNm : ' . lii. , .flmiy -Ouvummg to tIme
tthisuico of time ramhtoumth couumuumissmomic'is at
hoivut ( 'ity , there mm o'ileiiCc' timitcim to
day hy thio attorimoy icr thmem JUwul roads.
= -
, e '
_ ' : ; : - ; ' - . . - - -
: , . ( t.l.ii .ii t.-.inJ ,
- -
, , ' OUL 1110 BbUUB :
. 13Y
- .
. . . .
: , .SI.Tzin.AiERiJT' '
THEJ3OWELS ( ' " ' - _ _
T4KING - - -
I .
' ' -