Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 21, 1888, Page 8, Image 8

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The ; Internal revumin collections ycs-
tcnlay amounted lo i&.olH.UL' .
The Sumlny Hfihool of the Latter Day
Saints will hold n picnic lit lluiibcom
park on the Udtli lust.
MoVllio's grocery stock atKlovcnth
and Karnnm ( * treets brought u liltlo
over WOO at fehcvln's sale.
Three of C. K. Majno's narrlngcs wcro
Fold Thursday at shot-ill's biilo and
brought u little over $ -100.
The f-hcrilT 1ms taken poosef-slon of
I'mil O'ltvrno'H California wlnu More 'on
South Th'irtecnth hlroot and ousted the
agent , S. 8. FelUor.
The IIOI-HO car company has aban
doned Twentieth street and its track is
being torn up. Graders are at work and
in places will lower Uie .street ' .hree feet.
The children of the Hebrew Sabbath
BCliool are loquustod to bo at the syna
gogue next Sunday at 10 o'cloclc to
make arrangements for the family pie-
uiclobo given on Tliuraday , July 110 ,
at Ilan.-ccMii park.
Frank Coiirtright , a young man of
twenty-six , who is dying with consump
tion and is trying to get to his old homo
at Minneapolis in time to breathe his
last , was at the police station yesterday.
a pitiable object of charity. A number
of polieo olllcers and newspaper report
ers got up a collection and gave him a
ticket to Sioux City and Sia in cash.
Personal I'liraurnplm.
Mr. II. II. Kobinson , of Kiaiball , is at the
Mr. George S. Cllne , of Des Moines , is nt
tliu Mlllan. ' .
Mr. . ! . C. Cornwcll , of Crete , was in the
city yesterday.
Mr. George K. Dorrlngton , of Falls City ,
IB a Millard guest.
Mr. 1' . 10. I.umbard , of Fremont , was tin
Omaha visitor iestorday.
Messrs.V. . T. Eiibunk anil J. II. Tliiiinoiiy ,
of Sidney , were In Omaliu yesterday.
Messrs. E. T. , . Heed mid .1. F. I'arlcias , of
Weeping Water , were In the city yesterday.
Mr. O. F. Swift , of Chicago , In the
city yesterday looking after his packing in
Messrs. Charles L. Schncffcr and F. T.
Hansom , of Nebraska city , are 1'axton
Messrs. T..T. loss. { of licatricc , and Clinrlcs
T , Neal , of lidgar , weie In Omaha visiting
Mr. L. Goodman , of Tceumsch , and Mr.
I. . . Goodman , of Talmagcvoru both at the
Mlllnrdesterday. .
Mr. 1'atni'k Ilcaffey Is a lone widower , his
sister , Miss Annie , having lelt last evening
for a two weeks' visit with relulivos in St.
Paul. She was accompanied by her cousin ,
Jeremiah Knright.
More I''allcn Curlm.
The work of tlio earn contractor on Paeifle
sticut fiom Tenth to the bridge seems to
have none for nothing. Kosidents in that
neighborhood say that the stone has all fallen
down and that the work will have to be none
over a second time.
Still Another Counterfeit.
A counterfeit live dollar hilver certifioito
hub been discoveied in the east. The engrav
ing is eoaiso , and uhilo npparcntly there is
Bilk In the proper place , upon closu oxamina-
lion it appears to he only an imitation of the
A New Ijoan Company.
Major Kletitseh , of Lincoln , was in the city
Thursday with his brother-in-law , C. .1.
Harth , of Chicago. The latter is the repro-
bontativo of the Equitable Loan and Trust
company of Now London , Conn. , which IMS
or.lered the removal of its amende * Irom Illi
nois with a view to locating them in the west
and especially in Nebraska.
Kowe ami tl.e l'ltiiiilirr .
John Howe , the master plumber , arrived
from Chicago , where ho had been endeavor
ing to hire plumbers to come hero to take
places of those who struck a
week iipo. An interview wus sought
but the injunction came from some person
who affected to speak for Mr. Uowo to go the
plumpers and get information from them.
Mr. Howe declined to talk.
Tlielphimbers announced yesterday that two
more imported men ciimu from Chlcairo , but
were induced , after a consideration of the
question , to agree to retuin to that place.
A Worthless
Some weeks since Mattie Heed , a siren in
the house 1017 Sapitol avenue , purchased a
fl'Jo gold watch of a Fifteenth street linn.
She paid J-1) ) down and was to pay the bal-
nnce on weekly payments of $15 per week.
She pave a moitgago on the watch as secur
ity. The ilrst week demonstrated that Mattie -
tie was not able to moot the requirements , of
her contract , and the Jinn demanded the
.vatch. To their disgust Mattie informed
them that the ticker had been stolen. A
fccarch warrant failed to produce the prop-
city , unit consequently tne Una ib out just
Frank Had to 1'ay.
Even railroad accountants , accurate and
mimito as they assume to be , are fallible.
County Clerk Moores has just had the pleas
ure of planking down $ 'J5 for a mileage ticket
unaccounted for while ho was agent for this
AVabash. His accounts \veri3 examined when
ho icsigned and everything found straight ,
Months afterward the railroad chocked up
and found that one mileage book had been
out for a . \ ear ami a half and could not bo
placed. With the care exercised in keeping
accounts , the only explanation is Unit the
.book vuishtolvn ,
Houtli Omaha niul the Pair.
The stockyaids company and the business
men of b'outli Omaha have authorized tlio
Omaha Fair and Exposition association to
offer a giaud South Omalia stock\ards
special jmiso of fcl-HU to 1)0 ) competed lor at
the fair , nail to bo called "a f i co-for-all tiot-
tiag stallion put so , " and icquirhig an cu-
trance fee of only 5 per cent , instead of the
usual 10 per cent , The managers of the Fair
association have further changed its speed
programmeby adding another puiso for
pacers Unit have never been beaten.
Another fair Idea is that of setting apart
ono day for traveling men and their families.
The thought is a popular ono and will result
in tlie presence of hundreds of travelers ,
On the .March.
The Second infantry on its march to Kear
ney will make halts at the following named I
towns , the numbers between showing the
distance between each station : Omaha to
KlUliorn City 111 miles , Fremont 1H , Not th
Mend 15 , Schuyler II , Columbus Hi , Silver
Creek IS , Clinks 11 , Central City 13. Chap-
limns 1' ' , Grand Island 12 , Wood Klvor 10 ,
Gibson II , Kearney li ! , limiting n total of IS' ' . )
miles. They will icuch Kearney on Septem
ber 1.
On their march to Norfolk the route is as
follows : Omaha to Klkhorri city , is miles ;
Fremont lit , Hooper 10 , Crowell 13 , Hccmer
If. , PilzerU , Norfolk ' . ' 0 , making a total of
110 miles.
,7 u lie , tlio Procuress.
la speaking of Mrs. June , the depraved
procuress who decoyed Sarah Smith from
Albright station where the girl was forced
to lead u revolting life of bluum : , the Sehuy.
Icr Sun remarks that MM , Juno was for
mcrly a resident of that place. Her nnuu
was Sy\va \ WiUcy then , and a , little over t
year ago Mio married Dan Juno , the couple
afterwards moving to Omaha. It seems tin
pair did not get along well , Mrs .linio no *
caring whether she walked tlio htrulght am
virtuous path or not. A man named Stcrritt
with u horn she hud been cat ry Ing on her Ha
sons , ottered Juno $10 if ho would leave Mrs
Junoitnd what things thuro wcro to him
Juno accepted the f 10 olid evidently had thi
best cud of the barguln.
The KiiKlueers * Firemen and Switch
men Vote to Continue tho' Fight.
Cbairinau Hogo , of the striking englneora
grievance committee , Ciiulrmuit Murphy , o
Vba flwxneu1 * com.niltu > , mid CUauruitm Hall
of the Chlcfipo nwltonincn's as oclntlon , nr-
rlvcJ in Oumhn lust Gvunlti > rv romln froni
I'lnttsmouth over the St .loo line , A Joint
incetlni , ' of ctiKlni'ers , llremen nml n\V4tcli-
men wa hold , nnd U Is iissnrtod that over/ ;
stilker In Onmha , ubout thirty-ilvu lu nil ,
was present.
Chairman lingo outlined the situation to
the men , and says ho tried to present the
worst possibilities In order that there tnlitht
bo no false hopes of ca. y settlement raised ,
A veto was t.iUen whether to continue tlio
striUo or whether to accept the terms ofTerod
by Ocneral Manager Stone , nnd Mr. HOKO
says the men were uniinlnmus for continuing
the llRht , There are twenty-ulna members
of tlm grievance cotnmitU'p , nnd instead of
callltK ! them to Chicago for u con
ference Chairman I logo Is nmlclnir n
tour of tlio CMc.ifrn , llurllngton & Qulnry
nysti'tn to get a personal expression of the
feelings and wishes of the biotliprhorfd men.
Ho left Chicago Tuesday mid IMS convened
meetings nt Auror.i , ( lalcsburg. Utirlington ,
Ottiunwj , Cri'ston , I'lattsiiioiltli nnd Onmha.
Ho COPS to Lincoln this nminmg to hold a
forenoon mei'ting. Thence ho will go to Mo-
C'oolc and IJenxer , returning lo ChlcaRO by
way of Atehison , Hannibal \ Qiiiney. Thu
trip will occupy most of next week.
.Sir. llogo says this votes thus
far have been practically unanimous for
continuing the strike , and ho prolesses to bo
surprised at the tenacity of the men. The
lartrest niimbei1 of dissoiik'rs was at Ouli's-
burg. where iimo men out of two hundred
voted to declnro the "tnke off. AtCieston
moro than two hundred men hanlly waited
for the motion before mounting chairs to
shout for keeping up the light
The Chicago , llurlington , t Quincy Is re
ported by the associated press to have made
concessions , but Mr. Hugo sa\s they are
sliuht , anil the terms olTured nro in effect , m
uni' surrender. Ho declines testate
state at present what the alleged concessions
are. When asked as to the prospect for the
termination of the struggle ? , Ml. lloge admit
ted that lie could not sco the end any elcmer
now than on the day the strike began.
Drink Mullo.
Try tlio Riiporli Hunting nntl Fishing in
the Uoekv Mountains rcnchud by
Sinoko Soidenbur 's Pigiiro anil Ret
the best fi-ocnt ciKiu1 in tlio world. Max
Mover & Co. . wholesale depot.
And ill' Com-hf Tlii-y Tlioroiiuhly 1)1(1
Him Up.
Hans Jacobson , who is an honest Swedish
farmer , residing near Fullerton , came to
OmahaThursd.iy for the purpose of purchas
ing some agricultural implements. On
alighting at the Union l acillc depot ho im
mediately fell into the clutches of one of the
wolves that hang around liraudois' place on
South Tenth street , and after being plied
with villainous whisky wus of course robbed
The man who was arrested and convicted of
doing tlio work was a sneaking looking In
dividual named Pot IT Martin , alias Alike
C'otinsky. Ho made a strenuous effoit to
convince the court of his rcsputlability and
honesty , but only made his case worse ,
and ho was given thirty days on biead and
water , .l.ibolison said ho had tls when ho
ni rived in Omaha , and that he and Martin
spent probably ? " > or ? li of that .sum for
liipior. Win n arrested Jacobson had -0
cents , while Martin had $ fl 05.
The UNION PACIFIC adds to its ser
vice everything that will cimtt'ibiito
to the comfort of its pas
Hut Iltt lo AelUily Displayed in tlio
Courts of .Justice.
Mary Hurley , guardian ot her four minor
childred aged twelve , eight , sit and four
years respectively , Hied a petition in Judge
OrolV's court to ho allowed to sell certain
real estate in this city to procure money foi
thu keeping and education of thu children.
Judge Giolt granted the petition ,
NEW C'Vsf.s.
Michael Grady began Mlit against the
waterworks company for M,050 for injuries
sustained through the negligence of the fore
man while working in a main excavation at
Jackson and Leavenwotth streets on tlie 5th
of this month. Ho alleges that ho has bom
maimed for life by the caving of the walls.
WtNTS A niVOKUi : .
John Heaves Hied ins application for a di
vorce from his wife Flora Ueuves , on the
charge of adultery and desertion. They
were married the 24th of March , 1SS7 , and
lived together until the ( ith of September.
Since that time she has not bccu heard fiom.
Kiiiixiosiui :
Allen 1C. Killiy and Marcus P. Mason be
gan tiuit against Thomas H. Copuinger for
the foreclosure of a mortgage on live lots
given to sunn o the payment of live promis
sory notes of § 125 each. Tlio notes came duo
in March and worn the second payments on
property described in tlio mortgage.
K Ml.MANSK31) ) \M\iis. :
David Kaufman began suit against Millard
F. Anderson asking § 1 OJJ for his having been
arrested and arraigned in court on the chai'uo
of larceny. ICaulman claims Unit his reputu
tiou and business was damaged in that
amount on aceiimt of the prosecution ,
vi r err run TIIVIV.
Mary McDonald has sued the Chicago &
Northwostein railway for Sl/J'.l'J ' damages foi
ojoi'ting her from a train She bougut a
ticket in Chicago for Omaha and boarded
train July ti , Ibss. Shu was put off the cars ,
was bruised , frightened , delayed in her bus !
ness and made hick.
Thomas Hrcnnaii began torcclosuro pro
ceedings against Thoimis F. Hoylo for an
overdue payment ot $1,200 on lot 7 , block SJ ,
in Hrontmn place , sold to Uoyle on con
Hreunan has also begun n foreclosure
suit against Martin L. Ilip.'iii3 on lot 17 ,
block 11 , in Bedford p'ace. The unpaid pay
itients on Iho lot nsrii'flr.itc .f 15' ' ) .
SflNO 1 U , . \l.i ; Kltl'li.
Louis F. K. Olson has sued Frederick
Krup , the brewer , for ? Jr > 00 damuges. Olsci
was at work lor Krug and on March Ib wu1
run away with by ono of Krug's teams. The
plaintiff was thrown out , severely bruised ,
had mi aim bioken and was sick three
months. Ho alleges that the horses were
known to bo vicious uiul charges tlio diivei
with negligence.
County Court.
Peter U. Uced sues M. Obcrg for J300
loaned the defendant in April and raised 01
a note.
John A. Wnkcllold began suit agalns
Hemy Pingor lor Sili'.iOl , a balance on bill :
for lumber aggregating jri-2 , ; 55.
Take tlio UNION PACIFIC for the
Cities and Pleasure resorts of
"Tho Rookies. "
Drink Malto itispleasant.
Lindsay , the pugilist nnd bar room lonfcr ,
endeavored to Keep liim'solf in professional
practice last evening by sparring in earnest
with a burnt cork artist of the People's thea
ter named Charley Gates. The actor's blood
was up and ho displayed considerable pluck
and llcrcencss in parrying nnd getting In
square licks. What tlio outcome might have
been Is unknown , for a blue-coated gentle
man wearing n star put In an appearance
that suddenly put a check to the light.
Lindsay took to his heels and added fuinu to
his naiiio as a sprinter , as ho was too nlmblo
for thu police and iscaped. The bono-rat-
tllng end man did not meet with such peed
luck nnd passed the night at the central
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aid uiudulixt on llio itront Art c'molnf Kurope.
urul pBlntlnil Irom llfu und Hi" Hiitliuo
liy und 'r > -\Vrlllnif t iHiiulit.
ped wltti 1'iro K tupu. A tcparuto dt'partmi-nt
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The Burlington takes the lead.
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It was in advance of all lines in establishing dining-car
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It was in advance of all Unas in running its trains from
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feel sate In recommend.
Inc U to Ml lufTcrtn.
i. J. STOMB , M.D. ,
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Dr.Calbdei's . ' Lett Liver Bilters ,
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JlHnfacti'rcd and for sale nt wholesale by
Barbero & Callender ,
Health is Wealt i !
UKNT , a guaranteed speclnc for Hysteria , LHzi-.l-
ness. CtoiiTUlslons , fits , Nervous ft ur&lBla ,
lleailacne , N rvous l'rotratlon. counert by tlio
USB of alcohol or tobnwo. Wnkefulnesn , Mental
Depression , Softening of the Drain , resulting ) n
Inaanltv , and leaillnito misery , decay HIK !
death , 1'remature Old Age. Haironnew. Loss of
I'o er In cltlier eex. Involnntery Lowes and
Spermatorha-a caused by over-exertion of tlia
brain , self-abnie or ovfr-lndnlKenco. I.acti box
contains one month's treatment. fl. < * > a box. or
sir bores for 15.00 , sent by mull prepaid on re- *
celpt of price.
To curs any case. With etch order received by
as for Mz boxes , accompanied with KM , we
will send the purchaser our written guarantee
to rotund the money If the treatment < to s not
effect a cUre. Uuarnntecs Issued only by U.K.
flOOU.MAH. Drugplat , Sole Agent. 1110 Kurnaia
6UMU Offikluk Ktt . . .
N. W. Cor. 13th ii Uodge Sts.
13 K. A. O 12 S ,
Ilest facilllk ? , npparatus nnd remedies for euc
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Unites , Tru efc , Clnti 1'eet Cuivnture of tin
Spine , I'lltsTumors , CMiccr.Cil.urli HrM.chitl" ,
Inlmlflttoii , 1'llectricitv , niiHlyslk , KinUliiy Kid
ney , Illaildrl , Kye , I'.ar , ! > Llu and Jllood , uiul nil
MiiK'CHl ' Operations.
Dlaeauos of Women ft Spoolal'.y.
Itooi : OK DijKACEi nr WOVEN I'ltie ,
All Illood Diseases xncccskfully ( reateil Hyph-
litic I'uluii remuvril ( rom he f-ystcm without
mercury New restorative treatment / loss ol
Vitnl 1'owrr. I'ctsoiiHunable \isltusmay be
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mentions confidential Mcdiciiivborinhuutneiita
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onal interview preferred. Cnllundco-isnlt lib or
send hi tory of your case , and we will tcud iu
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Upon I'rimte. Speclnl or Nervous Diseases , Im
vjtrncy , Hyphilis Gleet and Varicocele , with
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Undertakers & Embalmers
At tlio old eland , H/7 faiuam Kt , Oidera by
telegraph bollrlted and promptly attended
Telephone , to.No j
' '
IT. J. cM&unx/'rn.
Surgeon and Physician ,
Office N..W Corner i4th uiJ lioujliurtt.
UlepUouo , i05 ; lte ia nc UUplioaa ,