Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 15, 1888, Page 8, Image 8

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Monday , Illnck Orcnnilliics Ific.
2,000 yards Blnck Iron Frnmo
Grenadine nt 16c , the rogulur
price IB 05c ,
600 pieces 29 braid in blacks 22
yards In each piece , at lOc per
piece , worth 2oc.
100 painted cloth fans at 100
each , worth ( I5c.
Wo will place on our centre coun
ter the biggest bargain in ladles'
fine handUorchiofs that wo huvo
ovorBold. They arc all perfect and
clean , fresh goods. They were
bought by xis cheap , and wo in
tend tq give our customers full
benefit ot our purchase.
200 dozen ladles all linen horn- '
stitched and printed borders all
llnon homittchod handkerchiefs
nt lOc , regular price 16c and lOJc.
100 dozen Indies scalloped bor
dered embroidered , also embroid
ered hemstitched nil linen hand
kerchief at 17c , regular price 88c
nnd 80c.
100 dozen ladies line whlto em
broidered and colored embroid
ered all llnon Jiiuulkorchiofn in
scalloped nnd hemstitched at 2oc ,
regular price 8c. ! )
All the fine embroidered linen
handkerchiefs in white and col
ored embroidery that wo have
been selling at oOc nnd 05c , on
Monday at "Oc.
Wo will , commencing on Mon
day , close out our entire line of
ladies white lawn suits at great
reductions. The prices tire made
to soil them quick , as wo do not
believe in carrying them ovor.
$4.115 white suits ; former price
$5.50 white suits ; former price
$7.50 white suits ; former price
$9.50. ,
$10.00 white suits ; former price
$15.00 white suits ; former price
Wo 1mvo n lot of odd sizes and
styles in children's gingham suits
1 Which wo will sell on Monday at
85c , $1.10 and $3.00. They have
sold nt $1.25 , $1.85 and $3.75. The
sizes nro 2 , 8 , 4 , ( land 8 } , nnd the
styles nro all now this bunbon.
We will clobo out our entire
stock of jerseys nt unheard of
prices as follows : Radios' jerseys
wo hnvo bold nt $2.75 , $3.75 and
$4.60 , on Monday only , 89c. The
sizes nro not complete in any
line nt the price.
I. Children's plain all wool jer-
eoys in three colors at 47c , for
mer price $1.25.
II. Children's fancy blouse and
Brotonno front jofsoys at 8po , re
duced from $2.00 , $2.75 and $3.2-3.
We will offer on Monday throe
special numbers in ladies' night
gowns nt 65c , 75c and $1.00' . The
material and finish of these goods
is up to our usual standard and
the prices are the closest wo have
over made.
nt 50o , 75u nnd $1.00. Wo show n
very fine line nt those prices.
Two special drives at 60 and
75o , trimmed.
t " Smoke La Confession Havana cigars.
Th UNION PACIFIC , the famous
n-.route to nnd from the Pacific Coast.
Larkiii & Co.
, offer on Monday morning all sum-
jSf.mor goods nt a general reduction vary-
AC Ing from ten to twenty-live per cent.
V jTfiis sale will positively bo one at which
WjiBVory nrtlclo will bo cut in prico. Wo
tf do not propose , as some of our competi-
s tors , to give you some trifling article nt
\v\ona-fourth its cost price , but every lady
\-rinOrnnha thnt goes shopping Monday
> TICLE SHE MAY WANT , can come
* ' to our store and lind it on sale at CUT
* ? vGOODS. In addition wo propose giving
L every purchaser ol $1 and upward a rebate -
* bate or discount of ton cents , which iii
_ > -the purchase of ten dollars worth , will
" bo. oqulvolantto $1. If you are going tc
f purchase dry goods Monday go direct tc
ft LARKlN & CO. ,
x 614 nnd 010 N. 10th at. , cor. Webster st ,
f' ' liuillcs' Fancy Hookers.
fc The finest display of lancy chairs
fy ever shown in Omaha just received at
r the Nebraska Furniture and CnrpotCo.
( P' 600 and COS North 10th st.
mm > "
\ T SraokoLn Confession Havana cigars ,
L ii
K. Idaho is attracting goncml attention ,
ft Send to any General Agent of the
j ; ' ' scriptlvo pamphlet.
r ' 'Loans on Omaha and South Omaha
u < ' .real estate , low interest. Chus. Kauf-
4. * , man , 1802 Douglas street.
| ' Popular Excursion to Snn Francisco ,
t , > Lo Angeles nnd other points in Call-
'x fornla nro run ever the UNION PA-
I- A thoroughly competent eye spcclalisl
f' IB now in charge ot our optical depart
& ' mont nnd will prescribe and adiusl
f ; glasses to correct all the various optical
t ; . defects. MAX MEYUR& Buo. ,
r x Loading Jowelora.
K. e a
i. ' Smoke La Confession Havana cigars
L ' Every Lady
I IB interested in the latest novelties o :
VI chairs'and fancy rockers. Wo place 01
E r , exhibition Monday tnofning the llnosl
lj > assortment ever shown in Omaha
| r'Ladles are specially invited 16 call uui
E ' inspect them ,
K Wo have engaged Dr , Goodnough , nr
R ye expert , to mnnago olir optical do
Kr , purtmcnti Ho prescribes and ndjusti
F | flas cs ncouratoly to correct all the
| > i vnrious anomalies of refraction.
| < MAX MKVEK & Duo. ,
r Leading Jewelers.
| ' BmolvO La Confosulou Havana cigars
Down tiio Prices On
Trt cleanup all summer goods nUonco
wo have decided to commence tl grand
clearing sale our Ihnitcd space will hot
allow us to carry ever any goods.
100 doz gents full size lufifs col'd bor
ders , only 8c each , worth lOc. Gents'
unlaundricd shirts , , good muslin and.
well iniulc , only 800 each , worth 60c ,
Gents' full size bandaun hdkfs only 6e
each , worth lOc. Just received , the re
publican campaign hdkfs , stars and
stripes , in n very line quality of silk nnd
full sl/.p , only COc each.
1 case of children's gauze Vests to bo
closed out at less than cost , 12c for 10-
inch and n slight advance on larger
sizes. Children's ribbed cotton hose
only 8c. per pair , worth 15c. Ladies'
jorbov ribbed vests , our 60c
only 25c each on Monday. Ladies'Lislo
frame gloves only 121c. reduced from
2oc. On Monday ladies' pure Milk gloves
only 25c. reduced from 50c. Gents'linen
collars only 8c each , till now shapes ,
others nak 16c. Gents' porcalc ties 2 for
6c. 1 case of gouts' British 4 ho-o only
lOc cti'jli < worth 20c. 8 roll bustles only
lOc each , others ask 2oc. On Monday
morning Wo will put on saleoOdoZ beau
tiful cbrsofs , none worth loss than $1.00
each , our price in this sale only 6c. ( )
Our parasol block to bo slaughtered on
Monday. All must go. Wo have
marked them down to prices that will
move them. Gents' heavy dogskin
driving gloves only $1.00 , reduced from
$1.60. Gonts' balbriggan shirts only
85c caohreduced from SOe. Joan draw
ers , good quality , only 45c per pair ,
worth Ooc. Don't ' forgot that wo nro
leaders of low prices on wall paper.
21-in Turcols plaid suiting 4c. ! worth
13c ; 2l-ln Australian crepe 10Jct worth
20c ; 30-in cashmere , now shades , 12o } ,
worth 25c ; 80-in English cashmere , now
shades , lOe , worth 28c ; 88-in English
cashmere , now shades , 22e , worth 83c ;
88-in French suiting , all wool , 88c ,
worth 55 ; 88-ln Henrietta suiting 48e ,
worth ( ! 5 ; 41-in striped suiting , line
wool , OOc , worth $1.00 ; 60-iu Henrietta ,
new shades , 08c , worth $1.85 ; 6G-ln
BuodoirH plaid milting 95c , worth $1.85 ;
41-in Bilk warp Henrietta $1.85 , $1.45 ,
$1.10. ! )8c ) and 75c , worth * 2.87 to $1.10.
This is positively the most complete
slaughter so far in choice dross goods.
Every article in silks nnd surahs will bo
sold nt forty cents on the dollar to
Albatross that was 4oe is now 29c ;
ehallis that was 2-3c now lie ; French
suitings at 18c that cost 85c to import.
Gilbert's all wool suiting 2Ho , worth
40c. Fine silk plushes in all shades nt
69c , worth $1.00.
Best glove finish cambric 8Sc.
These are the greatest bargains wo
have yet attempted to offer.
Dry Goods.
Ln Confession Cuban cigar at all first
class cigar and drug stores.
Prompt Payment.
OMAHA , July 14 , 1888. Mr. M. L.
Roeder , manager National Life Insur
ance Co. , of Virmont. Dear Sir : Ac
cept my thanks for $1,000 this day re
ceived on policy No. 80,8 ( > 1 , issued by
the National Life Insurance Co.of Ver
mont , December 80,1887 , premium paid ,
$13.2 < i.
Considering that the proof of loss
papers were mailed you July 3. the
prompt payment which the National
Life pay their losses is very commenda
ble. For courteous treatment and
prompt payment of losses I heartily
recommend the National Life Insurance
Co. , of Vermont. Yours truly ,
No. 410 S. 18th St. , Omaha , Neb.
The National Life , of Vermont , is the
only company issuing the Incontestable
Installment Bond Policy.
This bond cnn bo purchased by either
annual or semi-annual inbtallmon'.tj.
If the purchaser nt any timn discon
tinues his installments , the company
will redeem the bond for * ! jo stipulated
sum expressed upon its fade. .
In cnso o ( dcnth your heirs receive
the full amount of the bond. If you
live you receive the full amount of the
bond with interest.
An Installment Bond Policy costs less
than any other form of insurance and
you cnn withdraw your cash any year
without loss.
Endorsed by the ablest actuaries ,
bankers nnd business men. Forty
years of experience. Under the bond
you cnn pay us you go , or stop without
loss. Cash surrender value each year.
If you are interested cull or address
M. L. Roodor , Manager , Rom 401-2-3 ,
Paxton block , city.
The UNION PACIFIC wns first called
the Great Overland Route.
La Confession Cuban oignr nt all first
class cigar nnd drug stores.
Sale Extraordinary.
$20,000 worth of fine carriages , bug
gies , cabriolets , pluetons , surreys , rend
wagons , side bar nnd side spring speed
ing wagons , buck boards , delivery
wagons , harness , robes , whips , etc.
This stock is from the bObt > carriage
works in the country. I nm going out
of thu business. The entire stock will
bo sold. Terms of sale six (0) ( ) months
time , with approved paper bearing in
terest. 5 per cent discount for cash.
Don't forget the time and place. 23d
nnd Izard sts. , Wednesday morning ,
July 18th , 10 o'clock u. in. Samuel
Pruyn , per L. P. Pruyn. his agent.
Sonnenborg & Frotwoll , Auctioneers.
Smoke Soidonborg's Figaro and got
the best 5-cent cigar in the world , Max
Mover & Co. . wholesale depot.
Special Sale orCurtain ? , Carpets anil
Commencing Monday , July 10 , and
continuing during the week , I shall of
fer tit special sale and at greatly re
duced prices everything in our drapery
department , consisting of portiors , lace ,
MauiTtS and silk curtains , table covers.
fringes , Chiiia silks , and furniture cov
erings , nnd in our carpet department
wo shall continue our special sale ol
ermnnnts of moquettos , body Brussels ,
tapestries , etc. , nnd in addition will
have u special sale ot rugs at half prico.
15th nnd Far num.
Go to Pries lake for family , club ant
school picnics ,
The UNION PACIFIC is the only
rend running through the famous Al
pine Tunnel , 11,000 feet above sea level.
If you have n gasoline stove that does
not work well have it repaired or ex
change it for one of our Perfect Penin
sula Gasoline stoves. Omahu Stove Ro-
'pair Works , 810 N. 10th st.
Operatic nnd DrAnmtlo School.
High order of voice culture for the
study of opera and drama. Pupils re
ceived at the' studio of Mr. and Mrs. F
Massy Howard , 1(100 ( Douglas st. First
opera in rehearsal for public perform
nnco , M. Balfo's celebrated work , "Bo
hominn Girl" in its entirety. Ladies
and gentlemen Wishing to join a class
or for private tuition will please call ut
once , as the list of 'pupils is limited.
La Confession Cuban , cigar nt all first
class cigar nud drug stores.
Monday's Money Losing Sale ot
1610-21'Douglas Stroot.
Money or 1'roflt No OVxIcct Read This
Advcrllfichicnt Carorully , Tcu
Mnch Dntlsto Cloth
for 4o.
1,000 yimls India linen In beautiful
figures , lOo a yard. 1,000 yards but !
chntubrayd 0o a yard , worth 16c. 1,000
yards Scotch zephyr crinkles sold atl5o
ind 18o , Monday Tie a ynrd. Monday
iO pieces whlto goods , worth from 20cto
ioc. Talco thoui for lOc a yard.
All our 60o and G."IC Foulards Monday
it'Je. ' . In this lot \vo placu plain colors
n BUinmcr silks to close out , and if you
cotno in cnrly you will strike a snap. All
nt iJOc a yard. Wo shall also otTer 60
) iCces striped and chocked surahs , beau-
iful goods , at 05c , worth $1. 1,000 rem
nants in silks , velvets and dr.oss goods
at half price.
60 pieces 40-inch blnck bunting UOc a
ard. 100 embroidered robes sold at
ywds colored embroidery
for ! ixj , Monday only , and not over 60
yards to one customer. 1,000 beautiful
'HUH that cost to import from $5 to $11 a
do/.on , your choice Monday ( or SSccach.
Come early. 1,000 opaque curtain shades
with beautiful dado 7 to 0 feet long , Me
each. 50 rolls Chinese matting at 17e a
A slaughter of 250 children's calico
lrub ! > cs , - to 0 years , on bocond lloor
Monday , Ii7c each. The trimmingalone
cost more. Remember the price , S27c
each. Monday we shall olTor a beauti
ful ecru corbot. known as Dr. Piorco's
liealth coi-bct. for 75c. Also 1,000 do/.on
of our world renowned linen , double
stay , summer corsets , at 7oc , warranted
to outwear any $1 or $1.25 corset in ttho
market. Wo arc solo agents. 100 ham
mocks , with pillows attached , $1 each.
At our notion counter wo olTorfeather
dusters for IRIe. Silk rouohing l9e ! a
yard. Silk veiling , all colors , 8c a yard.
Tourist Touching2o a yard. 20 hair pins
for 2c. Crochet hooks Ic onch. y sheets
of paner for oc. Bet white envelopes
6c a package. Our price on notions are
down to the bottom.
La Confession Cuban cigar at all first
class cigar and drug stores.
Must Vacate in 15 Dnyp.
The entire stock of cloaks and suits at
MCDONALD'S EMPORIUM , 42 < ; south
fifteenth street , will bo sacrificed as
they must bo sold previous to moving.
A largo invoice of fall and winter cloaks
for ladies and children just received
and manufactured for fall , 1888 , will bo
slaughtered. This compulsory sale will
bo a regular bonanza , to those contem
plating buying winter cloaks later on ,
a& they can btivo at leaht 60 per cent by
making their purchases now. A very
largo a orUiiont of ladies and children s
ready made suits will be given away for
less than you can buy the material for ;
also a beautiful line of tea gowns and
Great moving out closing sale at
McDonald's Emporium , 420 South Fif
teenth street.
There ia on exhibition at the Ne
braska Furniture and Carpet Co. , COO
and 008 North 10th st. , the finest , dis
play of fancy chairs ovor- shown in
Omaha. Ladies tire specially invited to
call and inspect them.
A M-iscot For the BjislncHS Mnn.
Among the now institutions of this
city is one that bids fair to be of great
banclit to the merchants and bankers
as well as all other llnancial institu
tions. It is the newly corporatod Com
mercial Directory company , which has
evidently come to stay. Its incorporators -
ors are young and entcrpribing men
who have the necessary push and qual
ifications to make a sure succebs of
their undertaking. They come well
recommended as businnss men and fully
understand their business in all. its
branches. They propose to got up and
place in the hands of the retail mer
chants a report of the credit standing
of each and every consumer in the
county. The retailers should bo pro
tected as well as the jobber and by the
use of their work and monthly reports
ho is.
Call at 1018 California street and see
the ladies' friend.
The UNION PACIFIC is the shortest
line from Eastern Points to
. the Pacific Coast.
at No. 019 North Nineteenth street
contents of a ton-room house , nearly now
without robcrvo , Tuesday , July 17,1888 ,
at 10 a. m. A.V. . COWAN , Auctioneer.
La Confession Cuban cigar at all first
class cigar and drug stores.
Oninliu Commercial College
has moved into Williams block , corner
15lh and Dodge sts , over Kelly & Sti-
gcr's , where it will begin its bummer
school for children Monday morning ,
July 10. _
UNION PACIFIC is the Great
Through Car Line to
Yesterday's Proceeding ? In the Dis
trict Court ,
The Nebraska National bank has sued G.
W. Duncan , O. W. Duncan & Co. and Will
iam McHugh , to recover on a note for fJ,000.
Frank J. Persons and John McMillan sue
Marcurct Mucdouald , G. Frank Maudonuld ,
Edmund Clark , the Omaha LuSH SStl Trust
company and E. W. Whipplo for breach of
contract. Tlio plaintiffs alleged that Clark
contracted to soil to George M. Soutlunnyd
the east 11 fly feet of lots lit and 14 , In block
70 , in South Omaha , forW.OOO. Southmayrt
conveyed his contract to the plaintiff. The
defendant's attorney refused to carry out
the contract , and Clark subsequently conveyed
voyod the property to others of the defend
ants. The plaintiffs want equitable relief
and the property , which they profess to bo
ready tp pay for according to the contract.
County Court.
Tbo Consolidated Tank Line company was
given a judgment for $55.82 against H. C
Marko for oil furnished.
The Omaha Oil and Paint company have
sued Robert D. Hackers for oil furnished
amount f 41.U1.
The Armour Packing company has BUOC
Horn & Kemp for (229.10 duo for moat.
Marring" IitccnscH.
The following marriage licenses were la
sued yesterday by Judga Shields :
Name and Itcsldcncc.
Charles Olesen , Omaha. . < 23
Krnella Munsen , Omaha 1
Frant Hro-lll.Omaha . % . . . . . . . . ! . . . .2
Annie Koncul , Omaha . * -.1
George Slmfer , Omaha , . , . . . . . . , . . . : 2
Kntliy Drager. Omaha _ Z
J.I'lillln Horn. Bouth Omaha 2)
IxraU * Ktrtthmmn , Bouth Omaha S
Curl ii-Moiander , Omaha. , , '
Augiutu U. Wctt , OuiaUa 9
At Kelley , Stlgbr & ' Oo.'s , Corner
or Dodge and 15th Stroots.
A' Great Clearing Snlel POP All Next
Week , In Order to-iClnnii Up
tlio Stock It Is.ilarRulu
45-Inch blnck nil silk drnpory not ,
Do Esprit effect. 81.00 , worth fel.iW.
45-incli black nil silk drapery not , ele
gant fltrlped effect , $2.00 , worth $4.00.
42-inch blnck clmntilly llounclug ,
1.75 , reilucotl from $2.35.
42-inch black chantilly Houncings ,
$2.00 , reduced from 82.05.
42-inch black chantilly ilouncings ,
Sp2.25. reduced from $2.85 , blank chantilly ilouncinps ,
$2.50 , reduced from * 3. .j.
42-inch blnck chantilly ilounclngs ,
$3.75. rcducoa from $4.1)0. )
42-inch blnck Spanish guipure flotmc-
inps. $1.40 , reduced from $1.75.
42-inch black Spanish guipurq llounc-
ngs , $1.75 , reduced from $2.2-5.
42-inch black Spanish guipure llounc-
nitfs , $2.25 , reduced from $2.75.
42-inch black Spanish guipure llounc-
ings , $2.75 , reduced from $ ; ! .00.
Uemnants. 42-in black Chantilly
42-ln black Guipure ilouncings.
42-in fine Oriental flouncing , etc. , ro-
jardloss of cost.
Embroideries. 42-in Swiss embroi
dered skirtings , 75cyorth $1.15.
42-in Swiss embroidered skirtings ,
$1.0' ) , worth $ ! . ; .
42-in Swibs embroidered akirtings ,
$1.2" . worth $ l. < n.
42-in Swias embroidered skirtings ,
$1.75 , worth $2.2o.
Uemnants of Swiss and Nainsook om-
iroidorics. All remnants of embroi
deries that have accumulated during
the lust two months will be closed out
regardless of cost.
Special sale of silk mitts , parasols and
sun umbiellas all next week.
Corner Dodge and Fifteenth Sts.
Smoke La Confession Havana cigars.
Kansas City and Leavenworth tire the
Eastern termini of the Kansas Main
Line of the UNION PACIFIC.
Li. A. lOnton.
Successor to Coover & Watts , north-
cast corner St. Mary's avenue and Nine
teenth street , Omaha , Nebraska. Prii-e
list of groceries and provisions for the
month of July , ISvSS. All goods guaran
teed to be exactly as represented and to
pivo satisfaction. Prices subject to
market IhiPtuations of staple goods only.
A trial order solicited.
G sugar , 1. ! pounds for $1.00.
G hiigar , 15 pounds for $1.00.
N O biigar , 15 pounds for $1.00.
C L sugar , ! ) pounds for $1.00.
P L sugar , 10 pounds for $1.00.
Maple sugar , 5 pounds for $1.00.
Cut loaf. iIHiGO1 ) , 81.10.
Itobton club , i-10 , i-lio.
Royal drips , * -5 ! ! , 4-50-1. 81.00.
Maple. 4-hOc. , $1.00 to igLOO.
N O mohibbes , 80c.
Sorghum , 40c.
linkers' choice , 50e.
Wo guarantee the following brands
either in price or quality :
Washburn , Omaha , Pittsburg1 , per
100 pounds , 83.00.
Jack Frost , per 100 pounds , $ . ' 1.50.
Hubbard , per 100 pourids , $2.1)0. )
Nonpareil , pur 100 pounds , $2.50.
Snow Plaice , per 100'pounus ' , $2.2-3.
B. F. Japan , 2oc , Hoc. 40c , 60c , 7oc.
Oolong , 50e , 75c , $1.00.
Gunpowder , ( Wo , 76c , $1.00.
Young Hybon. ( loo. 75c.
No. 1 Java , 2oe , 80c , 85e , 40c.
No. 1 Rio , 25c , 30c , 3-jc , 40c.
BcstM. cVc.l.,40c.
Wo also carry Arbucklos , Cliocolato
and other brands in block.
Wo carry a full line of farinaceous
goods , including Akron , rolled oats
and graham Hour , granulated corn
meal , stocl cut oats , etc.
Our line of crackers and sweet goods
is very full and include both McUlurg
and Kennedy's manufacture.
A full line of smoked meats , lunch
tongue , canned com beef , potted ham ,
etc. , ahva.\B on hand.
My stock of cigars and tobaccos is
full of choice brands and at leading
Call and inspect our goods nnd prices.
Respectfully ,
The UNION PACIFIC is the Direct
Line to Leadvillo , the largest raining ,
city in the world.
lami ' I
A * Brilliant Wedding at Jlcr Father's
Residence at Moutroho , N. J.
Now' York Journal , July 8 : The
country residence of Colonel Henry
Barton Beecher. son of the late
Henry Ward Beecher , on Center btreet ,
Montrose , N. J. , wtib the fccer.o of a bril
liant wedding yesterday at noon. Miss
Margaret Humphrey Beochcr , clauirhtcr
of Colonel Beochor , known to her friends
as Daisy Beochor , was the bride , and
Arthur White , son of Congressman S.
V. White , of Brooklyn , was the groom.
Nearly four hundred people of tooial
prominence in New York and Brooklyn
wont to Montroio in special trains to
witness the ceremony , and many well-
known people , of Newark and the
Oranges wore present. The house was
handsomely decorated with flowers and
plants , and in onocoriiorof the spacious
and elegantly furnished parlors was a
magnificent floral bower.
The bridesmaids were Miss Kato
Beochor , sister of thobrido ; Miss Helen
Wogman , of Now York ; Miss Cnmillo
Govvnns , of Buffalo ; Miss Campbell , of
East Orange ; Miss Scovillo , of Stam
ford , Conn. , nnd Mi s Grucw Scokomb ,
of Now York. Henry Ward Bcechor.
brother of the bride , wns best mnn , and
the ushers were Frederick Wallace , of
Now liii"HJ ; David Morris , of Minne
apolis , Minn. } Samuel Walker , of Chicago
cage ; Edwin Aliof St. Louis ;
Thomas Riploy , of Now 7s k , nnd Clay
ton Brigham , of Savannah , Gn.
The entry of the bridal party was a
novel one. Shortly nftor 12:80 : o'clock
the party passed down the staircase ,
headed by the bridesmaids , who wcro
followed by the bride , leaning on the
arm of her father. At the foot of the
stairs were the groom , best man and
ushers , formed in two lines and holding
bands of daises. The party passed
through the lines and into thu parlors ,
followed by the groom , best man and
The young oouplo took positions
under the floral bower and the cere
mony was performed according to the
Episcopal ritual by Rov. Charles A.
Hall , ifci-tor of Holy Trinity church ,
Brooklyn , who conducted the services
at the funeral of the bride's grand
father , the late Henry Ward Boochor.
After the ceremony a reception wns
hold , a wedding breakfast was served
and the numerous costly and magnifi
cent presents were shown. Later in
the "afternoon Mr. and Mrs. White left
foe' an pxtondcd wedding tour. On
their return they will reside iu Tarry-
town ,
Down the Prices.
Mopdrty , July 10th , you will find our
store crowded. 60 pieces fnncV figured
lawn s\ightly \ damaged , 10 yards for JOe.
worth three times the money. 4 * ' pieces
fancy crinkled seersucker worth 16o. ,
reduced to 7Jc. per. ynrd. 2,000 ymuls
fancy figured lawns , siich as cochico ,
Manchester nnd Pacific , no bettor in
this city , at 7 c. pop yard , well worth
12c. Special bargains in our box suits
and fancy robes with ombroidorv to
match , cost no object , they must bo told.
10.000 yards in remnants of India linens ,
bought direct from the factory , and
being late in the season wo got thorn
cheap , on sale Monday , ranging In price
from 'Jo. , 5c. , 7c. , 8c. and lOc. a yard.
Remnants of sateen at J cost. Rem
nants of white dross goods In stripes and
checks also colored lOc. on the dollar.
Everything must bo cleared out. "Tho
Bristol" white chrochot bed spread , and
best spread for the money which was
over shown over any counter , l)8c. ) each.
50 dozen of the largest Turkish towels
in this city , 25c , onch. 54 inch wide
Turkey rod table linen , 1'Jc. a yard. 10
pieces crutun colored loom dice table
linen , 15e. , 2c. ( ) and 25c. Red bordered
table linen at ! l3e. a yard with napkins
to match , at ( > 0e. a dozen. Fancy
stamped splashers , lOc. each , worth 25c.
Chenille and raw silk table covers at a
great bargain. The greatest bargain
wo over offered in towels on Monday.
18 by 40 bleached damask , red , white
or blue border , knotted fringe , at ISc.
each. This towel you will acknowledge
to bo the best value over shown in this
city by any firm , and Ilnydou Bros , are
letting down the prices on towels Mon
day. 18 inch checked glass toweling 8c.
a yard. 1(1 ( inch chocked glass toweling
IU yards for $1.00. Fancy striped all
linen toweling 5c. a yard. You can buy
odd lots of wall paper at your own price.
Heal Kstiue Ti-iuiHfers.
L1110111118 nnd u Koto V O Luntry , lot
Wk : MH , Florence , < i c < 1 t 85
JI A A\ery to Gcoigo II Urlllltli , lot 1 ,
bllcttt , llort'iiou , ( i oil , 1
A P Ttikuy ei Hi to .1 0 Itnnkni , lot IB , blk
_ ' , tllfton Hill , w 0 no
II Amblurct nl to C1 I' Harrison , lot * ( I , 7 ,
anil 8 , blkO , Iot8 5 iiud II , lilk 7 , KeKor-
111,111. (1C (1
Georqo R llniker i-t nl to the imbue , lots 0
nnd7Jcorgu rorbes'sub , Sliormimixvo ,
pirk Dint
A II Pitch and wife to K M 1'nrk , lot 10 ,
Hoiisrl Sitebblns' sub. w rt 2,503
1 8 Hasrull to It ( . 'ainiibcll , lot 5 , blK S , lit
mid , Mt HmiKlni , > \ tl , GOO
Wlllliun n Albrlglitniul wlfo to T Hartley
lot iii. blk 4 , Hooper's lloimurn , w rt
J II Miller nnd wife to.T W Illler , lots 11
nnd U , Iicuvemvortli llusliievt I'lnte , q
cd 1
M J Sciinliin to N 1) Hoxlf , lot fi. Clink's
sub , w rt 4,000
N Isabt-n nnd wlfo to Ilnllou llros. , lot 7 ,
lilkH. ( JrnndTew , wd 2,000
Il.leuiilnps toM I ! Hoxlc , lot 1' , blk S ,
Mnyiioiilntc.wrt 2,500
T S Chukhnu nnd wlfo to I' 0 HlmobauKh
ct nl , s I'JKMII-i ; ! , nKfPBinent
A KeiniiiKtnn et nl toT S Clm kson , fi MlK )
ncres so coritllt-13 , npit'eini'iit
1'C1 lIlliiobnujjhtTTS Cliiiksou , 15187-10J
ncrcaso < orJU-ifM'j , iiKit'uiucnt
A .1 Slniiison to 0 Iliutninn , part ot lot 1 ,
blK It ) , Omaha , rj o d , 1
N It rnlconer mid wlfo to A J Simpson ,
pnrt oflot 1 , blk Kiri.OinnhiKicrt 1
U A l.nku tit nl to N II 1'nlconor , pattaf
lot 1 , blk 1U' , Omaha , q o d 1
J S lot l.blkicn ,
Oinaliii , < j cd , 1
Oinnliii Iteal Kstatu .V Trust Co. to A J
Va'iKnran , lot 0 mid 7 , blk 7 , Kllby
I'lnre. ' wrt 1,000
F\Vndilllif.'liiliiiiud ! lfoto.I O RHla et
ill. lot : ' . bll:7. i : VSmlth'Miiddw rt. . . . 0.075
Unlttd Stntc-i to J L llnrsh , so iiMll-1.1 o ,
1' C Ilin obiuiKh ft nl to II Hutz , lot 4 , blk
11. Onialia llem'nts , w d 2JO
] ; Wnlliuo and husliiuul to A M lluinaiin ,
lot ( i , blk a , Cn' ton iidd , w d 1,700
J U like nivl wlfu toV H CntCH , lot - ) ,
blk ( i. Holier Place , w d rr )
Twenty-live transfers npcrcgatln ? ? 27.CO"
Lns > t opportunity of witnosslnR the most clover
of comic operas.
) | IV TUB I'AMOt 8
Popular Prices 2 c , : KJC , Hc. )
We have a Fine Stock
of Everything
coming under this head
350 PIANOS ,
Wo nro fiirnilnit n I'lHtin Clue of MO members , to
whom no Hill fiirnMi : I5U pianos , on imyiuuntB of
ONKDOI.dAUAUKIC , Onu member will niclve
ft rt iu > eiirli week , to tin deturmlnuil by l"t. hlimiltl
any inumlKT ilcirlru u llniio bo I nro the lot tnll.Hto
liliu , ho cnn obtain It ut any tlmuon a mnnll weekly
mUlltUiii tnlhtiHUUperwtK'Ic. a hnrlub paying catli
via are unublml luKlru nil insodiintii tlintcanh would
> rouro. An elcvant I'lnrui Hint usually noils lor
i lUHu MSOwlll lie fiirnMiccl for ! > 60
Will never bo offered. A Piano bounlit forloss tlmn
ono can te rented. No moro Hi an .iM members will
lie HcrapK'ri. Irnd In rmir namn ut once. Write
for lull particulars. AOK.V1S WANTKI ) .
8. it. UUYISTT , Mnnnenr ,
faT. JOSKl'JI. MO.
§ Investment Co.
Hns opened an olUce in Ouiulia , uH ; ! pre
pared to
promptly on desirable Improved Property. Ilus-
Iness Is all transact ed nt tills olUce. Mo delays
whatever. We also make
6EO , M , VAN EVERA , Secretary ,
Jloora 36. Cliuuiljer of Commerce , .10tU ana
furniuu Streets.
AT 3:8O : O'CLOCK ,
N. W. Cor. I3th and Dodge Sts , Omaha , Neb , '
, . , . . . .
* f--'v j -t ' * " tff JU " ! i - - .i .mui.ijfc.Lurj jiujaoitfji
. .
„ O. f" " " * * *
' ' * . . " * * * * " *
* *
J > * * - * Tg r -J Svn3SiX friT' ? ± i ryw * t
CAUTION DculKtilnc persons , taking advantage ofonr reputation ,
nro onnatiiiitly starting bogim medical CHtnlillslilnonts to dccolvo
BtraiiKerB vlHltlng the city. These protcndorn umislly ( llsnpponr In n
few wnoks. Ilownro of them or their runncm or agents. The Omnlm and Harclcat Instiluto la tlio only CRtnbllHlicd inrdlcnl tiietl-
ttito In Oninlin , Dr. SIoMctininy , Proprietor , When you ninko iip your
mind to visit us , innkc u iiionuirandum or our exnct addrcsa. and tints
envo trouble , dnlny or mistakes.
end Surgical Diseases
D1UJ. Physician and Surgeon in Charge-
Assisted toy a MiMer of Conijieteiit , Skillful and Exueriencsl Physicians and Surgeons
Particular Attention paid to Deformities , Diseases of Women , Discuses of the Urinary
nnd Sexual Organs , 1'rhatc Diseases , Discuses of the Xenons Sjstem ,
Lung ami Tliruat Diseases. Surgical Operations , Epilepsy or
Fits , Piles , Cancers , Tumors , Etc. ,
More money in\cstcd ; moie bkilll'm phjbiciani > and burgeons employed ; more patient *
treated ; more cures eflccted ; more modern improved instruments , apparatus and appli
ances than can be I omul in all other infirmaries , institutes or dispensaries in the west
combined. Largest and most complete Medical Institute or Hospital in the ucst. Fifty
newly furnished , well warmed and ventilated rooms for patients , three skilled physiciani ;
always in the building. A.11 kinds of diseases treated in the most scientific manner.
Supporlcrf , Electrical Batteries , and can supply physicians or patients any appliance ,
remedy or inblrument known. Calf and consult us , or write for circulars upon all sub
jects , with list of questions for patients to answer. Thousands treated successfully by
correspondence. We have superior advantages and facilities for treating diseases , per
forming surgical operations nnd nursing patients , which combined with our acknowl
edged abi ity , expcrieuce , responsibility and reputation , should make the Omaha Medical
and Surgical Institute the flrit choice.
The Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute is conducted upon strict business and
scientific principles , and patients here receive every advantage that art , skill , science and
human ingenuity , can bring to bear on their cases. Their comfort and convenience will
always be taken into consideration.
Should you conclude to vibit us for treatment or correspond with us , you will find
tbat these statements ol our position , location and facilities are not overdrawn in any
particular , but are plain unvarnished facts.
Only Eeliable Medical Institute Making a Specialty of
All Blood Diseases successfully treated. Syphilitic Poison removed from the system
\\ithoutinerciiry. New le&torativc lieatment for loss of Vital Power , Persons unable
to vibilus muy be treated at home by correspondence. All communic.ttions confidential
Medicines or instmmenU sent by mail or express , securely packed , no marks to indicata
contents or sender. One personal interview preferred. Call and consult Us or send hU
tory of your case , and we will send in plain wiapper , our
Upon Private , Special or Nervous Diseases , Impotency , Syphilis , Gleet and .Varicocele ,
with question list.
My Reasons for Writing a BooK Unon Private , Special and teens Diseases ,
I have for many years made a specialty of diseases of the urinary and sexual organs ,
upon indiuclual cases , ror me uunciii oicucu persons , i nave wruien a DOOK , giving a
general description of the most common diseases and conditions , my treatment , huccebs ,
advice , etc. After leading it , persons will hu\e a clearer idea of their condition andean
write me more intelligently and tp the point It will therefore be seen that our object in
writing these pages is not to furnish reading matter to a class ot persons who icad out of
mere idle curiosity , but for the benefit of thu many who are suffering to a greater or less
degree from diseases , or the effects of diseases or abuses , of the sexual or urinary organs.
Not a day passes but we rcc < ive many calls or letters from personssuffei ing frptn thin
class of diseases , or their sequel. Many of them are ignorant of the cause of the difficulty
that has wrecked their constitutions , thrown a cloud over their bright prospects and is
shortening their da ; s.
Suruical operations lor the cure of Hare Lip , Club Feet , Tumork , Cancers , Fistula ,
Cataract , Strabismus ( Cross Eves ; Varicocele , Inverted Nails , Wens and Deformities
of the Human Body performed in the most scientific manner. . , . , . .
„ „ „
We t.-cat Chronic Diteases of the Lungs , Heart , Head , Blood , Skin , Scalp , Stomach ,
Liver Kidneys , Bladder , Nerves , Bones , etc. , as Paralysis , Epilepsy , ( bits ) , Scrofula
Bright' * Disease , Tape Worm , Ulcers or Fever Sores , Dyspepsia or Gastritis , Baldnesa
Eczema , etc.
Treated carefully , skillfully and scientifically by the : latest and most approved
McMenamy has for years devoted a large portion of his time to the study and treatment
ol this class of diseases , and has spared neither time nor money to perfect himself , and is
fully supplied with every instrument , appliance and remedy of value in this department
We claim superiority over any oculist or aurist in the west , and the thousands whom
we haV cured , after others have failed , substantiate our claims. To thbsc afil cted witli
Eve and iir Diseases , we simply say , call and conuilt us , get a scientific opinion , then
visa whom you lik ? ; anc1 if you are an intelligent person you will return to us for trcal-
menbuTbSoE'describing' the Ey i ar.d Ear and their diseases , In nlaiu language , with
illu trations written for the benefit of patients and physicians who write
, arc
"sTn regard to cases ; by reading than carefully nhysiclan and paljen i vy.H . have a clear
understanding' and can describe. cases to us jnore
Addrciii ull letter * to
DR. J.W. McMENAMY , N. W. Gor. )3lh&Dddge ) SlS , Onialia.He .
ii n iii nffiiif ?