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' . T111 ( 4AiAHADAZL 1 BEE : SThTA Y J ITh 15. 1888.-T'wBI VT u ' PAGES. 7 '
E1I01S lt1Z ITiIE A > T = R00 1
j ' The M1d 5ummor Month Among the
Secret Ordoro.
1 _
The Order Itemtchlng Out Ofer the
I i
Stmtto-Thlrtcen Now Iii tIgeH
, Clutrtered-Tho Supenie Chan-
few I1fsonIC l.e llefl ,
The Masonic order Is growing throughout
tlno stub with mnrketi rnpidity , us wit bo
' seen by the following order , whilst has just
lslued f ronl G l'anlt Master George Ii. Franeo.
'y YoftI , Nub , , July 8 , Grand Oftirors and
'm , 1V , 1L nud Brethren : I will constitutu your
loge at S o'clock p , m.'as follows : Grnfto4
1 lodge No. .1 ; 2 , July 13 at Grafton , Fllmoo
county ; Mason City lodge No. 170 , July 17 ,
& at Mason city Custer county ; Mermn lodgu
, . No , 171.Tuly IT , nt Me'na , Cuatcr county ;
# swottl lodgu No. 1117 , July : I , at Elwood ,
Gospev county : Culhertsmi lodge No , 174 ,
July , . , nt Cnlbcrtaon , Ililchcock county ;
1 Iobm't turns lodge No , lit , July
at Stratton , ltitehcock county ;
Baricston lodge No , lib , August 7 ,
at Ilaruuston , Gagu county ; q'omnIdo lodge
No , 175 , August S , at Fllley , tinge c0u1thy ;
p stie Tie lodge No. 1f l ) , August 13 , at 11ttr
t nett , flludh on county ; Atklnsou lodge No.
161 , August 14 , at Atkinson , IIolt county ;
Amity lodge Io. ii ; , August l0 , ut Hush.
vllic , Sheridan county. , nt if o'clock a , nt , ;
+ Ilny Springs lodge No , 177 , August 10 , at
lhny Sprints , Sherldnn county , at. : h o'cloclc
p. III. ; ( ilndstouo lodge No , I7fl , August. 21 ,
e at Ansley , Custur county , Isach order Is to
have at lcaMt two past masters Pt cacut to as
slst lu the constituting ceremonies. 'rho
eider Is signed by George IL I'ra nick , grout
a master , Secaotnry Bo vcii has heot huay
during the pf5t week sending out chnrlotr
for these nuw lodges , lIe will probably is.
list In a uuurher of the oxcrcisu connected
with instituting the lodges.
OF luterest. to 7tnstuls.
Clr rtes do Valols , says the Frcomaset ,
wns tlio forty.hlrst grnud uutster m 1 ll5. Ho
was thu duke of Anguulouiu , a utttu , d son of
Charles IS of l'ranco , born In U73. lie wits
, ' dlstinguishcd at the battles of Arches and
Iv y I1 5O0) ) with Ilenry IV of Navarre ; way
) ' COndemnca to hnurfsounient for life In 11)1)1 ) )
fora'lot against that king , and released
nbout lie time lie w.u chosen grnud master.
Ho ouencti the siege of Itochcllo in 10 )8 ) , and
uoinutuudea there until thu arrival of the
Icing , IIu dhsphlycd fdluesa and talent in
d cA il nud military nlTtllrs , but was Itccusel of
t behag devoid of prhlchlh. Ile dies In IGO.
1 In the cerenouho9 of the royal arch degree
$ a the burning bush is represcuted. It wus oh
I1 Mount Ilorub that the angel of the Lord ap
11 pcnred unto 1ioscs In a burning hush , not
0110 leaf of Whict ) wvs consumed. hero it
swag that the unultertthlo manic , which syns
never Imown nor heard of bofoto ( led told It
to hoses , was revealed , ' ] 'his being the
great source of true Slasonle light , turd the
placu whence nil Pure blusonlc histructtons
; , ndght cuuutnte , cuninientntor3 also extract
) . frotu this that though the light of revelat loom
m shines forever , it Is hover consumed , nud
we , as Royal Arch ? IilSOil8 shonlti rouictn
1 her to kocp lire holy ilanu nfive--braving on ,
burning over , yet never coustnuhig. And
further , ho immpecssed with the awful glory
t of the itchy nnuio , teal pay It that revcreiice
with which It was recelycd try our anclcut
brethren , 'Thu prlcsts could hot miler the
imousu of the Lord , for lima glory of cotl ; tilled
( time house , and they bmvetl down and ox.
claluicd : IIu is good ; Ills mercy mtdnroth
' The tiuprcuiOChnncellor.
/ The following Interesting biography of the
gentleman highest in runlc among nil the
mombcrs of the Knights of Pythtias order In
? the lu11d , nppearOd fu the lust issue of the
Pylhhut lcnight ;
Gcncral Ward tvas barn in Newark , N. J , ,
Jauuary :0 : , 15'-4 be rccehved a common
school educnlioa , anti ha the earlier years of
his 11fu he lenrnal the busIness of the butter.
Still , being endowed by nature with talents
q a high , order , mid wonderful clergy mad
h'l'c9 Of 41 rte rte , hu has achieved mui eml
able reputation amongst the people , in the
t various industrial Pursuits of life , for mtsi-
ness tact amid sagucitym mad for the strictest
futogdty. After attaining his nutjorlty tic
tvlls elected tnammgor of several large and
wealthy mmmufucturlig corpotatious , and
Ind the Pleusurn of seeing theul prosper
whilst under his control.'heq the
tviu' broke out he entered the service , with
the rnulc of csptnla. . Ho soot at.
taiued the rate of brevet colonel ,
aua Was uftertvards couunlssloed
brevet hrigudlcr general , conrphnuco with a
sP0cin1 net of the legislature of NoW Jersey ,
bearing tutu IS73 , "fur long mind meritorious
service In tho' National Guards , " Gmn ral
seta d hilts been a muutbor of the "National
CuardS" slncu IS41 , and ha continuous sor-
vlee , except whilst engaged in the war for
the union or sultering from wouudq received
in the service. He was severely wooided
at tine second Utihl Rut engagement , on
August L'O , 1SU' . , having rcceivud three mnus-
ket bulls iii the body-one in the left arm ,
. only In the right leg anti omo in the face. Isis
left shoulder was so badly shuttered that in.
was eompclled to 1)1153 the terrible ordeal of
mnputation of hl9 left arm. Thu wound iii
t the leg still causes him trouble at times , In
time ymtr 1Sedi linvhag partially recovered
iroumhls wouals lag was oleetel missistant
' city clerk , timid In lSli7 was promoted to tlm
principal cloricshmp of Newark , timid at the
chose of his atllci.l turin was ap
] xnntod posLnastor of the city
bs Ce er t Giant , the thgmi president
of thu United States , whichi Important and
f lucrftiva oitlce lie still holds. Ile hits been
elected ht ! silent of the board of nututgers
of Fairmount cemetery treasurer of the
Society for the Prevention of ( Jruclty to An.
hauls , tail quurte mnastor general of the
Cruuti Arumy of the Republic. His re muta
' tiou is not , confined to the arena of bushes 3
nuti war , but It the donnmi of fraternal su
cictios ha is an nck11owledged lender , realm
amid eNclunt. lie tram bravo i
m- ous was it , nut
Patriotic soldier nud officer et the touted
field. IIu svus grnud chancellor of the grant 1
tir jurisdiction of New Jersey during the con
tenidal year , mid represented his state fn tit a
puprelgo lodge of the world In thmo year.
ISTS,1x8) ) . 1SS anti in ISS4 , displaying excel
Ind quahttes ng a legislator on time ihoor fu d
In committees. Ito is a gentleman of tiu
Persouul mappeu'auce , elegant social powers
uI\uiys gedal courteous towards his cal
: oaguesattractive Innuumer , nod grows ii
esteem and favor upon uxteumlud acquaint
itenleaabering ThOh Fnnndrr.
Tire aicmorlul ; services of the A. 0 , U , W
In d1oper of the founder of mho order , Fathe
Upchurch , took place at the blusoniu.Teupl
theater , Louisville , recently. The thoate
was hung with mouraiimg , both within an
' without. The two largo pillars at the m r
trance were draped with blaclt and whit o
while the outside of the building , from tb
roof ulutost to the sldewallc , was festoouie
vIth streanurs of black. Inside , the baleen
and its supOnrts were drii d with black an
tvhito , with u lingo streanor of the lathe
extemidlhg quite around the ball near tit
. front the center of the auditorlu nt
t trcumcrs of black rrwliato free the collie
to tlia tops of the windows. Th , privet
boxes were covered with Qntbletns of sorro
while f roe the center of the stage huge band
of alternate black and white ran from lb
renter ha every diroetlon , ha the eater h u
auspmtdotl a large photograph of I'atlmQr U up i
rhurei ,
"Father U ehureh , " as lea Is afYoetioaiita
alluded to by the brothrmt of thud order , Wa
a vorkln ; ; luau , lie wus u southerner
birth , having been born in 1 'rmklln ; count ,
No tlmCarollna3larcltU , 19:0 , Ills dgnt
occurred January 1S , 1SS7. During t'
greater Part of his life ho was counett
with railroads , first as a freight age5t at
afterward as locomotive engineer ; cost
mechanic ter supormmtenfmt. Ilorpent abe
thirty years of hls life in one oy the other
ttum two hater po5tttaus. i1'Iitio workbag f
the ntlantltm . Grua Wcst mt tend at Meat
t'tllc , Pa „ mil iSIIS , ho cei''utval the idea ,
orFniziug thosoclotyj and Instituted the fir
to lgu or tho.7t o3 October of that yea
with thirtceu noutucrs. Ills object was
emftibllsh u soeIi which woultl be the uncut
of prcvontingsttikcs by arbitrating betwcen
cmnploVcrs ahd gtnploycsand to beefitthe
working people 1p other sways. In 1STt ) hot (
ever , there tvtts h tilviMlou which lasted till
1573 , 'rho acecding Party paid more atten
tton to tbp benellcinry feature than did Mr.
Upchurch , and hmicrea9ed snore rapidly. In
Jnnahry,1MT3 , a fusion tvn9 effected , ofd the
two orders pure been as olme ever slimee.
The supreme lodKo tvu9organized l'ebruwv
11 , 157J by the states of I'cnneylvnnia , Ohio
and Icentuelty'h whug then about 1,400 uidtu
hers ngainstaltXM1 how. S1n'ce the institution -
tion of the ordcruoro , than t ; OOJO,000havo
been paid out n9 the result of "I'atlec Up-
church's" work ,
history ol the Nev % Jcracy llotue ,
The president of the New Jcrsey haute
a9soclation In a recent address , gars the following -
lowing interesting history of the home :
'rho first movement wag made by Tlueo
dore A. ] toss , at present grand secretary of
the Sovereign Grand lodge , when le introduced -
duced p resolution that a contntitteo of three
be apimintcd to correspond with the several
ledges in relutlott to the mutter , tend also to
preptru plans for thu erection nud mmnute-
nabco of a house. 't'his was in Noveuuber ,
1571 'l'ime committee wn9 appointed and
> ; 5OU wa3 soon contributed by the lodges.
Five years later this ntouey vas mill refunded
nud the sehiehie abumdoned. : A year later limo
project tvims revived , amp ht 1577 the present
situ \va9 rattled , The property was purr
cha9ed itt 1539 H , 4,10 , hieing paid down. I'res
idcut hlninuo { said ha had hoped that the
bourn ec > uhd have bcel dedicated free from
all debt ; hut , totwlthstaudlug streuuuous
0f0rts , they had failed to lift the debt entirely -
tirely , Thley Iulhl time n99miimnce that If they
Increased time fetid to $11'Ut4) ) this year a clti-
zerm would endow the honer with ? 9,5111) ) ,
' .And now , grand muster , " lie ionthmcd
"this is the Pm00rty that the Odd Fellows ]
Assoclatlon Iiouo presents to you , mud
through you to the frmtermity ) of New Jersey.
t1 o now ask you to urccht the suite Imttti to
dedicate it as the Odd Fellows' haute of
Now Jersey , fully boliuvlfg llhmt this House
will prove f haven of test for nanny n
worthy brother ; that it will Provo to ho it
station on the railroad of lute where our
brothers can eutor Cued wait for the Grand
Cemduetor to comae mod escort theni into that
grand lodge above , where lie svho rules all
timings justly will he Grand Sire , "
Th' limit ! lay's Work.
At the lust day's sesset of the supreme
bilge of time luctent Order of tJnlted W'ork-
mc11 , iu Louisville , the supremee session re-
eoasidm ed time report of the committee out
n ipcals and grmevauces , whereby the appeal
of w' . C. Flint , of this jurisdiction , relutlvo
to the pay11ment of be ehlciury asses'utents
front time general fund of the lodges ,
tafued , nud adopted met amendment to the report -
port to the effect that Ono aetiof of the grata
lodge of California is sustahmcd turd thin appeal -
peal dismissed , 'l'imo supreme trustees were
made a eouunitteo out tramspurttttfau , mad instructed -
structed to mhleavnr to secure reduced rates
for time members of the supreme largo to timid
from sessions. After the I11smlbatlo11 of ofl- (
cm's by John Frizzell , P , S. U , W. C. M ,
fluster , S.l .1V , unuouncod time uppoint-
uncu t of the following htanling cenntttee + :
On Fin tuu e-Charles IIabst , of l'e0usyl
vauia ; J. Edward hhu'tt , of bbassteimusetls ;
std .I. R , Alille , of Ontario ,
On Lutes-John Frizzell , of ' 1'enuesseo :
Alfred Orndorlf , of Illlnols , and J , 1V , Kins
icy. 1\Iontm11a. \
On Statistics-1Villimtn : C , Richardsn , of
Representatives to the Fm-aterunl Congress
-1l. Ii. Slmielda , of i + lissouri ; John .1 , Acker ,
of New Merit ; Samuel Eccles , Jr. , of blury-
liumd , and 11'.f. Donnell , of Now York. At
5:1U : o'CiOOk'.lotduy fftm noan , uo . , , the
.supremo lodge atlJourncd to meat tea lime city
of Oumulun , Neb. , on the tlilrd 'Tuesday in
June , iSJ'J. .
To A + Inmit ihn Heys.
AIr , J , Khmg In n , lengthy mmrHrlo in the
Domilubon OJd Fellow , after ndvocutlug at
souls leugtlm time tluestiun of tdnutti11e mama-
bees into the order of Odd Fellows nt
cightecu , gives the following us time reasons
for has position on the subject :
The grounds , briefly stated , mm zvbich such
mum organization eomuneuds itself to my judg-
nwnt are these :
1. Fromm sixtemt to twentyono years of ago
constitute the most restless years tm u young
man's life ,
: . Other organiratiamsappreciate this , and
thosoyears ere seized upon-anti bonny who
ought to ho with i us arc t wltIi thorn.
J. 1'tcsu orgauizatiois are nmltiplyimg of
eery bond , nud nro tulaug to thents9lves
our young tea by the thousands before they
m'u tweity.
4. Provision is made ht Odd Fellowship
for every other class , except these , lmence :
I'atrlmrchs blilitamt for amen of years , ahl
Chevaliers fe mum of tillitarv tmste3 and do-
sites , Daughters of llebelndm for our wives
amid sister's , but nothing to attract and hole
our boys dnrhmg tint mast Impressible years
of their lives. Tlmh3 ought not so to be ,
5 , The Mateheste' Unity Odd Fellows
rnadu provisio11 for this years ego , n11dmigw
marls tlmeir success ( Jourmual of I'roceodings ,
S , G , page IOTi)1) : "The Jnvendo hrauch
nambers31,87i , * Of 27S151nitiated
( into time aManchoster Uinty ) 7:3 : Per emit
we o wader twenty-five years of ago , " iehig
in this way saved to Odd Fellowship.
't'his uiovommuont tins the hearty support of
Callforula Odd Fellows , and it Is shicerely
hoped lucre that tbo eighteen-year clause
will soon be adapted.
* 4'
A lied Men's Decision.
A decision by the suprmna court of the
United Stato9 , which reversed the deci9iomt
of tlm Immtlinna supreme court , fu it euso
agmtiust the order of ilod Mmu , read very
much us If it wouli ho uuprotiliblo to 01)1)050
the laws tutu deelsions of the order. Thu
court says : "The decision in the tribunals
111 time order is hintiiug upon time courts of the
state for these reasons : 'Theso are private
bcneflchal instmtutlons , operatmng on time
uiwubers ouly , who , for rcnsomsof iOllcy timid
comvmdenco affecthig their welfara , tut ] ,
PerimIps : , their exl9tence , adopt laws for
their govern11mnt , to be mh11lnhstcred by
lheuiselves , to which t every person w ho joins
themti tlssOnts. Thcy require time slarremmder of
no right that et nuum may not wake , uud my
obligator. ' Ott hIm 9nly so long na ho chooses
to recognize their autimarity. Iii the present
fhstminco thin party appears to have beta sub.
leotod to time usual eout'sr , amid if the tribu-
ual of his own choice bus decided nguhust
him ho ought not to couqlaht. ) It svouid
s vary macelu moor the u90fulmmess of such In.
stitutions if they era to beimrrassed by potty
sutt9 of thls kind , and this probably wag a
0 controilug cousldoralion ha deteruahdng the
manner of 11ssosshmg bcacllts mitt passing
n upon the conduct of the mambas , "
Elks in Sesslon.
During time pa9t week tit" delegates cam
stltulhng tbo grand lodge of the llmevolen 6
and I'reteetivQ Orderof Elks svero hut session
e In New lurk. The sossiou opened Tuesday
with organization exorcises. Tuesday even -
I )
r hag the delegates attended the various plane s
d of amusement in the city. Wednesday' s
session ivus opened nt 10 o'eocli ) in time uaonq
lug by Chairman Leech , During the day
oe there was met elaborate scheme presented b.
d the Philadelphia lodge for the creatloui of a
y supreme grand lodge. By this is nloaut that
d time smaller lodges shall elect delegates to u
r state conventk met or grand lodge , which shell
! n turn shed the delegates of the supreme
o lodge , a wide divergence from the presua
modo. Time ail hn ) ortat fetituro of th 9
g yours conventlon wrill be mho bringing up a t
9 ttto migratory sohtens , or.plam forr itoldht g
the convention at u ditToreumt pluco each year
s' 'Phis Is time burning iiuestlon with the west j
la era members , anti the wlre pullhmg for , oto s
o on the scheme will onlyy ho exeoe . . . by th o
s workora connected with tie. various palitl
p cal mmwlminos lheso t , ; .ncluhu , that it 19 na
him r to mutlro tin' 7 , jeuuoy eastward ercr y
ly year , autl v ; ii make u strong light to Carr Y
a tteir 'Point ' , heretofore time delegates from
by New York , Penas.ylvunia and other Caster n
1 states hwe bomu abie to nip In thdp bud any
tt thtumg looking to the migratory Idea outlined
mo 4
al Idellot mans AIrowed.
ad' Rc110f lanai as allowed by time board of tit
t Amer'an Legion of Honor from January
of to July 1 are us follows ; Arkansas , 7 svgs : } s
) $140 ; California , 59 weeks , $ dlS ; Counccth
f cut , 12 weots , ; : .I ; District of Columbia , h
at weeks,01 , Oeargia , l9 weeks , $35O ; lllinoi s
r : S weeks , $31 : ; Loulsltuta , 11 weeks , 3110 ,
l0 Massachusetts , 195'weohs , Eh,501 ; Dtaryland
u 5 works'S7ts ) ; Maine , 17 weeks , tjr:1S ; Mis
- a
Great Unloading Sale , in ts only , at one-fifth to one-half value. We shall sell the goods advertised
, , , , here only in the quantity we game below.
12 Yards of
Qlilgolc lll
For SL4G
Worth 25c a Yard
10 Yards of
Fm' 8c0
3F Yard Wide.
10 Yards of All Wool
Fo S3i
Worth 75c a Yard.
Eves a Y1 niachasei o oi' one of the above ban o p , aids will receive an ele g , milt Screw Lead Pencil .with gill Ti P ' r
Stationers retail them at 25c.
' 5I5TOU6 .
sisshppl , 10 weeks , .00 : Missouri , 3 : weeks ,
S':8 ; North Carolina , 15 weeks , = .50 ; New
llmnnpshhre. 3 weeks , 560 : New Jursoy , 37
weeks , , UU ; Now York , 157 weeks , ( ; 1x03 ;
Ohio , at : vcoks , 37,3 : ; Pemntnylvmmia ,
weeks , 'J,30 ; ; South Curoliua , 3 weeks , -ti ;
' 1'eutcsset , 4 weeks , S1S ; Tcxas.S wrecksGt ;
Virginia , 41 weeks Slot ; Ccrnmont3 , tvicehs ,
$1C0 ; tl . cst Vlrgum a , 10 w crlts , 011 ; Rileum.
sin , : u weeks , : IOU , 'lbtai , 1,101 weeks ,
St 1S'J : ,
* *
A General's SProcmlm.
One of the brightest thouglut9 over utteroti
iu rcgmtrd to omry was by Coneral Lafayette -
fayette , when welcomed by time lOdgeof Free
1tlusoms at Predurlcksbuag , l'a. , In 1S44 , as he
responded to the address of the worshipful
master in those words : "J1y dear sir , aml
you , nay brethren : The Plousttre 1 feel lit
our fraternal meetings camitot but be enhanced -
hanced of this occasion by the consideration
that hi this city time first lessons of chddlood
iii this lodge , time dust lights of M soury ,
were conferred upon the utnn was first in till
our hearts , him Musoty lie was our brother ,
hen matters of state he was our father. I
shall be happy , sir , to mice my minute umited
with those respected manes , most dour to my
heart , that you have just mentioned. Ana I
beg you all , may brethren to necept nay nltec-
tionato thanbts for the furor you have con.
ferret upon 1110 , amid which you , dear sir ,
bavo bean pleased so kludly to anuouttcol'
iteeertt Death irPSSes.
The supreme lodge , Inights of Honor , has
levied assessments 230 eta :131 : ( utlv0neq 939
mind :38) ) , dntoi July 3 , on deaths 1,013 to
1lOs iuulusivo , n total of 110 losses , The
losses mire apportioned as follows : New
York :0 , Texas 13 , Peuusylvauiu S ,
'Tennessee ahd Massachusetts 7 each , Mis-
sour ] , Kentucky std Virginia U each , Ar-
lcausas mind New Jct 3oy 5 each , Jllluois ,
South Curoliua nud Alubama 4 oaeh , lndi
aua timid Ohio 3 etch , Comoctleut , Georgia ,
1Viseousiit find bti55issippi ti each , lull blame ,
Iansas , Nebraska , Iowa , Rhodu lsla11d , Col-
orndo and Louislana 1 eaach , All of the
losses are full r.tto claims , nece'isitathig the
lim3 nloit of time sum of to hemie-
ilciarles of elloctio iron this en1L 'Phis
levy will C. my deaths reported on the call to
Jumo 141nat mind will become deliuiquomit by
members to Ilnaneinl reports on July 81 rioxt
to the dnto of 11mkhmig this cell : this ordm
has paid to bmroliclurios time sum of
A Otlielal Order.
Grand Sire John IL White , in an oflicml
circular addressed to time ( ; rmunl officers of
the various state jurisdietious of life I , 0 , 0 ,
F. , ultder dnto of Albion , N. Y „ Juno 30th ,
requests a list of time names of nil Past gruhl
representatives who hmvo died suico time issuing -
suing of time last luoutoriul day proclamation ,
with their ago , date of birth mid jurisdiction
they represented , in order that It may be
Printed in the jour11ul. lie also desires in-
forumtfou ms to location , cost and clpuipment
ofull , Odd Fellows' . home , orphans fylu11ms ,
schools , etc , , completed , comtnencod or coma-
Plated since the session of time sovoroigmi
grand lodge at Boston hr 1SSO , also the loco-
lion , etc. , of all hulls amid lodge rooms can
neuced , completed or dedicated duce the
thno specified , In order that u gonerut state.
utmut'of time condition of property of time or.
der , it the ubovq'respects , utty ho mnado t ,
accoulPauy hits forthcomhug unnuuh rort ,
* *
A 1To 7i of itottel : '
An ogfrlgtlet bas been , perfected anti
will 1o known as the Masonic hoard of Ito-
lief of Chicago , Its members to be composed
of the htasters and wardens of'overy duly
constituted lodge wtthtrt the territorial limit
' of Cook county , togathor with tkp M. W.
t grand master of Masons of Illinois , anti the
district deputies of Cook county lodgbs ,
Time board will hold ltd annual mcothng In
Nov ember of each year , std quarterly meet-
. 'logs in the months of February , May anti
August ofeaclm , year , sad s'ocial ' nieotings
rn.tho ilscretton of the president at request
of tlmQ representation of 1fyc lodges. The
conduct of the affair uevotvos on twelve
o ' trustees , wpm' are st.loll the executive dent-
1 nlttco ( no two members of Which shall be.
, ' ] dug , to the sanmo lodge ) , and who are re-
, , qulred to hold ono' regular meeting every
B ntontir , and at such otlor times as may suit
tbelrcowenlcneo , , '
; . , -Omchut * Ilitai ; '
At the lrlenniul conclavo' of the Grand'
Encampment of ICnlglmts Templar of 'tho
17r Yards of
For $199
Worth 40c a Yard.
8 Yards of 48 Inch
For $ T.92
Worth $2 Yd. In black
and colors.
8 Yards of 50c Silk
For 990 !
Just Think of it. $4
worth of goods for 99c
. .
Ummited Stae's ? of'Anmcrica ' , held lu the city of
St. Louis oh the itla day of September , ISSO ,
the ritual then and there adopted , Nuys do ,
1lnltinmoro Telegrnnt , tvmts declared to be the
duly uutltorized ritual to ho used iii , conferring -
ring the otdm 3Jo ( time Red Cross anti Knight '
Tcnmplar w Ithil ; tltc jurisdiction of said gruul
encampntout , and it was declared that the
order adopting the suno should take otTect
frro11t and after time first tiny of April , 1537.
IVlth'this declnratiom the grnntt con11umndem _ '
of Iowa bus promptly refused to comply , and
in comscquc11ce M. E. Grand Master Iootute
has pronounced said grtutd ceumaudery ht
robehliouaud by procinnmtiom hums iutcrdictca
till'1'omigdur intercourse bettveca said grand
conuntuidem ' mra mill Sir Knights in Its obcdi-
euee , anti the loyal Inights 'regtplar of the
United States ,
* *
The hank 01' Sir Knight.
Omaha Dtvisioa No. 1 , Knlghts of Pythias ,
It tlmolr roozti , next Monday night , will cou-
Ilrnm time male of str knight , and hus'ito all
their brethren In time city amid all sir knights
to bu presmtt at the coutirmuutiat exercised.
Captain llmvard. while ba Cincluuati ntteumd-
hag time umcethtg of that order , nttmtuod a
coutirmatiou coulucted by time chief ollicers
of time lotlgo maid saw the sigmtificauco of time
conllrmation exercises when properly con-
ducted. At the meeting to-narrow eight the
exercises tvlil be conducted after the order
of time Chiclu11nti meeting mid twill bo
specially interesting and attrnctlve. On ae-
cnuut of this special feoturo tile imivitmitiomi
has heen cxtcudcd to all time sir knights ; h
the city.
fir ] lad Mecum Divorced ,
A most inqo'tu11t judmciil decision was
rendered recently by , indgu Eh9c liawcp , In
the mrctdt court at Chicago. A uimnbcr of
otoof the secret mutututI'bcumehit : associations
bath insured his life for his tvtfe , giving her
none its time benufiohury ha the amnoummt of
x9,000 , lie subscqucutly procured f divorce
iron bps t rife fet lien 11nuntttl misconduct ,
but liti did not chnngu the certificate of in-
surmce to hoe bth tlf : ftm his death too
i.ucicty refused to pay ] ter the mautoutt of limo
Policy of time ground that before his dentlr
she lad ceased to ho his wife , and that after
death she w'as neither his vmdov nor his
heir. Judge IImaw es dct lded , et these
grounds , that the divorced wife wits not
entltlud to may of hits insurance ; and by his
precedent indicates that gnmss wmdotvs get no
* *
An Ollhelnl Circular.
G , C. Anson S , Moab , of thu Knights of
Pythias , hums Issued ids fifthm ultlcial circular ,
Instructing till subordinate lodges relutivu to
hmakmg put reports filth forwa'diug the per
capita tax , eta If it ho status that the buss.
ness of the grand lodge of New York will be
takemt up at 10o'cloek , a , nt , , Tuesday , July
31 , hum time Casino dolt en biarket street ,
Poughkcepste. The hardqu0rtcrs of the
grnud lodge will be at the Nelsem house , and
those of time utfifornm rank at time Morg an
bouso , Mud'strcot.
* *
Iiodgo inshualftlol.
1Coystonalode ) No. Us5 , I. 0 , 0. F , , last
Tuesday nlRhtJnsrieti , thofollowiugofllcers
for the r * i ti tern : William Sherman
IraQeotg9' ; ' ' lcshrodiLJ.Itessluger ; ,
secretary ; A.1'lurisejl , vvuedou ; E , S , Flmizg ,
conlactoril11. ; Shultz , 0. G. ; P. hluusen ,
J. G. ; J.'J.'Ju4hn , R. S. W. G. ; A. Thuhcro-
fus , L , S. N. pl. ; F , 'rowers , If. S. S. ; F ,
Goldner , Jt.S. S , ; George Bohuo , 11 , S.V , G , ;
S , A. Somem soul I. S. V. G.
c' ) m
t Orip Notes.
The order of Forroiters has paid 1,359
death clalni ; npmougting to $ : ,77,403:3 ; liil
disability clalmsunouotiug to $173,500 ; total ,
S'J47,901.:5 ,
The Odd Follows of Ilartford , Conn „ out
ttt 10th ult. , decorated time ; , roves of do.
ceased members of time order in the various
local cemeteries.
Fortyslx lodges of the Aacieut Order
of United Workmen ht I'onnsylvalia humvo
libraries aggregating 8,7UJ , volumes , and
valued at $3,918.07 , ;
Them are how 700 sections , Itnfghts of
Pytldn9 , fifty-four of tvhch ; were Instituted
during time year , and the hntount of endowment -
ment in force is $ 7S3OOU ;
To December hl. 1837 , there have beef
37,1115 ; iultiations In. .thc Inights of Pythias
apt 13,71x ) suspcgded , and with a hteuber.
ehlln at that djslo of ° US,41O. '
Ope liumidred ) anti thlrtg'ono lodges of the
Agcieut Order of United \Varkmcn'la Path.
20 Yards of
For 99c.
Worth 8c Yard
10 Yds Double Width
for 99c
Worth 25c Yard
Two Suits of Man's L 'rench Hnl-
For $ L89
. 4 pcs , each worth $ l.
For $1.89
sytvmnla expeuled ? 17,0.5.01 for sick benefits
and cbarty during lust ymtr.
Two hundred and eighty-six thmousaumd
lnrs paid by time Ancimit Order of Uulted
\Vorkhtmm to wldotvs amid orphans It Illinois
from February 1 , 1ST , to April , 1SS.
The bauncr lotige of time order , Aucleut
Order of Uuitcd ltorkmc11 , ms now hum 1)u-
troit and time recorder is the grmumd monster
lVorknuut of Jlichignn , Henjani11 F , Gcigeo.
Numcreus pramiaent brethren of time Odd
Fellow.s of t. 'lu eInail Ohio , nmmounco their
iutentioa of nttendtug the nanmmou sesslem of
time Sovereign Gratin lodge at Los Allgoles lmm
Tl1e corner stone of the mittsbranclm nnr
tnmd school at Chico wus laid with binsoiu
orders recently by ( Iruud Master Itucher , as-
suited by other gra11d ollicers. A hue parade
wus also had.
Ohio , several years ago , voted G,000 to es-
htbiisim it imomtme fom' indigent Odd Fellows , hat
has ne'or yet found occasion to use the
amo11ry , It Is supposed titoy have no Odd
Fchlow s mccdhug a hound.
Of ninety-seven represemtativo3 at time
supreme nntsstoi , ICnights of Pythias , in Cur
chnnmtti , fifty are married , seven single , three
widowers mad time domestic eoutiitiat of the
bilauce , thb tysuven. Is not reported.
The beauties of "incorporation" have been
so fully uxemnpIllea ) in the Iowa case in the
A , 0. U. W. , nud in time Breckenridge mutter
is the ic. of hi. , that it should scent singular
to find a si"gbe iudividumtl 1n furor of it ,
The Immdependet Order of Forresters ,
which has hind such success ha organizing
both hue mad in South Ommthn , will close
their charter list nt 13151)odge street Monday -
day oveniug , at 5:31) : p. m. The chnrtor fco
h9 smuidh for such a grand order mrs it is.
'l'imo grand lodge of A. I' , & A , M. , of Eng-
lanml has imotv't IPI lodges ea its roll , of Scot-
lahl i:1T : , of lroland 391 , of Prance 2U7 , of
Geruunmy 378 , of Sp.thm 303 , of ituly 15th , of
ltounnmin , it : , of Belgium 1G , of Ssvedeu mad
Noway 37 , of I'orttmgnl IS , of Turkey 1' .
1t the cahi11et meeting of the National
.union for Juan the subject of inn increase um
the nmmnbe sltip mill along time hoe was
eelly discussed , aua the determination ox-
prussetl to pimp o lliineis iu time lead in thus re-
51)001 before the umeethug of the saute ,
Past Gm-mind Master fhviunom' of time I. O
0 , F , has credited to his 11unmo time o0'erhng
of more resolutiots mouth motmots it the
critiv grand lodge , during his years of service -
vice It that body , that any other fmmn during
the seine space of tluue ,
'limo grand lodge 9f thoorde' of Masons of
tr elaud , of which the duke of Abercoi is
gramil master , amid It , 1V. Skeletot , Q , C , ,
deputy grand caster , has now ; ITU lodges on
the roll , while time grmuul royal arch chapter
of Ireland Imms 117 clmunlors on its moll , Judgu
'row'nshel bchmg oat time head of the royal
uncut muIt.
The stmpremo Lend of time lodge of time
Auwrletmn Legion of Homier is a ummemnber of
the Grumd Divismemt of llussachusetss , anal
time natiomal scribe is from that of Nova
Seotlu , It looks mtt presort as if the orlorof
thhmgs would be reversed , as Nova Scotia
has n candidito for time ltglmost o01cu , and
duty seems to call a favorite son of binssmm
eittsotts ) to till the position of most worthy
Time rovlsed ritual of the Order of lima
Goldmm Cross Is now ready aid will be do.
ilvered to time contnaulerles it the low price
of per sot of six books. 'rho three der
grew uro retnluod , but the text has beau
carefully revised. Orders should ho set
with the cash to W , If. Cooper , Knoxville
' 1'mm. Tito tonunandorics Ia No' Euglaml
tvlll be sup'uliotl ' from Ibostou , but time order
mast go to Knoxvdl0.
Time committee on laws of time suprempo
council of the Royal League , coulslsthug of
Francis Squair , Prank S , 11 right mad 1) , II ,
Koehcrsnerger , lmavo arrungcd a plan that is
expected to prove very ttatisfuctory to the
order Iii time matterof supervising council by
lftva. The committee is to meet monthly our
the third Thursday of each mouth at asp , n1. ,
at the oflco of 'tho supremno scribe , roan 401
Chicago opera ) louse building , whore tlmoy
will reeivu all communications , amohdinents ,
otc. , and act upon time sumac.
The grand lodge I. 0. 0 , F , , of Oregon ,
at Its acssioa hold I May last , passed f roso-
lutlot oxtendbig u cordial invitation to time
oficors anti inembers of time soveroigu griind
lodge , with their families , hp visit thmmt surms-
diction eithoron conmin g to or returmaing ( coin
'time session of tlm m raitdsoverei , tm laid lodge ,
nud ap1)oidted n receptlop Cotnuilttoo of tsyen
tyono mmnbers of lodges located along the
route. Tldsresolutlpn , has been undo pehlie
in it clrcular-lottcr issued by grand Secretary
Theodore A.Iossdotal at Columbus , 0. ,
and add essel to the gticere and grand rep.
resentatIves ,
According to'tlmo 'supremo keeper of reu
ords and seals of than' fortysovcu J4i'lsdlc ,
. . . " .
/ ! \
16 Yards of
For 99e ,
wort 15c Yard
6 Pair of French
Lisle Hose ,
For $2,89.
Reduced from $ I pair.
Navy Blue Zephyr
15 Yards ( or 98c
WOrth 20c Yard
j- '
)5I5cDQu& ) .
t ions of time ICniglts of Pv'tbias , fo'ty-four
show a gaht-Oregoum , no gain or loss tutd
1)elutvure n loss of tw ertty-live amid North
Caroliiu a loss of titrtytwo. a net gain for
time year of : ' 9'2 lodges , amid'33,0CI mimcnmbers , a
total uieunbcrslilp to-day of about ssO,000.
Under time coustittmtlon only eight jurisdictions -
tions minutia timer report in the specifled tile ,
aul If the law were c11forced time supreuno
body would iuuvo hind to adjourn for want of
a quorum-llaltiumore'1'elegraut ,
Supreme Reporte 11 , F. Nelson , of time
Knights of lloumor , antoumiees the following
gains of umo11be shlp in time Jurlsdletious
muuted for the week ending Jttuu ° 3 , last :
Arlcansmms 7 , California l ; , Counectlcut 5 ,
Florida J , Georgia J , iluois ) ( hi , Indiana 4 ,
Eammsas : , Kentucky 19 , Lemisiammmm 5 , bhtssa
chusetts'J , Mlcldgmn J , Miuuosott : , Missls
511)P1 ill , Missouri 4. New Jersey 0 , Now
York 2t , North Carolina 1 , Ohio 7 , Pennsyl-
vunia 5 , Ithode Islmutth 1 , South Curalina 3 ,
Teuussee : is , Texas 05 , Vernmont 1. Total ,
° , 7.
Massachusetts has , pe bnps time largest
average mcuibersltlp of Odd Follows to time
lodge of many state ! n time edam , Souio of
the larger tire : Ihty State of Lima loads oft
with 095 members ; llosvurd of Chndeston
0011105 noxtwith 6'hS ; Hunlter ITlhlof Churles-
toe has 410 ; Ilampmemm of Springguld has
lit ) ! ; Do Soto of time sutmie city has 5138 ; Qult
sigatnoud of Worcester has 514. Severn ]
other lodges have over four hundred alga.
hers , At present the Odd Fellows of Mass-
ncimusctts are eujoyhig a season of prosper-
ity. They note have 35,000 members iii that
state , and before the close of the year expect
pect to add a tltousaud more.
During this mouth nud August time religious
of Creighton college will ho engaged In
gtviug retrcmtts. ' 1'Imoh places svhl be toum-
l orardy filled by visiting ciergymom ,
11ev. Edwnrd.1. Glcaseu , S. J. , of Milwamm
kee , will ho at Creighton college tluriug , fuly
nut August. Fathers Dowling , S , .1 „ ante
Shryer , S. .T.4 will be there during most of
the sucntlmr , Fatima Ililiman , S , J , , trill be
absent durutg July. I"uthors Rigge , S , J , ,
and O'lllltra , S. J. , twill be away front the
City until the nmiddlo of ; august.
The 11ow nrgm of St. John's collegiate
church is expected itar t ' , w 1tldn tlmrco is 'colts ,
1t will cost SJOhQ , wlmnui p1uced in position ,
T h7 Allan tires far received free all sources
for tlmq organ fund is $ lUd7 ,
11ev.1Villian It. Ilenderson has gone for a
brof ; visit to Iausas City.
The 1Vuinut 11111 church humid its eenuiun.
ion mad received nine umemhcrs last Sunday.
Tiis clnuuim is havlumg uxeellent utteimdtnmco ,
mad is utklumg substuntlal progress.
At the lust adjounueti meeting of thin pros-
hyterv of Onatima , him the 1'irst church , time
p.tstoral rehtinn botw een Rev. Dr. linrsim
amt the Ilelluvue churchu wag dlssolyeli , Re ,
1t , L. Whwhor was received trout the
bytcry of Nlobraru
1ev. Jolum Gordon of time W'ostminstor
church will take his vacutlo11 In August.
Knox church has discarded tcimool doska hut
their uudicnee roost for chairs , On ) mist
Suiioay Sabbath school grow to au nUod
allce of 10 $ ,
St. Andrews Iirothrhmood in Omaha Is
lnnlung for mmei-wlth much interest to the
visit of Wi It. Sitrlbug , of Chicago , the
president of the brotherhood council of time
United Stmtcs , which will occur Sahmrtiay
and Sunday , the :1st maid 2d Inst. 'Thera
tvlll be a receltiem tendered Imhu Sattmrduy
ovonlug ut whlclm all time brotherhood chnp-
tees arc expected to ho Itrusett , and a unio"
meeting at'11 initycathedral Stuidmiyevcu-
Ing' , to which all young naen tire invited.
All time old otllcors of time Southwest Semi-
day school imve been re-elected. Mr.
Dramniohl declining to act as supenlntend-
emmt necessitated the election of Alford U.
DcLoug. 'rime latter wus formerly suporimi
temdcut at Mnplotou , hm.
A new Gornun Hnptist cemrregation has
bran organized him time city , nud is now holding -
ing mcctiags , cvory Sunday , ht the .emit
gtroct nmisslol school. It is under the loutdpr-
ship of Rev. II. G. Carstyns , who caume horu
four wrecks ago from Deulon , ; rex. The society -
ciety intends soon to build a now church on
the cnrncr of Seward amid 'r'wentysixtlm
' 'houlta at S. John's , collegiate clmurch ,
udjoinlugcreightton college , hu1 received thu
addition of tsvo pauulh rising from limo past
and ? vest.pides , They urd ureording to time
smmmo artjstlcal drslgns as the other patrols
mml huwe been cwmstrueteml to lmurnionlze ht
oxeryr therewith. Thu cptit is
$1,000 and is i11uludc0 In the { mlft of thugrand ,
altar urucleti by thu Ilofr. Jahu k ' McShane
hi honor of. Ws deceased sylfo.
' That \Vmilnut 11111 is b m-oligious conrnunity
of the pronounced order cia , be cadged by
the admber o1 church societies there organ.
+ + awlt
5 Yards of
Table Linen I.
For $ I78 o 1.
Worth GOC Yard.
12 Yards of - .
kliia Linen
For 89c ,
Worth 20c Yard.
1kieii , ,
AE O-Fourth
Actual Cost j
, p
5I5QU6L5. I
ized. The Chrtstlmn congregation snmceeded
In erecting time first church buildhmg some
yours ago. Thou the Presbyterlmums secured
irooms for service. ' 1mhs demouiuation is now
him n vmy tlotu'ishhmg eouditon ( murder the °
chuu gc of time Iles' . Dr , .
The Episcopalinus hold regular servccs
nud will soon erect u building for
chtu ch purposes. At presmlt meetbugs are
held at time residence of Messrs. John Fiela
mud Joh11 Epeueter. ' ' 'toy aru conducted by
Itev. Jolum 11'illimms of St , llarnnbas. The
Catholics , a1thou6 Im in the very shade of the
episcopal residence , have erected an elegant
little church an ilumlltou avenue. It will be
ready for occupancy in n short thine mina will
nicettime religious desires of a numbo of
these belonging to tlmo Cmtholie denomination
who reside amt Walnut Hill mul vclnity ( ,
'l'ime first D.itmisim timid NOrwegiami Methiollist
Episcopal church of Omnnlma will be dedicated
about time Ilrst of August.
Time Castcllar street church has been of-
feed a lot en wlulclm to build a Sunday solmool ,
ht n vlchdty about one tulle mind a half south ;
of time church. Time prospects are that the
buildhmg vhll be erected ,
The South Temtth street Methodist church
lnisslolm , Leaveitworth maid Fifth streets , un-
dcr.Tolui Coutsts e lb , for thonccomtnodatiou
of llolfenimns , pollens , Gortnaus and Danes
has as etdorsenmmt of elglnty uantes.
Mr , W , G. Albright leas given two lots fern
n church site in Albrlglit's choice , ,
Theo are third German , two Scandinavian
nud one colored Methodist church fa the
A move is on foot to give ? lisho P t'owntan ' '
tire novly apIiohited blshlOi of I' brasl a a
grand receptiiou when ho comes to this lily.
South Omaha has commencedgradinFand
ralsing funds for a 14,000 Methodist' ' church.
l1ev. 0. bi. Brown , tbu pastor , breachoy at
Ihuwcout Park M , E , churcht tomorrow at
11 n , m , Ind 8 P. m , Summdtsyschool at r0:30 :
U. nt. , mad young la ope's ) meeting at 7:15.
Atthe Seward Street M. E. church Roy.
Chtrles : 1V. Savidgu tt'ill prmmclt anuti hawo as
his subject Smthbnthi niorning , "The Prayer
of bloses , t Sabbath evening , Dangerib ,
nnsu )
At Beta Edcn liupttst church , Park
avento aid Lcavomvo'th , time Y. I . S. C , E.
nteetnig twill be held Monday evening at 8
At hmmuimnutQl Baptist , 2108 I3uundorA'btreet ,
Rev , \V.1'ostor's tlmemne ha time morhdna is
' 1Vhmt Value to Us is the 0Id Tcstanmentl"
In time uvemmiug will be tlw first of u series often
ton umiiiute sormaous to ho delivered ou Suu-
day evenings though July turd August.
Evrnigg services will beghm at S o'clock , wlll
bu forty minutes long. 1 ] memo next Sunday
oVUnhmg : "lima Hrokei Idol"'l 'l
At limo First Baptist church , corner of FIt
teeth and Davmmport streets , the Rove A.
'ti. Lanmr's morilng the11p will ho 'Tlmo
Resurrection of Christ-m typo and pledge
of ours , " Evmiiag thumb : "Half cooked
Cakes , "
.It time South Tenth Street Mgthodist
church time morning ( IUJQ : ) . ubjeet lit "God's
Presence. " L'V2"in6 subject : "Intldellty
anti Juudcls. "
At the FI st Christian church 'the mnorning
subject is " 7'ho Story of .lesus , " 'Evouing : ' ,
"The 1Vuy to Bo Ihappy. " All seats free. '
The Roy. Alonzo Rogers will preach at the
St , Mary's Avenue Congregational church at
io,3u , a , in. No evening service ,
ltovs , W. J. Palm nud J. Al.Vllson lux.
eituugn pulpits In time tme'ning , as also Revs.
John Gordan and I'mmul Martin ,
Rev , A. IC , Iharshf w mll preach met the first t
Presbyterian church ,
11ev.1).11 , Kerr , 'utstor ' of time Southwest
Presbyterian clmectt will tutee us , the it
sect of Iis ; discourse Sfhbmttm muornln , " , Vhuo t
are Relatives of thin 1iugt" Evening ser-
vici'sat S o'clock. Subject : "Clmristlanity i'
Wonderfully 'I'rlum'dmnt ' , " Seats are free ' e
and Strangers especially t11vited.
7'rmnity M. E cmu cjt will hold Its firs' ser
vice It the nov church buildhmg , corner '
' 1'svemtytlrst and L'Imuuy sti'eots , to nmorrow.
Morning service at 1030 ; , Sunday Sclmool at
: :3n : p , m. No sorviam bin the evening' All
mire curdiully Jnylteti to be Present. Alfred
II , Ilenry.
Pastor Lainar , will illlhls , pull lbat time
FIrsr Baptist church both .nmornimg nud
, oveniug tomorrow' . In the morning hue will J
prettch upon''Tho Ito9urrection of Christ , "
uml at tmlght will dmseues " jialf Cooked
Ctmkes , " Ngxt'Sunday ulghtlie will finish
, 'up clrrstjun ; 5019000 bya diseussIQmm of itS
, hpalhu clums ) ; ; '
A man'witlt : tw o dozen'ulidses onml as mean
wives .has. been captured'.Ip Chmcstiuot lie
nlught cprty rib ) mltt' blgumous IlractlcFS In
other cities , , hutwhere divorccs tire so Au9y
'to fat , we gan't tltTord to euc0urago tills IQr6
of titlugy . . ,