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Direct Importation of
At SI.50 a Yard
ore our direct importation
from the French manufacturer ; arc full
21 } Inuhu-f wide and comes lu nssorted
color ! ) tiiiil bliiok uiul white. Each
piece ? contains fiom li ) } to 20 yards , und
lid two p.'ittorns tiliko. Fpr ono week
we oiler the lot at $ ( ) a yard.
Silk Patterns ,
Each pattern lias lull -0 jnrdi * and
hav6 Fold up to ? f.0 ) ( ) each. While thny
lastmir price will be only 81.50 ; only
half price.
9 7R
vp < & . / i.
Tbeso nro the ilnost Oruimdincsmado
and have retailed readily from & ! ,7o to
SI.50. Huvo rich velvet elTocts mid are
very boiisonable. Preparatory to taking
inventory wo offer choice of the lot at
2.75 u yard.
Silk Grenadine ,
Those also are newest and most sty
lish Gronlidines made , und have been
Bold by us heretofore at from $2.25 to
iW.OO n yard. For one wbok tit special
wile our price will bo 81.7o a yard.
The Provisions of the Apportion
ment Bill Moot With Disfavor.
Xhc Ij.iw's Coii fltuiionulltj to lie
Tcsleil In the Supreme
Court of tlio State Stale
Capital Gossip.
1U-J9 1 Srnr.r.T , >
Li.vcoi.x , July 14. }
The Adams county politicians nrd not over
well pleased with the representative appor
tionment bill that passed and bccomo a law
nt thu last scHblon of the Nebraska assembly.
13y thls.apportlonuicnt Adams county lost a
representative , and Sarpy county loit repre
sentation. This Is thought to bo very unjust ,
nnd especially to the latter county. F. P.
Ulmstend mid A. D. Voeum , mayor of Hast
ings , hnvo taken the niatter In hand and pro
pose to.tost the constitutionality of thn ques
tion as sdon as they ran get u hearing before
the supreme court , which they hope to do In
chambers at onco. A mandamus will bo
served nn the comity clerk of Adams county
to compel him to give notice , culling un elec
tion under the old law. In this way Messrs.
Ulmsteud and Voenni , who uro now In this
city , expect to test nnd settle the question.
These gentlemen deslro to do this before the
county and htntc conventions ; Indeed , even
before the primany elections are held. It is
understood tlmt , some of the politicians
of Lancaster county , which also suffered
from the apportionment bill , will give mate
rial aid to liuvo the issue tried before the supreme
premo court. Some of the jurist * of Lin
coln seem to think that them U very llttlo
chnnco to change thu law In the face of the
fact that the assembly , under the constltu
tian of the state , has a right to declare who
arc Its members elect and who shall sit ns a
legislator. Judge Mnsou thinks that Sarpy
county can elect , claim and secure repicsen-
tatlon under the new law.
Articles Incorporating the Farmers nnd
Merchants bank , of Stromsburg , Nob. , were
Hied with the secrcinry of state to-day. The
coriKirution dates from the Oth day of July ,
nml is to continue ten yenis. The business
of the Institution Is to bo conducted by a
president , cashier and board of director * .
U'he bank has an authorized capital of * ! 0- ,
000 , one-lmlf of which is to bo paid before
the commencement of business. The arti
cles are .sifiicd by Albert Nauoo and J L.
civic socir.TV i.onn.
The Sons of Veterans will hold their meet
ings hereafter on thu second and fourth Mon
days of eurh month at the hall , No. 1111 O
street , where the Grand Army and Woman's
Uellef Corps meet. The lads now have their
badges and wear them with pardonable
priue ,
Logan legion , No. 8 , A. O. U. W , , moots
neit Thursday evening ; Capital City lodge ,
No. SI ) , moots on Wednesday evening ; the
German on Thursday and Lincoln lodge , No.
t , on Friday evenings. The order is In u
Itenrlhhlng condition In this city.
The Knights of Pythias of Lincoln now en
jov ono of the finest halls In the state for
their meetings and sessions. The ledge hero
contemplates a pleido In Cushmnn's park to
be held in the near future. Lodge moatinifs
mo held every Thursday evening uud are
well attended by the members.
Tlio Modern Woouman now report WT
camps and a membership of JltX ! in good
standing. Capital City camp. > fo. 1K ! ) , holds
regular meetings every Fritiiiy evening.
Their hull is nieoly flttvd nnd furnlahed , and
now members nro being added ut almost ,
every meeting. The HOW oMcersof the ciusu
were Installed last ovonlujr.
U Is now oRlcially stated that Captain Hill
has resigned his position as private secretary
to Governor Thaycr , to take otlsct on the
1st Jlay of August.
Thomas Hoff was tried this morning bo
fore JuMico Cochran for stealing hay from u
pirtj about two miles from t'jo city. Holt
w..s ! n the the l.ablt ot cutting hay frota *
; are n regular G" > c QtinlHy , nnd
como in Tan ; < , Ktivy , Myrtle , 13rown ,
Mode. Kcru , Pink and light Blue. All ]
next week our price is ! ' > 2c | n ynrd , }
Woo ! Grenadines
Oliecy Melanges ,
These are a few odd ; pieces which we
want to sell at once ; the price has boon
from S5o to 50c a jitrit. At lOe we arc
sure to have a rush , so cpmc early.
' Of this lot , our quantity is also limited
and cannot la&t over ono day ; at regu
lar price they have sold at $1.00 , while
they last our price will bo 'i9c a yard.
These nro all soloetod ehoico patterns
and retail readily at iMo and 80o ; como
in both light and dark colors , und atlOc
i j aril ; wo consider it the bargain of
UIQ season.
loco of land that hat1 been sold to the party
who had him arrested on refusing to pay
? M for two or three smnll loads. The trial
resulted in his acquittal on the charge of
larceny , but in n civil action immediately
following u Judgment of $3 was obtained
against IIFm.
James Jackson , nn engineer on the Union
I'uulllo rallro.-ul at Hanlon , between this city
uud Heatriec , was sun struck yesterday nt-
tornoon ut a o'clock. Ho remained uncon
scious until this mornlnu' , and It Is now
thought that ho will recover , Ho was tlikou
to Hcatrlce. whore ho resides , from Hanlon.
Jfon-rcswpnt tcgents of the state univer
sity all left for thnlr homes to spend Sunday
with their families. They return Monday to
rcsmuo thu investigation of the charges
ugainst Chancellor Munutt Tuesday morning.
They express thu opinion that it will bo nec
essary to send for Professor Kdgren , asked
for by Chancellor Manatt , to testify In his
behalf , who is now at ChmitmiquuNow York.
The cooling und welcome ruin commenced
fulling hero last night ut9 : . " > 0 o'clock. It is
said to have boon general over this part of
the state and Insures a grcut corn crop. The
atmosphere was torrid hero yesterday , the
atmosphere at 1 o'clock registering 105 o.
Lou Irvine , Kearney ; E. S , Eimse ] , Hold-
redgo and H. T. Clarke , Omuhn , nro among
Die prominent , Nobraaknns registered at the
Capitol. Their mooting here is eaid Id have
a political significance.
Bolt on ynH direful to Toll Where He
Jlltl tin : Key.
' * U is queer , " said the gontlnman who
told the story to a Boston Transcript re
porter , "ho\v a man like that will bonm-
times do a thin } , ' that you would think
none but the veriest blooUhead would bo
. of. I remember the other day
well I suppose it wus thirty yearn ago ,
at least whoa It happcm-d , one summer
day. in business hours , that everybody
in the bank except Bolton and myself
had HOMO out. All ut once I remembered
an importantorraiid that had to bo done.
I tol.l Mr. Bolton sUxmt it , and asked
to go out. 'Yes,1 said ho , 'you go out
and attend to it , and I'll take euro of the
bank till you como back. ' I put on my
hat and coat anil * ulliod forth. It
seems that 1 had hardly got out of sight
when Bolton remembered a most tin *
portawt engagement that ho himself
had outsido. Things wore primitive in
Cambridge at that time , and ho simply
went anil got his hat and started to
leave the bank. Ho had ( rot to the
stops whoa ho called to mind the fact
ho had loft thu safe unlocked. Uo wont
back and locked it ; nnd then itoccurred
to hnn that when J camo-in I ought to
bo able to get Into the safe. So ho put
the key In a safe place , at the bottom of
the wa'sto-baskot , and covered it over
with envelopes ami scraps of paper.
It was safe enough there- , but how was
I to know where it was ? Ho
got around that dilllculty by setting the
wa&te-baskqt under my desk , and pinn
ing u note on the desk , in plain .sight.
Then he went out about his business ;
and when I came in I found , pinned
there in plain sight , staring ; me in the
fuce , a note that read :
" 'John : You will ilndtho key of the
safe at the bottom of the waste wnslret.
B. '
' Any chance thief who had como in
at the luifustouod door of the bank
would have seen that note , and , guided
by it , could have opened the safe and
carried oil all ho oould lay his hands
on. But Bolton waa ono of the most
careful investors and liumieiul advisors
that over llvoit in Cambridge or Bos
ton. "
A llshormart mi I'lyrnoutli bench raptured
n largo .gray seagull la u rather peculiar
predlcaciunt. Firmly nmchcd upon the
Dlrd's bill wui a sea clam about the slzo of
the palm -of. a man's hand. The eluui
weighed enough to.kefu thn head of tha gull
Imngmg downward , and thus effectively pre
vented any long ( light , . .whileit wus evi
dently exhausted in trying to escapu from its
Upholstery Department.
35c Each.
Wo Imva a lot of odd Wiml6w Shades
With both plain and hnmlhomo dados ;
bust Spring Hollers , 0 to 8 feet long aiKl
&oll usually from Too to $1.110. To cloo
the lot wo offer them without reserve at
Wo each.
Window Shades
The o arc the finest Shades to bo scon
mywlioro , have rk'h designed dados ,
I'mest Spring Hollers uud all full length ;
ihoy are sold usually at from SI.25 to
SL'.W ; our fcale price will bo 7oi3.
Bed Canopies ,
Wo have them in both White and
Pink , and is the best that has been nvin-
iifactured , complete and readv for use
only * 2M.
? and Colored Scrim ,
Oc a Yard.
Monday morning1 we open another
shipment of White and Colored Scrim ,
and ollor again at oe a vard.
Interesting Itoma Gathered by Our
Country Cousins.
A Thief Who Stole Jennie's Clock
Imtcst 1'Voiu the 1'rntt Family
This column was reserved to-day for do-
dcseriptlons of Fourth of July culobrutions.
Hut they were too numerous by far. In fact
an account of ono-tenth of the observances of
the nation's birthday would 1111 not only this
column , but the entire paper. Every Indi
vidual from seven to seventy in the state
celebrated. The country cross-roads hud Its
anvils and the city Its cannon. While the
bo shol firecrackers the sire bla/ca n\vny
with a shot-gun. It was a grairrt day. and
the poopiu of Nebraska are nothing if not
pa trlotic.
Hut outside the Fourth there hnvo been lots
of occuri ences occurring und ull uro deserv
ing of special mention.
For example : The correspondent nt "Hero
and There , " a small town In the western
portion of this great garden of nuturo , says :
After hearing Colonel Tucker sneak Snturdav
wolmvo como to the conclusion tlmt ho lunu't
clmiwu In politics much.
This piece of news Is gratifying. The
"colonel" weighs over ill)1) ) pounds , und his
pants mcasuru four feet across the- buck of
his lap. Supposing the colonel hud changed
his political attitude from ono legtothoother
nnd came out boldly for Frankie , ( trover nnd
old Appius Claudius Tlmrmun , what effect
would his actions have on the politics of the
town In which ho lives ! Disastrous , of
course. Hut as he still stands on the same
ground , bets are oven that Harrison ami
.Morton will receive the olit-timo republican
majority in thu state. Hurrah for tho.
colonel' As the same correspondent nays In
another paragraph ) "Long may ho wave. "
"O. Wlilz" writes from Wallace Creek to
the paper printed at the county that
Humor says tilt-re Is to be n wedding on Will'
luce creek BUOII.
Old Lady Humor Is genqrally reliable.
Only "CT. VVhU" should have scut in the
names of the prospective bride und groom.
This action Is necessary in order that con
gratulations may ho sent In In uilvunco and
give the editor a sure chance of being booked
lor a piece of I'aku nt least , with n possible
chuncu of receiving un Invitation with u war
ranty deed for a square nieal.
An item from Scotia in n recent issue
of the Journal published at that placu relates
; < onie ono was llttlo and mean euouiih to crawl
In thu Daily school house and nteul Miss Jen-
iilo Hamilton's clock. Anyone u lie would bo
guilty of nucli u low mean tr' ' < 'k would surely do
the chances ullorded It.
While the act mentioned was reprehensible
In the extreme , and Miss Jcnnio bus lust
grounds for Indignation , yet worse things
than that could have happened. Imagine if
you can the shocking sensation of the school
mnrm that missed her wardrobe when she
returned from a refreshing splash in the Nlo-
bruni river. Hut there are other tales of horror
ror In our provincial exchanges. Listen to
this from Marietta :
Mrs. J. S. L'olllm Ims been deprived of the
pp\UT of xpeoUi for n week past on account o
u quantity of carbolic acid bulng carelessly
dropped Into her month whun Blie wus murcrlng
wltfi tootmiclii ) . Hheli belter now.
Curelessly dropped , did you suyt Wasn't
this a Job put up between the dentist and u
cruel hUHbandi
A gentleman named Dennis writes.
'if you \\iint in wo 1'lutte river tl h. call at Mr.
Satlord'd place. Quo liirlated in. Otoo on his
fnrm at present , tips the benm at HU pounds or
thereabout * .
King David once remarked , "and -said. . In
my haste all men uro liars. " Hut it Is possl-
blu that the above is a ty | > ogriipulcal error , so
no direct insinuation need bo understood in
thU caro.
From HaUmer it la learned that .
Zull'Zook gathered a hat full of young' wild
duck * from thu creek last week.
And some people continue to assort that
Those are the largest Iltie ooks , and
arc made of the best Body Brussels
Wilton and Moqueltos. UVunl price
81.00. For Monday and Tuesday only
at iioi ) ( inch.
Wo have just received our last ship
ment for thisbeason and olTer them again
Monday and for one wcolc at 19c ; they
are value for SOc a yard.
These are full large si/.o made of good
feathers and best tick ; for ono week at
$1.05 a pair.
Mull Aprons ,
Are made of line Black and Navy
Balibto , handsomely embroidered in red
and at li'Jc , are less than half price.
. .
game is scarce In this state. The above dis
proves their stutementH. H\ , the way , won't
/ell huvo a plcnle with those ducks after a
while )
Tlio Hraillsh scribe who subscribes him
self "Double Hmh-Fivo1 or. In plain words ,
n ten-spot is evidently a rustler , nnd is bent
on booming his town , for ho says :
Itrmllah It , on the bpom thn farmers nro busy
plow Ins corn , ete. some are complaining of
nut bi'lny In their wheat.
Onrnmvfienernl Mentiandtxe store Is com
pleted with a full line ot everything , and busi
ness Is picking up ,
Onr 1 ottl mid hoarding house will bo ready
( or business In a louplo of weeks.
OiirUimbcr yard , under the chnrgo of Mr.
I.alul , la doing u good business
Our agent , Mr. Clmrloa Hojjnnhuck , Is happy
on accounut Of tha arrival ot .Mrs. II. and son.
Ourdudes hlive organized a basti bull rlub
hero Intho valley , and think with practice they
can boat anything that comes In their line of
If that ball team ran beat the OJiahas they
arc dandies. It is pleasing to note that the
hotel und boarding house will bo ready in u
couplq of weeks. Heretofore when anyone
went to Hradish they hud to skirmish .for a
place to stop nt or travel on to the next town.
A hotel and boarding house is a great institu
From Juniata comes the following :
A .lunlata ypunit mini caught the ihenmitlsm
.I'lillu Uahing at the llliu > mil longugo. lie silt
on the ground whllo holding h's line over the
bi'mitlWl waters ot tlmt elastic Htreuin. Ills
girl wn * alnm ? but uicitped the rheumatism be-
iiiise she didn't sit on the ground , you know.
Of course she didn't. Why. n young man
would be of no eurthly use If ho could not
prevent u young lady companion from con
tracting rheumatism. It's no trick nt nil to
tuko off your coat and let the lady sit. UIKJII It
while you bait her hook and tuko off the
fish. If ho had hud two coats ho would not
have caught rheumatism.
The Creighton correspondent states that :
On Monday there was obs rvcd utone time
qnlto a rnh to one of the saloon * . A few min
utes' observation demonstrated t ( fact tlmt
theio was nothing serious , but onlnq'H jot
ouo of the citizens wo received the reply tuut It
was nothing but strychnia ugulnst arsenic.
That may bo all right up at Creighton. but
they have a name for it in Omaha.
Down hero they cull It "t.ilcln1 su'thin. "
"Nicholas Nioholby"of Nemaha , writes :
llot weather iind the .Mother Hnbbard BO
baud In Iiand.Ve venture thi'usurrrlon , there
Is nothing Unit Imp irts monj solid comfort to
the nearer than the aforesaid motherly gar
Hots nro oven that Nicholas Nicholby is u
woman. What does a man. except be bo a
Chinaman , know about the coolness of u
Mother Hnbbard ,
From Star District roincA a raft of corres
pondence , the principal Items of which uro :
MM. J. 0.1'/fttt has a now washing machine.
.1. C Pratt Iras ot a new flesrln ? binder this
We were gfad to w e Charley 1'ratt able to at
tend Sunday bctiool iig.lin lint Sunday.
The Star Smiduy school was reorganized and
olllcer.1 elected last Sunday. .1. ( * , I'ratt , utter
hiving held tUa oineo of superintendent for the
last two years , wn4 ro-elected.
Wiile | nothmft ftjuld be more pleasing than
to know that Mrs. Pratt will no longer bo
obliged to use amold washboard and that old
man J. C. Instead , of Cutting his grain witha ,
cradle , can ride a reaper und that Charley is
well again , \Vho will vcnturft to assert that
the author of the above Is not trying to in
sinuate himsulf Into the Pratt family.
They Denounce thol'rnoccilln&flot'tho
iHtntc Idvo Htoek Khtpjici-H.
Iho rcjwrt of the Nebraska Llvo Stock
Shippers association , us presented In Tun
HEK , caused considerable comment among
the commission nicn.and the proposal to sup
press quotations from the newspapers Wus
universally condemned. A few of the lead
ing commission men were 'called upon by a
rejwrter for this paper. The first gentleman
seen was also a member of the association ,
and he said :
"Tho shippers' association was started to
encourage a friendly feeling among shippers
themselves. It was Intended .they . 'biuuld |
keep on their own territory , keep each other
posted as to prices that would afford a living
profit , and combine when necessary ti ) outuln
good rates' from the railway * . It/was / w'th '
ithat understanding I joined It , but there fs a
' ' i kicking about the way they ran
1000 BONES
Nothing 11 nor is made , than this cornet
wo ask only 51.68 for , it is the same that
other houses will charge } ou fil.OO.
Ladies' will save Sic by buying this
Summer Ooraot , it is always bold at 81.
We make another special ofl'oring in
White and Colored Dress Kobe- ; the
[ > rico is even lower than last weeks.
See display in our West Show window.
Outing Flannel ,
, 1Oc.
These tl.jc Knglish Outing Flannels
will bo on sale Monday and during-the
weel ; at KJc a yard , are selling fast for
bathing suits.
that lust meeting1. If they wnnt to run pack-
In jf establishments and suppress newspaper
reports , i think it is a grand mistake. I
think are a few cranks who can't niiiko
u living at the business , ami who want to
make out a sott Job for themselves. They
nro generally the be-jt talkers , and their
views are generally taken up to make them
quit. "
' It they wnnt to po ahead and start one ,
let them do it , " said ono gentleman inter
ested In ouo of the refineries , "thu sooner
thov do it the sooner they will Ret exper-
pcrlcnco , anil I think it will bo sere exper
ience. As to withholding reports from
farmers who nro feeders and shippers , wo
eun't do it , anil if wo did wo would injure
their trade. Kvery farmer , who feeds from
ono to five loads pur year , trots not only the
Chicago papers but weekly circulars , and
if wo withhold them wo would be driving
the trade from South Omuhu to Chicago.
Not even the business of the llvo stock ship
pers is worth Hint. "
Another sain : "I think it Is n force. If
they could have made that thing pun out , it
would have been done fifteen years ago.
Commission men try to keep only regular
shippers posted , but n furmer who feeds and
wants to ship , asks for iv market report ; of
course ho Is furnished ono in writing. As to
sending out men to buy , its only these linns
that have no one to ship to them that do it ,
and that don't hurt thu trade any. As far as
sending out men to solicit , it is done in
Chicago and Kansas City , und South Omaha
can't nlford to stay behind. It advertises
the market arid helps the buyers at the same
time. I think they're foolish. "
Another commission man : "They are u
lot of mea who can't fret along with others ,
and are making trouble for themselves. I
thought It the rankest piece of foolishness I
ov"cr know men supposed to bo In business
Huilty df. The Idea of trying to keep the
stock raiser in the dark as to the value of his
stock is not only ridiculous , but guilty. They
want to own the earth , and they don't own
the stock they nro kicking about. When the
men who really do the shipping of the
market hoar of it , jon can bet to win , they
will withdraw from the whole thing "
Still another : "The louilcst-mouth men
among them nro the men who want the com
mission men to curry them along .all the time.
The men Who couldn't get u dollar of credit
at home are the men who tire talking about
building rendering establishments , packing
houses am ] establishing commission ilrins.
They want to drawussoon as they commence
buying u car of stouk and wnnt to keep on
drawing until wo sell them. 1 thilik the sen
timents advanced at thu meeting worn ri-
diculons , though If by the slightest po.siibll-
ity they could carry tltcm out , thu.vwlll kill
South Omahu as u nuirkct , and themselves
us business lucn. "
"I never pay n bit of attention to anything
such a lot of fellows say. The Idea of n few
mea like these trying to dictate to n market
like South Omahu. If they wcro successful
they would only help to drive trndo awuy
from South Om.ihu to Chicago , boL'auso If
fanners could not ' < ot South Omuha reports
they could get them from Chicago. "
' Thpro wasn't more than u ) iundful of
them utthoiaeetlng and I know thatonaof
them bad u note on fho market for f300
Which couldn't bo sold for ifV ) . Another U
an unlucky buyer that has buckwl a uumt
successful rival until ho has dropped his
pile , unit is taking this way to get oven. As
u general thing they arc a lot of business
men that fulled to do n paying busmcss on
business principles and are H'cli't ' ; this way
to get even with their rivals. "
ltA good one Is told of nn Athens minister.
Is said lin was aroused QUO night recently
about 11 i/clook , und upon going to the door
ho wus greeted by n dark-lined. son of Africa1
upon \\ho-to arm was leaning a dusky damsel ,
with : " \Vhat'er yor charge to marry nig
gers ! " "Three dollars , " replied the minis
ter. "What'll yor charge tor marry us like
whlto folks I" again asked the darky. Tlio
minister replied Unit the least he usually got
from this class was $ . " > . This latter mo'de
was agreed upon , and the ceremony was por-
formed. Thu nilnUtcrtlicn requested hU$3 ,
whou the negro Informed him that ho hadn't
yet kUled the brldo according to wjilto folk& !
fashion. The pah- wore mai rlcd.frcn.
Count Maurice Kstcrhazy has bren put
under guardianship to check IiU mad extrav
agance . Ho own * , free and clour of int-urn- .
branccs , inoro than i''O.OOO acres of land irt
Hungary , and can t.rayul in .u straight-Una
more 'than ' iUy ) rnilo.v without Jiuiuiug hii
estate. - . ' . ' J
At $1O.
Next week , commencing Monday , wo
offer eight styles of Ladies' "VVhitaSuits ,
same us shown lu our went show win
dow. Many of them have sold ( it.ilo.00 ,
iHS.UO and SJU.OO. Wo , however , se-
eured for "Spot , " the balance of a
nmmtfiu'turor's stock , at greatly reduced
prices whk'li enable us to ollor ehoico of
the lot at $10.00 a bilit.
IS d07en Ladies' Print Wrappers in
light and dark shades , cut Mother Hub-
bard front and Princess back. Sizes SI
to-IS. Choice $1.25.
21 dozen Bustles known throughout
Iho country as the "Hest Hustle , " in
two i/es and sold usually at5eandCOc' ! ! .
We oiler choice of either size at 12-5e.
Are value for ( Wo a pair. Sale all next
week at .rlc ! ) a pair. Sec display in our
east window.
What Phrenologists Claim and What
They Don't.
Him- One oT tlio VotorniiH Talks of
the Subject Claims 116 to
the Hl/.o ol' tlio
Ural n Historical ,
Phrenology nn < ! Itumpology.
I recently mot ono of the oldest expound
ers of phrenology In this country , aim had *
an interesting conversation with him on
cranium lore. The professor , who has
caressed millions of "bumps" during the
last fifty ypurs , is now nn old mail , but his
enthusiasm for his science shows no mark of
nge. Ho is one of the flrm of Fowler &
Wells of Now Yorlr , and has been at work
taking inventories of people's hc.uls since
Phrenology , notwithstanding the un
bounded faith of its udvoeut-cs , cannot be
said to Imvc icacheil the distinction of a sci
ence. Many of the learned men of the day
ridicule It. There Is u tradition in ono of the
great eastern i olleges to the effect that one
of Its gieat protestors , whoso head Is neither
lalgo nor well shaped , once went to this very
firm of Fowler A : Wells to obtain a chart of
his mental faculties. He was examined
Incog. , and tno result was not Muttering.
Luti-r ho submitted to another manipulation
after having given his full name with u , largo
part of the alphabet denoting the
honorary degrees that had been
shownioJ upon him , and this tlmo he came
awuy with a document showing him to bo u
great man. The learned gentleman evyjr
after spoke of phrenology slightingly.
The veteran phrenologist said the wide
spread iiluu that mental abilities arc hull-
cuti > d bv cranial bumps Is wholly erroneous
and has done much to retard the advance
ment of the novv scinee. . In the way of rid
icule all the changes have been rung on
"biimpology. " One of tlio lights of fiufclUh
scientilUt learning has romb.iUcd the , idea ,
seriously maintaining that u persuti may
have u bump on his head from thickness of
skull at that point und not , from ail access of
brain. The professor siild Uim Is perfectly
true , and therefore his profession Imd never
paid any attention to bumps , thu im
pression to the contrary notwithstanding.
Said the phrenologist : "For more than Torty
years wo huvo been trying to convince thn
worlJ that , wo are not looking for 'bumps , '
but for distance from thu spinal a\is at the
tup of the spinal cord to the oxtromltlcsof
the brain where thu organs are located. If
u line bo drawn through the head from
the opening of mm car to that of
tin/ other , it will pass throngh ho
brain center culled the medulla oblong.ltu.
The brain Is developed by libers running ;
from this central point to the surface of the
head , and lurgone-is of the bruin Is made by
the length of thino libers , as u wagon- wheel
in made large by thn length of the spokes
from thii lulb. fcjomo heuds am two In'chcH
Wider than'othora from the opening of ono
ear to that of thu other , yet the' surfnco of
ihu head hns no bumps. The lines from the
opening of tno ear to Iho roof of
the nosf , or to the top of the forehead ,
or to the top of the back head
nmy in oim cranium noono inch or two Inches
longer than the xnuio , lines in another , yet
there iiro no external bnmbs to indicate this
diffcicncc. Thus the variations in mental
stmigih are indicated. Whi-ro thu riborstiro
lonfr the functions will bo strong. Where
the tlbei-H arc short the functions will bo
weak. " '
Going into-partleulars. the old gentleman
centlmicil : "Ono mtm's brains. Is mainly In
front of Um rara. Ho has talent , but littio
force. Another has great development bo
twecn and back of thu cars , and Is short In
front ; he U pusstonutc. selfish nml animal in
his instincts. Ono Is ( nil and high in the top-
fioud , but'stuull at the base of the
bead : he U moral- , dignified , but l.lcks en-
ergy. . very longntl\o \ back-hoad and.
perhaps uJVward and | forward bos.
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loving but hicks intelligence and morality.
All these ditlerenco may occur without
' . ' "
showing a 'bump.
Speaking of well known public men , the
professor said of the late Colliding that bo
had u prolouml Intellect and that ho was a
greater thinker than Clay. Ha had n high
order of imagination , and was born to rule ,
and self-esteem was almost u inanliiylth
him. H. F. liutlor ho ehuructerupd ns ono
of the Hhurpest men in the country ,
but the top ot his head was about ono Inch
too low. Cleveland's head indicates very
plainly combntivcncss , stubbornness Bimtll
imagination and ordinary intellect. There '
was a streak of honesty lu his nature a I BO ,
which was the chief thing to make him con
spicuous in Ida party. "
Explaining brain action the phrenologist as
serted that the organ of tliought.sweUs with
use and contracts with inaction. Thus the
brain lllls the skull daring the day tnnti and
contracts during sleep.Vhero the skull Is
thin the brain is nctlvo and the fmbatauoa
of the skull Is dissolved when the brain
wants more room , and thus heads grow
and brains Incrensu until a ponton Is sixty
years of ago or older. The professor seemed
to bo quite positive on this point , but many
of our physiologists will no doubt dissent
from thin view. Supporting bis fltutcmcnt
In an argument which ensued ho said It was
a notorious fact that the big , bald heads In a
church congiegiltlon or a theater uudionco
wcro much larger than the craulums of the
younger men who could not wertr the hats of
the former without becoming lost In them.
"Tho fel/.u of the Drain , the quality being
good , is the true measure of its power. "
This proposition tHe professor wasn'adyto
maintain against nil dlsscntcr.s. When it
Was objected that many great men hud Biiiull >
heads , ho argued that the quality was ex
ceptionally good Und had thole hcuils'btion.
larger they would have been still larger.
Hut , of course , this point can uevor bo
dellnitcly settled. Many people with largo
heads luivo very limited abilities.
Ju the OMimination of n head the first
thing , said the piofcssor , is to study the
temperament , to see whether It Isstroncor
wualr , nctivo or dull , intoiiso or 'flabby
and this Is determined by the
hulr nml Ritin , the bony structnrc ,
the Hi/o of thu bruin as compared with the
body , etc , Next the different , sections of thu
head nro studied. The oxiinjiimtlon In dotilll
determines which organ Is lurgwt In each
group , but a person's walk , motion , general
( inpearaneo and make-up show u great deal
of his character. Mo man or child thai U nn
ill ioT , over bus need leijs. There is thus u
physiognomy ot the vvholo body , ns well as u
phv.siognpniy of thu face and head.
1'hrcnology T.TXS introduced Into this coun
try by IJr Spurgluilni , ono of its foundots ,
In IW. Ho tinvollcd from NCAV York to
Boston , stopping at Vide college , Whnro ho
delivered a few of lectures , and dleJ
in 1'oston on November lu , is'jj. at the ugo
of Jifty-two years. Ho , was hlghly'honorud
ilurin hlti brief stay by the best , tblnkera of
the. time. Dr Gall of Germany wait tha
founder of n'lronology. Ho studied the brnln
In connprtlon Avith I'hunutor , lobkmg for
similar traits In pontons whoso heads \veru
alike. Slowly and patiently lie thus Icaruoct
to Ircato faculty after faculty. Ho died in
Puns In lsJ\ !
Spurghelm' sad vent In this coitntrv created
much interest in the now science at thu tliuo.
I'hrenolopy was utter n subject for dljcus.
sloa in rollogu debating Houletlca. It U ra-
latod that ut Aiuherst collegn thu Into Henry
Ward lcochur ! was appointed on thonogutivu
sldu of the question , "Is Phrenology Hull-
tied to the Name of Science I" us If was
thought lih wit unit eloquence would givu
thcnim' ) doctrlnu its quietus. Ho procured tha
works -of Spurghoinl and Com lie to
Inform himsell on thu subject , and after
reading them bec.ime a convert , and UIOTO-
suit was ! io ctmnget ) sides and madoupow *
nrful Miccch ] on.tho . alllrnmllvo bldu ,
llecchor , throughout bis w'holo after life.
look d iipon njeu from n phroiiblozlcul
Htandpolnt. Ho lcnt.hU bookft to u rulluga
friend wlioso nujno wus roVlnrvho alter-
wards beoimo' dosuly identified , with
If i irenology Is truu It would boem to
seltlo thu QUrHtlon of free will. A IXJMOJI
cannot nuy inor.e help the shape of .hit hcud
tmn ) hu caret He siiapo of any other part of
hubody. Ho may modify , bin clmructor to
some cx.te.nt , but the funduiuontul lluca coa
hot Uo ulteroil , ' ,
' ' . It'you uro NorvoiUf
anilcnriiiot Bleoi > , Irjr It ; .