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TWELVE PAGES. . IS nwn , 5 , vrrox. O- &
The Average Gorman Drops His
Boor and Takes to Whisky.
Eomo of the Causes Responsible For
This Wonderful Change.
Mackenzie Charged With Incompetence
tonco in the Government Report.
Tlio Mention of Hln Xnino SiiflU.-lent
to Cnll Forth Ilio Most Vljjor-
oils K\t > 1ctlv s From tlio
All l'jtnH ] > i rutoil People
[ foplulit ) / ) IViS liuJainc * flunlnn
Hiinu.v , July ll.-NdW [ York Herald
Cable Special to Tin : Utn. : ] Takoailolugo
of cold ra'n ' , tempered by furnace fires and
winter llunnclH , add a torrent of political ru-
ihor regarding the emperor's ' Hussi.m trip ,
nud on top of all throw an imperial blue
book regarding the llnoss of Fredericlc HI.
and his death , nnd you will have a fair idea
of Herllu for the pait week , so distressingly
interesting has it been. What with wonder
ing when thu rain would stop , nnd as to who
would next interview Mackenzie and bu dis
owned by him , mid who wonld then bring
proof of tliw great throat tinker's fickle mem
ory , thu nrur.iiro Herllner found lifu so exalt
ing that hu incliims to drop buer and take to
The government report , in all the neatness
of hl.s official form , and signed by nearly all
tjio great specialists , Austrian as well as
German , except English , comes as a great
shock to all the Germans. Fifty thousand
copies of It-wero sold in Uerlin alone within
n feW hours Of its issuu. The edition was so
quickly exhausted that several correspond
ents ( iwo their copies to thu kindness of the
iiuthoi Hies. It is generally taken as provid
ing first that Kaiser Frederick might proba
bly bo still alive had there not been n gross
blunder in tlio diagnosis. Tlio extremists
among medical men oven claim
that the cancer Itself was caused by
that perpetual Irritation 6f thu tnroat tissues
which came from repeated attempts at extir
pation and nt securing pieces
for microscopic examination. Second ,
that the Isolation of the royal
patient in .England was duo solely to Mac-
kciulo'H Jealousy. It could liuvq had no good
effect and did actually make the case nope-
.less. Third , that it was a coldly heartlusH
net in thosu who controlled the princo's
Journey to refuse , utterly without reason , the
urgent request of thu aged Kaiser William
for n last visit from his son , while en route
fiom Enaland to Italy. In that connection
it in bitterly remembered that the prince was
well enough to eom < 5 at oncu to Horlin when
hisfnthor died , and we.ll enough tp obey the
hntser'd ' deathbed summons and tnko the
train which waited fur thieo day's , ready ntn
moment's nulIcQto , | carry.hlm back to Herlin.
There Is no bitterness against Frederick HI. ,
but only tigHinsthls advisers , although 1 have
bcni'd several Germans say with a sigh that
Frederick III. was a great nnd good
cnlpe'ri > - , but they supposed ho had , through
n long.oigti , ehcKen his political udvispis us
ho uhdni ) lih pjMnnal advisers ; perhaps ,
nftw all , the Lord know bast. Fourth , that
by M'ickim.'io's ildmhsion Urn emperor was
nllnost to the last kept In Ignotaiico of his
true condition , and W.IH llioroforu unnblo to
Judge for himself of his true policy. Fifth ,
that Mackenzie's prolenao of a statu secret is
nil utterly dlBgraooful nttomptto sholtur him-
r.Mf behind the unfortu.iatu Empress Victo
At first thoMnclcjnzio scandal , or the quar-
o rcl over a corpse , as it is called , threatened
to become a piuty matter , In which the
radicals burnt Incensu before the saluted
knight , while Cartel went around with sanc-
tlil d printout * ink , exorcising whatever re-
nu itied In Germany of Mackenzie's spirits.
The Herald's widely copied Paris inter
view , in which Mackenzie spoke of "crazy
Yi'lllhun , " first showed that he was not a safe
poll ical Issue. Afterward came the Hu dl-
roc1 hi Uio disputed Figaro interview , so that
n 3w Mackenzie is regarded ns so dead that
evil the Kiouto.eitting feels It , though a
pleasurable , still a scarcely useful occupa
tion , to keep kicking at his remains. For
vigorous , concibu German ono need only ap
ply to these Gorman physicians , who , out of
rosK'ct | for the royal family , have been so
Ion , . ; silent under the naggy abuse and mis
representation of an ably und unscrupulously
conducted literary bureau.
Germany and tlio Vatican The Cane
ol'Quccii Nat.ille.
| ( ' < iptifil / ; / ISSS liu Xew Vork Attnetatttl Pi tan. ]
Hf.iii.iN , July 14. It Is now likely that In
stead of u conference Count Kalnoky , Signer
Crlspl nnd the German chancellor will meet
nt Carlsbad , Count Herbert Uismnrck's part
in thu Interview tit St. Petersburg will bo In
the hnmls of the chancellor , who will meet
neither Count Kulnoky nor Signer Crispl
until ho knows what terms can
bo obtained from the czar. SIgnor Crlspi ,
who is In pressing need of
.Gcrnmnv'fl support in the contest with the
Vatican , will make no delay In seeing Count
HismnicU. The olllciul press of Homo write
txs If fel nor Crlspl had received nt the meet
ing nt Yc.vln cart blanche to do what he
should choose with the pope. It is better
known h'MO that Prince Histnarck holds that
thii pi > itio.i of the Vatican , undcr.tho law ol
guiianlcemight | to bo unassailable. This
question. Involving iu. It does the threatened
deniaturo of the pope from Home , U an , ur-
( ivnt otie fbr Signor Cibpl.
The t biuijiathy expressed forQucd
Natalie , of Hcrvla , as n woman nnd n mother
docs not blind people to the fact that It is
Impossible for the government to permit her
to violate Prussian laws. Her last
net before quitting Wiesbaden was to trans
mit to the Russian consul there , memoranda
revealing the Austro-Sorvlan plottings
against the Itusslan policy relative to tbo
Unlknns. The divorce question will Imme
diately como up before the synod of Hclgrndo
and n decree will certainly bo cranted to
King Milan on the single issue that his con
sort by Intriguing for Russia has proved un
true to 1icr interests ns queen of Servla.
When the divorce hss been settled she will
bo asked to leave Austrian territory and will
probably return to Russia.
AVIIIIntn'H UorjfcoiiH Rscnrt.
Kir.i , , July 14. Emperor William arrived
hero tills morning on his way to meet the
c/nr. Ho Immediately embarked on board
the Imperial yacht Hohenzollcrn. The pa
rade of the llect accompanying the Imperial
yacht was u brilliant spectacle ,
Milan Meets IIIN Bon.
PKSTII , July 14. Illng Milan of Servla ar-
tived liOro to-day to meet his son , who liift
Wiesbaden yesterday for Hclgrndo In charge
of the Servian chief of police. Queen Na
talie loft Wiesbaden to-day for Vienna.
QiieiMi Nululiu In Vienna.
Vicxxi , July 14. Queen Nat.tlle bus ar
rived In the city. -
A. .1. Strcctrr Will Hu tlio Union Imlwr
1'iu-ty'ri I'irHldcntlal Catulldiitu.
nw on , 111. , July 14. A. .1.
Streeter , picsidcntial candidate of the union
labor party , has transmitted to J. W. Gos-
ham , of thy national executive committee
of that paity , his acceptance of the nom
ination. In his letter , after extending
thanks for the distinguished honor confined
upon him , Mr. Streeter says ;
"I hold to the principle that the prosperity
of n nation is measured by the prosperity of
its industrial people. If the puoplunre strug
gling with poverty , tlio nation in poor , though
the treasury is overllowmg with idle money.
Such is our condition to-day. The true in
tent of law and government should bo to
protect thu weaker members from the en
croachment of the stronger. This funda
mental principle 1ms been subverted , nnd wo
have u government of the capital
class merged into n moniud aris
tocracy. Wo ni'ed more money In
circulation , und the coinage of silver
HhouM be us free ns that of gold1
The money In the pablic treasury should bo
used fur the pflment of bonds and the inter
est stopped. Wo have tried the change from
one political pat ty to another , but it gave the
people ) no i iiliof.'o ( nu even worse off.
The government that bus tohir.ited monopo
lies , grefcdy Combinations , and trusts , und
IIIIH ngt protected the people against their
spoliations is unworthy the support of the
working people. These unholy monopolies
and combinations have increased until they
have forced upon the country another 'Irre
pressible conllict , ' involving the hapniness
and piospyrity of the millions of people a
conllict Unit shalldcterniinc whether capital
ahall rnlo the country or the people who in
habit it. To settle the slavery conllict coat
the government money and life. It is
Unit this conflict imiy bo settled peaeiaW.V at
the ballot box , but settled it wilt , bu ; let us
hope'Without boas of lire and rivers of blood ,
The tariff is a minor issue when compared
with greater Lssuo .slnvolvcd. No legislation
on the tariff will protect the people fiom the
monied combinations now sapping the pi oa-
pOrity of the people. I believe , however , in
a revision of the tariff lawa , and that pio-
tcction should no given where needed and
taxes reduced whenever it can bo done
safely. Wo are n temperance party , in favor
of coed government and higher Christian
" 1 to the of the
urn opiwsed rempvul gov
ernment tax on whisky and tobacco. It
would bo a retrogratc movement of de
moralizing tendencies , and Would lead
thousands of young men into the gutter and
dcgredation. We. uro the friends of soldiers.
Not In a sectional sense , to antagpnizo the
blue nnd gray , Irat , forgetting the past , let us
freedom's the of
plant lltitf upon hill-tops
uvcry state anil concedu to all patriotic de
votion to our Hag.
"Laws should bo enacted to compel em
ployers nnd employes * a submit their dis
agreements to arbitration. Corporate capi
tal U some times too Arrogant , and miles too
much on Pinkeflon'a militia. The very sight
Of this force irritates the working people
when in trouble nnd has a tendency to widen
the breach between capital and labor. In Il
linois wo piy largely to maintain an efficient
state militia and police force , and why this
state private militia lias their headquarters
In Illinois is moro than I can tell. Their spr-
vlees should bo dispem > ed with by state au
"The ownership or control of the lines of
communication and transpitrtaUon is de
manded by the people. Equal pay for equal
woik for both sexes Is just. The platfoim
is good as a whole and incuts my approba
tion. "
General llarrlHiin IndispoHed.
IXDtANAi'ous , July 14. General Harrison
is beginning to feel the effects of the cease-
losa strain he 1ms undergone in entertaining
friends and receiving congratulations Iroin
Itolltical clubs. Ho was rather seriously In-
dlspo * d this morning. Ur. Jamieson , the
family physician , was summoned and found
the gcneial suffering from an uching pain ,
which he soon relieved. Ur. Jamieson says
that the general's trouble results from over
work and a slight cold , but there is no cause
for al'irm. The Lincoln club , of Cincinnati ,
nrilved by special train at , r > o'clock
and called upon General Harrison this oven-
Ing. Vlco President Wilson of the club ad
dressed General Harrison , congratulating
him on behalf of the Lincoln club and the
republicans of Hamilton county. General
Hui risen received them cordially and thanked
them for thu kind manner in which they had
retetrcd to him through their spokesman.
FKOM 1'OlilOIl TO JA.Ui.
Twenty SportH Gathered In Hy an At
torney's Clnvcr Move.
Tustouv , 111. , July 13. Some time since n
Eti anger of smooth ml dress and captivating
ways dropped In upon this place und gave
his name as George W. Smith. Ho was os
tensibly engaged in the poultry business , but
it wus observed that as soon as hu became
acquainted with a iiiimbcr of local sports his
business wus sadly neglected from the fact
that his time was mostly spent with them
at u well known resort on Van Allen street.
Draw poker was the enticing game played
over the green cloth. The stranger proved
to bo u deteetlvo In disguise , nnd It was
his mission hero to get in with the crowd
that Indulged in the Innocent game , note
down the names of the participants and re
port them to the prosecuting attorney. The
detective's work was accomplished very
thoroughly , for when on ycbtcrday the ofti-
ccr * begun to gather in the gamblers it wus
found they numbered about twenty , com-
IKised of all colors , sizes und nationalities ,
one woman being Included in the. list. The
minority of them , seeing they had been
trapped , pleaded guilty ; a few gave bail ,
while two were sent to Jail. Judco Hassctt
adjourned court this morning until Monday ,
when it is bald the big llsh will bo rukcd In ,
the ones already c.uight 114 thu states attor
ney's net being the smaller ones. The lines
were from tlO to $200.
An Accommodating Cnslilcr.
HtTcnissox , Kan. , Joy 14. A covyboy
walked into the bank of LaJyiHo this after
noon ubd , covering the cashier , with a re
volver , ordered him. to drop the funds of the
banlr into a bo ? which lie placed on the
counter. The cashier complied utd ) the rob-
tier mounted his horse and escaped. The
amount taken is estimated at from (10,000 to
Tlicy Ulijcut to the Discharge of n
Hrotlicrhood Man ,
DCS MOINH . In. , July 14. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Hun.j Late this evening cloven
members of the switchmcns union employed
on the Wabash struck on account of the ro-
inovnl of Night Ynrdmastcr Floyd , nnd the
substitution of n scab named Trlggs. The
trouble has been brewing for several days ,
the strikers alleging that the new superin
tendent of the Union railway here , which
includes the Wabash terminal , 1ms been tryIng -
Ing to weed out brotherhood switchmen nnd
replace them with noti union men. Floyd
was given his tnno this evening and the
strikers left at once. A telegram has been
sent to General Workman Monntmn nt Chicago
cage and the strikers hero say that ho will
older out the whole force.
Crnzcd Hy HlH Wlfe'H Illness.
DES MOI.MIS , la. , July 14. [ Special Tel
egram to THE Hin.1 Jasper Swlnny , n
farmer who resided four miles north of
Hloomllold , Uavls county , committed suicide
this morning by bunging. His wife had
been sick several weeks , and ho had not been
able to sleep for some time. Yesterday ho
was told that she could not recover , which
IhtelllgciKo mad" him wild , nnd ho was
watched nnd followed out of the house sev
eral times lust night. At an curly hour this
morning he .succeeded In slipping out and
Was found hanging to a limb of a tico dead.
His wlfu is still living but very low.
The University lnvc < 4tl < ; iilion.
low i CITV , In. , July 14 , To-day the inves
tigation committee closed its labors by gross
examining Urs. Ilin'ichs , Andrews and
Hunt. President Schulior ic tilled as to the
expenses of the Institution nnd why n com
parison with the denominational schools of
loWa Was unjust The committee will spend
the next inj\-amining the books und voifch-
crs belonging to the departments of the uni
Ills Tyrnny Likely to Precipitate a
Strikeon -M'lnHoliu. .
MiXxrU'ous , July 11. . [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : .Hub. . ! For some days there
have been rumors of a threatened strike by
thu Manitoba switchmen , engineers and sec
tion hands , on account of what the men re
gard ns the tyrnny of J. C. Hurry , yurdlnas-
ter at Minneapolis. Last March Hcrry miido
his appearance as yardmaster of the Mani
toba ynrdb in this city. He had not held the
position n month before there was a general
complaint from the employes against what
they termed the brutality and unjust exac
tions of tlio new ynrdmastcr. The men ay
that ho is cruelly exacting in tlio
discipline that hu tries to maintain.
Thu Switchmen's benevolent association Is
the head and front of the movement und is
reinforced by the Urotherhood of Lncomotivu
Engineers. Even the section hands are iu
revolt and every man in the yard , it is said ,
has signed a memorial that was senl to St.
Paul. The greatest indignation is felt and
employes all along the have assured the
aggrieved brethren that they are with them
to tlio Dnish. Thu company will give an an
swer Monday or Tuesday as to what they
will do.
ArrcstH of SIcn A\ lie Hiivc Tloudcd
Chicago With llngux .Money.
SAUXM , Out. , July II. Chief Sherwood ,
of the secret service department , drove to
Thedford last night and there arrested W.
O. Parsons , n prominent contractor on a
charge of counterfcitiug. Parsons was
brought hfiro this morning nnd remanded for
one week. There was found in hLs liouso und
on Ills premises about iOO in American and
Canadian counterfeit bills , the former in W
silver certificates , nnd the latter in ? 5 notes
of Uio Hank Of Hritish North America.
Ho has had nearly .fifty counterfeit dollar
American silver pieces. ,1ust about the time
Parsons was committed this morning iv dis
patch was received from Toronto saying that
Ueutiqn S. Wilson was arrested there yester-
tciday charged with counterfeiting ; Ameri
can silver dollars were found on his jwrson
of the same coinage as these found in posses ,
blon of Parsons. Wilson is now on his way
to Sarnia. There has also been arrested here/
the biggest bird of the gang , Charles John
son. Johnson WHS wanted both in the United
StateB and Canada on many chniges of conn-
tcrfeitlng. A month ago ho was arrested
ut Uetioit by a United States
secret service oftlcor , but the next
day ho broke Jail , since which
time ho was not lipard of until Chief Shor-
woqd traced him to his mother's house , Just
outbido of Toronto , whcro ho was living nn.
der the name ol luvers. rio Johnson family
are the cleverest eountorleiteis of the pres
ent day. Their org.tni/ation hasdisttibuling
branches in New York , Chicago , St. Louis ,
Toronto , Montieal and Huftalo. They are
charged with counterfeiting United States
? 5 silver certificates , H ml : ot Hritish North
America * 5 and * 10 bills , nn-1 Dominion W
notes. They are alleged to have recently
"placed" $ cOOl)0 ) worth of United States
fives in Chicago and they are now flooding
Now York City with the bluff.
Harvey IMko KlllH Ills Sweetheart , Her
Ijovcr , nnd Commit * Hiilolile.
Fnnxcmiuwi , Ky. , July 14. A fearful
tragedy was enacted ut IJcd Kiver , a small
town sixty miles from hero , last Tuesday ,
news of which has Jnst reached this city.
For some time It has been understood thul
Harvey Piuo was to marry Mini Hasklns ,
the daughter of a general storekeeper in the
village. Some weeks ago a young man
named Everhiml , a timber buyer from Phila
delphia , came to thu place and boarded at
Hasklns' . Hu und Miss Haskitib became
great friends and spent much of their time
together. Pike became exceedingly Jeal
ous of the stranger , und said that
hu did not care to live il ho fouiu
that his betrothed was untrue to
him. Last Tuesday night Pike called < n
Hasklns' residence and learned that Ins
sweetheart and Everlmrd wore out walking
Ho sat down fur u while chatting gooi
huinoredly with tlio family , then , saying ho
would not wait any longer , loft. Whether b.\
accident or design , he walked out the rou ;
taken by the couple , and found thorn n hal :
mile away. What passed between them wil
never be known , but when later a Bearchim ,
party , alarmed at the long absence of thu
two. reached thn spot , they were found dead
Evcrhnrd hud been shot In the head. Miss
Haskins was llfty feet away , the back of her
iicad crushed by u bludgeon , which hud fullci
by her side. Across her body Pike lay
feebly gasping , n bullet hole in thu roof of his
mouth , whence ho had sent a bullet into his
brain. Ho died Inside of an hour.
A Famous Ijtindiunrk Gone.
WHITE PMIXS , N. Y. , July 14. A fire
broke out this morning In thu old Hen Holi
day stouo mansion , about three miles from
this place , now owned by Whitolaw Hold 01
the Tribune. The building wus ono of the
famous landmarks in Wcstchester county ,
having been standing for over two hundrci
years. Held purchased the place from thu
estate of John Hoche , and commenced refitting -
ting tlio interior upon n magnificent scale.
The loss on the buildlnir will roach nearly
$500,000. It wus Insured for about two-thirds
that amount.
Tlio Cock Out 1'rautlunlly Knded.
PjTTsnujta , July 14. The great iron loci
out is practically over ; and before the end ol
next week a general resumption of mills Is
expected. There are still Hfty linns In the
manufacturers association that have not ye
granted the demands of the workmen.
meeting of these firms will probably. be hcU
on Thursday , when it l presumed that thv
will siifti the scale.
Boulnngor's Lost Escapade Llkoly
to Cost Um Donr.
Severely OonsurodBy Journnls Thtvt
Formerly Supported Him ,
Vigorous Language Employed By
the Editor of La Matin.
Interviews With Lieattlnii Frenchmen
Point to Continued I'caoe ICeccii-
trloltlen of Paris AVoiithcr
Some Ncrvousncs < ) .
l > u Jama ( tunlnif JtenntU. ]
PAIIH , July 14. [ Now York Herald Cable.
Special to Tun Hu : . ] The interest in to
day's great national festival has been over
shadowed by the excitement over tlio Flo-
iluct-Uoulangor duel. For weeks past the
general's piestigo has been waning , and his
display , of temper In the Palais Hourbon
Thursday did him immense damage. Hid
general seems to bo courting the position of
n political outlaw , und by now hu has proba
bly discovered that his wound at Neuilly
may have saved him from much greater pun
ishment than the ocusuru of the chamber.
What does , ho represent ! Himself. What
Tins he done )
" 1 have appealed to the rxmntry , " replies
the general. '
Ho fulls altogether to understand that Just
as in .Amcric i one cannot get rid of nn ob
noxious president against his will und till his
tetm of olllce expires , so in Franco ono can
not forcibly eject n chamber constitutionally
elected for n cm lain nuluber of years with
out becoming revolutionary. However , his
influence is fading with his prestige , and now
even if ho wished to dg harm , the republicans
agree , his following is so insignificant now
Unit he would bo iKHverless ,
Speaking to the.chainbcr , Tnursday , Uou-
lunger remarked that the present state of
things cannot last without peril to the re
public , Tnls was a slight miscalculation , for
as long as ever Uoulangcjr threatens the
public lie will find the republicans united.
Jlis royalist friends tnaito n mistake by boom
ing him. They havq welded their divided
opponents into a solid phalanx.
"Tuo general thinks thcro is no majority
in the chamber , " said. . Floqitot , " , yet Uo has
at least once learned to the contrary to his
cost. "
"You .ire fond of 'telling us wo mnko war
on now ideas , " ho added , now hill Ing straight
nt Houlanger. "I suppose you mean the
ideus you picked up In the sacristies and
anta-chauibers in wfiiCh. "your life has been
spent. "
Floipiet'a violence max' have been as un
justifiable as Uoulnngers , but public sympa
thy. outside of th'o royalist camp , Is gradu
ally falling away from the general. The roy
alist Oaulois supports him , but oven the con-
bervatlvo Figaro is sick of bin pretensions.
lie has not partisans' enough to warrant his
bumptious tone , " says Editor M. Magnnrd.
"Hcsidos , the chamber won't clear out before
fore the extreme date fixed by the constitu
tion , and it is useless to demand dissolution
ono is sure of not getting. "
Tlio moderate republican Temps and the
radical Lantern which made his popularity ,
nro oven more severe.
Lo Temps says the plebbcltary campaign
is beginning again , but this time the electors
may tell the general that they uro getting
wearied of the business.
Lo Paris sajs all that Is sincere , generous
and republican will henceforth deny him ,
while in the independent Matin , M. Joseph
Kotimch , hitting out without gloves , says
plainly : "He has chosen to bo a rebel. So
bo It. Treat him as right nud duty bid re-
publ.cs treat reballioUs soldiers. In other
words , shoot him. "
Houlnnger is getting on well. lie has no
fever. I bnw Ir. Lnbbo at 10 o'clock this
evening. Ho said : "My patient Is much
better. He has nodiUlculty In breathing and
will bo about again in a few days. "
The Herald this week publishes a series of
Interviews with French political celebrities
of all kinds from M'llo. Hoichomberg of Lo
Franenls to MacMahon , UaLussep * and Er
nest Kenan. The replies which , with ex
ceptions , point to peace have boon widely
quoted In the French press. The European
outlook for the prcsif ut Is evidently psaoo
The eccentricities of the clerk of the
weather this summer are almost unprece
dented and the metoQrologlsts I huvo inter
viewed have no rational explanation ready.
Tlio southwest Atlantic winds kujp us shiv
ering between two .banks of extraordinary
heat , ono In the north , in Norway , another
in the south , in Greece , where the heat is ac
companied by earthquakes. Halloonlstsseem
to bo the host woathpr prophets Just now.
M. Jouvls , of the Horla , tells ma the sun
is struggling nUrd to help us , but ns fust as
the cold region between the two hot banks
gets warm it raises the accumulated mois
ture In earth und chills us to the bone again.
M. Chovoreal , a centenarian , who undoubt
edly is our oldest inhabitant , only remombora
one such summer and that a quarter of n cen
tury ago. Nor is there much prospsot of
permanent Improvement yet , though the
weather U rather mire ngrooablo than it 1ms
been. J
The bourse was rather dull and unsettled
nil week owing to tlio uncertainty caused by
the shuffling of the , political cards In Ger
many and Uussla. On the whole , however ,
the tendency Is optimistic.
Many Amerlcah travelers , will rem'cinbc'r
Henry Jo' jio h * doubtless often
. . t I
amused them nt the Hainninn. Henry , who
or ten months had been suffering from soft
ening of the brain , has Just been strangled ,
whether by accident or design It Is impossi
ble to say , nt the St. Anne lunatic asylum
where ho was under treatment.
Ills Identity Still HcninliiH n Mnttcr
ol * Conjecture.
TiiiNiDAD , Colo. , July 14. [ Special Tele
gram to THE HI-.E. ] Very llttlo s known
here regarding licmington , the alleged artist
for Harper who suicided on Thursday , nnd
absolutely nothing Is positively known ns to
the cause of his action , though thcro arc
many theories on the subject. The man
cnmo here' about two weeks ago and made
the acquaintance of soveial families , icprc-
scntlng him self ns statedln these dispatches
of yesterday. He fpent most of his time in
the mountains sketching and no one ever
heard him say anything of his family or of
his intention and no paiticular interest was
taken in thu man until it was discovered that
ho was dying from the effects of cocoaine ,
and then It was too Into to learn unj thing
about him ,
Mntiy telegrams hnvobeen received during
tlio past twenty-four hours ilsklng for an
exact description of the suicide. The Identity
of the man interests many. Ho had in his
Valise letters addiessed to L. C. Hun' , man
ager of the engraving bureau of Harper's
Weekly. Ho had been at Sylvia and Win-
Held and other points iu KUIIMS , nl"o at
Wulsenburg , Colo. Among his effects was n
pledge in Writing to abstain from cocaine ,
morphine' , opium and other drugs of like ten
dency. This pledge. WHS made to Flora Hell
Tamper. His papers show that lie was in
the habit of forming the acquaintance of hi
dies nnd then urging them to visit him at his
room while sick. It is behoved hero
that ho intended to take enough nior
phino to prostrnlo himself and win
great sympathy from Uio joung lady ho Was
importuning to visit him , and without in
tending suicide , took enough to kill himself.
Ho left a letter written in German to homo
fiieud in Germany. He were fulso teeth in
the upper Jaw , and said that by accident he
lost font teen teeth While sketching in Wyo
ming to illustrate thii ni tides of Theodore
Hoosevolt in the Century Mafrimuo Ho was
live feet six and a half inches in height nnd
had a smooth face. Ho was blonde. He had
small hands and short lingers. Ho had not
u scar on his body except one as largo as a
dime on his left knee. His weight was 170
pounds. Ho was German by birth ,
though ho claimed to bo American
born. He was not over twenty-live
or twenty-eight .years of age. Ho was of
good address and good education and could
sketch natural scenery well and with gioat
rapidity. He was ono hour u genius and the
next hour \ \ us crazy through his favorite
drug. From his paixsrs it is known his for
mer name was George Hnymond , but this
may also have been an assumed name. An
overdue note 111 .favor of George F. Raymond ,
dated Winllcld , Kan. , November W , tbM ) ,
higned by L. G. Welsh , was among his
Close ol' tlio Intultiite Alter < i Two
FUIIMOXT , Nob. , July 1 1. [ Special to Tun
Ben. ] The Uodgo county teachers' institute
tuto closed hero 10-day after a two weeks'
session. It was ono of the best , as it was the
largest , ever held In the county , the enroll
ment reaching 125. The unusual success of
the session was duo. largely to the efficiency
nnd jkirfcct organbntion of Superintendent
Clarendon. An Important- feature wan the
jicrfecjtlon of n plan for a uniform course of
study In all the country districts throughout
the county. This being someUiing entirely
nyw , only a skeleton cotirsp of study could
bo arranged , which , it is expe-eted , will bo
developed and completed ns experieuco dic
tates. It provides Jor three division * of the
school , viz. : Uio primary , intermediate nnd
grammar. Each of these divisions is sub
divided into A nud H classes , embracing ap
propriate studies for each. Thu course will
require from six to eight years for comple
tion and it is contemplated that pupils will
bo graduated the same as from all other
grade schools. _
A Miniature Cyclone.
FMCMOXT , Neb. , July 14. [ Special to Tun
HKC. ] Serious damage to corn is reported
to have been done by the storm last night in
this section. Tlio principal loss was sus
tained by farmers in Elkhorn township , east
of the city. The storm developed into a
small cyclone in that vicinity. Charles
Piers bus 100 acres of good corn , one-third of
whicn was twisted off close to thu ground
and completely ruined. Mr. Scliroeder. to
the northwest of him , had hH field damaged
in thn same way , but not to qultu such an
extent. The cyclone appeared to pass over
into Washington county , nnd though no
definite reports have yet come from that sec
tion , it is believed that much damage must
have been done there. No damage reported
to life or buildings.
Kvt on Fire Hy
Fnr.MO.NT , Neb. , July 14. [ Special to TUB
Hii.j : : Last night during the progress of n
heavy wind , rain and thunder storm the
residence occupied by Frank Davis was
struck by lightning nnd set on lire. It was
liijtho outskirts of the city and was com
pletely destroyed before the Uro department
could respond , owing to the heavy rain and
the deep mud. The household goods were
removed , but were badly damaged by the
rain. Mr , nnd Mrs. Davis were just prepar
ing for bed when thu bolt struck the hoiibc ,
but for Innately neither felt the shock. The
house belonged to Major Showalter. It wus
insured in the Kockford for ? tt > 0.
Perished In tlio Klkliorn.
FKUMOXT , Neb. , July 11. [ Special to TUB
HKii.l Last evening while William King Jr. ,
son of the Hooper livery man , was bathing
nnd washing ono of his father's horfics In the
Elkhorn river at that place ho met with a
Midden death. Ho was in water about ten
feet deep with the hon > e , when ho was in
some manner thrown off the animal nnd
drowned. From the bruibcs discovered on
his body after he was taken out of the wnxir
it is thought the liorho struck him with its
foot and disabled him bo hu could not help
himself. Young King was nineteen years
"t Fremont.
FUCMONT , Neb. , July II , [ Special to Tim
Hnii. ] Tlio cigar and tobacco store of Hrei-
tenflcld A : Muurer was burclurized last night.
The burglars entered by forcing open the
back door. They captured several valuable
meerschaum pipes and other goods und money
to the value of about $13. No clue to thu
burglars has been discovered.
To Kstahllsh n I < od f.
FnrwoNT , Neb. , July 14. [ Special to THE
HLH. ] A delegation of six members and
officers from Triumph lodge , K. qf P. , of this
left for O'Neill to establish
city , to-day u
unifoim division in the ledge at that place.
Inaugurated the Campaign.
IxniAXxroi i , July 14. The democracy ol
Indianapolis to-night formally Inaugurated
what bids lair to bo the most memorable po
litical campaign in the history of Indiana ,
About eight o'clock a procession , composed
of numerous Cleveland and Thurmun clubs ,
began paiadlng the principal business street !
of the city. It is estimated that between
4,000 and.C.OC'O ' men were in lino. About 0
o'clocko \ procession entered Tomllnson's
hall. wher < > , utter a few remarks by Hon.
W. II. English , the meeting , was addressed
by Governor Gray. The meeting broke ui
about midnight uudd general enthusiasm.
irtiillr aii"/ .
An Alleged Plot to Iltow Dp tlio New
NEMUSKV CITV , Neb. , July 14. [ Special
Telegram to TUB UBK. ] Several days ago
the H. & M. put eight men on guard night
nnd day nt the new bridge. The reason was
leveloped to-day by the remarks of nn ofllcor
of thu road who asserted that anonymous
n formation was received that an attempt
would bo made to blow up the bridge with
dynamltu by agents of the brotherhood ; that
U. & M. detectives had succeeded In locating
the dynamite in the possession of persons
who hud received it for this pur | > oso. Thu
parties are now under detective surveillance
nnd will bo arrested when sufficient evidence
is secured. Much excitement is caused by
thu Information , Nate Curtis , chief of tlio
brotherhood at this ptaco su.\s that this is
another Bchciiie on thu part of the "IJ" to ob
tain public sympathy and the cntlio story Is
utterly groundless , Hut If Itweio truu the
brotherhood had nothing to do with it and
would not uphold any such criminal proceed
ings. The local oflleers say that dynamite
was shipped to lUilo and I'mttsnumth for
symllar purposes. Startling developments
uro expected.
A Democratic .lolllllciitlon.
Goutiox , Neb. , July 14. ( Special Telegram
to Tin : HKI.J : To-day the democrats gf
northwestern 'Nebraska turned out In force
nnd assisted the loral democrats In ratifying
the nominees of thu national democratic
pairy. A special train Was run from Chad-
ron , bringing representatives from thutphico ,
Hay Springs nnd KiwhvUlo. Thy town was
elaborately defaulted nnd the democrats of
Gordon and vicinity , hertded bj the silver
cornet band of this plncp , tinned out to meet
them. Speeches were made by Messrs.
Turner and Montgomery , of Glnidron , Hryan ,
ot Lincoln , Wcbtovor , of Uushvlllu , nnd
Farmer Millers Dentil.
TEKAMUI , Neb. , July 15. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : HI.K. ] The eftuseof Uiu dCatli
of Jacob Miller , who shot himself on thol'Jth
hist four miles east of Herman , was suicide ,
thn result of financial diillcultics , Reports
say ho < > lgucdnotus | for a party some years ago
In Iowa , which took all thu properly hu had ,
Hu loft Iowa and eamo to this state ten yunrn
ago And had accumulated a good deal ot
property at the time of Ills death. Lately the
courts In Iowa have rondoied Judgments
against him on bonie back claims , which Is
supposed to bo the cause of his death. Ho
leaves two sons and ono daughter , all mar
ried and living In tlio vimnity.
A Severe Storm.
CnsTiui , CITY , Nob. , July 14. [ Scinl ) to
Tin : Hr.j : . ] Last night this vicinity was vis
Itcd by a % orytinrd htorm of thunder nnd
lightning accompanied by some hail , The
rain fell in torrents and theio was almost u
contiunal Hash of lightning. The barn of
Elder J. W. Shank was htruck by lightning
and burned to thu ground. The contents
were all saved. The barn was fully insured
in the Homo Fire Insurance company of
Omaha. The rain was Just what ivu * needed
to save the Oat ciop. The benefit to all
crops could not bu computed and will put
everything iu line shape.
County Kcpultllcniis.
Neb. , July 14. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : HncJ At n meeting of the re
publican county central committee to-dilv the
primaries were called for August 11 und thu
convention for August 10. Wymoro wanted
thu convention but did not have votes enough.
A resolution was passed declaring that iu
order to votu at the republican primaries Uio
voter must declare his intention to support
the nominees of tlio party.
Adnins County I'rohlbltloiilftt * .
HASTi.s'fis , Neb. , July 14. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Hui.J The Adams county
prohibitionists in convention at Juniuta this
afternoon nominated Sam Alexander of
Hustings for state senator , D. U. Norton of
Kcnasaw for representative and J. IJ Elrod
of Cottonwood township for a contingent
A llonr Knd Colll ton.
UIIAIXAIID , Neb , , July 14. [ Special toTnn
Dec. ] Two construction trains on the Fre
mont , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley railroad
going to Geneva , ono closely following the
other , came together live .miles north of hero
this morning resulting in considerable dam-
ngu to one engine nnd every car. Aa far as
learned no ono wus Injured.
Crom Injured ly Wind.
Scnini.cjt , Neb. , July 14 [ Spo.-ial to Tins
BEK. ] The high wind of Friday night did n
good deal of dam igo to corn in Colfax
county. The crops bid fair to bo the heaviest
over raised in tbo county , but now thu best
fields are lying Ihit. Thcro are a good many
reports of loss of stock by lightning.
A Myuter'oitH
HASTINGS , Neb. , July 14. Special Tola-
gram to TUB Uii.l : Gcorgu Craig , n wiper
ut the H. & M. round house , diow a month's
pay Thursday and suddenly disappeared
leaving his wife. Search is being Instituted ,
but no tidings have yet been received of the
missing muti. _
Old Shells Cannon Shot , Kto. , UUK U | >
Iiy Now Vork KveavatorH.
NEW YOIIK , July 13. A six pound cannon
ball , encrusted with rust , was dug up in
some conduit excavations ut Hroadway and
Warren streets to-day. The day before
there were found in tlio same placu an empty
twelve-pound shell , two twelve-pound , balls ,
two six-pound shotb , a U union ring eighteen
inches aeiosb und tlueu inches thick , nnd an
English penny of 174 Each piece wus
thick with rust and hard dossils from the
soil. Superintendent Hrushwick , who is in
charge of the work , thinks theru was a
fort tn anto-revolutionary times along
the ineent Warren sticut line , lor his men
huvo found lots of old war iron nionnd
there. The last thing discovered is thu most
curious , H is an hem ring two inches in
diameter , looped to which uio tliicc rods.
Each led is nlno Indies long and the end of
each rod fuithost from the iron cnclo
thickens out into a quarter-section of n
cylinder. Close bestdo the spot where this
relic was discovered lay another rod , which
evidently had buon broken oft Iroin thu
circle. Originally the four rods , with the
lumps of iron nt ono und und thu binding
circle at the other , could bo folded together.
A queer four-armed specimen of antique shot ,
similar to the chain or sluink shot , was also
found. When folded and rammed into u
caanon and fired it spins its four arms
around and around In tno air while traveling
in a forwoid direction.
Determined on Hulctldn ,
CHICAGO , Jnly 14. Mrs. Cruno , who is
under arrest for shooting ut Lawyer Mu-
Nulty , was caught making preparations to
commit suiddc in her cell this ovenlng. Shu
was tying together strips of bhects und hid
quilts for thu purpose of carrying out her
design. She said ho would rather xtianglo
herself than go to prison and that she has
been prompted to commit biiicldoon account
of Urn constant visit * of jc-oplo whom she
bud lobbed. She hinted further Unit if con
victed , which' she would bw , that she would
kill hwaclf.
Thn Prison AH oclatIon ,
HOSTOX , Juy ] U. The annual mvoting of
the National Prison association began this
evening with a public meeting In Tretoont
temple. . A largo audience wus present at the
evening session. Governor , Hraekett wel
comed the association In bclialt of thutatc. .
Ex-prcsldunt Hayes was then introduced.and
warmly applauded. Ho delivered liU > ad
dress us president of the association , after'
which the mecliug adjoiitncd.
Scored by the Young Soldlor Em *
poror of Germany.
Description of the Pntnoo Dluuo *
Given to the Diplomats.
The First of Its Tyio | Given Sluc
the Foundation of the Bmplro.
An Amount ci | ' Good Tre to Displayed ] '
Hy the Kaiser Totally Uu- . ' .
looked lor by HlH Distill' ' . _
KUtf > he.d Friend * . ' . . *
The KIrst State Dinner.
ifopjiuil"isS / / " tiu Jitmrj * fonlnuJcnu'M.l
HIIII.IS : , July II. ( Now York HuraW
Cable Special to Tnr. Hit : : . ] Thu pjiiuca '
dinner to thn foreign diplomats Is worth'noiue
further description , ns It Is Uio first o.t-lls
type , so far as I Can discover , slneo thu fouh ' '
dation of the empire. It was given at tha
royal city castle at Potsdam. To It were la
vlted all the heads of foreign mission * or
their temttornry represcntatlyes. In this-
latter class , owing to his absence , Minister
Pendleton , of the United States , bud 119 hid
representative Chapman Coleinnn , his chargq
d'alTuirs. Tho'se Invited went in n flpoqial .
train , wlmcdalong at such a rutu that lt
usual forty-five minutes travel wus shortened . -
to twenty minutes. An array of court car-
riuges met thu train. Oncu inside the castW
there was a wait of a few minutes while -th
kniser talked with a few of these cmbussa *
dors best known to him.
At 7 o'clock the kaiser , walking along- .
ahead of all his guests , led the way to Uio
dinner table. In the mtirbla room was n long ,
narrow Uiblo With short \yings at each end *
At thu middle of the nmin tublo sat tt ; < J '
kaiser with the ambassadors of Italy and
Austria nt his right and loft , tie ) rqst being' '
ranged bj seniority near him. Opposite.tho
emperor , nnd inside Uio horseshoe- , was tha
coming chancellor , Count Herbert Hlstmirclc. ,
Elsowhuro by seniority were arranged' tha
ministers and charges in their order ; Tha. '
empress , as can easily bo understood , , will
not present.
Thcro was a barely observable pausp afto *
the kaiser had seated himself bo.foro hta
guests followed his example , but .so perfect ' "
were the arrangements that ouch of the ftf.ty
diners found his pluou without hurry or
or delay , in spita of the quick movement *
of the young omporor. The taUlo'.scr1
vlco was of silver , nnd the decorations ot
flowers were small and unobtrusive ; ' '
Nothing else was placed On the tnble. .Nor
were the ineats carved , ln the dining room' . ' .
Tliero Were u few wlno glasses'little . ; ,
replenishing of glasses once ampUcd. "A '
curious innovation was the bringing of * d'ma
winu already decanted iu glasses. About
an hour was spent an- the following , bill , jif '
faro :
Consomme Printanicr. ' . .
Trnltcs au Hleu , Sauce , Hollandaiso' , '
Filet Hoouf n In Mangla * . .
Suprcmp do Volnille aux Truffles ,
Aspic do Honmids , Sauce Itcmoulato. .
Sello do Chevreiiillu. Hotn Siilado. . '
Gr < 5neillcs Petit Pols a la Francalso.
Croustado aux Pochds a in Vanillo.
Charlotte a la Chateaubriand.
The menu card ! B of cream card board
without outside ornamentation. The inside
is fringed with gold and is lettered in light
clear prints. Huskies the bill of furu it has
only the date , "Pottsdam , July 13 , 1888 , "
und above this a crowned Imperial eagle ,
which may bo rouirhly described as. perched
inside u wishbone , from the upper und ol
which hang streams of gold ,
The dinner itself was exquisite und served
with the highest nit that is , so promptly
and so skillfully that theiro was no conscious
ness of how or by whom it was served.
Tlio kaiser looked remarkably well , talked -
with animation , and ute with his usual rather
impatient hnsto , seeming to euro little for
either eating or drinking , but taking evi
dent pleasure in the perfect service ,
The general atmosphere of good
taste , the most noticeablu point of
the dinner to an onlooker , was a chnngo
from thu rather barbarotis luxury of dinners
ut the former court , and the diners instead
of wearing the bored faces of forced attund-
unts at a state ceremony , looked rather an if
they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Ona
of the diplomats told mo ho Would like to
dlno In the saino way dally , while otlieru
said that it was a ploasuiesucli as was never
experienced before.
About 8 o'clock thu kaiser rose , nnd all ,
followed him to form a circle In the neigh
boring room. There his majesty apoko to
each about some topic conncctod with h !
homo. To the Mexican minister ,
for instance , about the recent Hoods.
If it shows un.vUiing , this dinner
promises not only u luxurious , briUhint court
Mich us was expected , but beyond thatna
amount of good tusto that-Is surprising la
the emperor , who Ls so thoroughly a soldier.
Perhaps , also , to Judge by thu smoothness
with which this ili'ht state ceremonial passed
nftt that the emperor has something of Ms
grandfather's ability to bclcct the right inaa
for the rife-lit place , I if ft Cue. *
| Oij/i Wit/H'S / liytirtcx Hurrl'mJamdl.l
. HnitUS , July II.-New [ Yorlt Hor.ild
Cable Special to THE HKB. ) Doctor Uurg-
niann lias rncoH'od thu decoration of com *
inamlct'of the ardor oftho houbo ot Hohen-
/ollerpu , nr.'d Dr. Gclrhurdt the ordur of th
Hed Kag'.e. Micko ! ; U gete nothlni ; .