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    2 TC OMAHA DAILY B/E8E / : SATURDAY , JULY 14. 1888.
Omaha Boys Lot Thorn Down Easy
In Yesterday's Qamo.
JTho Home Team Itlttlni ; tlio Tintl
With IMonHliiR Regularity Tlio
Urcwers Defeated Jty Ilio
Maroons Sports.
Following Is the ofllclal standing of the
Western association teams up to and In
cluding yesterday's games.
Plavca Won Lost Pr Ct
Bt.Puul . . . . . . .61 U4 17 .IMM !
DCS Monies. . . . ; . . . 4(1 ( 2S IS .cos
Kansas City . 47 2. " > .531
Omaha . 47 -4 .510
Milwaukee . 51 24 27 .470
Chicago. , . W 21 STi .4S9
Minneaoolls . 63 1U 34 .3.VS
Sioux City . 10 3 7 .800
Otnnhn 12 , Sioux City O.
The Omahiis went out to the ball park
ngaln yesterday afternoon and played with
the Sioux Citys ployed with them as a cat
docs a mouse.
But , mind you , no disparagement Is In
tended the Sioux Cit.vs in the above asser
tion , for the Corn Huskers arc n hardworking
ing , Industrious , gentlemanly set of follows
and arc deserving of u better fate.
But the gods have decreed otherwise , and
otherwise it must be.
Their ambition Is to beat Omaha , just why
ills difficult to sa- , but still It is a fact.
Vain , foolish Corn Hunkers I They might
ns well try to dam Niagara with a bat bag.
They arc just the pudding Omaha has been
waiting for and they need look for no mercy.
The crowd yesterday was small , but en
thusiastic. It was so exhilarating to see the
liome team smack the ball and prance round
the bases in their ugly uniforms.
Just to fool the Sioux Cltj s the Omnhogs
Bllowcd themselves to bo whitewashed in the
first Innings , and then they came back ut
them In the second and third , and knocked
tout no less than seven runs.
That made the Corn Huskcrs tired. They
lost all Interest in the battle from that point
In the third , with Annis and Hums on the
bases , Naglo made a homo run. He did not
lilt the ball on the nose , but B < | ilaro between
the eyes , and it went whizzing out over the
left Held fence like a shot from nParrott gun.
itador started after it , ami climbed upon the
fence just in time to kiss his hand to it as it
went on , on , on , over Walnut Hill , describing
n lovely parabola in the air , as it went down
behind the distant horizon.
A farmer from Dodge county brotmht the
ball into Hnrdin's store at U o'clock last
night with the statement that It had
lighted in his orchard at precisely 15
minutes after 4 that afternoon , twenty miles
away t
This was about the only notable feature of
the game. "Chippey" McGarr , however ,
made hiu debut with the local team , and
played brilliantly , as the score proves , not
withstanding his one error. Ho will bo u
favorite before the wenlc is out.
Clarke , while hodldn't ' huvoto pitch a very
good pame , did nicely , and big Wilson con
tinued his great work both behind and at the
For the visitors the prehistoric short stop
made soirto circus stops , and Genius iiuidu
several wild , wayward breaks at the bound
ing sphere that mumps him us one of the best
men to keep away from the third bug that
there Is probably in the whole profession.
Steve Hagan umpired another 1'nuHlens
pame , his decisions all being prompt , clean
and precise. Ho Is A No. 1.
But peruse the oftlcial score :
SUMMAlll' .
Runs earned Omalm 0 , Sioux Citv 3. Two-
liases hits Nnglo 1 , Wilson 1 , PUoltin J ,
II Prantcr 1. Tlircc-baso lilt Schllukaccht.
Homo run Nturlo. Uoublo phiys McGnrr
to Crooks to Nnglo. Buses on balls Hy
lilancnaril 5 , Cluruo 2. Struck out lly
lilauchurd S. Tiiuo of KUUIO - :00. : Umpire
I n , Mllwnitkoo 1.
UKKU , July 13. [ Special Telegram
to Tiic Bii.J : Chicago took to-day'a guiuu
from Mllwuukoo through tlio inability of the
home men to hit Dwycr , whom tboy pounded
out of the box when ho Inst pitched hero.
Grlflltlis , Milwaukee's new pitcher , was hit
rntlicr hard , nml plnyoil iiltogctlicr a rnthor
chumii Knino. Uotrait is about to buy Heuglu
of the Chlcagos. The score.
Milwaukee . 0 * . "
Chicago . 0 01000000 1
Earned runs Milwnukeo 1 , Chicago 3.
Huso on balls Oft flriflltli 2 , off Uwyer 2.
Struck out Forstor , Mastroy , Uriftlth , JIuu-
liahau , HliuluiH (2) ( ) , Galliujlicr (2) ( ) , Ilooyor.
Two base hits Onllnghcr , llcu lo and
Bhocncck. Wild Ditches Grimtli 2. Time
1:40. : Umpire Brcnnan.
VcstcrJny'rt AVInuern In the National
Ijeajiiio Contests.
PiTTsnono , July 13 , Hcsult of to-day's
gaines :
( Morulng game. )
Pittsburg . 0 03010010 4
Biwton . 0 00000000 0
Pitchers Staloy for Plttsburjr , Miiijilon
forUoston. Uaso lilts Pittsburj ; 9. lioston
B , Errors Pittsburs 2 , Uostou a. Umpire
, ( Afternoon gainc.1
JJoston . 0 00000000 0
Pitchrra Galvln for Plttsburg , Rntlbourno
for Hoston , BIIRO hlt.Pitt burK 12 , Hos-
ton 1. Erroi-s 1'ittsburjj 0 , Uoaton t ) . Um
pire > Dunies. !
DUTUOIT , July 13. Result of to-day'a
pain as ;
( Morning puuo. )
Detroit . . . .0 00011001 3
Phlludolplilu. . . . ! 00010000
Pitchers Getzoin for Detroit , OuDluton
for Phlludalphiu. Uaso lilts DotK it 4 ,
Phllnaolpliln 3. Krrors Detroit 1 , Pliilailcl'
pliiu 3. Ujijilrc Kelly ,
( Afternoon guuia )
Detroit. . 0 * 2
Pliilatlu ] | > hla..O 00000000 0
Pitchers Couway for Detroit , Casey for
Philadelphia. Base lilts Detroit 4 , I'hila-
cloliililaO. Errora Detroit 0 , Philadelphia 5.
Umpire Ke lli' .
JxDiANvi' , July 13. Result of to-ilay's
pnmo :
lntllanaix > lls . 0 00000000 0
Now York . 1 0010030 * 4
Pitchers Boyle for IndianairaHs , ICecfo
for New York. Base lilts Indianapolis ,
Kcw York t > . Errors Iniliunauolls 5 , No v
YorkO. Umpire Valentino. ' '
CHICAGO , July 13. Result of to-tlay's
CUlnaso . 1 0440300 * 0
Wulilugton. ! . .000000000 0
. 'llcliers Van HolU-on" for Chicago , Shaw
Tor Washington. Base hits Chjcatro 10 ,
\VfttlilnRton 4. Krrors Chicago 4 , .Wash
ington 1. Umpire David SulUvau.
Ainci'lcnu Annsoclntlon. ,
CISCISXATI , July 13. lli'sult of to-day's
Cinclnnntl . 2 4
Cleveland . 0 0 ! J 0 0 1 0 0 0 : i
KANSAS CITV , July .13. Hcsult of to-dny's
KiiiisrtsClty.,2 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 S rt
Urooklyn . 1 4001 1 II 1 8
L.OUISVIM.I : , Julj1 18. Ilesult of to-dny's
cntiio :
Louisville . , n 0 1 4 0 U 0 2 2 14
Athletics . 2 0 0 ( i 0 2 0 0 0 1
ST. Lour * , July 13. KcMilt of to-day's
panic :
St. LoilU . 4 3 n 0 2 2 0 1 1 10
Hiiltliiiore . 0 9
I'lattnmomli it , I'ort Uinnlia H.
I'HTtsMotnii , Nob. , July 13. [ Spoclnl
Tolpgnim to Tun UIE. : ] The I'lnttsiuoiithH
and Kort Oiuulms pluyeil hero to-dai' . The
ricorc :
Plnttsmouth 7 " 1,1
Kort Oimihii . . . .0 S
lliitterics Fort Omaha , Purtoil Hros. ;
Plnttsmouth , Patterson Hros. Home runs .
Coady and T. PatturBou ,
Yostcrdny'H AVIfinorH.oii tlie
ton I'nrk Course.
Cntcuoo , July 13. At Washington park
to-day the weather was good and the attend
ance largo.
One mile Badge won , Orderly second ,
Arlsto third. Timo-1 :4tJ : : .
One and oiin-olglitli miles Daruna won ,
Kredcrlon second , \Vuterlcap buutun off.
Tiiuo 1 :57. :
One-half inllp Galen won , Princess How
ling second , Illtidoocraft third. Time t : OS.
One mile Grey Cloud won , Tudor second ,
Gurus third. Time 1 :4.K. : :
Three-quarters of a mile Prophecy won ,
Kitty H. Hccoud , Aloha third. Time 1:1 : % .
Throe-quarters of a mile Doiisiuan won ,
Lutlttc second , Lucy Johnson third. Time
At RrlKliton Uoncli.
BIIIOIITO.V LtUACii , July 13. Hcsult of to
day's racoi :
of mile Mute Relax
Three-quarters a won ,
lax second , Buss Viol third. Time 1 :17. :
Three-quarters of a mile Silver Star won ,
J. J. Healy second , Frank C. LJ. third. Time
Three-quarters of n m Ho Ford Kyle won ,
Burton second , Diihino third. Time 1 il1 ' .
Ono and one-sixteenth mill's Qulbbicr
won. Miss Charmer second , Cardinal Mc-
Closky third. Time 1 : WK. )
Ono and one-quarter miles Barnum won ,
Valet second , Grecnlleld third. Time
2.11'/ .
Sovcu-ciglitlis of a mile Valiant won ,
Cruiser second , Glcnhall third. Time 1 :2'J : f .
A Heavy Wind nml Had AVoattior In-
tcrl'crc With ilio Sport.
CHIC vao , July 13. The first day of tha
eleventh annual regatta of the Mississippi
Valley Amateur Uowiug association on Lake
Caunict to-duy was hardly a success owing
to the weather. A heavy northwest wind
created too much se.i for the light shells of
the racers. Four contosti wore carried 'out
and four shells capsized. The principal
event of the day , the Juuior singles , was
abandoned and the time made In other con
tests was unsatisfactory. The junior four-
oared shell races , one milu and u half
with turn , was won by Pullman
crew No. 2 by one length. Time
n : : ) V ; Pulltmm No. 1 st-coud In 11:41 : ;
Crescents third in 10l)7Jij. : ) The others wore
close up , the Iroquois coming in last. The
Sylvaus wore capsuud ut thcturn.
The junior double shell contest wa4 won
by the Lurllnci in lli:0'J : , Culllns second in
14:10 : , and the Dulawares last.
The race for the junior pair oars was won
by the St Louis Modocs iu 14:4 : ! ! . The Mo-
liuo Sylvans , the only other starters , cap-
sbud in milking the turn , and the Modocs
tltiished at leisure.
The llnal ovmit of the day was the pig con
test. The Sylvuns' boat Hwumpud and llllcd
on the way homeward , and the Modocs won
inl'J:00. :
The annual meeting of the Mississippi
Valley Amateur Hawing association was
hold to-night at Pullman. H. C. Avcry , of
the Farrngut club , of Chicago , was elected
president , and K. P. Brown , of Minneapolis.
secretary and treasurer.
Tlio Appellate Court Orders Mrs.
Ruwson's KelcuHo.
Ciuavoo , III. , July 13. [ Special Telegram
to Tim Bun. ] The petition of Mrs. MeeKlo
li. Rawson that she ha released on habeas
corpus proceedings from serving 'the re
mainder of the contempt sentence , was
heard before Judge Tuthill this afternoon.
Mrs. Rawson was present in court attired in
n beautiful white dotted silk dress. She
looked calm and hopeful. Her attorney ,
Seth F. Crows , presented to the court his
argument , which was based mainly on tech
nical errors in the commitment by Judge
Jnmicspn. Judge Tuthill after reading various
authorities tending to refute the argument ,
fulled to grant tlio petition , and remanded
Mrs. Hawson to jail. Nothing daunted , Mr.
Crews and Captain Black carried the matter
t j the appellate court. The four judges then
pronounced the points good and ordered Mrs.
Kawson's release on bail instantcr. Attor
ney Crown hurried over to the Jail with the
news and Mrs. Hmvson and her son were ex
ceedingly rejoiced. A number of ladies be-
louginir to the Women's Protective associa
tion came and congratulated the banker's
wife , and altogotner there was. quite a jubi
lant time in the jail. Mrs. Hawsou soon loft
the Jail with her attorney and announced
that she was going in the country for u few
Jlchl for Rnpo.
Cnmu RUMPS , Nob. , July 13. fSpncial
Telegram to TIIC Bin : . ] John David , a bach
elor , was arrested for attempt to commit
rape on a six-year-old girl in thiu place. Ho
had a uralimiaury hearing and was sent to
Jail to-day to await trial at the ne.\t term of
Tlio AtnalKaiimtcd Scatn.
, July 18. Brown & ( Jo. , pro
prietors of the Wuyno iron company , of this
city , signed the amnlgamatcd scale this morn
ing , and another llrm is expected to sign this
ultcruooii. Brown & Co. employ UUU nieu.
Drink Multo ut soda fountain.
A Voivilcr Mill Explodes.
POTTSVIT.LI : , Pa. , July 18. Lartln& Rand's
powder mill , at Crcssonu , just below this
city , exploded this afternoon. Two men were
killed and one other fatally injured.
\Vo doubt If there Is , or cnn lie , a speclflo
remedy for rheumatism ; but tlioiixruuHvlio
IIAVO nufforoil its pains havu liceu greatly bcii-
clltcd by Jlootl's Su .ipirlll : . If you liavo
failed to lliul relief , try this great icracdy.
"Ivas aniletodllli rlivunutUm twenty
years. I'icvloiis to 18831 found no relief , but
crew worse , and nt one 11 mo was almost help
less. Hood's Hannpaiilla did me more good
than nil the oilier incillcliio I ever had. "
II. T. IUI.COM , Shirley Village , Mass.
" I had rheumatism three years , and got no
relief till I took Hood's Sarsararllla. It has
done great things for me. I recommend it tether
other * . " Luris UUIIUAM : , IJlildcfonl , Me.
Hood's SarsaparlHa Is characterized !
three pccullai-ltles : 1st , the coinblnallyn of
remedial nccnts ; .M.tho jjrojmrtton ; Sil.xho
procejj cl securing the active mcdlchinl
Qualities. The result Is a medicine of unusual
strength , effecting cures hitherto unknown.
Scud lot book containing additional evidence.
"Hood's Bartanarilla tones up my system ,
puriflca my blood , shariwutmy nptiotuo. and
Bcenis to wnko me over. " J. P. TiiOMMOJf ,
Register of IJectls , Low-ell , Mass.
"Hood's Barsaparllla hcati nil others , and
Is worth tti weight In pild. " I. liummaTON ,
130 lUnkSirsei , liew Vutk City.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold .by all drugfltta. $1 j lx lor $ RMmle
culy by a I. HOOD & CO. , Lowell , MM * .
IOO DosesjOn _ Dollar.
Eloper Moore lg Rolonsocl But Im-
mcdlntoly Retvrrestod.
Ho Hopes to Worry Norton Into n
Compromise I/IM ol' the Valua
bles \Vhluli MI-H , Norton
Took Away.
In the Hand of thn Lmv.
TOI'KKA , Kan. , July 13. fSpeelarrelegram
to Tin : Her. . ] Henry \V. Moore appeared In
court this morning and after some wrangling
over technical legal points between the attor
neys ills case was continued until 2 p. in. At
that hour another adjournment to 4 o'clock
was taken the argument was made
then and after three hours talk
Judge ( Suthrlo ordered Moore released.
Ho was piomptly rcarrcsted , however ,
and lodged iu Jail despite his request to be
allowed to stop nt the hotel under guard.
New habeas corpus proceedings were at
once instituted , the writ bolng made return
able at 9 o'clock to-morrow morning.
Moore's attorneys are making every effort to
delay the proceedings and hold Moore here
as long as possible and hope
In this way to wear out Norton and get him
to consent llnally to the release of. Moore on
condition that the property Is surrendered ;
Moore said to-day : "I feel more confident
than ever to-day that they will not pet me
batik. Every delay and continuance secured
is in my favor. "
Following is a list of the funds , Jewelry
and valuable papers brought hero by Mrs.
Norton and turned over to her lawyers. The
original list is in Mrs. Norton's handwriting ,
and after each article she notes from
which bource It was received , whether
from purchase or gift from Mr. Ngrton or
other source. There is quite an assortment
of Jewelry cases , bended portemonnaies ,
pocket books and ornamental trinkets not
itemized in the list which is as follows :
Abstract of title to u lot in block
3,74J ! in St. Louis ; one promis
sory note for $5,600 , Hated August 17 ,
18S7 , due ih three years , payable to Emma S.
Norton or order nt the Bank of Commerce ,
St. Louis , with interest from maturity nt the
rate of li jier cunt per annum , signed
by Hudson B. Payne , with live
coupon notes attached for ? 1 ! .50
each ; a certlllcnto of sixty shares
of the capitol stock of the Cottrell Bill Post
ing comparty , of St. Louis , for ? r > 0 each , is
sued to Emma S. Norton September 20. 1SS7 ;
four first mortgage bonds of the St. Louis
Exposition and Music Hall association of W.
each with coupons attached ; cash $3.,000 in
national bank bills of various tionmninutions.
There are also onumcnated a number of
other shares of stock , canceled notes , insur
ance policies and miscellaneous papers with
out Btated value. The Inventory of the
Jewelry is , ono pair of diamond hoop
ear rings , ono three-stone diamond
ring , ono sapphire and diamond ring ,
ono band , emerald and diamond , ono pair of
diamond bauds , ono torquois and diamond
ring , ono rose pin with small diamond , ono
diamond sword and shield pin , one pearl and
sapphire bug breast pin , one small bird phi
with flowers , ono coral pin with
small diamonds , ono Elks pin , ono monogram
band with spangles , ono monogram bracelet
with bunglct , ono pair gold bands , ono blaclc
onyx cross , one purse containing gold , the
gift of her mother , ono pair of sapphire and
diamond oar rings , ono chatelaine watch , ono
holltaire diamond ring , one pair pearl ear
_ _
S < ; nnto ,
WASIIIXOTOX , July 111. Tvlr. Dolph pre
sented the remonstrance of a largo number
of wool manufacturers and wool dealers
against the legislation proposed in the Mills
bill. Hofcrrcd.
The senate went into executive session and
Mr. Dolph spoke at some length in opposition
to the treaty. When it came to pass that
the most important acts of the highest legis
lative body in the country , wore controlled
by fear of a foreign war or threats of execu
tive proceedings that would involve the
country in Unaiioial distress , then republican
institutions were indeed in danger , but the
danger was from within , not without. Mr.
Dolph did not court war with Great Britain ,
nor she with us , and lie was not alarmed nt
the prospect. The nation could emerge from
n costly and sanguinary war with its honor
untarnished , Its love of liberty intensified ,
and its foundation of prosperity strength
ened ; but when it yielded to unjust demands
it Jot its own self-respect and the respect of
other nations. The sonata then adjourned
until Monday.
WASIIIXOTOX , July 13. Mr. Blount sub
mitted a conference report on the postofilco
appropriation bill. An agreement has been
arrived at on all the amendments except the
"biibsldy" amendment. The rate of postage
on seeds , plants , bulbs , roots and scions has
been fixed at 1 cent for each two ounces or
f motion thereof. The report was agreed to.
Mr. Binghain of Pennsylvania moved to
concur hi the senate "subsidy" amendment ,
with an amendment reducing the appropria
tion from $ SOO,000 to S450X)0 ( ) , and authoriz
ing the jwstmaster general to increase the
mail facilities not only between the United
States uud Central and South America and
the West Indies , but betwoan tlu United
States and China , Japan , the Sandwich
Islands and Australia , and providing that
American ships carrying mail Hlmll'bouilowojd
four times the rule , ot compensation they
now receive. A long ilubato ensued , and
without action the house took a recess until
& o'clock.
The house at the evening session passed
twenty-four private pnnsioii bills , including
ono granting a pension to "MurUAPee - Wall-
Ken-Gnu , " or ' 'John , " and at 10:30 : ad
Tim KiiKlUh I.ovd Forced to Sell His
Illinois JCritntos.
SpitixancLii , 111. , July 13. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Bun. ] It is learned
hero that Landlord Scully , whoo
raclt-rcntiug proclivities have made
him notorious on two continents ,
is quietly arranging to sell all hU Illinois
"estates , " comprising nearly forty thousand
acres of the finest farming lands in the
state. Ho has been impelled to do this by
the passage last yeavby the legislature of
mi alien land bill , ordering all alien holders
either to qualify as citizens and bonaildo
residents or got out before six years from
the passage of the act. The history otLand-
lord Scully's nick-renting in Illinois , Ne
braska and cUoxrhero whcrn ho has lands Is
too well known to need repetition. It is to
bo hoped that the legislatures of these other
states will force ; him out.
Another Night of liurtUhip Along ; the
JMonongalicla Hivcr.
Pm nt'no. July 13. The Allegheny and
Monongahelu valley * wcro visited by another
heavy rain last night and the rivorcaro again
rising at the headwaters. This has caused
some apprehensions , but old river men do
not anticipate another flood , It is now clear
and very cool. The mercury dropped twen
ty-four degrees In n few hours. Last night
was tlio hardest of all on the
150 families who baa to move out of their
suimtj- boats , 'iholr floating homes wcro in
bud sha | > o when the river fell yesterday and
not lit for occupancy. Then the weather
suddenly grow quite cool and rain soaked the
bed clothes and other goods piled up along
the river banks. Many of the women and
children wore cared for by neighbors , and
the moil built tires and passed the night on
the wet ground as best they could.
Nebraska Postal Ohnnge * .
WABIIIXOIOX , July 13. [ Special Telegram
to TnE'BKis. ] The following Nebraska
ofiices will be discontluuoil. , from July 31 :
Amity , Merrlck county ; Chicago , Antelope
comity ; Leo Park , Valley county ; and Mer-
riclr , Mcrrick county.
A lti3aiAKKAni < l3 THIEF.
flow Slic Wns AucldcMitnlly Captured
Ily the ClilcnKo Pol lew.
CHICAGO , 111' , Jtly 13. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BKI : . ] A most remarkable discovery
of n much fonecl and shrewd thief was
made by the pcftiro this evening. Yesterday
afternoon n rifofrScngcr boy standing nt the
corner of Adams , and La Sallo streets was
mysteriously shotSii the [ eg. ' 1'ho pollcenian
on the crossing locked about In ainn/emciit
to see where ) ( the shot cnino from ,
when suddenly , \ \ \voll dressed middle-
aged woman tglviug her nnmo as Mrs.
Jcntilo Crane , WhW had been standing near
the boy , waiting fdr a street car , exclaimed
that she had unwittingly ilono the shooting.
Her husband's revolver wan In her satchel
and In putting herj hand In for her pocket
book the weapoinvas accidentally discharged
She was locked up at the central station and
her husband sent for , but ho did not come.
A lawyer named McNulty came , however ,
mid tried to get her ball but failed. It de
veloped that ho was near the woman when
the shot was fired and that he had been for
some time In the habit of calling on
her nt her hbmc. Nothing could bo learned
from the husband who appealed to bo very
Indifferent , but from neighbors enough was
learned to iniiko the police bollevo there was
something wrong between Mrs. Crane and
McNulty and that in all probability the re
volver was discharged intentionally. Neither
of the Interested parties would talk on any
subject but the "accidental explosion" theory
and Mr * . Crane remained hi the station all
night and to-day.
The singular portion of the story devel
oped to-nlcht when It was announced that
the police had accidentally discovered that
Mrs. Cruno is no other than the celebrated
and mysterious "pock-marked woman"who ,
in the disguise of a domestic , hired out to
ilo/ens of families during the past six
months , remaining in each place
but n single day and always de
camping with n iiuanttty of valuables.
The police strained every nerve for six
months to discover this woman but not the
slightest trace of her could bofoundaltbough
while the detectives wcro looking up one ot
her ro ) > bories , anothorono would lo ) reported.
They had llnally about given the matter up
in despair. To-day , while a police captain ,
was talking to Mrs. Orane about her case , it
struck him that her discrlption tallied closely
with that of the famous "pock-marked
woman. " Saying nothing of his suspicions ho
quietly sent Jor several of the
latest of her victims and when they
were brought in , the woman was
Identified beyond a doubt in a moment. She
broke down completely at once and con
fessed that she was tho'thief. ' Search of her
residence this evening resulted in the re
covery of hundreds of dollars worth of
Jewelry , silverware and all kinds of valuable
articles. The police are greatly clirtcd and
regard it as the greatest catch of the1 your.
The mystery of the shooting of yesterday ,
however , still remains unsolved.
Yesterday's I'l-ot-'fledliujs In the Dia-
trlot Court.
The case of Nolllo Hcnahan against Michael
ncnahan , on an 'Application for n divorce ,
was heard Thursday afternoon before Judge
Doano and passqil , . on yesterday and the
decree refused. 'Jlho plaintiff and defendant
were married in this city the lOtli of August
and lived togothcfTonly about three months ,
when Nellie left pen' country homo at Elkhorn -
horn station and ; /moved to South Ouuiha ,
whore she opcneit boarding house. The
grounds upon whfull'sho ' asked for a divorce
wore that Michael ' , \vouid talk loud ubout the
house and would' ; vhiiii the doors and was
not at all careful in hi ? manners. lie Is a
well to do farmer near EHchorii station and
his wife , who had lifted for some tlmo at the
Cozzens house in ( bis city , could not cnduro
his noise. Many of. their neighbors were
present as witiiDsiics. The court hold that
the charges against illeiiuliaii wcro not suf
ficient upon which to grant a dccice.
The motion to strike from the flies
the amendment to the original petition
In the Hobinson-Jones case which
was set for hearing Thursday wns
taken up yesterday. The ruse is
nno that is well known in the courts ,
and has been mentioned in detail in
the press. Jones entered the land in Coun
cil Bluffs where the Union Puniliu Transfer
dcpdt now stands , on a wan-ant owned by
Hobinson and held in trust by Jones. Jones
llnally sold the land to the Union Pacific ; , and
invested the money in land In this city. The
investment proved to bo a good one , and the
property is now worth about 250,000. Rob-
iiibon , who lias been in California about
thirty years , sued to recover the property ,
and at the opening of this term the
court decided the case in his favor.
and the court gave Robinson's attor
ney's the privilege of amending their
petition so as to conform to the evidence de
veloped in the case. Jonos' attorneys lilcd a
motion to Iiavo the amendment stricken
from the tiles on the ground that it la more
than an amendment , and Includes some facts
that are not touched in the original petition.
The argument of the motion Is now in pro
Jennie It. Wray began suit against Rosalie
Brash , Otto Lobeck and John Gallagher for
the foreclosure of mortgages given to secure
the payment of n number of promissory
notes , amounting In all to Sl.V , > 0.
rin : nitiixii : IAWSOXCCII > INT. :
John Hurley began suitac-ainst Hopkins &
Scully , the contractors on the Council Bluffo
and Omaha bridge's bridge across
the river , asking $ ll'.i ! ! ) damages for Doing
locked in the lower chamber of the caisson
for about eleven hours. Tiio petition sots
forth , lifter giving 11 detailed description of
the caisson , Unit the lower door of the caisson
is forty-six feet bulow the surface of the
water , and that paid door was iniprocrly |
miido and loosely hung to the shaft and
would wubblound slide when being opened :
that numerous Hhatt rivets project inward
near the said door upon which the door"
caught and thus caused the accident ; that
about six loot of concrete was dropped upon
the door , and that , on this account , the door
could not bo opened , and that he , ( Hurley ) ,
together with Dowdy and Brady , two other
employe * , were locked in for eleven hours
under u pressure of air of forty pounds to
the square inch ; that the defendants knew
Of the nir-chauibcr in dangerous
tlio door - wa * a
gerous condition , and that plain
tiff , owing to his confinement ,
was unconscious for nine hours
and lias not bnen able to work since , and has
besides been damaged for Ufa.
The case will probably not bo heard before
next term of court ,
William A. Loach slius Ncllio McNamura
to enforce u note for SJO ) secured by mort
sunns nivoiin : .
Lydia Gllnes sue * for a divorce from her
husband , William Mij for cruelty , lack of
support and desertion ! There are no children.
Corn-Hand Abr.uns sues W. E. McCloud ,
L'jo Love and Samuel Coffman for
es.U3.SI7. The petition alleges that V. N.
Wheeler mortgaged 100 head of cattle to
McCloud. Love & CM. for * 2,4lK ) . Ho also
mortgaged eighty-oifo other onttlo to the
sumo linn for iSJU3 1.74. Altorward plaintiff
bought VJI of the ISU'euttlo of Wheeler ut
Ponder for SlJO fiublpct to the two mort
gages.Tl'ho plaintiff , alleges that the 181
head of cattle woru vorth $13,64 Ml at the
time. Subsequently. ! the defendants took
lifty-sevon of tliocatll" and Hold thorn for
mid Int4jc they ulo hold the
thorn and converted the proceeds to
their own use , knowing ? ut the
time of Abram's Interest in them. The
plaintiff alleges that the said I'M cattle were
worth 33.5SO 30 ut the tlmo of their tioUuro ,
ami ho claims Unit his , interest in thorn was
fs , 112.37 , for which Uo nifls.
* _ _
* " Afc
Judge Shields allowed the Oinnha Oil &
Paint company n judgment against Charles
Kuhtinan for ? 97.07 for mutorlal furnished.
The ease of Elliott & Ish asjainsfc the city
Cf South Omaha for f20D as a retainers'
foe in the cusn of the city of South
Oinnha against Police Judge Routhcr for
nml lulministratlon of Justice , WIM brought
before Judge Shield * . I'lio plaintiffs were
In the case ofUIow and others ugaliut
jTho Burlington takes the load.
It was in advance of all lines in developing Nebraska.
It was in advance of all lines in establishing dining-car
service between Missouri river points and Chicago.
It was in advance of nil lines in giving the people of
Omaha and the West a fast mail service.
It was in advance of all lines in running its trains from
the East into Omaha prop3r.
It was in advance of all lines in reducing the time of
passenger trains between Omaha and Chicago.
It was in advance , and is the only line by which you can
feave Omaha in the morning and arrive in Denver the
evening of the same day.
It has been progressive in the past.
It will lead in the future.
Travel and ship via the Burlington.
Ticket Office , 1223 Farnam Street. Telephone 250.
Depot on Tenth Street.
and others , Judgment was given
igainst the defendant by default for 7-1.Oii
due on a foreign Judgment.
William Albert Smith was appointed ad
ministrator of tlio estate of Joseph II. Smith ,
Christina Colbert was appointed adminis-
iratrix of tlio estate of Nicholas Colbert , de
ceased. _
Organization on thr Qnlot or a New
Dcmouratic Olnb Imst Ni ht.
Thirty democrats gathered in two of the
larlors of the Millard last night to perfect
; ho organization of a new democratic club.
Among thorn were none of the wheel horses
of the party. In fact they scorned to be an
entirelv now aggregation , what might bo
styled in political parlance the silk stocking
clement of the party They hud gathered on
icrsonal invitation.
Ernst Uiall presided. Will Wakcly acted
ns secretary. Gdorgo Bertram , from the
committee on constitution appointed at the meeting , reported a preamble setting
forth the advisability of citizens talcing part
in public affairs and the necessity for tlio
welfare of the country that the democratic
> arty should be in power. This was followed
jy the following principles :
The largest liberty of the individual con
sistent with public order ; local self-govorn-
npiit ; opposition to centralization ; separate
ndepcndenco of the legislative , executive
and Judicial departments ; recognition of the
supreme court of the United States as the
irnper tribunal of all constitutional qtics-
: ions : strict maintenance of the public faith ;
ipposition to enforced contributions for po
ll ical purposes ; tariff for revenue at as early
i practical period us possible with duo re-
jurtl to existing invested interests and needs
of the government and reduction of the sur
plus , in the treasury in conformity with the
president's message to congress.
Tlio club was named the Omaha Demo
cratic club. It was stated that 150 demo
crats had announced their intention of Join
ing the association , and that that number
would bo greatly increased. The initiation
Tec was placed at S3 , the monthly dues ut SI.
The following ofilcers were elected unani
mously : President , Arthur Wakoly ; lirst
vice president , Frank Irvine ; second , John
C. Uruxol ; third , Nat Hrigham ; fourth ,
Samuel llces ; llfth , W. H. Crary ; sixth ,
Tcsso Lowe ; recording secretary , Will
Wakoly ; corresponding secretary , tico. tter-
; ram ; treasurer , P. Lang. These constitute
: \\n \ executive committee. The committee on
uill was given further time. Adjourned till
the call of the president.
"Why haven't you people Joined the Samo-
BotclubJ" asked Tun IJur. man alter the
"Oh , " was the answer , "there's room for
two clubs In Omaha an Irving and Tam
many hall , you know. "
The uninvited appearance of Tin ; Hin :
man , as also that of another Journalist , was
a surprise to a couple of the managers of
the affair , who had intended a star-chamber
meeting. Their efforts to consign the news-
niper men to a place beyond the threshold
ivcro most emphatically destroyed by their
ittendance. _
Hotli Iiavo Jloon Iiutnlcoil This Week
l > y Catholic 1'astorH.
The retreat of the Catholic clergymen of
, lie dioceses of Omaha and Lincoln came to a
close yesterday. It has been In progress
since last , Monday und attended by about
lialf the clergymen in each diocese , the
others remained at homo to attend to pas
toral duties. It was conducted by licv.
F. Glcason , S. J. The exorcises were held
in the Collegiate church of St. John , while
the clergymen roomed in the college.
Tlio names of the clergymen in attendance
were :
Uioeesp of Lincoln Hov. C. M. Hrown ,
Cedar HlulTs ; Kov. W. Murphy , Lincoln ;
Hev. C. J. Freeman , South Auburn ; Uov. H.
Kuppcnbender , St. Stephens ; Hcv. M. M.
Morkul , Fairbury ; Hev. T. I. Carney , Platts-
nioutli ; Hev. J. Lawless , Orleans ; Hov. W.
Crowe , Friend ; Hev. T. Corcoran. Graf ton ;
Hev. J. T. Leo , York ; Kov. .1. E. English ,
Hastings ; Hev W. McDonald , Dawson ; Hov.
M. A. Kennedy. Lincoln ; Hcv. A. Haush ,
Wymoro : Hev. J. Crowley , Tecumseh ; Hev.
H. Hex , David City ; Hev. E. Hartig , O. S.
H. , Nebraska City : Hev. L. A. Dumphy ,
Lincoln ; Hev. L. S. Arjiin , Campbell : Hov.
N. Stalls , Bellwood ; Hev. T. Cullcn , Mo-
Cook ; Hcv. J. Ilovorka , Able.
Diocese of Omaha Hov. P. Hrophy , Chad-
rou ; Hev. .1. Harry , Lyons ; Hev. J. DPVOS ,
Spauldine ; Hcv. J. Flood , Omaha ; Hev. P.
Lynch. AVood Hlver ; Hev. J. T. Smith , Hub-
bard : Hev. M. Waldron , West Point ; Hov.
F. Wlilnjr. How Valley ; Hov. W. Kelly , Hev.
P. V. McCarthy , Hov. A. M. Colancri , Hov.
J. Jcnnctto , Hev. .1. Uaxacher , HeV. J. Kr-
nester , Omaha ; Hov. E. Henry , Central City ;
Hov. D. W. Moriarty , South Omaha ; Hov. J.
Mtillnr , St. Libory ; Hcv. C. Mugan , O'Ncil ;
Kev. P. O'Hoilly , Jackson : Hev. J. M. Hynn ,
Columbus ; Hev. J. Hucsing , West Point ;
Hov. F. Lichlcitner , Norfolk ; Kov. J. B.
Fitzgerald , Fremont.
Flis Resignation Accepted.
WASIIIXOTOX , July 1 ! ! . The president has
accepted the resignation of Hon. George V.
N. Lothrop , United States minister to Rus
sia , to take effect August 1. Lothrop is not
in good health.
If you buy
without getting
Iloaprliind s prices
you will lese nioiioy.
Pell in litn-o AVitli Knglr-Hyc.
Paris Dispatch to London Telegraph :
The tulle of Paris just now is a ro-
inaueo in real lifo , of which tlio lioroino
is u young Englishwoman nnd the hero
no less a person than Kn le-Kyo , 0110 of
of the braves of Mexican .Too. Joe and
his redskins hnvo conic over to the bip
annual fair of Ncuilly , out&irto Paris
where Ihoy ( hilly ami nightly umayo
and anuiso Parisans by tlioir diabolical
yells , tlioir hoi-bcmunBhin niicl thoii1
prair-io pr.'uiks jjonorally. It appours
that during ono of the representations
given by the troup in England a
young ludy who was prohont
became enamored of Kiglo-Kye. :
She shortly afterward ( appeared
from her homo , and hop parents learned
on inquiry that she had gene away to
Franco with the Indian troupo. A do-
tootivo wns sent to Paris , nml he , : ie-
eoniimniod by the cominlsinry of police
the Ncuilly district , went to tlio camp
of the rod skins at the Porte-Maillot ,
where the yotnig lady wns dUcovorcd in
the tout of 'Knglo liye. M. Martin , tin )
commissary , and the English dutcctivo
had much trouble with the savage , who
asumod u thrciitouing aspect , iind would
have shown light but for the interven
tion of Mexican Jou him&elf. Kaglo Kyo
was almost foaming at the mouth , and
Ihrciuonoil to kill the commissary if lie
led the young lady away. The detec
tive , however , taking advantage of the
general contusion , quickly suizod the
girl in his arms , ran with her to a ve
hicle , and \\iis speedily driven oil , leav
ing JW. Martin to deal with the redskin
ua bf.-bt he could.
CITCS a llavishlng
ly Fair Skin.
U ( nttnntlynpplij
no Detection.
Tn the realm ot dl en i ( ho faoti of In.
borlt.inoo nro mo < t nurnurous nuil are tlnu r
accumulating. Here , ulna , thry become ttS
rlblff , fateful end orrrwhclmltifr. No fact ot
nnturo U inoro proRiiant vrjtli nwftil incnn.
IUR than tlio fact of the liihorltnnce ot
dNcnso , It merit tlio fihjilclan on his Onllr
round * . rmrnlrzltiR liii nrt anil filling him
with illsnmy. Th togpmt of the nnclcul
GiiTkl picture * the Furli't as pursuing
families from goncrallon to Kcncrntlon ,
rcnlorlng thum desolate. Tlio 1'iirlo.i ellll
ply tliclr worUof tenor and death , hut Iliojr
ro not nnnrcj'ilhcil In the garb of supontt-
tlon , but npprar In the more Intelligible but
no K' 3 nwful form of hereditary dlscnto.
Modern nclenca , wliloh hai Illuminated so
many dark corners of nature , hni Bhed
now light on the ominous words of th *
Eu'rlpturos , "Tho nlni of the fntli ra fli ! l b *
vl < lted upon the children unto the third and
fourth ecncrntlon. " Initanros of hereditary
dlicuso abound. 1'lfty | > cr cent , of canes ot
consumption , that fearful destroyer of farnl-
lief , of cancer and scrofula , run In families
through Inheritance. Insanity U hereditary
In nlnnrked degree , but , fortunately , Ilka
miMiy other hereditary dlscows , tends to
wear Itself out , the stock bcvomlnj extinct.
A distinguished oclcntlst truly skyst "No
organ or texture of the body Is exempt from
the chnnco of being the subject of hereditary
disease. " Piobably more chronlo djscaitra ,
which permanently modify the structure
and funrtlomt of the body , are moroor l c >
lUblo to lie Inherited. The Important and
far raachltKC pf' ' " ' " < 'at deductions from such
fact * nffrotloK so powerfully the Impiilncsi
of Individuals and families and tha oolleetli a
welfare of the nation are obvious to rodeo-
ting mind * , end the belt means for prevent
ing or curing these dltcaics Is a subject of
Intensa Intortrft to all. rortmmloty nature
Lai provided a remedy" , Trhlcti experience
has attested ni Infallible * , and the rTmedylf
the world famous fiwlft's Spcelilc , a pur *
vrgctablo comixjund nature's antidote for
all Wood ] Hil ntn. To the n diluted It Is
blessing of Inestimable vultiu. All Interest *
Ing treatise on "Illood and Bklu Diseases"
Will be oir.lled free by addrimtng
TIJC SOTFT hrecrric Co. ,
Drawer S. Atlanta , da ,
( UKctP 1 : of Ilio llnoft Hnvor.A
lpvcrnKH ) for ftronc nppptlto : n dpllcutu
drink for llin Mmslttvo. Tliornnulily tc > hl il ; nit-
tiltlous , jmlntiibli' : uni'xi'elk'd ' In purity : un
unpleasant utter eirocts. Hcqulrrn no boiling ,
yoi.n HV
"The Overland St < mc. "
Una so niTiiiitfcd its Fiunily Sleoplii
l/'nr i.orvico , tlittt berths can now bo ro
Borvetl upon npplicntlon by any ticket
iifjentto M. J. Oroovyl'n sonjor Ajjont ,
I'ouneil UhilTs , Iowa. The ronorviitiniis
vviion in ado nro tiirnod over to tlio train
conductors taking out suoh cars , so that
passenpors can now sociiro berths or
dered , the hiuno as a I'ullmun berth is
rcsorvcd and socured.
J. S. TKltllltTU , 13. li. IjOAIAX.
Uou.1 * . &T. Agent. . \S3'tO. I'&T.
0.11 A HA. NKH.
ron nr.STiioviNO
Bed Bugs , Koachss , Anta , Flaa :
.vutl uny other iuncctH , u o
M. o
Infallible Insect Powder.
Alsotuiltrarts tuk"ii fur clean-
Inn hotels. lio.vsltiilftmul prlv.ito rv lilrncuaticiiu
vcrinlii. Hallftiiclldii Kimrunu-Hil or no puy.
1'tluclpal Dciutt11'lBtmth ' I'ttli Hlr i't.
Thai HappyDaring , !
t untl glatlncm to the homo. In so
notiiletuly bociv\wo U iuts enough to vat , but
because It hui tliu right klutl. It 1 fed ou
None C'nilneltliout ! NVooutiuii.L'o. . Uble no.
rnn liril nill V Anulcjc. pennBnontcuro
r-riH MFN llfJI I 'or Uut tit falllnB
lUn 1111.11 UHLIt
manliiwl. ,
weaknru , uimntural looui. lock or ptrenuth ,
vluor or Jovoloj > m nt , cuuncil by Indiscretion.
xc e . to. YalmilJi - > ( " ! ifuM ) free.
Bttto & Monroe 8t . CHICAQO ,