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. The thermometer ranged from 83 to
85 ut 11 o'clock Inst night.
The Interim ! revenue collections yes
terday amounted to $7,204.29.
Mrs. Charles \V. Bergdorf died at
JJouvcr on July 4. Her husband will bo
iccnllcd hy many Omniums as tlio
"bridge superintendent of the Union Pa-
cillc when the family lived in this city.
The cases of Her ot nl. , who sold beer
on the fnlr grounds during the Into
races , have had another continuanoo ,
this tinio until the Mth at 2 p. in. , whun
the arguments of the opposing attor
neys will bo heard.
A runaway team attached to a light
wngori turned Into Thirteenth street
from Vinton , nnd had the thoroughfare
to themselves the full length of the
Htreot south of the bridge. Where they
AUTO pulled up could not bo learned.
There will bo a HUMS mooting of the
grocery clerks at ! 1 o'clock to-day at G ,
A. II. hall for the purpose of forming ti
strong organisation for the improve
ment of their condition and to persuade
employers to itbuist them in shortening
tholr hours.
Charles NVohrcr , to whom reference
was made In last night's HUM. asserts
the statements tnado by his brother's
wife , nro false. Ho alleges Mrs. Wehrer
1 Miliject to Ills of temporary derange
ment , and that her husband furnishes
her with money as liberally us his
means will permit.
Two men on bronchos started nftor u
runaway team on South Thirteenth
blri'ijt hist evening. Opposite the Bar
ker hoiiho both their ponies slipped and
loll while going at a lively pace. One
of the bronchos rolled over Us rider ,
Imt nftor rubbing their bones a. minute ,
both men rode oil , apparently unhurt.
Olio of the ponies was badly cut about
the mouth ,
Personal Paragraphs.
Mr. G.V. . Wlrt , or York , is at the Windsor
Mr. Oeorgo W. Socvcrs , of Cheyenne , is
in tincity. .
Mr. .1. I ) . Kynn , of Standing Uock Agency ,
is ut the Windsor.
Stute Senator , L. W. Colby , of Beatrice ,
was in the city ycatcrdaj.
Comity Clerk Kouch is back in tlio city ,
having cut short Ills vacation.
Mr. W. I' . Bui-mini , of Vogelenzang , Hoi-
l.uul , was at the Millard yesterday.
Patrick Egan nnd John W. Hollinan of
Lincoln , wore in the city yesterday.
Mr. A. W. Atwooil , of Fremont , and Frank
ClmfTec , of Lincoln , were in the city yestcr-
Kd. Fcnton , James A. Swope , L. E. Will-
lams and Albert Helnshcimor , all of Glcu-
v.'ooil , In. , nro itt.tho Millard.
t Joseph Garncau lias declined to servo as
| president of tlio Palace of 1'rodnets company ,
his business engrossing his time.
The Ilov. II. II. Morse will preach in the
St. Mary's aVcnlio Congregational church
this morning anil evening at 10:30 a. in. No
evening service will ho held.
General Manager S. S. H. Clark , of the
Missouri Pacillis Ims returned to St. Louis
nttor a three-day sojourn in Omaha. Ho said
lie wanted to go to St. Louis to jct out of
the heat. Ho was accompanied by his wifo. ;
Colonel Chase returned yesterday from
Champion , Chase county , HSU miles west
from here , where ho spoke spoke on the
Fourth. Ho reports crops remarkably good ,
and that the heat ho saw wcro in Perkins
nnd Chase counties.
Mr. H. J. Fritts , of Boyd's opera house ,
nnd Mr. Tom J. Hutcson , of Philadelphia ,
leave to-morrow for a six weeks' pilgrimage
through the west. They will touch at Salt
lake , Yellowstone park , Portland , Frisco ,
Tucson and Denver.
A Watch Thier.
Jack Seals , a negro , was arrested yester
day , charged witn stealing a watch froai
another negro named Peter Reed. Tlio stolen
lon property was found on his person. Ho
was tried , convicted and given thirty days in
the county Jail , ten on bread and water.
Licensed to Wed.
Judge Shields issued the following mar-
riugo licenses yesterday :
Nnmo and HcHidcnco. Age.
( Dick Dickinson , Omaha. . . . . -5
| Christiana Olcsoa , Ouiuha "I
f Gust Olson , Omaha 2. >
| Thola Laison , Omaha -I
A Volunteer lioso Company.
The citizens of North Ouiuha held a meet
ing last night to organbo a v olunteer hose
company. J. J. Knight was chairman and
HatMcClnrran secretary John W. Mc
Donald was chobon flrumun. Messrs. Joseph
Ht'ilmuii , James J. Hi own , Edwin L. Krlling ,
Milford James and C. D. Cannon weio
appointed a com mil too on llnanco. The com-
tuny was mimed after Edwin Sherwood.
Bellamy Has HlH Wllo Jailed.
Frank Uollauiy , the colored man who came
oo near murdering Officer Bruce a few
months ago , got into trouble again last oven-
ing. His wife discovered him criminally in
timate with another woman and wont for
him in Into feminine style , pulling his
woolly locks nnd biting and scratching him.
Jlollamy called the police anil had her taken
to the central imlico station. The poor
woman , who is soon to become a mother ,
was f lightened almost to distraction at being
put into a dark cell.
Suildcm Dentil.
E. P. Htissell , who roomed ut 317 North
Sixteenth street , dled _ very suddenly about
il o'clock hist evening from alcoholism. Ho
was found by Dr. .f Kelso at b o'clock
standing up In the comer of Ins room with
Ins wh ole body in n tremor. The doctor
saw that ho was in n dungcrous condition
nnd did what he could for him. Hut ilojpito
nil olTort.s Kussoll died in an hour. He hus
been drinking excessively of Into nnd this
v.'itli the hot weather is thought to bo the
cause of his death. A coroner's Inquest was
hold nnd a verdict rendered in nccord with
the causes glvon above. Hussell was with
out money and leaves a family in destitute
circumstances in Ottawa , Kan.
Those Presidential Portraits.
TUB HUB acknowledges the receipt from
Dickinson & Horne , sign painters , of n mam
moth oil pnlnting of Harrison and Morton ,
the republican nominees for president and
vice president , The canvas is 7xll ! foot nnd
the portraits , which nro several times lit'o
sire , arc most artistically executed. Huth
nro faithful portraits nnd nro pronounced
the bestyot produced by persons who per
BOimlly know the candldntcs. The work was
executed by George Horne , who is a young
limn of rnro artistic lastu , and who , it hu
would contlno his nttoution to art alonu ,
would win u reputation for lilmsolf. The
pictures uro on exhibition at Tim Hue otllco
nnd will probably uo good sen-lev la the
Anotliof llailroncl Scrap.
A party of railroad men drove L. F. John-
eon , n 13. & M. special , from a South Tenth
Btiect restaurant , across the tracks to the
Burlington depot about 10 o'clock last night.
Ono of them struck John ton under the eat
cither with his list or u club , and another
throw a shower of stones , ono of these
bounded and struck Officer Byrnes In the
leg , ami he Jlrod a shot nt the thrower. The
assaulting party then turned tail , nnd u pass
Inrf trula cut elf tlio officer from pursuing ,
Ono of tlio fugitives clutched the draw bui
on the pilot of the pulsing locomotive nnd
vaulted noroas the track. It was u daring
thing to do. Johnson had left his revolve )
ot the depot while gene for his lunch. Ho la
not hurt.
The Templeton Company in Sacrtsil
Concert To-nlitlit.
A sacred concert will bo given by the Tern
jik'ton opera company nt the Grand open
liouso this evening , The progrummu wll
.conslbt of the "Mikado , " perhaps the taosi
popular of modern comic operas. It will IK
put 011 with the full btronjihof the company
Considering the weather the attondunco ui
tlio Grand during the wcok past has bcei
lurpe , and the fuel that the belter pooj'lo 01
the city huvo patronized the summer opera t
Brattfylug. The tame company plays duriui
the bulanco of the week. '
Maroons Ohaao Lonthor in a Hot
and Scorching Sun.
St. Pnul Shut * the Prohlnltlonlstq Out
Sioux City Cnpttu-es n fJninc In
, the Hrowcrjr Town II n
Score ICxnclly Similar.
Omahn 1-1 , ChtcnRO I ) .
Yesterday was a great day for the Omnhas ,
because they won. And they woto It for
Keeps nnd by hard slugging. When the
Omalm team wins n game they win It bad ,
nnd tno way they kept Sam Morton's ma
roons chnslng leather yesterday afternoon
was a caution. Nineteen hits , four of which
were triples and two doubles , constituted
the slugging for the Omahans. Chlcngo hit
ustallttlo and piled up thirteen safe raps ,
with a total of nineteen bases. The homo
team played very well , only seven errors
being made. .Too Miller Is credited with four
of theso. While Joseph played n very pretty
game , at times ho couldn't stop a clock.
Burns made nn clegr.nt running catch of
Hholm's long lly to left centre , nnd Shannon
daubed glory on himself n foot thick by his
stop of Hengle's tropical liner. To detail
tow the runs wcro tnado would require a
supplement , BO hero is the ofilclnl score :
AH. II. 111. 311. I'D. A. K.
Cooncy , rf
Crooks , 2b 5 3 4 1 2 1 1
Shannon , ss
Burns , If
Magle , Ib
Miller , 3b
Wilson , c
Clarke , p j > Jl _ 2 _ 0 j ) JA o
Totals 45 14 10 4 27 115 7
All. II. 111. VII. I'O. A. K.
Long , If
Haurahan , ss 5 0 1 0 0 3 1
Bcnglo , 2b
Schoeneck , Ib. . . . 5 1 3 0 15 1 0
MacCaulcy , o
Ithocms. rf
Dwycr , p 4 1 1 0 0 0 0
Totals 43 "fl 13 2 27 14 2
Omaha 0 1 3 ( i 0 2 2 0 0 14
Chicago 1 0
Hun * earned Omaha 3 , Chicago 2. Bases
on balls By Clark 1. Dwyer 1. Hit by
pitcher Dwycr. Struck out By Clarke 2 ,
Dwyer 1. Lelt on bases Omalia 5 , Chicago
0. Two base hits Cooney 1 , Muller 1 , Long
1 , Schoeneck 1 , Morianty 1. Three base
hits Crooks 1 , Shannon 2 , Clark 1 , Moriar-
ity 1. Double plays Shannon to Naglo to
Wilson , Hnnnahan to Hengle to Schoeneck.
Pussed balls Wilson 1. Wild pitches-
Clark 1 , Dwycr 1. Time 2 hours. Um
pire Hogan.
St. Paul 1 , Dc4 Mninca O.
ST. PAUL , July 7. [ Special Telegram to
Tun BIB. : ] To-day's game between St. Paul
and DCS Molnes was ono of the llnest exhibi
tions of strategic pitching and supotb ball
playing that has been seen in this city this
season. Both pitchers were at their best ,
and tlio support accorded each was all that
could be asked for. The solitary run of the
gumo was scored in the first inning on a base
on balls to Carroll , "who stole second nnd
third and came home on Sago's wild throw to
catch him ut third. Ho would have reached
the plate in spite of the error , however , as
Morrissey followed with u base hit. In the
eighth St. Paul made three singles , but failed
to score , Dtiryca being hit by the ball from
Earle's bat while going to second , and the
side was retired , with second and third occu
pied. In the ninth , after two men were out ,
Quinn hit to center for three bases , but was
caught off third by Keilly , who , when the
ball was returned from the field , walked to
the pitcher's box and apparently handed the
hall to Duryca. Duryca resumed his position
in the box and Quinn stepped off the base.
Keilly , who had the ball under his arm ,
quickly touched him out , and the game was
ended. The score :
bl. I'AVI. .
AH. n r. A. i : .
Carroll , rf .
Earle , c .
Morrissey , Ib .
Keilly , Ul > .
Vouch , If . ' . .
Murphy , cf. . 4 0 3 1 n
Shafer , 2b .
Pickott , ss .
Duryea , p . 3 1 0 It 0
Totals . . 31) ) 5 27 21 0
AU. ii. i1. A. n.
Truniey , cf .
Quinn , lib .
Stearns , Ib .
Shafer , rf .
Merion , bi .
Alvord.Ub .
VnnDyke , If . 3
Sago , c .
Smith , p .
Totals . 2S 4 25 * 15 1
i * ) Carrollout for interfering with ball ;
Dui\\etx out , hit with batted ball ,
scout nv iKXisos.
St. Paul 1 00000000-1
DCS Molnes 0 00000000-0
Double plnys Shaefer and Stearns. Basra
on balls Carroll , Veach < 2 > , Smith. Hit by
pitchers Can oil. Tin ce-baso hits Earle ana
Quinn. Struck out By DurjeaO , by Smith t. .
Passed balls ICarlo 1 , Suyo 1. Bases stolen
Bv Carroll 3 , MnrrMioy 1. Left on buses
St. Paul 0 , DCS Moinci 2. Time 1:10.
Sioux City 1 , Milwaukee O.
MiMVAi'KEE , July 7. [ Spro'al Telegram to
TUB BKK. ] Tlio Milwaukee returned to-day
after their disastrous trip , during which they
won ono game out of nine , met the Sioux
City team for tup llrst tlmo and were shut
out. Homer was in the box for the locals
IGth ii Douglas St.
16th nnd St
13th and Douglas St
after nn nb cnco of three weeks on ftccqunt
of sickness. Hoth4 Jiitchers did Roodlvork
nnd up to the eighth Inninc Cach hnd been
hit only twice safely. TJie Visitors fnnjlo
three hits in the ninth , which secured the
wmnlnRrun. The score :
Milwaukee 0 0 0 0 0 Q 0 0 0-0
Sioux City 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 S ) l-l
Knrncd nins Sioux City 1 , Bn o on bnlU
O1T Horner 4 , oft Wells 2. Struck out
SneodVhltoly , Hadcr. Double Jilnys
Homer. Forster nnd Pcttle ; Wells , rlielan
and Whllcly. Umpire Ureunan. Tltno
1:43. :
Minneapolis 7 , Kntisnt City n.
Mi.v.SF.U'Oi.n , .luly 7. [ Special TelORram
to TUB linn. ) It took ten Innings for the
homo club to ilofcnt Kansas City , although
tlio visitors would have won In the ninth ,
but for some smart work by Manning , who
tried the old trick of running In from the
coacher's box with n base runner nnd collided
with him , causing him to bo put out. In the
tenth an error by Manning , when ho should
have retired tlio slue , allowed Mlnno.ioolN to
miike four runi. Tlio score :
MiuneupolK.l 7
Kansas City. . 1 002000000-3
HIU Minneapolis 7 , IvnnsasCity" . Errors
Minneapolis' } , Kansas City 3. Huns earned
MlnnonKltB | a , Kansas City 2. Two-base
hits Ardncr. Three-base hits Johnson.
Homo runs McCullom , Patton. Double
iilu.VB Wulnh mid Hnwcv LJasos on balls
llv Wlnkeliniiu ! l , by Mi-C.trtv 1. Struck out
lly Wlnkclniiin 4 , by MiOartyfi. 1'iwscd
balls DrotiKhton 2. U.iscs stolen Uy
Hnwes , Walsh 3 , Urosnan , Hr.ullry.
Kcft on bases Minneapolis 4 , Kansas
City 8. First buso on errors Minneapolis 1 ,
Kansas City 4 Tiuio ! 1 hours. Umpire
Yestcrtlay's Winner * In the National
LoaRiio Contests.
INDIANAPOLIS , July 7. Result of to-day's
game :
Indianapolis 0 4
Philadelphia..0 00000020 2
Pitchers Hpaley for Indianapolis , Casey
forPhiladelphln. Base lilts Indianapolis 4 ,
Philadelphia 7. Krrors Indianapolis 4 ,
Philadelphia 7. Umpire Valentino.
PiTTbiirwi , July 7. Result of to-day's
game :
Pittsburg 2 OOQ03000 4
New York 3 2000100 * 0
Pitchers Stnley for Pittsburg , Kcefo
for New York. Base hits Pittsburg 7 ,
New York 11. Krrors Pittsburg tl , No\V
York 4. Umpire Lynch.
DKTIIOIT , July 7. Uomilt of to-dny's game :
Detroit 0 2
Washington. . . . 3
Pitchers Grubcr for Detroit , O'Day for
Washington. Base hits Detroit 4 , Wash
ington 0. Errors Detroit 2 , Washington 0.
Umpire Daniels.
Ciucvao , July 7. Result of to-day's game :
Chicago 4 00000000 4
Boston 0 00000201 0
Pitchers Krock for Chicago and Sowders
for Boston. Base hits Chicago 4 , Boston b.
Krrors Chicago 5 , Boston 1. Umpire-
American Association.
CINCINNATI , July 7. Result of to-day's '
game :
Cincinnati 0 00000000 0
Athletics. . . . , . . .2 0220001 * 7
KANSAS Cm , July 7. Result of to-day's
game *
Kansas City 0 1300008 1 13
Baltimore 1 3200021 0 0
ST. Louis , July 7. Result of to-day's
game :
St. Louis 0 00000003 3
Brooklyn 2 0 1 0 0 0 3 0 * 0
LOUISMLI.B , July 7 Result of to-day's
game : .
Louibvillo 2 11000212 9
Cleveland 0 00000000 0
Yesterday's Winners at Washington
Park Course.
CHICAGO , July 7. At Washington park to
day the weather was ful&and the attendance ;
largo. The track wits safpBfiti _ good but not
not extra fast.
Six furlongs Queen of Trumps won ,
Bonnie Bounce second * Red Light tliiid.
Time 1:17. :
Nine furlongs Yum Yum won , Amelia P
second , Prose tv Ird. Time 1:5T. :
Ono and ono-hulf miles Montrose won ,
Longalight second , Woodcraft third. Time
2:3T. :
Seven furloims Lcpanto won , Castiliau
second , FistUb third. Time 1:2'.ij : ' .
Seven furlongs Jennie McFailane won ,
Gray Cloud second , Hornpipe third. Time-
One mile Badge won , Orderly bccond ,
Lelax third. Time 1-42.
Moninonth Park Uncos.
MONMOUTII PAHK , July 7. The weather
was line und the track fast.
Seven-eighths of u mile Inspector B. won ,
Bradford becond , Cambyses third. Time
Three-quarters of a mile Favorable won ,
Wiuiluld second , Uiabolo third. Time 1:10. :
One and onepwiter miles Bolvidere won ,
ISlkwook second , Kingston third. Time
Ono and one-haif miles Sir Dixon won ,
Los Angulo becond , Prince Royal third.
Tiuio-a : 7J/ .
Three quurter.s of n mile King Crab won ,
Fulton second. Miracle third. Time 1:10. :
One mile Longltniglit won , Golden Reel
second , Housatonic third. Time l:4l-j. : :
Steeple chase Rufeivo won , Bassanine
hecond. Major Picket third. Time 5 O'J. '
John Henry and King Troublcr fell. John
Henry wns killed and his jockey , Dickens ,
bcriously hurt.
St. Paul Itiiccs.
ST. I'AUI. , July 7. The track was in good
condition but thu attendance .small.
Ji.'JO pacing nice J , Ir won , Harry L.
Bfcond , Bud Crook third. Jack Curry fourth ,
Best time ilslS'.f.
2:1S : trot Governor Hill won , Charles
i'niMii becond , Lorettu F. third. Time
U in' . , ' .
Broke the World's Hpcortl.
Dirni.iN , July 7. The visiting American
tithleticb took part in the various contests at
Ball's Bridge ti-dny and won several prizes.
In putting the sixteen pound shot , Gray , of
the Now York club , broke the world's record
nnd took prize with u score of foi ty-four
f , t
The Sche\rl6 Thieving Employes
Playo $ 911 Dewey & Stono.
A Wnrchousc-tho Base oTOperntlons
Suites of Expensive lloiischoUl
Goods Stolen and Sold By
tjic Dishonest Heir .
How ( ho Crooks Worked It.
The arrest of John F. Qttlnn , Into In the
employ of Dewey & Stone , unveils one of the
most bold and systematic robberies known la
Omaha for some tlmo. The other parties to
the theft wore A. M. Smith ami
Ham Henry , also employes of Dewey -
ey & Stono. These young men
have been carrying on their system of
fraud for some tlmo nnd the exact amount of
their thieveries Is ns yet unknown.
They wore all ttirco of them employed nt
the warehouse of the firm on Tenth nnd
Lcnvcnworth streets , nnd their work was to
unload nnd store furniture. For this labor
they wcro receiving from S10 to
$15 per week , nnd they con
ccivcd the idea of Increasing their
meagre income to n more princely sum. Their
plan was something as fol.ows. Every after
noon after cheeking the accounts the su per
intcndcnt would leave. As soon ns ho left
it wts the plan of these throe schemers to
hnvo an express wagon on hand iiiul send
furniture to any part of the city desired. The
money they received for this went into
their own pockets. The young Remaps
paid their board at half a doren places with
ilno household pootts , and sold suite after
suite of costly and elegant furniture through'
out the city for cash.
Ono expressman , L. D. Woodbrldge , says
ho hauled away , at their direction , live full
loads of handsome parlor furniture , which
ho delivered at points indicated by him.
The lateness of the hour was nl-
ways accounted for by the young
fellows' stating that they had to hire a
wagon oa account of the Ilrm being over-
° ro\vddvil ( h business , nnd tno goods were
to bo delivered that night without fall.
Some time ago , Hurry Winters , the up
town salesman had his attention called to
the fuel that these young men were living
in a style which far exceeded their
means. They all dressed in tlio
hoighth of fashion , sported diamonds
and squandered their money freely on the
most high-priced drinks. Ono of them kept
n fast woman. Mr. Winter was satisfied
homethlng was wrong and very quietly in
stituted an investigation ami was astonished
when he discovered the bold system of rob
bery being carried on and which they
had been working for months unde
tected. The further the matter was
Investigated the moro complicated it booamo.
Most of the furniture sold was to poor fami
lies , upon whom the loss will full quite heav
ily. In a number of cases the goods were
sold on the installment plan , the collections
being made by Henry.
Somehow the young thieves got wind of
the investigation and prepared to precipitately
leave the citi' . ' Warrants were sworn out
for their arrest nnd Quinn was captured ns
he was on tflio point of leaving town. The
other two escaped. Telegrams wcro Imme
diately sent out in nil directions , which re
sulted hi tlio arrest of Smith bv the police at
Hastings Yesterday. Last evening Harry
Winter , accompanied by Ofllccr Demp-
soj , left for that city to identity
the fugitive ' and bring him back.
Henry was found at Wahoo and an officer
was also scat after him.
Whoa a repoiicr attempted to interview
Quinn in his ct'Uie | was very reticent and
refused to answer anything. He is decidedly
iTcstfnllen. Ho was an old nnd trusted em-
nloye of De\vcy' \ & Stone , having been with
them lor o\vr three years. Such dishonesty
on his part was" never dreamed of.
The exact amount of the thieveries cannot
nt present bo ottimntc.l but it will- doubtless
amount to thousands of dollars.
Tlio Uicyclo Tournament.
AM TUIII > AM , July 7. In the intcr-stnte
cycling tournament to-day Temple , of Chicago
cage , won the bicycle race.
The message boxes of Tin : BKK are
proving1 n ureat convenience to the
If you Duy
without { jetting
Jloajrhmd'a prices
you will loio money.
Howe's new London bhows , by far the
largest of all ton-cont eircuspb , arrived
in Omaha this noon , and will open to
night at 18th and Charles streets. They
remain six dnjs.
Dr. Hamilton \Vnrron , Magnetic Phy
sician and surgeon , Room II , Crouiibo
block , corner 10th and Capitol avenue.
Chronic and nervous diseases a special
ty. Telephone 014.
About Tests.
Tests of the petroleum-electric en
gine described in the Chicago Daily
News bliowu the consumption of oil to bo
about 1.7 per horse power per hour. At
this rate the petroleum engine
threatens to be a serious competitor of
the gas engine. Used for electric light-
ing,1ror example , ono mechanical horse
power of the oil engine can supply
twelve corresponding iiiciuido.--
cent electric lights , or 1.7 tiints of oil
must bo compared witn bovonty-two
feet of gas , roughly , twenty-four pints
of oil will equal 1,000 foot of gas. The
nualitv of oil used cannot cost as much
as 10 cents per gallon ; at that price the
oil for the cngino will compare with gas
at : > 0 cents per thousand. Tlioro would
thus eeem to bo a wide lield for this
' - installations
motor for isolatedolei'ti-iolijjht
tions and even larger operations of the
kind , nnd for every UMJ to which n gas
oii"iuo can bo put , with the .special ml-
Viinta o of being capable of employ
ment whore gas cannot bo utilized.
I5th and Douglas Streets.
Guarantee to furnish the Best Summer Coat
and Vest , in the city , for !
Satisfaction guaranteed on those Men's Suits at
Or money cheerfully refunded. Gent's F.urnish-
ings at
Popular Prices.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or money refunded in
any case , at
S.L.Andrews 82 Co. ,
and Douglas St.
15th and DouglasSt
15th nud Douglas St
.5th and DouglasSt
Strikes This City in the Shape of a
Suicide Club ,
Poisons ami Suicidal Appnrtonnncca
An Omalin Man GraphlunMr
Portrnya Its Horrors No
Moro Suiclito J'or
It U generally known that this city contains
onuof the HUM ! uniiino mul unronvt'iitlonnl of
clubs , \otlilnct loss umiyv society for UuMiu en-
UnuiiiKl investigation of methods fomhuilllmt
otrthli mortal cull In the moit satisfactory man
ner. The dull nlrenily 1ms n largo niMnlierslilp ,
ami numerous im'clmnlc-alcU-vlccs nml rhcmii'id
romblimtlous on exhibition in their room * . One
of their most potent clirmlrulsUprusMc ncld ,
thv rrtplil In it * nrtlon of any known ( true ,
one drop of which plnceil on the tmiininlli
produce completuparnlysli of the until e nervous
Mysii'in InsUlu of one mlnutu. Another called
Aconite , to these ilt" < lrliig n somewhat slower
dentil but Justus potent In its action , unit still
nliotliorIilthiuny1iouscil byillpplmt iineeillo
Into It ami passing Iliu noodle nniier the skin. Is
suillclent to product ) Its elfect , Ills known ns
Cumin or Inilliin uirow potion. Its composition
Is unknown , lint U is obtained from ceitnln In
dians of b'outh America , who illp the points of
their nrrowM Into It , nud vrho oevi r Is even
scratched by ono of them \ \ lillo \ \ A novel
method of keeping the volsoii on the person \MIS
shown. It consists of a very thin cup-uilo of
class which runt ilus the poison , This rnpitilo
h imbedded In the muscluof thn arm , on the In
ner side , nnd the skin allow od to heal. When
theiiot.sondettrtisto end his oxltteuco he only
hus to cni h the cnjisule . when the ehemlral H
Immedmtolynbiorbednnd does ltsp rfertMiik. .
Kvuiy person desirous of joining the club must
slum siiletdal Intentions , 01 nt least no antago
nism to them. Tlioru are tunny cnnillilatoM for
membership , nnd the utory of an ex-eandldato
111 no ( loiibtiimtva Intei-eBtlng as showing ono
of the various methods of what might bu called
impassive suicide or suli Ido bv neglect.
Mr , Charles M. Dally , a wnronoiiso man , cm
tiloveil uy the Helm MnmifneiurlnK company ,
ri'-tldlng at tlic corner of " , th nnd l.e.ivenworth
streets , tells the following stor ) of himself.
'Tor the past two se.irs I have been Hi n pecu
liar condition. My head seemed to bo aching
constantly , especially between the oyi-s , ami
my IIOSH would --top up , Hist on ono side , then
on tne other , often both nostills. Then I began
to notli e singular noises In my eaia lonriug or
Iti7..lng Mmiids they ajipeivivd to mo to be , and
hometlmes sounds like whlstlliiK and hammer-
Ill ) ; . About this t.mi' my Duoiit iil.M > bocan to
Klvc me a qreat deal oft rouble. I w onld iilw ny
bo hawking und hemmliiK nml tiyhii ; to cleir"
my , often ralilnulltllo hiirdlniuiis.somo-
tlmos of a other times of u yellowish
"I would of ten have pains In the ehest. extend-
IDC to the rl ht Hlioulder bludo.Vliondruliig
n IOUK breath I could hear a kind of a wheozlnn
nolso in my chest. And HtunotImos It wonld
.seem to mo as If 1 was breathing tnroiiKh n
Hponite I seemed toboablu to liuarthoalr imss
liiK thron h. I began to fear that I wnsKOlm ;
Into consumption I WHS moro ( Irmly couvinceu
of this whuu before lon , I comuionced tocough
n kind of hollow con h. 'Ilio sharp palm In my
chest would extenil niouiid to the Miinllof my
buck.Try to prevent It ns 1 mlcht , I was forever
cnti hints f re-ili colds. J never WHS without them.
.Mmns would run fio.n my nose and quite fre
quently my no-e would bleed. At my work I
linvu to stoop o\er ijnlte fronueatly. mi'l when I
did so I would heroine dlz/.y nnd uveryllitiiK
seemed to swim befoio my oyes. AtidKhtmy
sleep did not retreth me nt all , ntirt in the morn-
ItiK I would fuel as tiled and luiuuld as when I
wont tobed.
" .My stomach was affected too. 1 wonld sit
down to the table with what .leemedajjood ap
petite , but after n mouthful or two my appetite
would leave we. Kvorvthlni ; would feom to
sour on my stomach. ' ) here wonljl bo almoit
constant belchlnc , a dlsnuiueatile , bitter ta-to
in the month , and at last 1 got so 1 didn't care
tolook nt food.
"I lost llesh nnd strcncth steadily , nnd from
my ncragu weight of ITS pounds , 1 came down
In eight to below ISO poimdK.
" 1 vuis always feoIliiK tlrnil : had nonmbltlon.
Kvery htep I took and whatever work I might
do wns done with an effort , and after working a
while or wulklnija block or two my head would
perspire and my limbs would ache as if 1 had
done some vei y heavy w ork. r
" 1 came hero to Omiiha and brought my ca-
tairhwlth me. In leading the dally pmiprs I
i ead the ndvertlsemeiit of Jr. ) 51. Coy and made
up my mind to try again. I visited his olllces
In the Itamgo block some tlmo In April , and
started tieatmeiit with him , and I giew better.
t the start , and alter ono month's treatment , 1
felt so good that I went away on a visit , think
ing that 1 would llnlsh the tieatmeiit after my
retinn. I huvo no more symplomsof catarrh ,
and am. 1 think , entirely cured of it. 51 v nilvke
to any one who Is suffering with eatairh. Is not
to trltlo with patent medlchua , but to go to Jr.
McCoy ut once. "
"Do yon care If I publish t ls interview V" was
nskcu 01' the gentlcmau who was
Mil. CIIMlr.KS M. II.\IIV.
corner 27th and J > avenworth streots.
" .Vo .sir ; I don't cnio a bit. for I want nny one
snllerlngas 1 was to have the benefit of my ex-
jiorience , nml you can mv , too , that nil } ' one
ilnnhtlng this Intel vle\ Interview mo them-
celves. itthey wlbhlt , by calling on me at that
A Popular Hvplunation.
Tlio imst ago might be called a superstitious
one. The pieseut funiiiore properly bo culled
an uie of sm prises , formally things once i Inssod
uniong the ImiioHiibllltlus huvu now becomu
everyday pos-.ibllltles. It would bo miporlluous
to enumerate thorn. Jlul have wu reaelied the
utmost limit. ' Ha\ewe ? I'Jiysldans who claim
to make certain ailments of ttiu human body
subiect 'on special study , nnd claim to bo aljle
totnri'Hiiehillhi'mes , uro pronoun' ed by other
soll'-sutlslledpiMctliionor-inspresumptuous ; but
doe < their Haying MI make It so' The man who
can come the nenrent to oxercomu the soeni-
Ing ImnosMliilltles of others 1 * now nil tlio rngo ,
and w oil does ho or they desei vti thesnectMs they
have labored so hard to nbtuln. Dr , J. ( ; ie .ip
.MiCoy orhlsuusoc-l.Mi'.sdonot make claims to
anything marvelom , Mtih HH laKmg the dmd
and yhlngthem new life ; neither do thi-y i Inlm
toglvo signtto the blind ; but by their new nud
s-ientllle method ot tioatlng. atnnh tlioy have
euied nmlilnimvrntarihhiis well as Jnonc'ilal
and tin out ttoubles. 'I'h..v make > atuu'Ji a hie-
Halt.v , bei anio ItlH one of the mo-it jirexalnnt
and troublesome diseases that thupeopltiut this
cllmutoniohelr to. Since Dr. MiCov and his
nssoi lutes have located In this city they ha\e
tieated with success hundreds of p < ir ons wliom
oilier jh > > l''lans have told their dUenso was
cliiHsea among the Iticnrnbli's. Do they not pub.
llhh from wee < to week in the dally pjpein test- !
m minis from fiome of the m.iny iratnfnl ; iiat-
ients , giving In each case the full nunio nnd nd *
dress of thn IHIIMHH making the tttuti'innnt that
thn doubting , nnd skeptical mav call nnd Inter.
vlnw thOKid ( ] > npleinlorto\lHltliiKthoilo tor's
ollico for consultutlon. The jieoplo advertlkeil
ns cured ro by no means obxiuie or unknown ,
lint In the imilmity of cases aio cit-/in | well
known by the linsini'vt people nnd conimnnlty
ut huge , and U will morn than repay any one
hiiireiingwltli'-atnuliulallectlon to visit thosn
whoio statements aio published , or cniiHiilt
With tlio doctor or his associates nt ) ii < olllii e.
In this connection there i'un hardly boa moie
Interesting subject tlmn tli ultimate etreits of
ratjirrh upon the hearing , 'I ho pro * o < s < > snf this
disease in poisoning the brent h. rotting aw ay thn
delicate machinery of smell and tiihto , poisoning
the. lungs , nnd the blood , nnd pacing into the
stomach eufepbllng the digestion , vitiating the
secretions and pointing the very fountains nf
life. All this has peihaps been very generally
dlscii'i-ed , linttho vpiytre < | iientelle < 'tofcitnrin
of the note and tin oat upon the henrlnu has nol
been touched upon as often as the uubjecl
I'cmniicutly Ijooutod.
Or. J. Cresap McCoy , late of Ilellevne Hospi
tal. Now Voik , and his associates , lately of the
Uulverbltyof New York City , aUo of washington -
ton , T ) . ( ' . , have located permanently In the
Hiungo Illock , Omaha , Nob. , where all curable
cubes are treated skillfully. Consumption ,
llrl'ht's ( Disease , Dyspojisltt , Itheumatlsm , nud
ull nervous dUeasei. All dUeasus peculiar to
BOX a specialty.
Consultation at office or by mall , II. OOco
hour ? , v to 11 a. in. , a to 1 n. m. , 7 to S p. w.
Sunday Hour * , from O a , in , to 1 p. m.
Coresnondence reeelres prompt attention.
No let lord answered unless accompanied by I
cents in btiumu.
Addros * all mall to Or , J. 0. McCoy , Itatnge
Itlock , OuiaUa , Nel .
Agricultural i in p loin o n ts i
Dealer in Agricnltiiral Implenients.faEons . ,
C rrl goi nd Ilncgle * . Jmr < Ptrvet.botwtcnVlh&nil
L i N i N GR&MET\ F co. .
AgricnlturalImplcinentsJWagonsCarriages ,
Oaf Blc . Kit.Yholo la. Om h .
Whplciilfl DoKlrn In .
Agricnltnral Inmlenicnts , Wagons & Buggies
TOl , nn , nr , niJ TO ? Jone Strcot. Omnhn.
P. P. MAST & CO. ,
Mannfactnrcrs of BucKeyc Drills , Sccilers ,
CulllTBtors. Ilnr HftVc , Cl < 1cr Mlll and I.ubnii lu ) .
vorliom. Cur , llth mid Nlcliol > tittccta.
- Wliotp nl ( .
Agricnltnral Implements , Wagons SBuggies
r lh Anil yicliulm glroqta.
Akron , Ohio.
Harvesting Machinery and Binder Twine ,
\V. 15 Mem ! , Manager. 13H l.f avcnworth t. . Omnlin .
Manufacturers nnljobbors In
Wagons , Buggies , Rakes , Plows Elc ,
I'or. Wli nn 1 1'ixcltlo strccn , Omntin , Neb.
Artists' Wntorlnla.
A HOSPE , Ji. .
Arlists1 Materials , Pianos anfl Organs ,
lil.l UouKlai Strcot. Omnh , Noliraska.
Boots and Shoou.
| t < ucco9tori to Hecil. Jones A Oo. )
WMesalcManufectarcR of Boots anfl Slices
AEcntsror lloiiton tltibbor Sboo Co. 1111 ! , 1101 * HIM
llitniiiy at. , Unmbn. NebranXa.
W. V. MORSE & CO. .
Jobbers of Boots and Shoes ,
1101lllMlOi Douglm St.Onmha Manufttctorj-.aura.
Bookaollors and Stationers-
H. M. & S. W. JONES.
Successor ] to A. T. Ken jon A Co. , Wliulrinlo \ Retail
Booksellers and Stationers ,
Flno WciMliitf Stationery , ( Uimmorclnl Stntlancrr.
lfi Dousliu Street Oumlia. Neb.
Coffees , Splcoa , Etc-
Onmba CoITtfn anJ Hplcu Mllli.
Teas , Coffees , Spices , Baking Powder ,
Flavori'iB Kitrncts , Lnunilrr Hluo. Inks. Kto. Hl -
lllil llnrniir f tmot. Omah . Nnbri > ki > .
Cro kory and _
" * W. L.'wRIGHT.
Agent for the Mnnafacturers and Importers of
Glassware Lamps Cliimneys
Crockery , , , ,
Etc. OtB cc , 317 3. l.ltli M. , Omtiha , NgbraJVo.
Imuorturs and Jiibbers of
Crcc'ierj , Glassware , Lanirs , Silverware
Etc. Ull St. . New I'axton BulMlne.
CommlBslon and Storogo-
Storage and Commission Merchants ,
8peclnltlo < nuttor , , Cticesp , I'oultrj , Game ,
1112 Howard Strcnt. Omaha.
( Successors to McSbnnc & SchroeJcr. )
Produce Commission and Cold Storage ,
Umabn , Nobrnska.
Flour , Feed , Grain and General Commision
Jlercnant. CorrPipondcnce soHclteil. 10H Nortli 1Mb
ctrcct , OmuU.i. Nub.
Coa ! , Coke and Llmo- _
' ' " '
Jobbers of Hard and Soft Coal ,
at ) South ntli Street , OmnbA , h'obrnika.
Manufacturers of Illinois White Lime ,
Anil hlnnor < of Coal , Coke , ronient , 1'lnftor , Mnio ,
Drain Tiln , nml Hun IT Tlpn. UDIrn , razlun llotul ,
1-urnum tit , Onmbn , Neb. Tcloiilionu bll.
Shippers of Coal anfl CoKc ,
211 South nth St. . Omaha.Nob.
Goods and Notions.
M. E"SMITH & "ccxT
Dry Goods , Furnishing Goods and Notions ,
111Kand 110J IVxiglM , Cor. llth St. , Omolm. Nob.
Importers and Jobbers in Dry GoodsNotions ,
GcnU' Kurnliblni ; ( Ion-Is. Pnrnor llth mid
HtH. , Onmha , Nebraska.
Wholesale Dealers in Furniture ,
I'urnuiu Struct. Oiimhii. Nclinnka.
OiiKiliu , Nebrmka
Wholesale Groceries and Provisions ,
? ( V5 , TIE , Wl and 711 B. 10th St. , Omnlia , Nob.
Wholesale Grocers ,
t ( h and l.earenworth StrofH.Onmlm. Nobnukn.
Wholesale Hardware , Cutlery , Tin Plate ,
JJetnls , Phi'ct lion , ctiseuts for Howe Scales ,
Mluuil 1'onder and I.ynmii llarbccl wlru ,
( imiiha , NiOmixku ,
Builders' ' Hardware and Scale Repair Shop ,
Meclianlc * ' Tools oinl llutfaln Hrnloe. 11M Dounlai
_ btraat. Uinalu. _
Wholesale Hardware ,
IDtii and llnrniir Hti. , Omaha. Nub. Wcitcrn Auenti
for Auitln 1'owilprOo. , Ji'lTor iil : htucl halli ,
f'alrtianti Btaudai J ricalu .
Manufacturer * uf
Saddlery & Jobbers of Saddlery Hardware
And Loaihor. UUJ , lltli and lin Uarquy at.OmuUu ,
Heavy Hardware.
Heavy Hardware , Iron and Steel ,
O IJfjfc mrd re. r. „ .
Hats , Oapa , Eto.
Wholesale Hats , Caps and Straw Goods
HUT turner btrcet. Omaha. Neb.
Off Too Fixture's.
Bank , Office and Saloon Fixte-
ntloi. Sldrboardi , Hook Cnv > , Dru. Klxtur i.wal
! aii > .Vartltloni , UaUiiV | > .Cuunlip4. ) DucraaU Wluu
Xtoleri , > llrrur etc Kactorj mud "Itlcr , ITU uuJ if-ti
oulU ISlU S ( . , Oui Ua. TwItpUoui 1UI.
All Kinds of Building Material at Wholesale
Uta Street and Union * TaelBe Tratk. Omaha
Dealer in Lumber , Lath , Lime , Sash ,
Doors , Kto. Vards-rorner 7lh nnd Dourlast Ootnei
till and I iugns.
C. N. DIEtzr "
Dealer in All Kinds of Lumber ,
Itthand California StrooH , Omaha , Nebraska.
Lumber Lime Cement Etc Etc
, , , , , ,
Corner h and DoiietnsSu..Oniaha.
To Dealers Only ,
Ofilre.liat Karnam Street , Omaha ,
Wholesale Lumber , Etc ,
Imported nnd American Cortlmul Oment Stall
ARunlforMlltfAiikon Urdrnitllo Cement and
\Vlilt9 Lima.
Dealer in Hardwood Lumber ,
Wood Carpets and Tarqnot Hoorlnt , Pth nd ti.wkli\
Mllllnory and Notions.
" " "
Importers & Jobbers in Millinery & Notions
W. 'InnnrtStlKmith llth Str > o .
Manufacturers of Overalls ,
Jeans 1'ants , Shirts , Kta. 1101 mul 1104 Douglas Street ,
Omalm. N b.
Wholesale Notions and Furnishing Goods
( S ) and Mi Scuth 10th St. , Omaha.
Wholsale Refined and Lubricating OOs ,
Axle Grouse , Kto.Omaha. A , H. Bishop , Manager
Notions and Gent's ' Furnisning Goods ,
1105 llaruer Street. Omalm.
Paints and Oils.
Wliulosnlo Dealers In
Paints , Oils , Window Glass , Etc ,
Ills Firnam Struct. Omnha , Nob.
Wholesale Paper Dealers ,
Cirrr a nice stock of rrlntlnc. Vf rnprliiK'and Writing
1'H ar. apeclal atunllon given to i-arloiul enl rn.
Paper Boxes.
Proprietor Oiualia Paper Box Factory ,
NOJ. HIT nnd 1319 Douglas St. , Omaha , N I ) .
Sash , Doors , Etc.
M. A. DISBROW t. CO. ,
Wholesale SUnutactarcra of
Sash. Doors. Blinds and Mouldings ,
Branch office , 1-tn and Ixard Streets , Omaha , Neb ,
Manufacturers of Sash , Doors , Blinds ,
IV'uldlngs. Rtnlr Work and Interior Hard Wood Ha-
su. N. Ji. Corner mh nnd lAjaTuuwortb Streets ,
Omaha , tj'cb.
Mmafacturers of Moulding , Sash , Doors ,
And IJllnds , Turning , Flalr-worlt. Hank and Offlco V\it \
tln * . 'Mill aad 1'opulaton ATOUUB.
Printers' Materials.
Auxiliary Publishers ,
Dealers la Type , I'rosnps and 1'rlntern' Supplies. CO ]
South l.'th Struct. Oiuahu.
Rubber Cooda.
Manufacturers and Dealers in Rubber Goods
311 Clothing and Leather lIultliiK. MM Kurmnl fllroet.
Fittings , Pumpa , Eto.
Pumps , Pipes and Engines ,
3tcam , Watnr , llallnnr nml Mlnlni ; Supplies , Eta.
KM , Vi and Kit Karnuui btrvotVOaiaua.
Wholesale Pumps , Pipe. Fillings.
Steam ani Water p " -
Kooit 3t ( V * RI
Steam and Water Sapplies , HI
UallWar Wind Stills. 013 nnd OMFornam St.Omaha. , ,
U. K. KIMI , Acllnu .MannKor. 1(1 (
Biigincs , Boilers anfl General Macliinery ,
Sliuotlruil Work Htenm ruinii * , Rnw MIMs , 121J-121I
Ix'avonworlh 8tn-i > i. Omulm.
Wholesale Farm , Field and Garden Seeds
CM n ml I'llJoni'iiHliwt Omnliu.
Storage , Forwarding SL Commission
Storage , Forwarding and Commission ,
Branch Unu e of tlici IJo'rni-r JlllCKr O > . HujjclrBB
vrliolcsulonnil rnlull. 1 H UlOiintl 1311 l nl oirout ,
O'uuUu. Tcluuliuuo No. 7W. _
Smoke Stocks , Dollorb , Eto.
" * " " *
Mannfactnring Dealer in Smote Stacte
llrltcliluv > , ' 1'u anil Onni'ral Ilollur Iluputilnj ; . 13U
Mrcfit. Omaha. Neb _
. , Browora.
- ni
sVbnz&iLKn ,
Lager Beer Brewers ,
1S21 .Vorllt Vlirtbtconth Ktreot. Oniuha. Vt
Manufacture Galvanized Iron and Cornice ,
John I'lMiiu'ttr , I'roprlctor Mt Dndtro unil 1UI unil 1' ' *
North IKlh btroiil. Umnlm.
Iron Works.
Carter1011. . Vtov Muuufatlnrfr of nil klndi
Steam Boilers , Ms and Sliest Iron WorK
Works huutb.Utti nml II. .V M Cronhm.
Wrought and Cast Iron Building WorK ,
. Ilraii Work Qonoral KnuiKlrjr , MaoUlno
-'iW rk OitUunint Wurki , U , r. Uf ,
iinU lith Mri'i'i , i > in.ihu.
Manufacturers of Wire and Iron Railings
! > ik Hull * . Wliulow Ouarrti. Klowcr Hlnhj , Wlrt
bU-nt.Ktc. IU Nortli Ktii ttlr'
Man'frs ' of Fire & Burglar Proof Safes
F ulUJ ll Work , Iron unit Wlr Koncliu , Hln < . Hto.
_ ( I An Jrovn. I'roti'r Cur. llthanl J u on tilt.1
Iron and Wire Fences' , Railings , Guards
an j fcu'oiii. for b.inl. > , oH ( . reil.lenco. etc ,
luiproruil Awtiln.-i. ] cknulili > la. liluciuuJ. .
lllnrl mltli IVorki. Wlbuutli InliM. _
frvi A G H E R 'to L E AC H ,
Fire and Burglar. Proof Safes , We loots
CI nerl Axcntt for I > ii'boU.H fe & Ick Co
Vauiu uuJ Jail Wutk llli > araim ttirjet ,