Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 01, 1888, Part II, Image 9

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1 ' V/
" Vk
24 inch China Silk , new
choice goods in dark and light
colors at Sgc\ \ regular price ,
$1.25. Changeable Surahs all
new combination , at 8gc ; regu
lar price $1.25. Black Surah
at 85c ; regular price $1.00.
2 cases cotton Challies , the
newest wash fabric in the mar
ket at 7j c ; regular price IOG.
Striped Seersuckers , new styles
at 7jc ; regular price
Good styles in dress Ginghams
at 4 c , regular price ice. New
styles of dress satteens at i5c.
Pacific lawns on Monday ,
regular price i2j/ c.
42 inch black Chantilly lace
flouncing at 96 c. would be
cheap at $1.25. 42 inch black
Chantilly lace flouncings at
$1.85 , worth $2.40. 42 inch
black Chantilly lace flouncing
at $2.75 , the regular retail price
on this quality of lace is $4.00
42 inch black Chantilly lace
flouncing at $5.oo. This same
quality and style of lace we sole
this season at $7.00. 42 incl
black Guipure lace flouncing ai
$1.35 , this is a wonderful bar
gain and worth $2.00. Black
Guipure lace flouncing the
width is 42 inches and the price
$1.50 , it cannot be duplicate
anywhere at less than $2.50.
At 95c we will sell plain satir
parasols in colors thatarewortl
$1.75. At $1.50 we will sel
Moire satin and fancy parasols
that arc worth $2.25. At $1.89
checked , striped and fancy al
silk parasols that are worth $5
to-morrow $1.89. At $2.75 , 50
cream lace covered shot silk
also fancy checks at $2.75
How Some Snnkos Frightened the
I'lio Chinese K l > Its ! Queer Cattle
Acted Ijike a Snnko A Peculiar
Snake A AVniulcrfiil DOJJ
A Ijlviii Corpse.
Queer Cuttle.
The Portland Orcgonian tells of a
fctrnngo laved of wild cattle found in the
high hills skirting the Umpijua Valley.
"In the mountains , near Riddles and
Kosobud , they are probably most plenti
ful , but they do not venture down in the
valley much. They stay on the hillb
and got wato > ' from the living' springs
which rihe thoro. For the most part
they are concealed in the dense growth
of oak and lir in those mountains.
There is heavy underbrush , too , so that
it in a hard matter to got them. They
go in hands of six or eight usually , but
at night a herd of forty or lifty got to
gether and lie down in the sumo jnrct
that is , they sloop in the i-aino spot ,
which is usually secluded among the
trees. A band of wild eattlo luno boon
known to get together on a cleared
plaeed like this every night for a couple
of years. * * * A peculiarity about
thotori enttlu is that their eyes and
horns are jot Muck. The return , 5rib
and the whole apple of the eve nro ono
mass of black. YOU can't distinguish
liny dilleronco in any part of it. The
horns , too , while hoing black as inkarc
long and sharp. "
Acted liiko a Knalcc.
A short time ago Otto tYiink.iut eight-
yonr-old. boy living near Hirminghnm ,
Ala. , found a largo r.iUlesiinko. The
boy had often said that ho wanted a pot
snuko , t > o wlion ho found the reptile ho
began to stroke it on the head and back
will ) hirt hand. The biiako scorned
pleased for a time , but liually became
angry and bit the hey on the rifht log
just below the knee. The little follow
plnvod on bomo time before going homo ,
and when he reached the luuibo the bit
ten limb was swelling rapidly. Medical
aid was obtained , and the pain and ,
swelling were relieved after a time , but I
immcdiatolv the boy began tocrawl and
twist himself , imitating the action of a
snake , lie continued in this condition
with brief lueid intervals , when he
Strange Florida 1'oonlo.
Ferdinand , Flu. , was in a t-tato of wild
ferment all last week , and intense ov.
citomont raged among the colored pop
ulation over the alleged appearance ol
a band of bold burglars , who , in order It
moro ofloetually conceal themselves
wont about in gangs of six or more
dressed in white. Stories o. ' midnight
robbery won ) rife , and nearly ovurj
householder upon the verandu
with a. shot-gun. A diligent beared
failed to elicit any authentic cnso ol
theft , nor could the singular rumor be
traced to its source. The excitement
while it lasted , was highly entertaining ,
people being gravely infoimcd thai
these singular marauders , < vho went
about in largo gangs , chid in uniform ol
white , were in the habit of killing people
ple by pinching them on th\ \ arms , thus
Stopping the arterial circi lalioh , and
reduced from $6.00. At § 3.75 ,
109 fancy black satin , trimmed
with lace , also fancy at $3.75 ;
worth $7. At $4.39 , colored
Faille Francaise , fancy stripes
and checks , at $4.39 ; reduced
from $7.00 and $8.00. At
$5.69 , fancy Pangce silk , India
silk , and black silk parasols at
$5.69 ; worth $9. At § 7.50 ;
colored striped Moire black
satin , with lace , cream lace ,
covered black silk with fringe
trimming at $7.50 , reduced from
$12 , At 18.98 ; black silk , ele
gantly trimmed Lace covered
at $8.98 , worth $13.50.
To-morrow we will place on
sale 200 dozen of ladies' black
and colored embroidered silk
mitts that are equal to anything
sold in town at 5oc ; our price
Monday is 33c.
100 dozen ladies' fancy
striped and printed full regular
made cotton Hose at 170 ; the
regular price of this line of
Hosiery is25c. Sodozcn ladies'
fine striped , full regular made
cotton hose at 2ic , rcducec"
from 29c. Ladies' pin striped
also 4 and 4 stripes in all com
binations , at 29c , reduced from
4oc. Special lots of fancy
ribbed and striped cotton and
lisle thread hosiery at 42csome ;
in this lot worth $2.
400 dozed ladies' black lisle
Hose with white feet , at 4gc ;
they are worth $1.00.
12 dozen ladies' lace Balbriggan -
gan and gauze vests , odd sizes
at 35c , reduced from 75c and
4 extraordinary bargains in
that death ensued without leaving any
tiaco \iolonce ; alsoj that , enraged at
the interference which a policeman
naturally offered , they set upon and
stripped' him naked.
A Peculiar Snake.
Hassan Toolidgo , of Ward City , Ari-
/ona , will probably soon bo in a circus.
Ho has devoted his siiaro time to edu
cating a black snake , and has taught it
a number of remarkable tricks. At the
word of command the snnko will tie
itself up in n Turk's knot and remain
in that position until released. Then
it will stand straight up on the end of
its tail and bibs an accompaniment to a
violin which ils master plays. The in
telligent reptile sees to putting the
chickens in their coop at night , and if
ono happens to bo inibsing it will thresh
around and hiss in a most alarming
manner ii'itil Mr. Toolidgo's attention
is attracted. Its favorite resting place
at night is ono of Mr. Toolidge's long
A Wonderful Don.
R. M. Jackson , of I31ullton , Oa. , has
n dog whoso sagacity and intelligence
is something wonderful. It is n shep
herd. A few day ago Mr. Jnckbon was
in a piece of wood , when ho had occa
sion to send the dog to the house for a
match. Being unable to make Mrs.
Jackson understand him ho wont to the
lire place and picked up a chunk of lire ,
with which ho started to his master.
WJien ho reached the edge of the wood
the tire became so hot that ho had to
drop it , which ignited the dry , pine
straw and sot the woods on tiro. The
dog sot up a barking tliat soon brought
Mr. Jackson to the rescue. Whoa ho
reached the dog ho was .1 rprisod to
lind that he had broken a i 10 limb and
was combating the lire as e loctively as
if ho was human.
A IAIn ; ; Corpse.
"An amusing incident happened in n
neighboring county a few days ago , "
says a despatch from Nashville' , Tonn.
"A gentleman had been out in the
country to attend a funeral , and ho rode
back to town with the driver of tin
heni'so. It being a cold night , ho con
ceived the idea of wrapping himself uji
in a blanket and getting inside the
hearse , which ho did. The negroes
along the road was very much fright
ened by seeing a dead man , as they
tin light , outside of a collln in a hearse '
and as his body would roll about they
became still moro frightened. The
driver created a sensation when ho
reached town by opening the liearct
and waking the man inside , "
A Ijiist ol ScrjicnlH
At Mount Ilolloy , S , C. , Dr. Hvrd anil
n party of hands were at work in the
wovids. While some of the men were
chopping a log il suddenly began In
move toward a cioek , and the negiooa
lied in terror. As the log readied tlie
cicek and fell into it Ihe source of itc
power of locomotion was revealed in r
most astounding manner. Hundreds ol
busing serpents leaped forth from thoit
hiding-place in the log , and dartcil
forth in different directions in the
water , The fnnkcs were of the genuine
water moccasin species , varying ii
length from that of a buggy spoke to ;
hoe handle. Dr. Hyrd and others stout
by watching the snakes depart , and
their going consumed fully thirty min
utes. Three of the negroes who llei1
when the log begun lo mp\o have 1101
since been heard from. -
A Strange Girl.
Among the inmates of the Home foi
Pueblo-Minded Children in South Bos-
lace Mitts to be placed on sale
Monday. Lot i at igc , com
prises lace and Jersey Milts in
black and colors ; they are worth
35C. Lot II is composed of
fine black and colored Jersey
and lace Mitts , at 25c , reduced
from 5oc and 65c. Lot III at
35c ; cream , pink , blue , tans ,
old gold and black Jersey silk
Mitts that are worth 75C. Lot
IV , black silk Jersey Mitts.also .
evening shades , extra length
and a rare bargain ; they arc
worth $ i .00.
On Monday we offer an un
usual bargain in Children's
white Mother Hubbarcl Dresses
with hem stitched yoke in i , 2 ,
and 3 years sizes at 890. We
have only about 12 dozen of
this style so we ask an early in
spection. $1.19. Ten dozen
Children's Gretchen Dresses at
$1.19 , that are worth $1.50 ;
Monday only at this price.
We make special prices on
several numbers of ladies' white
lawn dresses on Mondaywhich
will include the following.
$3.19. I. Ladies'white lawn
suits at $3.19. These suits are
worth $4.50 ; they are well made
and we guarantee a fit in every
case. $4..37 IL Ladies'
white lawn suits , embroidered
yoke waist with full tucked skirt
and sash , worth $5.50 , on Mon
day , at 4.37. III. Ladies
white lawn suits heavily me-
broidcred with basque waist at
$5.98. This number is a bar
gain at $7.50. Also a very
choice assortment at $7.50 , $8
$9 , $10 , $12.50 , and $16.50.
ton there is a little ten-year-old gir
whoso ease has thus far ballled the bcsi
authorities on mental diseases
says a Boston dispatch. Her peculiar
culiar trait is her inordinate desire t < :
climb to the top porch on any object , he
it over s-o high , to mount and b.danco
herself upon seemingly innrccssablo
ledges and there rest content. On entering
tering a room and knowing she is un
observed she will Iling open a door and
catching hold of the edge \\itlihor
hands and pro-sing her knees together
climb to the top and beat herself ,
wholly unconcerned and apparently
happy. She \\ill Mving back and forlii
with no fear of falling. Indeed , she
has never been known to lese her bnl
a n ce.
Her most troublesome trait is hoi
strong aversion to wearing any cloth
ing. .Sho discards her shoos and stock
ings whenever possible , tears olT he :
garments , and causes no end of care tc
the patient attendants , who ( hid lie :
fiom time to time almoit devoid of cov
ering. She frequently climbs will
wonderful agility upon a wardrobe
twelve foot high , or again will mount
to the to ) ) shelf and there coil herself
up like a cat. She has boon known to
ascend an pightcon-foot pillar support
ing the coiling and roost upon its lodge.
Ono night she left her bed and deliber
ately climbed down the spouting from
the fourth story to the street. She has
never injured' herself. Her parents
are both strong mentally and physically.
A Singular Kreak.
The collection of animals now at the
park "Xoo" is very Inrijn and consists of
many rare specimens , says the I.alti-
moro Sun of a recent date. Among the
latest arrivals ia family of Chinese
rabits , which are very unique in ap
pearance. They are larger than the
American species and not quite so
nimblo. The our , which is like that of
n benglo hound , gives them their
peculiar appearance. A three and-a-
, hnlf logged cat has also boon presented
to Captain Cns-el by a lady who de
clined to give her name. The cat was
first quartered with the guinea pign ,
but has latdv been put in with
inonko.sB. "Hilly'the oldest monkey
in the Xoo , gave the cat a friendly ro'-
eoption , and the monkeys and the cat
live In peace and harmony in the same
cage of the park Xoo ,
Inventor Kdixuu Pondering on mi Old
Thomas A. F.dicon , the inventor , was
at work in ono of the largo upper looms
of hit. laboratoiy perfecting an attach
ment for convening piano notes to his
phonograph , when a New York" Sun re
porter patented himself.
"A IIj ing machine':1 : Oh , you , I'm go
ing to do the bust I can toward
solving that ancient problem , " he re
plied to the reporter's inquiry about the
electric Hying machine , \\Inch , it had
been reported , ho was eomissioned by
the Spanish government to make.
"A man , whoso naino I can t recall
now , came here about two or three
weeks ago. Ho said ho had been sent
over from the Spanish government to
study the scioncu of aoriul navigation.
Ho baid they wanted a machine so con
structed that it would carry an electric
motor , camera , etc. to a considerable
hf'lght by means of wings or fans pro
pelled by the motor. It would bo oper
ated fiom a covciuil wagon , in which an
ollleer would bo seated , and would be
connected with a dynamo In the wagon
by wi.-fs. In .this way it uns hoped
photographs could bo tukun of the
To close out some odd size ?
we will sell a dressing sacque
marked $1.25 , on Monday at
Sgc ; only two to a customer.
Dressing sacqucsat $1.50 2,25
$3.00 and $4.50 that for quality
and price are unequalled in the
Special prices made on num
bers of lace curtains that we
wish to close out ; to close out
these odd lots quickly we will
give with every pair a 5 foot
curtain pole with brass trim-
nings. Nottingham lace cur-
ains full 3 yards long , taped all
round at $1.00 , $1.50 , $1.75 and
2.25. Nottingham lace cur-
ains 3 yards long , full taped
at $2.50 , $2.75 , $3.00 , $3.50 ,
$4.00 , $4.50. Nottingham lace
curtains at $5.00 , $5.50 , $6.00
: md $6.50 ; these curtains arc
worth at least 25 per cent more
than we ask for them without
the poles.
We have devidecl our rem
nants of white goods into four
lots and will sell them Monday
at S c , i2 c , isc and 25cper
yard ; these remnants arc in
lengths from | i to 12 yards ,
c. We have plain white
and cream India linens and
mulls , cream checked , organ
dies ; white lace stripes and
checks , printed Indialinonsand
colored striped canvas cloths ,
all worth i2j cand i5c ; rem
nant price S C. At 12 1-2C.
Black checked organdy , black
and white organdies , white and
cream India linens and mulls ,
also lace chqcks and stripes
worth from 2oc to 25c ; rem-
cncmy and their movements , while the
operator in hia wn on below need not
expose himself , 'flip photographs were
to be dropped from time to time by some
arrange incut. Tho'-o in brief woie all
the instructions ho gave mo ; the rest
was to bo loft to my own taste and
"It reminds mo of a scheme I had
many times thought of. and f promised
him I would do my best in the matter.
I wanted to tackle the problem on my
own account. I like to try and answer
these hard questions. If I am able to
construct the kind of machine they
want J shall have practically solved the
long-mooted question of the possibility
of aerial navigation. For the main
point in this question is that of the lift
ing power or motor. The matter of
propelling the machine through the
air and steering is a comparatively sim
ple allnir. So many people have boon
studying the ciuostion , however , that I
am not in the least confident of success ,
and porhap-j I have not the ghost of a
ohnneo. "
"Have you arrived nt any theory on
this subject V asked the reporter.
' 'No , I don't begin that way. I am
now only experimenting upon'a few of
the fundamental , questions , involved.
There are two ways of inventing. One
is to make your machine lirst , and then
boo if it will work ! the other is to lirst
lind out if it is posbihlo to do the thing ,
then make your machine. The greater
number of inventors adopt the lirst
"What wo want to know first is
whether or not aerial navigation is pos
sible. When I have settled this ques
tion , which may take a year or moro , I
will then take up.tho other points in
their order. Inljvnysliko to begin at
the A , H , C in 'these ' mutter. , . Any
other s\btom is a Jjooil deal like trying
trying to rend language without having
leai nod the alphabet.
"I begun the other day by weighintra
motor with fans attached on n rairlwnks
scalo. After getting the e.sact weight
ol the motor wo get the fans to working.
They , of course , ] ight < > nud the weight
to a certain extent , and we thus got lig-
nros as a basis upon which to calculate
the lifting powerf / f fansor wingsof cer
tain hi/es. I intend to measure the pull
ing power of birds soon , by tying a
string to their fuel , fastening the
other end to a spring registering scale ,
and then letting them lly away.
Oh , dear , there are a hundiod fact- ,
to discover before I can think
of tackling the rjcnl queation of an
aerial ship. I have never gone very
deeply into the matter , but it is a sub
ject which mtero'sts moery much.
Almost all persona when they thinl ; of
aerial mnigation Imagine the neoomitv
of rining to a gron height. Hut w hy do
this ? Why not gp along the roadsat an
at an elevation of uuout ten fuel ? Of
course , when neccstary wo could rise
higher , but. as a iulo , a few feet above
the ground wouldniiPwor all purposes ,
Jf aerial navagatron is possible I believe
this will bo the ri'llll'ar ' ' mode of travel
in the future. Oio ) advantage it has is
the small itowor necessary for the pro
pulsion of an air ship and the great
speed which ctould bo obtained ,
( irneinl Mcdilosh Dnnil.
Jfrw UiiL'\swicK , N J. , Juno 8J. Gencrul
.lolia II. Mulntosh , United States nnny , re
tired , died lust night at his. icsidunco in tins
city of lieait disuiis. ? , aged sixty ,
At the fonuution'of the National Union of
Ijousc Carpenters and Joiner. , in Now York
in IMiTi the qucsthia of an ci rlit liour day was
nnionj ; the i > ubocte ] of discussion Delegates
from twenty-live towub weio in attemUiue.
nant price Monday 12 i-2c. At
i5c. Lace striped mulls in
cream , blue and pink , worth
35c ; remnant price i5c. At
250. Checked and corded
pique and white India linens
that we have sold from 4oc to
75c ; remnant price 25c. Rem
nants of wool dress goods at
less than their regular value.
We make these extraordinary
prices to clean up our spring
stock ; these remnants are all of
the best styles and most sale
able goods and come in lengths
from i to 7 yards ; remnants at
7 t-2c per yard ; all the rem
nants of fancy checked and fan
cy weaves in cotton warp goods
that we have been selling from
i5c to 250 ; on Monday all at
7 i-2c per yard. At loc we
will sell 36 inch black and white
striped , also cream , pink and
blue bunting remnants worth
35c , all at IOG 'per yard. At
ifc we will sell evening shades
of albatross bourcttc clothblack
and grey , pin stripes and all
wool serge remnants , all worth
from 350 to 6oc per yard ; rem
nant price I9c. At 250 per
yard. We will sell remnants
of Debcige , Nun's Veiling and
striped suiting flannels that are
worth 6oc to 750 , but remnants
must be sold and Monday's
price 5sit25c. At 45c per yard ,
we will sell all the finest wool
goods that we have in remnants ,
they sold regularly at $1.00 ,
$1.25 and $1.50 ; Monday's price
is 45c in remnants only.
Two lots of linen lap robes
atspecial prices to close them
out. Full size striped all linen
Lap robes at 42 i-2c , worth
85c. Full size striped all linen
lap robes at 78c , worth $1.50.
Now York Sisters Start in as Ladles' '
Tons of tlie Hand ) Little Instruments
Still Needed to Supply tlio
Trade An KveniiiK Sen
sation on Broadway.
Nirvv YORK , Juno 27 [ Correspond
ence of Tun Bin : . ] During the past
week and part of the present the news
center of the country was transferred
from Iho great molropolis to the busy
city of Chicago. But yet there were
many events of interest transpiring
oven during the great convention.
Something now under the sun has just
been developed in the way of a trade
that of
Two sisters have eslablished themselves
in the business and the prospects are
that competition in the new line will
soon spring up and Iho departure will
early become a li.xed industry of Gotham
The older of the two bisters was for a
number of years maid to a woman ol
fashion and cstablibhcd something of a
reputation for taste in arranging the
hair , draping the gown , decking it
with flowers , and DO on. Mho was un
able , 1'mully , to submit to Iho exactions
of her mistress , and instead of
looking for a now place strucl
out in n moro indcpenden
lino. She had something of an no
quaintance acquired during her year-
of service and utilised this to gather i
clientage of her own. She and her bib
ter are settled eo/ily in a pretty 11 vo-
room lint , and the ladies whom they
beautify know Ihoin robpoetholv as , sa'y
Mllo. lioso and Mllo. Maria. They are
down-oast Yankees , but their Yankee
bciibo tolls them thai maids must , of
course , bo French. In a pretty girl
going to a bi : llu girl who hasn'ta maul ,
or whose maid is to ho misted for ordin
ary toilols only , Ihen Mllo. Hose musl
bo lo the fore. Mllo. Hose will catch
together the masses of lace or tulle and
put on delicate , tolling touches , produc
ing ollocts which the pretty girl never
dreamed of before. Then she will take
a double handful of ro.scs or other nat
ural lloworn and drop them over Iho
gown and lack Ihein up junl where they
happen to fall , making a very How or of
the pretly girl horholf. She will do Iho
bud up in her wrnp , ride to Iho scene of
festivity with her , and pronounce her
all in order for the conquest before the
hello leaves the dressing-room. Is a
wedding on the tapis , then it is Mllo.
Marie's'turn. . Mllo. Mario's forte is
dressing a brido. Her hands can work
magic when she baa them on a bridal
veil , and the \oung wife who has the
orange blossoms pinned by her recom-
mcnilb her lo all tier unmarried mates.
Miles. Ho o and Marie attend to Iho
toilets and decoiate the gowns of any
number of dressy women and girls.
Their order books are usually full , and
their charges run from $2 and J.'l well
up into the twenties , according to the
elaborateness of the design or the
amount of service called for , They aio
going to divide the summer between
Great clearing sale Monday"
morning. On Monday morn
ing we offer our entire stock of
fine Featlu4r Pillows regardless
of cost. Fine Down Pillows at
less than ordinary feather. We
have made a large cut on these
goods to clean them out. At
$1.49 48 pairs fine clean
Feather Pillows at $1.49 ; re
duced from $2.25. At $1.98
35 pairs fine Feather Pillows at
$1.98 ; reduced from $2.75. At
$2.39 28 pairs extra fine live
geese Feather Pillows at $2.39 ;
reduced from $3.50. At $2.98
38 pairs fine live geese
Feather Pillows at $2.98 ; re
duced from $4. At$3.98. 35 pairs
fine live geese Feather pillows
at $3.98 ; reduced from $5.25.
At $5.68 Best Down Pillows ,
covered with German linen
ticking , worth $9 ; sale price
$5.68 , Bulk Feathers at 550
and 75C a pound. These goods
we guarantee free from oder
and dirt.
We have received a very
large shipment of Mosquito
netting in all colors , bought
very much under regular price
at auction by our New York
agent. On Monday morning
we will place these on sale at
35c a piece ; this is the best
quality and sold everywhere at
45c. No faded goods.
On Monday , on our second
floor , we will make a special
sale of Boys' Express Wagons/
Bicycles , Tricycles , Vcloci-
p e d e s and Wheelbarrows.
These goods must be sold to
give us more room , and we
make the prices accordingly.
We sell them at less than half
what the same goods can be
Newport and Saratoga , and have nl-
icady advance engagements , dales to
bo settled moro delinitoly Inter at both
watering places. They are very par
ticular about the women they work for ,
and stand upon references. They say
they can't afford , from a business point
of view , to have any clients whose ante
cedents and present standing won"
bear looking into. Koso and Marie are
bright girls , and will no doubt make a
little fortune.
Nearly c\orybody both male and
female have at some time in their
lives ken an interest in hairpins , and
have noted the evolution which has
taken placein that necessary article ol
woman's toilet. The other day I visited
a Broadway dealer , and casually asked
if there was a very great demand now-
a-dn.\b for the common wire hairpin.
"Tlieio is always some demand for the
useful little article , " replied the dealer ,
"but the present style of hairdressin
dispenses with the 110 of the wire pi if ,
and the advent of those largo ornamen
tal pins , now so popular with the ladie
has tended to lower the demand for tin
moro common article considerably. ]
manage , how over , to sell about a ton ol
cheap hairpins every year. "
"Whatbecomes of all the hairpins ? "
"I fear you will have to ask Mmo.
Diss Debar for the solution of that
conundrum. It is ono of those ques
tions which , like the sphinx' * riddle , i
likely to remain tinasworcd for all time
1 can only suggest that perhaps the
hairpin goes the way of old bustles
buttons , ribbons , and other discarded
articles of feminine adornment. Hit
were not for the innumerable uses to
winch a woman can put thesimplo little
hairpin it would have vanished into
history along with the high comb and
hoopsftirt. 1 dent believe there is any
tool which the average woman cm
manipulnlo with such consummate sliil
and dainty deftness as the hairpin.
With a hamner or sharp-edged too"
such as the chisel a woman Kiieceods ii
doing little moro than bruii-ing or cut
ting her fair lingers , hut plaeo a hair
pin in her hands and watch the wend
em she performs. One who had nuvoi
before seen a hairpin in the hands of i
woman would never imagine Unit sf
many devices lay hidden within aosmal
a bit of mntal.
' With the hali-pln \\oman open
envelopes , fnbtens her dress , suspends i
c.ilnndnr or picture on the wall , pick
her tooth and outs apart the leaves o
her miiga/ino or hook. It becomes 01
occasions an improvised nut-pick , o
shoo and glovo-bnttonor ; or is a
swiltly transformed into a hook , scoop ,
or crank , Nor is this a complete cata
logue of the manifold uses of the mod
est hairpin. Necessity iH the mother of
invention , and HO the hairpin becomes
the tool of the moment for whatever
purpose the fair mechanic wills. "
"Then jon believe that the hairpin
has coino to stay ' ( ' '
" 1 think it lias , or at least It will re
main until manual training forum apart
of the education of our girls in the
schools and colleges. You may rest as
sured , however , that the hairpin will
receive the attention of at least ono
mere generation of women , "
There was quite a sensation on busy
Hrnadwny about i ) o'clock the other
evening. It ! cieatod by a proUy
girl , with a pair of fair Marguerite
braids hanging below her waist , who
fairly How up the street with a seni'lot
sunbhado spread above her head. The
bootblacks shouted , "Ah , thcrof 'fraiil
you'll eel tunnedV" and u moping mes-
jought for in other stores.
Express Wagons with iron
axles and Gendron iron wheels
cgular price $2.75 , reduced to l'
$1.95. Steel Body Express /
Wagons , size 13x28 , wheels 10 ) i
xi6 inches , with the Gendron
) alent wheels , at $2.85 , reduced
from $3-75. Steel Body Ex
press Wagons , size 14x31 ,
wheels 12 and 18 inches , with
patent wire wheels , at $3.19 ,
educed from $4.25. Steel Body
Express Wagons , size 15x33 ,
and wheels 14 and 20 inches ,
at $3.50 ; reduced from $4.75.
24 Express Wagons at 35c ;
reduced from 5oc. 6 Express
Wagons at 5oc ; reduced from
75c. 8 Goat Carts at $ -1.25
each ; reduced from $6.50 and
$8.50. Bicycles with rubber
tires , 36-inch wheel , at $11.75 ;
reduced from $15. Bicycles ,
with rubber tires , 39-inch wheel
at $13.50 ; reduced from $17.50.
Bicycles with rubber tires , 42-
inch wheel , at $17.50 ; reduced
from $22. Bicycles with 32-
inch wheels at $6.75 ; reduced
from $9. Iron Velocipedes ,
with patent oval iron tire
wheels at $3.25 ; reduced from
$4.25. Velocipedes at $3.75 ;
reduced from $5. Velocipedes
at $4.25 ; reduced from $6. Ve
locipedes at $5 ; reduced from
$7. Tricycles at $4.25 ; reduced
from $6. Girls' Tricycles at
$6.25 ; reduced from $8. Girls'
Tricycles at $6.75 ; reduced
from $9. Girls' Tricycles at
$7.88 ; reduced from $10.50. '
Children's Toy Carts at Sc ; re
duced from i5c. Children's
Toy Carts at rsc ; reduced from
2oc. Children's Toy Carts at
200 ; reduced from 3oc. Toy
Wheelbarrows at 5oc ; reduced
from 75c. Toy Wheelbarrows
at 75c ; reduced from $ i.
senger hey actually accelerated Ilia
speed towaid hi-i dohtiimtion to follow
close behind her and ask her if she was
afraid sho'd freckle in the electric
light. The policeman on the corner
woke up with a vague idea of stopping
her , but before the idea was formulated ,
she was away like a bird half a block
u ] > town , with a crowd of boys and
youths in swift pursuit shouting and
laughing. They might as well hava
tried to keep 1111 with a runaway steam
engine on a frolic as to get within touch *
ing distance of those loosing braids and'
dancing hunshacle.
Far in the rear a little group oJ
friends , ono of whom was ovidontlj the
girl's sister , very tired , very warm and
very angry in her endeavors to over
take the scarlet satin , exclaimed : "Oh ,
she thinks she's smart , doesn't she ? "
Mut on the distance , where the him pi
narrow lo the point of divergence , the
S"arlct huns'iado ' was propelled by the
pretty girl. She was apparently obliv
ious of the disturbance about , her , and
she wore a do-or-dio expression such as
is given to the pictures of heroes or
martyrs at their execution. I'robably
Marie Antoinette had such an intense ,
rapt face when she inmlo up her mind
and her toilet to go to her execution.
Any way , Marie Antoinette died like ; i
lady , with no outcry , and the girl with
the scarlet parachute won horwagor in
spite of the crowd , and never lowered
her parasol until the dnrkncsB of a sid'j
street shrouded her in mvstory.
A I.ITTM : MISS HAS A LONG .lotntxnv.
On Sunday InstMnggio Wcllc8oloveu
years old , reaehod here on her way to
1'ittsburg after a journey from Knghind
unaccompanied. The iitllo girl in a ,
Yorkshire IHJF , and until she was
started from America had never been
awuv from homo. Her uncle , John Kay ,
resides at Pittsburg. Tlireo years ago ,
when on a vinlt lo England , ho took a
fanci to the child , and recently sent foL *
her , SheIK \ started for America with
a Ing fastened to her waist , on
which was Mr , Ka. 's addresn.
Her passage was made on the Pity
of ( 'hosier , the stownrdosf ! curing for bel
aud seeing that a relative mot her in
Now York , i'lom New Vork she wont
in charge of the ( rain men. By an
error Mr. Kay wont to the depot'at
1'ittsburg too early on Sunday , and had
left when the child arrived , Ono Jo I
the depol hands read the directions and
plaeed he > - on a street car. The con
ductor put bur off. No. 12 engine com
pany's boys HIIW her , road the tag and
took her lo Mr. Kay's house , a square
away , In speaking of her long trip the
child said site had boon sick but ono
day , and hud no trouble ,
Tliey Have I arge HeudH.
" Seven1 being the average sl/e of ft
man's head as measured by his hat , "
snjb a London oxohnngo , "it appears
thai out of fourteen difitinouishod prr-
sonngob , two ( Lord Cholmsford and
Dean Slanloy ) wore below , while the
other two ( Lord Bencoiiblleld and the
prince of Wales ) wore exactly up to lliu
average. Of the others , Dickens , Sol-
borne , and Height required 71 , Karl
Kubsoll 7J , Lord Macaulay , Gladbtono ,
and Thackeray 74 , IvOiiis J'hilipne 7f ,
and the archbishop of York H full ! Of.
twonty-threo dibtinguishod men whoso
actual brain-weights are known , four ,
including the Into I'rof. Hughes 13onno6
and Hermann , the philologist , wore dis
tinctly below the average , showing that ,
a woll-c-onstituted brain of small dimen
sions may be capable of doing much hot-
tec work than many a larger organ
whoso internal constitution ierom ( ono
cautu or other , defectiva. " '