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How Society People Amueo Thom-
aolvos In Warm Weather.
MlM IVood'n Class Party Tin IVcd-
illtiR-AVlicro the OmaluiTcucliciH
"Will Spend tlio. Summer
General Gossip.
" \Vlicro They Will Hccrcntc.
Italow Is given the various places where
the teachers in the public schools will pass
tlio summer , and It will bo of Interest to their
many friends who may wish to communicate
with them : Clara li. Mason , Burlington ,
la. ; Mary Lomax , Nampa , Idaho ; Jcnnio C.
Salmon , Wisconsin nnd Minnesota ; Frances
E. Sheldon , Oswego , N. Y. ; Dccio A. Johns-
Ion , Xcnia , O. ; Mary E. Quackenbush , Mor
risen , III. ; Mrs. M. H. Mclntyro , Albany , N.
Y. ; Villa B. Shlppoy , Gowamla , N. Y. ; holla
H. Lewis , Stocklon , Cain , i Clara B. Mann ,
Oakland. In. ; Helen Wyckoff , York ,
Neb. ; Gertrude Ellis , Austin. Minn. ;
Mnttlo Ellis. Europe : Mrs. Jennie C. lOn-sor ,
Europe ; Virginia Victor , Hushville , Neb. ;
Sadie Pillmnn , Mt. Pleasant , la. : Franc I.
Mnroncy , Hloominutoni 111. ; Mattle L. Pow
ell , Amboy. 111. ; Clara F. Corper , Austin ,
III. ; Prisclllu A. Ward , David City. Neb. ;
Nelllo Ireland , PapiUlon , Neb. ; Hose C.
Fitch , Elkhorn , Neb. ; Miss Powers , Inde
pendence , la. ; EvniiKclino Sibley , LcMars.
In. : Lizzie Eleoek , Van Wert , O. ; Barbara
Hosteller , Mnrslmlltown , In. ; Hnlllcllickox ,
* Marshnlltown , lit. : Matilda Evans , Mill-
brook. Canada ; Mngglo McCarthy , Cal
ifornia ; Emma Wheiitly , Du Quoin , 111. ;
Lilly M. Briiiiner , Sednlin , Mo. : Clara H.
Duval , Salenc , O. ; MargaretOoss , Edliihurg ,
O. ; Mary B. Meyer , SaL'inaw , Mich. ; Lizzie
M. Sheppard , Curbondalo , 111. ; Lydla A. Me-
Cool , Lcllalnc , la. ; Mrs. Alice M. Williams ,
Hudson , Wis. ; Carrie M. Hartley , West
Union. Neb. ; HoseC. Eddy , Thompson , Neb. ;
Alice Hitlc. Omaha , Neb. ; Florence Baker ,
Seneca Falls , N.Y. ; D.Chureh , Pomeroy , O. ;
Eslhcr Hcston , Mount Pleasant , In , ; Laura
J. Bradford , Peru , Nob. ; Amelia Slmtluck ,
Eden , N. Y. ; Mary Murray , Denver , Col. ;
Jcnnio Hodllcld , Denver , Col. ; Maggie Vin
cent , Crcston , la. ; Myrn La Hue , Corning ,
In. ; Nellie Bennett , Kansas City , Mo. ;
Emily J , Hoblnson , Exeter , Neb. ; Lizzie A.
McAleese , Batav'a , N. Y. ; Mary A. Frazler ,
Chicago , 121. ; Mary E. Slmonds , Davenport ,
In. ; Mrs. A. B. Pcnniman , Lake Linden ,
Mich. ; Mrs. Mary E. Kent , New York , N.
Y. ; Loltlo Gassetlo , Albion , Mich. ; Kale E.
Crane , Brookfield , VI.
Mlns AVoood'u Clans Party.
The hospitable homo of Captain Wood ,
Capital avenue and Twenty-sixth street , was
all ablaze , with light and alive with merry
makers last evening. The occasion was a re
ccptlon given by his daughter , Miss Nettie ,
to her classmates , the members of ' 68 , j'ist
graduated. Besides her classmates there
were also present n number of intimate
friends and the event was a most delightful
ono. The lawn was lighted with
lanterns nnd was u favorite resort during the
ovoning. Wllhin Iho house names nnd other
social pastimes wcro engaged in. There is con
siderable musical talent in the class , and
'BOIIIU beautiful instruincnlnl and vocal selec
tions were rendered lo timoduring
the ovoning. Ono of the features of
the occasion wns the address to the graduat
ing class by the Hev. Mr. Williams. It wns
chock full of wholesome advice. Miss Nettle
has inherited the hospitality of her genial
father and mother , and proved herself a so
cial star last evening. Among these present
5 were : Nathan rurnstein , John Nelson , Nina
L. Charles , Frank C. Pclerson , Moliio A.
Couoycr , Joseph Polcar , Fannie Groff , Eph.
D. Pratt , Sarah Foster , Fannie M. Pratt ,
FlorcMo M. Fiost , Adda G. Hobinson , J.
Hlrchstcin , Franccsca J. Hoedor , Edna V.
Hobart , Herbert Milton Hogers , Mary G-
Hogan , Mary A. Sherwond , Mary Krebs ,
Jane S. Smith , Claude V. Light , George Her
bert Struiifr , Grace Lillie , Minnie Swart/-
lander , LydiaS.McCagucNcllio L.Thompson ,
3fijCharies S. Meyers , Nova W. Turner , Fred-
' * crick Montgomery , Blanche M. Van Ktirnn.
Elizabeth C. Morrell , Catherine O. White ,
Miss T. E. Sheldon , Mr. J. Devris M. D. ,
Miss S. R. Davis , Mayor Broatch , Miss Dccio
A. Johnston. Kev. John Williams , Prof. II.
P. Lewis , Mr. H. Wohrcr , Superintendent
Tames and wife , Guy Mead. Misses Alice nnd
Ada Parker , Miss M. Woodman , Miss Bcssio
and Moliio Stevenson , Lizzio Corby. Miss
Emily Wakely , Prof. S. D. Beals , Misses
Anna and Olive Foley , Miss Elder , Miss
Florence Mead , Miss Stull , City Physician
Ralph and wife , Mr. Ed. Fitch , Judge
Uorka apd wife , Mr. Will Craiger ,
Captain Cormiek. Mr. C. H. Fitch ,
Mr. M. Whnlcn , Misses L. nnd S. McShano ,
Miss Anna Trulaud.Miss Virginia Patterson ,
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. Morrow , Mr. Will Stevens ,
Mrs. C. H. Tntch , Mr. Arthur East , Mr.Hag-
pcrt Cochrane , Mr. T. C. Stephens , Mr. J.
Hornstcin. Mr. Hector Murray , Mr. Albert
E. Earlo , Mr. Wright , Mr. Al Beaten , Mr.
Will Bowman , Mr. Frank Beaten , Mr. S. S.
Lanyon , Mr , Wallace Hroatth , Mr.C. Wilson ,
Mr. Milton Darling , Mr. Frank Darling.Miss
Helen Sharp.
Moonlight IMcnla.
Ono of the most delightful social events of
Iho week wns the moonlight picnic given by
MLss Georgia Shlpninn at Pries lake on last
Monday evening. Early In tlio evening n
3ocn couples assembled at Miss Shipnmn'R
homo , 030 south Seventeenth street , and at7
( 'clock started for the picnic grounds in a
largo carryall and two or three carrhiKes.
The ride out wus a merry one. Six musicians
from the Fort Omaha band wore taken along
to furnish the music for Iho occasion. Mrs.
Stephens an accomplished singer , who was
one of the guests favored her fellow picnlc-
crs with n number of splendid aon .s at in
to ivals nt the plcnio grounds. A more de
lightfully Hpent evening could not
lie imagined. Dancing nnd boat-
HdliiK and other pleasures wore in
dulged in , nnd all wcro astonished when
It was announced that it was 1 a. m. , and
tlrno to start home. Without a single ex
ception all pronounced the homeward rule a
most felicitous ono. The Kay party consisted
of the following young ladies and gentlemen :
The Misses Bourdman , Lawrence * , Russell ,
Albee , Sampson , , Gould , May nnd Lulu
Callalmn , Wilson , Shlpmnn and Mrs , C. F.
Stephens. The Messrs. YiuiKhan , Clark ,
Godfrey , Schnnf , Pegram , Dunmire , Bar-
rowclouKh , Mcrrium , LlttlelleUl , Engo and
Solomon TowiiHcnd ,
i As un entertainer Miss Georgia was
unanimously voted a grand success.
Holron MtiBlonln.
Ono of the most fashionable- events of thu
week was the second soiree muslealo given
\j \ i < t : by Mrs , Fannie Kullogg-Bachcrt at thu MH-
lard on Thursday ovcning. Mrs. Buehert
again proved herself u charming hostess und
made all her guests feel perfectly at homo.
Bho wus ably assisted by Mrs. J. M. Wool-
worth. Among these present were noticed
the following largo number of our most
fiihhloimblu beeiety people : Dean and Mrs.
Gordon , Mayor und Mis. liroutch , Mr. and
Mrs. Ad'ilph Meyer , Mr. and Mrt. , Thomas
Bwobe , Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Hitchcock , Mr.
und Mm. Mctealf , Mr. nnd Mrs , Henry Esta-
brook. Mrs. E. Estabrook , Mr. and Miss Col
lins , Mrs. J. A. Harbach , Mr. and Mm.
Buchanan , Mr. nnd Mm. Edgar C , Snyder ,
Mr. und Mrs. W. J. Council , Mr. and Mrs ,
T. M. Orr , Judge nnd Mrs. Groff , Mrs. T. M ,
Kimball , Mr * . Clark , Mrs. Anna M. Tales ,
Miss Garllchs , Mrs. General Whcalon , Mr.
and Mrs. J. J. Dickey , Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler ,
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. FinUhouso , Mrs. Dr.
Denies , Mrs. J. W. Gannelt , Mr. and Miss
Pound ! , the Misses Buttcrfleld , Arnold ,
lur.aes , Kok'crs , Superintendent James , Prof.
Itobbins , Mr. Julius Meier , George Squires
nud many others.
Plcnio Parly at tlio Park.
The picnic jinvty given at Hanscom park
Thursday evening was a brilliant success.
Dancing was the order of the evening and
rofrcshmonls wcro served nt U o'clock.
Among these piosent were ; Mr. nnd Mrs.
R. L. Poltlt , the Misses Pcttlt , Franklin ,
Adams , Maggie , Sadie and Moliio McGon-
Igle , Lizzio and Carrie Pound , Frances and
Mamie Cusack , Emma and Augusla Gibson ,
May and Lulu Caluhan , NeUpn. F.rleksou ,
I laid , Norgreon , Carlson , Hendershot ,
Krelcer , VclU. Viggors. Henderson , Craig.
Wio Messrs. A. If. Pelt it , Smith , Broad-
hurst , Hall , Philbln , Craig , Cronk , Curtiss ,
Flanlgan , Woodard , Santa , Barton , Butetr-
v.-orth , Potter , Jowctt , liurns , Scofflii , Page ,
ICocn , Glbion , Pcct , Craven , Parrel ,
berg , Uoicr , tiodmnn , Ueaih , Stecic Untn ,
.11 nnd IJ , Lcnfgrecn , Kcllop , ? , Pn dsun ,
Wcston , llurl , Terrace , Benson , \ \ cibcrg.
Kotnmers In Honor of ' 'Iioc. "
On last Tuoiday evening the members of
the Turnverein held n social session called
n 'Kommcrs" in honor of Dr. J. M. Wood-
burn , who wns to leave Iho cily permanently
in n couple of da.vs. Doc. lias been n promi
nent member of the hinhcst turner class for
some tlmo nnd has won the esteem of the
entire Turnverein society. As a slight token
of their esteem for him they decided to
present him with n solid gold watch and
chain. A number of the order of Elks , of
which "Doc. " Is a member , also wished to
show their regard for "Doc.1 nnd they had
made to order a beautiful and unique watch
charm consisting of thrco elk's tooth set in
solid gold. The presentallon was made by
Phillip Andres , the - pcnlus of the
Turnverein. "Doc" ' was too much surprised
nnd overcome with emotion to reply with his
usual fluency , but the boys applauded him to
the echo. Later he seated himself nt the
piano and played and sang some beautiful
selections In Ills usual accomplished manner.
On Thursday the doctor took his leave for
the Rosebud agency.
Yesterday was the annlvoisury of the wed
ding of Mrs. Fred Engell , Saunilers and
Commercial streets , and about ono hundred
nnd twenty-live of their friends assembled In
their pleasant homo last evening to celebrate
the event that marks a decade of matrimon
ial felicity. The gathering was ono disting
uished for Its social success , and games ,
music , lefrcshments and general cnit.v were
the features of the occasion. MKiNje , of
Chicago , who Is the guest of Mrs.'i-11 ,
was delighted with the ppioni slio met last
evening and tlerliircs the Omaha people the
most sociable and lively parsons she had met
unywhcro In society.
He-ward ol' Merit Parly.
The teachers of Walnut Hill school , the
Misses H. Hamilton , . ! . Carter , G. Valentine ,
J. Harringlon and Mrs. L. 1) . Mann , guvo a
party to fi number of thnlr pupils lint week
who had not been nbscntor tardy during the
year. The faith fill ones wcro Lester Wilson ,
May Shoemaker , Katie and Hello Hyun ,
Bessie lirown , Maggie , Annie and Hicluird
Hauler , Earl Ilerby , Harry Vim Horn ,
Elmer Garner , Stewart Gwyun , Lucy
Crowding , Gustu Marsh and Lulu Edwards.
The parly was most pleasant in all Its fea
tures , ami will lotitf bo remembered by all
these who participated.
The Major Will" Not Marry.
Tin : Bci ! of last Wednesday published an
announcement which it thought reliable that
Major Mott MeMahon of this city , well
known in military , real estate and life insur
ance circles , was to bo married lo a Hannibal
lady on the -1th prox. Tlio announcement
has since been denounced as unfounded by
Iho gentleman himself. It has been a source
of serious annoyance to him and in defer
ence to liis wishes tills denial is cheerfully
Surprised Mr. and Mrw. Daley.
A most enjoyable party was given at the
cozy residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Daley ,
in the northwestern part of the city on last
Tuesday , at which a merry gathering passed
an evening of varied and most delightfully
pastime and social converse. At the conclu
sion the pleasure seekers enjoyed a happv
drive to the city. _
Mr. Warren P. Hogers , son of Milton
Hogers , of this city , wai married on Monday
to Miss Deering , daughter of the mayor of
Portland , Mo. The bride wan attended by
Miss Carrie Ijums , of this city. The bridal
party will return Iho latter part of the coin
ing week. Miss IJiuns will remain for some
weeks inllio cast.
cast.Muu : - > -iniitc : ! .
A very pleasant social event took place on
Monday lust when the Hev. Father Glauber
united in marriage Miss Annie Elbow and
Mr. Fred L. Mures. Miss Elbcrg was born
in this city and is the charming daughter of
Mr. Andrew Elbcrg , an old resident hero.
Mr. Marcs opened the lirst Bohemian drug
store in Omaha at 1715 South Sixteenth
street , und is well known to many. A num
ber of their frieds met at the residence of
Ihe bride's parents , Twenty-first nnd Boli
var avenue , in tlio evening to wisli the young
couple many yearn of life , happiness and
prosperity. The evening was passed in de
lightful social enjoyment.
Guttural Go lp.
Mrs. Burniin and family arc in Boslon.
Mrs. Byron Heed has gone cast for the
Hnlpli HIchardson returned from college
Mrs F. J. Honors and children will spend
Iho Hummer in Boston.
Miss Dui v Doane is spending Ihe summer
visiliiiK in West Virginia.
Mrs. Barney has returned from an ex
tended visit to Vermont.
Mrs. George N. 1 licks and son have gone
east to spend the summer.
Mrs. G cargo A. Huagland has gonclo Man-
kuta , Minn. , for the summer.
Hugh G. Chirk moves into his new resi
dence at Florence this woclc.
Hov. J. A. Hobmson returned from Cleve
land after a three weeks absence.
Dr. Conkllng and C. J. Cumin have gone
to Lake Madison , Minn. , on a tlshing tour.
Mrs. Samuel Burns und children nro at
tending the Chuutauqna assembly ut Crete.
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Pcrrimi have returned
from their trip to New York mid Philadel
Mrs , C. S. Haymond and family have gone
to Mnquoketn , la. , for a mouth's visit with
Mrs. E. C. McShnno and family leuvo this
evening for Buffalo , N. Y. , to pass the
heated term.
Miss May Bullcns , of St. Joseph , is the
guest of Mrs. Ellen S. Beall , 2JJ North Nine-
iccnlh street.
Mrs. Wendell Benson nnd daughter will
spend the summer ut various points on tno
coast of Maine.
Mrs. John Hcth has been called lo Iho
deathbed of her mother , Mrs. C. I. Miller , nt
Hichmond , Ky.
Dr. Joseph Neville , who has been absent
in thu east for the three months , returned
homo Tci'sday.
Miss Jessie Sehlmer , of Villsca. In. , is in
the city visiting Mr. and Mrs. William
Woods , ! 17U ! ) Franklin street.
Miss Florence L , Baker , teacher in Iho
Pleasant street school , hits left for Seneca ,
N. Y , , to spend the summer.
Mr. Edward Hosuwuter , editor of Tun
Hue , hns returned from his brief Canadian ,
trip greatly improved In health.
Mr. J. J , Monnell and his mother will
probably leave for the west the hitler part of
this week for a prolonged trip.
Mr. und Mrs. D. J. Colllim loft Thursday
evening for Philadelphia , whcra Mr. Collum
was called by the death of his brother.
Dr. O. P. Chub , onu of Omaha's pioneers ,
but now a resident , of California , has been in
the city the past week visiting old friends.
Mrs. Captain Simpson and daughter ,
Louise , left Wednesday evening for Now
York , where they will spend the summer.
Mrs. C. B. Hlggiiison has returned from
Cincinnati , wlu're she bus been pursuing her
study of puiutliig ut thu Academy of Design.
G. A. Hatltbun , who has boon attending
college at Cornell the past scholastic year ,
bus loturncd to Omaha for the summer vaca
Miss Fannie Abrams has returned from a
four months' delightful trip through Cali
fornia , Texas , Mexico , Now Mexico and
Mrs II. L. Hall returned Homo the lirst of
thu week from Notre Dame , Ind , where she
had goiio to see her sister , Miss Lulu Doauo ,
Mrs. J. J. Bliss leaves next Sunday for a
two inoiHhs' irip lo England and Franco.
The greater portion of her time will bo spent
in London ane Puns.
Miss Dora Parker , of Garrottsville , O. ,
who has been visiting her uncle and aunt ,
Mr. und Mrs. Churchill Parker la Walnut
Hill , returned homo.
Mr * . Adam Stigor goes to the White
Mountains shortly. She will yiMt her
mother before returning to Omaha , thu latter
part of the summer.
Auioug the Omaha physicians 'who at- ,
tended the session of the St.ito Medical so-
ilety the past week were DrA. llinrt ,
Merrinm , Carter nnd others , They all took
apronjiuint part in the exercises.
The Km nut Monument association , fn liter
ary socittj i meets every Thursday evening
at their hall on Douplns between Thirteenth
and Fourteenth strocls.
Hev. Thomas McCneuo has returned from
tour of Kp.v tit and Palestine- , where helms
been for eight months. Hois Improved in
health , nnd took great pleasure in looking
over the field of Ids early missionary work.
Mr. Oscar M. Anderson , of Ncllgh , Neb. ,
known us "Franz Sepel" through his charm-
Int letlers some inonlhs mro lo THE Hun
from lloston and Europe is In this town. Mr ,
Anderson is on hi * way homo from Harvard
college , where ho lias Just completed his
Junior year.
Miss Amy L. Hughes , of St. Louis. Mo. ,
daughter ot Mr. John C. Hughes , of tills
city , and niece of Major Williuai B. Hughes ,
chief quartermaster depattment of the
Pintle , arrived m the city Thursday morn
ing for a short visit with the family of her
brother , Mr. George L. Hughes , of No. 1 111
Vinlon street.
The Hev. Willard Scott , who hns been very
111 the past fortnlghl , threatened with spinal
meningitis. Is nboul airain. Ho leaves next
week for Scotland to ba absent about three
months. His parish arantcd him a leave of
iibscnee , and a few of the gentleman of the
congregation have provided for the complete
Irip. Morning S"rvces : will bu continued
under the eire of the pulpit committee , and
it is thought the new church will b ? com
pleted on his return , which will b. about Oi--
tober I. Mrs. Scolt will remain in Omaha
during her husband's absence.
The M Co ol * u Moon Maiden Vlsltlm ;
tlio Kurti. !
Ouo of the best of thu early stories of
the .lapanoso if the "Takelori no Okiim
no Monocular ! , " or , as translated by
Mr. Victor IJk'kctis and publishi'il un
der the title of "The- Old liamlmo
Hewei-'a Story. " The midorlyiut , ' ideas
in it are obviously ChinuM ! . sajs the
AUiominitii. but the tresitirii'iit hears
the iniprobs of a moro hiuik'itmtivo rare ,
and ; told in the words of Mr. Dickens ,
it becomes a jinieeful nnd interesting
story. Of Ihu bamboo huwor ,
litUu is said and no hint
tfivcjii of the hidilon virtue which
marked him out as ti favorite of the
tfods. Hut just as the glory of ISuddha
appears only to the oy ' * of the faithful
on Iho ho-oiu of the nmts which spread
over the valleys bonuath the mountain
temples of the ROI ! and the relics
which to ordinary mortals luivo the
snmblunco of dusl < y beads shine in the
sight of tin ; devout believers as lustrous
tear drops , so to the ijious bamboo
bower nlono was rovealcd in the heart
of n bamboo stem a shining light < jn-
conipa ing a lovely llguro of
a tiny infand. With reverent
care the woodman carried home
tlio child , who irrew into a maiden of
such surpassing loveliness- ) that all tlio
nobles in the laud bought her in mar
riage. With her pros3iieo canu for
tune to her protector , whoso only dread
was that the time would arrive whoii ho
should lose the delight of her society by
her marriage. But lo his joy ho found
that hho was us unwilliiii'to accept tho1
lionmgo of her suitoras ho was un
willing to bestow her hand. Five of her
noble lovers , however , so persistently
urged their suits that she had recourse
to the expedient which in fairy tales
of all nations is invariably adopted by
unwilling brides. To each she seta
task as ditllcult to accomplish as "nuni-
boring sands and drinking oceans dry.1'
The lir-l she S'-nt in quest of the Holy
( trail , the sacred bogging bowl of
Liiuklha ; the second was ordered to
bring anil lay at her hvt a branch from
the tree whoso roots are of silver , whoso
trunk is of gold , and wlio-so fruitage i
of pure white jade , which grows on the
sacred mountain of Horai ; the third was
commanded to present her with a fur
robe of the pelt of Ihe llaiuo-proof rat ;
from the fourth she required "the rain
bow hued jewel that hides its sp.u-Klo
deep in the dragon's head1 ; an.l the
fifth was charged with the search of
the cowry shell winch the swallows
bring over the broad Mja plain.
It is nefdle-s to say that one and all
failed lo fulfill Ihe required conditions.
Meanwhile Ihe milcado- heard of the
buanty of the inaidon , and. like the
kings' in the Gorman forests , the Htis-
siau wilds , and tlio Indian mountain' ,
he , under the pretense of hunting , approached
preached the woodman s cottage and
succeeded in catching a glimpse of tlio
lovely form of the lady Knguya. So
enamored did be become of the vision
that he besought her to share his
throne. Hut no better did he faro than
the other lover : ! , and was fain to
put up with an occasional letter
in reply to the missives which ho con
stantly' dispatched to the woodman's
hut. 'At length the Lady Kaguya an
nounced to her protector that the time
bad come for her lo return to her homo
in the moon , whence she had originally
descended to earth. And , though on
the appointed night a strong guard was
posted around the house by order of the
mikado lo prevent the Might of the
maiden , a troop of heavenly being , es
corting a chari'iot. descended through
the air and bore away tiieir pri/.e to her
celestial abode.
Donning Female At tire to Il
His Sister atal'ariy.
A certain light coinple.xioned young
man. with no visible signs of a board ,
and his charming sister , Fannie , look a
treed deal alike , says the Albany ( N. Y. )
Telegram. A pink domino parly was
given at the house of a lady on Stallord
street , West Troy , and Miss Fannie was
invited. She was im full of fun as her
brother , and when the latter requested
that ho bo allowed to take her best
dress and attend the party .she readily
conbonte.d. Wednesday evening Fannie
assisted Jlarr.v in gutting the tonmlo
toggery on , anil arranged the bustle to
perfection. When thu jaunty little hat
wasp ) HOLM ! upon h is hoailgoar of switches
and frontpicco , ho looked too sweet for
anything. Ho looked exquisite , and
she cautioned him to bo careful about
crossing his logs at the party or bitting
down all ever llio. bustle.
Harry promised to bo careful , and af
ter the last bit of powder hail been aji-
nliud to his cheeks lie sallied fortn.
Fannie ( or Harry ) was the boll of the
ball. Ho was kissed by a score of fair
maldoiiB , which caused the red blood to
How to his powdered chocks and made
him look moro lovely , Harry was al
lowed to outer the dressing rooms , and
it was all lie could do to talk as near
like liis sibter as possible , He was en
gaged for every dance , and was escorted
to biippor by a prominent young citizen
who now is curbing his stupidity in not
knowing that ho was ] K > uring his love
into the car of a mini. Harry was es
corted homo nnd those who atlondud
tlio allair would never have known the
secret , but Fannie could not keep it ,
and just told it to ono young lady who
attended the party. The story is now
all over town and there are a do/.cn
young moil who would line to punch liis
head and any number of girls who feel
like scratching his eyes out for the
things that they &uid in his hearing. "
W 'clily Buulc Ntaleinont.
NEW YOIIK , Juno UO. Tuo weekly bank
statement shows that the reserve decreased
STS'J.OJd. The banks now hold * . > rOirOOJ iu
excess of legal requirements.
Tlio Uiittlibli Turf.
Loxnox , Juno 80. At Sandowu Park to-day
the race lor the Wellington stakes was won
by Satiety.
The Past Week Among the Goat
The Snpr.Miie Iiodgc Mcctlnc nt St.
1/oiils Annual Olllcors 1'ytliiati
Ouniinlttcc Ueport Society His
tory Elks' Kioiirslon.
At the regular meeting of Omaha Ledge
No. 18 , A. O. U.V. \ . , the following wcro
elected as ofllecra for the term ending De
cember 31 , 18-8 : P.M. W. , M. H. Heebo ;
SI. W. , W. J. C. Putnam Cr-uncr ; F. . C. O.
Hoomer ; O. , C. A. Goss ; U. , W. H. Dyer ;
Hec. , C. E. Hovuolds ; Pin. , N. W. Charles :
U. . A. S. Mitigold ; I. W. , J. L. Wilklo ; O.
W. , J. E. Webb ; Trustee , G. H. Hamilton ;
Medical Exams. , J. U. K.ilph and P. Hos-
totter. Tho'e gentlemen will bo installed at
oftlcers nt the regular meeting next Thurs
day night.
'ilit ! A. O. U. \ \ " Lodge MiMMlni ; .
Mr. S. K. Pallon'mid Mr. J. W. Carr ,
of Hits city , IWJ of the Nebraska delegates to
the seventeenth nnnu U moot ng of the
supreme lodge of Iho A. O. U. W. which was
hel 1 in Louisville , Ky , , last week , returned ,
home from Hi it Citv last Thursday. The
best news the gentlemen had to bring with
them was the fact fiiit the next supreme
session is to bo hold in Oiiuhn the third
Monday of Juno 18 U. When Mr. Carr and
Mr. P.ittou left this city to attend the annual
meeting. They weal with the Intention ol hav
ing the next nioatiiiK hold in this city if pos
sible , and fioui the tini.j they arrive. ! in the
blue grass capital until aitsr the vote was
taken and the decision rendered in favor of
Omaha they talked of the advantages
of the Nebr.uicn metropolis as the phu'e
lor holding the meeting. The only live
competitor in the Held for the prl/o Uos-
ton , She proved too slow and when the vote
was taken the b.illot stood ini for Omalm
and ninty-six for Hc.iutown. Tlio Omaha
repreamitatives who sec'ire.l ' the moatinj ; for
Ihls city foci very proud over their la
bors from the fact that the supreme lodge in
this state has only been oiyi'ni/.eu a little
over throe yo.irs and the nii'inhership of the
order In this city is only n little over three
The supreme lodge meeting nt Louisville
convened last Tuesday and in session
si.v days. The principal legislation work
tr.msai'to'l or disciiFse.l in thu .session in
rt'g-ml to the relief law of thu order , which
was not changed , and the abolishing
of the supremi ! lodge Jurisdiction
which takes effect after October
This is iiLVOinpllshed by the betting apai tot
the ( litferent states Into Roptrate grand Juris-
( livtiuiia. All those Juri .dictions having less
than 0,0)0 ) ineM.bJrs arc thus compelled to
pay beni'llciuries only in the sum ot $1 for
tin ; death of nicmbcrs in good Vnjfcil'
within the Jurlsdu-tion. The question oTTl
corpor.itiiiK the supreme lo.lgo also dis
cussed at length , bat p.issed without any
llnal action bomg t.tken m the matter. It is.
of course , well Known by thu members of
t le order that the supreme lodge is acting
as a voluntary assoiciaU'iu. The incorpora
tion ( | iioiiio.i li is bacii d so used b jfore , and
at almost every uicotiiiir In the past three
years. It was the incorporation business
and ivhof l.iw that caused all the trouble in
Iowa that has utTcclcd tlio order so in that
st to.
On election day the following gcntlrtncn
were eloi-ted us nupri ; uu ofil/cis to serve : P. S. M.V. \ . . \V. II.
Jordan , C.ililoraia ; H. M..W. , ( J. M. Mast.-iN ,
\VK-nnsln ; S. F. , W. U. Or.ihim , low.i ; S.
O. , W. W. Wils3.i , Mu-iK'an ; S. U v. , i\I.
\V. SiAott , Penn-.ylv.unji ; S. K. , J. H. Lou-
hart , 1'Oiinsviv.inU ; S. § / . , J. A. Child ,
ilDrnm ; S. W. , W. M. l , tu , Mir.vl.uid ; S.
M. E. , Ilivh DohertjTjMassacliusctt-s : su-
] ) i-cme trustees , L. L. , 'Jl1" , Illiuoi" ; Warivn
Vi-i'tter , Ont.ino ; II. llrLoomis , New Vork.
Accirdiug to the repo wjf the various coin-
mitteoi the worlc of tls o.1 0 tor the past
year h 13 boon voty suS'rti-tory. Over two
huiidro 1 the is in-j m ° ll3r'j' n uns are eu-
rolled up ) ii the books of H'.io or.ler in this
country and C inaJa. Mr. C it-r an 1 Mr.
i'.ittou nth tpn'tin the hijhmt tjrnn of
tlii-ir ci e-t lui.iunt at Lousville : , an 1 will
do everyttilnsr in their power when the dele-
fr.itjs nu 1 mouibeiM of fie supreme lo Igo
coiiie to tlnseity to give them the grandest
w 'lcome they have ever received.
l-i Hi 4 I'iVy Chair.
Simuel Morrison , an n cd veteran of the
voluntjsr and city lire department of Coun
cil lilull i , has bocjtnj blinil an.l almost
helpless , w.u proiJiitu.1 with an elo.'iut eisy
chair last Thiii--d ty by his brother inenitur.-t
ofCmnsil llliilllojjj , No. 4) ) , I. O. O. F.
It boars upon it the initials of thu motto of
the nrJcF. . L. T , " friendship , love and
truth. 1'he kind rcmcmbrunro will be au'reat
source of cunifort tj Mr. Morrison in his old Tlie presentation was llttlnirly in-ade
and the recipient was i-inpet3lv ! ovoriMtno
with Kiirprise and gratitude. The following
gcnllcinrn were the donur : Thoains Uow-
inan , S. S. Keller J. Cochran , T. J. Allison ,
II. Slemkiipf. L Hledem in , N. II. Smith , 11.
\V. Pu'Ien ' , G. II. lirown , J. II. Pliimor. John
DodKiierty , I' . C. DJ Vol , G.M.VM F. S.iuth ,
Kaiuuel Uwlov , E. U. GarJiur , E. Ilimt-
inirton , W. .SiuJeatopf , II. S. West and Ed
.1 offers.
* *
Annual l-x'ssidii.
The annual session ol thu Dakota grand
lolgenf MastuH cinvein 1 at Dj.idwojd last
TuesJny. About twj liundrej me nbcrs of
the or.ler , to ether with tlieir wives , were
jiresent nt the mooting besides delegations
from all thu lol es lor miles around. The
citi/ens of Ihu dea 1 timber and mining town
did everything in their power to eiitcrtuin
tlieir guests wliilo they were not in session.
Excursions to tlio surrounding villages nnd
visits to the mines uilde I u very pleasant
feature toward the entertainment of the
visitors. Wednesday evening n ball was
given that eclipsed in Its elcgaiu-u
anything in tlio so.-ial line that was ever
Kivcn in the lilnc'.c Hills iv.-'ions. Over three
hundred of the most prommunt pur-ioim nnd
personages in the uttilo nnd capital were present -
sent to eug.iiro in the foitlvltUM. The moat
ing of the no it-koeijrs will long bo rommn-
uercd in Deadwood as the crowning event in
the social history of the city.
A NViv ( Jrilcr.
Alo.lffoof the Or.lo.-of Foroitjri wasj in
stituted In South Oma'u Wodnosd.iy night
under tlio name of thu Migic City lodge , and
the following insuibaiM wow appointoil tem
porary olllcji-.s : For president , J. Atherton ;
secretary. Dr. Kelly ; treasurer , Thos. Uocl ; ;
and medical examiner , Dr. Ensor. The
benclits uro ? 1,0011 ut death , und the entrancu
fco W ,
4t &
Tlio I'ciiiiHylvnnin Troiihln.
The special committee at the meeting of the
supreme council , Knight of Pythias , to
whom was referre.l the Pennsylvania mat
ter , report , first : To sustain the supreme
chancellor ; secondly , to reinstate the grand
lodge of Pennsylvania , provisionally , for tiio
purpose of making amendments that are re
quired ; thirdly , "that thu Institution of the
'loyal' grand ledge is not approved , and is
declared null und of no effect ; " fourthly ,
"thai it is hereby imperatively unjoinod upon
Iho lodgo" to refrain from any pun
ishment of any subordinate lodges loyal to
the supreme chancellor , but all shall bo on
the same footing ; llfthly , that the reprcscnt-
ntlvcs from the two grand lodges who came
to present the case bo paid mileage and per
diem the same as thu supreme representa
In a supplemental rcpjrt the committee ,
wnich included Hon.V. . 11. Gulo und Hon.
John Van Valtcenberg , I' . S. C. , takes the
ground that the supreme chancellor's anxiety
to give an impartial hearing to the Pennsyl
vania brethren led him to consent to the
charges by Past Grand Chancellor Huttcr-
lleld , eto. , but "tho whole proceedings had
iu that regard wore without buillcicnt war
rant or uulhority of law. " A furlher report
directs the Buprcuiu chancellor to losuo a new
charter to Pennsylvania similar to the other
grand ledge charters , if it so requests , and
further that the representatives from the
luJibo admitted as such.
Your son or daughter attends ? IB it equipping them to hold their own in the rapid rush of living nowadays and tocomo ?
Old methods wore good , no doubt , but times have changed and progressive schools chnngo with them. They ask : "Whnt
knowledge gained nt school proves In afterlife of the greatest "utility ? " They answer : "That which otmblosono to us *
nnd write good English with case accuracy tuul elegance. " To impart this is a difficult task. They find they can best
do it by using a Typewriter.
It adds nn unwonted charm to
" By dally exorcise in Its use in
the unwelcome- task of "writing
n composition. the school-room.
Its use makes the mechanical
I3y making U the moans of illustrating
part of composition pleasant.
It rouses the pupils energy and ustrating forms of business uso.
The product is so like tho.
makes him a co-laborer with his
printed page errors are moro
teacher In the work of his edu
easily discovered nnd. pointed
The mintl anil muscles working
\ The pupil instinctively attends
ing together secure a more complete -
jto the rules of form , ; ; 'iiaragrapH-
pleto training for each other
than would bo possible if either Ing , punctuationetc. , from thtf. .
worked alone. set before him.
Sliort-liaiicl and Typewriting Taught.
Hadn't you better see that your children get this training ? , observation , and a wide questioning of distin
guished educators has shown that the introduction , of the Typewriter In the schools has been of great practical utility.
A good stenographer can always got high wages.
UKST OF ALL , skill in the use of the type writer affords a moans of livelihood and opens the way to higher and moro
trustworthy business positions. Situations furnished free of charge.
Fully explained on application. We shall bo pleased to send an illustrated pamphlet to any address of persons intorost-
cd. Always glad to answer questions or to receive visitors.
We guanuilee the superiority of our intu'hiues and give purchasers the right to return them if not satisfactory.
Jos. P. MEGEATH Sole Dealer
, ,
1607 Farnam St , Omaha , For Nebraska and S. W. Iowa.
These reports , it should bo borne in mind ,
have not yet bicn adopted.
Captured ( ho HlutTs.
A large delegation of 11. P. O. lodge of
ElUs No. 311 , of this city , visited Council
HljlTs , Friday night , to pay their respects to
tlioir chief officer , A. H. Davenport , now the
proprietor of the Osdeu house in that city.
They completely c.iptured the genial hotel
proprietor , and before he could ejllojt ; him
self the house in the Kossessjjjf- the
gentlemen of the order. It was Tominpnly
reported on the streets of the piohibition
city yesterday , that before the boys got out
of the town old "Hud" htid been put on ice
and later his neck was broken. The entire
hostelry was at the disposal of the company
and a more pleasant evening was never ex
perienced in the city. Dalby's baud was
summoned to the hotel to add sweet music to
the evening's pleasure- and at 11 : iO the visi
tors , headed by the band , left for their Ne
braska homes.
* *
A lllstor-y of ttucrct Societies.
A number of years ago , says if writer in the
San Francisco Examiner , wo investigated
somewhat i-ito the origin and history of fra
ternal co-operation , aid : were surprised ,
gratified and , in fact , astonished at thu ago
and success of scores of such organizations
throughout the world , and us recently there
have been published some articles denying
that fraternal co-operation is of any ugi1 , or
has any stability , or can be permanent , the
following facts and cjmments are j'iven :
The oldest fraternal bencllcinl society in
the w.'rid is the Count doVinton society ,
nrjranUiid In ll l , and is still in existence.
The next oldest is the Loyal Kvanus society ,
established in IMS. The registrar of Eng
land ivp.cts eighty-nine friendly or bene
ficial societies in ex stance that were orga
nised in the seventeenth century , and over
1KK ( ) such societies thill are over fifty years
old. In England Itl.T.Vi friendly societies
are reported , with 7OJO,000 members. Tlio Liver Friendly society , organised in
l-fiJ. reports S ! > "iOTi , ( members. As the old
world for many years has proved the value
of these organization ! ) , it lias gone beyond
any experiment and meets the patronage and
i o-'opi-ratiou ol the people. In this country
tlio co-operative feature is comparatively
new , but as years roll by the great practical
value and necessity of sucli organizations
will be manifest to all.
For a time there was a great spirit of hat
red and jealousy on the part of life insur
ance companies toward the secret benevolent
association. * . The life insurance companies
liave connto see and know that these fra
ternal societies have educated the people up
to life , and especially endowment insurance1 ,
and almost abolished the objections made by
wives and children. Peonlo have learned
that taking out u policy deus not necessarily
imply that a man is Koing to dm immediately ,
or Hint the paying of it premium is equivalent
to a dose of strychnine , and thousands now
hold life and endowment policies that before
these fraternal societies liimlliari/cd the pub-
lie with the idea , won d have looked upon a
iifo insurance agent as they would some fore
runner of a pestilence.
Tlio feeling toward Iho benevolent as
sociations has not hecn of recent date.
In Ib.Yi the leading actuary of the world
said it was impossible for the Odd Fellows
to pay ? . " > per week sick benefits und $75
funeral benefits on f ! or W per year dues ;
hut at the end of thirty years that mime act
uary Is now ono of thu foremost advocate ?
of the truth that co-operative endowment Is
feasihlo and pc'i-mam'iil. The public gen
erally are coming to know these facts , and
for this reason , if nothing else , the growth of
all tlio orders having benevolent endowment
associations connected with them is no rapid
and permanent.
io Senate.
Thu annual meeting of the senate of the
A. O. U. W. was held at Cleveland , Ohio ,
recently. In addition to all the old senators
the following members appeared ut their
first annual meeting :
Messrs , J. DoWolfo , Columbus , Ohio ; L.
K. Parks , Toledo , Ohio ; F. K. Smith , Saginaw -
inaw , Mich. ; J. N. Study , Hichmond , I ml. ;
G. H. lliifgins , Warren , Pa , ; G , W. Dexter
and John Fairbanks , Chicago. The senate
now consists of twenty-tivo members , eight
een of them having been elected by assem
blies duriiiK Iho past four years , which indi
cates thu cltaniro that lias been made in the
composition of Iho body. Among Iho important
nmtterH brought before the meeting might bo
mentioned the regular monthly assessment
onihelOth ; another , requiring that a copy
of thu application bo attached to the benefit
certificate , in order to conform to thu laws of
some of the suites in cases where fraud maybe
bo siiK.ecteil. | The article rclatluc to hiuard-
ous occupations wus thoroughly recon
structed , and passenger conductuis wcro ex-
ceptcd from the list.
A niiinbur of important propositions came
before the meeting , but were voted down.
Among them wore- The reducing of the
maximum benefit to ? 3,000 ; ono calling for u
biennial cession of tlio senate ; a proposition
to strike out the suicide clause and u number
of minor changes ,
F. N. Gage , of Chicago , was elected presi
dent for the ensuing year. Lakeside , near
Sunduaky , O. , was selected us the place for
holding the next meeting.
Tlio Pennsylvania Cane.
When the meeting of the supreme lodge ,
Knights of Pythias , was in session at Cin
cinnati the supreme council to whom the
Pennsylvania dlttlculty was referred took
tlio following action ; It approved the action
of Supreme Chancellor Howard Douglass in
suspending the grand lodge , agreeing that
Ihe grand lodge charter should be restored
conditionally upon their complying with the
orders of the supreme chancellor heretofore
issued. The grand ledge is placed under the
order of the supreme chancellor until such
action is taken. Tlio supreme lodge refused
to admit the representative from tlio old or
loyal grand ledge until the orders originally
issued by Supreme Chancellor Douglass were
obeyed. At the following day's session it
adopted the report of the committee on en
dowment rank , authorizing the board of con
trol of that department to levy an assessment
in addition to one per month , as licretofoie ,
when necessary. The ledge adopted a reso
lution declaring explicitly that no authority
has ever been granted for the creation of a
ledge of colored knights , and that no colored
man can lawfully bo admitted to any lodge.
Good Templar Oflteers.
At n meeting of the grand lodge of Good
Templars held hist week at Bui on , D. T. , the
the following ollicers were clceled for Iho
ensuing year ; G. W. C. T. , S. P. Wntkins ,
of Ashtnn ; G. V. T. , Mis. Ida G. Fox , ol
Valley City ; G. S. . A. C. Folsom , of Woon-
becket ; G. T. . C. H. Hjberts , of Madison ;
I * . G. C. T. , T. U. Kniibuz , of Woonsocket ;
(3. S. J. T. . Mrs. Bella Barnes , of Aberdeen ;
G. C. , W. 11. Mitchell , ofMinto ; G. M. , D.
Cree , of Chirk ; G. C. . . Mrs. E. E. Ailowoith ,
of L-mford ; M. S. , N. Williams , of Lisbon ;
A. G S. , Miss Briggs , of liroadlund ; D. M.
M. , Mrs. L. McDonald , of Huron ; G. M. , W.
Whidden , of Cooperstown ; truslee.s , Colonel
Lewis , Bristol ; D. W. Smith , of Huron , and
C. 1C. Durbin , of Lisbon. The following
named delegates were chosen to represent
the grand lodgent tlie ritrht worthy grand
lodge : John ( J. Keim , of Woonsocket , and C.
1C. Durbin , of Lisbon. Alternates , Mrs ,
Bella Barnes , of Aberdeen , and S. P. Wnt-
kins , of Ashton. The meeting was ono of
the best in the history of the order.
The colored Masons of the city went to
Fremont last Monday to attend a picnic and
general day of festivities in thai city. They
arrived at their destination about 10 o'clock
in the morning and were met by Mayor
Stouffer nnd n large delegation of citii'iis.
They wcro escorted lo the park by the mayor
and the reception committee and Iho day was
very pleasantly spent in amusements and
seeing the sights about Fremont. Two ball
nines wcro in the party and amused them
selves as well as the largo company in n
scries of games on the local ground. The
company returned in the evening , after
having experienced a very pleasant day's
* *
An Honor ol' a Life-Time.
An honor , almost without precedent in the
annals of Freemasonry in New York slale ,
says un exchange , was conferred upon Grand
Master Fnlnk J { . Lawrence , at tl.o annual
meeting of the Grand , lodge in New York
city hist week. lie was elected to a fourth
term as grand master , a distinction which
has been enjoyed , it is said , by only ono man
before him , Mr. Lawrence has dovotcd his
best energies during hm three years as grand
master to the payment of the big debt upon
the Masonic Uiinplo , und has been so far suc
cessful that only about $75,000 remains to be
liquidated. The debt has been decreased
f 100,000 during the past year , and there is
ovcry reason to believe that another year
will see the temple free from debt. All of
thu old oIllecrH were re-elected at Ihu same
lime wllh Brother Lawrence , and every past
grand muster living was present , except two.
Alioul OdtPillown. (
The nioomington , Mass. , Horuld has the
following to say of the order of Odd Fel
lows :
From a somewhat wldo observation wo
hnrurd nollimg saying Unit ladies make iood
olllcers in Kcuckah degree lodges and are
moro deeply Interested in tliu work of the
led c than the brothers.
Ono prominent featuio in Odd Fellowship
la that it helps members- and families to help
themselves. This IH the very best und most
practical kind of benevolciico in u world Ilka
Candidates under twi'nty-ono years of ago
were eligible to membership into our order
up to .September , IS'jit , but after tit's ' , for a
while , they are admitted only by dispensa
tion from thu grand lodge.
The teachings of Odd Fellowship are
towards temperance , and one of the funda
mental laws of thu order is that no Intoxicants
of any kind shall bo allowed , not merely Jn
the lodge rooms , but within Iho pveciucts of
uny hail dedicated lo Us uses.
Grip Notes ,
The lota ! mrmberbhlp of the A. O. U , W.
on May 1 wus 203 , ! > 31t being a gain of 1,019 in
thirty duys.
Several tribes of the Improved Order of
Hed Men , have adopted moro than 100 palefaces
faces this term.
There is one Odd Fellow to ovcry 120 Inhabitants -
habitants In the United States. Thisincludes
men , women und children.
The largest encampment , I. O. O. F. . in
the world is Eaitern Star , No. 2 , ot Port-
laud , Mo. It has 5,0 members.
It is staled that over 100 members of the I.
O. O. F. were suspended for non-payment of
dues in Canada during last year.
On the roll of one 1. 0. O. P. SoiVo Jn
Maine ate lo be found thu names of lifty-
thrco living members , Initiated prior to 1850.
TUo craud master of the I. O , O. P , of
Louisiana reports a gain of 'M per cent Id
the membership in the slale for Iho past I
yonr.A .
A larco dclcpation of Odd Fellows of Mnsi
saehusetts will attend the sovereign ledge
incctinunt Los Angeles , Cal. , In September.
The supreme lodge , 1. O. G. T. , at its last
session , decided that the order should taUo
no Imnd in politics hereafter as an order.
During the month of April Ontario in
creased to the A. O. U. W. older U1H , whlctt
outstrips all oilier Jurisdictions. She had 309
applications in May.
Nearly every ledge of the order of Mutual
Protection bus held the soini-nnminl election ;
of olllcers. Installation will bo held on the
ilrst meeting in July.
Tlio prophets of tribes of the Improvca
Order of Hed Men , instituted this term , nro
past sachems by appointment and have the
right to vote for great chiefs.
The fees for admission to the conclave ol
the order of Heptnsoplis are as follows : In
troductory degree$5 ; lirst and second de
grees , $ 'J each , and third degree , § 3.
Aconbtitutional communication of Gourgas
Or.ind Ledge of Perfection was held last
Sunday in Pittslmrg , the occasion being the
festival of St. John the Unptist.
Three hundred und twelve applications for
new members to the United Endowment as.
socmtion have up to Tuesday last been llled
in tlio grand becretiiry's oftlce for the month ,
of Juno.
There was no death assessment in this
state either in April or Mny for the A. O. UJ
W. A number of members of the order froni
other states are talking of coming to Ne
braska to live.
Tlio I. O. O. T. orderatono time had nearly
twenty thousand members. This number
dwindled down to 10,000 , but is now on the
up-jjr.ido move. Politics are saia to have
been the cause of the falling off.
The twelfth annual session of the national
camp of tlio P. O. S. of A. was held hisft
week at Heading , Pa. Tlio session closed
with a grand parade of the order , in which
l..OOO Sons of America participated.
At present the Odd Follows uro closinga
term of unprecedented success for the order
In Massachusetts. The strength of the or
der in the state is fully 35.000 , and when the
returns come In at the close of the year the
iigurcs will bo nearer 8(5,000. (
Tlio annual meeting of the Chicago Odd
Fellows' association of Cook county was held
at the roouib of the association , No. 40 Dear
born street , last week , when tlio olllccrg
for the ensuing year wcro elected.
The grent chief of records of the Order of
Hed Men of the United States intends to ba
piesent at the ( 'ieat council on Iho 2tHh of *
next moon , and it is proposed to tender bin ! * -
a complimentary banquet the preceding HUH.
The supreme council of tlio Hoyal Leagui
has issued an assessment bearing date of
June 21. This Is the third assessment ninco
January 1 , 16--8 , and is called upon the death
of Urothcr Allers. n half rate member ol
Welcome Council No. SO.
According to the icport of the secretary ot
the Western Now York Mnsonlo Kellef UBSO *
elation there was received ? ' 11,11U.W , am' the
disbursements $10nru2 ! ; balance ou hand ,
fl.iMl.Hl. The expenses during the yca
were $1,121 f/J.
The Masouio craft In Minneapolis are mak
ing every preparation for erecting n new
Mabonio Uiinplo this year. The estimated
cost of the building and ground In JTIO.OOO.
1 ho trustees of the association have accepted
a bid for the construction of Iho building ,
At a regular communication of Kane ledge
held in the commandery room , Masonic temr
pie , New Voik , Tuesday. Ocneriil A. W.
Urpcloy , chief signal oftlcer of the United
States , present cd to the lodge the ArctiO
Masonic Hag muilo by him at Port CoiiKCr.
Griunoll Land , in ibSU. " '
Work Is being done in behalf of the Im
proved Order Knluhts of Pythias In Massa
chusetts , Maine , New Hampshire , Connecti
cut , Hliodo Island , New York , Pommy ! ,
vama and Ohio. In all these states the peti-
lilions are in the luimls of prominent citizens
nnd active workers in other orders ,
Grand lodge assessment No. 10 , of the
Unlu-d Endowment association , has been
called to date July 1 , and subordinate lodco
assessment No , ! iO on the membership. This
assessment pays two death losses und six
coupons to mature in July. The lust assessment -
ment paid in , up to May 1. showed 2,820 mom-
beis , and the amount of the assessment BK-
grcgaled over < 0bOO. b
The Important event of the wcok in the
ICnlKhts of Pythias was the restoration ol
Duboto lodge No. 21 , of lloston to its place
lu the order. This was done by the Krand
chancellor Thursday ( ivonlng. Tlio number
reported present early In the ovi-nlng was
Iti'J , but a lnr.0 number i-ainu in later , brliiK-
ing the mcinbarship to moro than 2.'itl , This
event will bu hailed with great delight by all
loyal members of the order , not only in this
state , but throughout the country.
Iowa Postal Changes.
WASHINGTON , Juno 30. [ Special Telegram
to TUB JUi.JA ; postoftlco was established to
day at SaxonWayne county , Iowa and Samuel -
uel Wheeler appointed postmaster Kluhard
Oliver was appointed postmaster atScranton
City , ( Jrccno county , Iowa , vice Isaac II
Jories , resigned.
AVlial Cleveland Man Dono.
WASHINGTON , Juno HO. The president haa
signed the Indian nppropriatlou bill. Ho has
also informed Iho CmclmiaU Dxposillon com.
mittcothaton account of IhoproHnuro of bus
iness ho cannot accept the Invitation to at.
tend the exposition ut thin'time.