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Stirred Up By the Kaiser's English
Physician , Mackenzie.
And Carries Off the Dead Kaiser's
Anto-Mortom Statement.
Was Frederick's Lifo Out Short By
the Anti-Regency Plotters ?
Sonic Cnrlons KlTect.s of the Death ol'
Kmpcror Frederick SlfinH of
n Brilliant Court Under
tlio New Kaiser.
A Iloyul KoW.
ISSS litl Jnincs notilnn
BIIIII.IN , Juno 30. [ New York Herald
pablc Special to T-JI : line. ] Doctor Mac-
[ Kcnzlo's parting shot In the Tagblatt Inter
did moro damage than over ho couli
{ tinvo hoped. The gorgcousncss of two great
ifourt ceremonials , the presence In Berlin ol
! ill the princes of the empire and the excite
Wilt caused by the political court changes
merely delayed Mackenzie's row without it
[ any waj ler.senlng Its bitterness by this
delay. "Was Frederick the third , then
kaiser not by the grace of God but the grnc ;
of Mackenzie ! " asksono paper , and it uses it :
the asking typo so full-faced that there fiavo
been n dozen Inquiries as to
whether it was cast especially for
the occasion to give n fina
touch of interest. Bismarck's persona
organ , the North German Gazette , came ou
with Us column of bitterness to prove that ir
' /pretending / to tell state secrets to the tagblat
Mackenzie took Ills choice of only two course
which Ilk-professional conduct had left open
jj ; , ; vU niin , namely , n fool or a knave , but that h
t ' jwas n fool to adiblt ho was u knavo. No :
( , Sjlho Gazette seldom goes gunning for anyouo
i' ' grower than a minister of state , and the use of
heavy artillery on such a small fry
d endless gossip.
story most commonly told is
> hat Kaiser Frederick left behind
itn an autograph account of his Illness , of
jo regency negotiations at San Rcmo and of
latter political troubles during the
tenburg marriage crisis , etc. that to prevent
the scandal of such a publication Frieder-
ichskron was put under military law the in
stant the emperor died , after having been
previously watched too closely for the Im
portant document to bo smuggled out , but
on search it was discovered Queen Victoria ,
during her Berlin visit , had carried oil the
manuscript , nnd Mackenzie , according to
popular belief , was released from a six-hour
imprisonment , and a confidential prince , so
to speak , was sent off to wheedle the
the queen into giving back the document ,
not that it was feared she would
advertise herself by permitting its publica
tion , but that her confidence might bo abused
by thosj * having moro to gain. This wild
hints nt an amount of dirtv
orthy an unrovised Arabian Nights ,
to have been founded on the following
hut Frcdcrichskron was closed by troops
, _ fore the emperor's death is generally
'unown ' , and also that all its inmates for some
unknown reason were kept practically pris
oners for several hours , and also that some
important papers were left by the kaiser and
that on the day of his accession the pointed
omission of his name In the ministerial
communication to the Prussian legislature
caused a threat of a great popular demon
stration if a similar omission was made to
, ho German congress. Otherwise the whole
! tory , with its insinuations and threats , is
robably uicro gossip.
Ono bad result of the revival of the Mac-
[ ttcnzio controversy lies in the plainness with
which high class loyal papers have begun to
upcak out. Summed up briefly , their ques
tions nro about as follows : Was Kaiser
Frederick's lifo cut short by the determina
tion of two or three persons to prevent a
temporary regency , even if by so doing they
risked their muster's lifo by bringing him
in March from Sunny Italy to bleak
Berlin ! If his transfer to Berlin was
excusable was it mere petty splto
-M\o \ part of others which kept Frederick
i hU father's bcdsldo after the old man's
Vh was certain and after imploring tolo-
ins hud been sent by the father to his son !
lils weakness did party Intrigue make him
, o head of a party instead of the head of tlio
iition , and Is his grave now to bo used 1
merely as the source of now attacks on his
eon nnd now advertisements for people ho
trusted !
This is nil us unfortunate us It would have
been had Colliding permitted himself
to bo taunted out of his silence -
lenco after Gnrlleld died. Tlio bit
terness with which the row is
carried on is admirably shown by the sneer ,
apropos of nothing in particular , of ono of
the crcnt Gcrniun journals , that under
Kaiser William thi'io can bu no camarilla ,
the tlmo 'vlion tbeio was loom fo. % that
unhealthy nppcrruuco being past.
As signs of the times coming , the an
nouncement that the cinpuror will livu in
Fricdcrlck's gicat valuce in summer nnd in
the gi'7iit elector's palace in winter is
significant , and u brilliant courtU foreijli1
by tUn probable .ont > idcrnbic increase of the
present f3,000.0fl. annual vote for tUe rojal
family. Probably two of t.o !
most unexpco o-1 straw * are tliu
ompcar'a ' strongly emphasized deimw }
tf at moro chuixlies shall bo built In Merit' * ,
andlhi iuUvordinary ovation tc thjkl.igof
In Dresdi'ii P.I his return frrn
.Stuisclf as n Juy.i ! vassal of ( ho
J.lbtrr-i ! pcrura ulur tins as
merely a conscivntivo demonstration , but It
was undoubtedly a spontaneous demonstra
tion of popular thank's to the king for his
loyalty to Germany ; nnd , coming as It does
from those who would naturally dislike
Prussia most , It may have an Important
effect on n few princelings who would like to
bo Jealous.
The American church In Dresden
held memorial services for , the
latts kaiser last Sunday , Among the inusic\ \
was an anthem written for the occasion by
the American composer , Whitney Coombs.
There is great interest shown hero In the
report from New York ot n German count
having shot _ himself. The inference , in de
fault of names , seems to bo that it Is a son-
in-law of the famous German financier , who ,
after breaking a Jewish wife's heart , eloped
to America with her maid soon after the
honeymoon was over.
Kaiser Frederick's death has had several
unexpected effects. Among tncm is a fhmlno
among minor actors nnd singer ? , who have
lost nil chunco at earning their living during
the greater portion of this ,
It has made his coins among
the rarest of the modern collector's ' gems.
It has also nearly raised again the whole
anti-Catholic movement , for some Blundering
Catholic priests refused to obey nn order to
read n notice of the emperor's death , their
claim being that the civil power cannot und
shall not dictate what Is to be read In Catlr
olic pulpits.
It Is commonly said by German papers ,
among others by the Stnatsburqcr Zcitung
that tickets to the opening of the rcichstag
were regularly sold , not , of course , by the
rcichstag bureau , but by persons who were
wrongly entrusted with them.
It Is widely rumored that the rciehstag , at
its next session , will pass the revised tobacco
monopoly bill.
Proposed Visit of the German Hmpc
ror Danger From Socialists.
-Sliu the N. 1' . . .IssocfnfcdVcw.l
June 30. The proposed visit o
the emperor to the czar is a personal mattei
nnd gives proof of hU desire to maintain tin
friendship which has existed between the
wo reigning families for over n hundred
" *
Public opinion" ! ! ! Austria "as grown
alarmed nt the rcapproacliment o
the empress. It appears to d oad tin
breaking up of the alliance lnwbicl
event Austria would have to fnco Russia
alone. These fears are not shared
the Austro-IIungarlan ministers , festl
advices state that an autog'XOpl
letter of Emperor William , presen
by General Wildcrsec to Empo or
Francis Joseph on Thursday hinted 'aat
initiative proposals would bo shortly taken
to Russia. Tills agrees with reports from
other sources that the czar has a new scheme
lor the final settlement of the eastern ques
tion involving the partition of Turkey.
In official circles her chances of
any such radical overthrow of the Hcrlin
ticaty are regarded as hopeless. Count
Kalnoky is known to huvo u close under
standing with England , conjoined with Italy
to listen to no overtures from Russia unless
they are addressed at the same time to the
other signatory powers.
Much is whispered privately , though the
press does not venture to openly refer to it ,
as to an anarchist plot against the life of the
emperor. The official circle take the affair
seriously , and the extraordinary and in
creased precautions taken to guard the person
both of the emperor and Prince Bismarck
suggest that the report has a solid
basis. Hefcirlug to these measures of im
perial orotcction the Reichhoto ( conserva
tive ) says the guards around the marble
palace at Potsdam have been so greatly rein
forced thnt the building is practically iso
According to the Tageulatt an increase in
the Prussian civil list will bo proposed. Tno
donation to the imperial household amounts
yearly to 15,000,000 marks , drawn from the
Prussian state treasury. The increase of
the imperial family and of the expenses of
the household is the ground for the proposal
to incrcaso the donation.
Fires in Sweden.
LONDON , Juno 80. The propei ty destroj cd
by the recent firca at Sundsvall and Uinea ,
Sweden , was valued -15,000OJO uroner.
Twelve thousand persons were rendered
homeless by the flames. % King Oscar is visit
ing the districts and is cnngod In relieving
the wants of the suiferors. Houses , forests
and standing crops on farms In other districts
also burned.
Another I'ltriiellllo J-JIcotcd.
Duiti.iv , Juno : )0. ) Mr. FH/gerahl , a
Pnrnollito. was elected to day without
opiwiition to fill the vacant neat in the house
of commons for County Longford.
Illinois DcmocrntH.
CHICAGO , Juno :10. : The executive commit
tee of the democratic state central commit
tee held a meeting this morning , at whivh
John C , Campbell , of Strcutcr , presided.
Them was a full representation present.
The resignation of Krskino M. Phclps , who
resigned on account of his appointment to n
membership on the national committee , was
accepted and General Walter C. Newberry
was appointed in his stead. After bomo un
important business the committee adjourned
Hubject to a call of the chair.
Itcccptiiin to IliNliep O'Connor ,
CoM'Miirg ' , Ne'i. , Juno 80. [ Special Tele-
pram to Tnu Bun. | liishnp O'Connor of
Omaha , arrived in the. c'ly this morning at S
o'clock , nnd was mot at the depot by a band
nnd a vast concourse of pcuplo numbering
more than a thousand. Ho was escorted to
tlm monastery , whcro cor.linnallou will bo
administered to thirty-live persons.
A Love I'Yast ,
Gn\r ; , Neb. , Juno ; iO. [ Spo"ial Telegram
to Tin : Hr.i : . ] The meeting Held here tills
to ratify tlio republican nominations
was a love feast. Several rousli.g endorse
ment speeches \\vro made nnd preat enthus
iasm ere itcd.
A .Now Otvll Service itiile.
WAMIIXUTON , Juno 3) . Tit ) president has
Issucu an oxcoullva order extending the
classification of tlio c.vll service , fioing Into
ciTect this ii.inutu * . The order places all
' citlicuro , clerks and olhsr employes of all the
cxcculivo Department < vuJcr the same regu-
lation& in regard to civil service rulea.
The Sallgbifiy ; Ministry Encouraged
to mug 011 Yet Awhile.
] _ _
Ready to Explode Startling Sousn-
1 tlona Upon the Parnollitos.
Preparations For O'Donnoll's. Libel
Suit Against the Times.
Experts AVhoso IJvtcnslvn Cor-
riipf liSns Show Thnt They Have tin-
nrovcd on Their American
Model Gossip.
lie Tories Tnlcc Ilcnrt Ajnln.
< * ' ' il S Jitmcs ( / ' .
l } "PH'ftf'it tin Vonfcmfi'wicl.1
LONDON , Juno 130. fNcw York Hcrnlil
Cubit Special to TUB Bic. _ : ] Fate is very
kiml\o the Salisbury ministry. Whenever
n scries'of mistakes has landed it iu dlftleul-
ttcs And it begins to think seriously of mend
ing Its way , just enough good fortune befalls
it to make it harden- its heurt midge
go 6n in the old lines. The Ayr election
wa a. staggering blow , and It led to that ex
traordinary meeting at the foreign office ,
whore Lnril Salisbury so loudly lamented the
influence nnd power of the left wing. Had
Kent gone the same way as Ayr the family
party ' must have uacn broken up.
A demand would have arisen for
the reconstruction of a ministry whose
In1 mill weakness is now generally recog
nized , and the conservative party itself
might have been saved froln a great peril ,
but Kent remained faithful to the lories in
"P'toof tremendous efforts to cutlco her to
the other side.
Kent is one county which sends solid bodies
of conservatives 10 parliament , and tnu Glad-
stonian "poppicking" ranks have been disap
pointed. The majority gained by Leather
in about sixty less than at the election of
18S3 , and largely below the majority of
1SSO. The ministry will now conclude
that all previous reverses were mere
accidents , and that this election represents
the true opinions and wishes of the people.
Every seat is worth trying for , no doubt , but
the price that is now being paid is alarming ,
and unless "t&O homo rulers get help from
somewhere they will atbo _ _ able to fight
many moro battles on the same terrr-- .
Are they about to receive a blow in another
direction ? Reports are rife that the libel
suit of O'Doiinall ' against the Times , tobctrm
on Monday , will load to some startling reve
lations. This rumor has long been afloat ,
but I hear it confirmed from sources which
it is impossible to distrust. The
Times has been keeping back some sensa
tional icttcrs and evidence for this trial , and
its whole sticngthis to be expended in the
effort to prove its case and incidentally to
smash the Painollites.
There can bo no doubt thnt the leaders of
this party are wroth with O'Donncll for
bringing the action , altbough ho professes
he is anxious only to .servo them. His friend
ship appears to be of n very dubious kind.
Tno Times will uo represented by
one man at least who will
bo n thorn in the side of the
Parnellites. If Sir Henry James Lowe , the
most formidable cross-examiner at the English -
lish bar , should succeed in petting Mr. Par-
nell into the box there will bo
some sharp passages at arms ,
and even the recent jockey case
full of scaudall as it is , will bo thrown int- >
the shade. Sir Henry James is not likely to
spare the Irish lender from any magnani
mous motives. On the other
hand Parnell has generally shown
that tie knows how to take
care of himself. His Impassive manner , his
Blow , cautious utterances , his skill in parry
ing the thrusts of an adversary all will
stand him in good stead next wcolc. He has
been summoned , and I presume will attend
unless illness intervenes.
The other chief counsel for the Times is
Attorney General Webster. O'Donnell had
engaged Loekwood , but I learn that this
rjueen's counsel positively refused to touch
his brief until ho saw the fee , and down
to this morning that win
not forthcoming. It is htill Just possible that
when the case is called on next Monday ,
O'Dounell will permit judgmentto go against
him by default. In that case the Times will
have spent a vast sum of money In getting
up evidence , retaining counsel , etc. . to no
purpose. This is onoof the penalties to which
the present libel law subjects a newspaper in
Another sensation must shortly bo pro
vided iu the shupo of a prosecution of some
corrupt officials connected with the metro
politan board of works. It is impossible that
they can bo let off scolt free. Cu street im
provements , corner lots , liquor shops , new
buildings , In short , upon every new
work In London. They have
levied toll. and
Jobbery robbery have gone
hand in hand. The royal commission has
already found out enough to Justify the sus
picions everywhere entertained for years
past concerning the bond. How long London
Is to bo left at the mercy of such a
body it wiU"booiV Co the' duty of parliament to
determine. Of course if the local govern
ment bill should pass the question would at
onoo bo settled , but dcubts grow stronger ev
ery day on that point.
The government is all behind with its
money votes , und it must have them before
the session ot parliament closes. Over
borne there will be a hard light. The
prospects of iinUhing nny ambitious
schemes already before parliament are dark.
It looks as if there would bo little to show at
tig cud but Goscuen'b conversion bill , which
s not popular , and his budget , which Is dis
tinctly unpopular.
Mr. Smith feels his linrd work severely
nnd there are whispere-of bis retirement to
the other house at the close ot this session.
Tnkcn altogether , the ministry needed all
the consolation which Kent has kindly of
fered It. A MKMniiu OK PAHLIAMCXT.
Important Original I'nclcnKC Decision
Kr.oui-K , In. , .luno 30. ( Spot-la ! Telegram
to Tin : UKIJ. ] A new decision was given to
day in what Is known as the "Original
package case. " Judge Bond in the superior
court g.ivo the decision ( n the c.isc of Collins
vs. Hill , involving the sale of liquors in the
original package in which they were
brought into the state. The dofi-udannt had
received whisky in n box containing
twelve separate packages , each of
which had a bottle ot whisky
and In this form sales were made. The court
held that this was not permissible under the
prohibitory laws of the state ; that the de
fendant , by aliening the Writer puekaite , had
so acted upon the articles imported that they
became part of the mnss of property In the
state and therefore subject to its laws.
The Condltli 11 of Crops.
Dr.s MOINE * , la. , Juno 30. The secretary
of the state souiely made public
to-day his oniclal report on the condition of
crop * , as gathered from over 1OJO corre
spondents representing ninety-six counties of
the state.
Tho-arca of spring wheat sown , compared.
with last year , shows a decrease of 17J4 per
cent , or13 > , UOS acres. The total acreage , In
cluding an area In winter wheat , is placed at
3OU1 , < 03 acres. The condition is 101 per cent.
With favorable wont hot- for u few dajs
"nirer and In harveittimo the estimated pro
El .ct is t)7.Utl)0 : : ) ( Imttuuis. The condition of
wheat is W pur cent.
Dr. I'cck iuKi - . i he Stand.
IOWA CITV , In. , Juno 80. In the university
investigation Dr. Peck was on the stand to
day. He denied the charges of "bossism,1
"one man rule , " or that operations were evei
performed without using antiseptic precau
tions. The death per ecntago during the last
olL'ht years was less than per cent. Out of
l.OdO cases there were only thirty-two deaths.
The record proved that the railway
cases of Hairly and Gibbons were operated
upon two years apart , so that no ulood poison
could be transform ! trom one to the othci
as alleged by Dr. Hcinnchs.
Drowned U'liile Hattiinj ; .
PoiiD , lowt , Juno 80. [ Special to Tiir
UEI : . ] This afternoon , Charles , the oldest
son of Representative C. L , AndCrson , was
drowned while bathing in the middle of the
river , a short distance from this place. The
body was recovered after a two hours search
An Iowa Ki/Itor Married.
WATBUI.OO , la' , Juno .10. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Bui : . ] Prof. A. N. Felton
editor of the Lu Porto City Hoviow , was
married Thursday night to Miss May Phil
lips , of Shell Rock , la. , by Hov. W. S. Skin
ncr , ofdanesvillc.
ji SHU Burned.
Sioux CITY , la. , Juno 30. f Special Telegram
gram tjo Tim Bci ; . ] Uicu & > Lower's'planlntr
mill was destroyed by. flro about 4 o'clocl
this morning. Loss , t&500 ; Insurance , $3,500 ,
The lire was of incendfary origin. . f
PI.UM CHEEK , NeS - uno SO. [ Special
Telegram to THE BEE. ] Amo
republican ratification meeting was
night , attended by n largo concourse of pee
ple. Housing speeches Were made by Hon.
A. M. Sinclair , S. L. Wurrington and Captain
C. W. McNnmar. 3 no hitter's talk was
principally upon the ifsue of tariff and free
trade , and was greeted with pronounced and
long continued applause. A largo concourse
of people assembled , who heartily applauded
all the speakers. Republicans hero are
awake mid alive to th'j vital issues at stake
with respect to the national platforms as
enunciated by the respective parties and
many democrats are ' 'fernmst" ' the platform
and nominees. "Ti'ipccnnoo nnd Morton
Too" is tbo cry the republicans raise. At
tlio close of the meetio the enthusiasm was
A Great Demonstration.
GORDON , Neb. , Juno 80. [ Special Tele
gram to Tnu Bcc , ] The greatest political
gathering ever held in northwestern
Nebraska took place 'lore to-day to ratify the
Chicago convention nominees. The town
was handsomely decorated , in fact such a
demonstration was never before attempted
by the people of GoWon. The citizens of
Uushvillo turned out U great force , bringing
a band with them. Sjircchcs weio made by
Messrs. Ulnnchard , Wood and Edmunds of
Kushvillo , Judge Tucker of Valentine , nnd
Messrs. Graham and Bcamahcrn of Gordon.
The judge particulary stirred up the
democrats , and as a result they are now
making great preparations hero for a
demonstration on the 14th of July. Fully
fifteen Hundred pcoblo attended to-day's
A Log Cabin in Line.
AvituitN , Nob.June , SO. [ Special Telegram
to Tin ; HUB. ] A grand ratification meeting
was held at the theater to-night. A log cabin
on wheels and with a'livo coon chained to it ,
the whole biirmounteijl with banners reading :
"Tippecanoo and Morton Too , " "Protection
to American Labor" and "What's the Matter
With Harrison ( " was drawn through the
stieets , headed by n band. Mayor Hausflold
presided ut the meeting. Judge James
Church , und Hon. Church Howe entertained
the hundreds congregated till u late hour.
licv. Tibbitts and Kufus Leach responded to
calls with a few very appropriate remarks.
Dakota lIcinocratH.
DIUDWOOD , DAK. , ' Juno 80. [ Special to
TUB HBB.I The democratic coounty conven
tion of Lawrence county met in this city to
day to elect delegates ! to the territorial con
vention ut Jninestou , July 17 , which will
nnmo a delegate to congress. Colonel Huger
Wilkinson was chosen permanent chairman ,
The convention was harmonious , and the St.
Louis platform and candidates were en
dorsed. Resolution * were passed favoring
the admission of Dakota us a s tit to , and dele
gates to Jamcbtou we're elected ,
Madrid Approves.
MADHID , Neb. , Juuo 80 , [ Special Tele
gram to Tun HER. } A rousing republican
meeting was licUl this evening to ratify the
nominations of the Chicago convention , The
attendance was not very largo on account of
a rain-storm , but ttioho present manifested
gi cat enthusiasm aiul uro well pleased with
the selections of the party ,
A HlgMKht For Thorn.
PAWNEE Citr , Neb. , Juno 80 , [ Special
Telegram to Tin : HUB.The ] republican
club is ratifying to-night. Anvils arc
flrine , and people are shouting for Harrison.
The best bund in ttio state is leading the
ratification with fln i music. It is u big
eight for republicans ,
on Harrison ,
s , June 30. A delegation rep
resenting the Marquette club of Chicago
called on General Harrison this afternoon
nnd presented resolutions congratulating
him on his nomination. A body of veteran
soldiers and representatives of the Harmon.
club , a colored organization , also called. The
general welcomed each of the orgauizutions
in a brief address.
Paris Society Begins Its Miff ration
to Summer Resorts ,
Indications That "Lo Bravo Gen-
oral" Will Seek Retirement.
The Mad Dog Season Once Moro In
Full Blast.
Paris litijoyiii ! ! Another Story of Love ,
Murder nnd Mystery Sirs. Pot
ter DcelnrcH She Will Never
Quit tlio Sta e.
In the French Capital.
ICopyrttiM IKSS'tty Jatncs Oonlnn JfcmidM
PAUIS , Juno 30. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to TUB Bcn. | The spell of
heat which sot in last weak only lasted a
couple of days nnd left us a legacy of grey
skies and dull , disagreeable weather. To
relieve the monotony of this strnngo June ,
however , wo have had heavy storms , sev
eral people have been struck by lightning
and serious damage has been done to crops.
Day by day the look of Paris is changing.
The fashionables and semi-fashionables are
rapidly migrating , and the Spa , Uoynn ,
Contrexevllle , Dieppe , and Etretrut will
soon bo the real centers of French , society.
Many familiar American faces have
como and gene within the last few days.
Mr. U. Ingalls and family liavo left for
Holland. Mrs. Cutting and Mr. Brockhulst
Cutting have departed for Hamburg. Mr.
and Mrs. McLane with Mrs. James Brown
Potter are meditating n flight to Ironville.
Mrs. Edward Scovillo has just started for
Carlsbad en Revanche. Mr. Arthur
Pndelford has returned to the Hotel du
Rliin. Mrs. Robert Cutting has settled
down nt Mirabcau. Mr. and Mrs. J. Henri
Harper and Mrs. Hoe are at
Chatham. Mrs. Thomas B. W.inamakor
has settled down at ii ! ; Rue Richter.
Mr. Edgar Sands DoWolfo sailed
from Havre to-day for New York.
Miss Mildred Leo and Mrs. Polk follow next
Saturday. General Do Trobreand is at the
Hotel des Deux Mondes. Miss Grace Wilson
sister of Mrs. Ogdcn Goclct , lies ill at the
Hotel Bristol. .
Boulangcr has gene to slecp'again nnd like
.most of his political fellow cole
britics .will shortly DO seeking
rest nnd vigor in the country. Hi
will leave his party in aprettymuddlethougl
and if he stays nwny long may find on his re
"TUiJ2Jiuas gone" nil to pieces. The radicals
who did""Tu ! much to force
him into promlnencer"Jfjer his
dismissal. , from tho' command ho
hold at Clermont-Ferrand are rapidly de
serting for fear of being confounded with
their temporary allies , the Bonnpartists.
Tno latest defection is that of M. Mayer , di
rector of Lo Lantorno. M. Michclin nnd his
friends in the Paris municipal council are
wavering. M. Laisants' zeal is wanting.
Ere long Lo Bravo General may have no
following at all but the reactionary factions
which two years ago ho was combatting.
The hydrophobia scare has begun again
and Pasteur's laboratory is fuller than ever.
Tlio police are doing the best they can to
thin the canine population which is frighten
ing so many timid people and gettingroundly
abused for their pains by all dog owners. A
mad Uog caused a panic in Mont Martro this
week by chasing down the avenue Trestaino
biting its can i no brethren. Most of the
victims have been slaughtered but several
are still at large , each being , of course , a
source of possible hydrophobia.
The police are not confining their attentions
to dogs. They have Just begun a much needed
crusade against the par ! mutucl agencies
which swarm in Paris. Since bookmaking
was protiibitcd two years ago these agencies
have spread nnd spread till now every street
in the city has ut least ono where shop boys
and clerks may indulge their betting inunin.
Not less than JXJ ( agencies advertise in ono
sporting paper , all professing to make their
profit only on the paltry commission
on the bums invested. As a matter
of fact the ngentb invest little of the money
entrusted to thorn. They arc disguised hook-
makers ,
The Pradoa mystery is the latest Guborlan
sensation in Paris and promises to prove
almost as interesting us the Pranzlnl cnso
which kept us talking for twelve months.
Pradoa is u Spaniard who was arrested some
months 030 for the attempted robbery of
some diamonds. Since then ono revelation
after another nan been made which lead
the police to suspect that ho is
the murderer of Marie Aguetant
who was assassinated in the Rue Comuritan
four years ago. The case Is almost parallel
with that of Marie Regnault , but the mystery
has lasted longer. Prada , like Pranzlnl , was
.a terrible lady killer. At ono tiino ho is
known to huvo carried on throe intrigues to
' 'There is not n word of truth in it , " said
Mrs.Jarncs Brown Potter yesterday afternoon
on her arrival in Purls in response
to the question whether there was any truth
in the statement alleged to have been made
by Mr. Potter that she would return to her
homo whenever she would leave the stage.
Her eye flashed flro when she was told that
cable dispatches had been received In Paris
while she was on the ocean , to that effect.
"Mr. Potter never made such a remark , " she
said , "aud you have ray authority for it. On
the contrary , ha has given his consent and
approval to all my dramatic plans , "
Mrs , Potter , whoso beauty does not suffer ,
were u dress of brown clotn trimmed with
told. SLo was slightly sunburned. She
colored with pleasure whoa she snw her
nnny friends ready to welcome her return
to Franco. "
"I cannot Imagine how the absurd state
ment could have been made , " she continued.
'Mr. Potter was with my family to see mo
off. Ho is perfectly reconciled to my plans
and projects for the future. I am very
nuch interested In our Tuxedo homo and am
going there from hero so that I can enjoy
my leisure ttnio before returning .to my
"And will you continue in your profes
sion ? "
"Yea , until the dny of my death. "
"How long will you remain abroad ! "
"Only six weeks. Mr. Potter and I are
building a cottage nt Tuxedo. As soon ns It
Is completed I shall return and remain until
I open my engagement tinder Mr. Abbey's
management in Philadelphia on the 1st of
October In "Twist Axe and Crown , ' by Tom
Taylor. "
" 1 shall not piny 'Loval Lovo' next
year , " added Mrs. Poltcr. "My repor-
tolro will consist of 'Sho Stoops
to Conquer,1 'Rouico nnd Juliet,1
the ' of ' ' Bins ' 'As
'Lady Lyons , 'Ituy , you
Llko It , ' nnd a proJuction of 'Cleopatra , '
which will open n Now York engagement on
December 2 < ) .
Although Mrs. Potter was tired and suffer
ing from a sovcro headache , she received n
few special friends.In the evening at the
Hotel Bellevue , where she were n palo lav
ender foulardc , elaborately trimmed with
lace llouces and a horse-shoo pin of rubies
and diamonds at her throat. After leaving
Paris Mrs. Potter will spend ten days in
London and then go to the Normandy const.
Several fllaniifnetnrcrn Dcclds to
Sls-n the Scalp.
MiMVAi-ur.i : , Juno HO. The failure of the
iron manufacturers and the Amalga
mated association of iron nnd steel
workers at Pittsburg to agree upon a wages
scale for the coming year necessitates the
closing down of the North Chicago rolling
mill company's plant at Hay View and the
few mills Unit have not yet ceased already
will shut down tonight for an indefinite pu-
riod. Tlio single blast furnace that has been
in operation will continue working. Tliero is
no issue between tlio local societies of the
Amalgamated association and the proprie
tors , but as n part of the whole organisation
they must do as the others do and await the
outcome of the struggle ut tnu scat of war.
Tlio best of feeling exists between tbo Bay
View mill men and their employes.
The old scale of the Amalgamated associn
lion expiics this evening , and as no agree
ment was reached tlio mills have all closed
Oliver Bros , .t Phillips , the largest firm In
the city , signed the scale to-night , and their
four mills will continue in operation. Tlio
firm employs over three thousand men. D.
B. Oliviu * , who nlllxcd his signature to the
scale , stated that they were forced to sign
the scale on account of the contracts that
had to bo filled. The action of tlio manufac
turers in the matter is awaited with interest ,
TTs it is probable the firm will bo expelled
from the association. , , , , , *
, /t lit&TKP AVI Til GUNS.
A Youit Farm Hand OittrajjcH n
TwHve-Ycar-Old Girl.
CANTON , Dak , Juuo iiO. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : UuK.J There is great excite
ment hero over the crime of a young farm
laborer named John Richardson , who com
mitted rape on the twelve-year-old daughter
F. Davis , who llveb three miles
The young girl was re
turning homo
about ( J o'clock
young man made his appearance nnd
few words dragged the girl into the bush
and accomplished his fiendish desire. Far
mers In that vicinity were hunting him with
shot guns all night , but it was learned ho
took the west bound train for Paricer ,
where ho was arrested to-day. The shoritt
will return with him to-night.
Army Mnttcrn.
WASHIVOTOX , Juno 30. [ Special Telegram
to Tnu Biu.l Private William II. Rafeit ,
Light Battery D , Fifth ui tillery , now with
his battery at Fort Douglas , Utah Territory ,
is transfer ! ed to the hospital corps as a pri
The leave of absence on surgeon's certifi
cate of disability granted First Lieutenant
Robert VV , Dowdie , Seventeenth infantry , in
special orders No. 50 , Juno 18 , 1S-S8 , Depart
ment of the Platte , is extended five months
with permission to leave the United States.
Brigadier General Juincs C. Duane , chief
of the army engineer corps , was placed on
the retired list to-day under the ago clause
of the retiring act. General Duuno is sixty-
four years old. Ho entered the military
academy July 1 , 1814 , and upon graduating
Was appointed to the engineer corps , on May
14 , 1801. When u first lieutenant ho was
tendered the position of captain in the line
but declined. On October 11 , Inbii , ho was
appointed chief of engineers succeeding
General John C. Newton , who was retired.
Genoi al Duunu will probably bo succeeded
by Colonel Thomas L. Casey.
Frolght Knton.
CHICAGO , Juno ill ) . The general managers
of the lines in tlio Western and Northwestern
freight associations hold a brief session to
day. No important business was transacted.
The Iowa rate matter has passed out of the
hands of the associations , and the most that
can bo done is to await the decision of the
court us to whether the temporary injunction
against the promulgation of the unsatisfac
tory ttirilt shall be grunted or denied. The
other important question with which the
associations have to deal is the low freight
rates in effect between Chicago and St. Paul.
No decisive action can bo taken toward the
readjustment of the St. Paul intes until it is
settled whether the Iowa tariff is to bo im
mediately enforced or not.
General Sheridan on tlr ; Swatara.
WASHINGTON , Juno 30. Five minutes before
fore 11 this morning General Shcrida * was
moved from his house , arriving on board the
Swatara about an hour later. The whole
transfer was accomplished without tlio slight
est obstiiclo or delay. General Sheridan
rested well last night , bore removal excel
lently and Is now inat least as good condition
as before leaving his homo. The Swatara
sailed at 1:15. :
I'nhllu Debt .Statement.
WASHINGTON , Juno 30. It is estimated at
the lieasury department that there has been
a decrease of $1" , 09,000 In the pub
lic debt during the month of Juno and a tn- *
crease of tll'.yjOO.OOO for the fiscal year ciukd
to-day. The total receipts for the year 1110
estimated at f3Tl,000,000. ) and total cxpendi-
at jara.OOO.OOO , leaving a surplus of
WASUIN&TOX , Juno 30. The following
fourth-class pnstofllecs will bo raised to the
presidential class July I : Coledcn , 111. , Fur-
inington , 111. , Booncville , Ind. , Worthington ,
Iijd. , Foiebt City , Iu. , Manson , In. , Rush-
villf , Ind. , Cumberland , Wis. , Washburn ,
On the Itiillrcil List
WASHINGTON , June ift. The Brigtxdk-r
General James C. Duunc , chief of cnginciU-s ,
was placed on the retired list to-day.
; \
The MaJno Statesman aud Party at
Oastlo Oluny.
Unknown Admirers of the Knight
aivo Him an Ovation.
Happy Manner in Which the Tour
ists Pass the Tlmo.
Some Very IntcrcsllnjjGronps Itlaino
Grown Uneasy and Shows nu
Anxiety to Got Buck to
Work Onuo Moro.
The Lnnd of the Thistle.
tPopi/rfitfil ISSS l > il Jamtt ( lonlim'Jtennctt. }
r.iNn , Juno ao. | Now York Herald Cable-
Special to Tun Bci.J : Here the great Cur-
ncgic-Blaino coaching trip has now ended
with the close leafy June. Before narrating
the Incidents of this I will give a resume of
some of the phases of the lust few 'days of
the wheeling.
On Wednesday last the coaching party
visited Loch Katrine. After rowing some
time they landed nnd finding a >
handy hlrlocko proceeded to lunch.
Presently , after removing the coach , an
American voice rang out "Jim Blaine of
Maine. " Mr. Blaine looked down nnd took
oil his hat to u party , evidently Americans ,
on a drag returning to their hotel.
"You ought to go home , " cumo another
voice. "
"Three cheers for Blaine , " said a third ,
and three hearty rounds were given ns the
coach drove off. er
Some idea of how the Curnegio coaching 38 $
party pass the day is instructive. They rise *
ut S : i)0 ) , breakfast , and at 8:30 : the couch is in-
tlio door. At 10 a cold lunch is taken in n 'cli
hamper , is cntcn under the shade of soma
tree or under tlio wall of any farm , where
horses arc halted. In these latter case Mr.
Carnegie invites the farmer to join
in and he and Mr. Blaine ply him with i-ues-
tions on agriculture and politics thus finding
out tlio feeling of the district. Atthcso
lunches the servants never wait and the
ladies do all the work nnd tlio gentlemen
open the bottles. From one to twox
hoursis * given to lunch " " "and
rest Srffne read. Mr. Damroseli ,
may be , sings a Scotch song or-pluys n solo &
on the coaching horn , then once again the
conch starts , and if possible the day's Jour
ney ends at about (1 o'clock. Mrs. Carnegie
has taken photographs of ulino't cvo'-i object
of interest ajong the road. At ono time a
ruined abbey , t n-.tuer a group of
highland polled cattle , n mare with
her foal , or a group of wild
icklng children. She has also reproduced
jn the most amusing attitudes and
she has cnough-S 1080 to fll1 fair sized
album. Mrs. Carne'jW"8 ! with her an in
stantaneous camera and alaTgST instrument
with sensitive plates. > .
The evenings ( to not hang at nil. j * lo
Mr. Waller Damrosch sits down nnd plajfi'a
Wagner , or sings. "But , " says the musician'
sadly , "the English pianos nio not equal to
our American ones ; " Often Mr. Bluino will' '
give u masterly dissertation on English
Scotch - American history or tHb" "
drama. Bed well , there Is no
fixed hour in these north
countreo twilight nights. The party often
stroll out , tempted by the beautiful weather.
Mr. Blaine drew my attention to the particular
V )
ular light nights , asserting that print could.nt ( ) oj
bo read out of doors at 10 o'clock in the ovcn-ysinca
' " ( ? . .or'
At ( ilK ; this evening the coaching party'd
came in sight. In the same moment two iry ol
cannons fired a salute of 'wcnty 'ji'tha '
rounds , while the hills around echoed /mud / ,
the reports to an extent , reminding ? eiut
ono of a battle , Next the team that had ' * - . il
driven 700 miles in twenty-four days cqino
bowling up the tree-embowered avenue from
the lodge gates where servants arid towns
men were assembled cheering. Mr. and
Mrs. Carnegie seemed tnueh affected at'tho
heartiness of the reception. Mr. Blaine im
mediately descended ,
"Just look at tliofio horses. Not n mark
upon them " said ho ,
"And how do you feel ! "
"Splendid. Never had an ache or pain the
whole time. "
Mr. Carnegie said : "I think it a great
triumph. "
Another of the party said : "Thjs will
show the English what Amcrler.ns con do. " " " " * "
Mrs. Carnegie clapped her hands with
delight when she got oft the coach. The
day's journey had been very cold , for there
is snow on the mountains from which drivu
cold winds at the threshold over which hung
the Scotch , English and American ( lugs , Tlio
party was met by the champion piper , Mal
colm Macpherson , arrayed in the full dress
of his chin , who played on his pipes , with
great animation the tune , "Highland Lad
die. " Dinner was served at half past 7 , The
feature of the table was the center piece , a
huge SwU'Ji.tnistlo , several feet high.
The Blaine family \rii ! leave Cluny about
the middle of July for tha statesman
yearns for work. Mr , arid Mrs. Phlpps ,
after a few days stay , will start on a trip
through Norway , and Dr. liatoi ) will uway
to the continent. Walter , however - * > .
ever , will pass the bummer at
Cluny and there have an op
portunity to further study music.
The whole party is in the best of hci.ltli and
send Uie message to their friends in America
that they have had u tplviidid
lovely trip. .
( Li-