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A Substantial Increase In Almos
Every Instance.
Indication Tlmt It Will He ;
Grand Success Mlulsteirs' Sons
In 1'ollt low Democrat H
Hedging ( Jonslp.
1'ny or Nolirnnkii I'ostmnfitors ,
WAsmxeJTox lluitEUj TiiBQwvttv HRB ,
WASIIIXOTOX. D. C. . Juno 2'J.
At the poatoftlco departmeml to elay the n
adjustment of the Nebraska postmaster s.i
nrles was completcel. They will bo as fo
lows for the fiscal year beginning July
next Sunday' Alusworlh , from $1,100 I
$1,200 ; Alma , from $1,10. ) to SI.2CO ; A rapt
hoc , $ l,100lol,200 ; Ashlnnd. from $1,100 t
$1,500 ; Atkinson , from $1,2)0 ) lo $ l,3w :
Auburn , froml(00 ( to $1,100 ; Aurora , froi
$1,500 tt $ lC.Oo ; Hlalr , Irani $1,500 lo $1,001
Hlno Hill , from $1,20) ) to $1,00) ; Hreiku
Uow , from $ l.i > OJ to 1,001 ; Ciunbrldgc , ftoi
$1,000 to fourth class ; Central City , froi
$1,500 to $ lao ; Chadron , from $1,70) t
$1,000 ; Creighton , from $ I,1UO t
$1,2)0 , ; Culberlson , from $1,0)0 ) t
$1,100 ; David City , fiom $1,100 t
$1,500 , ; Edgut , from -51,20 , ) to 5I,10 <
Falrbttry , from $1,000 to $1,700 ; Falls Cili
from $1.1' .b $1,700 ; Fremont , from $2 , : IO t
$2,41T , . rlctid , from $1-IO ( ) to $1,1100 ; Fullei
Ion , from $1,109 to $1,210 ; Geneva , froi
$1,100 to $1,200 ; Grand Island , from $2,200 t
$2,300 ; Harvard , from $ ! , : < ) to $ l,2JO ; line
tingB , from ? 2,100 to $2,500 ; Hebron , froi
? l,400to $ ll)0 : ! ) ; Holdrcg" , from Ji.doti t
$1TCO ; Iiidiunola , from $100 ! ! to $1,200 , ; Keai
nuy , from $2,000 to ? i,100 ; Lincoln , froi
$3,100 loV-0)Loup City , from $1.100 t
$1,200 ; Madison , from $1,000 to 51.200 ; Nc
braskn City , from $2,000 to $2,2)0 ) ; Ncligl
from .51,000 to $1,10J ; Norfolk , from * lM)0 ( ) t
$1TW ) ; North Hend , from $1,200 lo51,10 ,
Ogallaln , from $1,100 to $1,200 ; Orel , froi
$1,100 to $1,310Oilcans. ; fromM.irO to $ l,30t
Plallsmoulh , from $1MX ) to $3,000 ; St. Pan
from $1,500 to fel/iOO ; Schujlcr , from $ l"iO
to$1,000 ; Seward , from $1,500 lo Sl.TtH ) : Sie
ncy , from ? 1IOO to $ lfi'iO ' ; South Oniuhi
from $1,700 to $1 bO > ) ; Sterling , from * 1,1IK ) t
fourlh class , Slromsburg , fioin $1,200 t
& 1,10J : Button , from $1.200 to § 1,300 ; Tcki
limb , from $1,100 to 51,000 ; Wuhno , froi
1,700 to $1C > 0 < > , Weeping \Vutor , freim si,1C
to $1,100. West Point , $1,200 to fl.J'.OO , Wi
bcr , from 51 , 00 to 1,100 ; York , from $1K
to $1U < K > .
, TIII : ttr.t xtox AT enn : i snuitn
Arrangements are being made for nn in :
iiicnso e-ulebrution of the battle of Gutty
burg , Pa , becinnlng nc.\t Sunday and lusl
ing over the Fouith ot July. Several scni
tors and rcpiesuntatlves In the house will b
theio anel a largo number of the men an
officers who fought in tlio battle on hot
sides will bu present. Theio will be tegiilii
camp lifo and the gruy and the blue in
again to commingle together. The Unite
States troops furnished to take part in tli
reunion arrived theio ye tui day. There ar
Jlvo batteries of heavy aitillcry under tli
command of Colonel Gibson and of these
two are from Fort McIIeiiry. The othc
, three heavy batteries are from this citj
' , AVith them wns one battery of light urtillerj
Major Turnbull commanding , and two eon
k panics of the Thiret cavalry from Fort Mye
: under Major Caipcnter , with their horse :
W In nccoidance with tliu iee'cnt resclutum o
congress , leave for Hie 2el and 3d tl.ij s r ,
July without loss eif time fiemi their annul
luavo bus been giuntcd to nil employes ei
Ihu government who paiticipatcd In Hi
battle of Gcttjsburg. A large nuinbur i :
old soldieiH will avail themselves of till
DlMK ( HVTS nrnoiNO eS' mi : rum r.
The democrats in the house aio hedging , i
fust ns possible on the Mills tariff bil
Whenever tlio Intelust of a e-loso democrat !
congressional elisliict is nmtcii.illy afleetc
by the measure , tlio member reprcsunltn
that district is pcinnttud to propose-
amendment and it is adopted by a .solid den
ocratlc vote. If a lepnblicau ptopoM-s a
iiinenelment il is voted doun by a iiraelluall
Hollel democratic \oto , und with gie-at rcgt
This is a pi city good year for minister !
sons , President Cleveland is a son of
Methodisl clergunan , Mr. Moiton is thu so
of a Congiegutlomil elurg\inun , and Genoiv
Harrison is the sou-ln-law of n Prcsb.vterta
clcrg.vman , us well as being an eleler m th.i
c'nuich himself. Judge Tliurman is the so
of a Methodist clergyman.
Hov Dr. Scott , who was u professor n
Miami college when General Hurriseni was
student theio , was afterwuids the prmcip ,
of a Tumalo seminary in Indiana and is now
elurk in Iho pension ofllcco here , u noble lool
Ing and lovable e > ld gentleman , who rcslek
with u wieloucd diiUKhtur , and although e :
an advanced age , is still in vigorous lieultl
and performs his duties with punUunllty nn
General Harrison has another sistor-in-lu'
In Washington , whoso daughter , his niece
Miss ICato Scott , iccently eloped with
Washington Journalist and is quite prominci
and popular us a vocalist. She bus u tin
soprano voice , carries thai p.nt in tlio ipiai
tolto of Calvary chinch , and appears al a
the aniulcur conceits of any account given i
Washington , Her brother , aemng mane
twenty-onu or two. is employed in the Chus
Nutlonul bunk at New York. \ \ OX SlIKHM VN.
The publishers of General Sherieliin' '
book appealed to his brother , Colonel Slier
dun. regarding tliu annouiiceinont of lit
publlcMtlon of another lifo of th
general , whuli appears to bo ii
tended to elccelvo this pi-nplo ami t
bo sold upon the strength of th
boom which his inemons will create
Thu.same uuthoiR and the same puhlicutio
liouso Issued a life of Piesnlcnl Giunl unek
similar circumstances , and fen a similar pin
pose when Grant's memoirs wuro published
and the cunvusseis solel a good iiian.v e'opie
by mlsiepreseiiting It as the work whic
Giant wrote himself. Colonel Shoriela
ItnouBof no means by which tlio fruiiel cu
bei prevented , ns any onu 1ms a right to pul
lisli n Ufa of the genural , anel his career is s
well known , and so far a matter of publ !
record that It would not be dllllcult to do se
The only recourse Is to adveitisu the Impos
lion and wain people ugulnst It , which th
general's friends hope the newspapers of th
country will do. The general's muinoirs cot
tain upon the title page suflicient evidence t
identify them , but people will still bu Imbl
to deception by dishonest agents.
MISll.l.LAXCOl'tj ,
In the senate to duj Senator Mandcrso
icported favorably the liouso bill uxteiidin
the leaves of ubsunsu of omployes of tlio guv
eniment printing ofllco to tlinty days niHtca
of tlftcen. In order to curry out the piovis
iou ho submitted an aineiidinciit to thu sur
drv civil hill increasing the npproprlatio
from $ W,000 to $ lli.,000. . It will bu but
short time till Unity d.ijs leave will b
t-riintcd in each year to all employes of th
Thu bill granling a pension to Hattie K
Hni'ntoo , of Nebraska , 1ms been sent lo Hi
president ntiet will likely be signed.
Army Orelern.
WASHIXOTOX , Juno 19. [ Special Tolegrat
lo Tim IJur. ] The suporinlcndcul of the i
cruiting soivlco will c.uiso thirty colore
cavalry recruits to bo unsigned to the Nlnt
cavalry and for winded to such pom tor point
in the Department of tno Platte as thu con
mandmg general of the department shall dt
Elgnnto. After their arrival in tiintdcpuri
inent Iho rccrutts will bo distributed n
e/iuitubly ns pructicablo 11111011 ; ; the troops o
the icgimcnU sciving therci.n ,
. JPirbt Licuicnutit F. J. Patten , Twenty ttis
Infantry , Is relieved from the further oppra
tion of paragraph C , pee-lal orders No s ]
April , KSSyith llto approval of Iho seetc
lary of wnr.
The extension of leave of absence grantc
Firsl Lieutenant F. J. Patten. Twenty-firs
infantry , in special orders No. 10 , January K
is still further extended one month.
First Lieutenant John 1C. Warring , Soewi
Infantry , Is iclloveel from elutv as n tnonine
of the general e-ourt martial convened n
David's island , New York harbor , by specif
orders No. 2.51 , October T , Is r , from till
First Lieutenant James A. llutton , Kiphl
Infantry , IH detailed for duty ns a member e
the general court mart lal con venM at O.ivieV
Island , New York harbor , by special order
No. 24 : ? , October 7 , 1 7.
a Postnl Chniinc ,
Juno 2'J. ( Special Tck
gram to Tin : Hun 1 A postofllco has bee
cslabllslicd at Presser , Adams county , nn
Samuel W. Smith appointed pastunstor.
The postoflkes nt 1 Inner , Pierce Mimtj
and Indian Creek , York county , will hu dl1
continued ftom July 1.
Tliu following postmasters have been it |
pointed : Avery Hutler , Lattin , Pah
county , vice William II. Lattin. icsignoel
H.M'on ( iilinnn. Hedington , Che.\cniiocounl\ \
vli-o ICuireno U. Vanolcneiu , resigned ; II. lie
gats , Lindsay , Plattc county , vice Charles I
Field , resigned : William L. ( jritnby , Nat
tasket , liuffalo county , vice Sidney .V
Walker , resigned ; William Hitchcock , Whl
ney , Dawes county , vice Charles L. Carte :
\VnltliiK KenClonr Wcntliur.
Wi niNOTON , Juno 21) ) . It is stated i
Qenortil Sheridan's liouse this nioinlng tin
ho slept well during the nighl and was res
ing quietly this morning. Theio wns a lieav
rainfall during the morning , and llm wcathe
was cold and damp. The removal of Cei
oral Shendun , it is stated , will be postpone
until it clears up and the conditions ni
more favorable than at present.
General Sheridan had some Indigestion i
the earlier part of the ilny. With this e :
ceptlon his condition Is better than at an
time during the week , llu will not bo take
to thu Swatara until all conditions aio sail
factory. _
Aletropeilltnii Ojiern HOIIHR Crowtlc
with an nntlmsliistio Auellenocr.
NKW YOUK , Juno 20. The Metiopolitn
opera house wns croxvdeel to night with i
publicans uho had assembled under the m
apices of Hie republican club to intify tl
nominations of Hairison and Mo'ilon. Tl :
presiding officer was Edwin d T. Hintlett I
opening the meeting ho spoke in warm prai1
of the icpublican platform and of the canel
dates. Ho alluded to Han ison ns : i pattu
and statesman , and refei red to his service
in the field and in the senate.
' ' *
Of Lcvl P. Motion lie s'l'ie ! the bankin
liouso of which ho was the head had largol
aided in the resumption ol specie paymoi
and funding of thu public debt.
The first speaker intioduced wnsCongro i
man Uoswcll G. Dorr , of Michigan. 11
said : "I come to you from the fur west fo
the purpose of saying to you that wu inluni
to Join hands with you in redeeming th
United States of Amciica. I sat as a dele
gate in the convent ion and , although it ell
not select the man 1 favoicd , it did its wor
fairly and well. It gives us the clear-cu
issue of iirolection to the industries of An
erica The issue has been nan owed do\ui t
the question , Winch had better innnaf.
this nation , the lepnblican clubs of tin
country or the Cobden club of Knglanei ; "
At this point General William T. Slierma
enteied and was greeted with cheers.
Continuing , Mr. Hun said' "When w
nominated our ticket Biitain had n
cheers for us
"General Harrison may be moudof In
ancestry , but wo depend moie upon the ma
for what he is himself than what Ins unce-
tors wero. The democrats have told us tin
is not to bo a personal campaign , that nolhin.
is to bo said as to personal elmiaclei
They admit nothing cun be suid against th
-personal chaiacter of our c.indiel.ues. W
lire going to carr.v tins election for protee
tion to American industries. Tins Mills hi
the'y want to saddle on us is not \vhut will d
for Michigan. Wo in Michigan raise
1 1 000,0(10 ( pounds of wool Uisl \ ear. Wu cu
many million feet of lumber. This they wan
to put on thu f ice list. It is the ! sumo wit
our irem and copper , mid je't they s.i
Michigan may go democratic. Michigan hu
been taken out of the list of doubtful state'
Man.\ other states will bo given up b
the elcmocrats before November. What w
want is piotoctioi. for our mdiislries. W
must retain our tariff to enable our working
inun to cant ( . .oodvajies. .
"There in u manica , onsliv the dcme
crutic party can not be kept in power. Thu
have not told the truth in anj thing sine1
tluiy went into peiwci over thifo ye-ais aur
1 went to Chicane to see that the truu p.nt
of Ibis counlr.x heiieled its ticket with th
nanio of u man who foucht mid emlungcrc
his life for tins grand nation. The
tell mo 1 should not talK ei
the past ; llial I should not fan to life slumbering
boring embers. If 1 weiu a democrat
should like lorgctfulness and consider it
divmo attribute. Now my friends wei ar
going into tins light a united putty. H.thu .
ticket wo have taken Indiana out of th
doubtful states. Indiana we have witliout
doubt. Now how Is New Yoik going
( "Republican , " cried many voices. ] Let tli
east and west unite and wo will win as sui
ns the ticket is in the field. "
Colonel H. ti. Ingersoll was then Intro
duced and was warmly gicrtcd. Ilo said
' When a presidential camlnlato is put u
most people e-laim that they weio with bin
ft om the start. Generally they claim thn
Ihoy discovered him. They ui
anxious lo Do with the processioi :
1 will be fiank with \ou and < < tiy that I wa
not weritmg for the successful Ucke-t bu
when Mie convention was thioutih , till wet
for the ticket. Some people said I made
mistake , but I alwajn know who I am fo
and why. When this great body caino tn
gether in Chicago its lint act was t
honor the mimes of the gieatcst mei
that this country has produced -
Lincoln and Giunt. Tlio next rcsolntloi
adopted by the convention was , 'We em
neatly hope thut we shall soon congratulat
our Insti fellow citt/ens on the tccovori e >
home into in lu-hunl.1 Wlioievor a liunia
buingeiars n clmm ( hero is whuio you wil
finel the sympathy of the republican p.iit
\\ithliim. "
The speaker the-i dwelt at e-onslderabl
length on the position of the two patties 01
the tariff question , and argued in favor o
protection to American industries and big ]
\vnccs to American worknigmcn.
Warner Miller was the last speaker. H <
said the Chicago e'on vent ion htul given th
grnnde- ! , ! declaration of principles ever givoi
to the American people an Amniicau jilut
form from top to bottom ; a platform npoi
which any Ameirlrnn could stand , and tli
ticket was us good us the platform.
Nntlointl Democrat in lleinliinnrle'rt
NIH : VKIIK , Juno ' "J.-In confoiiiiity wit
the vote of the natioual democratic commt
too emtpoworln , ? tlio chairman to appoint , tu
executive committee , the chairman has nji
pointed such committee. Among the name
are thu folljwing Illinois , K M Phelps
Iowa , J. J. Kichardsiin ; Wisconsin , j. L
Mitchell. The coinnntteo jipjum'oil to pro
e-uro headquarter * have Relucted house Na
10 , West Twenty ninth street , New Yoik.
Valentine' Itatifles.
VU.KXTINK , Neb , Juno -Special [ Tele
gram to Tnu Hpe.-Thn | republicans held i
ratification meeting to night , endorsing Hat
risen and Morton , which included u torcli
llcht procession heudol by thu Kighth infar
try band from Foil Niobrara. Specchc
woiu delivered by J. W. Tuokui- and others
Tlio Hanihiu n
LONDON , Juno 23.The Samlown park lira
summer meeting was opened to-day. Tli
race lor the electric stakes , purse of 2ou
bovcreigns was won by Bullion.
r i ;
Shabby Exctico For Dls
appointing the Ohautauquaus.
A Pontoon Uriel go on tlio 3Ilssouil-
An Immigrant's Suicide Killing
tJliuidei-ed Horses Cfops
and Untlllontlons.
Tlio Nebraska Clmiitntiiiit.i.
A'SUMlll.Y QltOlNIH , ClIITn , Neb. , Jlltl
O'J. ( Special to Tim Ur.i : 1 When the lieu
appointed for the opening exercises arrive
yesterday afternoon , such a smalt audienc
assembled in the pavilion that it was thougl
best to postpone the ex jreises until an earl
hour In thoovenlnu. Or. Dunningpleasantl
dismissed the small audience by nssurin
them that the gentlemen who were to dellvc
the nddiess of Axclcomo and the icspons
had taken so much trouble to prepare som <
thing \\orth hearing that it seemed n pity m
to wait for a larger audience to hear win
they had to say. The cause of the snia
audience was not that there were so fe' '
people upon the grounds , but that poop ]
seemed to place business before pleasure an
therefore prefcricd to see to the saferv c
their baggage and set their household uffali
in order before giving their time to publi
exercises , however good they might bo.
It is no light task for twelve c
lUtcon hundred people to get their gooil
and chatties neatly an anged in tents tin
cottages. Especially is this the case who
there is so much delay of baggage us has 01
eurred to day. All trains comnm ftom th
east and west have had extra b igpago cm
attached , but a surplus of luggaireis reporte
to have IK cumulated at Lincoln and i
Hastings. Thu depot tit Cietc is also crowdo
with uaggngo , which teamsters arc convoj
ing to the niounds ns rtiindly as possible. 1
is no uncommon spectacle to seopaiticssi
ting disconsolate in the doors of their cmpt
tents , signing wearily , and often quit
angrily , for the bagfiugo which is ho Blow t
come. A few parties there arc who arc i
even a worse predicament ; that is , they ar
for the time utterly sans baggage , sans ten
However a larco force of workmen moon
ployed in putting up tents which arnve
to day , and all will soon be comfortably es
tnblished in satisfactory quarters and wlllin
to excuse the petty discomfiture of thei
first day in the city of tents.
At I o'clock jcsterdny the chorus class me
in the pavilion. About forty singers Joine
the chics , and the number will piob.ibly b
twice doubled when Ur. Palmer arrives
Hver.y singer will bo desirous to avail him
self of the rare oppoitunity of being ii
structed by such an eminent and able mi :
sical diiector.
At S o'clock an audience of about 2,00
gathered in the pavilion to hear tu
opening exercises and the lecture b
Colonel Hain. After the auditois had rise
and sung "Old Hundred" Colonel UobortCo\\
den , the United Brethren Sunday-school sect c
tnry , lead the ld ( ) ) psalm , beginning , " 151cs
the I.oid , oh my soul. " Dr. Dunning the
oftered the opening prayer , thanking Cod ! fo
all the assembly has done for us , for ou
children and for our state , and praying tlia
this session may influence all who attend i
to lead pmer and nobler lives and be moi
nctivo in all good works. The uudienci
joined with him in repeating the Lord'
pr.ncr. Thu hjmn "All Hail the Power o
Jesus' Is'amc'1 was followed by a comet sol
with piano accompaniment. Supcrintcndcn
Dunning then uavo a. bnof opening address
expressing pleasure at seeing so man ,
familiar laces , and so m my that were ne\\
He believed this session would be ono o .success. The b.isis of all ou
happiness is good homes , good churches am
good govcinmcnt , and the basis of all thcs
is the bible. While the bible is the basis o
all our work on the us-embly grounds , w
give.i place to history , literature , music , ait
and all good learning. Kvervbo'lv ' will liiul a
the assembly something that is woithcomin ,
for. Dr Dunning then introduced Presided
Kossho gave tlio people a coidial welcome
congratulated them upon the excellent prc
gramme they woio to enjoy , and hoped tlia
all would like the assembly so much this yea
that thcj would be glad to icturii the next
Colonel Main was introduced and gave hi
lectuie on "Traits and Trials ol Character.1
When ho began preparing his lecture he hai
thought it would bo easy to analy/o and dc
scribe human nature. lie could .simply nar
rate his observations of the masses of peopl
he had met between Castle Garden and th' '
( iolden Clatc. liut human nature , he iimlu
Hsodiveiso and many-sided that it is c.\
cocdmg diflletilt to deal with. It is folly U
Judge a man by ono trait of his character , fo
out of the most divers-i traits often come tin
beit man To study human nature wo inns
put aside all piejudice. Had wo hadchaigi
of the cication of the world wo piobabl ;
would not have mndo a negro or tlio Chinese
but God niiidu all races for sonii
purpose , and in prnpoition as wo hone
and help them all wo aid Clod n
cairyiiiK out his pmposo. Little things un
suggestive of great things in human nature
They are like n'.itelics struck in the dark
which burn bat an instant yet show us mucl
that 13 about us. Hisour duty to study char
noter You can't bo long in the presence o
a man before he stnk"S a match that give
jon an insight into his character. Many i
woman lushes into matiimony without i
careful study of the man she marries , am
the result is much domestic iinhnpplncss
Next to Intemperance Colonel Haln believe1
lliu cause ol tlio greatest evil of our countr1
is electing men to otlico without studying
their character to asceituln whether the ;
have heart and brain and conscience to rightl'
and honestly perform the duties of their of
llics.aof all the tvnits of character cultivate
most tlio trait of principle , Pimciplo is tin engine made to fit the track o
life. Never use a policy that wil
inalto you get oil the track of prlncipli
to it. If n thinu' is right , stand by it , evoi
if jou are tlio only man in the woildwiii
does so You can n fiord to stand by a thiiii
that is light , for when jou are dead a thoii
sand j oars the gieat car of principle wil
still bo on the track. Ilo who .stands by tin
right never fails in the sight of Uod mid Hn
angels. Peonlo who are not Interested u
good works should begin to do something ti
help them along and interest will come wilt
the doing. Wimt could not God do tor thr
gieat audience if all would go to work as H <
would have them t Young people should llm
out what they are fitted for ami then do it
Most of the failures m lifo come from peoph
tr.sing to ill ! place- , they aio not fitted for
The greatness of this world docs not all belong
long to the Sampsons , the Caesars , the Na
poleuns , thu Washington * and the Grants
Down in the obstuie walks of lifo are nuiir
heroes and heroines who will bo rcioginsct
as such on thn great d.i.of . reckoning , ( 'olonc
Hain has loit none of his oloquenci
or his power over ins audience since las
year. His address was full of witty storiui
and illustrations , and was iiituriuptcd b' '
frequent laughter and applause The hirgi
audicnco fully appreciated and enjoyed hi
ready wit , his studies of chaiuctcr and hu
flights of oratory.
Probably the assembly grounds * never lool
better than in the evening , when the Ion ;
rows of white and blue tents and gaily paint
ed cottages tilling the grove , and can p * an
clothed with the glamor of electric light
The canvas icsidences umko delightfu
sleeping places , but las' night the slumber o
the tent dwellers was distill bed by the rum
bio of bagg.igo wairous until long past mid
nifht. The amount of belongings that U.ou
people choose to bring into camp with them i
This mof-ning dawned cool and cloudy. A
0 : * ) about 'JW people attended tlio pra\e
mcetint' . which was led by Dr Dunning Alter
tor singing "Hock ot Aues" the audienc
Joined in repeating tliu llrst psalm , whiul
was followed by the reading of th
third chapter of Kpheslans and prayer Ir
Dr. Dunning. "Tho IndweJling of the Hoi
Spirit" w j , the subject of the meeting. Th
leader felt hiiro that Christ makes Ininsol
felt in every ono of us ; that lit ) llnds ou
what our real wants arc and supplies then
In a very kindly way. Ho had the conscious
ness that these who Itfvc Christ arc here
those who love Him sp njuch that they wl
surely spur others to' love Him. Man
took port in the meotlsnp by brief prajct
and the recitation of 'tpm-flpHato texts c
scripture. These uiornl'ig meetings are it
variably Interesting am helpful. Ur. Dm
nlng will le.ul them tint this nlono assure
their being well attendea. To-morrow mort
In ! * the subject will be "Glorying in Hcdeini
lion , "
At S o'clock the Intern edlate class met I
the normal hall and w is organized by He\
I. 1) . Stewart , about on' hundred and lift
children and the same n nnber of adults b <
Ing present. At the same hour the choru
class met for the sect nd rehearsal. Thl
class has already gnnOh so largo that th
platform of the pavilion 's ' crowded. The ni
vaneed normal class had for the subject o
its llrst lesson , "first Truths and 1'rln
clples. " Prof. Holmes oiscusscd the subjcc
In his usual efficient and interesting mnnnci
The professor is ono of the ablest Chautai
qua workers and his elus-ios are always we'
At 11 o'clock a largo ( jidenoo ! gathered I
the pavilion to It-ar Prof. Holme ;
llrst lecture on Ungllsh Mslory. His subjcc
was to hive been "Alfrc I the Saxon , " but n
the manuscript of this lecture is lingcrln
somewheio with his bolt ted trunks , he posl
potted the lecture until { . -morrow and npok
on " 1 ho Claims of Christianity. " Chrlstlat
ity , hosiiid. makes four claims : First , th
supernatural is not only tfosslblo but probable
second , Christianity claims that nn uttlrunci
into a supertnitui id life is possible to all b
the process of ledctnptlon , which the Savlo
calls being born from aboyo ; third , chrlstl
anity , claims that a lifo based on the st
pcrnatural Is Just as logical as is a lifo base
on tlio natuial ; fourth , Christianity claim
that it is d coming down to us from the si
pernatural to lift us up > i.4 of the nntura
These four claims weio BO aptly illustrate
ami made so easy and simple that even
child could understand and follow the lei
turer through his entire address.
The arrivals are so numerous that it seem
useless to begin giving personals.
Colonel Hain delivered his second Icctur
this afternoon nt t ! o'clock.
The many friends of the popular solois
Miss Cora Gates , will bo delighted to lour
that she will arrive next Monday and ussis
in the musical department during the n
mainder of the session. The coming of MU
Gates and Dr. Palmer en the same day wi
bo glad news to the lovers of music.
'J ho clouds of the morning at noon gav
place to bright skies and sunshine , and nlt <
gether the second day of the assembly wti
all that could bo desired. The following i
the ptogrammo for Saturday , JuueUO , Chi
dron's Day :
0.HO Prayer service. "
S.K1 ( Chorus.
S.CO Intermediate class.
1)K ) : ( ) Children's eliisf.
0.00 Advanced normal class , "Tho MCI
siah Foretold the Sacnlice. "
10 00 Normal class , ' "History in th
13ible. " ;
10.00 Temperance cinss , "Sabbath Sehoi
Work" 'J
11 OJ Lecture , Prof , Holmes , "Willian
the Normnn Legtslatlcn. "
'J 00 Clnldten's ' meeting. Songs and ai
4 00-Chorus. j
4.00 Normal class , "principles of Instrui
tlon Methods of Instruction Attention , "
1:00 : Advanced normal class , "Tho Mcc
siah Foretold Through Types , and Throug
the Jewish Kingdom. "
1:1)0 : ) Primary teachers' class.
5:00 : Conference , " \yiiy Young Men nn
Women Should Go to Collcgu. " Short ac
dresses by President Perry and others.
Up to yesterday morqng ( no doubt cxlstei
in the minds of the managers of the asscm
bly that Dr Talmago wpultl 1111 his engage
incut. He was positively engaged severa
months ago at his own tonrib. lie has Jus
tilled an appointmentnt'Lexington , ICj
Fiom tlio hitter plsic , , . . a telegram was re
ceived from him this mth'ning , addressed t
Mr. F. J. Foss and reading as follows :
"Cannot come. Unforscen circumstance
make it impossible. Very sorry. Hope ti
serve you some other time.
'J' . Dr WITT TM.M lot : . "
Repeated telegrams addressed to him a
Lexington failed to bring a reply. Last even
ing a dispatch was received from Lexington
saying : "Don't know whoroTalmagc went.
A telegram was then sent to him at Urooh
lyn , N Y. , saying :
"Thousands waiting for you. H won't d
to disappoint them. You must give us Hire
lectures during the assembly. Our reputj
tion and youis at slake in this section.
A : U. DfvsM\o. "
The managers hope ho may .yet 1111 h.s en
gagement before the close of the assembly
Colonel Georsw Main , appreciating the situa
tion , arranged by telegraph to postpone hi
ne.Mengagement , and will lecture Saturda
evening on the "Golden Gate , or the ago am
land inhich we live. " On Sunday moriimi
he wi'l ' speak on "The safe side of life fo
ioung men.1' Mrs. Mary A. Lathroi :
of Michigan , will lecture on Mon
day evening. No blame for Dr
T.ilmngc's failure attaches to the manager
of the assembly , as tlio eimagetii'-n' wac
positive and unconditional. Colonel Han
has been received \\itb the greatest cnthu
siasm eat h time ho has spoken , and whei
the announcement was made tins evunini
that ho would 1111 Dr. Talmago's place th' '
audience responded with great applause.
Tlie Flour City of Nebraska.
MINDEN. Neb , Juno 29. [ Special to Tn
HIT 1 Flour City Is a title well deserved b ,
Mindcn. She has to-day two line roller pi a
cess flouring mills , each with a capacity o
12(1 ( barrels per day , and , what is more , th
grade of llour produced is of such a clmracte
that eiders fiom all parts ol western Ne
braska , northern Kansas and eastern Colorado
rado are dully received.
Tlio tine stone front building of the Firs
National bank is piogressing well. This is i
two-story structuio with sixty-six feet fron
and ninety-feet depth.
Jensen Hioiliers have commenced work 01
another line In tck building eighty by eighty
eight feet , two stones , to bo used for hole
and iiiciehamlise purpo-,03. ,
This gtowtli ot Minden shows that it is i
city whoso boom of last year was only the in
tiiiduetion of a steady projrruss. The cagl
will stream miglitily on July -tta.
To Settle tlio I0ilile//leiiienl. )
NiimriCm , Ncn , Juno 2' ) . [ Specin
Telegram to Tin : Uuu.l Work was com
iiienccd to day on thu proposed pontooi
bridge across the Missouri at this point. Tin
stiucttiro is to be completed this summer o
C. H. Lewis , of Sytacuse , New York , i
brother-in-law of Deacon Cole , thocinbez/lci
is m the city and announces that nil claim
against the erring major will bo satisfied i
criminal proceedings uro stopped , A Icttc
has been icceived hero from Colo's youni
son , dated at Poillaud , Ore. , stating tlia
Cole had dc.seitcd him at that place and lef
him penniless , and ho knew nothing of hi
father's whereabouts.
A Hiilly For tlio Stai'H and Stripes.
Gnvoi , Neb. , Juno 2U. [ Special to Tn
Hu.J-Tlio : Genoa Hepubllcan club met i
the open air in front of the National hotel las
night to ratify the nomination of Harrison an
Morton. The meeting was impromptu , but c >
ceeded our most sanguine expectations , con
sulcring the lateness of the hour. It was sai
by persons at the hotel who icsidu in Omali
to far surpass in numbers and enthusiasm th
democratic ratification meeting at Julforso :
square in Omaha. Speeches were made b ,
L' . V. Clurlison and Hon. M. V. Mutidy ,
Hung * llorspU. U'lillo IIIHIIIIC.
ST. PAH. , Neb. , Juno I'J [ Special Tck
gram to THE Hiit.J Sheriff McDonald wa
culled to Howard t ty to-day to hold an in
quest over tlio body of Mrs. Wahlcn , wh
committed sutcido by hanging hctsclf whtl
temporarily insane. Shu had been hoiubu
ten days , coming from G irmatiy. She leave
a husband and eight ; children.
Crops Point : WcJI.
lUiintkOx , Nob. , Juno29. [ Special to Tn
Uii.J Corn , wheat and oats and all otlm
crois ) did UNccllciitly . last vear. There wa
about 200 per cent more planted this season
and it is doing \\cll.
/wn ixpppvntM rr n PA PTP
Lively Debate on the Subject in th
Senator Hnwlcy Points Out tlic Dnn e
of Undo SIUII'H I'dNltlnii Cock *
roll Grows Knectlous Tlio
Tni til' Discussion.
WIMUXOTOX , Juno 2'J. The senate to-da
resumed consideration of the army nppropriu
tion bill , the pending question being Mt
Hawloy's amendment offered yesterday.
Mr. Sherman said ho did not believe tint
the terms of the amendment were sufllciontl ,
guarded to protect the interests of the coun
try In beginning such a great enterprise. I
proposed to place the whole $ < VOJOOJ ! in th
liands of an ordnance bureau , a system wide :
was generally regarded as vicious and sure t
result in disaster. Its officers have no re
spcct for the rights of people outside , am
have always failed to recognize a valuabl
n vcntion when It was brought to their alien
Ion. U Is a crying shame , and every Ameri
can should be ashamed of It.
Mr. Hawley said the amendment morel ;
proposed to do for the arm ;
exactly what hod been done for th
navy. The proposition of the senate
from Maryland , if ho ( Hawley ) undorstooc
it , was that private concerns should bo in
vitcii to make a perfected gun but he ( Haw
ley ) asserted that no largo stool manufac
turcr in the country would undertake on an.i
teems that the government would listen U
or the people sanction , to build a 14-inoh
gun in Its own shops purely for an e.xperi
meat. After the harrassing experience o
John Hoaeh not one manufacturer woult
spend a million dollars in making the gun.
Mr. Hutler supported the amendment , bul
did not sympatht/e with the disposition t
criticise the ordnance bureau for the errot
of the army and navy.
After further debate the discussion wa (
suspended for the transaction of other bus
ness. Committees of conference were a |
pointed on the legislative , the diplomatic nn
consular and the District of Columbia apprc
priutlon bills.
Mr. Allison reported back the Joint resoln
tion extending the appropriations for tin
present liscal year for Unity days from Jutn
yo in the dcpai Intents of the government fo :
which appropriation bills for the next j ca
shall not have become laws and the scnat
proceeded to consider it After a long dis
cussion the Joint resolution was passed with
out division and the senate resumed consld
oration of the army nppiopriation bill , tin
question being on the amendment offered hi
Mr. Hawley.
Mr. Hawley stated that if the America !
people wore driven to war and were huinil
nited then the men who argued against tin
policy of providing guns would hldo them
selves aud would call upon the mountains ti
fall upon them. The country with its 00,000 ,
000 of people , was a monstrous mass of po
litical power , but against modern steel guns
it was no more effective than a dead whale.
Mr. Stewart spoke ol the United States as
belntr a good fat goose to bo plucked by any
body , and referred to thu alarm felt at Sai :
Francisco two years ago , when trouble will
Chili was appiehended.
Mr. Cockroll snoko sarcastically of tin
fruiizy exhibited bi the senators from Con
nccticut and Nevada. Ho could iilmos1
imagine the Hritish red coats coming dowi. .
fi oin the skies , landing on American soil ,
driving back the timid Yankees and levying
contributions on American cities.
"They burned this capital , " Mr. Hawlej
"Yes , they burned this capital once , " said
Mr. Cockrell , "and they regret it to tlns
day. "
"Dowel" was Mr. Hawlcy's laconic re-
"No , sir , " said Mr. Cockrell , "the Ameri
can people do not regret it. "
In thu couise of his fuither argument Mr ,
Coclsrell was asked by Mr. Stcwait whether
ho approved of Germany taking tliuSainoan
islands. "That has nothing to do , " was the
teply , "with the fortifications of the United
States. "
"What has the Samoan islands to do will
thu turnloiiiil integrity of the Unitct
States "
"Answer my question , " said Mr. Stewart
"It's none of your business whether 1 do 01
not. It's not the question in issue , " said Mr.
In continuing Mr. Cockrell said that the
American people feared nobody ; that H
worshipped at thu shrine of an everlasting
almighty Jehovah and not , that
01 any single power on earth
or of nil of them combined ; that i
bid them defiance and that the talk about the
necessity for formications was not only un
manly but childish. The senator from New
York might have no fear. He would novel
seu a foreign power levying contributions on
any city of thu United States.
As to Canada the militia of the bordei
states could take care of her. f ! Cumuli
should cross the border in hostile array ev >
cry foot of that country would bo under tin
jurisdiction of the United Stites within
sixtj days. And as to Great Hritain , a wni
with the United States would bo the doutli
knell of that power.
Without having como to a vote on the bil !
or amendment tlio senate adjourned until 11
, m. to-mono w.
W\-in\fiTOV , Juno 20. The house went
into committee of tlio whole on the tariff bill.
Mr. Dingley of Maine moved to strike fron
the free list , rags. The motion was lost.
On motion of Mr. Hreekenrid.0 of Arkan
saspaintings in oil or water colors and statu
nry , not otherwise provided for , wen
btiiekeii from tha free list.
An amendment to the postollloj appropria
tion bill appropriating-Jl.OJO.OJO for an ad
ditional force of letter curriers made neces-
hary by the extension of the eight hour law
to that branch of the public service was con
curruii in by the house committee on post-
offices and post roads. All the rest of the
senate amendments were noncoiicuricd It
and n conferencu will bo nskcdt
Mr. Lehlbach of New .let.sey moved t (
strike from the free list stones , unmanufae
tuied or undressed , frco stone , granite , sand
stone , ami all building of monumental stone ,
Mr. Marker of Kentucky moved to add pho
tngraphic print paper not albuminized or sen
tisucd to the free list. Lost.
Mr. Hiichanan of Now York offered an
amendment providing that whenever any ol
thu articles namca in the trco list aio im
ported in vessels of foicign registry thoj
shall pay thu duties imposed by the act o :
IbM. Lost
Mr Kussell of Massachusetts moved tt
pl.uu primulmo on thu frcu list. Ho said that
it was n ilyo used m the manufacture of cot
ton goods and it was not produced in thii
country. Agreed to.
Tins completed the consideration of the
free list section , and the cleik proceeded k
read the dutiublo portion of the bill. Tin
clause providing that thu changu in the rate
of duty shall take effect on the 1st of July
next , was passed over.
Mr. Dingley of Maine moved to levy a dutj
of 15 cents a cask on lime. Lost.
Mr Adams of Illinois moved to strlku oui
the clausu fixing thu rate of duty on refined
glicermo ut .1 cunts a pound. This led ton
long discussion in which Mr Kec.l of Maine
and Mr. Wilson of West Virginia weic the
principal spuakcis
Mr. Heed criticised the majority of the
wujs and means committee for attempting u
miftltsud the country by statements madu ute <
to tlio effect thu hill would huvu upon icvc
Thundmuads amendment was finally re
jcctid und the committee IOKO.
The Uousc concurred m thu sun.te amend
menl to the Joint resolution extending apprc
priations for thirty days dujs and then too !
n recess till s p. m.
The house nt Its evening session pnssei
forty-seven pension bills and at 10 30 ad
Journcd. _ _
To Fljlit the Now Fi-elglH Sclicdnl
In the Courts.
11ns MOISTS , la. , Juno 20. [ Special Tele
prnm to Tun Hi i.j : To-day the railroad com
inissioncrs were served with an Injunctioi
Issued by Judge S. H. Fall all of the distric
court of Johnson county , icstralnlng then
fiom promulgating the new schedule o
freight rates. This is additional to the in
Junction issued by Judge Hrewcr of th
United Stales circuit court , but it is b.-isci
on substantially the same ground. Th
petitioners in this case me tlio Chicago
Hock Island & 1'aclllc and the Hurlington
Cedar Kapids ft Noi thorn railroads. Hotl
of these companies are incorpor
atcd under the laws of Iowa
Hence they seek relief through tin
state courts. The principal reason given it
the application for an injunction Is that tin
proposed schedule is not n "te.isonublo" rate
as requited by the law , but is so tinreasoua
bio and severe as to cause the roads to di
business at n loss if put in force. C nnpari
sons of rates with those in other states an
set out , showing that the Iowa rate i1
lower than all. It Is understood that all tin
Iowa roads , Including the trunk lines cross
Ing the state , have agieed to pool their is
sues and make a common test of the case ii
the com Is.
A Slecji-AVnlkliiK I'nsseniicf.
CMNTOX , In. . Juno 20. [ Special Telegran
to Tin : Hr.n. ] C. Klekman , coming from i
town In Nebraska , while asleep last nigh
stepped from a rapidly moving express trail
on the Northwestern railroad about tci
miles west of Clinton. Ho fell upon soft
earth and was not cut or mangled In ati.v
way. The Jar Htunned him so that ho was
still insensible when the train backed up ti
him. A lady having seen him walk oft tin
platform gnvo the alarm. Mr. Klckmnt
stopped at Clinton for medical aid , and win
able to walk , though complaining of pains it
his oaclc. Ho loft this morning for Marietta
Ohio , his homo He was not conscious of hl
involuntary act , but says that ho was verj
tired , having been up three nights. This i :
his llrst somnambulistic adventure.
A Slou.Cliy Failure.
Siou.x Cm , la. , Juno 29.-Special [ Tele
gram to Tin : Hii.J David Hradley & Co. , o
Council HlulTs , to-day attached the stock ol
the Hankins Implement company , of this
city , for nn indebtedness of $ t , ( o ) . The Kan
kins company this evening assigned , and it :
indebtedness is said to bo from ? 12)00 ( ) tc
$15.000. The assets are estimated at SS.OOO
W. H. Wight man , thu Junior member of tin
tirin , reached this city from Maine a weel' '
ago and found the affairs of the company n
confusion. W. A. Kankins , who has con
ducted the business , is absent , and hi-
whereabouts aio unkown. There is believcii
to bo crookedness in the failnro.
Iowa's University Scandal.
IowCITV , In. , June 20. In the State uni
versity investigation to-day n number of wit
nesses wore ox limned. The sister superioi ol
the hospital swore that her institution was
well cared for. Dr. Hcnnelis went on witli
his testimony , arraigning the medical school
and Dr. Peclr.
lown Republican Convention.
Drs Motxr.s , la. , Juno 20. The republicar
state central committee met here to-day anil
fixed the date of tlio next republican state
convention ut DCS A' HIPS ' for Wednesday ,
August 22.
The "Jlosrilnle" Rliikew the KiKirc
Trip Ily Water.
Ciuc\nn , June 20. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : Hcu.l The Hosedulo , the llrst Hritish
steamship to cioss the Atlantic and sail into
Chicago harbor , lay anchored in the river at
Sixteenth street this morning. The name of
the shij ) floats tiom the mast head on a crim
son streamer , while in the rear the Hritish
lion was savagely lashi.ig thu bruc/es with
his tail. Had it not been for this emblem
nobody could have told at a glance that the
vessel belonged to thu subjects of Queen
Tlio Kosedalo is a beautiful vessel , teceiitly
built in Sunderland , Knglancl , anil its keel is
ISO feet long. Tliu hold is twenty-one tcct
dc"p and the structure cost tb.1,0 10. The
ship , in charge of C. plain Kwait , left Lon
don May 25 , bound for Chicago , Ion ded
with cement lor the ICmpiro Warehouse com
pany. It arrived in I'nicago eaily this
morning The Kosedalo had un exceedingly
tempestuous vago. . Two thirds of the.
cargo had to be lightened lo let the vessel
pass through the shallow canals , but at
Kingston thu ship reloaded and sailed tri-
uinphantlj into the Garden City. One week
ago yesterday the KosaJalo loft Montreal.
Knginccr Hilis did the talking and said :
"Talk about Friday's being an unlucky day
we left Sunderland on Friday , loft London
on Friday loft Kingston on Friday and ar
rived in Chicago on tlio sumo day. "
"Is the Uosedale going back to London J"
"No. Sim will ply between Chicago and
the cities on the St. Lawrence for u ) ear ,
buing especially constructed for tliu
grain trade. Onu year from now
thu lioscdalu will bo fitted up
for d pasBunger steamship and will
ply between C.ncago and Kingston. Theru
she will connect with oilier lines' , taking her
pnssongciB direct to London , so you see in
one year Chicago will have a direct water
loutu to London. Thu Uoscdnlu has all the
nindurn improvement ) ] und can go twelve
miles an hour You see she has Jusl eon-
eluded a Journey of 5,000 miles , and ot course
our cargo impeded her speed somewhat.
Then wo started fiom London and weiu do-
laycd one clay by a storm. The Kosedalo
will accommodate ii K ) passengers and is
owned by n company in Montreal. "
Captain ICwatt and Hneinei > r Lllis feel
very pi end of having brought into Chu ago
thu first English steamship.
Fearful Itiiiinway Accident.
SoMi'.itM-.T , Pa. , Juno 20. Mrs Grift ) th and
Mrs. Dr. Walker , of Junu'stown , stalled yes-
tcrelny In a buggy to visit relatives in the
countiy. Kaeh lady was accompanied by a
little daughter. While descending a hill the
horse inn away. The ( iritlith child was in
stantly killed by being thrown from thu
buggy and both ladles weru fatally injured.
The other child escaped uninjured.
Tn StuelyVllh Moody.
New YOUK , Juno 2'J. A delegation of
students fiom the Knglish university ol Ox
ford , Cambridge , Dublin and Utiecht uni
versity , Holland , in rived hero to-day from
Liverpool. They route to this country to
tuku pait in thu e'onferenco on methods of
Chi istiiin work and in bible study at thu res
idence of D L. Moody at Northtlcld , Mass ,
July 1. _
A Father's Terrible Mistake.
KNOX\ 1,13 , Tenn. , Juno 2'J ' Last evening
near Marly , while Wendcl Whitcomb was at
Ids bain shooting rats with a shotgun , ho ac-
cidcntly shot his two young daughters , who
were sitting on the porch ut the house , in
bluntly killing ono and fatally wounding Iho
Only fiiii n
Loxnox , Junci 29 The trial of the libel
suit of Jockey Wood against the Licensed
Victualler Gazette , which accused him ol
pulling horses , ended to.duy , a veullct being
returned awaulpig one farthing to the
Nnw YOUK , June , " . ' . Goodenough & Wag-
loin , book publishers and dcaleis In Sunday
school uitilio3 | , madu u geneaal nsslgnment
to day with pi uTeruiuxs amouutiji } ; to oxer
i\TA \
Hronok Llvca His Last Nfghti
Amidst Scenes of Rovolry.
He Hmllc.sVtillo 11m Noose Is llclni (
Ad.liiHtoel Tlio I'Mfiloulnrs of
tlio Itrittnl Crime For Which
Ho Wan ICv
St. .JOO'M Murderer Pnvs tlio Icnnlty <
ST. .loit'.i'ii , Mn. , .Juno 2ll. [ Special Tolo
pram to Tin : HIM : . ] Peter Hronok mot hU
death on ihu scaffold this nftcrnoon lit 1:30 :
o'clock. The e-ondcinned miui was cool anel
collected , aiuyxvhcti led fiom Iho Jail no
sign of terror or remorse was tlctocteil on
his face. Tlio noose illil not cvnctly lit his
neck mul It , required about three-epmrtcrs
of u inimito for Sltorlff Aiidrluno
to adjust It. llronck mulled mul stood per *
fcctly still until tlio noose was adjusted ami
the drou was sprung , the. full being seven
foot. His neck \vus not brolten by Iho full
and It was fouitcoti minutes before death
cuino to his relief.
Hronek's last nlnht on earth \vas probably
such as no other man ever experi
enced under similar circumstances. Ha
ashed to bo allowed to reniuin In the Jail
with the Kangaroo qtmrtetto and permission
was given I'lni. Until 2 o'clock this morning
the ( iii.iitetto entertained him with thelif
lilnntiition and e-omie SOUKS , Jokes were
oven Indulged in , and whenever the obtuse
Hoheniian would see the point he would ap
plaud and Imu'li heartily , He had a wrest
ling match with a deputy sheriff , who canto
to bring him some luminns , and HIIC-
eecded in Hooting him. He then
distributed the bananas among the quar
tette and newspaper reporters. A Polish
priest visited him nl0lhis ( } : ! ! morning. Thes
priest hus visited the jail at least every day
for a week. Hronok , of course , said ho was
prepared for death. Ho ate n hum ty break
Thecrlmofor which Peter Hronek paid
the penalty to-tlay was ono of the foulest
murders ever committed On Sunday even
ing , April 17 , iss" , after vMtnig u dozen
saloons , and drinking heavily , according to
the evidence olTeied at the trial , at each of !
them , Hionok went to his home , a little one-
story brick house nt No. ii ) . " > Olive street ,
and deliberately shot down his joung wife ,
emptying three chambers of his revolver in
her body.
There were no witnesses to the shooting ,
the only persons who could throw any lighten
on the murder at all being Tony .Augustine ,
a Hohcmian , and his wife who lived in the
same house.
According to the evidence offered at the
trial , Augustine was startled by the report
of three pistol shuts lircd In rapid succession ,
and hastening to the room fiom
which the firimj proceeded attempted
to open the door. It was locked
and listening for a moment ho heaul llronek
exclaim : "There , you've got it , you b h. "
lly tins time u largo crowd had congregated
at tlio place , but it was some minutes before
enough courage could ba summoned up to go to
the window and peer in. It was n ghastly
sight that met the eyes of the
visitors. The body of the murdered
woman lav on the lloor in n pool
oC blood , and the husband clad only In his
under garments with a pistol in his hand ami
a cigar between his teeth , was pacing up and
down the room like a caged wild beast.
Thciewus blood everywhere , on the walls ,
on the lloor , and the two occupants
of the room weio covered with
it. The pool of blood on the floor
coveted a space four feet s < | U are and was
nearly one inch deep As the crowd gn/eel
they saw the murderer suddenly tin ow away
his cigar and walk to the cradle in which lay
his sleeping babe. Me kissed it and then de
liberately lay down in the pool of blood by
the side of his victim. Ho caught her
in his arms and kissed her a
hundred times and finally sei/ingtho corpse
in his powerful grasp , rolled with it over and
over on the lloor , shouting and moaning nil
the time. Ofllcers iinall.v arrived. but Hronek
paced the room , with his levolvcr in his hand
and defied them. Strategy was finally
icsoitcd to and ho was sci/ed by a neighbor
who went to otter him some beer. The only
ground for the shooting was Hionek's un-
cnlk-d for jealottsj of bis wife. The wife
mindcror is n Bohemian who can scarcely
understand the Knirlish language at all. Ho
is iv powerlully built man , llvu
feet eight niches in height ,
bmad slioulelcied and has a nmnillcent
physique. His lace is intelligent and hand
some and ho suppoits a line mustache.
Throughout the trial and his subsequent ,
confinement Ins face was the pu lure of
btoical iiulillerencc and ho pent mnntliH in
preparing a history of himsell , whu h was
cnt to a paper in St. Louis , but
which was refused publication.
Feii'be'H of IllinolH Dlq-
cnverH Another G'nrn Destroyer.
Sl'KiNrni.i : > , III , .luni'2) ) . [ Special Tolc-
jinm to Tin : Hi n J State Entomologist
Forbes reports to the state board of ugri-
nilturo that ho has dihcovered in the swamp
and now being drained and cultivated n dc-
itrtictivo foe to the corn ciop , not hitherto
eeopni/ed us injurious , a common wnmp
icetle or "bell bug' which feeds on rushes
iml iceds and attacks the coin \\hen planted
.vheie . these grasses have ) been plowed up.
Many fields of corn have been repeatedly do-
> troycd by it , and farmers mo compelled to
) limt some other gram. 1'rof. Forbes udV
, 'isc.s planting such ground in other grain the year.
iiN Itutlfy.
WASIIIXOIOV , .lime 1W. A republican rat- !
leatlon meeting was held at the headquarters
) f the Kcpublican National league to-night.
Speeches were iniido by Senator Hawley.
? ongrossiimii Johnston of Indiana ,
Utltterwotth of Ohio , and others *
I'lio hpealcers all commended the ticket an
.horoughly representatwo of republicanism ,
letter of i egret was read fiom Senator
Sherman , in which he pays n high compli-
nent to the nominees and pledges ins hearty
> U | > port to the ticket.
Kidnapping In Culm.
New VOKK , Juno i' ) . I Special Tolograni
LoTiin Hu : . ) Ad vices from Havana say thy
jpidemie of kidnapping has broken out again.
Two or three prominent residents near Glen
Fuegor have been kidnapped and their rela-
lives notltlcd that if largo ransoms nro not
liaid they will ho murdered in Jive ehoa ,
Largo bodies of soldiers ute scouring the
Kin o Now York.
NrYOUK , Juno 2'J. ( Special Telegram1
lo Tiir. lir. $ : 1 O. O. Mills formally presented
yesterday the * liOXK ) building to the city for
the education of inulu nuibcs. Depow , acting ! -
ing us spokesman for .Major Howm , received
Iho gift on behalf of the city. Many prom
inent persons were piusenl.
Keillor .JIIIICH and ( lit ; League.
Niw YoitK , Juno ay.- [ Special Tolegrani
to Tin : HEU.J The icporl that Kditor Georgej
Jones of the New Yoik Times and his sou
to bo read out of the Union League
because the paper supnoitii C'lovelunil
mid turill refonn , Is denied by Chuuncey
Dcjiew and other memliciu of tno league.
t'nal Advanced in I'riuo ,
is'iw YUIIK , June 2U The coal companies
( MVO notieo jestvid.iy that they would ad ,
Viinco pi u e about 25 cents a ton on interior
; uid western business July 1.
'Jhc | 'ir Kcooiel.
Foxn ntr LAC , Wis. , Juno 2.9. Moore Sa
Galloway's lumber mill burned lu&t
The loss reached : , < JW5 .iaburcd.