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PART I. . PAGES. 1-8
r The Mountain Labored But Failed
to Bring Forth.
Pihort Afternoon Session and Ad
journment Over Sunday.
Sherman Strong But Unable to
Roach the Goal.
HIcKinlcy tlio Most Promising Kcpiine
in tlio Galaxy ol' Dark HOI-NC POH-
fclbllltics Sunday May Solvu
tlio Mystery.
The Klitli Day'H I
[ Special Telegram to Tun UCB. ] The polit
ical halledoseopo has been given two violent
turns during the last twenty-four hours. At
midnight both Sherman and Allison wcro
confident of holding the key to tlio situation.
rtlie Harrison stampede had apparently been
tt limped out. Senator Cameron had wired
bis friends to turn to Allison the moment
Sherman was out of the race , and many of
his friends had assured the Iowa manager of
their fealty1 A railroad president , modified
nt his defeat , combined witnthclilnlncltcsof
of the Pacific coast to entirely ehnngo the
situation between midnight nnd 4 o'clock
this morning. Dcpuw announced that neither
Allison or Sherman need expect lyiy votes
from Now York. This was the first damper.
The second came with the visit of the Pacific
delegates ,
that neither Allison nor Sherman nor Harrison
risen could carry California or Nevada.
Their votes on the Chinese question were
brought up and Harrison was singled out fern
n still more vicious protest , lie was charged
with ilot only voting against tha exclusion ol
3 * *
the Chinese , but with voting to naturalise
the half-mongrels. Meanwhile came the
news that Ohio was weakened and
that twenty votes of the delegation
were waiting on call of the Ulaino leaders.
Harrison's friends , however , professed con-
lidcnce until after the second ballot of this
morning when his strength was so plainly
exhausted that even the Hossiers thiew up
the spougo. When recess was taken until
afternoon the sentiment was
There wcro scenes of suppressed excite
ment in the hotels and lobbies. Every Ulaino
man were n cheerful smile. Many of his
opponents lost courage. If the convention
had met at 2 o'clock when the announcement
was made that New York was prepared to
throw her seventy-two votes for the plumed
knight , nothing apparently could have pre
vented his nomination. I saw Chauncey M.
Depow entering the auditorium just bftforo 4
o'clock and heard him say , "Mr. Uliilno will
bo nominated by acclamation on the first
afternoon ballot. " So thought every ono ,
but thcio wns n hurried canvassing among
the delegates. The Siicrman men had
secured a dispatch from the senator that ho
preferred defeat to retreat. Allison had
wired that ho did not consider his case hope
less , and the ridiculous boomer * hoped tc
capture n few more voles If delay could be
secured. Thcio was oven divided councils
among the 131alno men themselves. The
shrewdness of the managers , who have
ADVisnn A roi.iov or WKAUINO OUT
the other candidates , Joined in the movement
for adjournment. 1 cannot see in the recess
nn nntt-Hlnlno success. If the opponents of
Mr. nialno had believed themselves able to
defeat him they would have made the Issue
then nnd there. California voted for moro
time , nnd though Creed Hammond claims
that it was done under a misunderstanding
of what Now York desired , there was toe
much method in the madness. For several
bouts after the delegates had returned to thu
hotels the iiiitl-Iiluluo men claimed triumph ,
but they liavo been singing lower this even
ing and they face thn herculean task of find
ing a compromise candidate. Thu attempt to
ereato a McKlnloy boom has been persistent
to-night , but at the present writing it has
not been crowned with suo.-ess.
Ho claims tha loyalty of his friends untill
the end. No one believes that ho will be
nblo to hold the Ohio delegation far another
ballot , but oven in the case of a split thcro is
the ( lory Forakor to bo taken into considera
tion. To-night Forakcr , whoso fidelity to
Sherman has always been questioned , is
enid by Ohio men to liavo twenty votes to
turn over to lilulno booner than permit
McKlnloy to secure a homo Indorsement.
Wisconsin and New York stand ready to
give McKiuley a united support and are
working hard to bring his name to the front
in the conferences which will bo held be
tween now and Monday , but the Hlnlno
forces stand prepared to use the sumo dub
en Mi'Kink-y which have proved bo effective
on the other candidates.
Hut trilKht the chances are strongly
Bg.iiust 1 ! m ,
To a i ait'fU onlooker the jxilitlcal chess
board ! < < ks pretty well i-loart-d of pawns ,
rooks and K-n s , and the plumed knight
ttiimU master of the sUwvtloii , Erratic us
tils mvb < luuv IK.OII the game has has been
n masterly one. It bccmsus if checkmate
lould ono or two moves as the
jilujvr UIH.V piofer. Will ho so decree !
are those who report that J. ( ! ,
vIll pvromptorily dixellno a nouiina-
lion that 1st ngt unanimous ; that b'is son
"Vi'allfcr IiHS Ih'cu by Informing ; prominent del
egates this evening ; that Wlllintn W. Phelps
musn wit.t. NOT ACC-KPT
undec any circumstances , nnd that dispatches
to this effect will bo introduced between this
nnd Monday ; but these ruumors are presum
ably groundless. Most of Algcr's white sup
porters nro Hlnlne men loaned to him to
make his boom respectable. When they nro
needed Hlaine will have them nnd the Alger
boom will bo found to consist of n few logs
floating on the lake with several colored gen
tlemen clinging to them and clamoring for
their pay. Grcsham has already been weeded
out ; Harrison is gone ; Allison and Sherman
keep up the semblance of a fljjht , and the
former may yet be treated like Harrison to n
temporary elevation followed by a heavy and
nnd painful drop , but these best posted to
night place the situation ns Hlalno If he
wants it and n dark horse preferably McKln
loy , in case the Plumed Knights refuses tc
bo crowned with a second nomination.
W. E. A.
Two Ballots Without Ucsulv Short
Al'lei-noim Session.
CONVENTION HAM , . Citicvoo , Juno 23.
[ Special Telegram to Tin : HKI : . | 'Iho situa
tion thU morning was ono of nervousness.
The Greshnm men were lighting Harrison
nnd the Sherman following had unsheathed
their dirks and weio sticking them into the
inflated Alger boom. "Ulaino must come , "
said bis friends , "as a necessity or not ntall. "
Mi-Klnlcy made n manly speech , demanding
that in Justice to himself hlsnamo should not
bo mentioned in the balloting again.
Tlio morning session opened at 10:18. :
Chairman Cstco called on Senator Warner
nor Miller of New York to preside.
TIIK rouiiTii IUU.OT
was then proceeded with. The vote
proceeded slowly. The auditorium is
"steaming hot and looks dlniry witli
half the electric lights not burning
Ohio still sticks solidly to Sherman. Penn
sylvania gives Sherman fifty-tinoe. Quay is
not jot pit-pared to throw to Allison a
agreed. South Coralimi gives Alger ten
votes amid laughter which sounded like
knocking tlio bung out of a barrel. Such
votes nro hurting the Alger boom badly but
gives liifihson eight and Sherman ten
Wisconsin civcs twenty votesfoe
Harrison and two for Grcshuin
and Jerry Rusk's little boomlet
expires without a groan. The result of the
fourth ballot is announced as follows :
Algor 13 :
Allison h1
Greshnm i ) ;
Harrison 21'
Sherman 2 i.1
Hluiuo ; r.
McKinley 11
Lincoln 1
Foraker ]
Douglas * ]
TIII : rirrit IHLI.OT
of the convention is then proceeded with
The usunl Hlaine demonstration fol
lows California's announcement. Tin
Harrison votes roll up as the roll eal
proceeds , but that there is to bo no election
is evident by the way the other candidates
hold their own. Sherman is losing , but stl'l
holds the b ilanco of power. Nebraska votes
Allison 5 , Shorinan 3 , Algor 3. There have
been strong efforts made to hnvo her cast n
solid vote for Allison , but she still holds
back. Loud cries ofhnsli" grout the call
of New York. She casts 59 votes foi
Harrison and none for the granger , Allison ,
Djpow has made his throat gjod that no
granger candidate will bo acceptable to the
Now York Central. New Jersey throws U
votes to MclCinloy. New York gives Harri
son 53 , a loss of 1. The movement for Ilarri
son has apparently been blocked. Grcsham
has dropped and Sherman is steadily declin
ing. Alger and Allison have gained materi
ally. The result as announced is :
Algor lii
Allison ! ) !
Groshauu b'
Harrison 21 !
Sherman 2J
Hlalno I !
McKinley 1
After the second billet had been taken
Governor Foster of Ohio moved a recess
until 4 o'clock this afternoon and his motion
was seconded by Dufllold of Virginia. On
behalf of Now Jersey Senator Sowoll demanded
manded n roll call , which was immediately
proceeded with. When Missouri was reached
in the call of states it was so
evident that the motion would
carry that Senator Sowoll of Now Joraoy ,
withdrew his demand for a call and the con
volition adjourned until 4 o'clock.
W. E. A.
Afternoon Session
CONVENTION IUi.1 , , Cinoioo , Juno 23.-
[ Speclal Telegram to TIIK HBI.J At4 o'clocl
the great convention hall Is again packed t <
suffocation , There is a roar of conversation
in the galleries , which is only slightly more
suppreised among the delegates. The icpor
that Now York will throw to Ulaino on tin
lirst ballot has created an excitement oven
greater than the disclosure of the Harrison
combine of last nl0ht. Tlio gavel calls tc
order again and again , but tlio delegates arc
evidently flghtini : for time. The California
delegation looks serene. Chuuney M. Popov
walka quietly in and shakes hands with sev
eral friends before Boating himself. Hi
smiles complacently and strokes his chin u-
ho'dwaita the call of state i for the llfth bal
lot. Ohio and Pennsylvania are mixed up it
conference and Indiana la canvassing witli
The pivot falls nnd the first state la called ,
when General King of Maryland rises am !
roars out a motion tliat tlio convention take r
recess until 10 o'clock on Monday. There is
great confusion , amid which several dele
gates shout for a call of states on the motion
and as many inoro si-cond the motion. The
audience tostitlles its disapproval by cries ol
"No , no , " und appluuso of tlio delegations
voting "nay. " Hut opposition is vain. The
nuti-Hlmiio forces , witli the exception of the
Hairlson men , vote solidly for adjournment
and are joined by California und a score ol
other Hlalno delegates. After the shortest
session on record the convention takas a re
cess until Monday , mid the disappointed tiudi-
cnco moves slowly from the building. The
great convention is to cater on its second
wcok to the grout advantage of the hotel
men , the saloons , the restaurants and the
street faklrc , and to the unutterable disgust
of everyone not personally mtenutod in the
maroaso of his bank account or tha buocoss
of any individual candidate.V. . E. A.
So Tliink tlio I ntlc3iit Munauitrs of tlie
Malno Man'h IntereMs.
CuiOAQO , Juno 2J. Fro u n gentleman
high up in the councils of the Hiaint > faction
in tho' Chicago convention the following
points were leuriutd this ntttunoci.i General
satisfaction 1 * foil by lho o haunNrl'l.imo'q
interests. in huifd of the duplav of forbour-
.ttiico on the purl of the Caitfuinta deltga-
tlon In managing Hlaluo's interests on tlio
floor of the convention. Through the efforts
of the leaders in the party nnd the nblo mnn-
ngcmcntof the Cnliforninns wo Imvo so sup
pressed the Hlnlno movement In the conven
tion ns to cause no friction or 111 feeling on
the part of any of the other candidates.
Their tactics have been , so they clnlm ,
in keeping with the feelings of Hlalno
ns represented hero by his frio ml s.
It was Ulnlno's deslro that every candidate
who had been working for months to secure
the great prize of the presidential nomina
tion .should hnvo a fair show on the floor of
the convention and not have to combat
Ululne's great strength and popularity. In
deference to these wishes tlio managers of
the California delegation when the conven
tion first inct sought out other Ulaino delega
tions aud Hlulnc men , mid with n great
effort secured the acquiescence of the
majority of them to vote for other candi
dates ns long as any of them had any show.
That this was done Is evidenced by some of
the most peculiar roll calls over known in n
national convention. Hut nvo states cast
solid bnllols continuously , the others being
split up , and ono delegation ( Dakota ) gave
each candidate lu nomination ouo
vote and Filler two , thereby
rousing great amusement to tlioso
who know the mcnningof tlio move. Hlnino's
imumgcis now think that the time has como
for them to assort themselves. The claim to
have given all the other candidates an oppor
tunity to secure the nomination. The con
vention has been balloting since yesterday
morning , and they think it has been clearly
demonstrated that neither Sherman ,
Grcsham , Harrison , Allison or Alger hnvo
the faintest chance. So at the next session
of the convention it is confidently expected
that the Ulalne men will demand their can
didates nomination and show their full
IS lUiAIM-fr-UI- ?
A Conrcrcncoof LenderKecoimnends
Two XanicH Voe Votes.
Ciucvoo , Juno 2:1. : The conference com
mittee met at the Grand Pacific last night
and remained in session until nearly 4 o'clock
this morning , assembled immediately after
adjournment this morning at the Grand I'a-
eiflc hotel. There wns n largo representa
tion of representatives of the Al-
gcr , Ulaine , Allison , Sherman nnd
Hawley foioes. This meeting wns originally
called lor the purpose of defeating the Harrison
risen movement. To day they really did not
know the object of their meeting , as Harri
son had been practically defeated by tlio ad
journment yesterday. However , after va-
rsous speakers had addressed the meeting
upon'the impossibility of nominating any
man but Hhiino , they appointed a commlttae
to take the situation into consideration and
to present a conference committee ticket
which , if the members saw lit , they would report
port back to tholr delegations with the rec
ommendation that"they support it. A com-
mittco of ten was appointed representing the
different factions , consisting of Colonel Davis
and Senator Farwcll in behalf of Greshnm ,
M. II. Do Young for the Hlamo movement ,
Congressman Hubbell nnd Clnrkson for
Allison , Mr. Dufllcld for Alger , and
Governor Foster and Ucnjamiu Uuttcrworth
for Shciman. The conference then ad
journcd until 2'JO : and the committee imme
diately went into session , notifying Senators
Hoar and Quay to be picscnt. Senator Quay
didn't immediately put in nn appearance.
The first action taken was by Senator Far-
well , who , after complimenting Judge Grcsli-
nm said for the sake of harmony ho would
withdraw his nn'mo.
Governor Foster then addressed the meet
ing in behalf of Sherman as the ablest man
the committee could report in favor of. At
the conclusion of Governor Foster's remarks
Mr. Diillleld addressed the committee in fa
vor of General Alger.
Mr. Clarkson was then called up
on and ho very strongly urged
the claims of Senator Allison.
M. II. Do Young being called on stated to
the committee that ho thought they were not
thcio to listen to the praises of the different
candidates , but to decide upon a man thai
wns the most available and who would carry
the country for the party ; that a better plan
would bo to examine into the merits ami de
merits of the different candidates. Do Young
stnted that the objections urged by tno rcp-
rebcntntivcs from the Pacific coast to two or
throe of the candidates , suiting forth their
weaknesses , nnd concluded by saying that
thcro wns no necessity of setting forth tlio
claims and availability of Hlaine , as every
body was lee well nequninled with him to
require time.
At this moment Senator Quay came into
tlio room. Ho stated to the committee that
New York bad decided to Mippoit Ulaino
and ho could not see how the nomination of
Hlaino could possibly bo avoided. Ho felt
that the majority of the convention would bo
in favor of it. The chairman , Senator Fur-
well , stated that in any event it was the duly
of tlio committee to recommend thu niimo of
some candidate for the conterunto to support
as body , and the name of Congressman Mc
Kinley of Ohio , was proposed. The commit
tee was polled as to BOIIIO of the candidates ,
and by n largo majority decided that Slier
man was out of the light ; that Hlamo being
a possibility with tlio convention it was the
duty of the cpmmltleo to endeavor to select
somebody outside of Hlaine , and that ho
oughl not to bo considered by this commit
tee. The result of this was a protracted dis
cussion. An attempt wns mudo to euteehiso
the representatives as to tlieirsecond chance.
Mr. Dullleld , manager of the Alger forces ,
was asked who his delegation would buppoit
in the event General Al cr was out of the
way , to which ho replied , Hlaine. The same
question was put to Du Young , who Hinted
that his position was dilTuient from that of
any gentleman. His delegation wan support
ing a candidate who , in his opinion , would bo
nominated. Therefore it was ridiculous to
ask him to name u becond choice , especially
In view of Iho fact lhat the candidates rep
resented by tlu ) memucrs of Iho
commltteo wcro nil practically out
of the race. At this st.igo of the
proceedings Senator Hoar addressed the
im'cling und said that Ulaino was very deal-
to tlio people of Mubsachiihottb ; % thut they
thought very highly of him , and that ho
could undoubtedly curry his Ktato. Con
gressman MeKinley could also carry It if ho
was placed at Iho head of the ticket. The
Ohio delegation , through Governor Foster
and General Hutlorwoitli refused to con
sider Sherman out of the light.
Hepcntcd ballots wcro taken. On the
fouith ballot in the commencement no one
candidate received over three votes. After
repeated balloting MeKinloy received 7
votes. The chairman , Mr. Fnrwull , turned
to Mr. Do Young and nsked film if ho would
recommend his delegation lo support MeKin
ley and ho replied Hint ho would not ; that
his delegnliou had declared for the man who
now hold the majority of votes in the con
vention , and it would bo simply ridiculous
to ask them when they had won their
light to rofufto nt that moment
to vote fur him. There was n
great deal of discussion and sorno that
favored MeKinley now objocti d to reporting
him to the conference. Mr IJunlcId said
that if they icported uMimu It ought to boone
ono strong enough to beat Hlainu , which
MeKinloy could not do. Another delegate
stated that this morning McKlulcy hud
practically p'need himself in the same
position as Hlalno when ho got up on a chair
In the ran vent lou and stated that ho was not
a candidate for the jnoaldi-iu-y. After some
more discussion it was final ! v decided to re
port two numos to the confidence , and the
socoud name chosen was A Ills-oil. The com-
milieu then adjourned to icjiort to the con-
Icruncc. Whan the coufeiom'e had to some
extent d'.i''vsscd the situation a motion was
mudc lliatt'iow tuljnur \ the convention im
mediately u : i".C" tin , ; i $ uftci-nooii until
; tw give ttfao fvr'/.c : ! ,
and It wns agreed that cucli delegate In the
conference bo requested to urge their delega
tion to vote for nn adjournment of the con
vention. It was so ordered.
Ilns Grcslmin Withdrawn Will Ohio
Go to McKlntev ?
CiittMoo. Junn 2.1. Among the many
rumors of withdrawn ! } this evening , none
obtained nioro ready credence thnn Iho ono
which announced the retirement of Judge
Gresham from the contest. Senator Fur-
well chairman of the Illinois delegation , was
seen this evening nnd questioned concerning
the rumor. Ho said ! "You can sny for me ,
nnd I think for the entire delegation , thnt
Judpo Grcsham has notwitlidrawn nnd Hint
no such move is in contbmplntion , Wo shnll
enter the convention Monday morning ns
ready to vole for him as over , and any re
ports contrary to this are false. "
" \Vili \ | llicro bo any defection from the
stales oulsidc of Illinois 1"
"Nono that wo heard of. You can sny that
'wo have Just begun n tight and consequently
nro not qulto ready to quU ! 1 know of no
contingency which would causa Illinois to de
sert its present candidate. "
State Senator Clark , who Is n delegatc-at-
larpc , reiterated what had been said by Sen
ator Fnrwcll. At the same time ho admitted
that in case of n break Illinois would bo
nearly evenly divided between Ulnlnc nnd
Congressman Uuttorworth wns questioned
concerning Hie rumor that Sonntor Sherman
might be withdrawn. "Wo liavo heard that
BO often we don't feel like refuting It any
longer. There is absolutely nothing in it.
Wo will bo on hand Monday ns wo have
been heretofore. "
"Will McKinley bo the second choice of
the Ohio delegation ! "
"The reason for answering that question
has not yet arisen. McKlnly would rather
be taken homo dead than have it believed
that ho had betrayed the trust reposed in
him by Stmntor Sherman , Wo don't propose
to liavo tlio convention of 1SSO repeated If wo
can help It. MeKinley is not a candidate
as long as Sherman is in Iho field ,
and has so expressed himself before Iho con
vention. "
"Would not Ohio prefer him to any other
man ! "
"McKinley has a host of fncnds'ninongour
delegation who arc for him provided Sher
man is not n candidate , "
"Could n condition arise Hint would cause
Ohio to go for him for second choice i"
"Yes , the withdrawal of Sherman. "
"Is Is true that Governor Foraker is ready
to desert the Sherman banner for lhat of
Hlainc , nnd Hint ho will sever the delegation
for Hlaine on Monday ! "
"As I liavo not seen' Governor Foraker I
could not say , but I am pcparcd to sny there
is nothing in it. "
At midnight Ulnine's managers are very
confident that their candidate will be nomi
nated on the second ballot taken on Monday.
Tl oy say , however , tljat they arc in no hurry
about it as thov nrc sUre Hint the result they
desire will bo brought about cvcntfnlly.
The sub-commltteo appointed by the con-
fereneo of the frlendsiof the different candi
dates hold another meptiiiK to-night at
all the gentlemen named in the previous re
port of Iho meeting were present wilh the
exception of Senator Hoar. The situation
was fully discussed but nothing of import
ance could bo done beyond the appointment
of n commltteo of two to confer with the
New York delegation and report to tbo committee -
mitteo to morrow afternoon.
At , a meeting of the Now York delcR.ition
to-night that state , by a vote (55 ( to 7 , de
cided to vote for Hlnfno on Monday. The
Cnliforninns are highly olnted over the out
look for the suceoSs of their campaign nnd
Iho nomination of lllaino if accomplished
will bo due to their persistent efforts.
Tlis Fiery Toituucd Orator Is Done
With iTohh Sherman.
Cincvoo , Juno 23. Notwithstanding ef
forts to the contrary on the part of that wing
of the Ohio delegation led by Congressman
Hultcrworth and ox-Governor Foster , tlio
principal topic of conversation to-night was
the rumor that Sherman had withdrawn from
the contest and instructed his friends to cast
the vote of Ohio for MeKinloy. It was said
on tno best authority that Halstcud
hud been in telegraphic communication with
the Ohio candidate in which the
latter had been asked to withdraw
his name nnd that ho had compl'cd with
the request In a/lispatch lo tlio Cincinnati
editor and asked that MeKinloy bo sup
polled. The alleged recipient of this im
portant telegram and the gentleman above
named deny the reception of any such with
drawal nnd Insist that Sherman is still in
tbo field.
Governor Foraker was called upon by a
representative ol the Associated press and
submitted to an interview , with the follow
ing result : "I don't wish to bo placed In
an anamolous position before the people of
Ohio or the country , but am compelled
to say in view of existing conditions
that Sherman is no longer a presidential pos
sibility so far as the convention is concerned.
I liavo done my full duty to him in his candi
dacy. 1 liavo been ns faithful , if not more so ,
and equally us conscientious us immv mem
bers of the delegation to further his and
Ohio's interests. Hut , as I s ly , ho is practi
cally out of tlio question , nnd my support
ceases from now on. There is almost .10
per cent of my delegation who nro
for Hlnlno nnd wlien the convention meets
Monday I shall vote with these dole-gates lor
Hlaino's nomination. I insist it is the bent , ol
good politics that wo tuku care of our state
when it becomes apparent that our own can
didate cannot bo nominated. 1 um n free
limco from now on and shall take care of
Ohio's interests now as I have nlwaj s done
In the past. As to whether tlio remainder
of the Ohio delegation will adhere to
Sherman I cannot siy. but I don't
Ix-liovo they will. Thov may for the first
ballot , but of their course after that I am un
able to speak "
"How about the candidacy of MoKinloy i"
"I don't buliovo McKmloy is.\ut in business
for himself. Ho .s for Sherman. "
"Will you support McKinley in case ho becomes
comes Ohio's candidate ! "
"I will have to see McKlnloy first , nnd before
fore Ohio presents him ns its enmlidato I
will bo IUTHIm ! with a suggestion perhaps. "
"You are absolutely positive that you will
not support Sherman on Monday. "
' I can toll you that I hnvo had the hardest
possible tnno to hold tha Hlamo ( dement of
the delegation back. The.\ insisted on voting
for Ulaino during the last ballots takenbut 1
insisted thai wo do our duty by Sherman.
Wo liavo done so , and now I shall bo with
them. I am also prepared to say that if a
ballot had been taken to-duy the vote would
have been as I liavo Indicated it will bo on
Monday. "
The representative of the Associated Press
called upon ox-Governor Foster and inter
viewed him concerning the status of
the Ohio delegation in relation to
the vote to be cast on Mon
day. Mr. Foster said : "Wo were
Just counting noses und I thing everything is
all right. Tlio delegation will continue to
vote for Sherman. If thcro nro nny votes
for Illume they wrn't amount to nn.thinir .
simply a matter of about eight votes. Wo
have a few Hlaine men among us , but unJer
an agreement signed by the delegates thai
Ihero will bo no ch.mgo of candidates unless
n majority of the delegation so decides.
That's- why I don't believe thcro will uo nny
defection , "
In the next room to the westMcICinlov was
retiring on his bed apparently completely
worn out , m the third room were Congress
man Uuttturworth , Mark Hunnu and Gen
eral U. Hauui. This room has a direct wire
eonneeted with Senator Sherman's residence
in Washington , and hero to-night a confer
ence was hold u ith guarded doors. It was un
derstood that only goncral topics relating to
HID outlook were dist-us < ed. It IB clniined on
peed authority that ou the flist bnllot there
wtd bo about tivenCv vo'cs cnst for liluino
and the rest for Fun-man , aril lii.-t after
Ibis Sherman \ \ \ \ : bo < i' Biidoi | a and Iho
foiti sii. votes ( .a t for McK.uicy.
An Bast Wind Blows Cold Through
Paris Boulevards.
The Social and Theatrical Gossip of
the Week.
Do Roulodo's Defeat a Bad Blow to
the Boulangorists.
In n Suit FOP Money Ilornhixrilt's
Opposing Council IcsorHicn Ji- :
inoln ns ni "Altocctl" Hns-
bunt ) French Gossip.
Colil In Paris. .
ICopui falit JkSS / > i/ James Gordon Dennett. I
PAIIIS , Juno 23. [ NewYork * Herald Cable
Special to TUB Uui.l For six weeks past
nn cast wlml has been blowing almost unin
terruptedly In Paris , and the weather , ex
cept for a few days which preceded the
Grand Prix , was strangely cold for the sea
son. Yesterday , however , a warm wave
swept over us , putting color nnd brightness
into the streets nnd chasing away the objectionable
jectionable- blue devils which were beginning
to haunt us. A ehnngo of temperature was
predicted Thursday by Hallon Jovls , who
made another ascent in tlio Lcorln the eve
ning before with Guy do Maupisstmt , Lieut
enant Mulct and one or two other friends
Whilst sailing merrily along nbovo the
clouds Jovis discovered that the Leorln had
struch n hot air stratum. . At 0 p. m. tlio
nrial travelers were enjoying of tempcraturo
of 20 ° ccntlgrrde , while on the boulevards
we poor mortals wcro shivering in 14 ° . The
fact raised much discussion among meteorol
The social event of the week is the engage
ment of Hon. Michael H. Herbert , of the
Uritish embassy , to Miss 13ello Wilson ot
New York. Mr. Herbert is a son of the late
Lord llorbertof Lea and a brother of Lord
Pembroke. The bride-elect leaves for Lon
don en route for Now York Tuesday. The
marriage will not bo long d'elnycd.
Mrs. Abraham Hewitt and the 'Misses
Hewitt left for Centrovillo. Edgar Sands
DoWolfcT arrived from London yesterday.
. M. E. Ingalls and family nnd Miss ICiithorino
Anderson arrived at the Hotel Bristol.
Lieutenant Commander F. P. Davenport of
the United States nuvy is at the Continental.
J _ H. Uoone , liquidator of the American exchange -
change , and Miss Dora Wheeler are passen
gers on the Gaseogne from Havre. Mrs.
Dillon and Miss McClelland , with Senator
McPliorson's wife and family , arrived yes
terday at the Hotel ttellville. Mrs. Henri
etta Uccbe Lawton loft for Milan.
Turning from social to theatrical stars , I
saw Minnie Palmer at the Hindu to-day , and
calling ut the Grand hotel soon after I
learned Sadie Martinet was seriously ill.
Marie HO/.O and husband have settled down
at 4 Avenue Martignon. There scorns some
hope of our having Mine. Uoo In opera here
before she starts on her trip around the
Things in general had been so dull lately
that Paris felt almost grateful to .Bismarck
Wednesday when ho expelled those French
journalists. Viewed from a distance tlio in
cident may look ugly , but hero where it might
bo expected to cause a fuss , all , including the
victims , are inclined to make light of it. The
victims regard the affair as an advertise
ment. The government hardly takes the
matter .seriously enough to make it
a reason for international complications.
In nil interview on the night
of his return to Paris , M. do Hounofon , the
expelled Gaulois correspondent , said to mo :
"After all the Germans had a perfect right
to expell mo If they choose. Perhaps the
pitlncst comment on Hismarok's bumptious
ness would bo the words Tallyrand applied
to Napoleon utter ho had been rather
roughly treated by the emperor , 'What a
pity so great a man should bj su illtcm-
pcred , ' "
Do Houledo's defeat in charcnto lias been
a bad blow to the prestige of Houlangor ,
whoso popularity scorns sadly on the wane.
A boquotof carnations was presented him by
a drunken soldier ut Hatignollos the other
evening Poor consolation for all the sneers
and jibes ho has had to bwollow. Even the
great Paiilus has thrown Houlangcr over-
bjard , Finding "on rovcnant do la revue'1
was hissed at Havre a few days ago in tlio
Houlnnfjist unthem , ho bus hupprcssed the
lines referring to the brave general und sub
stituted a two-lino distich.
Franciscans have bought thu ground in
Hun Haxo In which the mnssacro of the hos
tages took place during the commune. The
bibtorlc wall will bo destroyed next weak to
make room for a memorial chapel.
The American admirers of J. F , Millets
learned borne time ago with satisfaction that
an American , committee , headed by the
agent of Mr. Walker , of Haltimore , had ar
ranged to purchase the great painter's cot-
tagoat iiiirbuon. The original idea was to
buy Millets' homo nnd btudlo , allowing Mine ,
Milletts to reside in it throughout her life
time and afterwards preserve it an a museum
and memento of tlio inimitable painter. The
real value of the place with the gardens at
tached is about 5,000 francs. Walter offered
2(1,000 ( francs , but seeing ho had to do with
Americans the owner of the cottage , a re
tired marchund du vin , hold out for 85,00. )
francs. This exhorbitant demand having
been rejected the landlord has determined to
demolish the house. Mnio. Millutts Iras had
notice to quit berved on her und In a few
months the masons will bo set to demolish
the dead master's homo and replace it by a
Is Sarah married to Damala or isn't eliei
A few years ngo she moved heaven and
earth to get the marrlngo declared null and
void. Now , however , she finds it con
venient to assume she is very much mar
ried. During the hearing of a suit which
the heirs of M. Uallnudo are pushing against
Mmo. Uernhnrdt to recover 75,1X50 francs for
rent of the theater des Nations , .which she
refuses to pay because M. Demalla's Blciia-
turo was not on the lease , the plaintiff's
counsel argued this week that Sarah's al
leged husband was no husband because the
ofllciatlng priest did not know the religions
of the contracting parties , nnd Sarah had
not declared her real age. Moreover , the
bride and bridegroom had not resided the
legal fortnight In the weilding district.
Judgment is exported noxtwcck.
The resignation of the doctors attached to
Sir Richard Wallace's English hospital has
been followed by n pretty little professional
scandal. It has leaked out that several
cases treated ul the hospital have been
shamefully neglected , while in other cases
the chances of the patients' recovery have
been lessoned by grave blunders. For ex
ample , a patient suffering with pleurisy ,
with nn accretion of pus , had been left HO
long without surgical intervention that ho
died. In another case a , poisoned wound
was allowed to lead to blood poisoning nnd
death , while in n third n man afllictcd with
severe pleurisy was treated for mild
cmplupcina. Dr. Allan Herbert and other
consulting physicians profess great Indigna
tion nt the chnigcs against them , but they
have made u painful sensation.
Kmpcror William Will Open tlio
IlciclistiiK nnd Ijundtu .
[ rojji ; fo7il 1S-8 liil theX , 1' . Affncltltcd I'l W.I
UnnuN , Juno S3. The opening of the
reichbtag Monday promises to bo a magnifi
cent function , worthy of tlio supremo" im
portance of the occasion. The emperor has
personally revised the programme nnd given
directions for nn elaborate ceremonial , such
ns for special splendor nnd brilliancy has
not attended the opening ot tlio rcltchs-
tug since the Jlrst session of that
body in March , 1S71. All the Gorman
federal princes have been invited to attend.
The regent of Bavaria , king of Saxony ,
Prince William of Wurtcmburg and the
grand dukes of Bndcn and Hesse will bo
present. The canopy and hangings of the
throne are of silk of n golden color. The
canopy will be surrounded by imperial
eagles and crowns. The emperor will
enter surrounded by the icigiiing federal
sovereigns aud princes of the royal blood.
The emperor having taken his seat on
the throne , the federal princes and horcditary
princes will station themselves on a dias on
the right bide of the omneror and the princes
of blood and other princes to the left. The
ompress.wjll bp seated on a dias before the
emporor/WBen the members of the imperial
family are placed Count Von Moltko will
propose three cheers for the emperor.
Thereupon Prince Bismarck will present the
manuscript of the speech from the throne to
the emperor , who will proceed to read it.
According to n semi-ofllcial forecast of the
speech the emperor will explicitly declaro'his
desiio to pursue a pence policy nnd will say
that conscious of the responsibilities of his
position ho will follow in the footbtcps of his
grandfather nnd father , and devote his life
to the welfare of the people , trusting to
maintain tlio unity ol Germany without re
course to arms. A communication in the
Frcmdeublatt indicates that a spcciilc refer
ence will oo made to the alliance in n declara
tion that the policy , in tlio carrying out of
which Austria is closely identiiicd with Ger
many , will bo maintained In its full integrity.
After the ceremony a court dinner will bo
given at which nil of the royalties and lead
ing diplomats will bo present.
The opening of the lantng on Wednesday
will also bo celebrated with considerable
pomp in tlio white hall where the emperor
will take the oath to uphold the Prussian
constitution. The coronation of the emperor
will take place at Konigsberg on October 18.
About ttio same time the autumn military
maneuvers will bo opened on an extensive
scale , culminating in fetes nt Konlgsberg in
celebration of the accession of the new
monarch , when William will crown himself
and his consort king and queen of Prussia.
These and other preliminary labors of his
reign , stretching far into autumn , are hold
to bo important factors in retarding an , ouU
break of war. Prince Bismarck is making
arrangements for a meeting between ICm-
peror William and Kmpuror Francis Joseph
and King Humbert. The Crown Prince of
Austini will come to Berlin in August.
lfouu < > .
WASHINGTON , Juno ! M. Mr. Bulinont re
ported the bill introduced by him to give ef
fort to the Chinese treaty. The only ammid-
incuts wcro provisions taken from the Mor
row bill making tlio bill to take ollect up.m
rutillcatlon of the treaty , nnd wiping out the
suction allowing BIX months during which the
Chinese muy leturn upon certificates. The
report is unanimous , Mr. Morrow ronbenting
tc the lecommendation that his bill be placed
upon the table.
The whole afternoon was spent in nn ef
fort to get a quorum , and failing to bucuro
ono on the pioitositlon to report tlto bill to
construct u public building at Poitland Oregon
gen favorably the house at 2.1U adjoin ned.
WASHINGTON , Juno 2J. The following bul-
tin was issued by General Shcncnn'a physi
c-Inns to-day :
There arc no very Important changes to bo
noted since the last icport In General Khorl-
dun's condition. Ho rusted well last night
and notwithstanding the heat of the weather
bus passed a comfortable day. His pulse
continues strong though Inegular ,
I'roHtrated Ity Heat.
New YOKK , Juno 2U Up to 2 o'clock p. in.
cloven casus of heat prostration were re
ported to police headquarters. Thu heat Is
terriblo. ami the mercury is rapidly ncarinu
the old 100 = mark.
CISXIWATI. Juno 23. Major Theiss , city
editor of thu Aiuloger. the German news
paper , was overcome bv heat yesterday , and
died lo-du.v ut she hospital.
Weather Indications.
For Nebraska , D.iKotu und Iowa. Litfht
to fresh noithwcsterly winds , slightly cooler ,
fair weather.
Arrival of Tourist Blnlno at the
Scotch Capital.
* *
Tlio Malno Statesman an Objoot of
Great Interest
Everybody Anxious to See the
Great American.
The Slnu ol * tlio Plume Hums the
Midnight Oil ntul Writes Huslly
Foe Many Hours llccel vlnjt
Convention Nows.
The Joitrncv to Kdlnlnu-g.
ICojwto'it ' tssaim Jama ( Ionian HetHittU'f
MCMIOSI : , Juno 20. | Now York Hot-aid
Cable-Special to Tin : Hii : : . ] The Hlalno-
Cnrncglo parly were aroused nt 8:00 : this
morning for n thirty-seven mlle Journey to
Kdinburg making a long day of it. After
Iholr good rqstf tlio horses prnnecd up in
front of the Abbey hotel. The party were
sorry to quit the grotesque , historical neigh
borhood where the heart of Urueo nnd the
body of Seott were burled. Carnegjo first
nppc.ucd followed by Ulnino , who looked
more pensive niul serious tlutn hitherto slneo
the journey begun. Over night ho had received
the Jlgures from Chicago , lu the afternoon
ho had buried himself In tlio seclusion of his
chamber while thoicstof the party enjoyed
themselves writing and reading tlio dis
patches. After dinner , when the paity wont
to see the abbey by moonlight , Uluino went
not to seethe lovelv sight , but romaiucd
writing away as fast as his pen could go.
When the others bad long gone to rest n
light still illuminated the room of the
statesman Industriously employed. What
the Malno tnnn's vigil boded no ono can say
as yet , but his looks this morning nnd his
pro-occupied manner told of his deep thought
and labor over night.
Caineeio hovcicd around and hurried the
party aboard. In his hand was a pnekatto of
mans for Pittsburg. The man's clear head
makes him the pioneer of the party. Mrs.
Carnegie , as usual looked pretty , cheerful
and animated. She was dressed in a senslblo
homo spun striped dress and black coat/ncxt
n bonnet trimmed In dark blue ribbon nnd
Dowers. Mrs. Chlpps , in a groy dross and
dark bonnet , sat in the box scat next to Car
negie. Ulnmc , clad in bombro iranncnts , sat la
the second seat betwixt Miss Dodge and Mrs.
Hlainc , who were a black dress beaded in
front , a bind : bonnet and n bluish veil. In
the third scat two of Hlnlno's daughters
in dark dresses , homespun , ono wearing u
white straw hat , the other u light trolled
toque and black suit. A crowd of 500 tourists
assembled , all eagerly asking , "Which is
Ulaino ( " When lie cumo out cries nroso
"Tlml'H niuine , " and they crowded up to get
n good view. Already here is Carnegio's
coach coming round tlio corner. The men of
the party take oil their hats , the ladles bow ,
and the crowd cheer lustily.
[ fo ) > yr//it / ( tbSi , liy James ( Ionian Jtomrt.1
KmNiiuito , Juno 23. ( Now York Herald
Cable Special to "Tin : Hr.i-Tho : ] glorious
evening HUH had Just set behind Edliibnig
enstlo bringing out tlio structure in relief as
the coach rattled gaily down Prince's street.
Those on top wcro wrapped in admiration.
The Scott monument In its dolieato carvng
looked strikingly beautiful in the
setting sun. The arrival of the American
party hud been heralded in tlio papers and
Hags were ( lying from many buildings. The
stars and stripes ware conspicuous , waving
lazily In the pleasant evening brceo.
People stopped to look at them. The cry
wont from mouth to mouth : "There is
Cnrncglol There Is Hhiinol" People took
their hats off and cheered. Then the
coach stopped nt the door of the
Koyal hotel , which was decked with
lings of Franco , the states nnd the union
Jnclr. The paity , hungry nnd dusty , wont
to their rooms , nnd a few minutes later were
polishing off 11 good , substantial repast , The
horses appeared little tlio worse for the long ,
hard day's work. They naturally looked
tired , hut as a good Hign .1 few minutes later
they were as busy in the manger us the
paity lit the dinner tablo.
Thin IN I'im > ly Political.
WAMIIMIION , .luno 'ji. : Arrangements
woroeoinpluted to-day in piiniunnco of which
the special notification committee , headed by
General P.itiiuk A. Collins , of Massachu.
butts , and also the Jomoeratfc national cum-
mitteo . will bo received by President Cleve
land at 2 p. m. next Tuosd ly. Ho will th en
bo given an excursion down tno Potomac bv
the Columbia democratic club. They will
leave Washington for Columbus on Wednes
day and personally notify Judge Thurman of
his nomination.
Pniinlfiixl Hi-ouk In Ohio ,
CHICAGO , Juno ! J. Governor Forakor of
Ohio , Just before the meeting of the convun-
tion to-night , said it was likuly that a break
would bo made Jn tlio Ohio delegation on the'
first ballot , and intimated that there would
bo a divided vole there between lilalneund
McKinloy. He wuild not uy that any con-
tuit of uctiou had been agreed upon
Intci an Open K\v toll.
Pimm-no , Juno 2. ) . The fast express on ,
the Kric rend i.m into an open switch near
Olean , N. V , this morning uiyl was badly
wrecked. Kngmeor Henry Trusbcr was
killed Instantly und Fireman H. H. Sweet-
bonously injured. The passengcrb escaped
with Hlljfht bruibcs
Oiniili.-i'H liridun Hill Approved.
WASHINGTON , Juno 23. The president h8
approved tlio uct for u bridge over the Mis
souri river near Omaha.
WAHIINOTON , Juno 33. Kcpreaentatlva
Ul iri'.i to day reported favorably tho. bill con-
i.tituiinn' Lmujiu , Nob. , ua u port or delivery.