Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 21, 1888, Page 5, Image 5

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They Make Seine Good Scores Under
Favorable Conditions.
tTlio Contest For tlio State Clinin , Ion-
fillip Diamond Undue to Take
1'lnco This Afternoon Other
Sporting Invents.
Tlio Stnto Tournninont ,
The second dny of tlio stnto trait-shooting
tournament opened yesterday under
cloudy skies , but with a good attendance ,
nnd favorable conditions for peed shooting.
Tlio first event was a blue rock shoot , 13
yards rlso , $3.50 entrance. Appended ii tlio
ncoro ! Ult. Mis * .
McQundo 10
IWtenbender 10
Miller , 10
Smith. C. L 0
Crabill 10
Kotrhcm SI
Duller 10
Hardln 11
Kennedy , 1U
Nctlmway , . . . . 10
Humes 7
I'nrmaleo 9
Potty 8
Itnrdln fltHt money , $1'J.35 ; second money.
$7.30 ; Crabill and Neathnwav divided ) third
money , 8J.05 , Parmeleo nnd Kitchen.
Tlio second event xvus eight pairs blue
rocks , 10 yards rise. Thescoro :
lilt. Miss.
Crabill 8 8
Ketchom 13 4
name's 11 5
1'urmitlco 11 5
Kennedy 10 0
Ni'athaway 11 5
Hardln U 7
Co ry fi 11H
MeKutcher 11 H
Board 8 8
Smith 0 10
Petty 10 0
Harrison 1'J 4
Hcynolds 0 10
UlUcnbondor 8 8
McICutcher tool : llrst money , J2J.73 ; Ketch-
cm utid Harrison , SIS ; thlra money , SU 10 ,
filiation for by I'.irnwlce , Barnes nnd Ncath-
away , Humes winning.
The following event was a live-bird match ,
8 birds , ! 10 yards rlso , modiilod English rules ,
fit entrance. ThuBcoro :
KURllC * 1
Kennedy 1
Nctlmway II
Heard 1
Hen 1
llnrilln 1
Mwntor . . .1
Jinnies 0
Kot cliein 1
1'nrmelee 1
Bmltli 0
lllttciibeii 1
Claik 0
McOuado 0
U'nylor 1 6
Onilill ! 1 -
Wilier 1
Hiirdln , Kctchcni , Pnrn
divided ilrst money , ? 50.GO.
The llrst event in the afternoon was 9
single blue rocks , IS yards rise , nnd 3 pairs 10
yards rise , entrance $3.50. Tlio score :
Hit. Miss.
Ncthaway f. U l
Den . - 0 ( i
MuKutchor 9 0
J tarries 0 0
Harrison 7 13 3
O'Neil 9 0
McQundo 13 D
liounrdus 4 11
Miller : . 10 5
Koynolds 11 4
Crabill , J 10 ' 5
Taylor 10 5
Crnbilt , F 8 7
Atwatcr 7 8
Parinnloo 10 5
Hnrdin 18 3
Ulttonbcndor 11 4
Bmltli 0 C
Ketchom 10 5
Beard 8 7
Nothaway first money , $ ! ( i.fiO : second
tiionoy Hnrdin und Harrison divided , ' § 13.50 ;
thin ] money , $13 , McQuado.
The next event was 15 single blue roclcs ,
18 yards rise , ? 5 entrance. The score :
Hit. Miss.
Notbawny 13 3
O'Neil 13 3
Harrison 13 3
Van 10 5
Clurlc 7 ' 8
1'urinuloo 15 0
UciirJ 11 4
Hat-din 13 3
Miller Ill 3
Crubill , F 13 8
Jjlttoaboudcr 13 8
Uames 13 8
Crubill , J 14 1
( Taylor 10 5
Petty 14 1
jCcynolds 11 4
( Smith 11 4
Atwater 11 4
Kctchcm 9 0
McQuado 9 fl
33re\vcr..s 13 H
Salisbury 10 5
First money , $11) ) , Pnrmaleo ; second money ,
MO , J. Crabill ami Petty ; third money , $ M ,
ir Miller ; fourth money , $10 , llrower.
The next shoot was 8 live birds , UO yards
rise , modified English miles , & 7.50 entrance.
U'lio score :
Hit. Miss.
Den 1
Kelloei ? 7 1
Nutlmway 8 0
I'arnmlco 8 0
JJittenbondor 8 0
lliler 7 1
lurk 4 4
Itmlm 8 0
loKuteher 5 0i : i
C eur ! l
Vtwatcr 0 3
Urublll J 7 1
Jeard : 7 1
Ccteuom 8 0
imlth 8 0
, 'aylor 4 4
UrablllF 7 1
First money divided between HardlnNotli-
iwayuud lllUenboiiiler , Jill ; second money
Hughes. KolloBK and J. Crabill , 3 ; third
money * 19..i , Atwutcr.
The following event was 7 single blue
rocks , IS yards rlso , entrance i2.5U , The
Hit. Miss.
Bnlisbury 0 3
liruwiir 13 0
FUehott IS 0
lion 7 5
Miller 13 U
' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '
Biiillh. . . . . . . . . .V.V.V.V.V..V.V.V. . . . . U 3
CruWll J 11 1
McQuado 11 l
UrablllF 11 1
llunlln 0 3
' .Taylor 10 3
MiQuituo U 1
Ketchom. . . 9 3
KcllOKir 9 3
First money $ \ IJrowor ; second money
115. MrQuado ; third money J10 , Taylor.
Tlio next event was 5 pairs live birds , 31
ynrds rise , 101) yards boundary , entry tf7. The
) ilttonbender 11 11 11 11' 10-9
Miller U 11 01 10 11-3
Hughes . . . . .10 11 U 10 11 3
Kotfhom 11 11 11 10 10-3
loii 01 10 10 It 11 7
r.irnmlee. , 11 01 11 11 10 3
Crubill J 11 11 11 11 01-9
McKutchor , . . . 10 11 00 00 00-3
Netlmwuy 10 11 11 01 01 7
Taylor 10 10 11. 11 01-7
The llrst money , $31.50 , dlvhli\l by Crabill
and Hlttenbender ; the second money , Jib.IK ) ,
pividcd between Hughes , Miller and
Ketchom ; third money , $13 , divided by Neth-
kwuy and Den.
The shoot for the states championship diamond
mend badge takes place this afternoon ,
Dny Kvoittti.
DAY , Juno 20. Races and
winner * to-d ivy :
Seven-eighths wile Amalgam won. Tat
tier second , Long KuighL third. Time
1 .2T i' .
Throo-fourths mlle Holiday tvon. Hudd-
bNt second , Hello H third. Time 1 :15. :
Oao und one-eighth miles Ucndigo won ,
Locust second , Tristan third. Tiuiu 1 :55J : | .
Mile Kuitlnu won , Grover Clo'voluud
vecouJ , Tuliudoo third. Tiuio 1 ; 42) { ,
Ouo uud tbroo-slxtooutUi uiilca Htsso
June won , Lclogas second , Hen All third.
Time 202l ; {
Omj ana one-sixteenth mllw , on turf
IVmtlac won , Kxilo second , Lancaster third ,
" \Vliccl Cltib Notes.
The Omaha Wheel club have a tournament
In Ulalr on the 4th of , Tuly , when slow races ,
track races , hurdle rixccs nnd safety races ,
will bo Indulged In. The city fathers have
invited the boys , and a royal time Is antici
Lytlo , Clnrko and Mlltaucr with the best
100 mile record in the club , will repeat the
race against tltno on the Hlair track.
H. C. Crcar.v. Jim Joseph ) , Guy Mead , W.
F. Crcnry , F. T. Mlttnucr nnd Frank Clark
visited Hlair Sunday , Thn thermometer
was 104s In the flhndc.
Perry Hndollct's now safety has arrived
and ho will bo with the boys In Hlnlr.
The cloth for club uniforms has arrived ,
nnd Hclin & Thompson have been appointed
the official tailors for the club.
An Absolute Cure.
Is only put up In largo two ounce tin boxes ,
and Is nn absolute euro for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped ImtHs , nnd all skin erup
tions. Will positively euro all kinds of pilots.
MENT. Sold by Goodman Drue Co. at 23
coats per box by mall 30 cents.
A SMAtiLi lltOT.
ristolg Drntvn , Ijlnks Thrown mi
Clubs lined.
The presence of the Pinkcrton men carne
near resulting seriously yesterday nt the
Tenth street crossing of the Union Pacific
tracks. Fern tlmo It appeared ns though
thcro would bo blood shed , but ono police
man , Onlcor Itobblns , quelled the riot. As
Is usual thcro arc two sides to nil questions ,
nnd In order to give each party n fair show ,
the testimony of both nro printed.
About 7 o'clock In the mornlngaccording to
the testimony of a gentleman named Smith ,
who Is n guest nt the St. James hotel , a young
man was standing on the walk across the
tracks apparently thinking of something.
The Pinkcrton men , two abreast , wcro
marching from their boarding house mid
when they arrived nt the point whcro tlio
young man was standing It is said that Ser
geant Shelly , the commander of the
squad , deliberately shoved him oft
the walk. To tills the young man
entered a vigorous protest , whereupon the
Pinkies drew their clubs nnd threatened to
annihilate him. Tlio young man still pro
tested and was backed up against a Hag
shanty and struck with u club. By this time
the yardmen in the Union Pacific and several
citizens flocked to the sccno and armed them
selves with coupling pins und announced
their Intention of wiping out the Pinlertons ? ,
who then drew tholr revolvers. What the
outcome might have boon no ono knows , but
at thisuncturoOfllcor ] llobbins appeared , and
drawing his revolver ordered the Plnkorton
men away. They then sneaked.
The nbovo Is the story told by the outsldo
parties , and much of it is corroborated by the
police. Now comes Captain Foley of the
Pinkcrtons and states that his men under
command of Sergeant Shelly wcro coming
down Tenth street , nnd when at the point in
dicated they were encountered by some of
the Union Pacific employes , who boeon hurlIng -
Ing all manner of vile epithets at them. To
this volley of nbuso the sergeant protested
in a wild manner nnd received in reply an
other large hunk of abuse. By this tlmo n
crowd hud collected and Hilly East , nn em
ploye of the Union Pacific , is said to have
drawn a revolver at the sight of which the
Pinkertons formed themselves into a hollovy
square , drew their clubs and guns and pre
pared for a siege when Officer Uobbius , of
the police force , and Captain O'Connors came
up. The latter ordered hfs men to work und
the former dispersed the crowd.
Ono of the Pinkertons claims to have been
hit with a nicco of iron and ono of the others
assorts that ho was bit with a club.
The above comprises the statements of
both 'sides. Who Is to blame cannot bo de
cided but from nil reports it would appear
that the Pinkcrton men acted rather hasty to
say the least. The young man mentioned is
not a railroader , in fuot ho is a plasterer
from Council Hluffs. He had as much
rightin the walk as any living man , nnd no
one , not oven a police ofilcur , should molest
The police say that the Pinkcrtons wcro
to blame. Citizens , not railroad men , having
no connection with the affair , corroborate
this statement. The Pinkcrtons say they
were not. Ono thing Is certain. Tno men
are somewhat excited , and there Is trouble
brewing. The very presence of the Pinker-
tons incite these who would otherwise bo
peaceful to deeds which would not other
wise bo committed. Personally the officers
and men of the Pinkcrtons are pleasant , so
ciable and very agreeable fellows. No ono
who knows Foley would belicvo that ho
would sanction any unwarranted proceed
ings on the part of his men.
All ngreo that the Pmkortons nro not
needed. No trouble arises except when they
nro present. _
Dr. McGrow , kidney , Rectal , & priv
ate discuses , Room 1U , Bushman block
Shetland ponv for fiiilo by George A.
Kooline , Council Blull's.
I1I2NO11 AM ) HAU.
United States Court.
The case of Henjamln Coy against the
Union Pacific liallroad company was called
for hearing yesterday before Judge
Dundy. The suit Is for personal damages.
Coy , in stepping from the platform of the
dummy train nt South Omaha in February ,
IBS * , was struck by n passing freight train
and , ns ho claims , severely injured. The
accident took phico before daylight in the
morning and , according to the statement of
Coy , was duo to the negligence and bad man
agement of the company's train service at
that station. Ho asKs f 10,000 damages at the
of the .
hands company. _ _
Dlhtriot Court.
Actions wcro commenced against Individu
als and the city of Florence yesterday by
Edward Hooves , Henry T. Porter , Cornelius
Christian and John Stalon to recover prop
erty claimed to bo owned by them In Flor
ence. Summons and notices of publication
wcro issued , and interesting law suits will
bo the outcome ,
County Court.
E. G. Howzor yesterday secured a Judg
ment in the sum of $23 $ against D. C.Wright.
The action of U , S. Erb et al against the
Omaha National bank was yesterday con
tinued by agreement until July 10.
Letters of administration was yesterday
granted to William Morlson In the estate of
Alfrudn H , Pinkhain , deceased.
Cunningham Hrothors yesterday brought
suit against J. Harris to collect 1100 duo on
I'ollcu Court.
A warrant was issued yesterday for the
arrest of John Doe , real name unknown , for
stealing a silver watch valued at $7 from
Ucorgo Urown. A warrant was also issued
for the arrest of P. A. Ocorgo for
llghtinu and disturbing the peace
with Edward Bostreet.
O. M. Glbony. John Hurko , Tom
Hurko , Charles Olson , Andrew Huston
ana John Dugan were arrested for
drunkenness last night and dis
charged by the court this morning. Charles
Maxoy and Pat Kearney , arrested for the
same offense , were llnod { 5 and given one
day in Jail respectively.
W. T , E. Peterson , Lew Huwklas and W.
Turnhum were a < rested for lighting , and
their case continued until the 22d.
Drink Malto at soda fountain.
Two Small Fires.
The flre depart raoiit was called out to two
small llrcs last evening , The llrst alai m was
given ahoitly before 5 o'clocl , and was caused
by a blaze In tlio roof of a saloon on tluo
corner oLTwolfth and Chicago streets. The
flro-was. extinguished Jafter doing only about
50 worth of damage. The building U owned
by Fred Krug and occupied by Hart & ICilli-
Ban. A stovcptpo passing through the roof
was the rauso of the flro.
The other alarm was sounded nt nbout,7r : 0
nnd called the department to Twontv-soventh
nnd Chicago streets , where n barn owned uy
C. F. Courtney was In flames. The nlnrm
was given too late to do any good and the
structure was burned to the ground. About
? 250 worth of hayntid grain was nlso con
sumed. Tlio total damngo Is estimated at
$050 nnd the Insurance Is but $500. The cuuso
of the fire is unknown.
When you need n , friend select n turo
ono. Dr. Jones' Rod Clever Tonic is
the best friend mankind lias for all dis
eases of the llvor nnd kidneys. The
best blood purifier and tonio known.
GOo. Goodman Drug company.
The llixcbuil Pliyslclnn.
D. J. M. Woodburn , the young gentleman
who has boon Intimately associated with
musical matters m this city , also n promin
ent member of the Turn Vcrcln , and for
some tlmo deputy to County Clcak Itochc , Is
about to resume the practice of his profes
sion , having been appointed physician at the
Husebud agency.
Piorec's Pleasant Purpativo Pellets
Possess Powerful Potency , Pass Pain
lessly , Promote Physical Prosperity.
lorlins | ou Sumlny Noxt.
The management or the cable Tramway
company nro bonding every effort to got the
Twentieth street line in readiness for next
Sunday. They Imvo some doubt of being
successful , however. The patronage on the
"stubs" now In operation Is quito large , es
pecially in the evenings and on Sundays
when pcoplo want n cool ride. It is claimed
the receipts ere largely In excess of what
the managers hoped for. '
Its superior excellence proven m millions of
homos { or more than a quarter of n century. 11
IH used by the United States Government. In- !
dorsedby thoheads of thoifrent universities as
the strongest , mil ust nnd mot healthful. Or ,
1'rlce-s Crumn flaking Powder docs not contain
ammonia , llino nrulnm. Sold only in onus.
Now York , * Chicago. St. Louts
The best end Barest Ilmedy for Cure of
all diseases caazcd by any derangement of
the Liver , Kidneys , Stomach and Bowels.
Dyspepsia , Sick Headache , Conntipatlon ,
Bilious Complaints and tl&Iarla of ell Linda
yield readily to tlio beneficent influence of
It la pleasant to the teste , tones np the
syttom , restores and pretends health.
It la purely Vegetable , cad cannot fall to
prove beneficial , both to old and young.
Ae a Blood Purifier it Is nuperior to ell
ethers. Bold everywhere at 61.00 a bottle.
iCrab Orchard
.A. r csTivs3 crrns r-on
Dyspepsia , SM-Hdacli ; , Constipation
Crab Orchard \Vntor Co. Louisville , Ky.
IVho from FoilTrnortnre or Vice lui-o icrlomlr lnM
Ihelr Vlullir or OiUlltaicd Ihrlr Kcrvoui hyiiriu.
Incipuluted for lU Muilr Pullet or Uf wui Cut a
perfect rt tor tl < m lo
Ueillh. Ktrensrth mil Ilokuit Minliwut In iln
„ .oxvi v-iiia 3n.MaT33
JTi.d In nT FnucHo'Blul. . Mj lira .
" 1 1' NjJ y < ! t WorlJ1' of B.i. | S. Th T/lbnii * 4 K
fcf Julr W , "Tiatutlt ! dfi U pll ax" of June ,
wj Urrt Biodlfal ieurml.
F r CouiulutlM IMtll or U F r on wllli < mr Rtorsinlied
1/oniaUloif IJcaru.
f U i.uju aikUr rnlottd l
jkrouth r.n , vi H Jt ot.Lc. i , . . . fr".r..r.n ! MEN ! , i viiu , ! ; ;
Ui lrN rTOH. SMUm. ft&4 Dr.lo.d tuj Kii tT U4tfe IrPowtiu
( 'OLDER MEN , , . | , , . ' . . , , . . . .
tortlrwtikfU.UauJ wtd Cud * . ! TUnrvm or toUllr
Ur.ll f row.rl .1.0 ta
MIRI ) wk < dr.ll Ik.lrwTCftV.or V .r.clllur
P-rion > WITH A FULL
1.0 Fulton Strut. New York
ail satisfaction In tb
euro of Gonorrha ? * and
Gleet. T prcicrlbe U and
feel ate lu recommend-
lag It to all tutTertn.
A.J , bTOSEH , B.D. ,
Dtciiur lll. .
Bold by DruggUli'
IfOitVfrorandUanboodRMtoied. l'ro
milot. ixcllnt and functional dltor.
( IA ul8tOu > cti Uvdlciael.
iM at fr CD appllcatlcn.
Continental Clothing House ,
To the "Wholesale and Retail Trade of the West. The opportunity of a lifetime for cash buy-
ers throughout the west. Extraordinary closing sale. Unapproachable bargains to close
the season in every department ,
Our limited space prevents us'nicn- nndtrimmcd in llrst class manner nnu Knee Pant Suite , embracing thrco dif
Uonlnc bul very few of the bargain lots perfect fitting. Wo offer this lott. ferent styles , which wo have marked at
olToroil , but wo guarantee from now tin- close nt the unheard of price of $9.50 the extraordinarily low price of $2.60 to
til July 4ll\ , greater bargains in fine Remember this lot is all in double close. Sizes from t to 14 years. Send
l\eady-Mftclo Clothing , Furnishing breasted Sack Suits. for sample suit. You will bo bettor
Goods , H'tits nud Caps , thnn were over pleased with them than nnytnin ? wo
before quoted. by any llrm in the cloth have shown you nt this price boforo.
ing business In the west. No old goods Lot 3MO. Wo offer 100 suits , ' which Lot 2811 nnrt 2889. Boys' Long Pant
ut any prlco. . The goods offered to you will positively bo tno last of this lot of Suits. Wo offer in this lot which em
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the last ninety days. goodt of which wo have sold hundreds wool cassimcrs KHCK suits , coat , pants
during the last two months. Wo offer nnd vest , in dark nnd medium colors
READ THE LIST , SEE THE PRICES 100 of the neatest styles of thcso famous for boys from 10 to 14 years of ago. This
It will amply repay the expenses of a goods to close at the remarkably low suit was made to sell at $10 but wo wish
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As specimens of the different bargain have never offered a bargain that has for only SO per suit. Kvory garment is
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the small number specially mentioned
tire no moro attractive pr desirable bar GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS DE
gains than hundreds of others to bo Lot 3. Wo offer 600 pairs best fancy PARTMENT.
found in every doim-tmonl of our estab Casslmero Pantaloons , goods that were In this department wo announce the
lishment during this sale. made to sell for $7.50 and $3this season. sale of 300 dozen Gents' Fancy Shirts.
Goods made by the Globe Woolen Co. , This entire lot was maaufactui'cd ' ex
Lot 4187. On Monday wo will place on Rock Manufacturing Co. . Hoekanum pressly for this season's trmlo , wo have
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closing sale - . and this is nil that is in
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Sample suits of any of these lota will be sent 0. O. D. with the privilege o examination to any address in Nebraska , Iowa
Colorado , Kansas , "Wyoming , Dakota and Montana.
Preeland , Loomis & Co.
DES MOINES Proorietorsj I
Corner Douglas and'15th Sts. , Omaha , Neb.
Largest Clothing House West of the Mississippi River , 1
quote tlio above subject not for an argument , but for a business principle which 1ms been our trade murk daring our business career , and has
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When a man purchases a Suit or Clothes with the understanding that satisfaction is guaranteed
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$ 9.50 buys a Seymour Sack Suit , which was made to order for $20.
11,50 buys a One Button Sack Suit , which was made to order for $22.
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A HolMy < tn < l Complete line ofraiitdloonsfi'otii $2.75 to $10. All altcrnlloiis to Improve a fit done free of chttrqc.
1119 PARNAM STREET. 1119.
Three Doors East of I2th Street
Omaha , Neb. Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
Ilfmark-able for powerful iympa-
tbetlu tonu. pllubta action und Jl >
aolute ( luralillllr. 3J years' rtcord
tin beat KUarnntaa of the excel-
lance of tnesa liistrunimta.
ionul Haul.
Paid Up Capital $250,000
Surplus 50,000
II. W. VATKS , President.
LLHiriH. llKKD , vice President.
A. K. TOUZAI.IN , 2nd 'lc President.
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Banking . -
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S. K. FELTOH & CO. ,
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And Mnmifacturers1 Agents for
Of all description ! .
Hydraulic Engines , Surveys. De
tail Plans and Specifications.
Furnished on Short Notice.
Correspondence Solicited.
Office , Straus's ' Bnilng , Fourth Floor ,
E.T.Allen , M. D. ,
Homoeopathic Specialist ,
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Or tUo Liquor Ifnblt , Pogltholy Cured L/
AdmluIstcrJiigDr. Jlalncft' Guidon
It can to given In a cup of coffen or ton with
out the Knowledge ot the person luting It ; abso
lutely harmless , und will effect a permunent nnd
upeeay cure , whether the patient la u moderate
drinker or nn alcoholic wreci. 'Jhoueands of I
drunkards have been wade tumperato men who
have taken Uoldeu Hoeclllo In tnelr coireevHU -
out tliuir knowledge and today believe they
quit drinking of their own fiee will. It never
fnlli. The xydtem once impregnated With tha
BpoclUc , It becomes an utter Impossibility for
the liquor appetlto to exist , I'orsulo by Kuhn
& Co. , 16th aud Douglas uts , aim 18th and Cum <
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