Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 19, 1888, Page 6, Image 6

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Delivered br Currier In Any r rtot the City At
Twenty Cent s I'er Week.
N. . No. 43.
NIOIIT KDiTOii , No. 23.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
New sprinR goods at Kclter'u ,
Mliscs school hats reduced from COc to IDc
nt H. Friedman's.
A marriapo license was Issued yesterday
to Alvn Wills and Allio Pierce , hoth of Hock
Island , 111.
Rev. T. J. Mnclcny , of St. Paul's Episcopal
church , treated his boy choir to n picnic at
Mnnau-a Saturday.
L. 1J. Crafts remembered his friends with
cigars. A son nnd heir was born on Sunday
and there Is great rejoicing thereat.
finploo 777 was ditched Sunday evening In
Icnying tlio new roumlhousp owlug to the
settling o'f the reccnl filling by the rain.
Ladies' fancy striped cotton hose , full rcg
ulnr made , nt 15c per pair , would bo very
cheap at 2Sc ; nt H. Friedman's. >
Kcgular communication of Ultiff City lodge
No. 71 , F. & A. M. , this ( Tuesday ) evening.
Visiting brethren cordially invited. By
order of W. M.
The All Saints' Mission sociable , which
was to have been held this evening nt the
resilience of Mrs. Handusky , has been post
poned until next week.
Ladies' fast black cotton IIOBC , full regular
made , reduced from U3o to 2Uc per pair , this
week only , nt H. Friedman's.
The Lincoln delegation to Chicago arrived
in the city Sunday evening lira llncly dcco-
rattd cnr. It vaino In over the Union Pncillc
nnd loft via the Milwaukee.
Ladles' India g.iuzo vests , extra flno ( junl-
ItynfJSc. H. Friedman's.
Mrs. D. O. Sackctt. who has been 111 for
Eomo time , dWd Sunday nftcrnoon nt her res
idence , cornc\ Grace nnd Pierce streets.
The remains wcro forwarded yesterday
afternoon to Frcdonln , N. Y.
The now addition to Ncumaycr's hotel is
nil enclosed nnd work on the interior is pro-
pressing rapidly. The proprietor expects to
have it completed and furnished ready for
occupancy by the middle of July.
The commissioners of insanity yesterday
decided to send the man Kimball back to
Mt. Pleasnnt , nnd ho WHS taken there last
evening. The two boys Knight and O'Lcary
will bo taken to the reform school nt Eldoru
this morning.
The steamer C. E. Mnyno has been fitted
up with n now screw und is now ttio fasted
boat on Lake Munawn. Even while carrying
the old Bcrew. with its broken blades , she ,
tnndo it very interesting for competitors , but
now has a complete walk-awny.
Children's white dresses , fromSto 14 years ,
25c und upwards at H. Friedman's.
J. Fngeloy , the party who was sent to Jail
n few days ago for bcuttng his wife , was re
leased yesterday at the request of the woman ,
nnd the loving pair wcro quite conspicuous
by their attention to each other ns they
inarched down Broadway.
Ladies' black silk plaited hose reduced
from $1.00 to ( j'Jo ' per pair. El. Friedman's.
Arrangements nro being made for the
lighting of West Broadway from the central
part of the city to'tho river. About five hun
dred street lamps are being placed in posi
tion and will illuminate the thoroughfare ns
peen ns the paving is completed and the
street opened for travel.
Thrco scab "Q" switchmen had n little
row among themselves on Main street last
night anil were run in. Agent Marshall se
cured their rclenbu , and they will appear for
trial this morning. One of the belligerents is
the same man who was recently fined for
hitting a boy with a cinder.
A valuable Shetland nmro nnd yearling
colt , belonging to L. A. Shugart , wcro killed
by lightning Sunday afternoon during tlio
shower , in Hnntin township. They were
standing by a wire fence , and it is thought
that the electric cement was running along
the wire. They were valued at SiUO.
Ladles' muslin underwear regardless of
cost this week at II. Friedman's.
J. B. Kcntlcr , the man who had Ills nrm
crushed a short time ago while trying to
board a moving freight train ut the Hock
Island depot , is getting along finely at St.
Bernard's hospital , and the attendants think
that the injured member will bo saved. Ho
might consider himself lucky tohnvo escaped
with his life.
Clearance sale of straw goods this week at
H. Friedman's.
Considerable complaint is made concern
ing the gamblers and other dlsrcputablo
characters who infest Bayliss purk every
nftcrnoon on the "mash. " Tlio presence of
these parties subjects ladies passing along
the walks to much annoyance , if not open in
sult , nnd the attention of the chief ol police
is called to the matter.
Ladles' sun huts reduced from 50c to 15c at
H. Friedman's.
The regular yearly examinations In the
public schools of the city were commenced In
all departments yesterday morning. Ttie
binnchcs taken up were music , ncnmnnship ,
ginmmar nnd reading. To-day geography
nnd history In the higher grades nnd spelling
in the lower. To-morrow oral genoial in-
Btructlon , Thursday aiithmetlc , Friday readIng -
Ing und distribution of ccrtillcatc.s. Friday
will bo the lust day of school until the open
ing of the fall term ,
Fine trimmed hats reduced to one-half
their former prices at H. Friedman's ,
Chief Lucas yesterday reported that there
were no saloons running In the city except
the Mint. Meyers & Wagner , on Main street
were closed during the forenoon , nnd that
was claimed to bo the last ono against which
there was any injunction. It is rumored
that the Ogdcn house saloon will bo opened
to-day by Sherlock & Buttcrllcld , nnd sev
eral other openings nro predicted. The
Pha-nix has disposed of all intoxicants , nnd
several lemonade signs were hung out.
The opera house saloon has been cleaned out ,
nnd Is billed "For Hcnt , f'i 00 Per Month.5 '
Other places nio following suit , nnd the
saloon reign seems to bo over for the present.
Union Abstract company , 230 Main street.
t The engineers strike for Dtirltn Bros.
for their jjroceries , 633 Broudwity , Kd
Lloyd will tuko your ordur. Tel. 1290.
M. H. Juda loft yesterday for St. Louis
and Chicago.
Mrs. E. CIcmlnson Is suffering greatly
from an nbsccss , nnd Is quite 111 ,
J. M. Thomas , of this city , who was a del
egate to the Typographical convention at
Kansas City , has returnod.
Captain A. Ovcrtnn returned yesterday
from Arkansas. Ho reports the \\vatlier as
warmer hero than them by bcveiul degrees
W. S. Williams left yesterday for Chicago
to there meet sown of the capltnliMa In
whose intcieht ho lately visited Now Mexico
ice ,
Miss Susie Mulr , of Mexico , Mo. , is tlio
truest of Mrs. ( J , K. Khcuror und Mrs. .1. H.
Kllporo of this city , and will remain during
the Mimtner.
\V. H. Copson , of the Nonpareil , R. B.
Wrstrott , of the Herald , and H. K. Oriinm ,
pf the World , accompanied the republican
delegation to Chicago ,
Colonel Adams , of Bradford , Pa. , who has
been slopping In the Bluffs for the past two
months , left over tlio Hock Island hi ' evening -
ing for Buffalo , N , Y. , where ho will inako
bio headquarters in the future.
The Hov. T , J. Miickay and family leave
for the east on Thursdnv ever the Hock Isl
and for Chicago. The Hov. M. F. SoroiiRon
of Omaha will have churgo of the parish
during the rector's absence and will reside
in this city ,
Merit Judd , the aged father of M , H. Judd ,
and \\ho has made his home with him ( or
eight or nlno years past , loft yesterday for a
visit to his old Ohio homo. Ho is now ulghty-
seven yeais of ago , and the Journey , while in
ninuy respects a plcnsurablu one , has the
sad side ns well , for advancing years rcndci
it probable that this will bo his Jast visit.
m I. . . *
Tlio KU'knpoo Indians , with their
wonderful moiliclucs , arc hero , covnot
mid Eighth sts ,
Griutd balloon usoenslon by the
KiCUnpooa , Saturday ovgiii tr , 8 o'clgcK
cor , tiraadivuy and Eichtli sts.
Strong Attempt to Allay Indigna
tion Concerning the Motor.
ThU Usiinl B-Ucli of Petly Offenders
IJt omlivny to Do IilRhtcd to the
lUver Sliort Items and
TIic Motor MitrttllCi
Sovcrnl interested nnil energetic workers
nro busily engaged In trying to soothe the
milled feelings of Council Bluffs , and allay
the indignation so freely expressed in re
gard to the motor lino. All the railways
have agreed to let the motor line cross their
track ? , the Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul
alone refusing. Their obstonncy hns-ciuiscd
the motor line to stop , and the Muniuva hotel
to close. The other enterprises hero nro so
crippled that the howl Ims gone up , wild and
prolonged. The citizens ivc excitedly asking
Why ttio Milwaukee & gt ; Paul refu js to do
as the other railways nave nprceu. The few
pald'rcprcscnlutivcs of this railway , Hailing
that the feeling is so hot , arotrylng to sot the
tldo the other way. Many express the be
lief that vlieii the malingers of the Milwau
kee & St. Paul fully understand the situation
hero they will consent to have the motor line
cross their tracks on the same conditions
which the other roads have agreed to. They
also predict that when they thus learn how
they have been , misled In regard to the mat
ter there may bo changes in the local repre
sentatives of that road. Pel haps the possi
bility of such n showing of facts , and such a
change may account for the remarkable ac
tivity shown iu trying to allay the Indigna
tion.Ono wnll known citizen remarked yester
day : "It's the worst thing that has hap
pened Council BlufTs. I was down the i oad
the other day and I heard a lot of talk about
it. At Creston , in the hotel , there were sev
eral follows talking about it. They were
giving it to Council Bluffs red hot because
the citizens would quietly submit to having
one railway dictate to the town and choke oft
any enterprise which it wanted to. They
made so many remarks about Council Uluffs
men being mere putty to submit to such a
thing that I was actually ashamed to say that
I was from Council Uluffs. I hear folks out
of town say that if Council Bluffs wants the
Manawa line , what in the thunder aio they
thinking of to let any one railway company
stop it. I don't know why. "
A strong prcssuic was being brought to
bear .yesterday to induce the local press to
sco the matter through the same eye-glasses
as the railway ofllclms. What effect this has
had will probably be evidenced in the col
umns of the several papers thus approached.
Before the liar.
Nine victims obeyed the order of Jailor
Barhyto to "fall in" yesterday morning when
Judge Aylesworth appeared in police court to
conduct the Monday tnornlnpf review. Sev
eral of them had obtained sufllcicnt booze to
got gloriously full , notwithstanding the fact
that the saloons were all closed on Sunday ,
and the court was thus enabled to gather in
a neat little sum for the city treasury by
practically applying the prohibition clause of
the statutes.
John Bailey was held up for S7.GO and H.
Barnum , Pali ick O'Day and Thomas Kelley
were each relieved of M.10.
Charles demons contributed $9.00 for dis
turbing the peace by fending the police on a
wild goose chase.
Charles Wilson , a vag , was requested to
devote his time nnd attention for the next
ten days to the improvement of the city
D. J. Ryan , Alexander Graham and Joseph
Kclloy , a trio of homeless wanderers , were
ordered out of town.
Magpie Peterson , alias Jennie Aldrich ,
charged with being drunk , was released and
advised to try a change of climate.
Mrs. Woods , Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Bur-
lee , the pugnacious trio from Twelfth street ,
were on hand again. Mrs. Burloo lectured
with tcnis in her eyes that she had done her
best to induce her husband to come up and
bo locked up to .servo out her flue , but ho had
interposed strenuous objections. The court
granted her until next Saturday for further
persuasion. Mrs. Woods was also fined ! ) .tX )
for her portion of the row and Mrs. Collins
was discharged , having been the Innocent
cause of all the trouble.
Free Indian show every nigtht for
three wcclcs , corner of Broadway and
Eighth bts.
Buy mantels , grates and hearth fur
nishings of the Now York plumbing Co.
E. H. Shcnfe loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All buhiness strictly
confidential. Olfico 600 Broadway , cor
ner Main street . , up-stairs.
* -Jr _
Wrecked by AVhlsky.
Judge Parks , who has been one of the
prominent attorneys in Illinois , recently vis
ited this city , and the Sycamore icpubllcan
thus gives furtherdctails of his career : "We
have rccclvad the following communication
from Council Bluffs concerning Judge Parks :
The judge was In Council Bluffs and Omaha
the first of last weak , out of money and dissi
pating. Ho made it known to the legal fra
ternity and old soldiers hero that he had once
been mayor of Aurora and n pouular lawyer.
Ho said ho wanted to go to the soldier's homo
in Virginia , and there try to brace up and re
form. The legal fraternity and soldiers hero
and at Omaha provided the ola veteran and
Judge with money nnd a ticket to Virginia ,
put.hlm aboard the train and htarted him
thither , wishing him u good Journey and
trusting ho would again mend his wajs. '
Sociable Postponed.
The sociable which was to bo hold this
evening at Mrs. Sandusky's corner of
Eighteenth street and Third avenue , by the
ladles of All Saints Mission , has been post
poned. Duo notice will bo given of the date
on which it will bo held.
Buy a "Whito"sow , much. 20 N.Main.
The New School
At the meeting of the school board last
evening , the contract for the erection of the
new school building was drawn up and
signet ! by J. B. Atkins , president of the
board , and J. A. Murphy , contractor. The
terms of the contract specify that the work
shall brgln on or hoforo the 'JSth of the pres
ent month , the plastering is to be completed
by the 15th of November , and the structure
is to bo ready for occupancy by the 1st day ol
January ,
The contractor gave bonds in the sum ol
$15.000 for the proper completion of the worli
and fulfillment of the terms of the contract ,
S. B. Wudsworth & Co. loan money.
City Council
The city council mot in adjoiirnod session
last evening , President Lacy in the chair
Aldermen Weaver , Waterman , Metcalf , Bel-
linger nna Knephcr wort * present
Petition of S , P. Casady for remisbion o :
tax of $ .1,001 on moneys nnd ci edits. Sum <
of J. N , Cusady for $1,000. Both wen
granted. Same of Peter Miller was refurrci
to Judiciary committee.
Protest of eleven property owners agalns
changing the grudo on Bcnton street rcuc
and referred to comroittu on btrcctu urn
Petition of twenty-three property owncn
that I'M ill nvcunu between BlutI bircct ant
Glen avenue bo put to grudo.
Petition of Jumcs Mithen that ho bo al
lowed to put down his own sidewalks wu :
Petition of property owners on Bcntoi
street that the grudo on that street bi
changed so us to gfvo i-omulcto drainage wo1
referred to committee- sticrU and alloys ,
Petition of E. I. Woodbury and other :
respecting gradn of Bluffs street at the inter
section of Blory and Worth sheets was re
ferrrc } to the city engineer.
Bond of O. II. YhUo u .deputy murtjha
was accepted.
UcshlenUs on Sixteenth and Fifteen ! !
streets petition for a water mum ou ( Slxtcenil
'utrfet. lloferrcd.
JuviUtlan to the mayor and city officers tc
6 *
- orAN
There are hundreds and
thousands of places where you
can spend your dimes and dollars
lars , but how few where you
can save them ?
You can save not only
DIMES , but DOLLARS , by
attending our Six Days' Un
loading sale , commencing to
Each and every department
will be full of the best bar
gains ever offered.
Grand special sale of Para
Grand special sale of Laces
and Embroideries.
Special bargains in Hosiery ,
Gloves and Cornets ? .
Tremendous clearing out
Special bargain sale of Silks
and Dress Goods.
All must be sold during
this week at Half Price at
Nos. 218 , 220 , 222 & 224
attend the celebration atMuscatino on July I
was referred to the mayor.
Kcquest of the city engineer for a transil
was read , and that official was authorized tc
make buch purchase.
The mayor came in and took his seat.
Taxpayers on South Main street petition
the abatement of the "frog pond" between
Tenth avenue and the Chicago , Burlington A
Qtiincy tr.ick. Referred to the board of
health. The same order prevailed respecting
the lot at the corner of Eighth avenue anil
Eighth street.
A resolution granting to the Lake Mannwi
railway company an extension of time tc
July 1 , IbSO , for completing the road was
read. Amended as to time making the ex
tension until August 1. 1SSS , Adopted a1-
E. T. Waterman was allowed 4100 to pur
chase feed for tlio horses of the lire depart
Protest against paving Bluff and Pierce
streets , between Willow and Glen avenues ,
was read and placed on flic.
Bill of $ ' . .50 for filling the corner at First
avenue and Pearl street was allowed nnd it
was ordered assessed to adjncenl property.
Bill of ? 200 for street grader was allowed.
Report of the city engineer was read. Tnc
Fifth and Ninth avenue sewers do not carry
the deposit into the creek on account of
sediment filling the creek and impeding the
flow of water. Recommends the removal of
obstructions. Report adopted and the city
maishal was ordere.1 to notify the various
railroads to remove their bridge obstruction
under- penalty of immediate flue.
The city engineer reported favoring
putting in a larger sewer on Seventh avenui
between Eighth to Thirteenth streets ,
thence south to Ninth avenue. Referred tc
committee on streets and alleys.
Resolution No. M , grading , of C. C. Cham
berlain , was ordered published.
G. II. Cattcrlin bids 18 cents per foot or
thiec-foot sidewalk ; K. C. Bcrger , 24 centt
for four-foot nnd 20) cents for five-fool
walk. These were the lowest nud contract1
were awarded to these bidders.
A lot of grading bids were opened ant
read , after which the council adjourned.
Travelers ! Stop ut the Bechtcle.
Tipton 1ms bargains in real estate.
City nnd Oinalm.
Commencing Juno 1 , 1SS9 , the 1C. C , , St. .T <
& C. , H. R. K. Co. will run their trains Nos
3 and 4 between Kansas City nnd Omaha vi :
Council BlufTs and tlio U. 1 > . bridge. Thoi
will arrive and depart the same as heretofore
M. M , MAUSHAU , ,
' Gcn'l Agent.
The Wounded Men.
The wounds of Rilcy Sims , stabbed a
Gibson , are superficial and not necessarily
dangerous. John I.aub , who fell from th
thiid story window of Gnrnrnu's crnckc
factory , was Improving last evening. Bill ;
Gladden , slugged'iu the head with a bee
glass , was in bad shape yesterday and no
able to appear in court.
I , ( conned to Wod.
The following inamagaanss' ' were
issued yesteiduy by Judge Shields-
Name and Residence. Age
I Fred Kincard , Omaha . 'J
| Carrie Eaalcman , Omaha . 2
J Adolnh G. Anderson , Oinalm . . S
1 Carolina N..Brewstcr , Oniulm . . a
I Thomas G. Mugrand , Omaha , . . 4
I Mary Mice , Omaha . . . . , , . . . , . . SI
j Cornelius Smith. Omaha .
> Margaret Connelly , Ouiuha . 4
I Aloleus C. Raunoy. Omaha .
\ Nellie David , Omaha . 1
j William Bekovrcs. Omaha .
) Annu Miller , O-n.Uia . . . 'J
Hnllroad Hnoket.
The Union Pacific has Issued a small 1
brary of descriptive information in the shon
of a bundle of circulars relative to Utal
Idaho , Oregon , Garfleld Beach and othc
Western reports.
The Colorado delegation to Chicagoiyestc ;
day voted a vuto of thanks to the B. & J >
for their painstaking care in getting them t
their destination.
General Passenger and Ticket Agent Til
bets of the Union Pacific went to St. Paul la ;
night to attend the transcontinental ussoci ;
tiou meeting.
The Union Pacific operator at Odess ,
skipped out Sunday with $150 of the CPU
' ' ' .
largest METCALF BROTHERS Furnishing Goods , >
Lowest Prices , , Clothing , Hats , Caps , oto. '
XX > O < XX/VS <
M1 , P. RDHRBR , t 'William SlBdantopf/vu
I * = ' -D alerlo- - " ffardrnan , Everett < 0 fisher
. .
avwmv * °
S . IK3. CO. H w Torfc. 5 n Main SU OouncU ntufli.
MUTUAl.JJFfe . axu
1 M St. MiryU A > .tOiti > tii.
5T li V xfV 6 * .
Largest Capital and Surplus ' CITIZENS STATE BANK/ Youi1 Patronage , -
of Any Banh ( n the citu. ' I Is Solicited. ' *
| l
TH , & A , D , Foster , ' ° (
COUN < ? il < DI.UPFS . , . , § J ,
' Porcgoj . & Moore * ) ) '
- > , I V Abstracts'of Title
. Wholesale Santo Rasac "
No. 8. Pearl St. 'SUPPLY
< IJlh. 8t 1
Mnnufncturcr of Pine Ciu-iiugcs and Buggies. H.F HATTENHAUER I always Ucon in stock a largo variety of eastern
I have alwnya n full stock to select from. . , , make Carriages , whien 1 soil atii very low ruto.
Call and examine. Prices Low. . Xo . ! 27 to itll Fourth Street. t am alwavs rcaily to Bhow ( roods.
\ VOHIIC "Woman l < Vmtul SnfTcrlnB
Front Hysterics.
Sunilny nftcrnoon a good-looking young
woman entered Bell's drug store on South
Tenth street near the Union Pacific tracks
and asked for seven one-fourth grain mor-
ihino powders. The attendant , ns 13 cus-
.omnry in such cases , usked her if she had a
prescription , to which she replied that she
md not. The next question propounded was
.vhcther or not she was acquainted with the
nature of the drug , to which her answers
wcro satisfactory. The clerk gave
icr three grains. Shortly nfter
Lhls occurrence n young man came
into the store nnd breathlessly
inquired for a physician. Dr. Miller being
the nearest medical man. ho was directed to
Ins office , nud flew out in quest of him in as
? reat haste as he arrived. The doctor was
informed that a young lady had attempted to
commit suicide , ana was taken across tbo
tracks to a boarding house kept by a family
named Vinston , where ho found the young
woman mentioned inithc agonies of approach
ing death. She was suffering from nervous
hysterics only , nnd the doctor administered *
bromide and departed.
Who the woman is is a mystery. A re
porter who learned of the above occurrence
iestcrday started to probe the
matter. At Bell's store the purchase
of the morphine -and the physician's
visit wcro verilled. A call at Dr. Miller's of-
llco developed the fact that the woman hud
taken none of the morphine. The
young woman's boarding house then received
attention. Mrs. Vinston , the landlady , who
resides on the northeast corner of Ninth and
Pacific , was seen , and in reply to questions
stated that theyounp woman mentioned was
in the house but was asleep. "Could the re
porter see her ? " "Oh , no , " the yountfhidy
was not in n condition to bo disturbed.
"What was her name ! " She did not know.
The woman only came on Saturday. A vol
ley of questions failed to move her and the
scribe meandered down the street. Two
women who wcro weeding a lettuce -
tuco bed volunteered the information
that the morphine-taker was from
Iowa. That a young married man , a telegraph
operator , had been criminally intimate with
lier and that she had become rncientcs. She
had besought him to help her but he had
refused , hence she had taken the morphine
hoping to hide her shame. It is since learned
that the operator has skipped. The man was
seen to go down Pacifin street with her Sun
day and she was heard to exclaim , "I
wish you would get me out of this , " to which
he replied"Oh , a n it , you wore to blame ;
I won't heln you a bit. " At these words the
ijirl is said to have burst into tears nnd left
himaftcr which it is supposed she went back
and took the deadly drug.
A detective is now nt work upon the case.
Heal Khtatc Transfers.
John M Croft to K M Croft , 4 acres bo cor
of sw of nw , 3-15-13 e , < i cd 1
l > Egnn and \vlfu to Thomas llrennan ,
part ol lots 1 and - , blk 20 , Omaha ,
< icd
0 E Mayne and wife to HuKta Marrs , 2lxH1
U lot 12 , blk 1,0 U Muyno'8 1st udi ] ,
Valley , wd 33
A P Tucker et nl to A K Patterson , lot 10 ,
blk 13 , Clifton Kill , w d 625
James A Heverly to U K Hogers , lots land
JJ.blkU'J , Credit 1'oncer iidd , w d 2,650
James A Heverly to ( S Hoi-crs , mid ! J
lots 1 and S , Heverly & lloger's sub.
wd . . . 1,210
John i-niitterct nl to n Sautter , lot 12 , blk
C > , Jetter's add , wil 1
K Sautter et ul to John Sautter , s\v or HO
of sw.10-U.13 o , wd 0,000
j A Northnp and wife to S C'Trasher , o ' , $
lotG. blkll. Heed'hlst add. wd 3,500
M. 8. Undsuy mid wlfo to Ceorgo Taylor.
40x100 ft of lot 10 Lindsay's nOd w d 1,6'J7
Snundors .t lllindiiun-'li to ] ' C Illnia-
bnugh , lot 31 blk J and lot 11 blk J Sauu-
( leM& IllmebmiKli'hadd wd ( XX )
O H K A , T Co to P C' HlmcuatKh , lots St , 1M ,
21 , So and 2(1 ( blk 7 Eaundeis & Himo-
baugh's Highland park COO
0 H E \ TCo to PO niraebnudi , lots 111 , tt )
undZIDlkl guumleii ) & Ilimebangn'H
Highland park wil 1,150
It S Berlin to A 8 llarnett , lot J blk 8
Clovordalcwd 700
J A Hoi bach to A S Harriett , n 31 ft of lot
0 blk Horbach'ft f.d add w d 410
W A Itedltk At wife to Andrew Anderson ,
lot 7 W A Hcdlck'Haddwd 400
K A l.eavcnwoith to O N Itainsey , lots
blk 24 Lountzu place w d 10,503
E A Lcavenworth to O N Kamsey , lot 6
blk lli Shlnn's add w d 3,000
M McDonald to Nt'ls Johnson , w } j lot 7 ,
blk 1 , IbaacA Reiilen's add , wd CM
1 11 rink and wife to (1 A I.ancdon , lot 0 ,
blk 3 , Meyer , Kkhurds & Tllcien'H add ,
wd 600
I llrlnk and wife to 0 K Lungdon. lot 1 , bile
3. Meyer , lllcbnrdx & U llden's add , w d. . 000
P M llutrett et al to II A lloman , n H lot &
and iv H lot 6 , blk 160. Omuhn. ( | c d 1
II A lloman to P M IlntTett , pt lot 4 and pt
Iot3 , blk KiT , Omalla , ( i cd 1
P M lluttett et nl to li II Tliaycr , pt lot fi ,
lilk IM. nnd lit lot 3 , blk IdT , and pt lot 6 ,
blfc 173 , Oraalia , q c d 1
KM llutlett et al to KJ taring , pt lot 4 ,
blk liiT.Onmha 1
K M lltitutt et al to J H Cultln , ] it lotd.Wk
IM , nnd pt lot it , blk Id7 , and pt lot 0 , blic
17J. Oninlin , n o d 1
A S Pntter et al to O t ! George , lot 11 , Hill-
Blclureberve , w d . . . , . . , , 2.5M
Twenty-seven transfers , aggregating. . t33,7t/J
Ilulliliii PcrinltH.
The following building permits were Is
sued Monday by the superintendent of
buildings ;
J. Anderson , dwelling , JH8 Noitii Nine
teenth street . J WO
It , I IIMley , kitchen , taut Kranklln 100
0. W. IIut > k. two-story fjaine duelling ,
Tuenth-elBhth. near Hickory. a.OOfl
Frank Past-til , bhop , Wnlnut , near Twenty.
elfhtn . . . . . . . 201
I.orrnz Keller , dwelling. Arbor Place. . . . 3WJ
P. C. Kllngert , awvlllng and fctore ,
Twenty-nlntli and Itlce 80C
W. W. Marsh , twobtory brkk residence ,
Pine and Klgutli 20,00J (
Vf. II. Holder , barn , Orchard and Hamil
ton. 100
I ) , Wainer , addition to dwelling. Twenty.
ninth iindMiUeHth 110
J. H. llexton. tinmo dwelling , 'llillty-
third and Sprague l.COC
' ' B llroi. . barn. Vlnton and Thirteenth , 1W
. . .ieh Mills. three-Htory fiame tenement ,
Twelfth and Maltha B.OfC
Twelve permits , aggregating J2U.UJC
Drink .Multo , iJ-5 centsabottle.
Tlio "Whisky Trust's Oivlilend.
Peter Her , of tlio Willow Springs distillery ,
returned homo yesterday from Pcoria ,
111. , where ho attended a monthly meeting ol
the whisky trust und a special meeting of the
directors of the hqme distillery. His stnih
\\os word than usually bland as bo aauouncetj
that one of the things which ho was permit
ted to give away was that the trust for the
month ending June loth had declared a divi
dend of one-half of one per cent.
The special meeting of Willow Springs
directors was called to consider the question
of improving the distillery at this place and
resulted in authority being granted to Mr.
Her to go ahead nnd make the improvements
which ho considers necessary.
"Thcic nro now 700 cattle at our distillery
here , " said Mr. Her , "and the trustees have
commenced to put in more. That doesn't
look as If wo were going to close up in a day ,
does ill" _
A Proposed Change In tlio Iiettcr-
Uellvery Service.
With reference to the recent congressional
enactment reducing the hours of letter-
carriers to eight , with pay for over-time ,
Postmaster Gallagher Bays : "If the car
riers' hours for the homo office nro reduced
to eight , it will necessitate the appointment
of six additional carriers to accomplish the
work. The department has been furnished
with all the requisite information as to our
delivery system , and should the new law go
into effect , there is no doubt but what the
necessary extra carriers would be appointed.
If they nro not , the present force can only
bo remunerated for their extra labor , and
but few will kiclt against that. The now
law promises to receive a hearty endorse
ment from the carriers throughout the
country. "
SPKCIALadvcrtlsemcn's , such as Iost , found.
To Loan , For Sale , To Hent , Wants , Hoarding
etc. , will bo inserted in this column at the low
rate of TKN CKNTS PKH LINE for the first in
sertion and Five Cents Per Line for each subse
quent insertion. Leave advertisements at our
ofllce. No , 12 Pearl Street , near Ilroadway , Coun
cil Hinds Iowa.
TTIOH IIHNT A splendid , airy front room.
J3 with dressing room nnd closet , furnished , at
reasonable rates. 7J < * Washington ave.
HAVE two ID-room brick houses to trade
WE merchandise. Johnston & Van Patten.
0iris to do dress making. Mrs.
WANTED 310 llroudwnr , up stairs.
FT1AKEN UP Came into the premises of the
JL subscriber , Sec. It , Washington township ,
Pottawatnmio county , Iowa , June 7 , 1KW , one
pony mare , chestnut , about 12 years old , one
Boreel colt , about ! 5 years old. The owner Is re-
qupbted to provo propel ty , pay charges and take
them aw ay. lllchard Hoen.
WANT To exchange Nebraska or Wisconsin
farm lands for Council Hinds or Omaha
property or mcrchandlBo. O. P. McKesson.
EOlt SALE A goou , completebakery. . 713
llrondwav. Fred Auwerda.
T WILL buy good second-hand furniture , stoves
Jand carpets ; will pay full cash value. A. J.
Mandel , 3 i Uroadway.
\ \ 7 ANTIIO Stocks ot merchandise. Have
W C Omaha and Council Hlulfs city property ,
alto western laud to exchange for goods. Cullen
on or address Johnson .V Christian , Hocia 35 ,
Chamber of Commerce. Omaha.
4 experienced girls to repack lem
ons. this moruln g. Apply to 0. w. IJutts
1(1 ( and IB Pearl st.
BAL11 At a baigaln. 40 acres near stock
yards. South Oinalm , Neb. , Johnson If
Christian , Room 35 , Chamber of Commerce ,
ANTED-A flrstrclass cook at the Crcston
house ,
ANTED Apprentice nt dress making. No.
31 Pearl st.
> OOMS for rent. 71'J Fourth btreet.
A place to care for herpes , milk
WANTED other work In private family. J.I" ,
lice olllco , Council lilullB.
IM : o
You can get it in any amount , on cither shorter
or long time , on chattal or real estate security ,
lias real estate of all kinds. Call on or address
L. U. Ciafts , fi'JI liroailuny. Council Hliill'H. _
Instructor of Music ,
No. 114 Etntcsman street. Council DliiITa , and
Melnberg'H Music Ktore , Dodge btreet , Oinuhu.
Notice to Builders ,
The Roberts Portnblo and Adjustable
Store shelving is now on exhibition in
J. Noumiiyor'b now building on Broad
way , Council Bluffs. Tlio patentee so
licits your careful investigation , rely
ing upon your judgment arid experience ;
in regard to this new system of hhelv-
ing. Wo believe it to bo the best and
most practical arrangement for conven
ience ever put in a building. Please
give it a thorough examination. The
( shelves are neat in construction' can be
put up quickly and cheaply ; can be
tafccn down , moved and hot up withoiil
the aid of a machine. They mljubl
nicely to the dibtanco desired between
shelves and give tlio goods a grand and
beautiful display. Kvory noaalblo ad
vantage is combined in this svbtom
Every merchant should call and &co ui
for wo have the MKIICIIANT'S FUIKND
tVjuucir liluffs , Iowa.
CO. ,
Especially Adapted tot
25 TO 300
POWER , Mills and Elevators ,
Specifications and estimates furnished for complete steam plants. Kogulation , Durability Ouar-
antccd. Can show letters from users wheie fuel Economy is equal with Corliss Non-Condensing.
Send for Catalogue , E. C. HARRIS , Manager.
Wrought and Cast FOR
\liuihlinos \ , Automatic C [ d 01 Kl C 0 Highest Economy ,
Itcpatrs. yew .02d Hand L.I1UIIVL.U ? Simplicity ami Durablllti/ .
Nos. 1100 to 1200 , Tenth Avenue , Council BlulTsJa. Telephone 100.
Cull on ill. S > UOJILICIi , 5t ! § Broiiclway , where you will receive
the Highest Cash' Price.
DR. C. B. J U D D ,
No. GOG Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
WANTED Good Salesmen on large commission or salary.
The Morris Type Writer Is a practical , well
made and Unvly nnlHbed machine , anil romblnex
the perfect lettering , uxnct iillliiiniu'iit , and
rapid wrltlnfjot a hluhpriced writer. The BDI-
BUN MlMUOOHAI'lf the Tieht apparatus made
for manifolding autographic and typ writer
work : Il.OOO coplca can he taken. TVI'K WIHTRIC
supplies for bale Si-nil forcuculara. Tlio Ux-
cofslor Co. , Council
Mention thlH paper.
C O IE3 IIsT I C 3
H. ( jiKAUL , Mniiurudtim- .
HOMCI mi ) .
D. H. HcDAIIELD & CO , ,
Hides. Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
KO and Kti Main Street.Couucll HliilH.Iowa.
A Full .Usoitmcnt of Jlarnew o < .ds Con-
itantly onllanJ.
Itci > nrlu ! ? Xpatly will J'rouii'Uy '
N9 , ape MAIN ST. ,
Star Stables and Mule Yards
Uroadwny , Council Hluffa , Om > . Dummy Depot
Horses and mules constantly on hand , fol
taloat ictall or In carload low. . . .
Orders promptly nlled by contract on short
notice. , ,
Block M > ld on commission.
i'olepbono 111. SU'IIUJTKK X I10U5V.
Opposite Dummy Depot Council Illulfa
CAUTKH & SOX , IYon'3.
AH Kinds of Steam Boilers & Sheet Iran Work.
Ordfr by mall for repairs promptly attended
to. BatlBfactlon tuurantoed. lutli Avenue. Ad-
Holler Works Council llluir-i.lona.
1011 DOUUbiVd QMAJ1A , NEB
* & & $ &
? * - * $ i B