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The Old Familiar Faces Around the
State Headquarters.
nnd Trading In n Wild Kf-
fort to Klcvnto Nqliraslca's "Ju-
dlclnl" Jake Sharp Tlio
State's Humiliation.
Xlie Oil Iloont TranHfcrrcd to Chlcnu"-
CHICAGO , Juno 17. [ Special TelCRrnm to
TIIK UPK. ] Tlio hcadcmartcrs of the Ne
braska delegation nt the Grand Pacific offers
n striking contrast to the delegation head
quarters of the same state at the Palmer
house four and eight jcurs ago. At these
preceding national gatherings the rank and
file of the party commingled with the dele
gations irrespective of faction or even presi
dential preference. To-day the headquarters
of thejlclegatlon are llko a sectional view
of the Lincoln oil rooms , with Walt Seeley
r as the quartermaster and the railroad at-
? torncya looking after the commissary. The
rendezvous of the delegation presents the
cheerfully familiar appearance of room 14 nt
the Capital hotel during the last session of
the legislature. Omaha has furnished her
full quota to this contingent.N Herb Lcavltt
nnd Dave Mercer ere making thcmsclvrs
very numerous , while Prank Walter holds
himself in rcscivo for the more delicate
work of the canvass. The only oil room
greaser that is foifnd missing up to this
houi is Kiir Trumpet Crawford , whoso elo
quence had such a visible effect on the
granger element during the last legislative
session , Outside of the Omaha contingent ,
Is In full possession of thu quarters selected
by Church Howe and Walt Sceloy. Paul
Vandervoort , that blood-thirsty veteran whenever
never came within a thousand miles of a
battle , has come nil the way fiom Washing
ton to join the railroaders in knifing
Greshnui , with whom ho has nn unsettled
account to balance , since Grcslnun dismissed
Paul from the postal service for negligence
nnd liicfllcicncy. Church Howe , Thuiston
nnd Pat Egun arc swapping the delegation to
anybody nnd everybody , exchanging prom
ises of support of picsidcntial candidates for
the votes or committcemcn on behalf of
Thuiston's ' candidacy for tcmpotaiy chair
man. This seems to bo the solo aim nnd ob
ject of the Nebraska delegation at the Chicago
cage convention. Every other Intuiestund
every other issue has been suuk in the ono
Buprume effort to
into national prominence. A gieat stiuss is
laid upon the jug handle which attaches to
the title of Judge to Thurston's 11.11110. The
impression is spread mound that ho secured
this title on the supreme bench of Ncbiaska ,
when in fact Tliurston never expounded the
law excepting as a justice of the peace
among the slums of the 'Ihiul waid of
Omaha. The lamented General Stiickland
used to boast that in a campaign ho could
tin n a corner about ns fast as the next man ;
but thegcncial was only a novice in tho-
business compared to the oily tougued politi
cal Sampson fiom Omaha Two weeks ago
ho told u Chicacro Herald ic-poiter that Ins
heaitwas broken when Ululno withdiuw ,
but when the Ciiliforniiins came jcbtciday
witli their 151aiiio banncis and a competing
candidate for tuinpoiary chilli man , Thuis-
IOII'H heart didn't . \cain nny moio for Hlaiuo
thsin it did in IbTO , when oho was forniust
him , nnd again in IS0 , when
nn I > LIILiitn A sriiuuTiuuvNGt i :
in tills cltj for Grant while the convention
wns in session as ngainst the plumed fa\onto
of Nebraska icpublicana. To the novice in
politics the gyrations of Chuich Howe nnd
Thurslon nmst be rather bewildeiing.
When Justice Miller was in Omaha tundajs
ago holding ciieuit , couit , Tlim-Hton declared
that after Hlaino his Hi st choice wns Judge
Miller , and next Miller ho would favor De-
pew. The next thing wo heaid of was a
visit to Wisconsin , and Thurston's dli > co\ery
of Jerry Husk ns his next choice after
Hlaine. Tills was u bait to Wisconsin. It
was followed by n , vuntldcntml compact be
tween Thuiston. Chuich Howe und Claik-
son , by which Tliurston nnd the delegation
were to give suppoit to Allison In rctuin
for Clarkson's vote in the national committee
for Thui ston On the heels of this little ar
rangement , Patiick Ugun , whoso highest
ulm is to
rocs Into the Algcr camp to ni range for the
Mipport of Michigan. Thu delegates who
icprcsent the provinces of tin1 Union Pacific
west of the Missouri river have been annexed
Without much double , and Church Howe ,
who is behind nobody us n trader , has made
swaps light and loft for Thuiston from tick
ets to delegates. I feel safe In'asserting that
the number or votes promised from Nebraska
tovaiious candidates would bo enough to
nominate any ono of them on the first ballot.
Wlien Itcoines to delivoilng the delegation
theio will bo n good deal of lull bwearitnr
at thu honest granger state of NubiasUa ,
which will bo lopiusonted on the floor
this time by men who have nuver
turned u spade except in a game of pokor.
Whether Tliurston will finally nmko It de
pends very much upon his ability to bamboozle
boozlo the committee and the suppoitcrs of
the various boonib for twenty-four hours
longer. Nubinsku i oprc.senUuivcs who have
some icspecl left and take prhlo in the po
sition which the state has occupied on na
tional issues , have icason to feel humllatcd
ut this unseemly scumble for honors for an
unprincipled politician at the expense of the
good namu of a. gi cat state. U.K.
No Ono Can Predict Wlio tlio Nomi
nees Will Hco.
CHICAGO , Juno 17. [ Special Telegram to
Tim HuL''J More than two-thlids of the del
egates have arrived und the different head
quarters , most of which nro located in thu
Grand Pacitlo and Palmer house , nro crowded
with the adherents of the different candi
dates. The situation this evening is little
changed fiom that of last night. Thu Gi csh-
nm movement is still further * pera'ptubly
weakened. The over zealous workers for the
judge havu created so many antagonisms by
their desire to advance the Interests of thulr
candidate piior to thu assembling of the con
vention that the inembois of sov.'ral dologu-
lions which wcro originally friendly to his
Intei call are now out i > ikon In tliiilr opposi
tion. The split In the Indiana delegation has
increased i.ither than dinimUhcd dining thu
da } und a miiulwr qn nttral lliurisou's
bupjwitcrs quietly iuslsUhat there 's ' scarcely
n possibility tlmt such a contingency will
ni iso as will socuw for Judge Grobluim tlui
united support of their delegation The Del -
l > o\v boom Iq uow confined to Now Yoik.
Mr. Dcpow hus been uctUo sinceJils arrival
last right in visiting the leader ? of the differ
ent , delegations and confuirlng with his
friends , but ho has received no encourage
The ccnvcntlon ban grown that his nomina
tion would tncnn disaster through
His name , however , will bo presented nnd
sixty of Now York's votes will go to him on
the first ballot. "I do not believe , " said Sen
ator Teller to day , "that wo could iwsslbly
carry Colorado with Dcpow. The anti-rail-
road feeling is very strong in the state , and
whether Just or unjust In Its application to
Mr. Dcpow's candidacy. It would prove fickle
" 11 his case. You can put down Colorado ns
, democratic state with Cleveland running
.gainst Dope w. " Senator Jones of Nevada
ilso frankly expressed tlio opinion that any
manifestation of n dcsiro to advance Mr.
Dcpow's interests would bo greatly to the
isadvnntugc of the party In the west. Sen
ators nnd congressmen from Iowa , Kansas
nnd Minnesota also Join in the general vcr-
: llct , while several members of the Nebraska
delegation admitted that his nomination
ivould never bo supported by the people of
.heir state.
Senator Allison's candidacy Is gaining
itrcngth. The Allison headquarters were
ipcncd lost night In tlio ladles "ordinary" of
.he Grand Pacific. They arc the most elab-
irate nnd most beautifully dccoratod of any
n the city. The name of Iowa's favorite son
glitters In electric letters over the door In a
'ramcworkof Amcilean flaps. The walls of
ho largo apartment nro entwined with ban-
: icrs and wreathed with flowers. Portraits
of the great lowan are framed in smilax aud
roses and beautiful natural flowers. A ros-
rum at the noi th end of the room is faced
by a fine crayon portrait of the senator ,
twined with a silken flagand about it flutters
n hawk , the emblem of the Huwkeyo state.
Tlio room is
who ore confident in the success of their
'avoritc. Senator James Wilson of lowu to-
light said to mo : "The outlook Is very favorable -
able and I am convinced that wo shall bo
successful. Senator Allison's long and val.
uiiblo soi vices to the republic have made
.heir impicssion and he Is the least objection
nble man , in my opinion , who can bo offered.
His state is for him from boi dor to border
and ho has the right to expect the suppoi t of
its neighbors in whoso interests ho has
always been n hard woikcr. "
Senator N. W. Aldnchs of Rhode Island ,
who is working hard in Allison's interest ,
said ; "Wo look for thu nomination of Alli
son. Wo have assurances of suppoit which
cad us to believe that ho is the choice of
noio delegates than nnv other candidate.
His purity of ehar.ic er und his unremitting
scivices to the countiy entitle linn to this
honor from the icpicsoiitativc-j of the wcsl
and bespeak for him nn equal support fiom
those of the east.
National CoinmittccmnnClarkson said thai
ttie outlook for Allison was favorable mil !
that they had lost none of the confidence
vhich they felt when their headquarters
were first opened. "You can sec , " said he ,
that Allison Is fast gaining and wo behove
that he will ba u winner. " Congressman
Joscim Ljman und ex-Govcinor Gear albo
expressed substantially the same opinion.
There hao becu a largo number of callers
on the Ncbiaska delegation to-day. The na
tioniil committee meets at 10 o'clock to-moi
row morning to nominate the temporai.\
chairman und the members of the delegation
expiess the greatest confidence that J. M
Thuiston will sceuio thopii/e. CliuichHowe
has a list containing thirty-four of the mem
beis of the national committee who
This is , however , denied bi the friends of
Estclo of California , who have been woiking
haul to day and to-night and aio claiming
mujoiity of the committee. Itisptobablo
that Judge IJobntson will bo named for the
national committee
The Alger boom has held its own during
the day If appeaiances and reports are to bo
believed. Theio has bcen-n huge amount o
work bv the Algor managers among the col
urcd delegates fiom the south , aiut rumois
that the ban el has been tapped float ot
the night air. Hut the very wealth of Gov
einor Alger is proving n detriment in some
quiutcis wlioio the remembrance of HIalno's
famous .la.\ Gould banquet in New Yoik has
not passed from their minds.
Shei man's suppoi ter m o unabated in their
confidence of the ultimate success of their
candidate They claim that the ticket to
sccuie a united Pacific coast in opposition to
Senator Sherman has failed and that thu
eastcin delegations which have lately uirivec
hnvo in ere than como up to the expectations
of thu bhuiman managers as fur ns votes aio
conecincil. The attempt to diaw fiom Sen
atoi Shciman bomo of his sou them coloicc ,
friends has cntheiy failed and they c\pi ess
the btiongcst confidence in the Ohio states
man's staying poweis when the ballot taking
shall begin ,
Theiu nic evidences to-night that
movement for the ticket of Harrison , of In
diaua , and Phulps of Now Jcisoy , Is gather
ing considcrablo stiongth. The advocates
of tlio Ilarrison-Phelps ticket uigo that it
nomination will settle two doubtful states
which , It'secuieil , will make
Mr. Phclps is known ns the legatee of i
large amount of Hlaino strength , aud Hani
son 1ms also received assurances of supper
fiom thu diicction. Theio have bcei
confidences to day between Mr. Phclps' man
agcis and Colonel Dudley of Indiana , niu
also with a number of membeisof tlio Pa
citlu const delegations , which have put botl
thu Phelps and thu Harrison men in the bes
of humor , and caused them to sing moic
loudly than over in confidence of the succes
of Imlhinn and Now Jersey. The combina
lion is n taking one , and it would bo not u
all Hinpilsiug should It succeed in ease Shci
man's strength fulls away , ns his opponent
predict , after the second ballot.
Hi lolly summed up , then , the situation a
the opt nine of thu convention week is this
ThoUrubham movement has piactically ox
huiiutcd 'itself. Shc'iman leads all candl
dates by a head and neck , aud the Alger mei
aiu vociferous , but they have at the jircson
wilting moio lungs than votes , Allison is n
stiong favorite as second choice w'lth a lurgi
number of delegations. Depew is out of th
question. General Hat nsou is undoubtedly
Ho ! ) In orsoU Join * tlic Crowd.
CHICAGO , Juno 17.- Colonel Robert G In
geisoll aimed in Chicago to day and ut on > .
entered into the ciwvu&s for Grcbham II
wiis > nboutthu Giand Pac ifie hotel dui ing th
nf lei noon asm in arm with Cnuui.cei M
Dipew und attracted gieat attention
Colonel Ingouoll was asked his Idea of tin
situation. He said. "I never saw so many
candldutea , nor to many delegates , withou
n candidate , Nobody s > cems to know wlm
the ehflnccs of anybody arc I iiovccs.iv
delegates In uUi an unteitaln frau * o
mind , Thcro 4s one general fueling , how
ever , that buccoss is moie Important that
candidates Thu issue involved is of sue !
vast lmi > ortauco that persons ai lost sigh
of. I believe the convention will net will
pi eat deliberation and in accordance will
Stb best Judgment. It will not > b
carried away with noisa or er.t'iasiusm , H
do the best for the louutryuud the
arty. All Rccm to ho impressed with the
inportance of success. "
"What combination will bo made I" was
asked ,
"No one can tell. If the weaker candidates ,
low-ever , should combine ngainst the leader ,
hen look out for a daik horso. If the contest
asts several day s , n dark hoi'so will surely
nish his nose under the wire. "
"Who is your personal choice ! "
" 1 think Judge Grcsham is tlio best nnd
most available man. I want to see the repub-
"lean party again in power. I want protoc-
.ion for Amci lean labor , nnd I want < o sco i\
nun of bruins at the head of the republic ,
jresham has a good , clean , glorious iccord. "
"Will LHalno's name bo brought into the
convention I"
"I have been told by some of the wannest
friends of Hlama that ho is absolutely out of
.ho convention , Hlaino could have had the
nomination if ho had wanted it , nnd I think
lia could have been elected. But Ulainc , 1
: hinU , did not care to take upon himself the
liurden of another campaign.
When Colonel Ingcrsoll was informed
that New York had ngiccd to support
Depew , ho said , In answer to n reporter's
question : "Personally I do not know much
about the granger states , or whether
they will support Uepew or not. Of course
there would be the cry of the nominee being
u railroad president , but I think the people
nro intelligent enough to know that he Is en
gaged in a lawful business and it is haidly
fair to say that u man in that position is not
cilglblo to political prcfeimcnt. Depow can
carry Now Yorlc beyond a doubt , and so can
Grcsham for that matter. "
Io\\n Depopulated.
Dns MOINPS , la. , Juno 17. [ Special to TUB
BEE.J It has been n good many j ears since
so many able bodied citizens of Iowa were
out of the state or were-preparing to leave as
now. ' At other national republican conven
tions. Iowa people have visited Chicago in
great numbers , but'this year , with an Iowa
candidate for the president , and ono so popu
lar ns Senator Allison , the state is Just mov
ing over en masse , ami for the next few days
Its capital city will bo Chicago. A canvass of
the crowd now there , or to bo there by to
morrow , would show nearly every state
oftlccr from the governor down , n largo portion
tion of the members of the last general as
sembly , nnd enough plain every day citizens
to found n small state. Consequently for the
fcwwhoicmain at homo , business is quiet
evcrithing waiting to hear from Chicago.
The membeisof thu Allison brigade from
this vicinity who have not uliciuty gone ,
started over the Noithwestcrn this after
noon. Thp bi ipide was accompanied by the
icgimcntui band fiom Cldorn , ono of the fin
est bands In the state , and by the Dubuqtie
drum corps und by thoDceoruh dium corp.
The latter is one of the pnzo drum corps of
the countiy , having won honors uc inter
state contests. A glco club fiom this city
accompanied the brigade to slug Allison
songs and help add to the enthusiasm.
CHIC \oo , June 17. [ bpccinl Telegram to
THE Hi i : . ] Io\\a will send y,000adhoianta of
Allison to moi row to Chicago. Gieat prepa
rations nio being made to receive them and
they will bo cscoi ted in pai ado through the
sti cots from the depot. A call is posted in
the Iowa headquaiteis tonight calling on
lowuns to meet at 1 M to monow to cscoit
the visiting Iowa clubs Senator Wilson nnd
Congicssmen Henderson , Conger , Gear.
Lyman , Stiublc , Fuller , Ifcir aud Holmes
aiehcro fiom Washington , helping on the
Allison boom.
New York Solid For Depew.
Cincvoo , June 17. The unccitamty which
has stirioundcd Nuw Yoik as thu leading
factor of the coming convention , has been
dispelled. To night it was announced that
the delegates fiom the cmpiiu state had de
clined for Cliauncoy M IJepew unanimously ,
and that under such conditions
Depcw would accept the honor
of huv ing his name prcsentc 1 to the conven
tion. An informal ciucus hud been held , it
was said , and a i osult had been reached
without any faction Subsequent investiga
tions vei ilied this , and nn efloi t was made by
tlio Associated Pioss to ec the iceipient of
New York honois. He had ulieady
ictiicd , however , and his ptivutu
sceiotaiy stated that ho could
not bo seen. To a question of the rcpoi tci
tlio amanuensis said that if thoiepoitof New
Yoik's action was con cct , Depew was now
rc'illv bcfoic the convention Ex Collector
W H. Hobettson stated that the icsult as in
dicated had been i cached , nnd that Do
pew's name would be placed bofoio
thu convention ns the choice of Nuw Yorlc ,
' And wo are not going to confine ouiselves
to Now Yoik alom > , " ho continued. "Wo
at o going sti aight to \ letory. Thui o has not
Jjceii ns inueh as a scratch on the bin face.
Kver.\ thing is unanimous Now Yon ; stands
to night as one man und Dcpow is 'tho
choice. "
Chauncey "Won't Clianco It.
CHICAGO , Juno 17 Sineo Mr. Dcpew's ar
rival ho has been busy sounding representu
live men from the west on the advisabilitj
of his candidacy Ho has sent for many
leading men from the notthwcstcin states
and the icsult of his inquiiies has not bcei
icnssuring Ho had a confei'enco to-day
with Mai vln Hughitt , ot the Northwestern
railway , who has been collect inir bomo ovi
denro concerning tlio gi angers piojudice'
against a railroad pi esidcnt in the states of
tlio noitliwcst. The statement is made to
night OH good authority that Dcpow
will tomorrow moining announce his
withdrawal fiom the contest , having become
satisfied that the convention is in no mood to
nominate him. In tlio event of Dcpow's with-
dtawal it Is the progiammo to unite thu Nuiv
Yoik delegation and make her voice a power
in the convention , but it is not likely this can
bo done , us many delogiites nro independent
and decline they will exercise their individual
profoicures On the supposed leaning of
Now York towuid Algcr and Hurnson. the
f i lends of tncbo candidates were iy. higher
spirits to day , wliilo the Gieslmtrj and Alli
son movements were piactically at n stand
CHICAGO , Juno 17. Hall.nd Smith telegraphs -
graphs to the Nuw York World to nicht a
long intei view with Chauncey M Depuw , In
which the latter said aironir other things ;
' If it hliould hupp-'ii that I should be nomi
nated as the candidate uf thb m-
public-an party for president , within
ono wcuk fiom thu day of my icturn to
New York I should wnto n letter to every In
stitution of which I am piesldent , dliector or
trustee , resigning my position in each. This
would bo duo to tlio obligation I ewe to the
pconle , for tbo ofllco of president of the
United States w onu which eni
havu no div ided allegiance , 1 an.
president ot the Now Yoik Contiu !
and of tlio West Shore roads , a dheetoi
in many other railioads , and ti ustco of many
public institutions 1 may add that I am
tiusteo for moio private fortunes than any
fifty lawyeiH In Iho world In twenty-live
yc-atb I have been building up the position
that has thus come to me. I havu
had no time to accumulate a private
fortune ) , that pnihaps I might huvo acquired
had I given moio attention to my own private
nffaiis The income , however , which I do
nvu fiom these yuiious oftlccs and tiusts , is
cMiuul to tlio income fiom nn investment
of -,1100,000. With my nomination for
the picsidcncy , thu incnmo wouh
absolutely coasu within two weeks from thu
date at which thu republican conventioi
shoull name mo as its Do not mis
take mo. Thn would not bo u sacrifice
to bo considered in return for tlio
trust of .10,000.000 of fi ee people , in making
mo their president The olllcoof prcsidcn
of this great people , is the proudest honor ii
the world , and ono which no consideration o
personal sacrifice could outweigh , "
SiHi.ifoi' Oiiflom'l Foretell. 73
CHICAGO , June 17 Among thu u > rivals to
night was Senator Shelby M Cullom. To
an Associated pi caa reporter , in answer to
the question concoinlng the probable action
of the Now York delegation , ho said : "J
have just ai rived from Washington , and i
the infoimuilon received thcie ib of any
foivo the New Ycikcr will present Depow
Ho will havoa.majouty of the Now York
delegates unil mayNow Jersey and Cou
nccticut Whether the Now York delegation
will make a 'die in tho. last ditch fight' I am
unublc to say. The united support of three
states might not nominate bun , but it would
; ivo him a great momentum. "
"Who do voti think will bo the nominee1 !
"That's exceedingly difficult to answer.
Counting Ulalnu as u candidate I am positive
ho convention will not co outside of those
vho will bo placed In nomination. "
"How about Hlainol"
"I understand ho is not a candidate. 1
consider him the lender of the republican
> aity and as such ho has thousands of
'riends , many of whonl are litre now. How
ever , I don't anticipate that in tlio face of his
llsavowels his friends will think of placing
ils name before the convention , "
"Aro you a candidate ) "
"I am still standing by the letter I wrote
some months ago In which I declined to bo so
considered. " _
Dakota Will Care for Its Frlrnda.
CHICAGO , June 17. A new element In the
presidential contest was inndo apparent to
night when the Dakota men and Washington
territory contingent , representing twelve
votes , openly declared that they will take
care of their friend ! ! . Sherman's friends
were exultant. Dakota's cause had been
nbly championed In the national committee
by Colonel Hookcrof Vermont , n piouounccd
Sherman man. Allison's friends also put in
a claim on Dakota's good will in return for
the services of J. S. Clarkson , who had also
s'oott by Dakota in the national committee.
The change to Dakota men night by
John C. Mew of Indiana and Lawson of Now
York was interprete < l as thicatcnlng to
mean that Harrison , pcrhnps.hnd a mortgage
on fresh support from Dakota , and that the
ambition of Warner Miller of Now York to
bo chairman of the convention would re
ceive help from the same source. J. M.
Bailey of Dakota , who was spokesman for
the territory before the national committee ,
said to an Associated press reporter this
evening that the delegation had not settled
upon a candidate.
Silent For Citizens Ulnluc.
Nr.vv YOIIK , Juno 17. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Bni.l A conference of icmiblican
deaf mutes was held last evening to learn
the opinion of the mutes in the principal
cities as to who should bo nominated for
president and vice prc ° Idcnt at the Chicago
convention. The do Ogates dcclaicd for
Blalnc and Porakcr. Ulainc , they said ,
should bo suppoi tettby every deaf mute voter
because ho advocated the establishment of
the national deaf mute college at Washing
ton , D. C. , and the school for deaf mutes in
Bangor , Me. The delegates would not ex
press nn opinion as to Who should bo nom
inated if Hlaino aefuseci to accept. Some
spoke airninst Pi csident Cleveland and Scc-
letary Bay aid for their alleged non-attention
to the wants of the silent citizens. They said
Pi csident Cleveland had not placed a capa
ble deaf mute in publloonlce during his nd-
mmlstiation. The civil sci vice laws wcro n
humbug so far as the deaf mutes wcro con-
csi ncd.
Pacific Ccust Combine * .
Cnicvoo , June 17. A mooting of tlio dele
gates from the states and territories west of
the Missouri river was held nt the California
hcadquaitors this afternoon. Creed Hay-
inond , chairman of thcjCalifoinin delegation ,
stated the object of the meeting to bo the
oiganUationof the coi st nud western states
that thry might act fov the interest of the
Pacific coast m the convention. The Dakota
delegates said in view .of the fact that the
question of allowing their delegation their
full vote had not been settled they did not
caie to cxpicss any preference for pieshlen-
tial candidates. The Montana delegates cx-
pie scd the same idea , but said their sv mpu
thies weio with thu Pacific coast and would do
all they could to further thn interests of that
section. A committee appointed to form
ulate a plan of oiganization lor the Pacific
coast association.
For Jilnine at Heart.
CHICAGO , June 17. Six delegates fioui
Dclaw aru an ivcd to day. At heal t they tire
for Blame , but don't want to sec linn nomi-
natcd until all other cffoi ts to name candi
dates have failed. They nro hopeful that the
leading names will be withdrawn and Hlaine
given the nomination in such a way that ho
cannot i efuse to accept. Until that tune the
votesof Uelawaio aie an uiiceitun quantity
'Iho dele-gates fiom Pennsylvania who mo
supposed to bo Blaine men say it w ill bo im
possible to stampede the delegates for Blainu
and that Peiiiisylv.inul will btnnd by Sher
man for as many ballots as give hope for his
nomination. Tlio Pacific coast opposition to
Sherman is a gieat stumbling block in Sen
ator Quay's tiack , and tlueats madu that if
Sherman is nominated the Pacific coast will
bo doubtful if not lost , hus somewhat injuicd
the Sherman movement.
"Worships tlic Maine Man.
, June 17 ThomabC. Biogan , the
Tennessee delegate who vvus selected by the
national committee for assistant secretary of
the convention , expressed his opinion as fol
lows : "The majoiity of the Tennessee dulu
gates , now that Hlaino is out of thu incu , aio
in favor of giving to some other good man a
show. Thu only trouble seems to bo that
none of these men would bo strong enough
It is useless to attempt to conceal facts all
eyes are on Hlaine , and I guess ho will bo
nominated. If thu nomination is unanimous
I think ho will accept , and in ten days' time
nil his declinations will huvo been foi got
ten. "
Sioux City'H Corn Train.
Sioux CITV , Iii , Juno 17 [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Hr.u.l Uetwccii 12,000 mid
15,000 people gatlici cd at tlio Illinois Central
station this evening at 7 o'clock to witness
thodepaituroof the Sioux City special tuiin
foi tlio Chicago convention The train con
blsts of five sleepers , two eoalies and ono
bagpipe.cai , and evciy und berth is oc
cupied. Thotiain is elnboiatcly decorated
with bunting , pictuies of the Sioux City corn
palace ami a Vjiuety of ornaments done in
corn Democrats us well as republicans con
tributed to thu entoiptiso and are among
thu passcngns. A band of twenty lour
pieces Is on tlio train.
Pennsylvania For Sherman.
CIIICAO ) , Juno 17. Senator Sherman's
name will be presented nt thu convention by
Adjutant General Hastings of Pennsylvania.
Some doubt of this has been suggested dur
ing the past two dnys upon the assumption
that Scimtoi Quitf hud agreed to the impor
tunities of the Philadelphia delegates who
wanted to stand well with Mayor Filler lo
allow the ht.ito to givu Fitter u compliinen-
taiyvoto. One of the delegates aH.ugo of
Pennsy Ivania said to night : ' Sherman will
get moi o than half the ( itato vote on the first
ballot und eventually piobably fifty live of
tno sixty votes of thoiatuto. "
It Was a Hlaino Train.
Giurros' , W V.i , Juno 17 A vote was
taken on a special train from Haltimoioto
Chicago , with the Maiyland and Dehiwaio
delegation and the Young Mon'b republican
club of Baltimore , for choicuof pi evidential
candidates It resulted , Uluitie 10' Gicehuui
la , scatteiinglij.
They Fought an Old Feud ,
Cos'bTAXTiNopi.c , Juno 17. During the
Bnirani least heic to day , the Albanians ar.c
Nubians of the iinpoiml guaid fought out an
ancient feud. Eighteen nepro and three
Albanians wurd killed and u doion on botl
Bides wounded.
A HoDuful Vioiv.
ST. PcrfcKBuuuu , Juno 17. The Journal
Do St. Petersburg , in un article on tbo prob
able foreign policy of tUc wv German cm.
poror , saho will be guided no doubt by the
bamo good bciibu thut characterized thet.vo
Tbo First Act of William II Oaualuff
Great Alarm.
Colors Hoisted on Ills Cnsdc Hc-
fore Ilia Father Wan Cold In
Dctith "llic
Long Iilvo the Kin ; ; .
Tlio People Whisper Tholr Fcara.
ICom/rltilit IffSbiiJiltncx GonlimlenneM.1
Br.itt.iN , Juno 17. fNcw York Herald
Cable Special lo Tun BEE. ] If straws
show which way the wind blows , then two
things Unit Kotscr William II. did on the
very Instant of his father's death causes gen-
crnl comment nnd arouses the ginvcst ap
prehension for the future. Knlscr Frederick
wns dead at t\\elvo minutes past 1 Friday
morning. The then Crown Prince William ,
together with the other members of the Im
perial family , was nt the emperor's death
bed. At the very moment of death
the crown prlnco walked out
of the chamber und gave orders
to his aide-de-camp , Major Baron von Notz-
incr , to have the palace surrounded by fresh
cordons of troops and sent another oftlccr to
order the regiment of hussars of the guard
to patrol the grounds and to let no
one in nor to let no ono go out. The hussars
arrived at a smart trot nnd illd their duty ad
mirably. Even Sir Morcll Mucken/Io was
for half nn hpur held a prisoner. Even the
passes given by Prince Uadolin ,
hof-maisclmll , ana by Count Zeckcndorff , the
emperor's chambcrlin , were annulled.
Within two minutes after ICniscr Fiedcrlck's
death a friend of.mlnc , provided with ono of
the hof-marschalf's p.isscs , who was In th o
palace nt the time of the emperor's death ,
was unable to got out , and was kept a
prisoner in the guaid house from 11:30 : to 5
o'clock in the afternoon. All Potsdam
patrolled by troops , exactly as If in war time
in the presence of an enemy. This n'gid and
uncalled for milit.irj mcnsuio was the very
llrst act of thp new cmpeior.
The second act was to order the Impci ial
puiplo standaid to be hoisted on his own
palace , the Marmor palace at Potsdam.
The young cmpcior's imperial standard
hoisted within ilyo minutes after his fathci's
death , so not much time was lost in assei tIng -
Ing his imperial authority.
These are the two Hi st acts of the young
cmpeior. No one dares say much about it
in IScilin , but they cause general uneasi
ness and arc rcgaidcd as emblematic
of what is to come bye nnd bye.
In fact , an Influential member of the icich-
stag , not a socialist but a stalwart national
ist , said to me : "I see from these two acts
thatthcio is danger ahead for GUI many.
O'ur gieat Kaiser William and our good
Kaiser Frederick both died peacefully in bed ,
but our joung and energetic Kaiser William
II. will , as you Ameiicans say , 'die with his
boots on. ' I don't think theio is much danger
of war , but rather of his provoking with his
in bitrary military measuies a statoof feel
ing throughout Germany that will arouse
socialistic attempts and lead to intei nal sti ife
and discoid. I think the immediate effect of
Kaiser William's icign will bo to incie.ise
German muuigiatiou to Ameiica about bO
per cent. "
The above language expresses to-day the
feeling of the gieat masses of the Germ in
coplc. The new cmpeior mny not prove to
ba such a hotspur after all , but such is the
opinion .jlicady foimea of him. Ho is im-
potous and dashing , but will the great
masses of the Goimiin paople submit to pure
military rule and will the other German
kings and grand dukes , the king of Saxony ,
tin1 regent of Uavan , the king of Win tern-
burg , the grand duke of Meck
lenburg , the grand duke of
Saxe Coburg , submit to the absolute sceptio
of the joung cmpeior , who by a gesture of
his hand hus thu sole power of declaring
war , with the same implicit obedience with
which they obeyed thu venerable kaiser
William II. Such mo the questions that
cseiy thinking , man in Gcinuiny is now
asking himself , for with the death of
kaiser Fiedciick was extinguished all
immediate hope of iifieo billet und frco
1'nfis Jtuloii ; the Itlcr of
Departed Frederick.
iSSSIii/Jumfs Gitiilun Jlcnnclt. ]
HKUU.S , Juno 17. [ New Voik Hciald
Cable Special to TUB Bu.l Hy courtesy
of Prince liodolln , I was enabled to linger
bcvc-rul hours today near the cmpeior's
remains. The dead kaiser's face is turned
slightly to the right , exposing his line profile ,
with the hair brushed back ft om the fore
head. Ho preserves a really angelic ev
pression of lips und the chucks take on the
semblances of smiles. The mouth makes the
spectator think that the spirit is whispcting ,
"Thank God , I am at Itibt freed from
physical suffering. " Ncaily ono hundred
thousand persons , including vctuian
boldieis , weeping mothers with infants
in their arms , little childicn
with sober and awed fliers defiled past the
i cumins of their sainted emperor. I did not
see ono leave the presence of death without
showing tears. The day was an ideal Juno
day. Alter the deluge of rain had oomo u
pleasant summer calm. The gaidons weio
moiu pictmcbquo than o\er with their re
vived leaves and flowers. These weio set
off witli uhlans in black bivuuacmg in the
paik , relieved hero and there with squadrons
of ted hussats. The seemingly itcvcr-onding
narrow sticam of huimmity , like u huge
black BCipent , was all the while moving
slowly through thu giounds to take a lust
g.uo , Among the Americans in thu
throng I notkcd Gcnoinl Tom , United States
army , Picsideut Hcwitte , of Cornell univer
bity , and Henry Villaid.
HUII.I.V , Juno 17. [ Press J The emperor
und cmprcbs , accompanied by the Dowager
Empicss Augustu , thu grand duke mid
grand duchess of linden nnd other royalties ,
visilcd Jaspei gallery this moiniug. While
they weio assembled around the bier of the
dead monarch , Chaplain Kocgulcf offered a
brief prayer. The post moi tern examination
was confined * to an examination of the neck ,
laiynx and lungs. In the larynx , which was
found to have been destiuyc-d by buppura-
tion , was a laige cavity. Or Mackenzie
states in the rcpoit that thu discasowas be
yond doubt cunucr of tlw laiynx Uo
adds that u diagnosis was icmdcied
vcty dilHcuit , us thu dibeusu attacked
the cartilage of the larynx at the ouUet and
aftci wards developed tliii Hi in the lower part
of the carlilitge , The National /.eitung say b
the autopsy piovou thu latynx was completely -
ly destroyed by cancel aud that jmtiid bion-
rhitiB existed Thuiu was nlno inffammution
of thu tiner ramiticatioiib of thu bronchial
tubes , into which put ascent particles hud
ontciod The whole larynx was in u stjtto
of suppuration und presented u soft , lumpy
mabsvvith bc'aiuily any tracuof cattilagtu-
ous btiucture leuiainuig Thu ihoUmg sen
sation from whiih the emperor Buffeted
during the labt days , wluch was attiibutecl
to peilUraUou of the wall ht'iarutiD. , '
trachea and rcsoplmgus , appears to hnvo
been really due to a collnpsoof tholnrjnx
owing to the destruction of the cartilage.
The direct cause of death is given as par-
aljsta of the limps. An Imperial decrco
summons the rclchstng to meet on the 25th.
All the churches wcro crowded today. Ser
vices in the cathedral wns attended by Dr.
Von \ Gosslcr , minister of ecclesiastical affairs ,
and many other high officials. The pen ices
opened with the singing of the llft.vfourth
psalm 1 and the litany was road by Chnplain
Schrocder 1i , w ho also preached n sermon. To
morrow the church bells will toll from ( la m.
until the funeral procession enters the Pried-
crlekskircho and again after the firing of the
artillery salute. General Von Blumcnthul
will be impct itl standatd bearer and will bo
supported hi Generals Mischkey and Winter-
field. The coflln will bo removed from tno
catafalque by twelve ofllcers of the body
guard nnd berne to the funeral car , piocccd-
cd by the court cambcrluln ,
Germany's Itclntloitn With France.
| Com/rt0M tfSS by Jamtn ( ] nlnn Ifcnntff.l
PAIIIS , Juno 17. [ New Yoik Herald Cable
Special to Tin : BKI : . ] Count Munstcr
kindly received mo at the embassy to-night.
His excellency seemed deeply affected by the
death of his sovereign. "It is a terrible loss
for us , " said ho , "and 1 cannot say how
deeply I regret it personally. 1 had known
the knlscr long nnd Intimately. None better
than I could appreciate his virtue. His was
a fine , noble character , nnd It was an ex
ceptional character. You know jou need
more heroism for such things than to face
the dangers of the battlefield. I saw him
last nt Hcmo in April. Ho looked terribly 111
oven then and I hardly thought ho could
have lived two days. "
"It is a delicate question to put , your ex
cellency , but do j ou fear that the friendly
relations between Franco and Germany are
likely to bo affected by the euipoior's death i"
said I.
"I do not think It is at nil likely,11 replied
Count Munstcr. "Wo certainly do not wish
to sco them alstuibed and I feel convinced
the Fiench do not. Wo have been gicatly
touched by the many evidences of French
sympathy which have reached mo. The
feeling tow aids the emperor personally
seems to mo to have been kindly and sin
cere. "
"My position forbids mo to say much , "
added his excellency in answer to another
question , "but the now cmpeior iswisoand
prudent "
"I suppose theio is no truth In the icpoit
you aio likely to leave Paris , " said 1.
"None at nil so far as 1 am awaie , " replied
the ambassador. "It's ono of those wild
stoiics which will crop into the pi ess. "
A Negro Tarred nnd Featlicicel A
Mob Looked For ,
JrTinnn , Kan , Juno 17. Tuesday night a
negio wns taken fiom his home in thu south
east part of this , Hodgemau , county u mile
or more into the countiy by .some ten or a
do/en white men who proceeded to ticat him
to a full and unstinted coat of tar and feuth-
cis. John and Mike Gleason weio nnestcd
nnd hi ought to this city last night upon the
charge of huv ing pai ticipatcd in the mob It
is claimed that the negio was a notorious
thief and ncighboihood pilfcicr.
The most intense excitement still prevails
In this city nml the cntuo east half of the
county over the killing by John Studebakcr
of Thomas Andrews. Eveiy night for moio
than u week a mob of over 100 men fiom the
ncighboihood of the killing has been ex
pected in Jetmoic , determined on lynching
btudebakci. Sheiiff Gillaml is dcteimiiRtl
to jiioteft him at all hn/uids , and last night
some 200 citi/pns gnthcied ut the couit house
in this cit.v and expressed themselves as fully
dotei mined to stand by the sheiill in pio-
tcctiiiK thi ) piisoncr fiom mob violence It
looks now as though mores blood would be
shed befoio the trouble ends.
Those who ki.ow most abofit the facts in
the casoaio dhidcd in opinion as to the de-
gieo of Studobakei's guilt , us it it. believed
bi sonic that ho is insane , while justification
is claimed by others.
bomo foi ty of the best citizens , ai mod w ith
Winchester i illes and bhotguus , guaidcd over
the j.ul all last night. Thusamunumbci will
bo on gu.ud to-night.
Captain Tumbrldni"H Tweaked Nos < -
Nuw YOIIK , June 17. [ Special Tclegi.un
to Tin : Bi r. . ] Almost the hole topie of con-
vcisation on the sticet ycsteiday was the
nose tweaking episode in which Kd Stokes
and Captain Tumbiidgo weiu the pihuiipals ,
A complaint has been drawn against Kd
Stokes for assault nnd battery. Ho will bo
trieit in the Kings county supreme court
Monday. Captain Tumbinlgo will sue for
$10,000. Immediately after thu Cup
turn Tumbridgo sent for his family physician
to disco\cr to what extent ho hail been in
jured. To a rcpoi tor thu doctor said : "His
face picsuntcd n pitiful aspect. On the
right side of the head is a swelling nearly as
hit go as a huso ball. His light cheek is
ten ibly cut und bo is the luff. The left uio
ib swollen as if blokes had tried to gouge it
out. His nose is also swollen and contused. "
At the Hoffman cafe the men in chaigo
laughed at the complaint us a huge joke.
Stokes is not at all conccined about it but
said : "Let them go on with it.I wont run
away. " '
An Allc-Ki'd Missouri Mmdorer.
LLA visOUTII , Kan , Juno 17. SliciifT
Hack , of Plutto county , Mlssouii , hus suc
ceeded in uuosting John A. Gamble , thu
man who is chiuged with killing Jeff Cluck
near Union Mills. Mo , , August it , I ih7 Suite
that time ( iiunble has been almost contin
ually on thu move , living in ana place nevei
over a few months , nnd then moving in u di-
icction opposite to that in which hu Htai ted
out Gamble is now in jail at Platte City ,
awaiting Ills piuliinlmir.v trial.
Wifiinvoios , Juno 17. Tlioiowill not boa
quorum in thu senate this week ( unless ono
De made by breaking pans ) and no action
can bo taken except by unanimous consent.
Unobjectcd measures nn the calender aio
likely to command a considerable pottion of
the time of the senate. It la KunduH'H inten
tion to call up the Hiindiy ciul appropriation
bill in the house tomniiow This and the
naval appiopiiation bill , and possibly the
fortilhation upiuopriution bill , HID likely to
fill in mobt of tliu woiking houiaof thu house.
during the week.
Memorial Scrviucs In I < oiidon.
IvOM > ox , Juno 17. The court circular , in
nnouncmg the death of Kinperoi Ficdcrick ,
sa.vs. "It is u fcoiiic'O of deep giiof to the
queen nnd.llio 10311 ! family , who lose in him
u noble and bciovcd i elation foi whom the
queen had the gicattst alfottion and respect. "
Special memorial bin-vices for the dead cm-
pcior with funeial antliems and processions
weio held in churches lluoughout Great
Hi Ituln to day _
Tintn Holilicd In Montana ,
Hi i.r.NA , Mont. , Juno 17- Last night the
west bound tram on the Northern Pacific ,
when near Hillings , Mont. , was stopped by
eight masked highwaymen Uhu engineer
was compelled to m t .is the guide of thu rob-
beis , who biokiVIn thu uxpiuss car und
seemed a package containing 1100. Thu
pa&sengctb ueie tobbud , but only abjut
was sccuicd.
WrullnT IndicationH.
For NrbrasLa and Dakota * Froch to brjsk
houthwust wlndb , warmer , local ruiim ,
For Iowa : l.ijht to fresh boutherly winds ,
warmer , fair weather.
Niw : Yoiih , Juno 17 | S | > ecial Telegram
to Tin : Ut i : JAricd ( The I a lioui-jjogne ,
fiom Havic ; the Dcniuaikjrom LoadOu.
Prominent Nebraska City Lawyer
Arrested for Embezzlement ,
Ho Makes n Temporary Settlement ,
JUut Humor Has It That the
Worst IH Yet lo Conic
Stnto News.
A Dencon of the Churcli Arrested.
NIIIIUSKA CITT , Neb. , Juno 17. [ Special
Telegram to TUG Hi.n ] M. S. Campbell ,
clerk of the district court , this morning
swore out n warrant for the aiic t of Law
yer A. S. Cole , charging him with embezzle
ment in the sum of JliOO. Cole was arrested
while ictuining from church nnd settled
the matter for the Present. About n jcar
ago Mr. Cole was attorney in the cnso of
the Sbrcfllo heirs vs Clcve.ln which the latter
was required to pay the heirs some ? COO ,
which amount wns given to Cole to settle the
matter , but Instead of turning It Into court
gave the district cleik his note
for the amount with n prom-
isu to settle with the plaintiffs , us ho
was also their agent. The matter drifted
along on promises until sovcial dajs ago ,
when Mr. Cole disposed of all his NcbrasTca
Citj property nnd was making arrangements
to leave this ovonlng for AVuslnngtou terri
tory to locate. The district cleik getting
wind of his intcnded.dcpiirture sent him word
by an ofllccr to come nnd settle , which ho
promised to do , but instead went to the attor
ney of the parties Interested aud claimed to
huvo settled long ago , but when iibkcd for
receipts could not show them. When ho
saw arrest was inevitable ho turned over
notes to the amount of STKX ) nnd ptomiscd to
settle tno remainder in the morning.
Mr. Cole's tioublu is a sad blow to his es
timable wife and many friends. Ho is a dea
con in the Presbj tcnnn church , a leader in.
temperance woik JHM ! hiwjcr well known
throughout the state for his stiong unti-Vnii
Wyck sentiments , aud as having attained
considcrablo unenviable notoriety by his al
leged assistance in the escape of the United
States signal sei vice defaulter , Captuiu How- ,
gate. His many enemies are jubilant over
his fall ami claim Unit thu worst bus not jet
been hcaid and that other charges will ap
pear against him for embezzlement , but his
li lends say the charges cannot bo sustained.
AViitt'Mtorks For Central City.
CKXTKU , Cm , Neb , June 17. [ Special to.
TinrUci : . ] Distiietcomt has been in session
hero during thu past week The impoi tnnt
case of the tci mis that of thu state of No-
biaska vs. N. IJarnca , for cniber/lcmunt.
The complaining witness is L. C. Hart , who
let ncs liie money to loan at any rate ho
could get. liarncs neglected to make settle
ment with Hart and the case against him as
well as a suit to iccover followed. The trial
has occupied the attention of the court foi ?
the past two dujs. j\t noon yqstoiduy Judge
Mm shall adjoin ned com t to Monday noon ,
when thu ease will bo taken up nguin , and
may occupy as much moie time as it already
Central cit.\ desires to call the attention of
capitalists to the fa t that theie is nn excel
lent opening for a wholesale giocery here ,
and thu man who will establish one w ill have it
large territory to draw from Woha\enlj
leady u whole-halo hardware , a cracker fuct-
oiy and u good mill doing a luigo business ,
and thcM seems to bo no icusoii whj a who c-
sale gioceii should not do as well as any of
On July 17 the people will vote on bonds
for w.Hew01 kb and a new biidgo over the
Platte. Should both propositions cairv
times will hiighlon up wonilni fully. The
new bridge would gho us coinmiind of u tcr-
ntniy of nuinoi oils and piospeioiw faimera
in Hiimlm count ) , and waterworks would
give us adequate tire piotection and bu u
lasting KOtucc of comfort and convenience.
The Union Pacific ntnek business hus become
ho great that the company now has two com
plete j aids. Su\eial extensive feeders mnilo
the second one necessary The pi oplu bora
aio anxious lei the passage of thu Paddoilc
iostofhco bill Cential Cit\ wants a goxoui-
mcnt building , nnd the bill lefcncd tovoulu
gho it one.
Now Opera House at Valparaiso.
Y iruui o , Neb. , June 17. [ Special to
Tun Hi r ] Theio is a movement on foot to
hold u icunlon at this place thu latter pail of
Jul.of . the Davis County , la , fuiiner resi
dents now living in Ncbiaska. They will
foim such a party as Imsiiovor been scon in
Valparaiso. Woik Imslnc-n commenced on
F A. Scoxillo's new opera hoiibc. T. If.
Tj sail , pastor of the Baptist church for the
past tliieo , has been culled foi another
year. C. S. Ltebbins , of Omaha , has been
with us for the past two weeks wilting up
lifu insuinncu policies and astonishing the
natives with his slight of hand pel fornmnccs.
Quite a number have tnkuu aiUantago of the
low i utos and gone on visits to the east dur
ing the tcpublicun convention.
Klovatorx Wanted.
OoAi.t.tM , Neb. , Juno 17. [ Special
to Tin : Urn. ] The . Ogalhila board of
trade , at u hugely attended nnd spirited ,
meeting held at the court house on the 15th ,
madu all urra ngcmenls to ftcnd n car load of
Kuith county's iigricultuial pioductH to the
exposition at Chicago They also delegated
J. M. Houghton and William Nostrum no
a committee to go at euro to Iowa and Illi-
IIOJH m the inteiest of immlgtation Oui im
mense ci op pi ospcuts being thu piinclpal In-
cunt i\o for the lute'inovcH In thlb dliectinn.
Ogidlula is also disiiouA of piocuilng buv-
eiul gialn elevatoiH at oiuu , nnd no butter
opening c.ui bo found in N'cbnislta.
'J'lin Onialiu 'rill-Hern' JMcnlo.
NimiAi-Kt Cn > , Neb , June 17. [ Special
Tolcgrum to Tun HIM : 1 Tlio Omaha Turn
ers' picnic hi'ld in GieggsK it
, | > giovo to-day ,
was a most delightful ufTiilr , nothing occur-
ing to mar the plcasuro. Theiowcro t > omo
fivohundicit oxcurfiionlsts. Tliov wore met
in Omaha by a cnniimUto of Nebraska C'ity
tiiineis , iiniving lifio tit H o cloi-k Mora
than eight thousand people visited the
grounds dining the da.Anton /.nnmeier ,
of Ncbtt.tska Citi , niado unaddicsH of wel
come , which waa responded lo by Louis
Heiiniod , of Omaha The uthlutlo exhibition
and music woio excellent. An interesting
t'amo of hall was plajccf betwcx n the Omaha ,
Turner nine aim thu Cleveland Grays , of Ne-
bi.islm Citj , which resulted in u bcoro of 13
to & in faor of thu tut nci .
Colniiitnib' Hiilldlnt ; Ilooni.
COM MIII u , Neb , , Juno 17 [ Special
to TUB Hii.l : : Gcorgo A. Scott , with
ids cbtunablu wife and little son , arilvcd
homo batuiilay fiom an extended tour of
so\cn months in J'uiope , visiting his aged
p.uvnts nt his homo In Dcmimik. Mr. Scott
has been u icsiiluit of this country for more )
than twenty ieais residing in Columbus
the neater pait of that time. His many
f i lends ga\o him a hearty welcome on hla
return. No doubt ho u II ! add to our mater ,
ial pi asperity lohuildlng tils pi opei ty , de-
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