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v *
Bismarck the Barrier Between Will-
lam and War.
A Restraining Influence Over the
ImpotuouB Youth.
His Illustrious Namesake Was a
Disciple of Poaco.
Facts "Which Go to Hliow That the Ac-
ccBfilon oT the Second "Wlllhim
\VIII Cnrjy With It No Dis
turbing Influences.
AYIlllnin n Prince of Peace.
. [ Co ) urtvlitlStS In Jama Unnlon llrnnctt. ]
LONDON , Juno 10. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to Tun BKE. ] Universal spec
ulative talk on 'change and in the clubs nnd
social circles is regarding the effect on the
peace of Europe of the accession of the
young twenty-nlne-ycnr-old emperor , I vis
ited several officials , members of pn'rlinmcnt
nnd representative commercial men to get
their views , but found none would permit
their names used , nnd without this use their
opinions nro only blank cartridges. These
views from the Times nnd Post , the only
morning papers that touch the subject , seem
to volco the opinions i heard : '
"Tho Emperor William II. Inherits the
name of the great founder of the rcstorei
empire ns well as the robust traditions
of a long line of energetic and
far-seeing rulers. Ho is assured from
the outset of tno wurm interest of
nil .Englishmen , who well remember
the grandson of their queen. The good' un
derstandlng based on tics of national kin
ship ns well as on u community of interests
which exists between Germany nnd this
country mny bo moro'casily cemented undei
the reign of Emperor William II. Not mucl
nttentlon is to bo paid to the tempers which
npuear to bo excited In Paris and elsewhere
hy the accession of a sovereign who is repre
scntcd ns being loss dovotcd to pcnco than
his father. It is true the now emperor is
moro decidedly , a soldier by temperamen
nnd taste than was Frederick III , and whili
his grandfather mid father still lived his ac
'cession to the throne seemed distant. Ho
may have used language capable of miscon
struction. It was shown recently that he
lias an increased sense of the responsibility
by his prqtcst against the charge
or insinuation that ho was at
enemy of Greece. The Emperor AVilliau
was fully as'much n warrior prince as his
grandson , yet those who know anything o
European politics are aware that his inllu
cnco was steadily exerted to avert wur , I
Prince Bismarck obtains the ascendenc ;
whicn it is expected will full to him in tin
counsels of the new sovereign , it mny bo us
sumed ho will keep in view us heretofore tin
innintcnnnco of the status quo in Europe. Thl :
is the object of his policy nnd wo anticipate no
possibility of war as n means of restraining
subversive and revolutionary disturbances.
The Morning Post observes : "It will re
main with the young successor on the impcr
inl throne to commend himself to regard his
subjects and Germany's allies by coutinuin ; ,
the expressed plans of his illustrious father
The now emperor is understood to bo thor
oufihly in accord with the views o
the imperial chancellor , who become
moro than ever the mainstay of the Gemini
empire. With Bismarck und Von Moltko b ,
his side there should bo no fear of any break
in the definite policy which has always char
acterlzcd the empire since is unifaction
Nevertheless tl'o new sovereign has yet his
reputation to make.
M , DolowiU presents these views in th
circles where politics nro the chief topic
"Sonio think that Prince Bismarck , owing
to the almost passionate admiration pro
fc sod by him for the new emperor , will
nt least a mainstay for good with his uncon
trolled master. Others again who watcl
\\ltatlspassingln Eurouo with close nttcn
tion and who profess to know th
character of the now sovereign nro
convinced that in spite of his
admiration for Prince Bismarck , ho will not
long submit to bo entirely ruled by him.
They say wo must not nssumo that the em
peror and Germany's master-mind will fol
low In tha saino footsteps. According to
them , in a short time , the young emperor
will deslro to use his own wings , and his im-
po uosity will dcrnngo the plans of his prlino
minister. Others think In the present re-
hihtanco which ho will encounter , in spite of
his nrdcnt temperament , ho will bo promptly
intulo to feel ho must eonsidur Germnn pub
lic opinion nnd the views of German sover-
CIKHS who uro jealous of any interference
with the privileges that remain to thorn. Ho
will thus bo led by force of circumstances
to excrclso self constraint and con
form to the desires of his allies ,
Again it is hold that even if the new emperor
hod the desire to carry out a policy of his
own , yet ho would heed the udvlco of Prince
Bismarck , which he might question but
which ho would not reject , and feeling the
responsibility of his new l > ositioii , It will
make him for some time nt least nn emperor
us pacific ns Is compatible with his impetuous
tepipornmcnt and military ardor , "
l.V V1KN.VA.
Epcelil'ttioii ' on tlio Fiif re Death nl'u
Poll till Cciitnnnrian.
H'wiit I'jkt tSSSby James ( Sonlon llciinftt. ]
VIENNA , Juno Hl.-Ncw | York Herald
Cubic Special to THE UnE. [ Hero on
'change and in political circles thcro is spec
ulation with .repuil to the future in Gcr-
many. That n now chnplcr In the history of
JGuropo hni been opened Is n reflection which
nrisca in nil minds hero. The Emperor Will
iam nnd his son desired pence. As soldiers
they hnd won glory enough In war nnd they
thirsted for no more , but the new emperor
has never been in notion , nnd being young
nnd ardent may bo impatient to piny
the part of n commnndcr of nrmles ;
this is the apprehension commonly expressed
cro and noted. Meanwhile the rcstorntlon
f Prince Bismarck to n predominant posi-
on ns the chief incident of the now political
Uuatlon. Even In this connection there-
must bo nn uncertainty if the young cm-
icror will long submit his strong will to the
guidance of another. His strong will Is the
) oint which many consider at least a doubt-
ul form.
Heemann & Sons. , bankers , not only failed
'or a largo sum but n heavy defalcation with
alleged misappropriation of deposits arc an
nounced , and one of the linn has been nr-
A Polish ofllccr named Lublcz Kurkovskl
ins JUst died at Mnkoff nt the ago of 110
/cars. Tliis is a case of cntcimrhinism
authenticated beyond doubt. Born in 1727
lie fought as n private soldier under Ifos-
cluszko , was an ofllccr in the Polish legion
wlilch went with Napoleon to Moscow , and
distinguished himself in the Polish insur
rection of 1831. As the last survivor of n
period when Poland was nn independent
kingdom , Kurkovski's death attracted great
attention and his funeral was nttendcd by
Polish gentlemen from nil parts of Galicm.
"Warehouse at Zancsvillc. Ohio ,
Bloxvn Up IJJSH of I/IIV ; .
EANr.sviu.c , O. , Juno 10. A terrific ex
plosion , succeeded by several smaller ones ,
at 11:20 : this morning startled the whole city.
Those in the neighborhood saw the largo
two-story brick warehouse of Bailey Bros. &
Co. , in the rear of their building on Main
street , between Fifth and Seventh , with
several surrounding frame buildings , rise iu
the air nnd fall with si crash in n heap. A
team of horses which stood at tlio door of the
warehouse was almost covered with debris ,
and n farmer was blown out of hia wagon
while passing. The mangled body of Wil
liam Miner , n drayman , thought' to bo
dying , was recovered. Mort Balluy , son of
onq&of the lirm , was in the building at the
tiinu nnd his body is buried under the ruins.
Grayson nnd Miner , who were taken from
the ruins , cannot live. The loss will not
reach 510.000. Several employes escaped
with Injuries more or less , serious.
At the time of the qxplosion 11 vo men were
working iu or about the building. W. W.
Miner , a drayman , and his assistant , John
Swingle , wcro loading n dray at the rear
door. George Morton Bailey , William Gray-
son und Jesse Carter , the latter two , colored
porters , wore in the building. Minor and
his assistant wore buried beneath the ruins.
The two men were recovered but ono is ser
iously injured. Minor's injuries are consid
ered dangerous. Grayson and Carter es
caped badly bruised. The body of George
M. Bailey was recovered.
Pathetic Appeal ol Murderer Ilconck
to Governor IMorolioiiso.
ST. JOSEPH , Mor , Juuo 1(5. ( [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bci : . ] A letter was written to
day by. Peter Heonelc , the wife murderer , to
Governor Morehouso praying for a stay of
execution for one week. Heonek has ex
pected a letter from his father in Bohemia
for u long time , and is worried over its non-
nrrival. Ho is resigned to death , but feels
that death would bo tenfold more terrible ,
knowing that n letter will come to him when
ho can no longer read. Tlio letter is as fol
lows :
To His Excellency A. P. Morehouse , Gov
ernor of Missouri : I hereby take the liberty
to address your excellency in regard to the
day of my execution. The day has been set
on the il of June , und I am hero waiting
for u farewell letter from my poor old father
and mother living in Europe. , expecting to
hear from them In a short time , und nm very
anxious to receive their farewell letter be
fore 1 uin executed. Being prepared to die
for the crime for which I am to suffer , I
most humbly beg and pray to your excel
lency to grant mo n stay of execution for
only ono week that I may bo sure of receiv
ing a last farewell letter from my poor par
ents. Your most humble and obedient ser
vant , Pr.Tin : HCONUK.
Ano thcr Discovery of 1'reciotin Metal
In the 3Iariils | DOIIIOI-H I/odi- .
BUITAI.O , Wyo. , Juno 10. [ EJpocinl Tele
gram to TUB Bm : . ] Another valuable dis
covery of precious metal has been made in
the Marquis Deinors lode , forty miles cast of
Buffalo , on the north fork of the Powder
river. The or'o has been"carcfully assayed
and it yields $ S4 per ton in pure silver.
Marquis Dcmors , who is backing the de
velopment , will become a Wyoming million
aire. If the discoveries continue in his district.
Ho is a French gentleman nnd is well known
in connection with hln catUo enterprises in
the northwest dnrinj ; the pnst six years ,
General Hrisbin , who considers not only the
north fork of the Powder river , but the
whole basin very rich in precious mctnls ,
said to-duy if u parly of capitalists would
make up a little company , with $ , ' .0,000 or
So.-j.OOO , to carefully prospect this portion
of Wyoming , especially the Big Horn basin ,
they would find millions upoil millions of
gold nnd silver ,
The Civil Appropriation Hill.
WASHINGTON , Juno 1(5. ( The sundry civil
appropriation bill , reported to thu house to-
duy , appropriating f-'it.TU,70S , being ? 7S1,278
loss than the regular and special estimates
and $ l'JOS5r more than current appropria
tions. Among the appropriations nro the fol
lowing items : The mtcr-stnto commerce
commission , $750,000 ; military posts , U5-
OW ) ; Hock Island dams , * l 0,000.
Among the new features of the bill nro the
fojlowlng : For the Mississippi river commission -
mission , f25,000 ; for u public building ut
Pcoriu , 111 , , * 12,000.
Death of n Prominent
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , Juno 10. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BCK. ] Hobcrt S. Musscr , a
prominent member of the Buchanan county
bar , died at his homo in this city at a lute
hour last night nftcr nn illness of three
months , nged llfty-two years. His dUcnlo
was the sumo ns Jiut which killed Senator
Cankling und the sauio operations wcro per
formed ujion him. Ho was a prominent
worker in the school boards nnd stood high
In public estimation. Ho will be buried by
the. Masonic fraternity to-morrow.
Fatal 11 illroad Accident.
Cnic4co , June 16. A Chicago , Burlington
& Quincy freight train was ucrallca ten
miles out from the city this evening , killing
outright two unknown men and seriously
injuring four or nvo of thu crew. Grain and
merchandise is piled up in a wreck twenty
feet hifli. _
The Fire Hi-cord.
VtiiMfixiuN , III , , Juno 10 , The business
pact of the town was destroyed by flro this
morning. Among the buildings burned were
the Odd Fellows1' hull end , opera houso.
Frederick's Favorlto Flower the Emblem -
blom of Gorman Sorrow.
The Eyes of AH the Realm Turned
On the Young Monarch.
A Glover American Crook Works a
Berlin Bank.
The Police Sure Ho Is n Yankee Bc-
caiiRC He Is Such n Clever Kns-
cnl A Wisconsin Murderer
Under Arrest.
In the City of Sorrow.
[ Copi/rf0/il / ikkSl\i \ James Guidon HcmictM
Br.nux , .Tune 10. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to THE BRK. ] In ix pouring
rain , with bells tolling , the troops took the
oath of allegiance to William II. Everybody
wears n violet. ICniser Frederick's fa
vorite flower , encased in u little bluck
lace covering. All eyes are turned on Kaiser
William II who ascends the tin-one at twenty-
nine , just one year older than did Frederick
the Great , who Is the new emperor's , model
and guide. Everything the kaiser docs is
eagerly scrutinized to obtain a clue to corn
ing events. The promptness with which ho
ordered the infantry to a double quick and
the hussars at n brisk trot to surround and
and besiege Frcderickskron Jorty seconds
after his father's death , was his first
net as emperor , and shows him
nbovo all a soldier and an apostle
of decisive measures. He is the.idol of the
army and of the Prussian.guardsmen. They
eagerly follow him with the same fiery en
thusiasm as the Russian soldiers followed
Skobeloff or the Americans Sherman and
Sheridan. Ho confers often with Count Her
bert Bismarck , in whom ho has implicit trust
and who eventually is to be to William II.
what his father was to William I.
TUo emperor's proclamation which ap
peared after the funeral was of the most pa-
cilie character. Special stress was laid on
foreign relations being continued in exactly
the same spirit as under William I. and
All the papers to-day publish full accounts
of the life of the new emperor. The ICrcuz
Zeitung , the organ of those nearest him , says
in a leader to-day : "A boundless future is
in store for our now kaiser , and all Germans
feel our chancellor's words , 'Wir Deutschen
fuerchten Gott und sonst nicmand auf dor
Welt,1 have in ICaiscr Wilhelm II a , living
impersonation. Every heart that is rittcrlich
und deutch beats in union with our new
sovereign. Wo hope to God all Unmans will
help him light the battles of the nation's ' high
est welfare Christianity and monarchy. Das
walto Gott. "
TUo radical Tagblatt recalls the fact that
the now emperor takes the educated public
school casscl check by jowl with the plebeian
youngsters of his own age , and in n speech
made to a deputation of citizens on the occa
sion of his wedding festivities in 1SSO de
clared the example of his father and grand
father would over bo the guiding star
Leitstern of his life. Tnpgblntt continues
and concludes thus : " \Vhat the prine-3 prom
ised the emperor ho will hold sacred , 'Gott
schuctzo den Kaiser und das Ueieh' . "
His addresses to the army and navy are
selling in extras all over Herlih. These
prompt appeals and the stirring language in
which they are couched is regarded as indi
cating ho will be indeed u soldier -and em
Americans have made quite a sensation
In Berlin police annals thin week. One
American swindler was American enough
to pose as the secretary to the British em
bassy here , did his posing at the discount
bank where he notified the delighted chief
clerk that because of Itsf security , etc. , etc. ,
the embassy had decided to open at the
bank a largo running account. Ho then
deposited checks on the London bank for
100,000 marks , all drawn to his order as
Charles Scott , secretary to her Brittunnic
majesty's embassy , Berlin , A real Mr.
Scott it happens is secretary to the embassy
but > vas ouo of the most surprised of men
when half the diamond merchants in
the city cnmo to him with unxious
inquiries about goods they thought they had
sold him , London is twenty-four hours tfom
Berlin , but many easy going German bank
ers take ten days to two weeks to ascertain
the value of checks on London. The swind
ler , therefore , had suflicient time in which to
operate. Besides ho had prepared the way
in advance by sending the various diamond
merchants nn American woman whose broken
German unil invariable refusals to purchase
seemed indisputable proof of the highest re
spectability. After making his deposit at the
bank the supposed Scott went tlrst and
bought 1,003 marks worth of imperial bonds
which ho immediately resold through
another broker. Ho then began
a round of the jewelers. At each shop ho
presented an oftlclal card and enquired lor
certain specified diamonds which had been
priced by a lady. In some shops ho had
oven the check to declare tho. price asked
too high , bnt afterwards in each case
returned and carried oft the Jewelry , for
which , ( of course ho paid in checks.
Among other items was 10,000 marks for
a pair of car Hugs , Finally ono Jeweler
refusea to deliver the goods without in
quiry , whereupon his customer blandly
referred him to the bank. Ho at once left
Berlin.Maanwhlla checks had been pouring
into the hank , qnd contrary to their habit-
had in many cases been paid before returns
from tbe London checks came in. The sup
posed Scott was elegantly dressed -and had
diplomatic manners. Moreover ho brought
with him two small children. What moro
was needed to establish his Identity ! The
rnm of checks induced Inquiry. As n result
100,000 mnrks nro offered nny ono inducing
him to return to Berlin , For the benefit of
his American friends wtio may not know
him under the nom do fjucrro of Scott ho is
described ns forty ycnrs old , tall nnd slender ,
sandy hair nnd mustache , with mutton-chop
vhlskers nndjpnlo fnco. Among other proofs
of h'ls American origin , the Berlin police
bring the fact that ho speaks bad German
nnd is such n clover rnscnl.
Number two is n shoemaker , Albert Wett-
ber , nrrcstctl for nttcmptcd murder , nnd wtio
is supposed to bo n into resident of Water-
town , Wis. , and responsible for waylaying
nnd robbing a banker there of $13,000. Of
the proceeds ho claims to hnvo given S9,000
to his brother , to have hurled § 4,000 and
brought the rest to Germany. Ho is now
held nt the disposal of the American author
Among the Amcrlcnns in Berlin nro
Chnrles Wehrant nnd family , of New York ;
Mr. George Schneider , president of the Na
tional bank of Chicago ; Mr. Henry C. Gar-
rctt , with his wife and daughter , Prof..M. D.
Berlitz , Boston ; W. 1C.Butler nndC. H. But
ler , Washington ; Mr. Ambaugh , Baltimore ;
Mrs. Wollshofcr , New York , nnd Mr , Curt
F. Tcltz , who is persuading Berlin capitalists
to buy land in Mexico , near the United States
frontier,1 in expoctntion of n raise in real cs
talc consequent upon the expected annexa
tion of that country by the United Stntcs ,
Professors Gncist ami Von Hoffman , the
Berlin Pastcurs , had Invited Mr. Curl
Sehurz and Henry Villard to a banquet ntthe
zoological gardens on June 10 to meet the
Germans who traveled over the Northern
Pncitic railroad some .years ago. Mr. Vil
lard arrived In Berlin Friday and is looking
well. after his visit to C.irlcsbad , but the
death of the emperor has postponed the af
Scenes nnd Sympathy.
POTTSDA.M , Juno 1(5. ( At 10 o'clock this
morning a ceaseless s'trlng of visitors has
passed through Friederichskron palace for
the purpose of viewing the mortuary cham
ber and taking n lost look at the dead em
peror. Von Werner to-dJy made
sketch of the 'emperor's ' body.
The features at the emperor are
somewhat sharper and the check bones anil
nose are much more prominent than theyjwero
in life. The skin is of n yellowish hue and tie )
hands arc greatly emaciated. Many ladies
and gentlemen watched the artist ut his
Emperor William II has offered his firsl
signature to u document permitting- Em
peror Frederick's testament to bo opened
The body lias been embalmed. A funeral
service was held this evening. Court Chop
lain Pcrsius delivered an oration and the
cathedral choir sang.
LONDON , Juno IGj The Prince of Wales
and his family , Prinja Victor , Prince Chris
tian and the Marsala of Lorno loft to
night for Berlin , 'The English court will go
into mourning for six week * thrco weeks
full mourning nnd-thrce wesks semi-mourn-
nsr. This period Of mourning i s
two weeks longer than than thai
adopted for the Into Emperor William
LONDON , June 10. Dr. Mackenzie is ex
hausted by his constant attendance uuon the
Into emperor. He has held an interview with
Emperor William nnd Prince Bismarck , who
requested him to draw up a medical report
of thffcasc.
ATHENS , Juno 10. The court has been
ordered to go into mourning for three weeks
PAUIS. June 10. A leading journal says
"It is not without uneasiness that Europe
Witnesses the accession of William II. There
is no guarantee Bismarck's policy will bo
exactly what it was under William I. Let
us , therefore , bo on our guard , with fear
and without imprudence. "
ST. PETnitiMifiui , Juno 10. The Journal d
St. Petersburg says : "Hussia shares in the
mourning of the Hohenzollerns nnd the Ger
man nation. May Providence , who hns so
sorely tried this dynasty , henceforth cover i
with His benefits and permit our neighboring
empire to enjoy long years of pence and pros
perity under the sceptre of tie | young sever
eign. "
THE HAGUE , Juno 10. The king visited th
German embassy yesterday to condole Emperor
poror Frederick's death. Ho has ordered the
court into mourning for n month ,
BKIISI : , Juno IU. The Swiss nntiona
council to-day adopted n resolution of eon
dolcnco witli the German people In their loss
by the death of tho'empcror.
Loaded "With Booty.
Dis Moists , la. , Juno 1C. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Biu.j On receipt of n telegrau
from tlio slicr'itl of Crawford county the po
lice arrested two men in the caboose of n
freight train nrriving on the Nortliwcbtcn
road about noon. They wcro rouch looking
characters. Ono man had a revolver am
$1)21 ) , and tlio other had SW7. Botli had fin
gold wutchCM , They are charged with rob
blng n pasbcnger on a train near Sinter o
$1,500. .
Failed to Prove It.
IOWA CITV , In. , Juno 10. The university
investigation to-day devoted much time t
tha case p smallpox that Hclnriehs ullcgci
was a cnsu of maltreatment or ut least n case
where thu state medical board and the uni
vcrsity medical faculty had quarantined i
town near hero for smallpox without jusi
cause. Tha testimony failed to substantial !
the charge.
Tlio Father's Anniversary ,
DAVJINPOIIT , la. , Juno 10. The two hun
drcd and fifteenth anniversary of the discov
ery of the upper Mississippi river by Mur
quctto was celebrated this evening by the
Davenport academy of natural sciences. An
historical oratloil was delivered by J. L. Uc
Armoud und appropriate papers read ,
Crops Around Mason City ,
MA&ON CITY , la. , Juno 10. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] The weather Is very
warm nnd corn is making a rapid growth
Should the warm weather coutinuo by Julj
4th it will bo ot the usual growth. Srnnl
grains and all kinds of fruit look promising
Business Troubles.
LOUISVILLE , Ky , , Juno 10. The failure of
the Kentucky Flour company , which has
done a heavy baklpg business nnd which alsi
dealt largely iu flour , was announced to-day
with nominal assets of 00,000 and liabilities
ttO.OOO. The cause of the fuiluro is inability
to collect many small debts ,
The St , Louis Ha. tigerfc-st.
ST. Louis , Juno 16. The last or f'Artist'b'
concert of'the sacnpcrfcst proved to be the
most successful'hi the series. The closing
chorus , "The Hallelujah , " 'from Handel' '
Messiah , was sung by the festival chorus 6
1,700 mixed voices with spendld' ! To
' morrow the sluging societies' picnic Wil
'take place at the Juir grounds. ' '
His Policy a Subjoot of Anxious
Ho Entertains Great Admiration For
' the Iron Chancellor
His First tAddres3 to the Army and
Xlio Young Klnif Says They AVntch
Him From the Other World und
Their Honor Thall Bo
Subjects In Siibpnnse.
[ Cupl/rFi/hl / 18jS by ( lie A' . 1 * . AtsucMtd JYcss.l
BEI'.UN , Juno 1(5. ( The first full declara
tion of the new emperor's policy is now
understood as taking the form of an address
to the Prussian people which is expected to
bo issued on Tuesday. The Reichstag will
bo summoned to meet June ! 25 to receive the
message and shortly afterwards the em
peror will formally take the oath of the con
stitution before the landtag. Officially
nothing is known of the charaetcr of
the emperor's address to the people.
Prince Bismark held n conference to-day
with the Prussian ministry and afterwards
obtained an audience with Emperor 'Will
iam II. The impression in ministerial
circles is the address will bo explicit upon
the emperor's desire to maintain peace , and
guarded upon the subject of the relations be
tween the crown and the people.
The remains of Emperor Frederick wcro
placed in the coflin to-night and carried to
the catafalque which had been erected in the
Jasper gallery. The funeral service was
'read in the Jasper gallery by Chnplaii
Kocgel. All the members of the imncria !
family were present at the service. The
transfer of-the remains to their iThal resting
place will take place on Monday morning.
Prince Bismarck has received a telegram
from Signer Crispi , the Italian minister , ex
pressing the deep sympathy of the Italian
people and transmitting from the king ex
pressions of his profound sorrow together
with his ardent wishes for the prosperity of
tUo new emperor's reign.
The appearance of to-day's message to the
army the first public act of the new cm
pero'r has quickened public perception of the
fact that Germany is entering upon a new
regime. All the best informed military anil
diplomatic authorities are aware that the
now emperor's desire is to hasten the final
outcome of the present political situation. As
ttio crown prince , he freely expressed hi
view that the condition of armed
suspense in Europe for ovci
two years ought to como to an
end. His deep .and open admiration for
Prince Bismarck is considered ns likely to
bind him for some time to the chancellor
policy , but witnin his own circle his charac
ter as a resolute , self-willed and ambitious
man , produces tbo belief that despite his
friendship for and devotion to Bismarck ho
will not wait long before seeming to give a
decided impetus to Germany's foreign policy.
The current ideas about the Emperor
William are that ho is a half-cultured dril
sergeant and as hating something not Ger
man. Those nearest declare that ho is ah
solutcly without national antipathies , but absolutely
solutoly fond of having his own way. Every
section concurs in hoping that his elevation
will ameliorate the defects in his character ,
or that the fb > cc of circumstances will oblige
him to follow the circumspect policy of his
"William II Addresses thn Navy.
Bum.IN , Juno 10. The following order
will bo issued to the navy , signed by Em
peror William II :
I have to Inform the navy , with a uceplj
moved heart , that my beloved father , the
Emperor of Germany und king of Prussia
Frederick III , has departed this life peace
fully In the Lord , and I , stepping into the
place , assigned by God's will , have assumec
the government of the land , falling to mo hi
hereditary right , and therewith , also , the
chief command of the navy , It is , indeed ,
profoundly grave period In Vhlch 1 address
my first words to the navy , which has only
just censed wearing the outward signs o
mourning for my over to bo rcmemberci ;
and beloved grandfather , Emperor William
I. , who only last year , during his presence at
Kiel , expressed in the warmest words llvolj
satisfaction ut and appreciation of the dove !
opmcntof the navy under his glorious gov
eminent , Flags are already lowered for my
beloved tathor , who so greatly rejoiced a
and took so strong an interest In the growth
and progress of the navy. Yet a titno of Krio
and sincere mourning chastizes and fortifies
men's hearts. Thus wo shall look conil
dcntly to the future , faithfully preserving in
our hearts the memory of my grandfather
and father , The navy knows tliat it no
only gives mo great joy to belong to It by
nn external bond , but since my earliest youtl
a warm and lively Interest bus , in complete
sympathy with my dear brother , Prince
Henry , united tno with the navy ,
have learned to appreciate the high sense of
honor und faithful fulfillment of duty prevail
ing in the navy. I know that , every member
of the navy is prepared Joyfully to give hi
lifo lor the honor of the German flag whcr
over ho may be. Thus in this sad hour I can
say with all confidence wo shall stand to
gethcr firmly and surely , In good nnd ovi
days , in storm and in sunshine , ever re mem
boring the glory of the German fatherlam
and ever prepared to shed our hearts' blooi
for the honor of the German flag , In this
God's blessing will bo with us.
The troops at tbo garrison in this
city liavo taken the oath of allo
glance to the emperor , William 11. Emperor
William II has issued the following onler to
the army- : '
. While the army has cnl ? dUcwrd jd the
outward sign of mourning for the emperor
ving William I. my deeply beloved grand-
hther , whoso memory will over live In all
icarts , they have suffered n fresh nnd
icnvy blow by tlio death of my dear
nnd warmly loved father. This is
ndccd n serious nnd sorrowful tlmo In which
God's decree places mo nt the head of the
nrmy. It is from n deeply moved heart I
address my first words to my nrmy , but the
confidence with which 1 step into the pluco
to which God's will calls mo is immovably
strong , for I know what sense of honor nnd
duty my glorious ancestors hnvo implanted
in tbo'nrmy , and I know In how
great n measure this feeling has
nt all times been manifested in the
nrmy. A firm and inviolable attachment
In the inheritance handed down from father
to BOH , from generation to generation and in
the same way I refer you to my grandfather ,
who stands fresh in nil your memories as the
personification of n glorious and venerable
war-lord such ns could not bo moro finely
conceived. 1 refer you to my beloved father
who , ns crown prince , had already won
n place of honor In the nnimls of the nrmy
nnd to my long line of glorious ancestors
whoso nnmos shine brightly in history und
hearts beat warmly for the nrmy , thus wo
belong to each other I ntul the nrmy. Thus
wo nro born for one another , nnd thus wo
will stand together in indissoluble bonds in
peace or storm , as God may will it. i'ou will
now tnko to mo the oath of fidelity nnd obe
dience , nnd I swenr over to remember that
my nnccstors look down upon mo from the
other world und Hint I shall ono day have
to render nn account to them for
the glory and honor of the army.
J louse.
WASHINGTON , Juno 10. Mr. Randall of
Pennsylvania reported the sundry civil np
proprintlon bill and gave notice ho would
call it up for action at the earliest possible
moment. It appropriates $23,874,1250.
The house then went into committee of the
whole on the nrmy appropriation bill. On
motion of Mr. Howcll of Illinois an amend
ment was adopted appropriating $300,000 for
beginning the construction of a new military
post near Chicago.
Mr. Ford of Michigan moved nn nmend
monl appropriating 30,000 for the purchase
of powdert to fire morning nnd evening guns
nt military posts. The amendment was
Mr. Trneey of New York , offered an
amendment appropriating 5120,000 for
the enlargement of the plant
nt Wutcrvlict arsenal , New York ,
and $400,000 for the manufacture of cannon
and carriages , projectiles for torpedo experi
ments anil the expenses of ordnance officers.
Messrs. Tracy and Spinola , of New York ,
set forth the public demand for adequate
coast defenses.
Mr. Uandall mailo a point of order against
the amendment. He said that science had sc
advanced that had the last fortification bill
become n law the money would have been
absolutely wasted. Chairman Springer sus
tained the point of order und the unendmcirl
was ruled out.
On motion of Mr. Laird , of Nebraska ,
provision was added to the paragraph relat
ing to post supplies , requiring them to bo
purchased where they can bo purchasct
cheapest , quality and cost of transportation
considered. The committee then rose , the
bill was1 passed and the house adjourned ,
Cleveland nnd His Cabinet.
WASHINGTON. June 10. [ Special to THE
BEE. ] Sonio comment has been created
hero in political circles over the announcement
mont that-three men prominently identified
with the administration will not remain con
nccted with President Cleveland at the close
of the present term , even should they bo re
elected. Secretaries Fairchiid and Vilas
and Postmaster General Dickinson are al
most certain to bo retained. Secretary Whit
ney will , in all probability , , retire on his own
volition , as ho spent a great deal of monej
and time in good service for tlio party uni
the country. ' Attorney General Garlam
claims , it is said , that helms had enough o
official life , and that ho wants to retire to the
isolation of Hominy Hill. Whitney am'
Garland can bo dispensed with as the presl
dent will have little difficulty in finding two
men fit to fill the positions which they now
occupy , but there is one man who , it is said
will retire , whoso loss will be keenly felt by
the president in the event of his retention ii :
office for another term of four years.
Tliis is Daniel Lauiont , the ublc und 1iro
ficicnt private secretary. It is not known
that Colonel Lauiont has definitely deter
mined to retire from official connection will
tlio government , but some months ago it was
announced semi-oflicially that the president's
private secretary had had enough of glOry
and that ho had derided that it was timotlui
he should bo looking around for something
butter qualified to keep the wolf from the
door than tlm mere honor of his position
The salary of the pi e.sident's private secretary
tary is $ iDOO a year , and by the very nature
of his position ho is compelled to enter into
social engagements which require a grcu'
deal of outside expenditures.
Colonel Lauiont said , us long 'ago ns las'
summer , that he ho/1 about made up his mini
that it was time for him to be looking iirount
for something moro profitable in u Jinancia
way than political honors , and this doubtless
gave rise to the assertion recently so widely
disseminated , that ho proposed to rctlro fron
ofilco with the close of the present presidcn
tiiil term.
If the president loses Daniel Lumont ho
will huvo to look around for some moro Dan
iels. The original tlirco will have left him
Daniel N , Lockwood , who first brought him
into prominence by nqmlnatiim him for every
olllco which ho has yet lillcd , lias soured on
the president , and has not been near the
white house for moro than two years. Ho
holds a position under the department of
justice whk-h pays him a munificent salary
about i2dOO u year net and ho has n
private income estimated nt from ten to
twenty thousum ] , so that ho Is not dependent
upon official preferment. Ho will take no
part in the present campaign. Unniel Man
ning , who was the second of the trio , lias
gone where politics ceases to bother ; and
now , if Daniel Lament , the third and most
effective of the llireo , should leave the presi
dent ho would have to make other connec
tions if his luck is to remain with him.
Daniel Dougherty placed the president in
nomination at St. Louis , und who Is the Dan
iel to till the cabinet position , and which ono
of all the Dans in the country js to become
private secretary are conundrums which
will give the politicians u great deal of think
ing to do before they reach u satisfactory
Hoarded By IlohhcrH.
MvsKoaiiK , I. T. , Juno 17. The south
bound Missouri , Kansas & Texas express
was boarded by seven masked men lust night
at the Virdigris bridge. The train stopped
at the bridge to put off eomo baggage , and
had just started to pull out again when the
engineer was covered with u revolver , and
the express car was entered , but nothing of
much value was taken. Several shots wcro
fired. Colton , the mail agent , and a train
boy were ouch shot through tlio arm nnd a
passenger named Hen C. Tarvcr , from Koso-
bud , Tex. , was shot iu the check , the ball
passing backwards , breaking his neck and
causing instant death. . Tlio deputy marshal
and u m > se ard in pursuit. No effort was
made to rob the passengers.
" "
An Important Land Decision.
Asiu.ixi ) , Wi . , Juno 1(5. ( The local laud
officers to-day received a decision of the In
terior department affecting the title to thou
sands of acres of land within the Indemnity
limits of the Wisconsin railroad In Ashland
county , and upholding the decision of the
Ashland oftlco. By order of Commissioner
Sparks these lands wcro thrown open for
settlement , subject to the rights of the com
pany. The action , of Commissioner Sparks
111 this matter is one of the reasons which lo'd
to Itia resignation , ' ! ' .
The French People Whispering
With Soiloua Faces.
The Ministry Striving to Moot Pofll
slblo Surprises.
A Week of Dull , Dreary and Dla < ' \
tasteful Weather. -3
The Theaters Closing and the Favofi\ \
ito Promenades Deserted Move *
incuts of American Visit *
. ors In Paris.
The Enipcror'H Heath In France.
ICojij/rfu'it ' ISSSbu Jamt * Gordon Bcmictt.l I
PJIIIIR , Juno 10. [ New York Hcrnld Cabl (
Special to Tun Ben. } The news fron
Pottsdnm which shocked though hnrdlj
Startled Europe yesterday produced a matt
vellous effect upon French politicians. Th (
petty quarrels of Boulnngor and the Boulaq
gcrists have censed to interest Pnrisj" an
the people-arc going about with serious faced ,
whispering , "Will it bo war or pcaeo.X
The gravity of tlw situation has sobered PdrJi
as suddenly ns n soaking sobers a man wh (
has been drinking chnmpagnc. The poll *
ticnl shadows which amused It have bcaf
forgotten and a patriotic rcnlity hns bco i
remembered. The partisan papers ar-
preaching union nnd caution , nnd the mlw
isters are straining every nerve to put thS-
country beyond the reach of sui\
prises. Little fear is cntott' '
tnincd immediately hero. Wbatevcli
turn events take thcro must
a breathing time. No shots are likely to
fired till the Germans huvo had tinio to mourn , i
the loss of their kaiser and forgot his peace ! '
ful teachings , but in a couple of months
things mny have changed. The autumn
manoeuvres will bo beginning and hngq.
masses of armed men will bo marching an $
countermarching. Then , indeed , the poif
tion may grow critical.
The weather since Sunday has been cop\ I
and dull. Early in the week wo had n heavtf"
thunder storm. Wraps and mantels luiva
been brought out again , and the avenues o ( '
the Boise have been deserted. With thq.
Grand. Prix and Lord Lytton'a fete ntth < ;
British Embassy two nights ago the Ecnsoij (
proper may bo snid to have ended. 'Most
of the theaters nro closed. Prntty mo ; } ?
dames and deml-mondalncs are closing thjjj ) | ,
receptions. Crowds are again' bCKluuing { 3
throng the breezy terraces.
Mrs. H. T. Allan , wlfo of Lieutenant
Allan , has gone to Baileu Badcu. Admiral'
and Mrs. Stcinbel have returned to Paris
from Switzerland. Mr. Scott Wiusloia
left for Germany. Mrs. Charles SVntrou
is staying nt the Binda. Mr. and Mrs. Bucllv
anan Winthrop have arrived at the St. Jamcsf
As I was walking down the line do In Paia
yesterday I saw Mr. ana Mrs. William 'oV
Otliout issuing from the Wcstminstera
Mrs. Brockholst Cutting is still in PariV
but in a few dnys will bo Hitting to Haruf'
burg. Mrs. Pcrcival L. Dayton nnd Attl.
E. Ii. Bacon are stopping nt the Kh'inSr
Mrs. Bainbridge Clark and Mrs. and Miscj
Andcnrled are on their way to Alx lesf
Balncs. Mr. Robert Hargons has vanished ?
Nclirnskn and lown 1'ciiHlonn.
WASHINGTON , June 10. [ Special Tclegrari'
to Tin : BKH. ] The following pensions wm ;
granted Ncbraskans to-day : Original invar-
lid Samuel II. Stumbe , Falls City ; Georg i
W. Todd , Detroit. Increase Ilceves Miles * ,
Davenport. Original widows , etc , Maria
A. , mother of George M , Bubcock , Weeping
Water. T
Pensions for lowans : John H. Watsony
Webster ; Benjamin K. Swurtz , McVeigh }
Butler B. Dolnshmutt ( deceased ) , Eddyvlllej ,
George Uooth , Mnquokctn ; Daniel Luughoy }
Washington. Increase Carydon H. Elsl
berry , Dysurt ; Samuel Swift , Uassett ; Jamei
L. Nemstock , Clinton ; Albert K. Colcgrovoi
Ion ; llodncy A. lilce , Iim/Keno / ; Jamcs'Bi
Boyd , Mlle ; Hailum ) A. Stewart , Bonaparte ;
John Dolph , Kldonido ; Joseph W. Holinan ,
Ccnti-cvillo. HcisRiio Murk H. Morse , \yy *
omlrig ; John M , Kilpntriuk , Mount Auburm
Original widows , etc. Lcnora S. , widow ojj
George Hunter. Alnsworth ; William , fnthoc
of Isaac Keen , Baxter.
Want i ho CUMHnnownd. .
CHICAGO , Juno io.--A petition was llled in
the United States circuit court to-day by tha
defendants in the case of John J. Dickey and'
other children of the lute Judge T. Lyla
Dickey , against Abbio M. Baker , Annlo H.
Stnnc nnd other heirs of the Into Mrs.
Buchlnh C. * ) ickoy , asking for iv writ ot
ccrtlorari to rcmoj-c.tho case from the sul
parlor court to the federal court on thq
ground of prejudice. Tlio writ was granted ,
The I'llnteiN Adjourn.
KANSAS Crrv , Juno l--Tho ( ! International
Typographical union completed iU work thla
evening und uiijourncd , Tlio now constitu
tion , wh'i'hv adopted , Increases the pen
capita " - : ittu 10 cents to10 cents per
KlllH u Couple. , N. J. , Juno 10.-A furlousl
thunder storm , accompanied by hail passed
over the town to-day. The house of Hurrl-l
son Voorhccs , was struck by lightning und * 1
Voorliecs and his wife were instunly killed , ' 3 |
WABIIINOTON , Juno 10. General Slierldnrt
hns hud a fairly good day. His desire fob
food and capacity for taking and assimilating
it appears to boincrensinjr. Thcio havobocn
occasional periods of mental inactivity.
Stcninsliii | Arrivals ) .
NEW YOUK , Juno 10. [ Special Telegram.
to Tun HUB. I Arrived Tha City of Chester
from Liverpool ; the Hhcatlu frum Hamburg.
QUEEXsrowN. Juno 10. Arrived Klruif
from New York for Liverpool.
Woatliui- Indication * .
For Nebraska und D.ukota ; Liuht to freth
northerly winds , cooler , fulr weather.
. .TojIowa ' : - Light tofresh sioutrorJy-
winds , 'bOfomin ' northerly , . ' cooler , fair