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Bandanas Flung to the Breeze By
the Howling Delegates.
His Nomination Settled Before the
Convention Convened.
An Affirmation of the Declaration
of the 10B4 Document.
Orny nml Ulnck Withdrawn After
tlic linllot IH Tnhcn McGltmlH
JMukcH a Hncc-cli Itcd Ilio
Campaign Color.
Tlio Third mill Last Day.
ST. Lotu * . Juno 7. [ Special 'Tele
gram to Tin : llpr. The day opened swcl-
tcilng hot , mid the nir hi the convention hall
Is llko u furnace. Notwithstanding the de
parture of nmiiy visitors last night , the ex
position hall Is Jammed oven fuller if it wcio
possible tliiin yesterday.
Tlio belief Unit 1 Inn mini's nomination would
take place on the lltst ballot was general. As
the delegations Illcd into the hall and deco
rated their banners with the red bandanas ,
Vie crowd cheeied loudly. Already a major
ity of the standards are crowned with led.
Counter demonstrations by Gray's adher
ents In the galleries , who float long groy
sti earners evoked less enthusiasm.
At 10:20 : the Now York delegation deco
rated their banner with the icd hnmlkcn hiof
and was quickly followed by hull a do 5ti ,
Iowa joining the procession.
The action was gicctedwiUi loud cheers ,
at the conclusion of which Indiana alone dis
played the gr.iy streamer. Now Yoik's
action taken ns conclusive of the decision
of the convention to nominate the old Koman
on the 11 ist ballot.
Amid the confusion resulting from the
Thuiinnn dcmonstiation , the convention was
called to order at 10:30ith : the question of
the vice presidential nomination settled in
advance of the loll call.
Tim 1-I.ATFOllM.
When Wattcrson came forward to present
the pl.itform ho giectcct with cheers
which wcio redoubled when ho announced
that it had been agreed upon uiinii Imouslv.
The opening sentcnecs in the tariff plank
were punctu ited with yells of applause ,
especially the endorsement of the picsident's
message and the allusion to the Mills bill.
"Now she's ringing , " shouted nit enthusiastic
delegate. The sontimsnt of the convention
in favor of a square light on the protection
issue was unmistakable.
Wnttci son's at the
telling speech con
clusion of the reading of the platform , which
ho had wiltten and fought through , carried
the audience off its feet , especially when
turning to Senator Goriniu ho declared that
the democracy was united Senator Gor
man's line figure and handsome fcatmcs
were now to many democrats , but ho was en
thusiastic illy leeched and ondoised the
platform to the full satisfaction of the cx-
ticmo tariff rofoimcrs The platform was
tncii 1nil ) ° ll unanimously.
Tirr. r.2-vZj , : ss. " -
When the cheeilng over WntlcrC2's
Bjeech h id bubsided it was announced that
the committee on resolutions h id adopted
tlneo resolutions for which they asked
the approval of the convention.
The liist , olToicd by W. L. Scott , of
i > Ic , was nu unqualified endorsement of the
Mills bill. The applause which followol
thicatcned to nilse the roof. The second ,
picsentcd by Layman , was a we lit attempt
to tlnow the bhimo of Dikota's non admis
sion upon the republicans The third , by
Leon Abbott , of New Yoik , was n bid for
the Irish vote on an cndoisomont of homo
rule. After the passage of resolutions
of respect for Thomas A. Hoiidrlcks ,
on motion of Delegate White , of California ,
the convention piocecdcd to nominations for
the vice presidency.
Tin UMAX xoMiVArnn.
Tnrpio of C.ilifoinl.i mounted the platform
to nominate Thurman. Ho had n grand op
portunity nml made nwietchod lizzie. Ho
came neuter nominating Gray and his bung
ling rom.uks thiow a firebrand in the con-
vcHtion. The Thurman men hold down their
heads in the upioarund there was great re
lief when Tarpoy sat down. Ho was followed
by ox-Governor Thomas A Patterson of Col
orado who had been selected to nomlnato
Hlack. Ho made n ilnging speech eulogizing
Ulaok and ending \\ithdi.iwing his name.
When Indiana was called and Senator
Voorhees stalled for the platfotm to noin
Inato Governor Ginv , tlio galleries went
wild and the Indiana delegation throw themselves -
selves into paiovysnn of frenzy. Vooihees'
speech was nn able though llorid olTort , but
his face carried the news of impending de
Governor Green , of Now Jersey , icspondcd
for hit , state in u speech seconding Thur-
man and vigorously slappplng Indiana. Ho
pledged the vote of his state , which ho said
did not como with a candidate. In ono hand
nml her electoral vote In the other. After a
painful dose of metaphor from a Nevada
jiuin , New Yoik , in the poison of llolejrato
Unities , added new fuel to the Thurmaij
Homo. In an eloquent speech ho pledged the
Now Yoik vote to the Ohio statesman. Train
this time foi ward Thurmau was the cry.
Tliuiuuiii "was nominated on the 11 rst bal
lot. Nebuiska cast two votes for Giay and
eight for Tarn man
NnilllASUA'ti '
This moining's Hepublio , under the
heading of "Nebraska's Humiliation , "
says ; "Tho Nebraska delegation Is
nil mixed ou the cholco for vice picsidcnt ,
und cannot scttlo the matter .so as to vote ns
n unit , or at least have not yet done so. The
present division Is IIvo for Thurman and
two for Hlack , the other thrco of the ton
delegates having Individual candidate : ) . Said
a prominent momborof the delegation last
night , 'Nebraska has been humiliated In re
gard 1o the tar I IT , mul I am almost nshnmod
to go back homo. Nebraska has been
considered the hot-bed of fiee trade and now
our comniltteemun on platfoim and ipsolu-
tiouf has gene and voted \ \ itli the Gormun
crowd und against tariff leform. In speak
ing of the matter to our delegation James 13.
North , our representatlv e on the platform
committee , bald Kc would \otofor tat iff ic-
foim because his constituents to ijistiuctcd
him aud not became he wanttd to. Ha seems
\o liavo forgotten this Y , hen ho cast his veto
fur Cormuu for choirmau of the platform
committee.1 There wns general dissatisfac
tion among the delegates on account of Mr.
North's action. "
Opens With the Heading and Ailop *
tlon of the I'lntforin.
ST. Louis , Mo. , Juno 7. Notwithstanding
that n number of visiting organizations and
IndUldual strangers had loft the city last
night or coily this morning , little appreciable
reduction In the attendance of spectators is
noticeable. As thedclegatcs slowly straggled
In , In twos and threes , the conversation was
on the resjicctlvo chances of Thurman and
G ray , the tariff plank and the state of the ther
mometer. As to the latter there was unanimity
of opinion , it being excessively hot. As the
delegation spaeo begin to ill ! the usual battle
of handkerchiefs broke out Thurmnn red
and gray muslin Indlcathc of the name of
Indiana's candidate being hoisted to the
masthead by the respective admirers of the
contestants. As cuch new color was raised
it was greeted with shouts from the gal
leries , but it was evident from the volume of
sound that tlio Old Roman was the favorite
of the spectators.
The Now York delegation was last to
enter and hoisted the Thurman colors to her
standard. Tlio assemblage rose and gave her
n hearty cheer. Indiana answered with do-
llant shouts , mid for some moments confu
sion , nolso and excitement reigned.
The convention was called to order at 10:30 :
and prnjcr was offered by the Hev. Dr.
The ehalr then stated he was advised that
the committee on resolutions was loady and
ho Introduced Henry Watterson , chairman of
the committee. Watterson , turning to the
chairman , said he had the honor to report the
lesolutions unanimously agreed upon by the
committee on platfoim.
Clerk Pettls then lead the platform as fol
lows :
The democratic paity of the Uuitcd States ,
In national convention assembled , icnews the
pledges of its lldelity to the democratic faith
and roafllrms the plattoim adopted by Its
representatives In the convention of 1SS-I and
endorses the views expressed by President
Cleveland in his last message to congress ns
correct In everj resect of that plat
form upon the question of ttiiuT
reduction mid also endoiscs tlio efforts of
our democratic representatives in congress
to sccuto a reduction of excessive taxation.
Chief among its piinciplcs of nuty faith
are the maintenance of that indissoluble
union of free and indestructible states now
about to enter upon its sceond , cent iry of un
exampled pi ogt ess and icnown , devotion to
tlio plan of goveinment icgulated by the
wiltten constitution stiiet'j spccifiing every
granted power , and expressly reserving to
the states or people tlio entire ungi anted ics-
iduoof power , encouiageuicntof u jealous and
popular vigilance directed to all who have
been chosen for brief tenns to enact and exe
cute lawa and am invested with the duty of
picserving pence , insuring equality und
establishing Justica.
The democi atlo party w elcomcs nn exacting
scrutiny of tlio administration of the executive
power which four years ago wuscommitted to
its trust in the election of Uio\or Cleveland ,
president of the United States ; bat it chal
lenges the most searching inquiry concerning
its lldclitj and devotion to the pledces \ \ hicli
then invited the suffrages of the people. Dur
ing the most critical period of our llnancial
affairs , icsulting from over-taxation , the
anomalous condition of our cmrency and
public debt umnaUircd , it has by the adop
tion of n wise und conservative course , not
only averted disaster but greatly piomoted
the piospc-ilty of our people.
It has leveried the improudent and
unwise policy of the icpubllcan
paity touching the public domain , and
has icelaimed from corpoiations mid syndi
cates , alien and domestic , and restoied to the
people ne.uH one bundled millions of actcs
of valuable lands to uo sacicdly hold .is
homesteads for our citi/cns.
While carelully guaidmg the interest and
the principles of Justice and equity , it lias
paid out more for pensions and bounties to the
soldieis and Rallois of the icpubllo than was
ever piid befoic d'jring an equal pouod. It
has adopted and consistently pursued a Him
and piudont foieign policy , preset ring peace
> tli uii ua'ions While sciupuloubly m iln
tabling all t , ' , ; . " ' : llf8 * jHjS Wt | o ( our own
g'ei nmcnt nnd people at Homo ami nuiuu , ,
the cxcii.sion fiom our shoies of Chinese
Inborcishas ij.'on effectually secured under
a piovision ot t'catj' ' , the opeiation
of.whieh lias been postponed In the action of
the lepublican majouty in tlio sCi.Pte.
Honest refoim In the civil KCI vice lias been
inmtguiatcd and maintained bv Piesident
Cleveland , and ho has biought the public
set vice to the highest stamlind of clllcicnej' ,
not onlj bj rule and prcrept , but by the ex
ample of his until ing and unselfish adminis-
lationof public afliiits.
In ovoiy br.i.ii h and department of the gov
ernment under dcmociatic control , the i ights
and welf.uo of all have been guarded and
defended ; cvcij' public Inteiest-hus been pro
tected and the equalitj' of all our citi/ens
before the law , without leu-aul to race or
color , has been steadfastly maintained.
Upon its iccoid thus exhibited , and upon
the pledge of continuance to the people of its
benellts.demoeiacj invokes a renewal of pop
ular tiust bj' the ic election of n chief inngis-
tiate , who has been faithful , able and pru
dent. Thcij in\oke , In addition to that tiust ,
tlio transfer also to the democracy of the en
tire legislative power
The ty. controlling the sen
ate and resisting in both houses of congress
the refoi mutlon of lust and unjust laws
w hlcli have outlasted the necessities of war
and uio now uiideimining tlio abundance of
long po ice , dente the people equalltv be
fore the law and fairness and Justice , which
are their light.
Then the ciy of American labor for a bet
ter Hliiuo in the lew aids of Industry is stilled
with false pic-tenses , enterpiiso is fettered
and bound down to homo markets , capital
is diseomagcd with doubt and unequal ,
unjust laws can neithei bo propeily
amended or icpealed. The demoeiatle paitj'
u ill continue with all the power confided to
It , to struggle ton-form thesolaw < In nccoid-
anco with the pledges of its last plat
foim bv the suffrages of the people.
Of all the Industlions freemen of our land ,
the Immense majoritj1 , including everj' tiller
of the soil ; gam no advantage from exces
sive tax laws , but tlio price of no nly every
thing thoj' buj' is incieased by the favoiltlsm
of our unequal njstem of tax legislation
All unnece-ssurj' taxation Is unjust taxa
tion. It Is lepugnant to the
tieeil of democrnty that by such
taxation the cost ot the nei-es
mines of life should bo unjustl-
lleably increased to all our people Judged
by demociaile pilnciples the interests of tlio
pioplo aio bctnncd when by unnecessaiy
taxation ti lists and combinations aio pci-
mitted to exist which , while unduly enrich
ing a fuw thn combine , rob the body of our
clli/eiiB bj depiivlng tiicmof the benefits of
nntmul competition.
IZvury domocratlo rule of governmental ac
tion \lolated whin , thiough unnecessaiy
taxation n vast sum of inonoj farbc-jond the
needs of an economical adininisuutlon is
diawn from the people and the channels of
trade and accumulated as a demoralizing sur
plus iu the n itional tie-asm j , iho money
now Ijing idle in the fedeial tieasurj' result
Ing fiom supculuous taxation amounts to
moio than one hundicd and t\venty-tlvo
millions , a-id the surplus collected isieach-
ing the sum of moio than sixtj millions an
Debauched by this Immense temptation ,
the i untidy of the icpubliean patty Is to
mt'ct and exhaust by extravagant appropria
tions uid : expe-tiECswhether conititutioiul or
not , the accumulation of oxtiauuant taxa
tion , Tlio democratio policy is to e-nforco
frugulitj in public expenses , and abolish un-
iicccssaij * taxation. Our established do
mestic industries nnd entorpilsos should
not , und need not bo endangered by
u rodiicttou aud correction of the burdens of
taxation. On the contrarj' , H fair and care
ful it > vMon of our tax laws , with duo allow
ance for diffetences between the wages of
American and foreign labor , must promote
undent-outage OMirj' bianeU of such indus
tries und cnteipribCd bj giViiig them ussui-
nncoof nn extended market and steady and
continuous operations.
In the interests of American labor. tYhlch
should in no event bo neglected , the re
vision of our tax laws contemplated
by the democratic party should promote the
advantage of such labor by cheapening the
cost of the necessaries of life In the home ot
every worklngman and nt the same tlmo se
cure to him steady and remunerative cm-
ploj ment.
Upon this question of tariff reform , so
closely concerning every phase of our na
tional life , and upon every question Involved
In the problem of good government , the dem
ocratic party submits its principles anil pro
fessions to the Intelligent suffrages of the
American people.
He Vollowfl the Platform With An In *
trodnction or Senator < ; ormnn ,
ST. Loinp , Juno 7.--Upon the completion
of the reading of the platform , Hon. Henry
Wattcrson sjioko as follows :
We bring to you n platform upon which
democrats cm stand without feeling theynro
away from home. It embodies a statement
of facts Inconvertible. It declares the cause
of reform and gives it a language which
may bo spoken alike in Now Jersey and Iowa ,
in Massachusetts mid in Texas. It looks
upon the rising , not the Rotting sun. Tlmtika
toGroxcr Cleveland , the attention of the
country , weed by others so long innin , is
llxed nt last upon n remedy of real
instead of imaginary c\ils arising out of the
state ot the war , and henceforward the
democratic party , which has been the volco
will become the hand of the people. Democ
racy nt least Is one with itself , and though
wo may sometimes contend among ourselves ,
our contests shall bo those of the Homnns
of old only resttltinir in moro Romans. It Is
now the time of the republicans to know
what it is to haVe only half n country and no
leader nt all. [ Cheers. ] Two good demo
crats can only understand ono another
thoroughly and love ono another when they
have had some fun together , and this will bo
n sufllcicnt reason why I should present you
with Senator Gorman of Maryland.
Senator Gorman was Introduced and
spoke as follows ; Gentlemen of the Conven
tion : I would bo out of place were I found
elsewhere than In n democratic convention
and standing upon the demociatto piinciplcs
as written by Jefferson and now being ex
pressed by the democratic paity under the
lead of Glover Cleveland. Four ycais ago at
Chicago , the democratic partj , restated its
declaration of principles , promising if en
trusted with power that sectionalism should
bo willed out forever , that the hnnnccs of
your government should be controlled , and
the tariff directed not to impair the brilliant
industiics of the land , but that extravagant
expcndituies Hliould bo i educed until
wo would have a govei iimetit economically
administered , and that the war taxes
placed upon us by the republican party should
bo reduced nccoiding to tlio icquiiemcnts of
the government. Upon the declaration of
principles thus made at Chicago wo went be
fore the pcoplo and the icsult was tlio elec
tion of Gro\or Cleveland. In the mutter of
the i eduction of taxation ho has been honest
and earnest , and with a desire to can v out
the promises nf the party , and when ho dc-
claicd that we weie to face the fact of i educ
tion of taxation and wipe out this hundred
million suiplus. it was no longer n question ,
nor could it bo controlled by the clap
trap piactiees of the opposition
charging us with fico trade or free protec
tion either , but wo stood as honest men , to
reduce this immense taxation of $100,000,1X10
per annum. Wo have presented a platform
in strict accoid with all democratic declara
tions that hae preceded us. As. Mr. Wat-
toison has well is a platfoim upon
which every democrat can stand.
Mr.Wnttcrsonofifentucky ; Mr.Clmirmnn ,
I now inovo the adoption of the repot t and on
that motion call foi the previous question.
The question was put und the platform
unanimous'y ' adopted.
Additional Declarations Tacked Onto
the Pliitiorm.
ST. Louis , Juno 7. Mr. Wntterson Mr.
Chairman , the platform committee has ap-
pioved with the rcpoit mid request to bo
passed without discussion tlneo icsolutions.
The lust of these will be picscnted by Mr.
Scott of Pennsj Kama.
Mr. Scott then olTeicd the follow ing reso
lution , which was passed :
IJesohed , That this contention endorses
and recommends the early pass ige of the bill
lei " ' " ' " ' ° r 'eveniie now pending In
the house ofi 11 < lhellt \ < > s ;
The second of these rcsO.L'flo"S was pre
sented by PtcdcuUc Laition of CaiuC.1
und is as follows :
Hcsolved , That a just and liberal policy
should be put sued in icfeienco to the temto-
nes ; that the light of sclf-go\eminent is in
herent in the people and guiuantocd under
tlio constitution ; that the tcintories of
Washington , Dakota , Montana and New
Mexico m obi virtue of population and dev -
v lopnicnt entitled to admission Into the
union us states , and wo unqualifiedly con
demn the course of the republican party in
refusing statehood and sclf-iro\ eminent to
their people.
The resolution was adopted.
The thiid it-solution referred to was pre
sented by ox-Go\ernor Abbot of New Jersey ,
and was unanimously adopted. The icsolu-
lion is as follows :
Kcsolvcd , That wo express our cordial sym
pathy with the struggling people of all na
tions to secure for themselves the inestima
ble blessings of elf-government , and civil
and religious liberty , and wo especially de-
elm o our symp thi w ith the efforts of those
noble iiatilots , wno , led by Gladstone and
Paincil , ha\o conducted their giund and
peaceful contest for homo rule in Ireland.
A icsolutlon of culngv on the llfo and pub
lic services of the late Thomas' A. Hcndiicks ,
hml tendering the sympathy of tlio conven
tion to Mrs. Hcndticks was presented by C.
W. IJokcr of Ohio and passed.
Mr. Tniplo JnilnlgON In a AYcnk Ora-
loilul Eflort.
ST Lot-is , Juno 7. Mr. White of Cali
fornia mo\ed that the roll bo called for the
nomination of vice president , and that the
chairmen of delegations announce their
The motion was cat riod and the clerk pro
ceeded w ith the call of states.
There was no response until California
was reached. Mr Tnrpio then stepped upon
the platform and spoke u follows :
Mr. Chairman und Gentlemen : That I am
proud of the privilege of addressing you I ac
knowledge , but that I am prouder still of the
man whom I shall name 1 will not deny , for I
feel , sirs , that this rcpublie holds no supeiior
to Allen G , Thurman of Ohio. The gic-otlng
iiccoided his name is a well deserved tribute.
Its Hpontunlety lias been nobly earned. Ho
assuiod such u greeting will bo accorded
his name nt its every mention
tluoughout this tcpublie from sea to sea and
from the Uritish line to the gulf. Since
taking his seat in the United States senate In
Ibip'.l , the impi int of Ins genius is found deeply
imbedded in the legislation of the countri.
Tiom his lirstuppcaranco in the senate until
his retirement from that bodi his VIACO was
always raised in behalf of the people und in
defense of their lights rorfoity years ho
has been a prominent hVuio in public life and
i et to day no man can point to u single act or
cxpicsslon of his which does not do him
ciedit. Large ut heuit , largo of brain , und
larger still in cxporlcno3 , ho is the man of all
men whoco lecord Jiistiiles his nomination at
3 our hands in the sense ( hat ho cannot bo de
feated befoiotho people. A man of benevolent
heart , mmtfestlng itself not only In private ,
11 lo but it h is been a leading feature of his
ot1l < ul careei When the Paclllo
coast was endeavoring to ictard
Chinese immigration , when it had decided
that nationu'r legislation was necessary
to uec ompli h the deshed result , when
the merits of the subject wcio not under
stood east of the Rocky mountains , Allen G
Tliurnnin , then senator of the United States ,
was the tirst to raise ills \olui in dolenso of
thosfi whoso means of Ih in , : were In danger
aiU whoso homes wcro threatened will ) tie-
\YU-.r. great railroad corpomtionS evi
denced Intention to cvndo payment of their
obligations to the government , this great
by which offending conwrntinns were obliged
to provide a sinking Mnd for the redemption
of their promises. During the trying times
of reconstruction Thurrann was the center
figure lu the United States senate in uphold
ing the dignity and Integrity of the constitu
tion. Four years since the California dele
gation put forward Thurman ns their candi
date for the presidency , nnd were enthusias
tic In pushing his nomination. And four
years have but nugtacntcd their reverence
and affection for him. Ills fame Is not his
alone. It Is the proud herltago of the Amer
ican pcoplo. Ills imina may bo
most fittingly catiplcd with that of
our honored presldmit , Grover Cleveland.
Cleveland and Thurman will bo n ticket
absolutely invincible. It will sweep the
country with the ifiighty rush of n tidal
wave of approval. Against It nil opposition
will bo fruitless , The approval Of Clo\o-
land's administration during the past lour
jears , luidthc endorsement of bisections , the
simplicity , yet remarkable ability with which
ho has administered his great trust under
the most trying circumstances , coupled with
the nll-pervndlng affection felt for
fidelity and honesty will make
the Cleveland nnd Thurmnn war
cry to affright the jiolUtcal enemy. The
enthusiasm which will bo nrouscd upon Its'
announcement will be Infract lous , and gather
ing force nnd volume day by day It will , before -
fore November , have "become epidemic. In
diana honors Governor Gray by supporting
him for this nomination ; Illinois is doing the
same for General Hlack , Michigan for Dick
inson , Wisconsin for Mr. Vilns , good men nnd
true , each und ' all of them , nnd
wcro ifr not tor the self-sacrl-
llcing patriotism of Mr. Thurmun
in response to un nlmost unanimous wish of
the party to permit his name to como before
jou , it were dinicult indeed to choose between
such meritorious und nblo gentlemen. Their
names are lit to grace this or any other
ticket. Let no mistakes her made at this
time. If jou but do your duty , if jou but
give the people what thov expect nnd what
they demand , the contest of parties Instead
of Just commencing will bo practically ended ,
for the gteat clcctoinl and popular majorities
which Cleveland nnd , Thurman will surely
receive at the polls will bo a icvehition oven
to ourselves. As representatives of the de
mocracy of the nauon , wo have a duty to
pet form. Wo must nominate the men the
pcoplo have uliutWly nominated. Wo have
but to endorse the popular vet diet.
No less will bo accepted ntour
hands. Nomlnato Allan G. Thurman. Nom
inate him by acclamation. Let it not
bo said that ono single democrat in nil this
great union failed in this testimonial to tlio
greatest Amet lean of his day , the noblest
hi entiling man upon the American soil , tit
consoit in the tcmploof fame for those
patriotsnnd foundeisof our institution whoso
sacred dust lies calmly sleeping beneath the
sods of Mount Vernotf , Monticello and Her
mitage awaiting the , dedication of our na
tional pantheon.
When the state of Colorado was reached
Hon. .1. M. Pattcrsofi-addressod the conven
tion ns follows :
I have been chosen to piosont the name o
Colorado's choice for vice president. It is a
pleasing commission to me , for General
Hlack and injsolf were educated in the same
school , enlisted in the same company for the
presenution of the union , and when the war
was over often measured legal swords in the
same courts. Wo feel there could bo no mis
take in presenting to the democi atlc paity a
man w ho , embraces in his own life the his
tory of u bravo soldier , pati iotlc statesman
and nn executive officer w itliout a superior
within the limits of the country. Wo feel
that when the human wolves and h\cuas ,
spawned since the war , would charge that
the democi acy wi unfriendly to the soldier ,
wo could tmn to hUnand say to the people ,
"In his administration of the pension depart
ment of this government jou have u liv
ing denial of the slander jou have utteied. "
Wo felt that when the fact would be
called to the attention of the men of the
south that when the Hag that had been inised
on Sumtei was lowered at Appomattox , ho
on his retuin to civil life in the stale of his
adoption held aloft both of his aims that had
been shattered upon southern battlefields
and pioclmmed that this was a union of frco
and equal stales , and with the eloquence of
his tongue and the earnestness of his nature
uigedthe pcoplo of the wcsteiu states to
stamp out the feeling of pi ascription that our
icpublicati enemies sotiuht to kmdlo within
ijin hre st of the Aintjilcan people.
The speakei' the1 ! gave a long history ot
Ger.etal Ulaek's action at the Chicago con
vention in l b I , culoi/ing him forlojaltj to
McDonald and lead the following letter fiom
the general :
Q M. Patterson I hnvo been advised by
; ou and other near aad dearfucnds of the
8ju" * " ' > ii of affairs in the national democratic
convention , ut 9e hands in my behalf jou
' 'W ' roi nomination
weio about to ask uL' <
' " tbi' l0"or |
to an exalted ofllce. I hopeu
as ono of the noble conlldenccsof mypoi.1
associates , woithv of an exalted
desire and honest political ambition ,
but have too long wiought Tor
the success of constitutional pimciples not
to subordinate all claims to thowclfnic of
the paity of the constitution. 1'hat paity
has already decided in ndvanco of the ex
pression of j'our assembly in favor of Allen
G. Thuiman for vice picsulent. I bow to its
high behest. While my heart is full of giatl-
tude to jou , undmj ft lends whose favor had
liioiniscd me support , I asic jou to withdraw
my name from the consideration of the con
vention , to the end that there bo exhibited
the fullest harmony of resolve and action.
Your follow citizen ,
JonsC. . BLACK.
Continuing Mr. Patterson s.ild : "There is
onlj' ono icason why the friends of Goncial
Hlack do not bow In willing submission be
fore the red bandanas held aloft upon tlio
signal poles of the different states. Wo fear ,
mid Justly and Hlnccioly fear , that If piovid-
enco in its insciiitablo wavs should remove
ono who has ulreudv lilled out the allotted
yeais of man , the nenato of the United
States would bo cursed by another Ingalls ,
nnd , gentlemen of the convention , having
dealt fan ly and f i anklv by j ou in putting into
jour possession evciy communication that
wo have fiom thn man of our choice , wo
leave his name with jou to bo dealt with nu
jour common scnso and dcmoeiatio Judg
ment will tell jou. "
The Hccietaiy then pioccrdcd to call the
next , being the state of Connecticut
Mr.Piggott tusponded and in a brief speech
seconded the nomination of Thuinmn
Deluwaie , Florida , Georgia and Illinois
w cro called w ithout response.
Voorhccs1 Spedcih Ironical and Elo
ST. Louis , Juno 7. When Indiana was
called Senator Voorhees took the platfoim
and spoke ns follows :
The historians of Europe describe Helglum
as the battleground of all the great wais be
tween European nations 1 como Irom In
diana , the political battlclicld of the United
Status While in \ > ther countries empires
und dynasties arc ON ci thrown or ro estab
lished , so in Indiana questions of mightier
inipoit uro determined for tlio whole country
bj her attitude either of victorj or defeat at
presidential elections Who will inquire :
"How goes the battlol" In any other but ono
or two northern states oxupt in Indiana.
You gentlemen In the south , with e\erj thing
in pel 11 , will not ask how rocs Illinois in our
west. You will not ask how goes the
battle in Ohio. Its nlreadj piedtteimined
w hut the result will bo there Nor will j ou
ask how thn hattlo inges in IVunsjlvuniu
exiopt to Inquire how great the majority
against us will be There will bo no inquity
except how is the shock of battle sustained
in Indiana und New York and New Jcmoj' ,
with times an Inquiiy ns to Connecticut.
Gentlemen of the convention , wo tome bo
foio jou as representing & power. We usk
un honor on this ticket and we tcndci jou
vie tot j with the other hand. Wo ask a name
on this ticket and wo tender jou llftcen
electoral votes in jour college , making elec
tion suie Hear with mo a moment in retro
spect of history. Indiana became u stnto in
bslt ) . und fiom that hour to this no demo-
cratio piosident has c\er been inaugurated
except bj her vote , Indiana has voted for
ov > r.v democrat who won pwr swoi n into
ofllui fiom lbli ( fciward. sjho vetcd for
Mouue , Juckbon , Vuu Hurun , ljolk ,
Pierce , Buchanan , for Samuel J. Tildon ,
who was robbed of the clec-
\ \ 1Pift ! ? " ! , ( ST. firovfr Cleveland.
Wnero is the state wnoso record over
matches her I Where Is the stnto who comes
before this convention with a higher right to
demand respect and recognition ) Wo will
again cast that vote , but dismiss from your
minds now and from this on until No\ember
the thought or calculation that this j car Is to
bo nny exception to her historj' . Grover
Cleveland and whoever else goes on the
ticket with him will bo re elected w Ith the
\otoof Indiana or will not bo elected nt nil.
Mnko no mistakes. I know ot certain calcu
lations to lc.a\o Indiana. Whatever indus
tries destroy Indiana destroy evcrj' hope nnd
vestige of success. Sho" Is interwoven with
the situation nnd the safotjof this hour Is
for New York nnd Indiana ns of old to clasp
hands. Tnko Now Jersey in our
embrace and Connecticut ns far ns
is in our iwwer to do so.
In those Hues Ho success. I say that the
lines of battle uro the same this year that
they weio In lsS-1. This will not bo chnngc.1.
The trenches lu which wo will light aio the
same. The states , where victory is to bo ob
tained , if wo succeed at nil , are the samo.
You cannot recast the lines of battle nnd nn
attempt to do so w 111 bo fraught with dls-
nstor nnd menti the overthrow of our splendid
democratic administration. Take wainlng
by Oregon nnd rely on Indiana nnd jou will
not bo deceived. Wo present to jou a man
for this ticket , physically and mentally ,
ntrong , endowed with mental aud phj'slcal
llfo. Wo name a man who has over pi oven
himself n winner. Ho has never been started
in n race that ho has not led the Hold. If jou
saj'ho came Into to the democratic partj'I
fay that ho came In the j car when Doo-
little came , when Trumbull came , when
John M , Palmer , whom the democrats hnvo
nominated for govemor of Illinois , came.
Ho came with them nnd allow mo to say to
you that a recruit Into the ranks of the demo
cratic party in Indiana , soon beoomes a vet
eran soldier. rourj'carH ago Indiana cast
49r > )000 votes. She will cast 5 ! > UOUO votes at
the approaching election , nnd with that
enormous vote there Is simply a pluralltj' be
tween the great parties of six or seven
thousand no tnajoi ity but n pluralltj' . You
can imagine , then , w hat its shock of battle
is thero. You can imagine how Important It
Is to have evcrj' atom of strength , personal
und political , which wo can obtain in
Older to hold our haul piessed
lines. Ueeruit the critical point of battle if
j'ou are wise. The kej' of the situation is
in Indiana. Sticngtlien her. Come to the
rescue on the Held whet o the tight is to be
hottest and the battle to bo won , If won at
nil. I rellcct upon no other name before this
convention , but I charge everj- candid mind
to answer what electoral vote , what state
any other name can brinp to the
college except that of Isaac P Graj' . Wo do
not put up a man foi show nor pat ado , but
for a hard battle and winning results. Isaac
P. Gray was on the same ticket with Glover
Cleveland and Thomas A. Hendiicks , and
strong as. that ticket was in Indiana , a com
bination of power e\okinp enthusiasm nnd
the vcij heart of our peoplejet
this man whom wo present cairlcd the state
by a ni.ijonty of 8bO moro votes than Cleve
land and Hendiicks canicd U for the picsl-
dency and the \ico presidency. Ho will bo
in the tanks lighting whether on yoin ticket
or not , but ho is so intei woven with our
hopes and our organization thlsjeai in Indi
ana , that his name on the ticket becomes a
Rimiaiiby of success. I uni not hero to saj'
wo cannot win without him , but I am hero to
say that If j'ou want to take a bond of faith ,
to reduce it to an absolute ccitainU on the
liftcen electoral votes of Indium befote jou
leave this hall nominate IsaucP. Giaj with
Grover Cleveland and tiio work will bo done.
The nomination of Graj' was seconded in a
bilef speech by A. II. Co * of Gcoigia.
Iowa and Kansas were called w ithout re
When Kontuckj' was reached Sir. Evan E ,
Settle responded us follows :
Mr. Clmiiman : I am charged with the
pleasing duty on behalf of the gicat unwashed
and uuteriihed democi ats in the great state
of ICcntUPltj' , of saj'Ingto thc < onvcntion that
she heaitllj' cndoises the nomination of Isaac
P. Gray.
Louisiana , Massachusetts , Michigan , Min-
neKota nnd Mississippi weio called without
i espouse.
When Missouri was j cached Hon. N. C.
Dijdon took the platfoim , and In a brief
speech seconded the nomination of Thur
man.On behalf of New Jeisej' Govei nor Grccno
spoke as follows-
The shores of the Atlantic 10 echo the call
of the Pacific coast New Jcisey another
battle Held New Jeiscj1 , which gives its vote not onlj'to e\eij' democratic
candidate who is elected , but to even nom
inee of the great demociafic convention ,
which bungs her nine electoral \otcsinono
hand and makes no demand with the othci
tljCJiOTnii'.iitijnof . u democrat upon n
democratic platfoim New Jeisoj- seconds
the nomination 6 : the giCT. ! , S" " "f ni'io. '
Lots oT. " ' cisJut liHUp to Them
VeTy irjoworj- .
Sr Loui , Juno7. Follow-muMr. Giecnc ,
Mr Dotsoj of Nevada addiesscd the conven
tion as follows :
Mr. Chaliman : Novadi snj-s but little
hero below and she will sav that little short.
Fiom the libtli day of MavNevada has added
her piping notes to the golden tones of Cain-
fornl.i , to the pong of her lusty sistei s of the
mountains and bv the sea , which has iloated
on the air ft om the grand old Pacific to the
mighty Mississippi , tunefully , pi aj erfully and
constantly the i of rain of Cleveland and
Thin man. We believe the name of no liing
man will add Btiongth , arotiso enthusiasm ,
ne\or stopping , always continuing , to the
suppoit of the dcinociats of Nevada , nnd
California nnd Oicgon as well , and may I
sny Illinois as well , as the name of Allen G.
Thui m in , and we lay our hands in loving
kindness upon the golden hair of
our dutiful slstct who reclines on
the gentle slopes of the Sierras and bathes
her shapel\ feet In the limpid waters of the
placid P.icillc ; and 1 will sav to the conven
tion Unit If jou nominate Allen ( ! Thuiman
that the silvei slopes of the glouous moun
tains of Nevada will fairlj rattle with Joy
when the ncw's of the nomination of that
splendid \etoian of a bundled battles nnd a
hundred victories shall Hash IICIOHS the wires
to the shoit's where the fields aio e\er giecn
and the orange blossoms Hhine | The
speaker was hei o intei i upted w ith upi oai ions
applause , shouts of laughtei and cilcu of
"time "J
Just let mo tell you something. We arc
the pliiidionof u mother whose locks are
threaded with silvei and out parents wedded
the Old Roman fie long ngo that the memoi.v
of the oldest Nevadian lunncth not
back to the ilnto nf our moun
tains will pound their pondoious
thereof ( Jive him to us and the qnai t/ mills
pleasure Novadn , thiough her noble irp-
n'sentatives , with all her soul and all liar In
tellect , and e\erjr ph > steal faculty of her
being , seconds nomination ol the heroic
old Allen G. Thuruinn.
Tlio secretary proceeded with the call of
the roll
WhonNowYoik was icached Hon. Gcoige
Haincs spoke ns follows :
Mr Chairman : Now'York has withdrawn
herself until this moment from the delibera
tions of tills body in the selection of a vice
president , but the time has at i ivud for her
voice to ho heard in unison with the acclaim
ef her follow delegations from Maine to the
capes of the wcstein sca-i , m behalf
ot him who is the Onto of the icpublic.
It was the ptoud boast of the old Romans
that he mioko to the Kings and to the people
the things thej should hoar H is
said that his beard is grey ulth the irosts of
many winters ami the barbarians will pluck
at it Tlio gicntest day of Komo was when
her giej bcaidcd senators sat in the chamber
of deliberation aud the baibuiians overlook
niK the temples plucked ut then beurds.
Tlio woikof this campai i is but the con
tinuation of the struggle of twelve ) eais
past. Adminintlatno loform aiose lilo u
halo of light in the east nnd upicad it * beams
of hcMlmg o\er the CatsUills and along the
Mohawk , cut the souri cs of the Ohio and the
Cumberland , chased the she lows from the
state of Hondiic'hs , pouicd down thn Missis
sippi valley und tipped the Kockics with the
inoi nlng of u bt tier daj1 for the ruuublic , It
5s written that Joshua , son of Nun was full
of > u Jomfor Moses had luid his hands upon
him , aud U is wriueu that the Lord
spoke unto Joshun , saying : " \Vhntocr
thy feet tread tiK | > n. that hnvo
I given unto thee. There shall not any man
bo nblo to stand before thco nil the dais of
thy life. " And whom shall Joshua , the son of
Nunsend Into the eountryof Amen to unseat
In her senate chamber the serpent god of the
Amonltcst Hut jou must remember , fellow-
democrats , that tluoughout this land runs
another Issue than that of administrative re
form. It is the issue of protection ot the
rights of American industry. Who sUinds
n repiescntativo before the American people
nnd.tho co equal with grand Old Honuin of
Ohio ! You liuvo declared In your platform
that Amoi lean Industrj needs no subsidies ,
fears no competition Untnx American labor
for its food , for its clothing , for Its shelter ,
for Its tools , for all the materials with which
it works , and It will defy the competition
ot the heir * of squalid miserynnd dull oj'ed
ignorance Euiopo has poured millions upon
millions of competing emigrants Into our
Holds 'and factories. Two millions
of armed men beat tlio weapons
of war Into the tools of Industrj' and de
manded their share of the rewards of Amer
ican labor. You .hnvo declared that upon
this grand base of American Industry you
will build the future prosperity of the re
public. Hcsido the name of the repiescnta
tivo of the rights of American labor , of the
rights of American capital , Inter-wedded for
ever , plays the niimo of Allen G. Thui uinn.
Gentlemen of Ohio , the battle line of this
conflict extends not alone along the Held ot
Indiana , not alone along the plains of New
JersciV or of Now Yorit It has been decreed
that it nhall sweep from ocean to ocean.
Whilu I thank the senator from Indiana that
ho has appealed to us to send battalions to
the center of the line , let mo say to him that
the president in his message , this convention
in its platform , and in the nomination of its
vice president , has decreed that they will ex
tend the vast reserve corps of democracy
across the continent , and about the reserve
corps shall wave the Hag of Allen G. lluu-
And Everybody Spoke Well of the
Old Uonuiii.
ST. Louis , Juno 7. The nomination ot
Thuiman was seconded by Mr. Stiango of
North Carolina.
At the c ill of the state of Ohio , Mr. Powell
responded us follows :
Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the Con-
\cntlon : It luus been claimed In eloquent
words fiom this pluco that tlio loj'al state of
Indi ma has now become wavering and
doubtful in hoi allegiance to our gieat paity.
If this bo tiuo let her turn for healing faith
and seek salvation fiom the democratic
ti initj' of Cleveland. Thurman nnd the ban
dana It has been claimed that the universal
crj- for Thui man is but a sentiment. It is
the KIcutest sentiment that over occupied
the democratic heart. The perfect union of
wisdom and enthusiasm which has maiked
the piogress of this convention clearly in
dicates that the time has come which will
man : not onlj the Until oveithiow of the
republican paity but the continued succes
sion of democratio nduiinistiations. Today
in our extreme notlh , along the shores of
New England , there aio multitudes of
people speaking the name of Thurman
and uttci ing his praise. Heio In this splen
did eity aio tons of thous mds of enthusiastic
and admiring friends. A thousand miles
bej'ond this , along the father of waters , in
the exti cine south , the name of Thurman is
still the idol of the democratic paitj' . Theio
is nothing in the political hlstoij' of our
country which equals this uptislngof the
people in favor of the nomination of this
giandold man , the Gladstone of America
Allen G. Thurman. For u generation his
lifo has been your history. This
unusual demand for Thunnan is
but the expiession of a gicat
truth , Unit the wet h of endorsing the splen
did ndministiatUni of Grover Cleveland and
lining the place of Thomas A. Hcndi It-Its can
Only be done by the nomination of Allen G.
Mr. Dawson , on behalf of South Caiolinn ,
seconded the nomination of Thuiman
Mi. Thompson of Tennessee seconded the
nomination of Thuiman in a brief speech.
Ex Govemor Throckmoiton of Texas then
addtessed the convention He said :
I propose to speak of tlio gieatost living
statesman. I speak in boh ilf of ono in the
presence of whom icpubliean voteis will
quasiHon. . Allen G. Thuiman.
When Virginia was called Senator Dinicls
took the platfoim. After teviowltig the long
and faithful public- services Of Ox-S"iiator
Tliuiin in ho concluded bj' sajing : "In an
ago of coiiuption he was an exemplification
of putitj ; in an ago of exttavagancc ho was
the sentinel of economy ; in an ago of sec
tionalism he Know onlv his countij' , in an
ago of hate ho was the incantation of fiater-
nitv in > m ago of scandal the salt of Ins good
name ne\ei lost its sa\or. Thcs sav , in
deed , the giand old man is old. 1'hcio
is no hull glistens of tlio patt latch's
- " " ' did not Rtow whilom dcmociatic
scf\ice. The roTolTlP. ; . 's Unit have
uncled mound his head have each of tnem
left in its tiack a now ting of gloij' . Can I
not siof him , in tie | language of the poet
Ago mnv o'er his blow be flung ,
Hut his he.ut , hishe.nt , Is over joung.
"Whj not nominate Jiim now , mj'countij-
mcn , and bv acclamation f He stands bcfoie
you the living embodiment of democratic \ ir-
tucs , ho stands befoio > ou the illustiativc
epitome of democratic historj ; he stands be
foio jou the faithful champion of democratic
piinciplcs' ho stands befoio jou the iightful
heir of democi atic honoiB. lie is the highest
tj po of the American citizen. Hu Is the
lilting companion for Gio\er Cleveland to
icceivo by his side the mantle of Thomas A.
Hondiieks. In the name of the people of
Viiginia , upon whoso soil ho was bom , in
the name of the people of Ohio , his adopted
homo , in the name of the democi.icy of this
gieat nation , mcoiiuptiblc , unterrilicd and
untonquciahlc , I llmg this banner to the
biecvo ( waving n bandana handkerchief ) .
The states of West Viiginia and Wisconsin
wcio called , but tlieio was no i espouse.
Alaska , Aiizona , Dakota , the District of
Columbia and Idaho did nut lespoml When
the teiutnij of Montana was called Mr.
MnglnniH nioso nml said :
Mr Chairman So iai as the nomination of
president is ( oiicemed , this convention is but
u ratification meeting to i.atify a nomin ition
all cads made bj1 the people of the United
States , u nomination which will bo ( ontlrmcd
at HIP polls In November. Graver Cleveland
land will hold the foi t th it ho i aptun d four
jears ago. Who will they put up imainst
him ! The most miiunetie man bus nlreadj
pulled the p'umc's off fits bonnet and taken
bis gUnoout of tnu lint ; . Like many another
warlike lepublican the gicat James G ,
Hlnmo cailj leamed the lliHt pilm.1
pics of tlio nit of war. Ho
let some other follow do the fighting
and he is goin ; ; to let some other man do tlio
lighting this time , and ho has acted on that
otlioi gieat pimciplo of mllitniy stuitegy
that jou can nlwajH full back fiom joui po
si'ion if .von will Htait in time. Ho had to
start tw ice before the people believed him
Om champion w ill stand up again and they
can i into no moro glouous banner than the
old bandana of that most illUHtllous eltl/cn ,
Allen G Thuiman of Ohio [ Applause ]
Now Mexico and Utah failed to i espond to
the pall
The Chaiiman This completes the list of
states mid Uuntorics , [ Cries of cull the
loll ] .
The Old JCouuiii Nominated Wfth
Unanimity ,
ST Louis. Juno 7. Tlio chaltimn. The
clerk w ill cull the names of these placed in
nomination for vice piesident.
The Clerk. The following gentlemen have
been placed in nomination for tlio vice
presidency : Allen G. Thurman of Ohio ,
Isaac P. Gi ay of Indiana , John C. Black of
The Chairman. The [ clerk will now pro
ceed to call the roll of stato- } and ten itoi les ,
und tlio chairman of each delegation is re
quested to announce the names of these for
whom tlio delcjrutes voto.
The secict.ary tailed tie roll of btatcs with
the follow ing result :
Alabama Black 1 , Giay , Thui man 15
At kansiis Thurmun U.
California Thurman 10.
Colorado-Black 0.
Connecticut Thurmnn 13.
Delaware Thurman 3 , Gray 3.
When riorldn was called the chairman Of
the delegation said Florida meets California
half way nnd gives her eight votes for that
highest typo ot American citizen Allen G.
Georgia Gray 17 Thurmnn 7.
Illinois Ulnck 17 , Gray 17 , Thurmnn 10.
Indiana Gray SO.
Iowa was passed nt the request of its
ICnnsas Hlack 13 , Gray 2 , Thurman 14.
Kcntuekj' Gray 17 , Hlack 1 , Thurmnn 8.
Louisiana Thurmnn 10.
Maine Thurmau 12.
Maryland Thurman 10.
Massachusetts Thurman 1 ( > , Gray 7.
Hlack 1.
Michigan Hlnek 3 , Thurmnn M.
Minnesota -Thurman 13 , Gray 1.
Mississippi Thurman 18.
Missouri Graj' 4 , Thurman 28.
Nebraska Gray 2 , Thurman 8.
Nevada Thurman 0
New Hampshire Thurman 8.
Now Jersoj1 Thurman 18.
Now York Thuiman 7.3.
North Carolina Thurman 83.
Ohio Thurman , Gray 1.
Oregon Thurmau 0.
Pennsj Ivanla Thurmnn 1)0. )
Hhodo Island Thurman 8.
South Carolina Thurman 18.
Tennessee Thurmnn { M.
Texas Thurman HO
Vermont Thunnan 8.
Virginia Thurman 24.
West Virginia Thurmnn 11.
When the state of Wisconsin wns called
cverj delegate In the hall nroso , nnd again
began n nceno which rivalled the upron ?
of j-estordaj' when Cleveland was nominated.
Kvorjbody produced a red bandana , nnd
cvorj' guidcou In the hall was decorated with
one. Delegate Taylor of Indiana attached
un enormous bandana to the guldeon of the
Indiana delegation nnd marched up on the
reading desk with It. creating unbounded en
thusiasm , When riowcr of the Now York
delegation succeeded In ciovvdlng his way to
the reading desk with the guidcon of his
state , also having attached U ) It nn enormous
bandana , the delegates became frantic.
The uproar was llnallj' quieted In iimenstira
nnd the clerk ngiiln culled the state of Wis
consin , the chilli man of which delegation an
nounced 22 votes for Thurman.
The state of Iowa ' . ' \otcs for Thurman.
Tortltotj of Alaska 2 votes for Thurmun.
Arizona 2 votes for Thuiman.
Dakota 2 votes for Thurmau.
Distiltt of Columbia 2otes for Thui
Idaho 2 votes for Thurmau ,
Montana 2 fet Thurman
New Mexico 2 for Thui man.
Utah 2 for Thui man.
Washington ten itorj2 for Thurmnn.
Wjoming 2 for Tliurnnin.
Mr Patteison of Colouido Mr. Chairman ,
on behalf of the friends of General J. C.
Hlack of Illinois , I am requested to fonnnlly
withdiaw his name r.nd move that the nomi
nation of Allen G. Thin man for vice-presi
dent be made unanimous.
The Chaliman The vote of Colorado will
llrst bo chatiKed as i cquested bj' the chair
man of that delegation from Graj' to Thur
man.A delegate from Ohio The state of Ohio
Is entitled to 111 votes , and she wishes to cast
her vote solid foi Allen G. Thurman.
The Chairman The secrotarj' will recoid
the vote.
The Secret nrj' State of Ohio casts 40 votes
for Allen G. Thui man.
Mi. Shmklln of Indiana Mr. Chairman
and gentlemen of the convention I arise for
tlio purpose of withdrawing the name of
Isaac P. Giav and of moving tlio nomination
of Allen G. Thunnan bu made unanimous.
Wo brought our candidate to tills convention
believing it was for the intei ests of thopuity
that he should bo nominated. Hut this con
vention , composed of the ability und Intolli
gcneo of the great democratic .party of the
nation , lias settled upon another choice , and
we bow to that choice and piomiso that n
partis ins of Mr. Gray j cstordaj' w o m o now
and fiom this time foiwnid apostles of Tlmr
man and Cleeland. . My fellow citizens ,
I now withdiaw the name of Mr.
Gray entiioh , and our giay handker
chiefs shall be found no moro
on om housetops. Eveiy Indianian in the
citofSt Louis will i etui n to his homo to
night with a red bandana worn ncioss his
breast. 1 now move that the nomination of
Allen G Thui mini DO made unanimous.
The Chairman It is mo\ed b.v Mr Patter
son of Coloi ado , seconded bj Mr. bhanklln ,
of Indiana , that Allen G Thin man of Ohio ,
be nominated bj acclamation. Those iu
favor of nio ion w ill saj "aj e. "
At this point tlio convention lose cu uiassa
nnd shouted foi th a long , loud and unani
mous a\c.
The Chan man -The chairman of this con
vention declares Allen ( ! Thin man of Ohio
to be the unanimous choice of this conven
tion for the oflleo of vice piesident of the
United States. [ Loud applause and checi >
The- Convention Cones'its : IJnsl-
III-SH and AdioiiniN.
W II Popj of Texas olToicd the following
resolution :
Kesohed , Hv the democratic party In con
vention assembled , that Iu the death of Gen
eral Wlntleld S Hancock , fie democracy of
the union has lost one of it * , most devoted
sons and the countrv n pun ; and illustrious-
patiiot , and wo tender to Mm. Hancock our
icsp < ctful and cui nest sympathy In Her irre
parable loss
The resolution wns unanimously adopted.
The ( hair icqucstcd each delegation to
In ing to or send up the mime of ono member
of the national committee and ono member of
the committee to notifj the nominees and re
quested the secietat \ to cull the roll.
Stenographer Dickinson Mr. Chairman ,
The membeiH of the committee to notify the * .
nominees hive nlicady been selected and
sent up nnd now are on Ille
The Chuiuimn ' 1 hen the names of the lift
lional committee onlj' aio deslicd.
The Sceretinj I Inixo nn Impoitant an
nouncement to make. A meeting of all the
old and new membei.s nf the national com
mittee will be h"ld at the honthein hotel iiti-
o'clock 'J'ho UK mboiH of Iho coiiimiUco on
notification will facet at the samu hour and
Tlio Chairman The committee on notifica
tion will meet immcdlitol.after . adjourn
ment in the pniloiN ol this building.
I'ledcikk C ) . Piinco nf MIIHMK hiisetta.
sent up thn following lesolulion , whuh wua
lead In iho cleik
Kpsoht'd , That lion P A Collins , presi
dent of the fonntion , nnd lion Thoimm S.
I't-ttit , chief n ailing Kccietni \ of the conven
tion , be added to the committee on notifica
tion as hommirj incmbcis
The resolution was unanimously adopted.
Ticdei li-k Lehman of Iowa sent up Iho fol
lowing icsolutlon
Uesolved , That the national committee is
hereby empoueicd and dhectud to llx the
time ami pinto for holding the next national
convention and that the basis of icprescntu-
tion theicin be the same as Jlxed for this
It'I'lie resolution was unanimously adopted.
TlioScuot.ilHero inn ! ' 'solution pro
posed In Mi Dawson of South Cm olltui :
KcboUed , That the thanks of the national
dcmoiiiitiu con\entlon bo tendeied to Hon.
V. O. Pi into of .Massachusetts , who duiing a
peilod of twiwtj ck'htyc'kis hasscmd the
national dcmociatic paity with unflaggltiu
real and distinguished ability as secretary ol
tlio national democratio committee.
Htsohcd , That a c-opj of this resolution bq
foi u aided to .Mi Pi ineo under the bifimtureu
of thoofikei.s of the convention ,
The following icsolutloii was pi est n ted by
Mi SUimitt of Cnltfouua
Konolvid , That the oflit-lal stenographer bd
dilC'tcd to picparo tlio pi 01 ceding * of the
convention to bo piinted In proper
foim und that the national tom-
mitteo cause a suitable number of copies
bu distributed among the delegates to tha
convention and nuei ! othcis us may be enti
tled to lec.'ivcthem. .
The See- rcturjHero i a resolution prp-
seiitod bj John U. Fellows of New York ;
Hcsohed , That this convention cannot
separata without an expiessiun of Its deeii
senbo uf the lir.'pai able loss since the grout
tiiumph of IbSi sustained bj the death of its
fort-most distinguished members , Wiiifloicl
S Hancock , the superb soldier In wur uud
fearless asscrler of the biil > icuiu < > ( it