Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 04, 1888, Page 8, Image 8

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The funeral of tlio Into C. C. Thrano
will tnko place from his residence ,
corner Tenth find Centre streets , at 2
p. m. Tuesday.
J. J. Quinn , nrrestfctl In this city some
days nco on the charge of stealing n.
watch from n woman in Lincoln , was
yesterday taken to that place for trial.
The flro at 0 o'clock last night was at
1007 Capitol avenue , occupied by Uattic
Anderson and owned by Thomas Cotter.
A lamp 'exploded , and $100 will cover
the loss.
Edward Spollaborg , whoso cabinet
sliop and tools were burned with the
Mnyno paint works , saved iv beautiful
plebe of inlaid work. It is a desk with
a lid of walnut , brought from the old
country. The walnut is inlaid with
branches of osage orange and pieces of
n prune trco planted by Mr. Spollaberg a
It was reported on the streets last
evening that J. E. Hjloy , the well-
known contractor , had been thrown
from his carriage and killed. In
answer to a telephone call , Mrs. Rlloy
cheerfully reported her husband well
and sound , and somewhat later in the
evening Mr. Roily himself was seen
on the street on his way to Kansas City :
Personal ParaijrnpliH.
E. nroug , of Crete , .Neb. , is at the Pnxton.
W. Gnrnioiiy , of Shelby , la. , Is at the Mil-
Joe Ucatty , Chndron , Nub. , is at the Mil-
W. H. Dunn , of Lincoln. Neb. , Is nt the
P. Touhy. of Grand Island , Neb. , is at. the
W. E. Swcntzcl , of Sioux City , In. , Is nttho
G. H. Wilson , of Wlntcrsct , In. , Is nt the
C P. J. Dulnnoy , of Lincoln , Neb , , Is at the
N. C. Drown , of Cellar Unpids , Neb. , is nt
the Windsor.
W. It. Harwood , of Dca Moines , In. , is nt
the Paxton.
George Hogart , of Shcnnndonh , In. , Is nt
the Pnxton.
W. 11. Jones , of Missouri. Valley , In. , Is at
the Pnxton.
E. A. Dcclter , of Sioux Falls , Dak. , is nt
the Windsor.
L. .T. Mnccdens nnd wife , of Lincoln , Neb. ,
nro nt thu Pnxton.
J. F. Culllnnn , wlfo nnd family , of Sioux
City , In. , nro nt the Windsor.
13. H. Tcbault , of Beatrice , v/tw in the city
ycstDidny on his wny to Mississippi to plant
the Btnla-s for the nuw iron town to rlvnl
She Caino More Tlinii Ilnlf AVny.
But ono marriage license was issued Satur-
dny. The parties wore Henry C. Venn , ot
liollhiR , Wyo. . aged M. and Mrs. J. A. Graft ,
of Glunwood , Pa. , tiged 31.
DriinkcnncHs unit Wlfo
Ellen O'Neill lllcd n petition la the distitct
court Saturday nslcing for n divorce from
Jcffuisnn W. O'Neill. The husband is lic
ensed of maltreating his wife and of being
n habitual drunkard. Ho is also branded us
being unlit to have the custody of his chil
To Sell tlicoTrutli.
The Truth newspaper concern hns been
advertised to bo sold at auction Juno Hi at 10
n. in. , on the corner of Thirteenth and Dong-
Ins street. The order of sale is given by
Judge Anderson in favor of J. W. Evnrts ,
former editor of the paper , the Carpenter
paper company and the western Newspaper
Union , plaintiffs in several attachment suits.
Insulting Women.
There is n class of Idlers upon the street
who have been accustomed to imd > o obscene
rcmnrkb to abandoned women with impunity.
Some of them huvo become reckless and in-
disurlr.lnnto , with the result of insulting
rctpcctublo women. Judge Berlin , had four
such ca&PH before him Saturday and lined
them from J5 to ? 15 and costs.
Wanted l > y JH ! Hondsmnn.
John Dinginnn has gone to DCS Moincs in
Bcareh of Will Bryan , who is reported to bo
charged with seduction. A real estate dealer
named Foster went on his bail bond for
$1,203 , and wants to turn him over to the au
tuoritlcH. Bryan was manager of the JJes
Moine's hall twim the foropartoi last reason ,
and Is otherwise known to the sporting fra-
tuinity as a sprint runner of sumo local
fume. Tlio girl m the case is named.Stack. . .
Tlio Crete Assembly.
Considerable- interest has been manifested
during the pubt week In the meeting of the
ClmutniKjuii assembly nt Crete on the 'JSth of
this month , and many prominent citizens
liuvo taken stock in this institution and are
arranging to nttoml this year. The programme
publihhcd in last Sunday's Bin : sparkles with
the best talent in tlio world. The following
gentlemen have taken stock the past week :
Governor Saunders , Henry Yules , Joseph
Millard , John M. Tliurston , J. L. Hicc , L. O.
Jones , Dr. A. B. Seniors , ( Jhnrlcs W. Hig-
piim , Hev. Charles W. Savldge , Wing B.
Allen. George Joi > lin , James Homier und Lu
13. CaW J _
In the Nidk of Time.
A few minutes after 1 o'clook Sumln.t
tnorning OHlcertt Ormsby and Demisoj )
noticed smoke issuing from the saloon ol
Montgomery & Adams at Dodge nnd Four
teenth streets. They found the side door
. wide ojien , nnd alter groping ubout in tlio
, Binoko located the llro in tjio collar. With
the help of the block wntchmiin they carried
water nnd extinguished the blnzo. The lire
\VIIH In a heap ot rubbish , and the circuin
stances point to incendiarism , The owners
uero called but did not discover anything
stolen. They had closed up nt 12 o'clock.
A Traditional Stepmother. *
Isaac Williams upent the night in the con
trnl station on the charge of wlfo beating.
An ofllccr who knows him well nays Willlruns
Is a bobcr , industrious and woll-bohavod car
penter. Mr. Williams was n widower and his
wlfo n widow when tnoy married. The
woman led her first husband a lively dnncj ,
nnd married within a month of his death
Willitlms has n daughter by his llrst wifu anil
her stepmother has driven her from homo.
Bho iilbo objects to her father hiipportlng hei
among frlcmU , nnd It Is posslblo the ijuurro'
led to blows. It Is intimated that the art ci
was nmdo at the instance of u man rooming
in thu house.
PropnrntloiiH I-\ir Cclt < lratiiiK.
Arrangements for the coming Fourth o
July celebration , by the various labor organ
nations of the city , nro being rapidly per
fcctcd. The sub-commlttco on finance , whlcl
ivus appointed last 'I'uosJny evening to
gnthcr funds from the various corporation
and merchants , has been meeting with fair
success , over foOO having nlrcndy been col
Iccted , The railroads have nil agreed to give
greatly reduced rates , whllo the use of tin
fair grounds has Lecn donated for the occn
slew by Its managers. Among the interest
ing dUplnya ut thu grounds on that day wil
bo chariot and hort > o racing , us well as bul
loon ascensions. In the evening n pyrotech
lite display will cither bo given on the hlgl
school campus or in Jefferson bijuaro. The
speaker of the occasion will btl cx-Unitei
States Senator Van Wyck , who 1ms kindly
consented to deliver nn oration.
Put lo HeU $10 Worth.
It is a dangerous practice for lowans to
como over to Omaha to do their lushing
They can't keep pace with the town. For
example , Frank M , Jones , having an indell
nlto residence in the prohibition state , put in
Saturday getting full. When ho rolled into
the Metropolitan hotel > it night ho was In th
tow of a man who registered ns Franl
Backer. The night clerk flidu't like the
looks of Backer , who was fgnorunt of his
companion's name , but ns thu strangers in
sUted on haying u ropra tojfctiicr they xvera
accommodated. An hour later the clerl
heard bomo ono leave the houf e. Susrcctini
it to bo Backer , ho went upjto the room uui
touuu tie fvllOw gone. Jencs was -iu to
icnvy ft stupor to bo aroused. In the morn-
ng ho reported that ho Imd been robbed of a
tockctbook nnd 140 , Jones scoured the city
md got track of the man , but that is all.
Wnnt Tliclr Clothes Dnck.
The senior member of the firm of Nelson
k Wcsbcrg , tailors nt Boone , In. , arrived In
he city yesterday in scnrch of the burglnrs
vho robbed their store Thursday night of
' fiOO worth ol made-up clothes. The thieves
took out the sash of the front window and
carried awny nlno conts.sevcn vests nnd flf-
ccn pnlrs of trousers. The tramps , for such
hey evidently were , went to a Chlcnpo &
Northwestern railway box car nnd rlggeil
themselves out In now suits , leaving their
old duds In the car. The1 also left two of the
new vests.
A Serious Charge.
Frank Murray died of dropsy nt St. Jo
seph's hospital yesterday. Ho was about
hlrty-clght years old nnd leaves a wlfo nnd
'nmlly nt Hoshcster , N. Y. A man named
) 'Nelll , who attended Murray whllo nt their
loardlng house , reported that the deceased
md given n Dr. Smith t-200 on a guarantee
lint lie would be cured , but that the doctor
scat the patient to the hospital after a WCCK'S
treatment. The only Dr. Smith In the di
rectory could not bo found last night nt the
nddrcss given and O'Neill's residence could
not bo learned.
What is more attractive than a pretty
'ace with a frcih. bripht complexion r
"or it use Pozxoni's Powder.
Shetland pony for wtlo by George A.
Kcolino , Council BlufTH.
Smoke Soltlouborg's Figaro and got
, ho besto-cont cigar in tlio world. Max
Meyer & Co. , wholesale dopot.
The Union Pacific.
Will soil tickets from all Kansas and
Nebraska points for the special ex
cursion to Salt Lake City and return ,
Juno Oth , nt ono fare for tlio round trip.
Tickets going good live days , and rc-
Lurning liftecn dayfe , extreme limit
Lhirty days. Stop-over privileges al
lowed within those limits. Parties de
sirous of visiting Garliold Beach , on
Great Salt Lake , the famous watering
place of the west , should improve the
opportunity now ottered.
The State Veterinarian Ordered by
the Governor to ICoot It Out.
The following order has been issued to Dr.
crth , state veterinarian , by Governor
Thnyer , und will bo readily understood by
everybody , especially dairy mon In this vicin-
ty. It emphasizes the governor's apprccia-
, ion of pure milk , as referred to in Tin : Bnn
of yesterday , ni nlso the active measures
necessary to bo resorted to in order to attain
that result.
STATU or NEIIUASKA , Executive Depart
ment. Lincoln , Neb. , June , 1 ! > 8S. Dr. J.
north , State Veterinarian. Dear Sir : Hav
ing completed your labors at Button you will
please return without delay to Omaha and
resume the examination of all the dairy herds
which supply Omaha with milk ; and you will
continue this investigation without interrup
tion , us 1 will not call you away for duty at
any other point until your labors around
Omaha are completed.
I trust your investigations will bo of the
most thorough and searching character , and
on the slightest sign of tuberculosis m any
animal of the herds , you will require the
owner to separate her entirely , giving the
most stringent orders to that effect ; and also
lay upon them the most rigid prohibition of
their use of the milk from any such animal.
Inform them that nny disregard of your
orders in these respects will bo followed up
by the severest penalties the law can inllict.
1 trust , however , that every owner of such
cattle would bo ready nnd willing to comply
w ith your orders literally.
When your labors there are concluded , I
shall nwnit your report with n great deal of
The live stock agents are ready to render
you every assistance at nil times Very
truly yours. Jonx W. THAVVJK.
P. S. If there should bo any disregard of
your orders you will at once lay the matter
before the prosecuting attorney of Douglas
county ,
Union Pacific , * *
Will sell through tickets to St. Louis ,
Mo. , to parties desiring to attend the
National Democratic Convention , to beheld
held at that place , on Juno Sth , at ono
faro for tlio round trip , from points in
Nebraska nnd Ktuibus. Tickets going
good Juno iind to 5th , inclusive , and re
turning Juno Cth to llth , inclusivegood
for continuous pas&ago only in eacli di
Stop at the Globe hotel.
I have opened my Woodruff granite
quarries and can fill all orders of almost
any dimensions. Rock can bo seen at
stone yards ) of Win. Tyler , Lincoln ,
The I'aintVorlcs
Mayno Entirely Io-
Yesterday forenoon ubout 11 o'clock the
Mayno paint manufactory wns discovered to
bo on fire , nnd notwithstanding the fnct that
the department , was on hand in n very short
tinio after the alarm was sounded , the llamcs
hud acquired a romurkublo headway owing
to the largo amount of combustibles inside
the building. The stable belonging to the
American District telegraph company , a
laundry building nnd two dwellings next the
paint works were badly burned , the former
being almost a total wreck. The paint works
were completely destroyed , ab were the entire -
tire contents. The loss is estimatednt$7,000 ,
which Is nearly covered by insurance.
The ciuso of the llro is unknown , but it is
supposed to have originated from the care
lessness of some little boys who were play
ing in the rear of the paint works nearly all
the forenoon , and it Is believed the littln fel
lows hud matches with them , which were lit ,
und upon being dropped cnused the t > hi70.
There should bo some place for the key to
the llro alarm box at that point. Yesterday
it was hanging in the ofllco of the Wyeth
lumber yard , and the buildinir being locked ,
the man w ho discovered the llro burst In the
door , much to thu ditgust of the gentle
man in charge of the building , who was
highly Indignant. Had the lumber yard
been ablaze it might have been different.
Union Pacific ,
Will sell through tickets at ono faro for
the round trip , from points in Nebraska
ami Kansas to parties desiring to attend
the meeting of the Supreme Lodge ,
Knights of Pythias , to bo held in Cin
cinnati , Ohio , Juno lUth to 10th inclu
sive. Tickets good going.Tuno Stli to
13th and returning Juno lilth to 10th inclusive -
clusivo , with continuous passage only in
each direction.
When you como to Omaha stop at the
Glebe , the butt located &I-a-day hotel
in town. Between 13th and 14thstreets
on Douglas.
Stop at the Globe hotel.
OP I-1 KOU ST. ixnus.
Departure of the Nebraska Delega
tions for the Convention.
Attired in sleek clothes , wearing white
plug hats , silk badges on the lapels of their
coats , and carrying canes , ubout soventj-flvo
democrats from Omaha and various parts ol
the state gtcpjicd proudly from the I'axton
nt 00 : hist evening to the inspiring strains ol
the People's tlicatro bauU , nail marched down
Furnam fctr.cct and Tenth to the Union depot ,
where they boarded three Pullman cur ;
overtho Wabaalf rt.Uioad and started for tne
convention of dfmpcruts ut ti\ . Louis ,
" * M * "
An opportunity of Special Importance for cash buyers throughout the west. Specials in Children's
Suits , prices , $3 , $4 , and $5.
Continuation of the sale of Sawyer Suits , Price $12.00.
Continuation of the sale of Dplan Suits , Price $8.00.
Continuation of the sale of Blue Flannel Suits , Price $8.00
OUR orders by mail and express for
the bargain susts advertised worolarger
during the past month than wo had an
ticipated. Scarcely a city or town in
the Western States that have not sent
liberal orders. This is OUR method of
advertising , ami wo propose to continue
it , knowing that every article sent in
response to these orders will bo a lastIng -
Ing advortisomoni for the CONTINEN
LOT 2795. Price $3.00. We offer 150
Boys' Scotch Plnid.Norfolk Blouse Suit
nttho motoly nominal price of $3.00 ;
these are in regular sizes from 4 to 13
years old , ami as pretty a style and ns
serviceable as any that wo have been
nblo to make up this season for n much
higher price.
LOT 2304. Price $4.00. This is a.
very choice lot in n neat mixed Cheviot
ngood serviceable color and cut in the
same sizes for Boys' from 4 to 13 years
old. A now lot which lias been made up
to sell for $0.00 , and wo unhesitatingly
offer this as ono of tlio Best Bargains
over offered this season in this depart
LOT 2308. Price $ -5.00. This lot is
offered to those who want something in
a little darker color than the other lots.
This is a very neat black nnd brown
stripe , not aliowy at all Tjut very gontcol
perfect fitting and thoroughly made in
Norfolk Blouse style , same sizes as tiio
other lots Wo do not expect to dupli
cate ns good n suitas this for tlio money
this season. Tlio suit hns been marked
on our counter for $7.00 and wo know
that every ono taken out of our store
will give perfect satisfaction , Remem
ber these nro short pants suits only
Contlntmtion of the stile of the
Fabrics. There are only two colorings
loft on thcso celebrated suitingsnnd , wo
offer them until they arc entirely closed
out at the same unapproachably low
price of $12. per suit. No more domrn-
blo material can bo offered for a bus
iness suit than these goods nro , being
purely all well fabrics and goods that
have stood the test for years.
LOT 3521. In this lot wo have about
100 suits left in single breasted Sack
Coats , in sizes from 35 to 41. The very
best Sawyer Woolen Go's. , Double and
Twist Spring Suitings , now light grey
and brown mixture just made up in our'
very best manner , and never , during
the twelve years that wo have been sell
ing this suit has it over boon placed on
our counters at less than $18.
Wo do not need to commend the celo-
broted Sawyer Woolen Co.of Dover , N.
II. , but unhesitatingly pronounce them
the best manufacturers of line all Wool
Suitings in Now England. No shoddy.
flocks or cotton is used in any of their
fabrics. Do not forgot the price , only
LOT .3514. Wo offer 100 of the well
known Velour Cloth Finish Sawyer
Woolen Go's. Suits in n very dark Oxford
mixture , n small neat check pattern ,
ono of the most popular styles the mill
has over made , suitable for either bus
iness or dress purposes. Single brcnstcil
Sacks , regular sizes in Spring weight at
the same extremely low price of $12.
LOT 3525 Is n Single Button Cuta
way Frock Suit of this Dark Velour Fin
ish Sawyer of which wo have made up
about 50 Suits , as u Inrgo number of our
customers want n frock suit of thcso
celebrated Sawyer goods. Wo have
made up n few suits of this shade in
regular sizes from 35 to 41which will bo
sold nt the same extraordinarily low
price ns the others , $12.
Wo continue tlic sale this week of the
noted Dolan Cheviots , in regular sizes ,
34 to 4 J , comprising four different stylo's
nntl mixtures at tlio wonderfully low
price of $8.00 per suit. Those are strict
ly all wool goods , free from shoddy ,
durable nnd right in every respect. No
suit in this lot ought over to bo retailed
for less than $12 , but wo offer this ns an
attractive bargain in Men's low priced
Business Suits.
wil1 seml packages containing suits of clothing.furnishing goods , cloths and -woolens of all kinds kop
jn our establishment , to any address in Nebraska , loAva , Kansas , Dakota , Colorado , or Wyoming , 0. O. B
giving buyers the privilege of examining goods before paying for them. By this arrangement people living in distant towns can obtain every advantage of
seeing any article of merchandise in our stock at their own towns , examining the same before paying for them , and if not perfectly satisfactory , returning
goods to us at our expense. Money for all amounts exceeding § 10 may be returned at our expense.
TRY THIS ARRANGEMENT. For years we have sent goods all over the United Stales in this manner by express with the' most satisfactory
.esults. You take no risks. Examine the goods , and return them at our expense if they do not please you.
° *
MBO TON * " < e ; ? i a.O.ULg ( JUUUJLJLLU9 Ot V/
NEW YORK _ , . ,
DES MOINES Proprietors :
Corner Fifteenth , and Douglas Streets , Omaha , Nebraska.
where they expect to arrive this morning.
John Uoytl was the standard bcnrbr , letec- )
tivo Moynilmn , Chief Marshal , and Mess > rs.
Joe Tchon nnd "Jen" Mcfiesith aides.
Room No. 4S in the P.ixton was open dur
ing the day for the accommodation of the del
egation and their guest ? from out of the city.
The room was thrown oncn nt 11 u. m. , and
from that time to the hour of departure there
were numerous callers , who were regaled
with punch and imported cigars. A canvas
of the delegates showed that they were unan
imous to a man for Cleveland for president
mid Thurman for vice president , lirst , last
and all of the time. The headquarters of the
Nebraska delegation while in St. Louis will
bo at the Planters hotel.
Following are the names of those
who wont on the trip :
Put Desmond. T. E. Folcy , J. A. Kehoo of
Platte Center , T. II. Egbert of Norfolk , ' ! ' . C.
Emerson , Dr. Hear of Norfolk , John
O'Conncll , Frank Morrtsey , Ford , Joe
Tculion , Adam Snydcr , C. A' . Gallagher ,
Charles Ogdcn , John Dougherty , M. V.
Gannon , F. J. Murray , T. J. Donney , II. D.
Shuull , F. II. Hichards , C. E. Fanning ,
George N. Crawford of Colorado , D.RDavis ,
of Columbus , J. E. North of Columbus ,
J. C. Crawford. D. W. Clacy , John Power ,
T. M. Frassc , Charles Urandt.Otto Haiiman ,
J. Meyer 'of West Point , Detective Moyn-
ihan , O. E. Green. John Hoyd , Hon. James
13. Hoyd , D. A. Willard , M. D. Kochc , E. P.
Mullen , John J. Mahoncy , Thomas Hllcy ,
Milt G. Wilder , William 13. Cross of North
Platte , J. J. Points , James Tlmmens , J. H.
Hunter , Horace Newman , Dr , Dunn , of Lin
coln , M. A. Mills of Osccola.Gcorgo Holmes ,
jr. , John F. Murphy , Ed Urcnimn , and John
Attention , Odd Fellows.
All members of Keystone lodge , No.
lee , will moot at tlioir hall , corner Sixth
and Pierce , nt 1 o'clock sharp , Tuesday ,
Juno 6 , to attend tlio funeral of our late
brother , C. C. Thrnnc. All members of
other lodges are invited , also sojourn
ing brothers. A. VINUV , N. G.
Attention , Danish Society.
All members of tlio Danish society
nro requested to meet at Met/ ' hull ,
Tuesday , nt 1 p. m. , to nttcnd the
funeral of tlio Into C. G. 'JJlirnno.
Unhm I'aclflo.
Will Boll through tickets at rate of ono
faro for the rouiul trip , from points in
Nebraska and Knnsns , to parties desir
ing to attend tlio National Republican
Convention to bo hold in Chicago Juno
19th. Tickets good going Juno 10th to
10th , nnd returning Juno 20th to i5th
inclusive , witii continuous passage only
in each direction.
Dr. McGrew. Rectal , urinary & priv
ate diseases only. Room 6 , Barker bl'k.
Stop nt the Glebe hotel.
The Mulatto Is Hcndy to Marry tlio
Willie Girl.
Cyrus Terrill , the mulatto accused of be-
trayiug the Norwegian girl , Magglo Nelson ,
was found in his restaurant last evening
busily serving customers as though nothing
had occurred to disturb the oven How of his
life. The restaurant is on Dodge street ,
near Twelfth , and receives its patronage
from the colored and "sporting" population
so numerous in its immediate neighborhood ,
The girl's story was given in a dispatch
from St. Paul in yesterday's Ilex , Tcrnll
denies that ho used his position as her cm-
ploj er to overcome her scruples , nnd says
there Is no truth in the statement that ho
showed her u paper purporting to bo a mar
riage certificate. Ho suys they hod been ac
quainted and intimate for several months bc-
forci'ho engaged in the 'restaurant busi
ness , and t > ho hud frequently dc-
frajcd the eapcnbes of their coointr.
They were both cooks at too Cojvuns UpiUe
about" * year .ago , The girl bad co we there
in company with a white cook from Atlantic ,
la. , under promise of marriage. The latter
then secured $ -U of her money and disap
Terrell sent the girl to St. Paul , as stated
by her. He savs ho expected to follow and
open u restaurant in that city , but his part
ner hero failed to put up the cash necessary
to buy up the Omaha business. Terrell
claims that ho then wanted to send for the
girl to come back , but could not Ic.irn of her
whereabouts. When notilied of her condi
tion by a telegram from the city physician of
St. Paul , ho wired bacic to give her all
needed attention and scnd-her to Omaha as
soon as possible.
"I don't think it Just the thing for white
people to marry colored , " said Terrell , "but
I'll do anything the girl says. If she says
'marry me , " I'll do it. The best way out of
the trouble is the best way. I want to do
what's right by her. As long as I have a
nickel slio's welcome to It. "
The girl returned from St. Paul yesterday
morning. She reported nt the homo of Ter
rell's partner , J. T. Hlcc , but left immedi
ately without calling on Terrell. The latter
made a search for her , but up to last night
her whereabouts remained a secret.
This powder never varied. A marvel of puri
ty , btrength und wholrhoinenoKs. Moreucononi-
kal than the ordinary klmlH , nml runnnt bu sold.
In competition with thu multltmluof lowro'-t.
abort wulcht alum or phosphate powders. Sold
only In runs , Hoyal Making J'owilcr Co. , I'M
Wall btreet. New Vork.
Vose & Sons
Instriime-its ovdmif d , ronlcil aiultolil
on ltisj ] I'ajmi'iits , below
Instium nts slightly mod at
Max Meyer
Omaha , Neb.
To have your filcmls como to
As. Knbtcrn lines will ( .ell tickets nml run
Union Pacific
"The Overland ICoiitc. "
Tutu July 1.1CS . tickets sold for these excur
sions will ho peed thirty days lor tlio lounil
trip nml can be lined ten diiys Kolnn. When jmr-
clmsers nro ready to return , thf&e tickets will l > o
Koocl live dnys for that purpose. H purchasers
wish to btop short of di-stlnutlnn on our lines ,
dKcnts will stamp tickets good to return from
mich point.
J.S. TKllIlirrS. Oon. I . & T. AKont.
k L. I.OM.AX. Ass't 0. V. & T. A.
S , K , FEITON & CO ,
Anil Manufacturers' Agents for
Of all descriptions.
Hydraulic Engines , Surveys. De
tail Plans and Specifications.
Furnished on Short Notice.
Correspondence Solicited.
Office. Strain's ' Building , Fourlh Floor ,
raid Up Capllal . $250,000
II.V. . YjiTn > . 1'resldeiit.
Luwm.S. KIIKII. Vice President.
A. 13. TOIUAMNlid Vlcn President.
U. H 8 IIUOIILH , Cubhlcr.
W. V. MOIISK JOHN S. Cor.r.iNS ,
II.V. . Y.\THf , I/KW1S S. ItlJED ,
A.i : . TOUZAMN.
Uanklng OlMco-
Coiner l"th and Fiirnum StH.
A General liatiUui : UualucssTiiintuctcd.
--great Jleillcal Work of tlio
Bg op Mauhood. Nervous and <
Physical DiulHIy , Premature'
Decline , Errors ot Youtb , and
tliountold miseries consequent
thereon , COO pages Bvo , 1.3
Ijirscrlptlong for all dlfcases. .
Cloth , full e t ( only $1.00 , be
rnall , se l d. llliulratltosample free toallouni {
nnd middle ged men. Bend now. TnoOoldoml
Jewelled Medal awarded to the author by tuo Na
tional Medical Astoclatlon. Address I' . 0. box
1SW. Uostou , Mas * . , or Dr. W. JI. 1'AHKEll , grad
uateof Han ard lledlcal Collegers years' jiractlce
In Boston , who may bo consulted confidentially
Socially , Disease * of Man. Ofllce No. 1 L'ulHucti sU
E.T.Allen , M. D. ,
fipecuclea Acc rat ly Pristrlted
H' . J.
Surgeon and Physician ,
Office N. W Coiner j4tu und Iouijl St. Offleo
Mepfcvue , ISS ; ItyslUeaw teleplwue , Wi ,
A Concentrated Liquid Extract of
Aids Dif/cstlon ,
Cures Dyspepsia ,
Slrcni/tlicns the System ,
Jcsto > 'cs Sound , JlcJ'reshlna
Priceless to Hni'slny Molhers.
HccoiMileOyEfflincnt Physicians ,
Sale l > ji all Driii/dlils and Itich-
JDi'iKj Co , , Wholesale JJrnu-
DRS. S. & D.
1742 Lawrence St. , Denver , Colo.
Of tbo Jtnwnm of Anntomy. Bt. Ixjnls , Mo. Mem.
hcrsof L'nh' niltyColli'L'u Hospital , Jomlii. jr. j > .
( ilcHcn , Germany and New Ymk , ImMuu devoted
tuelr attention tpcclully to the triutmcat ut
Nervous , Ctanic & Blooi Diseases
More especially these nrlflng- from Imprudence , In.
tltu all fo oultcrlni ; to i orrcupund without delay ,
Il3cnfu3 of InltUlon and contagion rnrnl mfcly nnd
Ipctilllyltliout nso of i\iaiuerna \ ( Inics. I'utlmlg
Rhone raers liuvo belli nrgli m-d , huilly trcuti'il or
nrunouncrd Incurable , Khimld tint full to urlto in
, hrlr uj wiitontt. All littira receive 1m.
Dicdlutu attention.
And will bo mulled Vltl'l' to any ri'Mrcpo upon ro.
relpt of onu Sn'cnt Htiunp.fl'raf tl ( nl ( ) li * > t n utlon on
Nervous Juhlllly and Divflral Dximuxlloii. " A vnl-
liable inocllcul trcatjbu whlcli bliuuld bu read byalL
Adilrcbn ,
1742 Lawrence Street , Denver , Colo.
Tliu Overland Koutc. "
The Spoilsmen's , Tourists' and Pleasure
Seeker1 Line.
Send for the Neat Little Sketch Book.
highly interesting anil useful to sportsmen
It contains the American rules for trapping
and shooting adopted hy the National Gun
Association , as well at. the revised game
Inws of the Western States and Territories ,
Copies sent free upon application to
Genii' . k'iApent
Omaha , Ncl ) .
Jtemarknljle for powcrful _ ymp -
tlieticlone. piTaUle actlonuuii _ ab
solute durability , an years7recc.'rd.
thajjeet guarantee ot tlio excel-
Trace of tne < f Instriimf ills.
- Incomparably the Oast.
Fast Colors , Price $8,00 ,
LOT 3500 We offer this woolt 100 In
digo 131uo Flannel Suits , made in single
nnd double breasted Backs , regular sizes
from 35 to 41. Tlio regular price of this
suit has always been $10.00. in fnol ,
some dealers have sold them for as high
ns $12.00 per suit , but wo offer them now
nt tills extraordinarily low price of
Send for Samples.
Send for samples of thcso goods befora
ordering them. Wo will gladly send sam
ples of cloth to any address , or wo would
much prefer to send a sample suit , B
that the manner of making and trimming - 4
ming can bo BOOH. Wo would recom
mend , however , that self measurement
blanks be sent for first , so that a sample
suit may bo sent fitted to the party order
ing , thus saving the trouble of returning
suit to oxehaugo it. Parties wishing
Children's Suits , plcaso scud for lot and
ago they wish , as wo have no samples of
the ahorl pants suits.
0 IV3 A H A
N. W. Cor. 13th & Dodge StB
B R , .A. O EJ S ,
31cst facilities , appnratua anil remedies for sue
rcsslul treatment of every form of disease requlr *
ing Medical or Surgical Treatment.
Hoard nml attendance ; beet hospital nccouirno
dations in the west.
WRITB FOR CIKCUIARB on Deformities pml
Draces , Trusses , Club Feet , Curvature of ( Be
Spine , Piles , Tumors , Cancer , Catarrh , Ilro&cliltlf ,
Inhalation , Klectrlclty , rernlysis , lipllcpsy , JUrfU
ney , IllailUer , Uye , ar , SUiu aud Ulood , and all
Surgical Operations.
Diseases of Women o Specialty.
All Illond Ii < rai nuccettfully treated , 8ypti
ilitic l'ol on removed from the pyBtem without
mercury New restorative treatment for lot * cl
Vilnl Tower. I'eisoim unable ( o visit us may bo
It rated at home by correspondence AU commu
nications confidential Medicines or iiiitruraenUi
cut by mail or express , Kecurely packed , nr.
marks to indicate contents or tendtr One pef-
Fonnl interview preferred. Call and ca'isult us or
xcnd history of your case , and \vc will &eud in
pUiu urapptr , our
Upon Private , Special or Nervous Diaeares , Im
yiteiicy , Syphilis. Gleet utid Vuricoccle , with
yeMiunlist. Address
Omn/iu MeJIral anil fiitrottal Initltuteot
Cor. I3th nd DodcaStl. . 'JKAHA.NEB.
Will buy ono of
our nobby Siirlne
Suits in Worsted ,
line Casslinoro , or
Scotch Clioviota ,
in all tlio popular
colors nnd stylos.
Real bargains that
cannot fail to bd
appreciated by the
) dtbcorning. "We
( ' JIH are aware that
HXl'KNblVK gOOdfl
are largely adver"-
tibcd this season ,
but all of them
cannot fit and the
tent of close in-
spcction. Wo aslc our customers to
oxiuuino our block , and thus witlsfy
themselves of its quality und our