Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 27, 1888, Part II, Page 14, Image 14

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Stories of Sorao ofthoDlntlngulshod
of tbo Qontlo Box.
Mrs. VnmlcrtHlt'B Uomlolr Mntlicra
ns WnRcUnriicrs AVe nnu' Wit
. Story ofnL/ntly'a Hellenic
How She Went to lied.
A Ditcinmn of tlio Future.
ll't lllcn/orlfie Siimlfiu fiee.
'Twrts eighteen Jiunilrcil ninl ninety - ,
Thousands had mot In the capital' * ntrccti ,
The wonderful wonderful sight to sec
A Indy president ttilco her sent.
Then voiced hurrahs disturbed the nir
With n sound like the voice of crowing hens ,
And , wistfully eyeing tlieir empty ctmlr ,
There But in the background n few small
" ' "Then cnmo n delay In the pompous rites ;
"Tho candidate's tardy" Oh , where she
"Give her time. " "She's dressing. " "Sho
must look Just rlRht. "
"Hero's n note. " "What Is It ! " "Oh , dear ! "
"Let mo see : "
"My dears , do pardon my lonp delay.
And can't you postpone for a month or
Abnby was born to mo this very dny. "
V "Oh , the horrlhlo woman. " "Oh , what
, shall wo dot" _ J. .f.
* Set Flro teller Own Hair.
Miss Mtiry Eltnoro met , with a serious
1 mishap in Fort Worth recently , SW.VH
the Gill vcBton , Tex. , News , the result
of n very foolish freixk. She WIH wash
ing her head with u solution of water
, ' and coal oil , the proportion of oil hoinj *
j nboiit two-thirds. When she was
: through and about to dry her hah- with
R towel her little sister suggested that a
f match bo applied to the oil-saturated
hair. Appaarontly to humor the littlu
one and not thinking of the cense
quences. Miss Elmoro struck a match
and hold it to the end of her long
tresses , and in an iiibtant her head was
enveloped in a Hamo. IBoforo assistance
could bo rendered her luxuriant tresses
. . wore gene and her face terribly
scorched. The most serious injuries
1 are to her eyes and it is feared both
will bo destroyed , or at least perman
ently injured. Miss Elmoro is about
fifteen years old and was a very comely
A Now York Sun special cable says :
The wife of the syndic mayor , Castiig-
nola Ticino , has given birth to six chil
dren. The fact is testified to as abso
lutely correct by an authoritative Borne
correspondent. The woman , whoso
name is Bo/.zonico , is thirty-eight years
of ago , and has already had three and
four children at a birth. Tier husband
is married for the second time , and has
seven children by his first wife.
The -children , four boys and two
girls , were born living , but died soon
afterward. The news of this extraordin
ary event , perhaps hitherto unheard of
in the annals of anthropology , has cre
ated a great sensation , especially in
Italy , and doctors are hastening to the
scone from Milan , Como.and other towns
' to satisfy themselves of its truth.
A Snnkc on Her Hustle.
The other day as Misses Mamie and
Delia Moore , two sisters , residing about
one mile from Pocomoko , says the Bal
timore American , wore walking over
their farm , superintending the farm
work , which they have been doing for
some weeks past , during the illness of
their father , they sat down on a log
near a fence to converse on some farm
matters. After talking for some mo
ments they arose to rcsiyne their walk.
Miss Manuo at that moment felt a heavy
weight which seemed to drag her dress
down behind. She requested her sister
to.Jook and ascertain what was the matter -
tor , and the latter , on looking , discovered -
ored to the horror of both ladies that a
largo copperhead snake was coiled upon
her bustle. The snake was immediately
knocked elY and dibpatched by the
young ladies , it measured five feet one
inch in length , and was about as thick
as a man's wrist.
A Story of n. Ijady'H Hellenic.
I have heard on good authority that
there is an interesting relic preserved
in Alnwicic castle to which a romantic
legend is attached , says a writer in
Notes and Queries. The treasured relic
is a lady's reticule , such as was com
monly carried seventy years ago more
or less and which did the duty of a
pocket. On the night preceding the
battle of Waterloo the duke of Welling
ton and his chief olllccrs attended a ball
at Brussels given by the duchess of
Richmond , and Major Percy , who was
present , became deeply interested in a
lady whom ho met for the first time.
When "midnight brought the signal-
Bound of strife , " and Major Percy and
the lady had to part , with mutual regret -
grot , ho bogged of her some souvenir of
their happy meeting , anil she resigned
to hlia tor reticule. Next day came the
erS ? "rmttlo , and Minor Percy was se
lected Iff convoy to Lord Bathurst the
duke's famous dispatch , with its admir
able description of the contest , dated
Waterloo , Juno 15) ) , 181fi. This precious
document was convoyed to the minister
in the treasured reticule. The story , as
told to mo , ended with the sad coiiclu-
; aion that the major searched in vain for
the owner of the reticule and they never
Afterwards mot. _
She Stood a Irving Torch.
A woman standing on the elevated
railroad platform while her hat was in
Jinnies was the unusual sight witnessed
by a number of people at Fourteenth
ttroot and Sixth avenue , says the Now
York World. The platform was crowded
by ladies returning from their shop
ping. Noticeable among the bevy was
a richly dressed lady , eaid to bo Mrs.
G. M. Allen , of Ono Hundred and
Thirty-first street. As the train neared
the station she came out of the ladies'
waiting-room and crowded with the
rest of her sex up to the cdgo of the
platform. Suddenly a little scream
was hoard , and the lady was informed
that her hat was on Uro. It was a
Bight to see her standing there blazing
like n torch , and the ladles foil back
from her in wonder and fear.
Mrs. Allen did not for a moment lese
her presence of mind. With as much
care and grace as though she were
standing before hbr own mirror she re
moved the hat pins and lifted the blaz
ing millinery from her head. She hold
it for a moment as though loth to lose
the handsome trifle of lace and flames ,
nnd then tossed it lightly to the lloor ,
and with commendable coolness pro
ceeded to stamp out the flro with her
pretty No. 2 hoots , while she seemed in
imminent danger of igniting her skirts
When the llamos wore out she kicked
the now ruined hat to one side and talc
ing a lace scarf from her neck , put it
over her head , and boarded the train
as coolly and gracefully as though noth
ing had happened. The scone created
a great sensation nnd the ladies and
guards who wore present loudly ap
plauded the action. The/ / hat was one of
these elaborate pieces of French art in
which the ladies delight , nnd was com
posed of nn abundance of flowers. It
hud caught flro from a gas jet in the
ladles' waiting room in the station and
but lor the prompt action of Mrs. Allen ,
her golden tresses wouU have shared
the Bump fate as the millinery.
jtlDthrrM ns Wasti-Earners.
'For years the world has been 0.11 a
moral cru ntlo ngninst the employment
of children in mines and factories , says
the Popular Science Weekly , while the
far greater evils that result from the
mothers going outns wage-earners have
attracted comparatively HUloattention.
Labor within certain limits is good for
.tho child , giving it a wholesome moral
discipline"and training it for the busi
ness by which it is to earn its llvlihood ;
but , wnon a married woman has to neg
lect her natural duties for the respon
sibilities that properly belong to the
other sox , it Is time for humanity to
protest in the name of her offspring.
No one individual can fill satisfactorily
the double , or , I should say , the triple
function of bearing and rearing child
ren , and providing for their mainten
ance. I am a laboring women myself ,
nnd luivo mot with some success
us a bread-winner ; nnd I know
that the conditions of perform
ing this function satisfactorily arc quite
incompatible with these arduous and
important duties which make such
heavy demands upon every conscien
tious mother , especially among the poor.
In the homes of the very poor there nro
no hired servants to keep the household
machinery running smoothly while the-
mistress is away. The wife of the
laboring inan is frequently cook , nurse ,
houso-muld , laundress , all in one ; and it
she must go out as a bread-winner be
sides , what is to prevent the domestic
engine from running olT the track and
getting itself hopelessly ditched ?
Of the two evils , I am porriimdod that
it is better that the child should go out
to labor than the mother. Liberty , un
curbed Dy thochecic rain of parental re
straint , IK a more than doubtful bless
ing , for the IOH ? of which the child that
tubes ! U mother's place in the shop or
the mill is more than compensated by
the advantage of having her care at
homo. .
The Money QUOOH'H Pot Aimrtmniit
Fitted at n Cost or$12OUOO.
Now York World : A friend at Paris
sends mo a description of the work or
dered by Mrs. Vundorbilt for her own
boudoir in Now York and which has
just been packed for shipment. She
merely indicated the general character
of the room , wishing it to bo in green
and gold , and gave the contractor carlo
blanche for the rest. The panels of the
wall are green , with overlaid work of
gold wood. The green wood is of elm ,
dyed in sulphuric acid , the gilding being -
ing on the oak wood. The panels stand
four nnd a half metres high , and the
whole room is seven metres long by
four metres broad. The room in Now
York , for which these boiseries are des
tined , is six metres high , to that there
will bo a space of one and u half metres
between the gold cornices of the panel
ing and the colling. The interstice will
be covered with imitation stone.
The carving of the gilt wood is marvelously -
velously executed. The style is Louis
XV. at its best. Above each panel is a
small panel of gilt oak. carved into
allegorical figures. Scroll work is
abundantly applied. On the four prin
cipal Hanols is lot in a panel of Lyons
silk with n pattern of baskets of ilov/ers ,
the silk costing nt wholesale price 12 a
yard. The fireplace is of cnbtiron with
allegorical figures. The mantel is of
rose-colored marble , known as Rose du
Vnr. On the mantel are sot , in guise of
caryatides , two satyrs of green bron/.o ,
each holding aloft a branchinggilt can
delabrum. Each satyr costs $1.000.
Above the mantel , and reaching up
totho _ cornice , is a heavy gilt bevelled
mirrorwhich is in great part concealed
by the picture let into the black wood
frame. This frame will contain , when
the boudoir is fitted up in Na\v York , a
portrait of Mme. do Pompadour , by
Boucher , which Vnnderbilt bought
some time ago for $ . > ,000. In the center
of either lateral wall is a door of gilt
bronze in each lattice. Tnefsc doors
are made to slide open. The furniture
of this marvelous room is of gilt walnut ,
covered with lampas , and counts
for $10,000 extra. The panel wood
work , including the mantel , cost1 !
$ : ! 0,000. So that the whole boudoir ,
with the furniture , pictures
nnd accessories , will represent
approximately a casb _ value of 8120,000.
A Womnn'H Wit.
It is quite commonly claimed that a
woman is not adapted to business pur
suits , and vet there is abundance of evi
dence to prove that in an emergency a
woman's ready wit will prove superior
to a man's heavier powers.
The following incident well illustrates
the kind of an occasion that will call
out the keen weapons of a woman's wit.
Some when "road "
years ago agents"
abounded in Montana , a woman was
traveling by coach to join her husband.
One day a follow pusbonger said to her ,
"I have a thousand dollars in my
pocket book , and fool uneasy about the
road agents. Would you mind conceal
ing it about your dress and returning it
at the end of the jom-noy ? If the high
waymen do stop us they nro less likely
to bcurch you than moV"
She acceded to his request , hid the
money in her dress , and the stage drove
away without meeting a road agent
until toward evening. Then the shout ,
"Throw up your hands ! " was heard.
The driver promptly pulled up , as four
men on horseback , with masked faces ,
covered him with their pistols.
Two of the highwaymen then rode to
each side of the coach and ordered the
passengers to give up their arms , which
they did promptly.
"Now , shell out ! " said the robbers.
The passengers handed out their
pocketbooks ; oven the man who had
called in the woman's aid gave up a
few dollars.
Ho was congratulating himself upon
his caution when ho heard the woman
say , in a quiet way :
"I have got a thousand dollars , but I
suppose I must give them up. "
Suiting the action to the word , she
handed over the man's roll of green
The robbers rode away , nnd then the
man gave expression to his feelings by
abusing the lady nnd accusing her of
betraying her trust from sheer fright.
She smiled mysteriously.
At the end of the journey she asked
him to btuy all night at her house , and
said that her husband would be glad to
sco him.
"Yos. ma'am , I will como to your
IIOUBO , " he said , in the tone of an in
jured man ; "it's the least you can do ,
ma'am , seeing that you have loft mo
without u cent in the world. "
At the lady's house ho was treated as
a distinguished guest , but neither host
nor hostess offered him ono word of ex
planation that night , nnd ho wont to
bed a sad , irritated man.
The next morning , as ho entered the
dining room , the host shook hands with
him and said :
"Hnro are your thousand dollars , sir ,
which my wife ventured to borrow in
an emergency. She had twenty thou
sand dollars , which she was bringing to
me , concealed in her dross. She
thought by giving up at once the thou
sand dollars entrusted to her by you
she would save hoi-solf from be'ing
searched by the robbers.
"Her quick wit saved mo from a
heavy loss , and I am much obliged to
you for the use of the forced loan , "
Breakfast was a fur more cheerful
meal to the man than the suppur of the
night before.
How She Went to lied.
She was alone and a passenger on the
Chicago oxprois which loft the Grand
Central depot at 0 p.m. , says the Now
York Sun. Her quality was not rondo
apparent until within about fifty miles
of Albany. Then it became evident
that she regarded comfort as superior to
the proprieties every time. Her berth
being prepared , with n look of deter
mination , she stood up and drew the
curtain behind her ; not close enough ,
however , to embarrass her movements.
Off cnmo ho waist , then she stopped out
of her dress skirtand , folding both neat
ly , slowed thorn away. Next her corsets
came olT. Then she pinned a. shawl
around her shoulders , throw aside the
curtain and came forth. Reaching her
bag she secured brush , comb and "hand
glass and proceeded cooly to arrange
her hair as was her wont' In her own
boudoir. Thus far the mon in the car
had done their whole duty by looking
the other way , but they gave it up
when she deliberately took out all her
hairpins , removed an elaborate switch ,
attached it to the hook at the side of
the berth and combed It out carefully.
This done she folded it up , put. it away ,
got into bed , took olT the shawl and in
ton minutes was softly snoring. Then
the mon wont into their own compart
ment , lighted fresh cigars , passed
round a Husk nnil wondered who might
bo the fortunate possessor of such a
woman. _
In the month of March 1 popped the ques
tion ;
Within u fortnight wo were wed ;
Within a month I writhed in Indignation ,
And oven wished that I were dead ;
Amelia was a charming woman , , .
A graduate of cooking school , of course ,
Hut , rciilly , such atrocious pics and pud *
1 couldn't stand , and so In May divorce.
The fiishiouublo strawberry short cake Is
still cut short as to strawberries.
Thu , < 'Ualar color t'tis summer is green ,
both in .iiUHnnry and inlnt'julops.
Hlood.oningo and English primrose nro
lea ling colors in dross and millinery.
Mrs. Seoly is eighty-seven years old and
has Just cast her first vote in Kunsus.
An odd design In hairpins represents a
Korpuht coiled about and supporting u large
Uus'ihin cnamol is the very newest crao
in Jewelry , and one of the ino t p.irdoiublo
as well.
Aecitaln style of shoo button is called
"Old Maid's Wedding , " because it never
comes off.
A Brazilian bug nearly two inches in
length is an odd brooch s.hown by a New
York Jeweler.
"If you want your wife to bo healthy make
her cry about once u fortnight , " says a Phil
adelphia doctor. *
Full bows of ribbon with n stiff quill or
two , are the only permissible trimming
worn lor traveling hats.
It begins to be whispered that the reign of
the tailor over women's gowns will shortly
bo n thing of the darkly mildewed past.
LIHie rin Loy , daughter of a Chinese ; cap
italist of San Francisco , is ono of the most
richly dressed women on the Pacific coast.
An odd purse has a cover composed of a
silver dollar which tightly closes over a
frame from which hang the silver meshes.
And now como green kid gloves , in all
shades , from which , along with envy , malice
and all uuclmntableness good Lord deliver
The female horse thief is the latest from
Ohio , two "pretty and stylishly dressed"
ones having been Jailed at Akron the other
It is said that Queen Elizabeth had more
than a thousand lace gowns. She- was evi
dently the Berry Wall of the sixteenth cen
There are in England : t4 fcmnlo black
smiths who actually swing heavy ham
mers , and 9ia8 women employed in null
Miss Clara Foltz , lawyer , editor and lec
turer , has been voted ? ll,00 ) ( ) by the common
council of San Diego , , to como and boom
that city.
Miss Annie McCormick , a charming young
lady of Hawkinsville. G.i. , can play two
pieces on the piano and sing a third at the
sumo time.
A calla lily in pure white enamel , with n
gold stamen and having u brilliant dewdrop
clinging to its side , is a much admired design
in brooches.
Parasol handles of twisted silver , from
twelve to eighteen inches in length , are
shown in plain and oxydized patterns in
great variety.
An Atchison , Kim. , woman did a big w.ish-
Intr the other day , cooked dinner and
whipped a child , and then fell dead from
C. T. Hitchie , member of the English cabi
net is the father of bcvcral musical daugh
ters , equally devoted to art , harmony and
the Primrose league.
Stout old lady ( to clerk ) You hoop good
corsets , do you , young man. Clerk Yes ,
ma'am , our corsets uro simply immense.
Stout old lady Isavea in u huff.
The daughter just born to Yun Shan Lee ,
the Chinese Yale graduate who about a year
ago married Miss Jerome , of Now Haven , is
to go through life as Jennie Lee.
Women have cheek enough to wear men's
hats on their heads , lint there's one thing
they dare not do. Not one of them dare
to remove her hat in public and dust off the
bald spot.
A costly comb recently seen had an intri
cate lacework pattern in silver at the top , in
which the entire tracery was closely set with
small brilliants. Ten matched pearls topped
the whole.
Owls , which hnvo lately become fashion-
nblo in Paris , appear to bo coming into favor
hero once more. Owl-head scarf pins , in
omuncl , with either ruby or diamond eyes ,
are again being shown.
The British female , It is said , fairly revels
In the present license of color , and ono was
seen the other day upon n great occasion
wearing a heliotrope skirt , green mantle ,
violet hat , while vest and black gloves.
Caroline Hcrchol , the discoverer of eight
comets , and Unaccomplished partner of her
brother's astronomical labors , never could
remember the multiplication table , and ul-
ways had to currs y a copy of it about with
Of all the mean things said by men , to and
about women , commend us to that crabbed
parson who told the sisters of his Hock that
"Christ appeared llrst to women after the
resurrection , Jest so as the daws might spread
faster. " *
Three gowns are being made In Vienna
forthofuturo empress of China sky-blue ,
purplo-bluo and darkest Indigo and they
uro embroidered with the characters that
signify "eternal life , " "eternal love , " "eter
nal happiness. "
For the first act of her now play , "Frnn-
cilllon , " Ucrnhardt has a gown of cream bro
cade cmbroldcrlo In gold and silver wild
roses , and worn over a petticoat of China
crcpo In Nile green and old rose , to which
shades she Is uiorothan partial.
Mrs. Robert Milngan , of Bridgeport , W.
Ya. , gave birth to her twenty-lift ! ! child ,
Thursday. The mother Is forty-eight years
old , and was married at the ago of fourteen.
Her children twenty-olio of whom are liv
ing include five sets of twins.
The female half-breeds of Spanish and In
dian blood In Yucatan are said to bo by far
the handsomest people in that country ,
They are described as a gentle , docile , pleas
ure-loving raeo , not altogether lazy , perfect
ly honest and remarkably cleanly in their
A Montreal lady ordered a cloak from a
tailor and refused to pay for it on the
ground of mlslit. The tailor has brought ,
suit to recover the price of the cloak and
claims that it did fit until the lady put on nn
immense bustle. The court will have to decide
cido the regulation size of a bustlo.
Mrs. LIzzlo W. Champnoy , of Now York ,
the author of "Three Yussnr Girls" and tbo
wife of Cluunpnoy , the artist , is us pleasant
to the eye us her books are bright , She is
brown-haired , elendor and rather delicate
looking , with a grave face. She has a won
derful talent us a teller of dialect stories ,
Mrs. Emily Crawford , the eminent Paris
journalist , Is described as an Irishwoman ,
who remembers as a child being carried
about on O'Connor's shoulders. She has a
strong , hatiduoino face , blue eyes , full of
merriment ailJ expression , heavy black
lushes and very abundant white hair , which
she wears with oitrctso simplicity.
The Quaint Customs of a Strange
and Picturesque Scot ,
They nro Wakened Avltjhtho Strrtlns
of Sweetest Music nml Spend
tlio Day for
Harmonists' MciHor/Al Injr.
ECONOMY'Pa. , May 25. Special Cor
respondence of the Lhcii. ] Of all the
quaint customs and ceremonies prac
ticed by the singular community of
German socialists and mystics , known
ns harmonists or economltcs , who built
and own this peculiar village , where
they have observed the most absolute
communism and the most rigid celi
bacy for nearly seventy years , that
which possesses , the strongest interest
is the keeping of an annual memorial
or decoration day , upon which they
adorn the graves of all their dead with
llowers. This custom was not suggested
by the American usage of decorating
the graves of the soldiers of the late
war. On the contrary , it has been
practiced by the harmonists or ocono-
mites over since tlieir strange scot was
first organised at Harmony , in Butler
county , Pa. , 1805.
The third Sunday in May is generally
chosen for the Economito's Decor
ation day , as by that the flowers
in the society's beautiful public
garden are usually abundant ,
but the selection of the unto rests en
tirely with Father Jacob Ilonrici , who
is the autocratic head of the community
it4 prophet , priest and king. Complete
submission to his will is regarded by
the Ueonomitos as one of the highest
and most imperative forms of Christian
duty. Ono-good old ICconomite sister
told ino'only yesterday that n blessing
could not fail to follow implicit obedi
ence to the commands of Father Ilon
rici , who is the dictator not only of nil
the rules and regulations by whioh his
people are governedbut of the minutest
actions of their lives as well.
Ever since the Harmonists settled
their organisation they have been ac
customed to bury tlieir dead in the
orchard , ti largo enclosure of many
acres , made beautiful by exquisitely
kept velvety lawns and graceful peach
and pear trees. [ A portion of it has been
separated from the rest by a neat fence
of white palings , within which Father
Rupp , the founder of the society , and
his many followers who have gone to
join him , calmly sleep tboir last _ sleep. ]
The graves of the Harmonists are
wholly undesigiiated by nyirk of any
kind , and there is no menus , of distin
guishing that of the grelit. I < other Uapp
from those of the humble brethren who
sleep tirmnd him. A' nigihtor and
ground plan of this prhrulivjo cemetery
are strictly kept , however."and the aged
Harmonist , of it cann from memory ,
give the names and point out the-graves
of every individual buried there.
Much that scorns strange i'n the faith
and practice of the harmonists is readily
accounted for when it is'taken into con
sideration that ever binuo the formation
of thiiir KK'ioty in 1SD3 , they-have daily
expiictod the visible , personal second
coming of the redeemer. The sun never
rises upon a new day that they do not
export to see in the heavens the bigns
of His glorious advent and to read
there in the to them joyful news ,
that the end of the world is at hand.
They hold all llowi-rs in great venera
tion and invest them with asneeial mys
tic meaning , believing them to have
been designed by God as direct tynes of
the resurrection , regarding their rising
in the spring from the earth in which ,
during the faevoro winter , they s-ein
to have been buried , as directly
typical of Christ rising from the
dead. It is for this reason that
flowers hear so prominent a part in all
their religious ana so.inl observances
and that they are cant down upon the
collln when it is lowered into the grave
and nro annually placed Uon ) the
graves themselves. In addition to
other gifts of prophecy. Father ITonrici
possesses great skill in fortclling the
weather and ho generally selects fortho
annual decoration a day whoso sky is
fair and cloudlcns. His choice is an
nounced to his people the night before ,
and the long hours of darkness which
follow are devoted to meditation and
prayer. The eve of their memorial day
is a season of peculiar solemnity among
the simple-minded harmonists and is
regarded with feelings of veneration
and awe akin to those inspired by holy
week in Lent. The leaders or elders ,
devote themselves to reconciling any
differences which nuiy have arisen
among the members , so that all may
participate in the solemn observance of
decorating the graves of their dead in
true Christian love and fellowship.
If any harmonists have indulged in
any gross sin or have any heavy burden
resting upon their conscience they are
urged to make a private confession of it
to Elder Honrici , their venerable reli
gious leader , as well as to God , for they
believe that without this confession to
their spiritual advisor thuy cannot ex
pect that full forgiveness from Jehovah ,
which will bring them true peace of
mind and c-nablo them to perform the
decoration in the right spirit. There
is less of tliis confusion practised now ,
however , than in former years , when ,
being younger and less firmly estab
lished in the Christian Ufa , they
wore more liable to yield to
temptation or besotting sins ,
and especially during the lifetime
of Father Rapp , whom they devoutly
reverenced as holding a-diroct commis
sion from God as Ids ch'oson minister.
With the dawn of their decoration
day , all gloomy meditation vanishes and
the same happ'inoss and joy "that nro so
noticeable among them on Easter morn
ing sparkle in every eye niid smile on
every lip , for as will havo.becn gathered
from what has been already tyrltton , the
harmonists do not regard death as a
thing of sadness , to bolshunned and
dreaded. On the contrary they deem
it most desirable as a translation from
earthly sorrow and pain to endless
peace and joy , and think that these who
die in the Lord nro to bp folicited
rather than mourned forlj -
Just as the first rosy hues df dawn nro
visible In the easterns heavens
the excellent military , band which
has always boon maintained among
them , wakens the towns with
strains of sweetest muslo from the high
church tower. Then all sally forth to
gather flowers , and returning well
laden the morning.hours are spent in
weaving thorn into garlands. At 2
o'clock in the afternoon.tho whole com
munity , including not only the mem
bers of the society , but also their 800
workmen with their wives and children ,
assemble in the * society's great public
hall. After addressing them briefly ,
Elder Honrici marshals thorn into a
quaint procession , which headed by the
band , inarches through the principal
streets , presenting a most unique ap
pearance as it does BO. There is Father
Honrici , his tall form bowed and his
long curling looks , which flow out upon
his ihouldors , whitened by the snows
613-615 N. i6th St. , Bet. California and Webster.
East Side of Street , Corner of Alley.
of more than eighty-five winters. Then
there are the men in quaint blue cloth
ing made in the ( .fashion of provincial
Germany in 1803 , and the women with
high pointed caps of blue satin , j
The Orchard cemetery readied , there
are prayers , stripture readings , remarks
and singing , and then all deposit their
flowers and garlands till the graves are
covered. Then the procession marches
back to the great public hall for dismis
sion and the Economitcs' Decoration
day is at an end.
AnKngllsh clergyman was arrested re
cently in Liondon , charged with having
knocked pieces oft the credence table in
Westminster Abbey. lie wanted them as
The Salvation army has a dangerous rival
in the person of a Scandinavian woman who
has been leading a religious revival ut Meii-
omincc , Mich. , for a month past. Her preach
ing has driven eight persons insane.
An evangelist is traveling through Indiana
proclaiming that the world will como to an
end this year. If this will only prevent the
Indiana democrats from keeping convicts in
their city councils it will do some good.
Two young men of Racine , Wis. , locked
the door of the Methodist church in that
city , dui ing the services , nnd it became nec
essary for a deacon to climb through a win
dow and unlock the door before the congre
gation could bo released.
Among Philadelphia's latest sensations is
the arrest of three very good young fellows
quite the type of the Sunday school library
hero for stealing the watches of their fel
lows at the gymnasium of the Young Men's
Christian association.
Having disposed oftlio women question ,
the Methodist conference has another puz
zler. A Chinaman asks whether converted
heathens , having more than ono wife can re
tain their wives and remain good Methodists.
Such conduct might cflcct n Methodist's
standing in Now England.
A negro preacher addressed his Hock with
great earnestness on the subject of miracles
as follows : "My beloved friends , do great
est of all miracles was 'bout do loaves and ao
ilshcs. Iero ) was llvo thousand loaves and
two thousand fishes , and do twelve "postlos
had to cat clem all. Dp miracle is dey didn't
If these Methodist minis'ers who want to
keep the women out of tboir confcrunco in
New York wore alio to exclude the fair sex
from their church meetings , what would become -
como of their strawberry festival ? And
how many young men would listen to their
sermons t Urethren , without women church
service would fall into in us d o.
Parson Cushlonpounder I noticed that
Brother Ulacksheep slept through the entire -
tire sermon thh morning. Elder Yokefellow ,
encouragingly O , well , that's Hlackfhcci ) .
Ho isn't afraid of anything. I knew him in
the army , and I saw him ho down and sleep
under the guns ut Vicksburg. He'd sleep if
you hollered ten times louder'n you do.
A "IJusinojs Man" praises n Now York
daily for HH now departure of putting a text
of scripture ut the head of a column each
day. Ho says It "supplies n deep want , felt
away down in the heart. " The inference is
that the "Uusiness Man" can lind tlmo to
read ouly ono verso of scripture u day , and
doesn't own a bible.
Governor ( jordon. of Georgia , has
respited William Hopkins , who was to have
been hanged in Hubun county to-day. HopKins -
Kins and his brother stoned a stranger to
death because ho cuino to church wearing "u
b'ilcd shirt and store clothes. " When Hop
kins asked his father a few days since to
como nnd see him hanged , the old man ex
pressed a willingness to do BO If the ground
should happen to bo too wet to plough.
According to tlio Baptist , an offer was re
cently received from a married man who
wished to engage in mission work , The gen
tleman has n ' 'small family of fourteen , "
and ho expressed his willingness to proceed
to China and to Icavo his family behind him ,
"for a largo family ho found u great hinder-
ance to graco. " A family of fourteen is o
hiudorauco to a good many other things be
sides grace , The cheerfulness with which
this man proposed to turn his back on his
wife and children Is an eloquent commentary
on his fitness to preach the gospel to the
Doston university has women In its highest
governing board.
In Japan 133 now schools and societies for
girls and women were established during lust
The Uoyal university of Ireland lately con
ferred the degree of master of arts on five
yonng women ,
The university of Leipzig Is more than four
hundred years old , and the government gives
it every year 1100,000.
The university of Michigan offers a choice
of 243 courses of study flfty-threo more than
are offered by Harvard ,
Yassar college has conferred the degree of
LL. D. on Mrs. Catherine L. Franklin , a
Fellow of Johns Hopkins university.
Now Orleans has n teachers' benevolent
association with a good bank aocount. Its
investment is DOW a question with the mem
Baron Hlrsch has deposited in the Bank of
London 110,000,000 for the education of poor
Jews of UUssin. This Is , with ono excep
tion , the largest benevolent gift in the hU-
tory of the world.
Yale's new mlleeo library building , the
glftofS. H. Chlttcndcn , of Brooklyn , will
bo the largest In the country , and probably
the finest. It wi'l ' cost 5125,000 , and bo ready
for use next fall.
By the will of the late Captain Leonard
Burrugc , of North Lcominster , Mass. , $20-
O'Jl is bequeathed to Olivet college for a
library building , which will soon bo
At Pisk university , Nashville , Tcnn. ,
ground has just been broken for the first
negro gymnasium and mechanical laboratory
the world has ever seen.
Alouzo Steele , of Grinncll , In. , has given
20.000 to.endow the chair of mathematics
and natural philosophy of Iowa college , the
chair to bo called in memory of his daughter ,
the "Myra Steelo" chair.
Chicago has in her employ 1,603 teachers.
The number of pupils enrolled is 75,000. Of
these < JOOJ are in double divisions that is ,
can attend school only half a da * ' . There
are 2,000 moro girls than boys in the
Prof. William R. Harper , of Ynlo , will
hold six summer schools for the study of He
brew this year at Nowtou Center. Mass. ;
at Philadelphia ; ut the University of Vir
ginia ; at Chicago , 111. , and twice at Chatuu-
* qua , N. Y ,
San Diego , Cul. . is soon to have an or
phans' home for both sexes , combined with
an educational and technical school. The
endowment amounts to $2,000,000 , and was
subscribed by four citizens of San Diego.
The city has also civcn 10J acres of land ,
which is estimated to bo worth nearly
The Woman's Medical Collcce of Pennsyl
vania had in its graduating class , 1SSS , ono
student from India , ono from Australia , and
two of African descent. The last men
tioned were the fourth und llfth colored
graduates of that institution. By its-lb'J
illumine there has now been formed a circle
of nativity around the world , including
Japan , India , Syria , Russia , Germany.
Switzerland , Great Britain , nnd the United
States from Maine to Oregon and California.
Wcsleyan university , at Mount Pleasant ,
la. , has some enterprising girls among its
students. Thirty-live of them appfarod in
chapel the other morning clad in a very
pretty uniform consisting of a shoit skirt of
navy blue cloth , with blouse waist , skirt and
waist being elaborately trimmed with gold
braid and brass buttons. A nattv red zouuvo
cup cupped the climax , The girls propose
forming n military organization , and have
hired an old soldier to teach them the manual
of arms.
Frequently accidents occur in the
household which cause burns , cust ,
sprains and bruises ; for use in such
cubes Dr. J. II. McLean's Volcanic Oil
Liniment has for many years boon the
coiihtant favorite family remedy.
Charles Egbert Crnd'lock ' ( Miss Mtirfrco ) ,
the gifted TimncBsco writer of fiction , is thus
pen-pictured : A small woman : so lama she
can scarcely crabs tlio lloor unaided. Slight
yet square in figure. A small , white face ,
with the withered whiteness of ono whoso
Mind Over Matter.
Dr. Smith1 who li nclmowlerttiod to bo the mo t
powerful luuffiiullc phydclun In thl > country , li per-
nium'iitlr located In llounii 311 nml ,115 I'liitou Illock ,
ovcrjlixi .Merer A. Uro ' jewelry eloro , whoru the
nick nnd nlUlitediunr tonniiltlilm frc'uof cliuriiu fiuin
Ua. in. till & | > m , dHlljr , I'xcrpt Hunduy . U U wonder
ful the utruiifo ruitulu Dr. huiltli produces by hl iny > -
terloiiBinnKiietlcKllt. Oise of lirgpeptlu , Nurroui
1'roHtratlon , Llvur und Kidney Trouble * , llheuiuu-
tUiu.doul , Bdnllc-u. Neurult'lu , l'ariilyhl , puln In the
head uud back , unit all ixirta ot Itum'niiii , und clcfcirm-
Itlct are cured In mi Incredible thurt npuce of tlmo.
Jlrunchltli , Attltiuu. C'aturrh , und Couth * , blood illi <
eaten , such ui Hnlt Hbuuin , hrrofulu , Ilinchurirui from
the KurB with IJjutnufcB , Caucuru , KUVIT roi siind
Ulceraof all kinds uro cured without Iho Hiking of
nuuBeutliiK moillclnoi. Til morn und nil forms of
Kumulo ( Juuiplulnti uro cured without the uiu of In-
Mrumcnti ! or cuuHlcs. and without rijoKiirn nf the
porson. In the treatment of Conxtlpiitlon , rile * .
Kin uro and FUtulu In Anu Dr. bniltll Manila without
u rival. Ilo permanently cures cverr cuitu ho under
take ! without the IKO of the knlfH or Iliraturu , und
without detention frum butlnuitii. llornluor Hupturo
Uuioinplulnt which hit ! hitherto tct'll comldcicJ In
curable by the incillral profetilun.itlll Dr hrnlili
nuceUlly and permanently curcn every taioof llrrnlit
that he treuls. und will glvu u written uuaiantrti tote
to UiBteHoctlf denlred. He him a method of curing
Mrlcluru , Varlcotelu , lljrdroccle , anil I'liUrueil pro-
truto ulund mat ha ! never fulled In lili humlx to niulto
n permanent euro. Cuturrh of the lllunder with en-
larieuient of the prottrate Kland li common to men
putt middle life , and itlvei u deal of puln und nnilnly ,
ioreiof uieful men IO.B their llrei annually troin
thlidlntroktiiKLoajplulnt. 'Ihoie o unlortunuto HI
to be antleted with till ! trouble will know where to yo
to he cured.
hell both a thoroughly educated plirklrlan , uud u
tlrit-clat ! lurveon. llu perform ! ull opeiatluns known
toiurgery. Ho l therefore competent todluimoie
lourcuio clcntlttcullr. und toll you whether or not
you can be cured. Kplleiuy li Another uoK dlitrei-
lve complaint that U seldom benelltled by ordinary
treatment. lji t winter In Denver , mlilld wui brought
tuDr biulth that had laid In ! pu ui ! for 30 hour * und
had beenglten up to die by thn < eemlnentphjrilrlani.
After receUlui : two magnetic treatment ! from Dr.
Hmltb , ebe recovered. Do not let yourifood Judgment
be overcome Py your prejudice , but cull on Dr. t-mltu
und bo curod. It will iu t you nothlnif to go and have
a talk with Dr. Hmlth. Ills ortlce lln room 314 , Tax-
ton block , over Max Meyer ! Jewelry itorcand U ppen
to the public from V a. in. until & p. u. IxUlcr * bf
enquiry muu contain pottage.
health had always hecn delicate. Pale , neu
tral It-own hulr und eyes , nnd n formal prlib *
ness of manner lilto that of u shy , elover
woman who has lived much in retirement.
A handsome tmuuuiy brooch in trans
parent cniimeli hni a row of nrillimita ex
tending along t' c edges of hoth wiiiffg.
TED , who In bin FOLeY ? and IGNORANCE
hni TRIFI.Kn away nil VIGOR of BODT ,
MIND and HANIIOOn.eauiIni ; exhausting
drains upon the FOUNTAINS of LIFE ,
Dreams , \VEAUNEHN of Memory , DA8II.
the FACE , and all the EFFECTS loading to
EARLY DKCAY and perhaps CONNItMP. '
TION or INSANITY , should consult at once
Ibo CEIiEOUATED Dr. Clarke , Established
1G61. Er Clarke has made NERVOUS D .
DILITY. CHRONIC and all Diseases of
the GENITO URINARY Organs a Ufa
( Kudy. It makes NO dlOerencewHAT you
have taken or WHO has failed to cure you.
9-FEM ALES i uttering from dliosteipocu-
liar to their MI can consult with the asiuranco
of speedy relUf and cure. Sena 2 cents postage
for works on your disease ) .
49-Bond 4 cents postage for Celebrated
Worbsi on Cbranlc , Nervon * and Doll-
ate Dlieases. Consultation , personally or by
latter , i > oe. Consult the old Doctor.
Thousand * cured. Office * and parlor *
prlvnte. 49-Thoeo contemplating Marrlare
send for Dr. Clarko'B celebrated gulao
Kale and Fcmnlo. each Ific. , both 25c.
( stamps ) . licfoio confiding your case , consult
Dr. CLARKE. A friendly letter or call may
tave future suQerlngand shame , and add golden
years to life. WBook "Life * * ( Secret ) Er
rors , " We. ( stamps ) . Medicine and writings
tent everywhere , secure from exposure.
Ilours , 8 to 8 : Sundays , 9 to 12. Addreis.
F. D. OLARKE , M. D.
106 So. Olarie St. . OHIOAQQ II.I. .
O hrtMM A
N. W. Cor. 13th & , Dodge Sts
Brit hcilltltt , apnaratui and rcmedlr * for sue
ccuful treatment o ] every form of ditcuse requir
ing Medical or Surgical Treatment.
Board and attendance ; but hospital accouirao
dalioni In the west.
WKITII FOR CIKCUIARB on Deformities and
llricti , Trurses , Club I'eet , CimMmc of tin
hplne , Hlei , Tumors. Cancer , Catarrh , Ilror.chltU ,
Inhalation. Klectricify , rarnlysis , Hpllcciy , Kid.
nty. llUdiler , Hye , Ear , Siiu and Blood , pd all
Surgical Operation ! .
DIsoasoB of Women a Specially.
All ntood Diieaiei ( ucteiifully treated. Syph
ilitic I'oUoti removed from the tyttrm without
rurrcury. New reiterative treatment for lo a ol
Vital Tower. I'erkons unable toltit u may lie
treated at home by correspondence. All commu
nication ! confidential Mediciueiior Inktrumeiila
ent by mall or expreu , securely packed , no
marlu to Indicate contents or Milder One | > cr-
penal interview preferred , Cull and conmlt u or
end lilitory of your case , and we will tend lu
ulain wrapper , our
Upon 1'rlvalc. Special or Nertouc Diseases , Irru
Vtency , SyphilU. Olett and Varicocele , with
( jiettiou Iltt Addreis
Omaha Xlttllrtil uinl turglcal T itlluttot
DR. rtfcMENAMY ,
Car. 13th and OodBaSU. , 'miU.HED.
State Line.
To ( Slnstfovr , Hoi fast , Dublin and Lhcruool
From New York Every Thursday ,
Cabin JIUSSHKO Ml anil f-'A ncwrdlnif to locution
of ctuto room , lIscurMoii iti to f JO.
Sttcnico to anil front Jiuropa nt lowest rater
Oen'l Agents , r j IlromlwayNew Vo lc.
JOHN IIJ.KGKN , ( ien'l Western Agent ,
101 JtauOolph Kt. , Chicago.
HA UIU' li. MOOHKri , Ajent. Omaha.
Vfl W F A If 9ar * M ulTmr.x from II. . . > f.
1 II I1- " " WlirN' " " ' yunlMPItr. ,
| KJ _ _ _ _ _ jyi | n tut , .tr | , a , tar. i < t
innnkucd , etc. I win n-iuTa inluaklc IrrotlM IK ( lid )
tonululnr full ( < artlcului for l.uuie lurr , ' ' < t > (
ctitr ? * A'ttlrtM ,
PROF. F , C. FOWLER , Mooiiut. Conn. f