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In yesterday's But ? In n. mention of
the coming butterfly ball , the name of
Mrs. Mngrano , Prof. Mortino'a assist
ant , read Mrs. Morann. This correction
is most cheerfully made.
Theodore , the slx-months-old child of
Thomas and Lucy Rossitcr , residing at
1802 California street , died last evening
of pneumonia. The funeral services of
the little one will bo holdTunsdny after
noon at 'JL o'clock.
The flyer from the west over the
Union Pacific wi * over six hours late
yesterday , having oeen delayed by
western connections. The Kansas City
train on the Burlington , duo daily at
715 ! p. m. , did not report until nearly 10
o'clock. On the latter road no cause
for the delay was obtainable.
When the people in Trinity cathedral
ctxmo out from mornine service yester
day , they found a drunken man
stretched out at full length in the entry
way , almost blocking the passage. The
worshiners had to pick their way very
jorly to avoid stopping on him. The
lean sent for the patrol wagon , and the
inebriate was taken In hand nnd trans
ferred from the sanctuary to a coll. lie
gave the name of E. J. Tillotson.
' Personal I'nrnKrnplin.
L.Youngof Atlantic , In. , is ( it the Windsor.
JuhuB Lyons , of Itcokuk , In. , Is at the Mil-
C. E.illannon , of ICcnrnoy , Neb. , is nt the
Pnxton ,
K. D ; Wilson , of Kansas City , is at the
Pax ton.
M. E. Erwln , of Dubuquc , In. , Is nt the
Jtmn Boyle , of Kenrnoy , Neb , , Is at the
* Pnxton.
James 15. Lcc , of Ognllaha , Neb. , Is at the
J. A. Hurnott , of HoUlrcgc. Neb. , Is nt the
, VUllanl.
' ' F. N. Smith , of Ashlnnd , Neb. , is at the .
i , A. Moore , of Gibbon , Neb. , Is at the
Windsor. ,
O. L. Colcraan , of Plattsraoutli , Nob. , is nt
the Windsor.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Dater , of Cheyenne , arc tit
the Mlllnrd.
Mr. Frederick Drcxol hns returned from n
two weeks' sojourn on the const.
Messrs. A. D. Frederick nnd J. A. Moore ,
of Gibbon , Neb. , nro nt the Windsor.
Ell Per It I us swapped lies with the natives
in the rotunda of the Paxton lust night.
Messrs. Austin Humphrey nnd O. N. Gard
ner , .oMJncoln , Nob. , arc at tlio I'axtou.
John M. Comstock left last night for Sioux
City , In. , on business connected with the
Chicago house lie represents
lilcciiHetl to Wed.
The following mnrrhigo licenses were
Issued Saturday by Judge Shields :
Nnmo and Residence. ARC.
Chnrlos Leushncr , Oirmlm . 83
is- Caroline Peterson , Omaha . i7 !
George Gustafson , Plattsmouth. Neb. . . .27
Anna Stentrom , Plnttsmnutli , Neb . CO
, Mnds Kasmusscu , Oinuhn . 29
Slno Knsmusscn , Omntm . 2 ! )
RIIMIIUS Pnulsen , Omnhn . 2(5 (
Chrlstlnnn Hnnsen , Omuha . 25
Frank Hcldek , Omnha . 20
Anna Scduk , Oirmlm . 17
Cost Him II is
C. J. Nolnn , n mun employed on a farnvbc- ,
low Albright , met with a tcrriblo accident at
an early hour ycsterdny morning that loses
for him Ills loft leg nnd may cost him his life.
Ho wished to coino up to Omul ) a nnd left the
farm very early. At 4 :40 a. m. ho was on the
cast , track of the Union Pacific railroad about
midwny between South Omnhn mid Albright
t , when ho saw n train coming from the north
! ir * on1 the same track on which ho was walking.
Ho stepped over on the other truck , hut did
not notice that a train was coming from the
south. The Jlrst intimation Nolan had of , the
approaching danger was when ho was struck.
The engine threw him sovenil feet , but ns ho
was in the center of the truck nt the time , it
cast him straight ahead Instead of to ono
eldo nnd ho fell with his left leg across the
track. The collision nnd full stunned him so
that ho could not help himself nnu the entire
freight train passed over his leg. Ho was
taken to St. Joseph's hospital nnd Dr. Gal-
brnlth , the Union Pucllio physician , ampu
tated the limb. It is feared , however , that
Nolan has suffered some internal injury thnt
may prove fatal.
A Close Call For I > catli.
T. F. McMnlmn , n switchman on th.o B. &
M. , narrowly escaped death yesterday morn
ing , and thcf missing finger on his right hand
will over bo a reminder to him in the future
of the terrible futo ho escaped. Ho was
coupling cars at the time , and it happened
that the last connection to bo mmlo was on
the trcstlo work northeast of the Union Pa-
Clllo depot. Coupling in such a pluco was n
very hazardous undertaking , but ho thought
ho could mnko it nil right by extra care. Ho
picked liis way in front of the earn to about
the center of the trestle , where the coupling
was to bo made , nnd as ho lifted the link his
attention for n moment was drawn away ,
cnusintr him to mnko a misstep mid full be
tween the timbers. As ho fell his right hand
caught between the drawhcad nnddcadwood ,
crushliig it. In n Hash ho recognized the
danger , nnd with rfcro presence of mind ho
throw his left arm over the bumper nnd nl-
lowed the train to drag him over the trcstlo
to the solid road-bed. On reaching terra
flrmaho scrambled to his feet and dnited
from between the cars. When ho found
himself safe again , saw his crushed hand nnd
realized his narrow escape from a terrible
futo , ho sunk in n fainting nt. Ho was taken
to the ofllco of Dr. Lee , the company's ' stir-
peon , nnd it was found thnt the bones of ono
of his lingers were so badly Hplintcrcd thnt
amputation was necessary. However , Me-
Maunn considers himself a lucky man ,
Smoke Lone Jack cigarettes , pure to
bacco , no opium , holders and fancy
_ _
OlmutniKiim Assembly nt Crcto.
Rev. J. E. Ensign , the stuto secretary ol
the Crcto Chnutuuima assembly , says that
everything Indicates n deeper and broader
Interest in the great "summer university"
thnn over before. Many who hnvo novel
visited Crcto are planning to attend the us
tembly commencing Juno 23 , Mr. Ensign
also says thnt during the past week ho ha"
been spending some time assisting the Hap
tlst preacher of thnt city to raise $1,000 to
ward erecting a building on the grounds tr
bo known us the Hnptlst headquarters foi
, that denomination in the stuto. llcv. Mr ,
Randall of Hcatrlco , hnd Rov. Mr. Dye ol
Wilbur , were hero during the wcok laboring
among their Liuptist bicthrcn in the sumo dl
On Thursday evening of next week the re
reptiou to Hon. F I , Foss , the president 01
the Crete assembly occurs ni
the Y. M. C. A. rooms , Hon. J. M , Thurston
Hon. J. M , Woolworth , General J. C. Cowin
Roy. W. J. Harshn , Rev.Vlllurd Scott am
Rov. A * F. Sherrlll will bo present and mak <
short speeches. Everybody who wants u
know moro of this great institution is invitri
to bo present. Now circles arc being lormec
In this city and South Ouiuhu , Uluir , Gram
Island and smaller towns in the state and nl
are going to attend the coming assembly li
ThoPrcsbjtcrlans are moving along the
enwo lliio of our Baptist brethren. The fol
lowing is an appeal showing how the Pres
bytcri us feel about it and what they an
To the pastors and people of the Prvbby
U < Hau church ;
DEAU BJIKTIIUEN The Sunday School as
Bociatlon nt Crcto , Neb. , donated to th <
Presbyterian church of the state ono lot foi
the puri soof oracling a prcsbytcrlau "head
quarters1' ( or thu use of the church. A loga
organization was effected and competent ti
receive lease for said lot , and to own an <
control auy and all propcity belonging ti
B ul organization. Atn meeting held on tin
assembly grounds lust , July trustees won
duly elected , empowered and instructed t <
erect a commodious ana substantial bulldmi
for the use of the Presbyterian denomluutioi
of thQ ttuto. The Cougregatlouallsts , thi
lawyers , the editors ajjd the \V. a T. U , or
( fauizdUong already have good "keadquar
t rs" buildings. The societies who linvo
thcso buildings hnvo found them to be of
grent ndvnnthgo and comfort. It provides n
plnco Mr the meeting of the cleriry of the
Btnto , n place for reunions , n place "to make
comfortable the sick , n pluco you may feel nt
liberty to Invlto your friends.
The Presbyterian Publishing oocloty will
nlways bo present with choice books nnd sta
Your trustees dcslro to follow In&tructlons
nnd erect a building thnt Rhnll not only bo
commodious , but an ornament to the grounds
nnd n credit to the church wo represent.
Such a building should cost not loss than
ei.SOO. Wo hnvo about two hun
dred churches In the ntntc. Many of them
nro new nnd struggling to 'mnlntnln nn exist
ence. Such wo should not call upon to con
tribute. This amount we think can easily bo
raised by the older nnd nblo churches , nnd
cheerfully forwarded to your trustees , who
dcslro to muko this contribution soon , ns
hey wish to bo prepared to contract for lum
ber nnd work at nn opportune tlrrui. This
enterprise wns Inld before the state synodlcnl
body nt Lincoln In October last , nnd there
cccjvcd endorsement in the ndoptlon of the
'ollowlng resolution :
Resolved , That wo look with favor upon
he erection of n good nnd substantial "head-
lunrters" building on the nssembly grounds
it Crete , for the use nnd benefit of the Pros-
jytcrinn church of the Btnto , nnd will present
the matter of aid to our respective churches ,
iind mnko suitable efforts to tnisc each our
iroportion of tlio.cxpoiiRO necessary for the
rection of such n building.
C.V LT. AN , Lincoln. )
S. P. DAVIDSON , Tconmieh. > Trustccs.
E."M. " HIM , Beatrice. I
The finest pictures In the world are
n Lone Jack cigarettes.
Soldonborg's Figaro , the talk of the
iown , a lOo ttignr for 5c. Max Meyer &
! o. , wholesale depot.
Laboring Men nmL ArtlBnns Will
"Wcfcolno nn Orntor.
Fourteen men representing the various
ivorkingmcn's organizations , mot at the
council chambers yesterday nftornoon , and
were presided over by Mr. Ulnkc , president
of the carpenters' 'union. Dr. Tanner wns
elected secretory , nnd Mr , iJlako announced
, ho object of 'tho meeting , which was to
mnko arranBemcnts.for , the reception of P.
J. McGuIre , of Philadelphia , secretary of
, ho American Federation of Labor nnd Joint
secretary of the brotherhood of carpenters
nntl joiners , who will address the Inbor cle
ment of the city on the ! 10th of April.
AH tho-majorlty of dclegntes present wcro
without credentlnls , 'u delcgnto nroso nnd
nsked them If they lind come * fully cnipow-
rcd to act for their respective organizations.
The-president suited that this-wns nn im
portant question , one of finances which
would ho required if n demonstration was
determined upon. All of the delegates re
plied in the unintuitive to the question , and
on motion members of other labor organiza
tions spied among ttio nudicnco were invited
to tuko chairs with the delegates.
A delegate reported that Carpenter's
Union No. fiS hud secured the Grand
opera house for the WHO of the lec
turer , and Dr. Tanner moved that the trades
represented ho called and that the representa
tives express themselves as to whether they
favored a street demonstration or not. A
representative asked what the expense would
bo , nnd wns told that hall hire , printing and
carriage for the spcakqr would cost $00. If
two bands of music wcro hired it would cost
nn additional ? 200. Nearly every delegate ns
ho was called out was in favor of a parade ,
but the typographical union and painters op
posed ono. the latter dwelling'on the expense
nnd loss of time to the men. However , if
the parade was after 0 o'clock they might
turn out. The stonecutters did not
favor a parade cither , owing tea
a scarcity of finances , nnd
the iron moulders thought n "parade would
not bo proper at this time. The representa
tive of the plasterer's union thought every
workingman should turn out , and another
delegate intimated that It would not bo a suc
cess for the reason it is not to occur on a
legal holiday.
Finally n vote wns taken upon the holding
of'a parade , nnd it was decided by a vote of
0 to 2 to hnvo ono. Upon motion the hour of
0:80 : p. m. was i selected for the forming in
line , and the start to be made at 7 o'clock.
The following committee were elected to
make arrangements : Thomas Patton , brick
layers union , and Messrs. Mcllhunoy of the
plasterers , Browning of the carpenters ,
Lewis of the typographical , nnd Scott of the
carpenters. The president appointed Messrs.
Parker , Welnick nnd Mercer a committee on
The committee o'f arrangements met Inst
evening and decided on the following details :
The procession will form on Fourteenth
street , north of Douglas. A brass band will
bo In the lead , followed by u carriage con
taining Mayor Uroatch , P. J. McGuirc , the
president of the central labor union and the
of the ' and '
president carpenters' Joiners'
union , followed by other carriages and labor
orguhlzations us follows : The carpenters ,
bricklayers , plasterers , typographical ,
stonecutters , cigaimukcrs , plumbers , paint
ers , iron molders , horhcshoers , brick molders ,
tailors , lathers , bakers , and bricklayers and
and plasterers tenders unions. All labor
organizations nro Invited and any not hav
ing yet taken any interest In the proposed
demonstration are requested to elect n vice
president for the meeting at the Grand
opera house and also to tmilto arrangements
to turn out. A special invitation Is extended
to nil Knights of Labor assemblies. The
line of march will bo cast on Douglas to
Ninth , south on Ninth to Furnam , west on
Fnrnam to Sixteenth , north on Sixteenth to
Webster , cast on Webster to Fifteenth ,
south on Fifteenth to the Grand opera house.
Lone .Tack cigarettes are pure , a
holder for each cigarette , no opium.
And 1'llotcil tlio I'rOceodiuuH of the
County OommlHKloiierH.
Acting Chairman Mount piloted the pro
ceedinps of the countyieoinmlssloners Satur
day afternoon. A communication from
Frank E. Moorcs relative to the claim ol
Buffalo county for the Insuno proceedings h
the c-aso of Thcodoro Kuur/.cr : was roforrot
to Commissioner C'orrigun , mid the judlclar.v
committee was directed to cxamlno the
claim of Dr. ICIrkputrlck for professiona
herviccs. The bond of Sch\vuab & Camp
the furnlsliors ( it breii'l ' for the poor furm ,
was approved and R , Slander's hid for fur
nishlng supplies for the rip nip on the rivet
north of Cut Oft lake was sent to the com
mlttco on roads , as was Charles Grlflln's um
John H. Taylor's bid for the same.
The following claims wcro allowed : Hlrnu
Avery.Sin ; A. H. Widnoy , ftS7.Wj ( C. A
Tuttle , $7 ; H. Hlnrlchs , fl3 ; Ell Johnson
on account , WW ) ; A. H. Widuey , J23.CO
Oliver Hnncy , ! 0.lt5 : P. H. Green , ; Wll
Ham Klnuahl , Wt ; , mid Hiram Ay-cry , VIO.
The county treasurer was directed to can
rcl the taxes on the Danish Evangeilca
Lutheran Congregational church , and Mi-
Do Land was refunded M.U7 for erroneous
taxation. The county Judge was given per
mission to purchasu a Remington type
writer for his ofili'c , and F. W. LcBscntln
assessor of the Sixth ward , was
Instructed to assess all gas
and water mains and street railway traults
The same order holds good with the othei
assessors in the city. The oflleial bond of P
H. Horan , constable for the Eighth ward
was approved , nnd Margaret Lewis' protcs
atraiust cxccsvlva taxation was referred to
the Judiciary commit too. H. G. CUrk wants
$10 deposited by him for straightening
Georgia avenue , and his request was rofcrrei
to the committee on Judiciary.
Register of Deeds Mejjoath sent In a cor
rooted report of the business douo in his
oftice during the quarter < ending March 111
The rrcelpin wcro (5,070.85 , and the expend !
tures f3,711J. < 30. In handing in his repoi t Mr
Megeathsnys : "I do not mnko this report
in ouedlenco to any resolution jf your honor
able board , or to meet the requirements o
the Jaw as laid down by the county attorney
but simply out of n dcslro to preserve in :
convenient form "the matters It contains , Uy
making this report it Is not my intention to
waive any rights or exemptions I may hove
under the law , as I insist thcro is n < ) pro
vision of law whli'ji requires mo to mnko sue ]
report as is contemplated In your resolutiona
copy of which I huvo received. "
By resolutions the county clerk ivas direct
ed to buy ilva copfes of the Omaha city
directory uncl advertise for the removal o
& 9.3Jjvids c > f dirt from Mfctour ) avenue
Continental Clothing House
Special Sale of Riverside Worsted Suits , Price $ 12.
. . Special Sale of Sawyer Woolen Go's. Cassimere Suits , Price $12.
Special Sale of Dolan Cassimere Suits , Price $8.
Every Visitor to Omaha Talks About the Continental Clothing House
The sale of the Sawyer -Woolen CO.'B
fine Casslmero Suits , which is contin
ued this woelc has boon unprecedented
but of equal importance , however , nnd
of oven greater interest in our great
si\lo of fine worsted dross. Suits , cloth
made by the RIVERSIDE MILLS , in
medium weight fnbricjBultnblo for wear
all the year round. „ Wo.pffdr.this week
200 of these fine \yorstod' Dreaa Suits
which for dress purposes are strictly cor
rect in every respect , and the most popu
lar nnd durable goods sold-in' this coun
try. . i i . ' i
< . u I j
LOT NO. 1. We offer 200 of the above
named goods made by jip-JliyERSIDE
MILLS CO. , mado. ' up'in , n 4 button
cut-a-way Frock su'jfV , and in the most
thorough manner , suitabloj for , dress
suits. They are goqds which wo have
sold regularly for $18 , but wo offer them
this week to close at tho'pxircmoly low
price of $12 per suit , jThq color is plain
black , cdos ( bound ja.ndqy'eiy suit would
bo worth in the regular way $18 ; as the
lot Is not largo theyiwijl bo closed this
weelc. Send in your order at oncatif
you want one. *
goods to us at our expense , Money for all amounts exceeding $10 may be returned at our expense.
TRY THIS ARRANGEMENT. For years we have sent goods all over the United States in this manner by express with the most satisfactory
results. You -take no risks. Examine the gqods , and return them at our expense if they do not please you.
OMAIC. BOSTON Freeland , Loomis & Co.
NEW YORK - _ ,
DES MOINES Proprietors ;
Corner lUfteentli and Douglas Streets , Omaha , Nebraska ;
South Omaha. An additional $200 was ap
propriated for grading Georgia avenue from
Murtiia street south , nnd the register of
deeds was instructed to report to the hoard
ns to the correctness of the numerical indexes
re-written nnd corrected by ex-County Cleric
Thlspowiler never varies. A marvel of purl-
ty.strannth and wholesomanes-f. Moro econonj
Iculthantho ordinary kinds , nnd'cannot bpsolp
incomputltlonwltn tne multitude of low cost ,
short weight mum or phosphate pojyders. Sold
only In cms. Itnval Haklui ; 1'owdur uo. , j o
Walls treet New Vort
Health is Wealth !
WENT , a gimranteeil Mecllo | for Hysteria , Dizzi
ness , Convulsions Fits , Nervous Js'ctiralKln ,
lleiulncli" , Nervous prostration , caused by the
use ot alcohol or tobacco. Wnkefulni-sa , Jluntal
Depression , KofteniiiK of tlio Ilrnln , rosultliiRln
Insuiilty.niicl lendlnR to mleery.ilecfty anil ilenth ,
I'remntnreUlil AB . llarrcnnesu , Ix > 3sof Tower
In either sex , Involuntary losses anil Sperma-
torrlm-a caused by over-exertion of the hraln ,
self-abuse or over-lndnlgunco. Kach box con
tains ono month's treatment. Jl.OOn box , orslx
boxes for 43.00 , Bent by mall Prepaid on receipt
ol price.
To cure nny case. With each order received by
us for six boxes , accompanied with V .W , wo will
send the purchaser our written guarantee to re
fund the money It the treatment does not effect
kcuro. Guarantees Issued only by 0. F. (1OOD-
MAN , DriiiUt | , Solo Agent , 1110 Farnatu Street ,
Omnhci , Neb ,
nfftiimtfrom the rf-
TtHl WEAK > uulhful
' ' ' '
H KB IT1 aCllrr--J" ' ? ' " > . ' " '
manhood . .to. , . I wlrt . .uTa , aluabfotrralU. _ ( M-akd )
' " 11 luitUulun tor home cure , trio c
au w nd
Northwest Corner Fanwm and ItitU Sts.
1'AID UP CAPITAL , $100,000
SUIIPLL'S ' FUND , - 60,000
I HANK MimrilV , President.
SAMITEI. E. UOQEKS. Vice-president ,
BEN B.WOOI ) . Cashier.
LUTHEHDrtAKE. Assistant Cashier.
Accounts solicited and prompt ( vtlcutlou > lr n
M bUJtneU luwusted to iUaaro.
LOT NO. 2. Stock No. 4048,4049 and
4050. Imported Whipbord Suits nmdo
in n 4 button cut-ix-way style only , in
regular 6i7.cs from 85 to 42.This suit
was mtulo In our own machine room dur
ing last sixty days , nnd the cutnnd mnko
of this suit is ns correct for dross pur
poses ns it is possible to Imvo thorn , and
ns the present month is the month of all
the year when people nro thinklilgabout
dress suits , wo claim that this lot of wonted ? - "
ted suits is nbsolutoly the most deslra- *
bio that it bus over boon out : privllogoi ,
to offer the public. This garmcat wna
mndo up to soli in our stock for $22 , but
na ono of the leading bargains for this
week it is offered nt the ridiculously
low price of $16. Wo unhesitatingly
claim that the average retail , prlqo of , .
this suit Is never less than ' $22. ' " ' / * j ' .
Of thcso two lots , which nro
particularly lot No. 15 , which \yns aByor-
tiscd nslotNo. 1 , in our advertisement'
of last week , wo can send no samples 6t *
cither lot , but ns long as they last.-Sam
ple suits will bo sent by express C. O.'D.
with the privilege of examinations Bo
sure in ordering to mention the tlatd of
the advertisement , as the lot numbers in
our different advertisements ropre'sctit
different goods. In ordering inoiltiou1 > l-
' the No. of the lot nnd the date of 'the
advertisement. '
Easily illBested1 ; of the finest llavor. Ahenrtv
bevernKO for a htronj ; appetite ; a delicate drink
for the sensitive. Thoroughly tested ; nutritious ;
palatable ; unexcelled in purity ; no unpleasant
after eirects. Requires no boiling : .
Bowing Thread of Modern Times.
' ' . .
Ku.l'ATliiCic-Kocil Dry Gooils Co.
31 , II. Hsirrii it Co ,
J'AXTON ( ULr.AnilKlt&CO.
( 'IIAH. HiNdKii , South Omaha , nnd all 11 rs
chibtt retail (
A. Jl. Loglu.
State Line.
To Glasgow , Belfast , Dublin and Liverpool
From New York Every Thursday ,
Cabin passage f (0 ( aud KO , according to location
of uttttu room. Excursion tun to { 76.
Steerage to and from Unropent J.cmest rates.
Oen'l Agents. K ) JJroadway , New Vorlc.
JOHN BLEOEN.Oen'JWestern Agent ,
lot Itandulph tit. , Chicago.
HARRY E. MOORES , Agent , Omaha.
\T9 f cco
rout U it Hit cm
kDD n to 111 ( of On
tnd Clcct.
We lava cold coosld cr *
fbl , adl .very ftlo U
Alcatt it
lriu Olesiul C .
Ohio. Cold bjr Drag ? lit * ,
filim ,
Nos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-6Q4.
, 'THB KOST r3EGT o ? : HB ,
Continuation of the Sale of the Sawyer
Woolen LVs Fabrics ,
There nro only two colorings loft on
thcso celebrated suitings , ami wo offer
them until they nro entirely closed out
nt the snmo unapproachable low price of
$12 per suit. No moro desirable mater
ial can bo offered for n , busiucbs&ult than '
these goods are , being pur.oly all wool i
fabrics , and goods that huvo stood the
test for years. , ,
LOT NO. 3. In this lot wo liavo
about 100 suits left in Single Breasted
Sack Coats , in sizes 35 to 44. The very '
best Sawyer Woolen Co.'s Double and
TwistSprinRSuitingsnowlight grey and
brown mixture , just mndo up in our very .
best , munnor , and never dtlring the
twelve years that wo have boon selling- : '
this suit has it boon placed on our coun
ters at less than $18.
The celebrated Sawyer Woolen Co. ,
of Dover , N. H. , needs no commendation ,
' from us , but wo unhesitatingly pronounce -
nounco thorn the best manufacturers of
fine all Wool Suitings in Now England.
No shoddy flocks or cotton used in any
of their fabrics. Do not forgot the price
only $112.
LOT NO. 4. Wo offer 100 of the well
known Vclour Cloth Finish Sawyer
Woolen Co.'s Suits in a very dark Ox
ford Mixture , a small neat chccic pat
tern , one of the most popular styles the
mill has over made , suitable for either
dross or business purposes. Single
Breasted Socks , regular sizes in Spring
weight , at the same extremely low price
of $12.
C. 0. D.
With I'ritilcgc of
All Wool Pants ,
both light and dark
colors , in sizes HO to
4'2 waist and 30 to 34
leg measure. Also
a very largo line of
bettor grades of
Panta ranging in
price from $2.50 to
88. Our $3.75 to $5
Pants tire extra good
Mail Orders Solicited ,
Vose & Sons ,
Instruments exchanged , rented and told on
Easy Payments , below
Instruments slightly used at
Max Meyer & Bro , ,
Omaha , Neb.
Proprietor Omaha Buslnett Cotltgt ,
Book-Keeping , Penmanship ,
Commercial Law , Shorthand , Telegraphing
and Typewriting.
Stnd for Ccllcgc Journal ,
S E. Cor 10th and Capitol Aropuo
Cassimere Suits
Wo commence the pnlo this week of
about 1000 Suits of the celebrated Dolan
Cassimorcs , in regular sizes II ) to 44 ,
comprising four different f'tiitr and I
mixtures at the oxtraordlnai m > M u-loo
of $8 per suit. Thcso arc I JTy all
wool goods , free from shodd ; > Xiriiblo
and right In every respect. No suit in
this lot ever to be retailed for loss than
$ U2 , but wo offer this as an attrnotivo
bargain in Men's low priced business
Send for samples of thcso goods before
ordering them , wo will gladly send sam
ple of cloth to any addresn , or wo would
much prefer to senda , sample milt , so
that the manner of making and trim
ming can be seen. Wo would recom
mend , however , that self measurement
blanks bo sent for lirst , so that a sample
suit may bo sent lilted to the party who
lias ordered , and in this way saves the
trouble of returning suit to exchange it.
Remember , there nro four styles of
theho goods. Remember , the price is
only $8.00.
N. W.Cor. 13th & Dodge Sts
B R. .A. O E ! S ,
Pest facilities , apnaratui and remedies for put
teuful treatment or every form of ditease rcijuir-
; ng Medical or Surgical Trentinent.
Hoard and attendance ; best hosplt&l accommo
dation ! in the west.
WRITE FOR CIHCDI.AHB on Deformities and
Braces , Tnisiei , Club 1'eet , Curvature of tin
Spine , Piles , Tumors. Cancer , Cat.irrh.Tlror.chitis ,
Inhalation , Electricity , rarnlyeis , Jpileray , Kid
ney , Illadder , Kye , KM , Sklu and IllooJ , aud all
Surgical Operations.
Diseases of Woman a Spoolal'.y.
A entAiLTT or
All 1)1 oed Diseases successfully treated. Syph
ilitic Poison rcmored from the system without
mercury. New restorative treatmcut for loss ol
Vital Power. I'ersons unable to visit u > may lie
treated at home by correspondence. All commu
nications confidential. Medicines or Instruments
Milt by mall or express , securely { lacked , no
marks to indicate contents or aenricr. One per
sonal Interview preferred. Call and consult lib or
nd history of your case , and \ie will 6cnd in
plain wrapper , our
Upon Private , Special or Nervous Diseases , Im ,
volency , Syphilis , Gleet and Varlcoccle , with
\jiestioii Ilkt , Addre&s
Untalta MetHcal ami Rurgical I > itltuteat
Cor. 13th and Oodaa Sit. . OMAHA. NEB.
* great JUJlcal Work of the
age ou Manhood , Nervous and <
Physical Debility , Premature' '
Decline , Errors of Youth , and
thn untold mUcrlciconsctjuenr
thereon , OM pagea 8vu , 125
prescriptions for all dlieasoi. .
Cloth , full gilt , ouljr I.CO , b } *
mall , sealed. Illustrative sample free to all young
and middle-need men. Bend now. Tlio Gold and
Jewelled Jledul awarded to the author Ly the Na
tional Medical Association. Address P. O , box
JS'A lloston , MOBS. , or Dr. W. II , P.4KKKU , prad
natoof Harvard Medical Collfuc.SSycars'practlca
In Boston , w ho may bo consulted confidentially
Spoclalty , Diseases of Han , Office No. 4 L'ulOacli St.
Omaha Seed House.
Headquarters for Landreth'8 Colebratttd fccert ,
I'lants , CM Flowers and lloral designs. tJend
for cutalOBue.
W. II. FOSTER < fc SON , Propi-lfttora
1022 Capitol Avenuo.
Advertising1 hag uliruys p or a
aucceiiful. Dcforo pUclnif tny
Newepnper Aclysrtlelng coniuft
it U It lUaltUa kktiU CHICAGO.
Paid Up Capital , - $2BOOOQ
Surplus , - OO.OOO
U. W. YATEV , President.
Lr.wis S. HF.KD , Vlcc-Preslacnt.
A. i : . Tou7.AMN. iKl Vlco-I'resldent.
W. H. S. lluanus , Cashier.
W.V Monsr , JOHN'S.Coi.t.iNS ,
Hanking ODlco
Cor. 12th rind 1'arnam 8tn.
A General Danlilui ; UtihmessTransacted.
thlnont mul return wltli MVi , cash orMumnj ,
CUJT receipt ut ulilch we will HOrtcl , prepaid , to
jinny mldrcmi. ona Ono Dollar puikngu "l.oniln
Jirainilu , " tuo Kreuto t blouil nmi tprlniz mo'M-
Keltic on earth , ( iood until April 'M , London Mojl-
Qrlne AKPHCV , KUIIHUH Cllv , Mo.
JJcmnikalilo forpowerful _ eviiipa-
Uietlc tohiij pll'alifolictlon mid ub-
olut ilu'ruljillty. JVJyciirH'rc-iurit.
the bent KUiU'iiiHee ft tin ) cxcul-
lento oTtlTuBo liiHtrtiments.
E.T.Allen , M. D. ,
Homeopathic Specialist ,
tit AND NOSE ,
Spectacles Accurately Preterlbed.
&AH.GE VL'K. , 01UAI1A
H' . J.
_ Surgeon and
. W CunioiHtli nnd lionylus Ht. nmc
, (05 ; Ituiildeiau toivphouu , 508.
TansllPs Punch Cigars
wcro shipped during thn pnib
two vonis , without a drum *
mor In tiur employ. Nootli r
house In tUu world can trnlU *
fully uiako such a eljowlntr.
One ocont ( dtalir oulyj
wanted In oucli towu.
n.W.TANSILL&CO.,55 State St.Chlcano.
ualy oaa IB tti. world gcoornO.z
curr l.
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Clcaonci md txwmlllei the Lair.
l'roiM.Hi a luurlant gf ou tb.
Nj/or Fflf.Jo naijorB Ony
I Halrtoltl V.ulhr l Color.
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