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    THE OMAHA DAILY BElB ; lf. AJPRIL 23 , 188b.
Catarrh to Consumption ,
CBlarh In Its destructive force stands next to
And undoubtedly lends on to consumption. Jt Is
therefore Singular that those Afflicted with thin
icarful disease should not make U the object of
their lives to rid themselves of It. Deceptive
rcmeiUcs concocted by Ignorant pretenders to
Hi6dlcnl knowledge Imvo weakened the confl
uence of the great majority of sufferers In nil
novertl'cd remedies. They become resign ) d t < 3
n life of misery rather than torture themselves
Vrlth doubtful palliatives.
Hut this will never < lf > . Catnrrh must bo met
nt every Binge and combated v , Itlinll our might.
Jn many cmes the disease hns assumed ilnnger-
otiH symptoms. The bones nnd cartilage ot the
Jiose , the orgnns of hearing , of seeing and of
tasting so nffectcd as to bo unless , the uvula so
elongated , the throat so Inflamed Ana Irritated
ni to produce n constant nnd distressing rough.
fiANriit'RlUliAt/CtiiiK meets o\cry phase
of Catarrh , from n simple head cold to the most
loathsome nnd destructive stagei. It Is local
ixiul constlttitlnnal. Instant In relieving , per.
moment In curing , safe , economical and never-
Kncii package contains ono bottle of the RADI
CAL COIIF , ono box CATAitniiAt. . SOLVKNT and
an , with treatise ; price , II.
iAiul Weaknesses Instantly relieved by
Perfect Antldotu to 1'aln , Inllnmmn-
, _ lion and Weakness. A now , mont
ngrcfiible , instantnneotts and tnfnlllblepnlu-klll-
lug plaster , especially adapted to rpllc\e female
pains nnd weaknesses. Viistly superior to nil
other plnstcis. At nil druggists.M cents : flxo
for ll.W ) ; or , postage frto , or roirKii DIHJO AND
CIIKMIOAI , Co. , Iloston , Mass.
Lltnoxu , On. . Aumist It , 1337.
TnKBwtrr Btscirio Co. . Atlanta , Utt.i
" octotiemen t bare been afflicted with
jleeratlou of the lees ever since I nan a
child , the dlsea , undoubtedly bolng \ hero-
diury.umr mother BUffcrad from icroful-
ous symptoms. As I ndrancod to manhood
my nmictloc Increased until the malatlr
became harrasslne and painful licyp
power of words to describe. My rl nt
particularly became fearfully Intel * ed ' , the
, ulcers on my
right leg baileMeit through the naili late
the bone In order to vo my life the doc-
tori determined to amputate my lo * beloir
the knee. The. oiicrxtfnn wni itlcceiifully
pjfofrnedby Vr.ll. V. M. lllller. of Atlanta ,
And Dr. W , P. Bond , of LUhonla. Iflit the
Ions of my leg gare mo onljr temporary re
lief. The poison w a Hill In ray ay item and
oontPKnu to Bhow Itself tgaln. Inailmrt
tlmo ( tor larje ulccra appeare l on my left
leg , cotcrluit It from the knee to the Instep.
FrVjutntly while nl work I could bo tracked
by the blood which cored from the huge
ulcera , and the aoren and rott nlnj holea
were o orrciitlro that my fellow , work men
could not itand the itcnch aod would mete
nay from mn. . . _
Last winter I was persuaded to try 8. 8. B.
Jla a lut effort I cemented to do to , nnd
bout seTon months ago I begun taking the
BpcclCe. I teen l > egan tn feel the good tftccli
ol the meUlolne. thi offeaslro Conning began
to grow It M and lens and finally conned , the.
ulcnr > be led , my Uesh became Arm and
olid , and today , after utlug twenty One
bottle * . I am ns hale and stout man of my
go ai tliero IB In Georgia. I am sef cnty-one
years old. but feel now } oungcr and Btronrcr
than I did when I was twenty five. I weigh
bout 170 pounds. Nothlnn Is .to bo seen of
tbo terrible rtlneaie , or to remind me of the
toiture I suffered for so many years , except
lie searsof the perfectly healed ulcers.
I want the world to know of the almost
mlficulpJs euro effected on me by 8. S. S.
nd I call upon those who wish to know the
linrtlculars directly from inp to write , nnd I
will consider It a Measure Ks well ps a duty
to answer their letter * . 1 refer to Dr. W. 1 * .
IJond , of Llthonla , a to the truth ot mr
totemcnt. Very gratefully ft"
TreatUe OD nicod and Skin Diseases mailed
free. Tn 8wiFT8rtcmrCo.,1
Drawer 3. AtUuta. Oa.
Our Magic , Remedy
' 'AD syphilitic Dlf oastt , of r c nt or IODK standlne.tD
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ftutoca to cnre any cast or refund your monoy. And
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Bulled 1'hyslclans , used every known remedy and
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fey I'bjilclans and pronounced Incurable , and
We Challenge the World
to brine ns a case that we will not cure la less than
one month ,
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ly remedy In tbo world Chat will poittlTely cure ,
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peclflo before. Oar Hemedy Is tbe only medicine tn
IB world that will cure when everything else ham
ailed. It has been ao conceded br large number of
Mlebrated I'hysloiar.s. IT IIAI Nivzn TIT FAiurn
o CDHK.Vby wast * your time and money wltk
atent medicines that never had virtue , or doctor
rltb pbyslclsns that cannot cure yon. Ton that
/1M every tMng else should cone to us now and let
rmanent relief I you never can cet It elsewhere ,
lark what we sayi In the end yon mnsttakeoof
lemedy OF NKVIB recover. And you that have been
dieted but a short time should by all means come tea
a DOW. uanygetbelp and tblnk theya re free front
le disease , but Us one , two or three years after , II
ipears aailn In B more horrible form.
iBveeUcaU o r financial standing through tbe mer-
nllle Mtaciea d note that we are folljr responsi
ble and our written guarantees are rood. We have si
Muitir prepared OB purely SclsnUflo Illnelples anil
ewlib to repeat that It NKVIH WAUM to CURM. All
ttem saoredly oouadenllal.
COOK REMEDY CO. , Omaha , Neb.
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Incomuarobly the Bast.
In the spring oj 18.59 , soon after I wns
admitted ( o the bar thcro being two
lawycis to ono client in my native town
I decided to "go west" nntl grow up
with the mustangs , coyotes nnd other
beasts , nnd build for'my buoyant Bell
more money nnd legnl reputation thnn
I wns likely to nccumulnto in the old
Accordingly , cnrly in Juno I pnchcd
my grip snck with wlmt few iluds I hnd ,
nnd my "law library' ' consisting of n
onc-enred volume of I31nckstonon pat
ent oflico report nnd n Inst year's nlmtv-
nnc nnd started for my new homowith
n considerably bigger pile of bright nn-
tlclpntions thnn
In due tlmo 1 nrrlvcd in that , then
comparatively now commonwealth
( Texns ) , which I hnd been Uvught wns
several times bigger than "all outdoors"
nnd which tradition paid could boast of
but ono lonely star , but enough thieves
nnd ticks to fcrliliyo the bnlnnco of
creation' '
After looking around n bit for n loca
tion , I cast anchor nnd my old shoes in
the little town of W , the unpreten
tious county slto of B countv , where
1 soon secured boarding and n little 0x0
room for nn olllcc
I wns not long in discovering thnt the
plnr-o wns ns unattractive ns n turnip
patch in December , with n population
of , norhnps , n hundred souls , including
the dogs and bar-rooms.
Hut to make amends for the uninvit
ing surroundings , I soon learned that
there was but ono "legal limb" in the
town , and ho was an old spavined , bald-
headed lout , who hnd retired from the
profession and was Hylngon the interest
of the debts he had contracted in his
wild hunt for u client in that region
had retired for the purpose of starving
in a decent kind of way.
If I hadn't boon a young man with n
strong will , good health and ono hun
dred nnd eighty pounds of llcsh , bono
and muscle , the gloomy prospect would
perhaps , hnvo brought on n malignant
case of chills and blues ; but I deter
mined to make the best of it , or as
good as 1 could , and so I hung out my
shingle nnd prepared for business with
ns much assurance and confidence ns if
I know I would hnvb to knock some fel
low down before breakfast the next
morning for having the presumption to
offer mo n ton.thousnnd dollar fee to
defend him ngainst a prosecution for
stealing a peck of potatoes.
But I wns destined not soon to bo in
dicted for nn assault and battery case
superinduced by such a contingency.
Several meals of passable beef and
corn bread , buttermilk nndcollnrds had
been snugly tucked away in thodcopre
cesses of my anatomy where they would
dotho most good , and still noindicntions
that anybody in that section "had the
slightest disposition to monkey with
law in any shape whatever.
I wns growing desperate so was my
But my board bill was growing faster
than the whole business.
Weeks passed , then into months ;
summer came and went , and I began to
think that frost would catch mo in the
woods with my pants unpatchcd before
a client could bo induced to come to the
rescue. In this interesting dilemma I
found myself ono night early in Sep
tember just about ns sky-colored an
individual as there was in Texas.
I was sitting in mv little cuddy of an
oflico debating whether I should bet the
town on fire and prosecute somebody for
the offense , or shove my unoffending
Blnckhtono in the stove nnd then com
mit suicide by swallowing the inkstand ,
when the door was unceremoniously
pushed open to admit n rough-looking
six-foot-two specimen of Texas human
ity who , without a word , deliberately
planted himself on the only spare stool
in the olllco ns if ho was the head of the
I felt somewhat relieved when I saw
it wasn't the sheriff nor my washer
woman , but I wns not favorably im
pressed with the looks of my visitor , for
I imagined there was a bad case of as
sassination pictured in his countenance ,
und I know there wore the handle-ends
of two or three shooting arrangements
plainly visible in as many pockets of his
outer harness.
While I was looking at him and men
tally calculating where ho would hit
me , ho spit on the stove us a preface
und commenced :
"What moutyour name bostrangor ? ' '
"Goggins , if you please , ' ' I answered ,
very politely.
"Kdzactly , " said ho. "Brown , is my
name. I've hoord or you down in our
neck. Lawyer11" !
lSomo , " I answered , proudly , begin-
ging to s o a , fee in the dim distance ,
though , judging from appearances , I
wns not betting on a big one.
"Edzactly , " no wont on ; that's what
I tho't. Wall , I've got a little bizncss
for ye. "
"Precisely , " said I. "Name it. " And
it begun to occur to mo that my visitor
was quite a benevolent looking gentle
"You see , 'my son John's in a bad
scrape , dinged of he ain't. "
"How's that ? "
"He's in jail hero for murder , that's
how's that , " ho exclaimed.
"You don't ' mean it , " I returned with
feigned astonishment.
rWhy don't IV"
"When and where wns the crime com
mitted ? " I asked.
"Last February down in my settle
ment. But , 'squire , he's no more guilty
of murder than my steer is. "
"How do you know. "
"Because ho wasn't there when the
feller was killed. "
"Can you prove an alibi ? " I nskod.
"No , can't provo a lie by anybody , but
I'm clean satisfied thnt somebody's lied
to cl'ar thoysolvos. "
' .Who was the man killed ? "
"A peddler named Reed , but what
would John or anybody else want to
murder the poor feller for ? Ho worn't
robbed. "
"Who says your son killed him ? "
"A feller i timed Smith sw'nrs ho saw
him do the shootin' . "
What's your defense ? " I asked.
"Got none , " ho answered. "But L'll
toll you what I'll do. "
"Lot's hear it. "
Ef you'll git my boy out'n the scrape ,
I'll poke n thousand dollars in yer
pocket quickcr'n you could s waller a
muskndine ; nnd I'll deposit the cnsh
with the county treasurer to-morrow. "
"I'll do my best , " I readily assented ;
nnd thus it was settled , nnd my visitor
The next day , true to his word , my
friend Brown returned nnd deposited
the fee ns promised , with n written
agreement thnt if I succeeded the
nion6y wns mine , otherwise , it wasn't.
But two weeks intervened before
court intervened nnd it may bo imag
ined that I wont to work with a hungry
will to trot the matter in shape for
I first visited the locality of the mur
der , whoio I learned that the peddler
uas found dead with U bullet hole
through where ho lived , near the resi
dence of a mini named Jones , on the
20th dfiy of the proceeding February. ,
I next called on young Smith , the
principal witness ! in the case , who in
formed me that ho ' saw the defendant
d.o the shooting , und luul so. testified at
the commitment trial and would repeat
the dose before the grand jury soon to
investigate the matter.
I didn't like the looks of this follow
Smith , though I lenrnod that ho wns a
man of good character in the commun
ity. Ho seemed too eager to got the de
fendant out of the way , as though such
n rpsult would benefit Mm in some \ay.
This may have been imagination in
mo , but I learned on inquiry Irom other
parties thnt the two young men , Smith
nnd Brown , wore both visiting Jones'
daughter , which was something of n
pointer , nnd gave mo something to
study about when 1 got back to my
I next visited the alleged murderer In
jail , whom I found to bo n young man
with manly , open countenance , nnd wns
forced to the conclusion at once thnt ho
wns nn innocent man ,
After conversing with him at some
length in regard to the case the details -
tails of which it is unnecessary to repeat
here I said to him as I took his hand
in parting !
"Mr. Brown , did you kill that man ? "
"God knows I did notl" ho firmly but
tcnrfully nnsworcd.
"I believe you , " I nnswored him. "Bo
of good cheer.
I had done all I could in working up
the case , but could arrive at no occlu
sion favorable to my client. All the in
formation I could gain pointed to his
guilt ; still I was satisfied of his inno
What line of defense should I adopt ?
The only feasible idea that crept into
my head was the impeachment of Smith.
But how ?
Rivals in courtship.
Was tliero anything in this circum
stance worth working on ? As I have
before stated I didn't like Smith's looks
at all , but who caret ! if I didn't. He
must bo impeached that's all there
was in that end of it.
A young man's life was at _ stake
probably n pair of them , for if 1 failed
: o secure that $1,000 I had about made
up my mind that Texas soil would hide
my cai cass from view soon after the ad
journment of court.
The day arrived for the trial. Court
commenced , the cnso was brought bo-
'oro the grand jury and a true bill
lound against Brown , as everyone expected -
pected ; and on the third day of the
; cssion the case wag taken up in court ,
the house being crowded with anxious
The indictment recited that "on the
night of the _ ith ) of February the do-
'endant , John Brown , did , by force and
arms nnd with majico aforethought ,
shoot , kill , murder nnd assassinate ono
Reed , in the peace of God and the
state , " etc.
A jury was soon empaneled and the
examination of witnesses commenced
nil of which was unimportant circum
stantial evidence , but all pointing to
Brown's guilt. The state was relying
principally upon Smith's testimony , and
ho was placed upon the stand.
Ho took his place with more nclarity ,
I thought , than was becoming under the
circumstances , and I determined to jerk
some of the conceit and self-importance
out of him , at any rate , before I turned
him looso.
'After the usual preliminary questions ,
I abruptly asked :
"Now , sir , where were you on the
night in question5
Hesitating a moment , ho answered :
"At'Squire Jones' . "
"What wore you doing there ? " was
my next query.
"Guess that's my business , " ho flip
pantly answered.
"Guess it's mine , too , * ' I rotortcd.
"What were you doing there ? "
"I decline to answorl" ho insolently
I deliberately appealed to the bench.
His honor , who had apparently gone to
sleep thinking , I suppose , that the
case wns too dead against my client to
require any watchfulness on his part
ODoned the eye next to the witness nnd
stormed out :
"Answer the question. "
Thus unmistaimbly urged , Smith an
swered :
"I was paying a visit to the 'squire's
daughter. "
"Ah 1 you were , oh ? Who else were
there ? "
"Tho family , of course. "
"No doubt. Who else ? "
"I will not answer , " and the witness
began to show signs of restlessness.
I arose to my feet. "If your honor
please , if the defendant's life is to be
trilled with in this manner , I shall make
a motion to quash the indictment with
out further proceedings. "
This impertinent little speech had
the effect to open both eyes of the court
and his mouth at the same time ,
"If the witness hesitates to answer
another question propounded by the
counsel , I'll have him sent to jail BO
quick it will give him colic. "
"Who else was there ? " I again asked.
"John Brown ! "
"Tho defendant hero ? "
"Certainly. "
'Are you both addressing the young
lady in question ? "
"I suppobo so. "
"Are you on good terms with eacn
other ? "
"Wo are. "
"Who left the house first ? "
"Ho did. " '
"How long before you left ? "
"About fifteen minutes. "
"And you say you saw the defendant
shoot the peddler ? "
"I certainly did , " very promptly nnd
"What tlmo was it ? "
"About 10 o'clock. "
"Are you owl-eyed that you can so
plainly distinguish objects in the dark ? "
"Oh , the moon was shining very
bright. " he triumphantly nnsworcd.
"Ahl it " I said
thatjexplains , , taking
an almanac from my pocket. A glance
at the "moon's phases" for that month
which I had not taken the trouble to
examine before , and which I did i > 3w
because I didn't know what else to do
lovealed to mo the astounding fact that
the moon changed on thd 2Sth of thnt
month , consequently couldn't shine on
the 20th.
Turning to the witness I said : "I eoo
hero the moon changed'on the 28th , nnd
you must have been in another country
to see it at 10 o'clock on the 28th. "
Smith was as speechless ns a cold potato
tate ; the judge grunted ; the solicitor
looked wild.
I didn't press the point. That wns
impeachment No. 1 ; but I had more for
'hint. '
"Now1 , sir , wlmt yonr is this ? "
" 1869 , of course , " ho nnswored.
"Is it leap year ? "
"N no , I believe not. "
"Then February this1 year had but
twenty-eight days , if I not mistaken.
How is that ? "
The witness looked Hko ho wns about
to bo scalped , and was utterly unable to
speak. Lie No. 2. But 1 still had
another shot.
"What ore your initials , Mr. Smith ? "
"W. C. " ho faltered.
"Is that your document ? ? " I asked ,
producing n pistol which I had gotten
possession of , nnd which had boon
found near the body of the murdured
"I guess not I have no pistol , " ho
"No , but you did Iwwo. This ono hns
the letters 'W. C. S. ' plainly marked
on it.1
"Humph ! " grunted his honor , whiln
the witness evinced unmistakable symp
toms of fainting.
This was the third evidence for im
peachment , nnd I felt such commisera
tion for the follow thnt I would not pur
sue him further. .
"If your honor pleases , "I said , "you
see the witness has systematically per
jured himself from beginning to end ,
nnd I will rest my case hero without ar
gument. "
"May it please your honor"blubberod
the state's attorney , "there is n fatal
error in the indictment , and "
"Yes , " howled the judge , "there ap-
pcnrs to bo fntality mixed with the
whole business nnd wo decline to hoar
from you , Mr. Solicitor. What says the
jury without charge ? "
"Not guilty , " was the immediate nnd
unanimous response.
"Case dismissed antl prisoner dis
charged ! Mr. Sheriff , arrest the wit
ness" ' ordered the court.
But "tho witness , " taking advantage
of the excitement that followed , had
mysteriously disappeared , and , although
the officers of the court endeavored to
apprehend him , ho was nevermore scon
in that latitude.
It was the unquestioned opinion of
every ono that Smith had deliberately
concocted the whole scheme had mur-
dore.d the man himself or hired the deed
committed and charged the crime as
stated in order to got rid of his rival.
And oven the grand jury and officers of
the law so well satisfied were they of
the guilt of the accused had not
troubled themselves to investigate the
matter of dates.
Thus nndcd my first case at the bar ,
and I might add that the result was
quite satisfactory to three parties at
least to myself for the reputation and
$1,000 it gained mo , to my landcord who
had waited long and patiently for my
board , nnd to Brown , who subse
quently married the young lady.
Queer Fits nml Starts.
The fits and starts using these words
in their literal meaning of the ner
vous people often strike the beholder as
ludicrous. The nerves of hearing of
such unfortunates are painfully acute ,
nnd impinged by nbrupt , unexpected
noises , lead them sometimes to perform
unties worthy of a jumping jack. At
the root of nervousness , in most in
stances , is non-assimilation of the food ,
and consequently innutrition of the
nerves as of the other tissues of the
body. This prolonged , is , of courco ,
productive of serious nervous disease.
The remedy is Hostcttcr's Stomach Bitters -
tors , thnt invigorate the stomach and
enable it to perform its functions prop
erly. Soon after commencing a course
of it , it will bo found that the nerves
grow more tranquil by day , nightly re
pose becomes loss interrupted , nnd ap
petite more vigorous and satisfying.
These are iho initial indications , fol
lowed by the complete restoration of
nervous vigor. The Bitters also cure
fever nnd ague , liver complaint and con
Alaska's Great Wealth In Furs.
Now York Mail and Express : "No
ono will over bo able to tell the real
wealth of Alaska , " said a furrier to a
reporter for the Mail and Express. "It
consists of the abundance of its skinned
animals. The Russians used to value
the country for its furs , nnd it was
mainly for the furs that this country ac
quired it from Russia. The trade hus _
grown much since its annexation to this
country. The shipments of sea otter
and fur sealskins alone have more than
doubled during the last ton years ,
nnd now average annually $1,600-
000 in value. The list of furs
produced in that part of the country is
along ono. The land furs comprise otter ,
beaver , brown bear , black bear , red fox ,
silver fox , blue and white fox , mink ,
martin , polar bear , lynx and muskrats.
Rabbits , marmots and wolverines are
nlso common , but their skins uro re
tained by the natives. The annual
value of the furs , sea nnd land , now ob
tained from Alaska is estimated to aver
age $3,000,000 , , und there is no sign of
decrease in the yield. The competition
of the tradcis for skins has stimulated
the nntivs to greater industry in hunt
ing , and the prices now paid to the hun
ters are from four to ton times moro
than wore current during the Russian
An Absolute Cure.
Is only put up in largo two ounce tin boxes ,
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BILITT. cnaonio and all Dlitues of
mnajr. It mftkM HO difference WHAT jou
hftte uktn or TTIIO hat failed to cure you.
JS-FKH ALES Biiflirtnir from dlieaicipocu.
liar to th lr sex eau consult with the nnuranc
ef ipeedyrollof and cure. Bend 2 cent * potUia
for works on jour dlitajis.
* S-H nd 4 cent * postage for Colehrnlod
Work * on Chronic. Wcrvonu and Dell.
Ate Dlieue * . Consultation , pononal.'y or by
letUr , l > eo. Consult the old Doctor.
ThonsmndB cured. Offlctsjnnd nnrlom
private. * 3-Tho c contemplating Marriar *
Mnd tor Dr. C'lstrka's celebrated guide
Mala and Fomnle. each l&c. , both 26c.
( sumps ) , Heroic confiding your caie , coniult
Dr. CLARKE. A friendly letter or cnll may
s re future suffering and shnme , and add golden
yean to lire. as-Book LltV ( Secret ) Er.
ron , " tOc. ( stamp * ) . Modlolno and writings
snt ereifwhero , secure from cxpounrc.
Iloun , t to 8 ; Sundays , 9 to 12. Address ,
P. ± > . OLAKKB , M. D.
188 So. Clark St _ OH1OAOQ. ILL ,
1 S. A D.
1742 Lawrence St. Denver , Col ,
Ot the Missouri Etoto Muslum of Anntomy , St.
Louts , Mo. , University Collect ) Hospital , Ixm-
( ton , Ulcscn. Gcnntiuy and Now York , having
denoted tnclrnttcntlon.
More especially those nrlilng from Impru-
ilencc , Invlto nil so suirerlnp to correspond with
our delny. Diseases of Infection and coutnirlon
cured safely nnd speedily without u o of flan-
Kcroua drups. Pntlents whoso cases hava been
noplccted , uaclly tronted or pronounced Incur
able , should not fall to write us concerning their
byuiptouis. All letters receive immediate atten
And will bo mailed FUEE to any address on re
ceipt of one iJ-cent stamp. "Practical Observa
tions on Nervous Ueblllty find Physical Exhnus-
tlon , " to which Is added an " .Essay on Mar
riage , " with Important chapters on diseases ot
the Ileprodnctlvo Organs , the whole forming a
le medical treatise which should bo read
by all young men Addtcss
1742 Lawrence St. , Denver Col.
"TJic Overland IContc. "
The Sportsmen's , Tourists' and Pleasure
Seekers' Line-
Send for the Neat Little Sketch Book.
highly interesting and useful to Sportbmen.
It contains the American rules for trapping
and shooting adopted by the National Gun
Association ; as well as the revised game
laws of the Western States and Territories.
Copies sent free upon application to
Gen'IP. fcT.Agt , .
Omaha , Neb.
To liavoyour friends conio teas
as Eastern lines will sell tickets and run
Semi Monthly Land Excursions
over the
Union Pacific
"The Overland Route. "
Until July 1 , 1R88 , tickets sold for these excur
sions will bo good thirty days for the round trip
and can be used tendnjs going. When purchas
ers are ready to return , thoic tickets will ba
good flvo days for that purpose. If purchasers
\\lshtOHtopnliortof destination on our lines ,
agents will stamp tickets good to return from
such point.
J. B.TE11IIETS , E , L. I.OMAX ,
Gen. P. A : T. Agent. Ass't G. P. A : T. A.
"Tlic Overland Koiito. "
Has so arranged its family Sleeping Car
Eervice ( that berths can now be reserved
upon application by any ticket agent to M
J. Greevy , Passenger Agent , Council Bluflb
Iowa. The reservations when made are
turned over to the train conductors taking
out such cars , so tHUt passengers can now se
cure berths ordered , the same as a Pullman
berth is reserved and secured ,
Gen. P. tc T. Agent , Ass't G. P. & T. A.
S , L FELTON & GO , ,
And Manufacturers' Agents for
Gf all descriptions.
Hydraulic Engines , Surveys. De
tail Plans and Specifications.
Furnished on Short Notice.
Correspondence Solicited ,
Office Stag's ' Building , Fourth Floor ,
Of thsllodyenlarfed and strrnclhtned. Full piltlcn-
lars sent scsled free. KltlK II hi ; . CO , llorriio , N. Y ,
result of over-Work , Indiscretion , etc. , adirctt above.
f. II. fAIUKIt. K. 1' . HIC1IUAN J. a. lJIAM-H > utl > .
Live stock Conunission Merchants ,
Offlce-Koom 2 . Oppoiltu Eiclinnco Uulldlng , Union
Btock Yards , Boutb Umalia.Nch.
Live Stock Commission Merchants ,
llarsiit furnlthed frto on application Mockers and
feeders lurnUhtd on coed terms llv'ercnrus Oma
ha National llnnk ami h'jtltU OaiuLu Nutlvoai , Uuluo
block Vi-rds , bouth Omr.lin.
Live Stock Coininissioii ,
llooia 16 , Hi ebon no IlullJInit , Onion block Tards ,
tioutti Omaha. Ntb.
Commision Dealers in Live Sock ,
r.oorn22 , Opimslta KxchanKO llulldlnv , Union Stock
iurdsbouth Omaha. Keb.
Of Omaha , Limitei
Joan f IJQjJ.EuierlutcDJent.
Dealer in Artnlinrallmplefflcnts , Wagons ,
Carrllgel ana nnralM. Jonoi 5trfftblKCcn hand
Ijni0niaha ( , Nebraska.
AgricnltnralInmlementsa , onsCarriages ,
nugglts.Ktc. Wlioloalc. Omahn , Ntbratkn.
boletalc Dealer * In
nts ,
101,903 , WG and 107 Jonca Street , Omaha.
P. P. MAST & CO. ,
Manufacturers of Buckeye Drills , Seeders ,
Cultivators , tiny Rakes. Cider Mills mid Luban l > ul-
_ venters. Cor. litn and Nicholas btrcct * .
. -Wholcnale-
AgricnltflraiIiniilementsWagons&Bnggies ,
Comer Ulli and Mr holas gtrfi-ls.
, . ,
Harresting Machinerj and Binder Twine
W. B. Jlcad , Manager , lilt tanvcnnorth ( t. , Umahn
Boots end hoos. _ , ,
W. V. MO SE & CO. ,
Jobbers of Boots and Shoes ,
Artists' lYlotorlola.
A HOSPE , Jr. ,
Artists' ' Hateiials , Pianos and Organs ,
1513 Douglas Street , Omaha , Nebraska.
Manufacturer * nnd Jobbers In
Wagons Buggies , Rakes , Plows Etc ,
Cor. tth nncl Pacific Streets , Otunhn , Noli.
1110 IIUMHK Douglas 8t. , Omnlm Mnmirnclory , Sum
racr St. , Huston , .
( Successors to Itccd , Jones Co )
Wholesale MannfactnreK of Boots anflShoBS
Aucntsfor Iloston Huhher Shoo Co. 1102 , 1101 A. HOC
_ Unrnfy HI. . Oniaha , Neliranka.
Dooksollors end Stationers- _
H. M. * S. W. JONES ,
Successors to A. T. Kenyan A \Vholcsalo i Hctnll
Booksellers and Stationers ,
Flno WcddlnH Ptntloncry. Commcrclftl Stationery.
1TO Douglas fctreot , Omaha , Neb.
- -
Omaha CotTeo and Bplco Mills.
Teas , Coffees , Spices , Baking Powder.
UTorlnc Kxtrncte , laundry Blue. Inks , Ktc. 1114
iflailarnoy Ptrc-nt. Omslia. Ncbnukn
_ CrocUgry end lqo
Agent for the Manufacturers and Irnportcia of
Crockery , Glassware , Lamps , Chimneys ,
Ktc. Office. 317 8 13th St. , Omaha. Nebratkn. _
Iraportuia nnd Jobbers of
Crockery , Glassware , Lamps , Silverware
Eto 1511 Furnam St. . NMT Tftitoii Iliillcllni ; .
C o rn rri [ see n n d Stora go
( Successors to McSliano & Sclirocdcr. )
Produce Commission and Cold Storage ,
Omaha. Nebraska ,
Flour , Feed , Grain aud General Commission
Merchant ! . Correspondence pollclteil. 1011 Nort
ICth btixoi.'Oninlin , Neb.
Storage and Commission Merchants ,
Specialties Butter , I'lw , niccsp , Tonltry , Game ,
Oysters , Utc , Klc. 113 Bouth Htli btroet.
' " "
Johhers of Hard and Soft Coal ,
209 South 13th Elrcct , Omaha , Nebraska.
Manufacturers of Illinois White Lime ,
And shippers of Coal , Coke , Content. I'lnstcr. I.lme ,
Drain Tile , and Suwur ripu. Office , i'aiton Hotel ,
Farnam St. . Omaha , Neb. Telephone 811.
Shippers of Coal and Coke ,
ill South loth St. . Omaha. Neb.
N ptj oris
M. E SMITH * CO. .
Dry Goods , Furnishing Goods and Notions ,
1102 and 1101 Douglas , Cor. llth St. , Omaha. Neb.
Importers andJoliteinDryGoofls.Notions .
Gents' Furnlshlnit ( ioods. Corner llth and lliuuoy
bis , Omaha. Nebraska.
Wholesale Dealers in Furniture ,
Farnam Mreet , Omaha. Nebraska.
Omuha , Nebraska.
_ Offloo Fixtures. _
Manufacturer * of
Bank , Office and Saloon Fixtures ,
Mantles , bl Jcbcmrds , Honk Oases , Druu I'lxtures' , Wnll
( uses , rartltlons , HalllnE , Counters , licur and
\\lna Coolers , Mlrors , etc. factory and olllco,17AI
and ITSi South Ulh B | . , Ouinlia. Uoluphoner 1134.
_ Crocqrlos. "
Wholesale Groceries and Provisions ,
706. 707. 703 and 711 8. 10th St. . Omaha. Neb.
Wholesale Grocers ,
Htli and IxayeniTortli Streets , Omaha , Nebraska.
LEE ! FRIED""CO. . ,
Jobbers of Hardware and Nails ,
Tinware , Sheet Iron , Ktc. Agents for Huwo Scales ,
and Miami t'onder Co , Omaha. Neb.
Builders' ' Hardware and Scale Repair Shop ,
Mechanics' Tools and lluffalo Scales. 1W5 Pouglai
Street , Omaha , Kcbr * a.
Wholesale Hardware ,
lOthand IlnrneyBts , Omabit , Nch , Western Acenti
for Austin Ponder Co , Jefferson Steel Nails ,
Fairbanks Standard tica les. _ _ _ _ _ _
Wholesale Manufacturers of
Saddlery & Jobbers of Saddlery Hardware
And leather. 1IUJ , 1105 and Km Hurncr bt. , Omaba ,
Heavy Hardware.
Heavy Hardware , Iron and Steel ,
Springs , Wagon Stock , Hardware. Lumber , Ktc. 12U9
aud 1 jll llnrnty Btn t , Omaha.
Wholesale Iron and Steel ,
H'azonand Tarrlniio Wood Stock. Heavy Hardware
Ktc. imaudnm-eavennorth St. Omaha , Neb.
_ _ Lumber.
' '
All Kinds of Building Material at Wholesale
18U Street and Union Pacific TrAck , Omatia.
' " "
Dealer in Lumber , Lath , Lime , Sash ,
Doors , Ktc. Yards-Corner 7th and LoiuilU | Cornet
UlU uod lou l i.
Hnt8 ' , Cnps , Eto.
Wholesale Hals , Caps anfl Straw ML
maha. Nch.
Dealer in All Kinds of Lite ,
13lh and California Streets. Omaha Nebraska.
Lnmlier Lime Cement Etc Etc
, , , , , ,
Corner h and Douglas Pta. Omaha.
To Dealers Only ,
* * Oltlee.ltM Farnam Street Omaha.
Wholesale Lnnibor , Etc ,
Imported and American Portland Cement. Ptati
Agent for Milwaukee lltdraullc Cement and
tjulncy White Lima.
Dealer in Hardwood Lnnilier ,
Wood Carpets and runnel Flooring Ptli am' '
Iron Worko.
ir.iiuNU inoxwoiiKs ,
Wroiigbt and' Cast Iron' Building Work ,
Knelnc'.llransWork.Oenoral FoundryMsihlnoMI !
lllaikamith Work. Oftleennd WinksU. 1 > lly.
and 17th Street , Omaha.
Manufacturers of Wire and Iron Railings
Desk llnlln , Window tltinnK Klower Ptnndi , Wlrt
MKn .Klc. 181 North ICtii blrect. Omaha.
Maii'frsofFire&BiirglarProofSafes '
Vault * . Jail Work , Iron ami Wire Fencing. HlRns , Eto.
( J Androon , l'r < i | > r Cor.
Iron and Wire Fencss , Halite Guards
ml Screens , lorl'iillKs , < imct , rtuti'K , ir > | Jciicc' , eta
ImproTod AvnlnaslAcksinltli Mnelilnoryand
UlackimltU Works. 4tWtfoutu lull91.
, lilL.MGt-lc.i < tc L-fcA H ,
Fire' and Burglar Proof Safes , Time LocKs ,
Ocnernl AccnH for Dlehold Snfo A lKck Co.'s
Vaulta and Jitll Work , 1115 Faruam street , Omaha.
rmlniiory tiiul notions.
i. OBERFELDER fc'co. . "
Importers & Jobbers in Millinery & Notions
W. 210 and 212 boutn llth Street ,
Wholesale Notions and Furnishing Goods
403 ancUOSBMith IQtb at. . Omaha.
Notions and Gent's ' Furnishing Goods ,
1105 Humor Street , Omaha.
Wliolsalc Refined anil Lubricating Oils , kl
'nao , Klc , Omaha. A. If. Ill'hnti Murmur J
Paints and Oils-
\ \ huU'ii lie Dealers In
Faints. Oils , Window Glass , Etc ,
Hid Kuril sin btnct.Oraaliu.Noli.
f bolesale Faner Dealers ,
Carry a nlco stock of 1'rlntlnir. Wrapnlna and Wrttlag n
l' > ar. Special attention Blvon to car road ordgrs.i |
' Wlotorjole. _
' ' *
Auxiliary Publishers ,
. . tB
Rubber Goods.
Hannfoctorers and Dealers in Rttbber Goo Js
Dll Clothing and Leather Melting. 1008 Tarnam Strati.
JStojam Fittings , Pumpe , Etc.
A. L. STRANG Cf5. , '
? ? 1"18 "
Steam w ,
Wholesale Piimps , Pipe , Fillings ,
Steam and Water Bunptlos. ncadqiiartcn forMasL
I oost & Go's goods. 1111 turnum HtCroatia ,
Steam and Water Supplies ,
Halllday Wind Mills. 1)18nnd ) 920 Furnsm St. , Omaha.
( i.j . Hois , Acting Munngur.
" '
Rngines , Boilers and General Machinery.
Sheet iron ort BUam . . . B .MlKs. . , y
Seeds ,
Wholesale Farm , Field and Garden Seeds
llHndM3JoiicatJtrftt Omuha.
Storngo , Forwarding & Commission
Storage , Forwarding and Commission , .
Drench houno of the IJemior Iluggr Co , Iliusteaal
wliolcoalo and retail , 1CT ) 1/lOund 1312 liard Bluet ,
Omaha. Tcliphune No.7W.
Lager Beer Brewers ,
1M1 North Klittbtocnfb Btreot. Omaba. Neb.
Manufacturers of Overalls
; cnn Vanta , Bhliti , Kto. 1102and 1IO ( Douglu Btre t ,
Omnba , Met ) .
Manufacture Galvanized Iron and Cornice ,
John Kpcnetcr. Proprietor. ( rJO Iod | ( and 103 and 101
North lUtb btreut. Uinitba.
Sash , fJojors ,
M. A. DISDROV , CO. , "
Wbotciale ilauu : tturcri of
Sash. Doors , Blinds and Mouldings ,
Branch llfflce , nth and Uard Htrcoli. Omaha , U.
Manufacturers of Sash , Doors , Blinds ,
Moulding , HtalrWnrk and Interior Hard Wood Fla\
lib , N. u , Corner 8tli and Lonrennorlh Utreeli ,
_ Ouiaba , JU. .
Manufacturers of Moulding , Sash , Doors.
And lIllridi.TurnlnK , Blair-work , lltnk anil Octet Hi.
tlnyi. auli and 1'oiniltton Arcnue.
Smoke Stacks , lfollo7ar Eto.
Manufacturing Bealer in Smoke Stacks ,
Ilhtchlnci , Tank * and ( lni rat Holler Ucpalrlcg. 1314
l > u > UQ Clrofl.uaulia , Ncli
Tli beit keene and most poptiUt Hotel It tba
slat * . IXJcmllou ccQtrtl , appoliidnents Orst-olsss.
litalquaruis for couna rclal men and ai | | > olltlc&
] TtTiriinrlii I'M ' nftn \ fttmtwtilitt \