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They Will Have to Walt on the
Lower Houso.
A Thrininjr Wnr Story Uovlvcd by n
Pension Illl-Sevcn Mule Barnnin
, llcfusca to bo Placated Sher
man's Home indorsement.
Grave Senators Can IMay.
513 FouiiTEBXTii STIIKBT ,
WASHINGTON. D. C. . April 21.
Senators say they nro going to hnvo a sen-
Bon of from four to six weeks of play com-
parcd to the work that usually devolves upon
them nt this period in a session. Tlioy do
not intend to exert themselves very much
during the debate on the tariff bill In the
, liotiso , as the senate Is already far ahead of
the lower branch < Jf congress. Thoplcuro-
linoumoiiln bill will odcupy most of their
attention next week , the Plumb land forfeit
ure bill coming up in the morning hour
cnnh dny. Tlio fisheries treaty Is to rocclvo
much attention in secret session , the rosolu-
, tlon to consider it In open session having
failed to get a fair hearing , whereas Us
author , Senator Klddlebcrgcr , is in bad
'liumor , and says ho will make no secret of
Anything said In secret session upon the sub
ject , and that ho will continue his light'for
I open sessions , the * same as if his resolution
liad not been offered.
An extraordinary meeting of the commlt-
s- tco on ways nnd means has boon called for
Monday morning , for the purpose of discuss
ing the question of fixing a limit to the dot -
t > ito on the tariff bill. The democratic caucus
this week , it will bo remembered , instructed
the majority of the committee to consult
With the minority , nnd if possible , ngrco
Upon n period when the general debate should
close and the hill bo taken up uuJcr tlio flvo
TOlnuto.rulo. The democrats want to close
the dobata on the main question within ten
days , whlln the republicans say it should run
tot least thrco weeks , and It looks as though
they will have their way about It. The bill
Will take up as much time , or more , under
"tho flvo minute rule and this figuring makes
' nlmost Impossible to get a vote before the
St. Louis convention , which the demo
crats declare they must have.
.An amicable nrrangomcntmay bo reached on
plonday as to the time when the bill shall bo
taken up under the flvo-minuto rule , for do-
pate by sections und amendment , but there
-will como a row sooner or later. The debate
vpnust bo cut short at some period if a iinul
jroto on the measure Is taken before the dcm-
Ocratlo national convention. When that Is
torcclpitatcd the anti-tariff reformers will *
glkcly stand together nnd refuse to amend
find vote solidly against it. This will of
course dolcat the bill. It is understood that
jtho tariff debate will proceed on Tuesday and
that the bill wlll.not frequently bo set aside
( for anything ulso. There is no disposition in
pny quarter to antagonize it with appropria
tion bills or any measure , and for the pur-
tooaoof retaining Its strength to the fullest
' possible degree Its. advocates arc willing to
Bacrlltco anything.
The recent turns taken in political affairs
nv the Now York Sun Imvo attracted a great
Ooal of attention In Washington , nnd ulso
caused distress amongtho democrats. A few
( days iigo It printed three or four columns of
extracts from newspapers to show the un-
bopularity of the Mills tariff bill , and editor
ially . .wr/Aca the party nnd the president
against free trade tendencies In view of the
labor vote. To-day it printed Chairman
Mills' speech in full , occupying a whole page
less a half column. Editorially the Sun calls
( attention to the subject and asks a careful
Btudy by everybody , especially by the workingmen -
ingmen of the country. Then It significantly
eays : "Mills is ono of the ablest and most
uncompromising advocates of free trade that
lias over been in congress , and while his bill ,
combined with the bill reducing the Internal
revenue which ho has also presentee ] , departs
very radically nnd widely from the policy
Which Mr. Cleveland contended for In his
annual message , the popular interest In the
views hoadvocates is widespread and intense ,
nnd most Justly so. " ) WITH 11UM.ETS.
The house passed a bill granting a pension
Of 8100 a month to'Charles H. Smith , of the
Sovcnty-slxth New York volunteers , which
brings out u most thrilling war incident.
Binith participated in ten of the principal
battles of the rebellion nnd emerged from
thorn without n scratch. On the llrstof July ,
1863 , nftor lighting two years , ho wont Into
notion at tlio battle of Gettysburg , and it aj > -
nears that all that could have befallen him
miriug the entire activity of the past turned
tapon him at ono moment. During the fore-
boon of that day ho was evidently picked out
us a target by a largo number of the oppos
ing enemy. One bullet passed through his
Jeft thigh , another entered his loft groin ,
passed through the body and came
put nt the right hip , n third entered above
the left hip , passed through the body and
fractured the spinal column , but still tlioy
wore not through with him. As holayprono
upon his face n shell burst over him and tore
pffa largo portion of his right buttock. In
that condition ho lay upon Iho battle Held for
( four days , without any assistance or nourish-
tnent whatever. Ho spent the rest of the
war time In a hospital. Ho has n widowed
mother whom ho will support out of the
jnonoy which ho will receive from the gov
* Ono of tlio leading Now York democrats
has Just arrived in Washington and reports
.that Chairman Barnum will refuse to servo
at the head of the national democratic com-
'nilttuo during the approaching campaign , bc-
cause ho regards Cleveland's position on the
tariff as unpopular and likely to lead to do-
feat. Uiirnum 1ms Indicated this much and
.says that not only will Now York nnd Now
'England ' bo placed m Jeopardy , but also two
'elates ' .in the south West Virginia nnd
forth Carolina. Illinium says lilnino's let-
or of diminution amounts to nothing , and
tint that thu republican ticket will road
Jlalno nnd Harrison. This is having a do-
hrcsslng effect on eastern .democrats here ,
, There Is n fear that Mr. Pcndleton Is In n
much more serious condition in Germany
than the cablegrams in the press indicate , or
* the stuto department ofllclals will acknowl
edge. Inquiries nt the department to-day
' failed to elicit any definite information ,
whllo thora was an nlr ot' mystorlousncss
find 'A reticence that was bcllovnd to Do slg-
nlflcunt. Those who saw Mr. Pendloton dur
ing his brief visit hero , a faw months ago ,
uro Inclined to think that ho In In u critical
condition nnd much uneasiness is being felt ,
, Rourcsentallvo MclClnloy returned from
Ohio and was coriKrutulutcd by his colleagues
Ju the house. Ho is enthusiastic ever Mr.
Bhorumu's prosjxjcts of getting the nomina
tion In Juno. Ho said that the endorsement
of Mr. Bhoriuuu by Iho Ohio convention was
not merely formal ; It was earnest ; they
picmil'it. They were enthusiastic lu their
nupport of Shormnn , and no man opposing
him \voiUl ) Imvo dared put up his head In the
Convention. The convention would
Imvo rushed over such opposition
nud have trodden it under foot. Thu
convention and the republicans of the entire
Btulo were for Shermun earnestly und all thu
timo. Ho said thcro was no foundation
Whatever for the talk of Sherman's undoi-so
juent only bolug lukawarm and the result ol
great labor. Ho felt that Shermun would
cot the nomination and declared ho thought
Ho would tnuko the atrongast possible candi
date. Major MclClnloy is the leading Ohic
republican la the house and is the recognized
( noutuplcco of Senator Sherman.
Army Nows.
WASHINGTON , Apnl 21. [ Special Tolegran
So the IJKU.l The superintendent of the re
cmltlng service will cause thirty colorec
cavalry recruits to bo assigned to the Nintt
cavalry and forwarded under pro | > cr charge
to such point or points in the Department ol
thoPlutto us the commander general of the
Bopurtmcnt shall designate. After arrival Ir
> hat department the rccrulta will bo distrib
tiled as equitably as practicable among the
Droops of the regiment serving therein.
Leave of absence for six moutns on sur
gcon's .certiflcato 'of dlsublUty U grantee
Post Chaplain Daniel Klndlg , United States
Privates Edwafd J. Bronnnn , Troop L ,
Klghthcavalry.Tohnl ; | * : McArec , Troop A ,
Sixth cavalry , nnd Bcntis Hautsch , Company
F , Fifth cavalry , now with their companies ,
having enlisted while minors without the
consent of their parents or guardians , nto
discharged the service of the united States.
Under paragraph 2404 of the regulations they
are riot entitled to payment or allowances
and final statements shall not bo furnished
Colonel C. L. Best , of the Forty-fifth ar
tillery , will retire on the 2.1th Inst , on account
of age. This will promote Lieutenant Colonel
H. W. Closson. Fifth artillery , to bo colonel
of the Fourth , Major HIchard Lodor , of the
Third artillery , to bo Lieutenant Colonel of
the Fifth ; Captain W. F. Randolph , Fifth
artillery , to bo major of the Third ; First
Lieutenant B. 1C. Hoberts , Fifth artillery , to
bo captain , nnd Second Lieutenant H. C. Car-
baugh , Fifth artillery , to bo first , lieutenant.
Nebraska nnd Iowa Pensions.
WASHINGTON , Apiil 21.- [ Special Telegram
to the BKI : . ] The following i mslons were
granted Nfibrasknns to-day : Original In
valid William T. Cole , Plottsmouth. In-
orcaso John K. Enslo\v , Big Springs ;
Stepbou t3. Blood , Cedar Iluplds. Helssuo
mid Increase John J. Casey , Cleveland.
Pensions for lownns : Original Invalid-
Thomas W. Summersidc , Earlville ; William
H. Howes , Davenport ; Alexander Hose ,
Colfnx ; James * B. Qulgloy , Wilton
Junction. Restoration and reissue Isaac
Hardiii. deccased. Marcngo. Increase Wil
liam vlers , Allcrton ; David Hornbrnkcr ,
Bonaparte i Edgar Horn , Delplms ; William
J. Adams , Montlccllo. Helssuo nnd Increase
.lames W. Hobbing , Center Point. Ileis-
sue John J. Jcnewlne , Wuukeon. Original
widows , etc. Sarah E. , widow of Isaac Hnr-
dln , Marcngo.
Mexican survivors Orovo A. Warren ,
Movlllo ; Samuel T. Boyd , ICIrkmau ; Nathan
Meyers , Woodbine ; Phelps Uccd , Carlisle.
For Party First.
WASHINGTON , April 20. [ Special to the
Bnn.l Senator Gorman , the spoil boss
of Maryland , , is industriously engaged
driving the democratic members from
his state into line on the Mills tariff bill. Dur
ing the past four or flvo years the mining and
manufacturing Industries ot Maryland have
developed so immensely that the people are
advocating the uialntalnanco of the present
tariff laws , and.ft majority of them are op
posed to the Mills bill. Gorman , himself , is
largely interested In mining in his state , and
his personal and business , us well as political
friends , are strongly opposed to the proposi
tions in the tariff bill now before
the house ; but Gorman is nn administra
tion man , and for the sake of poll-
tics , and at the direction of the president , ho
Is compelled to work for the party In oppo
sition to his private interests nnd individual
friends. Ho is engaged in cracking the whip
ever the heads of the democratic members
in the house from Maryland , and since lie
lias been given absolute control of the fed
eral patronage for the state , ho is expected
to wheel them into lino. It is ono of the
clearest cases in congress of self-sacriflco In
tlio interest of the unpopular attempts of tlio
administration that can bo found , and will
bo found , and will undoubtedly } -id to the
downfall of the boss.
Jor Pleasure. .
BOSTON , April 21 , | Special Telegram to
the BUE. A reporter yesterday discovered
James Russell Lowell pacing up and down
the deck of the Cunder Ccphalonia , ana ac
costing him , asked where ho was going so
unexpectedly. Mr. Lowell said it was ob
vious , that ho was going abroad , but as to
why , where , or for what reason ho was goIng -
Ing , that was his business. The reporter
asked him about the report that ho had been
tendered the English mission in case Phelps
should bo made chief justlco. "It is not BO , "
said Lowell. "I saw the president lately and
talked with him. The subject was not men
tioned. I bollovo It never entered the head
of President Cleveland. " "If the nomina
tion was tendered would you noceptl"
"That's another thing , I must decline to
answer your question If I said yes , the pres
ident might think I was angling for the place ,
which is untrue. My visit abroad is for
pleasure , and plcaso don't start any false
rumors. " So saying Mr. Lowell buttoned
up his Macintosh , lighted his cigar and
turned away.
The Press Mistreated Her.
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , April 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the Buc. ] Mrs. Carhle and family
left last night for Chicago. She says that
the papers had treated her shamefully. She
did not care to see any reporters.
"How hare they mistaken you ? " was
"They say I was in collusion with tny hus
band to got a divorce. It is not so. I wanted
the divorce on Just grounds. What did I get
out of it except a painful notoriety ; und now
ho has married Miss Cruto. "
Deadwood's Delegates.
DEAD-WOOD , Dai : . , April 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] Tlio democratic county
convention elected delegates to go to Water-
town to-day. Colonel Stcolc heads the dele
gation. The delegation chosen were all
Church men.
Steamship Arrivals.
SOUTHAMPTON , April 21. [ Special Tele-
cram to the BEE. ] Arrived Tno Bclgcn-
lund from New York for Antwerp.
NK'W YOIIK , April 21. Arrived The
Scythia and Germanic from Liverpool.
An Extensive Snowshcd Burned.
CHEYENNE , Wyo. , April 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] An Immense snowshcd
on the line of the Union Pacific railway at
Buford Station , near this city , caught flro
this afternoon nnd was destroyed. The shed
was n quarter of a mile In length. Trains
were delayed ton hours by the flro.
Homo Kickers In the Crowd.
KANSAS CITV , Mo , , April 21. [ Special
Telegram to the BEE. ] The saloonkeepers
protective association decided as a body nt
tholr meeting to-day to keep their places
closed on Sunday , A few have determined
to keep open mid will make a vigorous pro
Two infants were deserted by unnatural
mothers In Kansas City yesterday.
E. B , Farnsworth , n scab engineer em
ployed on the Kansas City , St. Joseph &
Council Bluffs railroad , was arrested at
Kansas City yesterday charged with bigamy ,
Ho claims his arrest was caused by the strik
ers , to cripple the road. Ho Is a first-class
engineer , nnd it will bo difficult to fill his
A largo number of forged chcclis on the
Citizens' National bunk of Kansas City are
afloat , und many merchants have been
The Swedish Augustana synod closed Its
sessions in Kansas City last nl lit. It com
prises the states of Kansas , Missouri , Colorado
rado ami Texas , has a membership of 125,000 ,
and sixty delegates were present. This
strong church organization , which comprises
a great percentage of the Swedish imputa
tion , is enforcing temperance within its
ranks , but It Is not in favor of a prohibition
parly in politics.
JAUIOS Hubbnrd , a book agent , has mys
teriously dlsup ] > ourcd from Kansas City with
the suspicion resting upon him of having
committed a burglary. Ho loft a wife lu the
city penniless.
George Collins , colored , carried off every-
thlugof value in Horace Voss' boarding
house at Kansas City yesterday and was cait-
turod Just as ho was crossing the state line.
Ho explained to tha oftlcor arresting him that
ho was helping a friend to move.
A. JS , Dic-kson of Omaha tried to prove in
Kansas City yesterday that Frank Webber
robbed him on the highway. Ho nearly
fulled in the attempt , as the defense brought
out unsavory facts concerning Dicksou't
vbit to Kansas City ,
Moso Fruloy , the big St. Louis bear , whose
failure was announced early in the wcpk ,
1ms resumed active operations , and says he
will pay 100 cents oh tbo dollar and have
plenty left.
Cnupn City coal. , Nebraska Fuol'Co ,
f f
Removal of Iowa's Quarantine
Against Illinois Cattlo.
Jfrcd Held KIIN His Mother In
rcl Over n Farm Hut-Unit Ac
quitted A Corrupt Pro
hibition Constable.
Tlio Quarantine Heinovecl.
DPS MOIXBS , In. , April 21. fS | > cclal Tele
gram to the HER. ] Governor Lnrrabco to
day Issued a proclamation removing all quar
antine against Illinois cattle , ns follows :
Whorcns , On tlio 25th day of September ,
A , I ) . 1C80 , u proclamation WIIB Issued from
thin ofllco forbidding the imliortatlon of any
cattle Into this state from the state of Illi
nois , which proclamation , which was on the
21st day of November , A , D. 188T , taodlncd
by an executive order under which the Im
portation of cattle into thin state froth the
state of Illinois except from ( .lint part of
Cook county then quarantined ngalnst by
that stale , was again permitted.
AVhorcas , A proclamation was on the 1st
day of April , A. D. 1SSS , issued by the gov
ernor of the ( state of Illinois , removing ill !
quarantine restrictions tlicn In force In Coolc
courily , such proclamation "being based upon
the certificate of the state board of lire stock
commissioners , reciting that no case of con
tagious plcuro-pnoumonia had been found in
any part of Cook county since December ,
1SS" , and ,
Whereas , The state veterinary Burgeon of
this slate recommends that nil restrictions
upon cattle tralllo between the states of Illi
nois and Iowa bo removed.
Now , thorefivfts , I , William Larrabco , gov
ernor of the state of Iowa , by virtue of the
authrlty vested in mo by law do hereby make
my proclamation , revoking the proclamation
of quarantine of the date of September 25 ,
1SSO , and do hereby restore the right of im
portation of cattle Into this state from the
the state of Illinois ami from all parts
thereof. _
Tobacco Thief Caueht.
DES MOINUS , la. , April 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEB.I A very bold thief was
captured to-day In the act of stealing a butt
of tobacco from the wholesale store of
Sperry. Watt & Garvcr. It is the habit in
the store to pllo the goods that are sold near
the front of the store , so that they will bo
convenient for checking off. Last Wednes
day two butts of tobacco were missing , and
It was supposed that a mistake had boon
inado. Thursday the same thing happened ,
and suspicion was aroused. Yesterday Mr.
Wutt had them piled in the same place and
stationed himself behind a door to watch.
The thief came at the noon hour and passed
the south window a time or two and then
stopped and looked In a few moments , and
finally loft. T. M. Watt then made applica
tion for a swift running ofllccr , and a detec
tive was sent to-day and stationed himself
behind a pllo of boxes. The thief appeared
promptly on time and took a butt of tobacco
that was near the window , when the ofllcor
stepped out of n sldo door and met him. Ho
"ropped the butt and ran , but was soon cap-
ured. There were two others that were
pursued by nn employe of the store , but wore
lost in the alloy. The young man arrested
gave the name of T. S. McQuiro. Ho Is
about twenty-one years of age , smooth-faced ,
rather good looking and well dressed. Ho
promised to tell where the rest of the tobacco
is if they would let him go.
A. Manufacturers' Conference.
Bus MOINES , la. , April 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the BCB. | The manufacturers and
capitalists of central Iowa have decided to
hold n national convention of manufacturers
in this city lasting four days , beginning May
15. The call for that purpose was issued
to-day. It is expected that manufacturers of
St. Louis , Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis ,
Omaha , Kansas City and other western
cities will attend in large numbers , and an
invitation , with special inducements ,
will bo sent to cistern manu
facturers. The general purpose is
for u conference on industrial matters look
ing to the development of manufacturing in
terests , especially in the west. Each day
there will bo a discussion of different phases '
of the manufacturing business , reports on
the resources of different sections of the
country , and places for the investment of
capital in new forms of industrial enterprise.
Each ovenintr there will bo lectures by noted
speakers on industrial topics.
Hurluiit Acquitted.
BOOXE , la. ; April 21. [ Special Telegram to
the BEE. ] The jury in the trial of J. Ueed
Hurlbut , charged with being an accessory to
the shooting of Constable Logan at DCS
Moines , brought in n verdict of acquittal at 0
o'clock this evening. This onus a case of
great interest in this part of the state. Hurl-
but is a son of the Hurlbut who was lately the
receiver of the Chicago Times. Ho is at the
head of n wholesale drug house in DCS Moines
and a year ago one of his employes shot and
killed a prohibition constable who was trying
to arrest him for violation of the liquor law.
The employe was sent to the penitentiary
and Hurlbut was indicted us nn accessory , it
being chagcd that hp hud armed his men and
encouraged them to resist the ofllcrs.
Iowa's Adolescent Orators.
MASON CITY , la. , April 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] There was an Immense
attendance at the state oratorical contest
hold in this city last night. Miss Sue Schcr-
morhorn , of Mason City , was the successful
contestant , with Miss Ida Simmonson ns a
close second. The wore also
chosen to attend the convention to bo hold at
Cedar Hapids : Addlson Harris , Eldorado ;
Carrie Swnrts. Ackloy ; Ida Slramonson ,
Clear Lake ; Lem Kratz , Hampton ; Sue
Schcrmorhorn , Mason City : Doll Quackcn-
bush , Webster City.
Arrested for Bribery.
DBS MOINKS , la. , April 21. [ Special Tele
gram'to the BiSE.J Constable Frank Pierce ,
the leader of the gang of searching con
stables , has been indicted by the grand Jury
for receiving bribes. Ho was arrested at
Boone and released nt a lute hour last night ,
and given till this morning to secure ball.
Ho appeared before the Judge to-day and
gave bond and will bo tried at the present
term of the district court.
Democratic Delegates.
Sioux CITV , la. , April 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bni : . ] The democratic county
convention met here this afternoon and se
lected nine delegates to the state convention ,
John C. Kecly , editor of the Tribune , heads
the delegation. Mr. Kcely will receive the
support of northwestern Iowa democrats for
delegate at largo to the national convention.
Murdered His Mother
Sioux Cur , la. , April 31. [ Special Tele
gram to the HEB.J Word has been received
hero this evening of the murder of Mrs.
Held by ther own son , Fred Hold. The
parties reside In Plymouth county , ten miles
from La Mars. The murder was committed
on account of a dispute as to the ownership
of a farm. The murderer lias not yet been
_ _ _ _ _
A Child Fatally Burned.
GIIUNUV CEXTEH , la. , April 21. [ Special
Telegram to the BEE. ] Blanche , the six-
year-old daughter of J , H. Sperry , of this
place , was severely , If not fatally , burned
yesterday afternoon , her clothing catching
lire from burning fiurdcu refuse and nil
being burned oif. Her mother is vibltlug
relatives at Fremont , Neb ,
Can't Collect the Tax ,
DBS MOIKKS , to. , April 21. Notice was re
ceived hero to-day from Judge Brewer , of the
.United States circuit court , that ho had
granted a temporary injunction restraining
the state from collecting taxes front tlio Pull
man car company. '
Iilvcly Faotlonni\'otcst In tlio David
City DcniocrJtle CnnU >
DAVID CITY , Pen , , AplilSl. [ Special Tele
gram to thollRB. ] Tlio Butler county demo
cratic convention was hold to-day and the
following delegates were elected to the state
democratic conveuftFrnSl Omaha , May 2 : C.
D. Cnsper , Matt MnTcr'.il. H. Smith , Frank
Loomls. Henry Vralg , M. C. Dclancy ,
Michael Miller ail * "John L. Ichaeck. A
bitter fight was Wagbd between the railroad
people's brlpndo and * the Morton faction , In
which the Mortonltcs wcro victorious. Not
a rfrcaso spot is loft of the old George L.
Miller following Innhis county.
A Boom nt ColunibtiR ,
Coi.t'Mnus , Neb. , April 21 , [ Special Telegram -
gram to the Bin : . ] Articles of IncoVpora-
tion of the City Improvement com
pany were filed to-day with the
following ns incorporators : J. P.
Becker , Jonas Welsh , David Scupback , Her
man Oeblrlch , Adolph Jooggl , Charles Davis
and C. II. Sheldon. An Imirartmit business
meeting of tho'commerclal bank Is being
held this evening. Excavations for numer
ous brick blocks will bo begun at onco.
The Holt County W. C. T. U.
STUAUT , Neb. , April 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bun. ] The Woman's Christian
Temperance Union of Holt county has ocen
In session for \\io \ past two days nt this place.
The attendance Is very largo and all meet
ings are of great Interest. Mrs. C. M. Wood
ward , of Seward , state organlzor , was
welcomed by largo and Interested audiences.
Great assistance was rendered by pastors of
the different churches and others.
Almost Burned to Death.
SciiUYLEit , Nob. April 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the BED. ] To-day while Newell
Wheeler , n blind man living out in the coun
try several miles , was at homo alonc his
house caught fire and endeavoring to cscapei
ho was sovorcly burned. Tlio flro being be
tween him and the doorway ho had to got outi
of a window. The house and contents were
entirely destroyed.
Will Commemorate.
Neb. , April 21. [ Special to i
Br.E. ] The Odd Follows of this county will
give n grand dinner in the Chautnuqun as
sembly grounds on the 20th of this month to
commemorate the establishment of "their sub
lime order in the United States. Ex-Gov
ernor Dawes will deliver the address of wel
Going to Have a Good Depot.
CIIETE , Neb. , April 20. [ Special to the
Bnc. ] The Missouri Pacific railroad intend
erecting a magnificent cut stone depot and
passenger building in this city as soou as the
work on the road will warronf.
Delegates to Oinnlin.
Om > , Nob. , April 20. [ Special Telegram to
the BEE. ] The democrats met in mass con
vention and elected the following delegates
to attend the 'state convention at Omaha ,
May 2 : Fred L. Harris , J. L. McDonough ,
W. H. COK and S. L. Smith.
Flro at Lincoln.
LINCOLN , Nob. , April 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEB.j ] Tko Empire planing
mills , operated by O. C. > Munsoii , burned to
night. The loss is estimated nt $3,000 ; par
tially insured. The department confined the
flro to the mills. _
Grant Dcnlocrats Organize.
GIUXT , Neb. , April 21.-j-Spocial [ Telegram
to the BEE. ] The democrats of Grant and
vicinity mot nt this place to-day and organ
ized a democratic club by the electing of J.
A. Phillips as president and W. L. liutlcdgo
as secretary.
A Mad Dog's Frolic.
WASHINGTON , N. iJ. , April 21. | Special
Telegram to the BKK. ] William Cowell ,
a farmer , owned a bloodhound seven years
old , weighing 150 pounds. } Last night Cowell
_ wont out to chain tho'Uog up when It sprang
upon him , catching hlni by the threat mid
bearing him to the ground. Cowjll broke
its hold , but the brute then fastened its fangs
In his arm , crunching the bono and terribly
lacerating the flesh. Mrs. Cowoll , hearing
her husband's cries for help , came out with
a club and struck the dog a heavy blow on
the head. This only infuriated him more
and ho sprang at her , tearing her skirts. She
managed to escape into a shed without in
jury. Cowell soon managed to crawl into
the house , while the dog went out on the
road. Just then William Bowldy passed by
on horseback and the dog gave chase , several
times springing for Bottrldy. once catching
him by the foot and lacerating it badly. Tlio
dog then started to return to the house , snap
ping at everything In his t path , and going
into th'n field , bit u number of sleeping cattle.
A Mr. Clifford , who had hoard the noise and
yells , came out with a shotgun and emptied
both barrels into the brute , killing him.
Physicians say Co well's chances for recovery
are slight.
Wont Down Together.
EAST SAOINAW , Mich. , April 21. Samuel
Phillips , a young son of a prominent merch-
ant'of this city , while playing on some logs
In a bayou this morning , fell in. Euglchart
Beidlinger , aged twenty-four years , jumped
in to save the boy , but the little follow clung
to his neck and both wcro drowned. Uoid-
linger leaves a wife and one child.
The Printing Investigation.
WASHINGTON , April 21. Several employes
in the bindery of the government printing
ofllco testified before the house printing com
mittee that private work for Mrs. Hounds
and President Arthur had been performed in
ttmt ofllce while Mr. Rounds was in charge.
Texan Capitol Completed.
AUSTIN , Texas , April 21. The now state
house of Texas , the largest state capital
building In the United States , was opened
for the flrst lime to-night to the legislature
anu citizens ,
Olco's Defeat.
Si'HiNapii'.LU , O , , April 21. Thomas Dugan
and C. A. Bird , prominent hotel proprietors ,
have been lined $50 and costs each and sen
tenced to ten days in the county jail for using
olcouinrgcrino on their tables without post
ing a notice in their dining-rooms.
Big Southern Fire.
WJNONA , Miss. , April 21. A fire which
started on Summit street this afternoon and
got beyond control , destroyed two-thirds tlio
business portion of the Jown. The losses ag
gregate fiOO.OOO , wltliMnsurauco of $90,000. ,
Dnlcgatoti CJlioscn.
ROCIIESTEU , N. Y. , Apr ! } 21. The republi
can congressional district convention hold
hero to-day , selected us delegates to the na
tional convention , II. II. Warner and John
Hamilton. He-solutions tipon the death of
Hoscoo Conkling wcro adqptcd.
Ilcqucsts Granted.
Pirrsuuita , April 21. At n meeting of the
creditors of the Elba Iron & Bolt company
and Continental Tuba company , requests for
extensions of two , thrcu and four ycaro wcro
To Itoviso the CoiiHtltutlon.
PAUIS , April 21. On reassembling of the
chambers of deputies to-day a committee was
appointed to consldpr the question of revising
the constitution.
Postal ChangcH.
WASHINGTON , April 21. [ Special Telegram
to the 'BEE. ] A postofllco was established
to-day at Bayard , Cheyenne county , Neb. ,
Robert M. Sontinoy appointed postmaster.
The Ieutli Record.
CHICAGO , April 21. John A. Rico , the pro
prietor of the Tromont house in this city , and
welt known as a hotel manager all over the
country , died hero this morning.
At the Unity church Rev. W. E , Copeland
will have for the euuject of his sermon in the
morning ; "Tho Next Step ; " subject of evenIng -
Ing conversation : "What Utiitarians Believe
About Jesus and HI ? Work. " An important
meeting of the church will bd held after the
morning service.
Omaha's Nine Sadly Routed on. the
Diamond Fiold.
Sowdors' Curves Puzzla the Visitors
AVIillo 11 only Is Badly United
Summer llacing Kast. nnd
South General Sport. .
SI. Paul 8 , OmnhaQ.
ST. PAVI. , Minn. , April 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the Uun.J St. Paul's base ball
fanatics are happy this evening. The one
thing that they desired more than .another
was to sco the homo team wipe up the diamond
mend with the Omaha representatives this
afternoon. The memory of thrco straight
defeats had rankled in their bosoms until
every ono had sized the homo team up as sim
ply rotten , and nothing but n derisive vic
tory over Omnlm would Induce them to
change this opinion. Tlio Omahas defeat Is
duo to their inability to gauge young Sow-
dors' delivery , while on the other hand the
St. Paul players took kindly to Hcaly's
curves mid hit him hard throughout the
game. About eighteen hundred people wit
nessed the game , the weather being tine.
St. Paul scored In the flrst on a hit by
Carroll , who stole second , went to third on
nn out nnd crossed the plate on u wild pitch.
Two more runs wore scored in the second
on n homo run drive by Vcach and four sin
gles. In the seventh thrco singles nnd a
double gave St. Paul two more. , I the
ciphth the Omaha team went to pieces nnd
allowed St. Paul to score three unearned
runs , making a total of eight , half of them
Omaha scored flrst In the fourth inning on
n 'double by Sowdcrs , n passed ball nnd a
single by O'Connell. lu the seventh O'Con-
ncll led off with a three bagger nnd crossed
the plato on Shannon's sacrifice , ending
Omahas run getting. Thoscoro :
Totals 43 8 14 2 27 17 1
Totals SO 2 5 0 27 14 0
St. Paul 1 20000230 8
Omaha 0 00100100 2
Earned runs St. Paul 4 , Omaha 1. Two-
base hits lloilcy , Sowders ( Omaha ) . Three-
base hits O'Connell. ' Homo run Vcach.
Double plays Carroll and Morrissey. Sow
dcrs , Enrl and Shafor. Bases on balls St.
Paul 2. Omaha 1. Struck out By Sowdcrs
0. Healy 4. Passed balls Eurlo 2 , Wilson 2.
Wild pitches Hcaly 2. Loft on Buses St.
Paul 10 , Omaha 4. First base on errors St.
Paul 4. Unaccepted chances Wilson and
Healy. Time of game 1:50. : Umpire Fred
Jeyno of Minneapolis.
A Close Game.
Tbo J. J. Hardln and the Crane Brothers
teams of the city loagtio played their flrst
exhibition game at the ball park yesterday
afternoon. The game was close and exciting ,
finally resulting in favor of the Cranes by
the following score :
Hardins 8 0001210 0 12
Cranes 1 0114402 0 13
Earned runs Hardins 2 , Cranes 2. Homo
runs Lally. Two-base hits MuLauglilin ,
Lawson. Passed balls Swartz , Millett.
Bases on balls McKclvey 2 , Geist 2. Time
of game 2 hours. Umpire Mr. Coonoy , of
the Omahas.
Cincinnati O , Kansas City 4.
KANSAS CITY , April 21. Tlio game between
the Cincinnatis nnd Kansas City Americans
resulted as folloxvs :
Kansas City 1 00020001 4
Cincinnati 1 004 0 0 1 0 * G
{ jit. Lioiiis 11 , Louisville 7.
ST. Louis , April 21. The game to-day be
tween St. Louis and Louisville resulted jxs
follows :
St. Louis 0 0101081 0 11
Louisville 2 022 10000 7
Brooklyn 2 , Cleveland O.
BnooKtiYX , April 20. The came between
Brooklyn and Cleveland to-day resulted ns
follows :
Brooklyn 0 0000010 1 o2
Cleveland 0 OOP 00000 0
No Game at Baltimore.
BAI.TIMOUE , April 21. The Baltimore Ath
letic game was postponed on account of cold
PIUsniu-K 1O , Detroit.'I.
PiTTsntnto , April 21. Tlio game between
the Plttsburgs and Detroits to-day resulted
as follows :
Pittsburg 0 0012410 2-10
Detroit 1 a
Pitchers Galvln nnd Conwoy. Buso hits
Pittsburg 14. Detroit 13. Errors Pittsburg
2 , Detroit 2. Umpire Decker.
Washington 1O , Now York 3.
WASHINGTON , April 21. The game to-day
between the New Yorks and Wushlngtons
resulted as follows :
Washington 0 1041004 0-10
Now Yorlc 1 02000000 3
Pitchers Whltnoy nnd Crane. Base hits
Washington 13 , Now York 4. Errors-
Washington 0 , New York 3. Umpire
, Lynch.
Chicago 8 , Indianapolis G.
INDIANAPOLIS , April 21. The game to-day
between the Cliicugos and Indianapolis re
sulted as follows :
Indianapolis..0 10003100 C
Chicago 1 3100120 * 8
Pitchers Hcaloy and Baldwin , Basa hits
Indianapolis 8 , Chicago ? . Errors Indian
apolis 4 , Chicago D. Umpire Valentino.
Boston O , Philadelphia il.
PiiiLAiiEU'iHA , April 21. The game to-day
between the Phlladelphlas and Bostons re
sulted us follows :
Philadelphia , . . .0 02001000-3
Boston 0 1210302" 0
Pitcticrs Casey and Madden. Base hits-
Philadelphia 7 , Boston 10. Errors Phila-
dolohia 10 , Boston 5. Umpire Daniels.
DCS MoincH 7 , Itockttml it.
HOCKFOHD , 111. , April 21. The exhibition
game to-day between Des Moines and Rockford -
ford resulted as follows ;
Hookford 2 10000000-3
Dos Moinea 4 * 7
Base hits Rockford 4 , DCS Moines 0. Er
rors Uockford 8 , Des Moines 4.
Jtadhourn Goes"to the Bostons.
BI.OOMINOTON , 111. , April 21. Pitcher Had-
bourn , left Bloomlngton to-day to Join the
Bostons , having received a dispatch from the
directors conceding all the points in dispute
and promising him the same salary as last
year. He wlllprobably play with the club
Monday. _ _ _ _ _
Burglars Got the Gnto Ileceliits.
KANSAS Crrr , Mo. , April 21 , [ Special
Tologrum to the BBII. ] Burglars Entered
Monges' guu store early till ? morning , bored
the uufo , and succeeded' In obtaining SU7G.35
In cash , besides carrying oft revolvers nnd
knives valued at $50. The robbery wns dis
covered by the janitor When ho opened
the store this morning. The money
stolen represented the amount of
the gnto receipts' nt yesterday's game be
tween the American nnd Western associa
tions. The money wns taken to the store of
Mr. Mongos , president of the Western asso
ciation , after the game , too Into for banking.
Three hundred nnd forty-three dollars be
longed ta the Western association nnd the rest
to Mengos. Manning , captain of the Wcstorn
club , had fT 0 In n drawer in n desk hi the
ofllco which wns not touched. About nix
months ago one Paul Brcnsa was sent to the
penitentiary for flvo years for robbing the
same store ,
Favorable Outlook Kor tbo Season
Must and Soiitb.
NEW YOUK , April Bl. [ Special Telegram
lo the 13EE. ] Although thcro have been a
number of showers and the nights have been
qultn cold , the last week has not been unfav
orable for training , and at all the tracks good
work has been done. At Shccpshcad Hay
every thing Is being overhauled nnd put In
shape. At the Hrooklyn track the carpen
ters and painters nro as busy as bees , and
there will bo many Improvements to open the
eyes of visitors , when the meeting begins.
At Jerome park Mr. Ulmont'n now stable Is
In a forward state nnd the now grand stand
Is undergoing thorough repairs. There Imvo
been arrivals of fresh stock at each track ,
nnd things look qulto different from what
they did a couple of weeks since.
The rciHirt was qullo freely circulated lait
wock and found Its way Into print to the ef
fect that Htiuovcrhnd pulled up lame after ono
of his gallops but nn authoritative denial was
procured from headquarters before the Ink
was hardly dry. Hanover Is still taking his
work and the chances are that ho will
came to the post this spring , but , of course
llko many others ho Is likely to go off his
legs nt any time , nnd It Is possible , perhaps
probablethat ho will not stand up throughout
the campaign. Hauovor has boon strongly
backed recently for the Hrooklyn handicap ,
nnd still rules the favorite nt 0 to I. A
horse that should not bo slighted for this
event is the speedy Saxony. Ho is probably
moro forwa * ! hi his preparation than any
other eastern candidate , and is looking and
going well.
Another phase Is given to the Kentucky
Derby by news published in a dispatch from
Washington to the effect that Green Morris
has signified his definite Intention , if all goes
well , of shipping Sir Dlxou to Louisville to
participate In that event. As is well known ,
Sir Dixon wns nil the winter a favorite for
the race , nnd It is only recently that ho has
pouo back on the betting , on the supposition
that ho would not bo a contestant. The ship
ping of the colt from Mobile to Washington ,
taken In connection with Morris' statement
when in the south that ho was not likely to
try this year for the Derby , put the book
makers off their guard and caused them to
lengthen the odds , and perilous by this time
some of them have cause for regret
for so doing. On last year's pub
lic form Sir Dixon should , of
course , win If ho starts , and all accounts
ngroo that ho baa developed into a roinark-
nbly handsome racer , that gives every hull-
cation ot fulfilling the promise of last season.
He will almost certainly start in ono or more
of the events , for which ho is entered at
"Washington , and whicli seem to bo at his
Nothing but good reports come from Old
Favor , In the sanio stable , and in many quar
ters the Brooklyn handicap is considered as
good as "moral" for him , but Favor does netlike
like pinching , and ho is sure to get it in this *
race.The current issue of the Spirit of the
Times , has u dispatch dated Nashville , April
2'J , which reports : "Baldwin's string of
thirty horses arrived this morning. All are
in good condition. " Everything is ready at
West Side park for the meeting , which begins -
gins on Saturday the 28th. The outlook is
that the meeting will bo the best ever held nt
The week's closing quotations on the su
burban handicap remain unchanged.
Dc.xtcr is Dead.
NEW YOIIK , April 21. Dexter , the famous
trotter , died this morning at the stable of
llobort Bonner in this city. Ho was thirty
yuars old. Ho died of old ago and ex
haustion. Dexter was the greatest trotter of
hi1 * Uay. Ho was the flrst horse to trot a
mile iu 3:17 : j .
Black Hills Crack Shots.
RAPID CmDak. . , April 21. fSnoeial Tele
gram to tlio Br.i : . ] In n shooting match
to-day at Sturgis between the Rapid City and
Dcadwood gun clubs , Kapid City won by a
score of S'J to 81. The match was six men on
a side nt twenty Pcorhi blackbirds , from flve
' traps , eighteen yards rise. A high wind pre
vailed all day , preventing good scores.
Hughes , of Kapid City , made the best indi
vidual score 18 and Brcuuan , of the same
club , the lowest 10.
Wood Wins Again.
LONDON , April 21. The twenty-mile bi
cycle rnco between W. A. Howe , the Ameri
can , and W. Wood , the Englishman , at Jar-
row to-day resulted in Wood winning by ono
He IB a 1'lratn Hold.
A Washington special to tho.Chicago
Herald details the following jntorobting
account of a Yankee mate stealing- his
vessel and sailing under an improvised
black llu : United States Consul C. R.
GrcaUiouso , of Kuimgown , Japan , lias
notillctl the state department that an
American warship is now cruising the
Japan sea in search of the Ainorieun
schooner Nereid , with which James
Forbes , a Yankee sailor , recently ran
away from the port of Guiun , Japan.
The Nereid is n trim nnd tight little
schooner , of about thirty tons burden ,
owned in the United Statennd ; , until
sui/.cd by Forbes , sailing under the
American Mag. Her captain , Charles
Johnson , hails from Massachusetts , and
his little vessel was trading in'the is
lands south of Japan. One line morning
in March lastCaptain Johnson anchored
on" Guam , leaving tlio mate in charge
of the schooner , wont nbhoro to buy a
box of hard taclc. While lie was
absent the first mate , Forbes ,
served out to himself a
quadruple allowance of grog ,
under the intluonco of which ho
conceived the idea of becoming n buo-
cnneor on his own account. With vis
ions of the glorious career of Captain
Kiihl flitting thro'igh his befuddled
bruin , ho wont below and brought up a
loaded shotgun , which ho playfully
pointed at the Japanese cook and stew
ard of tlio Noroid. Tlio cook's yellow
countenance turned white as his flowing
shirt and running to tlio side of the
vessel ho cast himself into the ftou un
mindful of the sharks , whoso fins could
ba fioon nbovo t-h i water on every sido.
Ho was quickly followed by a Japanese
sailor , wno preferred the chance of'life
to the cor tin nty of currying u skull full
of holes , and the two swum safely to the
shore. Left in sole command of the
schooner , Forbes ordered dis llttlo
crew of shivering , chattering Japanese
on dock , and pulling down the stars
and stripes , run up a section of an
umbrella cover whicli did duly us the
black ensign of his newly appointed pro
fession. Then setting all sail ho shot
out of the harbor in quest of prizes , pre
sumably bullion-laden junks und beau
tiful but hapless maidens of high de
gree. Fukuda , the cook , and his com
panion lost no time in hunting up Cup-
tain Johnson and acquainting him with
Iho facts. Tlioy set out for the Ameri
can consulate , where they reported the
occurrence to Consul General Greut-
houso. Tlio consul at once communi
cated the facts to Commander Glass of
the United States steamer Monocacy ,
which happened to bo lying in that
port. A circular was then prepared de
scribing Forbes und his little craft and
sent to all the ports of China und Japan.
The monocracy promptly weighed
anchor fttid slatted In pursuit of tlio
pirato. Uj ) to latest accounts Porb9 had
not boon overhauled.
Warming the Voting Men.
Salt LaUo Tribune : They nro tolling
in the onst of n millionaire who slops
his pow rant in church when ho goes
south and spends thousands of dollars
for his iMH-sonal pleasure in the whiter
season , and of another who puts 6 cents
in the plalo when ho goes to a frco
church on Sundny , but spends $800 a
year for an opera box. Thcso things re
mind us of what n married lady , who
lias some daughters , wns Baying not
long ago in this city , and as
Kastor lias passed and the season for
ontortninmonts 1ms returned , it may
not bo amiss to quote the wonl'i
of this lady , us tlioy were not 8 [ > okoii in
confidence. "Do yon know , " said she ,
"that some of the young mon in this city
nro bound to inako excellent providers
as hcr.ds of families ? They arc saving
up for it oven now. When a young lady
lives near the theatre and the walking1
is jrood , they Boinotlmes nsk her to go.
If , however , she lives thrco or four
blocks away , and it is so muddy that
a carriage would ho a necessity , they
arci always too busy to go. They will
wait for a father or brother , or POIIIO
outside friend to take n young lady
to a party , and they will then daneo hot
foot oir , until just before supper timo.
If the supper goes with the ticket , they
will lead the procession and the young
ladies to supper with an nir which
scorns to say : Why should I mind the
expenses ? If , however , the supper is
extra , just before the hour arrives ,
they inako up a little club nmong them
selves , nnd slip nwny to a restaurant.
Tlioy are back , though , on time , and
ready to dance away any little remain
ing strength that the young ladies may
Monflay and May , April 23 and 21
TlioOrcat Spcct.iculur Opera ,
A largo and completes dramntlccoinpiMiy headed
by the grout and only
? ? vGmI-rf.fvl1)rlmri ! . d'1. MISS PAUMNR
A perfect doing ) of novation.
Most goritoous Bconury ever neon , by the treat
Secure seats at box otllco.
Friday & Saturday , April 27 and 28
Matinco Saturday.
The Prince of Comincdinns ,
Supported- OnqucRtlonably the l > cst Com
edy Company traveling , in hln now homo
Comody-ilrama Jjy CAI , . WALLACE. Ksq.
Under the Management of
Now Uuslr. New SOUKS. Now Hocltatlous ,
jaj'-Soats on sale at Usual Places.
Ono Week nnd Saturday Mnttnoo , CommenciiiR
MONDAY. April Slrd.
Supported by Company of Musical Merit.
Admission 1O , tiOaiut HO Cents.
Change of Play each Performance.
SaturdayatSp in. AfiaSouvenlrofthoGoodrlch
KngaKomont. 2 line Gold Wutches given away
ono Satuidny Jlatlneo. Ono Saturday nllit. [
1 * . S. Every person whopurclmsen u Hvscrvail
Heat in ndviiuco for Monday , cuu reserve u seat
for1 a lady free of extra clmrgo.
Positive Reappearance ,
Positive Reappearance ,
Positive Reappearance ,
Of John T. Kelly
Of John T. Kelly
Of John T. Kelly
And His Comedy Company ,
And His Comedy Company ,
And His Comedy Company ,
In His Funniest Play ,
In His Funniest Play ,
In His Funniest Play ,
An Irish. Stew.
An Irish. Stew.
An Irish. Stew.
Holmes & Green's
Holmes & Green's
Holmes & Green's
Brilliants ,
Brilliants ,
Brilliants ,
15 Footliglit Favorite , 15
2O New Groups of Wax
From the N. Y. Eden
Musee ,
A Host of Novelties.
Musee Open Daily 1 to
IO p. m.
lOc Admits to All. lOc.
Chairs 5 and IQc.
Every lady visitor' on Friday next ,
Auril 27th , will rocuivo aEQUvouir.