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Ho Will Qo Into the Oonvontlon
V/lth 312 Votes.
" " "
A I/otiR I'lit of Nchraska Btnr Iloutc
Com rue ts Awarded Henderson
llcfiitcs Some FoolInh Asser
tion * ! About lown.
Sherman's Followers SanRtilnc.
WASHINGTON. D. C. . April 20.
Some very active work Is going on among
Senator Sherman's mnnngcrs. They have
made a pretty cnroful canvass of every sec
tion of the country , nnd especially of the
south , and nro pretty well enabled to make
an approximation of the strength the senator
is likely to have In the convention on the
first ballot. A number of Senator Sherman's
most effective friends were in consultation
to-dny to count noses. They have figured In
nil of the states nnd territories und make the
senntor's approximate strength nt this tlmo
812 with 411 votes necrssnry to a choice.
They feel n good deal encouraged over the
notion token this week by the Ohio rcpubll-
cnn convention nt Dayton , nnd nro somewhat
jubilant nt tno outlook.
It Is understood that there will bo a con
ference In this city soon of the principal
workers for Senator Sherman throughout
the country , and that nn organization will bo
effected for the most effective work , such as
wns conducted In the last campaign for Mr.
Blninc. Senator Sherman's friends say they
are going Into the convention with n follow
ing that will stand solidly to their man ns
long ns there is the slightest hope of his
nomination , nnd Hint ho will have , by far ,
the greatest strength ho has over had in a
Ex-Congressman John R , Lynch , the col
ored leader In Mississippi , has been in the
city for several days. Ho has heretofore
been reckoned among Senator Thurmans
most potential workers. Mr. Lynch is fre
quently seen about the committee room of
Senator Allison in consultation with Repre
sentative Henderson and other prominent
Iowa republicans , and ho appears to bo doing
moro talking for Allison and Gresham than
anybody else. Mr. Sherman's friends sny
that Lynch has two words for Allison and
ono for the Ohio man , and that ho is scatter
ing too much to do them any very great
Representative Dorsoy mndo an argument
before the house committee on Pacific rail
roads in favor of his amendment to the Outh
wnitc Pitclfio refunding bill , which Is in
tended to set aside such decisions ns that
rendered recently by Judge Dundyof the
federal court of Nebraska , which refused to
give the legislature authority to legislate for
the control of the Pacific railroad traffic In
that state on the ground that the Pacifies
Wcro organized under federal charters and
nro not subject to state control. Mr. Dorsoy
proposes that the railroads which were built
by the government slmll bo subject to the
same state laws as these chartered by the
states , He made n strong argument in sup
port of his position , pointing out the Injus
tices the roads built under federal laws work
to the citi/cns of the states , who
nro helpless to extricate themselves
through tlio common channels , nnd
pointed out the decision of the federal
court In Kansas , which was In contradiction
of that delivered by Judge Dundy , nnd elab
orated upon the rights of citi/eim to make
laws to govern local affairs. Ho was fre
quently interrupted by members of the com
mittee who wanted Information upon the
subject nnd who were much interested in his
argument. Mr. Dorsoy's talk was dispas
sionate , convincing , and had olfect. Ho wns
reasonable in his demands , and although the
committee took no notion , members of it say
the amendment will bo accepted. The only
question with the committee hecmcd to bo ns
to what injury it would do the earnings of
the roads to adopt the amendment.
Representative Henderson , of Iowa , was
to-day shown n paragraph from a southern
newspaper , stating that the Mills tariff bill
nnd President Cleveland are popular in Iowa ,
nnd that tlio farmers there wcro preparing to
jrlve both their endorsement nt the polls this
fall. Iu reply General Henderson said :
"This is absolutely false. Wo have had no
election in Iowa In which frco trade has tri
umphed. The farmers control the republican
Btato convention , and our republican plat
forms have been bold mid outspoken for pro
tecting American labor nnd American In
dustries , and on that platform wo have never
jnet a defeat. So , too , ouMowa farmers , In
their late state conference , boldly de
clared for protection. The frco
trade declarations of the president and
the hostile attitude of the democracy
over American prosperity 1-nvo strengthened
the republican party In Iowa. ' 'This item is
in keeping with u statement lately made by
sbtno crank in New York , nnd eagerly pub
lished by free trade papers. " Ho said , "In
Hiibstanro , that Mr , Cleveland's vlows were
so popular in Iowa that In the event of the
nomination of Cleveland and Allison ns op
posing candidates , the former would carry
Iowa. Some Darnuni ought to cage these
( ranks. They would draw as the two great
est living curiosities. If these two great
inventors are still remaining nt large , then
the commissioners of Insanity uro derelict In
their duty. "
Contracts for star routes In Nebraska for
ecryico from July 1,18S8 , to Juno ! U ) , ISM ) ,
have been awarded to the following bidders ]
From Rush to Rivorton , three times u
week , W. F. Hansbergcr , $17 ! ) .
From Otto to luavnlo , twice n week , W. F.
Hnnsberger , $1)3. )
From Folsomdnlp to Upland , twice n week ,
John L , .TOUCH , $80.
From Havestown to Ravenna , thrco times
n week , .1. W. Alcorn , $11 ! ) .
Fro nl West Point to Monterey , thrco times
n week , Andrew Easloy , glU.
Frolii Dado to Glmicoc , six times a week ,
J. W. Alcorn , $180.
From Gordon to Wounded Knee , thrco
tltnca a week , John L. Jones , fail ) .
From Danncborg to Kclso , three times n
week , John L. Jones , $180.
week , John L. Jones , $155.
From Sidney to Wcllsvillo , thrco times n
week , Gardner Cowles , $847.
From Crawford to Nonpareil , thrco times n
week , Downey & Kelley , iOOO.
From Cambridge to Farnam , twice a week ,
Downey & Kelly , flfcS.
From Eagle to Avondale , twice u week ,
Downey & Kelly , $08.
From Wnvcrly to Prairlo Home , twice a
week , J. AV. Alcorn.
From Lawrence to Megunda , three times a
wcok , John L. Jones , $ S8.
From Wellsvillo to Mlnatcrc , twice a week ,
Otto Jurgens , $188.
From Box Butte to Nonpareil , twice a
week , Downey & Kelly , $2-15.
From Atlanta to Rock Falls , twice a week ,
W. P. Hansbcrger , $ 10i5.
From Homcrvillo to C'eryl , twice n week ,
Downey & Kelly , $70.
From Phcbo to Estell , twice a week , An-
Cro\v Eostey , N14.
From Hyockvillo to Quick , twice a wcok ,
Andrew Kastoy. $214 ,
From Klmball to Gcrlng , three times.a
week , F. E. Smith , ffiltl.
From Nebraska City to WyomlBg , twice a
week , J. W. Alcorn ' , S70. .
From Union to'Swift , three timed A
- ff. Vf , Alcorn , $115. .
From El wood to Homcrvillc , six times n
week , Downey fe ICclly , $105.
From Plum Creek to Hllon , twice n week ,
It. J. Rccso , $83.
From Ognilnla to Lowcllcn , once n week ,
D. S. Bnlloxv , $210.
From Imperial to Chase , thrco times n
WPOO , J. W. Alcorn , $11)0. )
From Sidney to Carman , once n week , J.
W. Alcorn , $39.
From Gordon to Lavnca , twice n wcok , J.
W. Alcorn. $13' ) .
From Hnyl Springs to Wnnatah , once n
week , W. H. Pease , $110.
From Blue Valley to Nlotn , thrco times a
week , R. J. Reese , $118.
From Elkary' to Washington , six times n
week , F. E. Smith , $178.
From Hayes Ccntor to Galena , twice n
week , R. J. Reese , $1G9.
Stnto Senator H. E. Boncstcel , of Nio
brara , nnd General Holinnn , of Dakotn
county , nro bcre loaded dnwn with protests
against the removal of the land office from
Niobrara to O'Neill. ' They nro prominent
democrats , full ot energy nnd earnestness ,
nnd hnvo their war paint on nnd scalping
knives drawn. They will sco. Secretary
Vilns nnd the president , nnd It is predicted
thnt they 'will make their Influence felt before -
fore they pet done.
Mr. Dorsey to-day succeeded In thrco
times calling up the bill In the house which
passed the semite tins week , extending the
tlmo for making payments on lands bought
In the Omaha reservation , nnd for their pay
ment in two annual Instalments. The money
( $70XX ( ) ) Is duo the Omaha trlbo of Indians
In Nebraska. Each tlmo the bill was ob
jected to , it baring to bo considered by unan
imous consent. Ho will get it up soon again
and says it will bo passed.
Dr. J. R. Conkllng and wlfo , of Omaha ,
who have been In Washington for some time ,
will leave for their homo to-morrow.
There is n story afloat to-night thnt Minis
ter Phclps , If mndo chief justice , will bo suc
ceeded by Secretary Emllcott , nnd thnt Rep
resentative Pat Collins , of Boston , will bo
called to the secretaryship of war.
To Control Itallrond Striken.
WASHINGTON , April 20. Mr. Anderson , of
Kansas , ono of the committee that Investi
gated the Reading strike , introduced in the
house to-day n bill which embodies his views
of the legislation necessary for securing to
the public regular service by tlio railroad
companies. The bill provides that the Juris
diction of n railroad ceases with its terri
tory. No state railroad can become n cnrrier
of inter-state commerce except by permission
nnd authority of the United States. An old
act of 1808 , which gave this authority , is BO
amended as only to include such state corpor
ations as accept the provisions of this bill ,
nnd nil others are prohibited from carrying
inter-state commerce under heavy penalties.
Every railroad subject to the bill , for which
private property 1ms been taken by eminent
domain , Is made n public highwny of the
United States. A corporation holding n
franchise of collecting tolls , or of operating
n public highway ns a railroad , is declared to
bo the custodian and trustee of public prop
erty , and bound to maintain and operate the
same for the Interest of the public , subject
only to Its charter rights. The duties nnd ob
ligations of the holder of these franchises nre
declared to be distinct from and prior to these
of a common carrier , nnd their performance
is enforced under penalties. In event of the
failure by a company to run its regular trains
the inter-state commerce commission is re-
iiulrcd to promptly investigate the fncts and
issue such orders to the company as will se
cure regular service. If after seven days
service is not performed , the attorney gen
eral is required to procure tlio appointment
of a receiver , whoso duty it is to operate the
road for the United States , nnd ho may cm-
ploy the old force. Companies are given the
right to connect their roads with others , are
prohibited from engaging in mining or any
other business than that of a carrier , and
stringent prohibition is made of combinations
of competing lines or of rates.
Nchranka and Iowa I'eiifiioiiH.
WASHINGTON , Api 1120. [ Special Telegram
to the BEE. ] The following pensions were
granted Nebraskans to-day : Original in
valid Abraham Rowan , Ord ; Francis M.
Dcaiaruville , Niobrara. Increase William
Ryan. Pawnee City. Mexican survivors
Wesley Hollingshcad , Grand Island.
Pensions for lownns : Original Invalid
Nelson Shelby , Fairfield ; Daniel Dillon ,
Iowa Falls ; William H. Conwell , Knoxville ;
Xachacria West , Honey Creek ; James W.
Sinclair , Fairfleld ; J. Worley , Keokuk ;
George H. Benson , Grandvlew. Increase-
James II. liarnes , Monona ; Peter Johnson ,
Perry ; John A. Sniclmnn. Fairfield ; Henry
H. Roush , Slam. Reissue und increase
Francis M. Myers , Centervillo. Reissue
James ICnox , Eddyvillo. Original widows
etc1 Ennn , widow of William Greenweld ,
Davenport ; Olof J. , father of Jotras Swan ,
Kirona. Mexican widows Pauline E. ,
widow of Alex Cooper , Blacksburg.
Work ol'tno Present Kewsion.
WASHINGTON , April 20. To-day was the
100th day of the present session , The total
number of bills nnd resolutions introduced In
the senate nnd house up to this date is 12,503 ,
exceeding by moro thnn-2,000 the number
presented in the first 100 days of tlio last
congress. So far the house has passed 425
Dills nnd the senate 831 , nnd 185 house bills
nnd 21 semite bills hnvo been sent to the
president for his approval.
United States Minister Phclps had n short
Interview with the president this morning.
Tlio president has approved the net for the
purchase of the swords of the lute General
James Shields , and the act regulating thu
terms of United States courts In the northern
district of Iowa.
Outlaw * Summarily DiwpoHcd Of.
PUIICI-.I.L , I. T. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] The reports of the killIng -
Ing of a band of horse thieves and outlaws
southwest of hero thirty miles , are confirmed.
It is the same outfit which lost old Bill Mor
gan several days ago at the hands of vigi
lantes. They were pursued by u posse , bur-
prised and eight of the party strung up with
out a chiinco to nmku confession. A running
fight was kept up in which unu of the POSM
was killed. Those-known of the gang killed
nrt5 Bill Higgle , Oliver Scarfacu nnd Curly
Frank. The remainder are Unknown. This
has been the boldest set of cutthroats nnd
thieves this section over hud to contend with.
Charged With Malpractice.
ST. JosiHMi , Mo. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram tu the BEE , ] John Hordt brought Milt
to-day for f 10,000 against Dr. 0. L. E. Web
ber for malpractice , which the petitioner
claims resulted in the death of his wlfo about
six weeks ago , It Is allagcd that Webber at
tempted to perform an abortion , Webber's
case was investigated by the grand Jury , but
no Indictment was. found against him. The
verdict of the coroner's jury ut the time of
Mrs. Hordt's death that herdeath was duo to
criminal malpractice produced u great sensa
Itciirrnnf'lni ; Iowa Hntos.
CHICAGO , April 20. The general freight
agents of the Iowa railroad lines held n con
ference here to-dayon the question of raising
freight rates in that state to conform with
the new law recently enacted by tlio Iowa
legislature , A committee composed of rep
resentatives of the competing roads was ap
pointed to arrange a schedule of distance tar
iffs to bo submitted , nt an adjourned meeting
to be held to-morrow ,
Caused By a Misplaced Switch.
WJNKIELU , Kan. , April 20. [ Special Telegram -
gram to IheBtu. ] By a misplaced switch ou
the Santa Fo & Walnut Valley route ! a north
bound freight train of grain and merchandise
'was ' ditched to-day , Fifteen cars were totally
destroyed and. the .track torn up for several
hundred feel. Fireman George Ellis was in
jured an'd Brakeman Frank '
Moody'a101 :
b.vUeu ( mil his pmo crushed ! .
A Slight Decrease In Temperature
and Easier Respiration.
The Bcthrothal Story Denied Minis
ter Pciidlcton Has a Stroke oC Ap-
jtoploxy A Brilliant Wed *
ding In Parlu.
Somewhat Improved.
fCopi/rftffit 1SSS tin James ( Ionian Jlcmiflt.l
BEIILIN , April 20. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to the BRB.I This has been
a hoi > cful day around the Imperial sick cham
ber , succeeding a distrustful day. The royal
Invalid has never lost his appetite. Ho rel
ishes nil his semi-liquid food. To-day his np-
pctlto was good and his spirits strong. Moro
rest from state thoughts and from official
routine has been enjoined , so that Bismarck
conferred to-day with the crown prince In
stead of the emperor. The now canula is of
aluminum having weight and pressure. It
was inserted , without co-operation , by Mac
kenzie alone. The people seem to recognize
that whether the event is good or bad ,
it "is a question of tlmo and the endur
ance of the patient. My information
is that the doctors regard the situation as
precarious while the pus still continues and
the fever remains Intermittent. The even
ing bulletin contains cautious words which
compel readers to modify hope. Tho. phrase
"breathing somewhat heavier" ts muchcom
mented upon. At the bourse to-day the
bears used the most pcsstmtstio reports , but
without success on the market.
Queen Victoria will arrive Monday. Her
suite of rooms are under these of the em
press , who , to plcasa her mother , has
ordered some of them done up In Scotch
As 1 close I hear that the severity of Min
ister Pcndlcton'snttack has been exagger
ated. He had full consciousness after u few
moments of coma. Ho had the presence of
mind to foretell what was likely to happen
and keep his strong will working. Correct
details , owing to tlio absolute quietude im
posed , arc impossible to obtain at this late
LONDON' , April 20. [ Prcss.J A dispatch
from Chnrlottcnburp , midnight , says : "The
emperor's condition is again critical. Ho is
able to sleep , but is feverish and breathes
heavily. " _
Germany Breathes Easier.
[ Copiiriulit I8f < 3 liu Jitrnca Gordon llcnnett. ]
BCIIUX , April 20. [ New 'York Herald
Cable Special to the Bni : . ] The reassuring
effect of to-day's news was plainly shown in
the comparative cessation of commotion and
excitement that in recent days has been wit
nessed in the vicinity of Charlottcnburg
palace. Only members of the imperial fam
ily and a few officials visited the palace. The
gathering of the public outside the palace
did not number moro than 200
at any ono time. Tlio crown
prince and crown princess returned to
Berlin this evening. Emperor Frederick
was anxious to rise to-day , but his doctors
forbade his doing so because ho was still fe
verish. Ho worked , propped up in his bed.
Although ho continues to improve , his tem
perature has fallen only one-tenth of a de
gree Celsius in twenty-four hours. The doc
tors , therefore , advise him to cxerciso great
caution. Much credit is accorded to Dr.
Mackenzie for the care and sKill shown by
him. Several papers which have hitherto
attacked him have now changed their tune.
A QuicJc Trip.
LCopt/rf0it ? ISSSliu James Gonlun Dennett. ' ]
QfEEXbTowx , April 20. [ New York Her
ald Cable Special to thoBEi : . ] ThoEtruria
arrived hero at 10:20 p. m. , passing Fustnet
at 7 o'clock , the total running time to anchor
age for mails and tender being six days and
four hours , almost the quickest trip on rec
ord. Gilllg was among the passengers. 1
accompanied the ugcnt of the American exchange -
change hero on the lender. Gillig was unable
to talk and was confined to his stateroom. Ho
was taken the first day out with nervous pros
tration and was threatened with symptoms
of paralysis attended with vertigo. The
ship's surgeon says ho is really very ill.V. .
J. Florence and William Conner , of the St.
James hotel , were found playing whist. Yes
terday an amusing travestio trial by jury
was planned by Florence. A passenger was
indicted for smoking bad cigarettes. Two
lawyers on board prosecuted and defended.
Florence , as judge , empannelled twelve jurors
who had formed opinions. The verdict was
one of acquittal. Judge Florence fined the
jury twelve bottles of champagne for con
tempt of court. All the other passengers
uro well and had a delightful trip.
Wedding In Pnrlti of Horace Blnny
to Mlsn IMarlo Sorclmu ,
[ Pnpt/r/f/ht / / IKSliy Jamtt ( IonianIlennctt. ]
PAIIIH , April SO. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to the BEE. ] Ono of the most
brilliant social events of the season was the
wedding of Mr. Horace Biuny mid Miss
Marie Sorclmn in the American church ,
Avenue do I1 Alma. The bride Is a daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Mnrius Sorchan , Now York.
The bridegroom is a son of Mr. and Mrs ,
William Biuny , and n grandson of the late
Mr. Horace Blnny , the great lawyer of Phil
The interior of the church was decorated
with white lilacs , cornelian und hyacinths ,
und suspended behind the altar cross was u
superb star of white roses and lilies of the
valley. To the Joyous strains of Calkins'
festal march Minister McLanu escorted Mrs.
Sorchan , followed by Mr , and Mrs. Augustus
Juy and four ushers. Mr , Victor Sorchan
and Mr. Eugene Lachlise , brother and
half brother of the bride , next fol
lowed , The four bridefijiialds were Miss
Kane , of Now York , Miss Moilen , Miss
Fisk , of Massachusetts , and Miss Stewart ,
of Paris. Each woroa palo pnk | inoiro crcpo
dcchino with long white tulle veils fastened
with pink buds and carrying bouquets of
pink roses. Then the bride entered on her
father's arm , wearing a white peau do solo
with a long train perfectly .plain , tabllcr
pearls and orange blossoms and'a veil of
white tulle arranged with" orange buds mid
leaves. The bridegroom awaited the bride
at the altar.
After the ceremony was performed by
Hov. Dr. Morgan the bridal party and guests
met lit Mr. Sorchnn'a residence , . 10 Huodo
Lincoln. The house was decorated with the
same floral profusion as'thb church. Among
the floral souvenirs was. a special basket of
largo pink roses and white lilacs with whlto
satin ribbons on the handle and sides. Dur
ing the congratulations and the inspection of
the largo variety of bridal gifts , twenty-five
musicians from Guyot's orchestra played
waltzes apd operatic selecflotn. . The recep
tion was tasteful and varied. Mrs , Sorchan
wore-a gown of palo blue silk and a white
lace bonnet , Mrs. Blnnoya pearl gray silk ,
and block lace bonnet' Miss Bartow wore a
spring costume of fawn' color and black ;
Mrs. John Lnmson , a steel colored velvet
and silk with whlto and black lace bonnet ?
Mrs. Gordon Shlltlto.blno India silk ,
trimmed with lace ; Miss Dillon , block lace
and velvet ; Mm. HobbinR , black molro silk.
Miss Lucy Itobblns looked llko a Van Dyke
in a largo black feathered hat , black silk
gown trimmed with lace and jet and a bunch
of natural pink roses at her belt.
Among other guests were Dr. and Miss.
Good , Mrs. Pell , Miss Qutncy , Mr. nnd Mrs.
W. Watts Sherman , the "Misses Sherman ,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Watts , Mr. nnd Mrs.
Corbin and the Misses Corbth , Count
nnd Countess do Bcthunc , Count
nnd Countess do Couronn , Countess
dc la Uochofoucalt , Mr. nnd Mrs. Willing ,
the Misses Willing , Miss nnd Mrs. Thorn-
dyke , Mr. nnd Mrs. Wheolcr , Mr. Charles
Strong , iho consul general , Mr. Hathbono
nnd Mrs. Rnthbone , Mr. George Draper , Mr.
aud-Mrs. Lcvi Morton , Mrs. Kane , Mr , and
Mrs. John Munroo and Miss Munroo , Mrs.
Wlnthrop , Mrs. Kcrnncher , Miss Falrchild ,
Mrs. FriUicls Goodrlgc , Mr. DcCourcey
Forbes , Mrs. Ncllson Potter. After a short
bridal tour on the continent Mr. and Mrs.
Blimey will sail for New York to pass the
The Betrothal Story Bogus ,
ICopi/riwM IfSSbu James Gordon Dennett. ]
LONPON , April 2C. [ Now York Heralrt
Cable-Special to the Bnr. . ] The Post's
Berlin correspondent says : "Tho , truth Is
now becoming known regarding the rumor of
the betrothal of the Princcssi Victoria to
Prince Alexander of Battcnberg. The story
was Invented by the court party in conjunc
tion with some members of the Imperial
household In order to prevent Prince Alex-
exandcr from coming to Berlin to re-enter
the army nnd also in order to
cxclto popular feeling against the
empress. There wns no question of
betrothal. Prince Alexander simply wished
to visit Berlin and It was the intention of the
emperor to confer some military honor upon
him to which Prince Bismarck objected.
"Tho increase of the emperor's tempera
ture is duo to the periodical retention of pus.
It is believed that the disease In the larynx is
dormant. The emperor's power of swallowIng -
Ing is perfect. The doctors advise him to re
main In bed for some days and to refrain
from work nnd excitement. Dr. McKcnzlo ,
in consequence of misapprehensions , did not
invite Dr. Bcrgmann to change the cunula
to-day. " _
Gladstone Wends a Letter.
Loxnox , April 20. [ Special Cablegram to
the Bni : . ] At n liberal meeting at Kossen-
dale this evening n letter was received from
Mr. Gladstone apologizing for his Inability
to attend , and saying : "The seventy dissi
dents led by Lord Hartington have done
more for the cause of coercion nnd misgov-
criiuient in Ireland than seventy torics could
or would have dono. The upshot is that the
government denies . to Ireland even
the plft of local government in the
narrowest sense , until Irishmen aban
don their national aspirations , which
oven Lord Carnarvon , n tory. declared him
self persuaded to satisfy to a reasonable ex
tent. But in ono important particular I de
sire to imitate Lord Hartington namely ; in
abstaining from any act nee'dlessly tending
to infuse pcrsonalbitteruess into an already
painful struggle. I'should feel myself open
to reproach If I bbtered personally into a
conflict with ono whom I have known and
respected so long. I therefore excuse my
self. "
Mr. John Morley , addressing the Kossen-
dale meeting , said that Kossendala was moro
responsible than any other constituency for
the harsh application of n harsh law to ire-
land. Its opponents siia the liberal parti-
was dead , but Its ghost seemed very restless.
It suited Mr. Chamberlain to sail under n
now ( lag , but ho ( Morley ) failed to see why
the old liberal ship should be broken un for
fire wood. The fact was that nil the talk
about the breaking up of the party was
moonshine and their opponents know it.
The local governmental ! , ho said , had caused
a dec ) ) divergence in the so-Called unionist
confederacy. _
Against the Government.
Vir.xxA , April 20. [ Special Cablegram to
the Ben. j During the discussion on the se
cret fund in tlio roichsrath to-day , the oppo
sition declared they would vote against it.
Count Von Taafe , prime minister , replied ho
did not regard the matter as a question of
confidence. The grant was negatived by n
vote of 128 to 110. Thereupon a conservative
deputy declared that the result must bo n
mistake in counting , and claimed another
vote should bo taken. The president refused
to again put the question to n vote.
SecuritloN Arriving.
Bcnux , April 20. [ Special Cablegram to
the BKI ; . ] The Cologne Gazetteo says that
largo quantities of Hussmn securities , includ
ing 0,000,000 roubles of the first oriental loan ,
are arriving In Berlin and that it is presumed
they nro to bo used In realizing funds with
which to pay the Husslan coupons next duo
in consequence of the failure of the loan ne
Peiidlctou Stricken.
Br.nMN. April ,20. Gcorgo H. Pemlleton ,
American minister , while traveling to Frank
fort , was htrlcken with apoplexy. Ho was
taken to tlio hospital at Wiesbaden where ho
now lies ,
WAHIIIXOTON' , April 20. A cable was re
ceived at the state department this afternoon
from Berlin containing some particulars
about Minister Pemlleton's illness. It states
that Mr. Pcndleton was feeling unwell when
ho loft Berlin last Monday for Wiesbaden ,
and Wednesday evening suffered from what
seemed to bo u Might stroke of paralysis. Ho
recovered sufficiently , however , yesterday to
send instructions to.tlio legation at Berlin.
Wir.niiADKN , April 20. The condition of
Mr. Pendlcton has" considerably Improved
wince liis admission to the hospital. His complete -
pleto recovery is expected.
Froc Fit lit I" Paris.
PAIIIB , April 20-r-Thts evening about fif
teen hundred students assembled In the
Latin quarter und marched to the Hotel du
Louvre , shouting "Down with Boulangorl"
"Down with the dictator I" etc. They came
Into collision with a crowd of Boulangists
and were driven into the boulevards in dis
order. Unassembling' , they attacked the
Boulungists newspaper offices. The Bou-
langist party following , attacked the stu
dents with loaded 'sticks , and mnnv were
wounded. Finally the police seperuted the
combatants and nn'csted u lurgo number of
them' _
The nouiiiaulan lie volt.
Buciuiii:3T : , April 20. Further particulars
about the revolt in 'Koumanm , fchows that
many parsons were killed and wounded in
Kalaraseli and that twenty were killed and
eighty wounded ill Budcucht.
Phllllplno Itilnnds Town Burned.
LONDON , April 20. Advices from the Phil-
liplno Islands say the town of San Fornundi ,
In the province o'f ' Pumpanpa , has been
burned. The damage is placed at tl,000,000.
In Ihn Third Stajje.
LONDON , April 20. In the commons to
night the local government bill passed second
reading without division.
I 'lvo Killed ,
LONDON , AvrUabA Five of the persons in- .
jore'd by Ute oxpWion iu St. Uelnn colliery ,
° ' '
„ . * : ,
The House PnsBOB the Pension Ap
propriation Dill.
Tells How io Democratic Commissioner
sioner Took Hurried Measures to
Dispose of PonNlnn Moneys
for Campaign Thunder.
WASHINGTON , April 20. On motion of Mr.
Anderson of Illinois the senate bill was
passed extending the system of beacon lights
to the Illinois river.
On motion of Mr. Townshcnil the aennto
amendments w.ero concurred in to the mill-
tnry academy bill.
The Indian appropriation bill was then
Mr. Townshcnd , from the committee on
military attaint reported his bill placing
General W. P. ( 'Baldy ) Smith on the retired
list , with the rank of major general. Placed
on the private calendar.
The pension appropriation bill was'"then
taken up.
Mr. Henderson of Iowa alluded to the re-
rent notion of the house regarding the pur
chase of bonds with the surplus In order to
dispel the doubts In the mind of the presi
dent as to his authority to purchase bonds.
In examining the arrears of the pen
sion act It would bo found there
was no limitation as to the time
when claims should bo filed. The
only limitation ever placed on that act was
found in the appropriation bill. Ho called
the attention of the administration to this
fact , for If the president had trouble in buy
ing bonds with the surplus ho should have
equal dlfllcnlt.V in not allowing arrears of
pensions. Ho appealed to the president to
bo consistent and allow arrears of pensions
to these who Hied claims within the provis
ions of the act. Mr. Henderson then referred
to the administration of the Mexican pension
law. So rapid was the pension bureau , ho
said , in recognizing claims under this law
that pensions were allowed before the clnim-
nuts over put in u claim , and certificates is
sued when the bcfiuiary did not know lie was
a claimant. In proof of this assertion ho
sent to the clerk's desk and had read an arti
cle in a Chicago paper to the of
feet that Commissioner Block had is
sued n pcnsldn to cx-Congrcssmr.ii
Morrison , notwithstanding ho was Informed
Morrison's nnmo did not appear on the list of
applicants , and that Morrison had returned
It , stating ho had never applied for a pension.
Mr. Outhwnlto asked Mr. Henderson to
prove another similar case , saying he was
anxious Mr. Henderson should keep to the
Mr. Henderson I want truth from your
pious commissioner , who started out In the
administration of his olllcc by charging
against a faithful ofilccr a brother ofllcor
who loft part of his body on a battle Held
( Colonel Dudley ) that during his adminis
tration the pension office from tutrot to
foundation was used for political purposes.
Mr. Outhwnitc Did ho not prove it }
Mr. Henderson No , never. Now "that
same gentleman stands convicted by demo
cratic authority of violating the terms of the
IIHY and swiftly issuing a certificate to a dem
ocratic chief who was too high und too clean
to become n party to the transaction. This
man , who entered upon the discharge of his
? duties with a heaven-erected fnco like a
saint , is caught in n democratic trap. Ho
has pot lower down in struggling for polit
ical influence than any ofllcer I have ever
When the general debate closed amend
ments were adopted providing that in all
cases of pensions to widows payments shall
bo made from the date of the death of their
husbands , and that all ofllcers of the United
States authorized to adminibtcr oaths shall
do so frco of charge.
The committee then rose , ana the bill ,
which appropriates $ b0.2SO,000 , , was passed.
The river and harbor bill was briefly dis
cussed , und the house took a recess until 730 ;
p. in.
Another \Vi\r Cloud.
NEW VOKK , April 20 [ Special Telegram
to the BEE. ] General Vincento Iberra , who
is connected by marriage with Guzman
Blanco , the well know Venezuelan states
man'is in the city on his way to P.iri ? to see
Hhinco. Referring to the difllculty with
England over the disputed territory ho said :
"Tho matter will bo settled quietly , if pos
sible , but if Great Britain will not surrender
the Yarnari district to its rightful owners ,
whyVenezuela will fight. My idea is that the
diflieulty may bo settled quietly if Guzman
Hlanconnd the British government would
come together and have a quiet talk over the
matter. If all attempts nt settlement fall ,
why. then , us I said before , I suppose there
will bo war. 1 am not tin envoy for the gov
ernment but have simply gjt a leave of ab
sence for the purpose of telling Guzman
Blanco curtain things which I could not well
send him in writing. The situation is now
grave and must bo settled one way or the
other soon. Venezuelans will not submit to
bo ousted from the Yarnari district and there
will bo trouble unlfss the liritish govern
ment makes amende for what it lias done. "
General Iberru has been governor of the
Yarnari district for some years und is one of
the most distinguished men in Venezuela.
Considering that ho enjoys Guzman Blunco'R
confidence to an unusually high degree and
that ho is peculiarly qualified to tell him the
precise truth about the Yarnari mine/ft / cm-
brogllo , It is believed by many Venezuelans
that his visit to his Illustrious relative , who
has been residing in Paris for some tillie , will
result in averting n most calamitous war.
A 1'lan Frustrated.
Nr.w YOKK , April 20. [ Special Telegram
to the BEE. ] The officials of Ludlow htrcot
Jail have frustrated a plot by which Henry
Benson , the rascal who sold to the Mexicans
bogus Patti tickets in the name of Marcus
Meyer , was shortly to have escaped from
prison and bo put on board a European
steamer. A keeper named McCabe gained
Benson's confidence , and was made u sup
posed party to the plot under promise of largo
money rewards froin Benson. Under advice
of his chief McCabe secured wax Impressions
of certain locks In the prison. These ho tcolc
to the confederates of Benson , outside of the
prison , ono Kelly , who has been Benson's
servant and companion , und u imui im.ned
Bertrinc. The scheme was allowed to pro
gress to the length of making duplicate keys
and buying rope ladders , Letters passed
by McCabe between Benson and las outside
men , having been opened In the meantime , of
course , by officials , contained abundant ovi-
dencoof thu plot and reflected abundant lighten
on Bonson'a character und previous record ,
Kelly and Hertrjno were remanded last
evening. Benson does not know of their ar
rest. The police searched Kelly's rooms in
Second avenue unu found J.'ijOOO in cash und
some diamonds.
OUEIILIN , Kan. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] The board of trade and
city council met last night and discussed the
subject of water works. Harmony prevailed
and Messrs. Tlldcn and Phillips were In
structed to visit towns east of hero and re
port their observations preparatory to voting
aid to such un enterprise. District court Is
now In session and the grand jury is after
the whisky dives , Ono Hooker and u Ger
man quack doctor was found guilty of run-
ning'n whiskey dive and sentenced to puy a
line of tioo und imprisonment m the county
juil for thirty days.
The Death lleconl.
N\v YOKK , 'April 20. Prcbidont Dins-
more ' , of the Adam's express company , .died
fills'aClcnioou. .
M. It. & T.
"What Anderson and Dull Say About
Gould's Letter.
NBW YOIIK , April 20. [ Special Telegram
to the Urn. ] Jay Gould's letter to the Mis-
sourl Paclflo directors was not given out
until a late hour last night. E. Ellory An
derson , when showed the letter , smilingly
remarked that It was not to bo expected that
the Wizard had any liking for him. "I have
no remarks to make about the drift of the
letter " said Anderson. "Wo
, are not en
gaged in making warfare against the Mis
souri Pacific but wo are endeavoring to got
the Missouri , Kansas and Texas out of its
clutches and to get the books Into our hands.
Wo nro making no war on any person. As
to the number of shares hold by the gentle
men mentioned in the letter , I will say that
their holding will bo brought out nttho
forthcoming election at Parsons , The ques
tion Is whether Missouri , Kansas & Texas
can bo more successfully run than at present
to meet fixed charges. "
"As to my $33,000 fee , " sold Mr. Anderson
jokingly , "I haven't got it yet , though l is
deserved for I worked hard for It. "
W. It. Hull , alluded to In the report , said :
"Wo have joined with the Dutch committee
to try and got an explanation of accounts and
a sight of the books of the Missouri , Kansas
& Texas railroad. Wo nro looking forward
with great Interest to the election at Parsons ,
Tex. A largo quantity otystock will bo repre
sented. I prefer not to speak about the
quantity my firm holds- Later on wo shall
show our hands. Wo nro working in this
matter without bitterness and without Ill-
feeling toward the Missouri Pacific. Wo be
lieve a board of directors in the interest of
the stock holders can reorganize matters for
the general good , und wo hope to get some
accounts explained If wo succeed In our plan.
I can't say whether Gould's report Is an ac
curate one. I don't care to discuss Its drift ,
Walt 'till the Parsons election on the 10th of
May , Then you will have some news. "
The St. Ooo Country Check Wrangle IB
at an End.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bni : . ] The little controversy
between the jobbers and bankers in this city
has come to a close and the bankers como out
first best. Ono of the largest houses dis
covered that rival house had
to-day a ac
cepted a check on n country bank at Its fnco
value , the jobber paying the exchange. The
fact was nt once made public and fl,000 postal
cards were ordered sent out , notifying the
customers of Iho house which had made the
discovery that they , too , would receive all
checks at their face value. The bankers nt
n meeting amended their ruling that took
effect April 1 , and in the future will charge
10 cents per ? 1CO and fraction thereof instead
of 15 cents , as was formerly done. An amus
ing incident was brought to light to-day.
The banks do not charge any exchange for
checks less than ? 10D , and ono of the whole
sale men presented yesterday seven separate
checks from u country merchant in payment
of n bill of $00 , four of the checks being for
$9 and three for $3 each. Under the ruling
the checks were cashed.
Terrible Outrages .In Cuba.
Nnw YOIIK , April CO. [ Special Telegram
to the Bni : . ] A correspondent of the Sun
prints a terrible picture of the condition of
things in Cuba. Ho snys General Alarm ,
present captain-general of Cuba Is simply n
creature and tool of Scnor Balnguoiynlnistcr
of tlltramor , who is charged with the man
agement of Spain's colonial affairs. With-.a
great flourish General Marin entered upon
the Dutch captain-general pro-tern , solemnly
protesting that ho would put a stop to the
scandalous thefts of got-crtncnt officials ,
lawlessness and brigandage that exists ram
pant throughout the island. These promises
have not been icopt in any sense. Within the
past month the following persons have been
kidnapped while engaged In their daily
labors : Jose Ruff. Antonio Alentedo , Angel
Mcnendez , Jose Sierra , Polipo Gurrlu Vigon ,
and n wealthy planter , Senor Galindcz Al-
damn , who was obliged to pay a ransom of
$17,000 in gold . This is only ono month's
record. "Can any ono name , " asks the cor
respondent , "a single bandit who has been
captured or imprisoned Hinco Marin assumed
command i Death stalks , grim and unopposed
through the once flourishing island. Hand
cuffed and outraged by her cruel masters ,
Cuba is fast sinking into a condition of utter
lawlessness , despair and ruin. "
Against a Trust.
New YOKK , April 29. [ Special Telegram
to the BEE. ] Lawyer Craln was sent to Al
bany yesterday , bearing u petition signed by
numbers of prominent citizens asking the
attorney-general to institute proceedings
against the sugar trust on the ground thnt it
restrained trade. The attorney-goneraHast
evening directed that n hearing bo had upon
the complaint , Tammany Hall will be a lead
ing spirit in the prosecution and General
Koger A , Pryor is among the attorneys ro-
Shot Dead in IIIH Own Door.
MINKUAL AVii.LH , Tex. . April 20. [ Special
Telegram to the Bii : : . ] The outgrowth of
political strife and an investigation into
official matters caused E. Whotcley , of this
place , to riilo ten miles to the residences of
County Commissioner .Tames Uay and call
him to the door. Then , without further
word , Whotcloy shot Hay through the heart
and lied , taking refuge in the mountains. An
armed posse is in pursuit.
A Canal \VaHhod Away
KANKAVNA , Wis. , April 20. A portion of of lliogovernment canal at this place
has been washed nwiiy. A gang of men
has been working nil night to close the break
and to-day men are engaged in raising the
banks all along the canal , The water carried
away the rear portion of the llumo of the
American Pulp company's mill , which has
shut down In consequence. The Kuukuuim
lumber and manufacturing company's works
uro also closed ,
Hut Thrrn Itimicd to Death.
ST. Louis , April 20. A thorough search of
the ruins of Bethel home , which burned last
night , resulted in finding the remains of
three men ono colored and two white. In the
hospital are novel al moro burned and bruised.
All the lodprers nro accounted for. Pecuniary
loss Is small. Further Investigation strength
ens the impression that the Ilro was incen
diary ,
Fiirnlulled BonhuiKor Funds.
Lo\no : < r , April 20. Duke DIne , who mar
ried Miss Curtis , of New York , who at the
time of the ceremony was the divorced wlfo
of Frederick Stevens , of New York , furnished
the money to enable General Boulanger to
contest the election in the department of
Nerd , The duke has control of the Interest
of his wife in the lortuno of her former
Kofiiso to Boycott Pool Hear.
NKW YOIIK , April 20. It Is stated that the
Knights of Labor are very bitter towards the
Brewery Workers union , and District 49 has
refused to boycott pool beer. It Is thought
the Knights will endeavor to fill the places
of the strikers with their men.
Slept for Thirty-Three Days.
BUFFALO , N. Y. , April 20. Emma Alt-
house , a young woman of Attica , N. Y. , who
1ms been subjected to trances , awoke to-day
from a sleep of thirty-thrco days. During
her bleep &he has taken only a small quantity
of milk.
A Chicago Piro ,
CiiHuao , April 20. The seven story build-
lag , Nos. 238 and 2iO Dearborn street , owned
and occupied by I'1. Madelner , distiller , was
damaged $50,000 by lire to-night.
Beatrice's Now Mayor Has a Con
test on His Hands.
" 'j
IMnttsinouth Wants the Missouri PA *
olflo A Carol Horacn Cremated
Camp Clnrko Scorched
OrantKcclltiK Good.
Contcstlnc the Mayor's Election.
BE unicc , Neb. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] City Marshal Frank
Pethond commenced a case in the county . *
court to-day contesting the election of E. O. '
Krotflngcr , recently elected mayor , on the
ground of informality In the ballot. John
Ellis wns nominated for mayor nt the ciH-
7ens' caucus. Ho declined to run nnd Krct-
singer's nnmo wns printed on the ticket
headed "Citizens' Ticket , " though not nom
inated by that caucus. , Pethond claims thcao
ballots cannot bo counted for Krctsiugcr.
Polhond was not rcnomlnatcd by Mayor
Krctsingcr for marshal nt the recent council
meeting , and It now looks as though Pothoud
wants to oust the mayor in revenge. The
case will probably not stop short of the
supreme court.
Faith In His Own Town.
COLU.MIIUS , Nob. , April 20. [ Special to tlio
BEE. ] The well known firm of J. P. Becker
& Co. , groin dealers , has dissolved partner
ship by mutual consent. J. N. Taylor con
tinues the business. The career ot J. P.
Becker has boon duplicated by scores of
others , who came hero in the early days , grow
up with the city and accumulated wealth ,
but unllko many others ho proposes to invest j
his lastilollar If found necessary la the pros
perity of our growing city. Amolig the many
improvements for the coining summer , in
which ho Is the moving factor , will bo n now
'Commercial bank bulldlin ? , n magnificent
hotel ( to cost no less than $20,000) ) , paving
Thirteenth street , und manufacturing enterprises - *
prises which will mature before many
months. A new Episcopal church will bo ' ]
erected nnd real estate Is rapidly changing
hands and prices going up.
Want , the Missouri Pacific. * "
PLVTTSMOUTH , Nob. , April 20. [ Special to
the BEE. ] Plattsmouth will have n veritnblo
boom this spring if the numerous enterprises
on topic materialize. She has long needed
another railroad , and at present the chances
nro very flattering that she will have the
Missouri Pacific. About : i month ago Iho
board of trade instructed its secretary to
write to Mr , S. H. H. Clark , the manager of
the Missouri Pacific road , that Plattsmouth
would either vote his road J.IO.OOO in bonds ,
suitable if it would
or procure right-of-way ,
build into the city. The secretary n few days
ago received word from Mr. Clark , who
stated that the proposition was nt hand and
would be presented to tlio board of directors.
Thu cltbeus feel jubilant and all think that )
the prospects for its entering the city nro
It Makes Grant Fool Good.
GIUNT , Nob. , April20. [ SpeclalTolcgram
to the BEE. ] The advance gang for the
Rock Island surveying corps has reached a
point twenty miles south of Grant. It is re
ported to-day by n man who claims to know
what ho is talking about , that the Rock
'Islaml , whiclfis heading for fllo Wyoming'
coal fields , will strike all the county seats
near Its air route. This will Insure Grant the
road , and our citizens nro jubilant over their (
good prospects.
Will Inspect and lloport.
BEATKICE , Neb. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] H. W. Parker , A. V. S.
Saundcrs and S. K. Davis are the special
committee appointed by the council and tax
payers to examine the paving of other cities
and report the best material for Beatrice to
use. They will visit St. Louis , Pc'oria ,
Springfield. Jacksonville , Galesburpr , Chi.
cage , Madibon , Wis. , Omaha , and perhaps
other points whore brick , stone and cedar
blocks are used.
Favor the Pontoon Brltljjo.
PLATTSMOUTH , Neb. , April 20. [ Special
Telegram to the BEE , ] The proposition ol
Colonel S. N. Stewart to build a pontoon
bridge opposite the city , was acted upon last
evening by the board of trade and passed
unanimously. The matter will bo presented
to the city council who. It is expected , will 3
accept his proposition. He proposes to build " " ?
a $20,000 structure , one-half of which is to ' '
bo donated by the city In bonds , and are to
bo paid in five years at the rate of $3,030 a / !
year with Interest. 'Jj
The Hotel Outlook Good.
PLATTSMOUTH , Nob. , April 20. [ Special
Telegram to the BEE.J The Perkins hotel
has been leased to a Mr. Riddle , lately of
Wuhoo , who will remodel it to such an extent -
tent as to make it ono of the best hotels in
the state. It will contain all of tlio latest
hotel improvements. It is also rumored that
John Fitzgerald , of Lincoln , will remodel
his largo brick building in this city , nnd
make it ti first class hotel. If ho docs , the
traveling public will have no cause to com
plain of the hotel facilities of Plattsmouth.
Car of Horses Burned.
CHAPIION , Neb , , April 20 , [ Special Tclo-
gram to the BEE. ! A car of horses canght
Ilro from n spark in the sand hills near Cody
to-day and eight horses were burned to death
and six moro seriously injured. I'lio horses
wcro owned by employes of N. Dosparois
and wcro cnrouto to Glenrock , Wyo. , to
build bridges on the Fremont , Elkhoru &
Missouri extension from that point ,
Nebraska City Will Pavo.
NEIIUAHKA CITV , Nob. , April 20 [ Special
to the BEE , ] Tlio board of public works
this morning awarded the cantraot for pav
ing and curbing District No. 1 to Nevlns &
Co. , of Omiiha , nnd according to the petition
ofl.i majority of the citizens , cypress blocks
will bo used for paving and sandstone for
curbing. Work will begin by Muy 1 and
will bo completed by November I ,
Flro at Camp Clarke. '
SIDNKV , Nob. , April 20.--Speelal [ Tclo-
gram to the BEE , ] A largo Ilro at Camp
Clarke last night destroyed ttio general store
and postoRlco owned by C , A. Moore , Tha
mall and stock of goods wcro all destroyed ,
The loss Is estimated at Ki.OUO und no insur
ance. It is thought to bo the work of an in
cendiary. *
Plenty of Water Ahead.
LouiCITV , Neb , , April 20. [ Special Tele ,
gram to the BEE , ] Contractor Charles
Schoadcr has resumed work on our water
works. Ho has a largo force of men cm-
ployed and expects to have the system com
pleted and In running order iu thirty days.
Weather Indications.
For Nebraska : Warmer , fair wesrthcr ,
followed by cooler , threatening weather ,
with light ralus , fresh to brisk variable
winds , generally southerly.
For Iowa : Warmer , fair weather , foj.
lowed by threatening weather , witb ll ht
rains , fresh to brisk boutnerty winds , Lo
co uilr.g variable.
and the MUernli ,
LONUO.V , April 20. It Is reported that
Chamberlain has deslded to permanently
sever relations with the liberal party and
will Shortly accept u position In tto cabiiieK
The Telegraph donief thut CluciWUU U
about to cuter tte cattlfitt.