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    THE OMAHA DAILY BKK : PRIDAY , APKH. . 20 , 1888.
The Tragic Outcome of o Lincoln
Man's Dlsoipatlon.
Granted Until the I3nd of the Month
to Prepare Argument * AChlld
Badly Burrtcd Stnto .
House nnd City.
1028 P SrniiRT , >
LINCOLN , April 19. j
At 0 n , m. to-tiny parties crosilng the
railroad yards near the Missouri 1'nciltc
bridge , No. 41 , wore surprised to find the
dead body of u man lying by the roadway.
Coroner Shoemaker wag at once notified and
ho proceeded to the place and conveyed the
remains to the undertakers. The dead man
VtM ooh identified as Willl m JlCottlo and a
Lolo In his forehead over the right cyo , tlio
blackened and burned flesh surrounding It ,
nnd the llmlIng ol a revolver near the dead
man all told the unmlstnttublo fact that It
was a suicide , inquiry shows that Kettle -
tlo was a man of some thirty years of nge.
When found the body was rigid but a 'watch
lie wore was running und this with a pint
flask of whhkay and n worn memoranda
book were nil the effects upon his person.
Kottlc , as the memoranda book revealed , was
r natlvo of Chemnitz , Saxony. About a week
ago ho was charged from his work as B. &
M. flagman at the Union I'aclllo crossing , for
drunkenness. A day or two after when
drunk ho was robbed of some WO In cash.
Since that time ho has done nothing nnd it Is
stated that ho was not ntilo to do heavy
work. Among his memoranda was nn order
to lot his effects bo given to a woman with
Whom ho was acquainted.
The state board of transportation hold Its
regular meeting yesterday with the secre
taries nnd all mcinbcra of the board present.
The rehearing of the .case brought by the
Lincoln lumber dealers , ns nskcd for by
Manager Holdrcgo , of the B. fc M. , was
discussed , Messrs. Laws , Babcock nnd Scott
voting to glvo the rend to tlio 27th to formu
late their reasons for n rehearing , nnd
Messrs. Willnrd and Lccso voting no.
In the matter of the complaint of parties nt
the town of Henrtwcll asking that the board
require the B , M. to stop its fust trains nt
that point , the board ordered a reply sent to
tlio complainants that they could , not see
liow the general public would bo bcnollUcd
by such nn order.
Attorney General Lceso asked why n re
port was not made by the secretaries on the
Investigation of the character of the men
employed by the B. & M. as engineers and
the ability of the road to safely accommodate
the public. A majority of the board who
have thus far suppressed the facts nsrcr-
talnod had nothing to say und no report was
A. communication was read from the rail
road commission ofMInncsotnandwithitwas
n copy of a bill introduced in congress by
Jlcpresentativo Nelson , of that stato. The
communication nskcd that the Nebraska
board of transportation send a memorial to
the Nebraska delegation nt Washington urg
ing them to support and urge the passage of
the bill. The tncasurb is ono that Is of di
rect interest to Nebraska , for it docs away
with the oft repeated claim of the Union Pa
cific and other transcontinental roads char
tered by the general government , that they
are beyond state control. Judge Mason wus
instructed to draft nnd forward letters urg
ing the passage of the measure. The bill en
tire is ns follows :
JJo It enacted by the senate nnd house of rep
resentatives of the United States.
That where any railroad company , hereto
fore chartered or incorporated by act of con
press , has built or constructed and operates ,
or shall build , construct or operate a railroad
through , across or into the territorial limits
of any Btato or territory of the United States ,
the tolls , rates and fares made or charged for
the transportation of property and passen
gers over or upon such road or roods for
tralllo within the limits of n state or territory ,
nnd the trafllc and schedules thereof shall bo
subject to the legislative control of and by
the several states and territories , through
ncross or into whjch said road or roads are
constructed built or operated , anything in the
tlinrter of , or acts of congress creating such
companies or company or any law of any
Btato or territorial legislature enacted in pur-
tuancoof such charter or act of incorporation
lo the contrary notwithstanding.
Section 1. That section ono of this act shall
bo limited in its operation , and shall appl >
pnly to the carriage and transportation by
B.uch company or companies , of passengers
nnd property wholly by railroads , or partly
by railroad und partly by water , ( when both
nro used under n common management , con
trol or arrangement ) , from ono place or sta
tion , both bo ing within the territorial limits
of ono and thu same state or territory , am
shall In no case apply to any commerce be
twecn the states , territories , or into foreign
At noon yesterday an alarm of fire wa
eont in from Sixteenth and M , where a sinal
house occupied by Anthony Cooper and farn
lly was on lire. The department nuieklj
smothered it , but a little child of tbo family
three years of age , was seriously burned
about the fuco and arms nnd thn burjis may
result fatally. The child wus playing will
matches in n shed adjoining the house when
shavings woioplcntitul. When the llro was
discovered In the shed the Bcreams of the
child showed it was in tha burning room am
J.ho injuries wore received before it could bo
Two years ago n stranger entered the Jewelry
olry house of J. B. Trlekoy & Co , , stated ho
wanted to open n jewelry store at Columbus
nnd bargained for n lot of goods , Ho departed -
parted , saying ha would return , pay for tlio
goods and take them , but he returned no
and the ilrm soon found that hu hud pockotct
spoons and other valuables und sold them a
a pawn shop. To-day ho again cnteret
the store , this time saying ho mis going tt
Btart a store nt Crete. Ho was nrrestod atu
taken before Justice Snclling on n charge o
stealing (43 in silverware , and r.ot having
bull , he was taken to Jail pending his hearlni
to-day. Ho has many different names uiu
his true ono is unknown.
Secretary Ager , of the board of transporta
tlon , departed to-day for Wisconsin ,
Stnto Superintendent Luna Is receiving r
2irgo lot of text books for the library o
School , text bookb that he will keep at his of
The Liberty of Now York. Long Island o
Now York and South British of England
lira Insurance companies have applied for ud
mission to transact business in Nebraska.
Otis A. Williams , of Ncllgh , Antelop
county ; John W , Israelson , Snyonvlllo , Clay
county ; William L'\ Lucas , Crelghton ; Knox
county ; J. W. Woods , Hnsthrgs , Adams
county , wure cauiml&sloucd notaries public
yestciday ,
Judge Dumly was In tha city two days this
week cloning up some minor matters in
United States court.
The measles nro pruv.illlng at the Homo
lor the Friendless.
Mr. J.J. Urnko , the manager of the News
company work on the B , & O. lines , was
quietly married In this city Wednesday
evening to Mist Jauno , of Memphis , Tonu ,
The Catholics of this city Imvo commenced
Improvements on their church building hero
that will nearly double their seating capac
ity , Fifteen thousand dollars \vill bo ox.
pendod iu the now improvement * .
The school census Just taken in the city
ihovva about eight thousand seven hundred
children of t > ehoal ago a considerable In
crease from the census of a year ago , At the
last meeting of tha board of education the
citizens of sou thud st Lincoln as'.ied that
arrangements be made to erect a school
buildlni ; ai that tujtiou of. the city the pres
ent j ear.
The three uniform dlvlslonsof the ! Knights
of Pythias wcro out In force to-day
headed b ) Apollo band. The occasion was
the burial of their brother Knight , J , J ,
Davis. The funeral service * took place nt
the resldeneo of his brother , the Knigjit *
cvcortlnp tlio remains to the cemetery und
conducting thu ceremonies.
Those who take Dr. Jones' Red Clever
Tonlo never bnve dyspepsia , roslivi-
IIOSB , bad breath , pile * , pimples , itjtuo
aud nmluriu , poor appetite , low spirits ,
headache or kidney troubles. i'l-ico
0 ceuU.
poixas or TUB COURTS.
District Court.
Judge Doano had a lively time yetterday
morning in the case of Paulson vs. Phlllim.
The case was on motion of plaintiff dismissed
tit his cost. In the litigation ofJosiahW.
Kogors vs , Oeorgo Sample ct nl. the motion
of defendant to dlwnlia for want of prosecu
tion was overruled. lit the matter of the
petition of John Ji Curtis , mentioned below.
nn order to show cause why the prayer of
the petitioner should not bo granted was
SUITS rn.Ri ) .
Ed. O. Gundy yesterday filed b suit
against J. L. Watson for f 10,000 damages
sustained by reason of defendant calling htm.
In the presence of several witnesses , n thief
and a pimp.
Ilobert O. Backus files n petition In which
ho avers that the dofcntnnts did , about Jan
uary 2 J , 18S7 , ngrco to lend him | ,000 In se
curity for which ho was to give n mortgage
deed upon certain lands In Douglas county ,
together with certain promissory notes ,
which ho made and delivered , and that the
defendant retained and has refused to pay
him $3,137 of the said sum , although often
requested to do so. Therefore , plaintiff asks
that said deed and notes bo cancelled as to
the money olleVcd to bo still duo , or that ho
may obtain Judgement for the amount and
whatever costs may accrue. Notice of the
suit wus also filed with the registrar of
Samuel H. Johnson deposits a petition with
the district clerk ngalnst A. L. Young ,
which ho nvcrs that on the 22d day nf March ,
18SS , ono E. II. Corhctt loaned $055 to defendant -
ant until April 1 , with Interest nt 10 percent
per annum until paid and n sum equal to 15
per cent of amount duons liquidated damages
and $15 duo ns attorney's fees If action wcro
brought and that said note has been trans
ferred to plaintiff and Is still duo nnd unpaid ,
wherefore the plaintiff asks Judgment for
entire amount , f037. 70 , nnd for costs of action.
wsiucs : TO snu , .
John.T. Curtis , guardian of Harriet E.
Curtis , his wife who is now in the asylum for
insane , at Danville , Pcnn. , hopelessly insane ,
asks permission to sell certain property purchased -
chased by him nnd convoyed to her , she being
of unsound mind at the timo.
The Goncsoo Vnlloy Manufacturing com
pany , of Mount Morris. N. Y. , want n Judg
ment against Francis E. Cooper in the sum
of 41,470.11 , with interest added , the same
being the balance duo on n contract engaged
' . between the respective parties.
The supreme court has Issued n super-
ccduor to the district court commanding that
further action In the case of Berghoff , con
victed of obtaining goods under false pre
tenses nnd sentenced to four years In the
l enitontlary , bo postponed pending an ap
plication for n now trial.
Judge Wnltoloy yesterday listened to testi
mony presented by Samuel O. Damon -to
make his injunction against the city from fillIng -
Ing up streets In the neighborhood nf the
Eleventh street viaduct permanent Ho
claims that if the proposed improvements
are made it will damage him to the extent of
Judge Wakeloy yesterday decided that C.
W. Hamilton nnd A. E. Tusendalo must pay
their share of taxes for the grading of West
Dodge street.
Alzlua Swobo , in her petition filed yester
day , sets forth that an excessive assessment
has been levied on her property through the
opening of Twenty-ninth avenue , McCor-
mlck's ' addition , and she asks the court to
dismiss a Hen hold by the city against her
property in the sum of $1,093 as her share of
assessment for the opening of the street.
Elizabeth Whitehead wants n divorce from
her nusband , Henry B , , on the grounds of
desertion. They were married at La Mars ,
In. , on July 30 , 1885 , but in December of the
same year Henry took hla departure and has
lived apart from bis wifa since then.
County Court.
Two Judgments against C. S. Higgins ot al ,
\vero rendered by Judge Shields yesterday
ono in favor of Kelly , plaintiff , for f
the other in favor of Kinger for $23.
A 1)10 ClOAll HIM , .
Hauer Bro.'s & Reinoehl , of Lebanon , Pa. ,
complained to Judge Shields yesterday that
llauser & Woodland nro'indebtcd to them in
the sum of &JSO for cigars , for which amount
they ask Judgment.
K. M. Birkhauser is trying hard , but un
successfully , to serve a summons on Mrs. M.
Bittingor , who owes him $05 for rent , ami
yesterday ho appealed to Judge Shields for
an attachment.
Christina Wagner yesterday applied to
Judgu Shields to bo appointed executrix of
her deceased husband's estate.
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wounds , chapped hands , nnd all skin erup
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MENT. Sold by Goodman Drug Co. at 23
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Union Labor Stnto Convention.
The state convention of the union labor
party of Nebaaska is called to moot at Lin
coln on Wednesday , May 2 , 1SS3 , in Fitz
gerald hall , at 10 o'clonk n. in. , to elect eight
delegates to the national convention , ( which
meets at Cincinnati May 15 , for the purpose
of nominating a presidential ticket ) to make
nrrangcmeuts to organize the state , and If
thought advisable , to nominate a state
ticket. Eminent * > peakcrs arc expected to bo
present , among whom is JCBSO Harper , ol
Illinois , nnd Prof. Vincent , of Kansas. It is
requested that each county raise n sum , fron
$ . " ) to $10 , nnd send with its delegation , to pay
hall rent , s.pcakors > , etc. Each county la en
titled to delegates as follows :
Adams 10'Johnson
Antelope ( Kearney n
Bliiino SICbynPfthii 4
Brown ( > Keith.
' ' '
Box Butte 2 Knox , ] , . (
Hoone G Lancaster 1' '
Buffalo lOjI.incoln (
Butler SLogan |
Hurt OLnup. . .
Cass 14 Madison ,
Cedar 0 Mnrrick
Clmso 4"
Cherry 4 N'cmalia. . . , (
Cheyenne Nuckolla 1
Clay SOtoo
Col fas. Pawnea.
Cumins SPholp.1
Custor jn'Picrro '
Dakota r/Platto 10
Dawcs < ! Polk.
Dixon. Perkins ,
Dodpo 12 Hichardson 1
Douglas BOiRed Willow. . . . b
Dawson ( ISallno 1' '
Dumly iSarpy
Fillinoro. . . . . . . . . fi.Saundors 1
Furims (1 ( Howard
Franklin 5 Sheridan i
Frontier t. . . . 8 Sherman
(3ngw 15 Sioux , ,
Gospor -1 StanUm
G rottloy , 4 Thaycr
Gurllclii U Thomas !
Hall , , . 10 Valley.
Hamilton S Washington ,
Harlon (5 ( Wayne
Hayes , . 8 Webster. . . . ,
Hitchcock 5 Wheeler. . . . ,
Holt U Yovlt
Howard 0
JutTerson 8 Total 55
In addition to the above oarh local assom
hly of Knights of Labor , each Grange , cnol
Furmoro' Allaiicoandevery ! other industria
organization in Uio state is requested to f-eni
ono delegate. All who Indorse the platform
adopted In Cincinnati , February 2a , 1687
are lequcAted to uirct in their rcspectlvi
counties' as early as the 2th of April to elcu
delegates. In counties which are not organ
izsd , anyone i.i authorized to driw up a cat
and circulate it , calling for n mass couvcn
tion of thoi'a who ire tired of being roubO'l '
tired of knowing that the money of the people
plo is being taken from them and piled up in
the vaults at Washington until they urn actu
ally bursting and thu people are suffering for
tha necessaries of life which this mono }
might buy , were it ( n circulation , and tlrer
of seeing every male child bom with u thous
and dollarh in bonds plastered * on his back
and ult whu arc anxious to hand down to pos
tonty a government of , for and by the pep
I'Je. M. II. ai i/niY ,
Sec , State C. C. , Arlington , Neb ,
I D. ClIAMllEIIt.llV ,
Chairman , btrouisburg , N
Infhmons Resolutions.
The prominence given by the locnl
ircss to the 8o-calcd ) resolutions pur-
lorting to have been adopted by the
) innhn Control Labor Union impels mo
o make a slixtomonl ever my own name
vith regard to the construction of the
3EK building , Before doinp so I brand
hose resolutions ns a tissue of malicious
alsohoods unworthy of any honorable
or decent member of the building craft.
Whoever the Central Labor Union maybe
bo , the parties who < have given publi
city to these slanders are not reputable
mechanics , but hirelings or designing
> olitlcal and personal enemies. I need
> nly cite four of the eight sections of
, hcso Infamous resolutions to convict
ho authors thereof ns unmitigated liars
nnd scoundrels :
Whereas , The Central Labor Union , com-
irlslng tno federated trades of Omaha * vlow
vith shame and humiliation the actions of a
man , who professes outwardly nnd through
ho medium of n great Journal his friendship
for worktngmon , nnd , "
Whereas , Through , ho medium of his Jour-
ml ho has presumed to teach us that organ-
zed labor should bo encouraged nnd fos
tered , nnd ,
Whereas , The only Job now being erected
n Oinnhn where carpenters are compelled to
work more hours per day than other
contractors demand , being the one which
the aforesaid Journalist Is himself erecting ,
nnd ,
Whereas , Ho has nnd still refuses to accept
union labor on the brick woric of said bulld-
ng. nnd by so doing allows it to bo erected
by "scnb'Mabor.
Tills is n dead give-away on its face.
The BKH bulldlnn is to bo a strictly
Ire-proof structure. Up to this day not
a foot of lumber has been used , and not
a single carpenter is at work on the
juiltlinp , nor lias there ever been a car-
Bonier on the building , nnd no contract
las yet boon made for the carpenter
work , which will bo necessary in flnish-
.ng. This ought to dispose , oiToctivoly ,
of the malicious charge that the car-
pouters employed on the 13iK building
ire compelled to work longer houra for
loss pay than any others.
It is a downright falsehood that I
have refused , or "still refuse to accept
union labor on the brick-work of said
building. " I have never employed a
single mechanic , bricklayer , stono-
cttttor , iron-moldor or hod-carrier at
work on the building , for the
very best of reasons , namely ,
that the granite work Is being done
under contract with Jackman & Sher
man of Chicago , who are to furnish the
granite and place it in the walls 'for a
fixed sum of money under a contract
made last September ; that the brick
work in said building Is being done
under contracts made in September and
December , 1837 , with John P. Coots ,
and the iron work is being done by
Paxton & Viorllng , under a contract
made last October. "Tl have no control
whatever ever men employed by these
contractors nor can I interfere with
them without laying the BEK Publish
ing Company liable to damage suits for
breach of contract. "While I should pre
fer to see union men employed by Mr.
Coots , and have repeatedly told him so ,
and urged arbitration with the union
bricklayers , I can only hold him re
sponsible as contractor for the work he
does. I certainly derive no benefit from
Inferior work , if any such is done.
When Mr. Coots commenced to erect
the walls with non-union bricklayers ,
a committee of the bricklayers' union
called on mo and warned mo against in
ferior work. I told thorn I was not a
competent judge of brickwork , but
would at once send for Mr. Boman , the
architect. I telegraphed Boman the
same day. Ho was sick at the time , but
reached Omaha within four days there
after. The committee of bricklayers
asked that 1 should employ a superin
tendent , but expressed preference for a
non-resident who would show no partial
ity to the contractor. On my request Mr.
Boman engaged as superintendent Mr.
J , S. Baker , of Milwaukee , who had
boon the superintendent of the North
western Mutual Life insurance com
pany's building in that city , planned by
Mr. Beman. Mr. Baker has boon hero
since lost week Friday and receives $200
per month for supervising the work.
Does this show treachery and want of
faith on my part ? Can reasonable and
fnirminded workingmen ask any more ?
A few after the '
days bricklayers' com
mittee had called I was Invited to go be
fore the executive committee of the
Knights of Labor to explain the situa
tion. I did BO , to their apparent satis
faction , by not only answering all their
inquiries , but also by placing in their
mnds the contracts with Mr. Coots
to show that I was powerless
to interfere willl the employment of
non-union men on the BEK building.
In vlow of these faots I submit to an
unprejudiced public whether there is
any ground whatever for the "roasting"
which my Omaha would-be rivals have
taken delight in administering to me
ever the shoulders of organized labor.
If there ever was anything more con-
torn ptiblo and villainous , both on the
part of the bolf-con&tituted mouthpieces
ot organized labor und rival editor * and
publishers , I do.not remember to'lmvo
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For through on the ticket agent at 1MI
Karnnm street. In Barker Ulock , or at Union racing
1'iillman Sleepers and the finest Dlnhie Cars In tha
vrorlil are run un the main line of the Chlciwo , Mil
vraukea & , St. 1'aul Hallway , aud ovorr attention a
jtaltl to pumiiKcn by courteous employes ot tuo
K. MIU.KH. ( loncral Manager.
J. K TUCKUII. AnKl.'tnnt Gvnornl Mdnnucr.
A. V. K. CAIUUSNTKK , lienoru ! 1'asscnffor anl
TlrkPt AEt'nt.
OKO. K. HKAFFOnD , Assistant General
nnd Ticket Acont.
J. T. CLAIIK Uunvrul Superintendent.
The only mad to take fir DPS Molno. , Marslitltnwn
tVdar Uunltln. Clinton , Dlxon , Clileaio. illlwaukeu
Kwl all points Hint. To tlio peopluof Nubniskn.Colo-
nulo , Wyoming. Utuh , Idiilio , NcradaOration , Wnsh-
ItiKUm und California , It offer * superior advantage *
not | ii ( 5lbli ty any other Una.
Antony n few of tlio numerous points of superiority
cnjoyol by the patrons of thin road between Umulm
nnd Chicago , nro Its two trains u day of DAV
COACIIKf , whlcli "ro thu finest Hint human Kit ami
InKtnnltrcancreato. ItsI'ALACUtiljKKl'lNU CAHS ,
which are models of comfnrt und elegance. Its I'All *
I.OH IHIAWINU 1KOM ( JAIIS , nnsurnamert br any ,
nnd Itx wldoly rnltibrattxl PALATIAL DINING CARS ,
tlioo'liial ' of which rannol he found elsewhere. At
Council IIlufTj , the trains of thn Union 1'acltlo Hull-
wuy connect In union depot with those of the Chi-
CHIIO It Northwestern Hy. In Chicago the trains nf
tliH line muku close connection wltu tboso of all
ollilTlCuncni lines. . , , _ .
Knr Ik'tnilt , Cnlnrabnr. Indianapolis. Cincinnati.
NlaL-ani Falls. lluITulo. Htttburtr , Toronto , Montreal ,
lioston. Now York. I'hllailelphla , Ilaltlmore , Wash-
IniUon , und all jioliits In the Kast. Ask for tickets via
" "
If you with the best accommodation. All ticket
eenl * ll tickets via this llnu.
H.HUHiirrr. K. p. WILSON.
Uou'lManagnr. ( ien'l I'us.'r Aeont.
W. N. llAnaCK , Oon'l. Western Agent.
D. U. KIM11ALL. Ticket Aponi.
U. K. Wl r , City Kisengor Acent.
HOI Furnam St. , Omaha , Neb.
Suppllos Olllc or 1'iiiclianliiK and Depot
Halved nt thlHonire until ] l o'clock u. m. , central
'Standard time , on Monday , the Jrd day of
April , 1W8 , nt vililcli time aud place they will ba
opened In the prt * : > cnc $ of bldderx , for the fnr-
nUhtn nnd delivery at Ointilia , Neb. , thu follow ,
lug army supplies , viz : Vinegar ; Marking , elioe ,
Marceron'n ; cheese , V. A. ; Hour , family ; ana
tobacra , smoking , tieal of N. ( J. The rluht IB re
served to reject miy or all bids , lllauk propo
sals uud epeclflcatlona sliowliig In detail the
artlcH'B ana quautltlea required aad giving full
Information as to condition of contract , will bo
furnUliMl on application to this ) office. J , W.
UAltnidKit , Jluf and 0. S. . U. B. A ,
S , K , FELTON & CO , ,
And Manufacturers' Atrents for
Of all descriptions
Hydraulic Engines , Surveys. De
tail Plans and Specifications.
Furnished on Short Notice.
Correspondence Solicited.
Slrang's ' Billing , Fourth Floor ,
For Medicinal and Family Use.
Is Death to Sure Cure for
Sold . For Quart Dottle.
Only In Dottlet.
For Sola ty Oroein
For Sate by and Wins ttcrchtntt
Druggists Eatrgahsre. Everywhtn ,
T ?
ustfoib BEFORE ins o'STIU ' !
Thli li to certify tliat 1 hire examine ! tb luapla of BELLE Of BOUHHON WIISKEr reoolr&l from
Lawrence , Ostrom & Co. , and found the innio to ! > perfectly free from Fusel Oil &ud all other deloUrloul
lubttaucti * and strictly puro. 1 cheerfully recommend tlio irvmo for family and Medicinal purpose * .
J. f . lilu.tVK. M. D. . AualjrtlcM Chemist. I.oul Tllla. Cy.
GI.AI > STO\E IJROS. & CO. , Afjciils for Omiilia , Kelt.
IU main lines and broachee Include CHIOAOO ,
pom , DCS iiorNBO. couircn. BLUBTS , jaua-
cod scores of tntermedlata cities. Choice ot
routes to and from the Paclflo Coast. All trans-
fora la Union depots. Fast trahis of Fin * D&y
Coaches , olecant Dining Cam , tnacnlScent full *
man Polaco Sleeporn , end ( between Chicago , St.
Joseph , Atchlson end Kausaa City ) Ueclinkig
Chair Cnrs. Seato I'roo. to holders of throush
Cnt-clftcB ticket' .
Chicago , Kansas & Nebraska R'y
"Great Rock Island Route. "
HJrtanda "West and SouUiwoat from
end Ct Joseph to NELSON , UQHTON. ,
IIXTTCimfSOM , OAXmVTILI , , and all polnta la
and beyond. Entire ptuueturer equipment of the
cvlibntod Pullman manufacture. All cofoiy ay
pllaucev cmd modern improvements
The Famous Albert Lee Route
I th favorlta between Oblcairo , Hock Iilond ,
Ztchleon , Konsaa City aad Minneapolis andCt
Paul. It * WBtertovm braosn travoroes tha grout
of Northern Iowa , Southwestern Minnesota , and
East Control Dakota to Watartowu , Spirit rk ,
Ulouz Valla and many other town * and cltlua.
The tthort Line vim Ucneca und Ktuikalua offsr *
superior facilities to travel to and from Indloa *
orjolU , Cincinnati end utberBouthern points.
for Tickets , Maps , Volderi , or daalrod informa *
Uoo , apply at oor Coupon Ttck t Office or fuldrtia
Qui'lJil&aager. aen'lTJtt. ttEaM. Affb
Proprlftor Omaha But/nets / Colltyv ,
Book-Keeping , Penmanship ,
Commsrcl&I Law , Shorthand , Teltgrephlng
and Typewriting ,
Send lor C llte * journal.
8 E. Cor ICth nnd Capitol Avenue ]
"The Ovcrlniul ICoutc. "
The Sportsmen's , Tourists' and 1'k-aburo
ScekciB1 Line-
Send for the Neat Little Sketch Book.
"CrCT3 > T C IJ-CTS laTTtiBS , "
highly interesting and useful to Sportsmen.
It contains the American rules for trapping
and shooting adopted hy the National Gun
Association ; as well as the revised game
laws of the Western States and Territories.
Copies sent free upon application to
den'U'&T. Agt. .
Oinahn , Neb.
To liavoyour friends come tea
a Kusterii llnoH will sell tlcVotsandrun
Semi Monthly Land Excursions
over tlio
Union Pacific
"Tlio Overland Route. "
Until July J , 1RR8 , tickets sold for those oxcur-
filona will be good thirty duyM for thu round trip
unil ran bo used ten days going. When purr-aiia-
urHovo ready to relnui , UIOHO tlcketH will ba
good n\e dnyo for tlntt p < in > o o. If purclmsers
\\MbtoRtopHhortof clraUimtlon nu our lines ,
BRcnta will stamp tlckutsuood to return from
such point.
J. 8. TKIIIIirrS. J ? , I , , J.OMAX.
Oen. I' , i T. AKent. Ass'tU. I . &T. A.
"The Ovcrlniul Itoiito. "
lias so arranged its Family Sleeping Car
trrvicc , that berths can now be teserved
upon application by any ticktt agent to M
J. Greevy , Passenger Agent , Counnll Bluff *
Iowa. The letervations when made are
turned over to the train conductor.taking
out such can , o that passengers can now se
cure berths ordered , Ihe same as a PulUn&n
berth ii reserved and secured.
J , B.-rn/WKTH. 13. l > . l.OMAX.
Oon. P. & T. Acent. Ass't 0,1' . & T , A
Kamarkoble forpowerful syinj a.
tliellc tone , pllablB union und a [ it
BiiTu't * durioirtty. UJ years' rW-poT
the bust gunr nt a of The excel-
Tcnce otTtiesa Instrument * . '