Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 15, 1888, Part I, Page 5, Image 5

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Important Silk Sale
And Lasting for
We Will Offer Monday
and During the
Week Some
in Silk Failles , Colored and Checked
Surahs. Uontfiilinud , India Silks anU u
specially cheap lot of
Brocaded Tricotine
These wore secured from an over
stocked importer and tire absolutely
Half Price.
They coino in Seal , Navy , Myrtle ,
Whie , Slate and Beige.
Check Surahs , $1.0O.
These are the newest and most Stylish
Silks manufactured , this Season ; coino in
all colors and Black and White , worth
$1.60. We otter them for one week at
81.00 a yard.
Colored Surahs , 98c.
Being bought direct from the manu
facturer , we offer the best quality for
the lowest price in the city. Wo have
every street and evening shade made ;
an examination will convince you that
wo have bv fartholargohtand moat complete
pleteSilk'Doparmotit ; in tlio city.
Items of Interest to the Members
of the Soorot Orders.
I'he Grand IjoilRO Kitiglits of Honor
IJIts ol' Dlnsonlo News The
Oclrt FclIoivB I'ytlilnn
A Pleasant Invent.
The rccentloii of Mt. Calvary Comman-
dory , Knighto Templar , at Masonic hall
Thursday evening was a very pleasant event.
The hull was profusely decorated
with the national colors , flowers and suiilax.
In front hung a laivto painting of a castle
from which the primeval knight was wont to
sally forth in conquest. Immediately In front
of this was U pyramid of pottoil plants. On
cither side of this pyramid was a teut , in
each 11 "pilgrim's farewell , " consisting of
cru'-kors , water and a lighted candle. Near
the entrance of the hall stood n
Itnight's ' steed , mailed and ready lor
its rider. From the chandeliers to
the corners of tbo room were festoons
Of evergreens ana smilax. The orches
tra was hidden by u wall of flow-
lira. The hallway from the dance
inll to the dining room wns canopied
with UUCP , making u delightful promenade
between dances. At OtfO there was a
jhort drill of the knights , after which Major
Clarltson made a brief anA npprujirinte open
Ingndilriias. This was followed by seven
dances , the programmes bolug a triumph of
the typographical art. The gupiwr was in
keeping with everything , nml twice the din
ing hall was filled. The menu card was a
novelty. The oysteis In carved Ire worn
"fromtho rough Hands of tlio sea ; " the col-
dry. olives and pickles wcie eaten under the
Injunction , "Halve them and begin. " Scal
loped ojstcrs "for strict trial and duo exam
ination" preceded the turkey and capon
"duly and truly prepared , worthy and well
( uallllcd. " The lioiiian punch was ' 'mixed
with the oil of gladness , " and the chicken-
lalad , "like King Solomon's temple with not
ivork , lily woileand pomegranates. " Uussort
was "Indicativu of Musonlo strength" and the
fruits and rolTco were partaken of before
Qio guests were bidden to "observe the oust
tmd now let us make our csca | > o , "
After this dancing was resumed. The no-
raslon wiisaJUtiiiKUlsUpd for its social fea
tures , and will long be pleasr.utly ro-
Among these present were : Gustavo An
derson , wife and his daughter Emma , L. M.
Aiulersou and daughter Edith , Alex AtKln-
son and wife , Henry C. Alkin and wife , O.
l < \ UrigirA and wife. Samuel G. Burns and
wife , Joim Biinford , unu daughters Junnto
and Mamie. Thos. C. limner and wlfo anil
Mrs.John ( lulld.John O.Campbell and daugh
ter Carrie and Miss Nettle Heel , H. G. Clark
nnd wlfo and Mrs. R. B. Clark , T. S. Clark-
son , II. C. Crnm and wife. Champion S.
Chase and Misses Fuiuiio and Nolllo Butter-
Hold , Mlchanl Cody ami daughter Emma , C.
1C. Collins , 0. C. ( Jhase and wife , II P. lov-
alon and Mrs , M. E. Grid ley , Robert Din
ning and wife , L. F. Uelorrlmer and Miss
M. McKunna , Edwin Davis and wlfo ,
John A , DouMs and Miss Cranston , C. N.
Dietz and Miss Lena Ulotz , M. Bowling , of
Fremont ; F. M. Ellis and wife , J. H. France
unit Miss .Minnie uud Fannie Wood , J , P.
Fin Icy and Miss Jomilo Uelor.o , William
Franco. W. A. Gardner end wife , J. H. Grift
nnd MUs May Mount , A. P Hopkins and
wife and Mrs. Shophanl , J. R. Hunter and
wlfo , George Hume and wife , Chris Hurt-
maun ui.d wlfo , S. 1C. Jack&m and wife , L.
H. Cortlor and wlfo and Mrs. C. B. Horlon ,
J.V. . LIddoll , S. B. Lake , M. O. Maul and
Miss Lucy Drcxul , W. J. Mount imd Mu > s
Magglu nnd AwiioTruIaniJ , John J. Moncll
and wife , M'rc. Dr. Burroughs , Mrs. Frank
E. Lawrence. O. P. Need ham and
\vifo , A. C. Ostcrimui and wlfo.
Robert Purvis auil wife und Miss Maud
Bdsha. Johu'KeeJ. aud wife , William T. Rob-
, Insoii aud Miss Bruucr , JoUaV. . Rudl/ur ,
fMorseMio :
Made to Our
Paris , France.
Monday we iiiuke a Special display ,
all of our
3STew Spring Styles ,
Will bo on exhibition for that day only.
Amongst the many Styles wo would call
your attention to a particularly hand
some lot of
India , Silks at $1.5O.
Of these wo imported only ono Dress
Pattern of each design ; no duplicate
will bo found in the city , as wo are Sole
Aguntb for Nebraska for the manufac
French Bengaline Silk
Thcso are also made by the same
manufacturer , and are considered by
Uotinodioura to bo the most beautiful
fabriu ever made ; they come in selected
Spring shades.
Black Silk Surahs ,
Wo offer again 5 pieces Black Silk
Surah , even butter value than olfered
last week. At the price they cannot last
more than one day ; they are wortli
Black Silk Surahs ,
22 inch wide , heavy and lustrous ,
never sold under $1.50 ; for one week wo
offer our stock at $1.15 a yard.
0 1 s IriullvjJu ( JL vl/
Hiclmrd Smith and wife and Mrs. Dr.
Swasruo , General George A. Smith and wife ,
H. S. Smith and wife , D. C. Sutphen , Mrs.
C. IX Sutphen and Mrs. Hhodes , C. F Stout-
cuborough and Mrs. J. W. Van Alstrom , L.
13. Sheppard mid Miss Addle Sheppnrd and
Mrs. Hopkins , D. 1C. Sutborough and wito ,
\VilliamK.Turncrand Miss Jessie Turner ,
Victor White and Miss Grace Campbell
John G. Willis and wife , .1. G.lleox and
wife and Mrs. Dr. i owis , John N. West-
burg and wife , S. S. Wiley and wife and
Miss Edith Wiley.
rirltisti Orders ofKulKlitlioort.
It is perhaps true of every secret org.miz
ation which has attained distinction and
standing that the acme of the endeavors of
the initiate is a point of knighthood indi
rcctly if not directly prescribed by the rituals
of the order. Chivalry which is nearly if nol
quite synonymous to knighthood , is ono ol
the most impressive lessons tno Masons the
Odd Fellows , the Pythlans and a host o
other orders give to the aspirant for
honors in their midst. To these
who labor zealously In the ranks
of thesu orders to attain an cmi
nont point in knighthood or chivalry , it wil
bo interesting to review the orders of knight
hood in Britain , the membership o
'which ' is limited and select but whoso origin
Is more the less Interesting.
It need not bo presumed that the operations
of these orders are synonymous In their du
ties to thu great secret and benevolent or
gunUatlons of this ago , for the qualifications
for membership necessarily curtail in u degree
greo the good they might render , yet to
tbolr country they are especially serviceable ! .
In Great Britain there are seven orders 01
knighthood. Of these the most noble order
of the garter Is the oldest and most eminent
This order was founded by King Edward III ,
it Is claimed on April SW , 11H-I , yet this is dis
puted by some. Thcsu trace tlio origin of
the order bank to 11U3 when on St. George's
day Kichard I compelled twonty-six of his
best knights to wear M thing of blue leather
on the leg In a flijlit with the Inlldels. This
version however is not as popular as the
former. Of that it I.s said that King Edward
III was dancing with the countess of Salis
bury at a bull when the lady dropped her
garter ; the king secured tlio tiny article , il
is said to have been tiny , and tied it around
his own leg , very near the ankle however ,
his notion of COUMO attracted much ntten-
on and the monarch returned the article to
s fair owner with tlio remark ; "Honi solt
ui inul y ponso" Evil bo to him that evi
thinks" words which nro yet the motto of
the ordor. The king said to those about ;
"Shortly you shall sen that garter advanced to
so high an honor and renown us to nccoun
yourselves supremely happy to wear it. "
Since the rol n of Edward IV ro ladies save
the sovereign are admitted to this order
The distinguishing badges of the order an
the collar , budge , star , garter , pcorgo am
lesser gcorgo. There are also a mantle surcout
hat and plume. This order comprises the
sovereign , twenty-live knight companions
and lineal descendants of George 11 , , who
may bo chosen by the Rovcrt'lfirn.
In lilW the most hoiiornblo order of the
Hath WAS Instituted and wont through varl
ouschanges for tlio bnttcr In 1725 , 1S15 uni
U'47. Thu order Is composed of three classes
In the lirst-clnss the number of Knights
Grand Cross is limited to llfty for military
and twenty-live fur civil duties. In tbo sec
OIK' class l.Ut for thu military and sixty for
the civil ; in the third-class U'JO for
military and 200 for tu civil
No ofllcer can be nominated to the military
division of the third class unless his name
has recalvod a special mention in nction
against the enemy of his country , The order
dor derived its numo from the proposed ror
oniony of initiation which was in the nature
of a bath. This ceremony was first Intro
dncod in the coronation of Henry IV. in 18W
and the last timn It was used was at the cor
cnntion of Charles II. In lt 3.
The most undent and most noble order o
the 1'liistlo was revived in 10-37 by J nines II
nnd re-ostaullfhed in 1703 in the reign o
Quean Anno.
In February , 17S3 , George HI. Instituted
the most illustrious order of St. Patrick.
Queen Victoria instituted the most ex
alted Order of tne Slur in 1601.
Thu most most distinguished Order of St
Michael and St. Gtorgu was created in 161 ! ?
The Koyiil UimovurUn Gue'.phic order bus
not bv'cu conferred since the dealt of WU
S ,
P ,
$10.00 Each ,
DEnch pattern contains sufficient plain
and fancy material to maUo full mid.
complete suit. Muny of thorn contain
rich velvet effects in chocks and stripes
that cannot bo bought under $10. a yard ;
notio have sold under $20. while
many have sold up to 830. a suit.
Wo olTor choice of the lot Mondayand
for one week at $10. each.
Sco our Display in West Show Win
Monday Morning w'o place on sale 2
Cases Cream : .nd White Dotted Swisses ,
actual value 35e a yard ; for ono week wo
otter tlio lot at 0o a yard.
16 Yards for $1.OO.
For next week wo offer choice of five
patterns in this 12e quality chocked
Nainsooks at 10 yards for $1.00.
oilia de
Mondawo offer a case of 25e quality
India Li nous for Ioc. This offer holds
good for Monday and Tuesday only. Wo
can get no more after thft is gone.
Hum IV , when the Hritish sovereign ceased
to bo monarch oT Hanover.
Knights Bachelors may prolix "Sir" to
their names , yet tlfcy do not constitute nu
order , and the appellation Is simply n degree
in rank.
Of all these orders the sovereign is a sort
of ex-oflicio members. The members of these
orders rank socially as follows : Kuightsof
the Garter , Knights Grand Cross of the
Bath , Grand Commanders Star of India ,
Grand Cross St. Michael and St. George ,
Commanders of the Bath , Commanders
Star of India , Commanders' St. Michael and
St. George , Knights Hachclois , Companions
of thu Bath , Companions Star of India , Com
panions St. Michael and St. George. Mem
bers of the orders ThUtle , St. Patrick and
Guclphie have no particular social prece
dence thereby.
It is perhaps true that of all these orders
there are but two , a membership of which
signifies that the person Is entitled to especial
honor. These are the Bath and Star of
India. When the emblems of these two
orders arc worn it is excellent evidence that
the wearer has distinguished himself In his
country's service. It is said that the order
of the Hath was once conferred upon a
young American naval lieutenant for
distinguished services rendered the British
government. This , however , is the only in-
stanca wherein the ordur lias been conferred
upon any ofllcer below tlio rank of major In
the army or commander in the navy. These
orders differ materially from the secret or-
Sanitations In which American's take pride ,
yet they may bo regarded as effective of
much good to these who are fortunate
enough to become members us well as the
nation in whoso Interest they were Instituted.
The Or < ler of Videttes.
Ono year ago there was organized Bimul
anoously in Chicago and Indianapolis an or
gani/ation known as "Tho National Order of
Videttes. " Thu association is n secret
organl/atlon with all the ritualistic provisions
for oath of secrecy nnd faithfulness and im
pressive ceremonies of initiation , The system
of the organization is on the military plan ;
the state organizations uro known as bri
gades , and are divided into regiments and
companies. It is claimed that the order has
a membership of 600,000 men , each of whom
are solemnly pledged to support
TllH OIllKCTS OF TUB OllDl'lt ,
which nro as follows :
To maintain the declaration of indepen
dence as the foundation of our principles ,
The preservation of our country from
foreign interference in our monetary and
land systems of finance and land.
No membership with thosu who hold alle
giance with any foreign power claiming
citizenship , but aliens at heart.
Opposition to contract pauper Immigration
for the purpose of destroying American
Our own Industries first , last nnd always.
Our publio senool system shall bo main
tained and improved no sectarian interfer
ence from any source. >
No division of publio funds for sectarian
No special privileges for any class , but
just and equitable laws for nil ,
The cultivation of the homo principle by
the ownership of homes homes for the
homeless , laud for thu landless.
A complete ami perfect union. Ono gov
ernment , one flag' and equal rights for all.
Equality , liberty , fraternity , the climax of
our hopes the end sought to bo obtained.
Thus it will bo seen that the association is
of a political natuio ; and it is said that one
of the main objects of the order U the ad
vancement of the interests of a prominent ,
presidential candidate.
Tlio KiilulitH'JVnuilur.
The annual conclave of Knights Templar
of Nebraska was convened in session at
Grand Island Tuesday afternoon. The meet
ing was presided over by Right Eminent
Grand Commander Edgar S Dudley , ol
Lincoln , the appointment of the various com
mittees being thu tlrst business in order. The
election of olllccrs for the ensuing year re
sulted in the following selections , Sir Knight
John J. Wwnple , of Hastings , right eminent
grand commander ; Sir Knight Jlenry Gib-
boa * , of Kearney , very eminent deputy grant
commander ; Sir Knight L. M. Koun , ofFre -
luont , very eminent geuuralioilmo ; Qlr
Ladies' Jet Wraps , $20
The above cut shows our latest style in Jotted "VYrapsmado ,
V shape , front and back of fine black Faille Francaise Silk ,
jetted net sleeve , edged with .jet fringe , and worth § 25. Mon
day and all next week we offer our stock at $ 'JO. In the above
style we show the following colors : Jet , dull jet , gobelin , to-
bao and coachman's drab.
Ladies' ' Jet Wraps , $5 $
Wo haVe 100 ladies' black Jotted
Wraps , lined with silk , V shaped back
and srontluuY jetted not sleeves , would
be a bargain at $7.50. To clear out the
lot wo ollcy them for one wcok at $5 each
Ladies1 Aprons , 25c,35cand50c ,
These nro all now styles , received
yesterday and placed on sale tomorrow
for the firsTtlmo , We bespeak for them
a rapid salo. '
Knight L. II. Korty , of Omalm , captain gen
eral. The next encampment will be held at
York , Neb.
This was the largest nml best represented
conclave the grand commamK'ry has held in
the state. A dispensation has been granted
the sir knights of Holdrogc , Neb. , to hold a
comimuidcry .it that place.
The imperial grand council granted a spec
ial dispensation to the nobles of Sesostros
temple. Order of the Mystic Shrine , of Lin
coln , Neb. , authorizing them to open a meet
ing for the conferring of the degrees of the
Order of the Mystic Shrine. James Tyler , of
Lincoln , grand potentate ; M. H. Garten , of
Lincoln , rhiof riulmn ; Alfred C. Hustings ,
high priest and potentate ; Walter C. Davis ,
oriental guide ; John McClay , marshal , con
ducted the meeting at the close of tlio sir
knights' conclave , and received petitions and
conferred the degrees of the Order of the
Mystic Shrine on eighteen sir knights.
At the session on Wednesday the following
additional ofllccrs wore elected :
Sir Knight T. 13. Lemon , of Omaha , grand
prelate ; Eminent Sir Kilgar Salisbury , of
Beatrice , grand senior warden ; Eminent Sir
John D. Moore , of Grand Island , grand junior
warden ; Sir Knight Alfred W. White , of
Platt-smouth , grand standard bearer ; Sir
Knight It. P. 11. Miller , of Lincoln , grand
sword hearer ; Sir Knight James E. Tulloys ,
of lied Cloud , grand w.uilon ; Sir Knight W.
It. Bowcn , of Omahii , grand recorder. This
concluded the important p.irt of the busi
ness. The reports of the various committees
were next received and disposed of at a Into
hour , and thus the sir knights ended ono of
the most satisfactory conclaves they have
held in the state.
The KnlulitH of Honor.
The grand lodge of Nebraska Knights of
Honor held a most interesting session at
Fremont beginning April 10.
The following ofllccrs were elected for the
ensuing term : Grand dictator , W. II. White ,
Fremont ; grand vice dictator , A. Wnito ,
Syracuse ; grand assistant dictator , Thomim
Faulkner , Oinuhn ; grand reporter , T. G.
Magrane , Omaha ; grand treasurer , Thomas
Frahin , Fremont. Grand trustees ; C. A.
Phillips , Nebraska City ; F. G. Uamsburgh ,
Chirks ; Mr. Sonncnsuholn , West Point.
Representatives to supreme lodge , F. M ,
Carpenter , Syracuse ; Charles J. Mentor ,
Omaha. Alternates : Mr. Sonnciischein ,
West Point ; C. A. Phillips , Nebraska City.
The next session will bo held at West
Point , Neb. , in April , Ib'.tO.
ea An OliI-Tliuo JM.-IHOM.
It is claimed that Colonel Edward Simmer
now a resident of California , is the oldest
living Mason la the world , Colonel Sunnier
was born In 17fM ( , and at the ago of twenty *
one years In the year 1817 became n member -
bor of the grpat organ iration in N JW York ,
In the war gf 131'J lie was a member of u
transportation company in NOT York , which
was engaged in transporting munitions
and troops , > In ISAO , at the ago of llfty-four ,
Colonel Suimier went to California and a few
years later moved to Wisconsin , In 1859 , ho
was elected to the legislature of that state.
In IbtKJ ho returned to California whore ho
hussiuco resided. This gcntluinun is now In
the ninety-third 3'our of his ago mid ia said to
bo very regular in his uttundanca at the )
ledge room jwhwo ho is accorded special
comfort and the > highest tributes oi esteem.
THE BALOoyKF.evr.ii * In the Musonlo lodges
in Missouri are * gradually withdrawing by
demit cards. These demits give them the
privilege of returning within a year hhould
they go out of the objectionable occupation.
It is stated by a prominent St. Louis Mason
that applicants who nro saloonkeepers have
never bean admitted in that city as dealers
in liquors , but are Invariably recorded as
merchants or restaurant keepers , etc.
I.v LITTLE RHODE LAXI > there are eigh
teen encampments in the I. O. O. F. with a
membership of l,7S-l.
THOUGH oxj.v flvo months old the Now
England ordnr of Protection has twenty-nine
lodges and U,500 members.
TUB GIUND LouoS * A. O. U. W. of Cali
fornia mot at San Francisco , Wednesday
of last week. Tboro are 1M3 lodges of
the older In the state : membership January
l.lbSS , 18,413 ; membership January 1 , lt > S7 ,
l&SUU ; uetKUinin JRS7 , 54 ; number admitted
in 1887 , ll''ij , Lumber died iu'lbtt , 'i > j ; nuiu-
Ladies' ' Jel Wraps , $10 $ &
Monday wo will show a complete new
. line at the above prices. Both are very
'stylish ' and handsomely made , and must
J commend themselves to those in want
of garments at above prices.
40c , 50c and 85c.
Made of bestmaterial and choice pat
terns , coino in low neck nnd short
sleeves , all sizes from 1 to 1U years. All
now styles.
. .
ber rejected in 1SS7 , 103 ; per cent of rejected
applications , l' M ; average membership per
lodge , 70.t > a , average de.Uh rate per 1,000 ,
lO.lij ; average ago of members , -10.1ft ; num
ber of beneficiary certificates reissued1114 ;
average ago of these who died in 18,37 , 44.50 ;
total number admitted up to January 1 , Ibs3 ,
-Vi.lilW ; total losses from all sources , 7a. > 5 ;
leaving total membership as above , 18,413.
THE Limbs' ' Hm.iiu' Coiirs , auxiliary to
Kniilloy post G. A. H. No. l l , of Wood
Hivor , will give a ball uncl supper at Liui-
gan's hall , for the benollt of their organiza
tion , on Thursday evening , April 10.
Tun Giuxi ) LODGE Knights of Pythias of
California met on Monday , April 0.
THE jfcw ritual which was recommended
by the grand encampment of the United
States is coming gradually to a general use.
The object of the new ritual was to establish
n uniformity In the work of the commanders
throughout the country.
Tun NKW endowment law , In the Independ
ent Order of IJ'iiai ' U'rith , requiring the levy
of two assessments per month , went into
effect April 1.
TIIR VJ IT of the American Masons to
England during last summer , coming as it
did in the midst of thu many demonstrations
of the queen's Jubilee , say.s the Keystone ,
was highly appreciated by the Kngllsn Free
masons , Khoracum lodge No. 1011 , at
York , elected as honorary mcmbcis Charles
W. Packer , Daniel Sutler , John L. Young ,
Charles Mathow.s , jr. , nnd several others ;
mid at ono of the late meetings of Anglo-
American ledge No. 21'Jl , Charles E. Meyci
nnO Thomas J. Shyrock , grand master of
Maryland , were elected honorary members
thereof. The former has Just received from
the secretary of the lodge , Mr. Reynolds : *
the Jewel of the Anglo-American lodge , nml
from Mr. George Lambert , Immediate past
master , thu Jubilee medal authorized by thu
prince of Wales , moat worthy grand muster
of Masons of Kngland , to be worn by mem
bers of Kiigiish lodges who participated in
any of the ceremonies of the Jubileo. The
medal of the ledge is of gold , containing a
purple portrait of the queen on the obverse ,
and the the coat-of-nnns of
on reverse - - tin
grand master of England , the prince ol
Wales. Tlio medals are both beautiful and
artistic , mid will bo placed for it hhort time
on exhibition In the grand ledge library.
GKNKIUT , oiuicus 30 , Sated Covington , Ky. .
have been signed by Lieutenant General
John C. Underwood , commanding the Army
of Patriarchs Militant , in which are em
braced instructions for u general muster
nnd inspection of all cantons on April 2U
Also that a canton desirous of surrendering
its warrant must deliver over to thu proper
authority all its effects , the Hutno as subor
dinate lodges and encampments , The orders
for the election of commandants of cantons
in also rehearsed , concluding with u number
of stall and Hold appointments , The
orders , as usual , are voluminous yet
concise , and should be read by every
AT MAIIIETTA , O. , there is a Masonic ledge
which antedates the Declaration of Inde
pendence. One of its members was General
Putnam , and General George Washington
visited it. The camp chest and mvord occupy
the chief place among the relics of the lodgu ,
which is still known as American Union Milt-
tari lodge.
A copy OF the by laws of Missouri Royal
Aich Chapter , bearing the date 1622 , was
discovered u few days ago at tarlluvillol ; 111. ,
among some- old papers belonging to a widow
lady named Guy , whoso husband had at one
time been a member of the chapter. Mrs
Guy died a short time ago , and for a long
tune previous to her death had been Ii
straitened circumstances , and Missour
Chapter had contributed to hcrsuppoit tot
over thirty > ears. The cupy is in thu hands
of the ofllciuls of the chapter , and Is highly
prized by them on account of Its great ago. It
boors the Imprint of W Orr , printer , St
Louis. A copy of the by-Inws of Lloanus
Ledge , No. JiU. of Kdwardwllo , III. , of IbS )
wu also sent with H. It was printed by b\
J. McGuire & Co. , printers , of Edwardsvllle ,
JIIDOK THUS , a grain ! trustee of the A. O
U W 'In JNJissouri , has rwetitly received his
salary for twu y ars service amounting to
s ,
p ,
Monday , wo offer CO of these Imnd-
some Einbroldorod Robc3 tniulo of flno
India Linen , and contain ing Uynrds of
wide Embroidery they nro a genuine
bargain at S1.50.
Cliambray Robes
Each box contains 10 yards of line im-
imported Cliambray , and 0 yards of
wide and narrow edging.
For ono week our price will bo $2.00.
Como in Pink , Blue , Brown and Grey ,
each box containing sufllclont material
and trimming for a full dross pattern.
Sale price t.50.
Scotch Gingham Robes
Made of fine French Batiste , Em
broidery full depth of Skirt , with nar
row edge for trimming. Monday and
during the wcok , all at 55.00.
Monday wo offer 50 pieces of Genuine
imported Scotch Ginghams ; a , regular
25c quality for 15c a yard.
$4. The gentleman gives a bond of W.OOO for
the privilege of doing considerable work and
drawing $ J per year as remuneration.
WIM.MM H. B MINI'S , P. G. M. W.has been
appointed by W. H. Jordan , S. M. W. , to de
liver the Upchurch eulogy at ctho memorial
services during the session of the supreme
lodge A. O. U. W.ut Louisville , Ky. , in Juno
* -
The St. Louis Freemasons have decided to
have a magnificent temple. The plans for
the cdillce have bcon drawn , and negotia
tions are in progress for the purchase of a
.suitable piceo of property to erect it on. Pos
sibly from the fact that other schemes of a
similar kind have not been consumatcd , the
fraternity is rather slow in making the mat
ter public. A company composed of mem
bers of the fraternity 1ms been organized , pushing the work forward ns rap
idly as possible. Since the sale of Masonic
hall , at Seventh and Market streets , some
years ago , which was then the properly of
the grand lodge , the St. Louis lodges have
owned no hall , nor have they had a central
place of mooting. Hence the necessity spurs
them on to the erection of u building suitable
for their purposes.
DAT THIS recent session of the A. O.JU. W. ,
of California , legislation was adopted pro
viding for the following :
That after a member had been suspended
for more than three months , ho must make
application for reinstatement In writing.
That fees may bo reduced , at the opinion
of lodges , us follows : Two for propo
sition fee , FJ for J. W. degree , f4 for the W.
degico , 1 for the bcncflutary r.crtlllcato div
poslt. This makes the minimum $10 , which
heretofore has been . $15.
That recorders , Humidors and receivers
shall hereafter lie elected annually , on tliulast
stated meeting In November ,
Nominations for elective ofllrers must bo
made only on the two meetings preceding
that of the regular flection , cxt'upt when the
nominations fur nnolllco all decline.
Hereafter all deaths during a month up to
the 2.'td instant of xnlil month , are to bo in
cluded In the next month's assessment , which
shall bo issued not latur than the - . " > Ui.
An amendment permitting subordinate
lodges to pay bcnoflcmry assusstnont'j out of
their general fund was adopted.
When applicants are rejected , all fpns paid
by them are to bo returned , except thu uiedi-
leal examination fee.
It wns nmdo the duty of the P. M. W. of o
ledge to investlt'iito charges and prefer them
whoft notified of oiTenHo committed by a
member or personally cogulmit of such of
fense against the un'or.
The grand lodge decided that lodges had n
right to pay asssesments from the general
ON TUB evening of April 11 the Knights of
Pythias of Hrokmi How , Nob. , gavn an old
war song concert in tlio new opera house , the
proceeds of whioh will b usid In Instituting
the uniform rank.
AT YOIIK. Neb. , thu lodge of Odd Fellows
is composed of unusually excellent timber.
The ledge IH growing rapidly and there In
every indication that are lonu it will bo
nnioni : thu very best lodges ef the order In
the state.
Tun SBN St. James church has been pro-
rented with a Imnd'iomc cjtnedral glass
window by Jit. Tabor commitn.iry If. T. of
Fremont. The design Is nnibli'inulicnl of the
Masonic ordur. The window consists of JH-u
panels sunnoiiatcd with a l&rgu wheel , each
sldo of which are smaller onus with emblems
of that dOh-rco by which it was presented. In
the center punul Is the ruprcscntutkm of a
dove surrounded by blue clouds through
which it hits broken us if to nllow the nivs of
Ii0rlu to dnsi nd 111,01. the llguru of Christ in
the net of ascension. In thu two panels on
either sldo of this the central figure are other
emblems of the order , Including the Knighis
Templar motto , "In Hoe Slgno Vice * . "
Across the bottom i * the following : "The
gift of Mt. T.ibor Coiwmnilery Knights , Fremont. A trlbvie to the faith
of the order.1'
TIIK MISONIG fraternity of Hastings Is
delimited over tl.u distinguished honor con-
furred upon ouy of tlivtr number , John G.
Wempio , by the grand comuiundcry of Ne
braska which elected him as eminent com-
in a tut er by a uiwninums vote. Ot tuo now
cpuiuiundcr the Iliutinut Gazette speaks
s p : Morsel Co
Monday morning wo offer 50 dozen
embroidered Mull Aprons , In black nml
niivy colors only. Uioy lu\vo sold usually
at 75o ; wooffor them for ono week atoOc.
Ladies1 Collars ,
New Shapes ,
ioc Each.
200 dozen Lndtcs Collars , tn boat \
shapes , nil slzoa 12 to 14. Thcso qollnra
nro Riutrnnlood to lit perfectly , nml
equally us good as those Umt other !
houses soil for 23o.
Forest Flower
Cologne ,
38c a Bottle.
Monday morning wo offer our stocli
of Austin's Forest L'lowor Cologne , sold
everywhere at 50c. While it lasta wo
olTcr it at 38c a bottle.
Mattings ,
For next week wo ofter a now ship
ment of plain and fancy straw Mattings ,
at lc ! ) a yard.
They are sold everywhere at25c.
Hassocks , 50c ,
Yesterday wo received a car load o !
our celebrated 60c Hassocks. They ar
cqucl in value to what other houses soil
for SI. Our price is only 50c.
MUKor. k 10
.r. .
thus : "Mr Wemplo , by his devotion to the
principles of the order , his superior ability
and thorough knowledge of the mystic work
and secret ceremonies , not to mention his '
flno character ns n man nnd a citizen , is emi
nently qualified to receive the distinction be
stowed , which ho accepts with becoming
modesty. Ho would seriously object to this
deserved laudation If ho know anything
about It ; but the brethren of the craft In
Hustings will tliunk tlio reporter for stealing
a good march on him and having it inserted
without his knowledge. "
Tun Onn FICLI.OWH at Fremont , Neb. ,
boast of the largest lodge , encampment and
canton in the sUite. Thu odlcors of the can
ton are as follows ; Captain , Arthur Gibson ;
lieutenant , M. J. Mahoney ; ensign , George
L. Loonus ; clerk , AV. J. Bullock ; accountant ,
C. II , Toncray ; stanpard bcorcr. T. Frahra ;
guard , Thomas Love ; sentinel , W. J. Yost ;
picket , II. H. Pratt.
Fifty-live members of Canton FromontNo.
4 wcro mustered In Saturday evening under
the direction of Major Nichols , Adjutant
Bryant , Captain Hem and Sergeants John
son and Cooper.
THE roLi.owi.Vfi information having allu
sion to the chivalrio ordunt mentioned by the
S.W. to the candidate In the first degrcc.may
not bo uninteresting. The Golden Fleece-
that was one of the oldcnt and most import
ant ordeis of chivalry , founded nt Burgos by
Phillip the Good , Duke of Burgundy , on the
occasion of his marriage with the Prlncesa
Isabella of Portugal in 14' " ) . Itn design \vas
to maintain the boner of the knighthood nnd
protect tlio church. It was sanctioned by
Pope Eugeniiis IV In HIM , and by Leo X In
1510. Tlio Homan Kuglu The date of its in
stitution Is uncertain. It In said to have been
founded by Phillip V of Spain , the eagle be
ing chosen us an emblem of his sway and
Tint Fnr.MONT Masonic temple craft have
received the plans for a magnificent temple
and have commenced advertising for bids
for its erection. The building is to bo three
stories In ( might , with stone front nnd terra
cottu ornaments , and 45xli ! ( ) font In size. Its
cost l.s estimated at about ? & > ,000.
* *
Tim oiiiinn of Shield of Honor has n mc-m-
borahip of U.OO'J . ' , n gum of 1,000 during the
past yoar.
AN tNitowvMKNT fuml has boon added to
the United Order of Honor.
Tun T.ATK Emperor William , of Orrmnny ,
became a Mason in IS 10. His father unu
grandfather , William II. and William HI. ,
ivero also mcmburd of the craft.
TnuGutM ) Lontin , o ? Ireland A. F. & A.
M. has 'I7H lodgus In Its Jurisdiction. Tuo
Duke of Abcrcorn Is the G , > M.
TIIIIHK AIIK 147 chapters on the roll of the
Grand R. A. chapter of Ireland.
TIIK wiui.TiiiiifcT Io3go I. O O F. in Call-
forum Is said to bo Vc-rba Bucna No. 15.
This ledge has u membership of 473 , uud
the neat sum of f.i. bOT.HO la the ticusury.
Tun Riir.CTinx of a monument to Father
Ilpchurch , founder of thn A. O , U. W. , is
.now assured. Nearly 1,01)0 ) has beou raised
for the purpose.
IT is said that moro than r ,000 persons at
tended the loilgo of Borrow recently held by
the grand consistory of Kentucky.
A i Nironv. IUNK bos been added to the
Knighu of the Golden Eatlo and the order
hiu ' tomioanderlcs.
now foi'ty-sovcfi .
Tin : GIUXH I.ODOK , kuights of Pythias and
the encampment of thn uniform lauk la
Kansas will meet at Newton , May ! iO ,
Mun U Still Much-of anVtiinml. .
OhkaRo Tribune : "Willie , " s id tha
good publor , wlio wns taking dinner
with the family , ' ! suppose you will bo
a literary man , like your father , when
you Krovr upV"
"Nope , " said the little boy addressed ,
as ho looked at the fcomcwtmt muugro
array of delicacies on the table , with
loft buirn , "literary nuthiu' . I'm ' go-
in1 to be u $10,000 cook. , '