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The Deadlock ; Continues.
513 FotiiiTEKNTii STIIEKT ,
* WASHINGTON. D. C. . April 10.
To day 1 made diligent Inquiry and Invest !
gallon to ascertain If there was any founda
tlon for the widely published assertion thai
behind the direct tax bill , which Is makiiif
tlio deadlock in the house , there Is a horde ol
atato agents , lawyers and lobbyists , and thai
thcsu men get a very luceo slice of the pro
posed ? 17OCO,000 appropriation. There l !
but an atom of truth In It nil. It is true tha
there nro some agents who get a small per
ccntago of the money , but by the most care
fill Inquiry among the members from UK
various stales , and the use of the telograpl
In communicating with the govcmors , It ii
ascertained that but live agents are paid i
per cent , out of the money which will g <
to the states by this bill , nud that the paj i :
from two to three per cent In these live in
Btnnccs , instead of from twenty to fifty , u
reported by the lllllbusters.
General Hclknap gets II per cent of thi
amount which will go to Iowa , and not 25 pc
cent as published by the illllbustors. Gc'n
oral Farnsworth , the agent for the state o
Now York , Is kept In Washington the i ca
round , and gets f2JO n month. Ho Is paii
nothing extra out of the direct tax bill. Kan
BUS has no contract with its state agent , nm
neither bus Virginia , Pennsylvania , Missouri
Indiana , Massachusetts , Mulno nor Michl
gnu Ohio has an agent who receives 5 pc
cent of the collections ho makes for the stut
against the government , but months ago th <
governor informed him ( Colonel W. T. Tal
ford ) that his contract only Included th
claims which were collected through the dc
partmonts , and that nothing would como t
him by the passage of the dircc
tax bill. Kentucky , a few j curs ago , con
tractcd to pay 60 per cent for the collcctio ;
of war claims , but Governor Knott refusci
to appoint an agent , and thus the state wil
give nothing to an agent out of what ho uia ,
get through the direct tax bill.
A great deal has been said about th
amount it is alleged will go to the agent fo
South Cmolinn. It was stated by the one
mles of tbo bill thnt one-half of the ninouti
which is provided for South Carolina will b
paid to agents. This Is untrue. The mono ,
which will go to South Carolina will bo dls
tributed dhectly to the Individuals who paii
it. There was oneo a contract made b
these individuals by which an agent was t
receive per cent for collection. In this cor
nection there is a bit of interesting hlstoij
While the bill was before tbo senate rt
ccntly Senator Butler of South Cuiolin
urged the adoption of an amendment piovii
ing that none of the money w hich the mcui
uro appropriates shall bo paid by any ono t
agents. It is stated upon the best of nuthoi
ity that Asblbtant Sccietary of the Tie.isur
Thompson , while governor of South Can
Una , wus applied to by Senator Hutler1
brother for the btato agency for the collei
tlon of claims nmnw.t the government , ii
eluding that piovidcd for by tlio diicct ta
bill. Governor Thompson icfuscd to a |
point Senator Hntler's brother and appointe
Trescott & Eurlc , claim agents , now locatei
In this city. What Senatoi IJutlcr's idcu wo
under the clrctimstnifi es in urging thi
amendment can only bo conjectured.
If Nebraska and other stntes not lici
enumerated h wo agents who are in any wa ;
inteicstcd In the collection ofthis moneytho
have not attended the meetings of stat
agents at Washington , and have not been i
the city dm Ing the consideration of the bil
It is evident that the charge that theio nr
agents and lobbyists behind this bill is but
subterfuge of the ex confederates for votln
against the mcasuio and continuing their 11
libiiHteiing tactics ,
Texas pi PSPPIH an eai nest delegation i
the ranks of the lilltbustcrs , notwithstam
ing the fact that there was n proIsion in tli
inc'cnov dullcenuy bill which lecf-ntly passe
this conpicss giving Texas fHOO.OtiO on an ol
war claim. Tlio action of the delegation 1
pointed out as a piece of inconsistency an
There was no change in the proceedings (
the house to-day. 'Jho sumo i oil calls mi
diligence on the paii of the sprgeant-nt-arn
and his deputies in bringing in absentee
wcro Kept up. Eaily this moinlng twent :
llvo dcmoei atlc filcmlbof the bill signed
call for a caucus and placed it in the liami
of Chulimun Cox. Mr. Oales of Alubam ;
who is leading the Jllllbubters , heaid (
the movement to call a caucus on yesteid.i
afternoon , und bteadlly fought every pn
position to tnko n i cress , lust night or ti
night , as ho wished to avoid giving time fc
a caucus , knowing tully well that If It is hoi
it menus the end of the deadlock. There is
largoiniijoiHj on thodemoci.iticBido Infnve
of putting a stop to the filibustering ail
biinglng the bill to a tote. Iv
ono knows tins better than tl
llllibtiBteis , and they tight with tcnacit
against tlio Inevitable fate which will con
to their woik if It is left to the dletutcs of
caucus They dccluro they will not go Inl
or bo bound l > . \ a caucus , There aio dive
Monb at times in the i/rocec-diugs which mal
the surroundings tolctablo in the house
Just before recess wus taken Into last nigh
Mr Dibble , of South Carolina , mudo a vci
bilef speech on a point of aider , relative i
compelling membcis tooto , and closed 1
saying. "Tho reason of thu law ceasing , tl
law itbelf ceases Kaliono coss-into ccsset <
ips.i lex" There was laughter and a
plauso at the familiar latin quotutio :
und when aider was llnully lesteucd , M
O'Neill , a sui Sous old gentleman fro
Pennsylvania , arose , according to the ofllci
rcpoitof tl.o piocceulngH in to daj's Kecoi
and snld "Mr Speaker , the gentleman
words ought to bo taken down" Tl
speaker called for oulor , and then M
( ilo\er , of Mifc-ourl , arose , and uddivssln
tlic chair , said "I move that thegcntl
mini's ' w'ouls bo taken don n " At this poll
in the proceedings Mr Dibble was permitti
to say , addicBblng thochuir , "I apologue '
the house for tlio quotation. " A chorus i
Noic'i-s now cried out1 "That Is nil light ,
and aider was boon supremo.
It was announced jestorduv that Gcncr
Gcorgo M Kobe-son , of New York , ovsccr
tary of the navy mid ex-congressman , h.
placed chattel mortgages upon evorj thing 1
owns in Washington and at his present hum
The rojxii t was not gcucrallj boliut cd uni
General Kobeon , who is now in the cit
confirmed It. Ho stntcd frankly to-da > th
It was true that ho owed nioro money th ,
ho was jubt now able to p.iy , but ho hoped 1
could EOino time dibchurgei nil of his oblif :
tious , Ho itatcd that most of his debts we
to banks , and that he proposed to devote i
of hts'proper' ' ) ' und energies to straight en u
out his affairs , and tnut if his life wus spun
he did not propose to sco on of hU Iricn
lusa a nanny. Tim general la looking vc
well , uut his brusque f-UJo whlsuors m
heavy hair are almos-t snow white. Ho
now engaged in the practice of law und fi
qucutly visits Wattiinitton uml appears bvfo
the departments ,
Dunic-ATiox or A. HIKK nitiuos.
Kitensivo arrangements havu been nu
for doJIcating. to-moi row , the free brW
bctneon West Washington and the shores
Virginia across the Potomuo to Arlin tc
The brld o 1s built ci < the pleis whore , t
\Uo fty.utauct , a foot i'i
Bengcr and wagon way , which was owncil by
a private corporation , and which charccd
from U. > to W ) cents for every vehicle pa sing
over It. The old aqueduct bridge , besides
offering the only way over the Potomac ! Into
Virginia for vehicles and foot pas'eiigci s ,
was an eye-sore In appearance and dangerous
In reality at the time It was condemned by
the commissioners of the District of Colum
bia and purchased by the uet of 1SS5 , appro
priating Sm-VOoo. It was only two or three
weeks ago that the bridge was completed
and thrown open for the frco use of the pub
lic. To-morrow it Is proposed to dedicate It ,
and there will bo a magnlllcpnt military and
civic parade and a pyrotechnic display nt
night. It IB proposed to nnmo it "Kiddle-
bcrgcr Hridge , " after Senator Klddlcbergcr ,
of Virginia , who Is tbo author of the act
which created it.
To-day's NPW York Sun has a double-
leaded editorial more than n column long and
three columns of rcorlnt against the Mills
tin iff bill mid Cleveland's rcnomlnatlon. It
points out how thrc-o features of the Mill :
bill wood , wool and Iron disastrously af
fects the Interest of ISO.OOO voters in New
York nlonc , and warns the dcmoei atlc pai tj
against promulgating the free trade doctrine ,
Its reprint Is Intended to show that although
'ntcnsely unjiopiilarClovelaiid will bo rcnoin-
natcd. The Sun's ' com so Is regarded In the
interest of Governor Hill , who is said to be
an aspirant for the nomination In opposition
to President Cleveland , despite the foi mur' :
recent denial to the contrary.
MIIS.Aitn TO i.tvn IN cisctVNmr.
Mis. Wulte , widow of tbo late chief Jus
lice , and her daughter. Miss Waitc , Intone
leaving their residence hero and going tc
Cincinnati to live with C. C. Wulte , son ol
the dead chief Justice. Mr. Walto Is
manager of the Cincinnati , Hamilton > S ; Dc
cater railroad , and Is ono of the forcmos <
young men of the Queen city.
The Continental National bank of Chlcagi
was today approved by the compti oiler o
of currency as a reserve agent for tin
Second National bunk of Dubuquc , In.
Postofllccs have been established and post
masters appointed to them in Nebraska a
follows : Wiley Matthews , Dickens , Lincob
county John Sliclbourne , Kcwance , Cberr ;
county ; C. K. Fair , Millet town , Hutle
The funeral of the late General John H
King ( retired ) took place at a o'clock thi
uftcmoon from his residence , 17'JO II stieet
noithwcst. Kov. Dr. Hartlett , of the Ne\
Yoik avenue church , ofllulatcd. The pall
bcaicrs woic Generals Sheiidan , Kuckei
Augur , Holabird , MacFcoly , Palmer nn
Wilcox and Colonel Koyal. A squad of seve
men , detailed from the Third artillery , actc
as body be.uers. The interment was u
Arlington cemetery. Pcuuv S. HCATH.
The Morocco Trouble.
WASIIINOTOV , April 10. Commamtor M <
Cnlla , of the United States steamer Entei
pilse , has made a long report to thoscerotai
of the navy on the difficulty with Moroccc
After stating the general situation as nlrcad
published , the commander says , while ho hn
no dcslro to pass upon the question of th
equity of the protection system involved I
the dispute , ho is of the opinion that th
rights of the United States are very clcn
under the ti catics , and that they should b
upheld so long as the provisions of th
treaties are not modified. While tlio Mooris
oQlcials should not bo held to the stiictcst ni
countabibty for violation of convention :
rules adopted by moio highly civilbc
nations , It Is well to understand thnt tli
oiiental character is quick to take advantug
of the meaning of such rules and to accept : i
light a point which might occasionally Ii
yielded. Consul Lewis has , McC.illa say
in the interest of concilliution and fioi
tbo highest motives , yielded t
times when ho was clearly .sui
ported by existing treaties and migl
with propriety huvo insisted upon the light
they accorded. These same rights , It woul
appear , very often have not been questione
when the piotcgesof any other nation buv
been under consideration. "In sboit , " tli
commander sajB , "tho rights of the Unite
States have been denied us , while the sain
rights under the same conventions have bee
fi cely accoulcd to other powet's rcpi cscnted.
Ho sajs tlio United States government is i
n disadvantage on account of the fact th.i
while all other powcis , parties to the coi
volition of lb > 0 me icpicsented by ministei
resident , congress onlv provides for a consi
for the United States. The commande
thinks if the position could be raised to
diplomatic ono wo should go far Urn-aid
pioventmgquestions which fiaquently ana
At Inj Ortlers.
WASHINGTON , April 10. [ Special Telegrai
to the HM : . ] Lieutenant Colonel Gcoige I
Gillibpie , engineer coips , is oidcred fioi
Hoston to Murblehoad , Muss , theio to mar
tbo boundaries of the nnlitiuy rebel vution t
Fort Sewell , after which ho will rejoin h
piopcr station.
Captain Lewis Smith , Third arlillciy. :
appointed to act as inspector on ccrtai
clothing , camp and garnson equipage lit tli
recruiting remlcnous , Washington , toi whlc
Captain Douglas M Scott , First infantry n
cruitingofllcei , Is responsible.
Tirst Lieutenant Fiancls .T. 1'attci
Twenty fhbt infantry , now on leave In No
York City , Is oidcted to icport to the supc
intendcnt of the icciuitmg bervlec , No'
York , to conduct the first detachment of n
cruits that ma\be ordeied to thuDcp.titmci
of the Platte
Captain Fiedenck LTi otter , Fouitcent
irifnntiy , is relieved from duty us a nicnibf
of tbo general court muitiul convened at U ,
vid's Island , New York harbor , October '
Captain William M. Wuterbury , Thi
teenth Infautiy , is granted tlneo month
Tlio following named enlisted men , linxln
performed the duties assigned them in ordci
No. J , Aprils , Ibss , ut Foi t liridgor , Wi <
mlng terriloi y , will retnin to thai sttitioi
Sergeant James S Calvoit , Company 1
Seventeenth infantry , with permission 1
dclav en louto and avail Ininsulf of tbo fu
lough for four months , anihoiircd in sped
ordcusNo 20 , Man h 1 , Ihvi , Division of ti
Missom i. Private Otto Smith , Company 1
Twent\ first infantry , with poimission i
dolaj llfU'cn days en loutu. Tlio Bubslstom
dcpaitment will piy commutation inudvum
at the prescribed rate , from the Dili to tl
llltli Instant , both Inclusive , it being impiM
ticablo for these soldlus to cuiry rations i
any kind. _ _ _ _ _
NcliriiHka and lown PeiiHloiiH.
WisiusoTov , Apiil 10- [ Special Tulcgra :
to the Bin : ] Tlio following Nobiaska pe :
sions were gianted to day Original inval
James H. Thomas , JCearnoy , IZIi is Pag
PltiUsmouth , Thomas W , Smith , Wolworti
Ihiwp A HaUer , Hartlett. Increase Thonic
J , Jones , Itulo , Churlcs 1Welner , Arap
boo ; Klchard Huxbtiry , Mmcola , Joseph H
buck. Stratton , LaisW. Anderson , Mimic
Mexican suivivorb Joshua I. Lampto
Adams. Keibsuo Gcorgo W Cox , Lincol
Pensions fur low.ins ; liualid
John H Huff , Traer ; Lconadus Hakcr , Cha
iton ; William A Kor'er . Piaiiio City I
rrcasoJames W MoPhcrhon , Vandah :
Samuel S Fmlcy.Mornlng Sun ; John Gibso
VimWcit Old war Thomiib P Johnsoi
Osccolu ; Thomas Maze , Douglas ; Jol
Storm , Spingupville Hcissuo mid nuieai
Chuiles Clinton , Cluro. Origmul widow
etc Kinllj , mother of William 1C Maso
Maquokcta ; I oulsa , mother of Lewis J
Wait , Oaik ; Klizabcth , mother of Hcmv (
Kilcy , Fort Atkinson ; Patsy , father of Joli
Thomas , Keokuk. Mexican survivors Fid
crick Halcr , Dubuquo. Mexican widens
Alice K , widow of William O Forsxth , Vi
WASUI.N-OTOX , April 10. The prcsidci
rnt tne following nominations to the sena
to-day : Elmer A Howard , of Iowa , to 1
ngcut of Kiou.i , Comuncho und Wicln
agency in Indian territory ; Lieutenant Ct
onc'l H Combtock to bo colonel and Major
A. Smith ( o be lioutomint colonel.
Thopiosidct.talfo hunt in the followii
rcmiimtion Major Oswald H. Krnst to \
aiilemberof the Mississippi uvor commi
iou ! , vice Gtneial GUlmcrg , Ueccascd.
Overtaken By the Pursuing POBDO
in a RavJno.
A Train < luinpn tlic Track Near Genoa
1'roltnlily Katnl HtalttiliiK Affray
In Perkins County Oilier
State NC\\B.
Coi.bMnus , Neb. , April 10. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the UKU j John Hubbor , constable ,
and about twcnty-fiva anned citizens left
Columbus to-day to scarcn the neighborhood
'or Albeit Dumpkce , the German who mur-
lercd Ills wife on a farm near hoio on Sun-
lay last , and succeeded In capturing him
about 5 o'clock live miles west of town. Ho
was found inaiavinc. Ho had Blent in n
mystnck dtu Ing the night. Ho is safely con-
Incd in Jail He admits cverj thing and says
10 Is glad of It. Mrs. Dumpkco will bo bulled
to inorroxr.
Additional paitlculais rcgai ding the mur-
ilcr show it to have been most brutal
ind depia\cd. Dumpkco was fifty-tin ce
years old. Ho had stopped with hie
son all winter. His wife lofl
once , going to Germany , her home
Her son getting marned sent for his mothct
and gave her a home with him and she came
back under condition that her husband wouli
be kept away. Hut Dumpkco came and beg
icd ; to live with them piomising ho wouli
behave himself. Hut many times ho abusci
them and finally his sou gave him $ ! ! > and he
wont away apparently for good. Hut , re
turning some tluio ago , lie insisted upoi
raising disturbances and his son again toll
him , last Sunday about noon , thnt ho inns
leave. He stalled away but hung nroum
the farm about tin ce miles from hoio tint !
bo saw his son going to the stable to d (
chores , when ho cntcied the house with i
club and beat Mrs. Dumukee's head into i
jelly and biulsed her entire body , she livlii )
but a few minutes. Then he tinned upoi
his son's wife and swore ho would kill her
She escaped by running Into the i aid am
bci earning.
Jumped the Tractc.
GnxoA , Neb. , April 10. [ Special Tclegran
to the Hi i.l When the Albion passcngc
train readied a point about live miles west o
Genoa , this evening , the rails spread and th
entire train left the track with the cxccptioi
of the engine. The passenirers wcro badl ;
shaken up , but no ono was seriously injured
Full particulais cannot bo obtained at thi
hour. _
The KnightH Templar nt Grand Island
Guvxi ) ISIAND , Neb. , April 10. [ Spccisi
Telegram to the Hn : j The annual cor
clave of Knights Templar of Nebraska , wa
convened in session at Masonic temple tin
afternoon at 3 o'clock. The meeting wa
piesided over by Uight Eminent Gian
Commander Edgar S. Dudley , of Lincoln
the appointment of the various committee
being the iirst business' in order. Th
election of ofllccrs for the ensuing year n
suited in the following selections : Si
Knight John J. Wemple , of Hastings , righ
eminent grand commander ; Sir Knigh
Henry Gibbons , of Kcainey , very cmmcn
deputy grand commander ; Sir Knight I
M. Keen , of Fremont , vciv cmincn
generalissimo ; Sir Knight Ij. H. Koity , o
Omaha , captain general. The next encamp
mcnt will bo held at York , Neb.
This is the largest and best reprcsentci
conclave the grand conunandrry has held n
the state. A dispensation has been grantee
tlio sir knights of Holdrcge , Neb. , to hold ;
couuminderv ut that plaec. The grand com
mandery will piobably conclude the laboi
of their session to-moiiow.
The imperial grand e-ouncil has granted i
special dispensation to the nobles of Sesos
tros temple , Order of thoMjstic Sliime , o
Lincoln , Neb , authoti/ing them to open i
meeting for the eonfei i ing of thcdegiecso
the Order of the Mjstic Shi me. .lame
Tyler , of Lincoln , giand potentate ; M. H
Gaitcn , of Lincoln , chief nbban ; Di
Exerotts , of Lincoln , assistant chief nbban
Alfred G. Hastings , high priest and potentate
Walter C. Davis , oriental guide ; John Me
Clay , marshal , will conduct the meeting n
the close of the sir knights' conclave , nn
will rceeivo petitions and confer the degree
of the Order of the Mjstic Shi me on sue :
sir kmglits us as wish to avail themselves o
this opportunity.
Nebraska City Improvements.
Ni niusKA Cm , Neb , April 10. [ Spccit
Telegram to the Her. ] The board of publi
woiks to day awaided the contract for se\\
crage to Miller & Co , of Council muffs.
At the special election to-day JIU.OOO fo
scweis and JJJ.OOO 0 per cent bonds , forpa\
ing , were eai ried unanimously. Hotli piopc
silions were voted upon some time ago , cal
Ing for 7 per cent bonds , but being voted o
together , wcro declined illegal , und to day'
election was called to coriect the crior.
The NuurnRkn , O. A. R.
FIIUMONT , Neb , Apiil 10. [ Special to th
Hi is. ] At a special meeting of the council e
admmistaution of the Nebraska G. A. H
held in this city , Depaitmcnt Commandc
Heniy appointed K. C. Parkinson , of Sewau
junior vice commander , to go to Columbu'
O. , to make arrangements for hcadquuitcr
and the accommodation of the Nebraska coi
tingent of old soldiers und dclegutes whowi
attend the national encampment to be held. !
tlurt plae-o In June. Mr Paiklnson , who hn
been in Fremont for bevoral dajs p.vst , lol
to day for Columbus to pei form the duty ii !
signed to him. _
The Omaha Profihjtory.
Scum i.rai , Neb. , April 10 [ Special Teh
gram to the Hi r J This afternoon's iijc
from the cast hi ought inahirgo delegation c
Prcsbjtcrian ministers and elders who arc i
attendance unou the meetings of the Omuli
prosbjteiy now in bcsslon hero. The speai
eis to day were Kovs W. J. Doolo , of |
and D K Kcirand W. H. Hendcison , c
Omaha. Moie delegates are expected in ti
mouow. The meetings are well attemlc
and a great interest is manifested in.tlio pr <
cccdingb , _
A Now Hank
YOUK. Neb Apnl 10 [ Spicial tothoHrr
Aitielcs of ineorporation for Mead's stal
bank w cio filed with the county clerk ye :
tcrday. with tin authorized capital of $500
800 , 20 per cent of which Is nhcady paid ii
The ineorpomtors are W D Mead , P 1
Mead , D T. Mooie , S H. Sedgwiek , S. (
Giiffcn , J. V Gardner , Gcoigo Jcionm an
L. L Mellvnln. A two stoiy bilck will L
cicetcd by the company at the coiner c
Giant r\enue and faixth sued as soon j
bilcU can bo procuicd.
A Masonic Tomjilo.
rnr.MONi. Neb , April 10 [ Special to U
Ht'E.J The Fremont Masonic tcmplo cia
have just received from the nichitccts plar
for u magnttlecnt tcmplo and have con
mcnccd ad vei Using for bids for its cicctioi
The building is to bo three stones m heigh
with slono fiont and terracotta ornament
and -nxliG feet in Uo , Itse slis estimate
at about 15,000. Several buildings similar 1
thib \ \ ill bo erected in Fremont this j car.
A Urnkcnuin Injured.
GEVOA , Neb , , April 10. [ Sjieclal Telegrai
to the Hep 1 Ed Hamilton , a brakcmnn c
the Cedar Hapids branch , while making
coupling on a fi eight train thU mcining , ha
a narrow escupe from death. Tl > e drawhcr
guyo. way as the cars caiao toactUer , * aeI I
ustulncd Injuries that will conflno him to his
bed for several days. Had the Jar been
evcro ho would certainly have been crushed.
A St-Abblng Affray.
GnT , Neb. , April 10. ( Special Telegram
o the Uin. ] News hn Just reached this
place of n serious cutting affray In the west
ern part of the county \jctw ecn Robert Doer-
ng , Frank Poplun and a neighbor. Dccring
'ccelvcd w ouiuis In the neck that are likely
o prove fatal. The trouble grow out of slati-
lerous talk.
WAinixcvrov , April 10. Among the petl-
lens and memorials rrcscntcd and referred
vas one for amendments to the Intcr-stnto
commerce bill , so ns to make it apply to the
transportation of oil by pipelines. .
On motion of Mr. Wilson of Iowa the bill
rcgulntlng the times for holding the terms of
, ho United States circuit and district courts
for the northwestern district of Iowa was
The senate rcsurried the consideration of
lie bill to authorise' ' the sale to aliens of cer
tain mineral lands , Faulkner's amendment
was rejected. After much discussion the
> hrascology of the bill was amended and the
jill passed Yens 81 , n j 13. It reads as
follows : That the act entitled "An act to
restrict the owners of real estate In the tcr-
rltoi ics to American cltlrens , " etc , approved
March ; i , 1SS7 , shall not relate to or in
any way or manner affect title to mlncud
lands or mining claims In the teriltones of
the United States , which may bo acquired
or hold under the mineral land laws of the
United States , nor to mills or other rcduu-
tlou works or pioporty used in the produc
tion of metals from the sale of miucial hinder
or claims , but aa to all such mineral lauds.
mining claims , mills , reduction works and
other property , the laws of the United States
and of the territories shall be , until changed
by act of congress or act of the territorial
legislature , the same as though said act Imi :
not been passed.
The senate then resumed the consideration
of the bill to piovido for the admission ol
South Dakota and the organization of the
tenltory of Noith Dakota. Mr. Uutlci
hoped the picsent territory of Dakotr
would not be dismembered. The bill of the
minority , ho said , proposed to uuthoriro tin
people of the territory to meet in convcn
tion , frame a constitution and state govern
memt and submit them to congress , mid
upon their ratlllcatlon by congress , declare
Dakota a state of the union. The nmjoritj
bill , on the other hand , proposed to ratifj
and confirm a so-called constitution adoptee
in South Dakota two mid one-half yean
ago , and to seat ns United States senatoi :
two gentlemen , republicans , who claimed t (
Imvo been elected. Would the senate , IK
asked , consent to scat as full Hedged semi
tors , equal to those who icpresentei
sovereign states , tvrp" men who simply rep
icsentcd 12,000 votes * out of lon.OOO votes
That was the proposition. He referred tone <
ono of the gentlemen 'seeking scats as sena
tors from Dakota ( Mr. Edgcrton ) as OIK
whom ho had sjxjucn of courteously in thi
last eongiess , but Whofin u recent speech ir
Dakota , had alluded to him in nn olTensivt
manner , drawing n jwirallel between UK
boutbern man who learned nothing , lorgo
nothing and rcsoited to the bowio" knife am
revolver , and the Dakota man whoso weap
ous were the bible and the spelling book
"That. " said he , after , reading this extiac' '
fiom IZdgcrton's speech , "is the language o
a man to whom I extended the courtcsj
of expiessmg kindly feelings when IK
was attempting to get a seat on this floor
lie is entitled to all , the credit and all tin
honor and all the cqlat and , prestige whicl
that ehni.ictcr 6f lwiguago.Mcan , give him
Hut I may be permitted to say that if I butte
to select either ns companions or citizens of i country , the stalking5- bandit , the reck
less highway man with pistol and bowii
knife in hand , or sneaking hypociite , tin
snarling phaiiscc who tires fiom the real
and takes cover under the shadow of hisowi
meanness and malignity , 1 would select the
former. If the spelling book und the bibli
inculcate Mich education as that , sucl
malignity , such injustice , such falsehood
innv God have meioy upon the bible und tin
spelling book which that man cames will
hmi.0 Hettcr have made a bonllio will
them than to have them teach such language
as that which 1 have read. "
Without action the senate ndjouined.
WASIIINOTOV , April 10. The house met a
11in o'clock this moi nlng , the legislative daj
of Wednesday continuing. The demand foi
the icgularoi dor formally opened theseventl
duvet tlic contest over the ditcct tux bill.
Late in the aftei noon n vote was taker
upon the motion to adjoin n in order that i
test might bo made of the strongtl
of the combatants The atllima
tivc vote was Ml , the same as ycstcrduy
The negative fell off from ISO yesterday t <
1-1(5 ( to cluy , a number of leaves of absence
having beengi anted. AtbU'Otho sergeant
at-aims appeared at the bar of the house hav
ing in custody Mr. Luwlcr of Illinois , wh (
excused his absence by saying ho hud beet
at home unswci ing corrcspondenco , in ex
pectntion that the situation in the house
would remain unchanged.
Mr. U U. Taylor moved to excuse him on
the p.n men of n fine of flO , saying the time
had ai i ivcd when the house should asset
its power to have members picsent when
necessary. He protested most seriously ti
the manner in which the house had ticalci
absenteeism , by making light of it. Hi
uishc'il u penalty should bo imposed am
that if the olTenso of absenteeism should pre
vail the penalty should bo increased until nb
solute expulsion should become the remedy
After some discussion Mr , Lawlcr was ex
cused without n lino.
At 12 : : ) , while the motion that the committee
mitteo i iso was pending , Mr Houtollo movci
that Mr Hieckenildgo of Kentucky , Mr
Hreekcniidgeof Arkansas , Mr , Weaver am
Mr. Ontes bo excused from voting.
These gentlemen dcchucd that they couh
take care of themselves.
Mr Houtello insisted that It was not ic
qulsito tliat a member give his consent to tin
motion to bo excused.
Thereupon MK * Taulbeo moved as ai
ami ndment tlmtjMr. Houtello himself bo ox
cnso.l from voting , which motion the spoake
pie tcin ( Mr. MpMIHan of Tennessee ) dc
clarcd to bo caiiJexl.
Mr. Cannon of.lllinols then moved that h
himself bo excused from voting and fuithe
moved that Mr Hiiyne of Pennsylvania hi
This was supplemented by n motion by Mr
I ! ay no that Mr Heed of Muine bo uxcusci
from voting.
Several other republicans were upon the !
feet but the speakeriiro tern refused to let
ognizo aiii motion except that of Mr. Cannoi
to excuse himself , which ho dcehucd to h
carried againstthe , protests of tlio rcpubl !
At this momenta motion eamo from th
democratic bide that'tho ' house adjoin n , an
after a chorus of yens from the demoerati
side und shouts of nays fi om the republic am
the gavel of the speaker hung in mid ad
TJio republicans , fearful that the house woul
bo dcclnicul adjourned , in ese and lushed t
the front , shouting for tlio yeas and HUM
The confusion was so great that the HOI vic-e
of the sergeant-ot-auns und his mare of oil
cots wi-io culled in and Older was. iimilly ri
Mr. Hoed iditcratoo ! his demand forth
. \eis : and nays , and when quiet had been ol
tnmed the speaker pro tern rccognucd hi
demand and the JP.IS and" were orderei
The motion to adjoin u was dpfcatcd jea
05 , na\s I'M
At this hour (1 ( .45) ) t licit ) Is no prospect o
an adjournment und recess. A motion t
suspend fuither in acceding under the call c
the house has Just been lost jcas 48 , naj
Hohbed n Safe.
NOIITOX , Kan. , April 10. [ Special Teh
gram to the 13tB ] Hurglars effected a
entrance to the ofllco of the Chicago lumbc
company of this place last night and secure
some ( dO , all the cash contents of the safi
Mr McChecsnoy , trio manager , is treasure
of the Presbyterian church and the inont
belonged to that society. The safe wn
inched on t'uc day lock and access was easll
Although the Olmncos Are DocUloclly
Against His Booovory ,
Some nifllciiKy I.xj > prlcnccd In Get-
tlnjj Hint to Tnko Medicine Ho
Now Heats KnslcrThan For
Two DajH 1'nst.
Tlic Stricken Stnlwnrt.
Nnw YOUK , April 10. At V''M this morn-
ng Dr. Harker snld Conkllng's condition
was much improved and thnt the
operation thnt hnd been performed secnicil
.o Imvo accomplished nil thnt was expected.
ilii tcmpcnituro hnd fallen to U9 and his
inilsc to 90. Ho slept three hours during the
At 8 'f > 0 Judge Alfred C. Coxo , of Utlcn ,
nephew of the ex-senator , visited the patient
mid within ten minute * lie reappeared.
"Colliding passed n restless night , " said
oxe , "but ho Is considered to bo some
better. Ho was nwnko when I was
In the room , but did not speak to mo. "
Among the other callers in the curly morning -
ing weroex-Judgo Horace Kussoll , ex-Gov
ernor Hoadlcy , of Ohio , nud Colonel Ed
O At 11 u. m ho was reported as not being so
well as In the early morning. Ho was con
scious only at uitcivals of shott duration
The effect of the operation is beginning to
show itself in the \\iiy of causing a heavy
strain upon his Rjstem. At noon it was
stntcd ho luul frequently risen from his bed
and paced the loom in n state of delirium
until BO exhausted that ho was compelled to
return to his couch. During these pci lodlcal
attacks Mrs. Conkllngicmalncd In the room
her husband. For over an hour Mrs. Conk-
ling has kept the door to her own room locked
and refuses to see or speak with anybody or
receive letters.
At 2:3. : this afternoon Dr. Barker cnmo
from the room , where ho had been since 2
o'clock , and said the patient's condition was
about the same. When ho entered the sick
man's room at 2 o'clock Conkling asked him
how long he had been there. The doctor replied
"Oil little while. "
plied , , only a
"How kind of you , " feebly said the sick
man and then fell back unconscious. The
patient's pulse at this time was 90 and his
temperature 101. The reporter asked the
doctor if ho thought Colliding would live and
ho replied that his patient's condition was
very critical , and while there was life there
was hope. The doctors will hold another
consultation to-night.
This afternoon Mis Fred Grant and Mrs.
Uljsses S. Grant culled at Mr. Conlding's
and left Jlowcisnml notes expressing their
sympathy and their hopes of his speedy re
This morning Colonel Frederick A. Conk-
lin , brother of the ex-spnntor , cutno out of
the house leaning heavily upon the arm ol
his son. Ho was almost too much nfTected
to speak , and in answer to a question as to
his biothor's condition , ho said. "Very low ,
very low. " When asked if there was any
hopes for his recovery hoieplicd : "I fear
not : I fear not. "
Mr. Conkling rested quietly fiom the time
the surgeons List saw him ut 2:10 : this after
noon until 4 o'clock , when he began to get
very restless. At B o'clock Dr. Haikcr called
and remained half an hour. Up to the tune
of his arrival the patient bad restlessly paced
the room , and those attending could do noth-
ingwith him. Ho refused all medicine and
they could not foi co it into hit. mouth. The
doctor induced him to take an opiate.
At I ) o'clock Dr. Harker said .since fi o'clock
and up to ! ) o'clock Mr. Conklmg had the best
slccn he had had for a week and that hi"
mind is elp.n or and he seems more Intelligent ,
Hib pulse is S4 and temperature UU ( i 10. All
the changes , Dr. Harker said , ate in his
A dispatch was received from the oftleei
of the republican convention of Champaign ,
111. , expressing the deep solicitude and hope
of these assembled for Mr. Conlding's ulti
mate iccovcry.
A lepoitor asked Dr Barker"Can Mr ,
Colliding ) ecovoi ) " The doctor i cpliod :
"It is a tieachei ous disease and 1 cannot
speak for the futnie. All the changes that
have taken place to day are in his favor. "
At 1 ! tO a m Mis Colliding , who has been
in the hick room , stated that her husband
was better than ho had been at any time in
forty-eight hours.
nmviTT AN ! ) Tim imsir.
New York'n Major DclitcrN Hiin.sell'ol
Nrw YOIIK , Apiil 10 Mayor Hewitt to
day transmitted to the common council n
stirring message , disapproving of the resolu
tion taking from the mayor the power of dl-
iccting what ilagH shall bo displayed upon
the city buildings In it ho shows while the
Irish born population amounts to 1(145 ( per
cent. 27 pur cent of the board of alderinun
uro Irish : more than one and one-half time'
the normal ratio of representation prevails-
in all the departments except the jwlice ,
whcio 28.10 percent aio lush born , ncurlj
double the normal per ecntngo Tins ho do-
cl.ii es is ut t lie expense of the Gei man clement ,
Ho gives a tabulated account of the national
repiesentutions in ofllco and in the chin liable
Institutions. Ho states he does not pnblisl ]
tlio tables to invoke comment , but declares
that under our frco government and bound
less icsouices , the Irish malcontents should
exhibit a modest restraint in claiming lieu
privileges not known to the law and not do
shed bv the moio conservative poition of the
nationality In whoso favor the exception if
demanded Ho advises the boaid of aldei
men to adopt a measuio whcieby the voxet'
question iiiuv bo made sqmuely an issue be
fore the public.
A. Dosnprato I2ncoiint ( > r in Wlilot
Three ) Men Aio KillPll.
OKLAHOMA , I. T , April 10 A courier fron
Shawneetown brings woid of a despcrati
flglit between oflleeis and desperadoes Thrci
colored horse thieves weio being pursued bj
a deputy United States marshal and thrct
Indian police. When the nogi OPS wcro iiuri
pressed they halted and a pitched biittlo will
Winchesters ensued. Two of the npgrocs am
t\\o of the Indian police were killed , und tin
muishal wub badly wounded.
Tlio Star GalnH HH Point.
MONTUKAL , April 10. [ SpecialTelegram ti
the Hi K ] Thocoijmratlon made an uncon
dltlonal buricndcr to Jay and oidcred 401
men to clean the streets The Star's piel
and shovel biigado , as a < onse-quenco
paid off tonight. It had cleaned u piinclpa
business thoroughfare , St .lames street
Subscriptions are pouting in fiom the bunki
and iiibimim'o companies to cover the expend
ituicb of thu Stai.
Tim I'lio Itounnl.
JACKSONVIM i : , Tin , April 10 At Tavarcs
a village ono bundled miles south of hero
jcbtcrduy , locomotive sparns btarted a tin
which burned out homo twenty Huns am
every business block but UNO. Among tin
buildings destroyed wcro several hotels , tin
Tuvares bank , postoDIco and depot ; Tholob
is about ? 1SOOUO , with veij binall insurance
IlnrMt Lifters Lynched.
KANSAS Cm , Mo , April 10A specia
from Woodward , I. T , b.ii s forty farmer
from Ashland and other Kansas town
went down into "No Man's Land" hibt wccl
and strung up four horse tluecs They nov
ha\o nine morn of them bat Headed in th
Cherokee btnp juM fast of "No Man's Lund' '
and intend to hung them if the > get them.
Illinlcy Morcan Must Hang.
CIV.VEI.ANI > , O. , April 10 The clreul
couit at liavcnna today refused to gran
"Hlinkj" Morgan's motion for a new trial
and wntenieil him to huug June 1 ,
Tim risunitins TIUJ.VTV.
The Snlijrot of Spirited Ilehato In tlio
Canadian Parliament.
OTTAWA , April 10. In the house of com
mons this afternoon Sir Charles Tuppcr
moved a second reading of the bill to ratify
the fisheries treaty. In Ms speech In sup
port of the motion ho reviewed the circum
stances connected with the former treaties
between the United States and Great Hrlt-
ain concerning the fisheries of Canada. The
reciprocity treaty of 1WI was a Just one , and
he believed the majority of the people of
joth countries believed Us nbiogntlon wni a
mistake. This abrogation was eauseiVby the
11-fouiidcd belief in the United States .tlinl
Canada had helped the south during the Into
war.Ho was sorry thnt public opinion In the
United States had led to the passage of a re
taliation act. Concerning this treaty ho did
not intend to state to the house all the ad
vantages which might bo claimed for it , be
cause every word ho uttered to day might bo
.iscd against him m the United States senate
tomoirow , where' , It was possible , there
might bo more difllcultj in passing the tientj
than in the Canadian house of commons. The
speaker touched on some of the provisions of
the treat.\ \ , and then proceeded to recite Uio
consequences of making this treaty In con
cluding Sir Charles declared it to bo of the
most vital Importance to Canada and to the
best inte'rests of the Uutlsh empire that this
trcat > bo adopted ,
Mr. Davics , of Prince Ed wind Island , re
plied In opposition to Kir Charles' motion.
Ho held that the trcat.s was nn unconditional
smrelnlcr on the pait of Canadaof Uiutwlmt
the Americans claimed , and thnt Canada
was to-day asked to concede at tlio point of
the ba.\onct what she ought to have yielded
grncefull.N long ago.
When Dm Ics concluded , the minister of
Justice , replied In u micf speech , reviewing
points made by Mr. Davics.
Gnsinnii rniniico Relieved Prom tlie
Heavy Judgment A nlnst Him.
Nnw YOUK , Apill 10. The judgment re
cently obtained by default in favor of Gcorgo
Wilson against Gusmnn Ulnuco , ex-president
of Venezuela and envoy extraordinary and
minister plenipotentiary toFraiicoJromVcno-
zcula , for $ _ , liM,53G , was to day set asldo by
Judge O'Gorman of the supreme court. The
summons was served on Bluneo while in the
city ready to take a steamer for Franco to
discharge his duties as minister. Judge
O'Gorman held that he is entitled to Immu
nity from civil suits in the countiy to which
he was the accredited minister as he is in the
these friendly countries through which ho
passes on his way to the scene of his diplo
matic labors.
Condition of Winter Grain.
WASHINGTON' , April 10. April statistical
returns to the dcpnitmcnt of agriculture 10
late to the condition of winter grain anil
farm animals. The season for seeding was a
long three months in some of the southcin
states , and the appearance , as winter set In ,
was uneven , though the plants weic rooted.
In the states affected by summer drought
there was slow gci ruination in the soil not
well pulveiircd , causing thin stands in such
areas. Only pnitial winter protection was
had In the northern belt. The variable tem
perature of March seriously injured the
plant in the central states of the -\\est , and
some loss from winter killing appears , oven
in Texas. On the Atlantic coast winter in
jury was very slight. South of Matyland the
temperature was mild and favorable. The
present appearance of the. crop is quite un
favorable. As spring is lute and the present
growth of late sown grain comparativoli
small , favorable- spring weather might make
n material improvement. The n\crago ol
present condition is S- per cent , lower than
in recent years , excepting only 1V > } and ISb1) ,
when the averages were 60 and 7(1 ( percent
icspcctively. The n\ei ages of the states ol
principal production are as follows- Now
Yoik 01 , Penns.Uvaniu IK ) , Ohio U * , Michigan
7(5 , Indiana 74 , Missom i 82 and Kansas (17 pci
cent. The condition of i'io is much higher ,
standing at ! ) t 5 for the entito breadth Ihc
condition of farm animals is comparatively
good. ] > tinmted losses fiom disease and
c.isualities uro u\eruged ns follows for cacli
1,0)0 ) animals : Hoi ses Ib , cattle 21) ) , sheep 41
and swine 78 per cent.
IIul'iiH I'eoldiaiii Tor .Supremo
AI.IIANN. . Y. , Apiil 10 [ Special Tele
gram to the HIM : ] Every democratic mem
her of the state senate , Chairman Edward
Muiphyof the democratic btate committee ,
and many other prominent members of the
p.u tj in this state , have signed a memoi ml
to the picsidcnt asking that ho appoint Judge
HufusW Pcekham of the couit of appeal'
as e'liicf justice of the supreme couit. Judge
I'eekham is one of the stiongest demociat'
In the state , and left thu supreme com I
bench of the Third judicial distiict to go tc
the appellate bench. He was nominated tc
tlio latter position bv the state committee
over George D Hradlcy , who was strcnu
ously urged by Governor Hill and his friends
Mr I'eekham was suppoi ted by the old 'I'll
don men , who compose the bulk of the prcsi
dent's following in this state , and was clectci
by 2,01)0 ) mujoiiu Judge 1'eehham was ai
intimate friend of Daniel Manning , ab lie i
of President Cleveland , and his nominatlor
would be reeeived witli favor.
A Ilogns liuttcr Donlor hont Up.
New YOUK , April 10 [ Special Telegram tt
the HLU. ] Thomas Scholes , a giocorof20l
First avenue , pleaded guilty before Uccordei
Smyth in the geneinl sessions , jostciday , U
selling oleoinnrgaiino in place of butter
The lerorder said ho lomcmbercd Unit tlnci
suspended sentences for the same offenbi
were hanging over Scholes. Ho sentencei
the pi isoiicr to three months In the peniten
tiniy. Scholes hud expected to bo lined , am
ho buist into tears. "Tins is piotty hard
iccoidcr , to bond a rcsjieetuble man to pi iboi
to associate with ciiminals and thieves , '
said Scholo's comibel. "It Is haul for duoeir
people to he swindled , " haul tlio rccoider
lieioider Sin.Uh said. "I am going to sem
every ono of thehu cart grease butter dealer :
to puson now. This business imibtbu stopped
I have waintd them , and no menu ple ailmi
of ignorant o of tlio law or of the character o
the butter will bo accepted. "
Hfiuly Kor tlio
ST Josi I'll , April 10 [ Spelal Telegian
to the Hn : 1 A joint meeting of rcprcscn
tativcs of the board of trade , manufacturer
bureau and common council was held to day
and the utiangemcnts completed for the im
migration convention to bo held In this cit ;
Thursday There will bo 60J delegates fron
nineteen counties in noithweRt Missouri Ai
infoiinal iceeptlon will bo given at the bean
of tiado ut 11 o'clock in thomoinmg In thi
evening the delegates will bo diiven over th' '
i itv , and the convention will ho called at 7 'A
o'clo ( k A numbei of thu state ofilcials wi !
bo picbcnt , and it is thought that Govi-rno
Moorehouse will preside o\er the meeting.
In tliooi ( lavi'Ri.
MiNM.Aioiis , Minn , April 10 Tlio South
crn Minnesota division of the St. Paul loai
is bull > washed out by a flood in the Uoo
river. No tiuins huvo run into Lficiosso 01
this division sineo last Satuidny , und it wil
take at least ten da > s after the Jlubds bubsicl
to put the load in outer.
CANNON TAI i.s , Minn , April 10 The bli
gorge in the river went out this afternoon
and bhortlv uftcr the largo bum and store
house ut the Gregg mill went over the dan
with a fearful crash The foundation of th
Goodhuo mill is washing out The uppc
bridge is ulbo in danger , and the water i
higher than cvci to night.
Two .lien Instantly Killed.
Hu nw JN , 111 , April 10 Hy the explobloi
of the boiler of rink's hawmill to day Jamc
Mitchell and Isaac I lolden wcro killed , an
11. Y. Fiuk und JgUu llcury Uadly tujurt'd.
Because Tholr Solf-DcalroyhiB Ef
forts Failed to Connect.
Ho Iicndn n Virtuous Ctrl Astray anil
Uotli Attempt to Take Their
Own Mvcs , Adopting
Different Methods.
Sad I'ndlnr * of a Dplmuch.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , April 10. [ Special Tcl < v
pram to the HER. ] James Ii. Campbell , tha
district attorney of Neillvillo , Grant county ,
Wls , arrived nt the Merchants hotcH last
Thursday night , accompanied by n youtiff
and peed looking woman from NclllsvUlp ,
puiporting to bo his wife , and who registered
as such. Ho was flush with money and
anticipated n week of pleasure In this city.
The couple were given apartments In the
hotel and spout the night there , but the next
day Campbell met somoof his old friends ami
foil Into n well cultivated habit of drinking.
He Is a mfin who likes liquor and ho got
gloriously full. The $ rOO In gccn backs
which he had In his pockets ho distributed
plentifully evervwheio. In a saloon where
ho met a convivial crowd ho tried to dis
tribute $100 bills , but was stopped by the
buitejulcr. Ho neglected his fair companion
at the hotel and spent the night making the
Saturday morning the young woman , who
was greatly attached to him , attempted sui
cide in her room by blowing out the gas.
She was discovered after she became par
tially asphyxiated , In time to save her life.
She was not Campbell's wife , and the ulTnlc
was kept very quiet. A fi lend of Cumpboll'a '
telegraphed SheriiT Dwjcr , of that place , tqi
como here. Iho young woman swoie nhii
would never go homo alive , but she wnrt
llnnllv prevailed upon to accompany OUT
sheriff and his friend back to her homo.
She is Miss Annie Hnrtsom , said to bo tha
daughter of n wealthy and prominent Eiui
Claire ( Wls ) citbon. In the publication ot
her attempted suicide her 11:11110 was not
given but District Attoinoy Campbell got
his fnll share of notoriety. Ho felt the dis
grace keenly on account of the high onioinl
and social position which ho occupied. His
wlfo Is at ptesent visiting In Chicago , anil
his mother Is Ij Ing very slelc nt her homo irt
Pine Valley , six miles fiom Noillsvillo.
This was bad enough , but us Is now known
ho w as a defaulter , und In constant fcnr o {
discovery. In this state of mind ho eon tinned !
on his spree. Yesterday afternoon he toolr ( i
large ( lose of laudanum. While sinking Into
a state of Insensibility ho was found by an1 !
ofllcer who removed him to the Astoria
hotel. Physicians wcro summoned , and ho
is now out of danger. The ti ain from Neills- '
ville brought Captain Tulford , a deputy
sheriff , and Sheiiff Dwyer. Captain TalforcB
is also the agent of nn cbtnlo fiom which lU
is alleged Campbell has embezzled ? 900 rn-4
trusted to him , and came hero to arresw
Campbell. Sheiin Dwyer is an intimate *
fucnd of the unfoiluuuto man and came hcrotj
to act in that capacity. Requisition papers
were issued to Captain Talford by the gov
ernor of Wisconsin last Friday , but "tlio ;
papers weio found to be ineoircct and ?
wcro returned to Madison for Cd
rection. Fearing that Campbell might
skip Captain Talfoid came on nticad , expect
ing to have the papers forwarded. * Ha
hi .ought proper credentials , und Detcqtlvo.
Saclies , acting under oidcrs , went to the
room wheie Campbell was lying unconscioilrf
and enjoyed the novel experience of placing '
him under arrest. Oflieer Tom Casserly was'
detailed to icmuin in thu room with the pris
Campbell is a highly educated and brilliant
\ounglawjcr and has intido more than it
local reputation In his piofesslon. He is
about twenty eight years ot tige. good look
ing and u most agiccablo coinp iiiion. In the
last year _ he has been tii inking heavily , but ii
his little intnguo hnd never been discovered ,
it is piobablo that his imputation would linvo
i enuiincd us it was when he loft Nellsvillo
Thuisdny Ho is ab much a victim of circuit
stances as of vice.
The Winoiin & SotitlnvcRlci u Sucj
cccdH in Negotiating ItH HondH ,
WINON-JI , Minn. , April 10 It is announced
this evening that the Winona & Southwest
ern has negotiated its mortgage bonds and
money for building a loud from bore td
Omaha. A traflic agrr-oincMit has been nr-
i.mged with the fiieen Hay and Winona
roadswhich will make this the bhoitcat line
between Oumlm und the lakes.
General Ilonth'H
LONDON , Apul 10 Members of the Salva
tion Army usbcmbled in Congiess hall to-day
to witness tlio mariiagp of General Hooth'a
second daughter , Kmnia , to Mr Tucker , nn
ex ollleer In the Indian chd beivlco. Seven
thousand persons weio present. The hall
was decoiated with floral m die's , palms and
tiople-al plants. After the eeiemony a bnn-
qnet was given The festivities will continue
fortwodajs They have attracted a In re 4
number of the atisloeiacy. and tickets of ad-
mibbiun uio helling freely ut high prices.
Know It All.
PAMIR , Apill 10 Piivnto dispatches which
passed between Count Dillon and General
Honlangnr , and which were published la
Matin , pioxo General Hou'nnger ' was cog
nisant of und approved Ins e-indidutuio for
the cliambei of deputies in llio various do
paitmcnls in ho war. Hist voted for.
although ho publicly repudiate d all rcsponsU
bility for the picsentutlon of his name. 'At
u mooting of the eleetors ut Fourmlcs , do-
piutincnt of Niud , last evening , a resolution
endowing IJoulangcu's candidature- was
unainiiiuusl.v adopted amid enthusiasm.
Stanford In
SAV FniNcisco , April 10 A gentleman of
tins city who has Just returned fiom Wash
ington , and who is on intlmato terms with
Senator Leland Stun foi d , stated to a news
paper rcpiesontatlvo that Stanford had
finally decided to allow his nuino to go bo f ova
the republican national convention us u can
didate ) for the piesidcney , nndhuving i cached
Unit conclusion dusiics the biipport of tbo
Califoinia delegation to the national conven
tion , _
A Galllnt ; Voice.
Dt'iiuv. Ajull 10 At u league meeting to
day Tim Hcaly , who presided , maintained
that last Sunday's mcctingx HUtllccd to dls-
piovo the boast of Hulfour that the league
was a thing of the past The meeting also
pinvod , he raid , that the people w ( 10 willing
ndhciciitsof the league and anxious to get rid
of this thrnlldom of the Hiitibh government ,
and that if thuyonro got the opiiortunlty they |
would liso in their btiongth and shako off tbo I
ioko. !
The Prussian I < * | ooI BnlTororH. '
13i.iu.iN , April 10. The emperor has do
nated 0,000 murks to the Butfciois by tbo
Hoods in addition to thu sums ho previously
The l ntnrprlbo Sail * , Kor
LONDON' , April 10. The United States * * "
Bteamcr Unteipribo IcftGibuiltur today for
The Dead Mmperoi-'b IluueHt. |
Hnin.iN , April 10. It is stated the late Km-
furor William left u sum of thirty murk a to
every invalid soldier of the war of 1870.
A Provincial Hang-Up.
CiuitiOTTiTO\\.v , P. E. I. , April 10.
William Millman was huugcd to day In tha
juil yard for the murder of Mary Tuplia 111.
J uly lubt.