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The Internal revenue collections yes
terday amounted to $10,147.47. ,
The Woman's Suffrage ) association
will moot nt the 1'axton hotel Tuesday ,
April 10 , nt 2:30 : o'clock p , ra. A full at-
tondnnco is requested.
The mooting of the democratic clubs
of the country , which was to Imvo boon
hold In Now York , commencing April
14 , bus boon postponed till the 21st Inst.
A. D. Petit , who was arrested last
week for taking n spun of horses from
the pound without permission lust No
vember , was arraigned yesterday in the
police court nnd put under 8700 to ap
pear before the district court. The
Iiorsos had been his own property , but
they were hold for n $110 bill duo for
feed and stabling. After Inking the
horses Petit Jlcd from the city. The
charge against him is grand larceny.
On the 5th of the present month ono
William P. Talbot , represented to a
epoculator that ho was the owner of
certain chattels , which ho transferred
to the money louder In consideration of
$150. The fraud wns discovered the
next day , but too Into to arrest Talbot ,
who had taken flight. Ho was traced
to Denver nnd there taken Into custody.
Yesterday John Jenkins wns dcnutizcd
by Governor Thnyor to go to Denver
and got Tnlbot and bring him bnck to
Mrs. Plerson , the agent of the Omnha
board of charities , while making her
rounds among the poor of the city a few
days ago , was successful In ferreting out
the mother of the six-moaths-old l > abe
left at the house of A. II. Ilensel , South
Fifth street. The nnmo of the mother
is Mrs. UriggB , who has received many
kindnesses nt the hands of Mrs. Pier-
eon , and she assures the latter lady that
the story sot afloat that she deserted the
child is without foundation. She claims
to have washed for the IletibolB for a
long time , nnd thnt the elilltl was loft
witli them at their request , she having
six other children to feed and clothe.
Personal ParnRrnpliH.
Paul Jackson , of Niobrara , Is at the Pax-
W. B. Flsk , of Heutrlcc , Neb. , Is at the
A. Boorman , of Grcsliam , Neb. , is at the
F. M. Loomls , of Scwanl , Neb. , is at the
State Fish Commissioner May , of Fremont ,
is at the Pnxtoii.
n. G. Ilrown nnd wife , of Button , Neb. ,
are nt the Millard.
0. W. Jackson , of Sioux City , stopped at
the Paxton yesterday.
F. N. Smith , of Lincoln , was among the
arrivals at the Windsor.
F. II. Ellsworth and L. Koscnthal , of West
Point , Nob. , nro nt the Millanl.
The Misses Clara and IMUo Thomas , of
Teknmuli , Neb. , arc nt the Millanl.
John J. Ncblock , Amos Tillotson nnd L. P.
Southworth wore among the Nebraska ar
rivals at the Millard yesterday ,
Mrs. E. W. Nash , wife of the treasurer of
the Omaha and Grant smelting works , who
has been dangerously sick , is in an improved
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Oliver. Mr. and Mrs.
Oswald Oliver. Mrs. G. H. Pratt and Miss
Wilcox , of Hastings , were guests at the Paxton -
ton yesterday.
May Ella Smith , the charming young lady
who presides over the central telephone sta
tion nt Lincoln at night , is the guest of her
sister night operator , Nettie Houston of the
Ouiaha telephone exchange ,
A Ilnsfilnn Society.
A movement is on foot to organize a society
in this city to bo.composed of Russians , the
purposes of which nro social , and fraternal.
Mr. Fcodoro Doss , clerk at the Harlcer hotel ,
has the matter in charge , and all Russians
desirous of joining should send their ad
dresses to him at once.
Camtlciftt Quarterly Ucturn.
The Carmlen , Nebraska , postofllco Is In a
flourishing condition , and Is doing its part
toward liiiuidating the national debt. Post
master Gnlhiglicr received the quarterly
return from this ofllco yesterday , which ,
when nil footed up , amounted to exactly two
cents. , .
An Rnrly Morning Tlow.
AboutS o'clock yesterday morninga lively
skirmish occurred at' the corner of Tenth
and Ilarnoy streets between a crowd of men
formerly employed by the U. & M. nnd four
or ilvo "scabs , " in which the hitter were
worsted and compelled to SOCK safety in
light. No arrests were made , and every
thing nt the 13. &M. yards was "running
smoothly" yesterday.
From a spectator who witncssod the fracas
it is learned that one of the parties who was
pummelled Is n Plnkcrton special , ami it It
said thnt of iho three hu looked the worse for
Meeting of the ConiinUsloiicrs.
An adjourned meeting of the county com
missioners wan called nt 5 o'clock last even
ing with Chairman O'lCceffo in the chair.
The construction committee which had been
in session for an hour previous reported as
follows ;
That D. L , Shnno bo appointed superin
tendent of county hospital , and that work
begin nt the option of the board. Carried.
The claim of T , F , Urciinun on n discounted
warrant was placed on illo.
SliorllT Coburn was directed to pay his
deputies ST5 per month , to take effect April 1 ,
providing the fees of the ofilco permit it. His
communication in regard to Jailers was
placed on lilo.
Incensed to AVt-d.
Tlio following marriage were
Issued yesterday by Judge Shields :
I Name and Itcsidenco. Age.
Henry J. Nolta , Omaha i > 5
Surah A. Edwards , Onuiha SM
JnmesO. Mitgholl , Omumi f."J
Cc'liaDean , Omaha i.'J
John G. Wirth , Croighton , Neb 2S
Grace F.Phalrn , Valley , Neb 'M
Gustav Halm , Omaha 25
Paula Marschner , Omaha VJ
Hugh 12. Graham , Omaha -J5
KatoMcVey , Omaha 21
Saved I'Yom Drnlli.
Ono of the Pinkci ton specials at the H. it
M. yards ha ono act at least thnt redounds
to his credit. A drunken individual whoso
name could not bo learned , was about to llo
down for a short sleep on the track directly
in front of a moving train only n few rods
away , and In a tnlnuto later would have been
circulating in the neighborhood of the pearlv
gates but for tlio prompt action of the I'ink'-
cu-ton man mentioned , who ran over and
drat'ecu the fellow from his perilous posi
tion. At tlm conclusion of this episode , a
policeman who was passing was summoned ,
tbo natroMvagon fccntfor , and the inebriated
liidivulual will explain to Judge Herka
this morning tbo causes which led to Ins
selecting the U , < fc M. right of way for a
St. Joseph' * ! Hospital.
The Sisters of St. Francis , in charge of tlio
above institution , respect fully bus to thank
their putrons for the following donations ,
which were received during the three months
ending March ill , ISbSr
Union Pacific thous , $91.13 ; Union Pacific
yard , JS3 ; Union Pudfio depot , fl'.iSO ;
United States army headquarters , $373 ; H.
& M. oWce , JS.S5 ; Milton Hogers & Son25 ;
Kilpatrlck & Cock , flO ! Nebraska National
Hault | ' 5' Max t-0"raj. * 3i Joule
Reynolds , f5 ; Mrs. Charles Kiewe , * : . ;
, loJi'i ' Qreary , ? * ' ' A. .Tucker , f.v'j. K.
B. J. Goodrlcu , II ; Mrs. Morris , tl ; M *
J mc . | 1 ; Mrs. Wusseraann , f 1 ; Mrs Buml-
) ) crro\v , li : A.B. I'oltcr.ll ; TUos. IJuttcr-
ton. tl ; J ) , 8i Gcyor , II : Jolm Konnerty. tl/ ; /
Mr. TralncrL- ; 1' . P. DonnUon , tl ; Tlio /
llYun , 81 j Mr. Learv , $ U Jl , P. KenneJy. ft =
f lr. Shields , tl ; Jolm fitdlliiBS , SI ; IViil
lV tOK , Ul J. A.Laito , $ i Jlr. Ktii d y
StjMtko Dnlbcrt , tl ; Kichard Onrnlck , tl ;
H. H. Hedge , tl ; 0. Fischer , fl ; Jnko
O'Herrnn. tl ; J. Hurknnl.91 ; Mr. Hcynolds , '
$1P. ; Hlmchnch. tl ; Mnt Ituulan , tl ; J.
Garvoy , tl ; T. Murphy , $1 ; Mlko Cncko , tl ;
Mr. 131erbaclitlTh. ; Hnnscnl ; Win. Sol-
vnnn , tl ; Mrs. H. L. Cnssady. tlMrs. : H.
Morrli. * l ; Mrs. T. H. Swift , tl ;
Mike Ford , * 1 : 1C. T.oyd , ? 1 ; J. Murdock , tl ;
Mrs. J. I'nnhcl , $1 ; I.cunmn ft Hurbnn. tl ;
1) . K. Qcr.son.Sl ; .T.J. Younp , tl ; 13. Done-
Ins , tl ; M. Hunllalu tl ; Gus UudhoiT , $1 ; J.
Uwycr , tl ; N. Lanston , tl ; ;
Mrs. Cnlli. tlcaly , tl ; Mr. Stollos , fl ; Airs.
Charles flsplicr , ei ; Mrs. O. Fludd $1 ; O.
Sheldon , tl ; C. N. Dolt * . tl ;
Mrs. Cahlll , tl ; Mrs. Donnelly , tl ,
A. \Vldcncr , f 1 ; Cnrpct Paper company.
tl ; Chnrlrs Kdily , ei ; Jiimcs 13cntty , tl ; Mr.
Oovcry , ? 1 ; I'ct Gudcrs , tl ; A. Hum , tl ; J.
Hnllnvo , tl ; Mr. Donnelly , II. Meyer &
Uappkc , Schroeder & Co. , 1'eyke liros. &
Co. , Hanloy , Kranso Jr , , grocers , llur t
Co. , Maoluis.t.iinter , Dellono t Co. , Dillon
& Kllcy , Uthoft Ch. , UtickholT .t Mack. KIL
klnnoy Ui-os. , Owen , McCalTrey , silrlts. ]
Slort ? & Her , Fred Kriiff beer every week ;
.Tetter ft. Young , Anhniiscr Husch , Metz
HroH. , beer ; Gould St Mason , dry poods ;
Parson 1. , D. Frcnmn fi Co. Fuler it Hros. ,
Harris & Fischer , Hubcr J. II. Cooinbo ,
Mr , II , Schttltz , Hupping , ICd Schneider , A.
McNnmcry , M. Heller , L. Meat ,
After MnnufncturRrfl.
Sccretnry Iddlngs , of the Omaha Uuslncss
Men's associution was seen yesterday nnd
asked what ho had thtisfiirdono In the way of
Inducing manufacturers to locate in Omaha.
He said ho had sent , for advertising estimates
to the "Scientific American , " tbo "Electric
Uevicw , " tbo "Contractors' Bulletin , " the
"American Investor" the "Aijo of Steel , "
the "Mechanical News , " nnd the "Hoot nnd
Shoo Record. " Answers to these will bo
received In n few days and laid before the
association , when It will bo determined ns
to which papers will bo selected. These pub
lications nro mainly devoted to trndo In
terests. and taken by manufacturers , some
of whom are desirous of re-locntlng or estab
lishing branches In other places. Advertise
ments were not sought In daily papers , be
cause that Held is now boinp operated by tbo
development , board of the Omaha board of
trado. The next meeting of the association
will be held in C. R Hams' ofilcc118 South
Fifteenth street , on next Thursday night.
Mr. Iddlngs' odico is in the writing room of
the Paxton hotel.
The Hcriio Tragedy.
Bcrgo , who attempted to kill bis
wlfo nnd himself Sunday , is still
at the tiollco station and is
very comfortable , the scratch on his throat
having been plastered together with some
court plaster. It Is the prevailing opinion
among all \vho nro acquainted with the cir
cumstances that the attempt ( t ) made by the
would-bo slayer of his wife was n pure , un
adulterated bluff , nnd that in tlio event of
the death of his wife bo would have a chance
to work the insanity dodge in his trial for
murder in the first degree.
Mrs Hergo was seen by a Bnr ; reporter
yesterday and appeared to bo improving ,
but later on secondary hemmorage set in ac
companied by a high fever which makes her
case extremely critical and it is doubtful if
she recover- She , however , possesses a
great deal of couraco and with proper euro
and attention who may survive.
Tlie feeling among the neighbors against
Bergo is very strong and the general verdict
is that ho is entirely to blame. Mrs. Bcrgo
is spoken of as a model wife nnd mother aud
a very nice lady generally.
Bcrgo was arranged before the police mag
istrato yesterday afternoon , but waiving ex
animation ho was put under $5,000 bonds to
appear before the district court. In default
ho was taken to tlio county jail to await trial.
With the exception of the slight wound on
the throat ho is all right physically. Ho docs
not have much to say.
The Grant Inquest.
John Grant , the father of the unfortunate
little ono who was killed by a street
car Sunday , [ arrived yesterday from
St. Joseph , in response to a telegram , and
almost heart-broken repaired to his bereaved
home. He found matters as outlined in the
recital of the accident. Mr. Grant is n man
of genial disposition , equable temperament
and exceedingly good nature. The death of
his Httlo son has unmanned him. His grief
seems almost inconsolable. He was unubln ,
yesterday to attend the inquest , which
was held at Drcxel & Maul's , and ho was
represented ttiero by his bookkeeper , Frank
Coroner Drexcl called bis jurors at 10
o'clock and each answered as follows :
Goodly Bruckor , P. Wclnhngen , .1. A. Boven ,
B. McClune , Prof. Dailey and J. O. Corby.
Superintendent Smith , of the liorso car
company , was present during all , and Ciegeor
Priehctt , the company's attorney , during u
part of the examination.
The first witness was A. F. Blundoll , store
keeper for the Nebraska Telephone company.
llo said ho was on the ear which had run
over the child. Tlie car was going south on
Park avenuo. Ho saw the child rush across
the btrcot and got near the horses' heads. Ho
then lost , siirht of it and thought it must have
boon struck by the horses and knocked down ,
because the car ran right over it. The car
was going houth. The child was going wcbt.
It was ubout six feet in front of the horses
when lie SP.W It. There were two other people
ple in the car , but , the witness could not ac
curately Jocato or describe thorn or their situ
ation. The avenue nt the place where the
accident occurred , so far as the witness know.
was pretty level. Ho saw only ono child
run across the tr.ick. One htood on
tha wi" > t side of the track , and ho
was n little older than tins ono who had
been seen about six feet , adc'ad of the horses.
Witness pickfd up the child who had been
run over just behind the platfoim of the car.
It was lyinj ; across the truck. The head was
between both rails. The horses , nt the time
of the accident , were on n trot a Jog trot
slightly faster than u walk. The car had run
three or four feet niter it had run ever the
child before it was brought to n stop , The
witness did not know that the child had
Ecrcanicd. It never spoke u word alter wit
ness hail picked it up , In furl , it never inovi'd
Witness did not notice that the brakes had
been mil on ivhpn ho noticed the child six feet
nlii'im of the her > os. The child did not run
as it it had fcoen tlio car or the horhcs , H dressed , as nearly ns ho could remember ,
in blue with red trimmings.
.S. . I. Johnson , the driver of the car , was
fiv.-orn. HOJS u toll , well propuitioncil tnitn ,
with a head ol unkempt hair und ficoininglv
good nature. Ho Raid that ho had been
working Ilvo years , off mid on , for the street
railway company. The number of tlio rnr
wn fla. Hi ) saw n child on each side of the
track as ho was going to Jump on the car
liluluriMi in that neighborhood often stood on
the track nml on this side na if they wanted
to get on the rear platform. The next thing
the driver know ho felt the truck strike and
ride over Bomclhinp , and ho put on his bruken
and thocarstopm-a about live foot behind
where the trucfis had run over the child
That was all ho kntw about it. Thelutlo
fellow stood between tno double tracks , The
car had almost passed him when he wan seen
by the driver. The hoives did not. strilio the
child. The first thing ho Knew about
it was when ho full the trucks go over
something. The horses were Jiibt oil u walk.
There wore Jots of children on the east side
of the btrcc't. At the time the boy was run
over , there wn a baby cUrriajje upset on tlio
west side of the street. Didn't watch the
oust wtleof the stifct , Wasn't watchifi ? the
baby carriage.Vas watching his hornes.
The baby carriage was upset utter ho had
stopped his car , not bo fora the accident
Didn't see the boy run towards the car.
a'lwre were tlii PJ ; people on the car at the
time. None ot iliemworo on the platform
Put on the bruue ns teen as ho saw the bo\ .
Did not sou the boy between tbo horses.
Didn't know how the child got under the car
Didn't think ho was run over by both trucks
A. 1C. Ulloy.wtio resides on Park , avenue
about two hundred feet uwny from the M-r-w
of the accident. wa ncxtsworn. HU attention
hud been called by sonm noise or excitement
in a manner Unit ho could not explain , to the
place of the accident. He saw what he llrst
Mlpposed was a bundle of dollies being run
over by the forward wheels of tha car. Then
he saw the hind wheels run over ( he hamu
object. Tbo impression which he received at
the time was one of nurpriso that the car did
n it stop , us It was golm ; up grade and 'only u
little faster than a walk.
Dr J. T. Muthtws was next called , and
swoio that ho tiad examined the body of thu
poor UUle tyw U UQ iv rested in , tte uruu of
its grandfather , who was crying bitterly ,
ami noticed that It was dead. The wit
ness unfastened the child's ' clothes
listened to Iho. beating of the heart , felt the
jmlso , and then pronounced it dead , There
wcro evidence ! , on the body that it had been
struck by a foreign substance , or , under the
circumstances , that something had rolled
over it , bruising It around the centre , arid
mainly nt the lower part of the short ribs.
There was n heavy mark or brulno on the
stomach nnd in the region of the liver , and a
largo crcaso In the skin , which might Imvo
been mtido by the llnngo of the wheel. This
crcaso partially disappeared when the body
bloated , Some of the ribs wcro broken from
the fastening In the backbone , nnd the latter
may have also been injured , because , In a
cursory examination , the witness found some
abnormal features In the vcrtcbnu of the
column. S. Fisher , n printer , and I. W. Hall
residing at 933 I'urk iivcuuo testified to about
the same facts. _ _
It's Altvnyn the Way.
"Didn't I toll ? " saiil
you so a gcntlo-
mnn to nn acquaintance whom ho
chanced to moot on the street ; "it's al
ways the way. " "What's always the
way ? " inquired a mutual friend of the
two men who happened along- just then.
" this " the ilrst
"Why , just , replied
sneaker : "you sue Smith , hero , the last
time I mot him he had ono of the worst
coughs you ever heard , llo complained
of a loss of appetite , of iright sweats , of
low spirits and other unmistakable pre
monitory symptoms of consumption. I
told him to cet a supply of Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery at once. llo
did so , and look at him now ! Did vou
over see a healthier looking1 manV iMio
'Discovery' has snatched thousands
from consumptives' graves. I know it
would cure Smith. It'a always the
way. "
Malinger Boyd has mailo arrange
ments with the Union Pacific railroad
to have the 5 o'clock train hold until
after the matinee performance Wed
nesday afternoon. This will cnablo
parties out of town to see Mr. Booth in
llamlotand return tlio same night. The
performance ) commences promptly at 12
Trotting horse breeders , attention !
Sco Solomon's advertisement.
Dlcuold Safes.
Mcnghcr & Lcachgon'l agents for the
Diohold safes , have removed to 419 S.
16th , where they are carrying a largo
block of all kinds of safes.
Scidenborg's Figaro , the talk of the
town , a lOc cigar for 5o. Max Meyer &
Co. , wholesale depot.
Yesterday morning Janie , the Httlo daughter
J. and E. Hasford , died after a short illness.
She will bo buried to-day in St. Mary's
cemetery. This is the second child that has
died in this family within n short time.
William E. Jones , a young married man ,
ngcd twentyfiveyears , died of consumption
Yesterday at the Hotel Esmond. His remains
will be forwarded this evening to Lake Crys
tal. Wis.
TMspowiler n vcr varies. A marvel of purl-
tystren < < th amivh .Icsomonass. Moro cconom
ICHlthantli. ) ordinary klml . and cannot Uesolp
In competition wltn tlio niultUiulo of low cost ,
BUomvclK'htalumor pliosphatw powders. Sold
on ) " in cans Hoyal laklU | ( ; 1'owder CJO. , u
Wnlhtreut Now Vork.
The best end Barest Rexacdy for Cora of
oil diseases caused by any derangement of
the Liver , Kidneys , Stomach and Dowels.
Dyspepsia , Sick Headache , Coaitlpatlon ,
nUIoafl Complaints ccd Uclarla of all hlnda
yield readily to tbo boneflesnt influence of
It Is pleasant to the taato , tones tip the
lyitam , restores and preserves health.
It U purely Vegetable , and cannot fall to
prove beneficial , both to old and young.
AB a Blood Partner it U inferior to all
otiera. Bold everywhere at 41.00 a Jx > ttle.
Omaha Seed House.
JlcadqUHUtTS for I.undrcth's Celebrated Heeds
J'lants. Cut Vlowers and I'loral designs. Bend
for ctitiiloirui )
W. H. 1'O.STEIl & SON , Proprietors
IiiU'J Caoitol Avenue.
S , K , FELTON & , CO , ,
Water Works Cookte
And Manufacturers' Acents for
G full descriptions.
Hydraulic Engines , Surveys. De
tail Plans and Specifications.
Furnished on Short Notice.
Correspondence Solicited.
Office. Straus's ' BEil3in , Fourth Floor ,
r All iTphtntlc DltriiiKf , of rctnt or Ion * ilanatnir.ln
from ten to nftcon dnje. We will glt wmun ftu r-
meet to cure nnjr cue or refund juurmonni. And
vra would ik ? to thote who hiw tmrlojftl tbo moil
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not been cured , that rou are tlie subject ! wt am
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Wo niiYo cured hundreds who find been abnadontJ
bj 1'hrilclani and proucmoced Incurable , and
We Challenge the World
to brine n > neu that wo will not euro In less than
one month.
Since the hlntory of mertlclno. nTrne Bpoclflo for
ByplillltlOhKruptloiis , Ulrcri. Bora mouth , Aa , hu
been loa l lor but never found until
Our Magic Remedy
rat discovered , and we. are InstmeiJ In twins It li th
only remedy In tbo world ( hut will pcnltlTcly euro ,
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e world that will euro when rerytblng olio had
[ ailed. Ithaibeen to conceded by n farce number of
Celebrated I'hyelolHni. IT HAS KETCH VXT rAiLxo
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vatent medlclnci that norer had rlrtue , or doctor
kith nhyilclans that cannot cure yon. You that h Y
tried feTeryUiIng else ihould come to nanow andt
psrmnnent relief ! you ncTcr can net Itelsewher * .
Mark what wo layl In tbc end you muil take our
Remedy or Nurnu rccorer. And you that bare been
afflicted but a fhnrt tlrao ibould by all meant come to
na now. Many get help and tbtnk theyn re f roe from
tne dlicase , but In one , two or Uireo
appear * agtln In a mom horrible form.
Inif stlgatfl oar Ouanclal atandlnn tbrougn tbo mer
cantile a cncl i and note that we ar fullr raspontl.
pie and our written cuaranteei arosood , Wo bar * a
BXMIDT prepartd on purely PclentlQo 1'ilnclplui and
we wL h to repeat that It NBTEH TAIIJI TO cum. All
lattera sacredly conndenllal.
Boomi 18 and IT HaUman PlocX
What ? Cincd among others the
following. They write :
W9Cuitrul Me.CincInn tlO. , J
Jnmiarj 4th , IKM. [
Athlojihoro Tlllu lia\o rurwl mo ofn \
cniiiiilaltit nml d ) $ ixit ) < la. 1 fmvu leu of
lhi < 1'IIlstoa friend uuols troublctl with
ImllucHtion ami ha linn inirroxul won-
Ucrlully. 1II. .
16 Ilosctt8L. . New Ilnvcii. Ct. 1
February lotli.inw. {
Allildplioros Pills worlxril wonders In my
CAM : of d ) PJH i ia. KMMA L. Cnnu.
Pills biniill and
Ath-lo-pho-ros are
jiloasnnt to take , yet wonduifully
vO'uctlvc. Invaluable for Iddney
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digestion , constipation , headuclie ,
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feeling giving new life and strength.
for the beautiful colored pic
ture , " Mtjorlsh SlalUen. "
The BEST nad 5IO6T
Thread of Sfodcrn Tlmeo.
Kit.PATiiiCK-ICocn Dry Goods Co.
M. 1 ! SMITH \ C'o.
1) . M. STUIM : A. C'o ,
TiiOMrsiiv. HIIDIN : : &Co.
( 'IMS , SiMii'ii , Sjuth Omnha , nnil ull flrst
clnss rt'tail dealers.
A. Jjouiu New Vork Dry Goods Store.
? 12 will buy n genuine
Homespun All U'ool Suit ,
fcizcs ttom 34 to 41 , cut-away
or sack coat , In light KiL > y
color , that Is really worth CT.
The Milt Is well inndo und
bplcmllil wearing goods ,
Wo inako this offer to In
troduce ourselves tothotrado
and In the future yon will
Und our hou o the bargain
center. Fend your measure
around lireast under the
arms , and iirouud the waUt
und down the Insldo fcam of
the pants , and wo will lit you.
You ean send money with order , or wo will
Eend C.0.1) ) . by expiess.
Ileferi'iiccs : I'lrst National Hank , Omaha
or any llrat-rla H lioubo in Omaha.
E.T.Allen , M. D. ,
Homoeopathic Specialist ,
Spectacles Accurately Prescribed
. . ,
Surgeon and Physician ,
Office N. W Coiner 14th uiitl Uouglus St OlDce
teleptione. Wo , ' Uesldence tclepUonw , MJ. _
( Successors to John 0. Jacobs. )
Undertakers & Embalmers
At tli old muiid. UU7 I'arnum St. Orders by tele-
crapli ucilclti'd and promptly uttt-nUca to.
TelepU ne No &J
Advertising baa always ptevea
euccessful. Ileforo placlujrauy
Now papcr Advcrtli'ng- consult
iTTISI < U KCltl ,
We will give you better value tor your money than any house in the
The very best grades of Mens' and Boys' Clothing , at the very
lowest prices. You have the-advantage of selecting from the largest ,
and newest stock in the city. For variety of stock , we have no equal
Every garment purchased of us is guaranteed , we don't call Cotton
mixed goods all wool in order to sell you our goods. We tell you
just what it is and you can always depend on us ; our aim is to make
with every sale a steady and pleased customer. We do not advertise
a few bargains and tell you they are out or sold , when you call fey
them all our goods are marked uniformly low. We sell at a smaller - percentage
centage of profit than has ever been attempted by any Clothing
House. We make it lip on the volume of business.
The splendid nil Wool Cheviot Suits we nro offering nt ? 4.76 , yon can not find elsewhere for less than $7.50.
We received last week another shade oC the same goods , Uicj- are handsomer than the first ; wo sell them nt same
price , $4.75. Another great bargain we just opened , and placed on sale to-day , are n large lot of black warranted
nil worsted Corkscrew Sack Suits lined with good serge , well trimmed and substantially made. Wo oiler them
at S0.50. In purchasing this suit we guarantee you n saving of nt least ? -i.OO , as no house ever attempted to sell
such a suit for less than $10.50. In fine Cheviot and Casshnor Suits , our selection this spring has never bceu
equaled in this city , and no Merchant Tailor in Omaha , who charges yon $35.00 to $50.00 , car. give yon any bet
ter values or handsomer and more stylish fitting suit than the ones we offer ar $15.00 to ? 20.00.
Compare our prices with those of others , that's all wo ask you ,
One Price only. No Deviation.
Corner I4th and Douglas Streets. Omaha.
H. W. Cor. 13th & Oodso Sta
ilctt facilities , apparatus nnd remedies for sue.
cessdil trcntment of every form of diicasc lequir-
nifT Medical or Stircical Treatment.
Hoard nnd attendance ; best hospital accommo
dations In theweM.
Wimu rou CIRCPLAHS on Deformities anc"
llraccs , Trjsscs ) Cluli 1'eet , Curvature of the
Spine , riles , Tutnors , Canctr. Cntnrrli.UrijCchitih
Inlmlation. Klectricitv , Parnljsls , Hpllepsy , Kid
ney , Madder , Kyc , JJar , Sau ! and Blood , aud ol1
Surgical Operations.
DlQoasoo of Woman a Opeclai'.y.
BOOK 01 UisKA'en or WOVES Furl.
All Blood Diseases successfully treated. Syph
ilitic 1'oisoti removed from the system without
mercury New restorative treatment for loss ol
Vital 1'ower. 1'erhons unable \isitukinay be
tirated at home by correspondence..I ] commu
nications confidential Mediclmhorliit > trument *
fcnt by mail or express , securely packed , no
maiks to IndiCRte contents or t-endtr One per
"Giial interview preferred , Call nnd co"sult us or
end history of your case , aud we will send in
plain wrapper , our
Upon I'rivale , Special or Nervous Diratei. Im-
Vtcncy , S > phlliii1 < ; | ect nitd Varicocelc , with
J , estion hit. Address
Umalia jfeilteal anil Surgical ftntlttilror
Cor. I3lhand DoJfleSlt. . . OMAHA. NEB.
Healti ) is Wealtii !
Jn.B 0. W'Esrs Nnnvr ANO DRAIN TREAT-
u.NT. u Ktmraiitced Hiwclllo for llyetcrla , Dizzi
ness , ( Joiivnlsions Fits. Nervous Neuralgia ,
llead.ichf , Nervoufi I'roitrntlon. ranted by tlie
uee of alcohol or tobacco , \Vakcfulnoss , Mental
DupresHlonoftenlni ; of tha Urnln , rrsultlnt ! Ic
Iiuuulty.und leading to inltory.decay HUI ! ileath ,
J'reinatufeOld Aye , llarrcnnesf. l/ss cf J'omtr
In either net. Involuntary IXXBCS end Hperma-
torrlura caused by orrr-uxertlon of tlie bralu ,
felf-abuie or over-indulgence KacU box con
tains onu month's tn'utmunt (1.00a box , orlx
luxes for (3. < A ) , sput by null Prepaid on receipt
ol prjcy.
To cure any case. With each order received by
us for six boxes , accompanied with ts.00 , wo will
send Ihe purchaser our wjrllten guarantee torv
fuud the money If tlie treatment dots not effort
euro. Guarantees Issued only by 0. r\ GOOD
MAN. Uruegut. g l * Agent , 111U FarBura Strtot ,
lectro-Mapefic Belts I
The Grandest Triumph ol Electric Science I
Otntltnrn'8 Celt Dest ( nti8 Scenlifica"lf ! Hal0 ( B.nd Practically Applied. |
c\RQ /ftffCirdV * * V/rfi B H YO 700 I'alni In tba Ilcou. illpa. liena 01
OBVI WlE CyKEl If 4jy Nervoi. lltljimj , I.uwlma ? , llmeral 1 > 1 > IIU
lutlUm. I' rulril , Hfnr lilM , Bi > lollr , Dt ra > f of Hldiiej npln i lll cii.c. , Torpid .li r'B
? kA.u.dcD. Emlwlfo Aethmo.'ntorl UUf.j * . Dj.nfp.U , OoMtlpBlloa. Krri > lprl , H
ladlKittlon , WeaknrM. Impotent ? , tlalcrrli. I'llrn , EDllonr. Aiimft Amc , IHkbetu , UrOxuotlf.H
Jlloo lll < rM s Urop.T , etc. . lht thU belt. U Jmi what JOU need. K
KleeilrMtt lnitontu ftIC / n bo PPll d . .oBjireRJ A I B R ? 0 Otff ETA KB 011
It llUllrlM w tbbU I li'J * ! , * , * * " " " "Tr * * * h"'h * Dh , * ( " * * * * il" " " * " " " " "it " " "iSicai l
° ' " eYrteHMI "f loTOr. ? MUhriuSbouVtho bumwi . wm ,
1 br ritl nei a ? SSiSSSS { ! mrTSSt'of out e .J
Beu . Im-
J U.jlng ll nerrousne , . ImmcdUUilir , nd producing anew clrcuUtlon of tlje llU t orcM-thy flood.
Sitrflntr TlKor. tr DKtl > , eneraj nd hc llb , when lfolhor tre tiuent bti Mini. Tilt TOWiU at IbU ol o-
ffKu'ENCEif _ . IVl . . ! r. . Any . . . . _ banlcroniinercl _ . - v * u _ . . .l. .nrn l gency _ . a or n * T A bole , ' bou ntnnh1 > lnCblc t. ffO ( * hol l lo
RUPTURE 0.e/BA0r , -
For Medicinal and Family Use.
Is Death to Sure Cure for
for Quart Bottlt.
Sold Only In BMtts. F0r salt bg droctrt
For Sale tu and Wlnt HcrchantM
Drugglits Everywhere
Uvc'oraailntd f BIU.LB omounilOX WBI KETr trt < l rrca
Tbll li to c rtlfr tb.t 1 the taniJ
L r.ncc , Oitrora 4 : Co. , w l taunt tti nn to ! > pt/feclly tit9 hcni Ksi l Oil BiJ ll utter dtlitirloU
uktunclc cud tlrlcll/ pare , 1 ib crtulli.uoiua nJ the IBO. tot family and UidKUal puri > oici.
J , I * . luu > VB. tl P. , AnalrtliaK'ktnlil , l.uuUflll . Kr.
GLA.nSTO.VK IIUO.S. & CO. , ARCIIU for Oiimlia ,
S/"lUT tbliuumnd tpiutn with lOc , caiU cr danipi ,
R\J upon rcccljit ol olilcti we will tend , pirpatd , lo
B anr addreii , ooe Uotf liollur package "Ix > ndoa
I Grtoulci , " tue icrratett Llu-jl knd tprloK oi dl <
I clue oa tartk. Guod until Anil 'fj. Lvudfaa JJcJl-
| cine Affncy. Kaoni < 'Uy. ale.
PROP , F/g''FOWVER ! | Moodily CennjJ