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A 1 i-i- . - * Beauty and Wealth In
the Sanctuary.
Ji. Ootlinm Preacher's Opinion Sonic
Able Sermons TnlmnRC's Two
Watches Society Gossip
Dramatic Notes.
TBW YOJIK , April 0. [ Special Correspon
dence of the BF.R. ) No pluco In the world
lias Enstor Sunday been celebrated with a
higher appreciation of the spirit of the day
than In this city , For the rich It was u day
of now bonnets mid flue trappings ; for the
poor , a day of Itnrd-bollcd eggs and pretzels.
There Is but one New York , onu Fifth
avenue , and one such sight In the world us
this famous street presents on Easter Sun *
clay. Yesterday the weather was perfect
until the grand promenade wns over n
crowded pavement of moving humanity ,
bright with now raiment , gny. llowcrs nnd
nlnd countenances on both sides the nvenuo
for nearly two miles. There wcro many
hixndsomo and seine beautiful women ; but
jvliy do so manV female * powder nnd rouge
their fares ! By this rcpcllnnt fashion they
neither excite the envy of their own sex nor
the admiration of the other. This non-do-
ccptlvo artificiality was a blotch upon the
beauty of thu living panorama.
Hardly had the sun climbed up the eastern
Hky when th6 altars of Christendom
twinkled with llghtn and the sweet breath of
tlowors mingled with flouting Incense be
fore the tabernacle of the risen Saviour. All
the sorrowful walllngs of Golgotha were
hushed , and the dark trappings of woo wcro
8trip | > ed from the temples. Through her
thousand aisles and chunccls went the re
joicing church in wonderful processions of
ncarldt and purple , nml white and gold , The
bolls clashed joyously hi the steeples , the
choirs burst into wild chants , the lamps
burned high In the sanctuaries nnd gleaming
chalices were uplifted before the kneeling
A cloudless summer sky greeted thn Easier
dawn and New York turned out of- doors ar
rayed iu the splendors of fashion. The
parks were crowded , the streets were pa
geants of variety nnd the windows bloomed
with ( lowers. Everybody seemed to take 011
the spirit of the day. From the godless man
who had oaten hard boiled eggs at breakfast
nml ventured forth in search of frolic to the
muck girl returning from mass there was
something suggestive of bright ness in every
face. He WHS n tough pagan who did not
wear n sprig of some sort.
That Easter is a social event no man could
doubt who saw the cafe lions sauntering to
church , prnycv book in hand. Men whoso
greatest , Joy is to sit iu the window of a club
house and talk society scandal all thu year
loiind , deserted their impious haunts and
linult before the uplifted cross. Men of fin
mire , bilious with greed , sat iu the frontscats
of the churches.
wiinm : TIIF.V WRST TO cituncii.
The families of the fashionable would , as a
rule , attended their own churches in the
morning. At Grace church were Mr. and
Mrs David Wolfe BLshop.who Inherited most
of the Catherine Wolfe millions ; the Hon.
.ami Mrs. John Jny , who hnvo one of the first
pews In the center nlslo ; Hamilton Fish and
thu Hon. nnd Mrs. William M. Evurts.
"Wo have some of the oldest families in
town in our church , " said the sexton of the
Church of the Ascension , on Fifth uvenuo
and Twelfth street. "Easter 1 saw hero Mr.
nnd Mrs. John Taylor Johnson nnd their two
daughters , Mr. and Mrs. William Butler Dun-
IMM and Mr , nnd Mrs. Paul Dana. Mrs.
Griswold Gray , thobeiutifulwidowof Wash
ington square ; Mr. and Mrs. Ames Van Wart
and Miss Van Wnrt , the heiress , you know ,
and Mr. and Mrs. John Mtnturn. "
Old P(3ter ( Stuyvosant is buried in old St.
Murk's church on Ninth street near Second
uvenue , Amonir notable people who attended
worship In old RtMnrk'H were Mr. nnd Mrs.
Bccckinun do Poyster.Mr. and Mrs. William
Keinscri'iind ' Mr. and Mrs. llobcrt Kcmsen ,
Mrs. Killcan Van Kcnsscl.ier and Mrs.
Martha .1. Lamb , the historian.
One of the most interesting congregations
In town was at St. George's , further up Second
end aviinuo , at Fifteenth street , and Kuthor-
ford place. The Hon. and Mrs. John Bige-
low had ono of the front pews ; Colonel and
Mrs. Willie Jay and their two pretty chil
dren were there , also Mr. and Mrs. William
fcJehioffelln , and a hundred pretty girls , who
delight in hearing Mr. Kuinsford mtono the
service. .
St. Leo's church gathered the most notable
congregations of fashionable Komnn Catho
lics downtown. Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Iselin ,
Colonel and Mrs , Do Lnncoy ICnne , Mrs.
Jules Huynul and Mr. and Mrs. Cordoba. In
St. . Francis Xiivior' * ono might have seen
Colonel George M. Bliss , who is a convert to
the faith since his marriage , and his beauti
ful bride.
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Vnnderbllt , Mrs.
W. II. Vanderblltand Mr. nnd Mrs , Sewnrd
Webb wore seen in St. Bartholomew's , on
Madison avenue , corner of Forty-fourth
Htrcet , and Mr. nnd Mrs. Chauncy M. Do
pow worshipped at the ttamo place.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Vnr.derbilt went
to the Church of the Heavenly Uest , on Fifth
avenue , nbovo Forty-fifth street.
"Tho milllnnircs' church , " as the Fifth
Avenue Presbyterian , on the corner of
Fifty-sixth street , is called , had an excep
tionally interesting congregation nt the Sun
day morning service. Mr. Munro , the pub
lisher , and his wife ; Kohort Bon nor , Mr.
3Villiun Juffniy , the millionaire dry goods
merchant ; Mrs. Josephine Aycr , the widow
of tha patent medicine manufacturer , her
nous nnd her dailghtcr , Mrs. Preston.
The Gould family attended worship nt Dr.
Puxton's church , on West Forty-second
jttroct , opposite llr.vnnt park , nnd hero was
been Herbert U. Bishop the oil king , his
wife and a largo family of children.
Mr. and Mrs. John Itnckofollur wont to the
Central llaptlst .church , on West Fifty ,
seventh street , of which Dr. Armitaga is
pastor , and Mr. Charles Pratt , the other oil
millionaire , was soon in Kiimmmuil Baptist
church , St. James place , Brooklyn.
The Astor family , including John Jacob
Af-tor , Mr. and Mrs. William Waldorf , Mr.
nnd Mrs. t'olcmnn Dayton , Mr and Mrs ,
Hoosovolt and Mr , and Mrs. Ormo Wilson
went down to Old Trinity on lower Broadway -
way , whcro It is their wont to assemble
every EusUir Sunday.
Mrs. Hii'ks-r.ord was soon In her pow at
St- Francis Xavlcr's on Fifteenth street.
"Really , I'm glad I'm a Christian , " sigliod
a beautiful woman ono afternoon last week
She was not in church confessing her sins ,
but In Tiffany's looking with raptured eyes
at the great array of Hushing diamonds , ru
bles , emeralds and pearls , made into Ik-worn
and birds and other pretty devices suggesting
HID Eusterse.ison.
Tito grout establishment wns crowded with
pcipli ) nf wealth urn ) fashion selecting gifts
for EoMer.
Tha Vundnrbilt * huvo expended largo sums
on each olhei and for various charities this
Kastor. Mr. Frederick Vunderbilt spout
several hours at Tiffany's Bolcctlng some
pretty trillcs for his young wlfo. Onn of
these was a new curd case of Italian enamel
leather , with a Uttlo jewelled watch encir
cled with forgot-mo-nots fastened In one
These card cases are among the extreme
novelties and a lady carrying onu i-an tull the
exact tlmo without searching for her watch.
This Uttlo trillo cost fcWO and with it wont a-
dainty bracelet of pearls.
TUB ruimciits.
Easter llllics , hyacinths , rosebuds and
siniUxs covered the communion toblo and
embowered tha pulpit at the church of the
Messiah , nt the corner of Twenty-fourth
btreot and Fourth uwnue , yostonlay , and
thu baptismal font was likewise entwine' . !
with gracious harbingers of spring , A tender -
dor touch of .sympathy was ombottloil in the
wreath of Immortelles placed upon the font
in memory of the pastor's bcilovod daughter ,
who died a year ayo.
The Imudsoino now building recently com
pleted by thn Mount Morris lluptlst church
wus opened for public worship. It U situ
ated on Fifth avenue , between Ono Hundred
uml Tu only-sixth and Ono Hundred and
Twenty bovewh streets , and is built of brick
with handsome gray stone front , in tlio Uo-
iminesimo stylnof architecture. The interior
,1s unusually lieht and bright , the front of
the gallery being "extensively gilded and
guarded by a brass railing.
The icctorn is an exact counterpart of
that iu thu London houscv of commons , Thu
platform was decorated with palms and
uhrubs , und bunks of llower * around , it added
to the cheerful aspect.
Dr. McUlytui delivered an Easter scraou
last night boforft the Anti-Poverty s&cloty
In the Academy of Music. In the course of
his remarks ho said :
"If wo have had sorrow , lot ns dry our
tears and rejoice ; If our heart strings have
boon lorn , let us believe it were in Justice ,
anil if our hearts have been cleft in twain ,
let us live the better for It. We of this so
ciety have pledged ourselves to a doctrine
that Is the very essence of His , that is the
very essence of all religion.
"it was not weariness that sent mo from
the altars of the church to preach night after
night on the stage of u theater. It was my
"ovc of religion. So let us love all mankind ;
ct us ask ti.o Father to help us. and if there
be any misunderstandings , forget them and
irny for our enemies. "
All bright with the beauty of sunshine
streaming through radiant windows was St.
Patrick's cathedral In Fifth iwonuo yesterday -
day morning. Scarcely In nny other Chris
tian church of the United States could so
vast u throng be brought together. The po
lice turned away from the doors enough
iieoplu to fill two ordinary churches. Num
uers of pew owners were unable to reach
llielr own seats , for nt the cathedral on hn-
tortunl occasions n big crowd Is never well
mndlod. After umss had begun scores came
in through the sacristy , but had to stand
while strangers tilled their pews. All the
aisles were packed , nnd even the steps
around the sldo altars were occupied. From
flva to six thousand people- must hnvo been
within the building. The Easter ralmont ,
the bright and tusUjful costumes of the la
dles served to make the plcturo still moro
What need was there for decorations In
such an edifice } The broad sanctuary nlono
had a fuw. These were tall palm trees und
brilliant evergreens , Easter lilies nnd groups
if whlto geraniums , and n chaste effect was
produced. A cluster of lights flanked the
six big tapcr.M on the high alter , and around
the tabernacle weru n few vases of glowing
out flowers. The altars of the Ulesscd Vir
gin nnd St. Joseph were decorated with the
sumo simplicity and purity.
The sermon wus preached by the Hov.
Father O'Connor , S. .1. , of St. Xnvicr's.
Heuthovon's ' mass in C is not often heard
.n this city , perhaps on account of the severe
demands ft makes on choir and orchestra.
Mr. Pecher , however , Is equal to anything.
This suhllmo composition , of nn essentially
choral character , was rendered perfectly.
The "ICyrlo Elcison , " n gruvo and pathetic
choral prayer , disposed the gcongrogution tote
to devotion. The low strings in the orches
tra opened with < \ rir.h nnd subdued melody ,
nnd were followed by the soft , low tones of
mingled voieo and instrument. Then the
clarionets and bassoons took up the melodi
ous strain. When the "Christc" wns reached
thu most beautiful passage in thu number
was fliiely.oxecuted by orchestra and chorus ,
The conclusion In unison was full of
The music of the chimes floated ont over
many a largo congregation in old Trinity
yesterday. Kov. Dr. Morgan Dlx , rector ol
Trinity , assisted by Kovs. Henry A. Adams ,
Joseph W. Hill und Henry Hamnann , con
ducted the various services. The chancel
and sanctuary of the church were hand
somely decorated with flowers , among which
the enlla , lilies of the vnlloy and white hyn-
cinths predominated , and the candles iu the
the two big candelabra nt the sides of the
chancel wcro all alight throughout thu morn
ing and foienoon.
Many persons were turned away from the
Church of St. Mary the Virgin in the morning
ing- What with the gleaming altar , the
wild , sweet choruses , the swelling organ
peals , the rolling kettledrums , tbo clashing
of cymbals , the twinkling tapers , the sway
ing procession , the clouds of incense floating
up to the white , saintly statues : the sudden
hushes and the solemn tolling of the bells , it
would have taken n hard-hearted pagan to
resist Uio Intluenccs of the great Christian
paguont of triumph.
Dr. Lyman Abbott preached In Plymouth
church in the morning from the text , Ro
mans , vi. , 4 "Thuroforo Are Wo Buried
with Him by Baptism into Death ; That
Like as Christ Wns Raised up from the Dead
by the Glory of the Father , Even So We
Also Should Walk in Nownuss of Life. "
To the right of the minister's chair , and
forming a sort of screen to the Uttlo table ,
was n floral vault , on the door of which were
the words , "Easter Opened Heaven's Door. "
A beautiful pillow ot tulips and tea roses
rested on the front of the platform , facing
the qrganlst. To the right and left to the
very'edge of tlio"plutfoniT plants nnd flowers
were arranged in almost every imaginable
form of beauty. '
The gloomy gray nllgorical walls and pll
lars of the big room in Masonio templewhore
Kov. Hugh O. Pentecost preached to Unity1
cotwregatlon on the subject of "Leut und
Easter , " presented n dismal contrast to the
scone of floral profusion in almost every
other place of worship. There was an appro
priateness about the bare and bald appear *
ancc of this assembling pluco , as it qulto bo-
cauio the mood and spirit of the negative-
minded preacher.
Mr. Pentecost said ho didn't take nny stock
in either Lent or Easter. They are foolish
nnd pretentious observances , said he , and
give too unbeliever the chance to use n good
deal of justifiable surottsm at the of
the church. For a man. to smoke live instead
of ten cigars , and for a girl to heroically refrain -
frain during forty days from the use ot clioc-
elate caramels and bonbons , ho added , is not
n procedure- command the respect of intel
ligent people.
"I can't see any more religion in fish than
I can In meat , " quoth Mr. Pentecost , with a
sidelong shot nt "tho Lenten exodus to
Florida uvery year. "I think wo are better
Christians for being well fed all the year
round. True , religion consists of modera
tion. "
The callus , the tulip , the rose , sweet Jessa
mines , japonicas , and almost every beautiful
flower which the nursery supplies adorned
the Brooklyn tabernacle yesterday. . The
most conspicuous object was a huge cross
which rested against the center of the organ
nnd formed the background to the preacher.
Composed of cullns and bordered with tulips ,
it was suggestive of purity even moro than
of suffering. Over it wore the words , woven
in flowers of a darker tint , "Ho is Risen. "
A great attraction , indeed , is the fair at
the now armory of the Second Battery on
Broadway , between Fifty-second nnd Fifty-
third streets. The money made nt this fair ,
which it is hoped will amount to several
thousands , is to help to build a now hnmci'u-
pathic hospital and college , and some two
hundred matrons nnd as many pretty maids
huvo Interested thoinsulve.s in its SUPCOSS.
They have begged sueh nice big articles ns
pianos , sots of furniture- and Chfnu'frnm the
manufacturers , and every kind of fancy
work imaginable has been donated for thu
various booths. Ttfrs. William Ted Holmuth
Is Iu general charge , nnd Mrs , Henry J.
Newton In the secretary.
Flags of nil nations and hunting of the
brightest dock the entire armory. The booths
itru ranged about the room and each onu will
bo decorated differently.
Miss Hello Peabody Ward presides over
the floral booth , nnd dresses to resouiblo a
flower , as docs also her twenty or nicro as
Toblwcco of every form end kind occupies
ono entire stand , and among the fair women
who sell this noxious weed at high prices
arc Mrs , Gcorgo W. Ely , Mrs. Thomas S.
Plait. Mrs. Gcorgo Richardson. Mia. Rufus
B. Cowing nnd Mrs , Luciun R. Niles ; Muslu
each evening and afternoon Is an attractive
A special attraction Is an eight-oared rac
ing shell , which Is to be voted to the moat
popular college crew.
All the swells in town gathered in
Dclmonlco's Thursday evening. A num
ber of prominent Catholic Indies , including
MUs Loury , Mrs. Eugcno Kclloy , Mrs. E.
La Mo.itaguo. Mine. . Barrios , Mrs. J. T. Gil-
hurt , Mrs. Navarro , Mrs. Montanl , Mrs.
Jules Koynu ! and others arranged amateur
theatricals unit an operetta wus given in aid
of u French Catholic school downtown
"It was uwful funny. " said the captain of
I. of the Seventh rcKiment , in speaking of
the travesty on "Tho Taming of the Shrew , "
which was given under the auspices of the
company on Thursday evening in the Metro-
IHilitan opera house. "All the feminine pails
weru given to thn boys , und you should have
seen what n splendid ICuthcrinn Mr. Edwurd
Falow Coward ma do'
The travesty was written by Mr. John
ICendnck Bangs , and most of those playing
in It were Amateur Comedy club member * .
A largo amount of.moncy was spent for cos
tumes nnd scenery. Thn proce-eds are for
the endowment of the militiamen's bed.
Hospitals anil prisons will benefit by a
pretty little fete to be hold on April U at Del-
monieo's. There will be music , fancy booths
and frames , and the fete is in charge of a
number of women of fashion und energy
Kvcry nmatcur In the city is interested in
the Shakespearian festival which ls to bo
begin in the Berkeley r.yoouui ou April 13
nnd continue for six evenings and two
matinees. A number of plays will bo given
by well known amateur * , but "As You Like
ir'istobethechlefcKio. '
Three dollars U ticket socins u good price
for a Fans fete , which Is nothing hut n
Dutch Easter fair , but several hundred people
ple paid that nmoant. willingly The fcto
plroa In the studio of Mr , LouH Tiffany , In
the prent house on Sovcnty-socond street
and Madison avenue , every one- anxious to
see the studio and at the snmo time benefit'
the infirmary for women und children.
Pretty girls , Including the Misses Minturn.
Hoe , Porter , Lambert , Villard , Dorcmus and
Mitchell were dressed as Dutch maidens ,
and they wandered about In their full skirt *
and peaked caps selling llowcrs and fresh
eggs. Tharo were also many booths , con
taining all sorts of Easter novelties. There
was also music nnd dancing.
Of the now engagements , that of Miss
Banks , the daughter of Mrs. Lenox Banks ,
lo Mr. Charles It. Marshall , is ono of the
most romantic. The young | > ooplo met on
the old wall of the fort at St. Augustine nnd
fell In love in the good old-fashioned way.
Both ore young , handsome nnd rich.
A most Interesting engagement just an
nounced is that of Miss Edyth Nowcombc ,
the only daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs , 11. Victor
Newcombo , to Mr. Reginald II Ward , n
wealthy young bnchelor and banker of Bos-
ton. Miss Nowcombo Is n very pretty girl
of twenty nnd will have a largo fortune
running Into seven numoors some day. She
has only been In society a Uttlo over a year.
Anticipating the return home of William
1C. Vandcrbilt , at his Fifth uvcnuo palnco a
stuff of servants have been preparing the
house for his reception , but the gpnurai ap
pearance of things will not have uttered
very much from what It was bo fore his de
parture. Numberless boxes hnvo arrived ,
but they are not opened , and the priceless
treasures which they contain the laces ,
the bric-a-brac and the pictures collected
abroad will remain hidden until they nro
opened under the supervision of their owner ,
In the meanwhileMnltro Josef and his two
assistant chefs have not boon Idle. The bat-
Uirio do cuisine has boon unpacked and the
implements of the cult placed In their proper
jlaees. Josef has ransacked the markets and
declares himself fairly well acquainted with
their resources and ready nt a few'momcnts'
notice to begin operations. Ho Is disap
pointed In our markets ho says. Many kinds
of fish which nro common , or much prized
abroad are not to bo found here , for instance
the turbut and the sale. Our mutton , ho nd-
mlts , is good but our beef and our fowl nro
superior to those abroad. To the Blue Point
oyster ho renders all praise , Josef had last
night tried nn American dinner , which wns
not satisfactory. Ho did not like buckwheat
Yesterday President Depcw of the Vanderbilt -
bilt system of railroads , sent a special Lake
Shore car to Brunswick. It wnsV. . K. Van-
dcrbilt's private coach , carefully provisioned
with everything likely to comfort the hearts
of sueh ancient mariners ns Vunderbllt and
those sad old sea docs F. O. Beach and W.
L. Hey when taken away from salt water.
They had n pretty good cruise. They
talked ot throe years when they started.
People said then that .they would get tired of
each other's company in ono ycamnd that if
they stood It for three they would have mur
der in their hearts.
A certain famous traveler described nn
old time sailing voyage as developing hum.m
nature In this ratio :
First week Gentlemen , has anyone seen
my hulroiU
Third week What blankety blank rascal
has lugged off my tooth brush !
It may have been this weariness of each
other's ' society that cut short the Vanderbilt
trip , und it rnny have been the gastronomic
hopes raised In the Vanderbilt stomach by
the seductive $10,000 cook , M. Duquot , that
turned the Alva's prow homeward. Who
can tell I
With the departure of Mr. and Mrs. Cor
nelius Vanderbilt and their two sons and
throe daughters on the Cunnrd steamer Um-
bria for u several months' tour abroad , the
annual spring exodus of Americans for for-
ciun shores commenced and thu bull was sot
rolling in real earnest.
The distinguished family arrived on the
steamer's wharf an hour before the sailing
time of the steamer , and when the huge ves
sel swung out into the stream upon her long
voyage their costly rugs , chairs , ulstors ,
newmarkets nnd nil the paraphernalia of a
millionaire's family en voyage were snugly
stowed away in the staterooms.
MCIVINO 8.0X,000 : ) 1-OUND3.
Everything Is ready to start the big
Brighton Beach hotel on Coney Island on its
wonderful Journey. Eight or moro power
ful locomotives will begin to snort and pull ,
and it is expected that 8,000,000 pounds of
hotel will follow them. The sight of a build
ing 4fiO feet long by 1150 deep , with numerous
lone extensions , and with its four s.ories aug
mented hero and there by lofty towers and
cupules moving in onu mass along the ground
will be at least interesting and novel. The
moving of such a structure in its entirety
was never undertaken before.
The engineers have taken great precaution
againbt any nicking or wrenching of the
walls or Moors , and assert that if the powers
of the locomotives can bo applied equally
and very gradually the great great structure
will be moved easily and witli perfect safety.
It is proposed to give the hotel a ride of 000
feet inland. At that distance , it is thought ,
it will bo safe from its old enemy , the sea ,
which year uftcr year has been knocking the
sand out of it , or rather from under it. The
waves hnvo worn away its foundation until
only a few spiles stand between them und
their long for prey.
On these spiles immense beams were laid
and regular railroad tracks uuilt to get thu
hotel out of the wet. The tracks number
twenty-four , and on 110 iron Hut cars run iu
under its floor the hotel will make the excur
sion. The building does not rest directly on
the cars but on great timbers , which , ns the
tracks- are only about nineteen feet npart ,
make u firm bod. It is , of course , absolutely
level , us an uuuvcnncsu would imperil thu
whole structure.
The tracks , except two , run out about two
hundred feet , where , if the scheme works ,
the hotel will take a brief rest before it sits
down and laughs at the sea. The two center
tracks run out to the main truck of the
Brooklyn & Brighton Beach railroad. On
them the locomotives will do the pulling.
On each track them will bo four iron horses ,
or mord if necessary , bound securely to
gether ana attached to the iron Hat. cars
under the hotel by heavy chains. These
chains will not lead directly from the cars to
the cnirines , but will run from the cars to
iron pulleys ut the ends of the respective
tracks and buck uualn to the cuVs , whcro
they will pass through another pulley , and
thence to the locomotives. Thus will each
flat cur bo pulled along IU own track as if
attached to the locomotivu itself.
At the eloso of the service yesterday morn
ing Dr. Talumgu pulled out of his pocket n
magnificent new gold watch , Ho had just
received it from ono of ins congregation for
an Easter gift , "Tho story is interesting , "
said the doctor , "unit I meant to tell it to
the congregation , but I changed my mind.
Lust Monday night , when lecturing at Louis
ville , Ky. , I lost my wateh. I had placed it
on the table to measure the length of my re
marks , When I finished speaking I forgot
to pick it up. In the morning it could not bo
found. While mourning thu loss of un old
and honored friend which had dona good
service , nnd which to mo had many sacred
associations , I received tills watch from u
member of the church , who know nothing of
my loss , While udmiring the new watch the
bull was rung und an expressman handed mo
u package containing the old watch. "
' 'Monte Crlsto Jr " its first
, , received rep-
rcsontuuon in this country , ut Dockstader's
theatre on Monday night. The rehearsals of
this burlesque have been progressing for thu
past thrc-o weeks. Eltdn Geromu has been
especially engaged for the part of Fernand ,
and Huriy Brown for that of Nolrtior. Thu
burlesque was considerable of u success
when it wns producou in London , where it
had the udvunUgo of a cast which includud
hornoof the cleverest singers and comedians
known to thu London stuu'o , Little Coriuno
is to play thu part of Edmund D.intes here ,
which Nellie Furrcn created in London. It been arranged that the Gayety bur
lesque company during Us tour of this
country , wince was to begin at the Standard
theater in September next , would give an
elaborate presentation of this junior "Monte
CUrinto. " What effect upon their plans this
production by Corlnne will have Is not
known. Now .scenery and handsome cos
tumes arc piomised foi the production ut
Clara Morris will introduce "Reneo Po
Moiuy" to Broadway audiences nt the Fifth
uvenue theater. It oughtt to be u vury good
pluy , for u is nothing mora or less than a
translation of D'Ennery's "Martyro. " which
wus produced iu London by the Kendalls
under thu title of "A Wife's Sacriflco , " with
Mrs , Kendall in the role which Miss Morris
will assume in her version of the play.
Thu Casino is tho.scene of great activity ut
present with the preparations for the pro
duction of "Nadky.1' ' A staff of wx'iiid art
ists , dressmaker * , stage carpenters and proj > -
erty men lire engaged ontho new production.
* \1-M
With its double frame and metal pin btock and latest improved action , keeping it in the front rank
without a superior , and warranted for seven years.
PIANOS , now in our warerooms , have the double agraffe bridge and a recent invention in music )
rack for duett players which will delight the pianist , % ' ,
Kimball Pianos
The finest Parlor Organ made. All instruments fully warranted and sold on easy payments ,
Pianos and Organs rented , moved , tuned and boxed
It Is estimated that Bootli nnd Barrett's
profits from their tour will bo upward oj
? 00,000.
Miss Mary Davis , the well-known oratorio
vocalist , has for many years earned $35,000
> cr annum.
Marie Ilo70 will make a concert tour of the
United States the coming autumn season.
It is seven ye.irs since she was hero.
Mme Juno Hading sails ou May 9 to begin
her engagement with Messrs. Abbey , Schoof-
fel & Grau , to appear in North imd South
tVmcrica with MM. Coauolin and Danmlu.
Herr Elmblad. the second basso of last
winter's Metropolitan Operu company , is to
Kivo Berlin audiences a taste of his quality
If palatable his engagement is to become per
manent. '
Miss Paddock , a daughter of United States
Senator Paddock , ' possesses dramatic ability
and longs to become u professional. Her
parents are trying to curb her youthful ardor
for the stage/
Kosa Sucher , Uio famous Waguerlan so
prano , is to Jdln tub operatic forces of Berlin.
This is the only primn donna that Adulina
Pnttl nas ovet spoken of with something like
genuine admiration.
London musical critics have come to the
conclusion that Otto Hegtier is even more re-
tnarkablo as a musical prodigy than Josef
Hofuiiin. But there should bo no rivalry be
tween the two boys. In fact , they uro eveu
now play-mates.
Lilli Lehmanti.'of Wngnor opera fame , lias
worn blond wigs so continuously on the sta o
that , two-thirds Of her admirers thind she iu
n blonde , but she is an uncommonly dark
brunette , with hair turning becomingly and
premuturely gruy.
A dramatized version of Emilo Zola's "Ger-
mannl" is soon to bo produced m Paris.
Every seat for the first ton nights of the per
formance has boon taken. Paris proudly
considers Itself the most civilized city in the
world. Surdou and Zoln are thu high priests
of Parisian civilization.
The Ladles' Amateur orchestra , in New
York , was organized by Miss Hewitt , lUugu-
tot of Mayor Hewitt , mid modelled after
Lady Folkestone's orchestra , which has be
come sueh u brilliant feature of London so
ciety , the members of which are titled
women , some ot high rank.
Patti has readied Buenos Ayrcs. She bo-
gius an eipht weeks' season there , opening in
"La Truviata. " Manager Maurice Grau is
with the diva. Ho will remain until thu ar
rival of Marcus Meyer , who leaves in
company with Mr. Henry 13. Abbey for
South America next Saturday.
In t hespectular drama "Nero , " which will
bo produced on Stuten Island in June , Imre
Kirulfy proposes to employ 2,000participants.
The stage will bo 1500 feet deep , and nil sorts
of wild animals , including lions , tigers and
elephants , will bo in the cast , so to speak.
Ellen Terry celebrated her fortieth birth
day , and declared to a reporter : ' ! was
born in 1818 , in Coventry , in Shaksporo's
shire , thank God. My father and mother
were born on tbo stage. They married when
both were under nineteen years of age. "
Miss Terry says she has now but one wish.
"It is to help Mr. Irving in his great and
beautiful work , for it is a grand work ho is
Herr Ludwlg Barnay , the distinguished
German tragedian , will begin n two weeks'
engagement in Now York next week and
present u redertolro of Shakosperoan plays ,
including "Julius Cicsar , " "Othello" anil
"King Lear. " in e.ich of which Herr B.iriuiy
madu u distinct impression at the time of his
former appearance in llm great metropolis.
The eminent tragedian will also present an
original version of "Kean" und "Uriel
Acosta. "
Two years ago a man named Bernard was
singing at his carpenter bunch , in Paris ,
when M. Hurtmaun , the music publisher ,
chanced to bo passing. Mr. Hartman stop
ped and Icarnod that thu singer did nut know
ono note from another , bat he hud u beauti
ful voice , und M. Hartmaim sent liiui to the
best schools. That poor carpenter is now M.
Bernard , the favorite French tenor at the
Paris opera house , and is making moro
money in n week tliuu ho could saw out of
pine boards in a year.
M. Comiclin , being in search of n now
part for the Oronch provinces and his Amer
ican tour , that of Hagalus in Sardou's piny
of that nuino was proposed to him and the
statement made ( hat this nineteenth century
French political figure would be a great c.ird ,
on this sldo of tliij water. But in llagabau
M. Karnou , it , U said , intended to sketch
Uamhcttft , who was thn Frunch actor's
friend. So Coqublin would none of It , and
Htill searches for a now part. He makes hu
farewell unpetvrmico at the Comodlu 1 ran-
caiso April'J3. '
Lawrence Barrett Is a remarkably strict
disciplinuiiun , s ( > i ur us rehearsals uro con
cerned , nnd tjikc nn active interest in oven
the most minuUi parts. He Is also vury ob
servant , und ) vill/fUm ' muku radical changes
on short notion , 'Ho instructed nmembnrof
his compuny 91-0 iluy in ccrtulu "business. "
The next rohcaisal ho wanted it altered. The
actor remonstrated , sayint : ho had been told
to do it differently by Mr. Barrett the day
before. ' ! know't hut , ' replied the tr.igo-
diun , good humoredly , "but I have lived
twenty-four slnco then , and this Is an ago of
improvement. "
The National opera company played to
largo houses nt the New York Academy of
Music ( luring the past wook. Thu date '
definitely set for the , production of Verdi's
"Otullo" is Friday. April 13. The now and
elaborate hcenory , by Mugnani , of Milan , and
sixty suits of unnor , besides all the prop
erties , were landed from thu Xeelanii nn
Thursday. Thu chorus will number seventy
picked voices. After tbo six Now York rep-
rehcntutions of "Othello , " thu company will
visit Philadelphia , Boston , Cincinnati , St.
I-ouis and Chicago.
HTirry Lucy , the energetic JJre laddie hereof
of that lurid melodrama , "Tho Still Alarm , "
takes particular prideUn the success which
he has had in trajuiug thy stallions Pegasus
and Bucephalus that , are hariios o < l to the
"real" engine. From tb.o.flrat'hQ.intcligeut )
Arabian equities took Icitull.v to their tralu-
iiiK niul were wonderfully Intelligent about
the " " of tlio .
"hitohiiitf up" imrt performance.
They uro now full-flcdpcd actors , for they
unswor to the "cuo" which is Riven by the
licro. mid leave their stalls without nny per
suasion whatever.
Whan Mmo. Ailollim Pattl took leave of
tlio MaJrilonos at the ro.vul opera liouao.
llowcrs , wreaths and presents were showered
upon the staRe. Six gigantic bouquets were
offered to la diva , etich ineugurinR over two
yards In circumference , the gifts of tlio loud-
lug members of Mudriil society. The call ou
the fall of the curtain uitido up a scrioi of
triumphs , and formed a lilting termination
to a memorable event in musical annuls. The
receipts tit the farewell prrformanco were
(50,000 ( pesetas. Mine. I'attl appeared in se
lections from "Crispino , " "Lucia , " and the
"Barbiero , " and satin "U
Orthodox epitaph for Bob Ingcrsoll :
Hie jacot n man ,
His life cord untwisted ,
Who has gone to a place
Which never existed.
A Michigan woman , who wears false teeth ,
has lost faith in Christian science because -
cause it failed to restore to her u natural set
of teeth.
"Pnpu. how old was Methusaloh when be
died ? " "Nino hundred nnd sixty-nine years ,
Uollo. " "And what was his business ! " "Boy
preacher. "
"How do you like our pastor ! " "Much in
deed. Like good wino ho improves with
age. " "Yes , and his sermons tire also
like good wine. " "Whyi" They uro extra
dry. "
"A clergyman is accused of being seen ty
ing u tin can to u dog's tail. " Well , what of
it ) Some people are unreasonable enough to
expect that because a man is u minister ho
ought to tie silver goblets to dogs' tails.
A priest Is called in to ( > ce a poor old hack-
man who is on his death bed. The priest
( solemnly ) Have you been in the habit of
going to church ! The huekinan ( faintly )
No , but ( his face brightening ) I've driven
lots of people there.
The Hov. Leonard W. Bacon last Sunday
threatened to call the police on disturbers
of the services in his church at Waterbury.
Mr. Uncoil comes of the stock not to be tri
fled with. Ho not only believes in hell , but
in giving the wicked a taste of it here.
Walt Whitman , in an alleged poem , says :
"Nothing Is ever lost , or cun bo lost. " Evi
dently the author of "Leaves of Grass"
doesn't believe in the scriptures , wherein wo
read something about "lost souls. " Ho
never played the sinful gumo called ' 'poder"
A woman who keeps n little store at the
quiet hamlet of Brockton , 111. , Is on trial for
colling cigars , pop and lemonade on Sunday.
It is sad to llnd in a rural village whcro
naught but virtue and innocence should exist
a depth of depravity that would oven sh ock
St. Louis.
A pious citi/.en of a western city , who con
tributed a .stained glass window to the
church , is said to have fallen from grace
when ho read in thojocnl paper that "our fol
low townsman. Seth Schomcrhorn , bus
placed a stained grass widow in St. Joseph's
church , " etc.
David probably reached the conclusion that
nil men uro Ifurs by'reading alternately the
article's in tliu government organs and the op
position press. Other men since his time ,
alter such a course of reading , have very
nearly arrived at thn sumo opinion , only
they were too polite to blurt it right out as he
The Germany saiisagn meat must bo offici
ally examined before it is Hold. A dealer recently urresb'd for failing to comply
with the regulation. Ho gave as nn excuse
tho'fuct thai he ulwava * > nnt some of bis sun-
sago to his pastor llmt and If the pastor was
not intide ill by thorn ho c-oucluiled that they
wcro all right without nn inspection.
An actress of the People's theater , Lin-
coin , lately attended rhurch in that city in a
new bonnet , the crown of winch was
adorned with a beautifully worked adver
tisement of the company. This is n nuvol
way of advertising , but an excellent ono to
attract the ladies' attention. U might
nmku the preacher envious , but what of
St Peter ( commltlng credentials of appli
cant ) Always lived in Philadclphlu , ulwuys
shut the door ufter you , never asked any ono
whether it was hut or cold enough for him ,
never \vroUi a spring poem ! l-Vnnt , show
this gentleman to Uow A. Hold on a minute !
What's that stain on your lingers ! Appli
cant I -t used to smoke cigarettes. Bt.
Peter 1'Yont , show this gentleman to the
Frontier populatlo n has about nil it can
nttend to in the "here" without giving much
attention to tlui "lion-after. " Denver , how
ever , is giving some consideration | o matters
that pertiiin to thu. hovnnd. The News nf
that city says : "An audience of D.IHX ) men
crowding the Hcut.s und standing room nf u
hoimu of worship is un inspiring sight in tiny
city , but especially so in u frontier capital
like Denver , where , in tha general estimate ,
but lutl.i thought it > given to tho'things at
HID future.
Mr. Cyrus Foss. son of the eloquent nnd
Icarnod bishop of the M 13. dbureh. was | n-
tioduccd to un eminent minister of that
I church tit u recent reception nt Minnapolis.
1 "Ah , " s.iid the minister , "you are the BOH of
Bishop Koss , are you ! I know him very well
and am glan to know you. I suppose you
ur-i going to bo u minister , too * " "No , sir , "
replied the young man , promptly , "I nm go
ing to earn my living. " Then they both me
andered toward the lemonade.
A Dcslrabltt Locution.
No > y Ilavon News : Ono nf the bright
spots in existence it > spot oath.
Ilelwnon Two Tire * .
Dou-olt Froa Press ; The w.itchod
jxit ' ncvar boildbut ; tbua the un watched
pot'boils ovor.
. b4
i 12PlM3UMKN"r OUOL'S.
"I won't lust long at this rate" as the
surplus remarks when it gazes nt the twenty
million river and harbor grabs.
Matters are becoming so dull in Washing
ton now that the American hog is called in
to stir up a little wurm personal warfare.
Boston , Ga. , has more than llvo hundred
acres planted in melons. There will be no
negro exodus from that neokof woods before
A Boston woman who used to spend $75 per
year for kid gloves now gets along with
three pairs. Her husband bought her a diamond
mend ring.
Archaeologists have just discovered that
the ancient Egyptians used umbrellas. They
must have como handy during the long reign
of the Pharouhs.
"Wftlst not , " said the kind father from a
front upper-store window to the young man
who , at the front gate below , had hla hug
ging arm arouud his only daughter's waist.
Look at her waist 1 1 notice that the ladies
generally are wearing hign-neckcd dresses
this year "Yes , " said the old fox-hunter ;
"they soein to have been driven to cover at
A Wheeling Inrty took up the bandbox con
tabling her best bonnet last Sunday , then
dropped it. with a shriek and lied. The mouse
had got. in his work , however , and thu bonnet
was ruined. ,
According to the supreme court the new
"married person's property net" does not
comnel a married woman to hold her tongue
at her own ] > eril. She can slander her neigh
bors as before , nt her husband's expense.
"Yon , Billy , " called a Uloomington mother
to her son , who was nlaying in tlio utreot ,
"run right along to school and stop throwing
stones , for yon are almost certain to hit one
of those candidates and spoil your pa's
chances for getting an oflleo.
The oldest convention on record will un
doubtedly bo that of thy life prisoners in the
Ohio penitentiary , wnich is to bo held
shortly. Theie will bo no going out batweon
the sessions for refreshments und no trouble
about arranging excursion rates on the dif
ferent railroads.
"Who was that young man hero last
night } " nskcd a father to his only daughter.
"Why , p.ipa , that was my accepted lover. "
"Your lover , child. Why , I never saw him
before ! What does he do ! " "Uo , pupa ,
do I" aha replied in iima/.omcnt. "He doesn't
do anything ; ho has u government posi
tion. "
Telegraph Editor ( to Chief ) Here is an
interesting dispatch about Albert , the prince
of . Editor-in-Chief ( irascibly ) Kill it ;
I'm sick of Albert , pnnco of Wale-i. Tele
graph Editor But this disp.itch is in refer
ence to Albert , the prince of pedestrians.
Editor-in-Chief Oh , put a big hearting on it
A Chicago man who had erected a flnu res
idence was surprised one day to lo.irn that a
rat had been seen in the collar. The plumber
was sent for und given orders to stop up the
rat hole without rocrurd to expense. Ho did
so und handed in his bill. H called for ? ! , -
utji. : : ; > . Ho had found it necessary to com
pletely overhaul und clmiigo the sewerage
and drainage system of the premises to keep
that rut ont.
The edit or of a Grlgjrs county i Dakota )
paper culls attention to the fuet thut Gnggs
county contains room enough to seat the en
tire population of the globe in iirm-chairs
within its limits , allowing each person a
spare of thirteen feet. Unless the ( Jriggs
county editor can offer some other itnluio-
nient , it is extremely doubtful if the eutirn
population of the glebe will go there to sit
in chairs , It is too infernally cold in Dakota
to take such oiit-of-itoori lo if
an - - > during the
winter , uud too hot for comfort in the sum
A Most I'rcoloiiH Cut.
Augusta ( Ga. ) Chronicle : A lady in
Athens linn boon trniiiin a cat for tlio
jinst two yoar.s , nnd now ho will do al
most iiuytlmitf at the word of uommnnd.
Ho will go upstairs nnd brinjf hop hat ,
Blmwl or luindlcori liitif by lolling him
to do w ) . IIo is a valuable cat for
triclcH , but 1ms never boon known to
catch a rat.
Come and see for Yourselves , and
bring the Children with you ,
Don't buy the Hoys'
Sjiriny outllts until you !
have o.Miiiilnutl tlio ro-f
' out addition which we' '
hnvu tiiado to our Htork,1
in the juvenile dispart- '
mont. Nothing proltior
or more dc.siruhlocun he' '
found in Ohiliron's ) |
Clothing , tliuu the us-
EOiimont wo lnxvo now
on. exhibition , not to' '
i -r - inoiitinn also uniiriiml at-j
tractions ii ? garments
buitod to children of a
larger growth.
1310 and 1312 Farnam St ,
Al wnys In stock a full line of
Kcltalilo nnil Justly culrhrntoii
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Uivo entire Hatisfauttou or tliej
cost you noilimi ; .
Bicker's ' Compound Sarsaparlla
Tinuo'l niedldiio In Inn world to purify the blond
nnd invliMirHlo tinsystem. . Kottli- * contain nearly
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Ono lioltlo WAKH-AXrun to ruru any imllnnrr C'ouuti
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mntory DIMMISUI nt the rulmoimry Or.uin
I'rlcc , < JO cuts.
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nnd may l > Implicitly dcpomlfit upon In ovi'ry In-
ntiiiH'o tiijilvo untlru tmllxlu : tlnn , and U Kunruntowl
tu bu thu Lv l cmuUlou nutv made , or HO icturu Uio
Prlcic , I'or Hot tic , 75 CIMICH.
With I'KI'.SIN nmt Ol'l-NINH , nt the amo jirlco.
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wayi * It'Hvi'J * thn hkin poft , cl ar nnd liuttulltnl * Put
up In a lariix uli'KantmotuI nanliut , nltli hinge cover.
IMl-u , 1 > J emits.
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