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JeHmed ) \ > y CarrlM In Any r rt cf the City At
Twenty Cents I'cr Week.
ncfliSKCs OrriCE , No. 43.
NimiT KDiTOn , No. 23.
H , Y. Plumbing Co.
New epjInR goods nt Rcltcr's.
Millinery display nt H. Flrcdmnn's Friday
fcnd Saturday.
Tlio board of supervisors met in regular
cession on Monday.
Easter supper and sale of novelties nt the
Congregational church this evening.
Good coal , full weight guaranteed. C. B.
Lumber Co. , 000 Main st. Tel. 257.
The annual election of officers of the Coun
cil Uluffs club takes place the first Friday in
Permit towed was yesterday plvcn to
William Lnffcrty , of Ncola , and Margaret
firognn , of Omaha.
This evening there will be nn Easter supper
nt the Congregational church. Novelties will
also bo displayed and sold.
Frank Levlno will , after this week , bo
found In his now store , No. 603 Broadway , n
low doors from the Pacific house.
Next week the German Catholic bazar will
present many attractions at the tcmplo hall.
There will bo n change of programme every
The friends of Judge Lovo. who Is now
holding court here , arc urging his name ns a
miitabla successor to Justice "VVnlto. Ho is
one of the oldest judges on the bench.
There will bo an Easter festival at the Con
gregational church Saturday evening. Sup
per will bo served for 23 cents. Novelties
will bo sold and n merry , social season had.
The P. E. O. will meet this afternoon nt 3
O'clock with Miss Patterson. A full attend-
nnco is desired and the ofllccrs nro especially
requested to be present. 13y order of the
With the additional park levy voted by the
people the public may expect to hrwo some
suitable Willis put in Uayliss park so that
those who pass through there In wet weather
Will not bo obliged to wade.
FalrmountCouncIl No. lOOTHoyal Arcanum
have arranged for a party which Is to occur
on the evening of April a , ana will be given
in the parlors of the society. The affair
promises to bu very enjoyable.
The trimming dejmrtiiicntof H. Friedman's
$ millinery o&tubllsmncnt has been taken
I ! charge of by Miss Lovlo , of Chicago , a lady
of skill and taste , who will surely batisfy the
uumrrous customers and their various wants.
The forre of street cleaners yesterday
tcran work on Mynstor street. The work
being dene is much appreciated by the rcsf-
dcnts in that vicinity , as the paving en that
street , although put down only last , fall , is
covered with mud to the depth of four in
There Is ono hopeful reform inaugurated.
Heretofore the mud on the paved streets has
been scraped up In piles , and allowed to lay
there until the travel of many wheels had
ecattcrcd it again. This season the dirt is
actually being carted away. The change is
certainly for the bettor.
The largo audience nt Dohany's last even
ing was most cnjoynbly entertained by Uo-
Jand Heed and company in "Cheek. " Mr.
Heed has many warm admirers in this city
ana is always greeted with a largo house.
His support last evening was first class and
fully able to keep up the stasis standard of
The cause of the dirty water now furnished
by the city mams , is the breaking up of the
ice on the subsiding reservoir. The wind
keeps the cakes of ice in motion , and the agi
tation of the water prevents the usual settling
of the sediment. As the Ice is melting very
fast it Is probable that everything in this line
will bo all right in a few days.
Father McMenomy is having plans pre
pared for the erection of a parochial resi
dence. It will bo situated on Fifth avenue
between the church and the school building.
From the designs ns they now appear it Is
seen that the building will bo beautiful in ex
terior and commodious within. lieing ono of
the finest buildings of the kind in the state ,
it will bo n decided addition to the city and n
valuable acquisition to the Catholic church.
The next move on the part of the city
should bo the securing of legislative author
ity to levy a sunicicnt tax to pay for cleaning
out the alleys running from Pearl to Mnin
street , and back again , Just south of Broad
way. The alley is running nt both ends , is
filled with ugly piles of ashes and filth , and
right in the heart of the city is enough to
scare nwny any would-bo investor. No ono
is found who will admit being responsible
for deposits made there , and the deposits
have been increasing all winter.
The delegation from the city council mid
the board of trndo did good work at DCS
Molncs. They succeeded in helping the rep
resentatives got the bill passed giving the
city authority to mnke a special levy of 5
mills for two years for paving intersections.
This will njalco that fund sufficient to enable
the city to go ahead with the paving of
Broadway , the rest of the cost , of the im
provement to bo paid for by the adjacent
County Attorney Daily wants fair play.
Ho has warned the gamblers that- they must
close their places of business , or ho would
close them by help of the courts. As there
has been little apparently done in the matter ,
some have raised the query as to why the
colonel did not carry out his threat or prom
ise. Ho objects to the unfair insinuations
made by ono paper , and says that it is only
fuir to wait patiently for the outcome.
Colonel Dally has shown himself a fearless
and vigorous prosecutor , nml yet ho doubtless
finds that it is not nn cn-jy task to close the
gambling houses on the Jump. It will bo n
long fight at the best , and the public prosecutor
cuter should bo sustained , rather than
picked nt.
_ _
Money at low rates on tlrst-clnss inrm security.
Duiuhani , Tulleys & Co , lUUMaln street.
For all female cllseiws consult Drs. Moser Ic
Van Ness , opera house Mock , moms 4 and 6 ,
Council UlullB. Correspondence tollclted.
Nobbiest styles in spring overcoats at
John Done & Co , 'a.
A full-lino of crockery and glassware
at Lund Bros. , No. 23 Mnin street.
Union Abstract company , 286 Main street.
E. II. Shcafo loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
confidential. Ofllco COO Broadway , cor
ner Main street , up-stairs ,
Travolorsl Stop at the Bochtelo.
Piles cured with certainty. Drs.
Mosor ft Van Ness , Council Bluffs , la.
Notice to Architects.
The board of education of the inde
pendent school district of Council Bluffs ,
In. , will consider all plans that may bo
filed with the secretary , Charles M.
Hnrl. Esq. , on or before the 7th day of
April , 1888 , for a three-story , eightcon-
room school building , to bo erected on
the present site of the Washington ave
nue school houso. The cost of said build-
in L' not to exceed (40,000. No payment
will bo made for any plan unless the
Enmo shall bo adopted by the board.
The right to reject any or all plans is
cxpressljf resorted by the paid board.
J , J. 5TKWAUT ,
Committee ,
i *
The Indies of the Degree of TJobelcah
will give an Easter bociul at Odd Follows
hall , Saturday evening , March 31. All
OiUl Fellows and their families tire es
pecially invited.
" " " "
novelties in the Star sllirt
musts tit John Bono & Co.'s.
For sale cheap. Lots near the bridge ,
to parties who will build at once. Ad
dress or call on J. R. Rice , No. J10 Main
tlrcot , Council Bluffs.
Lost , an Irish setter dog , very large ,
red in color , Return to A. Koitur , 310
Breadlyny and receive reward ,
Undo Sam's Mills Grinding With a
Double. Sot of Burrs.
_ i
Made Up For the First Hound , But
Held A Secret Gcrspnclicr
Wnnts to Itcml Ilia Ten
ant's Heart.
Tlio Fcilerftl Courts.
In the United States court yesterday ,
Judge Love presiding , the case of Mrs. Mary
Poole vs the Union Pacific railway was on
trial. The plaintiff Is administratrix for the
estate of her brother , named Dovorc , who
was killed nt the transfer three years ngo.
Ho was engaged In coupling cars , and ills
claimed that the engineer sent back the rest
of the train with such reckless force as to
smash the Sink , and bring the cars together
Dovoro was caught and killed between them.
The company claims that the brakes were set
on the cars standing on the track , and that
the train was backed up slowly , but on ac
count of the set brakes the link must have
bein broken. In other words , they claim it
was purely accidental , and that there was no
negligence or carelessness on the part of
other employes. The case hns been tried before
fore , but the Jury failed to agree.
The grand Jury finished its work yester
day. There have been four indictments
found , none of them for very serious or sen
sational offenses.
Judge Shims had little of interest In his
court yesterday and ndjourncd early.
In the case of Stccle vs Ettingcr the Jury ,
after being out nil night , reported that they
could only ngrco on ono thing , mid that wns
that they could never ngrco. Judge Love
told them ho could not let them go , and sent
them back to their room , whcro nt Inst re
ports they were trying to get n reconciliation
between eight on one sldo nnd four on the
In the case of Carruth vs the Chicago ,
Burlington & Quincy railway the Jury re
turned n verdict for the company. In this
case the plaintiff , ns administrator , sought to
recover $ UO,000 damngcs for the death of
George , Foster , n conductor , who wns killed
in ISM while in the discharge of his duties.
Aid Our Clmrilablc Institutions.
If there are twelve Domestic bowing
miichincs bold from this otllco within
within the next ten days , either for casher
or monthly payments , wo will donate the
entire proceeds of the twelfth sale to St.
Bernard's and the Cottugo hospital ,
cnch receiving an equal share. Do
mestic parlors , 103 Main street.
Catch On to This.
Mr. Chn-.les Probstlo is prepared to
supply jou with a , harness the equal of
any on earth. Fine work and harness
novelties a specialty. Single , double
and track ; also a good class of farm
work. A complete stock of gents' and
ladies' riding saddles , driving boots ,
robes , all kinds of whips , etc. Give
him a call.
George Not In Clover.
An information was filed with the city
clerk yesterday morning charging George
Gcrspacher with assault with intent to com
mit murder. The assault was made Thurs
day night upon the person of ono of Gcr-
spachcr's ' tenants by the name of Pardu , who
failed to pay some rent that was due. Pardu
wns badly beaten , nnd was unable to appear
on the streets yesterday. Gcrspscher is also
said to have drawn a knife and threatened to
malto mincemeat of him. The place where
the affair occurred was the at the old Union
Avenue hotel , at the same place where Juck
Hughes wns killed two years ago by the no
torious Major Williams. Gorspucher was
present nt that time , and it was largely
through his reticence on the witness stand
that Williams wns ncquittod of that crime.
It wns thought nt the tinio that Gcrspacher
was in soniu way concerned in the crime , and
was under bonds to appear in court to an-
swerXo that charge. His hns been a check
ered career , nnd his reputation is decidedly
unsavory. For n few months past ho lias
kept very quiet , living at Belle Clover's house
of prostitution , at bOO Broadway. It is
claimed that the pair are lawfully
wedded , nt nny rate Gerspacher has figured
in police court several times in the role of
wife beater , Miss Belle being the object of
his brutnlily. At such times she has always
made the complaint , nnd generally paid the
fine imposed , although on the last occns ion
she refused to do so nnd his thugship was
compelled to Ho in Jail three weeks , and the
lesson evidently proved salutary , ns ho hns
been less dcmonstrntjvo since thnt time.
The time for his hearing is not yet fixed , but
it will probably bo postponed until the prose
cuting witness can appear In court.
Gerspacher denies stoutly that ho ever
made any assnult upon Purdu , much less did
ho attempt to kill him. Ho says ho simply
insisted on getting his rent , nnd Pardu
ordered him out. Ho refused to gound Pnrdu
cnmo for him with n hate-hut. Gurspachcr
says ho had no knlfo or revolver , nnd thnt in
fnct the whole chnrga is without any foundn
tion , and he expects to prove this by wit
nesses ,
Drs. Sloser & Van Ness euro private diseases.
Itooms 4 uutl D , operu house b'lb. Telephone " 73.
Lot 10 , block 7 , Baylies' first addition ,
with good house , will bo offered cheap
for the next ton days by S. B. Wads-
worth & Co. , ! ! 8U Main st. It is a bar
gain for any ono.
Police Pen PinturcH.
A brace of unsteady individuals toed the
scratch in the police court ycstcrdny morn
ing to answer roll call as Judge Aylcsworth
opened thu docket. "Ed. Ross , whcro are
you , " demanded the court.
"Dat's mo , boss , " responded one of the
pair , who was n shade darker than the court
room Btovo.
"You are charged with vagrancy , poverty
and general worthlcssncss , What do you
say ! "
"Guess dnt's crbout right , Jedgo. "
"Thirty duys in Jail. You can go for a
coupleof hours , and then coino back and bo
locked up , Omaha lies duo west , distant
about three miles. John Lnhey.1 >
"Hero , your honor. "
"Havo you pawned that suit of clothes
again ) It looks HO at any ratu. Seven sixty
can you pny itl Well , then , board it out
with Bnrhyto. "
In the nfternoon John Walker was ar
raigned for embezzlement. Ho was engaged
as agent by the Metropolitan1 Hug company ,
and sold some ruga that ho had for samples.
In the absence of Colonel IDalloy Gcorgo H.
Stlllmnn conducted the prosecution , The
prisoner wns found guilty and fined (33.33 ,
and in default of payment was sent to Jail for
ten days.
Call nnd see the newest styles of boys'
knee and kilt suits at John Beno&Coi's.
S. B , Wndsworth & Co. loan money.
Western Iowa College.
The growth of our city nnd a 'largely
increased attendance demand nn in
crease of facilities , and nn extension of
the courses of btudy at this institution.
Prof. G , D. Ostrom , a teacher of large
experience , 1ms purchased u half inter
est in tliQ collQfro and. will Itereaftor bo
Identified with it. Ho will have charge
of a classical department , through
which students may bo fitted to enter
our higher eastern colleges. Our nor
mal and commercial departments will
bo in excellent condition , A largo
number of students are expected next
term , which begins Monday. April 2.
Tlio Fulrinount Park Case.
The April term of the superior court , will
convene Monday. The March term has not
yet adjburncd , but will probably be to-night
At'the beginning of the term It was the In
tention of Juilgp Aylcsworth to dispose of
the cases , onthe docket in a very few days ,
b.ut owliig to Jto enforced absence ; of attor
neys , wlro were engaged In the district
court , the majority of the cases could not bo
tried , and the term wns prolonged day after
dny waiting for them. The decision in the
park case has not been rendered yet , but ns
the attorneys and other Interested parties
nro now nil in the city , it will bo given cither
to-day jr the flnt pf sest week. Since first
arrived at , ino decision u.o * uCuii oStelldod
nnd Is now very complete. It is claimed thnt
the bill recently passed by the legislature
will hnvo no effect on the case ,
ns legnl proceedings had been commenced
previous to its passage. It seems to bo the
opinion of many of the attorneys thnt the
outcome of the case rests solely on the legal-
ityof the condcmnntlon proceedings , nnd
thnt If they were fully nccordlni ? to Inw , the
city will hold the park , anil if they were not
the city must lose it. This brings the case
back to where it started. The attorneys who
conducted the condemnation claim thnt nil
actions tnkcn wcro legal , and profess perfect
confidence in their ability to win the case for
the city. The plaintiffs have not yet made
known their plan of nctlon in the case , ns
everything is dolnycd until it is settled
whether the city is to bo mndo n defendant
or not. Whatever their plnn may bo it is
generally believed thnt they "bit off more
than they can swallow. " nnd It Is predicted
that the strain caused by their severe exer
tions to mastlcato It will bring on n lasting
nttnck of indigestion.
llronilwny "Will Bo Pnvcd.
The news wns received hero yesterday thnt
the desired bill had passed nt DCS Molncs
removing all obstacles In the way of pnvlng
Broadway to the river. The trouble wns n
technical one , in rcgnrd to the Issuing of
bonds , mid thin being remedied there seems
no rcnson now why the city cannot go right
ahead with the work. The pnvlng of Broad-
wns hns been looked upon ns the needed nc-
companlnicnt of the new bridge. The shadow
cast upon the proposed improvement being
now removed it looks very sunshiny. AVith
tbo completion of the new bridge , nnd the
pnvlng of Broadway to its approach , this
Reason will show n great nntivlty in nil portions
tions of the city , but cspcclnlly In that ad-
Jncent to these Improvements.
Dill You Sec It ?
When the window shades were
thrown up at half-past 0 hint evening
the most beautiful display of millinery
over Been in Council Bluffs was shown
in the windows of H. Friedman's estab
lishment. This wns but a sample , and
the most beautiful combinations wore
scon in the pattern department and the
display cases. Always in the lead , Mr.
Friedman has this year outdone him
self. Ho has thorough artists in ovcry
department whoso work will more than
satisfy the most fastidious. The open
ing will continue to-day , and hundreds
will visit this emporium of millinery
The Motor Line.
A number of workmen were sent by Mr.
Kccd to put in the motor line crossing
over the "stock track" of the Chicago , Bur
lington < & Quincy on Ninth street ycstcrdny
morning , but on arriving there n "Q" engine
wns found standing on the crossing in charge
of four regular employes nnd a specinl policu-
mun. In answer to inquiries they stated that
their orders were to stay on the crossing
until "further notice. "
"Further notice" wns evidently received
about half past ten , as at that time the outfit
pulled away. The proper thing would hnve
been for the mnrshnl to hnvo nrrested the
whole gang for obstructing the street. As
soon as the obstruction was removed , work
was commenced on the crossing and will
probably be completed to-day. Mr. Reed
proposes to send in a bill to the railroad com
pany for n hnlf day's pay for his force of
men , ns the price of their little entertain
New Cify Directory.
Changes in residence or business can
bo made by addressing D. C. Dunbar &
Co. , Omaha.
Avocn's Dairy Maids.
The Indies of the Congregational church at
A\'oca held a dairy maid's social , Thursday
evening , from which they realized Sio ns
profits on crenm. The company was waited
on by eighteen young misses ( dairy mnids )
who were very efficient in their work.
The wonderful Instrument known to us ns
the "humniinphono" did not In any wny dls-
nppoint its hearers nnd proved a drawing
card , The programme was entirely new and
entertaining. The bill of fare consisted of
cake whipped cream cake , Ambrosia ,
crystnl npples.J chnrlott russe , tapioca cream ,
wlnpps , syllabub , floating island , ice cream ,
sherbets , crenm pie , custard pie , cream candy.
Personal Paragraph ) * .
A. B. Perkins , of Living Springs , is in the
J. F. Pulmcr , of Bnrtlett , la. , was hero yes
W. F. Altig , of Maine , visited the Bluffs
J. W. Hemstcd , of Griswold , was in the
city yesterday.
S. G. Maurcr , of Sioux City , spent n few
hours hero yesterday.
A. M. Cole nnd daughter , of Mnccdonin ,
wcro in the city yesterday.
W. S. Strnwn , of Omaha , was amoncr the
attorneys in attendance nt the United States
court yesterday.
Captain J. H. Crawford , of Afton , formerly
mnnnger of C. J. Colby's renl cstnte business
in this city , is hero visiting with old friends.
Silver City was well represented in the
Bluffs yesterday. Among the visitors wcro
Gcorgo II. Hornby , J , D. Adams , E. Vankirk
and wife , J. C. Jackson , William Stimeter ,
John Vnnkirk , wife nnd daughter , Dr.V. . A.
Miss Hnttlo Jordan is visiting hero with
her alstcr , Mrs. H. S. Uichurdson , of the
Ilcvcro houso. Miss Jordan is Just returning
from n visit to Colorado and Mrs. Richardson
will accompany \ to her home in Indiana in
n few days ,
How the Hankers of tlio Country
Grow Rich Some Fat Fees.
n. C. Ayrcs , of Plnnldnton , Dak. ,
writes the following letter to the Sioux
City Journal , regarding the rate of in
terest charged by bankers of this coun
try :
"Under more favorable financial
conditions this country would need no
protective tariff. If our financial policy
would bo changed from ono of special
favor to banks and bankers , and bo es
tablished in the interest of productive
enterprise , wo could manufacture in
competition with the whole world with
out the aid of protection.
As matters now stand , the bankers
who furnish the capital with which
our manufacturers do business are the
chief beneficiaries of our tariff system.
\Vith the control of the volume of
money now possessed by the bankswlth
the banks combined in n national asso
ciation with full "trust" powers , money
for use in manufacturing is so costly
that a protective tariff is an absolute
necessity to manufacturers. It is not
the difference in wages paid that creates
the necessity for protection , it is the ex
cessive interest that money commands ,
und this high rate of interest is estab
lished by the combined banks which
profit thereby.
The cost of manufactured goods may
bo found in the following elements :
1. The cost of raw material ,
, The oos of motive power.
3. Tlio cost of labor ,
4. Thorobtof capital , or the ralo of
interest for money.
The foregoing will bo found to com
prehend the xvholo range of possible ele
ments of coat in the production of goods.
Give uifill these at as moderate rates as
prevail in England , Franco and Gor
man v , and there will bo no room for dis
cussion of the tariff question , for tlio
necessity for protection will at once dis
appear. Wltii any of these elements
moro costly than they are in those coun
tries , thetohoico , manifcstlyjlios between
'n degree of. protection and the destruc
tion of more or of our manufactur
ing interests , Under existing condi
tions ii cortninlvflocs cost moro topro-
duce goods in America than it costs in
tlio European < * oifntrios above named.
Inspection demonstrates that this
higher cost of production docs not result
from a greater Bfst of raw material , mo
tive power or labor , but that it is in
consequence of the hMior rale of inter
est , for llioiloy hove than there.
1. No countrjMn the world can fur
nish raw material more cheaply than
the United States , "VVo have mountains
mid mines of irgn ; our cotton is nt the
very doors of oiirj factories ; otir timber
cannot bo surpassed in quantity or qual
ity , nor furnished moro cheaply in tlio
civilized world. And so with iho great
bulk of the material consumed in nil of
our industries. This proposition will
not bo disputed.
2. As to power our mighty rivers ,
with unfailing supplies of water nnd
falls unsurpassed , are ample to run the
machinery of all the continents , nnd our
coal is inexhaustible and so near the
surface of the ground as to defy Euro
pean competition. Wo can make steam
with less labor than it costs anywhere
else under the sun.-
3. As to labor in the United States
and England lot Mr. Blalno himself tes
tify. While ho was secretary of state ,
in 1881 , ho mndo an elaborate report
from statistics gathered through United
States Consuls in Diigland ( state depart
ment , commercial report No. 1U ; page
98 , October , 1881) ) , in which ho used the
following language :
Undoubtedly the inequalities In wages of
English nnd American operative1) nro more
than equalized by the greater efficiency of
the latter and their longer hours of labor.
So the better quality Of their work
and the greater number of the hours of
their labor absolutely make the labor
of the American mill-worker cost less
thati that of his English competitor-
according to Mr. Blainc.
Note that , thus far , as to raw material ,
power and labor , we have the ad
IT But in the matter of interest on
money used in manufacturing there is a
wide difference , and this difference is
against us. English , French and Ger
man manufacturers pny from 21 to 4 per
cent for money , Americans from G to 10.
It is no answer to this to say that the
United States borrows for 3 , 15 } or I per
cent ; or that money is 2 , 8 or 5 per cent
"on call" with gilt-edge securities in
New York. The matter in hand in
volves the rates paid by manufacturers
for money to use in manufacturing in
America and in Europe , if the facts be
not substantially as above stated , then
this whole argument fails and falls.
Investigation will show that the facts
are substantially as herein alleged.
European manufacturers employ
ctmital costing not moro than one-
half the cost of capital to the American
manufacturer. And . this is the sub
stance of the whole matter. The bank
ers of this country control the loanable
capital of the country , and they charge
for it , "all the trallic will bear. " They
are offered amii13 facilities for regulat
ing the supply to the demand , so as to
control rates. They do control rates ,
not through any mysterious interposi
tions of divine providence , , but by un
scrupulous use of the po.vor unwisely
placed in thcirthands by equally un
scrupulous or ani'azingly corrupt legisla
tion.The banking system by 'which the
banks got their notes indorsed by the
United States and made current for 1
per cent per annum , and are given
practical control of the money volume ,
gives their association ( their money
"trust" ) the power to regulate interest
as best berves their money-making pur
poses. In line with this is the practice
of the treasury department in esteb-
liahlng "public depositories , " nndc.r
which practice sixty millions of the
alleged "surplus" in the treasury is
actually distributed among 208 banks , in
sums of $1,100,000 and lefas to each , free
from any interest charge whatever to
the banks that have the use of such de
It may bo said , if these things are
true ot the banks they ought to be able
to furnish capital as cheaply ns it can bo
obtoincd in Europe. Perhaps this is
true ; but they do not. They are human
institutions , and they manage their
affairs for the money they can make.
The point is , that scandalous legislation
nnd administration put it within the
power of bankers to cover the money
market , and they do it. It is a power
almost infinitely greater than nny
king , emperor or potentate posses ,
and it is used wholly for the pecuniary
benefit of the men in whose hands it is
Our public credit is ns good as that of
any nation in the world , porhans the
best of any. Our private credit ought
to be as good as that of any people in
the world. With a financial system
modeled in the interest of the people ,
and not solely in the interest of the
comparatively few people called bank
ers , our private credit would bo as good
as that of any people in the world ; or ,
what is the same proposition differently
stated our people , on equally good
security , should bo able to borrow
money for use _ in manufacturing ( or in
any other legitimate business ) at as low
rates of interest as any in the world.
While national bankers dictate the
financial policy of the United States , a
protective tariff must lurnish the moans
to pay them the excessive interest they
charge , or our mills nnd factories must
stop. Whan the clutch on the tliroat
of American enterprise has been broken ,
the necessity for protection will have
passed away.
Sl'KCIATj advertisements , such as Lost. Pound ,
To I.rmn , For Sale , To Kent , Wnnts , Hoarding
etc. , will bo Inserted In this column nt the Inw
rutoof TUN CENTS I'KIl LINK for the first in-
bertlon und live Cents I'cr I.lno for each subse
quent Insertion. Leave udvertinoment.s at our
cilllco , No. 1I'uarl Street , near liroudway , Coun-
ell HlulfH , Iowa. _ _
_ WANTS. _
WANTKD Place to keep 20 to 40 horses anil
limits within twenty miles of Council
lIlulfH or Omaha ; timber Innd will do. Addicss
018 Washington avenue , Council lllutrs ,
rpo TKADR Acltan stock of clothing. Hats ,
JL boots nnd shocn , for Council llluirs or
Omaha property , or for land In this vicinity ,
Address 1) 'M , liee olllce , Council lilulfs ,
WANTKD Good girl for general housewoik ,
Apply to Mrs. . Obeiholuer , itM Third ht.
FOH BALK Very cheap for cash or would ex
change for Council muffs or Omaha prop
erty. a retail stock of boots and hhoes valued at
I6WW. Call nt htore N.O. KU B. 13th St. . Omaha ,
or address It , Murtut ! > umo place aud number ,
TmUHNITUHK-Jloub'ht. sola nnd exchanged ;
-L nlso Ktotatre and commission In good , light ,
airy , llro-prool uullrtni ( , ' . Inqnliu at store No.
11U North 13th bt. It. Mm tin. Omaha. Neb.
Hl6F.STEIUNa nnd Finnlture repairing
done neatly and promptly ; work ( hiuran-
teed. Household goods und furniture bought
find sold. L. M. Lewis , No. 11U North 13lh at. ,
Omaha ,
Olt BA .n At n bargain , 40 aci es near block
yards , Hontli Omnlm. Nflj. , Johnson It
Christian , Itoom S5 , Chamber of Commerce ,
Omaha , _
T\7ANTKD Stocks of merchandise. Have
IT Omaha and Council Jllutfs city property.
nlsoebteni land to exchange for Koodt. Call
on or address Johnson & Christian , Itoom 33 ,
Cliainber ot Commerce , Omaha. _
M. n. RNYDIMI , A , M. , It. II ,
MRS. U. 11 , ENVllUII. M. 11.
. U07 Urokdwny , Cuuucll
rtU pn account of the
If then hud bought ( heir groceries of
This woulil not have happened nnil
this family would saved from 10 to 20
per cent hcHido. Send for catalogue of
prices. Special prices to clubs of 5 or
more. No. 315 Middle Broadway ,
Council BlulTs.
COO Ilroaawny Council DlulTa , Iowa. Established
CARTER & SOX , Prop's.
Manufacturers of
All Kinds of Steam Boilers & Sheet Iron Work
Orders by mall for repairs promptly attended
to. Satisfaction tunnuiteecl. 10th Avenue. Ad
dress Ogden Holler Works. Council Uluffa , Iowa
Star Stables and Mule Yards
Broadway , Council mulls , Opp. Dummy Depot
Horses and mules constantly on hand , for
sale at retail or in car load lots.
Orders promptly fllled by contract on short
Stock sold on commission.
Telephone 114. 8C1ILUTER & HOLEY.
Opposite Dummy Depot , Council Ululla
$5,000 AT DEATH !
ti" > weekly Indemnity for Injury. Costs uut
M.1 per year in the Old Reliable United States
Mutual Accident Association of New York.
KlljiiMlSK & KKIjIjICY ,
General Agents ,
Itoom 3 , Opera House Illock.
A Full Assortment of Harness Goods Con
stantly on Hand.
Repairing Neatly nnd Promptly Done.
NO. 205 MAIN ST. ,
Standard No. 4090 , chestnut stallion , foaled
April 10 , 1883. Bred by C. J. Hamlin , Uuffalo ,
N. Y. , sired by Alnionnrch ( record SslMJfl
son of Almont , ( Irst dam , Lucy , by Hamlin'a
Patchin , slro of the dnin of Bell Hamlin
( record 2:13 : % ) ; second dam by Kysdyk's
Ilnmblctonlnn. Norway stands 10X hands
hiKli , and can trot better than 2HO. ; This
stallion will bo permitted to sorvc u few
marcs at $35 the season from March 1st to
July 1st. For particulars cmjulro of
Council Bluffs Driving Park , or No. 417
u South 14th St. , Omaha.
And Most Fashionable novelties In
29 Wain St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Same Btrcot und number ,
Council Illulls , la.
Veterinary Dentistry a Specialty
The Same that Is now en route from HONG KONG.
Will Show the Finest Line nnd Moat Complete Assortment Ever Shown la
the City.
* i
Departments Contain the Latest Styles and
feJB.B. *
No. 4O5 Broadway , Council Bluffs } i
T .
Orders taken nt 1'cnroso & Ilardcn's , 8. 12tli st , , Omahn , Nob.
SIZES FROM Especially Designed for
25 TO 250
Branch House , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
E. C. HARRIS , Manager.
Rl Architects and Superintendents. Eoom
( X 2 , Opera House Block , Council .Bluffs. '
nTWTKnRTNJ ? Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineer
, L > lIUUHDnJ } , piaug ) Estimates , Specifications. Su
pervision of Public ork. Brown Building , Council Blufift
Iowa. _
RTNTflV UTTPJfJ ? Attorney-at-Law , Second Floor Brown
rlnJJlil DUilJiD , Building , 115 Pearl Street , Council
Bluffs , Iowa.
Justice of the Peace. Office over American ,
, Express , No. 419 Broadway , Council Bluffy
o wa.
in the Stat
Attorneys-at-Law , practice
and Federal Courts. Office Kooms
and 8 , ShugartBeno Block , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
EC DAD MUTT Justice of the Peace , 415 Broadway
, 0. DnlUllJll , Council Bluffs. Kefers to any bank or
business house in the city. Collections a specialty.
DRS. WOODBORY & SONS Oflice corner o
. , and Firat Avonuq
rooms 4 and 5. Telephone No. 273 and 272 for the office and
residence. Diseases of women and children a specialty.
p Ujl 7UM Dentist. Corner Main street and First
1 j avenue.
THQTUVTW Sur anl G. E. , Ordinance Grades and
, lUDJLMin. Grading Estimates. Drafting. 501
Broadway , cor. of Main , Room 5.
HI P. C. DEVOL. ill 1
Jewell Vapor Stoves.
Monitor Wrought Ranges.
Charier Onk Stores.
Leonard Refrigerators.
Guilders' Hardware.
( Jolden Star Vapor Ranges
( illdilcn Fence Wire.
Tin Roofing and Job Work
liS riill ATIilt CASH TKAUi : .SOIIC'ITEI > .
Is ready to furnish Orst-clabHhelpof all kinds ,
content tors , liotuls , restaurants and piivuto
llfty Indies and Kentlemen wanted to fcell u new
article which every family will buy. Apply
this week.
Inferences ; First Nat'J Hank.
Carriage and Express Line
Telephone No. 33.
The nnest llneof.andaim , ( toadies and Hack *
In the city. The pnly line authorized to anwer
calls turntd In to Am. UM. Tel , Co.
No. 652 Broadway , Opera Hcute Block ,
Council Bluffs. Ttlepbono flo. 284.
1514 nouaias sr , , OMAHA , Nisn.
D. H. McDANELD & CO , ,
Hides. Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Markei Prices. Prompt <
t20 ndte ! Hu'.uStreetCouncil llluffa.Iovra.
Best $ J a DaYJotjsB in the Oil/ / ,
Ne r the DtpoU. Street C r C natUl U3 , .