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PART I. . PAGES 1-8.
Emperor Willlum'a Funeral Marred
By Officious Pollcomon.
Eovoro Comments Made By the
Gorman Newspapers.
Rough Experience of n Lady Tourist
in Berlin.
Iloinanccrs Already Spinning Ijcuends
About tbo Dead limner Prince
IVlltiam Virtually IlcRcnt For
Ills Sick Father.
[ Owing to the sleet nnd wlndj and the consequent -
sequent breakage of the .wires , the BEE'S
telegraphic service is somewhat curtailed ,
, especially its cable service. ]
Indignation In Berlin.
[ CopyHulit JM8 bu Jamct ( Jordan ncnnctl. ]
UEIU.IN , March. 21. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to the BEE. ] The dead
kaiser , the present emperor and the extraor-
dlnary snowfall which lasted almost without
interruption for fourteen days have llllcd the
papers during the pa ° t week to the exclusion
of all other news except , perhaps , national
politics and Boulangor. The Berlin police
continue to coma In for an almost unexampled
amount of abuse. Ono man indignantly cal-
cula'cd that over eighty thousand more per
sons might have watched the funeral proces.
sion if the police had not uselessly , without
warning , at 8 o'clock on the funeral day absolutely
lutoly closed Unter den Linden nnd its cross
ttrccts to the general public. Another draws
n pathetic pen picture of the helpless rage of
the dead .kaiser's spirit as , hovering over the
funeral car , it saw the scanty rows
cf spectators , scarcely six deep on the foot
ways along the grtat avenue from the cathe
dral to Brandenburg. There , the two car
riage vxys were , absolutely vacant. The two
* hotBcback paths were equally free , except
/or the rows of guards , as the procession
passed , while a block distant on each cross
.street , held back by the police , the loyal
v crowds fought and crushed each other for
the momentary and imperfect view which
could bo obtained from such a distance.
In the Thicrgartcn boyond.tho worst police
tyranny was displayed. Every tree along
the route had its sight-seers. In ono case at
least a broken arm resulted from climbing.
The on-looker showed a stubbord determina
tion to take oft his hat as the hcarso passed ,
oven though in doing so ho fell and killed
Among the American colony there has
bcca much angry comment on the red tape
Which caused foreigners so much trouble.
Many who had paid 400 to COO marks for
Untcr den Linden windows , found their way
to the window absolutely blocked by police
nnd thin four hours before the procession
was expected. Ono Boston woman , after
pleading for a half hour burst into tears. She
fortunately found a tender-hearted officer
who accepted her tears as a pass.
Another American tourist the day after
the funeral , went out walking In n bright
colored dress hat , but came quickly back
breathless with Indignation to complain that
nil the little street boys had been snow-
'balllng her shouting , "Mourning 1 Mourn
ing ! "
Legends about the dead emperor are al
ready in process of formation. The flrst Is in
regard to a great white , wild swan which
hovered over the cathedral during tl(0 ( fu
neral services. Tnen , as the coffin was car
ried out , slowly winged its way over the
silent palace toward the Cliarlottenburg
tomb , Regarding the great man's , death ,
perhaps the most characteristic remark was
that of his great grandson , "Tho emperor
has gone to heaven , " was explained sol
emnly to the little fellow ,
"Did ho take his sword with him ? "
promptly and eagerly inquired the future
The proposal to make Kaiser Wllholm's
birthday March 22 a great national holiday
has been onthuslastllly received , but , un-
foi Innately , the church has already made so
many spring holidays that a new ono at this
season Is objected to by business men.
Among the many small changes made in
cidentally by the change of rulers Is tno
great impetus given to the business of all
lithographers and photographers who print
pictures of the royal family. The minister
.of public Instruction has already sent out
00,000 pictures of Kaiser William In a single
batch to various public schools , Bach rail-
roaQ station and place of publio resort will
/ Uavo new portraits of the late and present
emperors. To private persons such portraits
and photographs are sold daily , literally , by
thousands. As a curious coincidence it is
noted that Kuiser William's ago , at his
death , was Just equal to the combined ages
of his three living heirs , his son , grandson
und gi cat-grandson.
There continue ! } to bo potty demonstrations
by rowdies against the emperor's English
doctors and against the English generally.
The last golden wedding medal presented
by Kaiser William was given on March 0 to
George Weber's wife , of Berlin ,
Bbo Will Vigorously ItchUt All Inva
sion of Her Territory.
lOop/rJoi | / ? J IfiSSti ; A'cio 1'ori ; AttoeUttui JVej . ]
BEIILIN , March 24. The situation between
the central allies and RusMa remains un
changed. The only alteration arises from a
Visit of the king of Uoumanla to Vienna ,
which has resulted in a deilultc treaty under
Which Austria pledges herself against * any
Violation of Roumanian territory , The empe
ror's decree of March 21 , authorising Crown
Prlnc Willlurnto represent htm in the trans
action of state business , is now
recognized as tantamount to the
creation of a co-regency. Besides
the published decree another exists which
gives Crown Prlnco William fuller jiowcrs In
the event of the emperor's suddenly growing
Regarding the real state of the emperor's
health it is difficult to obtain authentic In
formation. Of his private life what Is known
is that ho is nblo to take n little daily cxcrclso
In his orangery and heated conservatory at
Cliarlottenburg , receives family visits and
listens to the reading of official rcpoYts.
A medical consultation has been held re
garding the condition of Prince William , who
is suffering from general 111 health.
Terrible Iccd of a Mother Crazed Ry
AVnnt nnd Persecution.
NEW VOUK , March 2-1. This morning a
woman came Into the police headquarters
and announced that she had killed two of
her children and the third was dying. Her
namois Mrs , Llcbkiirchcncr , and she told n
pitiful story of povcity nnd peisccutlon ,
which caused her to end the lives of her
children. She used Rough on Rats.
Mrs. Licbkurchcncr is only thirty-four
years old. Tcnyeats ago she married Jacob
Licbkurchcncr , then a wealthy brewer. Ho
was n widower with RI own-up children , who
protested against his second marriage.
Finally Liebkuielicncr's brewery failed , and
the split iu the family widened.
The old man stuck to his young
wlfo and started n saloon , which also
fulled , on account of his Ill-health.
When he died two years ago his life insur
ance all went to his flrst children nnd the
second wlfo had to support her three children
by scrubbing and washing.
Her earnings were not sufficient to keep
the children and sometime ago she took
the two oldest boys to the river nnd
Jnrapcd in with them , but they
were rescued and the children sent
to n juvenile asylum. About four weeks ago
she succeeded in getting the children back
from tbo asylum on falsojirctenscsnnd being
shortly afterwards advised that homes in thu
west hud been provided for them by the
authorities , she determined to kill them.
She insists she is not insane und is content to
hang for her crime.
A Kentucky Father Shot Dead By
JIls Son.
LOUISVILLE , Ky , , March 21. James Merna ,
a farmer living near Frankfort , was shot
nnd killed to-day by his son. The father be
came angry because his wlfo wanted n now
pair olshocs and threatened to kill both her
nnd the boy , nnd drew a revolver. The boy
was quicker , however , and shot him down.
Ho is lodged in jail.
Rcicoval of the llcmalns of General
Paoz to Venezuela.
NEW YOIIK , March 24. The removal of the
body of the Venezuelan patriot , General
Paez , from the armory of the Twelfth regi
ment , whore it has been lying in state several
days , to the United States frigate Pensacolu
for transport to Venezuela , took place to-day.
An imposing military display accompanied
the remains and numerous prominent officers
of both branches of the service were present ,
Including Generals Sherman , Sheridan nnd
Sickles , Admiral Ghcrardi , and others. The
Pcnsacola sailed this afternoon for Laguara.
The body in to bo placed iu the national
pantheon at Caracas.
Colonel Grant and Biulenu.
Nnw YoiiKx March 24. Colonel Grant
makes public to-night a very long statement
in reply to General Badeau's address to the
American people upon the controversy which
has arisen between General Badeau and the
family of the late General Grant. Colonel
Grant says it Is his last word in the matter
prior to the hearing of theacaso in extcnso.
Under the circumstances , shcreforo , ho goes
over much ground which has already been
covered , chiefly in the negotiation with a
view to the settlement of the case without
resort to the courts , to the personal demon
stration of Badeau and to arguments going
to show that Badeau's services were of n
much less important character than Badeau
claims they were. Nearly all of Badeau's
most prominent assertions uro denied.
Discussing the Tariff * .
BOSTON , Mnrcl > 124 , The joint debate be
tween the Homo Market club and the Tarlf
Reform league to-night on the question "Is
the wage-earner bonoflttcd by a protective
policy , as embodied In the present tariff i1
Everett P. Wheeler , president of the Now
York free trade club , i eprcsented the Tarifl
Reform league , and Congressman Butter
worth , of Ohio , the homo market clubs. The
speeches of both were received with grea
A Pica For Protection.
PUOVIIICNCK , R. I. , March 24 , Before the
Commercial club "to-night Senators Chase
und Aldrich spoke in reply to Representatives
Mills and Breckcnridge , who addressed the
club a month ago. The senators both said it
would bo a most fatal step to admit wool free
and argued generally in favor of protection
"Weather Indication * ) .
For Nebraska nnd Iowa : Easterly
changing to northerly winds ; colder ; rain or
For eastern and southwestern Dakota-
Snow , followed by. colder , fair weather
with a cold wave , fresh to high northerly
A cold wave Is indicated for Dakota am
Minnesota. The temperature will full fron
15 = to 25 ° by Monday morning. There
will bo drifting suows with fresh to hlgl
northerly winds.
The Ice Gorca nt Hlsinnrck.
BittMAitCK , Dak , , March 24. The Missour
river gorge at Washburn broke this morning
nnd the river is rising rapidly at this point
Everything has been placed in readiness fo
a Hood , but no danger to life or property i
anticipated , The great danger is at Sibloi
Island , where- thy most disastrous gorges o
the past have formed. The flood must sooi
bo at its height.
Beaten Ity Bicyclists.
LONDON , March 24. The six days' matcl
between the cowboys mounted on mustang
and bicyclists terminated to-night In favor o
the latter , they making 091 miles to 602 fo
the cowboys. Lane , of Nebraska , rcplacec
Beardloy , who was taken violently sick 11 vo
hours before the finish.
Tbo Dllllcnlty nt Tangier ,
TANQIEII , March 24. Lewis , Umtci
States consul , has refused to accept the con
ditions under which the sultan's secretary
offered to settle the question arising from the
imprisonment at Rabat of persons under the
protection of the consul.
The Women's Council.
WASHINGTON' , March 24. The first busl
ness meeting of the international council o
women was held this afternoon. Not all the
delegates have arrived yet. The nationu
association gave a reception this evening u
the Riggs houso.
BOSTON , March 21 Frank A , De.nborn , n
luwj or of this city und Newton , has usMgiic'd
Liabilities 170,000 Including unsecured debt
J50b75. His u&scts consists principally o
bondtmud stocks ,
A Bad Man From the Bluffs Makes
the Attempt ,
How A. P. Aylosworth Ended a
Long Drunken Debauch.
Several Others Have Very Olooc
Calls For Their Lives.
The Town marshal Proves Ills "Wel
lington , and Fills Ills Jlldo
Full of Duck Shot
The Details.
Tragedy nt "Waterloo.
WATERLOO , Neb. , March 2-1. [ Special
o the BEK. ] At 8:30 : this morning the
town was thrown Into a state of the greatest
excitement by the fatal shooting of George
W. Hill , the principal , of the Waterloo
graded schosl , nnd the subsequent wounding
of the assassin , W. P. Aylcsworth , of Council
Huffs , by Town Marshal John , Campbell.
The details of the uflatr are as follows :
Aylcsworth is n house mover by occupation
and lives at 015 Eighth street , in Council
Bluffs. On Tuesday last ho left his homo
and since that time has been on n protracted
spree. By some moans ho wan'deicd west
ward through Papilllon , Millard nnd Portal
until on Friday night ho found himself at the
house of John Bryant , about three miles cast
of Waterloo. The occup.mts of the house
raving retired ho pounded loudly on the door
and demanded admittance , and when refused
flrcd three shots through the window , fright
ening the occupants nearly out of
Lhclr wits. Falling to get in
the house ho retired to a buggy
shed near by , nnd after taking out iho cush
ions of a wngon for a bed , made a Ore of some
loose boards and slept until morning , when
lie came to the door and compelled Mr. Bry
ant ut the point of his pistol to furnish him
with breakfast. After eating ho left In the
direction of Waterloo , and had not traveled
far when ho was overtaken by a tieo peddler
named John Stcdman , who asked him to ride ,
which offer was accepted. After riding for a
miio or so , Aylesworth suddenly drew his
pistol , nnd turning to Stedman remarked :
"Stranger , I have a d n good notion to
kill you. "
Stcdman persuaded him to put the weapon
up , Aylesworth remarking that ho "would let
him live this time. "
The remainder of the journey was made in
silence , and when they reached Waterloo
Stedmun drove to the hotel of T. D. Todd ,
where Aylesworth , after alighting from the
wagon , passed directly into the ofllco and sat
down by the stove. Mr. Hill and Mr. W. A.
Bullock , of Omaha , wcro in the ofllco at the
time , talking over the proposed purchase of
some maps for use in the public schools. Mr.
Hill was sitting on a chair holding a map on
his lap when suddenly Aylcsworth arose
from hisvseat and going over in front of him
remarked :
"Young man , how much is your life
worth ! "
Hill , somewhat surprised , remarked that
"ho did not know. " whereupon Aylcsworth
inquired if ho ( H'll ' ) know "how much it
would cost to bury htm ? "
Hilk said ho did not , when Aylesworth.
after remarking , "Well , I am going to kill
you anyway , " drew his pistol nnd iircd , the
ball striking Hill directly over the left eye ,
passing downward in n diagonal course and
lodging m tbo jaw directly under the right
ear.Miss Nettle Gilmore , a very good-looking
domestic employed at the hpuao , was also in
the room when the Lhooting occurred , nnd
when Aylesworth flrcd was behind the coun
ter getting some ix > tatocs from a
sack just placed there. At the re
port of the pistol she raised her
head to see what was the matter , when the
murderer flred at her , the bullet narrowly
missing her. Ncttio fled.
Aylesworth then directed his attention to
Mr. Todd and flrcd at him , the ball passing
through the sleeve of his coat Just below the
shoulder. Fortunately no damage was done
except to the cloth. The assassin then
stntted out with the evident intention of cap
turing the town , for on his way down the
street ho reloaded his weapon and prepared
for' action. J , R. Watts , the village post
master and justice of the peace , was the flrst
man in sight , und Aylcsworth opened flro
upon him so successfully thut thut gentle
man did some very quick work in getting his
person behind a friendly building , closely
pursued by Aylcsworth , who yearned for
gore and was determined not to rest until ho
had obtained it.
Lou Denman and John Nelson , who had
seen the entire proceeding , now put in nn
appearance , the former armed with a navy
revolver of the vintage of ' 49 , which refused
to go off , and as Aylcsworth still kept up his
artillery practice , Lou decided to rcttcat ,
which lie did very , very rapidly. By this
time the entire town was aroused und every
body who hud a pistol used it in
u vain endeavor to "down" Aylcswoith ,
who seemed to bear a charmed life and whc
stood on the steps of Watts' store and kept
up the fusllude.
At this moment Town Marshal John
Campbell , an old man seventy years of age ,
arrived on the scene with his little shotgun ,
nnd his action is best described in his own
words :
"I got there just as the shots wcro the most
frequent. Aylesworth was behind a barrel ,
and us 1 came up I told him to lay down his
pistol and surrender ; und , sir , ho shot at mo
twice. I blazed away at him with ono barrel ,
but did not hit him , und just then ho stuck
his head up and , sir , I slathered him. "
That the latter expression is coriect is
proven , when nn examination developed the
fact that twenty-eight shot struck Aylos
worth in the head , all of which entered on r
line just above the mouth. The wounded
man was carried into the drug store mu :
medical aid summoned. Contrary to all ex
pectations ho did not die and will undoubt
edly recover. Hill will probably
die , his chances for recovery
being about ono in seventy-five ,
lira. Coulter & Bryant , the latter ol
Omaha , attended both cases , nnd anticipating
a possible chance for Hill's rccovciy , re
moved the left eye in order that the sight ol
the other might bo preserved in case he got
Hill Is a young man about thirty-two years
of IUTO , nnd for some time has been tha prin
cipal in the Waterloo school. Together with
his mother ho resides in the village. Ho Is a
model young man and the unfortunate affair
is regarded as a great calamity.
About i o'clwck in the afternoon the physi
cians decided to remove. Aylesworth to the
hotel and make nn examination of his in
juries. The i csult of their labors developed
the fart that the sight of both eyes hud been
destroyed , while the wounds received were
not necessarily fatal. The contents of one
barrel Of Marshal Campbell's gui
lodged in the loft shoulder , am :
while the other struck him in the
head the amount of powder in the gun was
not sunk-lent to drive the shot through the
skull. While the examination was taking
place Aylesworth began talking and stated
that be lived at 015 South Eighth , Council
Bluffs , und had a wife and five children. He
afterward remarked that ho had been on n
big drunk since Friday of ono week ago , and
had been in Nebraska since Tuesday , and
that he had been drinking beer and whisky
and was crazy and imagined everybody was
going to kill him , and in. order to protect him <
belf ho had began shooting , Ho expressed
himself ns sorry for what had happened and
asked if ho had hurt anyone. When Informed
by the bystanders of thanhootlnp of Hill , ho
inquired If Hill wunldj die , nnd upon being
told that there was n chbnco for his recovery
said ho hoped ho ( HU1) ) Would get well. Ho
accidentally ovcthenw the doctors say that
the sight of both his cy s was destroyed , nnd
gave vent to the expression , "Will Phovcr
see the light ncalnl"
Aylcsworth has Worked In Omaha consid
erably. After ho left homo Friday of n
week ngo his wlfo nnd son spent the entire
day and Saturday In looking for him in
Omaha , but without/ / avail , nnd nothing wan
heard of him until t6 ddy. The family are
on the way to Waterloo at this writing.
A Ilcnr Kid Collision.
r , Nob. , Mntah 24. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the Ben. ] J 15 o'clock this nftcr-
noon n freight going' aat was overtaken and
run Into by nn cxprci s gainer cast nnd run-
ning by special tlmo. The engine on the ex
press was n total wreck , the engineer oand
fireman staying wlth'thelt engine. The ca
boose on the freight and two cars wcra n to
tal wreck , the caboose and ono freight car
burning up. A blinding storm of rain and
sleet was raging at the tlmo. While the
wreck was being cleared up a United States
mall bag. was discovered In the wreck under
the bridge where the train collided. No ono
was hurt and the wreck was cleared In about
two hours ,
The Cquncllninn Complication.
NniniASKA tiTV ! , Nob. , March 24. [ Special
Telegram to the BKK. ] Tlio case regarding
Councilman Donaldson who is alleged to have
held his scat in the city council Illegally ,
which matter was brought before the cltl-
is by the DIM : has created n sen Ration hero.
Many claim that removing from tlio ward ho
rcpicscnts docs not effect his right to his
scat , but others quote law to the contrary.
Tlio democratic committee declared his scat
vacant and called for the election of a suc
A Mad DOR ni Fremont.
Fnr.voNT , Neb. , March 21. [ Special to the
BKB. ] Ficmont had u genuine mad dog sen
sation this morning. A cur , supposed to belong -
long to n farmer living near the city , was at
largo among other dogs , biting and frothing
nt the month with every indication of hydro
phobia. He bit ono or two dogs and when an
effort was made to kill him ho escaped Into
the country and has not slnco been heard
from. Serious results are expected to de
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
A Hemp Manufacturing Company.
FitEvoNT , Nob. , March 24. [ Special to the
Bun. ] At a meeting of Fremont business
men held yesterday the preliminary steps
were taken for the organization of the Fre
mont Twine andJHemp Manufacturing com
pany. It will have a capital stock of $50,000.
It is expected that 800 acres will bo devoted
to thu hemp crop this year.
A Prohibition Row.
NnmusKA. Cirr , Nob. , March 24. [ Special
Telegram to the Bnc.1 The prohibition city
convention met last ! iilsfht and nn effort was
made to endorse the citizen's ticket nomina
ted Thursday , but it was not successful.
There could not bo found enough eligible men
who would accept nominations , and the con
vention adjourned until Tuesday evening
after appointing a committee to hunt up can
Madrid's Ratification Meeting.
MADUID , Nob. , March 24. [ Special Tele
gram totho BEK.I An immense ratification
meethiK endorsing the contest of the vpto of
Grant was hold at tb'i&placo to-night , repre
sentatives from all parts of the county being
present. Support to tho-amount of $50,000
was pledged and victory is certain.
Adopted Plans.
HEDHON , Neb. , March 24. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] The Thoycr county com
missioners have adopted a plan and specifica
tions for the jail nnd jailor's rcsidcnco to bo
built this summer , and the plans are now on
file in the county clerk's ofllco. Sealed bids
have been advertised for and the contract
will bo let at their next meeting , April 24.
A Ijenp Year Party.
HnnnoN , Neb. , March 24. [ Special Tele
gram to the BER. " ! The leap year party at
tlio opera house , gotten up by the ladies of
tlio Hebron dancing club , came off last
night. Tholaaieo.j ere dressed in elegant
tissue paper costumes. All in attendance
speak highly of tlO ) evening's entertainment.
Philip Best Nebraska City.
NcmiASKA , CITV , Nob. , March 21. [ Special
Telegram to the 13EK. ] Representatives of
the Philip Best Brewing company , of Mil
waukee , wcro in the city to-day and pur
chased the necessary property for putting up a
building nnd making Nebraska City a gen
eral Nebraska distributing point.
A Forgery Case Settled.
NrmiASKA CITV , Neb. , March 24. [ Special
Telegram to the BEE. ] The case of forgery
against Hon. James McClur was to-day set
tled in the district court , his friends paying
tlio full amount of the forged notes.
SlKiifilcnnt. Action of a Former Ohio
"Uliilno" County.
CLEVELAND , Marcli 24. The republicans of
Logan county , Ohio , to-day adopted resolu
tions requesting their delegates to the state
and district conventions to vote for the elec
tion of national convention delegates who uro
favorable to Senator Sherman's candidacy
for president. This is considered sig
nificant , for the reason ttmt Logun county is
a Bluino stronghold.
A Oulnth Pastor In Trouble.
DUI.UTH , Minn. , March 24. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the BEE. ] Rev , Thomas Baldwin ,
pastor of the Second Baptist chuich , will
preach a farewell sermon to-morrow morn
ing. The trustees charge tliatj thu reverend
gen tlemun 1ms become a "boodlcr" and in
sisted by a resolution that hereafter ho
should give d receipt for all moneys col
lected In the nameof the church. A lively
church qunricl Is In progress nnd the pastor
has positively resigned.
fileuniBlilp Arrivals.
PiULADELfiiiA , March 24. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the Bu -Arrivcd ] The British
Princess , from Liverpool.
NEW YOHK , March 24. Arrived The
Bothnia , fiom Liverpool ; the Saale , from
Bremen ; the \Vielanjl , from Hamburg ,
The Kxtrcinc Penalty.
OZMIK , Mo. , Marcli 21 , John Matthews
was convicted of murder in the first degree
to-day. Ho is the third of' the Bald Knob-
bcrs who received' ' the extreme verdict for
the murder of Batons and Green , There are
several more to bo > tried yet ,
- - , . ' .
Cattle Quiirttntlno Removed.
SPIIINOFICM ) , 111. , March 24. The governor
to-day , pursuant to the recommendation of
the slat aboard of live stock commissioners ,
issued a proclamation removing the quaran
tine in Cook county cstaollshcd \ > y his proc
lamation July 'J , IbST.'this revocation to take
effect on Aprtn , Ib8l
Fatal Gas Kxjiloslon.
PoTTtfvn.LE , Morph 24. By a gas explosion
at Field's colliery last night two men wcro
fatally injured and several others more or
loss bruised ,
An Kpldcnilc of Measles.
ST. Louis , March 24. The measles are
raging in virulent form among" the United
States xccrults at Jefferson barracks. Seven
deaths have already occurred and the hospital
Is crowded.
The Domestic Infelicities of a Young
American Lawyer.
Mrs. Charles Pholpa nnd Her Insane
Her Husband Finds His House De
nuded of Its Furnishings.
The Valuable Household Outfit Ito
covered nnd the Imdy's Jewels
Seized An Entire Family
of Lunatics.
Pan Society Shocked.
[ Coj > i/rf/ht ( INS bu James ( lortfrm Iictmet ( . |
PAU , March 24. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to the BEE. ] Charles Harris
Phclps , a member of the New York bar , a
son of the former speaker of the Massa
chusetts house of representatives and n
nephew of the Into Senator Irn Harris , has
made his debut before the French courts.
His success nt the British bar recently was
made the subject of a dispatch to the Herald
from London. It seems that after the de
cision there in his favor and giving him the
custody of his child Mr. Phelps hastened
here , where , for several years , ho has occu
pied the Villa St. Lucicon. On arriving
ho found to his astonishment that his
wife , Mrs. Eleanor Livingston Phelps ,
had been there in Novombcr last , during the
pendency of the English chancery proceed
ings , and had completely emptied the house
of its furnlturo. This is described as of the
most sumptuous nnd costly description , much
of it having been made to order in India and
China and collected during many years of
Oriental travel before Mr. Phelp's mar
riage. The staircases , halls and both draw
ing nnd sleeping rooms were hung with the
richest embroideries and tapestries of the
Orient. The carpets were nil selected
in Persia , the handsomest being a
present from the shah. Legal stops
were at once instituted by him to
recover the property. Many of the most val
uable articles the ofllcors found in Iho house
of Mr. Phelps' mother-in-law , Mr. John A.
Pell , who is n sister of Mrs. Hickson - Field
and Mr. OsgoodFicldof Roino. Mr. Field's
daughter was the beautiful Bessie Field ,
who married Prlnco Brancacclo , who Is now
adamo d'honneur to the queen of Italy.
Air. Poll , it seems , has been more or less out
of his mind for sometime and was formally
declared a lunatic in September last by the
New York supreme court on a joint petition
of both Mrs. Pell nnd Mrs. Phclps ,
who is his only child. Wo hear
that his property , amounting to some
$250,000 , was vested in the New York Life
Insurance and Trust company us his com
mittee. It appeared in the French courts
that , to enable her to make this trip from
hero to New York last summer to have her
father declared mad , Mrs. Phclps borrowed
from Mess , Buron & Co. , bankers , her letter
of credit , nnd to repay this money received
by order of the New York supreme court
$207,583 , which sum was paid to her by her
father's committee. After waiting to bo
reimbursed for their letter of credit , the
French bankers commenced legal proceed
ings by a snlsso d' nrrit ngainsthcrhusband's
property and his largo library of rare and
valuable books. It seems that Mr.
Phelps , during long residences abroad , has
devoted much of his tlmo to the study of
French law nnd speaks fluently many Euro
pean as well as Asiatic tongues. So when
the case came on ho pleaded his own case
against Maitrcs Lavalls and Lasallo , both
distinguished members of the French bar.
The president's decree , just made public , is
that Mrs , Phclps' jewels , which are of great
vnluo , shell bo sold to repay the money which
she received from the Now York courts , but
which she did not pay her bankers ,
and her husband has been legally placed in
possession of all his property in books and
furniture. The jewels nro now in the hands
of tho.nuthorltics nnd comprise some nine
necklaces of pearls , rubies , amethysts and
choice oriental stones. Ono is composed of
over fifty diamonds. According to inventory
there is also a paruro and many rings and
bracelets. Tlio collection has been sent to
Paris to bo disposed of at the Hotel Dront , n
a publio auction place.
When the decree was cabled to New York ,
u cable dispatch arrived from there guaran
teeing the bankers , but other creditors of
Mrs. Phelps have claims against the jewels.
In addition to the lunacy decree against her
father , it is stated in society hero and in
court that her grandmother , Mrs. Moses
Field , nnd her flrst cousin , Robert Troup
Pell , wcro all deranged. The affair has
created much talk nnd sensation here , not
only through the American colony , but in all
circles , consequent upon the wealth and connections -
noctions of both families.
DES MoiXKi ) , In. , March 24. In the senate
this morning the consideration of the rail
road commissioner bill which passed the house
yesterday was begun ,
An amendment by Mr. Rcingard was
adopted providing thut the acccotunco of any
railway stocks , etc. , or thu employment by
any railroad of any commissioner after his
election uhould work a forfeiture of his office.
Yeas 5 , nays 83. The bill provides for the
election of three commissioners in the gen
eral election for a term of three years , and
for filling the vacancy by the governor and
executive council.
In the house this morning bills passed
legalizing the ordinances of Red Oak Junc
tion. Montgomery county , and Paunma ,
Shelby county.
The amendments to the DCS Moines river
land bill wcro concurred in and the bill
Tbo bill passed providing for the taxation
of certain property for road purposes. The
dairy bill , senate tile HI , providing for tha
appointment of n state dairy commissioner
and providing an appropriation therefor , was
A resolution was adopted that such com
mittee clerks and fllo clerks ns were yester
day discharged by the adoption of the reiwrt
of the committee- retrenchment nnd re
form , bo retained until such time ns nil the
clerks could bo discharged or until the chair
man of the committee report that their ser
vices wcro not needed.
At the afternoon session the house refused
to concur In the senate resolution to dis
charge members of the committee to investi
gate the university.
The bill providing for the levy tax for the
bridge fund which was lost Friday , was re
considered nnd ordered engrossed.
The bill pnsscd providing that the majorltv
of the trustees of a savings bank may consti
tute n quorum to do business. The bill has
passed the scnnto.
The bill was ordered engrossed regulating
the good tlmo of prisoners In the penitentiary.
The bill passed relating to flro districts.
Tlio bill pnsscd to prevent the Issuance of
capital stock by corporations without full
payment bo offered and to create personal
liability for violation.
The senate bill making the state superin
tendent of publio Instructions n member of
the board of trustees of the state normal
school , was pnsscd. There was no senate
session this afternoon.
Iowa AVomnn Suffragists.
Dns MOIXES , In , March 24. [ SpecialTele
gram to the BKI : . ] The Iowa suffragists refuse -
fuse to bo suppressed , and , although | thcy
have had very poor success with their hob
bies this winter , they came up smiling for the
next round. The International women's con
gress at Washington is attracting much at
tention in this stato. DCS Mollius sends thrco
delegates Mrs. J. W. Mills , Mrs. Harriet
Bollongor and Mrs. John R. Shaffer. Other
ladles will attend in nn unofficial way. Sev
eral of the Icadine women of the state , in
cluding Dr. Jennie McCownn , of Davenport ,
and Mrs. J , W. McICinnon , of Dccornh , are
expected to represent lown in the conven
tion. They haven't anything especial that
they want saved , but they expect to stir up
some enthusiasm to help them in their special
reforms. They nro after woman suffrage Just
now , and although tlio legislature refused to
give them oven municipal suffrage , they are
clamoring for tlio whole loaf. They think
that the formation of womcns clubs will help
their causa and they believe the convention
will stimulate that work.
Ice Gorge at Sioux City.
Sioux CITT , la. , March 24. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE.J A monster gorge has
formed on the Missouri river twelve miles
nbovo hero , just opposite Jnckson , Neb. At
thnt place there is a long stretch of low , level
country , and unless the gorge breaks a dls-
asUous flood is Imminent. The people of
Jackson nnd other points exposed on the low
ground are greatly excited. All along the
low ground in the vnlloy there is nervousness
and apprehension of disastrous floods.
The Fire Kccord.
HAMnuno , la. March 24. [ Special Tclo-
gram to the BEE.J J. B. Christian's eleva
tor and the Chicago , Burlington & Qnlncy
depot wcro consumed by flro nt a late hour
lust night , involving n loss of $10,000 , Includ
ing the grain the elevator contained. The
elevator was insured for $3,000 in the Ger
man-American and Phoenix of Hartford com
panies. The fire is supposed to have origin
ated in the engine room of the elevator.
PiiiLUiEDi'iiiA , Pa. , March 24. The Cen
tral theatre was totally burned this morning.
The rear wall of the building fell on the
i ofltrOjCqiniquo Immediately in the ronr ,
-ttnd'complctoly demolished thai structure.
The hotel and several stores and saloons ad
joining wore flooded with water.
An Old Brute Sentenced.
MUSCATINE , la. , March 24. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] Theodore Grosshelm , an
old man aged fifty-five , was sentenced to-day
to servo five years in the penitentiary. His
crime was enticing little school girls pf ten to
thirteen years , children of prominent fami
lies , into his place of business publio bath
rooms and treating them wrongly.
Two Attorneys Fined.
MUSCATINE , la. , March 2-1. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bin : . ] William Hoffman nnd
Judge J. S. Richman , two prominent attor
neys' were fined $50 each for contempt of
court. Thoy" Iia l a pitched battle in the
court room yesterday Curing the trial of a
liquor case. Richman's head was badly cut
by an inkstand in the hand of his antagonist.
A Newspaper Change ,
KCOKUK , la. , March 24. Tlio Constitution ,
ncwspayer , was sold to-day to Warwick &
Ransom , who have been conducting the
Democrat , an independent paper , hero during
the past twenty months. The paper will be
called the Constitution-Democrat und will bo
democratic in politics.
Ijlauor Condemned.
CLINTON , la. , March 24. Some days ngo
the sheriff seized twelve barrels of boor in
the wholesale house of C. Arlcn & Son , be
sides tlio vessels which contained it. The
case was tried before a justice this morning ,
who condemned the liquor und vessels to bo
destroyed , ns they wcro kept in violation of
the liquor law. An appeal was taken to the
district court ,
Nebraska nnd Iowa Pensions.
WABiiiNOTON.March 24. [ Special Telegram
to the BEE. ] The following pensions were
granted Nohrnkons to-day : Original invalid
William Hedge , Clay Center ; George P.
Honnold , Good River , Increase John Leo ,
Ledge Polo.
Pensions for lowans : Original invalid-
Francis M. ICerby , Cincinnati ; Lewis II ,
Markham , DCS Moines ; Hczlklah Garbcr ,
Marble Hock ; Thomas K. Cassel , deceased ,
Shollsburg , ( ends Juno 25,1885) ) ; Cornelius
Wcrtz , Plattovlllo ; Sylvester Warren , Freeport -
port , Increase Martin V. Davis , Klllorton ;
Taylor Vance , Eddy villa ; Chester McEvcrs ,
River Sioux ; Thomas J , Bulchor , Fairest
City , Joseph Noff , Ruthvcn ; Isuuo Strohm ,
Clinton ; John Fleer , Ottumwn. Re-issue
nnd increase Orriu E. Thomas , Cedar
Rapids ; David Allen , Nashua. Oiiginal
widows , etc. Minors of Nicholas Haupnchs ,
Dccorah , ( ends Juno 12 , Ib87) ) t Jane , mother
of John 1) . Adams , VVuukon ; Sarah J , , widow
of Turner Bccson , Cairo , Mexican widows
Anna M. , widow of Michael Eriiwino ,
Nashua ,
Spaldliif ; Will Cross the Pacific.
CHICAGO , March 21. President Spaldlng ,
of the Chicago baseball club ,
announced this evening that ho
had perfected arrangements for n
trip throughout Australia , New Zealand nnd
the Sandwich Islands , Ho will tuko two
nines of the best players in Ameiica across
the Pacific , leaving Sun Francisco the last of
October und playing the flrst game in Aus
tralia about Christmas. Captain Anson will
bo one of the players , but the others have
not yet been named.
The Death Hocoid ,
NEW Yoicic , March 24. Commodore Robert
R. Hitchcock , of tlio United States navy , died
this morning.
ALIHNV. N. Y , , Match 24 , Ex-Governor
John T , Hoffman died of heart disease this
morning at Wiesbaden , Germany.
The Flro Itcuord.
1'iiiLADEi.i'iiiA , March 24. No statement
Of the loss at the Theater Comiquo flro has
yet been obtained , but it is estimated that ttio
loss on the Central theater building and con
tents will be upwards of 180,000 ,
New York Republicans.
NEW YOIIK , March 21. The republican
state committee wet to day and decided to
hold n fctato convention at Buffalo Muy 17 ,
Reports That She Is Suffering From
Melancholia Denied.
Humors Which Have Gained Cur
rency Entirely Disproved.
The Queen Somewhat Anxious But
in Excellent Health.
Welcomed nt the Station nt Florence , ,
My a PcrHoiinl Olllclnl of King
Humbert RcspcctH or
the Vatican ,
Startling Rumors Denied.
tCnpi/r'oht ' t > v J-imcj Ionion ] lcnnr < L\ \
LONDON , March 24. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to the BIE. : ] Prlvato tolo-
grarns received hero toward midnight from
Now York surprised the clubs and not a few
gossips by making Inquiries ns to tha extent
of the queen's melancholia , nnd whether it la
true that the Prlnco of Wales wus to bo ap
pointed regent. It would seem from tha
tenor of at least ono telegram shown here ab
this office that some hoax must hnva been
perpetrated in America. No such sugges
tion has been made here and melancholia is
deemed the least probable disorder coming
to Queen Victoria.
To make assurance doubly sure , however ,
duo inquiries wore made , nnd semi-official
assurances have just been given mo in the
proper quarter that while the queen has been
imrdonnbly anxious , and perhaps nervous ,
over the death of Emperor William and the
accession of her daughter ns an empress , she
is in excellent health. Ono who saw her at
her departure fairly laughed nt the question.
The European edition of the Herald this
morning gives an account of her passage
through Paris and presents on Its first pngo
an engraving of the villa and Its surround
ings of which the queen , ns appears from tha
evening dispatches , has n ow taken possess- > " *
ion. She was welcomed nt the station at
Florence by a personal official of King Hum
bert , who , with his queen , will personally
pay respects next Tuesday. y " *
On Wednesday an ambassador from the
pope is expected to tender the respects of tha
Queen Victoria at Florence.
ROME , March 24. Queen Victoria arrived
nt Florence to-day. King Humbert's repre
sentatives met her nnd'sho was escorted to
the villa receiving nn ovation of populas
The Storm in Omaha Interrupts
Travel A. Telephone Disturbance.
The sleety rain of yesterday kept fulling
at intervals all night long and In the early
part of the evening was accompanied with
occasional flashes of lightning. Tlio side
walks wore in a very slippery condition and
us pcdcstrianlsm was out of the question , a
quiet evening followed a dull day. The var
ious meetings nnd entertainments announced
for last evening wcro cither slimly attended or
postponed , as the chccrluUlresido presented
more charms than any'cntertsii'nicnt sand
wiched in between the exposure offWinff-
and returning. Tlio telegraph nnd telephone
companies as usual , suffered by the ice freez
ing on the wlics and breaking them with Ita
Weight. About 11 o'clock the little woman
who presides at the central telephone ofllco
was visited with a stroke of lightning that
set flro to her switch-board und extinguished
her lights. She promptly extinguished the
flames , however , and her work went on un
terruptcd ,
Wires Broken by Sleet.
Si'itixoi'iELn , Ills. , Marcli 24. It has been
drizzling all day and slcntlng. The sleet Is
very heavy to-night. Many telegraph lines
are down and all electric lights in the city
are out. The limbs of trees nro breaking
with sleet.
Heavy Snow In Illinois.
BLOOMINQTON , 111. , March 24. A very
severe storm of cold , snow and hall prevails
hero having begun curly in the forenoon.
The snow is two inches deep nnd is falling
Y. BI. C. A. Notes.
The meeting of the state committee last
Thursday was attended by Mr. Robert Wold-
cnscll , International secretary of the noith-
wcst , and Mr. J. A. Dummctt , of the Lincoln
The Marcli number of the Y. M. C. A ,
Notes will bo Issued tlio early part of this
week. Subscriptions may bo left nt the
The class in gymnasium meets regularly
now Wednesday evenings , und is under tha
instruction of Mr , Stacy , of the Council
J5luffs association. Terms of membership
will bo cheerfully given by the secretary ,
At the lyceiim meeting Tuesday evening'
the programme will include an oration by
Mr. Silas Cobb , n debate with Messrs. Gibson
niidPalmcrns leading speakers. Question :
Resolved , That President Cleveland's mes
sage should bo sustained. Visitors cordially
welcome. _
Failed to Got n Quorum.
But seven members responded to roll-colt
nt twenty-five minutes to \ ) o'clock Inst even
ing at the board of education rooms , und an
this lacked ono of constituting u quorum , tha
meeting was adjourned. It wus a noticeable
fact thut the members present wcro these
who had thu longest distance to conic.
Bogus Insurance Agent.
Joseph T , O'Connor was nrrcstcd yesterday
by Ofllcer Johiibon on the charge of obtaining ;
money under false pretenses. Ho pretended
to bo an insuiance ngcnt und under this
guise wus attempting to collect money for
The Oxf'ord-Cuinbridgo llacn.
LONDON , Marcli 24. The annual tuco be
tween the boat crows representing the Ox
ford and Cambridge universities took placa
this morning over the usual course on the
Thames , fiom Putney to Mart lake , n dlstanco
of four inilns and two furlongs. The Cam
bridge crew won the toss for position and' i\ \
took tha Suncy sldo of the river , crossing } J
the winning Una flve lengths ahead of Oxford.
CambridKc's tlmo was 2:43. :
Postal Changes.
WABiu.stiTOX , March 21. [ Special Tc'.e-i
gram to the Hc . ] The postofllto at Dan-1
berry. Red Willow county , will bo dlscou.j
tJnuul Ayr\\ \ \ ,